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Can Fire Hydrants Be Used
for Street Sprinkling?
To Have This Important Question
Settled by the Courts
Two More Libel Suit, Filed by Col. Blanton
Duncan—The Scott Blectrle Fran,
chlse Sustained
The Los Angeles City Water company
has at last concluded to test In the
courts the right of the city to use the
fire hydrants for the purpose of filling
the street-sprinkling wagons, a matter
which has been talked of more or less
for several years past. The Initiatory
step was taken by the water company
yesterday by the filing of a suit against
t'apt. John Cross, who lias the street
•prinkling contract, and the city of Los
Angeles, asking for $tiOun damages, and
further that the defendants be forever
enjoined from making any use of tic fire
hydrants except for the protection of
the citizens and their property against
fire and for extinguishing tires that may
occur in the city.
The plaintiff sets forth its agreement
or Fase made W illi the city on the 20th
of July, 1868, under the terms of which
It was to erect and keep in repair fire
hydrants and furnish water for the same
free of charge, as well as for the public
municipal institutions. It is c laimed that
the terms of the contract have been
faithfully carried out. and that, as the
city has grown they have put in the hy
drants as required, until there are now
more than 400 in service. Plaintiff fur
ther alleges that the defendant John
Cross, at the instigation of the city, is
now and bar, for more than a year past
been using these fire hydrants for sprink
ling purposes, which use is vastly in ex
cess of all the uses of the hydrants for
tire purposes, aid increased the cost to |
plaintiff of keeping the same in repair i
to more than $2"(io per annum. The >
plaintiff alleges, further, thrt the hy
drants are gn atly damaged by their use
for sprinkling purposes, for all of which
damages and a permanent injunction is
Certiorari Not the Way tv knock Out the
Bid of S. F. icoit
In the case of Spruance vs. The City
Council of Los Angeles, .1 udge Shaw yes
terday gave an opinion sustaining the
demurrer to the complaint and dismiss
ing the proceedings. This was a suit to
annul the action of the council in miaul
ing the franchise to Scott, who bid i>l"7
and agreed to light tie- city hall, as
against Spruance, who hid $506 cash, on
the ground that the latter was the high
est bidder, the council having no light
to consider anything but cash in award
ing bids. Jtiuge Shaw, in his decision,
holds that, while the supreme couit lias
given an opinion holding that the coun
cil can only consider cash bids, that
certiorari is not the proper remedy. Fol
lowing is the opinion:
This is a proceeding by way of certio
rari to review and annul the action of
the city council of Los Angeles in grant
ing a franchise to one L. F. Scott to erect
poles and run wires thereon along the
streets of the city for the purpose of
supplying electricity to the Inhabitants.
The franchise was granted after ad
vertising the sane under the act of
March 23, 181*3 (Stats. 1893, 288), which
provides that such franchises must be
awarded to the highest bidder alter due
notice of the time of making the award.
At the time fixed in this instance a num
ber of bids were received, and among
others a bid by I-. F. Scott, offering to
give $107 and furnish electric light-, for
the city hall during the life of the fran
chise, and a bid by Spruance, tin- peti
tioner, offering to give $.".06. The coun
cil awarded the franchise to Scott and
pased the ordinance granting it ac
In the case of Thompson vs. Board of
Supervisors ill Cal. Dec. p. Ill), decided
March 25,1590. it was held by tin- sup: erne
court that nothing but cash bide can be
taken or considered in a procei ding to
grant a franchise, a 1 that tin- franchise
must be awarded to the bidder who of
fers the highest price in money and with- |
out conditions. Under the principles
thus decided it is clear that tin- bid of
Spruance was the highest legal bid
and that the franchise should have been
awarded to him. even if the other one
would manifestly prove more valuable
to the city. Hut it does lot follow that
certiorari is the proper remedy to cor
rect this error, if. Indeed, the petitioner
himself now has any n in- dy at all. A
writ of review or certiorari, can be
granted only when an Inferior board, of
ficer, or trlbui al. exercising judicial
functions, exceeds its Jurisdiction, and
there iB no appeal, or other adequate
remedy c<'. I. 1.. section 1068). All three
conditions must concur; that is. there
must lie an exercise of Judicial functions,
an act beyond the Jurisdiction, and an
absence of the right of appeal, or other
yemc-dy, or the writ will not lie.
