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Otis' Personal Enemy Will Go
to Sacramento
Those Wblcb Were Held Yesterday in
This City
The Program Everywhere Went Through
Without a Hitch-One District Refuses
to Instruct lor McKinley
The three Republican assembly dis
trict conventions ln this city to elect
delegates to the state convention to be
held at Sacramento next Tuesday went
through strictly according to program.
Not a cog slipped In the machine of ac
tion anywhere along the line and the
expressions of the primaries held last
Wednesday were emphatically ratified.
The local conventions proved that Jas
McLachlan will be named to succeed
himself ln congress by acclamation, and
that instructions for William McKinley
for the presidential nomination arc so
far as Los Angeles county is concerned
anything but a certainty. Capt. H. 'A.
Osborne was elected a delegate to the
state convention In the seventy-fourth
district by acclamation, having no oppo
sition for the honor. This lv spite of the
Times.which yesterday morning threat- I
ened that Osborne's selection would lie
considered a personal affront to Itself
and to its conductor. The same conven- I
tlon refused by a vote of 55 to 47 to In- |
struct for McKinley. although the mun |
from Ohio was endorsed. The conven- |
tlon greeted with derision the name of i
Col. H. (1. Otis. Rev. S. .1. Pitman Wtlß I
elected chairman of the convention; c. I
M. B. Walker was made the secretary. I
Early In the session T. w. Brotherton 1
offered a resolution that the thirteen del
egates that shall be elected be instructed
•o elect such national delegates as shall
pledge themselves for McKinley for i
president so long as his name shall re- j
main as .such candidate before the i a- I
tlonal convention, The motion was de
clared out of order.
The committee on resolutions report
ed as follows:
Whereas, the welfare of any state la
best subserved by an a< tlve and Intelli
gent congressional delegation, and.
Whereas, ti is a self-evident proposi- i
tlon Unit when v district is well repre
sented at Washington the public goo.; de
mands that there be as few changes
as possible, mid
whereas, California has been slow in
profiting by this fact, therefore be It .
Resolved, that the praiseworthy ami 1
"Out of the mouthi of many
witnesses the truth shall be
established. In a multitude
of counsel there is safety."
Every one, sicl: or well, needs a spring medicine at this seison of the year,
nnd fully appreciating this fact, Dr. Shores ha? generously decided to extend
his FREE OFFERING of one large bottle, $1 size, of Or. Shores' Famous Tonic
und Blood Purifier to every new patient and every old patient renewing treat
ment during the NEXT TEN DAYS. This valuable spring time remedy is given
In addition to the regular medicines prescribed free by Dr. Shores, and Is for use
In the family. If you want to pet the benefit of this gift come to Dr. Shores
during the next ten days. Already hundreds of bottlos have been given to Dr.
Shores' grateful patients. The spring of the year is the BEST TIME TO TREAT
for Catarrh. One month now is equal to three months later. If you are
afflicted with Catarrh or any other deep-seated disease, come to Dr. Shores aud
BE CURED FOX $5 PER MONTH, all medicines furnished free.
Mrß. John T. Butler of tho Famous "Grand Old Oaks" Chorry Bancn,
Pasadena, Cured by Dr. Shores'a Treatment.
* • ■ _ i _ - I -• . *
Mrs. John T. tiutier, Pasadena.
Every old resident of Southern California knows the famous "Grand Old
Oaks" cherry ranch at Pasadena, which for the past 12 years has produced the
finest cherries grown in Southern California, and Is one of the model ranches of
the whole State. They also know equally well Mr. Butler and his accomplished
wife. Mrs. Butlei has'been cured by Dr. Shores and yesterday said:
"For the past six years I have vomited nearly every meal I have eaten. I
have been suffering with catarrh of the head, throat and stomach, and six
months ago I began treating with Dr. Shores, and the effect has been splendid.
I now have a good appetite and never vomit at all. My catarrhal symptoms
have all disappeared and I cheerfully recommend Dr. Sbores's treatment, be
cause Dr. Shores cured me."
