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(Continued from F Irst Page.)
will tomorrow be lined up voting as one
man for the committee's, report.
If V. S. Grant, Jr.. is beaten for dele-
IMt at large it will be because the A. P.
Ai has weighed him in the balance and
ha* found the young son of his great
father to be wanting. Why this is thus
ly is as vet past finding out. But the
story that Grant is not a registered
voter of the state of California or of
San Diego county will not down. The
San Dieco delegation is denying the
alleged facts with heat, but a letter is
said to be here signed by the clerk of
the San Diego superior court, affirming
officially the truth of the charges made.
Hli S. Murray telegraphs up from the
qpronado hotel that the yarn is a lie.
pure and simple. Hervey Lindiey, when
approached upon the matter, insists
tfcat Los Angeles will stick by Grant
through thick and thin. Should Grant
bfe' turned down, Cleaves of Shasta will
gO to St. Louis at large, along with Lio
nel A. Sheldon. George S. Knight and
John D. Spreckels. If the latter's re
bellion against McKinley instructions
should prove sincere, Judge Waymire of
Oakland, who disputes with the Times
the honor of being the original McKin
ley man in California, will be substitut
ed In his stead. Otis is for Waymire,
but that, of course, does not improve
the latter's chances.
Spreckels is hedging considerably
since his insurrectionary remarks
peared In cold type this morning-. He
Informed Robert A. Ling of Los Angeles
today that he is perfectly willing to
wear a McKinley collar at St. Louis, his
only objection being a resolution in fa
vor of the Ohio man first, last and all
the time.
If the convention as a whole turns him
down, his district in San Francisco will
express him on to St. Louis Just the
The convention will tomorrow nomin
ate a candidate for lieutenant governor,
the committee on order of business hav
ing tonight made provision for such
nomination in its report. The report
will recommend:
First—That temporary organization
be made permanent; second, receipt of
the credentials committee's report;
third, reception of the platform; fourth,
election of delegates at large to the St.
Louis convention; fifth, election of al
ternates; sixth, election of two presi
dential electors at large; seventh, nom
ination of a candidate for lieutenant
governor; eighth, election of members
of the new state central committee;
ninth, the appointment of an executive
campaign committee of twenty-one
members, to be appointed by the chair
man of the convention within ten days
after the adjournment of the conven
Oeorge A. Knight of San Francisco
Will be the chairman of the delegation
tp the national convention. He is in the
state convention on a proxy of Knight
of Butte.
• Judge Hatch was to have made the
speech placing In nomination W. B. Ar
thur as temporary chairman of the con
vention. He threw up the job at the
last moment and J. S. Pitman was
thrown into the breach.
Pitman of course covered himself with
glory and Otis fought Arthur because
the latter at a recent Republican club
banquet held at Los Angeles did jot treat
the big editor with that consideration
the latter thinks he at all times deserves.
Besides Pitman upon the resolutions
committee, Los Angeles was also re
membered in the make-up of the com
mittee on order of business. Of the
seven members of that committee, ex-
FJjllce Commissioner John A. Pirtle was
The new sixth district congressional
committee was organized today with
I.Uthcr C. Brown of Pasadena as chair
man and A. W. Kinney of Los Angeles
as secretary. The members of the com
mittee,, besides the foregoing,are: Sev
enty-fil-st assembly district. Guy Wood
ward; seventy-second district. J. C.
Rives; seventy-third district.John King
lry; seventy-fourth district, John Kei
fer; seventy-fifth district. L. V. Young
worth pf Ventura. J. P. Wllloughby of
Monteiey. (W. .1. Hill of Santa Cruz, G.
f>. Radf ilffe of Santa Barbara. J. W.Tag
gart o{ San Luis Obispo and Benjamin
CcninJi Frae Sliver ant No Ail for Sectarian
The platform committee concluded its
labors at midnight. The financial plank
will declare for silver at lti to 1,
A resolution favoring woman's suff
rage will be reported.
The official course of United States
Senator Oeorge C. Perkins will be com
mended, as will also a resolution com
mitting the party to "the tariff policy
enunciated by James G. Blame and put
into effect by Wm. .McKinley,'' whatever
that may mean.
The .McKinley instructions commit th«
delegation to St. Louis te stand by the !
man from Ohio -so long as there'shall j
lemain there a reasonable chance for
Ola nomination."
