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Steed curveting gallantly!
.While he breatheatnany a fervent sigh
Por her? Well, quien sabe! •
The sun htm kissed her crown of hair
With golden lights or ebon shade?
That Is a secret none may share.
This only, she's beyond compare,
Of all the flowers that blow mosi fair
, This little .Southern maid.
Certain Leaders Had This io View and
be Day's Ad venture ►--The Looting: ot the ,
City—Her ria|esty's Appearance—Th t Illus
trated Concert- -Cither Details
Viva La Reina! (
Viva the people! ' ,
Viva everybody!
For some time past certain lead ers or
the populace have been, plotting the
overthrow of the powers that be, and
the plans of the conspirators we re so
.well arranged that they vi ere yest evday
Crowned with success when the a .ttack
mas made on the city.
In order to divert suspicion the lean
ing spirits of the movement f< atned
clubs throughout the city, which have
enrolled many members froai the party
Of malcontents. Overtures were jnado
to the military and not without su recess.
;.nd orders were transmitted to a li the
oyal followers of La Reina de la 3 Nesta
to assemble yesterday at 1:30 v t. the
JPavllion, from whence an organiz' Ml at
tack oould be made upon the ctt: t and
La Reina proclaimed ruler over tl n; do
main Of The Angels.
Everything favored the revolutir silsts.
{The gods conspired to aid them. .
At an early hour the mayor an id city
tjouholl, realising their impotem te in
the face of the general sentiment , fled.
Several were captured, however, and
others took advantage of tho gt aaeral
amnesty proclaimed by La Rein a as
her first official act and begged that
they maks loyal official surrender.
' The motley throng that surged .back
and forth In tho Sixth street park; yes
terday afternoon were enthusiast!' ». and
fired by a spirit of adventure fore k*n to
their usual peaceful pursuits. -Each
organisation as It swept into plat »• and
took up the line ot march was g j;eted
with a discordant outburst of c lieers,
club yells, with an accompar Jment
of shrieking whistles and trumpet n that
testified to the loyalty of the mul Htude,
the sounding of their lungs and th( i long
suffering of those saluted. T Bni,ai>a
Tho Fiesta Queen's Own L anc.ers
(Troop D), forty strong, under com
mand of Lieutenant Thompson, i ruard
ed the approaches during the ; issem
bling ot the army of maskers, and
headed the column of the line of: parcn.
They made a brave showing wit h their
green tunics, red breeches and cavalry
boots and yellow plumed helmet i. The
Fiesta colors were thus happily com
bined, and the company will act as the
guard of honor to La Reina.
Following the cavalry Roncciviert s
'American concert band of 20 piettes dis
coursed inspiring music that by nring
the minds of the revolutionists prompt
ed them to deeds of daring during the
attack on the city. . .
The Jonathan Fiesta club showed up
sixty strong, and in every way well
armed fair the conflict upon which they
were about to enter. Each member was
clothed in a summer suit of Russian
crash, straw hat and cane. Three car
nations of varied colors In the button
hole Indicated the principle of La Fiesta
to which they owed allegiance. The of
ficers In command of this detachment
were: Captain. Harry Wyate; first lieu
tenant, L. J. Spruance; second lieuten
ant. H. Doolittle; and secretary, Foley
Each member ot the club was armed
with a bag for ammunition in the shape
of "confetti," which was thrown upon
all opposers with great effect during the
taking of the city. This ammunition is
new in modern (local) warfare, anil
large quantities were Imported from
Paris at considerable expense.
The Jonathan column was headed by
M. H. Magee and V. E. Dickenson, two
full-grown and well warranted mascots.
They were clothed in elaborate silk cos
tumes of a Dolly Varden pattern and
.made a moßt dignified appearance. Four
.pickaninny mascots also added to the
'inevitable luck which perches on the
Jonathan banner. These were: Willie
;Mansconde, Isaao Wood, Harry Brown
and Harry Carter.
