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firs, flouetir Speaks of Idle Men snd Idle
Land sal Advocates the Extension of
Suffrage to Women—Personal Not** and
INewa Brevities
Pasatifna, Marcti 30.—The city council
net in regular session, with President Cox
and Trustees Weed. Washburn and Hamil
ton present.
A protest sit mcd by property owners rep
neenting abol it 1500 feet of frontage on
Kast Colorado street was presented, ask
ing tbat the bo ard abandon all proceedings
regarding tbe paving of that street with
asphaltum frot n Marengo u> Los Kobles.
Counting out t. hose who had signed the pe
tition asking foi r the work to be done, there
waa still a majority of the frontage repre
sented on the protest, 'ihe protest was
placed on file. ,
A protest sign ed by a large number of
property owners against proposed street
work on Summ it avenue was submitted
and next Monda;v set for hearing.
A communication from Heiser <$s DeHuff,
asking permission to erect a corrugated
Iron bake*lmp on the Ward property, on
the south side of West Colorado street, was
granted. _
A communication was read from A. R.
Metcalf, Esq., stai ing that he could not ap
pear before the board today on the matter
of North Marengo avenue. On motion of
Trustee Weed the matter was therefore
postponed two weeks.
The following resolutions were adopted:
To -close Saylor avenue between Elevado
drive and Wave fly drive; ordering a six
foot sidewalk to be laid on tho west side
-of Euclid avenue from Grant to Cali
The ordinance changing the name of
"Webster avenue to Mentor was passed.
George Holioway was granted six days'
extension of time aa bis State street job.
A communication signed by G. W. Peck,
L. P. Hansen and W. W. Newcomb (by his
agents) was filed, granting to tbe city a
strip of land six feet wide along their
eroperty on South Lake avenue, providing
ie rest of the street is similarly widened
and that they are not included iv the
assessment district. Accepted and pro
ceedings abandoned, and a new resolution
of intention to widen tbat street six feet
on each side adopted.
A deed was accepted from B. O. Clark
and wife to property for the opening of
(Scott Place to a connection with Arroyo
View drive.
Bids were opened for street work, and
the following accepted and contracts
awarded accordingly: Arcadia street,
George Holioway, grade 18, sidewalk 0%;
Grace avenue, A. B. Hogan,grade 26, curb
20, sidewalk 2%. For the paving of the
alley between Fair Oaks and Raymond,
there was but tho one bid of .1. A. Fair
fchild, at 20 cents per square foot for the
asphaltum paving and 75 centa per lineal
foot for the granite gutter. Contract
•warded to him.
MRS. golgar's lectures
Id her lecture at the tabernacle Saturday
evening upon the subject, Give us work or
•rive us bread, the cry of the unemployed,
Mrs. Helen M. Cougar spoke to a large au
dience, who approved by a vote her taking
this subject rather than tbe one advertised.
Mrs. Gougar called attention to the large
number of men out of employment who
would be willing to work if tbey could.
Thia state of affairs ia caused by idle land
and-business monopolies. She believed
thatland should be as free to all as air and
water. The only relief is through the bal
lot box and the education of tbe masses.
Yesterday afternoon Mrs. Gougar deli vera 1
a temperance lecture to a good audience,
treating tbe subject in an earnest manner
and expressing a strong opposition to tiie
liquor traffic in all its forms. Yesterday
evening called out the largest audience of
the three lectures, the subject being The
duty of Christian women to the state.
Mrs. Gougar urged the adoption of the
proposed suffrage amendment of the con
stitution of this state. It would help
toward the equal education of men and
Women and the downing of the saloons.
A collection for the benefit of tbe W. C. T.
11. waa taken up at tbe close of the lecture.
A number of guests of the Clifton on
Horth Fair Oaks met Saturday evening for
the purpose of planning a surprise upon
Miss Genea. Oaks. The conspirators
formed in the dining room and marched
from there into the parlors of Miss Oaks,
who was taken utterly unawares. A pro
gram of music and games, followed by a
Supper, had been arranged by tbe hosts,
Ir. and Mra. Hartnal, and was enjoyed to
• late hour.