Dr. A. J. Shores'conception of Fairness is that afflic'ecl people seeking a cure for
their iniirmlties should fully understand a treatment before paying out money for Us
benefits, and those applying to Dr. A. J. Shores are welcomed by him to a trial treatment
without charge. For those taking the full treatment there is no expense beyond the
regular fee rate of M a month, which pays for everything, including all medicines.
A Guarantee. Take No Chances.
orporated, and is composed of business The Laboratory of the DR A J. SHORES
jen of Los Angeles. No figureheads in thia
Jompany. As to the honesty and reliability CO. Is under the direct charge of a regis
might be well to mention its directors: tercd physician, whose credentials arc en-
DR, A. J. SHORES. President.
OEN. C. C ALLEN, Vice-President. dorsed by the State Medical Board. All
JVM. BOSBYSHELL, Director. medicines used are carefully compounded
WALTER ROSE, Director.
M. M, OG den, Director. - by him, and only the purest drugs are used.
Consultation in Person or by Letter Free.
patriotic services of the Hon. James Mc-
Lachlan arc approved by tho people of
this district; that they recognise in
him an efficient and zealous champion
of the policies and principles that are
most conducive to the prosperity of the
nation and to this district, and be It
Resolved, that this body of Republi
cans ln convention assembled, commends
the manly stand ut all times of the Hon.
James McLachlan to the voters of this
district, and with renewed confidence In
structs its delegates to do their utmost
lor his renomlnntion.
Resolved, That we consider the non
sectarian free public school the bul
wark uf American Institutions, and we
favor the compulsory attendance of
children In our public schools, and the
teaching therein of true patriotic senti
ments und the fundamental principals
underlying this government, as well as
the evil effects of spirituous liquors on
the human system.
Resolved, That we condemn the sup
port out of the public funds of the pub
lic treasury of the nation and state by
direct appropriation, or by contract, of
any sectarian school, reformatory ot
other institution not owned and con
trolled by public authority. And be It
Resolved, That our delegates to the
state und congressional convention bi
pledged to these principles, nnd that
they be instructed not to vote for or sup
port any delegate to the national
convention or candidate for con
gress who will not pledge himself to
work for the incorporation of these prin
ciples ln the national platform to be
framed at St. Louis, and for their en
actment ln the halls of congress.
Resolved, That this assembly of Re
publicans demand the enactment of
such legislation as shall prevent the
indiscriminate immigration to this
country from foreign shores of a vic
ious und criminal class of laborers, of
paupers and anarchists, and that we
exact of our representatives ln congress
a pledge that they will do everything in
their power to cause such legislation
and ennctments us will restrict this
class of emigrants.
Resolved, That we demand a change
of the naturalization laws by the repeal
of the act authorising the naturaliza
tion id' minors without a previous dec
laration of intention, and by providing '
that no aliens shall be naturalized or
permitted to vote in any state in the
union who cannot speak the language
of the laud anil who cannot prove seven
> ears' continuous residence in this coun
try from Ihe date of his declaration of
The Fourth an 1 Fifth wards reported
the following resolution:
Resolved, That the thirteen delegates
selected by this Seventy-fourth assem
bly district convention, to attend the
sixth congressional district and state
Republican conventions, to be held at
Sacramento on May sth, 1*96, be and are
hereby instructed lo vote for such dis
trict delegates and delegates to the
state at large to tin; national Republi
can Convention to be held at St. Louis
on June Hi. 1896, as shall pledge thetn
:■ >iv»x to vote for the nomination of Wil
11am McKinley or Ohio as the Republi
can candidate for president.
The Sixth and Seventh Wards Intro
duced the following resolution:
Be it resolved, That the delegates se
lected by this Seventy-fourth district
convention to the state Republican con
vention be sent to said convention free
and untrnmeled.
Resolved, That this convention here
with Indorses William McKinley for the
Republican nomination for president.