An ammunition receptacle in the shape
of a Chinese pagoda, borne by four color
ed men, composed the equipment of this
The Queen's Merry Maskers, led on
'Xiy President Joe Scott, were eager for
carnage, and, clothed in Fiesta-colored
. clown's suits did great execution in "an
■-uexlng" articles from various stores In
'the city which It was thought might
"'prove acceptable to La Reina. A large
.yellow silk banner, carried by Charley
'Hamilton, the maskers' mascot, bore
'.upon itn face the title of the organiza
"ston. Conductor Broderick, who was
-ifrarbed as an exaggerated specimen of
a street-car conductor, had bell-punches
.galore lining his manly breast, like so
■many dettaratlons. Indicating his close
attention to duty.
Inasmuch as evils belong to every rev
olution, however righteous, his Satanic
majesty, with two attending satellites,
was in attendance to claim his own. A
float supporting a large iron cage was
guarded by the two devils of inferior de
cree,while the old, fierce, frivolous devil
•kept guard outside the door and gnashed
his aged gums as each new arrival was
consigned to his care.
By natural affiliation, perhaps, these
denizens of the nether realms affiliated
with the Merry Maskers, who in turn co
operated with his satanic majesty by
capturing rebellious officials who re
fused allegiance to La Reina.
A Chinese band of four pieces played
classical music with great impertura
bility while the looting of the city was in
grogress. Under the leadership of Col.
hamberlaln, mandarin of the coral
button, a very choice selection was
and the most unmusical ear
could readily detect Wagnerian strains
that once again proved the close rela
tionship that at one time must have ex
isted between the orient and the people
•f the western continent.
The Commercial Travelers' Fiesta
club, numbering 100. were gallantly led
by W. J. Barrett, ex-presldent of the
Pacific Coast Commercial Travelers as
sociation, and S. Moseley Woods, the'
present president and chairman of the
Fiesta committee. The command was
clothed In a uniform of straw hat, linen
duster, grip In hand and a cane; all with
Fiesta colors decorating them.
A float headed this column which
served as a store for the merchandise
looted from the stores and was under
guard of twelve trusted members of the
club. They were not under bonds and
from that a judgment may be formed
as to their honesty as well as their
loyalty. The chaplain of the order, how
ever, was on the float, clothed In white
, cassock and hood,and he, doubtless, had
a restraining Influence on the eagerly
aggressive "drummer" fraternity. He
had "a face like an nwi, with a beak like
a pelican, and was well calculated to
restrain the enthusiasm of the too ex
At 2 oelock promptly the signal for
an onslaught on the city was given, and
the above detachments, reinforced by
others en route, moved down Sixth
Street to Broadway. At the junction
there was a temporary stoppage, as the
two Junior devils had got entangled In
a fight, and after a Bhort but spirited
encounter the smaller of the two got
away with his brother with the red
Iwhlskers, and the march was resumed.
Good humor was further restored when
• lady dressed in red and wearing very
large spectacles over a darkened visage,
requested permission to Join tht i proces
sion. Without more ado sh< • c.'.ambered
upon the carriage of his satr n! c majesty
and connubiated with him the rest of
the way.
When tbe chamber of c< jammeree was
l cached a halt'was made and a fierce
blast on the whistles 1 j- the merry
maskers and the yells -md warcries
from the several clubs ; Aye Intimation
to the inmates that t ney were be
leaguered. A detachni ent broke from
the ranks and made 4 forcible entry
Into the building and ,-arried away the
ItttnTecl California be: v- us the first
trophy for La Reina. The avenue was
Hneil with thousands , of people who
shouted their appro Nation of the gal
lant act. It was an omen of good for
tune. Then the em Mem of the Golden
state Waal put alof t on the looting car
and the rcvoluti mists resumed the
inarch. Procedlnr / down Fourth street,
the Owl drug sto W as the next point
attacked Wit I ( a loud war cry that
irightened the a rtendants of the estab
lishment from t .heir positions on guard,
the looters foi ~e ri their way Into the
place and soi ni after emerged carry
ing a huge mortar on which was
mounted a g sive-looking owl. Onward
the despotic „f their opponents pro
ceeded, nial j n » their next onslaught on
the photo p-aph gallery of Steckel,
where the' / captured a mammoth cam
era, mour .ted and ready for use. Each
new acci jeslon to the store of plunder
was rec« 4ved with tumultuous shouts by
the thn that followed In ihe wake of
the dcv nstatlng mob. At the corner of
! Third and Broadway a large mattress
I was s /olen from the Los Angeles Furni
ture rompapy. From the Vllle de Paris
: gre»,t quantities of bundles were ab
sttl <cted. aid of them presumably con
taining art icles of apparel for tbe fair
Word hatl been sent ahead warning
everyone of sthe approach of the lawless
cavalcade. Is it no efforts on the part of
property own ers or police could stop the
general pilla The proud eagle of the
Times was ol .nied screaming to the car,
where he oc cupled an inglorious posi
tion among the store of miscellaneous
At the clt y hall the approaches were
guarded while the maskers made a
search for t he city wads. After a close
search foutr members were dis
covered in the cellar. There
were "Pal >a Kingery's high kicker."
