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Local, Eastern and Foreign
Commercial Dealings
Argentine Wheat and the Decline of
Farm Products
The Administration and the Position of Sil
ver—Changes Noted in Prices of Prod
ucts Produced Locally
Argentina lias been a very formidable
oompetitor for the wheat trade ot Europo
in the past year. In 1894, that country
exported 57.600,000 bushels; in 1896, 37,600,000
bushels, while this year it ls estimated at
only 20,000,000. A speaker at the Midwinter
fair in San Francisco made the statement
that owing to cheap land, cheap labor,
cheap transportation and the premium on
stold, Argentine farmers growing wheat on
a large scale could lay the grain alongside
•hip at tidewater for 16 cents a bushel,
gold. A line ot railroad runs from the foot
of the Andes to the ship's side, 212 mile*
over a plain so level that there is not a
curve in Its whole length, nor a cut nor
a fill of over three feet. The descent is so
uniform, only enough steam is required to
■ ton and start and control the brakes.
The American Economist presents the
following table showing the changes in prJj
ces of farm products since 1892: »
Value. Total Values.
1891 1895 1891 1595
Corn, bit... 40 6 26 4 $836,489,228 .$567,509,106
Wheat, bu. S3 3 50 9 513,472,711 237.938.998
Rye, bu.... 54 S 44 0 25.542,000 11.964,826
Oats, bu... 31 5 19 9 232,312,267 163.655,008
Cotton, lb. 8 6 7 6 297,377.014 259,164,610
,Hay, tons. 8:» 535 411.110,000 393,185,615
! Pet'OS. bu. 67 3 26 6 83,476.000 78,984,901
■Wool, 1b.... 17 II 9 0 52,868,256 26,486,705
Barley, hu 54 0 33 7 40,600,000 29,312,4)3
R'kw't, bu. 5.1 4 4 5 2 6.948.000 6,688,825
T'b'co, lb. 8 4 7 2 40,000,000 35,574,000
Totals $2,539,434,476 $1,810,712,597
Annual losses on crops In four years,
The annual production of wheat in this
country is 510,000,000 to 520,000,000 bushels 1
Year. Of this the exports amount to 133.
--000,000 to 150,000.000 bushels a year. The
average corn crop is 1,750.000.000 bushels.
The loss at 33 cents a bushel on wheat and
14 cents a bushel on corn is a very serious
Seeretar/ John G. Carlisle in a recent
letter to Mr. Patterson, a member of con
gress from Tennessee said:
"Since the beginning of this administra
tion, nearly $110,000,000 in gold has been
produced in exchange for other forms of
currency. Of this amount. $8,913,812 has
been procured in exchange for silver coin,
and $10,015,330 in exchange for silver certifi
cates. The department has never refused
to exchange silver for gold when It had
sliver that could be lawfully used for that
purpose, ana If it had so refused I am
wholly unable to see how it could be con
sidered a discrimination against silver.
Is a refusal lo pay out gold in exchange
for silver a discrimination against gold?
If not, it of course follows that a refusal
to pay out silver for gold is not a dfscrlm
inarion against silver.
"In response to your verbal inquiry con
cerning the coinage of standard sllverdol
lars during the present administration, you
are advised that it amounts to the sum ot'
$6,662,000 up lo the 15th day of this month,
while tiie whole amount of such dollars
coined In this country from the establish
ment of ihe Mint. In 1792. up to February.
1878. a period of eighly-six years, was
Current Quotations
In local produce eggs are higher, extra
select, all candled in a small way, selling
at 13U cents. In vegetables onions are
$1.75. string beans 7 to 9 cents, and summer
squash cents. In fruit strawberries are
6 lo 7Vj cents.
BI TTER—Local creamery, 2-Ib squares.
$50400; coast creamery. fancy, 2-lb
squares. 30<S35c: coast dairy, fancy. 2-lb
squares, roois, 27 1 , 3 usoc; do 1%-lb. 2(|fjs22V4c:
do good to choice, [email protected]; cooking, lSrfj)
CHEESE—LocaI full cream, large, 12V4c:
northern dillu. SUfdlOc; half cream Si/Tie;
Young America. VPAc; do (S-lb hand made),
lltfee. All Tm' more cased for shipment.
EGGS—Choice. California ranch. 1291814.
VEGETA BLES —Artichokes, per doit,
20c: asparagus, per lb, 5f8>70; beets, per 100
His, 9uo; cauliflower, per doz. Hoc: celery
do, 55c; cabbage, per 100 lbs, 60c: carrots
rin. 90c; chilis, dry. per string. 80c; Mexi
can, per lb, 15c: green, per lb, 12c: cucum
bers, per doz. $1.50; egg plant, per lb, lie;
garlic do, 6'fo 7c; leeks, per doz, 15e; let
tuce do, 15c: itiuslirooms, per lb, 32c; on
ions, green, per doz bunches, 30W40c; do,
yellow Danvors. per 100 lbs. $1.75; parsley,
per box. 50c: parsnips, per 100 lbs, 75c;
peas, green, per lb. 4o; radishes, per doz,
bunches, 20c; rhubarb, per box. 85cry<$l:
spinach, per lb. 15c: string beans, per lb.
7«f9e; tomatoes, per box, $1,B0©1.85; tur
nips, per 100 lbs, (sc: watercress, per doz.
bundles, 40c: mushrooms, per lb, 17V£c;
summer squash, per lb. 12y»o.
GREEN FRCTTS-Pears. $2 per box;
strawberries, apples. pine
apples, per doz: bananas, $2.25 per bunch.
CITRPS FRUlTS—Oranges, navels, 12,75
03.00: Mediterranean sweets. $1.7502.00
seedlings. $1.25fM.50; lemons, fancy Eure
ka. $1.75912.V11; Eureka and Lisbon. $I.7sCfji
2.00; uncurcd, $1'0■1.25; limes, per 100. 50c.
comb, I'M i'u lie per lb; strained, 4#Sc;.bees
wax. -12c per lb.
POULTRY-Hens. $4.5004.75 per doz:
young roosters, $4.6004.75; broilers. $3.75T0
6.00: old roosters. $4; ducks, [email protected]; tur
keys. 1115/ lie per lb.
HAY —Wheat, $10tfill: barley. $8® 10;
wheat and oat. $10«|2; alfalfa. $9«10. .
MILL STUFFS—FIour, Los "Angeles.
$4; Slockton brands. $1.10: Oregon.
$1: Eastern. $4.0005.50; bran, per
lon. local, $1S: northern, $15.50; shorts,
per ton, local, $19: northern, $17: rolled bar
ley, per ton, $15: cracked corn, per cwt,
90e: feed .neal, per cwt. 95c.
DRIED FRITITS-Apples—Sun dried,
sacks, per ib, 4v50; boxes. 5(&7c: evapo
rated, fancy, Mnc. Apricots—Fancy. 11c;
choice. 9c. Peaches—Fancy, impeded.
6c; choice. 3c. Nectarines—Fancy, Sf!j9c;
choice. o<n"7e. Pears—Fancy evaporated,
7fo9c. Plums—Pitted, choice. 7ffl9c. Prunes—
Choice boxed. 3ißsc; sacks, 2ttsc: fancy, 10c.
NUTS—Walnuts—Los Angeles, 7c; med
ium soft, 10c; soft-shell Los Nletos, fancy,
10fc12o.' Almonds—Soft shell. 10c; paper
shell. 12c: hard shell, 6c, Pecans—l3&lsV4.
HIDES AND WOOV-Hides. as they run,
11c per lb; sound kips, 9c: bulls and stags
He; calves, 15c. Sheep pelts. 6tHlsc. Wool-
Spring clip, good 4iS6c; inferior, 3(fi"3V.c.
LIVE STOCK—AII per lb-Beeves, jMOSO'
calveß. 808i4c; sheep, i%rw 3c; lambs, iQBo:
hogs. 3%ii4c.
DRESSED MEATS —All per Ib—Br-«f. r,«
6}ic; veal, 6ty7c; mutton, lamb, 8#
10c: pork, Oe.
CURED MEATS—EagIe hams. 9",ic; Rex
hanms. 10014 c, ay. 1114 c; selected pig hams,
7>fi9e, ay, 9V;o; Diamond C picnic hams, 50
7o,av, 614o; fancy Rex boneless breakfast
bacon .(wrapped). 1314 c; Rex boneless
breakfast bacon, lOUc: Diamond c break
fast bacon backs, 8c; Rex boneless ham,
sugar cured, OVsc; Rex boneless butts, 0e;
Rex dried beef (sets), 10c: Rex dried beef
(Insldes), 1114 c; Rex regular dried beef. 9c;
smoked tongues, per Ib. 16c: light medium
y .eon. Se: medium bacon, tic: dry salt clear
dallies* 160.20, ay. Se; dry salt short clears,
85040, ay, 6%c: dry salt: dear backs, 6c:
Rex pure leaf lard,tierces, «V4c: ivory lard
compound, tierces. 6*40: Rexoline, tierce
basis, 6}4c: Cottolene. tierces. 7%c.
RAISINS—Fancy clusters. $1.25; 4-Crown
L 1, clusters. $1.100 1 25 ; 3-Crown 1,1,. per
';°x. 90cS$l: Sultana, seedless, per box, 90eO
*} '• -l;* rown loose muscats, per box, 60$
70c; 2-Cfown loose muscats, per box. 500
0.10: ordinary loose, per box, 45055c
-2-( rown loose, In sacks, per lb, 214&9*4 c:
,1-Crown loose, in sacks, per Ib, 2Vn2*,c'
4-( rown, per Ib, BV4ft,4c: Sultana, seedless'
laney bfchd, per Ib. 60«',sc; Sultana, seed
less, choice, per lb, B!4<a4c.
Fractions: Half boxes 25c. quarter box
es .! r .-;%;HH higher than wholes.
B IGb-f. alifornla white, per lb, 406 c; Cal
ifornia, black, per Ib. 404V?c; California
vmm ' Per ' im P° r ted Smyrna;
iJ}^^ (^ c i ca ? h)-calcut(a. 505V4; po
tato bags. 4: dried fruit sacks. 100 lbs. 6UO
iacks 30 wah,llt ba ß 8 ' 14 @ 16 : wool
At HlB^\ ED PI=AS-Pink. $1.50
I? 4rl»«.iifP'l.'.iff.' 75 ®' 00 ' Ll » (| y Washington.
$1.,002.00; wh te. small, $1.7502.90: garvan
cos. small. $2.0002.50: gatviiicos large
H. 5004 00; gree,;.field peaS: 00: black
eyed beans, $2.2502.60; lentils imnortßd
|70-8; lentils. California $3.6004 00 PO ted '
f^ T K2S?d?-£rS r , ,n°° lb «' Burbinks, 80®
■i e: Ne vada. $l5j)1.l0; common grades, Stoii
iiw SWGet ' * 1 Bur »and Bcwl!
Real Estate Transfer*
R. L. Gi:?t! tc Fred ■ .- 1-* « ,
if part of "west of" $$»."'''"'
Webster Llndsley to R. A. Guthrie, lot
9, block 41, Electric Railway Homestead
association tract; $250.
Jane F. Baker to P. A. Clapsaddle, lot
18, Walker tract; two.
George and Eudora J. Young to J. New
ton Brymer, lots 8, 10 and 12, block 2, Mala
bar tract; $1500. „
James M. and Elizabeth O. Davis to Er
nest and Franz Blchtor, lot 7, block G,
sub No. 1 of lands of Azusa L. and W. Co.;
Mahalla Morris tp Mary H. Wlnslow, lot
G, Axford at Landreths' sub; $1300.
Lutlcla and John H. Linkletter to Var
num V. Jerome. In town of Downey; 12000.
MttStln D. Crawford ct al to E. Burton
Stone, lot 15, block 18, and lots 32 and 34,
block 20. Brooklyn tract; $150.
Richard and Amanda H. Green to Emma
8. Springer, lot«. Park Villa tract; $1500.
Margarita and Thodor Jurgenseni to
Lewis A. Wllmot, w%_ of lot 7, Frank Nel
sons' snh of w%, block 44. San Pedro; $130.
Edward F. and Mary C. Claypool to
Newton Claypool. undivided % of lot 5,
Ross sub. Berry & Elliott tract; $5000.
Sellna F. Barlow to A. W. Lemesnager.
lots 7. 8 and 9. block 122. San Gabriel Valley
L. ft W. Co.'s sub; lot 7. block 1. Glendale:
lots 1, 2, 3and 4. block X. Ela View tract:
lot 17. block O, of L. A. Improvement Co. a
sub; $1500. ~ _
August and Mathilda Melsted to Ida F.
Christie, lots 2 and 3, block 1, City Center
tract: $16,000.
G. L. and Annie H. Chamberlln to Albert
Lr. Davis, lot 3 of £ L. Chamberlin's re-sub
of John Rey tract: $1000. •
Isaias W. and Esther Hellman to Mary
Kolb. lot 4. block 1. I. W. Hellman'e Six
teenth street tract; $660.
Wlllard and Ellen Fowle to Catherine
Tivernnan. w 33% foet of lot 15, block R,
Aliso tract; $500.
Hosea H. Rlstine to Fannie and Minnie
Morrison, agreement to convey lot 11,
block E. Crescenta Canada: $1000.
Mrs. R. O. Butterfield to Catherine M.
Buehler. s% of lot 10, Buchanan ft O'Neal's
" Emms P. and George H. Little to Addison
B. Naah. ntt of lot «, Reeds sub of w% of
ne%, see. 1. 2s, 14: $8000. ... .
James F. Murphy et al to Mrs. Julia A.
Holladay, lots 19 to 120, replat of John Rey
tract; $2000. ..'«..
Board of trustees of San Gabriel school
district to D. R. Brearley. commencing at
se corner of sec 36. 1 n. 12 w: $300.
Valentine and Louise Bresson to John
Pcyrenel, lot 97, Myers tract: $250.
Gail and Helen M. Borden to Willie B.
Johnson, beginning at se corner Fourth
and Olive streets; $3000.
Emma and G. G. Kirby to Ferdinand
Reis Jr. and William 8. Pardy, trustees of
Pacific tSates S L ft B Co.. lot 71, Grlder
ft Dows Adams Street tract: $1100.
Ida F. and Henry Christie to August Mel
sted. part lots J, 2 and 3, Diet* B Alams
street tract: $2600. _ , y
P. w. Dorsey to Susan M. Doraey, lot 12,
Hodge tract: $1600. . ,
G. W. and Louise M. Tubbs to Charles F.
Smith, lot 40, block B, Washington street
tract" $425
Moses Ricker to Jennie C. Ricker, lot 18.
W. B. Rogers' sub: lot 2. block N, Cres
centa Canada: blook 17, Harvey & Ricker s
add to Whltllei f $7000. _
William W. Seamon to Alice R. Seamon.
undivided % intereat in nw% lot 17, Sierra
Madre tract, and other lands; $3000.
George I. Cochran to Agnes Tooker, lot
2, block 11, Herald 2d sub: $1.
Elijah and Emma Cash to Charlotte Cash
Miller, lot 11. block 6. Marathon tract; $8.0.
J. G. and Emily Whittaker to Adam and
Maggie Pleasant, lots 53 and 53V,. Whit
taker. Richardson * Ernest sub; $1000.
Soloman tnd Ella P. Hubbard to Luther
Hill, lot 17. block 30. Electric Railway
Homestead association tract: $350.
Total, $47,524.
Buslneis Transacted and Prices Paid at Hosse
and Abroad
NEW YORK. April 14.—A further in
crease in trading was noted today in the
slock market and there are indications of
commission house buying to a moderate
extent. Interest centered In the Indus
trials. London came lower for Americans,
but the local market opened animated and
strong. Trading was affected by the con
siderations that have recently been noted,
the seasonable weather, ease of money,
weakness in exchange, more encouraging
advices aa to the crop outlook and a belief
that no disturbing elements are likely to
occur In the near future regarding the
Cuban question. The market at the outset
was quiet, but the movement decreased
Later and the afternoon operations were
only of moderate interest. The reports
denoting the substantial position of the
sugar industry and buying of the stock
by the pool have caused considerable anx
iety on the part of the shorts, as the manip
ulators appear to be able to manipulate
the price at will. Sugar rose 1% per cent
to 123, closing with a net gain of a point.
The advancing tendency in the general
market was checked at times by profit tak
ing, but the depression was only momen
tary. Such of the railways as were active
fluctuated with narrow ranges.
In the final dealings general realizations
caused fractional recessions and Imparted
an easier tone to the closing. The ex
changes recorded slight gains as a rule.
Railway bonds were active and higher on
a wide distribution of business. The more
substantial gains were scored ihe usu
ally inactive issues. Central Washington
firsts trust receipts jumped 1% per cent
to 52 on the prospects of favorable treat
ment in the Northern Pacific reorganiza
tion. Government bonds were strong on
sales of $85,000.
NEW YORK, April 14.-The following
are the closing stock quotations:
Atchison 16% do pfd 145
Adams Ex ....148 N V Central 96%
Alton, T H 58 N V ft N X 4R
do pfd.... — Oft W 14%
American Ex..U3 Ore Imp 1
Baltimore ft O. 18% Oregon Nay 22
Canadian Pac. MVt OSL&UN 3%
Canadian 50... 50% Paclfls Mail 27
CenPac ISV» PD ft E 2%
Ches ftOhla .. 16% Pittsburg 160
Chicago Alton .154 Pullman Palace .167
CB & Q 78% Reading 12%
Chicago Gas... 69% US. Rubber 2ti
Con Gas 135% do pfd S4
C C C& St L.. 35H R G West 18
Col C ft 1 2 do pfd 45
Cotton O C... 14% St L&B Fist pfd —
Del Hudson ...127 Rock Island 71%
D Lft W 16914 St. Paid 7(1
Dftß (i pfd.. 47(4 do pfd 125^
n& c fC0.... is% st. p& 6 :i9' 4
Erie 2d pfd .. 38% do pfd 122..
Erie 14% Southern Pac ... 19li.
'do pfd id 23% Sugar Relincry .122%
Fort Wayne ...160 Ten 11 ('ft I 81%
G N pfd 110 Texas Pac 80
C ft E I pfd ....100 T ft O Cen pfd.. 75
Hocking Valley l«Vi Union Pac 8%
Ills Cen 95 v S Express .... 48
St P ft D 24 w St L ft Pac. 714
K&Tpfd 27 do pfd 18%
L B & W 18 W F Express .. 99
do pfd.... 70V4 Western Union .. 84
Lake Shore ....14714 W&LE 9%
Lead Trust ... 25',; do pfd 98
L ft N 50<4 Minn &St L 19
L ft N A HA Dft RG 12",
Man Con 111% General Electric. 37%
M ft C 15 Natl Linseed ... 19
Michigan Cen.. 95 Col F ft 1 29%
Missouri Pac. 24% do pfd 100
M ft O 22 TT ft Tex Cen... 2%
Nash Chatt .... 68 T A A & N M —
Natl Cordage .. 4% St L ft X C 5Va
do pfd.... 9% do pfd 10
N J Cen 107% SoR R. 9%
Nft W pfd 5% do pfd 30%
North Am Co.. 5% Am Tobacco ...84
North Pac I<4 do pfd 98
UPD&G 3% Am Tft C C 0.... 93
Com Cable Co.. 160 it s cordage pfd. 19U
Am Sugar pfd. .102 U S Leather pfd. H%
Northwestern ...164*4
NEW YORK. April 14.—The following
were the closing quotations on bonds loduy:
IT S 11 4s cotip.ll7!i r* P lsts 0f'95... .100
II s ,"?w4s —117V4 T>& RG7s tig ll ,
TT H fi* reg....113% Tt ft R G4s Mtt
TT s 5s c0up..113% Erlejnds (4%
IT 8 4s leg... .IORV2 G 11 ft 8 A 65... .105
V S 4s reg ....109 GH&SA 7s. ...100
t! S 4b c0up..109 H ft T Gen. 55..10S
Pac 6s> of '95..103 H ft T ,Cen Vs.. 103%
A a C ass A....106 M JC T Ist 45.... 84%
Ala Class 8....106 Si X T 2d 45...,58%
Ala Class C....100 Mut TTnlon 65....114
Ala currency.. 100 N .1 C Genl ss..lis
La new con 4s 98 N T» Ists 114"J
Mods 100 ]>T p 2ds 110"'.
NC6s 122% Northwest c0n..139%
NC45.... 103 do S F deb 55.110%
8 C non-fund.. 14 R G Went lsts.. 74%
Term n set 65..86 St P consols 75.12S
Term 11 set us. .108% St PCft P W 55.113
Term 11 set 35..— St L & S F Gen 65107
Term old 65.... 60 St Lft 1 M Gen 5s 77%
Va centuries... 60% Texas.Pac lsts .. 88%
Va deferred.... 5% Texas Pac-2ds .. 23%
Atchison4s 78% IT P Ists of' 96. ...1041.1
Atchison sec A 46 W S 4s 103%
Can So2ds 104 *• ORft N lsts 109%
So RR 5s 91Vi N P 3ds 74%
L ft N 4s 7714
SAN FRANCISCO. April 14.-The official
closing quotations for mining stocks today
were as follows:
Alta ' 7 Julia 4
Alpha Con 6 Justice 2
Andes 25 Ken tuck Con —
elcher 39 Lady Wash Con.. —
Belle Isle — Mexican 30
Best ft Belcher .. 45 Mono 11
Bodle Con 38 Mt. Diablo —
Bullion 3 Navajo _
n.jln'-r Con ?0 OeoMnntol I'm, OA
Caledonia 3 Ophlr 87
Con Cal ft Va.... 155 Overman 8
Challenge Con .. 23 Potosl 22
Chollar 33 Savage 26
Confidence 70 Scorpion -i
Con Imperial ... 1 Sierra Nevada .... 65
Con New York.. — Sliver Hill 1
Crown Point .... 29 Silver King —
Exchequer 3 Union Con 40
Gould ft Currlc. 13 Utah Con 6
Grand Prize .4.,, — Yellow Jacket.... 29
Hale ft NorcroßS.l2o
NEW YORK, April 11.—Money on call
easy at 303V4 per cent; last loan, 3; closed
3 per cent; prime mercantile paper, 6140*
614 per cent; sterling exchange heavy with
actual business in bankers' bills at $4.88140,
4.88% for demand and $4.87%04.88 for sixty
days; posted rates, $4.8804.89 and $4,890
4 90
'SAN FRANCISCO. April 14.—Drafts,
Sight. 5: telegraph, 714.
LONDON, April 14.—Consols, 110*4.
NEW YORK. April 14.—Bar sliver, 6814;
Mexican dollars. 55%. 1
SAN FRANCISCO. April 14.—Bar sliver,
$8%; Mexican dollars. 55'i056. „.„,
London, April 14.—Bar silver, 30 3-16 d.
WASHINGTON, April 14—Today's state
ment of the condition of the treasury
shows: Available cash balance, $270,603,293;
gold reserve, $127,820,766.
BOSTON, April 14.—Atchison. 1614; Bell
Telephone. 202; Burlington, 78%; Mexican,
9%; San Diego,
The Day's Transaction* on tho Bo»rd of
CHICAGO, April ll— There was Just a
fair speculative trade in wheat. Tne
start was strong at %©%c advance, and
gradually sagged back %c. rallied %c, de
clined l%c and closed steady. The early
firmness was Influenced some by the
higher cables, both English and continent
al, Liverpool, according to public advices,
showing %d advance. Berlin and Parts
Also showed moderate gains. There was a
falr-sixed out inspection and crop dam
age claims from Ohio which also imparted
some strength to the situation. At the
advance offerings were larger, especially
of July, there being considerable selling
by the elevator interests and exports mak
ing a disappointing showing, caused early
buyers to sell and prices receded. The
weather continues the all-important fac
tor, the warm showery conditions in the
winter wheat states having a bearish in
fluence. Another influence which aided the
decline was the sharp drop in prices at
St. Louis which was said to be due to the
change in the rules regarding the delivery
on contracts of Kansas hard wheat.
Northwestern receipts were much larger
than a year ago, and there were selling or
ders here from that section. The signal
service preuicted favorable weather for
the winner wheat belt, but not so for
the Northwest, where snow flurries and
colder weather are indicated. Advices
from parties now traveling through the
Southwest stated that the crop in Southern
Indiana and Illinois looked much better
since the late rains. The market rallied
on the good buying by room traders. The
very free selling at the advance caused tho
sharp reaction to Inside prices. When hold
ers wanted to realize they found there
were no buyers and a heavy feeling result
ed, the very limited export clearings and
the fine growing weather making buyers
cautious and longs sold. There was a little
more doing in corn. Prices kept within
'ie range. The close was steady at yester
day's price. Oats were active only at In
tervals. The feeling was easier, influenced
by free offers and sympathy with
wheat. Provisions were upheld for a
time by the demand for pork by those
who were short. That sustaining Influence
was not sufficient to bold up lard and
ribs in the latter part of the session.
CHICAGO. April 14.—The leading futures
closed as follows:
Wheat No. 2—April. 64%; May, 60; June,
CHICAGO, April 14.—Today's transac
tions in cattle were at barely steady prices,
with comparatively few sales above $4.
Choice cows and heifers. $2.500 3.70; bulls,
$1.750 3-25: calves in liberal supply at lower
prices. There was a fairly good demand
for hogs today, all kinds except light
weights average 6c lower. Sales were on
a basis of $3.350 3.80 for heavy.. Prices were,
steady at $2.750 3.75 for poor to strictly
choice sheep and $3.8504.60 for lambs.
Western sheep comprised the bulk of the
offerings and sold largely at $3.6008.86. Most
of the lambs were Western and Mexicans.
Corn No. 2—April, 29%; May, 30%; July,
31%; September. 32%.
Oats No. 2—April, 19; May, 19%; July, 20%:
September. 20%.
Casli quotations were as follows: Flour,
nominal: No. 2 spring wheal. 6t%: No. :i
spring wheat. 65065%; No. 2 red. 67%©69;
No. 2 corn. 30%: No. 2 oats. 19%: No. 2 white.
21%0<22%: No. 3 white. 20021%; No. 2 rye.
37; No. 2 barley. nominal:-No. 1 flaxseed,
92; prime timothy seed, $3.25: mess pork,
per hbl. $5.6.yn8.60; lard, per 100 lbs. $1,950
4 97%; short ribs sides (loose). $4.4004.45;
dry salted shoulders (boxed), 4%01%; short
clear sides (boxed), 4%04%: whisky, distil
lers' finished goods, per gal, $1.22.
Rects Shpmts.
Flour, bbls 9,000 12.000
Wheat, bushels 21,000 60,000
Corn, bushels 118.000 56,000
Oats, bushels 169,000 173,000
Rye. bushels 2,000 5,000
Barley, bushels 39.000 23,000
On the produce exchange today the but
ter market was steady: creamery, 10O17e,
dairy, 10O16e. Eggs were firm at 9010% c.
Call Board Prices oi Cereal* snd Shipments
SAN FRANCISCO. April 14.—Wheat
steady: December. 108%: new seller. 105%:
barley steady; December, 73%; May, 72%;
65%; July, 65%.
Flour, family extras. $8.7503.85: bakers' ex
tras, $3.5508.65; superfine. $2.8503. Wheat,
No. 1 shipping wheat, 107%: choice, 110;
milling wheat, 11714012214. Barley, feed,
fair to gootl. 70071%: choice. 72%073%;
brewing. 800 86%. Corn, 86%: bran. $14.60.
