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SastPKRATURE—Rerort of observations taten at
loa Angeles. April '20. The barometer is
reduced to sea level.
mt | Bar. iTher.jR. U m IV'd "
<«. rn.l30.ia 41 I <i!> N K
'p. m.|30.H> S7 | 80 | W
I 0
a, Maximum temperature, 04.
Minimum Temperature, stj.
WlaTHaa Rcfop.t—United states department
ol agriculture weather rtinort, received at
J.os Angolas, April 20, IstHl.
| Tcm Max Tern Wml jW'lher
)! BO ti* I VY Jcioar
! 5S «!0 NW Clear
0i V9 j W clear
! (ill IH fcK ciear
I 52 r 0 I W 'Clear
II 5i ft* NW jPtCldy
I' 60 Ot) |elm!Clear
a.'.'.; I
Forecast—For Southern California: Fair:
Somewhat warmer Tuesday; fresh westerly
Egg plant—Althouse Bros.
New crop peas—Althouse Bros.
Wilson strawberries—Althouse Bros.
Rooms $2 a week and up. I". S. Hotel
Fiesta mask headquarters, Lang
■tadter's 214 South Broadway.
Orr & Hines, undertakers, removed to
*47 South Broadway. Tel. Main GJ.
Sharp & Samson, funeral directors
(Independent,) 636 South Spring street.
Tel. 1029.
Removed, R. W. Morris, dentist. No
lan & Smith block, Broadway and Sec
ond street.
Adams Bros., dentists, 230 Vi South
Spring street. Painless tilling and ex
tracting. Best sets of teeth from $0 to
$10. Hours, Bto 5; Sundays, 10 to 12.
Strictly line watch and jewelry re
pairing. We solicit the most compli
cated work, and assure the best results.
!W. A. Freeberg & Son, 406 S. Spring.
Dr. William B. Rogers, a prominent
physician and surgeon of Memphis,
Term., is in the city. He Is stopping at
the Nadeau and will remain some days.
See ladies' watches, the best and
finest,; nothing better; don't miss a bar
gain; just see them at Freeburg &
Bon's, 406 South Spring street.
That all friends of the Y. W. C. A.
may be accommodated, arrangements
have been made for serving extra
lunches during the week at the rooms,
107 North Spring street.
Do not drive nails into your walls.
Call at Llchtenberger's Art Emporium,
107 North Main street, and get his fig
ures for room mouldings. They will or
nament your rooms and preserve thu
Louie Gow Chung was yesterday ac
cused by Lou Yuk of battery upon him
In that Chung hit Yuk in the head with
a rock during the progress of a little
discrepancy between them. A warrant
was issued for Chung's arrest.
You cannot properly enjoy La Fiesta
without taking a first-class Spanish
dinner at No. 322 Wilmington. Elegant
private dining parlors. American ser
vice if desired. Mrs. li. S. de Gutierrez,
You cannot properly enjoy Fiesta
without taking a first-class Spanish
dinner at 3-2 Wilmington st. Elegant
private dining parlors. American ser
vice if desired. Mrs. E. S. de Gutierrez,
proprietress. Telephone 1220.
W. J. Colville. Boston's famous inspir
ational lecturer, at Friday Morning
club rooms. 330% S. Broadway, this af
ternoon and evening. Afternoon sub
ject: "Palmistry"; evening subject,
Dr. Rebecca Lee Dorsey, Stlmson
block, tlrst floor, rooms 133. 134. 135.
Special attention given to obstetrical
cases and all diseases of women and
children. Electricity scientifically
used. Consultation hours, 1 to 5. Tel.
Free exhibition of Symon's great
painting, Sunset from Mount Love,
with snow scenes and numerous other
views just taken along the line of the
Mount Lowe railway, at office of Mount
Lowe Springs company, dealers in the
purest of all waters, corner Third and
Broadway, Los Angeles, Cal.
A complaint has been sworn to by H.
S. Gray, a hack driver residing at 321
West Seventh street, and whose stand
Is in front of the I.os Angeles theater.
He alleges that Bert Lowell, another
Jehu, smashed him during an alterca
tion, for which he desired a warrant for
his arrest.
A boy named George McLaughlin was
arrested yesterday afternoon by De
tective Hawley on a warrant for bat
tery. The boy lives on Park Place
near Temple and is accused of throwing
stones and abusing a little daughter of
Albert O. Bagley of 108 South Broad
way, named Isabel.