After a struggle as to whether the
McKinley instruction resolutions
should or stiould not be voted upon by
secret ballot, which resulted against a
viva voce vote, the resolutions were
defeated by a vote of 55 to 44. The fol
lowing were named as delegates to Sac
ramento: Fourth ward—R. A. Ulrd,
J. S. Pitman, A. N. Francisco, J. C.
Fifth ward—F. O. Teed and J. A. I
Sixth ward-J. B. Calhoun, G. L.
Keefer, Dr. William Dodge.
Seventh ward—M. L. Starln, S. C.
Dodge, N. B. Walker.
Tho delegation to Sacramento the
state convention elected from the
Seventy-third Assembly district con
sist of J. M. Meredith, George Rheln
•hlld, George McOlure, John Krlngle,
E, Munsey, Nathan Cole, F. P. Flint,
It. A. Ling and William Llewellyn. The
"invention endorsed McLachlan for
congress and Instructed for William
.McKinley for president.
The Seventy-fifth Assembly district
lid not Instruct for McLachlan, although
McKinley was endorsed. The chair
nan of the convention was Col. R. B.
Treat, the secretary being O. W. Dun
ham. The delegates to the state con
vention elected were: From the Third
ward—D. W. Field, W. H. Cook, Henry
Ulnse, Charless Klberson and J. W.
Long. From the Second ward—L. V.
Youngworthh, W. A. Cheney, George
P. McLaln, Sutherland Hutton and J.
B. Llversldge.
The platform favors sound money,
and the selection of a delegate-at-lr.rge
from the district was left to the district
The Seventy-fourth district conven
tion was most (emphatically ln the
hands of the A. P. A.
Hervey Lindley and his Immediate
friends go north this afternoon. The
rest of the city delegates will take the
train for Sacramento to-night.
The convention of the Seventy-second
Assembly district passed resolutions
expressing confidence in Conprressman
McLachlan, a preference for McKinley
as the presidential nominee, and ln fa
vor of a San Pedro harbor appropria
tion. Following are the delegates
elected: W. H. Palmer, University;
Benj. S .Weston .Wilmington; M. S. ]
Cummlngs, Rosedaje; C. H. Thomburg, i
Cerrltos; AY. H. Carpenter, Compton; I
W. J. Hess. P.edondo; J. C. Rives, I
Downey; W. H. Kelso, Inglewood. i
The convention of the Seventy-first j
Assembly district assembled here to- I
day. It instructed for McKinley and
McLachlan. The delegates chosen
Read the Eloquent Testimony Today from the Hearts of Home People You
Know, Who Have buffered for Years and Been Healed by Dr. Shores.
Our Free Offer Extended For Ten Days.
Mrs. C. forme, After Vainly Experimenting With Scores of Doctors in Europe and America, is
Cured by Dr. Shores.
1 I''M' I' I ' ■ ! ' I , *. a V^P^^^^^^^^^V 'l' i i
So confident is
Dr. Shores that
he can cure Ca
tarrh and Chron
ic Diseases, even
in its worst forms,
that a cordial in
vitation is ex
tended toal! per
sons suffering
from this dis
ease, or from
cough, asthma, ,
or any lung£
trouble, to calK
at his office in ■
the Redick Block
for a free exam
ination and a
free trial local
HRS. C. SONNE, 321 West Fourth Street
LOS ANGELES, CAL., April 28, 1896.
"I wish to tell the public of my gratitude to Dr. Shores, and of the good his treatment has done me. I nave been
a sufferer for 80 years from Indigestion, Stomach Trouble and Piles, and have talteu treatment from some of tho best
doctors in the world. I have also been laid up for six months in a hospital In Copenhagen, Denmark, and for three
months in a hospital at Worcester, Mass., but none of the doctors have been able to And the cause ot my sickness. I bad
to undergo an operation that was very painful and dangerous, but was not relieved, and almost despaired of ever getting
relief. 1 saw the American Dr. Shores's advertisement ln a paper here, and thought I would try him, and lam more than
thankful that I did so, as HE IS THE ONLY DOCTOR who has given me help; and I want to advise all those who are
suffering as I waa, to go to him for treatment, as you will save money by to doing. It any lady wants to ask me about my
sickness, and how Dr. Shores has helped me, I will be very glad to see them any time before May 13th, as I go East then."
