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While THE HERALD'S out of towa
service is nearly perfect, tt It neces
sary to remove an agent or carrier
occasionally. In aome Instances such
agents and carriers refuse to turn
over to their successors the names
and addresses of their patrons. Sub
scribers who fall to receive their pa
per will confer a special favor and
asure regular delivery by tending
their names and addresses to tha
Enthusiastic Meeting of Free
Silver Advocates
Give Their Reasons for Abandoning
the 0. 0. P.
nmlc, Poetry and Speeches Round Out the
livening- — Doings In the Social
World-News Brevities
PASADENA, Aug. 20.—Tho meeting
of the Bryan club last evening In the
headquarters In the Wooster block was
an enthusiastic success. Many people
could not And seats and the doorways
were crowded with interested specta
tors. The meeting was called to order
by President Wildett at about S ociock.
President Willett expressed his gratifi
cation at the numbers present and said
that it did not surprise him that SO many
were interested In the financial question.
Ho pointed out the many discrepancies
In the recent speech of Burke Cockran
in New York. There could be no doubt
of the success of the free silver platform
if it was carried out on the lines of
Professor James G. Clark sang 'Tls
Coming, after which It was announced
that there would be a meeting of the
North Pasadena Bryan club in finger's
hall Friduy night, and one in South
Pasadena the night following. People
would be directed to the meeting place
by a committee at. the electric station.
Professor J .1). Yocum said that be had
been v Republican for thirty years, and
had left the jiarty because it digressed
from the purpose of its formation, that
of making men free, lie was a friend
of the people and did not have at heart
the interests nf English money lenders.
Henry Clews Is the mouthpiece of Wall
street, and his recent letter expressed
the sentiments of the people be pre
sented. Wall street is now reposing on
its reserved power, and it must not
therefore be a surprise whatever the
outcome may be between now and No
vember. Mr. Yocum's speech was
greeted with prolonged applause.
Mr. Haven s*ng Bryan, the Brave,
and Professor James G. Clark recited
an original poem, If Christ Should Come
Mr. S. A. Waldron was introduced by
Mr. Willett. He had been speaking for
twenty years upon the money question,
believed that It was the cause of all
the people's distress, and that they were
now recognising it as such. Twelve
years ago he rented Williams' hall for
the purpose of talking on the subject
and he had one man for an audience.
Now that 9,000.000 mortgages hail been
placed on American homes the people
were willing to listen. He referred to
the tariff as a cracker'over which the
people were made to roll and he quoted
Abraham Lincoln's famous saw. "You
can fool all the people some of the time,
some of the people all the time; but,
thank God, you can't fool all the people
all the time." Mr. Waldron reviewed
the money question since the war and
the demonetization of silver In 1873. He
referred to Mr. McLachlan as at heart
a free silver man.
Mr. Waldron's remarks called for
much applause, nnd after the singing
of The People's Battle Cry, by Messrs.
Haven and Clark.the meeting adjourned
until next Wednesday ni;tht.
A number ot Good Templars took a
straw ride to Troplco last evening. The
destination was a lawn party at the
home of Past Right Worthy Grand Tem
plar Theodore I). Kaneotise. The party
from Pasadena was composed of Misses
Ralston. McClure, Hampton, Llsk,
Terpennlng, Hoose, Fryer, Shaw, Bunch,
DeHage, and Murphy. Messrs. Terpen
lng Westrlng, Yore, Bright, James, De
Garmo. Holcombe, Stevens, Myers and
j. w. Dervin. arrested yesterday for
■vagrancy, was given thirty days In jail
by the recorder this morning.
William Watkins left a bicycle on the
street yesterday and when he returned
he found a bicycle, but one of inferior
quality to the one which he first pos
sessed. He is looking for the man who
made the exchange.
About $12 worth of mason's tools were
stolen yesterday from Mr. G. W. Dyer,
who had them stored In the old Union
club duildlng on the corner of Pasadena
avenue and Colorado street.
The matter of a new city charter was
discussed at the meeting of the board
of trade yesterday evening. It was de
cided to postpone action in tho matter
Messrs. CD. Daggett and Henry Sher
man and party left this morning for a
Stay at Wilson's Peak.
C. M. Parker and family returned
from Dell's camp yesterday.
Mr, and Mrs. W. G. Strong are among
Pasadenans at Redondo.
Mrs. Amy Lacey, daughter of Marsh
I. Lacey, is spending a week with Whit
tier friends.
Charles Swan went to Los Angeles to
day on business.
R. H. Fulton, secretary of the Y. M. C.
A., went to Long Beach yesterday for
a stay of a week.
Mr. Sutliff of the firm of Brown &
Sutllff Is spending his vacation at Dell's
Mr. H. A. Anderson has charge of the
Y. M. C. A. rooms in the absence of Sec
retary Fulton.
Mrs. M. M. Stewart is visiting fiends
at Long Beach.
The Misses Menner returned today
from an extended stay at the island.
Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Woodbury and
family left today for Marshaltown, la.
Dr. M. B. Huff of North Euclid avenue
Is entertaining Mr. E. F. Bradlsh of
Mr. and Mrs. Stein and daughter of
Los Robles avenue have returned from
a sojourn at Catallna.
Social Dalai*—Work lor VVomin SuHr*g-e.
Political Not**.
RIVERSIDE, Aug. 20.— Miss Nina
Jfurburg Tuesday evening entertained
the Rathbone sisters with a charming
recitation as a prelude to the evening at
B. F. Hudelson, state president of the
American Protective association, deliv
ered an open lecture Tuesday evening
In the banquet hall of the Odd Fellows'
building to about 800 people.
County Recorder Gruwell was In the
Angel City yesterday.
