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Timperaturs—Report of observatlona taken at
I.os Angeles, April 2!>. The barometer li
reduaed to sea level.
Tim*. I Bar. [Ther. R. H'm Wd Vel | W ihpr
BsOOa. m. 30.11 48 60 NE 3 Clear
A:00p. m. 30.09| «« 5ti W 3 Iciear
o:uup. m.|dv.u&i <•% i on \ ni o i .i'ur
Maximum temperature, 65.
Minimum Temperature. 47.
WiiTHin Rbport—United Statea department
of agriculture woathor report, received at
Los Angeles, April 28, 1896.
Forecast—For Southern California: Gener
ally fair Thursday; fresh to brisk westerly
Grape Fruit. Althouse Bros.
Fresh Pineapples. Althouse Bros.
Fancy Strawberries. Althouse Bros.
Rooms f 2 a week and up. U. S. Hotel.
Music. Arend Orchestra removed to
Wilson block.
Lee A Scott, attorneys, have moved
to rooms 411 to 414 Bullard block.
Orr & Hines, undertakers, removed to
•47 South Broadway. Tel. Main 65.
Sharp & Samson, funeral directors
(independent,) 636 South Spring street
Tel. 1029.
Removed, R. W. Morris, dentist, No
lan & Smith block, Broadway and Sec
ond street.
Evangelist Walker begins his con
vention at Penlel hall Sunday after
noon. May 3.
Watches cleaned, 75 cents; main
springs, 50 cents; crystals, 10 cents. Pat
ton, 214 South Broadway.
Church sociable tonight, First Bap
tist church. Everybody invited. Re
freshments and music. No charge.
There will be a meeting at Judge
Morrison's court room tonight at 7:30
to take action on the July 4th celebra
About 5500 car loads of oranges have
been shipped out of Southern Califor
nia this season. But very little of the
crop remains.
F. Orsi, a milkman, was arrested last
night on a complaint sworn to by Milk
Inspector Blackington, who accuses him
Of selling adulterated stuff.
See ladies' watches, the best and
finest,; nothing better; don't miss a bar
«ain; just see them at Freeburg &
on's, 406 South Spring street.
Adams Bros., dentists, 239% South
Spring street. Painless filling and ex- '
trading. Best sets of teeth from $6 to
$10. Hours, Bto 5; Sundays, 10 to 12.
Officer Bob Stewart, who has been
laid up with rheumatism for nearly two
months. Is once more able to be about,
and expects to resume his duties on the
Ist of May .
Visitors at La Fiesta are invited to
see the free art exhibition at Lichten
berger's Art Emporium, 107 North
Main street. The gallery will remain
Ypen from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
W. J. Colville lectures today in the
Friday Morning club rooms, 330% South
Broadway. Afternoon subject, Road to
Success. Evening subject, General
Summary of Divine Science.
For sale cheap.—soo pounds brevier
type; was used on The Herald until
Mergenthaler typesetting machines were
put in April 15. Address Business Man
ager, The Herald, Los Angeles, Cal.
Detective Auble and Officer Phillips
raided a lottery joint on First street at
8 oclock last night and brought In We
Sang, the proprietor. Sang put up $50
bail to insure his appearance in court
today, to answer.
At the police station there Is a lost
purse containing a small sum of money
awaiting an owner. It was picked up
on Spring street yesterday morning by
H. Pickets, a saloon man, who brought
It to headquarters.
It is said that after this date the en
tire influence of the Santa Fe railroad
■will be exerted In favor of San Pedro
as the recipient of government funds
for the improvement of the harbor.
Hitherto the corporation has been neu
Dr. Rebecca Lee Dorsey, Stimson
block, first floor, rooms 133, 134, 135.
Special attention given to obstetrical
cases and all diseases of women and
children. Electricity scientifically
used. Consultation hours, 1 to 5, Tel.
Licensed to Wed
The following marriage licenses were
issued by the county clerk yesterday:
Alexander Bandini, a native of Cali
fornia, aged 18 years, and Ruth Agnes
Boutwell, a native of Kansas, aged 15
years, both residents of Los Angeles.
