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pi 44 THE HUB" is the Only Clothing House on the Pacific Coast Occupying an Entire Block n
. 1 1 C/ftS
f Right to the f
| As Progress is the Basic Principle of Our Business, so Exceptional g
3 " Value-Giving is the Motive Power of Progressive Merchandising 8
| Our High=Pressure Twentieth Century Methods S
igi Preaching: on Reliable Goods at Low Prices is a Labor of Love with Us g
E3 | ■
' © I SP
LSil Our inspiration is easily drawn from the knowledge of our great facilities, our vast cash purchasing power and the superiority of our ■
ml grand values. Rut we'll let prices do their own preaching today, satisfied that the glad tidings they convey to the people will be productive ■
HI of the greatest good to the greatest number--and we await the result with conhdence. B
# * •
■ ' —' ; g
It The Choice mm WM DflVC' nnri Mh( Cnppnq I
1 .„.«. » p « BIJo UU iUUIIIo Wild »
lien's Fine $20 Suits mm This |l
h'. n ; Made from choicest of Imported Worsteds and Woolens, in Several lines of Youths' $10 and $8.50 long pants Suits,
Sfew plain black and fancy colorings. The peers of fins custom * ages from Si Mo $19, in black and blue Cheviot mixtures,
made garments of unimpeachable style, faultless fitting prop- . - ;' '':;iV''* -Tf Jftfl N*lPrf f i l ;^^^^ hair linen stripes, checks, etc., well made and cut to tit. wffi
|HI erties, rich, chaste and harmonious trimmings. P^E :::^ t i^%> w ■
S For This Week 1 SpSSf[»HNlLfc* r<2? EW «7 Cfl i
t-or lots week gill o,F£ma
S Single and Double Breasted Sacks. Regent and Strand Cut- IPli f* 9 $ SJ9 W ?P|U ¥ f f? S
£ awavs, Whipcords, Twills, Cheviots. Tweeds. Clays, Dug- j|| f, « |; |: f IfiiW 2
i o,uls BS| |gg B HvfcP OVER FIFTY STYLES Boys' all-wool regular $5.00 Knee "
• V mm m\ m t ! || i| iiißllllltll Pants Su,ts - Pants liave double se - lts ™d knees, patent •
■ I Jm> m *\M W .1 Slf 1 11 f waistbands and serge lined. They come in Tans, Gray and ■
*M £P 4 r™ /\/\ neat colored Cheviots, Tweeds and Cassimere, *
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|i| The Greatest Values on the Coast ------ = ABLY LOW PRICE OF jjj
| ■; 1 1 g
\l\lS4 to 200 Jfga Los Angeled S
% North Spring St. \ff\ CMmL, ' I
;2 New Bullard Building 1 | ijl, | Hatters |
li O/cf Courthouse Site WW an d Furnishers M
I f •?• ?• Our Stores Are Bounded by North Spring:, Court, Market and North Main Streets ••• ••• ... I
H 1 — — 1 1
Coy.ie Convicted of Causing the
Siimson Explosion
Bui His Own Admissions Connected Him
Directly With tlie (.rime
The Char:;- 1 of rtalicloua rllechlel Against
f ia.t, the Jeweler, Dlsmiaaed—Com
mitted to the Insane Asylum
Harry L. Coyne, the young private de
tect;.e charged with attempting to blow
up Lhe r< ssiUence of T. D. Stimson, the
millionaire lumberman, on Flgueroa
st.vet, some months ugo, in carrying
put v blackmail scheme, was yesterday
cpnvicteU of the crime iv department
one of tlie superior court, before Judge
Whe:. the case opened yesterday
piorni iK the defense offered to Intro
dace tie- deposition of a man named
Jack Fruziei , taken at Boston, to show
" that l i is.i i liad a conversation several
days heft i the explosion with a man
named lived, in Coyne's presence, to
show the source of the information that
Coyne gave Mr. Stimson i hat an attempt
was to he made to blow up his house,
hut tlie deposition was not admitted.
An Insley agency operative named
Rosso was put on the stand to show that
on tie- day a dynamite cap was pur
chased at Monrovia, Coyne was at tiie
»!••• d i'ense then rested without put
ting the defendant or, the stand, and
;ir_unu :,t commenced.