Oats, milling. 7608214; surprise, 900 100:
fancy feed. 8814087141 good to choice. 75080;
poor to fair. 6i1»072'»: gray. 7214080.
Receipts—Flour, qr sks, 1575; wheat, clis,
1050; barley, ctis. 7505; oats. ells. 200: do
Oregon, 665; beans, sks. 457: corn, ells. 1605;
potatoes, sks. 3205; Onions, sks. 53; bran,
sks, 1757: middlings, sks. 480; bay. tons,
270; straw, tons. 10: mustard, sks, 160; wool,
bales. 829; hides, number, 655; wine, gals,
SAN FRANCISCO. April 14.- Middlings.
$17.50O!19.50; bran. $14014.50. Hay, wheat,
$8011.50; wheat and oat, $7.50010.50; oat.
$7.50010: alfalfa. $709; barley. $709; clover.
$608; compressed. $7.50010.50; stock. $60/
7.50; straw. $15055. Potatoes, river bur
banks, 85085: Oregon burbanks. 350)70;
early rose, $0040; new potatoes, 760100; on
ions. $2,110.
Various—Los Angeles tomatoes, $2,500
1.75; string beans, 10; Los Angeles green
peas, 208%; garlic, 40:5: dried peppers. 100
12%; mushrooms. 15080; asparagus. $102:
do choice, $2.2502.50: dried okla. 12%015;
rhubarb. 86076; cucumbers. 560d.00.
Fresh fruit—Apples. $1.5002.50.
Citrus Fruit—Mexican limes. $5,5006;
lemons. $2.500 5.50; do fancy. $2.250 2.50: Cal
ifornia seedling oranges. $1.250 2.75; navels.
$20 2.75; fancy, $30 3.30; Hawaiian bananas,
Dairy products—Bttlter. fanev creamery.
14; seconds do, 13013%; fancy dairy, 12-0
13: seconds do, 12.
Cheese—Fancy mild new. 909%: fair lo
good, 7140814; young America, 8010; East
ern, 12011.
Coughs, Cold*, Sore Throat, lojluenza, Bron
chitis, Pneumonia, Swelling ot the
Joints, Lumbago, Inflammation
twenty minute,. NOT ONE HOUR after read
inf thia advertisement need any one SUFFER
A half to a teaapoonful In half a tumbler ol
water will in a (ew minute* cure Crampa
Spasms. Sour stomach, Heartburn. Nervou,
neia, sleeplessness. Sick Headache, Diarrhoea,
Dysentrv. Colio, Flatulency and all internal
palna There la not a remedial acent in the
world that will cute Fever and Ague and all
other Malarious, B'lious, and other fevers,
aided by RADWAVS PILLS, so quickly ai
Fifty cents per bottle bold by Draggistt
§an Marcos Hotel
Especially desirable for persons visit
ing the
Flower Festival
Proprietor. M»nager.
Eggs—Store, 12; ranch, 13014; duck eggs,
Poultry—Live turkeys—Gobblers, 14'ij)
16; hens, 14016; roosters, 2404.50; young do,
1708; small broilers, 12.5004; large do,
25.60; hens, *45»4.80; old ducks, 4.5005.50:
young do, $708.50; geese, 21.2501.75; old
pigeons, 81.5001.85; young do, 81.5002.
ROSTON, April 14.—Business has been
confined to the sales of small lots in the
wool market here this week. The market
shows an entire lack of demand and with
this feeling prevailing prices are somewhat
fluctuating and the buyer in need of wool
has no trouble in securing what he requires
at his own figures, if they are anything
within reason. Dealers are now in hope of
improvement in the market for the new
clip and prospects of doing better after the
fall elections. Dealers express the opin
ion that the election of a Republican presi
dent will help values. California wools:
Northern spring, 10fi>13: scoured, price 31fi>
83 cents; middle counties spring. 10rai2e;
Bcoured price, [email protected]; middle county spring,
10O<12c: scoured, price, 30031 c.
Australian wools: Scoured basis, comb
ing, superfine, 47050 c; combing, good, 43iii
46c; combing, average, 40043 c.
NEW YORK, April 14.—Special cable
and telegraphic dispatches to Bradstrect s
indicate the following changes in avail
able supplies. Saturday, April 11. as com
pared with the preceding Saturday: Avail
able supplies: Wheat. United States and
Canada, east of the Rocky mountains, de
crease 1,586,000 bushels: afloat for and in
Europe, decrease 1,696.000 bushels; total de
crease world's available supply 3,382.000
bushels: corn. United States and Canada,
east of the Rocky mountains, decrease. 83.
-000 bushels: oats. United States and Can
ada, east of the Rocky mountains, increase
131,000 bushels.
LIVERPOOL. April 14.—Spot wheat clos
ed firm with a fair demand: No. 2 red win
ter, 5s 7%d; No. 2 hard Manitoba, 5s 7a:
No. 1 California, 5s 7%d. Futures closed
stead v. V t d higher; April. 5s 7d; May. June
and July. 5s 7!4d; August and September,
5s 7<Ad. Spot corn closed steady: American
mixed new, 3s Had. Futures closed rim;,
HOlid higher; April. 3s Id; May, 3s Hid;
June. 3s July, 3s 2Ud: August. 3s Id;
September, 3s I%<\. Flour closed firm with
a fair demand; St. Louis fancy winter. 7s
3d. Pacific coast hops at London £115s.
NEW YORK, April 14.—Petroleum quiet;
United States. 21.23 bid.
Leave for DESTINATION Ar. from
*BB} wtts* {w
w agg} wa» {*SS
2:05 pm 18. Fran., Sacramento ( 7:3i)am
9:2Spm / and East, via Ogden \ 1.30 pm
8:25 pm Portland. Or 1:30 pm
2:80 pm EI Paso and itiaat 1.09 pm
Pasadena A 7:69 am
7:60 am " 8:86 am
A 8:88 am • N 9:50 am
9:20 am • * ■ 10:40 am
A 11:25 am " l:»pm
12:20 pm " A 8:05 pm
1:55 pm v 5 ; 01 pm
5:30 pm " A 7:38 pm
A t:lopm "
coom 1 Riverside, f »:55 am
• :20 am Redle.de. l:f»pm
2:80 pm ' San Bernardino 4:4* pm
4:50 pm I and Colton I 6:35 pm
• :oo am i j 8:49 am
9:20 am Pomona 9:86 am
2:30 nm ■ and i:oopm
4:30 pm Ontario 4:44 pm
5:25 pm J I *:*> pm
5:0o am Ctalno *:W am
4:30 pm " 9:55 am
5:25 pm " *:85 pm
9:00 am I Covins , 8:50 am
A 2:30 pm' r and J I A ::00pm
5:25 pm i San Dlma* 1| 9:35 pm
8:05 am 1 ') Monrovia [ AS :21am
A 11:20 am! I Arcadia I 9:50 am
A 3:05 pm f and 1 A 1:10 pm
6:15 pm ] Duarto [ 4:55 pm
7:35 am Santa Barbara 12:15 pm
4:00 pm M 30:10 pm
A f-nsnm 1 Santa Ana and f . JjfjH?
MlwSief {
10:05 am > Whlttler ( 8:00 am
A 9:10 am Tnstln 9:o4am
s:lopm •* A 6:20 pm
5:05 pm J San Pedro 5:15 pm
0:00 am Santa Monies,
810:00 am " 7:45 »m
«. " 3:45 am
1:10 pm 12;12 pm
5:16 pm & 4:20 pm
0:00 pm 14 5:10 pm
9:00 am Soldier*' Home 12:12 pm
«:00 pm " 6:10 pm
9:ooam port Los Angeles 12:12pm
6 10:00 am M n g:*i pm
1:10pm 11 5:10 pm
A 1:40 pm: Catallna Til and A '.l:.oam
A 9:4 ft am Ctiataworth Park A 4:5 pm
('hat«worth Park—Leave from and arrive at
Blver Station, San Fernando street, only,
a Sundays excepted s Saturdays and Sundays
AM B.P. Co.'s trains stop at First street (except
the four San Francisco trains) ami Commercial
street (except tho H:25 San Francisco evening
train), in the business renter of the city, saving
time and street car fares to passengers.
General Passenger Office, 22» S. Spring street.
Good all, Perkins & Co., General Agents, San Fran.
Northern routes embrace lines for Portland, Or.,
Victoria, h. C.j and Puget Sound, Alaska aud nil
coast points.
Leave San Francisco
"Tor— i
Port Harford IS. S. Corona, April 7, 13, 23;
Santa Barbara May I.
Port Los Angeles.Jß. 8. Sunt & Bona, April 3, 11,
Newport IH, 27; May 5.
San Diego
For— Is. S.St. Paul, April 5, 13, 21,
East San Pedro—l 29; May 7.
Ban Pedro and way 8 S. Knreka, April 1, 9, 17,10]
port m ■ M*y **• s_
Leave Port Los Angeles and Redondo
For— S. S. Santa Boss, April 5, 13,
21, »); May 7.
San Diego S. S. Corona, April 1, 0,17, 25;
For— 8. S.Santa Boss, April 7, 15,
San Francisco 2*; May I.
Port Harford !S. H. Corona, April 8,11,19, 27;
Santa Barbara ! May 5.
Leave Han Pedro and Fast Han Pedro.
~For- |S. 8. Eureka, April 4,12, 20, 28;
San Francisco I May fl.
and S. H. St. Paul, April 8, 16, 24;
Way p0rta...... ■ ■. • I May 2.
Cars to connect with steamers via San Pedro
leave S.P K.K. Arcade depot at 5:05 p.m. and Ter
minal r.k. depot at 5 p.m.
Cars to connect via Redondo leave Santa Fe
depot ut. 9:50 a.m., or from Kedondo Hallway depot
at 9:05 a.m.
Cars to connect via Port Lob Angeles leave S.P.
8.8, depot at l: 10 p.m. for steamers north bound.
Plan.t of steamers' cabins at ageut's office, where
berths may be secursd.
The company reserves the right to change the
at earners or their days of sailing.
For passage or freight as above or for tickets to
and Iron, all Important points In Europe, apply to
W. PARRIS. Agent.
Office: U*H W. Third St., Los Angeles.
Redondo Railway
DEPOT: Grans aye. and Jefferson at.
In effect January 1,1899.
Leavo Los Angeles j Leave Redondo for
for Hedondo Los Angeles
9:05a.m Dally 7:30 a.in Dally
4:80 p. m Dally, 1:00 p. m Daily
For passenger aud freight riles apply at depot,
corner Grand avenue and Jefferson street. Tele
phone West 1.
T. T. ntltlmtV Pr..Me:>t_
L. J. PERRY, Superintendent.
[ T!;« Only I3PECIA.I.r!aXS In So California for
{ I We have the largest practice on the Pacific Coast, treating ever? form of Weakness icnd Private Diseases ef M*moa»> at*)*
-\ \ We Never Ask for a Dollar Until Cure is effected. ■
f \ WK GPAkAKTBB TO CUBE j-— * \J Jf\, \— fNa P,in ' r ■&* um *to* > ** jB
ft No matter how large or of how long standing, and yoa can pay os when you arrwrared. If tdd ciaattoaU, wets*. |X
| i Corner Third and Main St., over Wells, Fargo & Co.'s. Private side entrance on ThJsl tlMt X
jKRr* C IA
JH m%\\ Trains leave and arrlva a*
La Grande Siation aa
IKilol ■ Trains via Pasadena arrlva)
' Downey btc, ntatioh 7 mtn-
T93BSw£SPSD uti>a earlier westbound and
C3CwMs*svZ¥l leave 7 minutes later easL>
To Denver, Kansas City, Chicago. St. Louie,
Leaves daily 8:00 pm.-Arrives daily* :05 pm.
To Denver. Kansas City, Chicago, St. Loan.
Leaves 7:10 am.—Arrive* 6:00 pm.
Lv. a>:oOa. m., 5:20 p. m; Ar. al:05 p.m.. 7:15 p. au
P—Leave 7:10 am. a»:20 am., 0:00 am., at:O0 pro.
4:45 pm., B:oopm.*, O—Lv. ali:oo am., 6:20 pm.
P— Arrive 8:65 am. a»:45 am., al:oopm.. 5:00 pm.,
(:06pm.,6:80pm; O—Ar. ii:ooam.,7:l
P—Leave 7:10 am., aS:2O am., i:00 am., a 4:00 pm.,
4:46 pm; O—Lv. all:0» am., 5:20 pm.
P—Arrive a»:45 am., aiK» pm., 8:00 pm., 6:05 pm*
8:50 pm.; O—Ar. II :00 am., 7:15 pm.
Leave-7:10am.. a 8:20 am., c:» am., 1:38 pm., MtW
in., a 4:46 pm., ai:80 pm., Bpm.
Arrive—a7:BBam,, 8:56 am., a»:45 am., 1:00 pm.,
4116 pm., 6:00 pm., 6:06 pm., 4:60 pm.
leave-all:20 am..aa»:oo am., 1:85 pm., a4:oopm..
isVMI pm., as:Bopm. ,
Arrive—a7:6B am.,8:55 am., t.i:oo, 4:15,6:50 pm.
leave—as:ooam., 6:00 am., 4:18 pm., 5:50 pm.
Arrive—6:Bo am., al :06 pm., 8:05 |im.,7:i5 pm.
leave—9:6oam., 6:o6pm; Arrive—B-.29am ,4:4* pa
leave—7:lo am., 10:00 am., 5:05 pm.
Arrive—9:ss am., 4:40 pm,, 9:50 pm.
leave— P *9:00 am., O—all .00 am.