Aaron Gratton, a native of Arkansas,
aged 34 years and a resident of Pomona,
and Mrs. Carrie Gilchrist, a native of
North Carolina, aged 35 years, and a res
ident of Los Angeles.
Charles F. Mergell, a native of Ne
braska, aged 23 years, and Hattie B.
Jones, a native of Illinois, aged 18 years,
both residents of Los Angeles.
Karle C. Briggs, a native of Massa
chusetts, aged 41 years, and Elizabeth
Weary, a native of Pennsylvania, aged
26 years, both residents of Pomona.
Robert Irw-in, a native of Canada,
aged 32 years and a resident of San
Diego, and Lulu M. Fisher, a native
of Illinois, aged 22 years, and a resident
of Los Angeles.
Clement v. Wickham, a native of In
diana, aged 32 years, and LilUe H.
Beede, a native of New Hampshire, aged
(2 years, both residents of Pasadena.
William Gleason, a native of Ireland,
aged 30 years, and Katherlne Frances
Dempsey, a native of California, aged
24 years, both residents of Los Angeles.
Charles C. Zilles, a native of Missouri,
aged 30 years and a resident of Pomo
na, and Lizette A. West, a native of
Kentucky, aged 20 years, and a resident
of Los Angeles.
August Schutze, a native of Germany,
aged 42 years, and Clara Rasbach, a
native of Austria, aged 27 years, both
residents ot Los Angeles.
The finest wedding invitations or an
noucements either printed or engraved at
reasonable price-*, furnished by H. M.
Lee and Bro., 140 North Spring street.
Ebell Society Lecture
Before the Ebell society yesterday, at
2 p. m.. In its rooms on Main street, R.
B. Baumgart delivered an Interesting
and scientific address. The philosophy
of knowledge was under consideration
and the speaker treated the subject from
•11 standpoints. Mr. Baumgart propound
ed the questions of Hypatia: Where
are we 7 What am I? Whateanlknow?
Where am I loved? and treated of them
in a lucid manner. The various theories
of the origin or creation of the universe
■were expounded, the atheistic or self-ex
istence, pantheistic or self-created and
the theistic which says that the universe
was created by external agency.
He quoted extensively from the an
cient and modern philosophers, Algosolll,
the Arabian down to Spencer. "To
know more man must be more," and de
spite Mr. Baumgart's reasoning the sub
ject was left unsettled. After the lec
ture he answered questions propounded
by the audience, which consisted almost
exclusively of ladles.
Mining and Stock Exchance
A meeting; of the members of the Los
Angeles mining and stock exchange will
be held in the new rooms, No. 818 West
Second street, on Thursday evening,
May 7, at 7:30 p. m., for the purpose of
approving- the by-laws of the corpora
tion. There will also be a meeting- this
Try our port and sherry wines at 75
cents per gallon. T. Vache & Co., Com
mercial and Alameda street* Tele
phone. SM.
Southern California Railroad
Company Sued for $50,000
Ejected from One ol Defendant's Trains
En Route to San Diego
Th* Judgment In the Pomeroy Water Suit Paid
Into Court by the City—Paaadena Elec
tloa Contest Piled—Court Newa
Joseph M. Kinley yesterday brought
suit against the Southern California
Railroad company for $50,000 damages,
the papers being filed just before 5
oclock. Mr. Kinley, who Is a well-knovn
attorney of this city, some days ago pur
chased a 500-mile ticket from the railroad
company, to be used at will, until the
same was exhausted, for which he paid
$12.56. He complied with the usual con
ditions, signing his name on the back of
the book as required. The ticket was
used at various times, until but 109 miles
remained. Having business at San Diego
Mr. Kinley boarded one of the company 's
trains, and when the conductor came
around to collect the tickets tendered
the 109 mileage remaining as part pay
ment of his fare, at the same time tender
ing the difference to make up the fare to
San Diego in cash. The complaint al
leges that the conductor, Instead of hon
oring the ticket, took it up, and insisted
on Mr. Kinley either paying his fare or
leaving the train, and when he demand
ed the return of the ticket refused to sur
render It, intimating that the name on the
back of the ticket was not his own, but
that It had been forged. Finally at Ana
heim the conductor put Mr. Kinley and
his baggage off the car when the train
proceeded to San Diego.
