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Temveratcse—Report of observations taken at
Los Angeles, Mareli 30. The barometer is
reduced lo sea level.
:00 a. re. !
:00p. m.j
»r. ITher.JR. H'm W'd.Vel , IV the
.00 46 j 06 j E 1 Clear
,88| eJ I aa N.v 6 Clear
Maximum temperature, 74.
Minimum Tom neraturo, 53.
Rainfall for seanon. H.OO.
Weather Report—United states department
ol agriculture weather report, received at
Los Angeles, MnrchoO , 11496.
Places. Bar I Tern.
l Angeles 29.88 70
1 lHego.. 29.0J 82
.Obispo.. 30.08 ."'8
tsno 30.10 r >K
"rancisco 40.28 58
reka |3u.t2 48
rtl»nd....|30.50 4V
• MaxTem \Vnd VV'tber
71 NW Clear
04 I W Clear
62 I W Clear
60 JNW clear
60 I X Clear
51 :NW clear
44 l \V .Clear
San Francisco. March 30. —For Southern Cal
ifornia: Tuesday—Fair; cooler; severe frosts
In exposed places tonight; iresh northerly
Rooms $2 a week antl tip. F. S. hotel.
Faster cards at Langs'adter's, 214 South
Broad way.
Orr oz Hinesi undertakers, removed to
647 South Broadway. Tel. Main 65.
6harp- <fc Samson, funeral directors (in
dependent,) 538 South Spring street. Tel.
J. B. Franklin promises to have his gar
bage crematory in operation inside of
thirty days.
A Judson excursion party of twenty-six
people left the city yesterday for the east
by the northern route.
Mrs. Modini-Wood, the charming ex
queen of La Fiesta, yesterday morning
gave birth to a ten-pound son.
Miss Cummings made an address last
night at 330 X south Broadway on Spirit
ualism and lis Work.
W. •!. Walshe, a clerk with .1. R. New
berry ,t Co., is the father of a ten-pound
boy. Mother and son are doing well.
M. B. Anderson, a newspaper man from
San Diego, is in the city ou a short visit to
his friend Mr. Webber, secretary of the
oil exchange.
Strictly line watch and jewelry repairing.
We solic it the most complicated work and
assure the best results. W. A. Freeberg <fc
Son, 40b' S. Spring.
A petition is on fiio signed hy the people
residing in the vicinity, requesting the
council to construct a viaduct where Macy
street crosses the river.
Adams Bros., dentists, 239)4 South
Spring street. Painless filling and extract
ing. F<est sets of teeth from $0 to $10.
Hours, Bto 5: Sundays 10 to 12.
There will be a meeting of tiiose taking
part in cradle songs on Thursday, April 2,
189H, at 10 a. in-, at the home of Mrs. C.
M. Severance. Sou' Adams street.
Deputy Constable Mugnemi last evening
arrested John Mills at ids home on Clarke
avenue on a warrant sworn to by Thomas
K. Lane charging the crime of battery.
Don't forget 1). Freeman's auction sale
of work horses at Agricultural park this
morning at 10:30, Take electric car or
Main street horse car; land you right at
the sale.
George Whitney was last evening taken
into custody on Los Angeles street, a war
rant for his arrest having been issued in
which he is accused of battering one H.
The Postal Telegraph company have ar
ranged for olliees in the Wilcox block, now
nearing completion. The Pacific ('oast
Steamship company wiii also occupy olliees
in that building.
Officer Kifield yesterday arrested G. Al
ladino on New High street on a warrant
alleging misdemeanor and Bworn to by
Frank I.azaldo. Alladino put up $50 to in
•ure his appearance in court.
Tom Ryan, a cripple, hobbled into police
headquarters yesterday morning and asked
to be taken care of. as lie was sick and
uaahle to he about. He was taken in, and
later sent to the county hospital.
Paints and Pigments will bo the subject
of Prof. George ti. Hitchcock's instructive
and interesting lecture before the art asso
ciation on Wedneaday evening next at the
art school, 110 W. Second street.
Do not drive nails into your walls. Call
at Lichtenberger's Art Emporium 107
North Main street and get his ligures for
room mouldings. They will ornament
your rooms and preserve the walls.
The Depew*Vanderbllt party went north
yesterday and will reach San Francisco
this afternoon. At Bakersfield the party
will be briefly entertained by Col. Fred E.
Crocker, ( 01. George Stone and others.
A ladies' black poeketbook containing
•ome change is at the police station await
ing identification hy the owner. It was
found by Officer Singleton several days ago
near ttie corner of First and Spring streets.
Court Olive, No. I>o, Foresters of Amer
ica, will give au April fool and lean year
ball at Turner hall on Wednesday evening,
April 1. The grand march will tako place
atS:SO o'clock. It promises to be an en
joyable affair.
Tiie Los Angeles Kindergarten club will
hold its next meeting in Caledonia hall,
Wednesday, April Ist, at 2:30 p.m. Miss
Murphy of tiie Cumnock school of oratory
will be present and give an informal talk
upon Expression Through Physical Cul
Dr. Reliecca Lee horsey, Stimson block,
first floor, rooms 1311, 134, 1115. Special
attention given to obstetrical oases and all
diseases of women and children. Elec
tricity scientirtcally used. Consultation
hours, 3 to 5. Tel. 1277.
The splendid property at Altadena of
Editor Joe Medill of Chicago yesterday
passed into tl ie hands of 1). 11. Cameron,
of the large Chicago house, Cameron, Am
berg tt Co.. who will, it is said, shortly
commence the erection of a magnificent
Free exhibition of Symons' great paint
ing. Sunset from Mount I.owe. with snow
scenes and numerous other views just taken
along the line of the Mount Lowe railway,
at office of Mount I.owe Springs company,
dealers in the purest of all waters, corner
Third and Broadway. I.os Angeles, Cal.
A buxom negress named Eva McVoa
came to the police station last night for
medical treatment. She had a fight with
another party of her own color, and in the
melee had a finger chewed hy her oppon
ent. The hand was dressed, and she was
sent home.
The Southern Pacific Railroad company
has been supplying ita agents in this city
with tickets in blank. This operated
against the Santa Fe whose general pas
senger agent filed a complaint with the
Transcontinental association. The South
ern Pacific yesterday received an order
•topping tne practice. Many of the ageii ts
•re kicking.
A lecture was given at Music hall last
evening by General A. B. Campbell on the
subject. The American Boy. lo a well tilled
house, for the benefit of the Newsboys'
home. The Venetian ladies" quartet ren
dered several selections and Foley Parker
sang. At tho close of the meeting $1 til
was raised by popular subscription, and a
general collection was taken amounting to
about $70.
If you smoke for pleasure use Sweet Mo
ments cigarettes. A superior article.
Ammunition at Cut Rates
Clearance sale of entire stock' and fix
tures. L. W. Fox Cycle and Arms Co.,
437 S. Broadway.
The Advance Guard
Of a fresh lot of good bargains in ladies'
•nd children's shoos just arrived. Come
and see them at Massachusetts shoe
6tore, 129 West First street, near Spring.
kmned by Drink
The old story. But how many are
thoughtlessly ruining tiieir health by drink
ing impure water. i'uritas is pure. Tele
phone L'i,'B.
Call tel. 243 for ambulance. Kregelo &
Breeee, Sixth and Broadway.
All prices of wallpapjr jr.eatlr reduced. A
•V Hekiiiom, J-t mama Spring street.
dsn. Chapman Opens for Messrs. Pomeroy
and Hooker, and Is Followed by nr. Scott
for the People—An Important Point In
Probste l.sw Decided by Judge Clark.
Argument commenced in the great head
! works condemnation suit before Judge
Shaw yesterday. The city had secured
: sjtne valuable testimony after the ad journ
mont of court, which thoy wished to intro
duce, but Judge Shaw declined to again
i open up the case and the argument
] opened. The courtroom was comfortably
] died, most of those in attendance being
* the civil engineers and other experts who
I had testified on one side or the other, with
I a fair sprinkling of attorneys.
(ion. Chapman opened for Mossrn. Pom
l eroy ol- Hooker. The general is regarded
ia? one of the best authorities on water
1 lavs in the state, and he had fortified hint
! self w : th a largo amount of data in support
of hi* contention. Tho speaker ridiculed
tke testimony offered by the experts for
theoity, beinu especially severe on Mr.
Purcell. He said it was an absurd propo
sition to claim that all the water whicli fell
over the watershed became a part of the
i Los Angeles river. The water <m the
Providencia rancli had no connection with
! the Los Angeles river. It was percolating
j water and belonged to the laud. General
j Chapman further pointed out tiiat the ex
j perts for the city had failed to account for
j several thousand inches of water whicli
I even they admiited had fallen. The cross
j' section made by the city on which so
| much stress was laid, he said was ab
solutely worthies*, so £ar as proving
any thing was concerned. Another matter
touched upon by General Chapman was
what he called the unfair manner in which
the calculations made by these experts as
to the rnn-off and evaporation had been
made. He declared that all his side
wanted were the facts in the case, antl that
this apparently was not what waa wanted
by the other side. General Chapman care
fully dissected the testimony of each ex
pert, and reiterated his statement that by
no stretch of tho imagination could the
water in question be connected with the
flow of the Los Angeies river. It was per
| colating water pure and simple, and as
I such belonged to the owners of the land.
General Chapman spoke for about live
Mr. Scott of Lee it Scott followed for the
city. Mr. Scott in hi* turn ridiculed the
statements of General Chapman, and in a
j general way claimed that all the water,
j both on the surface and underground, be
) longed to the Los Angeles river, and that
j any diversion would lessen the flow ill the
' stream.
Today Judge Variel will follow Mr. Scott
and City Attorney Dunn will probably
close for the city.
Supreme Court Opinions.
Two supreme court opinions were re
ceived at the office of the clerk yesterday
for tiling.
In the case of Simpson, plaintiff aud re
spondent, vs. Ferguson, defendant and
| appellant, from Riverside county, heard in
I bank after being heard in department, the
opinion of the department that the judg
ment of the lower court should be reversed
jis sustained and the court below directed
: to modify it in accordance witli ihe motion
of appellant. The suit grew out of a mort
-1 gage on a growing crop.
In the case of Frank B. Merriam. appel
lant, vs. Maria Poggi Bachioni and Louis
Bachioni, respondents, from San Diego
county, the judgment and order of the
lower court are affirmed. The opinion is
written by Commissioner liritt, concurred
in by Commissioners Van Chef and Belcher
j and affirmed hy Justices McFarland, Ter
n! pie and Henshaw. The suit grew out of
j the possession of a tract of public land in
San Diego county.
The State Hay Contest
In the matter of the estate of C. de Rey
nolds, deceased, before Judge Clark yes
terday, an opinion was tiled sustaining the
demurrer to tiie complaint and allowing
■ tendaysin whicli to amend. Incidentally,
I however, his lienor ruled tiiat in case a
i person died leaving no heirs at law the
i state may contest the will, as au heir
| might, as the succession is regulated hy
: the code. In the estate in question, de
! ceased, having no heirs, left her estate to
; Mrs. de Fay by will. On this will being
' offered for probate, the people, at the rela
i tion of the attorney general, contested the
! same. Tiie demurrer was sustained on the
| ground that the complaint was not prop
erly drawn, it having failed to state that
I deceased had no husband and was a widow
! at the time of her death.
| The suit is in the nature of a test case,
] and much interest is felt among the legal
profession over the outcome.
The Brown Rape Ccie
The examination of Mehan and Mori no.
the two men charged witli rape on the per
son of Little I.ydia Brown, was concluded
beiore Township .1 ustice Young yesterday.
Tiie mother of the child corroborated her
story as to Mohan, and lie was held to
j answer in $1000 bail. The child refused
! to testify against Morino. and lie was dis
i charged.
Judge McKinley made an order giving
i the custody of the children to the father,
I and a home has been found for them with
I Mrs. Watson. The mother was without
] means to pay her fare to San Fernando,
j and this was r ised hy Sheriff Burr and
she was sent home. This ends the episode
j for the time being.
j Let Down Uaiy
Charles Heitsmith, charged with violat
ing the postal laws, yesterday pleaded
J guilty and was sentenced to ten days im
prisonment in Ihe county jail. Heitsmith
I recently sent a dunning postal card to
] Harry Benton of Pasadena. The case was
; tried in the Cnited States district court be
fore Judge Wellborn, and the penalty im
posed is one of the lightest on record for
the offense charged.
New Informations File!
An information was filed in department
one yesterday by the district attorney
"charging John Mider with assault with a
deadly weapon upon Arthur Fuller at
Whittier. Judge Smith declined to set the
charge aside.
Informations here also filed against John
A. Barker, charging him with the murder
of William Hendel, and against Joseph
Johnson and Thomas Williams, charging
them witli assaulting Pablo Mungio with
intent to rob.
Long service has proven the superiority
of Dr. Price's Baking Powder.
To Recover Pera nal Property
Three suits against W. I. Holllnglworth,
as assignee of Sehee llros., insolvents,
were tried before Judge McKinley yester
day, and judgment in each case was given
for the plaintiffs. The suits were to re
cover certain personal property belonging
to them which was in the Schees' hands at
the time they went into insolvency. The
plaintiffs were J. W. Elliott, J. 0. Dunham
and C. S. Hastings.
Made Quick Work of It
George Robinson was yesterday con
victed of burglary in the second degree be
fore Judge Smith. He waived time and
was sentenced to one year's imprisonment
in the penitentiary at San Quentin. The
entire proceedings consumed less than
two hours, and Rohi'«un was taken north
on the afternoon trat— Robinson entered
a room at the St. Charles hotel, in the day
time, and stole a cloak and a revolver.
New Citizens
Henry Winnen, a native of Germany;
Michael D. McGillicuddy, a native of Ire
land, and William McNaughton, a native of
Scotland, were yesterday admitted to citi
zenship by Judge McKinley.
To Adopt a Hlnor Child
Samuel and Juliette Dodson yesterday
sled their petition for tiie adoption of
Pearlette Lindsay, axed - years, and ask
that her name be ehanired to I' sarlette
Dodson. The petition was granted hy
Judge York. "
Suits on Promissory Notes
Peter Fouillette haa instituted suit
against L. IS. Heaid et al. to recover on a
promissory note for $1000, with interest
and costs, and to foreclose a mortgage se
curing the same.
R. J. Northam has sued Richard Woods
et al. to recover on a promissory note for
Insolvency Matters
Before Judge York yesterday the peti
tion of J. A. O'Bryan. an insolvent, to set
aside certain personal property was
! granted.
i In the matter of Moir A: Smith vs. thoir
creditors, Frank Moir personally, as well
aa the firm, were declared insolvents.
Charged With Malicious (Ittebtof
Eight residents of Monte Vista were be
fore Township Justice Young yesterday on
a charge of malicious mi -.chief, tearing
down a man's fence. They were arraigned
and the hearing continued.
Adjudged Insena
Miguel Machado was yesterday exam
ined by a commission consisting of r>rs.
Mathis and Davisson before Judge McKin
ley, and on being adjudged insane, waa
committed to the insane asylum at High
Dlsmi seed the Case
The oase of Cox vs. Murphy * Potter, a
suit to quiet title, was before Judge York,
and after some preliminary proceedings,
was dismissed, the parties having come to
an agreement.
Law and Motion Day
Yesterday was law and motion day in
the various civil depart ments of the su
perior courts, and in consequence but
little business was transacted.
Transferred to Riverside County
The divorce case of Cora G. Sheldon vs.
Ezra Sheldon yesterday came before Judge
York, and was transferred to the superior
court of Riverside county.
Por Probate of Will
Charles Fcldmann yesterday filed his
petition for the probate of the will of Will
iam Mertens, deceased. Tbe value of the
estate will not exceed $4500.
To Quiet Title
Cornelia C. McLaughlin haa sued Nor
man P. Campbell to quiet title to lot 1 of
block 11, of the Park tract.
"Music hath charms' - —so has food made
witli Dr. Price's Baking Powder.
Burlington Excursion
The following passengers arrived in Loa
Angeles from the east by the Buriington
route personally conducted excursion yes
terday afternoon, the excursion being in
charge of Mr. J. A. Lawrence:
Jessie Marsh, Lincoln, Neb.; A. Reimil
ler, Staplehurst, Mich.; F. E. Corbin and
family. Traverse City. Mich.; John Stark,
Villisca, la.; Geo. Berger and family,
Wilber, Neb.; J. 11. Kortz, Chicago; j.
Rowland, Burlington, la.; Constance
Mertz, Hedrick, la.; Mrs. L. V. Hoyt,
Champaign. III.; J. S. Walker, wife and
daughter, Chicago; William Fink and
wife, Detroit, Mich.; >. H. Ladd and two
none. Battle Creek, Mich.; J. S. Cannon
and family. Pittsburgh. Pa.
Licensed te Wed
The following marriage licenses were
issued by the county clerk yesterday:
J. E. Parker, a native of Indiana, aged
41 years, and a resident of Orange, and
W. A. McDonald, a native of Wisconsin,
aged 32 years, and a resident of Los An
Almont F. MeGrew, a native of Kansas,
aged'.T) years, and a resident of I.os An
geles, and Eva Swan, a native of Califor
nia, aged '-'I years, aud a resident of San
Charles F. Simms. anative of New York,
aged :t2 years, and Gertrude Walter, a na
tive of 1 ndiana, aged it» years, both resi
dents of Los Angeles.
The finest wedding invitations or announce
ments either printed or engraved, at reason
able prices, furnished by IL M. Lee & 8r0.,110
K. fcpriug st.
New Incorporations
Articles of incorporation of the Los
Nietos antl Ranchito Walnut Growers' as
sociation were filed with the county clerk
yesterday. The association is formed for
marketing the walnut crop of the mem
bers. The principal place of business is
Rivera. The dir ctora for the first year
are A. Dorman, H. 1.. Montgomery, T. 1..
Goooh, H. W. Judson and J. A. Mont
gomery, all of Rivera. The membership
fee is $5. The association has a member
ship ol 120.
Try our port and stierry wines at 75
cents per gallon. T. Vache cfc Co., Com
mercial and Alameda streets. Telephone
Our Home Brew
Maier £ Zobeiein's lager, fresh from thsli
brewery, on draught in all the principal is
loons; delivered promptly in bottles or kegs.
Office and brewery, 414 Allrostreet; telephone
Ul. s
Hanlman Fish Co., san Pedro
Fresh fish and lobsters shipped direct to an
points in Arizona, Texas and Mexico, from
cannery in ban redro, at lowest wholesale
1 rices.
Pabst Beerl Pabst Been
On draft Olympic Hall, 121 W. First st,
V,". Carms, prop. Tel. -74. Finest commer*
rial lunch. Leave orders for bottled beer.
Eagle Brand Oysters
Call for the Eagle lirand of fresh frozea
cjsters. Your grocer lias them. They aro a [
great delicacy.
Free Dispensary
For the poor dally. Drs. Lindley and 3mlta,
Broadway and Font th. Pirtle Block.
Agency for Pabst Bter
Agency for Pabst beer. Pacific Bottling
Works, cor. Fifth and Wolf skill sts.
Hawley, King ,t Co., 210 N, Main st., agents
genuine Columbus Buggy company's buggies
and bicycles.
Advance Davis sewing machines removed to
407 S. Broadway, opposite Chamber Com
Largest variety Concord business wagons
and top delivery wagons. Hawley, King &. Co.
Pabst Beerl Pabst Beer!
On draft at Joe Arnold' a, 353 8. Sprlnj sL
Big Tree Carriage Works, isg San Pedro St.
Concord Dusiness wagons a specialty
Dr. D. S. Diffenhacher, dentist, rooms 4 and
5,119 S. Spring st., Los Angeles.
1896—10 lbs. Keatings— "303 days ahead of
theiuaU." Hawley, King A Co.
Everything on wheels, Uawley, Kine &Co.,
210-212 X. Main st.
Sewing Machines rented $2 per month. 407
South Broadway.
Er. Harriet Hilton. 424 3. Hill street.
Warranted and
Highest of all in Ltaveuing Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report
A Man Msy Be Wise In Physical .Science
and Earthly Lore and Yet Know Nothing
of the Silent Forces and Hidden, Though
Existing, Laws ol Nature
A communication In tho form of an open
letter to Edward Hutchison, the kicker,
and signed Ella Lucy Hefriam, of 323
West Second street, lias been sent to Ihb
Herald, It reads as follows*
1 have just read your alltisio;. to a recent
seance, given by Elsie Reynolds in Music
hall, in this morning's (Monday) HERALD.
I often see your name appended to articles
on tl ie sido of reform, as you see it. All of
us Who love truth, law and order, etc.,
cannot but be moved by the inharmony
and inequality now holding high carnival
in every department of our world, aud feel
impelled to speak our aggrieved feelings to
the public, whenever a kind editor permits
us. But when we approach the domain of
the occult—the invisible, many of us, be
ing as those ''Who have ears, hear not; and
having eyes, see not," need to have a care,
lest we lie "wise only in our own conceit."
1 was once, dear sir, aa skeptical as your
self, concerning the phenomena of spirit
ualism. Possibly more so. In fact, I was
so bigoted, thai i lied from any contact
with it, or its defenders. What I then
termed an accident brought me face to
face witli evidences of inter-communion,
which, after carefully weighing and sifting
to have discarded as delusions, and fraud,
would have been to lay aside
my senses. For eleven years I
have carefully pursued these phenomena. I
have endeavored to avoid too much enthu
siasm either way. A home circle of inves
tigators, privately and honestly conducted,
has led me to my prosont attitude, whicli
is, in the lirst place, to "judge not." Sec
ond, a man may be very wise in physical
science and earthly lore and yet know
nothing of these silent forces—these hid"
den laws that move and unite and supply
the necessary conditions ot communicat
ing with those who are thus proven im
mortal. I witnessed this same seance witli
you, and while sitting there among those
"misguided people," feoling their skepti
cism all about me. I thought how differ
ently the same affair appears to those of
differing moods, ( luce I would have been
able to perceive only fraud or suspicions of
fraud, while now I perceive the grandeur
of the possibilities of such a seauee. Eleven
years ago I would have Inwardly hooted at
and possibly outwardly condemned, as you
have done, that of which I personally knew
nothing, my changed iueas being the out- j
come of an experience interwoven with as j
little prejudice as possible, desiring only i
the truth.
Do you know, my friend, what it must be
to present yourself for publio mediumsbip,
to place yourself before nil their merciless
shafts of suspicion, keen, satirical orlti"
cism and contempt, not only for the me*
dium, but for the cause site represents?
When even many inwardly cry, "crucify
him, crucify himl" A medium is a sen
sitive and his or her brain a sensitized
plate, in direct(oontar-t with all the vulgar
curiosity, cold scrutiny and rude influences
brought to near upon It. How can wo ex
pect them to become passive anil kind
enough in their own minds and soujs as to
rise to their possibilities as instruments ol
the highest, the grandest philosophy on
When the public learns that "many
things, hidden from tho wise and prudent
are revealed unto babes"—that totlay we
are sitting in the partly open door of a
new and brighter revelation than earth lias
yet received and tbat that revelation can
only come through certain laws, only as
yet dimly perceived but not understood
even by its votaries, then we will attend
those places its students do the best
they can under all conditions, seen and un
seen, within and without, soberly and be
comingly. We will go in the spirit of
truth, and desire to learn,and toassist,and
because we cannot explain or
peer into the intricacies of the phenomena
ourselves, we will not go away laden with
opprobriums for the medium, nor slurs at
mediumship. Mediurasnip has its own
laws, and mediums have a hard enough
time, those who conscientiously try to set
forth this truth, without reaping unjust
criticisms. I believe we cannot lie too
careful about what we send to a newspaper
in the way of condemnation, lest we un
consciously wound and wrong some one
who may be just as honest as we are our
selves. The great Beecher saitl: "The
only door to trito knowledge is the sim
plicity of childhood."
Busy Preparing an Exhibit for san Fran-
Cisco—New Displays
The Covina Citrus association today sent
tho chamber of commerce two boxes of
fine navel oranges, 180 to the box, bright
and smooth skinned.
Cnas. I. Tuft of Orange county sent in
a box of ttie plum guava, which is some
thing new in the horticultural line. Mr.
Tat't has heretofore enriched this industry
with a new variety of loquat, whicli now
bears his name.
C. N. Wilson of San Fernando sont a
box of lino limes. Mr. Wilson has ten
acres of lime trees, which fifteen years ago
were common in many places, but the
white scale destroyed most of them. They
are very tender, and do well only where
there is no frost. They are more tender
even than the lemon. San Fernando lias
a bench of mesa well lifted for tins in
Mrs. S-. C. Crane of Duarte sent in a
large basket full of fine callas.
The San Diego chamber of commerce
sent up a lot of line oranges to replenish
tiie display on the San Diego table.
J. W. Blackburn .of this city sent in a
basket full of beautiful cut llowers.
Joseph Cobb also of this city sent a dis
play ot line white queen onions.
The chamber is busy preparing a general
Notices under this head free.
KKAI'SF.-Korn to the wife or J. W. Krause,
Monday, March 80, n ten-pound girl.
WAT.sh k—March 30, 18911, to the wife of W. J
Walalia, a son.
Noticed of deaths, without comment, Inserted
under this bead free. Funeral notices lo cents per
line. -w
DIETRICH- In this city, March .*io, 1806, Miss
Kate M. Dietrich, at tiie residence of her par
entf. No.Santee street.
tiFunoral will take place from her into resldenoei
Wednesday, April Ist, ut 8:80 a.m., thence to st.
Joseph's catholic churoh. corner Twelfth and
Sahtee streets, where sol imn requiem mass. com-,
mem lag at 9a.m., will be celebrated fir the repose
of her soul. Interment Calvary cemetery. Friends
LEPRINCE-Tn this city, Mnrch 80,18 MI, V. A
Funeral April 1-it, S:4i am., from 421 Temple
jar m; ■ v ■ ■ ■ WW ■ ■ ■' m Wf
P Peck a Chase Co.i
exhibit for the use of the state board of
| trade at San Francisco, the display of
which has been brought hack from Atlanta,
J and ia being arranged in new quarters on
I'ost street, corner 11 rant avenue.
The secretary of the San Diego chamber
of commerce writes that they are arrang
ing to pay the chamber a visit in a body
Fiesta week.
J. A, Filcherof the California Press club
writes that the association is arranging a
visit iiere for La Fiesta.
1!. F. Bunker of the San Francisco Daily
Report, president of the Half Million club,
writes that it will be with us to witness the
scones of La Fiesta.
The chamber is engaged in an effort to
bring the excursion of Minneapolis states
men, now in San Francisco, down here and
iiope to snooped.
Mayor Under sends the secretary of the
chamber a letter from L. G. Smith of Fos
toria, (J., asking for a sample of the whit
est sand from this section, stating that if it
prove to be what it is thought it will result
lin an important industry being brought
I here. Does this mean a glass factory? It
is one of the industries of Fostoria,
Sicretary C. D. Willard is home from
San Diego, much improved by the little
■ est he has enjoyed.
[ And Because He Did Not (Jet It Raised a
R. V. Musso runs a grocery store at 213
Wilmington street, which place was last
evening entered by a plumber named .1.
F. O'Connor, wiio already bad a good load
of liquids aboard and wanted more. When
told that the place was not a saloon and he
could not procure what was wanted, O'Con
nor become abusive and was ordered to
leave. Not going, Musso jumped in and
put him out, using force when O'Connor
resisted. After getting the man out and
cutting his nose with a smash in the face,
Musso had him arrested and jailed for
Lightweights Challenged
Kid O'Brien, judging from a letter re
ceived yesterday, is anxious for a fight.
Here is a cony of his communication:
Sporting Editor Herald: I hereby chal
lenge any lightweight in Southern Califor
nia to box me fifteen rounds or more at
130 pounds, give or take two pounds, for
$.r>o a side, before any reliable club,which
shall hang up a substantial purse, Jack
Fogerty preferred. Only boxers meaning
business need respond to this challenge.
The Rush at Fixen & Co.'s
While the saying that women are "born
shoppers" is but too true, yet they have
the discernment to know a bargain when
they see it. This was proven by the
crowds of women that thronged the store
of Fixen & Co. yesterday to attend their
muslin underwear Bale of some 2400 gar
ments. There is no mistake about it—
those garments were bargains, and the
buying fair sex seemed to appreciate it.
Fixen & Co.'s reputation for doing as they
advertise is unitnpeached, and when ad
vertisements of bargains appear over
tiieir name in the daily press it ia always
taken advantage of by those of judgment.
Wanted to Shoot.
In an alley back of the Grace Methodist
church John Stonier was last night found
drunk. On being arrested and placed in
the patrol wagon he got obstreperous and
told Officer Robbins that he proposed to
kill him. at the same time reaching for his
hip pocket. Robbins was too quick for
him, however, and removed from his per
son a small-sized cannon before Stoulon
could get to use it. He was booked as a
plain drunk.
many other ailments when they
havo taken hold of th© system,
never gets better of its own accord, hut
Constantly gram wor*e. Thero art
thonsan.is who know they have adefectlvi
honrt, hut will not admit the fact. Tho.'
don't want their friends to worry, am
Itoit't l:ntnr trhat to false for it, ai
they have been told time and again tha
heart disease was incurable. Such waa thi
case of Mr. Silas Farley of Dyesvlllo, Ohk
who writes Juno 19,151W, as follows:
"I had heart dim-axe for 28 vrnre,
my heart hurting me almost continually.
Thn first 15 years I doctored ail the time,
trying several physicians and remedies,
until my last, doctor told me it was only a
question of time aa
I could not be cured,
fly jjL I gradually grew
fits .#3 worse, very weak,
/flaW'T l-* 4 * propped half
'jjff yffflßgja nj) In bed, because I
g»!gjSS§iF couldn't lie slvirrt
ittPjgguSL nor sit n P' Thlnk-
jnj- m y time had
come I told my fam
''ftufY ™ ily what I wanted
done when I was
gone. But on the first day of March on
tho recommendation of Mrs. Fannie Jones,
of Anderson, Ind., I commenced taking
nr. Kileit' Xetr Cure for the JUeart
and wonderful to tell, In ten days I was
working at light work and on March 19 com
menced ftaming a barn, which la heavy
work, and ! hav'nt lost a day since. lam 56
yetirs old, 6 ft. 44 inchss and weigh 2501h5,
I believe I am fully cured, and
I am now only anxious that everyone shall
know of your wonderful remedies.'*
Dyesville, Ohio. Silas Farlr.
Dr. Miles Heart Cure Is sold on a positive
Suarantee that the first bottle will benefit.
11 druggists sell it at. IL 6 bottles for 85. or
it will be sent, prepaid, on receipt of price
by the Dr. Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind.
Dr. Miles' Heart Care
l?/-"-*'»•*">«! Health
Ever Troubled With Your Eyes
Ever tried ns? We have fitted (lessee te
thousands to their entire satisfaction.
Why not give us a trial? We w!l» sstisiy
you. Lyes tested iree. Lowest prices.
S. G. MARSHUTZ, Scientific Optician
845 c. Spring street, opp. Stimson Block.
Established her* nine years.
gpgf Look fer tke Crew a M the WUfiev.
I. T. flartin
•JBL 531 533 S. Spring
4igivi-Hflßr/ Houses furnished complete, A
full nn" of nousehold <roods,
/njswnSm Carpets, Matting and Stoves,
f.J2jCTSfcWfr;j Oh Is Xx tension Tables and
EUREKA OIL CO. 2041..' South Broadway
Producer? and Dealers in
W. * . Fashion's Favorite Fancies
fffiliii People's Popular Prices
fflfl Spring's
111 Suit
ffl I Splendor
11 Men's Suits $10
ll ...For...
II Easter Holidays An^ to
\m\\ Your Suit interests are carefully considered here, and
//// . our ways and prices Will encourage you to make a ,
' if/ SeleCt ' on * !
' iji 101 N. Spring Street, The
| M 201, 203, 205, 207, 209 VV. First St.
li OF_
I Millinery
II 2 _ 48 South Spring
II People "Wonder" how the "Surprise" can sell so "marvelously'
Epj] cheap, especially In High-grade Novelties, richest quality, lates
t|2j direct-imported styles.
|| Investigate Carefully
8a too pieces Plain and Fancy Ribbon, all silk ISc tc
Ip] 100 pieces No. 7, all silk
25 dozen Silk Velvet Roses; 3 Roses, 3 BuJs
jf'il Satin Violets, per dozen
pa too dozen fine imported Flowers, per spray
.■ag Large Silk Roses, sold in dry goods stores for 18c, special here
iflSj Ostrich Tips, all light colors, each
jfjlj Latest Styles Silk Wire Frames, each
Epa Finest Jet Piquet, each
BE too dozen White Leghorn Hats, worth 50c
jig 100 dozen White Sailor Hats! trimmed, worth 50c
1 The Surprise, 24° c Spring I
ill This Is the First House In the CI
A General Banking Business Transacted
Interest paid on time deposirs. we net ns trustees, guardians, administrators, <
Safe Deposit Bo\os tor Kent.
H, J. wooiXAt'OTT, President; .1. F, TOWELL, Firs,- Vice-President: waiiuen
Seconn Vice-I'rr.sUinut; JOHN W A . OFF, Cashier; M. B LEAVIB, Assistant Cashtei
a AT 103 anobi.es
Capital ana Profits $270,000.00
J. M. C. MARBLE President C) p. JOHNSON. JOHN WOI.
0. H. CHURCHILL Vice-President nelson siouy, GEORGE ii
H. M. LflZ Vice-President N. w. STOWKLL, K. P. C Kit
A. HADLEV Cashier w. Bl DE VAN, 11. H. 811 EH
R. I. ROGERS , Assistant Cashier ,| A. HABLE* •
Farmers' and Herchants' Bank of Los Angele;
Capital Paid Up, $500,000. Surplus and Reserve, $820, i
1. w. HELLMAN, president: it. w. HELLMAN, Vice-President; H. J. fleishma.
O. HELLMAN, Assistant Cashier. Directors—W. H. PERRY. O. W, Clll LPs, .1 F.
Special Collection Department. Correspondence Invited. Safe Deposit uoxi-s ft
Merchants' National Bank
TV. L. GRAVES President
c. N. FLINT Cashier
w. H. HOLLIDA V Assistant cashier
Capital, paid In (told coin |2>n,oM
Surplus and undivided profits 38,00]
Authorised capital buo.tui
L, N. Breed, H. T. Newell, William H. Avery,
Silas Hodman, W. TI. Holllday, Wm. F. Boaby
shell, W. L. Graves. Frank Rader, D. Remick,
ThomasGoss, E. P. Rosbysheil.
223 S. Spring St.. LOS ANGELAS, CAL.
M. W. Stimson Wm. Ferguson E. McVetj
Pres.. TiM'Prttt, Caiaisr
C. G. Harrison S. H. Mott R. M. Batter
A. E. Pomeroy S. A. Butler
for. Mam r.;U First sts., K*s Angeles, Cat.
paid up capital *19r**30 09
Surplus and undivided profits 37,458 53
Victor Ponet .President; 1,. W. Hlinn, First Vfce
President; c. N. Flint, Second Vice President; m.
N. Avery, Cashier; P.P. Hohnraacber, A«sl .lanl
Cainler. Directors—Dr. .Joseph Kurtz, h. W.
Bllnn, Hugo Zuber, 0. N.Flint, IT. W- Htoil, M. N
Avery, C. Brodle, Victor Ponet, 1. A. X.othlaa
S manual Eyraud. Interest allowed on deposits
oney loaned on real estate.
Junction of Main, Spring and Temple sts.
(Temple Block). Lus Angeles.
Capital paid up fUW.OOO
Officers and directors: T. I« Duque. President j
I. N. Van Nuts, Vice President; J. V. Wachtel,
Cashier; H. W. Hellman, Kaspare Cohn, H. \V.
O'Melveny. J. B. I«*nkershlm, O. T. Johnson, Abe
Haas, W. O. Kerckhoff.
Hone/ loaned on real estate.
Five per cent Interest paia on term deposits.
■ . f*T Ljk WR 3 «W„t Second
Prompt delivery to all parta ot c
Capital stock
Surplus and undivided proilts over,
j. M. elliott. President.
w. it. KEIWKnoFF. V. preside
li. B. SHAFFER, Ass'
J. M. Elliott, J. I). Rtrlrnel
F. Q. story, H. Jcvne,
J. D. Hooker' \V. (!. Patter!
Wm. G. Kerckhoft.
No public fiin'l* nr other preferred
peived by this tianlc.
United States Depository.
J Capital .160
Surplus s
Total »51
E. W. CUE Assisti
Gcnree v. Bonebrake, Warren GUI' 1
* Green, Charles A. Harrlner, w. c. Bri
' Francisco, Ig, p. Johnsun.M. T. Allen, 1
This bank Ims no deposits of either th
city treasurer, una therefore no preferre
anout.es sAvrsaa bajtk.
1 230 N. Main St.
, J E. Plater, Pres. 11. w. Hellro:
, w. it. Caswell, casblor.
i D rectors—l. w. .Hellman, J. E. PI
Hellman, r. w. Hellman,Jr., W. M. Cat
Interest paid on deposits, Money to li
class real estate.

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