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Begin With Djfeat for tha
American Horses
<\ad th: Ex.Boss Promises to do
His Very Best.
Bay City Wheelmen Disqualified and the
Road face Given to Oarden City
Cyclers—Sporting Notes.
(Associated Press Special wire.
NEW MA 11K ET. Eng., April 14,-Tho
Newmarket Cravefi meeting com- i
menced here today and lasts until
Thureday. it has been eagerly awaited
by turfites, as it marked the opening
of the racing l season and is likely to
throw light on the Derby prnsreets.
But there was additional interest in
the racing today, as it was the occasion
of the debut of Mr. Pierre Lorillard's
string of horses, his entries today being
Anisette, King of Bohemia and Glaring.
Not one of Mr. broker's horses have
reached fVre, although he has Al
bany and Red Banner entered for IHe
Ashley plate anil Sir Excess for the
Babraham plate tomorrow.
Mr. Lorillard. during the meeting,
may run Magic or Sftndla for the
Double Trial plate. Lame Cock or Pig
eon Wing for the Two-Year-Old plate,
end Astolpha in the Ashley plate, and
besides Mr. Foxhsll Keene has Faus
tina and a brown colt entered for th ■
Column Produce stakes. The weath'-r
Was cold and stormy. There was only
the average attendance, but man.,
prominent people were among those
present in the jockey club enclosure
and talked with Lord Marcus Beresford
and the Rt. Hon. James Lowther. The
prince seemed to be but little interested
in the sport today.
Richard Crnker. enveloped in a long
cape mackintosh, sauntered about
alone.oeeasionally placing a bet. Talk
ing over the situation with a represen
tative of the Associated Press. Mr. Cro
ker said: 1 have no horses entered to
day and lam merely a spectator. My
horses are all in good condition, but I
ice it takes a long time to acclimate
them. I hope, however, to make a rec
ord this summer. 1 find it different here
from what we do in America. Regard
ing the stable here, a trainer's word
is law. 1 am not allowed to interfere
and I do not know much about my own
horses. Amerlcus is in good trim and I
have great hopes of him.''
Mr. Croker was asked regarding tin
Chances of Montauk for the Derby. Tiie
New Yorker smiled in reply and said.
"We shall do our best."
The trainer who has charge of Mr
Pierre Lorillard's horses said: "All
Mr. Lorillard's horses are in good form,
and I hop" Tor a creditable showing dur
ing the season. 1 was disappointed at
today's performances."
The first race in which the American
horse competed was the Victors' plate
handicap, in which Mr. Lorillard's King
Of Bohemia was not plnced.
J. Newton's geiding Forceburn was
first, with F. Wishard's Helen Nichols
eecond and William R«dfern's Confes
sional third.
In the race for the thirty-eighth New
market Biennial stakes of 25 sovereigns
each for starters, with ."00 sovereigns
added, for 3-year-olds, there were four
starters. Leopold Rothschild's Gale
azzo won, Sir J. HUnulol Mapel's Pa
laver second, the duke of Westminster's
Attainment third. The course was th"
Rowley mile.
In the next race, (he Fitzw llliam
plate, of 500 sovereigns, sweepstakes,
Mr. Pierre Lorillard's Glaring was un
placed. The wilier was Sir R. Walrlie
Griffith's Princess Anne, Baron De
Hfrseh's Chantllly second and F. G.
Clayton's All Moonshine third.
Mr. Lorillttfd was again unfortunate
in the race for the Crawford plate han
dicap, of 15 sovereigns each, with 500
sovereigns added. His entry, Anni
sette if. was unplaced. Eleven horses
ran. Andra Oswald's Minna won. O. S.
Revelt's Vinegar second and Baron
Hlrseh's Sauterelle third.
The last race of the flay was for tiie
Ashley plate. 200 sovereigns, for two
year-olds. It was won by Charles Day
Rose's MoMlitana. Mr. R. Lebaudys
Perseal second and Barney Barnato's
brow n filly by Galop third. Mr. Croker's
Albany and Red Banner and Mr. Loril
lard's Aslolpha had been entered but
were scratched.
Helen Nichols, who rf.tt second In the
Visitors' stake, is an / merican horse,
formerly owned by MeCafferty who sold
out his stable last year to Duke & Wlsh
Largest Number Ever Secured—Some ot the
Moat Notable Don*.