Mr. Kinley further alleges in his com
plaint that he was on his way to San
Diego on important legal business, and
that in consequence of the delay he suf
fered material damage, to say nothing
of the humiliation and disgrace of being
ejected from the train under the circum
stances in the presence of a large number
of people, and from the unjust and un
called for Insinuations of the conductor,
for all of which he asks $50,000 dam
Captain Janea Convicted
Captain Janes was yesterday convict
ed In the United States court before
Judge Wellborn of sending obscene mat
ter through the mails. Janes is the pub
lisher of a nondescript sort of a paper
which he calls the Non-Partisan. the like
of which does not exist perhaps in the
United States, and some time ago print
ed a most salacious article under tho
heading Ripe and Unripe Women, and it
was for sending copies of this paper con
taining this article through the malls
that he was indicted. As his defense,
James claimed that he did not deposit
the paper containing the obnoxious ar
ticle In the postofflce, and introduced
some character testimony. The jury was
only out about tf -'ty minutes, and
stood eleven to one • conviction on the
first ballot. A short time ago Janes had
a copy of the Bible sent to him through
the malls, and afterwards printed quo
tations from the Songs of Solomon,
which he claimed were in the same strain
Ets his urticlc.
James was iocked up In the county jail
last night. His attorney will make a mo
tion for a new trial this morning, i
Sent to Jail
Mrs. Bentley, the Calabasas woman
charged with having threatened to kill
"Dr." Gay S. Allen, was yesterday put
under $500 to keep the peace, In default
of which she was sent to jail. Allen at
tended Mrs. Bentley recently In con
finement, and it is alleged, as a result
of his Ignorance, she suffered serious in
jury, and made threats against Allen,
wo has since been arrested on a charge
of practicing medicine without a license.
Mrs. Bentley was In court with her In
fant, while her husband took charge of
the other child, aged 4) or 5 years. She
was evidently a very sick woman, and
almost fainted before the matter was
settled. Her attorney insists that her
commitment to jail is irregular, and
that he will secure her release this
morning on a writ of habeas corpus.
A Fatal Defect
The third trial of James Marshall,
the daylight burglar, now under two
sentences for burglary, on a similar
charge, came to an abrupt ending In de
partment one of the superior court yes
terday. The jury had been empaneled
and one witness examined, when it was
discovered that the information charged
that the crime had been committed in
December, 1896. It was clearly an er
ror, but it Is one of those little defects
denominated fatal, and in place of hav
ing the error corrected, and proceeding
with the trial, the case was dismissed.
To Contest the Pasadena Marshalahip
Papers in the contest over the Pasa
dena city marshalship were filed late
yesterday afternoon. The vote at the
election was as follows: John R. Slater,
457; W. S. Lacey. 412. Lacey claims
that If the legal votes cast In the First,
Third and Sixth precincts of the city
are considered and counted he has the
highest number of voteß and is entitled
to the office.
H. G. Reynolds also filed papers con
testing the election of George H. Coffin
as trustee.
;Pald the Judgment Into Court
The full amount of the judgment and
costs awarded by the jury In the head
works condemnation suit was yesterday
paid over In department five before
Judge Shaw and turned over to County
Clerk Newlln. The full amount was
$25,542.85, and was paid with a couple of
sacks of gold coin containing $10,000
each and $5642.85 In currency and frac
tional coin. The money will be held
by the clerk of the court pending the
result of the appeal to the supreme
Denied the Motion
In the divorce suit of M. Boyd vs. W.
R. Boyd, Judge York yesterday denied
the motion of the defendant for a reduc
tion of alimony and for a modification
of the order so that It might be paid
monthly. As the defendant had not
paid any part of the alimony ordered
Judge York stated that he did not think
that he was In any position to come be
fore the court and ask for any change,
and acted accordingly.