Mrs. Lauru (i. Rlddell of San Diego
I Is here in the Interest of woman suffrage.
| She Is the precinct organizer of the uni
versal suffrage campaign and will be In
the city for about a week engaged in
her work. Mrs. Rlddell Is an old school
teacher, having taught at Coronado for
a number of years. She Is also a mem
ber of the county board of education ot
that county.
The McKlnley-Hobart marching club
was out last night In full force, going
through evolutions.
Oeorge Fontenelle, an old Frenchman,
who has hern frightening women and
children In the south part of town, was
taken into custody yesterday and brought
before Justice Mills and fined $10. It is
thought that he Is not exactly right In
the upper story and there Is talk of send
ing him to the asylum.
E. H. Gruwell, A. M. Younglove, W. B.
Miller, C. O. Alkin. Sidney Pelton. Dr.
W. S. Ruby, all of Riverside, and E.
Michener of Elslnoro were among those
going to Santa Molnca yesterday to at
tend the K. of r. camp.
A Republican club has been organized
at f'errls with Col. H. A. Plimpton as
president; J. G. Clevlor, secretary, and
G. S. DoLlne, treasurer.
The Arlington Heights track has been
sold to Ely A. Bloudy of Houghton,
Mich. The price paid was $10,000. The
ranch consists of ten acres of 6-year-old
Navel orange trees.
Arrested tor Stealing Harness—Political and
!»!••. ii N.tet
SANTA ANA. Aug. 20.—Louis Har
mlca was last night arrested in the act
of disposing of a harness alleged to have
been stolen.
George Roth, from whom the harness
was stolen, had left it on his horse in
the stable, and on going to remove It
found It gone, and arrived with Consta
ble Graham in time to Ilnd the harness
as it was offered for sale at a 'second
hand store. Harmica claims that some
one gave him the goods, and he will
have a hearing before Justice Hunting
ton on Monday.
The Republican meeting addressed last
evening at Garden Grove by Col. Eddy
wus largely attended by men of all par
ties. Col. Eddy's speech was listened
to with attention and the respect which
an earnest man was entitled to.
The Odd Fellows' excursion to New
port Beach was a great success. Bully
SUO people from San Bernardino partici
pated, and also many from Redlands
and wayside towns. Several well-filled
coaches went from here. An Interesting
feature was a free clambake and Free
clam chowder, furnished by the mana
ger of the Newport Railroad und Lum
ber company.
Rev. J. H. Cooper and family have re
turned from a few weeks' outing at
Arch Beach.
P.P. Niokey and family and Norman
Roper and Joe Timmons are home from
E. B. Glfford, the well known San
Diego horseman. Is In this city, examin
ing some of Orange county's fine stock.
A telegram has been received here
stating that Joe Raney, formerly of this
place, is dying In San Francisco. His
sisters, Mrs. L. B. Fine and Mrs. J. L.
Garnsey, at once started for that city.
Count Bozenta and wife (Madame
Mojeska) were at tho Brunswick today.
The madame is very much Improved In
health but not. very strong yet. The
count informed the Herald reporter that
they should go to Tustln this evening as
the guests of Mr. jind Mrs. J. S. Rice,
and afterward go by easy stages to San
Francisco, visiting friends In Anaheim
and Los Angeles on the way.
Robert T. Lee. aged 29, and Carrie
Glass, aged 27, both residents of Los An
geles, received a marriage license last
evening and were afterward united In
matrimony by Rev. J. T. Hopkins at the
J. Clamroth, a curbstone orator, was
last night arrested by Constable Bob
Graham for disturbing the peace. He
gave bonds and will have a Jury trial
Friday morning before Judge Freeman.
He will be defended by City Attorney
Victor Montgomery.
The regular meeting of the Woman's
Political Equality club will be held at
Mrs. Park's, in Orange, on Friday, Aug.
28, at 2:30 p. m.
Misses Ida and Mary Neill. Olive
Warts and Mina Roper are home from
the beach.
Misses Edith Johnston and Myra
Cleaver are home from a two weeks'
visit with Pasadena friends.
fleeting ol the Non-Partisin Free Silver
ORANGE. Aug. 20.—The Non-Partl
san Free Silver club met In Bank hall
last night. The meeting was called to
order by Chairman Edelman, and the
minutes of the last meeting read and
approved, reports of committees receiv
ed, a constitution and bylaws adopted,
after which the permanent organization
was completed by the election of H.
Hamilton and E. W. Crowell, vice pres
idents: Fred Ahlborn, treasurer, and
Roy Chandler, sergeant at arms. The
business of the meeting having been dis
posed of. short speeches were made by
H. F. Gardner, C. S. Stowell and Charles
Baker. The speakers were liberally ap
plauded. An increh.se of twenty-two
names since the last meeting was re
ported, making a total of fifty-six. The
club adjourned to meet again August
The next meeting of the Orange Mc-
Kinley and Hobart club will be at Bank
hall August 21st. Colonel T. V. Eddy
of San Francisco will he present and
speak on the political issues of the day.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. P. \v. Ehlan of
Olive street, August 19th, a son.
J. A. Barger and family returned from
Long Beach on the 18th Instant.
The McPherson bridge has just receiv
ed an asphalt coating, which Is a valu
able improvement.
C. P. Peelor was in the city yesterday.
H. L. Moore goes to Los Angeles ti
The Orange county Democratic cen
tral committee will meet at 2 p. m. Sat
urday, August 22d in Spurgeon's hall,
Santa Ana, at which time the date of tho
primaries and the county convention
will be fixed.
Beet arower* Anxious About Railroad Facili
ties -Local News
ANAHEIM, Aug. 20.—People here are
considerably worked up over the report
that the railroad people will seek an
other point from which to build Its spur
to the factory site. They were so sure
of securing the railroad with little effort
that they did not use much diligence as
they might and scarcely anything has
been done towards securing the right of
way and now the engineers have been
ordered to Norwalk to survey the line
from that place.
