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While THB HERALD'S out ot town
service la nearly perfect, It la neces
aary to remove an agent or carrier
occasionally. In some Instances such
agents and carriers refuse to turn
over to their successors the names
tad addresses of their patrons. Sub
scribers who fail to receive their pa
per will confer a apeclal favor and
maure regular delivery by sending
tbeir names and addresses to tbe
Everybody Invited to the Bryan
Meeting Tonight
At Shown by Scores Mode During tbe
tbe Month
Colored Citizens' Picnic—A Campaign Prohi
bition Paper to Be Started—Perasnal
and News Brevltlea
PASADENA, Aug-. 25.—At the Bryan
club meeting tomorrow (Wednesday)
evening Hon. C. C. Wright, author of
the Wright irrigation act, will speak.
Another speaker will be A. H. Wallace
of Los Angeles, who is well known, hav
ing been a former resident of this city.
The headquarters of the club, on the
corner of Green street and Fair Ooks
avenue, have been up with 500
seats, so that the many people who at
tend the meetings will have room to sit.
And everybody ls Invited.
The following Is the score of the tar
get shoot of company I for the month of
August: LI >ut. Colllngwood, 28; Lieut.
Cole, 3S; Eergt. Llppincott, 38; Corp.
Thayer, 31; Corp. Thrall, 30; Private
Lewis, 39; Prlcatc Lacy, 31; Private
Clark, 33; Private Keyler, 23; Private
Dearth. 27; Private Thayer, 26; Private
Appleford, 19; Private Fall, 22; Private
Collins. 15; Private Clyde, 25; Private
Holeombe, 25; Private Armstrong, 34;
Private Cook, 5; Private Ashley, 28;
Private Hubbard, 39; Private Windham,
A large number of colored people,
headed by Rev. S. S. Freeman, went on
a picnic today, going as far as the foot
of the Wllsoh trail by wagon and from
there to the summit by. burro. After
spending thg day, they returned by the
light of the moon to their homes. The
party composed Rev. S. S. Freeman,
Mrs. Mertls Hall, Miss Jackson, Mrs.
Ballard, Miss Wallace, the Misses Cun
ningham. Rev. J. H. Kelly, F. M. Prince.
Mr. Martin, Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Rey
nolds. ~
New pipes are being laid by the Moun
tain Water company, Incorporated some
time since, with O. B. Post president,
at Laraanda Park. G. T. Downing is
doing the Job.
The death of Mrs. H. A. Murray, wife
of H. L. Murray, occurred at the home of
Judge Knight on South Marengo ave
nue yesterday evefllng. The body will
be shipped to Minnesota for interment.
Miss Nellie Dows died last night at
her home on Elevado drive, and the
funeral services will be held tomorrow
morning from the Methodist church. In
terment Vill be made In Mountain View
Dr. H. A. Reid of this city will assist
in the editorship of the California.Voice
of Los Angeleß, a Prohibition paper,
which will be run during the campaign
in the interests of the Prohibition can
didates, Johnson and Levering.
E. J. Haskell's horse ran away this
morning tn the vicinity of the Univer
salis! church. The vehicle was hitched
near the corner of Chestnut and Ray
mond streets, and the horse ran down
the latter street, turning east on Wal
nut, where he collided with a tree, to
tho destruction of the buggy.
Alfred Burnham met with an acci
dent last night on Marengo avenuo.
He was scorching on his wheel and col
lided with a buggy. He was not seri
ously hurt.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Hollingsworth of
South Marengo avenue are receiving
congratulations over the birth last
night of a healthy boy.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Jardine, Miss Hub
bard and P.ichard Shoemaker returned
from Coronado Saturday. The others
of the party will return In a week or
Mr. Stalker, an evangelist, Is hold
ing meetings throughout this week at
the Friends' church on Villa and Ray
mond, and a great deal of interest Is
being worked up.
The defendants In the liquor cases will
be given a trial and opportunity to
plead Thursday morning at 10 oclock,
Recorder Roslter having overruled the
Willie Atkins, the boy who attempted
to break Into Barto's grocery the other
day, will be examined before Justlcs
Merrlam Tmursday morning at 10
Mr. J. K. Diamond returned from
Keokuk, lowa, on Sunday well satisfied
to remain the rest of his days in Cali
Mrs. H. H. Dutton and daughter went
east today by the northern route to be
gone eight or nine months.
Frank Plnney of North Marengo ave
nue, who has been seriously 111 for some
time, ls now nearly recovered.
J. W. Hall and family returned this
morning after ten days' stay at Lon,r
Beach. a
Hon. David Gllmore has returned to
his home In Patterson, N. J. His family
will Join him about the first of Septem
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Evans returned
from Coronado yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Moore and two
daughters arrived home from Lone
Beach yesterday.
Mrs. C. C. Reynolds and two sons left
today for an outing at the island.
Lloyd Macey leaves tomorrow for
Stanford university, where he will take
a four years' course of study.
Mrs. D. Confer returned todayfroma
stay of a month at the island.
Mrß. Ed Lockett returned yesterday
from Long Beach with her family.
Joslah Russell of Grand avenue has
gone upon a visit to friends in lowa.
Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Adams yesterday
entertained Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Brown
and Mr. C. F. Libby of Redlands.
Sliver Advocate* fleet and Organize a Cam
paign Club
ETIWANDA, Aug. 25.—Pursuant to
a call from the friends of sliver, the
citizens of Etlwanda held a mass meet
ing on Saturday, August 20, for the pur
pose of organizing a silver reform club.
lAt the appointed time Captain J. H.
Scott called the meeting to order, and
moved that C. Newton Ross be chosen
temporary chairman, which was unani
mously carried. Mr. Ross made a short
speech. In which he set forth more fully
the objects of the meeting, and after
the election of a secretary the chairman
invited anyone present who would vol
unteer to make a speech to improve the
Captain Scott was the first to re
spond. He took some of the document *,
ramphlets, etc., of the opposing party
and proved by facts, figures and statis
tics that a great deal had been left out
which, had It been inserted as In the
original, or where it was Intended, It
would prove Just the opposite of what It
now contended for. lie was brief, con
cise, and made a good Impression.
After the speaking was over the chair
announced that the list for signatures
was ready, and after reading the pro
posed bylaws an invitation for signa
tures was given, and in a very short
time nearly thirty names had been
placed on the list. After the election of
officers the meeting adjourned until the
29th day of August, at 8 oclock p. m.
The Cook Rape Caae Examination -dtneral
City Newe
SANTA ANA, Aug. 25.—Bert Cook
had a preliminary examination before
Judge Freeman today on a charge of
assault with Intent to commit rape.
The victim ls Arnllla Swartsbaugh of
Garden Grove, and ls a child of 11 years
of age. The defendant ls accused of
having entered her room at night, and
her screams brought the family to her
rescue. Attorneys H. T. Mathews and
J. G. Scarborough appeared for the de
fendant, and District Attorney Ballard
for the state. He was held to answer
and bail fixed at $500. He was locked
Justice Freeman yesterday Issued a
warrant for the arrest of Arthur Cum
mings for assault. He is accused of
striking his mother-in-law and having
a general row with'the family.
Arthur Cheathom, second mate of the
schooner Campbell, met with a painful
accident at Newport wharf yesterday.
They were unloading lumber by means
of a donkey engine and a "sling," when
the "sling," with a load of lumber, struck
him a severe blow on the head, cutting
the scalp badly. The blood flowed so
freely as to alarm parties present, who
telephoned for a doctor, saving he was
likely to die. Dr. J. P.
and the man was soon able to be around
Arthur Baker, a young man of 19
years of age, today had his leg broken
by his horse, which he was driving,
suddenly rearing and throwing itself.
The fracture was near the ankle, and
Drs. Kallard and Dryer were called
to adjust the fraoture.
Mr. and Mrs.Park Roper are the happy
parents of another daughter, that ar
rived at their home today.
Hon. W. W.-.Bowers of San Diego and
H. M. Streeter were in Santa Ana to
John Cubbon, C. Candel. James Sleep
er, Charles Johnson and Mort Hubbard
left today for a hunting and prospecting
trip to Elizabeth Lake.
W. K. Robinson and F. D. Sheffer of
Trabuco are in Santa Ana today.
Hon. S. A. Waldron will address the
Bryan Silver club Thursday night at
Spurgeon's hall. Mr. Waldron is said
to be an eloquent speaker, and the pub
lic are generally invited.
A Hardware Cleric Arreated lor drand Lar
ceny—City Notea
the past year C. W. Mettler. the hard
ware merchant, has been missing goods
of all description from his establish
ment. A few days ago he came to the
conclusion that some one connected
with his store was doing the work, and
he accordingly watched for the leak.
A few days ago suspicion pointed to
Frank West, an old and trusted em
ploye, who has been with the firm over
three yeajrs. This morning a search
warrant was sworn out and placed in
the hands of Constable Bud West. He
proceeded to West's dwelling on Mill
street, and after diligent search he un
covered a lot of goods—enough to stock
a hardware store. The value Is roughly
estimated at $500.
A warrant was sworn out charging
West with grand larceny, and he was
placed under arrest about 3 oclock. He
is very reticent concerning the matter.
He has a family and has always borne a
good reputation In the community.
Jos. Kelley, one of San Bernardino
county's well-known horsemen, left this
morning for Sacramento. He will take
with him his celebrated trotter Couin.
Mr. Kelley will be absent some two
James and Will McHaney are In from
the mines.
Harry Graves returned last evening
from Santa Monica.
Mrs. Zeckendorf, Mrs. floldburg and
Mrs. Mlgel and children returned from
a month's visit to .Santa Monica last
The Bryan Free Silver club was or
ganized last evening at Rlalto, with a
membership of twenty. Some fifty per
sons were In attendance. Permanent
organizationwill be effected September
Will S. Jo-ays of Rlalto and Miss Jes
sie Tibbott of Los Angeles will be mar
ried today in Los Angela
Mr - D - L - Aidridge of this city Is quite
An important X .of P. meeting was
held last evening.
Mr. R. Woods of Vanderbllt and Miss
B. Henderson of Manuel were married
today at the New St, Charles hotel.
Mr. Peter Walker of Ontario ls in the
Bryan Supporters Include the Whole List ot
LONG BEACH, Aug. 25.—Long Beach
lines up In the free silver column, and
Bryan and all candidates standing on
the same platform with him will receive
the suffrages of all those living here In
this neck of the woods. Independent
enough to do their own thinking.
A club was organized Monday night
to b3 known as the Bryan Silver club
of Long Beach township, the following
gentlemen being elected as Officers:
Hon. H. C. Dillon, president; Judge W.
T. Kendrick and W. W. Lowe, vice pres
idents; L. A. Bailey, treasurer, and W.
S. Clark, secretary.
The club ls strictly non-partisan, any
one signing the following pledge being
eligible to membership:
"We, the undersigned, electors of Long
Beach township, Irrespective of any
former political party or affiliations, be
lieving in the free coinage of silver by
the general government of the United
States of America at the ratio of 16 to
1, do hereby pledge ourselves to vote
and work during the pending presiden
tial election for any and all candidates,
state and national, as will pledge them
selves to carry out and work for the
same If elected to office, irrespective of
any agreement or assistance from any
European nation or government."
Rousing patriotic speeches, advocat
ing the restoration of sliver to its former
position as the equal of gold In the money
of our country* and demanding for it
the same free and unrestricted right
to coinage in the mints of the country
as has that metal, were made by Judge
W. C. Kendrlck, Judge Crips of Sierra
Madre, Hon. H. C. Dillon and others.
The speches were all short but full of
(silver) meat, and were the addresses of
intelligent men to an Intelligent au
Quite a number of those present signed
their names as members, and as the
silver sentiment in this place is pre
dominant, the majority of the voters
may safely be banked on as members,
either by signing the list or by pledg
ing themselves to vote for silver candi
Dr. M. A. Schultz has kindly tendered
the use of Sanitarium hall on Second
street to the club, and there on Monday
evenings of every wek the club will
meet. Music and speakers will be pro
vided, and the free silver club of Long
Beach may be considered in the con
test from now until thi finish in Novem
Mr. and Mrs. P. B. Spears and son
Charlie of Los Angeles were the guests
Of Mrs. T. M. Abbott, Locust avenue,
O. E. Green, Burt Rush and the Misses
Amy Cole and Lettle McCormac were
at the beach yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Threlkeld of San
Fernando returned home after a week's
visit to relatives and friends at the
John Overman, wife and Mrs. Herring
ton, her sister, of Los Angeles were
here yeßterday visiting friends.
Numerous Arrival! by Boat and Otherwise.
Society Eventa
AVALON, Aug. 25.—The Hermosa ar-
last evening loaded with visitors
who came over for a glimpse of this
historic Isle, which was llrst heard of
through Cabrillo three hundred and fif
ty years ago.
The pyrotechnic display Saturday,
taken with the moonlight effect upon
the smooth waters of the bay, was beau
tiful and grand. Yal-hts and boats cf
all kinds were decorated with Japanese
lanterns, as were also the tent cottages,
hotels and business houses, while bon
fires and red fire were burned along the
beach and from the top of Sugar Loaf.
The Hermosa looked a burning mass
of red fire as she slowly came into the
bay, which completed the fairy-like
The pavilion was crowded with merry
dancers who tripped the light fantastic
to the strains of the Catallna Marine
The resident population has been in
creased by the arrival of a bouncing girl
weighing nine and one-half pounds, to
the wife of Capt. R. A. Brown, a broth
er-in-law of Captain Prank Whitley.
Miss Brown will have the honor of bein.ir
the first native young lady here.
The society event of the season oc
curred last evening. It was a full dres3
ball at the Island Villa hotel, in which
prominent people from all over tho
country participated. It was managed
by the Banning, which had a special or
chestra brought over for the occasion.
The large and commodious ball room
was tilled with beautiful women and
gallant men. Refreshments were serv
ed during the evening. Among those
present were Mrs. L. C. Goodwin, MUs
Alice Keenan. Harry Wyman, Mr. and
Mrs. Joseph Banning, Miss May Ban
ning, Miss May Russell, Mrs. George
Blakelee and Miss Grace Blakelee,
New York city; Allan Brown, Mr. and
Mrs. W. C. Furry, Miss Gibson, Miss
Annette Gibson, Mr. and Mrs. A. H.
Busch, Miss Edith Furry, Messrs. Her
bert Tenny of Tucson, Dr. Carl Kurtz,
Major J. A. Donnell, M. L. Wilklnsor.,
Miss Evangeline C. Wilkinson, Mr.
Hancock Banning, Madame Banning,
Mrs. Orr Haralson, Mr. F. L. Owen of
San Francisco; Messrs. Charles Par
sons, Prof. Frank Polley, Harry Polley,
C. Zombro, Otto Zahn, Will Donnei],
Homer Donnell, Harry Klnzman, Mr.
and Mrs. George A. Montgomery,
Misses Wolters, Lottie Chalfant, Em
ma Graves, Lorena Hansen and May
Kidder of Pasadena, Pauline Lewis,
Blanch Donnell, Misses Bosbysheil,
Grace Jenkins,, Isabel Godini A. C. Mc-
Cullough, Miss' Daisy Polk, Misses Mc-
Crea, Edith and Belle Haverstiek,
Grace Farnsworth, Mrs. J. A. Lonns
bury, Miss Lonnsbury, Mrs. Colin
Stuart, Mrs. J. G. Webster, Mrs. Han
sen, Mr. and Mrs. John McCrea,
Mr and Mrs. Mclntyre of River
side, Dr. and Mrs. Beckett, Messrs
George A. Swerdflger, Ralph Wea
ver, Earl Lewis, Ross Smith, W. H.
Worthington, Ed. Barker, Mr. Matta
shed, R. C. Scudder, Arthur Farns-
Worth, Paul Thomas, Victor Stewart,
Hugo Victor, M. O. Chadbourne, G.
Groff, Neal Traylor, Mr. and Mrs. Will
Caswell, Mrs. Victor Harrell, J. AY.
Long, John Schumacher, V. B. Stewart,
T. R. McNab, G. Knecht, Prank Schu
macher, Chauncey Ferris, Misses Kath
erine Scudder, Ina Goodwin, Prof. Chas.
N. Chambers, Daisy Polk, Prof. Wil
fred Stetson, Edith Haverstiek, Miss
Haverstiek, Miss Mclntyre, Blanch
Brown, Mr. W. A. Bell, J. A. Murrietta
Mrs. Chas. Eldrid of Pasadena, Miss C.
Eldrid, Dr. Hodge, Mrs. Jenkins, A. E.
Elliott, Rev. Bill Waters, Miss Juliette
Boal, Miss H. B. Freeman, Mrs. J. W.
Cooper, Miss B. Cooper and Miss Nix
on, Santa Barbara.
The Defender started for home yes
terday morning, and when within five
miles of San Pedro she struck a squall
which carried away her mainmast and
left her to become a prey for the waves.
Luckily the Hermosa came along and
towed her back to Avalno. Those
aboard were Capt. C. H. Wedgwood;
First Officer Will Engle, Mr. Berquoln
Noel Bradley, Mr. Eduart, Mr. Mellison,
Mrs. Miller and Miss Georgie Miller.
Mr. L. Milton Smith, the genial and
accommodating clerk of the Metropole
has gone to Los Angeles
The Metropole arrivals are B. B. de
Luna, Thomas S. Ewing, Kate Brydges,
Lob Angeles; Chris Henne, C. H. Brown,
C. H. Brown, Jr., Santa Monica; W. W
P. Jackson. Miss Kent, Mr. and Mrs. H.
Booth. Fort Bayard, N. M.; C. M Ste
vens, England; A. Neilson, Sacramento;
Mr. and Mrs. Niles Pease, Adolph
Fleishman, Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Dozler
Walter F. Parker, Mr. and Mrs. R. C.
Allen, San Diego; S. P. Hensley, A. C.
Superior Judges Waldo M. York, B.
N. Smith and Lucien Shaw are here with
their families.
The Grand Villa arrivals are Mr. and
Mrs. O. W. Goldsbury, Indianapolis.
Ind.; Rollo Victor, Hugo Victor and J.
N. Victor, San Diego; R. S. Thomas and
Mrs. J, J. Thomas of National City; Mrs.
ti, H. Lldger and Clarence Thomas, of
Minneapolis, Minn.; Harry Wood, Pasa
dena: C. A.Barnes, Miss C. A. Lee Wal
ter F. Haas, Mrs. Kincaid, Miss Alice
Kincaid, Mrs. Dinsmore, Mrs E F'lnt
Mrs. G. E. Weaver, C. s! Compton.'
Mrs. Gilbert, Arthur J. Hodge, all of
Los Angeles; Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Mc-
Naughton, San Francisco.
John Q. Tufts was over to visit his
Miss Alyce Keenan, who has been
stopping with her aunt, Mrs. L. C.
Goodwin, at the Metropole for the past
two weeks, caught her first yellowtail,
weighing twenty-seven pounds. She
has reason to feel proud of her catch.
Mrs. Joseph Banning gave a birthday
party to Miss Annie Wilson Patton, who
was 9 years old yesterday. The table,
with covers for twelve, was prettily dec
orated with cut flowers from Banning
park. The cake and nine candles were
placed In the center of the table. After
dinner the little ones adjourned to Jos.
Banning's residence In Banning park
where games, music, etc., were enjoyed.
The guests were Caroline Trask, Mar
garet and Alfred Wotkyns of Pasadena,
• Jco. and Willie Cllne, Johnny Torrance,
Banning and Harry Cllne, Elmore
I.owe, Katherine and Joe Banning. The
chaperones were Mrs. Joseph Banning,
Mrs. Geo. Patton and Miss May Ban
Spiritualist Camp Mcetlni-Excrllent Flah-
REDONDO, Aug. 27,.— The Spiritual
ists still continue tn attract consider
able attention at their camp meeting,
and, notwithstanding the meetings
nave been conducted daily for nearly a
mbnth, the attendance at each session
Is comparatively large.. At the me
diums' conference tl |. morning Mrs. E.
Browning presided, and many interest
ing discussions were held before ad
journment at 12 oclock.
This afternoon Prof. W. J. Colville
delivered an entertaining address, df
ter which Mrs. D. N. Place gave a num
ber of platform tests. J. S. Loveland is
booked for an address this evening and
Mm. Mafid Freitag for the accom
panying tests.
Mrs. Place will lead the mediums'con
ference tomorrow morning and Prof. W.
C. Bowman will deliver the afternoon
lecture, which will be followed by tests
by Mrs. Ladd-Flnnican. The evening
will be devoted to a concert and dance.
H. R. Barden spent the day visiting
with friends in Los Angeles.
Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Murray have taken
a cottage on the beach for the remain
der of the summer.
Grain still continues to flow in from
the adjacent country, until at present
the storing facilities at this port aro
taxed almost to their Nearly
every steamer for the north carries
away a large quantity.
L. T. Holden of Phoenix, Ariz., is en
joying a brief vacation at this cool re
The Los Angeles Military band has
prepared an unusually fine program for
its open-air concert Sunday.
These concerts have been one of the
most pleasant features of amusement
at this resort during this summer.
F. D. English returned from Los An
geles this morning.
Fishing on the wharves has become
the one absorbing occupation of the
leisure classia?. Nearly every one who
casts a line has good luck nowadays. The
yellowtail and mackerel are biting plen
Some Social Doings at tiie City by the Sea.
SANTA MONICA, Aug. 25.—Mrs. W.
S. