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For Sale Cheap ia/e Cheap g!
11 prices cuTin two The Harbor Question and the Clothing Question A Trera ™ Sa£rifi£e |
m 1
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§_f& Men's Sack Suits, sizes 34 to 42, in my, blue or black d»/' *F Men's Wool Pants; QC
fe*sp. Cheviots and Cassimeres, lined with farmers' satin; former J>o. /• J «# TlVna H a «Ka<« Sntt former price S3-00; •Dl.yO »8
price $10. Our Going Out of Business Sale Price J I liarDOr Vr?UeStlOll J Our Going Out of Business Sale Price &j
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gg2 At Eight Dollars and Seventyfive Cents # You w pj have with you always, but the f Men - S A „. Wool cheviot and Worsted Pants; A£ j|
*ffS$J Men's Sack and Cutaway Frock Suits, in light or dark Cassimeres, Chev- V* former price, 54.00; SJ
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Sale Price ' & * ClOt II 111 g QUeStlOll £ At Three Dollars and Forty-Five Cents |
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0 \Tf\ mr 8 Business Sale Price
— — • • . . IMU .... — ——— H
g|f The Greatest Slaughter Ever Heard Of 4/%%%%%*%%%%%%%%%%'%% vi If You Want to Save Money Now Is Your Time
H "\\w\w 1
I 2™ Chicago Clothing Company, 2LTJZ. S
II j ■..Nothing charged 125 and 127 North Spring Street j ... Nothing charged I
The first notable social event of the past
Lenten entertainments was Riven yester
day by Mrs. E. P. Bryan and Mrs. A. F. M.
Strong at the home of the latter on
AJvarado street, where the two hostesses
gave a very brilliant and beautiful recep
tion. A wealth of flowers, modish Easter
gowns and charming women made a whole
that was wonderfully attractive. Between
the hours of :< to 5, 150 or more guests
enjoyed the hospitalities of the afternoon.
The decorations were extremely artistic
roses, carnations and ferns being used
most lavishly. The stairway of the hall
was hidden by a network of gold of ophir
roses and behind this on tlie first landing
was placed a string orchestra. Ivy, smilax
and growing plants added to the bright
effect of flowers. Mrs. John F. Peck pre
sided in the hall over a delicious bowl of
punch, assisted by Misse3 Minnie Bryan
and Inez Clark.
Delicately tinted roses heldjin perforated
bamboo sticks reposed on the wall of the
drawing room|and everywhere flowers were
distributed to advantage. The arch divid
ing the front and back room was made
graceful by a display of smilax and pink
satin ribbon held to either side by large
bows. In the center a wide spreading bas
ket of ferns formed a pretty adjunct. In
one corner of the room a dainty arch of
pink roses and ribbons extended over a
small table holding a bowl of sherbet,
which was dispensed by Mrs. J. J, Aiken,
with Misses Millie Ciark and Hazel
Noonan as assistants. The room was pro
fusely decorated with pink roses and
smilax. The dining room was refreshing
and lovely with white and green The
buffet was a mass of white sweet peas and
roses. White carnations and ferns deco
rated tlie table and extending over the
whole were garlands of smilax reaching
from chandelier to the intersection of wall
and ceiling. Candelabra shaded with
green completed the charming arrange
ments. Dividing the room from the ball
and drawing room were Nile green and
while satin ribbons. The two hostesses
were assisted by Mines. W. H. Reed of
Kansas City, Wedemeyer. R. H. Howell,
H. M. Safe, the Misses Strong and Miss
Bryan. The afternoon was replete with
p'easure and enjoyed by a large number of
friends of the two delightful hostesses.