President Rogers of the chamber of
commerce will Interview our citizens
Hl l?i lf 11 lB Slven any encouragement
will cull a meeting tomorrow evening
Judge Jason B. Pierce of this city and
Mrs. Mary J. Foster of Alamitos were
married yesterday at 9 a. m. at the resl
aeuc c ot me orlme's lather, Mr. J.L Am
lln. Ihe judge is 74 years of age and we
understand that this is his third matri
monial venture. The bride Is a hand
some young widow of 25 summers. Tho
happy couple left immediately for Santa
Barbara on a short wedding tour.
Charles Edclman, a leading Democrat
of Orange and a possible candidate for
the nomination for state senator, was In
the city this week looking over the po
litical situation.
Bishop Moru of Los Angeles was In the
city Monday and Tuesday, the guest of
Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Rlinpan. He was
accompanied by Father Grogan. They
left Tuesday for San Diego. The bishop
has resigned the bishopric of Southern
California and will leave In a short time
for Spain.
Deputy Sheriff Jack Landell of Santa
Ana was tn the city yesterday looking
for the "Kid." who escaped from the
officer at Newport, and attending to
other matters connected with the sher
iff's office.
R. Y. Williams, deputy district at
torney, was in the city this week attend
ing the) Justice's court.
H. A. Dlckel Is spending this week at
Anaheim Landing.
Miss Lindley of Whittier Is visiting the
family of Dr. Lee.
Peter Welsel's 12-year-old son, Hans,
had his thumb badly mangled In a corn
sheller a few days since.
The Turners will give a picnic on the
first Sunday in September at Curlis'
grove, near this city.
Th* Bit Hotel Filled With dueatf-Sxlal
CORANADO, Aug. JO.—F. Kerkow of
the Vienna Buffet. Los Angeles, was a
visitor hero this week, accompanied by
Mrs. Kerkow.
William J. Broderlck and party, in
cluding Mrs. Broderlck and children,
Mr. and Mrs. William K. Rowland, Miss
Nina Kowland, Mr. and Mrrs. John F.
Foster, Mrs. Henry T. Gage, children
and nurse and Master Pembroke Thorn
arc here from Los Angeles for a fort
night's visit. , | ~
E. F. Dlcklns of the United States
coast survey was here this week, ac
companied by R. Egan of Los Angeles.
Mrs. E. C. Brown and son are recent
Snnta Barbara arrivals.
Mrs. A. C. Jones has arrived from Los
Angeles to join the Holterhoff party at
the hotel.
Miss Noyes of Washington, D. C.,
gave a bowling party and Welsh rare
bit supper at the hotel on Wednesday
evening. Those present included Mrs.
Jardenl, Miss Hubbard and Miss Shoe
maker, Pasadena; the Misses Rossing
ton, Topeka; Miss Burling and Miss
O'Connor, San Francisco; the Misses
Adams, Detroit; Messrs. Oakley, Chi
cago; Ely, Cincinnati; Pardee, San
Francisco; Shoemaker, Jardine and
Strange, Pasadena, and McKenzie, Cor
Miss Burling won the lady's first prize,
Mr. McKenzie the gentleman's, and Mr.
Oakley the consolation prize.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Martz and children
were recent Los Angeles visitors here.
Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Mulford are among
the Los Angelenos stopping here.
Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Runyon of Red
Bluff entertained with a coaching party
on Monday. The drive chosen was
around the head of the bay, with a pic
nic luncheon served on the banks of the
Sweetwater. The participants were
Mr. and Mrs. Runyon, Mr. and Mrs. W.
M. Steigerwalt of Philadelphia: Miss
O'Connor and Miss Burling of San
Francisco, the Misses Rossington of To
peka, Miss Noyes of Washington, D. C,
and Mr. S. D. Pardee of San Francisco.
Miss Jarvis and Miss Sarah Jarvis of
Louisville, Ky„ are with Mrs. Otheman
Stevens and daughter at the hotel.
W. Kress, one of tha popular conduc
tors of the Santa Fe. has been visiting
Coronado. accompanied by hi" wife.
The recently completed and as yet un
furnished house of W. Austin Goodman
on Star park was the scene of a ghost
story frolic on Wednesday evening. The
house was lighted by a bon-fire in the
adjacent grounds. Mrs. Goodman and
Mrs. John C. Healy chaperoned the
party, which was composed of many
young people from the hotel, the occa
sion being the anniversary of Miss
fiealy's birthday.
W. B. Biddle, general freight and traf
fic manager of the Atchison,Topeka and
Santu Fe system, accompanied by Mrs.
Biddle and children and Mrs. George
Frost of Milwaukee, is a recent arrival
from Chicago. Mr. Biddle and party
made the trip by private car.
Dr. Ed Bryant of Los Angeles spent
several days here recently.
Company H, First Infantry.'U. S. A..
under command of Lieut. Noble, per
form entrenchment drill weekly at the
north Island. Coronado.
No collection of canes is complete at
the present day without one made from
a shark's backbone. The value is much
Increased by hooking your own shark.
Two gentlemen caught ten from the
Coronado wharf ihe other morning,
which will be boned for this purpose.
A handsome new monkey cage will be
built on the hotel grounds in the near
future to accommodate this increasing
branch of the family.
Mr. and Mrs. L. O. Shaw of Los An
geles were among the bridal couples vis
iting recently at the hotel.
Recent Pasadena arrivals at the hotel
include Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Hull and sons,
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Stuart and child and
Mrs. R. M. Furlong.
