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Banks and Money nnd Thtir Relatlois toth:
Public—Who Ualns by Saund noney ?
Local Alarltets Quiet Jand Steady—Cured
Meats Chang;;—Stocks and Bonds
Down in Georgia the people, as else
where, are more or less divided mi the
question of finance. This waa illustrated
t he other day when two disl ingulshed cltH
stens of the "state, tin: honorable secretary
of the Interior and the honorable ex-spea it
er of tin* house of representatives. Mi".
Hoke Smith and Mr. charhs Crisp, enter
tained the people with a Joint debate on
the subject; The press is naturally di
vided, too. on this question. Recently the
Atlanta < '(institution said:
"Th" banks'declare that the single gold
standard now exists in this country. They
feel that it is to their pecuniary advantage
that It should continue to exist. They know
that ii litis doubled the value of the com
modity in which they deal—money. They
know that It lias doubted I he value of
debts and interest. They feel that in this
way it has enlarged their profits and In
creased their power. Consequently they
bjelleve that it ought to be maintained, and
they do not hesitate to say so."
Over the border in Tennessee, the Chat
tanooga Times takes this up end ask:-
these and other embarrassing questions:
"First. Can Ihe single gold standard
benefit the bankers and borrowers without
benefitting the whole people? It it can,
how can it? Second. If the bankers' mon
ey has doubled in value, lots not the money
Of the other citizens also doubled iv value.
If not. why not. The banks hold a lotal
reserve, on the average, of 8610,000,000. They
owe their depositors, that number. Includ
ing savings banks, over 18,000,000 Individ
uals, constantly, about 84,090,000.000. Tie
amount checked out of banks of discount
and deposit averages dally :•:: per cent of
the deposits: and the latter reach o\er
8200,009,000 a day. in twenty-three principal
cities. Is the money that goes out as goo,!,
as valuable as what goes In. H not, why
not? Third. Will the constitution prove
that the profits of banking have Increased
to a greater degree than have the general
profits accruing to other lines of business.
We deny that, sue it is the case and demand
proof. 'Fourth. Wit' tin- constitution tell
us whether the loss, s to legitimate and
honest banking were, or wen not. greater
In the panic of 1893 than those of any other
line of business that has equal capital And
skill engaged in ihe same. Fifth. If the
constitution knows that money has dou
bled in value sine" is;::, will it (ell how it
knows this. In a word, will it prove the
assertion? We, and a good many other
plain folk, long ago tired ot tic flatulent
generalizations of tills big organ of com
munistic theories and advocate of sham
state socialism.' We Wish, it would change
lis modi of treatment from that of mere
mouthing over postulates lo a method of
reasoning from ascertained facts. Its
naked assertions arc worthless; tlie more
especially SO When they run counter to the
wen ascertained truths Unit lie on the
Surface of current industrial and financial
As bearing directly on the same point
these remarks from a letter in the Ameri
can Bunker tire extremely pertinent:
"These two great classes—the depositor
and borrower—constitute tlie business
world today, aud are composed more large
ly of the man of small means like tlie la
borer, merchant and manufacturer than
the capitalist. That the banks have served
both classes well and prevented tiie utter
bankruptcy of the nation and our large
business interests, is reason enough why
the conferring of greater functions on
them would be the part of wisdom.
"To better illustrate ihe relation of tlie
banks in Mlobigun to our commercial pros
perity, 1 would cull your attention to two
facta reported hv the commissioner of
banking in 1895. First, thai the deposits in
both state and national banks ou Decern,
ber 13.1895, were 8102,244,773.16, representing,
according to his report, an Increase in de
posits during the past year of 88,585,256.80.
While the banks have accepted this trust
from those who would hoard money on the
one hand, they had ou i he ot her hand loan
ed on December 13. 1895, 8119,664,648.07, or
.■517.3211.01i0 more than the lotal deposits.
Which is, of course, a part of their own
capital. What Is true of Michigan is true
of other states in this respect."
Current Quotatnm
BUTTER—LocaI creamery, 2-lb squares,
0.7*1140 c: coast creamery. fancy, 2-lb
squares. SO&'S&c: coast dairy, fancy. 2-lb
squares, roots, 27V»'9>30c; do 1%-lb, [email protected]%c:
do good to choice, 17* .'e2oc; cooking, l-Yo
CHEESE—LocaI full cream, large, 12%o;
northern ditto. B%@loci half cream 86/9o;
Young America. 18% c; do (8-lb hand made),
14% c. All %o more cased for shipment.
EGGS—Choice California ranch, llfi 12
VEGETABLES—Artichokes, per do;:.
20c; asparagus, per lb. y<i~c: beets, per ion
lbs. fee; cauliflower, per doz. 00c; celery
do, 65c; cabbage, per 100 lbs, 00e; carrots
do, 80c; chilis dry. per siring. 80oi Mexi
can, per lb. 15c; green, per lb, 12c; cucum
bers, per doz. Sl.oO; egg plant, per lb, lie;
garlic do. oii7c; leeks, per doz. 16o; let
tuce do, 1.7 c; mushrooms, per lb. 17%e; on
ions, green, per doz bunches. li'Ku lOo; do,
yellow Danvers, per 100 lbs. $1.60; parsley,
per box. .70c; parsnips, per 100 lbs, 75c;
peas, green, per lb. 4c; radishes, per doz,
bunches, 20c; rhubarb, per box, B.7cfr-$l;
spinach, per lb. 15c; string beans, per lb.