In Honor of Bishon Johnson
The right Rev. Joseph H. Johnson was
the guest of honor last night at a very
elaborate dinner given by Judge Winder at
his home on South Hope street. Tho affair
was stag, and notable for the number of
prominent men representative of different
•profeisions who were present. The double
parlois were converted into tlie salle a man
ger; the long table, at which twenty-Six
covers were laid, extended from end to
•nd of Mac two rooms. The board was
laden with every delicacy of the season,
and this with beat of vintage and with
toasts sparkling with wit and repartee made
an evening of unusual pleasure . The dec
orationa were very effective, the rarest of
flowers being used. The balustrade of the
stairway was converted into a muss of
Lady Banksia and la j marque roses,
the tendrils winding in and out
of the open woodwork. Tlie library waa
bright with deep pink roses. Un the table
pink was used exclusively. A tall banquet
lamp and candelabra were embedded in
pink roses, and scattered over the bowls
of fruit were orange blossoms, their fra
grance permeating the air. Wisteria
framed the arched window and doorway,
and banked on tlie mantel at the extreme
end of the room were La France ro.-e*.
The following gentlemen were invited to
partake of the hospitality and do honor
to the distinguished guest:
Bishop Johnson, Bishop Montgomery,
Bishop N'icholls, Rev. 1). Chichester, i'ev.
A. S. Clark, Rev. Wyllys Hall. Rev. Dr.
Trew, Rev. B. W. K. Tayler, Rev. John
Gray, Rev. H. B. Restarick. Rev. Hender
sen Judd, Rev. 1). F. McKenzie, Judge
Wellborn, Judge Clark, Judge Van Dyke,
Judge McKinley, Judge Shaw, Daniel
Cleveland of San Diego, J. Bakewell Phil
lips of Riverside, ('apt. C. K. Thorn. Dr. J.
E. Cowles, Frank Sabiclii, Jay E. Hunter,
Col. George H. Smith, Andrew Glasaell,
John McConnachie, H. (.'. Parke of Detroit.
John M. Winder. H. T. Lee, Dr. Samuel
Mansfield, James Hayes, S. M. Haskins,
Willis Parris, J. F. Towell, Dr. Wm. Le M.
! Wills, John Shirley Ward. Judge A. M.
i Stephens, Ben Goodrich. Judge J. A. An
( derson, J. H. Shankland, W. J. Hunsaker,
! George W. Parsons, J. R. Scott, Dr. W. L.
! G raves.
A Sunday Banquet
One of the most enjoyable banquets of
tho season was given last Sunday evening
in honor of Mr. G. Sormano, proprietor of
the Star winery, and well-known all over
the coast.
Mr. Sorinano started on Monday morn
ing lor a three-months' trip to Italy, and
the banquet was iv the nature of a bou
voyage dinner. A number of choice spir
its were present, and much speechmakiug
was indulged in.
The menu was something in the nature
of a surprise to more than one bon vivant,
and was as follows:
Salame dl tiologiu
Touo a' Olio Ancliugue
Tagliarini al Verde a la Genoese
Solo a la < albert
Pouleue avec Truffe
Asparagus a' la Koinana
Vms Chiantt Zinf
Torcctti a' laTorino«e-Puriiuino
Chou a' la Creuie
l'omme do IMu
I Cafe Noir
VI ns
Pflutorne champagne Monte CristO
Those present were: M. Gori, the noted
political and ami monarchical orator;
Guy B. Barham, N. Mercadante, E. L.
Hutchison, P. Puiaaegur, J. M. tuiaaegur,
A. Baccilieri of Voce del Popolo; G. Sor
inano; R. V. Musso, P. Sormano, M. Sor
mano, A. Sicolo of New York, J. Apion, A.
j Toriano, F. Giorgis, F. Vanoui, G. Borgi,
j M. Cbiriot Meedamea A, Puissegtii', G. Sor
! mano, N. Mercadante, K. V. Musso, A. To-
I riauo, M. Bruno of Santa Barbara, A. Si
colo of New York; Misses C. Sormano, E.
Owens and Mercadante.
French Ball
Tlie Social club of Court Franeaise of tlie
Foresters of America Rave a grain! invita
tion ball at Druids' ball on Sunday evening.