That the forthcoming bench show
will be the largest ever seen in Los An
geles is now an assured fact. The en
tries in all classes are complete, and
demonstrate that there will be fully 225
high-class canines to compete for the
blue and red ribbons. Numbers of dogs
from San Francisco will be down.among
them some of the finest of their kind in
the United States. Taking the classes
In the order of size and breed, they have
Blled as follows:
Mastiffs, headed by the well-known
Puke, are but poorly represented, only
seven in all classes having been en
tered. St. Bernards promise a great
Showing. In the rough coats nineteen
Will be shown, headed by the |800U
beauty, Grand Master. From San Fra
ncisco will come California Bernardo,
the unbeaten, who is valued at $2500.
Seven of the smooth coats will also be
on the bench, making twenty-six in all.
Titan.J. G. Borglum's magnificent Im
ported Great Dane, will head the list
of that breed, but has no competitors, as
he is in the challenge class. Sixteen of
these huge beasts will be on exhibition
and competition for honors will be keen.
A novelty will also be seen in the shape
of a Danish mastiff, which Is the first
of his kind to be brought to this coast,
although in Denmark they are largely
used as beasts of burden.
Foxhounds and grey hounds are
Positively enred by these
little Pills.
They aNo retleve Distress from Dyspepsia,
Indigestion and Too I iearly Bath.;. A per.
fret remedy fur Dizziness, Nausea, DrWsJ.
tiess, Bad Taste in the Mouth, Coated Tongue
Pain in the Side, TORPID LIVER. They
Regulate the Bowels, rarely Vegetable. • I
•mall PHI. Small Dose,
•mall Price.
Szcnrt'C this yerrr. there being only one
to represent each class. Oak Glenn Vic
tress Is a model grey hound and will de
■ crvo her first prize. Two Barzois, or
■inssian woif hounds, are entered, and
;v. o New foundlands. Of the pci.il.'ss
water dogs the Chesapeake Hay. oily
one will be seen.
In the pointer class great will be the
rlvsTlfy. There are thirty-seven doers
entered and the blue ribbon winners wilt
have to be. good to secure the coveted
silk. Knglish setters, bended by Count
ess Noble, are in to the number of eight
een. Among them are Joe Singer's
Stamboui and Lady Stamboul. repre
sentative specimens. Nine Irish setters
w 111 be betnehed, but the great Swiveler
is no more. Mac Swlveler. one of his
progeny. Avilt enter the lists, however.
One or two good local dogs will make
their mnrti and w 111 give the 'Frisco ca
nines a rub for place. Only four Gor
dons are listed for exhibition.
of the gentleman's sporting dog. the
cocker spaniel, there will be the iiest lot
ever seen in this city. Fourteen will oc
cupy the benches. Including Woodland
King. L.»dy Etta, several from the Row
land & Tyler kennels at Pasadena, and
others, iim l field spaniel and one Irish
water sprinlel only are .booked. The last
i f the sporting dogs is the Daschund.of
which quaint and low-legged breed five
w ill be Alael!. Three of them are owned
by Ferd B. Oottsehnlk of this city.
Six collies are to be seen, six poodles,
and six bull terriers, of whom the prin
cipal is champion Crisp, owned by R.
G. Witlvers of this city. Five pugs,
among th>?m old Balmaeeda, w il wrinkle
their nost'S at visitors. Four Japanese
spaniels. «me King Charles and two in
the miscellaneous class, complete the
list, ail except the fox terriers.
Here a.cain will be one of the big
points of the show. There are twenty
five dogs in the different classes of this
breed, and a man will have to be a good
judge to pick the winner. Charl"s
Sumner has entered his challenge Ruby
Rasper, who will stand alone in his
class. There will also lie kennels of
pointers, cockers and fox terriers to
compete, for which suitable prizes are
offered. While the entry In certain
c lasses has been disappointing, in oth
ers it has far exceeded expectations.
The number w ill be larger, the quality
finer and the judging closer this year
than ever before in the history of the
kennel club.