Burglars broke into the Sand street
school house some time Saturday or
Sunday night and stole a number of
articles of small value. Entrance was
effected through a window, and from
the nature of the job it was evidently
done by amateurs.
Without question Desmond's store in
the Bryson block is the best place in
Los Angeles to buy hats, underwear,
neckwear, hosiery, gloves, suspenders,
collars, cuffs, etc.. etc. His prices for
this week give a dollar an India rubber
quality that turns lean pocketbooks in
to fatness.
Battle of Flowers—Those people who
have an abundance of flowers and de
sire to donate them for use in the Hattie
of Flowers which takes place on Satur
day afternoon at the tribunes will kind
1' noti v the tlO'Ol c ommittee care- of
toe chamber of oomrren c. Th y will
■end for them early Saturday morning.
I.a Fiesta will be all the more peas
ant to you if you use Tare Food Coffee
and Pure Food Germlet for your break
fast. These are two of the most de
licious and healthful breakfast foods
In the world. Be sure the goods are
put up by us. as there are numerous im
itations. Order through your grocer.
Pure Food Cereal Co., 3111 West Seventh
Telegrams to the following addresses
remain uncalled for at the office of tho
IWestren I'nion Telegraph company:
Colonel J. B. Breathitt, Joseph Montez,
IWm. H. Hopkins. Mrs. Edward Walsh,
L. A. Martin. Muriel Irvine. S. A. Field,
{lames E. Johnston. De Pearr. Nicholas
possen, J. James, Walter A. Harsch, S.
J. Parker. Mrs. J. W. Carson, R. 10.
Lenor, W. F. Stanton, Dan H. Porter.
Spring and summer headgear to the
front! That's where Desmond's is.
His hats are the latest shapes and the
finest quality ami are at unbeatable
prices. When you're buying a hat don't
look first at the price, but at the hat.
It's the hat that determines the price,
figures apart from the goods mean
nothing. Desmond's hats, especially
Punlap's silk stiff and soft hats, are
lust what men of taste are looking for,
Knd their prices clinch the bargain. Ke
ttle special neckwear bargains tndnv ir
the Bryson block, No. Iff South Spring
Terminal Railway Firsts Tralna
Special trains Thursday and Satur
(Jay nights next week. Trains will
leave San Pedro fi:ls p. m .. Long Bea, it
6:25 p. tn., Olcndaie 5:50 p. m., Pasadena
8 p. m. and 7 p. m., stopping at all in
tenncdlate stations. Special trains
jvlll leave First street station for San
|>edro,Long Beach. Glendale and Pasa-
Bena at 11 p. m., Downey avenue seven
inlnutes later.
You Can't See California
Unless you try the Kite-Shaped track.
Excursion tickets permit stop-over at
|«y point on the track. $.'1.(13. Partlou
■trs at Santa Fe ticket ollice, 129 -North
Spring street.
Surf Line Trip to San Diego
Tho Santa Fo trains run for sixty miles
ftomf; the ocean beach. Excursion
geket, (food four days, $fi. Thirty days.
ff.flO. Particular* at 129 Korta Spring
Councilmeo Afraid of an Uncer
tain Ghost
| Another Incident in ihe Municipal Owner- '
ship of Water
_ i
C>um.i man Stockwall Introduces a Series ni
Resolutions Which Are Referred-Yes
terday Witn the Council
Whether or not to decorate the city I
I hall and thus formally recognize the
i Fiesta occupied the attention of the 1
j majority ot the members of the city |
I council for several hours yesterday.
The deliberations upon the subject ;
wore of a secret character, because the :
I issue as defined was the result of the I
1 action taken by the advisory board of 1
j the A. P. A., which, upon behalf of that j
I order, hud passed a set of strong reso- ,
! lutions Insisting that its membership. ,
1 both in publb' life and out, as far as
possible, boycott the celebration.
A week ago the council instructed
City Clerk Chas. A. Lucltenbach, as the
custodian of the city hall, to decorate
the buildig with the paraphernalia of
last year. This action was taken after
the supply committee had recotnmend
i ed that $30 be allowed for the purpose.
This requisition was thrown out, it is
an open secret, by the explicit instruc
tions of the advisory board of the A. I*.