Major W. B. Hooper of the Occidental
hotel, San Francisco, gave a dinner at
Hotel del Coronado on Wednesday
evening in honor cf Bishop Johnson. The
guests included Dr. F. Walton Todd,
Capt. and Mrs. Charles T. Hinde, Cor
onado; Miss Shelby, Kentucky; Miss
Hooper, San Francisco, and Lieut. No
ble, San Diego.
Labor Day Celebrated by the Splrltuallett.
Ceneral News
REDONDO, Aug. 20— Labor day was
appropriately celebrated by tire Spirit
ualists at their camp with speeches, pa
triotic music and a general good time.
Prof. W. C. Bowman, orator of the day,
delivered an enthusiastic address touch
ing Upon many of the political questions
of the day and Incidentally but quite
gracefully weaving into his speech
many excellent thoughts on Spiritual
ism. This evening the regular order of
things-will prevail. Prof. J. S. Lovelace
will deliver an address after which
Maud Freitag will give tests.
The mediums' conference tomorrow
morning will be led by Mrs. Sanford
Johnson, the well-known medium and
slate writer of Los Angeles.
Mrs. Maud Freitag will deliver the
address of the afternoon and Mrs. D. N.
Place will conduct the usual tests. W.
J. Colville is booked for an address in
the evening, after which Mrs. Ladd-
Flnnlcane will give teats and messages.
This has been by far the best day of
the season for fishing. All day the wharf
has been lined with anglers, most or
whom were unusually successful. The
yellowtall began to bite quite early in
the morning and a great number of the
big fellows were landed. Small mackerel
continued running all day and numbers
of other varieties were captured. The
best fishing season is just fairly begun
and from this on angling will be the
chief vocation of the leisure class at
this resort.
S. P. Henßley. police clerk of Los An
geles, is here spending a part of his va
cation. Mr. Hensley Intends going to
Catalina in a few days.
R. H. Herron, a prominent citizen of
Los Angeles, came to the beach today
for a brief outing.
Prof. Tyndall, the well-known mind
reader, spent last night In town and will
probably return to give his carriage
drive next Saturday.
M. W. Conkline of Los Angeles took
out a party of friends In the yacht Vic
tory today. They had a very enjoyable
cruise and returned with great quanti
ties of flan.
Mrs. 11. D. Smith and Mrs. Oakley
| were umong the passengers on the
steam schooner Protection, which sailed
for Usal this afternoon. The ladles will
make a three weeks' trip, returning with
the Protection when she comes south
Captain McDowell had a merry crowd
from the Hotel Hillside out for a sail
Scarcity ol Gold StandsrJ Democrats-Notes
of the Day
tition was circulated in this city yester
day among the sound money Democrats
asking Will A. Harris to speak in this
city. After a hard day's work only ten
names were secured.
Alonzo P. Jones was in the city today
from Bloomington.
The Republicans of this county are
having a little fight on their hands as to
who will run for assemblyman. It is
said that one of the candidates, Mr.
Go It of this city, is being fought on the
grounds that he is a Canadian.
Bryan clubs are to be organized In
Mount Vernon. Mission and Rialto, un
der the auspices of the Bryan club of
San Bernardino.
Sam Bayliss of the Palace hotel, Col
ton, was in the city today calling upon
his many friends.
R. E. Norton of the Sun is quite jubil
ant today over the fact that he is the
faAher of a bouncing boy.
MY and Mrs. Cartwright and Miss
Edith, their daughter, have left on a
short trip to Santa Monica.
Clara Parker Is asking for a divorce
from Leonard Parker.
Stephen Carson returned to Encenitas
this morning accompanied by his daugh
ter, Mrs. D. C. Sohlott.
The move of the Southern Pacific rail
road to enter this city via E street, be
tween Mill and Third streets, is met with
almost universal opposition, not only
by the property owners along that street,
but by the citizens at large. It Is a
recognized fact that suoh a course would
forever condemn one of the best drive
ways in the county. While the citizens
of San Bernardino want the Southern
Pacific to enter the city, they do not
desire it at that sacrifice. It is safe to
say that the city trustees will unani
mously oppose the ordinance advocating
such an entrance.
"Dudley" McDonald, who was bitten
by a black spider a few days ago and
has been very low, is somewhat im
proved today.
Miss Jennie Worden, who has been
rusticating at Holcomb valley, has re
turned to this city.
A jolly paTty of young people last
evening visited Rubel Springs in Bra
zellon Bros." tine new tally-ho.
The Wallace residence, corner of
Tenth and E streets, was destroyed by
fire last night about 9:15. It is a clear
case of Incendiarism, as the house has
not been occupied for over a month. The
building was valued at about $750. and
was owned by a San Francisco investor.
The people of Del Rosa have organized
a Bryan club. At the initial meeting
there were seventeen members, which
has been increased to about twenty
W. A. Boren, W. «A. Boren, Jr., and
Earl Ames are back from their mines
in the Fremont district, and they bring
with them the most encouraging news
from all mines in that vicinity. These
gentlemen have done some work on their
mine, the Robert Earl. They have sunk
a fifty-foot shaft and struck a four-foot
lead giving out ore at $75 per ton. A
mill is soon to be erected.
City Attorney Allison leaves Monday
on a ten days' trip to the mountains.
Making the float of the Vacation Season.
Political Pointer*
POMONA, Aug. 20.—Miss Edna Cowan
and Miss Nona Wilson are spending the
week in Los Angeles.
Tlie Strong and Abbott party, who
have been camping at Dell's camp, In
Tipper San Antonio canyon, returned
home yesterday afternoon.
W. H. Macy has gone to Long Beach
to spend some time with his family at
that point.
Miss Hazel Campbell is at Long Beach
where she will remain several weeks
with her sister.