For Stealing a Doc
Tom McGovern was arrested at 4 p. m.
yesterday on Main street by Offlcerßloh. on
a warrant sworn to by Johnny Abbott,
charging him with petty larceny for steal
ing a dog. The animal disappeared, and li -
nally came home sick and flying. When it
did expire Abbott was wroth and swore to
the complaint on which the warrant was
"Hid you see Broaklon?" he asked as
tiie bill collector came in.
"Ybs, sir. I went in and told him 1 was
a bill collector. - '
"And what did he ssy V
"He said he was, too. and that if I'd
leave my bill he'd take pleasure in adding
it to his collection." -Indianapolis Jour,
Merely a Typographical Error
There is always suspicion of a typograph
ical error in the press reports from the
south about the securing of Republican
delegates. When the dispatches ssy the
emissaries of so-and-so have received as
surances of "many delegates," from such
and-such a state, one often wonders if
"money delegates" were not meant,—lndi
anapolis News.
The habits of the young King Alexander
of Servia "a aueh as to furnish interesting
matt-1 a student of heredity. The
founder iij Ins majesty's family was a
swineherd. The king, who is only 111
years old. is of phenomenal strength anil
physical development and takes pleasure
in knocking his courtiers' heads together.
My prices for wallpaper beat all the city.
A. A. Eckslrom, 324 South Spring street.
= wwam
1 y It Pays to Trade on Spring Street | /
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Knllinni Fnteriaiiimcnt Per the Benefit
ol the Free Kindergarten.
I Society Turned Out In For« and Gave a Lb- :
erol Patronage—Lullabies of llifierent
Toflgues Beautifully Rendered
After weeks of untiring work and a |
I never failing interest the labors of the ;
' ladies of the Free Kindergarten asso
ciation were crowned with success last |
I night by the good-sized audience thai j
I greeted the Cradle Songs of ail Nn- I
I lions, given at the Eos Angeles theater
for the benefit of the Free Klndef
! garten. The affair passed off with even
; smoothness; not once during the everi-
I ing was there the usual drag that seenls
: destined to follow amateur perform
; ances. One scene followed the other in
| quick succession, the audience being
j entertained between the changes with
soloists chosen from our best local
j talent. The audience was composed of
representative society people, and sev
eral box parties swelled the crowd
Altogether the evening was quite as
much a social event as it was a finan
cial success for those Interested in the
laudable work for which the entertain
ment was given.
The curtain rose on a Greek scene,
with an effective grouping of priestesses
surrounding Hero and Psycho, with the
mother In its midst. The posing and
surroundings were carried out with true
• historic accuracy, and perhaps in this
| tableau there was more care shown to
minor details than in any of the others.
I The participants were: Miss Todd,
t Miss Gregory, Psyche; Mrs. McKnight,
i Hero; Miss Gregory, Psyche; Mrs. Mo
i Knight, the mother: th c fair priest
j esses being represented by the Misses
; Georgia McKnight, Georgia Cas
i well and Azubah Higgins. Miss
! Naoma Alfrey as a Greek dane-
I Ing girl made a great hit with her
| pretty, graceful steps. A bass solo fol-
I lowed, rendered by Prof. Hueber.
Russia came next and the audience [
were given a glimpse Into a domestic
scene, with the family seated about a
large table making merry, while to one
side a cradle was gently rocked by a
young Russian mother, singing with a
soft cadence a Russian lullaby. Miss
Johnson filled the character with much
i grace. Those taking part were: Mrs.
j Fair. Dr. Prettie, Mrs. Muehmore,
! Frftflk Muehmore and Margaret Hull,
j A Russian fnntasie cornet sold by
Miss Loeb was heartily received. Mrs.
, Shelley Tolhurst. who always gives so
1 much pleasure with her songs, sang
I Only the Sound of a Voice.
The chef d' ouvie of the evening was
when a hit of Central America was
transported for the nonce on the stage,
and the scene was simply perfect. To the
left of the stage a reed house represent
ed the characteristic dwelling of the na
tives. The other side was occupied by
» tepee, and the fun of It was caused
by a monkey, recently Imported, that
swung and jumped with apish glee from
roof to pole. Natives reposed on the
ground with graceful abandon, and
fetched not far distant from the throng
was a sober parrot, a small alligator ap
parently wending its way over the roof
accentuated the tropical Scene. Palms
and banana plants finished the accurate
conception of the country. A living
Mexican lot from the kindergarten
I school was a conspicuous personage in
! the native band that constituted the ar
i tistle scene. Miss E. H. Kimball sang
I very sweetly a lullaby. Ma Angellne.