found en i lshabille; the "president of
the comma n scoundrels;" "Billy Dunn,
who done i ip the headwaters case," and
the "chief of the common council."
These wei c discovered counubiatlng
with a big h officer clothed in the uni
form of thi • state, and all being placed
under am st, were escorted amid the
approving yells ot the populace and
handed ovt ir to the satanic trio. Inside
the cage these fallen heroes became
subdued In manner and bowed humbly
in response to the mock greetings of the
Close to Second street, satan, who :s
swivel-eyed , caught a glimpse of Henry
Dockweller . ex-city engineer, and his
eager soul beat in sympathy and long
ing for his companionship. An attach
ment of maskers surrounded the hap
less Henry, and despite his kicks and
squirms cai Tied and placed him in the
loving arms of his highness in red By
some mischi xnce, while an effective at
tack was be ing made on another store
this particular prisoner broke bonds and
fled for his li fe. The three gentlemen of
lurid complexion and habit at once tied
pieces of ere pc around their amis
The first a trong resistance made to
the army was at Montgomery Bros on
North Spring' street. Everything of
value was hastily thrown into safe;
and the employes of the house made a
desperate struggle to deferd the prop
erty of their (employers. But the loot
ers were not to he suppressed. They
were forced try withdraw for a moment
then with redoubled force they repeat
ed the charge. Boom, boom, went the
deadly firecradcers, ana the "comfettt"
of the brave Jonathans tilled the ait
The skirmish was fierce but brief. Soon
the brave defenders of the jeweled de
pository were forged back and the
Merry Maskers made (heir way out ove<
the bodies of the dead and wounded
bearing a safe which contained the Jew
els of La Reina. de la Fiesta.
Jacoby Bros. Mtore was taken with the
loss of but one man—a gaily dressed
dummy. A gig:»ntic crake of soup from
H. Jevne's marked tbe versatility of
the looter's greed- To prove that thee
did not fear any opposition a large be!!
was taken from HaTper & Reynolds',
which was ding-donged loudly through
out the remaining portion of their at
tack and march.
Meybeirg Bros.' establishment was
entered, but here the maskers were
met by a determinifd and warm recep
tion. They went iiway, taking only a
tall basket, filled with a conglomerate
assortment of calltl lilies, onions, cab
bages and other vegetables and flow
At the Tufts-Lycm Arms Co.'s store
the looting was t temporarily checked.
For a few moment s there was a regu
lar fourth of July time. Firecrackers
popped and fizzed. Men forgot their
danger In the desjrieration of the mo
ment and inhaled great quantities of
smoke. When the clouds of battle
had cleared away the revolutionary
party were seen trundling a long and
dangerous-looking rifle of the sylvan
pattern. This wae mounted on the
car and borne awa:r as a trophy of val
or. The commissary's stores were
augmented to the extent of one ham
and a mammoth caai of baking powder
from Anderson & Chanslnr's. A la
dles' straw hat of giant proportions,
size 126%, was abstracted from Des
mond's a huge sack of embryonic flour
—being still in the natural grain condi
tion with straw unremoved—was pil
fered from Newberry's grocery store.
By this time the looting car was
heaped high with a multifarious col
lection of goods, from which the most
fastidious potentate might find some
thing to satisfy hert, fajicy.
The city rulers having either been
captured or tied: the commissariat hav
ing been well replenished; and many
gifts having been obtained for La
Reina, the forces determined to return
to headquarters and disband.
The heralds made open proclamation
that La Reina de la Fiesta had arrived
at the city boundaries and would make
triumphal entry in the evening, when
she would assume the reins of govern
ment and receive the homage of her
people at the Pavilion.
The announcement was well received
by the people, and the army of maskers,
after reaching headquarters, disband
ed without any untoward incident to
mar the comparatively peaceful inaug
uration of the new order of things.
Mid Fanfare ol Trumpets and the
Cheers of the People
Thousands Turn Out to Welcome the Young
Sovereign and the rtembcra ol
Her Court
In the evening the reception accorded
the queen was an ovation. Immediately
almost the homage ot the people was
paid to the fair young queen, in whose
person is summed up a very large meas
ure of feminine beauty of face and form,
gentle grace and refinement, ond withal
a statetiness of carriage that is as ex
ceptional as it is charming.
Long before the hour announced for
the arrival of her majesty, the pavilion
was crowded from lloor to dome.
No elaborate decorations had been
added to the vast hall, save that broad
sweeps of yellow bunting hid the front
of both galleries, and tapestried the low
er walls. From the galleries hung ban
nerets of Fiesta colors, in sufficient
number to break the deadness of the
massed color.
To the right of the proscenium a plat
form carpeted ia green had been pre
pared for her majesty and court. The
stairway as well as the steps to the
throne were carpeted in crimson, and a
very handsome crimson aatinl canopy,
lined with yellow silk, and heavy with
bullion, afforded a fit setting for the
beautiful queen, who sat enthroned as
the choice of the people. The chair of
state was a magnificent piece of cur
iously wrought Indian furniture of great
value ,
The queen's guard of honor lined the
central aisle of the pavilion from the
entrance to the foot of the throne, and
as the vast multitude sat expectantly
waiting the scene was brilliant and
unique. The band played the overture
from Orpheus, and then after a short
pause the heralds' trumpets announced
the event of the evening.
The soldiery brought their lances to
the salute, the band struck up La Fiesta
march, and as the immense concourse
ot people rose to their feet In respect to
their sovereign, the doors were thrown
open and her majesty and court en
With slow and stately steps her maj
esty, led by Prime Minister T. E. Gib
bon, who was attired in a white satin
court suit heavily embroidered with sli
ver bullion and court wig. made hot
way between the throng. The order of
procession was as follows:
Her Majesty the Queen, her train
being borne by Rey and Reginald Rule,
and escorted by Prime Minister Gib
bon; Miss Sarah Innes, Miss Harriet
Smith. Miss Bessie Bonsall, Miss Jessie
Kimball. Miss Hattie Kimball. Miss
Cora Goodrich. Miss Helen Klnkke.
Miss Bessie Bryan. Miss Helen Fair
child. Miss Eleanor Pattee, Miss Lila
Fairchild, Miss Lilian Wellborn. Mrs.
T. E. Gibbon, Miss Dorothy Wellborn,
Miss Olga Marix.
Ah the procession wended its way the
audience applauded continuously, and
amid the fanfare of trumpets, the blaze
of the hand, and the loud acclaim of
the people her majesty seated hers< If
upon the throne. The maids of honor,
two by two. made graceful obeisance
and passed to the seats set apart tor
Meantime the merry maskers had
been indulging in a grotesquely hila
rious dance on the stage, thereby ex
pressing their wild delight.
Hon. R. F. Del Valla Voice, the 0:n era
Sentiment of Royalty
Without preface or wordy introduc
tion the Hon. R. J. Del Valle ap
proached the throne and with earnest
lmpresslveness spoke somewhat as fol
"Your Most Gracious Majesty: This
great outpouring of the multitude is an
indication of the pleasure and satisfac
tion of your loyal subjects in seeing
you upon your return to this choice
and favored portion of your realm. Since
your last visit your subjects' hearts
have leaped with the desire to see your
majesty again within your great do
"When it became spread abroad that
they were again to be favored with
your presence for the space of a few
days their joy was undiinmed, and
hence this great welcome.
"It is but meet that the great .achieve
ments that have been made by your
subjects during the past year should
be adverted to. Groat Improvements
have ben made In education, in mechan
ics, the arts and sciences, as well as
in general social advancement.
"I can imagine your majesty, while
on the way through your kingdom, en
joying that magnificent 'panorama
which unfolded Itself as you viewed it
from the summit of Echo mountain.