MRS. C. SONNE, No. 381 West Fourth street.
Aches and Paine Are the Danger Signals
That You Are Sick and Need Treatment.
Read the following symptoms over
carefully, mark those you feel in your
case and send or bring them to Dr. A.
J. Shores, and he will tell you whether
you can be cured, free of charge.
The Head and Throat.
This form of catarrh Is most common—re
sulting from neglected colds—quickly cured
with little cost by Dr. Shores's famous
"Is tho nose stopped up?"
"Does your nose discharge?"
"Is the nos» sore and tender?"
"Is there a dropping in the throat?"
'Is your throat ury ln the morning?"
"Do you sleep with your mouth open?"
You can be easily cured now—don't let it
run into complications.
The Bronchial Tubes.
When catarrh of the head and throat is
neglected or wrongly treated It extends
down the windpipe into the bronchial tubes,
and after awhile attacks the lungs. Quickly
cured with little cost by Doctor Shores'
famous treatment
"Have you a cough?"
SS— A Month Pqp All. Diseases, Medicines a
were Payne. Thompson, Warner, Cox,
Elliott, Reed, Owens and Winters.
The convention of the Seventieth As
sembly district shouted for McKinley,
McLachlan and protection.
The delebates chosen were: J. P.
Nelson, John McDonald, W. E. Arthur,
L. S. Brown. James t'lark, John S. C'jX,
end Capt. C. M. Simpson, all of Pasadena;
A. B. Gndden, Henry Dewey of Soldiers'
home; George B. Dexter. J. S. Wilcon of
Santa Monica. D. M. Sutherland of Pico
Heights, F. M. Wright of San Fernando,
C. Dodenhoff of Palmdale.
Oreat Sport Is Promise! at Athletic Park
This Afterncon
Captain Terln and the six expert to
readors will be seen for tbe last time in
this city this afternoon at Athletic park
prior to their departure for Mexico. The
entertainment today promises to be one
worth seeing. Prof. Mitchell will ride
and handle the wild horse "Jack the
Ripper," and there will be steer tying
and throw ing. Six wild bulls will also
be seen ln the arena. It Is seldom that
a legitimate show of this kind Is seen
in Los Angeles, and It will probably at
tract a large crowd of people. Captain
Term, under whose charge the sport
is given. Is known as being
among the best bull lighters in
Mexico. Today no cruelty of the
slightest character will be allowed,
but the exhibition promises to be as suc
cessful and as exciting as on last Sun
day, when the spacious park was crowd
ed. Popular prices will prevail and the
entertainment will begin at 2 ocloek.
An Excellent Program of Music This After
notjn at Westlake
The Los Angeles Military band, W. D.
Deeble, director, this afternoon at West
lake park, will Interpret the following
musical protrram:
March, Phlledian. Rolllnson.
Overture. Jolly Robbers, Suppe.
Fantasia. Kin Marehen. Bach.
Waltz. The Postilion, Falirback.
Selection, Pirates of Penzance, Sulli
Carnival march. Miss Hatchett.
Walts, Irene. Bennet.
Overture, La CJazza Ladra, Rossini.
The Jolly Ulaeksmlth, Suckley.
Oalop. TfvoTl, Zlckoff.
My prices for wallpaper beat all the city.
A. A. Eckstrom. 324 South Spring street.
"Do you take cold easily?"
"Have you pain ln aide?"
"Do you raise frothy material?"
"Do you cough in the mornings?"
"Do you spit up little cheeay lumps?"
"Do you feel you are growing weaker?"
Don't risk neglecting tnese warnings
stop the disease before it reaches the
Of the Ears.
"Is your hearing falling?"
"Do your ears discharge?"
"Is the wa . dry in your ears?"
"Do you hear some daya better than oth
"Is your hearing worse when you have a
Don't neglect this until your hearing is
irreparably destroyed. Doctor Shores can
cure you now.