A resolution objecting to the passage
of the Pacific roads refunding bill now
Mfore congress was Introduced and was
by the committee laid upon tin-table.
Rev. J. S. Pitman had the following
A. P. A. resolution adopted;
Resolved, that wo demand such na
tional legislation on the subject of for -
eign immigration aw will effectually
keep nut of the country ali contract la
borers, criminals, paupers, diseased per
sons ami classes whose presence and
teachings arc calculated to disturb so
cial peace ami order, or who arc inimical
to the best Interests of this country; and
such changes in the naturalisation laws
and their enforcement as will prevent
unfit foreign-born persons from becom
ing citizens of the republic.
Resolved, that while we recognize the
right to estal lisl! sclvols through pri
vate enterprise, we demand that none
but non-sectarian free public schools
shall receive public aid.
THK issues
/lcKin ey Instruction! Will Uc Qlven—Silver
nnJ V. Oman Su.fraa^
SACRAMENTO, .May 6.—California
Will send a delegation to St. Louts in
structed for McKinley, That was plain
ly Indicated Ly the proceedings of the
state Republican convention which mcl
here this afteri n. W. B. Arthur of
Pasadena, a pronounced McKinley man,
Was elected temporary chairman of the
convention, and at the mention of Mo-
Kinley's name there was an enthusias
tic whoop from the delegates and spec
tators. The convention transacted very
little business today, and, after the ap
pointment of the usual committees ad
journed until tomorrow morning. So
lar there has not been much talk of the
platform .but It is believed that silver
will receive some endorsement; woman
suffrage and an anti-funding bill resolu
th n will also he offered.
A lively contest has been expected
over tin- temporary chairmanship, but
during the morning an understanding
was reached whereby Southern Califor
nia was given the chairmanship without
opposition. Ii Is believed that the nom
ination of 1.. a. Sheldon, TJ. S. Grant, Jr.,
and John D. Spreckels as three of the
four delegates ai large is included in the
arrangement. Spreckels has been op
posed to an Instructed delegation. Hut
bis set of delegates from San Francisco
could not he admitted to tin- state con
vention without the help of the southern
men. and It is believed he has agreed to
accept instruct inns in consideration of
the seating of his delegation.
The meetings of the several district
conventions delayed tin- assembly of the
state convention and it was not until
2:80 p.m. that all the delegates were
Irt the big hall, and even then there was
long delay. It was 2:40 when Chairman
Cornwall of the state central committee
unnounced that he was lor a roll call
to be furnished before hecailed the con
vention to order.
Spear delegates from San Franrisc<
stole a march on the Sprecklcs dele
tion. Before 2 oclock they marched intt
the hall In a body, carrying a banner In
scribed "Fourth Congressional Delega
tion Pledged for McKinley. Josepi
Spear, Chairman."
They took seats assigned to the Sar
Francisco delegation, and when the
Spreckles men arrived they found nc
place for them, and were forced to wait
the action of the credentials committee
before they could sit under the Fourth
Congressional district banner.
At three minutes after 3 oclock the
convention was called to order and the
secretary called the roll.
Chairman Cornwall made no ad
dress, and immediately after calling the
roll W. E. Arthur of Tasadena was
placed in nomination for temporary
chairman. When the name of McKinley
was mentioned in the speech of nomina
tion the convention cheered. Taylor of
Alameda l seconded Arthur. There was
an attempt to declare nominations
closed, but C. T. Jones of Sacramento got
the floor and after mentioning Coombs
declared for Arthur. He was chosen by
Arthur was escorted to the chair amid
cheers. He expressed a desire for har
mony and an indorsement of McKinley.
The convention has its mind made up to
send delegates to St. Louis to vote for
McKinley and absolutely pledged to that
end; that is the business of the conven
tion. Jones of Sacramento moved the
appointment of Frank D. Ryan of Sac
ramento* tvi temporary secretary. Ser
geants-at-arms and assistant secreta
ries wore also appointed; Ryan
was made secretary. A motion was
made to appoint a committee of seven
on credentials. An amendment was
made to increase the committee to
twenty-one. George A. Knight, holding
a proxy from Butte, spoke in favor of
the amendment. He contended that
seven men were not representative, and
begged for a little of the pie that was
being served.