A., other resolutions being during the
past week adopted in every council of
the A. P. A. endorsing the action then
taken. The old decorations were found
to be unlit for use. and then the cus
todian awaited further Instructions.
These he did not obtain.
Yesterday morning Fire Commis
sioner Jack Kuhrtz, happening by the
municipal building, stepped inside and
asked why the building had not been
decorated. The city clerk informed
him of the facts —partially—as they
exist. Kuhrtz went up into the council
and Interviewed President Teed, who
ptomised him all the aid in his power.
Other councilmen seen insisted that
Councilman Blanchard, who is th.>
chairman of the building committee,
ought tot make the tirst move in the
matter, but Blanchard declined abso
lutely to move upon the subject, having
! only yesterday morning received ofli
cial notification of the action taken by
the advisory board of the A. P. A.,which
he at the time had in his pocket. Va
rious councilmen pleaded with tears
In their eyes with the custodian to take
the initiative, but he declined to do so
unless instructed as a matter of record.
He was told that his bills would go
through unmolested for whatever sup
plies he mltrlit need for the decoration.
To force the issue squarely the Fiesta
management scut in the following:
The executive committee would re
spectfully request that your honorable
body take the necessary steps to declare
the afternoon of Wednesday. April 22. a
legal holiday. This action is especially
■ desired, as it will enable the federal offi
ces in this city to close on that day
as well as the leading business estab
Gen. John R. Mathews, as the post
master, came before the council during
the morning hour and requested Unit
Wednesday (tomorrow) afternoon be
by the city mad-- a legal holiday, which
would enable his employes to also se
cure a partial vacation. He could got
I no member to bring the matter up. on
the ground that the council had no Jur
isdiction in the premises. The genera;
left the august presence of the council
very much disgusted.
After several secret cant uses had
boon held it was finally decided for the
protection of all concerned, from the
wrath of the powerful secret political
organization, that Sam Adams, a dec
orator well known, be employed, the
amount to bo spent in beautifying the
front ofHhe city hall not to exceed $50.
Who employed Bam Adams neither he
nor any one else knows for a certainty,
as studious care has been taken to keep
all reference to the matter from the rec
The city hall will today be decorated,
because the building committee lias se
cretly ordered the work to be done.
The request that Wednesday be de
clared a legal holiday was filed.although
Councilman Snyder came as usual to tha
front by moving that the city's employ
es be not required to be on duty tomor
row, Thursday, Friday and Saturday
Councilman George Stoekwell sprung
something of a sensation, so far assume
of his colleagues are concerned, when
he yesterday afternoon presented the
following far reaching set of resolu
Whereas, the contract with the cily
water company, by which tbe questions
arising between it and the city have
been regulated will expire in two years;
Whereas, it is provided in this con
tract that the city may iiurclia.se the
plant of. said company in the provisions
in said contract contained; and
"Whereas, an expensive litigation is
now in progress between the city and
said water company; and
Whereas, The question of the purchase
of said plant Will have to be submitted
j to the people under any circumstances,
j that they may vote for or aginst the
bonds, which will necessarily be issued
for such purpose, now, therefore, be it
Resolved, That the water supply com
mittee be instructed to confer with the
Officers of the water company, with a
view to arriving at a reasonalde pur
chase price for the plant of said com
pany, and if such price can be agreed
upon, to recommend a submission of the
matter to the people by way Qf a vote
I upon the issuance of bonds therefor.
| The above caused the usual amount
I of feeling generalities to be Indulged in
I by nearly every member upon tho floor.
After the surprise incidental to its read
ing had subsided, one of the council
men was anxious to know what the
resolutions really meant, and was in
formed that they were intended In the
I nature ot a. beginning. They were then
I referred. Councilmen state that a start
i will have to be made upon the subject,
j and the sooner it is done the better.
City Attorney Dunn informed the ooun-
I cil during the day that the legality of
the refunding bonds would probably at
an early day be again taken before the
supreme court for a rehearing.
The city attorney reported an ordi
nance appointing commissioners for
the widening of Ninth street between
Spring and Pearl streets. Adoxded.
An ordinance amending ordinance No
253, adopted September 13, 1886. so that
the same shall read thirty minutes in
stead of one hour, and including cer
tain other streets named in your in
structions. Referred to the board of
public works.