Deputy District Attorney McComas
opened for tlie people. He ridiculed the
attempt of the defense to piove an alibi,
but said that even considering that
Coyne was at the place where he said
that he was, that this cut no figure, as
li'- had laid all of his plans, and had
his men carrying them out. while he
was merely waiting around to hear ,° •■
result. He was convicted by his own
admissions P. Chief Class and others.
Messrs. Goodrich and Oliver, of coun
sel for the defense, followed, pleading
that nothing had been proven against
the young and Inexperienced defend
ant, and that all of his talk was simply
I harmless bravado.
Mr McComas then closed for the peo
ple, and the case was given to the jury.
Shortly after the noon hour.
The jurymen were taken out to dinner,
and. nn returning, retired to their room
Ito deliberate, it did not take them
long to arrive at a verdict, for at ten
minutes past two oclock the court was
notified that they had agreed, ar.d 011
being brought Into the courtroom it was
announced as guilty as charged.
Coyne took hi- fat- very coolly, smil-
I £.1? verdict was announced. He
will be sentenced on Monday next, and
a liable to five years' imprisonment
lln the penitentiary.
"Irs. Holt Discharge I
! H Mrs ' Frances w. Holt, charged with
I having threatened in,- life ~; her di
vorced husband, William W. Holt, was
•y e «erday tried before Township Jus
tice xoung, and was discharged. When
the couple were divorced by Judge i'm k
an order was made awarding the hus
band an undivided one-half Interest In
a- lodging-house belonging to them
Holt, taking one or two witnesses with
linn, went to the house to assert his
rights. .Mrs. Holt could lot see tilings
in that way, and told Holt that B he
would make trouble if he tiled t ter
the house. He then retired to get a
policeman, and during his absence Mrs
Holt and her friends threw Holt's wit
nesses into the street, and w hen he re
turned informed him that If he ever at
tempted 10 again enter the house she
would "shoot him if she hung for it tie
next minute." Holt then I.ad her ar-
N sted for threatening his life.
The trial yesterday was a decidedly
lively afiair. and caused much merri
ment among the spectators. Justici I
Young discharged the defendant, hold- |
ing that she had a right to protect her
property, and, that while Holt had been
awarded a half Interest in the property,
he had no right to enter the house, ami
should have taken legal measures to se
cure his own.
-■•he V> h , Nut Insane
j A young colored woman named Linkic
Lloyd was taken to the county jail yes
terday and locked up as insane. For
three or four months past the woman
ha- lived with a colored blacksmith
named Coster at a house about Aye miles
from the city on the San Fernando road.
<>n Saturday last she began to show
Signs of insanity. The woman was ad
dicted to the use of morphine, and it
was at first thought that this was tlie
cause of her condition. < in .Monday she
was violent, and from that time it was
necessary to restrain her. Yesterday
morning a complaint was sworn to, and
Peputy Sheriff White went out after
her and brought her into the Jail, in
I the afternoon an examination was held
in the Jail by a commission consisting
of Drs. Dodge and Wernigk. it was dis
covered that, instead of being Insane,
! the woman was very sic k, her symtnms
h, ing those of meningitis. She was ac
cordingly sent to the county hospital for
medical treatment, it was the opinion
of the physicians that she could only live
j v few hours.
Piatt a Free Man
The charge of malicious mischief
' against C. I>. Piatt, the jeweler, was
I yesterday dismissed in department one
by Judge Smith on motion of the dis
■ trict attorney. Piatt was charged with
i having thrown acid on a lot of clothes
;in the second-hand store of Steele on
! -Main street, by which the garments
t were ruin id. Piatt had his work-bench
I in Steele's store and the men had a fall-
I Ing out, as a result of which he was or
dered Pi move, and it is aliened that he
i irew the acid on the clothing In a
, spirit of revenge. Piatt was convicted
in the justice's court of the charge, but
look an appeal, as a result of which, af
ter numerous continuances, the case
was finally dismissed.
IQaye H!m*sc'.f U 3
Thomas O'Bannon of Chatsworth
Park, who has the contract lor furnish
ing the Btone for the new city prison,
yesterday appeared before Township
Justice Young to answer to a charge of
threats, He was notified that there was
such a charge against him. and came
in and surrendered himself. He was re
leased on his own recognizance.
