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Local, Eastern and Foreign
Commercial Dealings
Railroad Freight Rates Are Scheduled
for a Rise
Value ef a Paw Craps Prom Uncle Sam's Big
Farm -Changes In the Local Pro-
duce riarksts
Ihe department of agriculture gives the
acreage, yield and volume of eight prin
cipal crops as follows:
Crops. Acres. Bushels. Value.
Corn «2,075.8:») lISfIM.MO J56T,509.1ti(l
Wheat ~...514,049.332 167,102.817 287.911,908
Oats 27,878,406 N24,443.5;:7 163.6r,r,,00s
Rye 1,81)0,345 27,210,070 11,064,826
Harley 3,299.07:1 87,072,744 29,812.4':!
I'Otatocs .. 2,954.9r,2 207,237.370 7K.954.1W1
B'kwheat .. 1 768,277 16.341,399 O.MC.sr,
Hny 14,206,433 47,237 370» 898,183,813
* tons.
According lo the report from which
table is- taken iv fifteen years the price r.f
corn fell from 39.6 cents per bushel to 26.4
tents. In twenty-live years the price ol
wheat varied thus: From 1870 to 1879, 81.05
per bushel; 1880 to 1880. SJ.T cents; 1890 to
1895, «4.S cents.
It Is given out that freght rates on west
bound traffic is to be raised on the Ist of
May. Tiie following table, shows the old
and new rates, so far as already establish
ed, on carloads:
(.Tanned goods, from New York, present
ri.te. 65c; new rale. 85c.
Canned goods, from Chicago, present
rate. 65c: ney rate. 85c.
Baking powder, from New York, present
rate. 80c new rate, 81.15.
cereals, from Now York, present rate,
8"c; new rate, 90c.
Cereal*, from Chicago, present rate, SOc;
new rate, SOc.
Candles, from Chicago, present rate, 75c:
new rate, 80.
Starch, from Chicago, present rate, $1;
new rate. 11.
Starch, from New York, present rate, SI;
new rate, 51.15.
Fish, smoked or salted, from New York,
present rate, 90c; new rate, 11.15.
Pickles, from New York, present rate,
9"c; new rate. 11.15.
Pickles, from Chicago, present rate, 90c:
new rate. SI.
Condensed milk, from Chicago, present
rate, 90c; new rate, tl.
Rates from other points will be ad
vanced lv proportion, on the principle that
when the rate from New York Is tl. Pitts
burg will be about 95 cents, Cincinnati 90c;
Chicago-85c; 81. Louis SOc, and Kansas
City, Tsc.
The greatest advance is made on goods
in less than carload lots. The advance in
(his way being reported as generally 50 to
75 per cenl. Tobacco and cigars will be
affected as these goods are not as a rule
brought In cnrload lots, and the old and
new rates on these compare as follows:
Plug tobacco, from New York, present
rate. 11.30: new rate. tI.SS.
Plub tobacco, from Chicago, present
rate, t1.30; new rate. $1.63.
Smoking tobacco, from Chicago, present
rate. $1.50; new rate. $1.85.
Smoking tobacco, from New York, pres
ent rale. $1.50; new rale, t2.
Cigars, from New York, present rate,
$2.40; new rate. 14.
Cigars, from Chicago, present rate, $2.40;
liew rate, $3.T0.
This advance is no doubt the outgrowth
of the new understanding brought about
between the Huntington railroads and the
I'auama Railroad company. The competi
tion Is practically ended,'and hence the
people must have the screws put on them
a little tighter. Some months after the
H afflc association of San Francisco made
at: alliance with the Panama Railroad
company and created a genuine competi
tion In this busuess, the followng state
ment showing the li?nellcial effects of
such competition:
"The introduction of competition in
through trnffio resulted In the transconti
nental roads waging a war of extermina
tion upon such competition, which Inures
to the benefit of the merchant, producer
and consumer In the state. Careful esti
mates bssed upon the earnings of the
transcontinental lines for last year shows
this to amount to at least $500,000 per
"Last season, dried fruits and raisins In
boxes were Charged at the rate of $1.40
ncr hundred pounds: now $1 by rail and
60c b.v steamer, saving from 40'oli0c per
lOU pounds.
"Canned goods from $1 per 100 pounds
last see.son to 50a by rail and 30c by sea
ai this tme.
• Wine reduced from 12.c per gallon all
rail and T"~c by sea, to 3c per gallon by all
"Borax from $1 by rail to 85c by rail or
"Wool iv grease from $1.50 per 100
pounds and scoured $2.50 per 100 pounds
to 75c hy all lines.
"Bean* from $1.10 per 100 pounds by rail
to 50c by rail and 30c by steamer.
"Barley from 9Uo by rail to SOc by rail
and 25c b.v sleamer. Other California pro
ducts, including leather, have been simi
larly affected."
It. Is stated at this time that there will be
nc change made in rates on California
products, such as dried fruits, beans,
honey, wool, etc. But it Is well to note
that wool ls the only commodity being ship
ped in large quantities at this lime of year,
snd the clipper ships via Cape Horn af
ford effective competition In this busi
ress. It In always the policy of the South
ern Pacific to keep rates low when there
ls nothing to ship aud to put them up
when business Is brisk.
Current Quotations
New potatoes and onions went a little
lower yesterday. Dry hides dropped
again. Eggs hold at a steady price, and
butter is unchanged.
BUTTER—LocaI creamery, 2-lb squares,
855140 c: coast creamery, fancy, 2-lb
aquares. 32V4@35c; coast dairy, fancy, 2-lb
squares, rolls. 27i4®«0c; do 1%-1b.,22i4'5 i 25c;
do, good to choice, 20tj22 , ,i.
CHKBBE—LocaI full cream, large, 12V4c:
northern ditto, B%ig'loc: half cream 8fl9o;
Young America, 13V4c; do (3-lb hand made),
14Hc. All i/ie more cased for shipment.
EOGS-Cholce, California ranch. 15fa)17.
VEGETABLES—Artichokes, per doz.
Sue; asparagus, per lb, G@7c; beets, per 100
lbs, 90c: cauliflower, per doz. 60c: celery
do, 55c; cabbage, per 100 lbs, 60c; carrots
do, 90c; chilis, dry, per string, 80c; Mexi
can, per lb, 15c; green, per Ib, 12c; cucum
bers, per doz.. $1.50; egg plant, per lb, 7c;
garlic do, StiTc; leeks, per doz, 15c; let
tuce do. 15c; mushrooms, per lb, 32c; on
ions, green, per doz bunches, 30tff40c; do,
yellow danvers.per 100 rbs,sl.7s(i7 2.2s:parslev,
per box, SOc; parsnips, per 100 lbs, 75c;
peas, green, per lb. 3c; radishes, per doz.,
bunches, 20c; rhubarb, per box, 850Qjl;
spinach, per lb. 16c; string beans, per Ib.
7i69c; tomatoes, per box, [email protected]; tur
nips, per 100 lbs. 75c; watercress, per doz,
bunches. 4(k-; mushrooms, per lb, 32c;
summer squash, per lb. 12V4c.
GREEN FRUITS—Pears, $2 per box;
strawberries. 414*150; apples. $1.50#2; pine
apples, per doz: bananas, $2.25 per bunch.
CITRUS FRUITS —Oranges, Navels. $3.00
1(73.50: Medlterraen sweets, $1.75'g2.00;
K-edlings, M.85®1.60; lemons, fancy Eure
ka. $1.7541.2.60; Eureka and Lisbon. $l.7S@
2.00: uncured, $1}T1.26; limes, per 100, 50c.
comb, 10J4@llc per lb; strained, 4@sc; bees
wax, 42c per lb.
POULTRY—Hens. $4.50®4.70 per doz:
young roosters. $4.50®4.76; broilers, $8.75JJ
B.Ot); old roosters, $4; ducks, [email protected]; tur
keys, untile per lb.
HAY—Wheat, $10011; barley, $9®10:
wheat and oat, $10@12; alfalfa, baled, $89
8.30, loose, $7.00.
MILL STUFFS—FIour, Los Angeles,
$4: Stockton brands, $4.40: Oregon,
#4; Eastern, $4.0065.50; bran, per
ton, local, $18: northern, $15.50; shorts,
per ton, local, $19: northern, $17; rolled bar
ley, per ton, $15; cracked corn, per cwt,
Mc, feed meal, per cwt, $1.00.
DRIED FRUlTS—Apples—Sun dried,
sacks, ncr lb, 406 c; hoses, sffl7c; evapo
rated, fancy, 6fii7c. Apricots—Fancy, 11c;
choice, 9c, Peaches—Fancy, unpeeled,
sc; choice. Sc. Nectarines—Fancy, B®9c;
choice, 6®7c. Pears—Fancy evaporated,
7:89 c. Plums-Pitted, oholce, 7®90. Prunes—
Choice bOxed. 3#sc; sacks, 2#ic; fancy, 10c.
NUTBVWalnuts—Los Angeles, 7c; med
ium soft, 10c; soft-shell Los Nietos, fancy,
10612 c. Almonds-Soft shell, 10c; paper
shell, 12c; hard shell, 6c. Pecans—l3*ls%.
HIDES AND WOOL-Hldes. as they run,
104*0 per lb; sound kips, 9c; bulls and stags,
he; calves, 15c. Sheep pelts, 5615 c. Wool—
'ta'V'i ofe l ? >od 4 ® ' ,n ™ r ' or > 36314 c
• LIVE PTpeiC—Ali per lb—Beeves, 2i4<3Sc;
sheep, 2%@ 3c; lambs, 4#sc;
PRB«IBp_MBATS-All per lb-Beef, s«i
hams. 9Uc: Rex
h*nm«, lOftJftcTav. UHe: selected pinaius.
TW»c, ay. 9%c: Diamond c picnic name SB
7e,av, 6%0; fancy Rex boneless breakfast
bacon (wrapped). 13% c; Rex boncess
breakfast bacon. lo%c; Diamond C break
fast bacon backs, 8c; Rex boneless bam,
sugar cured, 91,4 c; Rex boneless butts, ffc;
Rex dried beef (sets), 10c; Rex dried beef
(Insldes), ll%o: Rox regular dried beef. 9c;
smoked tongues, per 18, 16c; light medium
bacon, 8c: medium bacon. *c: dry salt clear
bellies, 161i20, ay, 8c; dry Bait short clears,
1604 V, ay, 6%c: dry salt clear backs, lie;
I Rox pure leaf lard,tierces. 6%c; ivory lard
compound, tierces, 5%e; Rexoline. tlerca
basis. 6%c: Cottolene. tierces, 6%r.
RAISINS—Fancy clusters, $1.85; 4-Crown
1, L clusters, t1.1»1.25; 3-Crown L L. pel
box, 90e*$l; Sultana, seedless, per box. Writ
11; S-Crown loose muscats, per box, (Dm
70c; 2-Crown loose muscats, per box. 506
SMi ordinary loose, per box. 4MMte;
L'-Crown loose, in sacks, per lb, 2*.-*2% c:
3-Crown loose, in sacks, per lb. 2%*2%e;
t-Crown, per lb, B%@4c: Sultana, seedless,
fancy blchd. per Ib. BWSUo; Sultana, Seed
leas, choice, per lb, 3%64e.
Fractions: Half boxes 23c, quarter box
es 50c. per box higher than wholes.
FIOU-Callfornla white, per lb. «Bsc; Cal
ifornia, black, per lb. 4«4%c; California,
fancy, per lb, 75'*S5e; Imported Bmvrna,
RAGS—(Net cash)-Calcutta. 666%; po
tato bags. 4! dried fruit sacks, 100 lbs, 6%®
7%: bcu*t sacks. G; wulnut bags, Witii, wool
sacks. .10.
«*1.80; lima, t2.75tt3.00; Lady Washington.
SI.VSiS2.OO; white, small, $1.7362.90: garvan-
C6S. small. $2.00*2.50; garvancos, large,
$3.50*4.00; green Hold peas. 52.5'.i«5.00; black
eyed beans, t2.23fi2.Vi; lentils. Imported.
$7ftß : lentils. California. ItIHMM.OO.
POTATOBS-tPer 100 lbs. Hurbanks, SOW
95e: Nevada. $1*1.10; common grades, 506
li'to: new. tl.Tstfl2.Uo; sweet, Jl.Tjrfi2.otl; bur
bank seed, tl.no
GRAlN—Wheat. tl.loiijl.2o; corn, 90*95e:
feed barley, 73c; oats, t1.10ft1.25; all per 100
BuiinMs Transacted and Prices PaiJ at Home
and Abroad
NEW YORK. Aprl 20.—The stock market
today presented a more healthy appear
ance that for some time nasi. Business wa*
fairly large and the trading was unusually
veil distributed, conservative operators
being gratified over tho fact that although
Sugar exceeded any other individual stock
In point of activity, the railroad list forged
lo the front. The continued pressure of
money lv London appears to be beglnnlm:
to have a hoped-for result of attracting for
eign capital Into this market. London
quotations come higher for Americans and
foreign dealers were purchasers in this
market, choice Investment bonds being al
so taken. An Increase in local commission
house orders was logically reflected In the
larger totals of transactions for the usu
(illy active railway stocks. The continued
favorable weather and the absence of any
positive unfavorable news helped the bul
lish sentiment. There was very little news
cf Importance bearng upon prices. The
railroad bond market sympathized witii
tiie buoyant stock speculation. Aa reflect
ing the congestion of money In London it
may be noted tbat Brltsh consols made
another high record today, touching 114.
The, return of the Investment of capital it',
these and other prime Kuropean mortgag
es ls so meager that it ls only logical that
the Kuropean Investors should turn to this
market. The Gould shares were conspicu
ous In the trading. Union Pacific trust cer
tificate* displaying exceptional activity.
Sugar was well supported, and after a
somewhat, erratic course closed with a
gain of Tit per cenl. The general advance
was stemmed for an interval about 11
oelock by realizing. The losses, however,
were unimportant. Activity subsided
at one time until near the close when n -
vived animation and additional advances
were recorded, imparting a buoyant tone
farlv large and tbe trading was unusually
to the closing. The grangers, Louisville
and Nashville, the Gould shares aud a
tow of the specialties were in special in
quiry. The net changes record Improve
ments of I®2 per cent In thsrfeadlng shares.
Railway bonds were active and higher on
the consideration elsewhere noted. The
sales were 12,113,000.
NEW YORK. April 20.— The following
are the closing stock quotations:
Atchison' Wa Northwestern .10514
Adams lEx ....149 do pfd It*
Alton, T H .... 58 N V Central .... 97%
American Ex..114 N V &NE 40
Baltimore ft O. 18% O& W 13%
Canadian Pac.. 60% Oregon Imp 1
Central Pac ... 15% Oregon Nay 20
Ches ft Ohio ..16% O SI.& IT N 7%
Chicago Alton .154 Pacific Mail 28%
C B ft Q 80% V Dft fi 2
Chicago Gas ... 69 Readtni? 12%
Con Gas 169'J, Pittsburg 160
C C C ft St L 35 PullmanTalace .159'
Col C ft 1 2 1' S Rubber ....... 27%
Cotto* O C... MM do pfd 86%
Del Hudson ...127 R Q West 18%
Dl,ft W 158 do pfd 13
D ft R O pfd..47* StL&SFIstpM pjj
1) ft C FC0.,.,18% Rock Island 72%
Kro 2d pfd .... 23% St. Paul 77%
Brfo 15% do pfd 128%
do pfd 3d 40% St Pft 6 41%
Fort Wayne ..160 do pPd 121%
G N pfd 109 Southern Pa* ... 19%
C ft X I pfd ... 99 Sugar Refinery.. 126
Hocking Vall'y 18% Term Cft 1 81%
Illinois Cen .... 96% Texas Pac 9M
Bt P ft D 24 T ft O Ceil pfd.. 7:1
X ft T pfd .... 28% rnlon Pac !)%
L Kft W> Ift! v I Express .... 40
do pfd.... 70 WStLtPac... TU
Lake Shore ....148% do vfd jWi
Lead Trust.... 28 W F Express .. 98
Lft N 52% Western Union.. 86%
I. ft N A 8% W&LE 10%
Man 1:011 11l do pfd 16
M. ft C 15 Minn & St L— 19%
Mlchgan Con. 95% D&RO 12%
Missouri Pac ..27% General Electric SS
M ft O 22 Col F ft I 31
NashChatt .... 68 do pfd 100
Natl cordage .. 4% It ft Tex Cen.... 2%
do pfd.... 0 TAA ft NM.... —
NJCen 10714 StL&KC 5%
N&Wpfd 4% do ipfd 10
North Am Co.. G So R R 10
North Pao 1% do pfd SIT 4
do pfd.... 11% Am Tobacco .... 72%
UPD&O 3% do pfd 93
Com Cable C0.,15S Am Tft C C 0... 94
Am Sugar pfd.lo3 XT 8 cordage pfd. 19
U 8 Leather pfd. 61%
NEW YORK. April 20.—The following
were the closing quotations on bonds today:
U 8 N 4s c0up..113% C P lsts 0f'95....100).
USN4S 11714 D ft RG 7s Ill'
U8 3s reg 112% Dftß O4s 89%
VS 5s coup ....113% Krle 2ds 06%
US4sreg 108% G Hft 8 A 65....104*4
IT S Is coup ....109% G Hft 8 A 75....100
IT S 2s reg 95 H ft T Cen ss. .108
PaeOsof'9s ....103 H & T Cen 65..100
Ala Class A ...101 M X T 2d 4s .... 85%
Ala Class n...,103 MKT Ist 4s ... 611
Ala Class C....100 Mut Union (i 5....114
Ala currency..loo N J C Gen 5s 11714
La New con 4s 9S N P lsts 115.;
Mo 6s 100 N P 2ds 112
N C6s 122i,4 Northwest con.,l4o'i
9 C non-fund.. 14 do 8 F deb ss. 110%
Term n set 65.. 85% R G West lsts.. 75%
Term n set 55..10S 8t P consols 7s. .12814
Term n set 35.. - St PC ft P W 65.115
Term old 65.... 60 8t Lft 8 F Gen 6sloß*,
Va centuries .. 60% St Lft IM Oen 5s "514
Va deterred... 5 Texas Pac lsts.. 89! i
Atchison 4s .... 80% Ido 2ds 2:1*4
Atchison sec A 464 IT P lsts of '96.. .105
Can So 2d5... .104H W8 4s 106« i
So'R R 5s 94 O It.*. N 15t5....110
Lft N 4s 73 N P 3ds 74
SAN FRANCISCO, April 20,-The official
closing quotations for mining stocks today
were as follows:
Yellow Jacket... SI Hale ft Norcross. .113
Andes 26 Julia 5
Alta 8 Justice fi
Alphat Con 8 Kentuok Con —
Belcher 42 Lady Wash Con.. —
Belle Isle — Mexican 34
Best & Belcher.. 49 Mono Vi
odie Con 45 Mt. Diablo —
Bullion 14 Navajo —
Bulwer Con 12 Occidental Con ...125
Caledonia 3 Ophlr 115
Con Cal ft Va...165 Overman 9
Challenge Con .. 22 Potosl 22
Chollar 38 Savage 26
Con Imperial.... 1 Scorpion 2
Confidence 70 Sierra, Nevada 5!)
Con New York.. 3 Silver Hill 1
Crown Point.... 30 Slyer Kind —
Exchequer 3 Union Con 4S
Gould * Currle.. 23 Utah Con 4
Grand Priae —
NEW YORK, April 20.—Money on call
easy at 21468 per cent; last loan. 8; closed.
3 per cent: prime mercantile paper. 5<S« per
cent; sterling exchange easy with actual
business In bankers' bills at t4.8814(5<)4.88»4
for demand, and M.87M#4.88 for sixty days.
Posted rates, M.jß}4<Fi4.Bo, and t4.59i,4«4.90:
commercial bills, W"86?4; silver certificates,
•»•«!«. •
SAN FRANCISCO, April 20,-Drafts,
sight, 5; telegraph, 10.
LONDON, April 20.-Consolg. 113%.
NEW YORK. April 20,-Bar silver,
Mexican dollars, 54,4.
SAN FRANCIBCO, April 20.—Bar sil
ver, 67v4: Mexican dollars, 54H®55V1.
LONDON. April 20,-Bar sliver. 31d.
NEW YORK. April SO.-The Evennß
Post s London financial cablegram nays
Consols, whch have been af 18. oloseoV.it
lIW4. This waß the only feature In an
otherwise quiet market today. Among the
speculative Issues, Americans were In
quired for and Interest In them Is slowly
spreading, though the movement must not
be considered nrmly rooted here. The
adjournment of congress has long been
looked for as a bull point. Today the gen
eral tip was to buy St. Paul. The Pari*
bourse bas been firm, bat closed weaker.
Berlin was quiet and featureless.
WASHINGTON. April 20.—Today's state
ment of the condition of the treaapry
shows: Available cash balance, $270,370,
--235; gold reserve, $126.6711.055.
j Tha Day's Transactions aa the Board of
CHICAGO. April 20.—There was a mod
erately active market, tho range being
l%c in wheal. The feature was the May
liquidation, many of the larger commsslon
houses sailing heavily, and as shorts cov
ered quite freely on Saturday's decline, the
market had little support and prices de
clined. Among the bear factors presented
wus good weather In the wheal belt, warm
rains In Illinois and Indiana and the liberal
Northwest receipts. Cables, too. were
strong and prospects were for larger week
ly world's shipments. The price of corn
suffered In sympathy with wheat. The
trading in oats was pretty generally scat
tered and was principally n the way of
exchangng May to July at % to '4c prem
ium for the latter. Provisions opened
lower because of the targe receipts of hog*.
There were a good many buying orders
nt the lower price, and some part of tho
<nrly decline wa* recovered.
CHICAGO, April 20.— The leading futures
closed as follows:
Wheat No. 2-Apiil, 6414: May, 63: July,
,: ';; September. 66^,.
Corn No. 3—Apfll, 29%: May, 29%; July,
SI: September. 32' i.
Oats No. 2—April, 1874; May. 19Hi July,
20V4] September. 20', i.
Cash quotations were as follows: Flour,
nominal; No. 2 spring wheat. 64\4; No. :;
spring wheat. 84V0S4U; No. 2 reel, 68649:
No. 2 corn. H!>%: No. 2 oats. IDtyfiUVJi; No. 2
white, 19%620V4; No. 3 whte. 19' p No.
2 rye, 37!4: No. 2 barley, nominal: No. I
flaxseed. 91%: prime timothy seed. $3.:i5:
mess pork, per bbl. t8.5tWi8.55: lard, per I'M)
lbs. $4.87iidi4.90; short ribs sides (loose),
$4.25#4.30; dry salted shoulders (boxed 1.
4'G*r'4%; short clear sides (boxed). 4'*.s/4'\:
whisky, distillers' finished goods, per gal,
I-iottr. bbls 7.U06 18.000
Wheal , bu. .: 13.000 500
Corn, bu 198,000 1.982.000
Oats, bu 290,00(1 347,00'!
Rye. bu 4,001) l.OO'l
Barley, bu 22,000 27,000 |
On the produce exchange today the but
ler market was wenlc; creamery, lOilrUie;
dairy, 9914 c. Eggs, 9610 c.
CHICAGO, April 20.—Cattle sales were
on a basis of $3.25Kr4.40 for common to fan
cy steers, with transactions largely at
52.65W4.10. Butchers' and Oatmers' cattle
were fairly active at prices declining
along with dressed beef and shipping
steers and cows and heifers sold freely,
the bulk going at $2.35((ii3.35. Hogs—Sale*
today were at $3.80fri3.65 for common to
choice droves, largely at $3.554518.65. straight
heavy lots bringing $3.30«i3.60: light weights
sold at $3.a)M3.96. Sheep—Sales were slow
nt last week's reduced prices. Sheep were
saleable at $2.50i(i3.50 for poor to choice and
lambs at $8.60®4.50. Within a week sheep
and lambs have declined 40 to 50 cents.
Texas sheep sell at $2.30513.25 and westerns
at S3.OfMiri.so. with an occasional sale for
more money.
LIVERPOOL. April 20.—Spot wheat
closed quiet, with a poor demand: No. red
winter, 5s sd: No. 2 red spring, stocks ex
hausted; No. 1 hard Manitoba, 5s Td; No. 1
California. 3* T%d. Futures closed dull
with near positions 'Jd lower and distant
positions ' .W%d lower. April. 556% d; May.
5s S?id: June. 5s e', 3 d; July, 5s 6%d. Spot
corn closed dull; American mixed new. 3r
'id. Futures closed quiet, April, 3* IVjd;
May and June. Ss l%d: July and August. 3s
■J*<l: September, 3s 3'4d. Flour close,!
steady with a moderate demand: St. Louis
fancy winter, 7s Cd; Facillc coast hops at
London, £1 15s.
Call Board Prlcei ol Cereals and Shipment!
SAN FRANCISCO, April 20.—Wheat, in
active: December. 108'fc; barley, linn; De
cember. 76%: May. 72%. Flour, family ex
tras, 55.7868.86; bakers' extras. 88.5668.65:
superllbc, 52.K5?(3.00. per bbl. Wheat. No. 1
shipping. 108%; choice. 111%; milling, 117%
ft 122%. per ctl. Barley, feed, fair to good,
70«72%: choice. 711%675; brewing. 80ftW-i.
per oil. Corn. 87%. Bran. $15.00. Oats, mill
leg. 766*2%; surprise. 906100: fancy feed,
82%687%: good to choice. 735t,80; poor to
lair. 67%'«72',.'.: gray. 72%«»xt>. per ctl.
Receipt*—Flour, bbls. 12,158: wheat, ctl'!.
73.474: barley, ctls. 6650: oats, ctls, 1030;
beans, sks, 2224; corn. ctls. 1915; rye, ctls.
4.10; potatoes, sks. 8073; onions, sks. 8217;
bran, sks, 300; hay, tons, 373; straw, bales,
27; wool, bales, 805.
SAN FRANCISCO. April 16.-Middlings,
$17.301719.50: bran. $14.0061500: bay. wheat,
$85I1L5I1; wheat and oat. 37.50610.90: oat.
fr.Mt)to; alfalfa. $7it.:); barley. $769; clover.
$6*B; compressed. $7.50 ft 10.50; stock, $66
7.50: straw. $16655. Potatoes, liver bur
banks, 25635; Oregon burbanks, 35670;
early rose, 30ft40: new potatoes, 75fti00.
Various—Los Angeles tomatoes. $1,606
1.75: string beans. 10TO13%; Los Angeles
green peas. 263%: gnrli*, 4*5: dried pep
pers, l66l0%; mushrooms. 13%615< aspara
gus, $1fd1.75: do choice. $262.76; dred okra.
f2%615; rhubarb, 35673: cucumbers. 506
$1; green peppers, 20*25: onions. $1.75* 2.00.
Fresh Fruit—Apples. $1.50* 2.50.
Citrus Fruit—Mexican limes, $5.50*6;
lemons, $2.50* 5.50: do fancy.52.50*2.50; Cal
ifornia seedling oranges. $1*1.50; navels.
2,0062.75: fancy, $3.00*3.50; Malta bloods.
$2*3: Mlchals. i 2.2562.75; Mediterranean
sweets. $1.5062: Hawaiian bananas, $I*2.
Pairv Product«--Btitter, fancy cream
ery, 14; secondß do. 13*13%; fancy dairy,
12%*13: seconds do. 12%.
Cheese—Fancy mild new.9: fair, to good.
7ftß: voting America. 9*10: easrem, 12©14;
Eggs—Store, 13%*14; ranch, 14615.
NEW YORK, April 20.—The visible sup
ply of grain Saturday, April 18, as compil
ed by the New York produce exchange Is
as follows: Wheat, 58.483,000 bushels; de
crease 847,00. Corn. 17.170,000 bushels: in
crease 324.000. Oats, 0 483.000 bushels; in
crease, 142.000: rye,, 1.518.000 bushels. In
crease 9000. Barley, 1,037,000 bushels; de
crease 62,000..
NEW YORK, April 20.—Petroleum, dull;
ITnlted closed at 121.
"By a thorough knowledge ol the natural
laws which govern the operation! of digestion
ami nutrition, aud by a careful at plication of
the fine properties of well selected Cocoa. Mr.
Epps has provided for our breakfast and sup
per a delicately flavored beverage which may
save us many doctors' bills. It ls by the judi.
clous use of auch articles of diet that a consti
tution may be gradually built up until strong
enough to resist every tendency to disease.
Hundreds of subtle maladies are floating
around us ready to attack wherever tbare is
a weak point. We may escape many a fatal
sbaft by keeping ourselves well fortified with
pur* blood and a properly nourished Irani* "
—Clfll Service Gazette. Made limply with
boiling water or milk. Sold only in hall-pound
tins, by grocers, labeled thus:
JAMES EPPs & CO., Ltd., Homocopatulo
Chemists, London, England
I --,lv ■■■i.,s 1 USt
Tsaoi aypsLicD ay -, ,
F, VV. Ba.au n aCo. WHIQtfFY
tos ANOiLia. caur. WTllltJllial
aa^af]*ajßa k av M> | nig •> Is a non-poisonoo*
A rT**^BßP remedy for lloaorrhrea.
Oloot, Spermatorrhoea,
MUmuTl' I " *hi«es. uuoalurel dit-
MWm Oaaraaka* fl charges, or ear Innamaw
bhh set m aatewn. tlon, irritation ar ulcers-
saeisgla*. tlon of ra S cam mem
iaavlrHEE»«»lCHWIO«LCn. branes. Non-astringent.
T*MAci>aiaiTi.o.l| | Oroargl^
A Reaolntlon of tho Board of Trnn
teea of tho City of Ijonir Beaoh,
Klvliia; notice that sealed pro
posals or bids will bo received for
sale of n Franchise for the erec
tion and maintenance of a Tele
phone and Telegraph system in the
City of Long Beach
Whereas, application Ims been made for
a franchise to erect and maintain poles,
wires jiikl other conductors for the trans
mission of electricity for telephone and tel
egraph purposes in and upon the streets,
alleys and public highways in the City ot
1,01114- Beach, and to exercise the privil
ege of operating telephones within said city
for a term of fifteen (16) years.
Now. therefore, be it resolved, that the
City Clerk he and is hereby instructed
to advertise In the Daily Herald, a news
paper published in the City of bos An
gcka. State of California, for ten U<»
consecutive days, and two weeks In the
Bye, v newspaper published In the city of
Long Iteach. the following notice of Inten
tion to nward a franchise jrrantlng the
aforesaid privilege* to the highest bidder
In the following words, towlt ":
Notice is hereby given that the Board
ot Trustees of the City of Long Beach.
County ot Los Angeles, State of California,
has received application for a franchise
to construct, lay down, operate and main
tain an electric telegraph plant and sys
tem, with all the necessary appliances. Mi
the ptil.lie streets of the city of Lon*
Beach for the period of fifteen years, an i
that It is proposed to giant the same to the
highest bidder, and that the said Board of
Trustees will on Hie 21st day of May nt
7:80 o'clock p. m. meet In the eltv hall of
the City of Long Bench. In open session
lor the purpose of opening sealed propo
sals for the put-chuse of a franchise of the
character and for the term set forth below,
ul which time and place shM franchise
will be awarded to the highest bMdor.
The following Is a copy of the ordinance
which is proposed to be passed awarding to
the successful bidder the aforesaid fran
chise, towlt:
"An ordinance grouting to j .
successors and assigns, the right to plate,
erect and maintain poles, wires and other
conductors for the transmission of elec
tricity for telephone Mid telegraph pur
poses In and upon the street*,
alleys and public highways in the
City of Long Beach, and to exercise the
privilege of operating telephones within
said city.
The Board of Trustees of the City of
Long Beach do ordain as follows:
Section I. The City of Long Beach
hereby grants to , succes
sors and assigns, the right and privilege
lo place, lay. erect, maintain and operate
In the streets, alleys and public highways
within said city, poles, wires and othdr con
ductors for the transmission of electricity
for telephone and telegraph purposes.
Section 2. Such wires or conductors
shall ho stretched upon poles or other
fixtures above ground in a workmanlike
and proper manner: said poles shall be
erected ut the edge of the sidewalks 111
said city in a good substantial manner,
and shall be kept painted. The Board of
Trustees Of said city shall have the right
to cause said grantee to move the location
ot any pole whenever In their Judgment
the public convenience shall require the
location of the same elsewhere, the ex
pense of said removal to be paid by said
Section The said grantee or assigns
may make all necessary excavations in any
of the ssaid streets, alleys or public high
ways for the purpose of erecting and main
taining poles or other supports for said
wires or' conductors, or repairing the
same, and said work shall he done In
compliance with the rules, regulations, or
dinances or orders which may during the
continuance of the franchise be adopted
of the said city, and the same shall bfe
done to the satisfaction of the said Board
of Trustees.
Section 4. Nothing In this ordinance shall
be construed as in any wise to prevent the
proper authorities of said City of Long
Beach from sewering, grading, paving, re
pairing or altering any of said streets or
thoroughfares herein mentioned.
Seel ion 5. In consideration of the rights
herein granted the said City of Long
Beach shall have the right to suspend
and maintain upon the poles placed by the
said grantee, successors or assigns in the
streets and thoroughfares aforesaid any
and all wires which said city may require
for tire alarm and police telegraph ser
Section G. The rights, privileges and
franchises herein granted slißll continuo
and be In force for the period of fifteen
(151 years from and after the adoption and
publication of this ordinance.
Section T. The clerk shall certify to tho
passage of this resolution and cause tho
same to be published twice in the Eye. n
wecklv newspaper published and circu
lated in the City of Long Beach, and there
after it shall be In full force and effect.
Adopted this— day of . 18<Ki.
.President of Board of Trustees of City
nf Long Beach.
I hereby certify the foregoing resolu
tion was adopted this Bth day of April,
City Clerk of City of Long Beach.
Notice of Dissolution of Partnership.
The Arm heretofore existing under the name of
B. Dean * Co., doing a sraultc and Atone business
In l.os Angeles city, ls this day dissolved by mu
tual consent, Mr George Smith havingso'd Ills
entire interest In said partnership and all tho
property thereof to Tt. bean and William Carncs.
Who will continue said business and collect all
Lea Angeles, Cal. April 20,1800. 21-:f, May 3-12
Stockholders Annual Meeting.
OBlre of the California Sower Pipe company, No.
(Ml) south Broadway Los Angeles Cel., April
a>, isste.
The annual meeting of the stockholders of the
California Sewer I'lpn company, will he hold at
the ollice of tne company tn the olty of Los Ange
les t'al , oo Monday May 11, ISM, at a oelock p m.
of said day fortlio election of a board of directors
for tbe ensulus year, and for ihe transaction of
surhomer; business as may properly be brought
before said meeting.
8. 11. MOTT, Secretary.
US. <& C. U. A P. O. BL'ILOINU—
Los Angeles Cal., April 20, HB6.
Sealed proposals will bo received at the office of
the collector of customs, room fi Baker block, uu
tll 12oelock noon. April 27 1898, for furnishing
fuel, lights, water, Ice, miscellaneous supplies,
washing towels, hauling ashes, and sprinkling
stroets for ttils building during the Hse.il year end
ing June CO, 1807, or such portion of the year as
inuy be deemed advisable. The rlghf to reject
any and all bids Is reserved by the Treasury De
21-23 Acting Custodian.
fWe send tho marvnlens French
Itomoilr CALTHOS free, and r
legal guarantee that Calthos will
STOP Ill.rh.rc. * F.nlulon..
CUKE s r> , r ™.i.rrhrn. V aricocele
aaa UESTOBE Lo.t View.
£,"« it and pay (f satisfied.
Addreif, YON MOHL CO..
8.1. LftltM H..U, Cbirbiastl, OkM.
Htnd-ploked, South Field
Wellington Lump
mAi AT * n PER TON
wnL, D*ltrer.d
Content and Catallna island
Serpentine and Soapstons
for W. T. Co. 's ocean excursion steamers, tugs,
yacht, snd pleasure launches. Telephone 3.
980 TO 890 BOM A VISTA ST.,
■ VUVrn,
Druggist and Chemist
222 N. Main St., Los Angeles
Prescriptions carefully compounded day
or night.
Contractor in Asphalt Work
Room SI Bryson Block
I urn only th* Alo-trss brands of Asphalt,
which aie tl>* purest and highe't grades
known aad ar* gn*r*at*«d ire* horn coal tar
cr petroleum r*si«uu*».
* Tlio Only SPECIALISTS in So M
1 We li.ye the lergent prectla* on tiie Pacific Coast, treating every form of Weakness and Private Disease, of Men aad abl«v Ba
| lutely nothing el,e. TO show our ability in this lint of pracUce, apj
| We Never Ask for a Dollar Until Cure is Effected. 9
I WE OPAKANTKE TO CPB1! | |—« No Pain or Detention from Bu.HMM. Bj
*\ No matter how large or of how long standing, and you can Day us wl;eu you are cured. 1 f you cannot call, writ*. JPJ
i \ Corner Third and Main St., over Wells, Fargo & Co.'s. Private side entrance on Third Street M
Leave far DESTINATION Ar. from
" EaatboYind \~ m ,* bM * ? Without, i
Wednesday I S kSS ■ ! Sat,,rd,lJ *
Westbound ) mnt\km\ fiMit.4 f F.astbounil
BatUJ-day J «^" , v,1.15L5l 1 - WtdaeWay
* ;ift pm j f B * a * ""c'so < ■: t33 pra
2:ospmh 8. Fran., Hacrftmento j I 7:3 lam
■1:23 pm l / :iml Ka-i. via Ojiden {, i .1» pm
K:2Bptnl Portland. Or ]:.t>pm
2:3opm; El Pk?o And Kui.....; 1:0) pm
Pasadena A 7 :r>) ani
7:50 am " I:H am i
A *:%\ mm' " wm am I
9:20 ami 11 10:41 mn
A 11:25*11/ « , liti pm
lii'-llpm M : A 3:05 pm .
8:M pm " : 5:01 pm I
S:JO pm; " j A 7:2* pm 1
A «:iopm, " 1
B:tW ani | \ Rlrerstde, f i 0:55 nm
0:20 ami Redlands. J: l:oipm
2:3opm! " San Bernardino | 4:ti pax
i : \ipm and Colton t 6:8.", pm |
0:00 anil f B:Mara
!):'Joam| Pomona \\ f s5l am
•J :M pm j - and < IHQ pm
4:30 pm Ontario 4:49 pm
fi:2s pm! J I. 0:;15 pm
O.tiO am: chin© 3:50 am
4:80 pmi , " } am
5:25 pml * : 6:35 pm
.i:9O mii , Co Vina f\ B:sonm
A III) pm| V and J; A 1:00 pm
5:25 pm i Fmi litmus J t»:35 pm
8:05 am i Monrovia f A 9:2 iam
A 11:20 am 1 Arcadia I j 0:50 am
A.1:05 pm :" and V A 1:10 pm
s:lspmj J Duarut [ 4iW pm
■ tss nm Santa Barbara 12: 5 pm
i&u pmj '• ■ 10:10 pm
9:oaml"> mntt f H.Ot-am
A 1:05 pm \l Ban i?,A" R * nd 1 A 1:16 pm
s:lopm ) Anaheim U B^nf m
10:05 am ) wuintm* fi 8:00 am
A 1:05 pm y <Bfl mit™, U A 1:15 pm
A »:ioam Tustln a:O4 am
ft:lopm * j Aii:2opm
$1} { 'il*
0:00 ami Santa Monica. j
■MtOOaSl M ; 7:45 am
». " ! «:55am
l :I0 pm " ! 32;12 pm
6:15 pm! " S a :20 pm
1:00 pml " : s:iopm
0:00 am' Soldiers' Home 12:12 pm
«:00 pm j " 1 5:10 pm
9:()oam| Port Los Angeles* 12:12pm
S 10:00 anil '* S 4:*»» pm
1:10pm ... . " ! 3:lopm
A I:4opm ratalina Island A :<:.D am
A !»:40 am! Cbataworth Park | A 4:5 pm
Chats worth Park—Leave from and arrive at
River Station, Han Fernando street, only.
a Sundays excepted 3 Saturdays nnd Sundays
Al) H.P. Co-strains stop at First street (except
tho four San Francisco trains) and Commercial
street (except th© B:2* San Francisco evening
train), tn the buatuesa center ol the city, savlnj
time aud street car fares to passetiger.t-
General Passenger Office. 220 S. Spring street.
if oodal!, Perkins A Co., General Agents, San Fran- '
Northern routes embrace lines for Portland, Or.,
Victoria. B. C, and Puget Sound, Alaska and all
toast points.
Leave San Francisco
Tor— ~ T
Port Harford S. S. Corona, April 7, 15, 28;
Santa Barbara ' May l.
Port Los Angeles.. S. 8. Santa Rosa, April 3, 11,
Newport 19,17; May 5.
H 0 ? '
For - !s. S. St. Paul, April 5, 18, 21,
East San Fedro—| 2»; Hoy 7.
San Pedro and way S. S. Eureka, April 1, 0, 17,25;
ports. ._.. ._. M_ay_3.
Leave Port Loa Angeles and Redondo
For* S. S.Santa Roaa, April S, 13,
21. 20; May 7.
ban Dlego S. tt. Corona, April 1,9,17,25;
May &
For— Is. S. Santa Rosa, April 7, 15,
Ban Francisco 23; May 1.
Port Harford 6. S. Corona, April 8,11,19, 27;
franta Barbara ,. .. ,\ May*.
Leave Sau Pedro and East San Pedro.
~For— Is. a r:ureka, April 4, 12, 20, 28;
Ban Francisco May 0.
and S.s.St. Paul, April 8,16, 24;
Way ports. j May 2. _
Cars to connect with steamers via Ban Pedro
leave S.P.R.R. Arcade depot ats:os p.m. and Ter
minal R.R. depot at 5 p.m.
Cars tn connect via Redondo leave Santa Fe
depot at 0:80 a.m , or from Rcdoudo Railway depot
at 0:0 ft a. in.
Cars to connect via Port IjOS Anneles leave S.P.
R.R, depot at 1 :i0 p.m. for steamers north bound.
Plana ot steamers' cabins at agent's ollice. where
berths may be secured.
The company reserves the right to change tho
strainers or their days of sailing.
For passage or freight as above or for tickets to
and Irom all important [joints In Europe, apply to
W. PARRIS. Asent.
Office! 123*{ \V. Third St., Los Angeles.
ins nuns i nil m
DEPOT: Urana aye. und Jefferson st.
Special Time Card on Loi Angeles and Redondo
Railway for Fiesta week.
April 20th to 2«th, inclusive.
Leave Los A ngeles I Leave Redondo for
for Redondo j Los Angeles
0:05a.m Dally 7:30a.m Dally
1:30p.m Dally 10:45 a.m Dally ■
5:30p.m Dally. 8:40 p.m Dally |
Special trains Thursday, April 23d, and Saturday,
April 25th, leaving Redondo at 0:30 p.m.; luavlug i
Los Angeles at 11:30 p.m. t
. v —[
1 The Morgan I
I Oyster Co. I
I Wholesale and Retail | i
® Dealers in d I
I Oysters Poultry 11
1 Rsh I
1 And all kinds of Shell Fish. Pack- %
f ersof the celebrated "Eagle Brand" $
g Oysters. I
I** * i
1 329*333 S. Mala St. Tel. Main 185 |
Poland Address
Water f2C
Trattis lear>< and arrtraatS
Trains via l'asad*>naarrlT«
Downey avo stal ion 7 mln
jQpu£g£gvlswfir utos earlier uestnonod and
leave? minutes later east-
ro Denver. Kansas City, Chicago. St. Lama.
Leaves dally 8:00 pm.—Arrives dallyC:os pro.
ra Denver. Kansas City. Chloaso, St. Louis.
Leaves 7:10 am.—Arrives pm
I*T. a9:«oa. ra.. 5:20 p. m; Ar. al:00 p.m., 7:16 p. as.
P—Leave 7:10 am. a*:2o am.. 0:0 ' am., a 1:00 pnx.
4:45pm., S:00 pm.; O—Lv. allrOO am.. 6:30 pm.
P— Arrive 8:.« am. a 8:45 am., al :00 pm., 5:00 pas.
(:05 pm., Moteal O —Ar. 11:00 am., 7:15 pm.
P— Leave 7:10 am., a 8:20 am., 0:00 am., a 4:00 pm.,
4:45 pm, O—Lv. all :<M am., 5:20 pm.
P—Arrive a»:45 am., al:oopm.. 6:00 pm., 8:0,1 pra..
6:50 pin,, O—Ar. 11:00 am.. 7:15 pm.
Leave—7:loam., a 8:20 am., 0:00 am.. 1:35 pro, Sato,
pm, .4:46 pm, a.»: 30 pm, spni.
•jlrfve— a7:»8 am, 6:55 am, a 0:46 am, l:00pm..
4:15 pm, 6:00 pm., 6:05 pm, 6:50 pin.
U*ve-aS:2O am, aa«rOo am, I:SS pm, a4:o*fSß..
a.4-45 pm, a 5:50 pm.
Arrive—»7:SB am, 8:55 am, »l:00, 4:15, 6:50 pm.
Leave—as:oo am, 0:00 am, 4:26 pm, 6rJopm.
Arrive—B:6o am, al :I'6 pm , 6:05 pm., 7:lo pm.
Leave—o:soam, 5:08 pm; Arrive—B:29 nm-,4:a>pss
Leave—7:lo am, 10:00 am, 5:05 pm.
Arrive—B:ss am, 4:40 pm, 6:50 pm.
Leave—Pat:oJ am, O—all.'oo am.
At— P al:oo and a»:05 pm. <>—all :00 am, .7:16 psa
Leave P—as :am. O all :00 am.
Arrive P—al :00 pm. O—all :uo am
Iff—a9:oo am , aS:2O pm. L«av«—an M> »ro.
Arrlv.—al rOS pm. Arrlv«-a7:it pm.
p— Via Pasadena. O—Via Orange, a—Dally,
except Sunday. a.3undays only; all other trains
dally. Ticket ofllce, 120 North Spring St. aad La
tiraaa. station
los HUES mm m
IN EFFECT NOV. 18, lA!*5.
Los Angeles depots: East end First street and
Downey avenue brldiics.
Leare Los Angeles fbF"*Leave Fosadeiia tor Los
Pasadena. A ngeles.
b 7:10a.m b 8:10 a.m.
c 7:&5a.m c S:«V)a.m.
a 9:10 a.m a 10:2fia.rTt.
all.su a m a 12:40 p.m.
a S:top.m a 4:*» p ra.
a 6:20 p.m. ; . a 6:00 j>. m.
Downey avenue leaving time 7 minutes later. Be
tween Los Angeles and Pasadena- Hound trip 25c.
Xeavf Los Angeles l'br Xoave Altadena Junction
Altedena Junction. for Los Angeles.
a 9:10 a.m a 10:10 a.m.
C 11 :30 a. m c 12:20 p.m.
a 8:80 p.m..... a 4:30 p.m.
All trains start from First btreet depot.
"Leave Los Angeles for Leave Glendale for Los
Glendale. Angeles.
b 7:oft a.m b 7:57 a.m.
c 8:20a.m c 9:12 a.m.
a 12:86 p.m a 1:27 p.m.
a 5:05 p.m ...| ■ a f>:s2 p.m.
X«a^TLos~Angeles for j" Lenvt! East San Pedro™'
Long Beach and East , for
San Pedro. Los Angeles.
a 9:00p.m a 7:20 a.m.
ft Mflp.m a Jo:*)a.m.
a ttoop.m * 3:45 p.m.
Between E. Ban Pedro and Long Beach 10 minutes.
Steamer for Avalon connects with 1:10 p.m.
train dally, except Sundays.
Trains leave Los Angeles daily at 9 ;10 a.m., ell :30
a.m., and a 8:80 p.m.
Fine pavilion and hotel. Grand scenery.
Telescope and searchlight.
a Dally, b Dally except Sunday. c Sundays,
raly. d Saturdays only.
Stages meet the 7:10 a.m. train at Pasadena for
Mt. Wilson on new trail.
Passengers leaving Los Angeles on the 7:10 a.m.
brain for Mt. Wilson can return same day.
Special rates to excursion and picnic parties.
Depots east end of First street and Dow ney are>
■ue bridges.
City ticket office, Ureenewald's cigar store, cor
■er Second and Spring streets.
General offices, First street depot.
T. B. BURNETT, General Blanager,
W. WIN COP. Gen. Passenger Agent.
Cars leave Fourth and Spring streets.
For Rublo Canyon and Echo Mountain—
3:l>0, 9:UO and 10:00 a.m,: 1:00, 3:00 and
1:00 p. in.
Returning Itavo Echo Mountain—B:oo
snd 9:00 a.m.: 2:00, 4:00 and A :to p.m.
For Altadena—B:oo a.m. and every hour
until 10 pm,
Returning learo .Utadena-u :"»o a.m. and
hourly until 0:30 p.m.
For Pasadena-Every Fifteen minutes from
7:15 n.m. to 8:00 p*Si. Half hourly befora
md after these hours.
Ofllce, til W Fourth street.
W. D. LAKRABfcE, Sunt.
E. P. CLARK. Gen'l Manager.
ifj| Diseased
Impolency, Varico
■V| Dr. White
Its Commercial street, Lo, Aii|*l«s, Cal.
Representative w nolesale aUkf
Retail Dealers, Business
Men and Firms
W. H. SHINN. 205-' JO« Wilson blk., Sprint;at.
"KEATIJS'G," Hauler, King A Co H ll* K. IMS)
f. W. BRA UN <fc CO., 40V407 N Main: «*L SSL
I.IiDWIO A WAU.NKR, Mott Market, let. SN,
TI A AS, B ARCCIi * CO., S2* to JJK K. L. A. SL
ABBOTSFORD INN, cor. Ith and Hope; taj, US)
< r>., (inc.) sioo.ooo, 2H-212 stlmson. A. c. BratV
erfion, att'y.
F. H. MAUDE A CO.. 211 W. First as.
NORTON A KENNEDY, 134 H. Brdwy; taL Ml
J. F. MORENO, 2:0 a most.
CHAS. W. ADAMS, 338 N. Main. T>l. 1*47.
BOOTH * NOW, 2M B. Main as. Tal. 154».
O. STOESAK, 511 S. Sprint st. bat. Stta aad Ota.
J. F. A. LAST, 129 and 181 N. Main si.
NEW YORK BAZAAR. 143 N. Springs!.
Directory of
i ,
1 UliTtl IDillnll SANTA MONICA. B. RHEIf*
-1 BUItl ftnUnUIR heart, Proprietor.
HUltl nnffURII Lo. Angelas.
HOTEL BRUNSWICK American-European pltuu.
HOTEL HOLM Cochrane, proprietor.
IHt ttUntLL side. E. J. Davis, Prop.
! UdTCI DDCUraUD J - B - o'brikn, prop-k
nUltl Dtltlloltn Fourth and cats., Sap Plato.
\ \ i\\ \\\mmtW Ho Knife or Fatal
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To the public: 1 was seriously afflicted
for üboul t'-n years with lunar, liver Ann
kidney troubles. Tongue could never ex
press the misery t endured during trios*
I yours. 1 was reduced in flesh until 1 was
1 a mere skeleton: my sight and hearing
Iv. ore badly impaired: was constantly
trouble*! with constipation and piles, ami
had a severe chronic cough. In short, life
' was a burden and death would have been
I welcome. 1 was treated by various spec
ialists without avail. I Anally resolved
to give Dr. Wong Him. of No. 639 Upper
! Alain street, a trial. Of course, like many
] others. T bad no faith In a Chinese doc
tor, but it took only a few doses of his llf»
-glvlng herbs to knock all the skepticism
out of me. In just live weeks the doctor
' pronounced m» cured, and now I can
truthfully say that I never was healthier
snd never felt better In my life. Vhr
, sight ami bearing are both fully restored:
j that obnoxious cough, constipation and
piles are entirely cured, and I am rapidly
gaining In flesh, having gained forty
pounds in two months.
1 earnestly recommend all sufferers and
skeptics lo Rive the doctor a trial and be
.convinced of his superior skill as a pfcysl-
<12<l Tlellevue avenue. I.os Angeles, Cal.
J. V. Griffith. Pres. John T. arista, V.-Ttaa,
F. T. OrlUth, 2*cretarr aad Treasurer.
G*o. K. Wattes, Bupt ol MUX
Lumber Dealers,
And manufacturers of
juiisiic mil work of Eienr lks^hml
bjbcts. Window*, Blinds sad Stair*. *
SS* H. ALAaUDASX. lm aSSIM*. •»% <

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