; sung and danced by Anila Ray Simp
\ son and Mrs. Btleheke as a darkey boy
i and girl quite captured the audience
i with their delightfully natural sketch.
The characters in the scene were Miss j
Sumner, Mrs. George Dickson. Mrs.E. 1
Sieweke, Mrs. Goueher, Mrs. Donald. I
Miss Robinson, Miss. Jenkin. , William j
Dewey, Mr. A. P. RoMsnn.. Dashing
i a!.nifer, s and fascinating ffenoritas. !
portrayed by El ClOTt Espanol. made one I
of the most picturesque ensembles of
! r.Htlonnl c'rnrfteteis. This nuni'ic was
j In charge of Mfs. E. de I'rqulM fend Mrs.
I wlllard. These taMflfe, pari were Mit i
CtJnSßelu d" f' -ouiza Miss Kat - How
! nrrt. Hiss Alice r. itevetis, Helen I.
i t'avre. Anglo Baric. Messrs. 'Currov.
i Richards and Enu ;y. Miss Naoma A.I
--j frey again appeared in an < ntrancln.i
! Spanish dn:v-". which was Wtgrmry n;<
--' plauded,
| Mis. Chapman contributed a I "Stiti-
Cul vocal solo. Eo Keren Hon" was
| sweetly rendered by Mrs. Waiter Hay*
! monii. who ie-poniled to aft oneor" with
j Coming Through th" Rye.
Next tame ihe COfoTtfAl scene. Which
j wis one of the most ofioctivo of th" se
ries. Mrs. Phillip Gerhnnly gave the
cradle song. Which was followed by ti-
Ster Spangled [Innner. by Prof. Foshny.
A llute solo by Mr. Toplitz was well
received. Those who represented tf."
historic tharacters were Mrs. Farr. Mr. j
Newberry. Frank Muclimore. Jack Cor j
j son. Marcaret Hull. Miss CotlKfln an.',
| Mrs. Me Minn.
An trial! scene by Mr. and Mrs. Tom
i Rowan, jr.. concluded the excellent pro
] gram. There will be a matinee today
j and the final performance this evening. ,
j There will be an entire change of pro
! gram, with the exception of the Cen
tral American scene. Which will here- j
I peated this afternoon.
Miss Beresford .Toy. Who has b©en absenl
for th* past srwn ynars abfofta. was vri\'i*ii j
;t \ try pretty reception yesu-nlay by h**r
molhor, Mrs. li. A. Joy, at hcv cosy hoihft !
tin &Yent6oht|] sweet. The rooms '
1 fairy-like In their dninty aiiornmenl of |
; flowers ami vines. Pink prevailed in nil
! the rooms. (fueheSS roses, interwoven wit 11
smihix made a nNftCeful portiere that divid
ed the rooms. The mantel was a mass of
delicate pink enrnations. ami dotted
ihroujrh tiie rooms were small tables, each
Holding clusters of pink hlnssoms. About 1
| the quests paftoott of the tempting
'. viands that were served tinder the charge i
I of Slaten. A mmeh bowl embedded in bril- t
I fan. yellow (lowers BtqodMri the hall, and )
j during the fcrternoon thr guests were re- |
I freshed with tin- delicious contents. Mr: : .
i Joy was assisted hi receiving by the Misses
j Joy ami tiie jfiiest of honor. One of the
I pleasures of the afternoon were several
soups given by Miss Joy. WhopOßS6Bflea a
—•how to accomplish the most work with the ynl
Wa least labor, time and money, has been solved.
|f 'washing Powder M
■rjf makes a woman's work light—sets her jM
uT|j mind at rest —keeps her purse closed. jA
WA Get it before you forget Sold every- jJL
WJL where. Made only by jIL
iJmmWLw!b Chicago, Mew York. Beaton, Philadelphia, San Francisco. j^f^fJk'JzK
charming contralto vole*. The reception j
t wfin given to bring together many of Mis-; i
j Joy's OMi mends ttVhom she has not :;f m for !
