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Local, Eastern and Foreign
Commercial Dealings
Department of Agriculture's Circular on
An Important Document Treating tha Subjact
Exhaustively—Several Changes In the
Local Produce flarkets Reported
The dairy division of tho United States
department of agriculture hits issued a
circular giving hi detail the methods mer
chants should pursue so as to Insure their
getting good, honestly made cheese. The
circular nrst recites the facts In regard to
dishonestly made cheese, and the skill
with which "filled" cheese is made so as
to defy an expert always to discover the
fraud. The circular says of "lllled" cheese:
"It may be well to state In passing that
'filled' cheese differs from tho genuine, old
fashioned article In but one essential par
ticular, so far as Its composition Is con
cerned, instead of the natural fat of milk,
or oream, which is extracted for butter
making, there is substituted what Is
known as 'neutral lard,' made Srom the
leaf fat of the hog. This article, claimed
to be exceptionally pure and good of Its
kind, is used at the rate of 2 or 3 pounds to
overy 100 pounds of skimmed milk. The
cheese resulting carries about 30 per cent
of (lard) fat, which Is rather less than the
average of (butter) fat In good whole milk
cheese. The casein and other components
of the two are practically the same In kind
aud proportions. From this statement of
composition ono can Judge for himself
whether this filled, or lard, cheese Is a
legitimate article of food, whether it Is
'wholesome,' and whether he desires to
use lt in the diet of himself and family.
It Is made of comparatively cheap mater
ials, costing from one-half totwo-thlrds
as much as good, full cream, factory
cheese, and Its market price, wholesale or
retail, should correspond. At Its best, this
is a cheap, inferior article of cheese; it Is
almost devoid of flavor, ofly or greasy when
warm, and never attains the dry, crumbly
consistency of a wellicured cheese. It Is
sold when only a month or two from the
press, in imitation of mild. Immature
cheese. It is claimed that lt does not keep
well, especially if subjeoted to temperaturo
above 60 degress. No one acquainted with
first-class full cream cheese would ever ac
cept the lllled product as a substitute, but
lt may be successfully passed as a geneulne
article of second grade."
Passing to the mention of the testing
fraud, this circular says:
"It must be understood that these re
marks apply only to cheese of the cus
tomary; factory form, weighing from 20 to
60 pounds each, and sold ami shipped In
round boxes, one or two cheeses in a box.
This description covers Ihe great bulk of
the cheese of commerce In the United
States, but necessarily excludes a large
number of other kinds and fancy forms of
cheese, more or less familiar to trade, but
all In comparatively Insignificant quantity
nnd less subject to Imitation and adultera
"Merchants buying cheese should deal
with agents and firms whom they con
sider thoroughly reliable and from whom
redress can be obtained In case of de
ception and loss, even if unintentional.
They should become familiar with the au
thorized or official markings for full cream
cheese made tn the principal producing
states nnd should specifically order only
euch cheese as is so marked. Upon arrival,
every cheese should l>e examined and none
accepted which cannot be definitely Identi
fied by Its markings as the artlclo ordered
and desired.
"Retail dealers should take the same pre
cautions and should either keep cheese In
the boxes In which bought, or preserve the
boxes until the cheese Is all sold. Every
cheese should be so cut, for retail, as to
keep the mark nn Ihe bandage, to Insure
Identity, until the last piece Is sold.
"Consumers should Inform themselves ns
to proper markings fn like manner, and,
whep they buy, should Insist upon seeing
the markings upon the cheese, and. If
necei sary, upon Its box, tn order to fully
Idemlfy the article as ono officially
bran led."
Co >ies of this valuable circular may he
had by application to Washington as
/\ Current Quotations
Egos are weak at 1214013 c In small lots.
Chfirtes are very firm. Currants steady.
Peaches anil apricots are weaker. Onions
are lower. Tallow Is very weak at lower
prices. Sugar is 14c lower.
BUTTER—LocaI creamery, 2-lb squares,
35040 c: coast creamery, fancy, 2-Pj.
squares, 32%<&"350: coast dairy, fancy 2-tb.
squares, 27%@30c; do, 1%-lb, 256T27!40; com
mon grades and very light weights, 22%0
CHEESE—LocaI full cream, large, 10c;
Young America. 10c: do (3-lb. hand made),
11c; all %c more cased for shipment.
EGGS—Choice California' ranch. Hug
VEGETABLES—Artichokes, por doz.,
20c; asparagus, per lb, 6©Be: beets, per 100
lbs, 90c; cauliflower, per doz., —c; celery
do, —: cabbage, per 100 lbs. 75c: carrots,
do, 90c: chills, dry, per string, 80c; Mexi
can, per lb, 15c; green, per lb, 12c; cucum
bers, per doz.. $1.25: egg plant, per lb. - ;
garlic, do, 7©8o; leeks, per doz, 15c; let
tuce, do. 15c; green corn, ncr doz. 25c; on
ions, green, per doz bunches, [email protected]; do,
red new. ner 100 lhs. 9ocosl.iiO; new
white, $1.00/ii1.15; yellow, $1.75: " pars
ley, per box, 50c; parsnips, per
300 lhs, 75c: green peas, per lb, 3c:
radishes per doz bunches. 15c: snlnach. per
lb, 15c; string beans, per lb, Co7c; tomat
oes, per box. $1.40: turnips, per 100
lbs. 75c; watercress, per doz bunches, 40c;
wax beans, 70Sc; summer squash, per box,
GREEN FRUITS—Pears, per box;
strawberries, common. So: choice to
fancy, —: apples. $2.0002.25; pineapples,
per doz, $607: Central American. $4.00©4.50;
bananas, $2.2502.50 per bunch; cherries,
whine, $1.25 per box; black, 90c'u$l.mi
blackberries. 9c; apricots, per box!
$1.00; currants, per box. 654975 c; gooseuer
rles, per lb, 6c; raspberries, per box, 12Vfcc;
peaches, ncr box, 90c5ji $1.00.
CITRUS FRUlTS—Oranges, navels, $3.00
513.50: Mediterranean sweets. tt.26m12.76;
seedlings, $1.25(91.50; lemons, fancy Eure
ka, $1.7502.00; Eureka and Lisbon, $1,750)
2.00; uncured, 90c051.15: limes, per lot), sue.
comb, liv»l2c per lb; strained B%sj3e; bees
wax. 2515530 c per lb.
POULTRY—Hens. $4.0004.75 per doz
young roosters, $4,505)4.75: broilers, $3.00ct)
4.00; old roosters, [email protected]; ducks, $4.sofi>
6.50: turkeys, 145) 15c tier lb.
HAY—Wheat, $10011: barley, $10; wheat
and oat, [email protected]; alfalfa, baled, $8.5009; loose.
$7.50(H 8.50.
MILL STUFFS-Flour, Los Angeles,
$4.00; Stockton brands, $4.40; Oregon,
$3.65; Eastern, $4,005(5.50: bran, per ton
local, $17.00; northern, $16.60; shorts, per
ton. local, $18.00; northern. $17.00: rolled
barley, per ton, $16.00; cracked corn, per
cwt. 95c: feed meal, per cwt. $1.00.