George Ercanbrock left this morning
for his new home in Chicago.
The prune crop throughout the val
ley, while not very large, is aid to be
of very sweet flavor and extra size.
A cordial invitation is extended to
persons of all political faiths to hear
Col. J. R. Berry of Los Angeles, who
will address the citizens of this place
under the auspices of the Bryan Silver
club on Saturday evening from the
stand adjoining the postoffice on the
Dr. E. Henderson, William Avis and
A. J. Stevens, with their families, are
at Deer camp, In San Antonio canyon,
for a stay of two weeks.
C. H. Howard has gone to Los Angeles
for a brief stay.
C. B. Messenger and family are plan
ning to spend the rest of this month
at Long Beach.
H. A. Broughton leaves Saturday fo
an extended visit with his parents at
their home in Lompoc. Cal.
The Cumberland Presbyterians will
hold services at the South Methodist
church on Sunday evening next.
Improvement ol Road*—Social and Personal
OCEANSIDE, Aug. ,20.— County Sur
veyor Vail with a party of assistants
has been at work on the county roads
in this district. Some much needed
changes have been made in the grades,
and one will now be able to trot up the
Ashbrldge and Mayhew grades Instead
of climbing, as soon as the first rains
enable the graders to go to work. They
are now at work on the Fallbrook roads.
To those who are on the inside there
is strong ground for hope in Oeeanside's
future, for they are more than hopeful
that the water system will soon be an
assured fact. The men at the helm re
fuse to give up. and will yet see it an
assured fact, and that at no very distant
Mr. Barham, who occupies a portion of
Dr. Graves' cottage, returned Tuesday
from a flying visit to his home In San
Bernardino. He thinks it still too hot
to return there, and will remain with his
family until October Ist.
Rev. Ashley performed the wedding
ceremony which united Miss Llllie Ir
win and Mr. Elmo Squiers in the bonds
of wedlock at Mrs. Connor's residence
on Hill street at 3 ociock Wednesday
afternoon. Only relatives and intimate
friends were present. The young couple
left on the 4:20 train for Los Angeles,
amid a shower of rice.
Mrs. Sam Freidman returned to her
home in San Bernardino, after five
weeks spent tn Oceanside.
Mrs. George Hirt and daughter and
Miss Bert Lane left Tuesday to again
dare the heat of San Bernardino.
Mr. Sam Pine and family of Vista are
here for several weeks for his father's
The Episcopal church of San Luisßey
gave an entertainment Tuesday evening,
it was also a farewell chance to hear
Miss Hail of Pasadena, whose violin,
music has charmed all who have heard
her. A good program was enjoyed. Ice
cream and cake were served, and darn -
ing closed one of the pleasantest even
ings of the season.
The rain that proved so destructive to
Redlands, Pomona and other points did
not reach us, although It was very
cloudy and a shower fell at Vista.
A Largely Attended Suffrage Meeting-Polit
ical and Social
SANTA MONICA. Aug. 20.—The suf
frage meeting yesterday afternoon at
the Atlanta hotel parlors had the larg
est attendance of tlie season. Mrs.
Bulla's paper was an able one and well
delivered. The date of the next meeting
will be announced later.
At the silver meeting in the town hall
last night a number of gold bugs carried
on an animated discussion in the rear
end of the hall in audible tones, but they
failed fo disturb the calm earnestness
of the silverites. Among tbe prominent
Kepubllcans present were Mr. Roy
Jones, who is not less of a Republican,
but more of a Silvertte than ever; Mayor
Robert Jones, Major Russell; H. L.
Jones, Editor Holt, all of whom there
are good chances of converting; Mr.
Koth, Mr. Mooaer, Postmaster Steele
and a good hundred intelligent voters
remained to the close of the meeting.
Judge Wells' speech was eloquent and
vigorous and aroused great enthusiasm.
One hundred and fifty-four names have
been signed to the Santa Monica sliver
roll up to date, and Secretary Hem
ingway will double that by the next
The greatest social function of the
week is Mrs. John Bradbury's Rustic
canyon fet". At 11 ociock this morning
all the invited ones gathered at Mrs.
Winston's residence, on Ocean avenue,
and were conveyed in carriages, drags,
carts, etc., to the scene of the festivities.
Those who participated were Mmes.
Miner, Drake, Longstreet. Winston.
Tevis, Owynne, Cpham, Childs, McKit
trlck. Wicker, Gorham. Pruess. Brad
bury, Ward. Thorn. Vail, Hicks, Banning,
Wilcox. Baker. Misses Minnie Bradbury.
Louise Bradbury, Winston. Newmark,
Roberts. Wicker. Scott, Van Ness. Gor
ham. Banning, Misses O'Connor. Tru
man. Messrs. Miner, Drake, Wilcox.
Kellogg, Fitzgerald. Bradbury. Louis
Bradbury. Childs, Norris. McKittrick,
Gwynne. Roy Jones, Gorham, Cole. Ca
rey, Orr, Tevis. Hastings, Bolton, Hen
re. Ward. Schumacher, Gaffey, Thorn,
Hewitt. Vail and Hicks. Mr. and Mrs.
Bradbury have given their guests a day
of pleasure to be long remembered.
The Misses Mildred and Imogen Lud
luin of San D.iego are visiting the Misses
Rifle and Alice Masse at La Descansar,
Fifth street.
Mrs. Bertha McClelland and Miss Tel
fair came down from Los Angeles this
morning and spent the day at the beach.
Mr. Morris Hellman's little son, 6
years old, strayed away from home early
this morning and caused the family
great excitement. He was discovered at
the farthest end of the long wharf this
afternoon. He walked the entire dis
tance and would have gone further but
that he heard Ashing Is splendid at the
end of the long wharf these days.
The arrivals at the Arcadia today are
O. H. Balbrldge, San Diego; Frederic.
Edward McKay, New York city; Mrs.
Allen Dodworth, Miss Dodworth, Mrs. J.
L. Dearborn. Pasadena.
Arrivals at the Arcadia yesterday
were A. Campbell Johnson, Garvansa;
D. Campbell Johnson. England; Lydia
Yeamans Titus, New York city; Mrs. G.
M. Antrim, Mrs. Chas. Jenkins. Los
Angeles: Robert Davenport and party
England; Miss Mary A. Patrick. Chi
cago; Miss Marcla A, Patrick, Chicago;
Frederick T. Titus, New York city; Miss
Van Ness, San Francisco; Geo. Francis.
Chas. Widney, C, E. Morton, Shirley
Vance Martin. W. W. Norrls, Miss Mary
Banning. C. B. Jacobs, Mrs. Dr. R. E.
McDonald. Mrs. M. A. Field, Miss E. Kll
bourn, Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Hicks, C.
Allen, Los Angeles.
Visitors Continue to Arrive—Life at Camp
AVALON. Aug. 20.—The crowds con
tinue to arrive and one can hardly keep
pace with events happening every
twenty-four hours.
The private craft, or tramp boat, the
Dawn came in the hay and anchored,
with about ten passengers aboard, last
evening at dusk.
Fishing la excellent. The staging to
Little Harbor Is tho trip of the Island.
Rob Persons, Harry Rownds of Kan
sas City, Allen S. Brown and Teda Max
well are comfortably situated in a tent
cottage on the hill overlooking the bay.
Tha Whittier cadets, who have drilled
each afternoon at Camp Banning, de
serve great credit for being so persever
ing in their work. They drill like old
soldiers and almost to a man rival
Frenchmen in their manners. The peo
ple of Avalon will regret to see them
leave. They have played baseball and
football with a vengeance. In the foot
ball game they won by making a score
of 16 to 0. Among the lieutenants are
William Volkmoore, company X; R.
O'Brien, company A; J. King, company
F; J. Liddell, company E; E. L. Wade,
company B; C. Chappelear, company G;
other paid officers are J. W. Davis, A. V.
Dunsmoore, H. Krohn, H. J. Keller aud
H. Frieskow, who are second lieuten
Two small cadets are missing, one a
Mexican and the other an American boy.
They will probably return In a few
hours, as they have nothing to eat un
less they get lost. Hunting parties have
been sent out to find them.
W. H. Cline, chief of police, and Judge
Joseph Banning sailed away to Goat
Harbor on a goat hunt. One fine big billy
was the result. They both tired at the
same time at 800 yards' range, and both
claim the horns. They will shoot off the
horn of the dilemma in the near future.
Capt. Frank Whitley took ot.| a party
of about thirty-five for a moonlight sail
on his beautiful fifty-ton schooner yacht
the Nellie. The evening was perfect; a
light breeze was blowing. Music, sing
ing and watermelons were enjoyed.
Mrs. L. C. Goodwin. Mr. and Mrs. John
F. Francis, Mrs. Geo. Blakelee of New
York city, Mrs. Geo. Patton, Misses
Alyce Keenan and Grace Blakelee. Mas
ter Geo. Patton, Jr., and Geo. A. Mont
gomery were out on a fishing trip off
Church Rock on the Catalina launch.
A large string of fish was the result. Mr.
Francisco caught one of the largest yel
lowtall with rod and reel, weighing
thirty-three pounds, while The Herald
correspondent carved a huge water
melon, which all enjoyed.
Mr. F. SLXastle of The Needles is here
as the guest of W. H. Thomson.
A goat hunt to Middle ranch was par
ticipated In by Messrs. F. H. Lowe, who
lolled a huge billy over at 1000 yards
while on the run.
John F. Francis got the buck fever and
it was over fifteen minutes before he
sufficiently recovered, to pull the trig
ger, but when he did something dropped,
which gave him on* of the finest trophies
ever taken at Catalina. The skin and
horns will probably adorn the floor of his
smoking parlors in his palatial home.
J. C. Cllne, our good-looking ex-sher
iff, was charged on by a pair of mad
billies, who stampeded him so badly
that his friends couldn't see for the dust
he made going down the mountains
The ever genial John Schumacher bad
better luck and captured two little kids
by running them down. He will take
them home as souvenirs of his trip. He
also will take home a fame leg. which he
got by rolling down a precipice.
W. vv. How ard of the firm of Howard
<fc BlXby gained a tine pair of horns by
waiting beside a rock and knocking ii
big billy down with a club, which the
I other gentlemen had driven to him. Mr.
i Howard does not believe in climbing up
; rugged mountains and down steep preci
pices, through thick brush, when he can
get others to drive the goats to him.
A One lunch was served at Eagle
camp, In which wet goods took a leading
part. The party returned tired out, hut
Still In the ring und eager for another
J, L. Knpus and B. Guerado aro
among the Metropole arrivals.
Masters Willie and Oeorge Cline, sons
of Mr. und Mrs. w. H. Cllne, at a pop
corn party In their pretty cottage tent,
i orner of Seventh street and Bumner
avenue, hurt as gtlests Joe and [Catherine
Banning. Geo. and Meta Patton, Ban
ning ar.d Harry ('line, Chas. Stoll. Veva
Beeson and Gordan Traver
The swetlest event of the Catalina
season, a full-dress ball, will take place
at the Island Villa hotel. In the grand
ballroom, next Saturday'evening.
Among the prominent Island Villa ar
rivals are H, O. Haines and Mauri E.
Haines of I.os Angeles: Chas. B. Mon fort
of Pasadena, and 1?. S. Weston of Wil
The first runaway of the season has
taken place. The fine gray horse at- j
tached to the handsome glass-covered j
wagon of the Empire laundry started
down Metropole avenue on the jump.
The driver, with his hair flying In the
wind, made desperate efforts to recover
his sent, when the crack w hip of Cata
lina coaching. Geo, A. Greeley, and Mr.
Gray finally succeeded In stopping the
runaway Just as he was about to go over
the end of the wharf.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Robinson, who ha'fj
been enjoying the attractions of Cata
lina on their wedding tour, have gone
to Coronado for n. short stay before re
turning to their home in Phoenix, Ariz.
Chas. Flench, with his niece and
daughter, visited the lava beds on a
goat hunt and returned with two of the
largest pairs of horns cv er captured.
Miss Zaidee Maxwell loved to play ten
Little Willie Bloeser, while sitting on
the wharf fishing, was suddenly pulled
ofT by a big fish, who wasn't content with
taking the bait, but wanted Willie, too;
but Willie fooled him, for he bravely
struck out for shore, which he reached
Dr. McDonnell is the new health offi
Hon. Chas. E. Benjamin, a member of
the board of supervisors of San Fran
cisco, and his son, Chas. W. Benjamin,
who is the deputy license collector,
brought in three of the monster jewtlsh,
weighing SCO, 228 and 215 pounds each,
Mr. H .A. Darling, with rod and reel,
landed five yellowtall and a string of
smaller fry. Harry Elms was boat
Mr. J. S. Torrance of Pasadena has
started to thin out the lish again.
Chas. Meufort and W. L. Carter, with
Jim Gardiner as boatman, left this morn •
ing for the jewflsh banks opposite The
Fence, which lies on the opposite side
Of the island. They are going to try
to break the record for big fish.
Geo. Beebe nnd S. D Bucher of the
Los Angeles Athletic club are with us.
Miss Mary Beebe is a new arrival.
Th." Biggest Oil Strike Yet-Urest Hopes
BUMMERLAND, Aug. 20.—At a depth
of 275 feet W. M. S. Moore ran through
the first oil sand and struck a new vein
of oil that promises to he the biggest
thing ever discovered In this district.
The strike has created considerable ex
citement and its development will be
awaited with Interest.
This Held is branching out rapidly and
promises before long to bo the largest
oil producing and shipping point on the
southern (-oast.
The shipping facilities by rail and sea
offered at this point are unequaled for
the handling of crude petroleum, as the
field lies directly on the sea front and
tank vessels may be loaded by gravity
alone. The Southern Pacific railroad
runs directly through the district and
tank cars are loaded on side tracks
from the storage tanks, doing away with
the necessity for long distance pumping
or handling in wagons.
H. L. Williams is rapidly developing
his wells on the beach and as soon as
the business will warrant it will put In
v wharf to handle the product. Mr.
Williams has already secured a fran
chise for the wharf and Is now consid
ering bids for Its construction.
people of this community have for somo
time been discussing the political sit
uation. It has never been subject to
partisan contentions, and locally its cit
izens have scarcely known each other as
Democrats and Republicans. Prohibi
tionists or Populists. And now that the
whole nation is disintegrated, as It were,
politically, and affiliating un new lines
of political policy they feel disposed to
investigate and decide for themseves In
what way. under what financial policy,
their welfare can most surely be pro
Therefore, a number of our leading
citizens, of all political parties, have
united In calling a preliminary meet
ing for next Saturday evening to con
sider the situation and take action in
regard to the opening campaign. Good
speakers have been secured to discuss
the important questions at issue. Will
D. Gould, Esq.. the esteemed und elo
quent Phohibitlonist, Mr. S. A. Waldron,
the enthusiastic, logical and witty Pop
ulist, and the young Democratic attor
ney of this place, Frank A. Cattern, will
speak. The floor will be free to any and
all who arc inquiring fur truth and pros
perity. The meeting will be held in
Graham hall at 7:30 p. in., to which all
aro invited.
Jte_p.~i, H .
There Is no month in the yeur in which
tho song ot tho reaper is not heard in some
land on the globe. Iv January is tho
wheat harvest of Australia, New Zealand,
Chile and the Argentine Republic; in Feb
ruary and .March, upper Egypt and India;
in April, lower Egypt, Indiiv, Syria, Cy
prus. Persia, Asia Minor, Mexico nnd
Cuba; in May, Texas, Algeria, Central
Asia, Chinu, Japan and Morocco; in June,
California, OrSgofi, Mississippi, Alabama,
Georgia, North atvi/Sou'h Carolina, Ten
nessee, Virginia, Kentucky, Kansas, Ar
kansas, Utah, Colorado,' Missouri, Turkey,
Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal nnd south
of Franco; In July, New England, New
York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Mich
igan, Illinois. lowa, Wisconsin, southern
Minnesota, Nebraska, Upper Canada, Rou
mania, Bulgaria, Austria-Hungary, south
of Russia, Germany, Switzerland and
south of England; iv August, central and
northern Minnesota, the Dakotns, Mani
toba, lower Canada, Columbia, Beligum,
Netherlands, Great Britain, Denmark,
Polaud und central Russia; lv September
and October, Scotland, Sweden, Norway
and north of Russia; iv November, Peru
and South Africa, and in December, Bur
nut and New South Wales. c
Corrects all pain-
I giving disorders of
the stomach —allay-
ing Cramps, Colic.
Cholera Morbus, and
instantly relieving the
i distress of flatulence.
Invaluable in all emer
gencies. A remedy
that has been doing
good for 75 years.
! Ask for Fred Brown's.
Sold everywhere.