81/loc; tomatoes, per box. 31..70X1.8.7; tur
nips, per 100 lbs, 75c; watercress, per doz.
bunches, 40c; mushrooms, per lb, 17% C;
summer squash., per Hi. 17% C.
GREEN FRUITS—Pears, $2 per box;
strawberries, Si/l'ic: apples, [email protected] pine
apples, per doz; bananas, $2.25 per bunch.
CITRUS FRUlTS—Oranges, navels. $2.7.7
(i/'O.OO; Mediterranean sweets, SI. 7-71(2. mi
seedlings. $1.251/1..70: lemons, fancy Eure
ka. Sl.7stt2.ut); Eureka and Lisbon, 81.75®
2.00; uneured, SC" 1.25: limes, per 100. 50c.
comb, 10tt#llG per lb; strained, -11/sc; bees
wax, 42c per lb.
POULTRY— Hens. 54.&[email protected] per doz:
young roosters. $1.501/1.7.7; broilers. 53.75S
0. I.KJ; old roosters, 14; ducks, 84.50Q5.60; tur
keys, [email protected] per lb.
11 AY —Wheat, SlOSill; barley. S9®loj
wheat and oat. $101/12; alfalfa. 39&10.
MILL STUFFS-Flouv, Los Angeles,
$1; Stockton brands, $4.40; Oregon. 84; bran,
per ton, local, $18; northern, $15.50: shorts,
tier ton. local, $19: northern, $17; rolled bar
ley, per ton, $1-7; cracked corn, per cw t,
90c: reed meal, per cwt, 0.7 c.
DRIED FRUITS-Apples-Sun dried,
sacks, lb. 4®sc! boxes, 51/7 c: evapo
rated, fancy, tW/Vc. Apricots—Fancy, lie;
choice, ilc. Peaches—Fancy, impeded.
6c: choice, 3c. Nectarines—Fancy, Sl/9c;
choice. 01(7c. Pears—Fancy evaporated,
7®90. Plums—Pitted, choice. 71/9 c. Prunes-
Choice boxed, 3i/.7c; sacks. 2'</3c: fancy, luc.
NUTS—Walnuts—Los Angeles, 7c; med
ium soft, lOo; soft-shell Los Nletos, fancy,
101712 c. Almonds—Soft shell. 10c; paper
shell, 12c; hard shell, oc. Pecans—[email protected]%.
HIDES AND WOOL —Hides, as they run,
U%O per lb: sound kips. 9c; bulls and stags,
6o; calves, 16c. Sheep pelts. 51/ 15c Wool-
Spring clip, good 41(5c; inferior, [email protected]%c.
LIVE STOCK—AII per lb—Beeves, 2%@Sc;
calves. [email protected]%c; sheep, £%U 3c; lambs, 41/sc,
hogs, 3%@4c.
DRESSED MEATS—AII per lb—Beef, 51/!
6%0J veal, oit7c; mutton, 5w5%0; lamb, 81/)
10/': pork, 6c.
CURED MEATS—EagIe hams, 10c; Rex
hanms, 101/ lie, ay. U%o: selected pig hams.
7'/9e. ay. 9V2C; Diamond C picnic hams, 5-fr
7c.av, 6%0; fancy Rex boneless breakrast
bacon (wrapped). 18%o; Rex boneless
breakfast bacon, 10% c; Diamond C break
last bacon backs, 8e: Rex boneless ham,
sugar cured, 9%c; Rex boneless butts, 0c:
Rex dried beef (sets), loc: Rex dried beef
(jnsldes), lllic; Rex regular drietl beef, 9e;
amoked tongues, per lb. llie: light medium
bacon, 8c: medium bacon, tic: dry salt dear
bellies, 101/20, uv, 8c; dry salt short clears,
365(40, ay, 6%c: dry salt clear backs, 0c:
Rex pure leaf lard,tierces. 6%0! ivory lard
compound, tierces, s ; '-4c; Rexoline, tierce
basis, 6%g; Cottolene. tierces. 7%c.
RAISINS—Fancy clusters. $1.2.7; 4-Crown
1. L clusters, 5d.1ui71.25; 3-Crowu L L. per
box, 90c1j.$l; Sultana, seedless, per box, SOotiS)
' SI: 8-Crown loose muscats, per box, GOl/»
70e; 2-Crown loose muscats, per box, 501/)
65c; ordinary loose, per box, 46056 c;
2- Crowu loose, In sacks, per lb, !%£ra%G;
3- Crown loose, in sacks, per 11/, 2%@2%c;
4- Crow m , per lb, 3%1/4c: Sultana, seedless,
fancy blolul, per lb, 01/O'-.c; Sultana, seed
less, choice, per lb, 3%@4c.
