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TXMPMi.Tens— Report of observations taken at
Im Angeles, June <L The barometer lt
redused to tea level.
. 1 _ . »» nt UTM tT.I iH7>.l,u
6:00 p.
Maximum temperature, 71.
Minimum temperature, 43.
Forecast—Por Southern California: Fair on
Friday; probably warmsr; lresb northwest
erly winds.
Wills asparagus—Althouse Bros.
Northern apricots—Althouse Bros.
Northern asparagus—Althouse Bros.
Rooms $2 a week and up. U. S. Hotel
Dr. J. T. Stewart of the Burdck block
has returned from a trip east.
Orr & Hines, undertakers, removed to
C 47 South Broadway. Tel. Main 65.
Cherries, currants, gooseberries, etc.,
cheap by the box for canning—Althouse
Sharp & Samson, funeral directors
(Independent,) 536 South Spring street
Tel. 1029.
Henry P. Wilson Is much improved,
and it is now believed that all immed
iate danger is past.
Dinner at Redondo hotel—Sunday din
ner at Redondo hotel, only 50 cents;
strictly first-class.
See advertisement for merry-go
round and Punch and Judy show for
gipsy encampment.
Watches cleaned, 75 cents; main
springs, 50 cents; crystals, 10cents. Pat
ton, 214 South Broadway.
The Morgan Oyster Co., Golden Eagle
market, 320 South Main street. Eagle
brand oysters never out of season.
Yesterday was "pension day" at the
county clerk's otlice, and In consequence
the office was crowded during the entire
First-class Sunday noon dinners and
week day 1 oon lunches reduced to f.O
cents at Redondo hotel. Redondo Beach.
Special rates over Sunday.
The I.os Angeles Medical society will
meet Friday at s p.m. Dr. Shurtleff, re
cently of Boston, will read a paper on
stab wounds of the pericardium.
Adams Bros., dentists, 239' i South
Spring street. Painless filling and ex
tracting Best sets of teeth from $G to
$10. Hours, Sto 5; Sundays. lv to 12.
A young woman named Frankle Ma
nn was yesterday afternoon arrested
on a warrant sworn to by Arthur McGee,
a colored man, alleging that she was a
A lost child named Ida Anderson was
yesterday picked up by a citizen on
Spring street and sent to the police sta
tion, where she was later reclaimed by
her parents.
Court Tremont. Foresters of America,
entertained last night, the members of
the other courts of Forestry at Forest
ers' hall. The spread was fine and the
time was great.
The funeral of the late Mrs. D. O. Mil
timore will take place this afternoon at
2 oclock from the residence. 1361 Flower
street. The deceased leaves a widower
and two daughters.
For sale cheap.—soo pounds brevier
type; was used on The Herald until
Mergenthaler typesetting machines were
put in April 15. Address Business Man
ager, The Herald. Los Angeles. Cal.
Charles Valentine yesterday afternoon
reported at the police station the loss of
his wheel, which had been stolen from
the hallway of the chamber of commerce
building between 1 and 2 oclock p.m.
No clew to the thief.
Supervising Architect Garrison of the
treasury department is in the city and
was at the federal building yesterday
lnspeeting the addition recently made.
Mr. Garrison expressed himself as very
well pleased with the work.
H. C. Lichtenberger will remove his
art store to the new Wilcox block. In
order to reduce stock will sell framed
pictures at 50 per cent discount. All
other goods regardless of purchase
price. No. 10 7North Main street.
Dr. Rebecca Lee Dorsey, Stlmson
block, first floor, rooms 133, 134, 135.
Special attention given to obstetrical
cases and t»U diseases of women and
children. Electricity scientifically
used. Consultation hours, 1 to 5. Tel.
There will be a bicycle run to Santa
Monica to attend the athletic games on
June 14th. All Columbia riders and their
friends wishing to join leave names with
Mr. 1. Manley, 433 South Broadway.
Easy pace down. Go as you please 00m
inig home.
Special gVgent Harris of the treasury
department, with headquarters at San
Francisco, is in the city on official busi
ness. Mr .Harris is one of the best known
officers in the government service, and
has done much valuable work on this
The picnic of the Garibaldi Guards
and Italian Benevolent society mi Sun
day, June 7th, will be a very pleasant
affair, at Sycamore Grove. None but
respectable characters will be admitted
and there will be a free barbecue for all.
Electric cars every 7% minutes and reg
ular trains on the Terminal railroad.
Detective Frank H. Steele has re
ceived through the Examiner agent a
deed to his recently acquired ranch at
Palermo, Butte county, won in the prize
drawlnig. It is made out in blank. That
Is. the recipient's name has not been
filled in. Steele will go north sometime
before next .Monday to Inspect his ac
Desmond's straw hats are covering
the town or rather its heads, ami he has
hats enough to go round At his big cut
price sali- row going on in the net, Wil
cox building. Nos. 202-204 S. Spring St.,
you will find cv iry variety of .straw
goods. Serviceable hats for men and
boys, 25-50 c each. Everywhere else sold
for twice as much.
Cool mountain breezes. Cars for Mt.
IVowe leave Los Angeles via I.os Angeles
and Pasadena Electric as follows: X:00
a.m.. 9:ou a.m.. 3:00 p.m .and 5 p.m. daily.
Returning leave Alpine tavern at 7:30
a.m. and 3:15 p.m. daily. The 5:00 p.m.
car arrives at Alpine tavern in time for
dinner, and returning haves Alpine tav
ern at 7:30, arriving in Los Angeles at
9:Ro a.m.
An inquest was held yesterday morn
ing at the undertaking rooms of Cussen
& Cunningham upon the remains of Miss
Sarah Russell, who died In the receiving '
hospital Wednesday morning. The
autopsy disclosed a large clot of blood
pressing upon the brain, which had re
sulted from a ruptured blood vessel In
the skull. A verdict of death from na
tural causes was rendered.
Itied of Heart D.sease
Isadore Valenzula, an ae,ed Mexican
nearly SO years old, died suddenly Wed
nesday night at his residence. No. 407
Alameda street, of heart disease. In his
prime he was a carpenter, but had for
several years done nothing. He leaves
a married daughter, with whom he re
sided. Coroner Campbell held an In
quest at 11 oclock yesterday morning, a
verdict of valvular disease of the heart
being rendered.
Wall Paper and flattings
Wall paper, 5c a roll.
Border, He per foot; better grades in
Mattings, 10c and 15c.
Linoleums, 40c.
Oilcloth, 26c.
Open evenings.
Mail orders promptly attended to.
At Redondo Beach Sunday
Open air concert by Los Angeles Con
cert band. Sunday trains on Santa Fe
leave at 9:03 a. 111., 10 a. m., l;;;o p m
and 5:05 p. m.
50 Cents Every Day
Round trip to Redondo Beach and Santa
Monica via the Santa Fe. Trains at
morning, noon and night. Pee time
Taint, floor, 76c. 828 S. Spring.
The Mayor Requested to Fight
for a Principle
Superintendent Strange Wants to Amend
the Building Ordinance
Some Recommendations Made by tha Sewar
Committee—The Mayor and July 4.
Safety Gates at Crossings
The German-American Sound-Money
league is, as its name implies, an organ
isation of German-American citizens
with headquarters at New York who
have banded together to fight silver
monometallism. William Stcinway. the
well known piano man, is the head of
the league, the honorary presidents be
ing Carl Schurz and C. Oswald Otten
dorfcr, the well known New York editor.
The executive committee consists of
Edward C. Amend, Michael J. Adrian,
Philip Bissinser, John F. Degener, Dr.
John Freldrlch, Henry Helde. C. M. yon
Baur, Jacob Hack. J. B. Pannes. Her
man Rldder. William Schickel. Theodore
Sutro. Tauscher de Sieghardt, Jofin
Stemme. Edward C. Schaofer, Gustav H.
Schwab, Emll I'nger. Jean Weil, Charles
C. Wehrum. August Zinsser.
The league is making an act've can
vass In the furtherance of its principles.
Mayor Rader having yesterday received
a circular of which the following is a
The members of the German-Ameri
can Sound Money league have by the ex- 1
perlence of this and other countries be
come convinced that free coinage of sil
ver at the ratio of 11 to 1 must produce I
a fatal panic and Injure the interests of
the country more than any mercantile
crisis heretofore known: that free silver :
coinage. Instead of leading to bimetal- !
llsm, would simply drive gold out of cir- 1
culation, make silver the standard of 1
value tn the detriment of all citizens,
especially of the working classes.