The hall was elaborately decorated with
flowers and with French antl American
;>early all of the prominent l rencii-
Aniericans of the city were present with
their families. Many invited guests enjoy
ed the hospitality of the club. Dancing
began at an early hour of ilia evening and
continued till a somewhat earlier hour of
the morning. Among those present were:
J. Apion, P. Eachardies, 6. I.acour, P. I
Uervochou, F. Seehla. U Pedy, C. L. Ferry, I
J. Eyraud, G. Degiorgis, J. Viole. P. i
Cazaux, C. Faure, G. Sorinano, J. B. Am- i
estoy, FJ Eseaig, V. Charbonnier, T. Molle, j
J. B. Maeselin, J. Harotcarena, H. Clary,
E. Barclay, J. M. Puissegur. J. Puis
segur, J, Florentine, J. Terrile, I.
Lougo, F. Puissegur. G. Grabet, M. Bon- !
nabel, P. Puissegur, N.Quirolo, N. Eyraud, {
P. Sormano, P. Turou, F. Clos, E. L.
Hutchison: Minos. Grabet, Barclay, Ante- |
stoy. Eseaig, Florentin, Couget, Morzini, !
Boisseranc, Christian, Ballade, Sormano,
P. Turon, Eschardies, J.Viole, J. Ludquet, F.
Brock. Blanchard, P, Sorinano, J. B. Masse
lin, S. Vial, A. Toriam. MissesJA. Bernard,
Bilaude. Ganclio, .M. Ballaude,C. Sormano,
Filorentin, Couget, Masselin, Grand, G.
Bernard, Boisseranc, Gouillarden-Higuey,
Hauret, Bourdet, Erecca, Robert, F.
Laffose, L, Monblanc, C. Monblanc.
Luncheon at Claremont
Mrs. Thomaa ti. Wood and Mrs. George ;
Ferris of Claremont gave a luncheon on
Tuesday in honor of Mrs. Henry S. Wood
of San Francises. The rooms and table
were elaborately decorated with gold of
opliir roses, daisies and ferns and pink
sweet peas, while tlie hall wae trimmed
with lilacs and wiateria. The delicious
viands were enjoyed from three tables that
were decorated alternately in yellow, green
and white and pink, and the service of
each table harmonised with the scheme of
color of tlie flowers. Slaten did the cater
ing. Those present were: Mines. Henry
S. Wood, Richard Gird, Stoddard .less,
George Jess, H. H. Wheeler, Brady. E. A.
Padgam, Haskell, Saunders, Beat, William
Hendricks, William Dole. Frank Palmer,
H. S. Finney. V. 1). Simms. John Packard, !
Frank Hall. Wilbur, Burt, Howland, Scott, '
U. G. l'ierce.
Surprise Party
Mrs. J. T. Satterlee was given a very !
complete and delightful surprise on Tues
day night at her home on Jeiferson street
in honor of her birthday. A party laden j
with tempting refreshments arrived en
masse early in the evening and took poa-
Hussion of the hostess' hottso and a j
thorougly agreeable time was spent by all.
Mr. H. L. Mouleux favored the guests with i
a mandolin solo. Misses Mable and
Maud Hill and Mr. E. Hill joined in with
guitars, and some delightful banjo music
was furnished by Mr. Guy Hill. Miss
Louise Satterlee rendered several piano '
solos. Among those present were: Mr. j
and Mrs. C. H. Hanchett of Chicago, Mr.
and Mrs. B. Hill, Mr. and Mrs. 11. W.
Waggoner, Mr. and Mrs. S. Monleux.
Here and There
Mr. and Mrs. John Bradbury entertained
With a hox parly at the (li-pheum last
Mr. and Mrs. John Bradbury entertained
with a box party at the Orpheum Tuesday
Mrs. Albert Castle, nee Winston, will
arrive today from Sun Francisco and will
stay at the Westminster.
The Misses Oryrien and Butterworth
have invited their friends to a Leap Year
party for April 18th, to be given at their
country place. La Bow.
The engagement is announced of Miss
Rebecca Laventhal, daughter of K. Laven
thai of this city to Mr. M. Voorsanger of |
Philadelphia. They will receive Sunday I
and Monday between - and I! a' 1151 I
South Hope atreet.
Miss Juliet Graham, one of Long l!»ael.'s
best known and most esteemed young I
society women, who haß been absent sev
eral months visiting in Chicago. North
Carolina, Florida and other places, is at
present visiting at Old Point Comfort, V*.