Fractions: Half boxes 25c, quarter box
es 50e. per box higher than wholes.
FlGS—California white, per lb, 4f/.7c; Cal
ifornia, black, per 11), 4©4% c; California,
fancy, per lb, 75i/Ssc; imported Smyrna,
Real Estate Transfers
George H. WoodH to Nettie A. Hendee,
undivided li of lot 15 and c 1-3 of lot 12,
block J. Park tract, E. L. A.; $200.
Same to Maggie A. Beenian, same: 8800.
Albert A. and Edith Crank to John Poth
erlck, part of lot 3, blocks, Highland tract;
n drlck Graves to J. S. Thrasher, lots
t- and \ block 1.1, Long each: S2on.
M. t., V McD -Spencer to Louisa Rente,
lot Victoria tract; SIOOO.
Gustave- A. and Fanle L. Neth to Mary-
Van Vraken. lot 1. block 7. G. W. Morgan's
Sycamore Grove tract: $1100.
Charles S. and Mary M. Cole lo Edwin
M. John, lots 27. 27. 30 and 32, Robinson &
Bralnerd's sub of block 30, Long Beach;
A. W. and Elizabeth C. Haywar/l to
Elizabeth Balbridge, lot 27, block E, Santa
Fe tract; 5135.
Varnum V. and Ada Jerome to Luticla
Ltnkl' i ter, land in Pickering L. ci V,'. CoVl
sub: 51596.
William K. and Mary A. Llndley to Cath
arine Vestal, lot 2. block 11, Whittier; SBOO.
Francis and Tin odore I. Long to Julia
Paasch. lot 21. Annandale tract; 81800,
Mrs. <'. 1-:. Robinson to William Thatcher,
part ol lots 3 and 4, block 6, Mills sub of
Bablchl tract: iiS6O,
Frank A. Gibson trustee to Tilman J.
Dodson. lot 0.7, Grider it Dows Adams
tract: $.7011.
Lillie C. and J. C. Snyder to Malachl C.
Carlton. 8% of w% of lot 125, suli of c, 12,000
acres, near San Fernando: $684.
George B. Hunnlcutt to Joel Willits, lot
9, block 19, Whittier; $1
Joel and Mary L. Willits to George If.
Hunnlcutt, lot ft, block C, Pickering L4k
W I !o.'S sub; tIiMKI.
E. I. and Addle D. Bryant to Wesley J.
Bryant, tract in Ro La Ballona; $7no.
11. Ellen Uoxie to George L. lloxie, lot
s. West Lake Terrace tract; S3OO.
Ira R. Deacon to Mrs. Eliza .1. Olmstead,
lot 17. block B. Urtny Homestead; $Ssl).
Walter If. I.yon to Patrick 11. Carney,
part lot 2. section 18. 1 s If: $2.50.
First National bank of Las Angeles to
i G F Dunham, south ti ucres ot lot 77, lie
j Donald tract: $«00.
Michael T, Ward to Ellen C. Avers, com
mencing on norlll line of Washburn's sub
!of lot n Div. i. Berry A Elliott tract; 8660.
.1. M. and Annie M. Worrall lo Hannah
j .lurvis. lot 31. I.loi k sub. of purls of lots
! .". :i"d o. block I. II- S.: Sl.oee.
I August Schilling aud George F, Yolk
! maim, partners, to E. A. Reynolds, lots 0
: and 7. block 13. Pomona Heights: $350.
Oldknow and Frances Pooley to St. Johns
'church, lot s. block A, Treat tract; $2400, j
| Martha M. and Uriah L. Shaffer lo Helen
IM. Clark, e% of e% of lot 41, Mills sub.;
Total, $21,042.27.
Business Transacted and Prices Paid at Home
and Abroad
NEW YORK. April Hl.—There was con
siderable excitement on the produce
change when th" government report was
given out this afternoon showing a coijal
; tion of 77.1 in winter wheat. Although it
i did not appear until 4 oclock every trader
■ was on hand, for rumors had been con
flicting all day find there was an idea that
jli would be over 80. The actual figures,
! therefore, being given below this point.
- stin ted un active buying movement which
ran prices Up. May touched 73% within
ten minutes on the tin. Thy-condition in
Ohio was reported at 86, which occasioned
i much comment among the bulls, as con
: firming tho dispatches about a poor show
j ing iv Hie stale Tlie bears, however, as
j Bert that conditions htnc Improved since
the government figures were compiled.
The lowest total of business that has
I been recorded recently was made today.
I The aggregate dealings fell short of 100,009
■ shares.
Several days past the bear traders, antic
ipating vigorous action by Ihe president
in regard lo the Cuban i mbroglio, have
been putting out lines, figuring that the
endorsement by the national executive of
the overwhelming assent of congress would
result In a depression of the stock market.
As tiie hoped-for message seems as far
away as ever, the professionals ate dis
posed to contract their speculative obliga
tions. An important influence today upon
prices was a decline iv sterling exchange
rates to the basis ot 84.88% for sight draffs.