The fight against free coinage will be
brought to a final issue in this presiden
tial] campaign. A revival of business
depends on the maintenance of tho gold
Wo have, therefore, formed this asso
ciation and mutually agreed with each
other, to cast our votes only for the
presidential candidate who will declare
himself unequivocally against free coin
age and for a continuance of the gold
German Americans can give no bet
ter proof of their patriotism and fealty
to the land of their adoption than by a
determination to advocate the cause of
sound money in unmistakable language
before the national conventions of both
political parties.
We would, therefore, ask you kindly
to answer the following questions hy
"yes" or "no" on the postal card enclos
ed heroin:
Do you consider the measures of value
the most important Issue of the ensuing
political campaign, the problem, to
which all other economic questions
should be subordinated?
Are you In favor of the maintenance
of the gold* standard of the United
Are you willing to support only that
party which declares by its platform
unequivocally in favor of a continuance
of the gold standard .and will you agree
nor, to vote for any presidential candi
date who does not in hi;- letter of ac
ceptance declare in unmistakable lan-'
guage that he is for the maintenance of
the gold standard?
If the platforms nf both the Republi
can and Democratic parties should be
ambiguous, so as to leave their meaning
in doubt, will you assist in the eventual
formation of an independent sound
money party?
We request you to answer the fore
going questions by "yes" or "no," giv
ing your reasons on a separate sheet,
and state if they may be published. We
would also thank you if you would in
duce your German-American neighbors
to reply to these Inquiries. Put above
all we- ask for ,your prompt reply, as no
time must lie lost.
Accompanying the above is another
letter as follows:
The*' German American Sound Money
League" has been organised for the Im
mediate purpose to aso.rtaln the views I
of the German-Americans in the I'nited
States In regard to the currency ques
tion. Wo have good reasons to assort
that In their overwhelming majority
they are decidedly In favor of the gold
standard, and we believe that, if the
proofs for 'this assertion could be sub
mitted to the national conventions of
the two great political parties it would
Influence them in favor of the gold
To obtain such proof the loatrue will
send the Inclosed circular to as many
German-American business men as pos
Conclusive proof of our assertion lies
also in the attitude of the German-
American press, ami we would respect
fully request you to mail us a copy of
your paper In which you have expressed
your views on the currency question.
You would further render a great ser
vice to the good cause by publishing the
Inclosed circular In ynur paper and tn
request your readers to answer the in
terrogatories therein contained.
The German-American Sound Mnney
league favors neither the Republican
nor the Democratic parties, but realiz
ing the ruinous consequences which will
Inevitably follow from free coinage nf
silver, it Simply desires to do its share
in securing the maintenance of the gold
In view of the many attacks which the
German-Americans and other foreign
born Citizens are at present subjected to
■y the nativistic elements of our popu
lation, they w ant to show by affirmative
nets thai in the impending crisis they
stand loyally and faithfully by the hon
or of their adopted country
Building Superintendent Charles I.
Strange has prepared an amendment to
the building ordinance n f the city which
he Will ask the council at its next meet
ing to adont. It is as follows
it shall be unlawful for any person
nrm or corporation to erect or cause to
be erected, or use or operate, or cause to
be used or operated, or maintain or
cause to be maintained, any building for
a lively .table, blacksmith shop. ] itU n
drv. powder house, stone rrusher or
rolling mill, planing mill or any other
steam mill, liquor store saloon soap
factory gas house, bowling alley or
b«°Si ?S U ! e Vr OU^ ,de of tne "mils of
Ore district No. 1 of the said general
ire limits. a > d within the corporate |jm.
Its of said city, without a perm, from
the Are commissioners of said city so
do, which permit shall be granted only
on petition of throe-fourths of the r 'ro ,
erty owners of the block In which said
building is proposed to be . reeled main
tained or operated. "
The building superintend tnt has -,isn
filed With the council ,he following"
In the matle,- of widening I os Ansre
les street from Second to Third street
there are a nutneber of old build
which do not comply with the city fire
and building regulations; some of thee
buildings cannot be moved back to new
street lire, and owners wish to cut off
th" front and extend the rent- of these
buildings with the same kt- ,1 ~• con
struction. As there is no provision ii
the building ordinance for BUCh cases
T wish your horornble body to Instruct
me as to the proper method to pursue
In this case.