DRIED FRUITS-Apples, sun dried,
sacks, per lb, 4W5c; boxes, 6©7 c; evapo
rated, fancy, [email protected] Apricots, fancy, 11c;
choice, 9c. Peaches, fancy, un peeled, 6c;
choice, 3c. Nectarines, fancy, 803 c; choice,
6'd7c. Pears, fancy evaporated, 709 c.
Plums, pitted, choice, 709 c. Prunes, choice
boxed, 3©sc: Backs, [email protected]; fancy, 10c.
NUTS—Walnuts, Los Angeles, 7c; med
ium soft, 10c; soft shell Los Nletos. fancy,
145J16c. Almonds, soft shell, 10c; paper
shell, 12c; hard shell, 6c. Pecans, 18®15%c.
Filberts, 10012% c.
HIDES AND WOOL-Hldes, as they
run, 10% c per lb; sound kips, 9c; bulls and
stags, 5%e: calves, 16c; sheep pelts, 2%i&MV6c:
wool, spring clip, good, 4©sc; inferior, 30
LIVESTOCK—A 11 per lb.—Beeves, 2%(fi)
214 c; calves, 2%@314c; sheep, 31403% c;:
lambs. 2%©3 c; hogs. [email protected]%c.
4%ote: veal, 505% c; mutton, 40414 c; lamb,
55/6 c: pork. 51453 Co.
CURED MEATS—EagIe hams, 9%c; Rex
bams, [email protected], ay. 11c; selected pig hams.
709 c, ay. —c; Diamond C picnic hams. 50
7c. ay. 6%c: fnacy Rex boneless breakfast
bacon (wrapped, 13c; Rex boneless
breakfast bacon, 9%0; Diamond C break
fast bacon backs, 7%c: Rex boneless ham,
sugar cured, 9c; Rex boneless butts. B%c:
Rex dried beef (sets), 10c; Rex dried beef
(insides), 11c; Rex regular dried beef, —;
smoked tongues, per lb, 18c; light medium
bacon 7%c; medium bacon, 6%c; dry salt
clear bellies, 16020 c, ay. 7c; dry salt short
clears, [email protected], ay. 6c; dry salt clear backs.
6%c; Rex pure leaf lard, tierces, 6c; ivory
tierces basis, 5%c; Cottolene, tierces, 6%c.
RAISINS—Fancy clusters, $1.25; 4-crown
L L clusters ,$1.1001.25; 3-crown L L, per
box, 9Oc0$l.OO; Sultana seedless, pier box,
90c5T51.00; 3-crown loose muscats, per box,
60070 c; 2-crown loose muscats, per bx, 60©
65c; ordinary loose, per box, 45055 c: 2
crwn loose, in sacks, per lb, 2%02%c: 3
crown loose, in sacks, per lb, 2%®2%c;
4-orown, per lb, B%©4c; Sultana, seedless,
fancy blond, per lb. 606% c: Sultana, seed,
less, choice, per lb, 3%@4c. Fractions: Halt
boxes, 25c; quarter boxes, 50c, per box
higher than wholes.
FlOS—California white, per lb, 4®sc; Cal
llfornla black, per lb, 40414 c; California
fancy, per lb, ,5083 c; imported Smyrna.
10011 c.
BAGS—(Ne*t cash)— Calcutta. 6©5%0; po
tato bass, 4c; dried fruit sacks, 10U lbs, 6"_.'f
7%c; bean sacks, sc; walnut bags, 14016 c;
wool sacks, 80c.
(Ti1.50; lima, $2.9003.00: Lady Washington,
»1.60(tf,1.00; white, small, $1,755)2.00; garvan
cos, small, $2.0002.50; garvancos, large,
88.0008.50; green Held peas, $2.605»3.00; black
eyed beans, $2.2502.50; lentils, lmpoited,
87.jMfiS.0O; lentils. California, $3.0003.50..
GRAlN—Wheat, 1.1501.25; corn. 9009;. c;
feed barley, 76c; oats. $1.1001.23; all per 100
POTATOES-Per 100 lbs, burbanks, $1.10;
Nevada. $1.10; common grades new,
fOcOfl.lO; burbank, seed, -.
Real batate Transfers
Sanford S. Scolleld, administrator, to E.
A. Parke— Lot 3S, Alcantara Grove tract;
Amelia Horning to Emma R. Davidson -
r.ot 47, block 25, Wolfsklll Orchard tract;
William and Juliette F .Thatcher to Kale
G. W. Dryden—Part lots 3 and 4. block o.
Mills' subdivision ot Sablchl tract; $1700.
Sanford S. Scofleld, administrator, to I'".
C. Wolfe—Lot 10, Alcantara Grove tract;
Rosedale Cemetery association to Tem
perance F. Clapp— Lot 21S, block I, Rose
dale cemetery; $300.
Helen und Walter Collins to Christina
Gnnahl—Lot 3s. block X, Knob Hill tract;
P. and Julia P. Stelnhart to City of Los
Angeles—West 37.S feet of lot 13, Foreman's
subdivision: $1700.
W. C. James lo same—East 22.2 feet of
lot 12, Foreman's subdivision; $700.
M. p. and Suslo M. Johnson to Mamie
L. Relnold—Lots 5, 6. 7 and 8, block 1. sub
division of purls of lots 5 and 0, block 40,
11. S.; $WOO.
Roherl C. and Frances L. Glllls to Mrs.
Allen E. Welser—Lot 3, block 1, Banctinl
tract; $105.
John J. and Mary C. Russell to Cyrus
I'pham—Lot 10. Friend's subdivision: $IXo<>.
Rosedale Cemetery association lv G. A.
Clark—North half of lot 00, block .1, Rose
dale cemetery; $150.
Minnie P. N. and John F. Whlre to Henry
Kreim—Lots 3 and 4. Nordholt, White &
Pouyfourcat tract; $30,000.
Henry and Mary C. Kreim to Minnie P.
N. White—Lot 6, same tract: $15,000.
Phlletua Peck to Jennte N. Peck—South
half lot 0, block O, San Pusquul truct, and
other lands: $1000.
Nettle and A. A. Proctor to Fay Stephen
son—Lot 10, block 3, Miguel subdivision:
Mattie L. and J. W. Wilson to Mrs.
Louise Y. Pratt—Lot 30. block D, McGarry
tract: $400.
Charles M. Stimson and Henry L. Rob
crts to Mrs. S. A. Keeler—Lot 18. block C,
Crescents: $500.
John and Anna Zens lo Henry Sehaefc
—Fast half of lot 0, block 4, Sanchez tract;
S. K. and Marlha L. Llndley to Nannie
C. Wlllard—Lots li and 8, block 27. Angeleno
Heights; $600.
W. B. and Ida M. Martin lo John Ro
mlne—l Inch of water from west half of
northwest quurler and north half of south
west quarter section 5, township 2 north,
range 14 west; $900.
B, F. Bryant to Elvie E. Frye—Undivided
half Interest in tract commencing m south
boundary of section 9, township 1 south,
range 10; $2000.
.1. C. und Cora B. Williams to J. R. Veach
—Lot 11, Armlnta Thornton's subdivision;
Nannie Royal and Frank B. Sturge to
W. H. Brown—Lot 11. block B, of A. J
Painter's subdivision: $200.