The limited supply of exchange offerings
| appears to be sufficient temporarily to sup-
I ply the very moderate demand and hence
' the improbability of shipments of gold ill
the Immediate future. An encouraging
development, which was not generally
: known was further progress made loward
tlie completion of the Northern Pacllic re
organization plan. Following upon the
settlement effected with the holders of
bonds of Northern Pacific and Montana
division, it Is learned an arrangement has
been satisfactorily completed by the re
organisation committee with the Coettr
- d'AJene bondholders, and that negotiations
are iv progress with bondholders of the
Duluth and Manitoba divisions.
Tlie railroad llsl was exceptionally in
active and iv the industrial department
sugar led in point of activity- with 15.500
shares. Influences of a special nature con
tributed to exceptional firmness in a few
speculations, notably Manhattan, which
gained 2 ;: . ( per cent oil the favorable out
look for extension privileges. Sugar ad
vanced 1% per cent on pool buying and
i purchases by traders. Tlie market close !
firm al general fractional gains. Bonds
were llrm on transactions of 81)274,000. Gov
ernments were dull but steady on deal
ings of $13,000.
NE WYORK, April 10.—The following
were the closing quotations on stocks to
Atchison 15% N V Cen 90
Adams Exp 148 Am Sugar pfd..100%
A. TH 68 U P. D & (A.... 3%
A. T H pfd — Northwestern ...102%
Am Express ..lll'i do pfd 14.7
B ri O IS N V & Mi 40
Can Pac 65 Ontario &w 11%
Can. South 40 Oregon Im 1
Cen Pac 15% Oregon Nay 19
c & o 16% oSL & U N 3%
Chicago Alton. 166 Pac Mall 26%
cB & Q ' "'s .' D E —
Chicago Gas .. 68% Pittsburg 160
Con Gas 152 Pullman Palace .150
C C C& 511... 31% Reading 10%
Col C & I - US Rubber 5%
C O certificates 14% do pfd lv
Del Hudson 120 Jl (> West IS
D, L W l ifi-H do pfd 48
J) tt R G Pfd.. 46% Rock Island 70%
1) &C F C 0.... 12% St L& S F Ist pf —
Eric 2d pfd.... 22 St. Paul 7,7%
Erie 14- do pfd 125%
Krie pfd ::s Southern Pac ... 19%
Fort Wayne ...100 Sugar Refinery..ll7%
Groat N pfd...il" Term O&I 30%
C & E I ptd....l'Xl Tex. Pac S
Hocking Valleyllot' t T& O Gen pfd... 72
Illinois Cen.... '.•■' V P S%
St P .t D * I 1 S Express 40
K& T pfd 20% WBt L &P 7
i, E& W 1. J do pfd 18%
1, EAi W pfd.. 69% w F Express....loo
Lake Shore—s4? Western Union.. 98%
Lead Trust .... 24 W Ai L E 9%
1 Ai N 49% do pfd 82({
L &'N A s ',- M..lnn &St L.... v>
Man Con "9% DAi R G 13
\1 g. o 1§ Gen Electric 88
Mich Qen •*% Natl Linseed is
Mo Pac -, a 4 Col. FAi 1 29
jl Ai 0 22 do do ptd 90
Nash Chatt.... 6S it Ai T Cen 1%
Ntl Cordage 4% TAA & N M —
Nit Cord'ge pfd 9 do do pfd -
N .1 Cen 105% SO 11 R 9
NAiWpfd 5% do pfd 89%
N Am Co 5% Ara-*"obacco — 82%
Northern Pac. 1% do pfd.. 98
NPpfd 11% Am Tel & C Co.. —
NEW YORK, April 10.—The following
wero the closing quotations on bonds today:
IJ S n 4s coup.ll7 0 P lsts 0f'33....100
U ftnew 4s ....117 D&RG7S 13
C S 5s reg....113% DAi RG 4s SS%
U S 5s c0up..113% Erie 2ds 0.7%
U S 4s rag....108% G II Ai S A 1i5....105
V S4s c0up..109 GII A>. SA 7s 100
V S 2s reg.... 9.7 H & T Gen. 55,.103
Pac Its of '93. .103% II At, T Cen 15..103%
Ala Class A.... 100 M X T Ist 45.... 85%
Ala Class 8....100 M X T 2d 45.... 58
Ala Class C UK) Mut Union 08...113
Ala currency..loo N .1 0 Gen'165..)17%
La ncyv con 4s 97% N P lsts 115
Mo Us 100 N P 2ds llu%
N C 0s 122% Northwest c0n..133%
N C 4s 105 do 8 F deb. 58.110%
8 C non-fund.. % R G West lsts.. 74%
Term nsetOs.. 87% St P consols ?S.I2S
Term n set ss. .108 St P C Ai P W 55.113
Term n set 35.. — St L& 1 M Gen 6s /
Term old 65.... 00 StL&B FGenCslo6%
Va centuries.. 00% Tex Pac lsts— SS%
Va deterred.... 6 Tex Pac 2.1* 22%
Atchison 4s 77% U P lsts of '90....104
Atchison sec A 44% Wj S tours 107%
Can So2ds IM O It & N 15t5....110
Bo It. R. 5s 91 N P 3ds 75%
L Ai N 45....... 78
SAN FRANCISCO, April 10.—The official
closing quotations lor mining stocks today
were as follows:
Alta s Julia 4
Alpha Con i; Justlde 0
Andes 21 Kentuck Con —
Belcher 39 Lady Wash Con.. —
Belle Isle — Mexican 36
Best & Belcher .. 48 Mono 11
Bodie Con 35 Mt. Diablo —
Bullion 4 Navajo —
Bulwer Con 20 Occidental Con ... 88
Caledonia 5 Ophir 90
Challengo Yon . 22 Overman 9
Chollar 37 Potosi 25
Confidence 06 Savage 28
Con Cal & Va...160 Scorpion 3
Con Imperial ... 1 Sierra Nevada 50
Con New York.. — Silver Hill 1
Crown Point ... 30 silver King —
Exchequer 3 Union Con 60
Gould & Currie.. 21 Utah Con 3
Grand Prize ...... — Yellow Jacket .... 30
Hale Ai Norcross.l2s
An assessment of 20 cents a share lias
been levied on Potosi.