The granting of a franchise is mani
festly not a judicial act. It is tic- ex
ercise of a part of tic legislative powers
of the state which in this particular In
stance was delegated to the municipal I
governme nt of the city of Dos Angeles.
But It is contended on behalf of the
petitioner that although the granting
of the franchise may he a legislative act.
yet the council must act judicially in
awarding the same to highi st bidder be
fore the ordinance granting it is passed,
because In so doing it must determine
which was the highest bid, thereby exer
cising a discretion which was judicial
in its character. The argument on this
proposition is based entirely on the as
sumption that tin' council had .a legal
right to consider tic- vain.- of the offer
to light the city hall as a pai t of thi bid
of Scott, and if i! decldi d Unit it was ol
more value than tin- offer of Spruance
then it had the right to award the con
tract as it did. This premise Is a false
one. In the case above cited Ihe supreme
court decided that tin- council had not
such right or power. In order to per
mit the action to be reviewed by cer
tlorari the board or tribunal must not
only be doing some act judicial in it
character but it must have a lawful right
to act judicially. Tie- case therefore |
stands in the same light as if the offei
to light the city hall had not been met -
tinned In the bid. and the council had
simply failed to give the- franchise to the
highest bidder. No exercise of discre
tion Is required o determine that $506
Is more than $107. it is a mere mutter ol
mathematics, a question which proves
itself and Is clerical and ministerial in
character and not judicial.
The case of Townsend vs. Copeland
(56 Cal. lil.".) seen,- to be precisely in
point in all respects. In that ease the
board of supervisor-: had advertise d for
bids to do the county printing. The two
bids had been received, one for $L'so and
one for 5 cents. The hoard decided that
the latter "was cot a bid and let the
contract to the other bidder. A pro
ceeding was begun to annul this action
by a writ of certiorari, and in regard to
that proceeding tin- < ourt sayi
"The hoard. In determlnlg to whom
the contract should be awarded, waa
absolutely obliged toawardthi tract
to the lowest bidder, or it had a right to
exercise Its discretion in tin- matter. 1'"
It was obliged to give the contract to the
lowest bidder it follows thai there tvai
nothing in the power which was Judicial
In its nature, but it was purely minis
terial. If, on tic other hand, the board
possessed a discretionary power in the
premises, the most that can be said
against Its action is that it was erron
eous and not an act In excess of its Jur
isdiction. In neither case is certiorari
the proper remedy."
The supreme court has decided in
Thompson vs. Board, above cited, that
the council was absolutely obliged to
award this franchise to the highest bid
der, to the person w ho offered the high
est price In money, and that conditional
bids or bids offering things other than
money could not be considered. There
fore the council had power in this mat
ter to act in a ministerial capacity only.
Certiorari Is not the proper remedy for
the correction of such errors.
The conclusion necessarily follows
that the facts set forth in the petition
are not sufficient to ustlfy the granting
of the relief prayed for. The defend
ant's demurrer to the petition should be
sustained and the proceedings dis
missed. It wHlbe so ordered.
Col. Blanton Duncan Wants $100,000 ot tbe
Associated Press' Money
Colonel Blanton Duncan yesterday ln
-1 stituted a libel suit against the Asso
! ciated Press for $100,000 damages. Flam;
-; tilt, after alleging that the defendant
has failed to comply with tbe state law
requiring the designation of an agent
upon whom process may be served, in
the office of the secretary of state.at
: Sacramento, further alleges that on the
; 18th of June, ISh5. the defendant sent
'to numerous papers, over its own leas
ed line, the following telegram: "Sun
Francisco, June IS.—Attorney Blanton
; Duncan of Los Angeles has filed an ap
: )ieal from Judge Ross' decision against
i him In his $50,000 libel suit against the
i Southern Pacific and Atchison, Topeka
& Santa Fe railroad companies. The
case grew out of a dispute about a rebate
claimed by Duncan on the companies
charges for shipping household goods.