Summary: Deeds, 61; nominal, 35; total,
Buslnes a Trancacttd and Prices Paid at Hems
and Abroad
NEW YORK, June 4.—The most Import
ant influence upon the general market to
day exerted by exhibits of railroad earn
ings for the fourth week and month.
The statements were not uniform In tenor,
as both losses anil gains were reported, the
decreases being the more numerous. The
showing of the Missouri Poodle was the.
most unsatisfactory, disclosing losses of
557.000 for.the week and $215,000 for the
month. The Northwest annual report wus
as favorable as had been anticipated.
The surplus Is 81,848,881, ngalnsL.a deficit
last year of $273,590. A decided Improve
ment in the later prices of the railway
shares followed the publication of these
figures, which .were rounded out by a dis
play of buoyancy in the anthracite coal
shares. The closing was strong wdth an
advance of a point In Denver preferred,
roflecttng foreknowledge of firm confidence
on the part of some operators that a divi
dend would be declared today. An official
announcement will he made tomorrow.
The general railway list moved In a narrow
groove, but some of the specialties were
conspicuous for wide fluctuations. The
dealings in silver certificates were on a
large scale, and a further advance of %
per cent was recorded on speculative pur
chases based upon political forecasts. A
sharper demand was also noted for foreign
account. The transactions were 236.000
shares, with a block of lOfl.OOfl selling at the
top figure, 69%. The speculative Issues were
more freely dealt In. and Irregularity In
prices, within a narrow range, was noted
In tho bond market. Tbe dealings were at
tended by but few features of Interest.
The sales were $1,005,000.
There Is good authority for the state
ment that a dividend of 1 per cent, making
2 per cent for the fiscal year, wfll be offi
cially announced by the board of direc
tors of tho Denver and Rio Grande railway
NEW YORK, June 4.-The following
are the closing stock quotations:
Atchison 14?-, UPD&G.... 3
Adams Ex 143 N V & N, E 45
Alton T H 57 Ontario & W ... 14
Am Sugar pfd. — OtS>gon Imp 1
Am Express ...114 Oregon Nay 11
Baltimore & 0.H7% Northwestern ...104%
Canada Pac ... 62 do pfd lift
Central Pac 14 NY Central .... 90
Canada South. 60-., O S Ltt UN ... 5
Ches & Ohio .. l4jf Pacific Mall 2614
Chicago Alton.ls7i- P D & E 2
C B& Q 77% Pittsburg 103
Chicago Gas ... 67% Pullman Palace.lsS
C C C & St L... 34 Reading 9%
Col C & 1 101' i R G W 15
Cotton O C ...111(4 do pfd.... 42
Del Hudson ...126% U S Rubber 21
D&RGpfd... 4514 do pfd 81
D&C F Co ... 17 Rolek Island 69%
Erie 1414 St L& S F Ist pfd —
do pfd.... 81% St Paul 7(1%
Erie 2d pfd .... 20 do pfd 122
Fort Waynei ...103 Southern Pac ... 18*4
Great N pfd ...lis Sugar Refinery ..122%
C & E I pfd ... 99 Term C & 1 25%
Hocking Vlley 15% Texas Pac : 7%
Illinois Cen .... 93 T & O Cen pfd.. 70'
StP&D 23 Union Pac 7
K& T pfd 21 US Express ... 40
L E & VV fML W St I, & P 0?:
do pfd *70',j do pfd 10*1
Lako Shore 150 W-F Express ... 97
Lead Trust ... 21 Western Union.. 84%
LA N 49% W& L E • Et
L& N A 914 do pfd 34
Man Con 103 Minn & St L 17
M&C f 15 D&RG 12%
Missouri Pac .. 95 Gen Electric 33V,
Michigan Cen.. 94% Natl Linseed ... 15
M & Ohio 1914 Col F& I 2TU
Nash Chatt.... 68 do pfd 100
Natl Cordage .. 5% US leather pfd 63%
do pfd.... 10 US Cordage gtd -
N J Central ...105% So R R 7... 8%
N & W pfd .... 10% do pfd 28',:.
N Am Co 5 Am Tobacco 64 ~
Northern Pac . 5 do pfd 98
do ipfd.... 15% Am T. & C C 0... 93
C C Co 150
NEW YORK. June 4.—The following
were the closing quotations on bonds to
ÜBn 4s coup. ..116% D&RG7S 11l
USn 4« reg.... 116% D&RG4s 91
U 86s reg 112% Erie 2ds 64%'
US 6s coup ...112% GH&S A 6s 105
U S 4s reg 107% G H& 8 A 75.... 97%
U S 4s c0up...109% H & T Cen 6s ...111%
U S2s reg 94% H & T Cen 6s .. ,100 s
Pac 6s 0f'95...100% MKT Ist 4s 83%
Ala Class A ...106 do 2d 4s r.7%
Ala Class 8....106 Mutual Union 65.11 l
Ala Class C ... 99% NJ C Gen 5s 118%
Ala currency..loo N P lsts 117%
La new con 45.. 98 N P 2ds °115
Mo 6s 100 Northwest Con .JBBI4
N C 6s 124 do S F deh Ss.HO '
NC 4s 104 HO West lsts... .75%
S C non-fund.. 1 St P consols 75..131%
Term n set 65.. 81 8t PC&P W 6s 114%
Term n set ss. .108 St L&IM On 5s 78%
Term n set 35.. — St L & 8 F Gen 65112
Term old 6s .... 60 Texas Pac lsts.. 8R
Va centuries... 60% do 2d5... 2mt
NP3ds 71 UP lsts 0f'96....104%
Va deferred ... 614 O Rr&Nlsts ...110%
Atchtson 4s .... 79 Can So 2ds 104%
A tchison! sec A 404 Wast S4s 106
C P lsts of '95.... 103 So RR 5s 9*%
L & N 4s 77% '*
SAN FRANCISCO, June 4.-The official
closing quotations for mining stocks today
were as follows:
Yfellow Jacket .. 56 Grand Prize —
Andes 50 Hale & Norcross..2"s
Alta 19 Julia —
Alpha Con 22 Justice 10
Belcher 75 Kentuck Co*« —
Belle Isle — Lady Wash Con... 4
Best & Belcher.. 150 Mexican 110
Bodle Con 60 Mono .*. —
Bullion SO Mt. Diablo —
Bnlwer Con 34' Navajo —
Caledonia 11 Occidental Con ...170
Con Cal &Va ... 44 Ophlr 196
Challenge Con .. 46 overman 2S
("hollar 325 Savage 165
Con Imperial 2 Scorpion —
Confidence — Potosl 143
Con New York.. — Union Con 105
Crown Point .... 07 Silver Hill —
Exchequer x Slerru Nevada 110
Gould <bCurry...lßs
NEW YORK. June 4.—A question which
Is ugliutlng many speculators in the street
Is tlie probable continuance of the recently
revived activity nnd strength of silver cer
tificates. Predictions of sharp udvunce In
the price of metal are indulged In and bul
lion dealers hope for a recurrence of the
movement thut marked Ihe year IXSO. It Is
reported a considerable demand for white
metal has developed in Europe, it Is un
derstood this Inquiry comes at the moment
chiefly from France and in a leaser degree
from Spain for coinage purposes, und that
orders linve been received here dir ict, Ihe
bids being übove tbe London parity. Many
smsltera are said to have sold their product
for three months ahead, and there is. com
paratively speaking, only a light stock of
bullion on hand. The transactions In sil
ver eeriiiiciites upon Ihe stock exchange
today amounted to $236,000 at 69i406951c,
making the aggregate dealngs for the week
thus far $406,000. Engagements of 700.000
ounces of sliver have been made thus far
for export on Saturday.
NEW YORK. June 4.—The Evening
Post's London financial cablegram says:
The stock markets were still thinly at
tended today because of the Epsom races,
but the tone wus buoyant in all brunches
except Americans; home rails. Kaffirs and
West Australians were booming. Ameri
cans have been sustained here by the gen
eral strength of other market ;, but the
close was dull nt the best on the cabled
news of the progress of free stlysrltes In .
the United States. It has induced a heavy
speculation for a rise in silver and In silver
stocks here. The recent success.of the sll
verltes comes as nil the more unpleasant a
shock because nil the American corre
spondents for weeks past have indicated
NEW YORK. June 4.—Money on call
easy at 1145)2 per cent: last loan. 2: closed.
2 per cent; prime mercantile paper, 4<o6 1 4
per cent: sterling exchange heavy, with
actual business In bunkers' hills at $4.88<i
64.8814 for demand and $4.87'45i4.57 i 4 for
sixty days: posted rates. $4.M%04~89%;
commercial bills. $4.86%; silver certilicates.
SAN FRANCISCO. June 4.—Drafts,
sight, 12%: telegraph, 15.
LONDON, June 4.-Consols, 113 7-16.
NEW YORK, June 4.—Bar silver, 65%;
Mexican dollars, 54.
SAN FRANCISCO. June 4.-Rar silver,
69: Mexican dollars, 540544.
LONDON, June 4.—Bar silver, 31% d.
WASHINGTON, June 4,-Toduy's state
ment of the condition of the treasury
shows: Available cash balance, $265,192,
--541; gold reserve, $107,078,908.
BOSTON. June 4.—Atchtson. WM Bel!
Telephone, 20514; Burlington, 77%; Mexican
Central, 9?i; San Diego, 10.
The Day* Transactions on tins Board of
CHICAGO, June 4.—ln wheat there was
but a moderate speculative trade early, but
tho Interest Increased as the session ad
vanced, the range for the day being l 7 s c.
The opening was weak and Irregular. This
was in spite of the fact that most of the
news favored the buying side. Liverpool
wus quoted a halfpence higher. The Price
Current's crop summary was regarded as
rather bullish and the clearances from the
seaboard were heavy—nearly 700,000 bush
els In wheat and flour. But the liberal
northwestern receipts, amounting to 427
cars: fine weather and prospects of a con
tinuance of the same, together with rather
weak markets ut St. Louis and Minne
apolis, all tended to offset the foregoing
and brought about Increased selling orders.
July, which opened slightly lower at 575 i
571fiC. declining to 56*40. But before noon the
influence of bad crop news began to be
felt anil a rally set fn which carried prices
steadily upward. The Ohio report showed
a condition of 49 per cent against 55 per
cent last month, and the Michigan report
was said to be with a condition of 32 per
cent. The receipt of this alleged MJohlgan
report started the market up. operators
becoming a little alarmed and covered
freely and the top prices of the day were
scored, July touching 58V&C. There was
some reaction, due principally to realizing
safes, but the closing was steady, July
closing Mo higher at 57"4 c. Corn followed
the course of the wheat market, and.
though exhibiting weakness early on the
favorable weather, later turned strong as
wheat went up and closed firm. Oats were
decidedly quiet. The Influence of wheat
and corn was counteracted by free offer
ings, and prices ruled a shade easier at
the close. Provisions started weak and
nerveless in sympathy with the opening
grain and hog prices. Prices afterward
Improved with grain and with fair sup
port, the close being steady and at slight
The leading futures closed as follows:
Wheat. No. 2—June. 57%e: July, 67% c;
September, 5S%c. Corn, No. 2—June, 27% c;
July, 28%028%c: September. 29% c. Oats.
No. 2—July. 17%5T18c; September, ISLO
18% c: May. 215)21%c.
Cash quotations were as follows: Flour,
firm: No. 2 Bprlng wheat. 67% c: No. 2 red,
60%061c; No. 2 corn. No. 2 oats.
17% c; No. 2 white* 19%020c; No. 3 white, I*4
sil9c; No. 2 rye. 3214 c; No. 2 barley. nomi
nal: No. 3. 20W33c f. o. b.: No. 4. 265i25c f. o.
b.; No. 1 flaxseed. 79c: prime timothy. $3.15;
mess pork, per barrel. $7.00t7i".05: lard, per
100 pounds. $4.10: short ribs sides, loose.
$3,755)3.80: dry salted shoulders, boxed. 4%
si4V4c; short clear sides, boxed, 3%5t1e;
whlskv. distillers' finished goods, per gal
lon, $1.22.
Receipts. Shpmts.
Flour, barrels 7.000 4.000
Wheat, bushels 8,000 11.000
Corn, bushels 223,000 260.000
Oats, bushels 443.000 301.000
Rye, bushels 2.000 650
Barley, bushels 88.000 5.000
On the produce exchange today the but
ter market was firm; creamery. 115115 c;
dairy, 9013 c. Eggs, firm; fresh. 9®10%C,
CHICAGO. June 4.—Cuttle-The best
1350-pound steers sold at $1.20, choice at
$4.10 and most good to choice beef steers nt
$3.7604.00: stoekers and feeders, about $3.80;
cows sold up to $3.60; veal calves steady,
best selling at $5.15.
Hogs—Choioe heavy. $3.10; best butchers'
pigs sold up to $3.20: a few fancy light
reached $3.40, but most choice light sold at
$3,305)3.35: rough heavy, $2.70572.55.
Sheep—Export demand was not so urgent
today and choice natives went more slowly
and a shade off. Good to choree spring
lambs 10015 c higher, an extra 7ff-pound lot
up to $6.25, but few reached $6.00. and com
mon to fair grades were not wanted at
any advances, going at $3.5004.50. Bulk of
good native sheep now selling at $3.5004.00.
a few extra lots at $4.255j4.40, and fair
mixed around $3.25.
Call Board Ptlcej ol Cereals and Shipments
SAN FRANCISCO, June 4.—Wheat quiet;
December, 9614 c. Barley quiet; December,
70% c. CornJSßSjc. Bran—sl6.oo.
Flour—Family extras, $3,755)3.83: bakers'
extras, $3.5503.65; superfine, $2.8503.00.
Wheat—No. 1 shipping. $1 JJ001.02V.;
choice. $1.03%; milling, $1.1001.1714.
Barley—Peed, fair to good. 7007114 c;
choice. 7214 c: brewing. 77i:,5i52(0c.
Oats—Milling, 855i87!4c; surprise, 92%c5i;
$1.00: fancy feed, 87%5r90c; good to choice,
52%087%c; poor to fair, 76080 c; gray, 800
Receipts—Flour, quarter sacks. 13.003; do
Oregon, 9446; wheat, centals. 2554; do Ore
gon, 1537; barley, centals, 5245; do Oregon,
367; oats, Oregon, centals 705; beans, sacks.
