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The Third Dsy's Sessions of the W. C. T. V.
Marked by Large Attendance and Oreat
Interest—Superintendents/ Elected-Social
Notes snd News Brevities
Pasadena, April o.—The reception ten
dered by the U. A. K. today in commemo
ration of the surrender of General Lee at
A ppomattox was largely attended by me
old soldiers, members of the W. ft. C, the
Sons of Veterans, the Ladies' Aid society
and numerous friends. Among those pres
ent were comrades from Los Angeles, Al
hainbra, Monrovia, South Pasadena and
elsewhere, besides a few San Francisco
people and tourists from tho eastern states,
who were glad to help celebrate the thirty
first anniversary of the closing of the civil
The hall was tastefully decorated by the
ladies, and at noon they served dinner to
tlie veterans, the reception proper begin
ning at I:4S p.m. with prayer by Comrade
Key. 1,. P. Crawford, and the siuging of
Auld Lang Syne.
Comrade Stunts presided, and many
•pet dies were made by the veterans and
others of the different organizations gath
ered together for the occasion. A mong the
speakers wore Comrades I'ostof Alhambra,
Harris, Chris:, Mrs. Hartwell, president of
the W. B. and Miss Petrie, president of
the Ladies' Aid society. Comrade Acton
spoke of the Ex-Prisoners of War, and
Comrade A. K. Nash, president of that
organization, replied. James G. Clark, the
venerable poet, read otto of his poems en
titled The Two Conquerors, which he had
as writted and dedicated to General Grant
■ during tho last illness of tho great general
M and which had brought a word of cordial
W thanks from him.
Wills Polk of Los Angeles, who was in
the confederate army during the war, made
a good union speech, which was received
with much pleasure by the veterans assem
The third and closing day of the W. C. T.
V. convention was marked by a good
attendance and interesting papers upon
practical subjects besides the election of
the superintendents of the various depart
ments of the work. Among the papers
that were read yesterday afternoon was one
upon Why Do Women Seek the Ballot? In
the evening the prayer meetings at the
dilferent churches were led by members of
the W. C T. U.
At this morning's session the superin
tendents were elected as follows: Super
intendent of the Uemorest medal contest,
Miss Mina C. Outhbert, Long Beach j evan
gelistic work, Mrs. Maggie Bisbee, Los
Angeles; llowcr mission. Miss Helen Lee,
Covina; franchise, Br. Ella Whipple-
Marsh, Pasadena; legislation and petition,
Mrs. Emma McCotnas, Pomoua; Lo.. al
Temperance legion, Mrs. Victoria Bannis
ter.University; narcotics, Mrs. Victor Dane,
San Pedro; non-alcoholic, Mrs. Mary A.
Fisher, Los Angeles; parlor meetings,
Mrs. Ethel Hugger. Pasadena; peace and
arbitration, Mrs. Esther Hyatt, Whittier;
press work, Mrs. Anna Sehullz-l'iorce,
Pasadena; purity, Mrs. Sarah E. Will
iams, Long Beach; railroad rates,
Mrs. R. M. Levering, University;
Hansom Home directors, Mrs. H.
E. M. Pattce, Los Angeles: re a
tion of temperance to labor, Mrs. L. H.
Meserve, Highland Park; Sabbath observ
ance. Miss Eva J. Cook, Whittier; temper
ance literature, Mrs, T. Hughes, Santa
Monica; work among railroad employes,
Mrs. AI. A. Kenney, Los Angeles; work
amoiiK soldiers and sailors, Mrs. T. H.
Griffith, Pasadena; young women's work.
Miss Ada llisbee, Compton; parliamentary
usage, Miss Reba Smith, Downey; prison
work, Mrs. Demmick„Los Angeles; Christ
lan citizenship, Br. Rachel Reid, Pasa
dena: sacraincnt.il wine, Mrs. Hattie B.
Churchman, Whittier: Sunday school
work, Mrs. Emma I. Bamtt, Palms;
scientific temperance instruction, Mrs. L.
'M. Hutier, Los Angeles; scientific giving,
Mrs. Julia Vase, Los Angeles.
Mrs. Mary G, Hay of Chicago, manager
of the suffrage campaign, then addressed
tiie women on temporance work, followed
by Miss G. T. Siiekney on white ribbon
work. Miss Eva Gilchrist on W. C. T, U.
work, and Mrs. Irwin in the same lin".
Miss E. I. Yates, tho national lecturer on
woman suffrage, gave a forcible talk on
ihat subject, after which the superintend
ents held a conference.
