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Local, Eastern and Foreign
Commercial Dealings
Tbe Average Values of Milk, Butter and
A Table Covering a Period of Thirty fl«
Years With tha Relstlve Valuta of the
Milk anl Its Products
The American Agriculturist has complet
ed a valuable table showing the average
price of milk, butter and cheese for a gen
eration. The relutlve price of milk and its
two chief products also is given. This
table with comments preceding is given as
It will be noted that both butter and
cheese have held their own remarkably
well, although tho figures refer only to
the higher grades which are of much bet
ter quality than in the early '60s. In 1891
the average prlco of butler was 29 per
cent above and of cheese 5 per cent below
the average for 1860, yet In '91 nearly ull
other produce was much cheaper than In
1860, being lower by 12 per cent for wheat,
Wool 26 per cent and cotton 20 per cent,
while the average for a dozen articles of
produce was 3 per cent below the mean for
1860. During the past 5 years, these other
Srtlcles, as well" as manufactured goods,
aye shrunk In value more than has but
ter or cheese.
This table gives the average annual price
of whole milk (In cents per quart) received
by producers who shipped to the New York
market, these having been compiled with
great care by this Journal from its marked
records. The average annual price or
prime butter is from tho exhaustive in
quiry conducted by the United States sen
ate finance committee covering tho period
IS6O-1891 inclusive, but for 1893-5 Is the year
ly average of creamery butter at Elgin,
which fairly represents the average re
ceived by the great number of factories
throughout the country. The cheese prices
are from the finance committee's report,
except for that for 1592-5 they are averages
Of best New York stale factory cheese at
New York city. We add i lie average prices
for April. 1890. The last three columns
show the relative values on tlie basis of 100
representing the average value in 1860. Just
before the war the country was generally
In a condition of prosperity and ail values
were on what was then considered a pret
ty fair basis.
Ay. Act l (Vc'lS Rel'vePr'c's
c p qt c p lb c p lb
IS6O 3.07 20 11 100 100 100
ISSI 3.50 10 11 95 81 100
ISC2 3.90 IS S 106 91 70
18C3 4.25 23 12 116 117 310
ISC4 4.42 29 15 )J0 145 HO
ISOS 5.13 50 2", 140 250 225
1808 5.00 40 20 136 202 ISO
1867 4.3S 27 16 132 IS3 145
1568 4.88 40 16 132 202 145
DO9 4.116 44 21 127 221 190
1870 4.47 35 19 122 179 175
1171 3.53 25 IK 104 179 140
1X72 3.53 30 15 lOt 152 133
1573 3.5S 29 15 98 145 133
1874 3.56 29 15 97 145 123
1875 3.54 35 17 96 174 150
1,876 3.29 30 14 90 148 12S
1877 3.20 M Hi *7 150 143
IS7S 2.56 30 14 70 150 12S
1579 2.62 25 9 71 124 85
ISSO 2.95 31 14 80 157 125
1881 3.29 30 11 90 14S 128
1582 3.37 36 In 92 176 138
1883 3.45 36 15 94 181 135
1884 8.29 31 14 90 155 12S
1885 3.08 20 14 S4 131 125
1886 2.87 30 11 78 150 98
1887 2.91 26 14 79 181 128
1888 2.50 27 13 76 133 118
ISB9 2.87 27 13 78 138 H5
1890 2.63 23 11 71 117 100
IS9I 2.69 26 10 72 129 95
1892 2.68 25 11 72 125 100
1893 2.79 28 11 76 129 100
1594 2.62 22 It 71 110 100
1595 2.52 21 9 68 105 82
Apr.,96 ....2.30 18 10 03 90 91
Eggs are firm, potatoes strong. Butter
is steady. Hay is d trifle firmer. Season
able vegetables and fruit are generally
cheaper, except strawberries, which are
dearer, as the first crop is about over.
vi ■ .. .», "Ho squares,
550'37%c; coast creamery, fancy, 2-lb
squares, 805t32%c; coast dairy, fancy, 2-lb
squares, 27%030e: do. 1%-lb, 25027%e: com
mon grades and very light weights. 204722°ic.
CHEESE—LocaI full cream, large, lie;
Young America, 12c: do (3-17). hand made)
13c. All %c more cased for shipment.
EGGS—Choice California ranch, 13014 c.
v . i. j. , km* — «■
20c: asparagus, per lb, 608 c; beets, per 100
lbs, 90c: cauliflower, per rioz.. —c; celery
do, 55c; cabbage, per 100 lbs, 75c; carrots,
uu, isk;; uuiiiS, ~i.>, pec suing, eye; 'UeAi
can, per lb. 15c; green, per lb. 12c; cucum
bers, tier doz. z $1,50; egg plant, per lb, 7c;
garlic do, o:u,c: leeks, per doz. 15c: let
luce do. 15c; mushrooms, oar lb d "c- on
ions, green, per doz. bunches, 204740 c; do,
yenow Danvers. per 100 lbs, $3.00;
new white. $2.50: parsley, per box, 60c;
fiarsnlps, per 100 lbs, 75c; peas, green, per
b, 3c; radishes, per doz. bunches, 40c;
607 c; tomatoes, per box, ■f1.00J71.50; tur
.. 11, i i ~,.->. ioc: waiari ri per uoz.
bunches, 40c: wax beans, 70Sc; summer
Bquash, per box, $1.10.
cnrM. S2 per box:
strawberries, common, 5478 c: choice to
fancy, lOfolOc: apples, $1.754)2.25; pineapples,
per doz., $7.00; Central American. $4.uu<«4.50:
bananas. $2.25 per bunch; cherles, $l.i)oJj 1.50
per box: blackberries, 16c.
CITRUS FKU ITS —Oranges. Navels ft oo
(J3.50; Mediterranean sweets, $1.755i2.00;
i-,eulings. $J.*£ouir.l.bo; lemons, lancy i-.ure
ka, 11.7808.00; Eureka and Lisbon. t1.764j
2.00; uncured. $14)1.25; limes, per 100. 60c.
comb, 9(aloc per lb' strained, 3tLt4c; bees
wax. 25(530c per lb.
POULTRY—Hens, $4.0004.75 per doz;
vn rife , * M». >4.wd*H.,o ot,die.- .53.,., ,
$4.60; old roosters, $3474; ducks, $-1.5305 60'
turkeys, 104711 c per lb.
HAY'—Wheat, $10011; barley, $10; wheat
and oat, $9010; alfalfa, baled, $7fiß; loose
Ml 1,1, STUFFS—FIour, Los Angeles
$4; Stockton brands. $4.40: Oregon'
84; Eastern. 5t.00t9C.50; bran. per
ton, local, $18: northern. $15.50; shorts
Jier ton, local, $19; northern, $17: rolled bar
ey, per ton, $15; cracked corn, per cwt
tc, feed meal, per cwt, $1.00.