Ar—Pal:ooanda6;osnm. O—all:00am.. »7:15 p«*
leave P—a9:am. Oall:00am.
Arrive P—al:oopm. O—all:00 am.
fcr—aß:oo am., a6:2opm. Leave—a9:oo am.
Arrive—al :05pm. Arrive—a7:i» pm.
P—Via Pasadena. O—Via Orange, a—Dally,
except Sunday. aaSundaye only; all other train*
4*117. Ticket office, 129 North sprlac el. and la
flrande atatlon
IN EFFECT NOV. 18, 1895.
Lot Angeles depots: East end First street an*
Downey avenue bridges.
""Leave Los Angeles for Leave Pasadena for Los
Pasadena. A ngelos.
b 7:10 a.m b 8:10 a.m.
c 7:55 am c R:3oa.ro.
a S:loa.m a io:2r>a.m.
a 11:80 a.m a i2:4flp.m.
a 8:80 p.m ft 4:35 p.m.
a 6:20 p.m. ■ a 6:00 p.m.
Downey avenue leaving time 7 minutes later. Be*
twfcen Los Angeles and Pasadena—Round trip 25c.
LeaveLOS Angeles tot "Teave Altadena .11incttan
Altedena Junction. for Los Angeles.
a t:loa.m a 10:10 a.m.
c 11:80 a.m c 12:2* p.m.
a 8:80 p m... liiz^i ' * P m -
All trains start from First street depot.
"Leave Los"AngelesTor Leave Glondale for Los
Gleudalo. Angeles.
b 7:osa.ra b 7:57 a.m.
c 8:20a.m c 9:i2a.ra.
a 11:80p.m a 1:27 p.m.
a 6:05 p.m. .....). _*..... a 5:52 p.m.
Leave "Los Angeles tor Leave East San Pedro""
Long Reach and East for
Ban Pedro. Los Angeles.
a 9:00p.m a 7:20 a.m.
a 1:10 p.m » 10:30 a.m.
a 6:00 p,m ..._•■» 3:45 p.m.
Between E. San Pedro and Long Beach 10 minutes.
Steamer for Avalon connects with 1:10 p.m.
train daily, except Sundays.
Trains leave Los Angeles dally at 9:10 a.m., cII.SO
a.m., and a 3:30 p.m.
Fine pavilion and hotel. Grand scenery.
Telescope and searchlight.
a Dully b Dally except Sunday, c Sundays
only, d Saturdays only.
stages meet tho 7:10 a.m. train at Pasadena for
Mt. Wilson on new tr*»ll.
Passengers leaving Los Angeles on the 7:10 a.m.
(rain for Mt. Wilson can return same day.
Special rate;, to excursion nnd picnic parties.
Depots east end ot First street- and Downey are*.
Bue bridges.
City ticket office, (Jreenowald s cigar store, cor
ker Second and Spring streets.
General offices, First street depot.
T B BVUNETT, General Manager,
W. WINCUP. Gen. passenger Agent.
Cars leave Fourth and Spring streets.
For Rubio Canyon and Echo Mountain—
8:00, 9:00 and 10:00 a.in.; 1:00, 11:00 and
4:00 p. m.
Returning It aye Echo Mountain—B:oo
and 9:00 a.m.: 2:00,1:00 and 4:16 p.m.
For AUadena— 8:00 a.in. and every nour
until 10 p.m.
Returning leave Altsdena-0:»t0 a.m. and
hourly until 0:30 p.m.
For Pasadena—Every Fifteen minutes from
7:15 s.m. to 8:00 p.m. Hall hourly before
and after these hours.
Office, 222 W Fourth street.
E. P. CLARK. Gen'l Manager.
Mm/ Diseased
We cure Emissions,
MK| Dr. White
i 138 Commercial Street, lo* AOf.iee, Cm.
Representative w nolesale and
Retail Dealers, Business
Men and Firms
W. H. aOW, 205-208 Wilson blk., Spring It.
"KEATING," Tlawley, King & Co., 210 N, Mala,
F. W. BRA UN at CO., 405-407 N Main; tel. 954,
LTIDWIO <fc WAGNER, Mott Market, tel. 550.
HAAS, BARTJCH * CO., 820 to 320 N. L. A. at,
ABBOTSFORD INN, cor. Bth and Hope; tel, 117 a
Co.. (inc.) 8100,000, 211-212 BtlmsOn. A. C. Brun
ei son, att'y.
F. H. MAUDE A CO., 11l W. First St.
NORTON A KENNEDY, 184 s. Brdwy; tel. 685.
1. P. MORENO, 220 Allao St.
CHAS. W. ADAMS, BSB N. Main. Tel. 1847.
COIINSTABLE * COUTTS, 156 N. Los Angeles.
BOOTH A ROW. 256 S. Main St. Tel. 1349.
O. BTOESAK, 511 8. Spring St. bet. 6th and (th.
J. F. A. LAST, 129 and 131 N, Main st.
NEW YORK BAZAAR. 148 N. Spring at.
Directory of
! nUItL Hnbnllln heart, Proprietor.
j IIUI LI MRUIM Los Angeles.
riSer DHOP ''
HOTEL BRUNSWICK American-European plana, i
HOTEL HOLYROOD Cochrane, proprietor.
lilt KUIttLL side. E. J. Davis, Prop.
hotel l n ßTiTpim;r sT co " mAD °
UfITCI DDIWvTCD •'• X - o-brien, propu
iIUILL DnCnOlLn Fourth and V Sts., San Diego.
\V Hi aVAaaSy No Knife or Pais I
3J « Bar No r '*J 11,1 c,lred !
fIS aßf sJBa Write for 63-pnge
Br*~jgS 1 Treatise and Home
%9aaaaM \testimonialsof many
woalerfal cures, nostl7
aon*aw in women's breasts.
8. R. CH A Ml f Y. M. D.
II CaMBrHiipilsl.4iSW.Tsr.thS
H \J Z. J V Oflee, »11 W. Flratst
10s anqcles. cat..
DfcWONQ HIM, who ha* practice.*! modi
cine in Lot Anjteles ior 21 years, and
Whose office is at 639 Upper Main street, will
treat by niedictne all diseases ol women, mea
tnd children Thedoctor claims that he ha*
remedies tha: are suparior to all others as ft
■pecitic for troubles of women and men. A
trial will convince the aiek that Dr. Wong
aHini'B remedies are the must efficacious that
can be prescribed. Dr. Won? Him is a Chines*
physician of prominence km i a gentleman •»
responsibility. Ilia reputation is more than
well established, and all pemons needing his
services can rely on his skill nnd ability. A
cure is Guaranteed in every case in which a
recovery is possible. Herb medicines for sale.
6)9 Upper Main St., Los Angels
J, M. Griffith, Pres. John T tirimth. V.-Pree
F. T. Griffith, Secretary and Treasuror.
Geo. K. Waltes, hupt. of Mill.
Lumber Dealers,
And manufacturers of
IMC Mill work 01 Every DescripiioiL
Oeeis Windows, Blind, and Stairs.
M 4 M. ALAMEDA ST.. Lea Augales. Oak
m ''ig d is a non-poisonous
remriiv for Gnnnrrhorn,
< J,r '''. Spermatorrhiea,
MmuWiu l to Whiten, unnatural di«-
JBjaW onsrsnucd « chargea. or any innumniit-
BtabW aot ia strleiare. w tioo, irriiation or uhu-ra
aWaSertysaw asaiagisa. tlon of mucous mem
lKlrHEEv>S3CHtaiC.lCri. b ™ n <-"- Ken-astringent.
IggaoM'SluT'o mm 8»el4l by nranUU,
n a. a r «"nt in plain wrapper,
TaavV by eipress. prerjalj. for
%VasaBBBBBBBa!t!rB f, l , a> 'i" r 3 * > - n
• SI JSS. wirS'iw -- —
A Resolution of the Board of TranW
tees of the City of Lioiitr. Beach,
giving notice that sealed pro*
posals or bids will be received Mr
sale of a Franchise for tbe erec
tinn and maintenance of a Tele
phone and Telegraph system in th*
City of Long Beach
Whereas, application has been made for
a franchise to erect and maintain poles,
wires and other conductors for the trans,
mission of electricity for telephone and tel
egraph Tiurpbsee In and upon the streets,
uileys and public highways In the City ot
Long Beach, and to exercise tho privil
ege of operating telephones within said city,
fo? a term of fifteen (15) years.
Now. therefore, be It resolved, that the
City Clerk be and is hereby instructed
to advertise In the Daily Herald, a news
paper published in the City of Los An-
Kelcs, State of California, for ten (lni
consecutive tlays. and two weeks In tho
Kye. a newspaper published In the City of
Long Jleach, the following; notice of inten
tion to award a franchise irrantlnjr the
aforesaid privileges to tiie highest bidder
in the following words, towlt :
Notice is hereby given that the Board
of Trustees of the City of Long Beach,
County of I.os Angeles. State of California,
has received application for a franchise
to construct, lav down, operate and main
tain an electric telegraph plant and sys
tem, witli all the necessary appliances. In
the public streets of the city of Look
Heach for the period of fifteen years, ana
that It Is proposed to grant the same to the
highest bidder, and that the said Board of;
Wustees will on the 21st day of May at
t :30 o'clock p. m. meet in the city hall of
the City of Long Bench, in open session
for the purpose of opening sealed propo
sals for the purchase of a franchise of the
character and for the term set forth below,
at which time and place said franchise
will be awarded to the highest bidder.
The following is a copy of the ordinance
which is proposed to be passed awarding to
tiie successful bidder the aforesaid fran
chise, towlt:
"An ordinance granting to ■.
successors and assigns, the right to place,
erect and maintain poles, wires and other
conductors for the transmission of elec
tricity for telephone and telegraph pur
poses in and upon the streets,
alleys and public highways in the
City of Long Beach, and to exercise the
privilege of operating telephones withi.i
said city.
The Board of Trustees ot the City ot
Long Beach do ordain as follows:
Section 1. The City of Long Beach
herehv grants to , succes
sors and assigns, the right and privilege
lo place, lay. erect, maintain and operate
in the streets, alleys and public highways
within said city, poles, wires and other con
ductors for tiie transmission of electricity
lor telephone and telegraph purposes.
Section 2. Such wires or conductor*
shall bo stretched upon poles or other
fixtures above Rround in a workmanlike
and proper manner: said poles shall be
erected at the edge of the sidewalks In
saiii city in a good substantial manner,
and shall he kept painted. The Board of
Trustees of said city shall have the right
to cause said grantee to move the location
of any pole whenever in their judgment
the public convenience shall require the
location of the same elsewhere, the ex
, peuse of said removal to be paid by said
grantee. '
Section 3. The said grantee or assigns
may make all necessary excavations In snv
of the ssaid streets, alleys or public high
ways for the purpose of erecting and main
taining poles or other supports for said
wires or conductors, or repairing the
same, and said work shall be done In
compliance with the rules, regulations, or
dinances or orders which may during the
continuance of the franchise be. adopted
of the said city, and the same shall he
done to the satisfaction of the said Board
of Trustees.
Section 4. Nothing in this ordinance shall
he construed as in any wise to prevent lite
proper authorities of said City of Long
Heach from sewering, grading, paving, re
pairing or altering any of said streets or
thoroughfares herein mentioned.
Section 5. In consideration of the rights
herein granted the said City of Long
Beach shall have the right to suspend
and maintain upon Ihe poles placed by the
said grantee, successors or assigns in th*
streets and thoroughfares aforesaid any
ami all wires which said city may require
lor lite alarm and police telegraph ser
Section fi. The rights, privileges and
franchises herein granted shall continue
and lie in force for the period of fifteen
(151 years from and after the adoption and
publication of this ordinance.
Section 7. The clerk shall certify to the
passage of this resolution and cause the
same to he published twice in the Eye. a
weekly newspaper published and circu
lated in the City of Long Beach, and there
after it shall be in full force and effect.
Adopted this— day of , 1596.
president of Board of Trustees of City
of Long Beach.
I hereby certify the foregoing resolu
tion was adopted this nth day of April,
City Clerk of City of Long Beach.
Stockholder's Meeting.
Office of the San Joie Ranch Company,)
Rooms 1 and '.!. California Bank Building \
Los ANtiiti.Es. Cal., Aprils, 1898.1
Th- regular Annual Meeting of the stockholders
' of the Son .lose Ranch Company will be held at the
compimv'H ofHce. rooms Nos. t and 5, California
I Hank Building. I.os Angeles, California, Tours,
t day, the mill rtnv of April, 1896, at 2 o'clock, p. m..
i for tiie purpose of electing a Board of Directors for
| the ensuing year, ami the transaction of such
1 other business us may properly come before such,
B A. B. NOLTON, Secretary.
Stockholders' Meeting
I holders' meeting of the Los Angeles Petro
leum. Smelting and Mining company, called by tba
board of directors ay their meeting on Marcs 81,
1899, to he held at rooms 114 and 115, Bryaon block,
on Wednesday. April 22, I sua, at 10 am., tor tba
purpose of removing a director and other Import
ant business relating thereto.
Hy order of the board of directors.
E. J. REED, Secretary.
Los Angeles, Cal., Anrll 1, 1898. IB
—_ __—.
Notice of Dissolution
partnership of Christopher Hickson and P.
.1. Stack, under the firm name of Hickson
X- Stack, at No. 121 East First street, was
on the second day of April, 1896, dissolved,
said Hickson having purchased the Inter
est of said Stack. The business will be
continued by C. Hickson.
Stockholder's Meeting.
The Animal Meeting of the stockholders ot the
L. a. Oil Burning and supply Co. will be held In
tho oftlre of the company, corner Alhambre av
en tie and Date street, Los Angeles. Calif., OS M»»
day, April so. IBIHI. at 2 o'clock p. at.
John j. BACtaaivrl, wmj&em

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