Kidney Disease.
Results ln two wars, by taking cold and
by overworking the kidneys ln separating
from tbe blood the catarrhal poisons which
affect all organs. Quickly cured with little
cost by Doctor Shores' famous tr« atment
"Do your hands and feet swell?
'•Is this noticed more at night?"
"Is there pain ln small of back?"
Has her perspiration a bad odor?
xs there pumness under the eyes?
"Do you have to get up often at night?"
"Is there a deposit la urine if left stand
A Beginning in Municipal Own
ership of Watej
The Water Company Will Be Asked to
Price Its Plant
Ordinances to Be Rep rted Tomorrow for N:w
Refunding: Bond's—Figure] Complete in
l ive Wards ol School Census
The rommlttec on water and water
supply of the council has in preparation
a letter which is to be sent to the officers
of the Los Angeles Water company, In
forming the latter corporation ot the
action taken by the council in the ef
forts to secure a municipal water plan..
The water company Is to be requested
to set upon its plant a price, the flKures
of which will form a basis for the com
mittee's action. Should It be determined
to purchase the plant now ln use, bonds
for the purpose will DO authorized to be
voted for at a general election. Should
the figures of tho water company, on
the other hand, be such as to preclude
tho obtaining of the water company's
plant, bonds will be voted for Just the
same, and If the election carries the city
will equip Its own plant.
The directors of the water company
meet on Thursday, when the letter from
the water supply committee will be read
and acted upon.
The fiinance committee will at tomor
row's session of the council Introduce
tho requisite ordinances bonding the
City for the sum of $300,000. The money
thus obtained is to be used for refunding
in line with the recent decision of the
state supreme court declaring invalid
the funding bonds Issued last year. The
Issuance of tne proposed new bonds will
not have to stand the test of elective
approval by the people. The ordinance
will be passed by a unanimous vote and
the bonds will be sold to the highest bid
der as soon as possible. Tn disposing of
the new bonds, holders of the old bonds
will have the first right to purchase, as
is required by the state law passed two
years ago.
Oil Inspector J. M. Methvln has filed
with the council his report for April as
I beg leave to report that during the
month of April and slnco my last re
port I have collected licenses to the
amount of $40.50. which I have paid to
the city tax and license collector, and
hold his receipt for the same.
Dr. Shores
Treats and
Weak and
Sore Eyes,
Heart Disease,
Kidney Disease
Blood Diseases,
Skin Diseases,
And Other
Don't neglect these signs and risk Bright*
disease killing you. Cure it now.
Liver Disease.
The liver is affected hy catarrhal poisons
extending from the stomach Into the ducts
of the liver. Quickly cured with little cost
hy Doctor Shores's famous treatment.
■•Do you get dizzy?"
"Do you have cold feet?"
"Do you feel miserable?"
"Do you get tired easily?"
"Do you have hot flushes?"
"Are your spirits low at times?"
"Do you have rumbling ln bowels?"
These are the seven simple signs Indicat
ing disease of the liver. If you have any or
all of them, seek Doctor Shores now and be
Of the Stomach.
Catarrh of the stomach la usually caused
by swallowing mucous which drops down from
the bead and throat at night. Quickly cured
with little cost by Doctor Shores's famous
"Is there nausea?"
"Do you belch up gas?"
"Are you constipated?"
"Is your tongue coated?"
"Do you, bloat up after eating?"
"Is there constant bad taste in mouth?"
Now ia the time to be permanently cured.
Doctor Shores is curing hundreds every week.
During the month I have had per
formed by well owners seventeen days'
labor by men and teams furnished for
Several, for removing rubbish and
cleaning premises.
I have succeeded ln shutting off sur
plus water on Court and State streets.
A slight accident occurred on Temple
street, which has been duly remedied.
There are at tho present time twenty
six drilling rigs in operation, drilling
new wells and deepening old ones.