The sewer committee at its regular
I weekly meeting held yesterday, passed
upon tho following, which will come
before the council on Monday tor rat
In the matter of sewers recommend
ed by the health officer In the district
embraced by Stephenson avenue. Third
and Fifth streets. West Twelfth street
and Sixth and Crocker streets, we rec
ommend that the matter be referred to
the city engineer to lay out sewer dis
tricts in accordance with the recommen
dation of the health officer.
Recommend petition No. 507, from
j Thomas Wallace et al. asking that a
sewer be laid on Eighth street between,
Moore and Whlttler streets, and 0.1
Golden avenue between Eighth and
Ninth streets, be granted and the city
engineer bo instructed to present neces
sary ordinance of intention.
In tlie matter of petition No. 509. from
E, M. Bucklns, asking that the city place
live V's on Hope street In order to make
proper connections, we recommend that
the city furnish these V's in order to
make the connections in accordance with
ordinance No. 2605 (new series.)
Recommend that the protest No. 50S.
from D. H. McKHHp et al.. prottfting
against the construction of a public
sewer on Pat ton street between Temple
and Court streets, be set for hearing
Monday, June 15. 1596. at 9 oclock a.m.,
and clerk Instructed to notify protest
ants in the manner provided by law .
In the matter of petition No. 506. from
C. 1.. Powell, asking permission to con
nect certain new dwellings now in course
of construction along the line of tlie
sewer being constructed by him on
Pico and other streets, we recommend
that the petition be denied, but that the
property owners be permitted to lay
Literal sewers from the sewer to prop
erty line In accordance with ordinance
No. 2957 (new series).
Recommend that the bid of A. P.
Pusich to sewer Bellevue avenue at 79H
cents per lineal foot for the sewer com
plete bo accepted and the accompanying
resolution of award adopted..
In the matter of proposals to sewer
Belmont avenue, recommend the bid of
M. Zurettl at 76 cents per lineal foot for
the sewer complete be accepted and
the accompanying resolution of award
The mayor'says that his position has
not been altogether correctly reported
upon the subject ol that $1000 appropria
tion tor the Fourth of July. Tiie only
part he has taken in the matter, the
mayor Bays, was to intimate to some
of the memebrs of the council that if the
city had money for a Fourth ol July
celebration it should also have funds
with Which to clean the streets of the
city and keep them clean.
Through the efforts of Mayor Kajer,
Superintendent Mttir of the Southern
Pacific has agreed to at once place safe
ty gat. s across Seventh, First and
Allso streets where those thoroughfares
intersect the railroad tracks on Alameda
It cost just $180 to docorat? the rite
hall for La Fiesta. The requisition for
the supplies needed to do the thing
right will come before the council next
F. C. Chtnoworth, the sub-contractor
for the grading and paving of Main
street, withdrew his men Tuesday. This
alarmed many of the property owners
along the line, as the street is torn up
in places from Ninth to Twenty-seventh,
and it was feared that work had stop
pod pending tlie rehearing of the bond
ease before the supreme court. The
contractor says, however, that the work
of grading is only temporarily suspend
ed to allow Cray Bros, and Ward to
catch up with the curbing; that there
hearing in the bond case will have noth
ing to do with the progress of the work,
as the contractors feel amply secured
Cray Bros, and Ward went to work on
the "curbing yesterday afternoon.
A New Hercontlle rluus:, at 153 S. Main St.
Throws Open the Doors Tomorrow
I'niler the most favorable conditions
the house of Diamond Bros, throw open
their doors to the public tomorrow. This
concern is already too well known to
Southern California people to require
any special introduction, to the Los An
geles public. For years they have con
ducted large establishments at San Ber
nardino and other points throughout
the state. In coining to Los Angeles
they seek a wider scope for their efforts,
a larger field In which progressive
methods may meet with more adequate
return. Mr. Diamond, who is a business
man through and through, asked the
reporter to go over the store which w ill
be opened to the public tomorrow. The
store is "L" shape, having a large front- |
age on East Second street, as well as
Main street—it is large, light, airy—and
splendidly lifted with fine stocks of dry
goods, shoes and clothing. The windows
ate already decorated for the opening,
and give a'hint to the passer-by of the
splendid class of goods this concern will
carry. Mr. Diamond said that he had
selected Main street as his location sim
ply because it was the one central point
where rents and other expenses were
low; as a consequence he could under
sell Spring street or Broadway mer
chants on the same class of goods and
still make money. It hits always been
the policy of Diamond Bros, to sell the
l< is that the people want at the prices
the people want to pay. Special efforts
have been made by the firm to make
the opening day very attractive to visit
ors. A splendid program of mandolin
music will be rendered both afternoon
and evening by the Ladies' Venetian
orchestra. A beautiful souvenir will
also be presented to each visitor. Every
woman in the city should go to the open
ing tomorrow.