I iff M^^KW^^^
Free I
LSyM leMert PBBE every "lav anl I
RlfiMfs gruund to corrtTt all I>EFJ£uT& Of I
HnMrKSoLd Frnnies. t1.74 I 1
Steel, HlOatel or Alloy Frames ii I
'■'iir. (ilasien tlnrludltiß frames. 88 1 :
First quality l»»ia«s, properly (Uteri LOO I
NOTK -SptrducJos repaired while yon |
wait. Opnn (nun Ba.m.toit p. m. I
C2B W. Second It,, be v spring and road way 1
LOS ANQELES, January 1, 1896.
To the public: 1 was seriously afflicted
(or about, ten years with lung, liver anl
Kidney troubles. Tongue could never ex
press the misery 1 endured during thosa
years. I was reduced in ilesh until I wat
a mere skeleton. My sight and hearing
wero badly impaired; was constantly
troubled with constipation and piles, ami
had n severs chronic cough. 3n short. Ilto
was a burden and death would have been
Welcome. 1 was treated by various spec
ialists without avail. I finally resolved tv
give Dr. Wong Him. of No. (i:» Upper Main
street, a trial. Of course, like many others.
I had no faith in ii Chinese doctor, but it
tooK only a few doses of his life-giving
herbs to knock nil the skepticism out o?
me. Iv just live weeks the doctor pronoun
ced me cured, and now I can truthfully say
that 1 was never healthier and never felt
better in my life. My sight and hearing
are both fully restored; ;hat obnoxious
tough, constipation and piles are entireiy
cured, and I am rapidly gaining In flesh,
having gained forty pounds in two months.
I earnestly recommend all sufferers add
skeptics to give the doctor a trial and b«
convinced of his superior skill as a phy.
S2O Bellevue avenue. Los Angeles. CaL
Syphilis permanently cured In 16 ta
86 days. You can be treated at homo fot
the same price under same guaranty • It
tou prefer to come here we wtH contract
to puyrnllrosC fare aud hotel bills, and no
charpe.lf we full to cure. If you have taVen Ettas*
cury, iodide potash, sad still have achea *«JJ
pnlna. Mucous Vat < hn« In mouth, Soro Throat.
; Pinaples, stopper Colored Spots, Ulcer* on
| any p.'.rt of tho body. Hair or Kyebrows falling
out.ltlsthisSyph-iltlo BLOOD FOISON that
we guarantee to cure. We solicit th© most obstl-
I nat« eapea an ! cnullongn the) world for at
: case ws) cannot cure, 'j'hls dtassse has always
)aftlert the skill of the moat eminent phrsl
slans. SBOO,OOO eao.r.i behind our unrondt*
.lonnl guaranty. Absoititejproofsaentsealedott
ipphcaiton. AOt'r--- COOK REM i'IDY CO,
107 Us ->"<•> Vxmnla CHKIAUO. Hi.
J. M. Orlftirh. Pres. J. T. GritTltlt. v. Pres.
F. T. (Iriflith. Secretary und Treasurer.
Geo. R. Waitcs, Supt. of Mills.
Lumber Dealers,
And manufacturers of
imisilc Mill work ol Every DescflQiieiL
Doors, Windows, Blinds and Utatrs.
Ml N. ALAMEDA ST.. Los Angeles, CaL
geles county, state of California.—H. H.
Cobb, plaintiff, vs. Florcncio C. Montiio.
as administrator of the estate of Miguel
Gultlerres, deceased, defendant. — Action
brought In the superior conn of Los Ange
les county, state of California, and the
complaint hied in said county of I.os Ange
les, in the oflice of the clerk "of the said su
perior court.
The people of Ihe state of California send
greeting to Florcncio C. Montijo. adminis
trator of the estate ot Miguel Guitierrez.
dsceased, defendant. —You are hereby re
quired to appear In an action brought
against you by the above-Hurried plaintiff
hi the superior court of the county of Loa
Angeles, slate of California, and to ans-'
wer the complaint filed therein; within,
ten days (exclusive of the day of service),
after Uic servloo on you of this summons—
If served within this county; or. if served
elsewhere, within thirty days—or judgment
by default will he taken against you ac
cording to the prayer of said complaint.
The said action is brought to obtain a.
de le, of this court for the foreclosure of a
mortgage described in the said complaint,
and executed by the said Florcncio C. Mon
tijo. administrator of the estate of Miguel
Gultlerrez, deceased, on the 3'Jth day of
April. A. D. 1895, to secure the payment of
a certain promissory note made by him
to plaintiff on the same day for JEW. United
States trold coin, described in the complain:
and which by Its terms has become dv*
and is unpaid, except the interest to Oc
tober 30.159:,; also J:>.:iS paid for taxes and
fifty dollars counsel fees for foreclosure of
said mortgage; that the premises conveyed
by said mortgage may be sold, and the
proceeds applied to the payment of saftl
note, moneys expended by plaintiff
aforesaid, counsel fees and costs of suit:
and also that the defendant and all per
sons claiming by. through or under Hm
may be ban ed and foreclosed of all rlgM.
title, claim, lien, equity of redemptiou, and
interest in and to said mortgaged premises,
and for other und further relief. Refer*
ence Is had to complaint for particulars.
And you are hereby notified that If.you
fail to appear and answer the said cbm
plaint as above required, the said plaintiff
will apply to the court fee the relief de
manded it: tho said complaint.
Given under my hand and the sea.! of
the superior court or the county of Lo.".
Angeles, state of California, this Uth day
of June, in tbe.year of our Lord one thou
sand eight hundred, end nine*v-sIT.
(Seal) T. E. NEWLTN". Clerk.
By GEO. V>TIOOE. Demit v Clerk.
Endorsed: T. M. OTKWAItT. Attorne
for plaintiff. 3Ej Bra ibur>v buildioxj-o :
Au&cles, Cal. .

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