Will Oet Their Pay
In the cases of Frank E. Lopez, ex
county auditor, and H. C. Dillon, ex
distrlct attorney, vs. County Auditor
Blcknell, Judge Shaw yesterday gave
Judgment for the plaintiff as prayed for
Suit was brought to recover one week's
salary for services rendered after the
expiration of their terms of office and
before their successors qualified, and
has been pending In the courts for some
months past.
Decree le Prayed For
In the foreclosure suit of Beal vs
Buckingham et al.. Judge Shaw yester
day gave Judgment and decree as
prayed for. Edw. K. Blades was ap
pointed to sell the property, with bond
fixed at $1000. ,
In the cases of Schumacher vs
Schurckert and Phillips vs. Bond, Judge
Shaw also gave decrees for the plaintiff.
Committed to Highland!
George Bergen, a German between 60
and 60 years of age, was yesterday ex
amined as to his mental condition by a
commission consisting of Drs. Mathis
and Davidson, before Judge York, and
on being adjudged insane was ordered
committed to the asylum at Highland.
Bergen Is Insane on the subject of re
ligion and thinks that he has a mission
to preach the gospel.
Divorce* Granted
Judge Shaw yesterday gave Garnett
Duncan a decree divorcing him from
Julia A. Duncan on the ground of deser
tion. Plaintiff was also awarded the
custody of the child, a boy aged 10
Mrs. Mary A. Plttroff was also di
vorced from John W. Plttroff by Judge
Smith on the ground of cruelty and fail
ure to support.
Ha* Be.-n Settled
Township Justice Young yesterday
denied the petition of Edward Reed, the
sewing machine agent, convicted of vio
lating the license ordinance, for a writ
of habeas corpus. Reed has paid his
license and the matter has been settled,
he having paid the court costs, and the
case was dismissed.
Rape Fiend Arraigned
John Mojan was yesterday arraigned
in department one before Judge Smith
on a charge of rape on the person of 13
--year-old Lydia Brown. The defendant
stated that Ills true name was John
Mehan, and further proceedings will be
had in that name. He will plead on
May 25.
Charged With Murder
On motion of the district attorney In
formations were yesterday filed In de
partment one aginst B. W. and George
D. Mings, charging them with thffmur
der of John Hayes, the Puente post
master. They will be arraigned today.
The Case Dismissed
Township Justice Young yesterday
dismissed the case against William Bas
tine, charged with having made threats
against Theo. Stelncr, an investigation
showing that there was nothing in it.
Probate Matter*
Herbert S. Pratt, aged 18 years, yes
terday filed a petition for the appoint
ment of his father, Charles Pratt, as his
guardian. The minor has an estate in
Los Angeles and San Diego counties.
Ernst Remanded
In the matter of the habeas corpus
proceedings of Ike Ernst, now serving
a term lor vagrancy, Judge Smith in de
partment one, yesterday denied the pe
tition and remanded the prisoner.
Suit on a Promissory Note
Eva Siegfried Dwiggins yesterday in
stituted suit against L. B. De Camp, as
administrator of the estate of John P.
Early, deceased, to recover on a promis
sory note for $1500.
Submitted on Briefs
The case of G. B. Kerper vs. W. J.
Broderlck, growing out of a deal to pur
chase the Main street car line, wes yes
terday submitted on briefs before Judge
Van Dyke.
On a nechanlcs' Lien
W. W. Watson yesterday sued David
Llddell et al. to recover $169, with costs
of suit, and that the same be declared
a lien on lot 8, block 1, of the Williamson
A Default Vacated
In the case of Bellrlnger vs. Carnlcle
Judge Shaw yesterday vacated the or
der giving judgment by default, and
continued the matter until May 1.