704; rye, centals, 488; potatoes, sacks, 1130;
do Oregon. 1312; onions, sacks, 257; bran,
sacks, 259; do Oregon, 1739: middlings, sacks,
150; hay, tons, IS7; flaxseed, Oregon, sacks,
1108; wool, bales, 56: do Oregon, 199; raisins,
boxes, 1745; quicksilver, flasks, 85; wine,
gallons, 46,400; hides, number, 661.
Middlings-$17.00© 19.00.
Hay—Wheat, $7.5009.00: wheat and oat.
$7.005?9.00; oat, $7,505)9.00; alfalfa, $4,005/
4.50: barley, $7.0008.50; clover, $6,005/6.5(1;
compressed wheat, $7.00010.50; do oat. $6.50
5J8.00; stock, $6.0007.00; straw, Ss©soc per
Potatoes—Oregon burbanks, 65080 c; ear
ly rose, 65075 c; new potatoes, 75c051.10;
Humboldt burbanks, $1.0001.25; Petaluma
and Tomales, 60070 c.
Vegetables—Los Angeles tomatoes, $1.50
fff2.ofl; string beans, 7©Be; gneen peas, 500
75c; garlic, 405 c; green peppers, 10c:
dried peppers, 709 c; asparagus, 50075 c:
extra do, $1.0001.50: dried okra. 12% c; rhu
barb, 50075 c; extra do, $1.0001.26; cucum
bers, 80cW$1.00 per dozen; summer squash,
$1.10001.26; new onions, 300 40c
Fresh Fruits—Longworlh strawberries.
17.000 10.00 per chest: gooseberries, 30020 c:
black cherries. 50075 c: white cherries, 10®
66c: currants, 208 c; apricots, Prlngles. SO
*i90o; bluekbvrrP s. raspberries. 11.17
V 1.50; plums, 75ct»11.25: peaches, 11.2601.60.
Citrus fruits—Mexican limes. 86.000.8,501
California lemons. . ommon. 11.0001.50; do
good to choice, $1.5903.50; do fancy. 12.50fj
3.00; California oranges, seedlings, fSCn
$1.50; navels. 82.2503.00; extra do. |8.60_4.00;
Mediterranean oranges, 11.7302.50; Hawa
iian bananas. JI.OHDi2.oO; Hawaiian pineap
ples. 23.50*15.110.
Butter-Fancy creamery, 14014%; second!
18018 V; fancy dairy, 1301314)0; do sec
onds, 12c.
Cheese- Fancy, npld. new, «<-'•*« 7c-: fr-irto
good. 6_4_6c; Young America, 7©Sc; East
ern. 12'n 18c.
Egas—Siore. niiip. ranch, 12ttfM°!
Eastern. 11012 c; Oregon, UfilSo; duck,
M<b I6c.
Poultry-Live turkey gobblers, $i3.oo't
14.00: do hens, 111.00012.00: roosters, old,
14.0004.23: do young. 16.5008.00; broilers,
small. 18.0008.00; no large. 14.0005.00; fry
ers. I6.OO08.OO; hens. $3.50„4.50; ducks, old,
$3.0003.50: do young, 84,00*t5.00; geese, per
pair, 11.0001.86: pigeons, old, 11.2501.50; do,
young. 81.8501.50.
LIVERPOOL, Jut!" 4.—Spoi wheat closed
steady With a poor demand; No. 2 red wln
lir. r.s 4d: No. I hard Manitoba. 6s lUd | No.
i California, 5s 3d. Futures opened firm,
'{>d higher; closed steady, with November
'id higher and other months |-d higher.
June. July, August, September, October
and November. 4s 11-pl.
Spot corn closed firm: American mixed
new. 2s. Futures opened firm and un
changed: closed linn, unchanged to %<\
higher. June. 3s: July. 3* fed: August, 8S
I'id: September, 3s I%d; October, 5s 4Md;
November. 3s Jl ;,1.
Flour closed steady, with a fair demand;
St. Louis fancy winter. 7s.
Pacific coast hops, £1 15s.
NEW YORK. June I.- Porter Bros.' com
pany today sold: Tartarian cherries, $1.25
01.55; Gov. Woods. $1.80; Blgareaus, 81.35.
The Earl Fruit company sold: Gov.
Wood cherries. 31.2501.60 per box: Black
Tartarian, tl.O501.5O; Black Blgereau, 81.10
ji 1.40.
CHICAGO, June 4.— The Earl Fruit com
pany sold today: Cherries—Royal Anne,
|1.1601,26 and 700031.25: Centennial, 60c™
$1.15: Blgereau, 85c©$2.i0. Good many In
bud order.
NEW YORK. June 4.—Petroleum was
quiet; United closed at $1.07.
LOS ANGELES. Jan. 1, 1896.
To the public: 1 was seriously afflicted
for about ten years with lung, liver and
kidney troubles. Tongue could never ex
press tlio misery I endured during those
years. 1 was reduced fn flesh until I was
a mere skeleton; my sight and hearing
were badly Impaired: was constantly
troubled with constipation and piles, und
had a severe chronic cough. In short, life
vus a burden and death would have been
welcome. 1 was treated by various spec
ialists without avail. I finally resolved
to give Dr. Wong Him. of No. 039 Upper
Main street, a trial. Of course, like many
others. 1 had no faith in a Chinese doc
tor, but It took only a few doses of his life
giving herbs to knock all the skepticism
out of me. In just live weeks the doctor
pronounced mo cured, and now T can
truthfully say that 1 never was healthier
and never felt better In my life. My
sight and bearing are both fully restored;
that obnoxious cough, constipation and
plies are entirely cured, and'l am rapidly
gaining in tlesh, having gained forty
pounds in two months.
I earnestly recommend all sufferers and
skeptics to give the doctor a trial and be
convinced of his superior skill as a physi
620 Bellevue avenue, Los Angeles, Cal.
The band ot fate liorars over the anwlie, the
youth who in error have dashed tbe cup of lifi
to the floor. It is a fearlul horror to be as
■trong as an ox to-day, to be as weak as a kitten
to-morrow. It is a solemn warning: lt should
bs heeded. Catch yourself in tho nick of time
If you cuun >: help yourself the
will help you. Hudyan is a parely vegetable
preparation, but Is a powerful one.
Hudyan restores, rebuilds, renews the fires ol
Ilia It is for man. It Is man's best friend. If
you suffer from weakness, from impaired or lost
manhood, if yo hare used up Tour kidneys or
injured yoar liver you should write acd learn
all about tho Great Hudyan. Circulars and tea
timonlals tree.
Stockton, Market and Kills Sts.,
sah iBAHCtsco. California
A orTer*
iiary Syphilis permanently cured in 15 to
85 days. You can be treated at borne for
the aaroe price under same guarauty. If
you prefer to come herd we wil4 contract
to pay railroad fare and hotel bills, and no
cbarge.lf we fidl to cure. If yen have taken mer
cury, iodide potash, Anu still have uches and
pains, M ucousl'a tclics in mouth, Sore Throat,
Pimples, Copper Colored Spots, iJlccrs oil
any part of tho body. Hair or Eyebrows fulling
out, It is this Syphilitic tsr.oi >!> POISON that
we guarantee to cure. We solicit tbe ruost obsti
nate cases and oiindlenge the world for a
case we cannot euro, -his has always
jufiled the skill of the most eminent physl
sians. 9500,000 capital behind our urn o.int
aonal guaranty. Absolute proofs sent sealed on
triplication. Address COOK. REMEDY CO.,
KM Ha' ">nfa Tnmplec CHICAGO. ILL.
ceived by the undersigned until Wed
nesday, June 24, 1896, for boring, casing and
piping a ten (10) Inch well (to be reduoed to
eight (8) inches when 10-inch casing can be
used no further) at Perrls Indian School,
Perrls, Calif. A well has been sunk to a
depth of 400 feet, and bidders may propose
either to complete that well or sink an
other at new location. An adequate sup
ply ot water for domestic and irrigating
purposes to be obtained by contractor,
otherwise po payment whatever will be
made by government. No bid in excess
of thirty-five hundred ($3500) dollars will
be considered. Right reserved to reject any
or all bids, or any part of any bid. Work
to commence within thirty days after no
tice of approval of, contract. Each bid must
be accompanied by a ccrtiiled check or
draft upon some solvent national bank,
for at least two hundred ($200) dollars, to
bo forfeited to the United States In ease
any bidder receiving an award shall fall to
promptly execute a contract, with good
and sufficient sureties, according to terms
of his bid. For further Information apply
Sup't Indian School, Perrls, Calif.
Notice to Contractors
celved up to June 10th, 1896, at the offlce
of M. Schwed. clerk of board of school
trustees, Los Nletos, Los Angeles county
for the construction of an additional story
to the school building In Lost Nietos.
Good and satisfactory sureties will be
exacted from the successful bidder for the
faithful performance of contract and
against Hens.
The hoard of trustees reserves the right
to reject any and all bids.
Plans and specifications can be seen at
the office ot A. M. Edelman, architect. 243V_
South Main street, Los Angeles, and at
office of clerk of board.
By order of board of trustees.
8 M. SCHWED, Clerk.
Dr. Talcott «fe Co. /^~~\
fllfjffl&k \ The only SPECIALISTS In So. Cal. lor DISEASES of / XfiJ
We have the oin the Tacjlic Coast
WE willing to wa,t for our fee
] r " rnf ' r Ma * n Third rHicet, over Wella-Fargo.
00-T_EBN PACIFIC company
O TIME TAltl.l-. may sr.
Leave for j Destination j Ar. from
2:0.-, pm Fran., Sac'm'toi 7:30 am
9:00 pmi Bast, riaOfeden 1:30 pm
9:00 pml...Portland, 0r0...| 1:80 pra
2:30 pmlßl Paso and East! 1:00 i>m
.... Pasadena '7:50 am
••: | " "X:25 am
7:60 am " 8:55 am
•8:2.i am " 9;SO am
„ ;| :2,i am '• 10: HI am
•11:2 a ami " l; 85 pm
12:' r '5 pm! •' «3:ori pm
3:.*.i pm] " 6:01 pm
S:2"» Pm " *7:13 pm
•0:1,". pm' ••
"7:13 pm( •'
8:00 am] Riverside 9:55 am
9:25 ami lie.Hands 1:00 pm
8:30 pmi San Bernardino 4:48 pm
4:80 pml and Colton 0:35 pm
8:00 am Pomona _ Ontario] 9:55 am
9:23 urn].. " •■ ~! n •„-,-, am I
2:80 pml.. "• •' .. 1:00 pm
4:."0 pm:.. " " .. 4:IS pm
5:25 pm;.. " " .. fi:?,s pm
8:U0 am 1 Chino s:r,o am
4:30 pml '• 9:55 am
5:25 pm; " 6:35 pm
S:oo am.Covlna, San Dtmas 8:50 am
•2:30 pml and Lordshurg ♦1:00 pm
5:25 urn .. " .. 0:35 pm
8:05 am Monrovia, Arcadia *8:15 am
•11:20 ami and Duarte 9:50 am
•3:05 pmi.. " .. '1:10 pm
5:00 pmj.. " .. 5:05 pm
8:011 am .. Santa Barbara .. 12:10 pm
4:00 pmi.. " .. 9:50 pm
9:10 ami Santa Ana and 9:05 am
•2:00 pmj Anaheim «11:55 am
5:10 pmi.. " .. 5:20 pm
10:05 amlwhittler and Ful- 8:00 am
•2:00 pm ton Wells •11:55 am
5:10 pm|.. " .. 5:20 pm
•9:10 ami Tustln 9:05 am
5:10 pml " »5:20 pm
"K:3O am|Long Beach andl 8:13 am
9:00 ami San Pedro 11:20 am
1:40 pin].. " .. 5:15 pm
5:05 pmi.. "' .. ••jtlo pm
••8:00 am;.. Santa Monica .. 7:46 am
8:00 am ~ " .. 8:55 am
•"9:30 am].. " .. "9:15 am
10:00 am!.. " ... 12:17 pm
••10:30 am .. " .. "12:40 pm
1:10 pml.. " .. 4:20 pm
•*2:iio pml.. •' .. "4:30 pm
5:15 pml.. " .. 5:10 pm
"5:35 pm .. " .. "8:80 pm
0:00 pml.. " .. "7:00 pm
"7:15 pm.. " .. "9:30 pm
10:00 am .. Soldiers' Home.. 12:17 pm
0:00 pm .. " .. 4:20 pm
"S:uo am Port Los Angeles "9:45 am
•9:00 am .. " .. 12:17 pm
"9:30 am .. " .. "12:10 pm
•10:00 am .. " .. 4:20 pm
••10:30 am .. " .. "4:30 pm
1:10 pm .. " .. 5:10 pm
"2:00 pm!.. "
"8:30 ami..Catalina Island.. "7:15 pm
•1:40 pm].. " .. 11:20 am
•9:10 amf.Chatsworth Park.] *4:12 pm
Chatsworth Park—Leaves from and ar
rives at Jtiver Station, San Fernando St.,
• Sundays excepted. " Rundavs only.
All S. P. Co.'s trains stop at First St.
fexcept the four San Francisco trains) and
Commercial St. (except the 9:00 oclock San
Francisco evening train), in business cen
ter of the city, saving time and street cat
fares to passengers.
General Passenger Office, 229 S. Spring
■JStgrfgrr- Southern Cali
fornia Railway
nr Tra ' lls V ***T* and^arrlve
\M_k.~sj§l Wu Trains via Pasadena
arrive at Downey-ave,
<ffi&s&3f*r(fiTA station 7 mln. earlier
V3j2rlE_bSiK__l westbound and leave 7
m m. later eastbound.
To Denver, Kansas City. Chicago. St.LouK
Leaves dally 10:15 am. Arrives dally 1:25 pm
Lv *9: am. 2:00 pm. Ar 12:01 pm, *7:15 pm
P-Lv 7:30 am. 10:15 am, 4:00 pm, 5:45 pm,
O-Lv *9:55 am, 6:10 pm.
P-Arrive 8:55 am, 9:46 urn, 1:25 pm, G:l5 pm
O-Arrive '11:00 urn, 7:15 pm.