From that point, where the science of
man has received illustrations, you
could see the starry sea on whose
breast galleons bring the products of
foreign climes. The fertile fields and
valleys, too, spread out before, and
these your subjects rejoice in and Join
in pinning them as Jewels to your maj
"In these dominions Pomona has: ex
hausted herself in making them beau
tiful, Ceres in causing the harvests to
be bountiful, and Flora has rendered,
figuratively, the varied wealth of flow
ers which are all laid at your fet.
"Of the future we can only gauge by
the past. We can only say that as the
clock of time marks the passage of an
other year we will still be loyal to you."
In an eloquent peroration the honor
able speaker then closed and presented
the chief executive of the city, Mayor
Rader, to yield up the keys of the city.
nayor Rader Makes Offering ol the Key to the
The queen gracefully acknowledged
the loyal utterances of the Hon. R. J.
Del Valle, and also recognized Mayor
Rader as he approached to the foot of
the throne.
He expressed himself In behalf of the
citizens in the following poetical vein:
"Most Gracious Majesty: Again we
greet thee and bid thee welcome to our
beautiful and happy city. We hail thy
coming with great rejoicing, and the
hearts of these, the conquered, throb
with pride and pleasure In welcoming
thee to the city of thy reign.
"In honor of thy coming thou seest
the city arrayed in holiday attire, and
everywhere are streaming banners,
graceful festoons and flashing helmets.
Obedient to thy command to be merry
and of good cheer, thy willing and hap
py subjects are reveling in song and
laughter. Our hearts are open to thee
and thy return to our feast of flowers
brings joy and gladness to all thy peo
ple throughout the realm.
"The cares and vexations nf official
life are not easy burdens for mortals to
bear, and gladly do I now surrender the
government of our city to thee, our
queen. As an emblem of thy authority
thererfore, and as a token of our esteem,
I now place Into thy hands this key to
the city, and may thy reign be one con
tinuous round of pleasure, of glorious
and pleasant incidents, of mirth, jollity
and good fellowship."
Brought Forward and Tendered by the Band of
The troupe of merry maskers had been
displaying some impatience, for they
wanted to bring their good deeds under
the notice of their sovereign. Her majes
ty, having been graciously pleased to
receive the key to the city's gates from
Mayor Rader, that gentleman gave
place to the leader of the clownish fra
ternity, who displayed their satisfaction
by doing a double-shuffle round the
stage, and giving a shrill blast upon
their whistles.
Henry Dockweller—for It was he, al
beit disguised in costume —intimated to
her majesty that his followers, during
the attack pn the city, had captured
many trophies, and articles of value,
which they deigned to hope she would
accept. As each package was carried
and laid down for the queen's inspection
the spokesman made running commen
tary as follows:
A Huge, golden padlock ,duly inscrib
ed —His honor, the mayor, has present
ed your majesty with the key of the
city. We, your humble servants, can
do better; we present you with the lock,
and as we have removed the same from
the city gates the key is entirely unnec
The Chinese band—Your faithful sub
jects, ever watchful and solicitous for
your majesty's well being, on yesterday
captured a long, low rakish craft in the
offing at Redondo beach. Investigation
revealed the fact that the emperor of
China, having heard about the beauty,
brlliancy and splendor of your court,
has sent his navy to capture your royal
self and maids of honor. We have
brought the musicians found on board,
and have visited punishment on the. re
mainder of the crew, by having the edi
torials on the harbor question trans
lated by means of a steam calliope.
A photographic, camera, ot exaggerat
ed size—To signally commemorate the
visit of your majesty to the city of the
Angels, we have levied tribute; on its
traders, and have secured coitntless
trophies, amongst which Is a camera
with which an adventurous photogra
pher attempted to secure a li'teness ot
your most beautiful self,
The machine refused to work as it had
been accustomed to taking angelic
views, but was unable to record a sera
phic countenance:
An owl—An owl flitting around In
daylight was deemed an occurrence
of so unusual a character that we se
cured ih's advisor of tne present cit>
government for the royal avinry.