DRIED FRUlTS—Apples—Sun dried
sacks, per lb, 44i5c; boxes, 6(&.7c; evapo
rated, fancy, 607 c. Apricots—Fancy, He:
choice, 9c. Peaches—Fancy, unpeeled
6c; choice. 3e. Nectarines—Fancy, S(b'9c;
choice, 64(7c. Pears—Fancy evaporated,
7@9c. Plums—Pitted, choice. 71i9e. Prunes—
Choice boxed, 34) sc; sacks, 2ft 3c; fancy, lUc
NUTS—Walnuts—Los Angeles, 7c; med
ium soft, 10c; soft-shell Los Nletos, fancy
10012 c. Almonds—Soft shell, 10c: paper
shell, 12c: hard shell, 6c. Pecans—lßols%.
HIDES AND WOOL—Hides, as they run
10c per lb: sound kips, B%c; bulls and stags,
6%c; calves, 15c. Sheep pelts, 6015 c. Wool—
bpring cup, goou itfjuc; interior. 808440*
LIVE STOCK—AIt per lb—Beeves, 2%413c:
calves, 303% c; sheep, 2 r )i'a' 3c; lambs, 405 c;
hogs, 3%04e.
DRESSED MEATS—AII per lb—Beef, 60
6%c; veal, 607 c; mutton, 505%e; lamb, Sji
10c; pork. 6c.
CURED MEATS—EagIe hams. 9t<,c: Rex
hums. 10014 c, ay. ll%c; selected pig hams,
-i9O. ay. 9%e: Diamond C picnic nams. r>- a
7e, ay 7%c; fancy Rex boneless breakfast
bacon (wrapped), 13c; Hex boneless
brenkfast bacon, 10c: Diamond C break
fast bacon backs, 7%c; Rex boneless ham,
sugar cured, ni-sc; hex boneless oulu, 90,
Rex cried beef (sets). 10c: Bex dried beel
(lnsides), 11c; Rex regular dried beef, 9c;
Miiuib«u LOilgues, per m. ion; ngnt meuiiti)
bacon, 8c: medium bacon, 5%: dry salt clear
bellies, 16020, ay 7%; dry salt short clears
33040, ay 6; dry salt clear backs, 5%;
Rex pure leaf lard, tierces. 6%c; Ivory lard,
compound, tierces, 5%c; Rexollne, tierce
basis, 6%; Cottolene, tierces, 5%.
rt.'..ifc>i.>ib— v anoy ciusiero, -iv.25; 4-Crown
L L clusters, $1.1001.25; 3-Crown L L, pel
box, 9Oc0$l; Sultana, seedless, per box, 9Oco
$1: 3-Crown loose muscats, per box, 604 i
70c; 2-Crown loose muscats, per box 5041
65c: ordinary loose, per box, 46055 -
-- Crown loose, in sacks, per lb, 8%®2%c;
3- Crown loose, in sacks, per lb, 8%52%c;
4- Crown, per lb, 3%04c: Sultana, seedless,
fancy blchd, per lb, 606% c; Sultana, seed
less, choice, per lb, 3%04c.
Fractions: Half boxes 25c, quarter box
es 50c, per box higher than wholes.
FlGS—California white, per lb, 405 c; Cal
ifornia, black, per lb, 44t1%c; California
fancy, per lb, i6OSSc; imported Smyrna!
BAGS—(Net cash)— Calcutta, 5©5%; po
tato bags, 4; dried fruit sacks, 100 lbs. 6%4i
7%: bean sacks, 5; walnut bags, 14016; wool
sack *. 30.
"FANS A7-'r) "TTtTED PEAS—Pink 81.50
01.60; lima, $2.9008.00; Lady Washington,
$1.6301.70; white, small, H7502.00; garvan
cos, small, $3.50)14.00; garvancos, large.
8405; green Held peas. $2.6003.00; black
■•>«» i/.-u.,a,
37«, <■ lepMls C'nt"orn!-i <3.50w-« O'i.
POTATOES-Per 100 lbs, Burbanks, 310
$1.05; Nevada, $1.10; common grades—new,
$1.2501.50; burbank, seed, $1.00.
GRAlN—Wheat. $l.birqi.ju: corn, 90095 c:
feed barley, 75c; oats. $1.1001.25; all per 100
Res' t'-'a'o Tr»n-l*r«
Alexandre Weill to J. B. Holllngsworth,
lot 320 Alexandre Weill tract; $250.
W. R. and Alice R. Gesewlsch to Chris
tian Bruttig. lot 90, J. Marlon Brooks' sub;
Mrs. Ann Rush to August Angst; lot 3,
block 33. East Santa Monica: $400.
M. J. and J. H. Harwood to Eunice Hehrc,
lots 2 and 3. Harwood tract; $300.
Cheater D. and lola N. Sargent to R. C.
Pufklns, lot 4, Baldwin & Llndley'B sub;
George M. Stanley to William H. Clay,
lot 11, Carter Grove tract; $2000.
Mrs. Aseneth A. Phelps to Olive W.
Stephens, lots 16 and 1711, block 17, Clnre
moni: $850.
Fred J. and Louise Cary Smith to John 11.
Dole, water from wells on lot 82, Loop &
Meservo tract; $200.
Same to Helen M. Giffln, water from
wells on lot 32, Loop & Meserve tract: $300.
Stephen E. and Marie Hatfield to Emma
F. Mltchel, lot 1, block A, Mrs. A. N. Fell's
sub; $1060.
Emma F. Dunnells to John W. Strange,
lot 4, Millars' sub; $400.
Mary P. and Wayne W. Graham to Fran
kio J. Bush, lot 4, block 6. California Co
operative colony tract; $2500.
Mary W. Opdyke to Benjamin F. and
Isabella F. Shelley, lot 9, block 33, Electric
Railway Homestead Association tract: $675.
John C. and Luthera Coover to John J.
Idndgren, lot 11, block 15, Brooklyn tract;
$600. 1
John J. and Minnie Llndgren to John C.
Coover, lot 6, Child's tract; $4000.
Andrew Glossell to I. H. Preston, trus
tee, beg. In east line Garvanza St.: $275.
I. H. Preston, trustee, to T. C. Naud,
same; $300.
David Shearon to Mrs. Amelia Lovell,
part of lot 3, E. H. Workman tract ; $300.
J. Wesley Wilson to Fred M. J. Yofn. lot
I. E. J. Baldwin's add No. 2; lot 48, E. J.
Baldwin* add No. 1: $5500.
William F. and Catharine D. Edgar to
WllUam J. Prlndle, north % of lot 41, 8.
D. A. 'P. tract: $265.
Mlchaiel F. ODea to Mrs. C. Petry, lot
11, block F, Clement tract; $375.
Ada B. and H. J. Blocker to T. N. Cam- !
field, lot 19, block A, Nadeau Orange tract;
A. P. and E. W. Reid to E. E. Shatuok, I
lots 9. 11 and 14, block 60, Burbank; $300. j
James H. Adams Co. to H. H. and Lv- '
cille C. Holoombe, north 25 feet of lot 7, nnd 1
south 26 feet of lot 8, Milton Davis sub;
Summary: Deeds. 57; nominal, 33; total
consideration, $22,669.41.
Business Trsnsected and Prices Paid nt him
e-,d Ahrnn 1
NEW YORK. May 3.—So far as the gen
eral stock market was concerned Ihe sjiecu- .
latlon was again today desultory With a
weak lendency lv eertnin Industrial stock?.
The standard railway shares were prac
tically neglected and in the Industrials tho
only stocks that attained a very consid
erable, activity were Denver preferred and
American Tobacco. The dealings were dis
tinctly professional. The restriction of
business was as usual recently ascribed
to uncertainty as to the probable scope of
It appears wll not be checked even by an
advance In the rates on gold as freight,
tho special transactions in Germany which,
generally made by the associated trans-
Atlantic steamship lines. The advance
brings the rate up to 5-32. The only defin
ite engagements of gold made thus'far for
Thursday's German steamer aggregate
nbout $1,500,000, but it is expected that ad- !
dltlonal shipments will be mnde on Salur- !
day. The advance In the freight rates
referred to marks up correspondingly the
point at which gold shipments are prac
ticable, the Increased expense being chief
ly borne by the buyer of the gold bills. The
premium of 3-16 required for gold bars is
still prohibitory and the market for ster
ling exchange today displayed a slightly
easier tendency in consequence of the offer
ing of bills against gold exports. In ex
change circles the weakness in rates will,
it Is believed, only be temporary. At the
moment provided a fair quality of coin can
be secured, it is cheaper by about 1-16 to
ship the coin than to send out gold bars.
Speculative interest today centered In the
Industrials. The market cllsed weak at
general concessions. The bond market was
dull and slightly easier in tendency. The
sales were $1,039,000. Government bonds
were strong and higher on transactions of
NEW YORK, May 5.-The following
S»'' .1 • Closing **"-'-. it" a• ■ -->s ■
C C Co 155% Ontario & W... 15
Atchison 15% Oregon Imp I
Adams Ex 150 Oregon Nay 17
Alton. TH 55 Northwestern ...100 •
Am Sugar pfd.lo3 do pfd 149%
Baltimore &O. 16% N V Central 97%
Canada Puc ... (MHi < ' >. N
Canada South.. 50% Pacific Mail 26%
Central Pac ... 15% PD&E 2%
Ches & 0hi0.... 17 Pittsburg 160
Chicago Alton..lut Pullman Pa1ac0..160%
C B& Q 80% Reading 12%
Chicago Gas... 70% U S Rubber 23%
Con Gas 162 do pfd 63%
C C Cft St L.. 84% RU W IH%
Col C& 1 1% do nfd 43
Cotton O C....114 Rock Island .... 71%
Del Hud50n....127 , M ' 5 c Ist pi ]
D L& W 160% St Paul 78%
D&HOtpfd... 49 do pfd 128%
D& C F C 0.... 18% St Paul &O 44
Erie 14% do pfd 122'f.
do pfd XV.. Southern Pac 19%
Erle2dpfd 23 Sugar Refinery..l 24%
» ..<• • Term C & 1 29%
Great N pfd ...113 Texas Pac 8%
C At E I pfd ...100 ')' *• O Cen pfd... 73
Hocking Val'y 17 Union Pac 8%
Illinois Cen 97 US Express 41
St P & D 23 W St L & P 7
K& T pfd 27% do pfd IS%
L E & W 18 W F Express..., 97
do pfd 71% Western Union.. 86%
Lake 5h0re....1495J W & LE 18
Lead Trust 26% do pfd 35%
L & N 61% Minn *St L 19
> ■ D & R G 13%
Man Con 103% Gen Electric 86%
M & C 15 Natl Linseed .... 17V.
Michigan Con.. 95 Col & F I 80%
Mlsourl Pbuc.. 27% do pfd 100
M & Ohio 21 H * T Cen ?%
Nash Ohatt .... OS US Leather pfd. 60 -
Natl Cordage.. 4% U S cordage pfd. 20 !
do pfd.... 10 So RR 9%
N J Central....los do pfd 31%
N& W pfd 6% Am Tobacco 67
North Am Co.. 5% do pfd 96%
Northern Pac. 1% UPDftU 8%
do ptd 12% Am T& C C 0.... 94
NEW YORK, May ( s.—The following
U' S n 4s COUp..UT% "op lsts of '95. .101% '
USn 4s reg....H7% D&R G7s 110
US 5s reg 112% D & R G4s 91%
U fl 5s coup.... 112% Erie 2ds 66%
US 4s reg 109 RHft 1 A 65....105
s up.,..H0 GH& 8 A 75....102
US 2s reg 94% H & T Cen 55..109
Pac 6s of '95 .. .104 " H & T Cen 65....100.
Ala', lass A....106 MKT 2d 45.... 85%
Ala Class 8....106 M X T Ist 45.... k«
Ala Class C...100 Mutual Union 68.111
Ma currency..loo N J C Gen 55....119
La new con 4s 97% N P lsts 117
■to 6s 100 N P 2ds 114%
NCOs 124 North ••••'•at ' "n.."- (
Ml C 4s 104 do S F deb 65.109%
S C non-fund.. 1 R G West lsts.. 76%
Term n set 65.. 85 St P consols 7s. .130
Term n set 65..108 St P C & P W 55.114
lenn n Set 85...— St L& I M Gen 5s 19
Tenp old 05.... 00 Texas Pac lsts.. 89
Va centuries... 61 St L& S F Gen 65112%
Yn > ■ irrreq ... i! U P lsts of '96...10575
Atchison 4s .... 79% W S 4s 105%
Atchison sec A 42% O R & N 15t5....101%
So RR 5s $H N P 3ds 74%
L & N 4,3 80%
SAN FRANCISCO, May s.—The official
closing quotations lur miningslocics lOuuy
•vero as follows:
Yellow Jacket .. 35 Grand Prize —
Andes 28 Hale & Norcross..lls
Alta 7 Julia 17
Alpha Con 12 Justice 7
Belcher 46 Kentuck Con ..... 3
lb "1" — Lady Wash Con.. 4
Best & Belcher.. 58 Mexican 36
Bodle Con 53 Atono 16
Bullion 16 Mt. Diablo —
Bulwer Con 29 Navalo —
Caledonia 11 Occidental Con ...110
Con Cal & Va...175 Ophir 125
Challenge Con ... 30 Overman 10
Chollar 96 Savage 30
1:011 imperial — 1 Scorpion 6
Confidence 80 Potosl 39
on Ne ■ York.. 3 Union C0n.... 61
Crown Point 49 Utah Con 12
Exchequer 6 Silver Hill 1
Gould & Currle.. 55 Sierra Nevada .... 63
NEW YORK, May 6.—Bar silver, 68%;
Mexican dollars, 64.
SAN FRANCISCO, May 6.—Bar silver.
68%; Mexican dollars, 64054%.
LONDON, May s.—Bar silver, 81% d.
NEW YORK, May 6.—Money on oall easy
at 202% per cent; lost loan, 2% per cent
closed, 2% per cent; prime mercantile pa
per, 4%05 per cent; sterling exchange eas
ler, with actual business tn bankers" bills
at $4.85%04.88% for demand and $4.57%04.88
for sixty days; posted rates, $4.88%W4.90;
commercial bills, $4.87: bar silver, 68%; sil
ver certificates. 68%0415%.
SAN FRANCISCO, May D.-Drafts, sight,
5; telegraph, 10.
LONDON, May s.—Consols, 111 3-16.
NEW YORK, May 5-All of the trans
atlantic stenmship lines have advanced the
rate on gold freights 1)3-132 to 5-32. The
advance takes place Immediately. For
some time past the companies have held
the opinion Hint the rates charged were not
fair to them with such risks involved.
1 he opinion is expressed that this advance
In freights may check the present outward
movement of gold.
NEW YORK. May s.—The Evening Post's
London flnunclal cablegram says: The
stock markets were better today, but apart
from South American governments and
railroad stocks which were firm, almost
nothing being done. Consols recovered to
TSfl °" a hotter feeling in regard to South
African affairs. Americano were lifeless,
but easier on,the renewed gold shipments.
WASHINGTON, May s.—Today's state
ment of the condition of the treasury
shows: Available cash balance, 8289,258,349;
gold reserve, $123,977,251.
BOSTON. May s.—Atchison, 16%; Bell
Telephone 200- Burlington, 80%; Mexican
Central, 10%; San Diego, 10%.
The Day's Transactlnne on the Board ol
CHICAGO, May s.—There was quite a
liberal speculative trade in wheat, but It
was chiefly local. The feeling was rather
, nervous ami the market was subject to
frequent changes. The tone at the start
was stronger and for a while higher prices
I ruled, first sales showing %47% advance,
and the market sold up a fraction more,
i Later prices receded %47%, rallied 1%, re
acted a little nnd closed firm at % advnne*:
I J he early strength appeared to come from
the better tone of Liverpool advices, the
[ market there being quoted steady and tin
l changed. There was a good deal of huy-
I ing by shorts and offerings at the time
! small. The over-sold condition of tho mar
ket was rather apparent and had a good
■ ileal to do with ihe llrmer tone. The price
I eased off, due to some extent to the liberal
j Northwestern receipts and generally better
! weather conditions in that direction, ter
n; peratnres being seasonable and very lit
le rain reported except in Minnesota. Du
lutli reported the Hour market stagnant
; Willi prospects of most of the mills closing
1 down as a result of the decline in prices
yesterday. On the second decline there
was good buying to cover shorts by a prom
inent local profssslonal and reports of a
better cash business coming at the soma
time started prices up and a fair raiiv oc
curred. There was only a moderate trade
iin corn, the market ruling a little more
sensitive followed wheat clo3elv. There
was a moderate trade in oats. The feature
was the reduced offerings of July and fair
buying on outside orders and the liberal
selling for September. The receipt of IS.OOO
bogs at the yards, instead of 22.000 ostlmat
.cd yesterday, started the provision mar
ket firm, but there were ready sellers In
sufficient numbers to break the price down
The leading futures closed as follows:
Wheat No. 2—May. 61; June, 61%; July,
62%; September. 535*.
! Corn No. 2—May, 28%; July, 88%; Septem
i ber. 3u%.
Oats No. 2—May, 17%; June, 18%: July,
19: September, 19%.
Cash quotations were as follows: Flour.
' quiet; No. 2 spring wheat ,60%; No. 3 spring
I wheat. 58; No. 2 red. 55; No. 2 corn. 28%;
j No. 2 oats. 17ti«17%: No. 2 white. 20%iff21:
i No. 3 white 19%4i20% f. o. b.; No. 2 rye. 35»."<»
; 30: No. 3 barley. 28%030 f. o. b.: No. 1 flax
seed. 894190: prime timothy seed, $3.10: mess
pork, per bbl. $7.904i5.00: lard, per 100 lbs,
$4.7504.80: short ribs sides (loose). $4.1504.20:
dry salted shoulders (boxed), 4%474%; short
clear sides (boxed), 4W4i4%: whisky, dis
tillers' finished foods, per gal. 122: sugars,
cut loaf, $6.37; granulated, J5.75; No. 2 yel
low corn, 289-4.
Receipts Shpmts.
Flour, bbls 5.000 4.000
Wheat, bu 7.000 45.000
i Corn, bu 234.000 134.000
i Oats, bu 274.000 339.000
I Rye. bu 7.000 7.000
Barley, bu 25.000 38.009
On the produce exchange today the but
ter market was firm: creamery, llfllSV.c:
dairy, 9013 c. Eggs were steady at 7%@9c.
CHICAGO, May s.—Common to fancy
dressed beef and shipping steers were sale
able at Stockers and feeders, ,
$3.50f13.90. Cows and heifers. $2.5603.50; .
bulls. $2.50,473.00. Hogs—Sales were largely
around $3.50, with heavy lots selling at
$3.1003.50; 200 and 250-pound hogs at $3.004j)
I 3.57%; mixed at and light weights j
lat $3,404)3.70. Common to fancy sheep were i
■In demand at 13.60193.80: yearlings selling j
lat $3.904f4.00; western (locks comprised a I
I large share of the offerings, sold chiefly at
; $3.4003.80: lambs sold at $3,901/5.10 for com
mon to prime, fat Colorado lambs selling
again at the top.
Call Board Prices ol Cereals and Shipments
Rcce v< I
SAN FRANCISCO, May s.—Wheat, In
active; December, 105%. Barley, inactive:
December, 74%. Flour, family extras, $3.75
03.85; bakers' do. $3.35473.05; superfine. $2X5
03.000. Wheat. No. 1 shipping, 107%; choice.
110: milling, 115A120. Barley, feed, fair to
good, 71'i'<i73%; choice. 75; brewing. SOTj)
86%. Corn, 90. Bran, 515.50. Oats, milling.
754(82%; surprise. 900 100: fancy feed, WW
57%: good to choice, 750 80; poor to fair,
67%072%; gray, 72%<580.
Receipts—Flour, qr sks. 15.000: do Ore
gon, 7552; wheat, ctls. 58.257; oats. 753; do
Oregon. 540; beans, sks. 680; rye. ctls. 400';
potatoes, sks, 2000; do Oregon, 8000; onions,
sks, 61S; do Oregon. 222; bran. sks. 1095; do
Oregon, 2300: middlings, sks, 45: hay, tons,
210; hops, bales, 23; wool, bales, 395; do
Oregon, 31): wine, gals. 811.200; hides, number,
202; quicksilver, flasks, 2S.
' Potatoes—River burbank. 35f150: Oregon j
do. 504770; Early Rose, 505775; new potatoes, ;
75 A $1.00.
j Vegetables—Los Angeles tomatoes. 51.0041
1.25; string beans, 6478 c: green peas, $1471.25;
garlic, 4%4?5%c: green peppers. ltVttlOUc;
dried do, 8ffl0c; asparagus. $1.2503.00; dried
okra. 12%4715e: rhubarb, 35®i>5e; cucumbers,
| 6Ccflsl: onions, $1471.23.