Suits n ;) r , im j s: , o -v Notes
It. B. Huston has sued M. ES. Sorrel,
administrator of the estate of Camilla
M. Sanford, deceased, to recover on a
promissory note for $5000, and to fore
close a mortgage securing the same.
Tin; Pacific Coast Savings bank has
also sued .Maria Darcey et al. to recover
on v promissory note for $1300, and to
foreclose a mortgage.
Por A: p ilntntent as Guardian
Elvira .1. •! ■ Lugo yesterday filed her
petition for appointment as guardian of
Jose .Maria and Henrique .Lugo, aged
respectively and 5 years.
Mrs. Elizabeth Scott also filed a peti
tion foi- appointment as guardian of
Scott and [rls Gay Kasson, aged re
spectively o and : years.
Stilt for :m Accounliny
C. A. Runels and Oliver C. Bryant
yeste day nisiiluted suit against Lewis
C. Tilghnian lor an accounting. Til >
parties have been in partnership, and
it is alleged by plaintiffs that defend
ant has received $5000 of partnership
funds, for which he has rendered no ac
r i Enforce a Mechanic's Lien
Frank Vail has sued F. L. Gunn ft
al. to recov -r $44.16 for materials fur
nished for a certain building on the
southeast flfte n acres of lot - of Gunn
it Hazard's BUb-dlvislon of the Cullen
tract, and that Hie same be adjudged a
lien against the real estate.
Sent to Hlghlandj
Henry Mi ad. a demented old soldier,
was yesterday examined before Judge
McKinley by a commission consisting of
Drs. Mathias n d MacGowan, ami, on
being adjudged insane, was ordered
committed to tie- asylum at Highlands.
tiivn v Heavy Sentence
In the United States district court
yesterday. Reeves, the man convicted
of manufacturing counterfeit coin, was
sentenced by Judge Wellborn to five
years in the penitentiary and to pay a
I fine of $100. Reiman, charged with a
• similar offense, is still on trial.
Suit tn Recover
i J. Hugh & Sons have sued C. A. Wil
i son I t al. to re cover $7.",n for materials
. i urnishi d for a house on lot 32 of Grider
!cc Hows' Orangedale addition, and that
! the same be adjudged a lien on the
! real estate.
(lave Bond
( John Bostlck, a colored man, was yes
; t-i-day arraigned before Township Jus
j tlce Young on a charge of having
: threatened his wife's life, He gave bonds
|in tin- sum of $100 to answer the charge.
To Quiet Title
Ida M. Butler, an insane person, by
| Anna W. Jones, In r guardian, yesterday
; Institute d suit against Maria A. Folvella
,i i al„ to quiet title to 10t554, 65,66and67
j of tie- Rosas tract, in Los Angeles city.
| Suit Over a Water Claim
I Tie- case of Rudolph et al vs. Ware
I was on trial before Judge Shaw yester
i day. The suit Is lo dec-ide the ownership
of a water claim l ack of Alonrovla.
For the Dotcndant
In tin- case of Reed vs. Corwln, a suit
to recover rent I'm-a hay barn, tried be
fore Judge Shaw yesterday. Judgment
was given for the defendant.
To Recover Real Estate
Maria de Llnoris has sued Rlas and
: Adela de Olivaris to recover possession
jof certain n al estate and for the recov-
I cry of certain rents, etc.
New Citizen*
Fred W. Huntley, a native of England,
I was yesterday admitted to citizenship
I by Judge McKinley.
If your complaint Is want of appetite,
try half w in- glass Angostura Bitters be
fore meals. Dr. J. G. B. Biegert & Sons, sole
manufacturt rs.
All prices oi wallpaper greatly reduced.
A. A. Eckstrom. 324 South Spring street.
189G—la ibs. Keaiings— "3JJS days ahead of
1 theta ad." Hawley, King & Co.
The nsjor (lave Loe Angeles All That It
Asked t-or
Lo* Angeles county fared very well
at the hands of Major Frank McLaugh
lin, the chairman of the Republican ex
ecutive campaign committee. Major
McLaughlin has just announced his sub
committees. F. P. Flint and Walter
F. Parker are upon the finance commit
tee, Captain H. Z. Osborne is on the
committee on by-laws, W. F. Parker
and M. H. Weight of Pasadena are on
the registration committee, Frank P.
Flint is upon the legal committee, and
Captain H. Z. Osborne, F. P. Flint and
H. Weight of Pasadena are upon the
literature committee.
Southern California is to have a sub
committee of its own to conduct the
Republican - campaign In this set tion,
since this county secured no chairman
ship. Captain H. Z. Osborne Is to be the
chairman of this latter advisory com
mittee, and Walter F. Parker will prob
ably be Its secretary.
The chairman of the main campaign
committee is John D. Spreckels, and
Samuel M. Shortrldge of San Francisco
is a candidate for the temporary chair
manship of* the Republican national
convention. Tlie delegates and alter
na tea and their friends going to St. Louis
will leave San Francisco June 11th. A
special car for the Southern California
end of the trip will leave Los Angeles
on June 10th.
At the primary election held on June 2d
at Neenach, the following delegates
were elected to the Democratic county
convention, this precinct being entitled
to three men—H. Sandberg, John A.
Coovert, A. Sandberg.
Cala'iasas precinct elected as dele
gates to the Democratic county conven
tion H. A. Branscom, George Nash and
Chas. A. Hell. Frultland precinct elec
ted H. Gilbert, B. Collings and Henry
Chairman McLaughlin of the Republi
can central committee has named the
following sub-committees:
Campaign —lohn D. Spreckels, chair
man; Paris Kllburn, M. R. Higgins, W.
W. Shannon, Ran Francisco; Irving B.
Dudley, San Diego; W. F. George, Sac
ramento; J. W. Rea, San Jose; E. K.
Taylor, Alameda.
Purity law—Paris Kllburn, chairman;
C. w. Mainwarlng, H. N. Gray, dm
O'Connor, San Francisco; F. A. Miller,
Flnanct —Con O'Connor, chairman; J.
I). Spreckels, H, N. Cray, C. W. Main
waring. Paris Kllburn, San Francisco:
J. W. Rea, San Jose; E. K. Taylor, Ala
meda; l<". P. Flint, W. F, Parker, Los
Angeles; E. F Preston, San Mateo; J.
B, Dudley, San Diego.
Legal—F. F. Preston, chairman; F. B.
Flint. Los Angeles; W. F. George, Sac
ramento; A. Huef, W. A. S. Nicholson,
San Francisco.
Registration—A. Ruef. rhairman; W.
W. Shannon, C. W. Mainwarlng, W. A.
S. Nicholson, San Francisco; W. F.
Parker, i.os Angeles; M. H. Weight,
Pasadena; F. A. Miller, Riverside.
Literature—A. B. Lemraon, Santa
Rosa, chairman; W. F. Parker, H. /..
Osborne, Lus Angeles; M. H. Weight,
I'asadena; M. R. Higgins, W. A. S.
Nicholson, San Francisco; K. F. Pres
ton, San Mateo.
By-laws—W. F. George, Sacramento,
chairman; A. Ruef, San Francisco; H.
Z. Osborne, Los Angeles; E. K. Taylor,
Alameda; A. B. Lemmon. Santa Hosa.
1 Headquarters—H. N. Gray, chairman;
C. O'Connor, M. R. Higgins, San Fran
When the Swallows Homeward Fly
People begin to ask themselves. "Where
shall I spend the summer." An ocean voy
age, an inland Jaunt, or a coastwise trip,
which shall lt be. in either case, one ot i he
most useful traveling companions, one that
never fails in an emergency vi which ii Is
adapted, is Hostetter's Stomach Hitters,
which remedies sea sickness, nausea,
headache, biliousness and malarial com
plaints. Dyspepsia, rheumatism, nervous
ness and kluney trouble are also remedied
by (he great alterative and preventative.
Tourists by sea and land, mariners emi
grants and western pioneers all testify to
its defensive and remedial efficacy. Bodily
and mental fatigue are counteracted by it.
and tt prevents maladies which would
otherwise be brought on by exposure, No
one should start on a summer outina
without it. It is the most genial mid re
liable of summer tonics, and suits the
most fastidious palate.
Our Home Brew
Mater & Zobeiein's lager, fresh from their
brewery, on draught in all the principal
saloons; delivered promptly iv bottles or
kegs. Office and brewery, 440 Aliso atrvt.j
telephone in.

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