Kowalsky, with a proxy from Mendo
cino, also favored an amendment and
said seven men was the proposition of
the would-be leader of San Francisco,
and denounced the threat made by
Spreckels to withdraw support from the
party: he wanted a square deal. Brad
ley of San Francisco favored seven men.
and denounced Knight and Kowalsky
i for coming into the convention by proxy.
Fullweiler of Placer wanted a larger
committee and moved as a substitute a
committee of fifteen, two from each
congressional district and one at large.
S. M. Shortridge poured oil on troubled
waters by favoring fifteen as a proper
number. The amendment of fifteen was
accepted and carried. The chair was
then instructed to appoint a committee
on permanent organization and order of
business, and a committee of seven on
platform and resolutions. A recess was
taken to 4 oclock to enable the chairman
to appoint the committees.
When the convention was called to
order again the chairman announced
the committees as follows:
Credentials—J. A. Gibson of San Di
ego; R. S. Alexander of Marin: Andrew
Simpson of Tehama: J. M. Walling of
Nevada; P. A. Buell of San Joaquin; W.
A Phelps of Riverside; E. F. Preston of
San Mateo: G. G. Radciiffe of Santa
Cruz; D. P. Hatch of Los Angeles; T.
L. Caruthers of Mendocino: K. O. Lar
kins of Tulare; Charles F. Reed of Pla
cer: H. V. Morehouse of Santa Clara.
Permanent organization and business
—E. V. Spencer of Lassen: Frank Mc-
Laughlin of Butte: F. P. Weinman of
Solano; D. E. McKinley of Sonoma- .1
A. Pirtle of Los Angeles: N. Bullock of
Humboldt: T. J. Alexander of Orange
Resolutions—F. L. Coombs of Napa,
J. S. Pitman o£ Los Angeles: J. F. Kid
der of Nevada: J. C. Frank of Santa
Clara; J. T. Porter of Monterey; Will
iam Johnston of Sacramento; J. c. Long
of San Diego.
The convention then adjourned until
30 oclock tomorrow morning
Tonight the A. P. A.'s are boasting
that they control the convention Tht y
claim to have over .100 vote.-, and propose
to run things to suit themselves. Ar
thur, the chairman of the convention. Is
said to be a pronounced A. P. A. man
i and in fact the whole southern delega
tion is said to b in sympathy with the
order. It is stated that State Senator
Cleaves is slated as one of the deloga te«
at-large. Spreckels can be another if he
wishes to join the McKinley procession
and this, it is believed, he will do George
Ivnight wants to go to St. Louis, and by
some it is thought that Grant of fan
Diego will be sacrificed to make room for
the San Francisco orator. Congressman
Lutittit of Stockton seems to be out of
It. Ho had the support of San Joaquin's
delegation, but in the Second disrh con
vention his name was not mentioned
though he expected an endorsement by
that body.
Trouble seemed imminent this after
noon when Knight and Kowalskv of
I San Francisco, holding proxies from
j other counties, commenced to talk
. against Spreckels. and they were ans
: wc-red by Bradbury of San Francisco, a
| Spreckels man. The first indication til*
I convention had. aside from the manner
!of Arthur's election, that a prngr?ir.
; »ad been arranged, was '.' hen a motion
[ was made to limit the committee on cre
dentials to seven men, to be appointed
by the chair The motion was mad" and
seconded without comment, when it sud
denly occurred to the anti-Spreckels nvvi
that they wanted more men on theeom
! mlttee. A motion was made to Increase
! the number to twenty-one. and this the
Spreckels men opposed vigorously. It
was during the debate over this question
that the sharp words used by Knight
Kowalsky and Bradbury came in. There
was a good prospect of a first-class rev..
when s. m. Shortridge promised a com
promise by offering a motion to make
tin- number of the committer flft»»r.
! This motion was adopted with a rush.
and the surprised Spearmen realized
; that they had been outgeneraled. Some
of them had no hesitation tn admitting
i that they were beaten and gave up th»
1 fight Immediately,
Spreckels denies that he has made any
deal to be allowed to seat his delegates,
He says thnt his victory Is th" spon
taneous outburst of the delegates out
side of Pan Francisco, who wished to
show th.-ir resentment at the Fan Fran
cisco corrupt politics as conducted by
Spreckels' opposers. Spreckels and hi*
associates polnl out as proof of their vle-
I tory that the chairman of the ereden
j tiais committee j* his legal representa
tive In San Diego, and that another
member of the committee from Ban
Diego is his business representative.