Fresh Fruit—Apples. $1.50472.75: Long
worth strawberries. 75710 c; common do. 448
6c; black cherries, 75c051.00; white do, 76c.
1 Citrus rruiLß-.,iox:Litn pines. $.>.se)u(,.ei.i;
j California lemon« 7s* l ! 50; rio choice. $1.3048
2.00: do, fancy. $2.2502.50; California seed
ling oranges, 70c051.75; navels, $1.75(52.75
i do fancy, $3.0008.50.
I Tropical truit—Hawaiian bananas, $I.oofli
2 oo- plueflelds do. 12.00A2 SO; Persian dates
: $3.00475.50; pineapples, $4(3*5.
Butter—fancy creamery, 14: seconds,!?
Oi"V fancy dairy. 1£%018: d" ■>econ- , « 12
Cheese—Fancy mild new, 7%c: fair to
good, 607 c; young America, 80-9 c; eastern,
; 12014 c.
Eggs—Store, ll%012c; ranch. 12%013%o;
eastern, 12@12%c; duck eggs, 14:315 c.
I Poultry—Live turkeys, gobbl rs. 15f113e;
do hens, 13015 c; roosters, $4.00,24.50; voting
do, $7.00473.50: small broilers. $<!.00©4.r0:
large do, $4.5005.50; hens, $4.0004.50; old
I micits, I'tO i; y-»in* v fiUCKS, >S h;
i geese, $1.2301.50; old pigeons, t4.60Q1.76;
young do ■ m 0>? ■ ■
Game—Hare. 60060 c; cottontail rab
bits, $1.25; bush do. 75c; gray geese, $2.004 i
2.50; brant, $1.00(311.25.
I Millstuffs—Middlings, $17.50019.50; bran,
i $15.004715.50.
i Hay—Wheat. $84711.50: wheat and oat,
$84710; oat, $7.50010; alfalfa, $7(99; clover,
BOSTON, May s.—There is still a lack of
demand in tho wool market here) and the
only business seems to be done where buy
ers are in urgent need of small lots and are
picking them up at practically their own
figures. The prices quoted today can on.v
: be nominal as not enough business Is be
i Ing done to establish any reliable quota
i tlons. The following are the quotations for
leading descriptions:
Territory wools—Montana fine, medium
and fine, 10012 c; scoured, 314732 c; Montana
No. 2 medium, 124718 c: scoured, 28030 c.
California wools—Northern spring," 10012 c;
scoured, 30032 c: middle county spring, 100
11c; scoured, 28030 c.
i Australian scoured superfine, 48050 c;
combing good, 43348 c; combing average,
i 40043 c,
: NEW YORK, May 6.—Special telegraphic
and cable dispatches to BradstreeUs, coy
: erlng principal points of accumulation, In
dlcate the following changes In available
J.M. Cronenberg
CMcafO Orala and New York Stocks
Markets by wire every fifteen minutes.
Market resorts mailed tree on application to
any address.
Office No 119 West Third street, Stlmion
block. Telephone No. 144 L
supplies, Saturday, May 2, an compared
with the preceding Saturday:
Available supplies: Wheat, United
States and Ciuiadu, ea«t of the Rocky
mountains, decrease 4,869,000 bushels; afloat
for and in Europe, decrease 16.000; total tie
crease world's available 4.370,010 bushels.
Corn, United States and Canada, east
of the Rocky mountains, decrease 4.241.000.
Oats. United Slaies and Canada, east of
tho Rocky mountains, decrease 1,530,000
The more important decreases in avail
able stocks of wheat of last week, not cov
ering the official supply statement, includ
ed 850,000 bushels in Noril western interior
elevators; 171,000 in Chicago private elevat
ors, and 101,000 bushel* at Louisville: 76.000
In Milwaukee private elevators; 59,000 bush
els at Clev eland, and 25.000 each at Burling
ton and New Orleans.
There was an Increase of 118.000 bushels
of wheat at points of accumulation in Man
itoba last week.
Wheat stocks at San Francisco, Port
Costa and Sldckton, Cal., Portland, Ore.,
Seattle and Taconia, Wash., show a de
crease for Ihe entire month of April
amounting to 610,000 bushels.
LIVERPOOL, May 5,-Spot wheat closed
quiet, with a boor demand: No. 2 reel win
ter, 6s 6%d: No. 1 hard Manitoba, 5s 6d: 1
No. 1 California, 5s l%d. Futures closed
firm with near positions %d higher and dis
tant positions %d higher. May, 6s l%d;
June, 5s 3%d; July, 5s 3-"' 4 d: August. 5s Id:
September and October, 5s 4%d. Spot corn
closed quiet; American mixed new, 3s %d.
Futures closed firm, with JiineUd higher
and distant positions unchanged from yes
terday's closing prices. May, 3s; June, 3s
%d; July, 3s Via; August, 3s Id; September,
3s l%d; October. 3s 2%d. Flour closed easy,
with a poor demand: St. Louis fancy win-
M._ Hops, £1 15s.
Coughs, Colds, Sore Throat, Influenza, Dron
chills, Pneumonia, Swelling ol the
Joints, Lumbago Inflammation
CUBES TUB WORST PAINS in from one to
twentr minutes. XOT ONE IlOi.'k nfter read
ing this advertisement need any one StTFFEB
with pain.
A hnlflo a teaspoon! d In hall a tumblsr of
tvaier wilt in a'few minutoi care Cramp,
r-'pasms. sour Htomich, Hoar-burn Xervruit
ress. Sleepleixriess, Hick Headache, IMsrrhcev
Dyseutry. Colic, Flatulency tind all internal
pallia TherS is not a remedial njren in the
world that win cute Fever and Ague and all
o*lier Malarious, 11 lious, arnl other (even,
nided b RADW'AY S PILLS, so quickly «s
Fifty cents per bottle Sold by Druggists
other parts,
leading sclen- BBpB&B inv'i'"'"™
Europe'' a u°d
ttaV iilsohiu je LrtrrtjjJift&l restores weak
day |»i^^^^>^y^»
Irate enl irsemoats.
prema-urenMS neatt. impotency In the first
■tale. It ii a symptom of seminal weakness
aud barrenne<s. It can be stopped lv A) days
bythL-u-eof lludvsu. ,
The new dis-oytrv wa»mado by the Special
ist* ol tne old famnut Hudson Medical Insti
tute. It istno sirongci: vltaliter male. It Is
very powerful, but harmless. Loam the grnnd
truth of hrnlth, mit'no yourself a man again b»
nsiug the Ualilomini remedy. You can only
gat It from tho Hudson Medical Institute.
Write for Iraq circulars, send lor testimonials
i and clrenlart free.
stoolcton, Market and Ellis sts.,
san rr. iNOttOO, California,
Directory of
nrvm nnrru J- n- holmes, manager.
HUICL bHttfl Pasadena.
ME WOli &J!*** 4 ok *" DU
nn-m inninil santa monica. s. rhein.