The following table, compiled by Brad-
Street'S, shows the total clearances at the
principal cities and the percentage of In
crease or decrease, as eomparetl with the
corresponding week last year:
PCt I'Ct
mc dec
New York (521,166,22! M
Chicago 77.00».nwi 7 :t
Boston 7M43,1«0 J1 '.
Philadelphia 55,9.")3.3(;3 -t "
St. LpttW 22,t?1t),7J6 1" I
Kan Francisco 11,698,696 .. .. 4 '
Baltimore 12 Iliti.KOX 7 4
Pituburc 1*.i1?,6M 0 6
Cincinnati Ik9SI,6QQ !' -
Kansu City S,tM,l}6 - r > ■'
New Orleans K.:wj,j'i4 il '■>
Buffalo 4.175.01
Milwaukee :!.'14V: ,!1 14 8
Detroit tvUCSIS S ii
Louisville 1
Minneapolis :i:f
Omaha 4,24*1830 83 6
Providence. s> < «i,l<k) 33 ■)
Cleveland J.W.IW .... :'• i
Houston 1.936.879 13 ii
Bt. Paul a.ii,4 936 28 I)
Denver 3.7D7.271 Ii 7
Indianapolis 2 1
< faUlmbue, O ' *5,tj00
Haftford 2,278,1)8) :s 2
Itlehmond 2.148,64S 11 1
Washington 2,166,685 9 ii
Dallas 2.296,696
.St. Joseph 1,182,866 13 2
Peoria l.slMir, 5 1
Memphis 1,913,004 1" 1
Portland. Ore 992,136 .... -1 1
Rochester 1,64)4,816 17 »j
New Haven- 1,401,108 14
Savannah 1,508,517 27.1
Springfield, Macs... 1,593,663 24 2 ....
Worcester 1,447,016 15 1
Portland, Me 1,388,073 8 6
Atlanta 1,174,588 2 0
Fort Worth 1,618,965 12
Waco 1,163,988 •>- 2
Byracuse 091,749 o 8 —
Dcs Moines 1.11)3.571 4 11
Grand Rapids 7.".7.32 l .... I» 4
Seattle r.25,2">2
Los Angeles 1,150,884 20 8
Taooma 481,280 . .. 1 1
.li'olsane 451,357 38 2 —
Galveston 4,359,800 13 1
Salt Lake 1,304,590 2.'. n
Helena 576,871 31 5 ....
Toledo 1,275,958
Davenport 1.0I2.IOT".
Total TJ, B 8826,280,156 .... 8 0
Ex. ol New York .. 404,554,033 .... 0 2
NEW YORK, April 10.—The Evening
Post's London financial .cablegram says:
Tile slock markets were stagnant today.
A further rise in silt edged stocks was til.:
only feature. Consols sold at 1 H>T«. Ameri
cans were neglected. Not more than 800
shares have changed hands publicly here
since New York prices cam.) lv. Mines
were (rood. Tile belief urows that the next
outbreak of speculation wilt probably he
Australian mines. The settlement com
mencing in mites tomorrow is expeoteil
in show a slight increase in the bull ac
count. Al Paris the Bourse was firm today.
NEW YORK. April hi.—Money on call
easy at 3 | .ji/1 per cent: last loan, 8%; closed.
per cent; prime mercantile paper. 6) /i
i;C per cent: sterling exchange dull an I
easier, with actual business iv bankers'
bills at |4.88*[email protected] for demand, and $l.ss
for sixlv days: posted rates. [email protected],
and 84.S9<^!(l.*!«i: commercial bills, 84.86>4;
silver certiiicates. 68%.
SAN FRANCISCO, April 10.—Drafts,
,7; telegraph, 7%.
LONDON, April 10.—Consols, 110 13-IG.