A sack of Hour—A sack of Hour was
inadvertently taken by one of your
majesty's humble servants and the pale
cast of thought which overspreads his
countenance ls proof sufficient that be
has helped himself to its contents, and
the size of the lay as an ample guaran
tee of the permanency of his complex
A Gargantuan straw hat—ln our trav
els through this fair city we encoun
tered a denizen thereof who was trou
bled with that rather prevalent malady
known as "cabeza grande." Our atten
tion was drawn to him when he lifted
his hat, and wishing to present him be
fore your majesty, we rushed to the spot
w here he stood and after a microscopic
examination we were unable to find
him, so we brought his hat.
A fifteen-foot gun—This is an article
which ls popularly believed forms part
of a traveler's equipage in traversing
the sandy wastes lying between Cal
abasas and San Juan Capistrano, as a
weapon ot defense against real estate
An eagle—We have lined your path
way with suppliant kings and claimed
ransomed princesses for your waiting
maids; all earth must do homage to
your queenly self.
For once the brilliancy of the sun has
paled before the refulgent splendor of
your presence, and the king of the air
comes with outstretched wings, soar
ing upon the pinions of voluntary cap
tivity to bask in the sunshine of your
(A Dummy Man)— And this is the
counterfeit presentment of a man. take
hnn all in all. i hope your majesty will
never gaze upon his like again. '
A large chest of tea—Tills ( best,
which contains the leaves of destiny as
viewed from the bottom of a teacup. Is
considered a very necessary article of
baggage by elderly ladies of singular
lives, w ho are triumphs of the modiste.-!
art and the milliner's skill us far a.-t
their juvenile appearance is concerned
A typewriter girl—This fruitful pro
ducer oi divorce complaint.; la a neces -
sary adjunct in every lawyer's office
They come In all shapes, sizes and con
ditions, from th:' blonde of far Norway
to the dusky product Of the tropics. This
particular one has been made away with
so we cannot produce her.
A pie-Raphael painting of n cat—This
masterpiece of a long-buried and never
to be resurrected maestro, depicts the
nightingale of the classic precincts of
far-famed Cahuenga Bench.
A none too-downy pillow—"Uneasy
lies the head that wears a crown." The
serene aspect of your Majesty's brow,
precludes the Idea that any worrlments
could linger there, so we have presumed
that your prime minister might find
solace upon its broad surface.
If, in securing a safe'harbor for your
majesty's kingdom, be should be over*
\ It Pays to Trade on Spring Street | \~ /
f- La Fiesta /
La Fiesta Masks r%jf ft Q Dress Goods Sale /
We have an unlimit- A C*/ U | T?f j H Goes merrily on. /
>1««£ Jl I£/r" \
/ save you, perhaps, TIaII 1 *gWm MX atljOLSttrvlfl sV\ a I jammed with sensible
/ what other stores i f " \
The Grand Fiesta March
Is towards the People's Store. The light of economy shows the way. The
music of low prices is set in double-quick time. The Shoes, the Men's Fur
nishings, the Boys' Clothing, and a dozen other important departments have
unusual attractions for today's visitors.
Hen's ll* 7 CA Boys' I Boys' New
lU3C Fine Hose Suits | -WUt Straw Hats
nost esH a„dso„ e iTt£Ss£L
By actual couul over 2800 dozen Men's Fine Hose. Tho j 3
entire productola large manufacturer, including Lisle, B ov'. Cheviot Tweed and Cassimere Suits in navy hlnc, (I An decant line of Hoys' .Straw Sailor Hats with large
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pair but is worth 25c anywhere in town. ' Tn"s offerin y for La Flesln week.. with blue laced edge; a most extraordinary value ior the
[1 retuaindei of the week.
lAr nen ' s QUI Boys ' Z(\ nen ' s
Underwear tpO«OV/ Zouave Suits j {Jvf C Straw Hats
Half Values or Less Broken Lines A H the New styles
Broken Prices
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Front Shirts and Drawers, most beauUiully nnUhM eatherinS of broken lines of Boy's Zouave Suits i while Sennett and Mackinaw braid Yacht Straw- Hats;
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Host Excep. At Half
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sis&i i arfS,Kp^
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!iissssi.so $3.00! «sw«* $4.00
come by the cares of state, we sincere
ly hope and trust that the revivifying
breezes of the Pacific which kiss lovely
Santa Monica as well as good San Pedro
will restore him to his courtly self.