Another Citizen
Thomas Jones, a native of Wales, was
yesterday admitted to citizenship by
Judge Clark on taking the necessary
Stolen Diamonds and Jewelry Recovered
by tbe Police
Officer Reynolds' Clever Capture—Th* Hotel
del Coronado Systematically Plun
dered by the dang
A complaint alleging grand larceny
Will be sworn out against George Yore,
the 18-year-old bell-boy whose arrest
on Main street Tuesday night was ex
cluslvly mentioned in yesterday's Her
ald. When Officer Reynolds captured
him Yore was trying to dispose of a
diamond pin which had been stolen from
O. T. Johnson of the Westminster while
he was a guest of the Hotel del Coro
nado during the hotel men's visit to San
Mr. Johnson occupied room 147, and
while attending the banquet given to
the bonifaces, lost his Jewel. As stated,
there were at least four in the gang
who were systematically robbing the
hotel guests, and all were discharged at
the same time. They left San Die
go, came to this city and took lodgings
at 321 Temple street. His companions
left for San Francisco three days ago,
and from Yore's statement took with
them a large amount of stolen property.
Officer Reynolds, who made the arrest,
first had his suspicions aroused by the
boy's actions and maneuvers In trying
to sell the pin. He went intp one
pawnshop and offered it for a low price
and was directly accused Jjy the pawn
broker of stealing the article. At this
he snatched the pin and ran. When
first taken Into custody he said the dia
mond was given him by a relative, but
later in the evening was taken Into the
private office of Chief of Detectives
Moffltt and closely questioned. While
there he broke down and acknowledged
that the pin was stolen. While Chief
Glass and the detectives stepped aside
to consult a moment, Yore dropped sev
eral other pieces of Jewelry Into a spit
toon, but was discovered In the act.
On examination a pearl brooch, one
child's ring set with pearls, one ring set
with rubies and diamonds and a dia
mond shirt stud were found where he
had thrown them. All these articles
are evidently of the plunder the gang
secured, but are believed to constitute
only a small part of the whole. Yore stat
ed that he was but a tool In the hands
of his older accomplices and that the
above was merely his share of the stuff
stolen while they were employed at the
big hotel.
Word was sent to San Diego of the
capture and a reply was received that
an officer would come up Immediately
for the prisoner.
Tbey are Superior to All Others
That Is the unanimous verdict of the
public regardlnig the famous Glenwood
stove, which is the favorite because In
every detail it excels any other made.
It will save you In fuel alone 40 per cent.
Examine them before purchasing any
other. Once you use them you win rec
ommend them to your friends. To be
had only of the sole agents, the W. C.
Furrey company, 159-165 North Spring
It Weuld Be Appreciated
A copy of The Herald's Fiesta edition
Is a valuable and an appropriate sou
venir to mail to distant friends. It tells
all about the great festivities as well as
Southern California and Los Angeles.
Single copies 5 cents. Postage 3 cents.
As the edition is limited, orders should
be sent In without delay.
A Correction
We wish to correct the error In your
Sunday Issue under the heading of
"Marvelous Surgery." Instead of all
cases being performed at the Los An
geles Sanitarium, only two were, the
others being performed at our Institute.
< Signed) English and German Expert
» Al i PJl 0 ? 1 at wallpaper greatly reduced.
A. A. Eckstrom, 124 South Spring (treat. |
Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report
A Pleading Communication to
tbe City Council
The Fire Department to be Kept Out of
Several Plremen Were Up tor Dereliction of
Duty and Two are Dropped—Ed Smith
and the Poll Tax
The contention as to whether or not
the city has the right to usea the fire
hydrants which are the private prop
erty of the water company for street
sprinkling purposes is again reaching
an acute stage. The company is com
plaining and complaining very hard at
the shifting tactics of the council in
the matter, and yesterday its agents
filed the following:
It is with regret that the undersign
ed, the Los Angeles City Water com
pany, has to call the attention of your
honorable body to a burden that is be
ing imposed upon the city water com
pany, and has grown to such an extent
that the company cannot very well
longer submit to it; but they prefer be
fore commencing any legal proceedings
for the protection of their rights to call
the attention of the council to it, in
the hope that you will, without the ne
cessity of litigation, protect the com
pany by your own action.