NEW YORK, April 10.—Bar silver, 65).1;
Mexican dollars. .7.714.
SAN FRANCISCO, April 10.—liar silver.
68%; Mexican dollars. sf>>&@s6.
LONDON, April Hi.—liar silver, "1 3-lu'J.
Washington, April 10.—Today's state
ment of the condition of the treasury
shows: Available cash balance. 6270,500,
--907; gold reserve, 8128,029,754.
BOSTON. April 10.—Atchison, ].'.'■«: Bell.
207; Burlington, 77T41 Mexican, 10; San
Diego, 10.
Tho Day s Transactions oil tlli BoirJ of
1 ratio
CHICAGO, April 10.-The feeling develop
ed in wheat was rather mixed, but the lone
was ou the whole steady to firm. Initial
transactions wero at %yj% advance, after
which prices gradually worked down ■'~
rallied slightly, changed but Mule and
closed steady. The higher quotations on
opening was due lo some extent to the
rather llrm tone of cables, Liverpool coin
ing unchanged, ami then the Northwest
ern receipts were rather small and Im
parted some strength to the situation.
('omro —hsweti—ataase huyftrs, having
outside orders, and l or a while the market
i ruled quite llrm. professionals taking mod
erate quantities. There were large offer
ings as the session advanced, the weather
having greater Influence than the forego
ing. The fact that California had rains all
over the state with warm showers in most
of the winter wheat slates, and more pre
dicted, added to the bearish reaction. Com
traders had another dull experience. There
were no outside orders lv the market ami
local operators were Indifferent. Oats
opneil active, attracted considerable at
tention during the session and closed with
the sales aggregating much heavier than
for some time. A good portion of the trad
i ing was in the way of exchanging .May for
.Inly at % premium for the latter. The
firmness was entirely Independent and
brought about by the scarcity of cash
stuff and good demand for the same. Pro
visions were llrm and fairly activls, but tho
trade w;is largely eoutined to pork. There
appeared to lie a nervous short interest Ir
tnc latter aim a look only the buying of
small lots to advance prices. Lard ami
ribs, all hough benefiting to some extent
slight decline.
CHICAGO, April 10.—The leading futures
closed as follows:
Wheat No. 2—April 65%; May, 65%; July,
Corn No. 2—April, 29%; May, 30; July, 31;
September, 8214.
Oats No. 2—May. 19%; July, 20%; Septem
ber. 20%.
Cash quotations were as follows: Flour,
steady; No. 2 spring wheat, 65%; No> 3
spring wheat, 6-lVttis% f. o. b.; No. 2 red.
«ST4W69?d; No. 2 corn, 29%; No. 2 oats. 19%;
No. 2 white. lnVy-'O: No. 3 White, [email protected]'/|ii
No. 2 rye, 37; No 2 barley, nominal; No. 3,
lr<i»4; No, 4, 26% f. o. b.; No. 1 flaxseed.
9>'u9U%: prime timothy seed. 53.25®8.20; mesa
pork, per bbi.. 85.60w5.65; lard, per 100 ll»s,
5.02%; short ribs sides (loose), 84.500)4.55:
dry salted shoulders (boxed), 4%f?4%; short
clear sides (boxed). 4%®4%; whisky, distil
lers' finished goods, per gal.. 81.22; sugar,
cut. loaf. id.'.'."<; granulated, 96.62; standard
A. $5.31.
Flour, libis 4.000 12.000
Wheat, bushels 4.000 68,000
Corn, bushels 110.000 86,000
Oats, bushels 117,000 49,000
Jtve. bushels .7.000 .7,.Xi0
Barley bushels 22.000 23,050
On the produce exchange today the but
ter market was steady; dairy, 10'ylOc;
creamery, lOSTSc; eggs firm, 9Jilt)%c.
CHICAGO. April 10,-For last three days
transactions In steers have been large
ly at $3.70-'«'4.75. with good sales to export
ers at t3.60ig)4.20. Cows. 82.25®3.25: calves
slightly lower; choice feeders. 53.35gt3.9u.
Prices of hogs averaged ;7 cents lower to
day. Sales ranged at 58.46t98.76 for com
mon to choice heavy medium and mixed
lots, the bulk going at. 88.7008.8Q and com
mon to prlmo light 33.8ui0.00. Prime sheep
were saleable at ([email protected]; few going be
low $3.2.7. and westerns sold chietly at $3.00
«i 3.80. Lamos. 84.001/ 1.70, the best flocks
coming from Colorado.
SAN FRANCISCO. April 10.-Wheat,
firmer; December, 109%: May, 108%, Bar
ley, quiet: December. 72%; May. 71%. Flour,
famllv extras, bakers' extras,
I J3.55Ciii1.65; superfine. 81.8608. Wheat. No.
1 shipping, 1.07%; choice. 110; milling. 117%{i)
122}*. Barley, feed, fair to good, 70{571%;
I'iueiy vegetable, pure and reliable. Cause
perfect Digestion, complete absorption and
healthful regularity. For the cure of all dv
orders Of the Stonjacb, Bowels, Kidneys, Blad
der, Nervous Diseases, Files.