Edward L. Byrne a Brooklyn Policeman Ex
pires In this City
At the Catos lodging house, No. 221
West Fifth street, on Wednesday even
ing there died of hemorrhage of the
lungs Edward 1.. Byrne, a member of
He- Brooklyn, N. Y„ police force, who
had come to this section for his health.
Deceased was a son-in-law of Col. Ed
ward Felthan of this city and came here
Borne Hire, months ago seeking relief
for his malady.
lie was about to go to Redlands in
the hope that the change of air would
benefit him. All the past week he has
had hemorrhages and the final one came
on Wednesday evening about 11 oclock.
Byrne leaves a young widow, to whom
he had been married little over a year.
The funeral will be held this morning
at lo oclock from the parlors of Cussen
& Cunningham on Main street, thence
to the cathedral. By request Chief of
Police ( .less wiU detail a police escort
to attend the ceremony.
taker, rl me hv His Father
Vest' t-day afternoon little 8-year-old
Henry Dasso was returned to his father,
who called for him at the police station.
The parent resides at MS Howard street
and. although unable to speak anything
but Italian, managed to say that his boy
left home on Tuesday and he had since
been hunting for him. The boy spoke
good English and said he had run away
from home because his mother would
not give him a note to his teacher at
school explaining the reason for his ab
sence from his studies. The boy was
picked up on Main street on Wednesday
evening by an officer, who booked him
as a runaway. Henry said he had been
h e!,ing on the streets anywhere and
any how and did not know how he had
lived. He was taken home by his fath
er, who probably tanned his jacket In
good shape as a warning to do better
in the future.
The Hodtrn Beauty
Thrives on good food and sunshine, with
plenty of exercise in the open air. Her
form glows with health and her face
blooms with Its beauty. If her system
needs the cleansing action of a laxative
remedy, she uses the gentle and pleas
ant Syrup of Figs. Made by the Cali
fornia Fig Syrup company.
See notice of unclaimed $1000 on class
ified page.
Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report
ivJztS, Powder
Permits Issued by the Building
Comparatively Small Increase in Num
ber of Store Buildings
A (lOOJ 11 man 1 lor Country Lands-Reports
01 Sales MaJo and Improvements
Already Under Way
Forty-one permits for the erection of
new buildings were issued during tlie
week ended Wednesday night, the total
estimated value being $66,V17, The list
includes an addition of one story to the
Van N uys building 011 the uorthw est col -
ncr of Alain and Fourth strets, ut an
outlay of $20,000, and the erection of a
brick store ami dwelling on Sl cohd street
near San Pedro, by David Pomeroy to
cost $4000; but with these exceptions the
li.st contains only dweling nouses, if
Hentschel's Hats to be erected on Gladys
avenue be it raided as a dwelling. The
residences ure for the most part modest
affairs, though there are two costing
4.1000 each and one SISSO.
The list m full, omitting sl.eds and
small repairs, it. as follows;
J. K. Moore, one-story frame office
building, Eleventh and Burlington ave
nue, $225.
J. E. Crouch, dwelling, Brooklyn, be
tween Fourth and Fifth. $900. >
E. Bates, dwelling, Lucas, between
Fourth and Fifth. t*oo.
.\li s. Emma lit linger, two-story dwell
ing, Westlake, in ar Filth, $2500.
Dan Bcheack, two-story Prick addition
to dwelling, on Franklin street, between
Spring and Broadway, $1500.
1. N. Van Nuys, addition, one-story
to building northwest corner Fourth and
Main. $20.ii00.