I The Southern California delegates say
I they did rot take sides with Spreckels.
\ They say they came into the convention
(Strong enough to run things to suit
I themselves, which they propose to do.
The various committees were in session
I tonight arranging th» detail* for tomor
j row's- session. It Is stated that thSOOlH
mlttee on permanent orß<tniz!itior and
order of business will recommend the
I nomination of a lieutenant governor to
■ BUCceed Millard, it is contended thai
I the appolnmenl of Jeter by Gov. Budd
I is illegal, and that he has no right to the
; office. Two presidential electors-at-large
wilt also be nominated.
Senator Lynch of San Bernardino Is
. mentioned as a candidate for lieutenant
I governor.
Oood Reasons to Bvprct an Evaporation oi
SACRAMENTO,May fi.—The commit
tee on credential* held an open meeting
tonight and there wis a Inner wrangle
over the contested delegations. The
committee took the Alameda and Sac
ramento contest! under advisement and
pave no indication of what its decision
would he. The Sun Francisco contest
was then taken up. A. Reuf represent
ed the Spear faction as attorney .ami
Man in Stevens the Spreckels side. s. I
M. Shortridge made a long speech in I
favor of the Spreckels faction. He con
tended that the action taken by ihe
Spear faction when they called a pri
mary for the election of delegates was
illegal because the necesary number oi'
votes of the committee was secured b;
two forged proxies. The Spear men con
ceded that their action was Illegal 1
the forgery could be proved, and sab
they would introduce evidence to prov
i that they were not forged. An immens
amount of documentary evidence wa
introduced and it will take the commit
tee nil night to go through it. Rev
said If his side was right he wanted tin
whole delegation, not half of It. If the;
were wrong, they would gracefully re
i tire. Reuf made some caustic remark:
I that greatly excited the outsiders It
! sympathy with Spreekles. A row wa
I imminent and Reuf Anally confined him
I self to simply reading his affidavits
j After Reuf had finished his stntemen
I the committee went into executive ses
Tomorrow's session of the eonven
tion may be In marked contrast to tin
harmonious session of today. The A. P
! A, in attempting to dictate, may causi
j trouble. George A. Knight says he re
' reived an Invitation from the A. P. A. t(
I conform to their Ideas, and that he re
I fused. He says he is not out of the flgh
for delegate at large by any means, am
i Intends to make the fight of his life to
| morrow. He thinks that he has enougl
i friends In the state outside of San Fran
j Cisco to ree him through. Late tonight
the slate for delegates at large was sale
Ito be L. A. Sheldon of Los Angeles
Senator Glenves of Shasta, John D
Spreckels and Irving M. Scott of Sar
Francisco. Grant of San Diego tray be
chosen, however. In place of Scott. It
!is stated that Spreckels gave out to
night that Knight could be nominated
iif he would promise not to make ton
' much trouble over the instruction of
i delegates for McKinley. This Knight
1 rofures to do. but will try for the nomi
nation without Spreckels'assistance,
t The, committee on platform held a
long session tonight. It is understood
*hat there will be a plank favoring sil
ver, another favoring woman suffrage,
one for good roads, and. of course, a
declaration in favor of protection. There
Will be no anti-funding hill resolution. It
is stated.
.Men Chosen to Voto for McKinley at St.
SACRAMENTO, Ma. B.—The First dis
trict convention assembled this event t-r
to nominate delegates to the national
convention. Daniel L. Cole of Sierra and
A. P. Lemmon were nominated by accla
mation. A resolution was artoptei in
dorsing McKinley as the choice of the
First district for president, and that the
delegates use all honorahle m;\ins to
secure his nomination. There was an
attempt to send an uninstructed delega
tion, but the McKinley sentiment was
too strong. Dr. F. R. Horel of Humboldt
and James T. Laird of Shssta were elect
ed alternates. 6. M. Francis of Napa
was nominated for presidential elector.
At the Second Congressional district
convention Judge TVailir.g of Nevada
moved that the delegates vote for two
candidates for d»l»e-etcs to the national
convention at once, the two receiving the
highest vote to be declared elected, and
the order was accepted. On the roll call
Johnson received 7S votes. Neff 71 and
Voorhls 68, eie-ting Johnson and Neff,
and the convention adjourned with three
cheers ofr McKinley.
In the Third district congressional con
vention FII S. Penison and A. Hock
helmer were elected district delegates to
the national convention, and W. It.
Pond and C. S. Long alternates.
At the Fifth district convention Will
iam fluff of San Francisco and O. A.
Hale of San Jose were elected delegates
to the national convention: John L.
Costa of San Francisco and C. S. Wan
gel of San Jose alternates.
The Weather Was Fine but Cold for the For.-n
weather was fine and the track fast at
Ingleslde today, it was a disastrous
day for the form players, not one fa\ or
ite winning. Ailiatu's won the fifth race
at the odds of .10 to 1, while R> d Pike at
75 to 1 secured the place in the same race.
In the last race Instigator at to 1 won.
The match race for a purse of tSOOl)
between Hobart'S San Mateo and Mac-
Donough's Orestes, at four and a half
furlongs, each colt to carry 118 pounds
will come off tomorrow.
Four and a half furlongs—Lode Star
won, Dunboy second, Widow Jones
third; 0:58)4.
Five and a half furlongs—Belliccso
won. William Pinkerton second, Santa
lit 11a third; time, 1:09.
Mller and a sixteenth —Don Caesar
won. Fair Faith second. All Smoke
third; time, 1:51%.
Seven furlongs—Summertime won,
Mobolasca second, Rey del Bandldos
third; time. 1:29.
Six furlongs—Afflatus won. Red Pike
second. Fnvory third: time, 1:15.
Six furlongs—lnstigator won, Adolph
Spreckels second, Levena C. third; time,
Inglesi c Race Bntrlss
The following is the list of entries and
'.'. eights for the races to be run at Ingle
tide track today, which are posted
at the Los Angeles Turf club. 212 South.
Spring street. Commissions received
ntt these races and full descriptions of
the events:
I First race, one-half mile. two-year-old»,
I selling—Dure. mo. Sweet William 108, Jane
1 Andrews 108, Greyhurst 109, Oeorge Palmer
I ins. Mary Tohin 10.1, Sister Adelie 103, Lost
; Girl 108, rtoselie 106.
Second rs.ee. one mile, handicap—Wheel
I ci Fortune 110. Cahrillo K'\ Joan 1"1, Char
. irens- 11. ]n2. Ft. Lee 00. Can't Dance 95,
I Teter the Second nt, Duke Stevens 90,
1 Third ra.ee. mile and one-half, hurdle
i handicap—Arril Its. Silverado 140, Hello
i 187, Temp'.emere 184, Bassania ;••, Lochin-
I vat- 125.
Fourth race, r,;ne-«ix'e»n?hs of n mile,
! match ra'-e, p'u-se •.•enc—Orestes i;s p an
i Mate. in.
i Fifth ra"c, eleven-sixteenths of a mile,
! setllne—lsaheiie 00. Carroll Conk 109 Card
well 100, Daylight W: Jennie W. UO, Miss
rnlla.nl OS. (Jiadwvn OS. p.ig Chief '~7. Nel-
I lie o. ]in. Soda Cracker 112, Basel 95, Ton-
I nrssee Maid 98, Codensea 05, Model 10",
1 Reform us.
I Sixth race, mile and on*-sixternth. sell
ine— Rnhe Murphy 10.1. Walter .1. 98, All
: Over 112. Scimitar 00, Nephew 112. Peceus
! 89, Little Cripple Hi. Miss Brummej 101.
Seventh race, eleven-sixteenths, selling—
i Doubtful 17, Unset n. 0-V Venus. 107. Vlr
! yin. A. OS. Eim--r F. ]!2. Candor 107, Seaside
nn, Catch 'Km 112. Circe 107, Heartsease
00, Road Warmer 07. Bnclno 100, Alvero 07.
Tonlno 07, Cold Bug 112. Tim Murphy 112.
Warrago 110, Senator Bland 100, ltuinari
Weather clear, track fast.
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la tv» kiss
SALT I.AKK, May a.—Jim Williams,
the heavyweight champion of I'tah, de
r««t»-i .lack flielxaner of Philadelphia
this evening is a contest. It
was the Seat tffcßt ever ice« in Utah.