P-Lv 7:30 am, 10:15 am, 4:00 pm, 5:15 pm
O-Lv •9:55 am, 5:10 pm,
P-Arrivo 9:45 am, 1:25 pm, 6:13 pm,
O-Arrive '11:00 am.
P-Lv 7:30 am. 10:15 am, 4:00 pm.
O-I.v '9:55 am, 5:10 pm.
P-Arrive. 9:45 am. 1:25 pm, 6:15 pm.
O-Arr 'IROO am, 7:15 pm.
Lv 7:30 pm, 10:15 am, 1:35 pm, 4:00 pm,5:45 pm
Ar 8:55 am, 9:45 am, 1:25 pm, 4:15 pm, 6:15 pm
a~naiieim~~and santXana^raTnsT
Leave 9:00 am, 2:00 pm, 5:10 pm.
Arrive 8:50 am, 12:01 pm, 7:15 pm.
Leave "9:05 am. 10:00 am. 1:30 pm. 5:30 pm.
Arrive 8:29 am. 3:55 pm, 5:22 pm. »*6:13 pm.
Leave "9:05 am, 10:00 am. 1:30 pm, 5:30 pm.
Arrive 8:55 am. 5:05 pm, "6:13 pm.
Leave P-*7:30 am. 0-*9:55 am.
Arrive P-«1:25 pm, »0:15 pm. O-«ll:00 am.
Leave P-*7:30 am 0-*9:55 am.
Arrive P-«1:25 pm. «6:13 pm. O-*ll:00 am.
Lv »2:00 pm I Leave *9:00 am.
Arrive •15:80pm. I Arrive '7:15 pm.
P-Vla Pasadena: O-Vla Orange: 'daily
except Sunday: "Sunday only: all other
trains dally. Ticket office, 129 N. Spring st.
and La Grande Station.
Goodall. Perkins ft Co., General Agents,
San Francisco.
Northern routes embrace lines for Port-'
land. Ore.. Victoria, B. C„ and Puget
Sound, Alaska and all coast points.
For- I ~~
Port Harford... S. S. Corona. June 2, 10
Santa Barbara. , IS, 26, July 5.
Pt. Los Angeles.j
Redondo 1 S. S. Santa Rosa, June C,
Newport j 20, 28, July 6.
San Diego I
For— I S. S. St. Paul, June 8, 16,
East San Pedro. 24. July 2.
San Pedro and S. S. Eureka, June 4, 12,
way ports..... | 20, 28, July 7.
1 S. S. Santa Rosa, June if
For— 16, 24 July,2.
San Diego I S. S. Corona, June 4,12,
I 20, 28, July 8.
For— S S. Santa Rosa, 2, 10,
San Francisco... 18. 26. July 4.
Port Harford S. S. Corona. June 6, 14.
Santa Barbara.. 22, SO, July 9.
For— I S. S. Eureka, June 7. 15,
San Francisco 23. July 1.
and S. S. St. Paul, June 3, 11,
way ports I 19, 27, July 5.
"Tiars to connect with steamers via San
Pedro, leave S. P. R. R. (Arcade depot) at
5:03 p. m„ and Terminal R. R. depot at 5
p. m.
Cars to connect via Redondo leave Santa
Fe depot at 9:50 a. m., or from Redondo
railway depot at 9:05 a. m.
Cars to connect via Port Los Angeles
leave S. P. R. R. depot at 1:10 p. m. for
steamers north-bound.
Plans of steamers' cabins at agent's
office, where berths may be securecb
The company reserves the right to
change the steamers or their days of sail
For passage or freight as above or for
tickets to and from all Important points in
Europe, apply to
W. PARRIS, Agent,
121 W. Second St., Los Angeles.
A General Banking Business Transacted
Interest paid on lime deposits w » net ns trustees, guardians, administrator*, cle
Sure Deposit Poxes for Rent,
H. J. WOO!, .ACOTT. President: .1. F. TOWKLU Firs'. Vice-President,: WAV.KSS OILLEt,EN.
HeeonS Vie.president: JOHN \v. A. OFF, Oa«Wer: M. B. LKVVtM, Aadsunt c unlet- OEOItoSI
_AjsD§Sßfß. - TKB ' F> °' HOWKy - «• «• UOWKLI., V. i ÜBKIsSf W,I»T
* AT 103 ANGF.I.KS
Capital ana Profits *-70,C00 00
officers li n:r.i:cTor.3
JH c "\RBI.E Proslrle.it !J-M- P- MAX BLK, l> 11. CIT D P.CIf.L
H- M. LOi Z Vlos .P r*lld«_t ; n v iron- . ■ ' IT,'- ,'n e\"'
A. HADLEY cashier •! ft , ,v, v"" fir r < ':.v^ o .'>_>
llt'.s removed to its DOW itnnrttrs in
New Building, Northeast Corner Main and Se:ond Streets
J, F. BARTOBI, President M. 8. HELLMAN, Vice-President \v. D, LoNOYEAH, CtShlSI
DIRECTORS—Herman \V. Bellman, J. A. Oraves, M. L. Flemlpz,
F. o. .lohnson, Maurice s. Hellman, Henry J. FI -is.no in, J. II Hnankland,
C. A. ShSW, \\", U (Iraves, J. K. Sartor;. \V. I) Longyeat,
B per renv Interest paid on term, :: pi-r oent on ordinary deposits
Farmers' and flerchants' Bank of Los Angeles, Cal.
Capital Paid Up, $500,000. Surplus and Ressrve, $820,00:)
I. W. HELLMAN. President; H. \v. RIB LLM AN. Vloe-PrnsMent; H. J. Fleishman. Csi'il-tr;
U. HEIMANN, Assistant Cashier. Directors—W. 11. PERKY, O. \V. CHILDS. J F. FR.VNCf-i
Special Collection Denartment. Oorrespondenoa Invited. Safe Deposit Boxes tor Rent.
Capital stock ttoe.om
Hurplua snd undivided proofs over.. sao.ow
J. M. ELLIOTT. President.
W. O. KHRCKIIOFF, V. President.
-KAN X A. GIBSON, Cashier.
O. B. SHAFFER, Ass't Cashier.
J. M. Elliott, J. P. BlckneU,
F. Q. Story, HVJevne,
J. D. Booker \V. 0. Patterson,
Wm. Q. Kerckhoff.
No public funds or otber preferred deposits r»
eulved by this buuk.
United States Depository.
Capital 1500.000
-un>ias a,im
Total (6i.Vs.ii)
OEOBOE H. BON'EBkIks President
WAItJU'.N OILLIiLBN Vice Fresldenl
F. 0. HOWES Cashlet
K. W. tot Asslstaut Cashier
George H. Benebrake. Warren Glllelen. P. M.
Oreen, Charles A. Marrlner, W. C. Brown, A. W.
Frnnclseo, Ji. P. Johnson, M. T. Allen, F. D. Howes.
Thi3 btoik bos no deposltß of clthor thu county or
rttv tressuror. snd therefore no preferred creditors,
IN EFFECT MAY 4, 1596.
Los Angeles Depots: East end First street
and Downey avenue bridges.