Four young society men have issued in
vitations for an evening of enjoyment at
tbe rooms of the Valley Hunt club, April
1. For some time the nature of the affair
tbas remained a secret and no speculations
nerved to throw any light upon it. but now
lt is rumored that the four young men pro
pose to thus celebrate their joint marriages
End select this means as a grand surprise
>r their friends.
The Y. P. S. C. E. of the Presbyterian
church will give a bonnet and necktie
£ocial next Friday evening in the church
[parlors. The entertainment ie anticipated
as being very merry. Each lady will bring
an old bonnet and each gentleman ma
terial for a necktie and the gentlemen will
•ndeavor to fittingly trim the bonnet,
while the ladies will pa 33 the time iv man
.tifacturing neckties.
Professor Lowe does not intend convert
ing his home into a hotel, himself, but fio
Ss negotiating with a number of wealthy
(fjentlemen who do propose to buy the man
.•ion, add to it, and make it one of the
;Jlnest hotels in the state. It will be (100
(feet in length and of proportionate width,
•nd a large ball will extend through the
center. The names of the purchasers are
Slot disclosed.
The Delphi Circle met early this evening
to allow the members opportunity to at
tend the lecture of Professor Kellogg at
Throop hall. The home of the Misses
Mosher on North Fair Oaks was selected
for this evening"s meeting.
The ex-Prisoners of War hold their next
neeting in the assembly room of the
Soldiers' Home on Wednesday, Ap,-i! Ist.
D. D. Morse left today for San Francisco
to assist in sketching that place and Oak
land for an illustrated directory of the two
Andrew Gallager was sentenced to sixty
■ays in jail this morning for disorderly
conduct and drunkenness.
President Jordan of Stanford university
■poke to a large and appreciative audience
yesterday morning at the L'niveraalist
church, bis theme beiDg The Gospel of
Activity and Work Witli ( 'heerfulnes*, as
Opposed to Inactivity and Despair. He
■bowed that it is the passive thinker who
fails to put his knowledge to gootl use that
becomes the pessimist io curse hi in self and
•11 around him, while tho active, energetic
■nd cheerful worker is too busily occupied
SB breed over the real and fancied evils
Which disturb the mind and digestion of
toe pessimistic growler.
Mr. T. P. Lukens met with an accident
litis evening that might easily have been
snore unfortunate in its results. He was
taking his little grandchild out to the car
riage in front of the house, when a dog sud
denly ran in front of him, causing him to
stumble, and befell with the child. Ho*,
•ver, the child was not hurt, and Mr.
Lulions escaped with a few bruises. Ho
barely miesed striking the curbing as he
There will be a special meeting of the
Tuesday Evening club in the vestry of the
Universalist church tomorrow evening, to
consider Fiesta matters.
Mr. and Mrs. David D. Acker of Madison
•venue go to Santa Monica Wednesday for
jthe summer.
Miss Eleanor Hall is seriously ill with
[typhoid fever at the home of her physician.
iJJr. F. F. Rowland.
! Ed Kennedy returned Saturday from his
■nine near the Needles.
' Miss JMarioii Hall has returned from San
F wnc '*° on account of her sisters illness.
Frank Pinney surprised bis friends this
morning by coming down from Havilah,
Kern county, Cal.
Arthur H. Halsted of Riverside was
among yesterday's visitors in Pasadena.
Mr. F. A. Yates of Chicago is a guest in
C. C. Reynolds spent Sunday at Whittier.
Somebody Evidently Worked th* Supervis-
ors—Notes of th* Dsv
San BERNARDINO, March 30. -The board
of supervisors seem to havo been buncoed
on*, of $40, and the relief which waa sent
to Kdward Lawrence in Swarthout canyon,
just after the big storm of three weeks ago,
seem* to have been a case of misplaced
confidence. At any rate, a communication
has just been received from him in which
he denies that he needed or received any
assistance, and there are several features
of the case that are decidedly queer.
It may be remembered that at a meeting
of the board of supervisors held early io
the month, a man giving the name of G S.
Guffy appeared before the board, saying
lie had just come out of Swarthout canyon,
and stating that the storm was raging fear
fully, aud that Kdward Lawrence, a ranch
er in the canyon, was snowed in and out of
provisions for himself and his beasts. His
case was one for immediate action, and
the board forthwith instructed Guffy to
take provisions, secure such assistance as
was necessary, and hasten to Lawrence's
U ufTy set out at onco. returning the fol
lowing Saturday with the word that he had
relieved Lawrence, and he brought a letter
from Lawrence thanking the board. Guffy
put in a bill for $40. which was paid.
The letter received today is from a man
indignant at being thought in need and
denies tbat he received any help. All of
which at once suggests the question as to
what became of the $40. and who wrote
the letter to the board of supervisors ex
pressing Lawrence's appreciation of the
effort to send him relief.
notes op the day
The matcli shoot yesterday between Co,
X's team and a picked team from tbe city
resulted in a victory for the soldier boys by
the very close score of 377 to 374.
The petition for a diviaion of Brooke
school district, and incidentally asking
that a email section be taken from the
Rialto district, haa been laid over for a
Ted Dillon, the escaping forger, who has
given the officers such a merry chase since
he succeeded in getting away from them at
Baratow several weeks ago, was brought to
the city from Los Angeles yesterday by
Constable Potts and Deputy Miller, who
made the capture.
The examination of the two Chinese who
are charged witli being in the United States
without a certificate of registration, was
commenced before United States Commis
sioner Cole Saturday and the evidence for
the government put in. The defense asked
for further time and were given until next
Mrs. Helen M. Gougar of Indiana, tho
noted prohibitionist and woman suffrage
advocate, has been secured for an address
at the opera houso next Monday evening.
The horticultural commission cases
which have been on argument before
Judge Otis all day. were formally submit
ted at 3:15 p.m., and taken under advise
ment by the court.
The child run over and killed at Macon,
Mo., Saturday afternoon, as mentioned in
the dispatches Sunday morning was the
little daughter of J. B. Livingston, who has
charge of the stables at the asylum. The
Livingston's formerly lived in Colton
where he was engaged in the livery busi
ness. Recently they removed to High
land, and Mrs. Livingston, accompanied
by the child, went east for a visit with rela
tives. The father, who is now at the asy
lum, received a telegram Saturday night
announcing the accident, and that the in
terment must take place at Macon.
Santa BAIBARA, March 30. - The elec
tion of municipal officers at the town of
Lompoc takes place on the 13th pro\.,
and nominations are now closed. The
candidates are as follows: Marshal, John
N. Saunders and John M. Watson; clerk,
Mark Pomeroy antl D. T. Truitt; treas
urer, W. H. Douglass and B. F. Tucker;
trustee, two-year term, G. W. Moor.-and
Henson Poland; two trustees, four-jar
terms, L. F. Meacham, W. A. SauuUtrs,
Nat Stewart and T. J. Streeter.
The city election in Santa Barbara w ill
be held next Monday. April Oth, and the
contests will be stubborn. The following
is the full list of nominees: Mayor, Col. .1.
L. Flewendways, J. T. Johnson and F. M.
Whitney; councilmen, First ward, .1. I).
Axtell and G. C. Welch: Second ward,
Sanford Darling, J. C. Freeman. Eli Run
dell. N. D. Smith and 0. I. Squires; Third
ward, G. W. Hates, C. E. Lataillade and F.
J.Maguire: Fourth ward. C. A. Edwards,
W. S. Gerow, R. E. Gilbert and A. S.
Cooper; Fifth ward. W. S. iiay and 11, B.
Brastow; marshal. W. W. Hopkins, I). W.
Martin and Frank Viebalm ; tax collector,
E. T. Gouriey, W. S. Maris and C. W.
Woodbridge: assessor, W. A. Higgins and
J. D. Pier; police judge, Vincent Lonatey,
S. S. Price, J. B. Wentling and W. H.
Wheaton. All of the present city officials
are candidates for re-election, and ihe
closing administration is the most un
popular in the history of the channel city.