By referring to the contract between
the city and Griffin, Beaudry and Liz
ard, which contract has been assigned
to the Los Angeles City Water com
pany, you will see that among the things
which the grantees of the franchises
there conferred undertook to do were
to lay down in the streets of the city
twelve miles of iron pipes of sufficient
capacity to supply the inhabitants of
said city with water lor domestis pur
poses and should erect or cause to be
erected one hydrant to be used as a
protection against fire at one corner of
each cross street of said city where the
water pipes now are or may hereafter
be laid by virtue of this contract, and
again that they will within one year
from the date of the contract place a
hydrant to be used as a protection
against fire at one corner of one street
at each cross street where the pipes are
now laid, and will erect hydrants at
other street corners, according to tho
terms of this contract, as fast as the
pipes are extended through the streets
of said city, and again, that they will
make all the improvements mentioned
and set forth in the contract and keep
the same in repair at their own cost
and expense for the said period of thirty
The company has erected fire hy
drants In accordance with the contract,
and are still placing them wherever
it is requested by the council, and it
has been keeping them In repair at
its own expense.
But you will see by the provisions
above quoted that, they were to be erect
ed to, be used as a protection against
fire, and that was the only purpose to
which they were to be devoted. But the
hydrants which the company has thus
far erected for protection against fire
are> being used, for the purpose of fill
ing the street sprinklers engaged In
sprinkling thel streets! of Los Angeles,
and by such use the burden of maintain
ing them is increased fifty fold, and
as these fire hydrants have become very
numerous and are constantly increas
ing in number,, increased: cost) of main
taining them in repair, when such use
is made of them, is very great, and the
company now protests against such use
being made of the" hydrants; at, all, un
less indeed the city choose to assume
the burden of maintaining them' ir, re
pair. And we respectfully request the
council to forbid the using of the hy
drants by the street sprinklers, or' else
that the council will' engage: to pay the
expense of maintaining the hydrants in
The board of fire commissioners had a
busy day yesterday disciplining mem
bers of the fire department who had
been derelict during the past week.
The chief reported M. Morlarity, driv
er of hose cart No. 2, for failing to report
on time at the expiration of his leave of
absence, at noon on Saturday, April 18.
Charles P. Harrison, driver of engine
No. 6, for violation of rule 40 of the de
partment; S. A. Reed, permanent fire
man attached to Chemical company No.
1, for being Incompetent, and George A.
Vail of hose cart No. 1 for being insubor
Reed was suspended to give him an
opportunity to resign, which he did in
a few moments. Harrison was fined $30
and Morlarlty $20. The resignation of
Driver Vail was also demanded, al
though Commissioner Kuhrtz tried to
have the sentence modified to a $50 fine.
The mayor was In sympathy with Mr.
Chief Moore was directed to issue In
structions to all members of the depart
ment that they must keep out of politics.
The following, offered by Commis
sioner Vetter, was unanimously
Resolved, That the board of fire com
missioners appreciates the very credit
able display made by the men, horses
and apparatus in La Fiesta parade,
Wednesday, April 22, 1896, and hereby
thanks the members of the department
for the great success they made of this
feature of the parade.
Resolved, further, That a copy of
these resolutions be posted in each of
the department houses.
The application of E. W. Snook, John
G. Kemp and Robert Parker for permis
sion to erect and operate a boiler and
engine at Nos. 416 and 418 East First
street, was referred to the chief.
The time for considering the protest
of George W. Frasher aginst the loca
tion of a blacksmith shop on San Pedro
street was continued for one week.
The application of William Bedney
for appointment as callman was ordered
Sam Kutz, as the secretary of the gen
eral Memorial day committee, has ad
dressed to the mayor and council a note,
as follows:
In accordance with general orders No.
8 from national headquarters, and in ac
cordance with the beautiful custom in
augurated by our order, the various G.
A. R. posts in this city have arranged
to properly observe Memorial day, May
,'!0. which annual tribute to the memor
ies of our departed comrades has grown
in favor each year until it has become
national in its character.
The general committee extend to your
honorable body a cordial invitation to
attend the general exercises which will
be held in Simpson tabernacle on tho
afternoon of May 30.
The poll tax collector was at the city
hail yesterday, and in his perambula
tions ran across Chief Walter S. Moore
or the fire department and Ed Smith, his
assistant. Both declined to pay the tax
on the ground that as exempt firemen
they were not compelled under the law
to do so. The poll tax man went to the
city treasurer and tied up Smith's April
salary. The latter says that he will
test the matter in the courts of the
The report of City Auditor Teale for
the week ended April 27 shows an Im
provement in the various funds. In the
cash fund there is $16,115; salary,
$3751.02; fire department, $3096; library,
$5353; street sprinkling, $3348. The com
mon school fund is overdrawn $2683 and
Westlake park fund $359.
Professor Joseph Fan drey, European
specialist, formerly of Berlin, Germany,
now permanently located at 821 South
Broadway, Los Angeles, is a practical
rupture specialist and manufactures
the latest patent trusses (his own in
vention) for curing rupture; also cor
sets for curvature of the spine, female
supporters, etc. Each case will be made
to fit. Over forty almost helpless cases
of from two to twenty years standing,
some twice broken, are today cured and
have no more use for truss. Patients
from two to seventy-five years of age.
Information and testimonials will be
sent on application.
Busy Paying Bills
The indefatigable triumvirate of La
Fiesta, Messrs. J. F. Francis. C. D. Will
ard and Frank Wiggins, are busily em
ployed paying bills. While at last they
find time to breathe, there will be at
least another week's hard work before
the accounts are finally straightened out.
Secretary Willard's signature is in great
demand at present.
All prices of wallpaper greatly reduced.
A. A. Eckstrom, 324 South Spring street.
Our Hone Brew
Maler & Zobelcin's lager, fresh from their
brewery, on draught in all the principal
saloons; delivered promptly In bottles or
kegs. Office and brewery, 440 Aliso street;
telephone 91.
Hanlman Fish Co., San Pedro
Fresh fish and lobsters shipped direct to
all points in Arizona, Texas and Mexico,
from cannery in San Pedro, at lowest
wholesale prices.
Pabat Beer) Pabst Beerl
On draught. Olympic hall, 121 W. First
St., Wm. Garms, prop. Tel. 274. Finest com
mercial lunch. Leave orders for bottled
Miss Jessie M. Washburn will give an art
reception at her studio, room 126, Bryson
block, Thursday, Friday and Saturday of
this week. The public cordially invited.
Free Dispensary
For the poor daily. Drs. Llndley and
Smith, Broadway and Fourth. Pirtle
Eagle Brand Oyster*
Call for the Eagle Brand of fresh frozen
oysters. Your grocer has them. They are
a great delicacy.
Agency for Pabst Beer
Agency for Pabst beer. Paclflo Bottling
Works, cor. Fifth and Wolfskill streets.
Hawley, King & Co., 210 N. Main St.,
agents genuine Columbus Buggy com
pany's buggies and bicycles.
Advance Davis sewing machines removed
to 407 8. Broadway, opposite Chamber Com
Largest variety Concord business wagons
and top delivery wagons. Hawley, King &
Pabst Beerl Pab*t Beerl
On draught at Joe Arnold's, 358 S. Spring.
Big Tree Carriage Works, u8 San Pedo St.
Concord business wagons a specialty.
Dr. D. S. Diffenbacher, dentist, rooms 4
and 5, 119 S. Spring st., Los Angeles.
1896—19 lbs. Keatings—"36s days ahead of
them all." Hawley, King & Co.
Everything on wheels, Hawley, King A
Co., 210-212, N. Main st.
Sewing machine* rented $2 per month.
407 South Broadway.
Dr. Harriet Hilton, 424 S. Hill street.
;"fHE Broadway ~;
■■■■Tf-*" M m a m m m 1
Ever troubled with your Eyes?
Ever tried ns ? We h avejfltted glaas** to
thousands to their entire satlslaotion.
Why not glre na a trial? We will satisfy
you. £yes tested tree. LOWEST PRICE&
S. Q. MARSCHUTZ, Scientific Optician
249 B. Spring street, opp. Stimson block.
Established here nine years.
gV-Look for the Crown on the Window.
110 West Second St
Supplies Business Houses dally with all in
formation In their line, covering th* entire
Miss M. A. Jordan
818 South Spring Street
' LOS Axoeus, Cal.