I year*, as w* n n« to make tiie grat'lon* I
KtrftgstreS* acntfgfnterl with move recent '
tCrtttt* tft 1,0:: A v£t*ftMl.
rrie affrWlOorl Was delWatt fully Informd •
end Wfl I *»f>.foyed ny n.l preset,i.
n:nre- S*«J liientef Party
Adas' Ati.iM Van Nova ffigde a < n.trmhi..;
Ut*at«tea la** ai her home 6l) South !
liprnig Sim., where **lv* piv.-ndpd over a j
v.viii i r.\cii to a number ot her .rating i
tr tends, 'vhe found laon had scattered ;
i\ir the snowy tSUrtULMk Mtfle Henrietta .
rases, tiuh- origin Ittfe m Hfg mteYisiflcd by |
feti shoded ft*o'irluhra. Tiie pan?' proved .
a vtry rr.rrry on*-, and a: tiff cult dusted
of the damtily-urt pared dtriflCf the gues.s
oee'hfi'h'd two toge* at the Angeles the
ater, where they en.loyed the Cfftuto SongS
of (tH fiftifOftS: TTl6*e present w< re Mr.
Van Nnys. Misses Gertrude Mason. Sa
id nti Burks, Blanche l^onnell, Ka: hiring
Konyon. .Teanette Kllcan, Myra I and ley,
Alae ilnshvshi It. AltC* Goodwin, Minnie
OMfmMit find livrthp. Yr.n Nuys.
fUrtl4lljt Musical C"«h
I The Monday Musical club were delight* I
1 fully i titertalrted Monday afternoon by
. Mrs. Hugh Macnetl at her home on Fig*
neron street. Those tailing pm-t in thoc.v
cellont program plvn were AUss Rogers, a
piano solo; Miss James, violin solo: Mis;* .
i longer, piano solo; M rs. Kingston, and
, Mrs. Burdett, vocal duet; Mrs. J. Itoth I
; Hamilton, vocal soio; Mrs. MacNeil, vio- '
lin solo. Among the quests were Mmes. ,
: Walter B. CUne. Merman i rtley, C. T>. wil
! lard, I •ucomrttufi, <i. I*. Cole. H. H. AVUnier,
:T. E. Gibbon, Thiio Becker, W. B. Wight*
i man. Kzra Stimson. T. K. Karl. John 13.
! Plater, H. O'Molveny.
Dinner at Hi?. Harrison's
| Mr. and Mrs. J. C S. Harrison enter*
! tafned last night with a most enjoyable
' dinner at their lean- on West Twenty*
; seventh street. The rooms were refreshing
and lovely with a profusion of white and |
red roses. The table was decorated in
! duchess roses held in ent glass bowls an 1
i vases. The tempting viands served were
i enioved by the followingguests: Mrs. Heal
1 of Omaha. Mrs. Caldwell. Mi'- fcndMrfl Fur
loflg of Pasadena, Mr. and Mrs. A. Flxen,
Mrs. De Pan Mrs. Rtdgeway, Mrs. Tay
. for, Miss Leydon. Mr. HUgUS.
Pat ihe Orphans' Home
' A Box of Monkovs will he rendered at
Music hall this evening by well known am
ateurs and Uflder ihe auspices of th- W. A.
P. A., for Ihe benefit of the Orphans' home.
Tiie admission will be •>:, and ■">■) cents.
ri[. : i ; iij "|||| * 1
rfflf Your Interests.... IM 1
rj '{j |||r»
ls/m§[| Are our interests. If we can save you a dollar |||H (
Ef/|/f we want to do it. We can't unless you see if IMM
F|| j I we can, and we can if you try to find out. j ||j |
{Si $, °- 00 -u.?sv»ss ti'
Mil $12.00 ff-tMS Hi
11 $15.00 _ a * If
¥Uill We have no so-called Special Sales, but every |l||Jr
Iff sale is a special one. y
X 201,203,205,20;,209 W. First St. ;
/ >fln^ 0 ;; 11 The 1
V $4.00 "up /I Duty You ' |
V y I Owe to Society $
Demands that you be properly dressed. V
X There are two things important for you to consider:
# How to Dress <§>
f Where to Get the Best f
lam positive when I say that my stock of woolens is far ahead of <&
any other in Southern California. First-class workmanship guar-
X anteed. Perfect tit assured, and ever effort will be made with a Sc^
view of securing and retaining your patronage. *v
Suits to Order, tf? 19 C A Pants to Order. d» AAA <$>
<$> Up from «j)l£.«jU Up from ajH.UU <|>
<§> - <§>
<§> Samples free upon application.