Ontario, March 30.—A. J. Gale, who
purchased the Anderson place last week,
has sold it to his brother-in-law. Mr. Mor
ley, and bought a handsome residence and
ten acre grove on A street for $11 500.
Moore * Leach negotiated today's sale for
A. C. Moorehead.
R. E. Blackburn and wife are visiting
Los. Angeies.
Among the Easter festivities will be two
hops in the A. <). U. W. hall. One to come
off on Tuesday, April 7th, will be a fancy
dress affair, given by Mr. ami Mrs.
Spooner. The other, on Thursday. April
Oth, will ba a leap year lull, under the
management of the ladies of Ontario.
Following la a list of names registered at
the Hotel Metropole, Catalina Island, from
this city: George P. Allen and wife, J. .1.
Loventiiall, A. MeKenzie Tuthill, Mrs. o,
A. Butler, \V. C. B. Richardson, Miss
Mamie Rtigg, Miss ( athrtne Curry. I/eon
F. Moss, A. H. Potter. A. W. Logan, Mrs.
I. B. Huber. Frank Harford.
William H. Bliss antl family of New
York are at the Metropole.
Count and Countess Pourtele* of Colo
rado Springs ar*guests at tho Metropole.
T. F. Dunaway and family. J. D. Smsils
and wife and Dr. 11. F. McNaught are a
party from Denver that is at the Metro
pole. Mr. Dunaway is general superin
tendent of the Denver and Gulf railroad
and Dr. McNaught is the doctor for the
same company.
Pomona, March 30.—The people of Po
mona have at length succeeded in bringing
about an order from the Southern Pacific
The Morgan
Oyster Co.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealers in
Oysters Poultry
And all kinds of Shell Fish. Pack
ers of the celebrated "Eagle Brand"
ir ir ir
329-333 S. Main St. Tel. Main 185
offlcial* for the removal of the Louis Phil
lips brick warehouse which has so long
blockaded Gordon street.
The mase meeting tomorrow night for
the purpose of hearing the sewer system
project discussed will be largely attended.
It is an important question, in some way
affecting all residentsof Pomona.
Colonel T. J. Wilson, in company with a
Pomona representative, is in tiie city tvs
sling with some of the property owners
abutting tbe branch line along White ave
nue as to the damages to be agreed upon
in each case not yet settled.
Mrs. Elmer E. Armorer has ordered a
$100 new pattern ladies' tricycle for her
own use, which is expected to arrive thig
In the assignment of the three mail car
riers to duty, Letson gets the business por
tion of tho town and Second street: Shew
maii the district south of Second street,
and Young that portion north. The mail
boxes are now in position, and the boys
will have their gray uniforms within two
weeks. They aro busy today canvassing
their routes.
San Pedro, March 30.—The last sad
rites over the remains of Miss Mary Nel
son were performed yesterday morning.
The following orders turned out In large
numbers to pay the last tributes of respect:
The Daughters of Rebekah, I. O. O. F.
lodges of Wilmington and San Pedro, cir
cle of Foresters No. 261, San Pedro court
of Foresters of America, Martha Washing
ton council of Chosen Friends, and San
Pedro lodge No. 120, K. of P. There were
many beautiful floral tribute. Rev. Mr.
Stagg presitled over the ceremonies at the
residence of Miss Nelson's parents. The
body was transported to Los Angeles and
interment made at Evergreen cemetery.
Yesterday afternoon L. H. Goodhue and
E. H. Hall started for Long Beach by
bicycle. About four miles from Long
Beach Mr. Goodhue's chain broke beyond
repair. He promptly improvised a tow
line from handkerchiefs and other avail
able linen, and mounting Hall's wheel,
towed his companion to Long Beach,
where the pair waa given more or less of
an ovation by the observant small boy.
Mr. Goodhue complains of the work in
volved, but Hall came to a directly oppo
site opinion, saying ie was more fun than
any other bicycle ride ho ever took.
How He Cen Fix It Up
Mr. McKinley has kindly explained his |
financial views. Now ir he will explain his
explanation, perhaps the matter can be
fixed up without an appeal.—Dubuque
Aboard Ship
Sea voyages are usually deemed promotive I
of health. So they are in most cases. Hut it j
may well he doubted if the slinking tip aboard
ship, which people of very fragile constitution
and weak ner.-es get, is not prejudicial if its
effects are not averted or nullified by a mcdi- i
cinal safeguard. 'The best, if we are to believe
the testimony of ocean travelers, whether they
go abroad for health, pleasure or business, is
Hoste'ter's stomach Bitters. Invalid*, coin
lncrcial travelers, sea ciptains and yftchtmen
concur in recommending this line defensive
tonic, t-o do emigrants to the frontier, the In
habitants o: malarious regions, and all who
are e.\nosed to hardshipor rigors ot (-limine. j
For malarial, rheumatic or kidney trouble, :
nervousness, dyspepsia, iiver complaint nnd |
constipation it is eminently efnoacloua, and j
commeaaed by tho medical fraternity tar and
My prices for wallpaper beat alt the city. A
A. Kckstrom. 884 South Soring sneot.
$ Our .. Puzzle $
\ ~~.v. — k t
1„• ■ i
£ S ee If Can £
£ §ecure One of These Prizes £
£ For the Missing Word. They All Begin With #
X Aprize of $5.00 for the first
~£ w correct solution.
W 1 1 A prize of $3.00 will be given f
C for Me stcourf cow** «Q/w #
5 1 m • • I "on received.
.4 1 Missing | gt>
*# 1 Words to i prize of $2.00 tor the third J
£ j Complete | corre^ o,ut ± n - *
?! and I £
p| ~ Ihe prizes to be paid in what-
I Connect | ever you may choose to the -%
J* $ r intpnrp( . I value of your prize, from either *v
» | w-niences | our Men - S clothing, Boys' #
f 1 I Clothing, Furnishing or Hat A
[| Answers will not be § Departments. j\
I opened until Saturday ia ... W
0 1 next, April 4 th, at ia m. 1 Correct solution w<l be pub- J
*T fs_ 4 I Ushed Sunday, April sth. ~
$ Hissing Words Hissing Words
When we opened our ) Period of 1895. We are |
[ "an sati.lied J J
Stock of Clothing for / A good beginning j
7w Men and Boys— and feel— \ V
As it was with the / That the admirable '
IfT greatest of care from— \ stock we have when— \ #
5 Makers of repute, we I At such right and j
S felt certain our- [ reasonable prices as ■
0f For this season would I At, will, without doubt,) mt
A increase beyond all ■ prove a winning card - W
W previous — 1 for the rest of the— \ M
4 Sales, and we were / Our stock of Boys' j J
right. Already we are- f School Suits and Nov • %?
mW ! elties and elegant— )
Over 20 per cent / Sailors excite the ad- j 2\
ahead in our— j'miration of all who— I ™
For the months of Jan- 1 Them, rich or poor you 1 0
A tiary, Feb'y and March ,- can depend on it that > 1*
m L as compared to the— ) this,- J ™
Will treat you—
Harris & Frank, Props.
2 119-121-123=125 N. Spring t
A Fair Monday Crowd Pick* Out the
San Frakoisco, Mnrch 30.—The canl at
Hay District today wa» very good for a
Monday and a fair crowd was in attend
ance. The feature of the day was the
seven f m iotic handicap, which was a gift
to Libertine, the crack sprinter of J.G.
Brown, who was a one to four favorite.
Pour favorites and two second choices were
the winners. Weather fine: truck good.
Five and a half furlongs-Ofieeta won.
Rocket second, Monterey third; time,
1 tOO.
Four furlongp—Alma won, Modestia sec
ond. Lodestar third; lime 0:40.
Five and a half furlongs - Nelson won,
Last Chance second, Mt. Air third; time
1 :07 v.
One mile-Palomacita won, Unit* sec
ond. St. Lee third; time 1 :4II';.
Six furlongs-Model won, Itoadrunner
second. Walter J. third: time 1:1 1' 4 .
Seven furlongs—Libertine won. liellicoso
second, George Miller third: time 1 :'-'4',.
Six furlongß—Sir Richard won. Mt. Mc-
Gregor 11. Becond, Sttathflower third; time
1:14 V
Bay District Race Entries
The following is the list of entries and
weights of the races to be run at Bay Dis
trict track today, which are posted at the
Los Angeles Turf club, 212 South Spring
street. Commissions received on these
races and full description of the event.*:
lirst race. Belling, three-quarters of a mile—
Jim Bosemen 114, Laflaeha 100. imp. Alien
107. The Judge 131, .lack Atkins 114, Sail
Marcus 117, Candor l-.w. Vera 112.
second rare, selling, seven-eighths of a mile
-Harmonlia 87, Mollie it. 88, I>oilGaraßs,
Pollock S'j. It era tie 105, I'uclo li.les 104,
Charles a. 100, mi. Air 96.
Third knee, senilis, three-quarters of a mile
— Huecicr 131. Morvcn 138, Tonlno 114, Craw
lord 188, Bellrinser l Jl, Uold Bug 128, Sweet
Rose 113.
Fourth race, the Pacific stakes, one-half mile,
2-yeor-olds—Howard 8. 108, Intra, Zaruar Sec
ond, Loveliglit, reaeeman 105, Defender, Tor
pedo 108, Fleiir de I.ls, I.ttmiiia. ltienr.i 105,
Hey del Tierra, King Street 108, Rowans R.,
Raatui 105, Couple King street and Rowena
B as Rums A- Waterhouse entry; couple Kleur
de I.is and Lmniun as El I'riincfo entry.
Fifth race, purse, ono mi e—hia Saner 100,
Monita 108. BtrathHower 100, Flashlight 108,
Wawotia 102, Normandle 10J, starling 108,
All Smoke. Seaside lot), Oakland lU2, buehc.-s
Milpiias. Tlieliiia 100.
si x tli race, Belling, three - qua iter l of a mile—
Major Cook ID4, Kamsin. Wm, I'inkerton !17.
Reventfa race, nurse, mite antl one-sixtcontli
—Losanill. Lo bengal* 110, Yankee Poodle
103, Bennain 87, Clara Johnson 78,
Some day President Cleveland will make
it Ilia business to pull down Missouri's
Vest. Then look out.—Buffalo Times.
Professor Joseph Fandrey, European
specialist, formerly of Berlin, Germany,
now permanently located at 821 South
Broadway, Los Angeles, is a practical
rupture specialist and manufactures the
latest patent trusses (his own invention)
for curing rupture, also corsets for curva
ture of tho spine, female supporters, etc.
Each case will be made to fit. Over forty
almost helpless cases of from two to twen
ty years' standing, some twice broken, are
today cured and have no more use for
truss. Patients from two to seventy-five
years of age. Information and testimoni
als will be sent free on application.
All pieces of wallpaper greatly reduced, A
A. Kckstroni, 324 South Hprine street
|X 3 "jKe quick and Economical of fiovir.g kouse kold
15 •* wi rf> • our,'. Podded Van*;— se par-ore - roomo under /lock for SPorago '
fi&Z 1— 1 1 mmmm ■■ — sJ. Jmm '& It I j
I Whew WlJBffH Store 1
1 now s ffl ffl BB B£ Your 1
i n LllmfiiifiM Qoo(ls
I) With Us - 3
They 11 (
1 Jt4l # * * * <
ruKj When you wish to move 2
Tjgi And have everything go smooth, jj
V) Engage a Van—either large, medium or small— 2
One that is just large enough to take it all;
\ r °° niS 111 one ' oa< * *' ICy ta^c ' $
Be sure and get one the next move you make.
w AbW / Your household goods we'll take in store, *
ffrj l Many have them there; still there's room for more. t
if/ Pianos, too, they move with greatest care; *
§If j W $H 1,10 p " ce youll is alw:ivs fai r- i
2cf X 111 liJwV Of ail the moving men you'll ever meet, |
'w jf 'llifiil <e> * * j
I The Van and Storage Co. j
P| 225 West Second Street. Telephone 340 J
DR, WONG HIM, who ha 4 practiced m«<U
cine In I.os Angeles ior ill years, and
whose office is at t>;?<) Upper Main Street, will
treat by medicine nil ureases of women, men
IBd children mo doctor Glut mi that he DM
remedies tun*, are superior to all others as a
■pecitir lor troubles ot women und men. A
trial will convtrtco the *.0k that l>r. Wong
Hini'a remedies are the most efll caelum that
can be prescribed. Dr. tVonf Him is a Chinese
pkyaloian of prominence and a gentleman of
re*pun-i!..;i i\. Hit reputation is more than
well established, and atl portons needing his
services ran rely on his skill mid ability. A
cure is guaranteed in every case iv which a
recovery is possible. Herb medicines for sale,
639 Upper Main St., Los Angele'
Fully, Quick.y ond Permanently Restored
guarantee to cure any te*
form of nervous pros- JglJ
tratkuior any uisordor *
of the genital organs of I
either ier, caused
Before» b7 excessive use of After*
Tobacco. Alcohol or Opium, or 0:1 nccouttf
of 3'outhfui indiscretion or over iodulgenec etu.,
Ditziness, Convulsions. Wakefulness. Headache,
Uental Depie«sion, Softening of the Brain, Weak
Memory, Bearing Down Pains, Seminal Weakness,
Hysteria, Nocturnal Kmieinoas, tSperraatorrh<*-a,
Loss of Tower nnd 1 mpotency, which if negloctod,
may lead to premature old (mm and insanity.
Positively guaranteed. Price. $I.ooa box; 6boxes
for 00. Sent by niailou receipt of price. A writter
guarantee furnished with every $5.00 order received,
fo refund tho money lt a permanent cure ie not
■flee ted.
JttfERVTA MEDICINE CO.. Detroit. Micb»
For tale byGBO. E. freeman «t CO.,
loutheut corner Second and Droadway.
J. M. Griffith. Pres. John T. Griffith. V.-Frea
l\ T. Griffith, Secretary and Treasurer
Geo. R. Waites, SupU of Mill.
Lumber Dealers,
And manufacturers of
Hfiisiic in work 01 [very Dsscripiion.
Doors. Window., Blinds .nd Si.lrs.
•M M. ALAMEDA ST.. La* Annlw. Oak
Contractor in Asphalt Work
Room 31 Brjscn Mock
lose only the Alc.tr.* br.tids of Asphalt,
which .ie the purest and hlghe't grades
know n and .re cu.r.nteed free from coal tar
or petroleum residuum.
50 cents 50 cents 50 cents 50 cents
a rionth a flonth a Month a Month
50 cents 50 cents 50 cents 50 cents
a Month a Month a Month a flonth
$5.00 $5.00
a Year Better a Year
a Year 1 " an a Year
I $5.00 Ever $stoo
1 a Year and the a y ear
I $5.00 Subscription Price $5 00
1 a Year is reduced to a Year
I $5.00 50c a flonth $s 00
a Year By Carrier fl Yeflr
$5.00 $ 500 a Year $5 oo
a Year a Year
$5.00 The $5.00
a Year a Year
$5.00 HERALD $soo
I a Year a Year
50 cents 50 cents 50 cents 50 cents
a Month a flonth a flonth a Month
50 cents 50 cents 50 cents 50 cents
a Month a Month a Month a flonth
The Massachusetts Benefit Life Association of Boston
Usues policies tjico »*> if'JO.ooo nt lowest possible rates consistent with safety. Also $300 to
#000 011 monthly payments, specially adapted to persons of small means. In case of perma
nent total disability wo pay half tho face of policy. Oath surrender values; non-forfeiture
clause; no leturictioni on residence or travel. We want an agent in every town in Southern
California, l- trst-oiaee Itdttaemcnts. Correspondence solicited.
X //. HAN&Y, General Agent.
Currier Building. 21S W. Third at., Los Angeles, Oil*.

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