This evening's programme included a pa-
Bsr, Tlie Old Woman, or yueen of the
ousehold, Mrs. M. C. Glass; an original
poem, Tho New Woman. Mrs. V. Davis,
and a paper, Tho Now Man, Mrs. M. E,
Garbutt, state vice-president.
Tho semi-annual election of officers took
place at the meeting yesterday afternocn
of the King's Daughters. With one excep
tion the old officers were re-elected, the
names being: President, Mrs. Fred Clark;
vice-president. Miss McCormick; secre
tary, Miss I'almateer; treasurer, Miss
The report of the secretary for the past
six months show that ton families wero
furnished with clothing, twelve treated to
Thanksgiving dinner, and twenty-five poor
children given a Christmas tree. The
treasurer's report shows the receipts lo
have been (38.09; disbursements $20.35;
balance (12 08, There are now twelve
honorary members, anyone being eligible
who pays one dollar a year,
At the regular meeting of the liobakah
lodge, I. O. (L F.. last evening, the birth
days of two members, Mrs. M. A. Zelhart
and L. Blick, were the occasion for a pleas
ant surprise for those ladies. Brother Mc-
Pheison made an appropriate speech and
presented each a handsome three-link pin
in behalf of a number of friends. After
the ladies had recovered from their sur
prise and expressed their thanks, there
was a short session of the lodge, songs by
Mr. McPherson and Miss Shaw, and the
serving of refreshments.
The Epworth League will hold a debate
tomorrow * ening upon the subject: Re
solved, That an average young man wil
obtain more benefit from attending a small
college than a large one. Messrs. Frank
Stevens, Ryder, Stevenson, Porter, Wood
and Allin will bo tho debaters.
Alonzo and Ed Griffin aud Harry Ran
som, small boys, have been arrested for
holding up another youngster named Weik
and battering him. The little fellow was
carrying 25 cents in a bucket, and was on
his way to purchase some eggs, when the
highwaymen robbed him. The outlaws
will have their examination tomorrow.
A party comprising Messrs. Howard Fish,
Merrill Hall. H. I. Stuart. Will Merwin, N.
S. I.eithead and Rev. Clifford Barrios leave
with a camping outfit -nd a burro, next
Thursday, for a week's trout fishing in tho
West Fork. They go by way of Azusa and
Potter's, and will also visit Bear canyons.
Tho Brownie Literary club met this even
ing with Miss Woodruff on North Los Ho
llies, when the subject for discussion was
The French Revolution.
Mr. and Mrs. G. Vlier wero surprised by
a number of friends last evening, who
called on them at the home of thoir son, J.
K. Vlier, to aid in the celebration of their
golden wedding. The guests brought many
tokens of their regard, and refreshments
and social conversation were enjoyed.
Marshal Buchanan wss out last night in
search of the harness thieves who have
been so numerous of late, but no culprits
were seen, though the officer thinks he has
a clew.
There wil) be a full rehearsal of the May
Queen next Thursday at 7:30 p.m. at the
First M. E. church.
Temple Lodge of Perfection A. and A.
b. K„ holds aspeciel meeting for work in
the fourth degree Saturday evening.
A social will be given tomorrow evening
at the home of Mr. S. Porter, by the Ep
worth league. North Pasadena.
Mr. Turtle of the Southern Pacific leaves
soon to accept a position with T. E. Hunt,
the company's construction agent at El
Br. and Mrs. E. S. Patten leave their Les
Koble* avenue home next Saturday for an
•astern trip.
Judge and Mrs. Edgar Aldrich of Boston
are guests of Mrs. E. B. Fair.
Dr. and Mrs. Taylor left last evening for
Messrs. William and Charles Howell are
the guests of Mr. Bads of Cypress avenue.
SAN BERNARDINO, April 9.—The pub
lication in Tkk Hrrald of the statement
that a bill is before congress which will
permit the forest reservations to be thrown
open has stirred up the people of this val
ley who are interested in the San Bernar
dino reservation, and this afternoon the
following petition, numerously Signed, was
telegraphed to the capitnl:
To Senators S. M. White and George C.
If the San Bernardino forest reservation
did contain land adapted to agriculture,
(and it does not), still considering the com
mon interests of the valley, which is wholly
dependent upon it for water for both irri
gation and domestic use, it should not be
diverted from its present purpose. Any
interference with it would be disastrous to
the future growth and reduce present cul
tivation. We aro not afraid of the pro
posed test if it can he made openly, and we
can be heard, but we deprecate any dis
turbance of tlie present status. Please see
that we are amply protected in pending
legislation relating to forest reserve.
The arrest of John H. Carruthers in Chi
cago for alleged crookedness in connection
with the canaigre syndicate enterprise
created some interest hore. on account of
the fact that it is this same syndicate
which proposes to plant 8000 acres to
canaigre at Rialto. R. U. C. Wilson of
Los Angeles, who represents the canaigre
people iv California, was in town, and
while he has had no direct word from
Carruthers, he knows enough of the circum
stances to be familiar with the reasons for
this latest development.
Mr. Wilson says that Beasley and other
Philadelphia parties were originally con
nected with the enterprise. Carruthers
going there with the purpose of floating
some of the bonds. Beasley became con
nected with the promoting of the finances
of tho enterprise, which was then known
as tho Chicago Canaigre company.
Subsequently the English people who
were furnishing the money demanded that i
a new company be formed, which was done, I
it being known as the Anglo-American !
Canaiere company. This left Heasley out,
and Wilson says he is making trouble be
cause he lost certain comtuiss'ons, and is
irying to force Carruthers and-the syndi
cate to pay him these accounts. Mr. Wil
son snys the prosecution is wholly mali
cious and he is sure it will result iv
Tbe most notable entertainment ever at
tempted by homo talent will be the vaude
ville at the Pavilion tomorrow night for
the benefit of the Orphans' Home. The
charity is a worthy one, but aside from
that the sound features of the event will
make it memorable.
"The fifth annual convention of the San
Diego district Epworth League, will meet
in the First M. E. church of this city to
morrow night. The program provides for
a three days' session. Subjects of present
interest will be discussed by well known
ministers and Epworth League workers
from all Southern California.
I gnat /. Weber,who beat his horse to death
with an iron bar last Sunday morning in a
most brutal manner, was found guilty of
cruelty to animals by a jury of twelve men.
He will be sentenced tomorrow morning.
Migratory Birds Going North Over the ."loiin
MOUNT LOWE, April O.—A large num
ber of migratory birds are now flying north
over the mountains, great fiocks of wild
geese and cranes making the canyon re
sound with their noises.
A new line of polos has been set on the
east sido of the incline to carry the tele
graph, telephone and other wires up to the
I.'1.' iio Mountain house, the old ones having
become insufficient to hold the increased
number necessary. Tbe work of transfer
ring the wires from the old to the new poles
was a very difficult task, as tbe grade
averages about tit) per cent.
Tho hotel men will be here on the-Ist
and __d of this month.
Among late arrivals are: E.J.Bailey,
Albany, N. V.; H. L. Bennett and wife,
Geneva. III.; I. C, Weaver, Keokuk, la.;
R. C. Rcinertsen, Milwaukee, Wis.; Will
iam A. Thompson and wife, Troy. N. V.;
Oswald yon Riedl, Austria; F. Y. Ray
mond and wife and Miss Marion Ray
mond. Boston; A. R. Metcalf and wife and
Miss Florence Dodsworlh, Pasadena; ax-
C.vernor and Mrs. William Larrahee and
i Miss Helen Larrabee, Clearmont, la.; R.
jC. Robertson and wifo. Milwaukee, Wis.;
tJ. J. Evans and wile. New York; Dr. and
Mrß. L. B. Metzer and Mrs. N. T. George,
Pittsburg, Pa.; Mrs. John B. Hays and
Mrs. Marie Hays, New York city.
SANTA ANA, April 9.—Lso Stephen,
who has been confined in tho county jail
for the past ten days for non-payment of a
%'JaO fine imposed for selling liquor with
out a license, ivas last night released on a
writ of habeas corpus, issuing from the
supreme cot:rt. He will appear before the
supreme co urt in Los Angeles April 20th,
and contest the validity of the license law
on the ground of its being special legisla-
I tion.
The Rev. Anna B. Shaw lectured last
night to a crowded house on Tlie Fate of
the Republic.
Miss Shaw has haen here two days of the
suffrage convention, aud her lectu/8 was
enthusiastically received.
Gustavus Sahlberge and Helen B. Lloyd,
both of Chicago, were granted a marriage
license today. -
Assistant Attorney-General Witt of
Washington is in Santa Ana today for the
second time within the past year taking
depositions from several residents who
claim to havo lost heavily while residents
of the Rio Frio country in Texas by depre
dations of Indians from 18fUtto 1870.
Damages are claimed by P. T. and Martin
Adams of this city andoihers in (lie county
of over $100,000.
Gray Garrett Southern, murderer of
Mariano Cuero, was today taken to Los
Angeles for safe-koepitig. Sheriff Nichols,
knowing the desperate character of his
prisoner, did not care to take chances of
his escape from the jail horo, which was
not considered very safe. Southern will
be sentenced Friday, April 17th.
SANTA PAULA, Cal., April 0.-Tonight
the annual inspection ami muster of Com
pany E, of this place, will be held. Bar
ring sudden illness, 100 percent in attend
ance is assured, every member having
been notified and promised to appear.
Captain Metcalf says he will send as far
as Los Angeles, if necessary, to secure 100
per cent. The men are drilling every
A telegraph system of about a dozen in
struments has been put into operation by
the young men about town, this week.
They became interested in the signal ser
vice work during the recent visit of Major
Owen of Los Angeles.
The Law Students' association has added
some new furniture to the reading rooms
and about twenty volumes to the library
this week, the latter through the courtesy
of Attorney Lowis Andrews of Ventura.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Beckley left for Ariiona
yesterday, in response to a telegram an
nouncing the serious illness of their son, a
resident of Phoenix.
The laying of the stone walls of the can
nery building will be commenced immedi
ately upon the completion of the burning
of a lime kiln near Ventura. The other
matorial for the structure is all on the site.
Rheumatism In the back, shoulder.), hips
ankles, elbows or wrists is caused by acctimu
lation of acid lv the blood. Hood's Sarsapa
rilla neutralities the said aad cures tha rhou
Hood's Pills are tbe best family cathartic
snd liver medicine. Harmless and reliable.
Fifty cents round trip on Terminal rail
road to Long Beaoh and San Pedro. Good
Soing Saturday and Sunday, returning
londay. ,
Town Lets In Country Sites Restored te Acre
age—Routine Business
At the meeting of the board of supervis
ors yesterday tha petition for (he restora
tion to acreage of lots in block 37 in the
Ivanhoo tract was granted by Supervisor
Hanley, on the filing of the proper map
with the recorder.
The hearing of tbe petition of Lucy P.
Knott et al. for the abandonment of the
alley through block S3 and L street, from
Third to Fourth streets, in the town of
Glendale, was set for May 6th at 10:30
a. m.
A number of claims were disallowed on
various irregularities.
The following restaurant licenses were
granted: John Reif and John Geyer, Santa
Monica canyon; Otto Dsssier, Mission
road; Mrs. F. Kohry, f.lender*.
The application of Charles Maehl for a
saloon license for tbe Cahuenga pass was
Applications for saloon licenses were
presented by Reif A Geyer, Santa Monica,
and William Mohring, Four Mile house on
El Monte road. Hearing on the first
named was set for May oth, at 11 a.m.,
and on the latter for April 29tb, at 2 p.m.
The following road deeds were accepted
and the land declared publio highways:
Kincaid road, in the Long Beach district;
and the Almondaleand Leano road.
A number of bonds ou saloon licenses
were approved, and after passing demands,
the board adjourned to the 17th inst.
RIVERSIDE. April 9.—Word is received
in this city of the death at San Jacinto
Wednesday evening of Onin, the 3-year
old son of Thomas Tune. He was playing
in the street and caught hold nf the wheel
of a wagon in an attempt to climb into the
wagon. He was thrown fo tho ground and
the wheel passed over him, killing him al
most instantly.
Dr. C. S. Dickson of Winchester is in the
city today on business. The doctor reports
crops good in that section.
The many friends and patients of Dr. G.
G. Kyle will be pleased to know that that
gentleman has returned to Riverside, look-
I ing the very picture of health.
| A grand excursion for pleasure, informa-
I tion, scenery and business has been ar
| ranged by the Hemet Land company from
I Los Angeles to Hemet today. Posters,
I with a fine cut of the Hotel Mayberry. an
nouncing the excursion havo been scattered
over the country by Agent Nance.
Horace McPhee of the Santa Ana Blade
was in the city yesterday on business.
The Chamber of Commerce
Yesterday P. W. Parker of Eagle Rock
sent to the chamber of commerce a box of
"improved loqttats."
During the trial of the headworks case of
the city vs. Pomeroy & Hooker, these gen
tlemen had made an excellent relief map
of the San Fernando valley to the tops of
the mountain ranges in order to sho*r the
water shed of the Los Angeles river. The
case being ended, Messrs. Pomeroy ct-
Hooker have presented this map to the
chamber of commerce.