There are to be removed several oil
tanks from streets on to alleys imme
diately, so as to load wagons, and I am
using my best endeavors to have ;:il
that can bp moved from streets, so as to
obviate the nuisance of oil being de
posited on said streets.
The disposition of operators in the
field is to live up to the ordlnancess as
near as it Is possible, and a general good
feeling exists.
City Assessor Hull reports tho col
lection of $10,910.72 upon personal prop
erty during the month of April.
Secretary Dandy. Of the school board,
has completed the school census ln five
out of nlre of the wards of (he city,
there being an inTense in the popula
tion of school pupils In every ward ex
cepting the rcighth, where there are
this year nineteen scholars less than
there were last. The largest increase
is in th" Sixth ward, where there are
over 733 more pupils than there were
ill 1895. There were 1774 pupils last year
in the First ward, the increase being
223. There were 2107 pupils in the
Fourth ward in 1595. while now there
are 2282. There were lfiSO pupils in the
Sixth ward in 1895; while now there are
2413. There wore IMO pupils In the
Eighth ward last year, while now there
are but SHI. There were 1722 pupils in
tho Ninth ward in 1K95, while nn\r there
are 1861. The First ward, where there
is an increase of 223 pupils, includes the
Highland Park district, which was not
last year a part of the city. The figures
from the southwestern districts re
cently annexed will not have been
completely added before to-morrow.
They will, when ready, give nn ex
cellent idea of the total population lo
cated in the territory which recently
became a part of the city.
Historical so:ictv
The Historical society of Southern
California will meet at Mrs. Jeanne C.
Carr's residence, Kensington place, Pas
adena, Monday. May 4 th, at 2p. m. An
attractive program has been prepared.
Prof. Frank J. Polley will deliver an
address on the sociology of the native
Californian. J. M. Guinn will read a
paper entitled Jedediah Smith. The
Pathfinder of the Sierras will give an
account of the thrilling adventures ot
the first white man who crossed the Si
erra Nevada mountains. Smith traced
out the northern overland tiall from
Salt Lakp by way of the Humbolt liver
Into the Sacramento valley, and seventy
years ago marked out the trail from
Great Salt Lake to Los Angeles Mi.
Barrows will give n historical sketch
of Don Antonio Maria Lugo, the great
land baron of Southern California. Lv
Catarrh is as much a curse today as malaria and fever plagues to the hot
swamps of Florida. It's in the air. like an inherent and undying contagion.
Everybody is afraid of it. everybody is interested in it, and it is just as inter
esting to be saved from it, or to be cured of it, as it is to die from it. There
are thousands of people in Southern California today who havo some imper
ceptible germ taint of Catarrh in the system, as well as vast numbers of people
In whom those perm taints have developed into chronic ailments of varying de
grees of malignity, suffering and danger. In most instances tha difficulty is
aggravated by the fact the victims cannot diagnose their miseries or distinguish
the cause of them.
The fact is a majority of common chronic diseases, though known as bron
chial trouble, lung tronble, kidney trouble, stomach trouble, etc., are really ot a
catarrhal origin and nature. Every part of the mucous tuembrane—the nose,
throat, eyes, ears, head, lungs, stomach, liver, bowels, bladder, kidneys—art
subject to disease and blight by catarrh, Most physicians have not the time to
devote much study to this disease, nor have they the necessary apparatus and
training to successfully treat it. Dr. Shores has made a life-long study of
Catarrh in all its forms, and has treated thousands of cases in the past two
years in this community, and the unanimous verdict of his patients is that DB.
SHORES CAN AND DOES CURE CATARRH. It only costs you $0 per month,
all medicines free for the treatment, and you can consult Dr. Shores free,
whether you take treatment or not.
Violet Gruenlnger, a School Girl, Testifies to Dr. Shor«B' Poweraof
Healing— Dr. Shores' Success in Curing .Chlldrer
the Talk of the City.