HUltl AKUfllJlrl heart, Proprietor.
HOTEll[L[nß^ri^^ BECOKB
! HOTEL BRUNSWICK American-European plana.
HOTEL HOLYROOD Cochrane, proprietor.
KUrItLL side. E. J. Davis, Prop.
UfITCI DDCIIIvTID J - E - O'Brien, prop'r
I HUItL DKtlOltit Fourth and O Sts., San Diego.
Kidney and Bladder Cure
* For sale by all druggists or by the
W. F. ricßurney
At 418 a Spring st. Los Angeles,
font presairi on receipt of price. Sl.io bottle
Poland . iddress
W/atfr 300 S. BROADWAY.
water TeL 9ia ,
j J^j t TALCOTT jg|
■ -fho Only SPECIALISTS In So. j
y Wo have the largest prsrtico on Ihe Paclllc Coast, treating every lorin of Weakness and Private Diseases of Men and abso- ffl
« lutoly nothing else. To show our ability in this line of prnc ice, |X
i We Never Ask for a Dollar Until Cure is Effected. m
& Corner Third and Main St., over Wells, Far K o & Co. s. Private side entrance on Third Street. IR
President of the United States of
America. A Proclamation. The following
provisions of the law of the United Stat>.-3
arc published hereby for the information
of all concerned: Section lftiifi. Revised
Statutes, Chapter 8. Title XXIII. enacts)
that "No person shall kill any otter, mink,
marten, sable, or fur-seal, or other fur
bearing animal, within the limits of Alaska
territory, or in the waters thereof: and
every person guilty thereof shall, for each
offense, be fined not less than two hun
dred nor more than cne thousand dollars,
or imprisonment not more than six moniln
or both; and all vessels, their tackle, ap
parel, furniture and cargo, found engaged
in violation of this section shall be for
feited: but the Secretary of the Treasury
shall have power te authorize the killing
of any such mink, marten, sab'.e. or other
fur-bearing animal, except fur-seals, un
der such regulations as he may prescribe:
and it shall be the duty of the Secretary
to prevent the killing of any fur-seal, and
to provide for the execution of the provis
ions of this section until it la otherwise pro
vided by law; nor shall he grant any spec
ial privileges under this section." Sec
tion 3 of the Act entitled "An act to pro
vide for the protection of the salmon fish
eries of Alaska;" approved March 2, ISSs'.i,
provides: "B»c. 3. That section nineteen
hundred and fifty-six of the Revised Stat
utes of the United States is hereby declared
to include and apply to all the dominion
of the United States in the waters of Ber
ing Sea; and it shall be the duty of the
President, at a timely season each year, to
issue his proclamation and cause the same
to be published for one month in at least
one newspaper, if any such there be pub
lished, at each United States port of entry
on the Pacific Coast, warning all persons
against entering said waters for the pur
pose of violating the provisions of said sec
tion; and he shall also cause one or more
vessels of the United States to diligently
cruise said waters and arrest all persons,
and seize all vessels found to be, or to
have been, engaged in any violation of the
laws of the United tSates therein." The
Act entitled "An Act to extend to the North
Pacific Ocean the provisions of the stat
utes for the protection of the fur-seuls
and other fur-bearing animals;" approved
February 21, 1893, provides: "That when
ever the Government of the United States
shall conclude an effective internatlc-.ial
arrangement for the protection of fur
seals in the North Pacific Ocean, by agree
ment with any power, or as a result of the
decision of the tribunal of arbitration un
der the convention concluded between the
United States and Great Britain February
twenty-ninth, eighteen hundred and nine
ty-two, and so long as such arrangement
shall continue, the provisions of section
nineteen hundred and fifty-six ef the Re
vised Statutes, and all ether provisions of
tho Statutes of the United States, so far
as the same may be applicable, relative to
the protection of ffir-seals and ether fur
bearing animals within the limits of Alas
ka, or in tho waters thereof, shall be ex
tended to and over all that pertion of the
Pacific Ocean included in such interna
tional arrangement. Whenever an effec
tive international arrangement is conclud
ed as aforesaid, it shall be the duty of the
President to declare that fact by proclama
tion, and to designate the portion of the
Pacific Ocean to which it is applicable, and
that this Act has become Operative; and
likewise, when such arrangement ceases,
to declare that fact and that this Act has
become inoperative, and his proclamation
in respect thereto shall be conclusive. Dur
ing the extension aforesaid of said laws
for tho protection of fur-seals or other
fur-bearing animals, all violations thereof
In said designated portion of the Pacific
Ocean shall be held to he the same as if
committed within the limits of Alaska or in
the'waters thereof, but they may be prose
cuted in the District Court of Alaska, or in
any District Court of the United States
in California. Oregon or Washington." An
arrangement having been made for the pro
tection of fur-seal 3. as a result of the decis
ion of the tribunal of arbitration under the
convention concluded as aforesaid. Febru
ary 29, 1892, which prohibits the killing of
seals at any time within a radius of sixty
miles around Pribllof Islands, or during
May. June and July in each year, in that
portion of the Pacific Ocean, inclusive of
Bering Sea, situated to the north of the
35th degree of North Latitude, and East
ward of the 180 th degree of Longitude from
Greenwich until it strikes the water bound
ary described in Article One of the Treaty
of 1887 between the United States and Rus
sia, and following that line up to Bering
Straits; Now, therefore, be it known that
I. Grover Cleveland. President of the
United States of America, hereby declare
that the said Act of Congress of February
21 1893, has become operative; mat, in ac
cordance therewith, Section 1956 of the
Revised Statutes is applicable to the wat
ers above mentioned, included In the
Award of the Tribunal at Paris given un
der the said convention of February 29,
1892. and that I have caused the foregoing
laws specially to be proclaimed to the end
that their provisions may be known and
observed. I hereby proclaim every person
guilty of a violation of the provisions ol
said laws and of other provisions of tht
Statutes of the United States so far as the
same may be applicable relative to tht
protection of fur-bearing animals within
the limits of Alaska or In the waters there
of, will be arrested and punished as there
in provided, and all vessels so engaged
their tackle, apparel, furniture and cargo,
will be seized and forfeited. In testlmon>
whereof. I have hereunto set my hand and
caused the Seal of the United States to b<
affixed. Done at the City of Washingtoi
this fourteenth day of April, in the year ol
Our Lord one thousand eight hundred anc
nlnctv-slx, and of the Independence of tht
United States the one hundred and twen
By the President: RICHARD OLNEY,
'5-24 cod Secretary of State.
Notice to Stockholders
way company. The annual meeting of t-hi
stockholders of the California and Arizont
Railway company will be held at the offici
of the company, in the city of Los An
geles. on Wednesday, May 13, 1896, at 1
oclock a. m., to elect a board of director!
for the ensuing year, and to transact sucl
other business as may properly come be
fere the meeting.