In the matter of tho suit brought by
C. G. P. Eluher, against the city, to quiet
title to tho east six feet of lot 27 and the
west twenty feet of lot 28 of the Requena
tract, recommend that a disclaimer be
filed. Adopted.
In the matter of the suit to quiet title
brought by M. A. Lott against the city,
and affecting a portion of lot 8 and tiie
southerly thirty feet of lot 9, block 101,
of the Bellevue Terrace tract, recom
mend that a disclaimer be filed by the
city. Adopted.
A lease between the city and H. Sid
ney of lot 7. block D, of the Arroyo Seco
lands. Adopted. Also a lease between
the city and P. P. Stetson of lots 1 to
5. block H, of Ihe Burnt sub-division.
The engineer reported that in the
matter of lowering the old sewer at the
intersection of Winston avenue end Los
Angeles streets, I find the expense will
amount to $240, which amount the South
Side Irrigation company will advance
and take sewer water in return; also
the cost of connecting the old sewer so
as to furnish the South Side Irrigation
company with sewage now running into
the outfall sewer, will be about $12D.
Referred to the sewer committee.
An ordinance of intention to improve
i a portion of Cnion avenue from Sixth
'■ street to Orange street. Adopted.
An ordinance of intention to improve
I Bartlett street from Montreal street to
I Grand avenue. Adopted.
j An ordinance of intention to improve
I Cleveland street from Alpine street to
1 College street. Adopted.
An ordinance of intention to improve
• <>ak street from Washington street to
Twenty-first street. Adopted.
An ordinance of intention to improve
i Castelar street from Bellevue avenue
to Ord street. Adopted.
■ An ordinance of intention to construct
i a cement sidewalk live feet in width
! along Bernard street from Buena Vista
.to Yale street. Adopted.
Assessment map of Olive street lewer
, from a point sixteen feet south of the
! north line of First street, to a point forty
; feet south of the south !in" of court
: house street. Referred to the sewer com-
I r.iittee.
Assessment map of Boyle Heights
i sewer district No. 2, Referred to the
, sewer committee.
An ordlnanc ..f intention to construct
: t. sower on Chicago street and Michigan
j avenue. Adopted.
i The following was filed, the same be
j ing approved by the council as a whole:
: Your committee finds that various
] transfers have been made from the
funds of this city without instructions
from the council. We would therefore
recommend that the city auditor be in
structed to make no transfers of any
name, number or kind without instruc
tions from the council, and that the
I city treasurer be instructed to recog
j nize no transfers unless he is advisor]
| that the same has been made by order
j of the city council.
The supply committee reports recom
mending that requisitions be denied
from the street superintendent for five
tons of Alcantrass asphaltum, $t-r.. and
I five tons of crude asphalt and three tons
|of "G" asphalt. $122. The report was
j approved.
The land committee, reported in the
j matter of the petition from Hugh J.
j Smith, asking for a ouit claim deed for
lots 28 and 20. Alanis Vineyard tract.
I thai tltey referred the petition to the
I city attorney for examination, and that
'he has advised that a unit claim deed
j should issue as prayed for. The report
was adopted.
] A petition largely signed by leading
! taxpayers was read, requesting that
I there be an extension of thirty or forty
days in the payment of city taxes which
become delinquent in one week, for the
reason that the county and stat- 1 taxes
are also delinquent at the same time,
which fact will tie up a large amount
of money and might cause a stringency
!in the local money market. The mat
ter was referred to the finance com
j mil tec.
I The lease for tho site for the proposed
! new market at the corner of Los Ange
i les and Ninth streets was approved,
I President Teed alone, voting in the neg
| ative.
On motion of President Teed the
street superintendent was Instructed to
' out any wires strung in the city without
j authority conferred by the franchise,
and that for this purpose the profes
sional knowledge of the city electrician
!be invoked. The object of this motion
is to head off B. .V. Peck, who is Opera t
■ ing a contraband electric plant in lite
I Fifth ward.
The secretary of the commission for
i the opening of Broadway between
i Ninth and Tenth streets reported that
j L F Moss had refused to accept the
damages awarded tv him In making the
Improvement named. The city attor
ney was instructed to proceed legally
itgainst Most*.
Tin- report of the fire commission
calling attention to the absent-' of lire
escapes or stand pipes on the city hell
was referred to the building commit
tee, and the request of the street su
perintendent for four assistant* to
propi rly care for flush tanks was re
ferred to the finance committee.
The cit v Clerk was Instructed to notify
W. S Wright, the assignee of the Scott
electric lighting franchise, to light the
i lly hall according to the terms of his
! privilege.
The recommendation of the finance
committee that $7500 be transferred
from the interna! sewer fund to the cash
! fund was adopted, as were also the fol
] lowing:
That the petition from John Cross °t
al, asking for an appropriation of $500
f.,r lit., associated charities, be filed, in
making this recommendation your com
mittee beg leave to say that while they
would bo glad to appropriate money for
so worthy an object as the associated
j charities, they feel thatwith the present
' condition of the city finances such an
; appropriation would be Inadvisable.
That the petition from W. Wolf, aak
! tnsr tho return to him of the sum of $21)
I „n a.-cunt of taxes alleged to be erron
eously paid for the year 1896-97, be re
ferred to the city attorney for examina
tion and report.
That the following demands on the
general sewer fund for returns of
amounts paid for connecting with city
sowers be denied: Mrs. PX. Hoynton,
$30; Mrs. Hannah E. Phillips, $86; A. J.
Lenox, sr., $15; B. Butterfteld, $60; John
F Howard, 130; William Whittaker.s3o;
Mrs. S. C. Hums. $1",; Harry Hall, $15.
Besides the recommendations pre
viously published the board of public
works reported requesting that the bid
ot Slansbury &Moore to improve Ninth
street from San Pedro to Central ave
nue at $1.47 per lineal foot for grading
and graveling; 35 cents per lineal foot
for curb; 18 cents por lineal foot for gut
ters- 13 cents per square foot for side
walk- SI.OO per lineal foot for sewer
complete, and $1.15 per lineal foot for
crosswalks complete, be accepted and
the resolution of award adopted. The
above was adopted.
Petition protesting against the pro
posed district of assessment for the con
traction of the Broadway tunnel was
read, objecting to any assessment for
the improvement of the property south
of Ninth street on Broadway, for the
reason that the recent opening and
widening of the street between Ninth
and Tenth streets was not assessed to
any property north of First street. The
matter was referred to the special tun
nel committee.
The protest against the report of tho
opening of Wall street from Third to
Pico was again continued for one week,
and the appeal against the diagram foi
the sewering of Union avenue and other
streets known as Western sewer dis
trict No. 4 was denied. The appeal
against the acceptance of the diagram
for the sidewalking of the north side of
Downey avenue was referred to the
board of public works.
On motion of President Teed the city
attorney was instructed to present an
ordinance fixing zanja rates as follows-
Day water, $4 per head; one-half day,
Highest of all in Ltavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report
$2.50; night rate, $2. For the use of the
ditches outside ihe city: Day, $"> per
head; one-half day. S3; night rate. $2.50.
The protest against the diagram for
tho sewering of Ninth and other streets
was ordered dismissed.
The protest against the widening of
San Pedro street from Second to Fifth
was sustained and tho proceedings or
dered to be abandoned.
John R. McManus, Fred Gottschalk
and C. U. McKeon were named as the
commissioners to open Ninth street be
tween Spring anil Pearl streets.
The request of the Onion pipe line for
a twenty-three months' privilege ex
tending their system from Seventh
street and the Santa Fe depot was re
ferred io the board of public works.
Motions were yesterday made in the
council as follows:
By Councilman Uunaon, that the city
attorney advise the council of the prop
er course to pursue in the matter of pav
ing interest and bonds at New York or
anywhere else except at the ollice of the
city treasurer in I.os Angeles, the re
sult of the recent supreme court de
cision in tho funding bonds. Adopted.
By Councilman Ashman, that the con
tractor completing Towne avenue from
Fifth to Sixth streets be granted tin ex
tension of time to May lßth in which to
complete his work. Adopted.
By Councilman Kingery, that the fire
hydrant at the corner of Onion avenue
and Tenth street be repaired. Adopted.
ByCouncllman Munson.that the street
superintendent clean the gutters on St,
Vincent street. Adopted. Also that the
bond of Putnam & Co, to grade Sixth
street from Pixel to Burlington avenue
be declared forfeited. Adopted.