Leave Los Angeles Leave Pasadena for
Los Angeles.
"7:45 s. m.
a 8:15 a. m a 8:50 a.m.
a 9:30 a. m a 10:50 a. m.
all :30 a. m a 12:45 p. m.
a 3:30 p.m a 4:50 p.m.
a 5:30 p. m a 6:35 p.m.
Downey avenue leaving time 7 minutes lat
Leave - Los Angeles IL've Altadena June,
for Altedena June. | for Los Angelea.
a 9:30 a. m I a 10:30 a. m.
a 3:30 p. m I a 4:30 p. m.
All trains start from First street depot.
Leave Los Angeles ILeave Glendale for
for Glendale I Los_Angeles.
b~7:20 a. m b 8:02 a. m.
c 8:00 a. m c 8:42 a. m.
a 12:30 p. m a 1:12 p. m.
a 5:20 p. m a 6:02 p. m.
Leave Los Angeles ILeave East San
for Long Beach and Pedro for Los An-
East San Pedro | geles.
c 8:15 a. m a 7:15 am.
a 9:15 a. m a 10:30 a. m.
a 1:10 p. m a 4:00 p. m.
a 5:15 p.m
Btween East San Pedro and Long Beach
10 minutes.
Steamer for Avalon connects with 1:10
p. m. train daily, except Sundays. 8:15 a.
m. Sundays.
Trains, connecting at Altadena for all
points on Mount Lowo railway, leave Los
Angeles daily at 9:30 and a 3:30 p. m.
Fine pavilion and hotel. Grand scenery.
Telescope and searchlight.
a—Dally. b-Daily except Sunday, o—
Sundays only, d—Saturdays only.
Special rates to excursion and picnic
Depots east end of First street and Dow
ney avenue bridges.
City t'eket otlice, Greenwald's cigar
store, corner Second and Spring streets.
General offices, First street depot.
W. WINCUP, General Passenger Agent.
Los ii I ii S
DEPOT: Grand aye. and Jefferson St.
In effect May 21, IS9G.
Leavo'Los Angeles I Leave Redondo for
for Redondo Los Augeles
9:os~a7m~.7rT.~DaTTyj7:3o aTnTT Dally
1:30 p. m Dally 10:45 a.m Daily
6:30 p.m.D'ly ex Sun 3:45 p.m.D'ly ex Sun
5:45 p.m.Sund'y only 4:30 p.m.Sunday only
For passenger and freight rates apply at
depot, corner Grand avenue and Jefferson
street. Telephone West 1.
L. .1. PERRY, Superintendent.
Cars leave Fourth and Spring streets.
For Mount Lowe and Echo Mountain—
8:00, 9:00 a. m.:3:00 and 5:00 p. m.
Returning leave Alpine Tavern, 7:30 a. m.
3:15 p. m.
For Pasadena and Altadena—Everv 20
minutes from 8:00 a. m. to 8:00 p. in. Half
hourly before and after these hours.
Office, 222 W. Fourth street.
E. P. CLARK, General Manager.
Hand-picked, South Field
Wellington Lump
VV/Alw Delivered
Cement and Catalina Island
Serpentine and Soapstona
for w. T. Co. 's ocean excursion steamers, tugs,
yaehtiand pleasure launches. Telephone 3.
mm bankofsavings
i CAPITAL PAID M>l 525.G00
223 S. Sprng St., LOS ANStISS, CAL.
officcbs «no cisECTonr
V. W. Stimaori Wm. Ferguson V. E. MrVay
C. G Hnrri'son S. H. Mote R. M. Baker"
! A. B, Pomeroy S. A. Butier
MAUI btrkktsa viwob bank
Junction ot Main, Spring and Temple sis.
(Tempi* Block), Los Angela*.
Capital paid up •IM.OtS)
Ufllcers nnd directors: T. I* Duque. President!
IN, Van Nuys, Vice Preeident; J. V WuchteL
Cashier; 11. W. Hellman. Kaspare Cohn, H. W.
O'Melvony. J. B. Lankershirn, O. T. Johnson. AbS
H*ua, W. a. Kerckhott*.
Money loaned on real estate.
Vive per cens interest paid on term deposit*.
I" Cor. Main and First sts., Los Angeles, Cal.
Paid up capital 1103.000 01
her pins and undivided profits 87,„'1 5s
Victor I'onet, President; L. W. Bllnn, First Vlca
President; V. N. ITlnt, Seoond Vice President; M.
N, Avery, Cashier; c. F. Schumaker. Assistant!
Cashier. Directors —Dr. Joseph Kurtz, L, W.
Bllnn, Hugo /.über, O. N. Flint, 11. W. Stoll, M. N.
Avery, C. Bredo, Victor Ponet, I. A. Lothian,
Kmnnuel Eyruud, Interest allowed on deposits.
Money lomied on real estate.
SMN. MatnsV
J It. Plater, Pres. H. w. nellmau, V. Praa,
W. M. Caswell, Cashier,
D rector*-!. \y . Hellman, J. B. Plater. H. W.
Hellman, I. W. Hellman, Jr., W. it. Oaswall.
Interest paid on deposits. Mono? to lean oa Ikhv
cuasm real estate.
Representative Wholesale and
Retail Dealers, Business
Men and Firms
W. H. SHINN, •JO5-203 Wilson blk., Spring st.
•KEATING," Hawley, King & 80., 210 N. Main.
LUDWIQ <s WAGNER, Mott Market, teL 541
ABBOTKFORD INN, cor. Sth and Hope; tel. 1173.
Co., (Inc.) SIOO.OOO, Svlmson. A. C. Brod.
erson, att'v.
CHAS. W. ADAMS, 3.1S N. Main. Tel. 1J47.
900 TH A: ROW, 2M 8. Main st. Tel. 13M.
3. STOESAK, Oil ». Spring St., bet. sth and dth.
Directory of
nmn finrru J- h holmes, manageb,
HUIIL bflLtH Pasadena.
BOTtl RAIOKA S-f" thlbd «>,
ABBOTTSFORD Ijjj %«£lZlt™ uo "
apRINO *
HOTEL BRUNSWICK American-Europeaa plan*.
HOTEL HOLYROOD Cochrane, proprietor.
KUmTLL side. E. J. Davis, Prop.
UIVUI DDCIUQTCD J - X - o'bbien. pkop'r.
till Itt Dlanultll Fourth and C Sts., Ban Diego
J. M. Griffith, Pres. J. T. Griffith, V. Pres.
F. T. Griffith. Secretary and Treasurer.
Geo. R. Waites, Supt, of Mills.
Lumber Dealers,
And manufacturers of
uriisiic Mill work 01 Every Description.
Doors, Windows, Blinds and Sta|rs.
934 N. ALAMEDA ST., Los Angeles, Csl.
j. aTfairchild
Contractor In Asphalt Work
Room 31 Bryson Block
I use only the Aloatraa brands ot Asphalt,
which aia the purest and highest grade*
known and are guaranteed tree from coal tar
or petroleum residuum.
District Attorney of Los Angeles county,
that I, the undersigned. Intend to apply to
the Honorable State Board of Prison Di
rectors tor the privilege of being paroled,
at a meeting of said board, to be held at
San Quentin, on the 13th day of June,

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