Miss Graham will return home to tlie
beach about the '-'sth instant.
Pleasure, business, acenery. Only $11
round trip, if you are ugly you go free.
If handsome, a chromo and peket. For
full particulars call 1.M4 S. Broadway.
Hemet Land Co.
Call tel. 243 for ambulance. Kregelo A
Breaee, Sixth and Broadway. '
A Brilliant Reception at the Vallay Hunt
Club House—Report of Good Work Done
by the Presbyterian King's Daughters.
Notes and Brevities
Pasahena, April S.— About fifty repie
tentative citizens gathered in the new
rooms of the board of trade this af ternooti
to discuss the matter of entertaining the
Hotel Men's association, which will arrive
hereon the 17th inst. T. P. Lukens wat
chosen chairman and F. P. Boynton, the
secretary of the board, acted as secretary
af the meeting. Remarks were made by
Messrs. Lynch of San Diego, James and
Holmes of the Hotel association explana
tory of the itinerary and plans of the mem
hers and what would interest them about
Pasadena, after which various arrange
ments were suggested for their entertain
ment, a drive about the city forming one
jf the chief features.
On motion a committee was appointed
to make arrangements for the drive about
the city, composed of tlie following mem
bers: Messrs. Edwin Steams, W. G. Bene
dict,.l. S. Cox, B. F. Ball, S. Washburn
Elliott, C. D. Daggett, E. H. Royce, Lyman
Allen. All citizens' are asked to lend theii
assistance by tendering the use of theii
carriages, as the number of the visitors
will be very large, probably about 350, antl
Pasadena should sustain her reputatiot
For hospitality besides leaving a good im
pression of the beauties and advantages ol
the city, such ns can only be secured by a
Irive about lier residence district. All wbc
will furnish carriages are asked to report
to the secretary of the board as soon as
On motion Mr. and Mrs. Kosenbaum
were appointed as a committee to attend
to the iloral decorations, they to appoint
their assistants. The party will stop at the
iireen and visit the Echo Mountain house
then go to Los Augcles to see the opening
)f La Fiesta.
The reception tendered by Dr. J. M
Kadebrugh, J. S. Torrance, W. It. Staati
md N. W. Bell to their friends at the Val
ley Hunt club house last evening was at
alaborate affair, and one of the most sue
•essful social functions of the season. Tht
early part of tiie evening was given over ir
l musical program, and the enjoyment oi
social conversation. Alnend's orchestra
furnished music, a male quartette recently
from Salt Lake gave several seletions.
Miss Berenice Holmes of Los Angele,
sang, antl Mr. Bierlich gave a cello seleo
lion. An elaborate collation was served
after which dancing was enjoyed until ait
early hour this morning.
The annual congregational meeting ol
the Presbyterian church was held lasi
evening in the chapel, there being a large
attendance of members and friends of the
shurch, wiio partook of the supper pro
vided by the ladies, after who i the ehc
tion of officers was proceeded with. Tut
following wero chosen: 11. M. Luts ant
S. L. Acldemaii to vacancies on the boart
nf trustees, the remaining members heinn
E. L. Farriu, C. S. Cristy, 0. W. Stiiuson
F. C. Bolt and C. W. Brown. Dr. Georgt
Deacon was re-elected elder for three yean
and H. M. Lutz for the two years' term
U. C. Johnson was chosen to fill the va
cancy caused by the death of Col. O. S
Tho report of the trustees stated ihej
had increased the insurance to $30,000
Increase in the church membership for the
year, 56,
The King's Daughters, although smal
in numbers, have done noble service it
aiding by sewing, 'contributions, etc.
many poor families. The treasurer of the
Woman's Aid society reported collection,
for the year (including balance of $211
April 1. 18!>5,| amounting to $043.40. Of
litis sum $7!) 1.11 was disbursed fo'vari
ous purposes connected with church work,
leaving a balance on hand ot $148.33.