Mrs. J. B. -Merrill, dwelling. Twenty
seventh, near Hooper. $700;
John Fowler, dwelling, Maple avenue,
between Fifteenth and Sixteenth. $1800.
Miss Anna I. Jenson, dw< lllng.C street,
between plinth ar.d Tenth. J350.
J. 11. Jacobs, dwelling, southeast cor
ner Ninth and Reyes hit e,slooo.
William Mead, move dwelling from
Aiiso and Lyon to Clara, near New
Macy, $125.
George Desffus, dwelling, Thirty-sev
enth ami Del .Norte. SHO.
Horace Anthony, dwelling, Twenty
third, near Naomi. $100.
Harry Hall, dwelling. San Julien, be
tween Fifth and Sixth, $500.
John Stout, dwelling, Twenty-fourth,
between San Pedro and l aloma, SISOO.
R. L. Bauchet, two dwellings. College,
between Buens Vista and Castelar, $1300.
William McKeever, two-story dwell
ing. 707 West Sixteenth, $2000.
ti. F. Hentschel, four Hats, Gladys
avenue, between Fourth and Fifth, $4000.
Allen Amond, dwelling. Ninth, near
Alameda. $4<>o.
George L. Keefer, dwelling, Carondo
let and Hoover. $3350.
K. E. \\ irshing, addition to brick build
ing. Seventh and Maple avenue. $4000.
-Mrs. Belle Sen urn. dwelling, Thirty
fourth, near Central avenue. SlOOo.
Minerva Gllmore, dwelling, San Ju
lien, between Seventh ar.d Eighth. $999.
W. H! Baker, one-story frame story
building. Iloii North Main. $250.
L. W. Godln, barn. Beacon, between
Ninth and Tenth. $400.
F. Caldw ell, dwelling, corner Main and
Elmyra, $50 1.
Walti r.I. Edwars, two-story dwelling,
corner Beacon and Ninth. $4850.
Cheng Lee, alter store front, 336 South
Spring street, $35.
M. I. Grove, East Jefferson street, be
tween Wadswortb and Central avenue,
dwelling. $200.
Henry Knauff .Wesley avenue, near
Jefferson, two dwellings, to cost SS-4
M A. Wisner. 719 East Washington
street, dwelling, 11100.
Carrie Haines. Washington, near Cen
tral avenue, dwelling. $250.
L. Job..son. Freeman, near Vermont,
dwelling. $400.
Davis & Pomeroy, Second Ftreet. near
San Pedro, store and building. $4"on.
Bosbyshell & ibbetson.Boston.netween
Pearl and Centennial, dwelling. $1500.
Jane B. Ridgeway, Adams, near West
ern avenue, dwelling. $1000.
The Builder and Contractor makes
note of the following work which has
been decided upon but not yet con
tracted: . , ~
The electors of Wiseburn school dis
trict, near Redondo. have voted $2000 for
a new building and site.
H. A. McCain intends building two
cottages on Hock wood street, adjoining
J. T. Bheward's residence,
C. W. Blaisdell has bought a lot on
Figueroa street, near Adams, on which
he intends building a fine residence.
Dr. D. W. Edwardr, will build a ten
room resident n the corner of Ninth
and Beacon streets.
It is rune.i, d that Spreckels Bros, of
San Francisco will shortly begin the
erection of a business block in this city:
also that they have acquired lots for the
same purpose on Broadwuy, and that
the apearanee in this city of Rf Id Bros.,
architects, from San Francisco, is In
timately associated with the Spreckels
Stimson Bios, sold A. L. Seiig rot 23.
block B. Sherman tract. He will erect
a nice five-room cottage thereon right
Ben "Whin- reports the sale of lot 19.
Corcoran tract, for $65e; lot 4, block 12,
Beaudry tract. $600; lot 11. Chester tract.
$1250; b t Highland Park tract. $:>.25: lot
on Burlington avenue, north of Temple,
for $350; lot on Eighth, near Central ave
nue, for $750, Bet, white states that city
property if offered at reasonable prices
is in food demand, also small improved
Reports nl Sales made nnd the Improvements
Inquiry for country lands seems
stronger than for some time past, many
soles being reported both of small tracts
for Immediate occupancy and of larger
places to he improved and brought un
der cultivation. Among; the latter class
is tlie purchase of thirty acres of peat
land located near Westminster, In Or
ange county, by W. F. Phillips, who
promises to supply peat for fuel if any
body wants it, but proposes to hedge
against lack of business by planting the
land to vegetables. As the price of the
land was only $200 per acre, while it is
as fertile as anything that the sun
shines on. the venture Is likely to prove
a financial success whether or not the
demund for peat fuel materializes.