I The companies asserted that Duncan
i had perjured himself in statements
1 made- to tic interstate commerce com
mission.'' Plaintiff alleges that the said
telegram is false and defamatory, for
the reason that he never instituted suit
against tli Southern Pacific company,
and that il was understood by J. E.
Young. 1. E. Messmore .and others to
j mean that plaintiff had committed per-
I Jury, anil that the company had assert
ied that plaintiff had perjured himself.
For this he asks $50,000 damages.
For a Becond cause of action plaintiff
alleges that defendant on the 18th of
February, 1896, sent out the following
telegram: "The United State circuit
court of appeals affirmed the decision of
j the lower court in the case of Blanton
I Duncan against the Atlantic & Pacific
! railway for $50,000, dismissing the case.
Duncan's claim was that the railroad
I had Injured his character by working
him into a case before the Interstate
commerce commission." Plaintiff al
leges that this telegram is also false and
defamatory, for the reason that he never
instituted a libel suit against the com
pany named, and that it was understood
by J. E. Young. T. E. Messmore and
others to mean, among other things,
that plaintiff had committed perjury be
fore the interstate railroad commission.
For this he also asks $00,000 damages.
Suit Instituted on the Bond ot a San Ber
nardino Notary
The State Loan and Trust comapny
yesterday instituted suit against W. L.
Burton, a San Bernardino county no
tary, as principal, and Samuel Weath
erholt, Albert Thompson and A. A. War
ren, as sureties, to recover on the of
ficial bond of Burton. The plaintiff
made a loan on a mortgage to Lowell
L. and Ada A. Rogers, which was cer
tified to before Burton as notary. When
foreclosure proceedings were Instituted,
the defense was set up that the mort
gage property was homestead, and that
Mrs. Ada A. Rogers had never per
sonally appeared before any notary and
made oath that it was free and unin
cumbered, as was set forth in the notar
ial certificate. By reason of these false
statements In the notarial certificate,
plaintiff alleges that it has been de
prived of its security for the loan made,
and lias been damaged to the extent of
more than $">:'00. Judgment is asked
ugainst Burton for $5000. against Weath
erholt for $:'OOO. and against Albert
Thompson and A. A. Warren for $4uoo
Suits 011 ilechanlcs' Liens
Robert H. Faulkner yesterday insti
tuted suit against Jonathan Bixby et
al.. to reover $756 for labor and mate
rials furnished for a house on a lot on
the northwest corner of Ocean avenue
and Pine street, and that the same be
declared a lien against the real estate.
Franklin & Clifford have also sued M.
E. Smiley et al., to recover $110.78, due
for labor and materials furnished for a
bouse on lot .10. block 1. Wright's sub
division of the Sisters of Charity tract,
and that the same be adjudged a Hen
against the same.
Kate Hyde, administratrix of the es
tate of B. F, Hyde, deceased, has sued
C. G. Lehman et al.. to recover $42 for
labor and material furnished for a house
on lot 8 of bloc k 1 of Los Angeles Im
provement company's subdivision of
lot 7 of bloc k 89, Hancock's survey, and
that the same be adjudged a lien against
the real estate.
Clark & Taylor also sued James W
Evans et al.. to recover 1226.45 for labor
and materials furnished for a building
on lot ss of block C, of w. J. Fisher's
subdivision of the Kohler & Frohllng
tract, and to bay.- the same adjudged
a lien on the real estate.
For a Writ of Mandamus
V. J. Jacques yesterday filed an affi
davit and petition for a writ of manda
mus against Township Justice Young,
praying that the said justice at once ap
pear and show cause why he should not
at once proceed with the trial of the
case of Jacques vs. Williams, an action
to recover $86.70 due for goods and mer
chandise delivered. It is alleged that the
case has been continued a number of
times and that finally on the 8d day of
June a further c ontinuance was granted
by the said justice on the sole ground of
the absence Of the defendant, and with
out any proper and legal showing being
Fighting Over a Dressmaker's BUI
The trial of the case of Mrs. Mine
Clark against Miss Metis Russell, a suit
to recover $56 for eight dresses made
for the defendant, was on trial before
Township Justice Voting yesterday. The
defi ndant is now a typewriter in the
employ of W. H. Shinn, but formerly
worked for Mrs. Clark, and put in a
counter claim tor $l-u for services ren
dered. When the dispute first nrose
Mrs. Clark Bnatchi d .Miss Russell's eye
glasses from her msv and held tli'-ni as
part payment. These were ordered re
turned, and then the case was continued
to give Mr. Shinn an opportunity to pre
sent authorities show ing why the case
should be dismissed, it b, lug claimed.