< --- ■-••■ :;
Violet Grueninger is an interesting little miss of 14 summers, who has long
been a sufferer from catarrh of the head, throat, bronchial tubes and stoma**,
She resides with her brother-in law, Mr. W. J. Poulton, a very worthy employe)
of the S. P. R. R,, at 503 Macy street. Miss Grueninger has been a member **
Miss Bradthaw's class at the Ann Street school, East Side, but the ravages of
Catarrh made her too sick to go to school. Talking about her case yesterday
she said:
"I have doctored with many doctors but they have not done me any good. 1
vomited every meal, suffered with headaches, and grew very weak. I was takes
to Dr. Shores, and now I eat heartily, do not vomit, and in one month have
gained ten pounds. Before I went to Dr. Shores my stomach was so affected
by catarrhal poison that all food was rejected. Now it retains all food, and I
am rapidly getting well and strong."
Redick Block, First and Broadway. OBlce hours, 9 until 5 p.m.; evening. "to S, Sa*
days, 10 until 13 noon.
Trial Treatment Free.
go at one time owned nearly all the laM
between Los Angeles and the sea. All
meetings of the society are open to the
public and visitors are cordially Invited.
I Those going from LoS Angeles should
take the 12:46 or 1 p. m. electric car.
Alain Strict Railway tNre:tors Vote for the
lisuance of Bonds
A meeting of the stockholders of the
Main sir. i and Agricultural Park Rail
road company was held at their offices Iti
the Rogers I,lock yesterday afternoon to
i consider i he propriety of creating a bonded
i Indebtedness of the sum of $350,000. at the
I rate of 5 per cent, for the purpose of elec
tric islng the read.
I \v. .1. Broderlck, the president of the
company, occupied the chair, and the other
directors present wi re I). W. Hellman,
Dr. 11. CI. Gates nnd P. A. Gibson. Over
two-thirds ni' the stockholders, iv all rep
resenting 3800 :lucres, were represented.
I and 'he vote was unanimous in favor of
:t he issue 0 r tbe bonds.
it is understood that th<yo will be no de-.
lay further Ihstn absolutely necessary ln
getting the work under way.
Will bs Wound Up by the End af This
The tollers at the Fiesta accountß were
granted er took a respite at noon yester
day, and their labors of tbe week de
served It. By next Tuesday Ihe tribunes
will have been torn down, the parapher
nalia stored away and the Chinese dragon
will have reached M a rys vi lie, and the com
mittee will know the amount ot all ac
count!} against them. Before the end of
tills week the general committee will In all
probability be summoned 10 receive the
leports and the final balance sheet. Sec
retary Wlllard has gone off for a few days'
rest, and is only remembering the triumph
of I,a fiesta among the yellowtall and
abalones of Catalina Island.
A Injur*
Mrs. Louisa M. Perkins, an elderly lady,
came to the receiving hospital yesterday
afternoon for treatment for a bruised or
dislocated shoulder. She resides at the
corner of Cincinnati and Tulip streets, and
several days ago went to call on a friend,
Mrs. Piatt, on Santa Fe avenue. The front
gate did not open easily, and as she pushed
on it the whole arrangement fell down, the
binges being broken off. Mrs. Perkins fell
on top of it and the iirjury was sustained.
The matter was not considered at the time
as serious and the arm aiid shoulder neg
lected until swollen badly. Then she con
cluded to allow a physician to attend to
the case. Dr. Bryant could not tell defi
nitely whether any bones were broken or
not on account of the swelling and tender
ness, but prescribed for her, bandaged the
shoulder und sent her home.-
Sir • nnd snn
J. D. Sti clc. senior and junior, who run
a second hand furniluro.store on Main
street, were arrested yesterday afternoon
b.V Officer Reynolds for obstructing the
sidewalk. They bad a lot of stuff piled on
the walk among which was a folding bed
which w.is being varnished. This was too
much for Reynolds and he ran them in.
Tho same men have on several occasions
been in trouble for tbe same offense.
' Thomas Slater has a message for
' every man on page 22., Don't fail to
rend it. •' ' *•
"Ye shall know them by their
fruits. Do men gather grapes
of thorns or figs of thistles?
Wherefore, by their fruits
ye shall know them."

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