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nr. Luce Protests Against May or Keder'e
Dispatch—A Mining: Bill
Editor Herald:—Will you allow me
to protest against tlio following tele
gram sent by the mayor yesterday to
Senator White and Congresman Mo-
Lachlan: ••Amend land bill H. R.
fiOi in conference before Moßae and
Dolph as follows: That the .San Ga
briel forest reservation in California
shall not be affected by this act without
notice to the city of Los Angeles and all
other cities and public corporations de
riving their water supply from said res
ervation and without first giving them
opportunity to be hoard."
It Is certainly very evident that the
mayor and those whom he represents
are not familiar with tho object of this
bill so far as It pertains to the San Ga
briel reservation. Several weeks ago
the miners of upper San Gabriel mining
district held a miners' meeting and
adopted a resolution petitioning con
gress to restore to tho public domain
only such land us lies within the above
named district for the purpose of min
ing only. It is a well-known fact that,
this district has been used for at least
half a century as a mining' country:
that many valuable mines are located
within Its boundaries and that it is lit
for nothing else but mining. This
government reserve has simply prohib
ited the location of new minim? prop
titles, as all claims located prior to the
setting apart as a reserve by congress
Mill hold as g< oil as if the government
bad no blanket over it.
There is no negro in the woodpile
as you erroneously staled, and it is a
false lmpresson to say that cattle and
sheep men are at the bar k of the pro
posed law. The miners are as bitterly
opposed to having cattle and sheep men
In the district as the Chamber of Com
merce or Mayor Rader, and. besides,
the part of the reservation for which
restoration is asked is so rough and ut
terly barren of feed that, no stockman
would for a moment think of Upper San
Gabriel as astock range. The bill will
not if enacted Into a law, result in, as
you say, irreparable injury to any one.
la will in no way injure the wood, the
water or the storage of snow. The
gold taken out of the district amounts
to several thousands of dollars annual
ly, most of which is dropped in Los An
geles, and no one has ever protested
against it. Don't, for the love of hu
manity w ho have to dig in the sand and
gravel for the glittering dust, oppose the
bill which affects only a small portion of
the government reserve, and a portion
lit only for mining.
Lessee of the Shoemaker mine, 220
Franklin street.
A Prominent Portland Men Will Locate In
This City
T. F. Osborne of tin; Osborne-Price
company, Portland, Ore,, has been in
Los Angeles and Vicinity for Several
weeks past, quietly looking around with
the intention of permanently locating
hero. Mr. Osborne is an ex-president of
the Portland chamber of commerce,
and was one of tho fifteen guarantors
lor the palatial building which was
erected three years ago at a cost of
8775,000 on the corner of Third and Stark
streets in that city.
"It is just nineteen years ago," said
Mr. Osborne, " since I w as last in Los
Angeles and the San Gabriel valley. I
came from Gunymas, Mex., to San
Diego, and then crossed the mountains
near Arrowhead into this section. At
fiat time the land around Rcdlands,
Riverside and San Bernardino was a
barren, desolate waste, nothing grow
ing on it of any account. Now, how
ever, I can hardly believe my eyes, it is
a veritable Paradise. I never saw such
a transformation In my life. Pasadena
as I remember it consisted of only a sin
gle ranch house surrounded with broad,
baro fields, while today it is like a Gar
ten of Eden. I have been all over the
surrounding country and today made
up my mind to permanently locate here
and telegraphed my partner and family
in Portland to come down. Portland is
in a very bad shape from a business
point of view. There is nothing doing
at all, and many people have left within
the past two months, not because they
w anted to, but because they had to, or
else starve. What little business there
Is lias moved up town, and Front street,
whioh used to be the center of a busy
trade, is now lined with vacant stores,
another thing which is acting against
the city is tlie political fight between
the Lotan and Simon factions of the Re
publican party. The city is simply
rotten witlt boodlers w ho will do every
thing or anything for money. Mayor
Frank is a disgrace to the position and
tho town, and stands in for the spoils.
After the recent primaries the Frank-
Hume faction, which is really the Lotan
faction, paid off about 1200 workers in
their rooms on the seventh floor of the
chamber of commerce building. The
occasion was the scene of wrangling
which was a disgrace to the city, in sev
eral instances knives and pistols being
drawn. Tlie curse of Portland is the
fact that it Is a one newspaper town,
and the result Is a positive detriment to
the place. The Oregonian stands in
with the boodlers. and in consequence
they are never exposed or denounced as
they should be, and popular indignation
aroused. There is a great chance In
Portland for the establishment of a
fearless, independent newspaper which
would boldly show up the present state
of corruption which permeates every
thing political.
"I think it will be several years before
Portland will begin to recover from Its
present state and get back to the pros
perity of the past. Every business
man 'who can get his affairs In shape is
making arrangements lo get out. I am
certain that those who once visit this
favored country would never be satis-
P.ed to go back to Portland and remain
there. This place is the one place in the
world, anil I intend to remain here and
cast my lot In with the Angelcnos."
Pleads Uulliy to Petty Larceny-Roba His
Archie Penfleld, a young and dudlsh
appearing fellow, came into the police
court yesterday afternoon and pleaded
guilt, to a potty larceny charge. Pen-
Held has been employed at tho Bellevue
Terraoa hotel us a clerk tor some time
past, and during his Incumbency
small amounts have from time to time
been missed from tho hotel safe. Pen
field was watched and tho peculations
traced to him. A detective who was
employed to shadow him stayed at the
hotel five days and paid $10.50 as his bill.
The tash book showed that be paid but
$7.50, (his being the rate by the week,
while the amount collected was based
upon transient charges.
After satisfying themselves as to
Penlield's guilt, the proprietors, Messrs.
Urban and Fragar, swore out a war
rant for his arrest. When taken into
custody Penlield had in his possession
a marked Stiver dollar which had been
placed In the safe and which disap
peared therefrom mysteriously. De
tective J. W. Manser made the arrest
early yesterday morning and claims to
have sufficient evidence to Justify a
charge of burglary or grand larceny, as
the total amount of the sums missed is
about $250.
A few minutes after he had pleaded
guilty to petty larceny Penfleld was
taken in hand by attorney Hugh Craw
ford, who induced him to attempt to
change his plea to not guilty. Judge
Owens refused to consider the mutter,
and lixed today at 1! p. m. as time for
sentence. Penlield Is out on bonds,
but may be rearrested on a more seri
ous charge.
Oxford declares that a woman's high
est degree should not be that of B. A.,
But of Ma.—New York World.
A Pull fleeting: Yesterday ol the Directors.
The Harbor Question
The board of directors of the chamber
of commerce yesterday afternoon es
tablished a new precedent in the history
of that organization. Out of nineteen
directors eighteen were present. Mr.
F. S. Munson. who is Ul,was the only ab
sentee. It was understood that some ac
tion was to be taken by the board on
the harbor question, and the members
desiring to go on record on this question,
all who could attend were present to
vote. The following is a list of thoso
who were present: Messrs. Banning,
Cohn, Davlsson, Duque, Forman, Fran
cis, GrolT, Jacoby, Johnson, Klokke,
Koepfi!, Newberry, Patterson, Patton,
Slauson, Story, Vetter and Waters.
The follow ing were elected to mem
bership: L,oeb. Fleishman & Co., whole
sale fruit and produce; L. Behymcr,
publisers' agent.
A communication from the state
board of trade asking the members of
the chamber to be present at the open
ing ceremonies of their new exhibit
was read and tho invitation was ac
President Patterson read sundry tel
egrams and other communications on
the subject of the San Pedro and Santa
Monica harbor, which were ordered
President Patterson said that! a com
munication had been received, signed
by Judge Widney and several others,
asking that a special meeting of the
chamber be called to act upon the har
*LEND HE TEN .'* _ "s^S
Raising the "X" by X Rays,
bor question April Sth, but that the
meeting could not be held on that date
on account of certain constitutional re
quirements. He stated also that when
it had been made known to the signers
of the call that the meeting could not
be held on April Sth, they then asked
that the matter be dropped entirely,
whlcb would naturally be the case un
less the question was renewed from
that source or some other.
Director Forman offered the following
resolution, which was seconded by Di
rector Newberry:
Whereas, The .nembers of this cham
ber have heretofore by their vote de
clared their views as to the harbor ques
tion, which views, so expressed, are now
on file in Washington; and
Whereas, We are confident of tlie
faithfulnes and wisdom of our senators
and representatives in congress; there
Resolved, That it Is the sense of this
board that no further action of the
chamber at this time w Ith reference to
the harbor question seems necessary
or desirable.
The resolution was carried unani
mously. The president announced (hat
at the next meeting of the board an elec
tion would be held to fill the vacancy
caused by the death of Director Ford.
It was moved and carried that a spe
cial committee be appointed to nomi
nate some one to fill the vacant place.
Judgment for Plaintiff
In the case of Mullen vs. Wood, a suit
to quiet title, Judge McKinley yester
day gave judgment for the plaintiff.
Sentence of Ulscallu/ Postpcned—Minor
Offenders Pined
Attorney M. V. Blscailuz was to have
hen sentenced yesterday afternoon on
conviction of embezzlement, but at i
o'clock he appeared and by his attorney
had the matter continued until Fri
day, when argument will be presented
in support of a motion for a new trial.
A complaint against Officer H. B.
Henderson, alleging malicious mischief,
sworn to by a Chinaman who bad a
chair and table broken during a raid
on a fan-tan game, was dismissed and
the Officer exonerated.
C. F. Bverett, a negro, who on Tues
day night ate a meal in a Japanese res
taurant on First street , for which be
could not pay.was lined $5 for disturbing
the peace. The two Japs, T. Tom and
< 'hroskie Fchida, who had jumped him
for non-payment of the bill, were dis
Two vagrancy cases were on the dock
et. Jean StalecSßO was dismissed and
Jesus Molino had his hearing continued
to be reset.
Sam Queen bad been arrested, charg
ed with assault with a deadly weapon,
but no complaint was filed und he was
discharged. During a fracas at First
and Spring streets Tuesday evening,
Queen was alleged to have hit a man
named Sayers with a billy or slingshot.
The latter refused to prosecute, so the
matter was dropped.
Bight drunkards sat In the dock and
upon conviction of the offense two were
allotted $:!, six %v and one $10, or a cor
responding number of days in Jail.
The three misdemeanor eases against
William Niles came up and one was
concluded. This was taken under ad
visement by Justic Owens. Upon his
decision the two other cases will bo
settled. Niles is alleged to have kept too
many cattle upon his premises at Wash
ington street and Maple avenue.
J. li. Rogers will be heard today upon
a charge of committing battery upon
Louis de Blume, whom he threw out of
his saloon on Upper Main street.
Andrew MeXally had time to plead
to a disturbing the pence charge; the
ease w as sot for April 11th.
A New Turn in the Sensational liornlday
Another turn was taken in the Hor
niday caße yesterday, when Attorney
Moye ii. Norton, who represents the
grandparents of the child, got an order
front Judge Clark commanding Wnt
terson to surrender the custody of the
child. Tins order was granted upon a
show ing that Watterson had married
Ids alleged wife April 2d at Santa Ana.
and notwithstanding he had previously
stated under oath In his petition tor
the guardianship that he had been t tar
ried three years. This clandestine mar
riage at Santa Ana, it is alleged, was
consummated to avoid the inevitable in
vestigations which would have been
made," but it had the contrary effect, as
Mr. Norton was on the gui Vive. AVhcp
Watterson learned that Mr. Norton had
received a certified copy ol' his marriage
license at Santa Ana, he Immediately
authorized his attorney In drop the
case and Judge Clark thereupon gave
the above order.
Attorney Norton, with Deputy Sher
iffs Harington, White and Matlock, vis
ited the domicile of the Wattersons at
4:io Ruth street last evening and served
the order on Watterson and Mrs. Wat
terson. A Mrs. Sells, who also resides in
Ihe house, manifested more interest in
the affair than Mrs. Watterson. The
Wattersons refused to give tip the
child, and at a late hour last night Mr.
Norton was looking for a judge to se
cure a bench warrant for Watterson'!
The affair created quite a sensation iv
the neighborhood. Watterson, from ap
pearances does not propose to give up
the fight. Attorney Morton will take
further proceedings today.
Ellen H. Cobb to Fred E. and Barbara R,
Bchueddig—Lot 81 Id 1 Wright's sub of Sis
ters of Charity trt; $1350.
Allele A. 1.0 Mniro to ('. M. Jones—Lot S
bl 7 South Santa Monica: 1860.
C. M. and Jessie J'\ Jones to Mrs. B. L.
Porter— Sw I . of lot is bl 7 South Santa Mon
ica: 1280.
('. M. and Jessie F. Jones to Frederick
Qourley—NE% of lot 8 bl 7 South Santa
Monica; 1250.
Murk and Emma Anthony to James Oak
ley— Lot 71 (Slider Don's sub Brlswalter
trt; SlLM'i.
J. M. Elliott trustee to W. CS. Kerekhoff—
Lot .! and n l '. of 4 MeArthur's sub nf lot.
1 bl 17 tl s. Lot 77 McDonald trt, Lots 5 and
7 Corona trt; 87200.
Edwin L. and Carrie D. Farrls to I) E
Voids—Lot :: Edwin L. Farris replat: $17r.".
John T. and Lillian 11. Hadley to Mrs.
Caroline A. Muir— sn'.i see 14 7 n 14 w: 82400.
Asusa L Ai w Co to J W Marshall—Lot
54 bl 52 Azusii: $2511.
Hosedale Cemetery assn to Ellen I*. No
ble—Lot 57 bl M Rosedalo cemetery: $250.
George W De lluv to Allie S. Kellogg—
E 100 of se'i sec 14 8 n 14 w: 81200,
Nathaniel A. Beebe if, Edward S. chase
—Lots l to 24. being all of bl 6, Harvey Lea
per and Llndley's sub: SSOO.
S. P. and Mary P.. Simpson to Maria
Boe. klln—Lot S2 Grider & Dow's sub cf
Adams street trt; 8525.
John H. and L. Ella Henry to Sadie F.
Baldwin—Lot 10 bl S, Byram Patterson
and Miller sub: 81500. '
Edward J. and Mary T. Barker to Char
les Moore—Part of lot 1 bl ;;:isub of Bo Pro
vldencla and Bcott trt: 8860,
Thus. w. and Frances M H Calloway to
Fallls Wellman—Lot 168 sub of E 12,000 at
San Fernando; si.i.ooo.
Thos. W. and Frances Mll Calloway to
Fallls E. Wellman—E sue of lot 165 same
suh- $1000.
Jacob Wagoner to Meda A. Miller—s,oßs
ac In Ro Paso,de Bartolo; 8226,56.
Same to I iot a B. Miller—Same; 8220.58.
Geo. 11. Bonobrake to P.. S. and Ellwood
Lambert—Agreement to convey Bone
brake's sub of lot 1, Corona trt: $2400.
Jennie l. and c. E. Wasgatt to M W
Stimson—Lot 8 bl a, ot w. E. Ferguson
sub: $950. . -
Ella J. Trembly lo Charles A, Graf—E
::n rr of lots 15 and 18 bl Q. Mott trt, and part
of lot 11 bl t.>. same trt; 81400.
.lane s [. and Clara Bobst to Mrs. M. I
Schwartz—Lot 208, Kohler trt: lIISO.
Frank A. Gibson trustee to .Mrs. Ella
Wilson—Lot o>. Grider and Dow -i Central
uvo trt; 8200; .. _
Mary E. and .lames E. Sweet to IS. B,
Way—Lota 1 and 3, Coryell sub: ItSJu
citizens Bank of L. A., Cai... Peter A.
Demene et al to L. <\> T„Co. of L. A - Land
in lto Sua Faaqual: $25,000.
Minnie s. and C. a. Ruuela lo Mary li,
Freeman-Lot I bl A, Loomls trt; to
W. ii. workman to l. c Palmer—Lot 7
bl Q, Workman Park tli ; $500.
L. C. Palmer to W. B. Palmer—Same;
Maggie E. atel ii. i: O'Bryan to Hugh
J. Smith—Lota 7 and sbl 28 and JO bl M,
U -0 -j\ and 22 bl L. the Palms; 81000.
Same to Same- Lots 28 and 21 bl < >. 21 nnd
82 bl T, 6 »nd 7 til S. 18, 11, 15 and Hi 10 .M,
and bl IS, the Palms; StuUO. ,
i mvi rA. anil Kate M. Ivors to Olot Olson
- Part lot 2 see 11 1 s 13, 8400
.Isnies and Ann Pedgrlft to Daniel and
Klitn Tlemsy -Lot r. Puotnwe trt: tl.wii.
Hnymond impCn to.lobn EetioJardinc
l>eit lot ol Raymond Imp Co tii. lD'«
lb rman and A. Markwa'der to I . J. WI«
la's—Lot 18, M. L. Wicks' sun; $400.
Mat wet Steele to Alice G. 1 aiish—Bol
8 bl M. Knob llll! 1:1: 81050,
Charles F. Pratt to Anna Hums Dor«
ranee - Agreement lo convey lots !> ana ;i
bl V W( st L, A. Hi ; $25i>t<.
L A Lodge No. 42, F. and A. M., to City
of L. A.—Beg. iii west line Castelarst
ft. n of ne cor L. A. High School, lot, etc.,
''"l, A Lodge N'e. 252. 1. O. O. Bed Men nf
Cal'. to same—Beg. at nw cor. of land oon
veyed to city hy deed: 8660. _ ,
1) W Field administrator to same—Part
lot 24 bl H, Fort Mill trt; $620, ~„.„,.
Anna M. O' Hrhn to same—Part lot i bto\ -
ens BUb of lots 17 to 22 1.1 H, Fort Hill trt;
Bautlsta Mariano Belong to F. G. Calk
ins and A. B. Clapp- Com. at se cor of land
of Consiatuia Belong: $2:10".
Contemporary Issues
Arter all the excitement ol rumors of
wars, diplomatic quarrels, political dis
agreements and campaign complica
tions, it Is refreshing to know that the
next issue of importance will be the
peaceable and charming one of the Eas
ter bonnet, it is expected to put quite
a lew face on the turbulent aspect of
popular Interest.—Baltimore Ameri
{ .
An East Los Angeles Car Creates Have*
Among: a Band of Sheep
Electric car No. VJ2 ot the Buena Vista
street line about 12 oclock last night
caused a terrible" slaughter in mutton, and
the prico of tamales may be expected to
take a sudden drop today. At
that hour a band of nearly a hun
dred sheep, belonging to Charles
Gassen, were being driven through the
streets on their way to the abbatoir and
bad rounded tlie corner of Buena Vista
and College streets. The band waa in
charge of a vaquero and had just reached
the center of the street-railroad tracks
when the car came booming along
on its last trip up town.
The shoep were closely huddled to
gether, ami the heavy car plowed right
into the thick of the flock. When the mo
mentum had been stopped and a count of
damages mado nine carcasses laid around
on the f.treot, the animals having been in
stantly killed, some being terribly mangled
by the iron wheels. Two more poor brutes
had sustained broken letrs and had to be
put out of their misery. The vaquero,
himself, had a narrow escape from being
struck by the car, only his quickness and
good horsemanship saving him.
Professor Joseph Fandrey, European
specialist, formerly of Berlin, Germany,
now permanently located at 821 South
Broadway. Dos Angeles, is a practical
rttptute specialist and manufactures
the latest patent trusses (his own in
vention) for curing rupture; also cor
sets for curvature of the spine, female
supporters, etc-. Each case will be made
to lit. Oxer forty almost helpless cases
of from two lo twenty years standing,
some twice broken, are today cured and
have no more use for truss. Patients
from two to seventy-five years of age.
information and testimonials will ba
sent on application.
C. A. Installs of Boston is at the Nadeau.
K. C. Oliver of Denver is at the Nadeau.
W. C. Johnson of Boston is at the
Ceorge H. Itobinson of New York city is
at the Nadeau.
E. M. Emerson, J. 11. Simpson and A. G,
(iibson of Cincinnati are at the Nadeau.
Oave Up the Child
Another chapter in the Hornadaycase waa
enacted last night when the little girl. 4
years old, was taken by Deputy Sheriff Will
White and placed in the care of a Mr.
Matlock to await the outcome of the nat
ter. Tlie ofllcers waited at the house on
Central avenue until alter 11 o'clock at
night, when finally the father appeared
with the child aud, under the advice of bis
attorney, gavo her up to the officers,
A Suspected Party
J. C. Coney of 712 Philadelphia street
has been missing several articles from his
premises lately and yesterday Mrs. Coney
saw a man leaving their barn. The sains
party has been seen before hanging around,
and is strongly suspected. Heis described
as of medium height, rather stout and
wears a skull cap, (ifficers are working on
the case.
Interfered With An Officer
Jack Kennedy, a drunken hobo, was last
night arrested by Olllcer Talamantes for
licgging. As ho was being taken to tb*
station a companion, John McDonald, at- ;
tempted to interfere with the policeman In
his duties. For this he had the darbies put
upon his wrists and both wero brought in
A very coed b. d for a summer' baby
is ii small hatiiu k filled With soft <
blankets. This can be hung across a
comer nf the tcmill out of the draughts,
and lias lb- advantage of occupying;-:
small space when not in use.
The real English blue book Is called A
"England's Darling."—Salt Lake H *^J|

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