among other things, that the defendant
is a minor.
Abe Solomon hts-harped
The charge of assault with a deadly
weapon against Abe Solomon was yes
terday dismissed by Township Justice
Young, and the defendant discharged.
Solomon was playing with a number of
boys, among them one named Supena.
He had a knife in his hand, and in a
Bcuffie the Supena lad was wounded
in the side. The justice thought that
the cutting was accidental, and acted
To Recover lor Prolesiional Services
K. li. Knight and G. E. Harpham, en
partners under the firm name- of Knight
X- Harpham, attorneys-at-law, have
sued Rosa L Whitmore to recover $1000
alleged to be due for professional sc-rv
Guilty hs Charged
Felipe Rodriguez, charged with as
sault with a deadly weapon on one Al-
Vltra, at San Gabriel, some weeks ago,
was yesterday convicted in department
' one before Judge Smith. He was sen-
I tenet d to pay a $60 fine or serve sixty
' days in the county jail, as there were
some mitsratlng circumstances in tits
To Debar Blakel.
Late yesterday afternoon a complaint
was filed against W. T. Blakely. an at
torney, by J. F. Ruprecht, asking his
disbarment, "first. 011 the ground of
unprofessional conduct; second, of a vio
lation of his official oath; and, third, of
deceit, fraud. Chicanery and shadowy
methods. In order to serve bis own self
ish ends." The disbarment proceedings
grow out of a disagreement between
Blakely and his former partner, C. B.
Ladd. The proceedings will be brought
by the Bar association, represented by
ltlchard Liunnigan.
Judgment lor Plaintiff
In the case of Adams vs. Hedges, fore
closure suit under a mechanics' lien.
Judge Shaw yesterday gave Judgment
for the plaintiff, with $50 attorney's fees.
In the case of W. 11. Hbltiday Vs, Sarah
E. Burlingame et al.. to foreclose a mort
gage. Judge York yesterday gave judg
ment for plaintiff for J2U65.6:, with $50
attorneys' fees.
New Citizens
Bert Rees. a native of England, was
yesterday admitted to citizenship by
judge Clark.
Jacob Zaff and Michael J. Merrick,
natives of Canada. Miguel Ortiz, a na
tive of Mexico, and Lewis A. Sherwood,
a native of England, were admitted to
citizenship by Judge Smith.
Paid His Fine
Jacob Sea. recently convicted In the
United States district court and fined
$100 for cutting timber on government
land In Fresno county, yesterday remit
ted the amount of his fine to Clerks
Owens, which saved an execution Is
Admitted to Practice
On motion of S. G. Long, and presenta
tion of a certificate from the supreme
court of New York, William P. S. Staf
ford was yesterday admitted to prac
tice by Judge York.
To Quiet Title
In the case of John W. Hlnton, trustee,
vs. the city of Los Angeles et al., a suit
to quiet title. Judge York yesterday gave
judgment for the plaintiff.
To Recover on a Real Estate Deal
F. Edward Gray has sued Mary J.
I Bewail, administratrix of the estate of
Abigail W. Bewail, deceased, and Gilbert
' Bewail, to recover $237.60, the balance due
i on a lot at Lamanda park.
For Letters ol Adminlsfration
Z. L. Parmelee yesterday filed his peti
tion for letters of administration on the
estate of W. J. Brown, who died in Aug
ust, 1894. leaving personal property val
ued at $250.