As has been the case for mouths past
the demand for building lots is not re
stricted to any particular locality. The
"village" of Sherman, between Cole
grove aud the sea. is the most thriving
settlement which lias been started of
late, and promises to blossom out as a
town of 400 or 500 inhabitants by the
time spring comes again. Lots continue
to sell rapidly and many houses are al
ready under way.
Mare E. Flaron has purchased lot Sl4,
r.rider & Dow's subdivision of the Brls
walter tract, for $500. It will be im
Jessie K. Scott has sold to C. W. Crall
lot 27. Grider & Dow's Orangedale tract,
for $2000. The lot is improved.
C J." Fox has sold to H. E. Siddall
three acres of land situated about three
miles north of Verdugo. Consideration,
$1200. Mr. Siddall is securing plans for
the construction of an attractive and
comfortable villa for a summer resi
1,. E. Anderson Is to be a permanent
resident. Clark & Bryan having yester
day sold him a lot on Ninth street near
San Pedro, in the Clark & Hryan tract,
for $050. Mr. Anderson immediately
busied himself making arrangements to
i on struct a home on the lot.
E. H. Watkln* has purchased of H.
S. Eberle, of the tirm of Gowen, Eberle
Co., lot 24, block M, of the Nadeau
Orange tract, for $isoo. There is a Oot
i.ure upon the property.
Mrs. Belle Slocum has purchased from
11. M. Conger lot 3S. of the Wilson tract,
for $500. and has began the construction
of i neat cottage to cost $1200.
Easton. Ehlrldge & Co. report the fol
lowing sales in Menlo park tract: Lot
IS, block c. to ay. l. Robinson, for $600:
lot Hi. bloc k H. to T. P. Fitzgerald of
San Francisco; lot 4 and 5. block H. fac
i: g Twenty-second street, to Abble G
Ward, for $875 each: lot 18, block H». to
Willam English, for $460,
Mrs. Emma Bodwel) has purchased
ten acres of land at Burbank. In the
Rancho Providencla and Scott tract, be
ing lot 7. block 109, for $SOO. This Is an
Improved property with ranch house,
barn, fences, etc. The sale of the prop
erty was made by Henry & Everett, who
also disposed of lot 7. block 81 of the
same twenty-two and
s fraction acres, to William Smith for
$2200. The land is not improved, but will
be set to alfalfa.
For latest building news rend the Builder
and Contractor. Offlce 132 Broadway.
Money to loan—The State Loan and Trust
company is prepared to make mortgage
loans on Improved inside real estate. It
transacts a general banking business and
pays interest on time deposits. Open also
Saiurilay evening from 7 to S p. m.
Hanlntan Fl»h Co., San Pedrj
Fresh tisli and lobsters shipped direct to
all points in Arizona. Texas and Mexico,
from cannery in San Pedro, at lowest
wholesale prices.
Pabst Beerl Pabst Beerl
On draught. Olympic, hall. 121 W. First
St., Wm. Garms. prop. Tel. 274. Fineat com
mercial lunch. Leave orders for bottled
Eagle Brand Oysters
Call for the Eagle Brand of fresh frozen
oysters. Your grocer has them. They are
S treat delicacy.
Free Dispensary
For the poor daily. Drs. Llndley and
Smith, Broadway and Fourth. Plrtlj
Agency for Pabst Baer
Agency for Pabst beer. Pacific Bottllnr
Works, cor. Fifth and Wolfskin streets.
Hawley. King & Co.. 210 N. Main St..
agents genuine Columbus Buggy com
pany's buggies and bicycles.
Largest variety Concord business wagons
and top delivery wagons. Hawley, King &
Pabst Beerl Pabst Beerl
On draught at Joe Arnold's, 350 J. Spring.
B.'e Tree Carriage Works, lIS San Pedo St.
Concord business wagons a specialty.
Dr. D. S. Dlffenbacher, dentist, rooms 4
and 5, 119 S. Spring St.. Los Angeles.
Everything on wheels, Hawley, King &
Co., 210-212. N. Main st.
Dr. Harriet Hilton. 424 S. Hill street.
CAVANAUGH—Near San Fernando. June
Sd, John Cavanaugh, a native of Ire
land, aged 17 years.
Funeral Friday (today), June sth, at 2
p. m., from the undertaking parlors of
Sharp & Samson, 636 South Spring street,
thence to the Church of Our Lady of the
Angels. Friends and acquaintances are re
speotfully Invited,
MILTTMORE—On Wednesday night, ats-30
oclock. Lucy Miltlmore, beloved wife of
D. O. Miliimore.
Funeral today at 2oclock p. m.. from late
residence, 1861 South Flower street. In
terment at Rosedale cemetery.
A. O. T7. W. Funeral—Members of Los
Angeles Lodfre. No. 55, A. <). U. W., are re
quested to meet at Sharp & Samson's
undertaking parlors, 534 South Spring
street, toilay (Friday), at 2 p. m.. toatieml
1 he funeral of our late brother. John Cavan
augh. O. T. THOMAS.
Master Workman.
p Peck a Chase Co.i
f 39 & BROADWAY, i
_»m_LJt ■■■m~b«~ mxJt
Ever troubled with your Eyes?
Ever tried v«? Wo have;fttted glasses to
thoossndn to their entire satisfaction.
Why not Rive us a trial? We will satisfy
you. Kyfll tested free. LOWEST FKIOK3.
S. 0. MARSCHUTZ, SclentHlc Optician
j ii4OS. Spring street, opp. Stimson block.
i hstablished here nine years.
| for the Crown on the Window.
Miss M. A. Jordan
!U8 South Spring Street
Los AKGEI.E3, Cal.
All the News
m . OF THE
' Campaign
___________ i
————— Will be given In the
Los Angeles Herald —
During this great political
contest The Herald will make
a leading feature, not only
of daily campaign news and
. editorial comment, but in its
great Sunday editions will
publish semi-historical illus
trated articles of politics and
politicians, past and present.
Every person who is inter-
ested in the affairs of the
nation, and wishes to keep
informed on all matters relat- /
ing to conventions, candi-
dates, etc., etc., should read
every issue of
The Herald
Subscription price, 50 cents
by carrier, city or country;
$5.00 a year by mail.
The Leading Newspaper ot !• the Oraat Family Paper
Southern Callternfa. of the Pacific Coaei.
Who patronize The Herald find that it pays them to tell the story of the
bargains to its thousands of readers.
mm EffltJlßßH^
1 A Paint for Floors 1
1 U. R. BOWERS & SONS, 451 S. Sprint §
Jj. First-class and modern in all its appointments.
. nrviTn Special accommodations for tourists and permanent
. . Southeast Corner Eighth and Hope Streets,
(LIMITED) Los Angeles.
The popular Hotel Metropole open and regular
SANTA steamer service every day. See railroad time tables in
Los Angeles daily papers. Camping privileges, etc.,
(JATALINA free to patrons ot W. T. Co.'s steamers only. Special
n excursion tickets good going Saturday or Sunday, re -
ISLAND turning Sunday or following Monday. Full informa
tion from Banning Co., 222 S. Spring St., L. A., Cal.
Tourists Should read the Los Angeles Daily HERALD. If you are in
and *he city for a few days only and want to keep posted on
Residents affairs, local, state, national and foreign, send in your order.
in Fifteen cents will furnish all this for seven days, delivered at
Southern your room, hotel or residence. The Sunday HERALD is a
California magazine which will furnish you a week's reading for 5 cts
In the City
Arthur S. Bent
651 Bdway, Near 7th
Madeby Indiana Bicycle Co.. Indlanspoll«.
110 West Second St.
Supplies Bualnets Houses daily with all in
formation in their line, covering tha entire
# And House Furnlshlnrs 4*
1T has been said and proven that
1 economy is the
That road leads direct through our
store, and is paved with bargains.
Thomas Bros.
230 S. Spring St., Los Angeles
The Hoffman Cafe
Will strve
MLSNF.Ii, WrR7.nUHGF.rt,
M. L. Polaski & Co., Inc.
215 S. Spring St. Tel. 56

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