Paul Marten, third vire-presldent of
the Santa Fe system, is expected in
lowa within a few days.
All prices of wall paper greatly reduced.
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Licensed to Wes
The following marriage licenses were
issued by the county clerk yesterday:
Edward Duffy, a native of Ireland,
aged 33 years, and Elizabeth Hartnett,
a native of Ireland, aged 20 years, both
residents of Los Angeles.
William M. Howard, a native of Cali
fornia, aged 84 years and a resident of
Pasadena, and Margaret Burks, a na
tive of Virginia, aged S« years and a
resident of Los Angeles.
Joseph William Owen, a native of
, England, aged ST years, and Edith Clark,
a native of Ohio, aged 21 years, both
residents of Los Angeles.
Oeorge W. Sawyer, a native of Ten
nessee, aged *» years, and Mrs. Frances
Daniels, a native of Georgia, aged to
years, both residents of Los Angeles.
Clyde 3. Sheets, a native of Indiana,
aged 2o years, and Laura R. Atwood. a
i native of Vermont, aged 20 years, both
; residents of Los Angeles.
I Harry L. Price, a native of lowa, aged
j 30 years, and Alice G. Walker, a native
I of Massachusetts, aged 26 years, both
residents of Los Angeles.
W. F. R. Price, a native of Ohio, aged j
| 28 years, and Myrtle C. Watkins. a na
tive of Texas, aged 18 years, both reri
| dents of Los Angeles.
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, noucoments either printed or engraved at
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California Athletea
i SAN FRANCISCO, May a.-The ath
letea of the University of California will
: not go cast this spring. This conclu
sion was reached today, when H. B. Tor
re;.-, the hurdler, told Capt. Merwin that
it would be impossible for him to accom
pany the team on its tour. Torrey is
: student assistnnt in the department or
biology. The department has arranged
to do summer work em San Clemente
is,and. beginning about May 20. This
will prevent Torrey from going with the
team. j
— .
A Famnns flth Diver
A tower seventy-five feet In height is
I>OW In process of construction at West- !
lake park, which is to be used by the
famous high diver. Prof. Raymous, inai
series of diving exhibitions commenc
ing Sunday next.
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HI / 111 ; ylesofßoya''DoSole] reamed IP Finn Trench Orjranrlloa, fancy tig- V / Si l d , ,,, » '" „ n 1 ""»«»»" Cl|~ Sew», Mohnlrs end Fancy Novel.
•J?£eiU "ull,that have beetlaelllngaS I "red. dotted. BwSaeiJ novel organ. tymliOV ansae of Ton Kersey Cloth; Z}\JC ties ever shown hereabout* at any.
f V high u.W the ault There are Idlca in Dresden and Persian effects; , „„ eaoh papa trimmed d l«.r, WV thing Ilka » half-dollar lUur».
all sizes for boysfrora4 to of aSI We pot a, bad pattern In the lot) *< tm Pnt "' Jfl** " , " "„>, V 1 Velvet, Among tho reit splendid Sootoh
I. not r-.--.li that ac h , ibar. X! JL ■* not a crude coloring and every piece 1 Lace*. Braid, and Rlbbona; n» (\ Cheviot* 51 luchea brood, actually worth 750
gain i-.il- , ha* ever been of- 1 A n line aheer duality that come places I ijC not a Cane In the lot thntrold IL / Sail the yard, and beautiful 4*.tttoh pin- f"|\
Ml tKI 3>Z 111 ask you to pay 30c for here at.- yeiterdiy at leal than 18.80. j)^ t QU atrlpeslu mode.tcolori of wm&k> i%|ls*
now on sale at .' *4/flßfeavr lodayat ~ able quality, and your choice at sLewv
I <£l Lift Tbisja 0 Un l "9 1 Fine American Dimity Lawn,, over *P AA Two elegant stylo, of Tan A 7 M L^aAfaffiV^eVM^tM!