Los Angeles, Cal., April 29, 1896. 5-13
Notice to Stockholder*
company. The annual meeting of the stock
holders of the Pacific Land Improvemen
company will be held at the office of th
company. In the city of Los Angeles, o:
Wednesday, May 13, 1896. at 11 oclock a. m.
to elect a board of directors for the en
suing year, and to transact such othe
business as may properly come before th
meeting. G. HOLTERHOFF, JR..
Los Angeles. Cal.. April 29, 1896. S-13
erf a
I b9£**7* Tea sm ba treat.* at ..»• f<
tm IwF" 1- 1 ' "*""" '
■in pnrfw te eeaae aae* wa -fill eoairai
asaseeasW M FM > nlkwtrtra ami boasl I>> it.. u>J v
•hasff.lf ts failsusure. Bin have taken wei
•err, laat da BuaaaK, Sail stiff have aches ax
•alas.MaaASuFaMUas ta mouth, Sore Throa
riaaalsa. SmuMf wolavaa j|»ota, ulcere o
«c nsrsilM y «mr«, W» mt*gL\ iha mast obit
safe «»»•* aarf efceßaue *>• werld tor
mm w« anatlesr«. -tV.Jweeee has ajwa
Mans, fnfi.*** eaattal behiad our oaeoat
jonai guaranty. i
ipplicatlon. Address c: OOK RE MED V CO
807 Maeonlo Temple, CHICAGO. XU»
IK EFFECT MAY 4, 1306.
Los Angeles d*Pots: Kast *tui First street ami
Uowney avenue bridßea.
L*ave Eiis Angeles tor uTeavo Paaadoiia fOf Lus
I*:isailena. AtliahM.
oi :15 a m I ft B:*«>a i".
a 9::Hia.m I » H»:..ia.m.
aU:i')a.m | » I3t-Jg p.m. .
a :i:;¥) p.m i a im P «- l
a A:OU ii.tn I a A:Sop.ni.
Downev avenue leaving time 7 minutes Inter. Re- ;
tween Loi Arn?e!en and Paiadena^—Kound trip-sc. ,
JL«aveliOS LTeave Altaden:t .1 unction
Altedena Junction. for Loa Angelet*
a 9:80a.m 'i |o:l»ft,Ui.
c 11:3U a m 0 13tf5 p.m.
ft 8 P m... n 4:3-ty .ni.
All trains start from First street depot.
.Leave lios Ani'eles lor ILeave OLehdale ro* Loi
Gl end alt*. Angelei.
b 7:'.'oa.m | b 8103 a.m. ]
c ri;Uoa.m « B:Ua.m.
a 12:80 p m » t:ttp.m.
a S:OA p. I. a 6:02 p.m.
Leave Lot «Vng«les fnr' '* Xeavo East San Pedro
Ixmg Beacb ami East Tor
Ban Pedro. Lna Angles.
a 9:lsp.tn a 7:15 a.m.
a 1:10 p.m ft 10:80 a.m.
a 5:15 pm ■ a 4:00 p.m.
Between E. San Pedro and Lons Beach 10 minutes.
Steamer for Avalon connects with 1:10 p.m.
train dally, except Sundays.
Trains leave Los Angeles dally ot 9:30 a.m.,
c 11:3) a. m. and ft 8:30 p. m.
Fine pavilion and hotel. Grand scenery.
1 Telescope and searchlight.
a— Dally, b—Dally except Sunday, c— Sundays
i only, d—Saturdays only.
Stages meet the B :15 v. m. train at Pasadena for
I Mount W llson on new trull.
] Passengers leaving Los Angeles on the 8:15 a. m.
| tr.*ln for Mount Wilson enn return the same day.
i Special rates to excursion and picnic parties,
j Depots east end of First street and Downey ave
nue bridg-s.
City ticket office, Greenewnld's cigar s'oro, cor*
ncr Second and Spring streets,
tieneral offices, First street depot.
T. B. BURNETT, tieneral Manager.
\V. WINCUP, tieneral Passenger Agent
mWi Si S
DEPOT: Grana aye. and Jefferson st.
In effect January 1. 1896.
Leave Los Angeles { Leave Redondofor
lor Redondo Los Angeles
D:oAa.m Pally 7: Oa.m Dally
■1:30p.m Dally p. m Daily
J'or passenger and freight rates apply at depot,
corner Grand avenue aud Jefferson street. Tele
; phone West 1.
t L. T. GARNSEY, President
■ L.J. PERRY, Superintendent.
Cars leave Fourth and Spring streets.
For Rublo Canyon and Echo Mountain—
S:UO, 9:UO and 10:00 am.: 1:00, 3:00 and
4:00 p.m.
Returning have Echo Mountain—B:oo
and 0 :'jo a.m.: 2:00, 4:00 and 4 :li p. m.
For Altadena—B:oo a.m. and oyery hour
until lOp id.
Returning leave Altadena— 6:30 a.m. and i
hourly until 9:3 D p.m.
For Pasadena— Every FHteea minutes from
7:iD s.m. to 8:00 p.m. Hall hourly before
snd after these hours.
Office, TZ2 VV Fourth street.
E. P. CLARK. Gen'l Manager.
Representative .. .uieaaie and
Retail Dealers, Business
Men and Firms
W. H. SHINN. 208-a)S Wilson bit., Spring st.
STEIN EN & KIRCHNER, ltd N. Main St.
"KEATING," Hawlejr, King 4 Co., 210 N. Mala,
F. W. BRAC24 * CO., 405-407 N Main; tel. 954.
L7JDWIG 4 WAGNER, Mott Market, tel. Bta.
P. A A3, BARUCU * CO., 320 to 32ti N. h. A. St.
ABBOTSFORD INN, cor. Bth and Hope; to), 117»
ta., (lnc ) $100,000, 211-212 Stimson. A. c. Brod
eraon, ait'y.
F. H. MAVDR ft CO., 111 W. First r.t.
i. P. MORENO, 220 Alisost.
CHAS. w. ADAMS, MS N Main. Tel. 1347.
COUNSTABI.E ft COIJTTS, 160 N. Los Angelas,
BOOTH * ROW, 2,0 8. Mnln SI. Tel. 1310.
G. STOESAK, 511 S. Spring st. bet. s:h and Otn.
J. F. A. LAST, 120 and ISI N. Mainst.
. NEW YORK BAZAAR. 143 N, BprlngSt.
Stockholders Annual Meeting.
Office of the California Sewer Pipe company, No.
649 South Btoadway Los Angeles Cal., April
' 20, 1390.
: The annual meeting of the stockholders ef the
! i California sewer Pip? company, will beheld at
I the ottlce of tne company in the city of Los Anga
! les Cal ,on Monday slay 11. 18011, nt 3 oclock p. m
\ ef ssid duy for the elccilon of n boiird of director
1 i for the ensuing year, and fertile transaction o
J auehotner; business as may properly be brough
1 ; aefera said meeting.
t j a. H. mott. Secretary.
« Adlainlag a, t. Uiauada, let, Ufa
Southern Cali
* a ' orn Railway
/?&i&tj&jß&Bfm\ Trains leave and arrive.
a ' . I,a Grande Sta-
Trains via Pasadena
arrive at Downey-ave.
station 7 mm. earlier
westbound an,l leave 7
" <*-v WUMf mm. later eastbouno.