Sick Headache,
Female Complaints
All Disorders of the Liver
ftJfjt-Full printed directions In each box;
3D cents a box Bold by all druggists.
§an Marcos Hotel
Especially desirable for persons visit
ing the
Flower Festival
i'rojirietor. Manager.
Choice* 72Htf78\. brow-hip. MftSCH. Corn,
so.;. Bran, SM oats?, ml Hint*. 75*.52«;.:
surprise, MMMOO: fuiu-y Oed. sj'.y.»s;.«: pooi!
to choice. T.V'.si); poor to lair, tiT 1 ..;
gray, 72^f480.
H—MiiMlhifr.-s $17.:/i'al:t.so: new
potatoes, 75c®J1.2Tt; Los Angeles tomatoes,
|1.60fi1.75; striiiK hcans, 8QI0: Krecn pens.
rxtra asparagus, |[email protected]; cucum
bers. GGc l ?jP$1.00, h strawberries,
50fiwc; fancy creamery butter, 14015; sec
onds, ];>'.'l'iU; fancy dairy, 13; youus roos
ters, ST''.*.."VO; oM roosters, 14.50; turkey
bens, tG.
Receipts—Flour qr sks. 237.1: do Oregon.
Wheat, ctls, M 35; baric y. ctls, 2105:
oats, Ctl*, 2"»; do Oregon. 60; beans, sks.
080; corn, ctls, 1200; rye, oils. tiS5: potatoes,
sks, do Orcein. 4214; onions, Oregon,
sks. 409; bran, sks, 1400; middlings, sks.
:>.K); do Oregon, SQO; n a.y, tons. Sio2; straw,
tons, 1(>; wool, bales, 585; hides, number, 2SS;
wine, gals, 54.3'H'.
LIVERPOOL, April lv.-Spot wheal
dosed steady, with .i )>oor demand; No. 2
red winter, ."'S 7d; No. i hard Manitoba, C*
(i'-d: Xo. I California, -"-s 7'-d. Futures
opened steady at unchanged prices; closed
quiet, unchanged from yesterday: April,
■ r is (i'/i-d; May and June, 5s 7d: .Inly, 58 7'jd;
August, 5s 7-% d: September, -"s sd. Spot corn
closed quiet; American mixed new, 3s sd.
Futures opened quiet, same, and closed
with August ami September %& higher and
other months unchanged from yesterday:
.May, 3s ' 4 d: June, ."is |A; July 3s ; Aug
ust. ;is B%d; September, 3s 3d. Mops at
Itondon, Pacific coast, li 15s. Flour closed
steady with a moderate demand; St. Louis
fancy winter, 7s 3d.
WASH 1 XCiTOX. April Hi.—Average con
dition wheat, 77.1: last year, 81.4.
NEW YORK, ApHl 10.—Petroleum war,
dull. United i iosed at I2i'.
Directory of
HfiTri nnrru •>■ » "Of.Mt: 1 ?, manager.
HUltl. UlUtfl Pasadena,
HOTEL MM 'ti".Z» A r THIRD BT3 -
i HOTEL BRUriSWIGK ALm'riean-Kuro.-iean plans. |
HOTEL HOLKROOD Gochvane, proprietor.
! <nr nnufrii main and ninth bt., hiveh.
lilt KUntlL side. t:. J. Duvls, I'rop.
L ES 7 "
v.. ,»i.jlesaie and
Retail Dealers, Business
Men and Firms
W. H. BHINN, 209.50S Wilson blk., Kprlng St.
STEINEN « KinCHNER, 1:0 X. Main St.
"KEATINO," llnv ley, Kins ,t Co., 210 27, Main,
F. W, BRAIN * CO., 40j-40T N Muln; lei. 954.
LCDWIO i WAGNER, Mot. Market, tel. !50.
HAAS, BARUCH i CO., »20 to 3"J6 N. L. A. St.
ABBOTSFORII INN. cor. ftli nnrt Hope; tal, I1T»
Co., tine i ?ii)j.(io,i, Sll-Ul2 Btlmaoa. A. C. Bi-oU
er.oii, att'v.
F. U. MAUDE * C0..Ml W. First St.
NORTON £ KENNEDY', I*4tt. Brdwy! tel. «S2.
J. F. MORENO, 220 Alisosl.
CHAS. W. ADAMS. 33S N Main. Tol. 1347.
COUNSTABI.E ,t COt'TTS, f.VI N. I.os Angeles.
BOOTH A ROW, 200 St. Main BY 't el. 1243.
O. BTOESAK, DU S. Spring at. bet. sth and Ith,
J. F. A. LAST, ICtland 131 N, Main St.
NEW YORK BAZAAR, t4;IN. Spring St.