<S> Special ®
TODAY, Thursday, April 30th
A Day in Our Linen Department
At $1.25 per doz.
Th* putnt bargain ol th* kmoi. A napkin 5-> In site; Irlah damask t aatln finish.
25 pieces all-linen, 60 in. wide, satin damask TABLE LINEN
At 50c per yd.
Will welch more to the yard and finer woven than any other Damask manufactured. We
are sole agents and Importers of this Linen. Table Linens, Tawele, Napkin* at your own
prices. Sea our Window Display.
In Our Domestic Department
We offer 5000 yds. Genuine Percales at Se per yd.
seventy-five designs to select from; displayed in show window.
Paptr Patterns Wo apiece
FIXEN & CO., 135 South Spring St.
The Physicians of the Botanic Medical institute—Their LroW
Rate of $3.00 a Month for Treatment Is Proving
a Godsend to Suffering Humanity

Their Parlors Crowded With Patients—Their New Treatment h a Pronoun iee|
Success, and by Their Skill and Attention to Their Patients the
Physicians of the Botanic Medical Institute Have
Won the Hearts of Sick Polka
Remember tbe Majoanlmous Oiler—To All Patients Who Apply at Their Parlors P , t V
Saturday Evenlaf at 8 Oclock Will Be Treated for All Diseases Until Cared 4
for $3.00 a Month and Furnish All Medicine Free
That the public appreciate the magnanimous offer of the physicians t
Botanic Medical Institute Is fully proven by the large numbers that have vlslteu
institution during the past few days. The offer made by these physicians Is certa.
a fair one. They say to the public: We want you to test our treatment; we know
will cure you, and to show our faith we say to all patients who may be suffering fr
Catarrh or any of its complications or any deep-seated chrenlc disease, the physlci
of the Botanic Medical Institute will do what they claim, if you apply at their pari
206}4 South Broadway, any time before Saturday evening at 8 oclock. We will treu
you for all troubles you may have at the low rate of (3.00 a month until cured, and
furnish all medicine absolutely free of charge.
of the $3.00 rate at the Botanic Medical Institute. Test the Pneumachemle apparatus
for Catarrh, Asthma, Bronchitis and Lung Troubles, It Is the grandest Instrument
ever invented, and its success In curing this class of diseases Is proven by the hun
dreds who have used It.
Until the last day, apply now, and take advantage of this low rate to be cured. Coma
and talk with these physicians, examine their Instruments and apparatus, diplomas
and credentials, and you will soon be convinced that you can get the latest scientific
treatment at the
II Botanic
11 fledical
|| Institute
Gordon Block, 206 1-2 South Broadway
Parlors 12, 13, 14, 13 and 22.
+ + + SPECIHLTIBS 4- ♦ ♦
And All Forms ot Deep-Seated Chronic Diseases
An Entirely New Method of Treatment «*»
OFFICE HOURS—9 to 5 p. m. daily; evenings, Monday, Wednesday
- and Saturday, 7 to 8 p. m.; Sunday, 10 to 12 a. m.
A A A A A A A A A AAA AAA A A A A A A AA.A.A A AA A A AAA a A A A A -faA a sfcAssal
I New Furniture *>* Carpets :
*> Matting, Oil Cloth and Linoleum Portlers, Curtain Ptxturea *>
Z Bedding Baby Carriages 2
J Window Shades Upholstery floods T
X Silk and Lace Curtains Etc., Etc X
f Prices the Lowest Wm. S. Allen i
332-334 S. Spring St^|
Rubber Hose
This week 4 1 2c per foot up.
Sprinklers 15c each.
Hose Menders 3 for 5c
Warranted Lawn Mowers #.50.
Thomas Bros, l" fjs&
Nauerth & Cass Hardware Co.
Builders' Hardware, Plumbing: and Tinning.
Special attention is called to our complete line of
326 South Spring Street. Tel. lips
S**t A MM Telephone 337
/ 11 L r\ \IU JOHN H - ROLLER
■ .WW / » f I J» Wut Second StrMt
Prompt drtlTery to all part* of etty.

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