John Burk, a middle-aged man, was
eiezed with an epileptic fit on First street
at an early hour yesterday morning and
taken to the receiving hospital for treat
ment. He soon recovered and was dis
Happiness in a Southern
Han's Home
Heed the Hod Flair of Danger at the
Kailroad Crossing —A Warn-
Ing to America 1 s Men
'' 1 . -L. 'Tor twcniy-six
mw3&£3ZZy&y jfp years I used tobacco
r^fi* t sf in X quantities,
/ end ot" late yems
±mwt vfW' A 10 cigarette j
SWrnft rP smoking," writes :
Mr. W. K. Simpson ,
In '^>4>^* = \ of Le Compte, La. "i i
/n' /'fir —" ~ V want to go on rec
(7s j / t ~\ ord tbat tobacco lias
(Jl J |"7.'. :zt~2z\, robbed rae ol many \
F\ * ; T \ * r *— y etlrs °f happiness
J I ■ .J —I realize it now as f
7\ \ 1 my feci
/ 1 „_ itigsand my condi
/ fl'r't 1 — tion with thai of a
I[j t year ago, when I
J \j] I was a tobacco satu
'/I 1 LjG? rated cigarette fiend
* "Many a time did
V ft I try io quit smok
ing, but I could not put through a day without
■uttering extieme nervous torture, increasing
hour hy hour till finally. togsave myself from
going to piece*, I had to light the litLle wnite
pipe stick and swallow the smoke.
**one day I read in my paper 'Don't Tobacco
Spit and Smoke Your i.ife Away.' just what I
was doing! it came to me like the warning of
the red flag oi danger at the railroad crossing,
aud though I did not believe in it, yet like a
drowning man grasping at a straw, I com
menced laking No To-Mac
"'lho efforts wore magical; it destroyed tho
nerve craving and desire far cigarettes. Two
boxes, would you believe it? made me well aad
"1 havo gained mentally, physically in vigor
and manhood, and with bra h ftce from
nfcoMuc and a breath no longer befouled with
tobacco smoke, lain so happy today to write
that j.'o-To-Bhc did it. alt a year ago, so the
cure is litne tested and tried, not only in my
own case, for several of my friends have also ,
be*" cured.
••We have a baby boy now.
"My wife and 1 feel that all this hapolness
started from the time when I sist used No-To
liae, and iv evidence ol our appreciation, and
in order that the meincrv of our happiness
may be perpetuated in a living form, we want
to name our baby boy after the man who wrote
ibe line Mioa't Tobacco ftpti and Smoke Your
Life Away.'
"Use these lines in any way that you think
will make known to suffering humanity the
h&ppthajS that there is in No-To-Bue for men
with nieotinized bra ns and weakened resolu
tions, if they wil! only make up (heir mind to
save the waste ot vital power—to say not, ing
of the money—now going up iuto smoke aud
out tn lobaC'tO spit."
(let (he bo'klet "Pon't Tobaco Spit and
Smoke Your Lie Away." Written guarantee
and free sample mailed for the asking. Address
ThuSterliug Reiitfdy Co .Chicago or New York.
Directory of
nnwi nnrru J- « holmes, manaorr,
HUTcI bHfcbN
nnrri nauAui »winro and third sts.,
HUItL RrllUNfl r.«, Angeles.
HOTEL TOlOlggg m
HOTEL BRUNSWICK A merlcan - European pi ana.
HOTEL HOLYROOD Cochrane, proprietor.
■ tIC KVfltLl il<l«. K. J. Davta, Prop.
HUIIL DntnOlln Fourth and 0 SIS., San Diego.
Contractor in Asphalt Work
Koom 31 Bryson Block
I use only the Alctras brands of Asphalt,
which ate tha purest and hlghe t urada.
known and are cuarautaed Irto from coal tar
or petroleum loalduun.
ff Special Sale of New and Up to Pate Suits
I _ > F gf\ f\ I made for this Spring and Summer/~Vi£_V
Jl JL JL i V>F Jl JL J. Truly Elegant Tailored Garments
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Worsted, Thibets, Vicuna, Scotch or Cassimeres, made in the latest Cutaway, Frock
or Sack or Single or Double=Breasted Square~Cut. The Tailoring and Workman
ship are perfect. These Suits were bought to sell at $15.00, $16.50, $18.00 and $20.00
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