DR. WONO HIM, who ht>, practical maili
cine In Los Anselca for 21 years, and
whose otlico Is at ti3f) Upper Main street, will
treat by m-Uic)ne all diseases ol women, man
aad children Tho doctor claims that he hu
remedies that are superior to all other, as A
j apecitic lor troablos of women and man. A
| trial will convince the aiclc that Dr. Wong
, BlUt'l remedies are the most ofQuacious tltai
can be prescribed. Cr. Won, Him Is a Chinese
physician of promtnence and a gentleman of
responsibility. His reputation Is more than
wall established, and alt persons needing hia
cerTicea can rely on his skill nnd ability. A
cure Is guaranteed lv every case in which a
recovery Is possible. Herb medicines lor sale.
639 Upper Main St, Los Angels
\ \ No Knife or
jj k& wr No ''" y 1111 (:,ircd!
fifl Os% Write for 63-page
sr gal HI 1 Treatise and Home
9j \testimonialsof many
wonasrfiil cures, mostly
in women's breasts.
* *■ CHAMU V, M. D.
V flffl C c, r , H 2 l'l'w.' First St
109 caL.
IS6 Commercial etroet, Los Angeles, Cal.
WENDELL EASTON, President. GEORGE- EASTON, Vice-President.
.... Under instructions from the owners we offer for sale ....
.... of the world-famed ....
Chino Ranch
In 10, 20, and 40-Acre Tracts and Upward— The Chino Ranch has a national as well as a state reputation as 4
principality unsurpassed for fertility. The direct results obtained from cultivation of the sugar beet alone place a
permanent and solid value on the land. Remember the beet crop takes but five months' time from planting to
harvest, and the immense return from this great product is well known. A ready market is right at hand and
there can be no failure in prices. The land we offer, however, is equally suited to the growih of deciduous and
citrus fruits, and investigation can but satisfy you that this acreage is unquestionably the finest in all of this
great state of California. Subdivisions of "size to suit purchasers are offered at prices that guarantee aa tm»
mediate profit upon investment, and notwithstanding this fact, the terms of payment are absolutely easy,
making a purchase possible and within the reach of all who are prepared, in working, to do the land justice.
For full particulars, apply to or address,
Easton, Eldridge & Co.,
Tire Only SPHCIAtISTS In So. California for 91
•J w« have the largest practice on the Pacific Coast, treating every form of Weakness and Private Diseases ot Ilea aa« «•*•> 01
5? lutely nothing else. To show our ability in this line of practice, |R
jj We Never Ask for a Dollar Until Cure is Effected. jjj
Q WE GCAKANTBE TO CPM \_/ IV 7 I""** ,N ° P "'" " Pete,tt<m «r—>»l|l«lM. P
VS Ko matter how large or of how long atanding, and you can pay us when you are. cured. If you cannot call, write. fll
j Corner Third and Main St., over Wells, Fargo & t^o^^^^^
Connoisseurs Say That They Are—
The Acme of Perfection
F. W. Braun & Co., Wholsale Distributors,
nK| Dr. White
... , m 63 18 n non-poisonons
~*^BB™BaWMeur i J| r* f<>r Gonorrhoea,
~■ „i-oßaßf (".lent, Spermtu irrhtra,
ii..vii.:« White., unnatural rlis
/BLW owaawcd ■ &argea, or any mtlamma-
K1 00 i co ■til.tirr. tion. irritation or ulrcra
|M| 'rcou fluouitda, tion of in uoo n fi mom-
>N C. NHA Ti. 0 ■ BSD ( , r BPnt in plflin wrapper,
Imk J - a T>v oxprens, prepaid, tor
11 i■# il 11-00. " r 3 bottloi, #2.75.
,f .^if\gy^i>■ ■ Circular sent < □ nmueet
Druggist and Chemist
222 N. Main St., Los Angeles
Prescription, carefully compounded day
or night.
AAiolatna a. t. around*, lot. im
EUREKA OIL CO. 204. South Broadway
Froduccrsand Dealers in
, Opens Oct 30
AnplM oountr. Or»r S.lO aaas*
JT* ftml* * *"" Me 'f •"'<>"■ room*, with prima)
parlor and nathrMmi: caaTealaat
—~&4I> 111 H LNI WM 10 inter 11 nea nl •team railway!
i tk mumatalat*
First-class and modern in ail its appointments.
lJAiii Special accommodations for Tourists anil penaueat
ABBOTSFORD abbotsford inn co„
TXTXr Southeast corner Eighth and Hope Sts.,
•L-lN JM Los Angela*
Tourists Should read the Los Angeles Daily Herald. If you are in
and city f° r a f ew days only and want to keep posted on
Residents affairs, local, state* national and foreign, send in your order.
in Fifteen cents will furnish all this for seven days, delivered at
Southern your room, hotel or residence. The Sunday Herald is a
California magazine which will furnish you a week's reading for S Cts
The popular HOTEL fIETROPOLE open, and ng*
SANTA ular steamer service every day except Sunday, com
n . T . T Txr . mencing Feb. 8,1896. See raiiroad time tables in Los
•OA 1 AL/IJN A Angeles daily papers. Camping privileges, etc., free
T«T ANT. to patrons of W. T. Co.'ssteamers only. Full infor-
ICL/An v mation from Banning Co., 222 S. Spring st., L.A..OU.

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