C. 8. Cristy, treasurer of the church, re
ported total receipts for the year of -*10,
--055.30, $4598.12 of wltich was from pew
rents, 11355.36 from basket collections,
$2030.71 from Sunday school building
fund, etc. After all disbursements a bal
ance of $452.50 remains on hand.
A number of guests of the Evanston Inn '
enjoyed a trip over the electric road to
Santa Monica and the Bea yesterday, fol- I
lowed by a lunch, among those participat- j
ing being Mr. anil Mrs. House, Harold
Kotise, Wm, W. Smith, Geo. C, Hemp- i
stead, Mrs. Geo. H. Daniels, Mrs. L. ti. j
I Hamlin, Mrs. S. B. Toby, Mrs. J. H. Pater- I
| son, Mra. L. B. Pry, Mrs. VS. A. Blodgett, J
. Misses Avis and Amy Blodgett, J. B. j
Greenwood, Ada Sherling, Augusta Foster,
Fannie I'oole, Julia Howland.
About 300 people witnessed tlie second
rendition of Gounod's Galiia at the taber
nacle last evening. The program, which
was given hy the Pasadena Choral society,
was in two parts. The tirat, Gounod's
Gallia proper .ended with tho Itiflammaiu*.
During this part Mrs. \V. 11. Clanp sang
Jerusalem, Jerusalem, which was highly
| appreciated by the audience. The second
part included Robyn's fiomance by Mr. IC.
IH. Clark, a substitute for the piece on the I
{ program, which was encored, Mr. Clark j
| responding with I'eirre's Serenade. Mra. !
!K. W. Glbha sang an Ava Maria. The |
I Conservatory Toneweavers sang several j
numbers that wore greatly enjoyed. A i
zither solo was given by Mrs. Severance,
tire. W. B. Clapp rendered Cavalina. The j
Misses Welter, accompanied by Mrs. Sev
i erauce, gave a trio, guitar and zither, and
the program was closed by a selection
from the Toneweavera.
I The second day's session of the Los Au
i geles county \V. C. T. U. convention
opened this morning at 0 oclock at the
Baptist church, which was well tilled.
After the reading of the minutes and the
usual praise service, the present officers i
were unanimously re-elected as follows: j
Mrs. Emma Cash, president; Mrs. Mary
[A. Kenney, vice-president; Mrs. J. Ter- I
! penning, corresponding secretary: Mra.!
' Laura T. Carter, recording secretary; Miss
j Lva S. Keese, treasurer. A report was |
j read by the committee on credentials. At j
last evening s session Mrs. Scott of Red-
I lands delivered an interesting address
; upon the subject, Tlie Battle Is Ours,
i Music by Misses Ntttt. Bolinger and
i Messrs. Smith and Parker was highly ap
| predated as were the renditions of Mrs.
I Huebner. An excellent program has been
! prepared for tomorrow.
At .the annual meeting of the mem
hers of All Saints' Episcopal church
j last evening the treasurer's report was
I read, showing tiie financial status, aud
I officers of tlie vestry ami trustees were
! elected as follows: Dr. J. M. Kadebaiigh,
I senior warden: L. S. Hoi ter, junior warden;
i Webster Wotkyns, K. H. May. Geo. A.
1 Backus. Louis Blankenhorn, C. J. Willett,
I E. E. Gaylord.
! Captain Fiuiay of the Salvation army
j marched through the streets last evening
! playing loudly on a concertina. He was
! arrested by Officer Qollniati for breaking
I the recently enacted ordinance against
1 marching in procession to the accompatlia
! ment of music. The defendant pleaded
' not guilty, saying that he committed the
j act to test the ordinance, and his trial was
I set for next WednesdaJ. The captain has
! retained A. It. Metcalfe to defend him.
j Subscriptions are being received by Bruce
! Turner, who has been appointed school
1 ceosor, for the payment of expenses of a
j complete census of the town.
At the meeting las' evening of the
Knighla of Pythias Dr. N. A. Dalrymple
and T. D. Allin were chosen to represent
the lodge at the grand meeting in San
Francisco in May.
Mr. John B. Phillips, treasurer of the
Pittsburg i 'iepatch. has bought Colin Mew
art's handsome properly on Arlington
drive, and will erec; a tine residence this
summer upon the spot.
Mr. and Mrs. Gougar were so pleased
j with Pasadena that they have purchased a
tract of land on the comer of Hill avenue
' and East Colorado atreet.
Walter Vail visited Santa Ana and
Orange yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. Saunders of Michigan who
have been the guests of Mrs. Witbam for
the winter, leave Saturday for their home.
Dr. Lewis Swift, Mount Lowe's eminent
astronomer, was in town today.
W. C. Stewart and family expect to ar
rive in Pasadena from Europe about the
loth inst.
L. P. Lukens goes to San Jose tomorrow
to attend a meeting of the normal school
Santa Ana, April B.—Gray Garrett
Southern was today found guilty of the
i murder of Mariano Cuero on the night of
| October 12, 1801. The trial has occupied
I the courts for the past ten days aud the
defendant has made a desperate fight
throngh able attorneys for his freedom,
but the evidence against him was too
plain. He murdered Cuero iv cold blood,
simply because the old Mexican or half
1 ndian dared to cross a line that he had
drawn in the dust between them.
Cuero stepped across the line, pre
sumably to give Southern a drink,
when a bullet from a forty-five cal
bre Colt's pistol killed him, Theevidenee
in the case was very convincing, as there
was one eyewitness to the crime and others
who were on the scene of trouble soon
alter the shot had been fired, so that their
evidence bore out that of the eyewitness.
I Judge Towner couclutled his charge to tho
jury just before noon today. At 8:30 they
filed into the courtroom with a verdict of
j guilty of murder in the second degree.
! Southern formerly lived in Tazewell and
I Cumberland Gap, Term., where he bore a
j bad reputation, having many times been
arrested for violating the law. lie has
previously been charged with killing a
man, but was not convicted.
A notice posted here by the United
States land register that township S south.
; range 7 west, S. B. M.. this county, will be
; thrown open in a few weeks for settle
' ment is creating rather unusual excite
i ment, for the reason that the Trabuca gov
ernment reservation covers ahoot half of
the land proposed to he thrown open,
i Besides this, Madame Modjesk.Vs beauti
i ful mountain home at Arden is in town
i ship live. It is not believed, however, that
I her land will be affected by the action of
| the United States land office, as that por-
I tion of tho township has already been sur
j veyed and she has a patent from the gov-
I eminent for the land.
I San Bernardino, April s. — A veritable
[ shoplifter's retreat was discovered at Cot
ton this morning, when the officers raided
! a house tenanted by Mexicans, and the re
| suit is the recovery of a quantity of silks
1 stolen from C. Conn's Star dry goods house
jiu this city, and of several pieces taken
I from Shibley's store at Colton.
| The hub city is overrun with Mexicans
j just now, many of them being discharged
[ railroad employes, and their presence is
I manifested by deeds of violence and crime
j that keep Ihe Colton officers busy. A man
i named Parfrio Mendoza was cut in the
I throat Sunday night in a drunken quarrel,
I and is now in the hospital, suffering with a
1 serious wound. His assailant is unknown.
; Tlie board of supervisors had datcr
j mined to put 100,000 more trout In the
| streams in the county, and yesterday com
, missioned Postmaster J. li. Boyd to aecure
j tho fish antl see that they were placed in
I the various creeks and rivers frequented
jby Ushers. The trout will include two va
j rieties, about 7">,000 to 80,000 of them
: being rainbows, while the balance of the
{ order will be brook trout. Mr. Boyd gives
■ the following list of streams in which the
I tish will be placed: San Antonio canyon.
I Cucamouga creek. Deer creek, Lytle
i creeK, Cable creek. Devil canyon. West
I Tw in creek. Little Bear creek, Deep creos,
City creek, Plunge creek, Satita Ana river
and Mill creek.
Judge Otis, before whom the I abeas cor
pus petition of Judge Huse has been
! argued, has determined to summon some
ii of the witnesses to whom Mr. Gallardo
I and Judge 11 use have referred, and today
ordered subpoenas to issue for Dr. Hollistef
of Santa Ana, and Joseph A. Johnston
and A. P. Truesdell of San Francisco. Tne
former is a physician in whom Gallardo re*
poses great confidence, while the latter
have been connected with Judge Huse in a
business way.
Ihe parish meeting at St. John's church
last night elected the following officers:
Vestrymen, Messrs. J. K. Schermerhorn,
C. W. Mettler, Samuel Parish, J. A. Lamb
and K. M. Towne; treasurer, Mrs. R. W.
Porter; clerk, J. A. Lamb: J. K. Schermer
horn was chosen senior warden.
Mr. aud Mrs. A. M. ICenniston, who
have been absent from the city for nearly
a year, most of tbe time being spent
in San Francisco, are expected to re
turn during the week. They will probab.
ly spend the summer in the Yosemite val
LONa Beach, April 8. —The board of city
trustees held a special meeting this morn
ing, at which resolutions strongly denounc
ing the proposed Santa Monica harbor ap
propriation were unanimously passed.
John Barker has built and will introduce
a number of bathing cars and other seaside
novelties here this season.
The suit against the Long Beach Devel
opment company for the recovery of the
two hotel sites on the bltilT and the long,
narrow strip of land under and between
the hlcff and high-water mark, will be
heard by the supreme court on the 23d of
this mouth.
The amusing farce, I'roposing Under
Difficulties, was excellently rendered Mon
day evening at Forester hall to a good sized
audience by a talented lot of the elocution
pupils of Pomona college.
Miss Nellie Jaussand of I.os Angeles bait
taken rooms at M.s. P. R, Griffith's Prim
rose Lodge cottage aud will spend a month
at the beach.
Mrs. B. K. Graham, who has been resid
ing for tlie past two months in Garvanzi,
was here Tue-day looking up quarters
preparatory to her speedy return to the
(). M. Dameron of Lis Angeles, accom
panied by M. H. and Mrs. Overton of St.
Paul, Minn., were delighted beach visitors
Mount Lowe, April B.—it distinguished
party of San Francisco people, consisting
of Gen. J. W. Forsyth. L". S. A.: Lieutenant
and Mrs. J. F. Hell. A. D. ('.: Lieut. J. F.
Heynolds Landis, Major A. K. Bates anil
Mrs. C. G. Trent and Mrs. Fie Baumpas of
i Boston, came up to Mount Lowe ott Tues
day evening and remained until Wednes
day. General Forsyth and Professor
Lowe knew each other during the war.
Mount Lowe is now a full fledged money
■ order postolflce.
Among those making extended sojourn
at Alpine tavern are Mrs. J. M. Hale, Los
; Angeles; Mrs. H. G. Bennett, Pasadena;
! Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gray and W. W. Gray
of Illinois.
Sol Pragar of Los Angeles, accompanied
by his wife, is here for a visit of a couple
of weeks. He is seeking relief from the
; asthma iv the clear atmosphere of Mount
I Lowe.
O. F. Lowe of Hampton, lowa, ia a guest
, of his brother, Professor Lowe.
Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, April B.—The city elee-
I tion resulted as follows: Mayor, F. M.
j Whitney; coitncilmen -llrst ward, G. C.
'■ Welch: second ward, N. D. Smith; third
; ward, C. K. Lataiiiack; fourth ward, A. S.
! Cooper, and nftn ward, W. S. Day: mar
i ahal, I>. W. Martin; assessor, W. A. Hig
| gins: tax collector. W. S. Maris; police
j judge, S. S. Price; library trustees,S. B. P.
. Knox, H. F. Moguire, .1. F. More, E. C.
| lloeder and J. M. Short; freeholders to
i draw up a new city charter, J. L. Parker,
;R. B. Canfleld, H. G. Crane, T. 11. Dawe,
; G.H.Edwards, A. Goux, J. C. Hassinger,
C. L. Hunt, A. Ott. A. M. Bins, E. S. Shef
' field, J. W. Taggart. E. C. Tallant, B. F.
j Thomas and A. B. Williams.
I All prires ol waliraper g.eailv reduoed 4
j A. fccltitrom, s.'4 South Spring street.

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