To Denver. Kansas City, Chicago. St.
Louis, Leaves daily 10:45 a. m. Arrive*
daily 1:05 p. m.
Lv '9:00 am, 2:00 pm Ar 12:30 p m, *7:15 pm
P-Lv "7:10 am, it am, 10:45 am, '4:00 pm,
4:45 pm O-Lv 10:15 am, *5:10 pm
P-Arrlve X:55 am, 9:50 am. 1:05 pm, •s:oopm,
C:45 pm O-Ar '11 am, 3:58 pm
P-Lv *7:10 am, 9:00 am, 10:45 am, *4:00 pm,
4:45 pm O-Lv 10:15 am,'s:lo pm
P-Arrive 9:50 am, 1:05 pm, '6:00 pm, 6:45pm
O-Arrive *11:00 am, 3:66 pm
Leave *7:10 am, 9:00 am, 10:45 am, 1:35 pm,
'4:00 pm, 4:45 pm, '5:30 pm
Arrive '7:52 am, 8:55 am, 9:50 am, 1:06 pm,
4:15 pm, '5:00 pm, 6:45 pm
Leave *X:00 am, 9:00 am, 2:00 pm, 6:10 pm
Arrive 8:50 am, 12:30 pm, '3:56 pm, 7:16 pm
Lv 9:50 am, 5:05 pm. Ar 8:29 am, 4:40 pm
Leave 7:10 am, 10:00 am, 5:05 pm.
Arrive 8:55 am, 4:40 pm, 6:50 pm
Leave P-'9:00 am, O-*10:15 am .
Arrive P-'l:05 pm, O-*ll:00 am
Leave P-'9:00 am, O-'10:15 am
Arrive P-'l:05 pm, '6:15 pm O-*ll:00 ate
Leave '2:00 pm' Leave «9:00 am
Arrive '12:30 pm Arrive *7:16 pm
P-Via Pasadena; O-Via Orange; 'daily
except Sunday: all other trains dally.
Ticket office, 129 N. Spring at. and La
Grande Btatlon.
■ i ' —
Leave for I DESTINATION Ac from
' 2705pmj)S. Fran., Sacramonxo I 7:fJ*m
l:«0pm ; and East, via Ogdea I itspni
11:00pm Portland, Or 1:86 pm
2:80 pm El Paso and Jtaet I pm
Pasadena A7:»am
7:50 ami •• B;S# am
A 8:25 am >• »:» am
9:25 am " 10:40 am
A 11:26 am' " 1:86 ptn
' 12:2.1pm " ABt*»bm
3:5.5 pm " 5:4 V ptn
6:20 pm " A 7:4lpm
A 6:16 pm M , ...
6:00 am 1 Riverside, f 6:96 am
9:J'> am Rod lands. 1:01 pin
2:30 pm ' San Bernardino 4:45 pm
4:30 pm J and Colton L 6:M,pm
6:00 am "i *:>3 atn
9:2.5 am Pomona 6:64 am
2:30 pm ■ and 1:00 pm
4:80 pm Ontario 4:46 pm
6:26 pm l 6:16 pm
8:00 am. Chlno B:soam
4:30 pm " J:6J am
6:25 pm " 6:86 pm
8:00 ami Covins f B:Wem
A 2:30 pm |- San Dlmaa -) A 1:00 pm
6:25 pm ) Lordsburg I 4:64 pm
8:05 ami 1 Monrovia f A 9:14 am
A 11:20 ami Arcadia 9:M am
A 3: spm f and A 1:10 pm
..:opm Duarte I. 6i6»am
B:Xlam Santa Barbara 12:104 m
4:oopm " >:» pm
A'lopSjl I -anSiS
s:lopmlj Anaheim \ j^pm
10:05 am ■) Whlttler ( . .jiS*™
A 9:10 am I Tustln 9:04 am
6:10 pm| " A 4:16 am
Long Beach and / iiiifSS
9:ooam Santa Monica. .»..,- -
10:00 am " Vs**
" 3:M am
1:10 pm " 1 ?:iil m
6:15 pm ' 49S
0:00 pm! 4:10 pm
10:00 am 1 Soldiers' Home 12:17 pm
0:00pm: " 4 4il' m
9:ooam port Los Angeles..... 12:17pm
10:00 am, " 4:*pm
1:10 pm 6:10 pm
A 1:40pm! Catallna Island AU:2oam
A 9:40 ami Cualsworth Park. A 4:llpm
Clmtsworth Park—Leave from and arrive
River Station, San Fernando street, only.
A Sundays excepted.
All S.P. Co. 'strains stop at First street (except
the four San Francisco trains) and Commerolal
Btreet (except the 9:00 San Franolaoo sweats*
train), In the business center of the city, aatiag
time and street car fares to passengers.
Uoneral Passenger Office, 226 S. Spring street
Goodall, Perkins * Co., General Agents, San Fraav
Ci Northern routes embroco lines for Portland, Or.,
Victoria. B, C, and Pugot Sound, Alaska and all
cpast points.
Leave San Francisco
Port Harford ! s. s. Corona, May 1,9,17,25:
Santa Barbara I June 2.
Port Lot Angela*.! 1S ■S. Santa Rosa, May 4, 18,
Newport : Sl,»l Junes.
San Diego I
For _ Is. S. St. Paul, May 7.15, 24, n;
F.astSan PedTO.... June*.
San Pedro and way S. s. F.ureka. May 3,11,1», »;
_poris .Tune 4.
Leave Port l.os Angtle3 and Redondo
yor— is! S. Santa Rosa, May 7,18,28,
i 31; June 8.
San DliKO S. S. Corona, May 3, 11, 19, 27;
; June 4_
|.- u r_ s. S. Santa Rosa, May 1, 8,17,
Ban Francisco 1 25; June 2.
rort Harford S. s. corona. May 5,18, 41,16;
] Santa Barbara u J2 ( L ti :
I Leave san Pedro and East Han Pedro.
i For— s. s. Kureka, May 8,14, 21,80;
I Ba i Franolsco June 7. .......
A n i s. si St. Paul, May 2,10,18,28;
j Way ports June 3.
i ~~Cars to connect with steamers via San P6d.ro
! leave s. P. R. R. (Arcade a>pot, ats:osp.ra. and
Terminal it. It. depot a; I p. m.
Cars to connect via Roseado leave Santa FJ
depot at 9:5J a. m. or from lledendo Rail way depot
at 9:05 a. m. , _ _
Cars to connect via Port Les ABgeles leave S. r.
I B. 11. depot at ' :10 p m. far steamers north hound.
Plans of steamers' cables at agent's office, where
bertbs may be secured.
The company reserves the right to change toe
steamers or their rtuys of sailing.
For psssaip> or freight as above or for tickets to
and frum all important points In Europe apply t*
W. PARKIB. Agent,
Office, t:3', W. Tblra St, Los As*it«t

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