By Councilman Stoekwell. that the
chUok hoi: on San Fernando street
from Walnut street bridge to the city
limits be filled. Adopted.
Also thai an ordinance establishing
ihe grade of Darwin avenue from Hay "
to Druillard street. Adopted.
Also that the {Southern Pacific railroad
be compelled tn widen the crossing al
Workman street the full width of the
roadway. Adopted, Also that the Ter
minal company be compelled to place
the crossing ,it I si reel in ,i passable
condition. Adopted.
By President' Teed, 'hat the leading
Ore hydrant on Twenty-third and Fi
gueroa streets i>o repaired. Adopted.
By Councilman Pessell, that the
crosswalk on Twenty-fifth street on the
cast side of .Main lie lowered to conform
with the grade. Adopted. Also that the
water company lay a four-inch pipe on
Twenty-first street between Maple av
enue and Sen Pedro street and place a
lire hydrant at Twenty-first ami Trin- ,
ity streets. Adopted.
By Councilman Snyder, that an ordi
nance dedicating Lake Shore avenue ]
between Kent street and tiie .Montana
tract, be opened to the public. Adopted.
By Councilman Blanchard. that a 4
inch waler pipe i„. laid on Fourth streei
between Chicago and Fresno. Adopted.
Also that, the chuck holes oh First
street between Boyle avenue and Ever- '
green avenue be filled. Adopted. Also 1
that the pond at Brooklyn avenue and I
Eohandia Streei be drained. Adopted.
To th,: City Council;
The property owners on San Pedro i
street wish to tender you their grateful I
thanks for your action today in noi ac
cepting the report of the commissioners
to which protest was made.
The above is signed by Mrs. M. Shaw
and others.
Delicious cake and pastry attend the
Use Of Dr. Price's Baking Powder. j
Ju.-t rtet>l/ n d lot god lish, al-o full
line of fish globes. See display of hand
painted china in our south window. IS.
L. Pannelee Co., 232 and 234 S. Spring
Our Hume Brew
Maicr & Zobeleln's lager, fresii from tiieir
brewery, on draught in ail the principal
saloons: delivered promptly in bottles or
kegs. Oihce and brewery, 440 Aliso street;
telephone 81.
Haniman I'lsh Co., San Pedro
Fresh lisli nnd lobsters shipped direct to
all points ii, Arizona, Texas and Mexico,.
from cannery In San Pedro, at lowest"
wholesale prices.
Pobst Beerl Pabst Berrl
On draught. Olympic hall, 121 W. First
st., Wm. Qarms, prop. Tel. 271. Finest com
mercial lunch, Leave orders for bottled
Eagle Brand Oyster.c
Coil for the Eagle Brand of fresh frozen
oysters. Tour grocer has them. They are
a great delicacy.
Free Dispensary
For the poor daily. Drs. I.indley and
Smith, Broadway and Fourth. Pirtlc
Agency for Pabst Beer
Agency for Pabst beer. Pacific Bottling
Works, cor. Fifth and Wolfskin streets.
Hawley, King & Co.. 21U N. Main St.,
agents genuine Columbus Buggy com
pany's buggies and bicycles.
Advance Davis sowing machines removed
to 407 S. Broadway, opposite Chamber Com
Largest variety Concord business wagons
and top delivery wagons. Hawley, King &
Pabst Beer! Pabst Beerl
On draught at Joe Arnold's, 358 S. Spring.
Big Tree Carriage Works, 128 San Pedo St.
Concord business wagons a specialty.
Dr. D. S. Diffenbacher, dentist, rooms 4
and 5, 119 S. Spring st.. L.os Angeles.
1896—19 lbs. Keatings—"Bßs days ahead of
them all." Hawley, King & Co.
Everything on wheels, Hawley, King &
Co., 210-212, N. Main st.
Sewing machines rented X per month.
407 South Broadway.
Dr. Harriet Hilton, 424 8. Hill street.
Notices of deaths, without comment, Inserted
under this head free. Funeral notices 10 cents per
HOFF—At No. 437 8. \a% Angeles st., April 19,
1896, \V. H. Holt, aged ti:: years.
The funeral services will be held at tbe First
Kugllsb Lutheran church this morning at 10:30. In
terment at Rosedale.
RUDORFF—In this city, Saturday, April 18, .
at 9:30 p. m.« A. H. Rudorff.