iftletTj .mm II,"- /*r l< ccc, „, the njiteM. cholceat k fill Ken*) in the very / v . ' we ' pr „^aTthTmr'
I come In unbleached, natural I deigns you ever looked M. 0m t e|H7«VV Jni 1* 1 ujflts I pi n atonal; f *J"v " c Pr-ss Wtm ouicloss any die-
I »»« flesh colors; tl -,-k la finished will, silk; „~ , mostly on light ground* /» _ „„.„,„,,„, "'.- . I I,U P ayol rabrloa at this price made In
the usuni i,r.-e for such a stilt .. » testorday these were 10c; today I I.see Applique work and fancy Kucha collar, ~,„,.,,,.,' '";.,,,,,, i n - nothing before you but
• th ault complete <C 1 CA they goat ■ I\> and the ol her with fancy.notched Velvet col- {»•«„ Ji" SiVv- K in"-liMif.H* «ll fus
1 'o'todiyonly iBI.UU LroSnabStomiJhiifoaSiS* fl? ST A A 'erv' ew! at'noSeltKi '.Many I thing /■*.
I«t ▼ ,WV Ull thai you will lliul In the ,1.0) pile* H
aVfu.M; today ... .. .... HfUtW about the cty you can ll„d here at §OL
6.C„„ (J* I Real Frenrh Lisle Q I Think of the vrrv llnnst American
Ta BIT '% I Thiead Mo»« in un St * y-» Zephyr oln«bara, that sold l«,t year _ ,„ , _„, „, ,
i\>H fl bleached ur natural \J at Sue; tbluk ol the prettiest plaids, „ _ rib J Fancy Wools, Rllk or Wool,
color, to match tha »J check, ,n„l atrlnea you r» I da flO Ladles' Separate skirts, in *4k I 11? D Novel Moholr ElTents, and the
. men's nu 1.-r-.venr told of above. 1 le,,- are so- over saw nt a-iv price. Thai Is Wl, tk I U/t Wav/Blueor Black Henrietta d/lovvf Bne*t tblnga In the Cheviot
pcrb finality and would be most excellent just what you in,iv bud bare today (111 Uff/O cloth 0/ splendid quality; family are grouped together
• j value nt centa v s n tm 4 ot an- lit, -d all /fir» < *-*r» her*, we know of no mw -In New York
,1 pair: today threcpnir f\ *g\*» hL I through with Bustle Percallne, \C I 11W which offera better valuea nt /*> 4 i\ f\
I tor .in cents II II II Jl ■ bottom bound with Velvet, en. ,Tj B - v'll Ihla price than we. if you I 111 l
or v mvra v* Today at VH• * *1 want a baodaome dreaa, the
■£■*-». Cl* 1 The very handsomest Table I.lnens of the right sort.
,4 Ttf IT S>l 1 •"*"''" i" r| '; AIBC '" sterner stufl" that £m 4f\ Ladles'mognlflcnnl quality Black I-A Fancy Tafcta, 1-Lks In two lone
O IVFI «. ■nr-the very finest UVV v ill wear-goo 1 honest aa,rx C 111 Kugllsh Serge Tailor ma 1 • Suit; mlilf oolurlnga and fancy small figured
I . a., ~, ''lk-the very newest i.ermai, goodla M Inches laall/T oTJ J\J natty Blaieg Jacket, halt Iliad with •JlfV' cHiaota. Also, handsome printed
1 shape* and the prettiest pattern*: y. stex.lay broad, that ought 1, be 76c; tjUL v silk • skirt cur.i WUIe aud XU jv India Silk*. 21 Inches broadj exaei
j Sj;iT, ra ,.. O now full tatloMlnlah. This is a 4PI A wprcduotlon* Of »i and «a silk de.
W.T, ■% tOt* Till remarkaoie value Jklll Urn*. Wa ballovo every woman C||/*j
|i ageh; today ycu may *J HJI aRf at V* V will b* aurnrlaeil at the aplentlid «sSIL
j' r'" quslltlesoTeredat
O , beller Waist msdef*r AII Linen Blrlseye Huekahuck _ ,
/SStf 1 h»v than '*» 'Mether-s Friend." I / 117 Towels, full :ttt Inches long, ga.id flip. Prettier Shirt Wal*t* than you've fIP •uperbe l uallty Black Plgii»ed Oroa
T'U-' We have a special lot made or line IlW'> v width, all hemmed ready to use; / ■*(, ever seen with n choice and beau- i ,!' '.'""dre s-,,K:i. oapeclaliy tleslra.