<§> Visitors welcome. <§>
| A. J. Jonas lAsuits \
<£> . • TAILOR . . Si FROM I
T 147 North Spring Street <§ \ $12.50 up /
Artistic draper ot your manly form,
Arthur S. Bent
651 Bdway, Near 7th
Made by Indium Bicycle Co., Indianapolis.
Dr. Pierces Galvanic
Improvements and is sold n.one-half the price
Mked f»r Inferior, but mil oh-advertised electric
The rPHiiIU mvomrlisliod by l>r. PUtcp'r holts
arostmpiv wonderful,thousand* of rtirrs having
hfPii m«dV .vher.- and medicines hud
failed to give rcin-r.
The sirimcpst possible evidence will be given to
inquirers hi tn ttio efficacy and superiority of Uu
pinvo's belie, and a thorough examination una
comparison of these goods with all others Istfe*
gpecffully Invited or all intending purchasers or
an electric bpit. Call or write for free "Paniphtei
No. -." Address
700 to 704 Sacramento Street.
Second, third and fourth floors, San Francisco, CM
[jttry syphilis permanently cured in is to
35 days. Yo« can be treated ot home tot
thocame price tinder name guaranty,
you prefer to pome here we wIW contract
to pay ruilroaC fare and hotel bills, and no
charsro.lf to fall to cure. If you havo taken mer
cury, imlldo potash, nnd still have actios and
pains, Muoous VatchoV, In mouth, Hore Throat,
Pimple*, Copper Colored Sputa, Ulcojson
any part of the b idy. Sltvir or EyobfpWa
ou*,, ittashlslypljnltio iiMiouPOWON Uiat
Srfl gun ntee do num. VYc solicit tho moHt ohstl
n«te unfl chJ-Ileiitr© *&• world *or a
oasa we cannotoure, xhla dlfeaeo bus Bjwaft
:;i£i?fiii tfcn Mill of the most eiiiiioientphysi-
Siansi cap'tnl behind our unco.idl
;.'.n;>:(raftranty. Abaoluteproofseer.taeaieoon
ions lea lion, Address rooft JiKMMDV CUi,
K>l Ajiwcaic £cuiptc villi J AGO. H »*•
Poland Address
Rock EtWW
At residence, of tlio eniirc furniture ol ft
0 room house, at No. 1703 ilraud avenue, en
Thuis lay, April 16th, at 10 a. m...
Cons sting in part of handsome easy chair*,
divans and sofas. oßk and wicker center ta
llies, chiffoniers, handsome oak, walnut and
hi rah bedroom suite", wicker rockers oil paint,
ings, toiletware, bric-a-brac, sideboard, hand
some oak extension lable and dining chairs,
china and glas=, new kftcticn furniture, etc.
: Mcßurne y' s
Kidney and Bladder Cur©
For file by all druggists or by th*
W. F. ricßurney
At 418 P. Spring St.. tidt Angeles.
Sent prepaid on receipt of price, 91.25 bottle
Eyes Tested
Dr«. Thompson & Kytt
Graduate* la Optloa
Solid (old frames, warranted.. 51.7«
Bleol, nickel, aluminum or alloy Jramei. 35a
First quality lerisea, per pair 91.0*
Give vi a trial; we will suraly please yoe,
both in prices and work.
338 W. Second St., bet. Spring
and Broadway, Lo* Angeles,
tie ruth St., San Diego.
ToallsnfiVrtng with Throat, long or WaMlng
Stomach Cfitarrh.Krroftils, APthmn, or Nervous I'eMl-
Itv. otr.. will he given a rriru'tr Nlio DOttM Of lUt. QP*?
I>[N'9 PHOi 'OijATK KMT*T,fIIOX for trial, fall all
Thomas A Kllinoton's Drug Htore, 397 ft, spring St»
cor. Temple, Los Angeles, from I to A and 7 to 0 p. so.
C. F. HEINZErtAN," i
Druggist and Chemist |
222 N. Main St., Los Angeles
Prescriptions carefully compounded ,
tmitUmt a. t. tmvUm sekiae.

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