Suit on a Grocery Bill
Marie Cuneo has sued Philip Moreno
to recover $"45.70 for groceries and pro
visions sold and delivered to the defend
On the Oround of Cruelty
Alice Killian was yesterday given a
decree by Judge Shaw, divorcing her
from Josh J. Killian, on the ground of
Plain Case ol Desertion
Emily C. McDonald was yesterday
divorced from W. McDonald by Judge
York, on the ground of desertion.
Suit on a Promissory Note
B. S. Jones has sued E. C. Webster to
recover $1146 on a promissory note.
Pleasant Alfalr at the Normal School Friday
The Webster club of the Normal school
' gave one of its enjoyable entertain
ments in the auditorium of the school
building Friday evening. There was a
large and appreciative audience present
and the affair was one of thepleaaant
est ever given by the organization.
Before the presentation of the main
feature of the evening a two-act com
edy. The Old Story, a very delightful
musical program was rendered under
the direction of Mrs. Juliet Powell iiice.
The Normal orchestra opened the pro
gram with a selection from Erminle.
Then followed a sung, Tic Bridge, by
the Webster club quartet, composed of
Messrs. Hill, Fanning. Shoemaker, and
Warren. A recitation. Going to the
Fiesta, by Mr. Myron Young, was hear
tily enjoyed by all. The entire club
then joined In giving The Way They Do
in Washington. Tbe next number was
a song medley. The Whipporwill, by the
Webster quartet. La Pal una by tbe or
chestra concluded the musical portion
of the entertainment.
The Old Story was given with the fol
lowing cast of characters: Waverly
Brown (bachelor), Mr. Bryon Rodham;
Thompson (from town). Mr. C. A. Post;
("apt. Kootoo (unattached), Mr. William
Qastrich; P. N. Jones (poet), Mr. S.
Bruc c Wright; Wilkinson (servant), Mr.
Clarence Dlcklson; Mrs. Minerva Dead
set (widow). Miss Josephine M. Dow;
Miss Snipely (spinster). Miss Lillian
Rood; Miss Crichett (spinster), Miss
Ruth Martin; Lucy Brown (Brown's
niece), Miss Agnes Hawley; Fritters
(lu-r maid). Miss Mac Bosbyshell.
Every one of the characters w as well
BUstalned and several were especially
commendable. The humor of the piece
could not have been better brought out
than it was by the very clever acting of
Miss Mac Bosbyshell as Fritters. Miss
Ruth Martin as the spinster, and Will
iam Qastrich as Captain Kootoo. Miss
Dow and Mr. Bruce Wright also ac
quitted themselves with great credit.
The entire piece was presented Vith a
dash seldom seen In amateur perform
ances and the members of the club re
ceived the warmest of applause for their
successful effort.
Cause ol Ihe Death ot Maurice de Looatecki
D?fini'ei> Determined
An lnqii'-st w as yesterday held on the
body <]f .Maurice de I.opatooki, the ex
iled Pole who died in the reclevlng hos
pital on Friday afternoon. Dr. Bryant
made the post mortem examination, by
which it was ascertained that death had
resulted from inflammation of the brain.
The disease had been coming on for
some time and was undoubtedly the
cause of the llstlessness and apathy
which had been displayed for some time
and was evidenced by bis lying asleep
or in a partial stupor for about twenty
hours out of tbe day. A verdict of death
from natural causes was rendered by
the jury. Tiie body will i>e luid for bur
ial until Monday In the hope of hearing
from some of Lopateckl's relatives in
Poland. Deceased was possessed of a
small property out on Temple street,
which will be taken charge of by tbe
public administrator.
When the Swallows Homeward Fly
People begin to ask themselves. "Where
shall I spend the summer." An ocean voy
age, an inland jaunt, or a coastwise trip,
which shall it be? In clther case, one of the
most useful tra\ > liuu companions, one that
nev< r fails in an etni rgency to which it is
adapted. Is Hosteller s Stomach Hitters,
which remedies se.t sickness, nausea,
headache, biliousness and malarial com
plain!-. Dyspepsia, rheumatism, nervous
ness and kidney trouble' are also remedied
by the great alterative and preventative.
Tourists by sea ami land, mariners emi
grants and western pioneers all testify to
its defensive and remedial efficacy. Bodily
and menial fatigue arc counteracted by it.
and it prevents maladies which would
otherwise lie brought on by exposure, No
one Bhoufd start on a summer outing
Without it. It is the most genial and re
liable of summer tonics, and suits the.
most fastidious palate.
Call tel. 243 for ambulance. Kregelo
& Presee, Sixth and Broadway.
All prices of wall paper greatly reduced,
a. A. Lckslrom. 324 South Spring street.
Receipts and Expenditures
About the City Hall
How the Figures Will Stand on the
30th of June
The It! Levy Thli Year Will Be In the
Neighborhood of $I.3s—GstMSlttSS
The municipal administration appears
to be out of the woods, and the fiscal
year will probably end on June 30, with
no deficiency In the general budget
made up last year. The condition of
affairs was on the first of the month as
follows: I
Balaufes, June 1, IS96—Cash fund,
salary, $7938: fire department,
17J03; new water, $4319; street sprink
ling. $."iO.">B; gas, $5561: bridges, $!!«:
dog, $131; tax 1889-90, $75; tax 1892-93. $57;
tax lsm-95, $2067; boiler permits. $403.50:
tax ISS7-S9. $35; tax 1891-93, $10; total.
$51,903. Average receipts for salary
funds per month, $15,000; grand total,
Transferred June Ist, $6000 from the
cash fund to the central police station;
balance in cash fund. $12,43L'.
Expended—Cash fund, June, $13,773;
additional expenses for superintend
ent's office, $780; total, $14,553: demands
tor salary. June. $16,030; fire department
demands for June. $7648.
Expenditures—Cash fund. $14,553; sal
ary fund, $16,030; fire fund, $7648; new
water fund, $750; street sprinkling,
$3140; S as fund, $4300; total. $46,421.
The tax rate this year will, It Is ex
pected, be in the neighborhood of $1.35
a hundred.
The finance committee yesterday
agreed to recommend that the sum of
$.;:iia be transferred from the new water
fund to the street lighting fund, and
that the city auditor and city treasurer
be so instructed.
Recommend the petition from Grace
M. E. church be referred to the city as
sessor to report to this committee as to
the statements therein contained.
In the matter of the petition from A.
Jacoby, asking that a certain lien re
corded in volume 2 of city liens at page
299, tin- same being against lot 13 of the
Botlller tract, be cancelled. It appears
that this lien is on account of tin-widen
ing of Ninth street, and that on the 30th
day of March. 1891, the council paid the
petitioner 50 per cent of the amount
of money actually due him on account
of damages caused to his property over
and above all claims due the city in full
sett lenient of this entire matter so far as
In- and the property owned by him was
concern* d. In some way this cancella
tion of liens was marked against all of
tin- property except lot 13 of the Botlller
tract, and your committee believes that
it was the intention to cancel said lien
at that time, and that the cancellation
of tile same is but a compliance with the
agreement and settlement made witli the
petitioner on March 30th. 1891. We there
fore recommend that the city clerk be
Instructed to mark said assessment
against lot 13 of the Botlller tract, to be
found in volume 2 of city liens at page
299. cancelled and redeemed of record.
Recommend that the petition fromW.
B. Robb be referred to the city attorney.
The petitioner wants certain money for
failing to enter into a school building
contract returned.
Ri commend that the city treasurer be
instructed to return to W. H. Workman
the amount of $600 deposited as a guar
antee thai he would properly fill the lots
and grade the street in front of the
Bchi ol Bite recently sold by him to the
city on Boyle Heights, Mr. Workman
having conformed with all of the re
quirements for which this money was
deposited as a guarantee.
The supply committee yesterday filed
the following:
Your supply committee beg leave to
report that liiere are now in the corpor
ation yard a number of wagons formerly
used by the street department, and in
the basement of the city liail a number
of harnesses used by this department,
which are no lunger needed by the city,
and which are deteriorating every day.
Your committee believes that these
wagons and this harness should be dis
posed of, and therefore recommend that
the assistant chief of the fire depart
ment be instructed and authorized to
dispose of the same at private sale at
such prices as he believes the same to
be worth.
The opening of Trinity street at
Twentieth has again become a live is
sue. The following was yesterday filed
with the council:
Whereas, It has come to our knowl
edge that the contractor who has the
contract for curbing and sldewalking
Kast Twenty-first street in said city is,
by the consent of the street superin
tendent and city engineer, of said city,
about to sidewalk and curb both sides
of said Bast Twenty-first street, at the
intersection of Trinity street, thus prac
tically closing said Trinity street as a
public thoroughfare, and
Whereas, Sal 1 Trinity Is a public
Btreet, that is and for several years has
been used extensively by the undersign
ed residents and property-owners In its
vicinity, as well as by other residents,
and by the public at large, and
Whereas, The practical closing of
Trinity street by its curbing and side
walking across the intersection of the
same- with East Twenty-first street, as
aforesaid, will result in great hardship
to your petitioners, and the other resi
dents and property-owners in the vicin
ity thereof, as well as greatly incon
veniencing the general public.
We then fore petition you to take
such steps as may be necessary to pre
vent tin- practical closing of Trinity
street by the sldewalking and curbing
of East Twenty-first street, as afore
The . oi gn nation of the Central M. E.
church has forwarded to the council a
resolution commending that body for
having recently refused to grant a
license tor a cm us performance in this
city on Sunday.
Building Superintendent Strange calls
the attention of the council to the fact
that, although the new police station is
nearing completion, no provision has so
far yet been made for courtroom furni
ture in the building.
In three cases the council has com.
menced proceedings for opening streets,
and after the commisslbners bad been
named proceedings have been abandon
ed, and the commissioners left without
In tin- case of the opening of San
Pedro stl t. the commissioners have
filed a claim for the amount of their
compensation as fixed by the council,
The Btreel superintendent has made
arrangements to put his additional
street cleat Ing force of fifteen men to
work tomorrow.
Smokers unbiased in their opinion pro
nounce Sweet -Moments cigarettes best-
go Cente livery Day
Hound trip to Redondo Beach and Santa
Monica via the Santa Fe. Trains at
morning, noon and night. See time
Paint, floor. 75c. 328 S. Spring.
My prices for -wallpaper beat all the city.
A. A. Kckatrom, 324 South Spring street.
With the Grateful "Chips" Falling from the Tehachepi
to San Diego
Like a Great Wave of Popular Enthusiasm—Conviction Has Fastened Upon the Public Wind and
Brushing Aside the Shadows of Doubt-Justice Stands Revealed
We promised you a class of Medical service (hat you could not obtain from any other institution on the Coast,
and we have kept that promise. From every corner of Southern California grateful patients attest this fact. Next
Sunday's issue of this paper will contain a history of some of the most remarkable cures ever recorded in legiti
; mate practice.
A prosperous and highly respected ,^^S^^^^^^^^^^^ l^
farmer, residing just outside the
city limits on South Main Street, VV^sll&lilll^
is restored to health after years f
of fruitless health-seeking. / vSlisiff
"I have been a sick woman for years j:
kidney and nervous troubles, and have P*^^&t'' '*. 'ffijtit&f&r '' <^»I^-5
tried many doctors and remedies with- ' '•J§BP^^~ J NSwSftJ
out relief. At times my trouble grew so ■ 'Or* TS.