Percalea for boy, c.fi Irs perhaps you'll pay 4dm | I tlful assortment to p'ek mm** m t>V S 1 * 10 M"ta. ivp are ,cey ra,
ta 14 veara of age. The regular A %t„ 10 cents after this lot is gone. I /!*-» from all of the very lat- ~, «, q ','",' ,'" y \\" V" "9H / **/*
price Is rs seat,' The waist on 'I'llL, Asleaga,tbey law I est patterns In Lawns, rcrcales and f «1C ap at k aßVet In vhe city that will |iJL.
Special sale today at AW Ulmltle,, at »W equal our ■ W
For 16 Years Compelled to Eat a
Pound of Poison Weekly
Saved at Last by a Wonderful Anti
dote—An Almost Incredible Story
of Buttering Told by a Louisl
It is wonderful what a human being will
endure. Just look around and see the peo
ple day after day toying recklessly with
life and health, the most precious things we
Nature will not be imposed upon. She is
bound to get even—to squn.ro accounts. So
man starts a habit, but nature continues It,
and, for punishment, he can't quit. Take
the case of George Kathban. For sixteen
years he had to (ill his system with poison
io keep from going Insane, and ho would
still be in the rack of torture ha<i"uot No-
To-Bac cured him—cured the habit of slx
tenn years in sixteen days. Read his let-
BONITA. La.. Aug. IS, 1895.
Gentlemen: I have been completely
cured of the tobacco habit by using No-To-
Bae. 1 used tobacco over seventeen years,
four pounds a month, and 1 believe that
No-To-Bac will cure anyone that will take
holt a box. I took six tablets one day. three
the next, three the next, nod one the next
day and I was completely cured. After
that I had to take eight more tablets to cure
mo of nervousness. Twenty-one tablets,
you see, made a final cure, and all In six
teen days. 1 can very highly recommeis''
No-To-Bac to all who are cursed with the
tobacco habit and want to get rid of It.
fine box will cure the worst cose I ever
sow. Very truly yours,
Now. dear render, tobacco user for a lit
tle or a long time, don't say "I can't be
cured.'' No-To-Bac makes It so easy to
quit, and will do you so much good for
your nerves, blood and manlTood. You
don't have to take our word for It. Buy It
from your own druggist under absolute
guarantee of cure. Get our booklet "Don't
Tobacco Spit and Smoke Tour Life A way."
Written guarantee and free samples mailed
for the asking. Address The Sterling Rem
edy Co., Chicago or New York.
I The Morgan I
f Oyster Co. 1
[ Wholesale and Retail j j;
" Dealers in !
| Oysters Poultry j j
j. Fish ; |
| And all kinds of Shell Fish. Pack- ! !
I ers of the celebrated''Eagle Brand" '»
| Oysters. - J
r* * *
t 3ZC-333 S. .Main St. Tel. Mala 183 |j i
Glass & Long
Blank Book
13.215 New High St., Los Angeles, Cal \
Druggist and Chemist j
222 N. Main St., Los Angeles
Prescription'! tsrefully compounded day
might i
||'Wanted ||
S 1000 Skeptics..... g
\ The idea that ready-to- W
W w*»lf wear-clothing does not fit |S|
\ ■*/ i us * as we " as tailor-made |y5
2k /| ening thud" every time we |$f
?K / / 111 \l\ I a cnance t° convince a 2sf
mil 1 |MIA * skeptic. We fit tall, short," §fe
|k ; 111 ftT / slim, stout and medium |j|
W 'LJj gYu* skeptics just as well as &k
$•* X / i tailor; perhaps better w
|H / than some. There is an w
A air of eastern up-to-date- |X|
/l ness about our Clothing
*vk / I that is lacking in many a |v|
ss| / I tailor shop, and there's
/ 1 from $10 to $20 of the cost |»|
/ I lacking, too. Some stylish
V broken Check
sdk P Suits, with the covered
W button or fly front, are in for today. Plenty of w
|H good Suits at $10, $12.50, $1? and $20. |||
i ' |
ffi London Clothing Co. If
110, 101, 13», 1S»
1 North Siuing St., 8. AY. Cor. Franklin
Propvl*>toira. ">S^
Don't Put It Off-
Get Your . QaS StOVC Now
A Dollar a rionth

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