Rambling along in such manner, vari
ous other things were produced, the en
tire array concluding with a native son
In the shape of a California bear.
A shrill blast of the demon whistles,
to an accompaniment by the Chinese
band, brought this particular ceremony
to an end.
The maskers were loth to depart and
crowded as close to the throne as de
corum would permit, while each one
ogled some favorite among the ladles
of honor. In dumb motions they told
how Cupid was afflicting them, and
then handed to the prime minister, who
transmitted them by the pages, golden
keys to the Jewel safe, so that each
maid of honor could help herself to what
her fancy craved. The keys were about
a foot long and could scarcely be worn
on a chatelaine.
Instituted by Her riajesty to Mark the Joy
ous Season
A fanfare of trumpets announced that
the queen was about to speak. Her
prime minister then read the following
"I am commanded by her gracious
majesty, our queen of La Fiesta, to re
turn to you, each and all, her most cor
dial thanks for your loyal greetings.
Her gracious majesty desires me to ex
press to the eloquent orator whom the
people of her best loved province of
Southern California have selected to
convey to her their sentiments Of loy
alty, and to the mayor of her favorite
capital, the beautiful City of the Angels,
the extreme pleasure with which she
, lias again entered the boundaries ol
her fair province and the gates of her
charming city upon her annual visit.
She wishes especially to signify her
BStlsfaction at the evidences of the
prosperity and happiness of her people
which greet her upon every hand, anil
to say that she has found her highest
pleasure In noting everywhere proofs
that her loyal subjects of this most
beautiful of her dominions have, dur
ing the year which has tied since her
' last visit, garnered in full measure, that
I prosperity which ever attends such en
| letpr'.se as fame accords to the people
'of this favored land. She has notei!
i with extreme gratification that her
charming capital has been Improved
Iby a thousand structures of use am!
' beauty, and that everywhere throUgh-
I out her entire domain the footsteps of
I progress and plenty are marked by the
flowers of happiness and pleasure. To
the greetings of her orator she returns
! the command that her loyal subjects.
I through 'he length and breadth of her
' lovely province shall cast aside for a
time'the cares of business anil forget,
ill serious matters, and shall devote
themselves to the service of their sov
ereign queen of pleasure. And she ac
cepts, with much pleasure, from the
i mayor of her capital the keys of her city
and with them the loyalty which this
act typifies, and shall use them during
Per reign among ye to swing wide the
gates, to give entrance within your
walls to every joy and delight."
The heralds again blew a fanfare on
the trumpets and the prime minister an
nounced a proclamation from her maj
esty, which was listened to with the
closest attention.
The interesting document, when read.
proved to be of surpassing interest, and
was as follows:
"It has pleM+S her gracious majesty,
our queen, to co. nmand her prime min
ister that he make a proclamation to
her loyal subjects of this, her most fav
ored province, and its charming capi
tal, that she has been highly pleased at
observing upon this, her yearly visit to
her city, the evidence of a wonderful
advance In all tho fortunes and con-
cerns of her lit loved people. Her maj
esty has caused Inquiry to be made by
her servants Into causes which can pro
duce a condition of affairs so gratifying
to herself and so favorable to the happi
ness of her subjects. She has been in
formed that there are among you vari
ous companies and persons, who, dur
ing the period of her absence from
your midst, have, at much cost to them
selves, devoted their time and means
to advancing the welfare of her people.
"To express the pleasure which this
information has brought her, and to
reward some of her public-spirited citi
zens most conspicuous for such patriotic
services rendered to her realm, it has
pleased her majesty to found and con
stitute an order of knightly merit to be
named and forever known as the Or
der of La Fiesta. Her majesty has
caused the artisans of her court, cun
ning and skilled in the working of pre
cious metals, to design ond execute In
gold the decoration of this order, and
upon each of her yearly visits to her
capital it is her majesty's intention to
confer this decoration upon two or three
of her subjects, who, during the year
passing before each visit, shall have
made themselves most conspicuous by
their efforts to promote the welfare of
her people, and to name such as receive
her decoration her loyal knight* of her
Order of La Fiesta.
It has further pleased her majesty to
inaugurate the existence of this order
by tonight conferring this decoration
upon three of her subjects, w ho. during
the past twelve months of her absence
from her favored realm, have been
among the most conspicuous in expend
ing their fortunes and their talent!
In thus serving her people. Inquiry
among her subjects has given her
names of three of them who stand the
most conspicuous in different lines of
i public service. One has devoted him
self, his time anil his fortune in many
I way to the happiness anil comfort of
her people, and especially to preparing
: for their enjoyment upon "the annual
j visit of their queen. Another has pre
i sided with marked ability over one of
I those companies of her citizens who
i have banded themselves together to
J promote the general public weal, and
] has in many other ways Riven most lav*
. Ishly bis time and means to advancing
I the Interests of her realm. The third
| has. by the investments of much of his
i private fortune, added to the attrac
I lians uf her most charming province a
J wonderful agency by means of which
i its most varied and extensive beauties
' can be encompassed at a glance, and
I by so doing has attracted multitudes of
strangers to her majesty's favored pro
vince. It Is these worthy citizens an 1
eminent gentlemen whom her majesty
upon this visit, desires to especially
honor by conferring upon them the
decoration of her knightly order, a dcc
i oration which should lie deemed more
i precious, and Which her gracious ma-
I Jesty desires shall be held in the eyes
I of mankind to confer higher honor, than
anything that can be won In the tented
field of human suffering; and death, be
cause It is conferred for tho doing of
those things which udd to the pleasures
of human life."
The Hon. R. F. Del Valle nnd Mayor
Rader were summoned to the foot of the
throne after the proclamation had been
read, and ordered to escort into the
queen's presence John F. Francis. That
gentleman wan taken by surprise. He
had had no inkling that he was be so
highly honored, or, indeed, that her
majesty contemplated tho establishing
of ii knightly order.
Appealing before her majesty he
knelt, while as fair a queen us ever
southern sun shone upon laid the sword,
handed to her by the prime minister,
thrice upon his shoulder and dubbed
him "Good Knight and True," and he
rose up Sir John Francis while the gol
den badge of honor was clasped upon his
Kneeling again, the newly made
knight of southern chivalry kissed the
fair hand of the queen before retiring,
us it was graciously extended to him.
Orders were then given to bring for
ward Prof. T. S. C. Lowe, and he, too, re
ceived golden guerdon of reward. The
professor seemed so enchanted with the
pretty ceremony that be showed strong
Inclination to stop and chat with his
The third prominent citizen sum
moned was W. C. Pattison, president of
the chamber of commerce. He unfor-
tunately was not able to be present,
being at present in "Washington. The
secretary, J. D. Willard, was then sum
moned to appear and receive the deco
ration in trust for Mr. Fattison, but that
gentleman made himself so exceedingly
small that he was not discovered. Mayor
Rader was then appointed custodian of
the golden badge pending the absence
of this knight to be.
In Appearance and Costume a Dream at
As her majesty and cortege moved up
the long aisle, guarded on either side
by a line of lancer guards ,the picture
presented was one of such beauty and
brilliance as to make It difficult to
eclipse on any future occasion. Tho
maids were dainty and exquisite and
the queen magnificent in her royal robes
Notwithstanding the gorgeous at
tire, however, the beautiful queen out
shown and threw Into Insignificance
everything round about her.
The choice of the committee for La
Iteina de la Fiesta was never more ap
preciated than last night w hen the cit
izens of Los Angeles could claim with
just pride as their sovereign one of the
most beautiful women of California.
The royal robes were carried with agra
c ions hauteur that might be envied by
any other than a mimic crowned head,
and the jewel crown rested with easy
grace on the well-poised head.
Tbe gown worn by her majesty was
a pink satin brocaded in gold crysanthe
mums. The court train, several yards
in length, was of yellow satin lined with
white of tha same material. It was
edged with a broad hand of ermine, and
held to the shoulders by jew eled clasps.
The bodice was cut decollete, and ris
ing from over the shoulders was a
Medici collar of gold lace. A magnifi
cent girdle of jewels encircled the waist
nnd fell to the hem of the skirt. The
bouffant sleeves were of the pink gold
threaded satin, one being met by a long
suede glove, while show ing from under

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