bad that I was unable to work for days *.? •'• fell
at a time, and the suffering was almost I ■,■■>%-. / *
"About eight months ago one of my *^
neighbors who had been cured of trouble \ 7
similar to mine by the English and Ger- V - /
man Specialists, advised me to consult Xjjj ', •" £ >c^N
those s; ialists.. and it was fortunate / ~-*""*^\ '
advice for me. I am enjoying perfect ' ,-'
health today, and can do as good a day s x /WjKiAv" r^^^^rßllj^\
work as the best of them. I am not fond : <^S^9^BK
of notoriety, but deem it my duty to offer Hi > V'— aa.jL j^t^mi''' i^^^^ i f\o
this testimonial as a Just tribute to those . fIA \T~ ",7)/)" ' ' 1 /» W *
eminent specialists who have restored
A Logical Argument Our Success ] Our Examinations
-It recuires no great depth of thought I» due entirely to the fact that .aoh l^rt^TA^^rA^t
specialist Is thoroughly equipped In his | your disease,
to appreciate the fact that five educated special branch, and treats only such! NO PHYSICIAN can successfully
. , , treat a disease, the exact nature of
specialists are more competent to sue- cases as come undor hls *" eclalt >'- which he docs not understand, and the
During the past year we have had public lias begun to realize this fact,
cessfully treat chronic disease than any j hundreds of cases that had been under CHRONIC SUFFERERS must look
lesser number of men, no matter how the ca,e „ °j other I****"", and Vet , gt Uso'SjlltUe
no one had properly diagnosed their judgment it will not be difficult to se
competent. ' . _„ __ . J troubles. lect the proper medical advisers.
Treated by the English and German Expert Specialists
Diseases of the Liver, Stomach and Bowels, Tape and Round Worms, Fistula, Piles, Diseases of the Kidney and
Bladder, Catarrh, Asthma, Consumption, Nervous Diseases, Epilepsy, Paralysis, Ulcers, Abscesses, Cancer, Diseases
of the Skin and Scalp, Eczema, Diseases of the Heart and Circulatory System, Rheumatism, Obesity (excessive fat),
Deformities and Surgical Diseases, Goitre, Hip Joint Disease, Disease of the Eye and Ear, Blood Diseases, Diseases
peculiar to Women, Private Diseases of Men and Women, Spermatorrhoea, Varicocele, Syphillis and all Chronic
Discharges. .
A Weil-Known Resident of Artesia, Cat., -
Says a Few Things of Interest to NS^^^^^^^
Women W<; §
"I have ben a sick woman for years
from kidney and nervous troubles. My sKiS-aril
suffering at times has been so great jot'4o&ffS&!iy MHwvjf
that It seemed as though I could not live. ' : " \
At night I could not sleep, and the itch- • \ \
ing and burning sensations that crept // Wl '' ' '"' "" l '^-v.-; \ I
up and dow nmy body almost crazed me. /// ft '«> Mi •/// ill
At last my kidneys became affected and \\\l \\ % ' h /illl 111
made my condition almost unbearable. /// \j. , ' ''' //////(!
|"I was under treatment with all the |l V, • ' -.. IMW*,'!' \
best physicians in Los Angeles, but j i llullmllllL ■I \
never received any benefit from them. . I . I / v-•• V //fflllllflru Tr~ \
Three months ago I consulted the Eng- j 111 \ '.. ' jfllllfniifU tJrlili
llsh and German Specialists, and after | I I 111 ' t V^^H|||l|B|tpfflSftn
two months' treatment I found myself / ; I \ HIV ' : \^^^^W^)^^^^^^^c\
entirely cured. I have had no return j j 1 J \\\ '' \
of my troubles since, and am feeling | ll\ II (SSl^^^^'^>\\
as weU and strong as I ever was. After "^|^-jjs§j^
what I have suffered, and the time and ffl//fflfjk of i\i^^^
money wasted on doctors, I feel that it '"Wf \\
is my duty to every afillcted woman to ' 111 l 'M^ , \^^^^^^^^' J '^^^^p W
tell Die story of my wonderful recovery. lljl I
"MRS. LEVI CARSE, * ' f J> /
The English and German Expert Specialists,
Rooms 410 to 422 Byrne Bld'g, Third and Broad'y, Los Angeles, Cal.
Office Hours—B to 5 daily ; 7to 8 evenings, and 9t012a. m. Sundays. Telephone 1113 Black
Call or write for our new Guide and Question List
Part of the staff of the English and German Expert Specialists will be at Santa Paula, at
Hotel Petrolia, Friday morning, June 12th; Ventura, at Hotel Rose, Friday p. m, June 12th;
Carpenteria, at Hotel, Saturday morning, June 13th; Santa Barbara, at Hotel Mascarel, Satur
day p. m., June 13th. Consultation free.

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