Funeral from residence, No. 7JB Castelar street,
Tuesday, April 21, at - p. m.
San Francisco and eODora papers please copr.
Members of the Turnverien German ia will as
semble at Tamer Hall, April 'ilst, at 1.80 p.m.
sharp, to attend the funeral of our deceased
brother, A. H. Rudorff.
Hy order of L. Winter, President.
1 Peck a chase Co..
■■■ ■■■■■»■ a, ■■ni
Felony Examinations and a Big Grist of
Minor Offenders
A Burglar Held to Answer—Petty Larcenlit
Pleads Ollllty—battery Cases and Dis
turbers of the Peace are Plenty
An old-time offender, John Ross, had
an examination yesterday before Jus
tiro Morrison on a charge of burglary
for having on March Ist entered the
pn mlses of Sirs. L. Pelndel and stolen
several silk skirts and other articles of
wearing apparel, Itoss has been serv
ing time in the chalngang for petty
larceny, but will now probably spend
n vacation in Ban Quentln. He was held
in answer to the superior court in bonds
of $5000, John McCoy had an examina
tion on a grand larceny complaint post
poned until today. McCoy was held to
the superior court for robbing a man
oi' .".0 cents, but a defect in the com
plaint caused ins dismissal, whereupon
lie was rearrested and will be examined
again today. William A. Shepard plead
ed guilty to two charges of petty lar
ceny. He stole lawn-mowers from
George Schneider and C. A. Steele, and
was caught with the property in his pos
session. Sentence was postponed until to
day. James Frazer. awaiting examina
tion on an embezzlement complaint for
purl,duing goods from his employer,
.iaines Smith, had his case continued
to lie reset. Frazer ir. in the county jail
end is cither successfully simulating
Insanity or is a litter subject for a
padded cell in an asylum than tiie four
walls of tiie penitentiary,
of tite minor offenders arraigned was
John Sullivan, who was alleged to have
maliciously torn up the pension nnd dls
. barge papers of ait old soldier named
J. A. Derringer, while both were Inmates
of the county jail. It appearing that
Derringer left his original documents
as security for room rent with the pro
prietor of the Piedmont lodging-house
en Plrsl street, and that the papers de
stroyed wore unimportant, Sullivan
vv as ordered discharged. Dick Williams,
accused of I browing rocks at tho house
of ilrs. Ella Sullivan, was heard ami
the matter taken under advisement.
Henry McGary and Martin Kohrlng, the
boys who threw shot from the gallery
of the Orpheum, were dismissed, no
complaint being tiled.
Andrew Wllks, a. colored bootblack,
v.os tried for disturbing the pence of
Fred L>eix. The two had some words
about ;i money matter; and Wilks is
said to have used violent language. He
was found guilty and Will be sentenced
today. Little George McLaughlin, who
threw stor.es at a small girl, had his
case continued to be reset, which prae-
tlcally shelves the whole thing. A trio
of dlsturbts of th- peace were araign
e.i nnd had trial set for today. They
.re J. E. O'Brien, J. T. Conley and
Carrie Johnson. All were in the room
of a lodging house drunk and disorderly.
May Moore alias Hazel Norwood will
have trial for soliciting on the 22d of
last month. Kitty Clark was fined $10
'■ti conviction of the same offense. She
paid up.
An Italian battery case was up for
hearing, but was continued until the
28th. The defendant is Salratore No
toll, accused of hitting a countryman
tinting a dispute. Antonio Mendoza. ae
c used of misdemeanor for neglecting to
provide for his children, was arraigned
and will he tried on the 27th inst. Fred
Yorke had his $10 bail applied for fall
ing to appear to answer for leaving his
team unhitched while he got full in a
saloon. Ah Jim lost $5 by not answering
to a charge of peddling without a li
cense. A milkman named E. W. Fales
will appear today for leaving his team
unfastened upon the streets. He is out
on his own recognizance. Fat Finn was
allowed to depart after being given a
thirty-day floater for vagrancy. A. F.
Perkins was allotted ten days tn Jail for
the same offense. Twelve drunkards
were disposed of in a hurry, receiving
nominal lines. A peanut and candy ped
dler named John Sopkas had trial for
obstructing the sidewalk set for today.
He put up $10 bail an ddeparted.
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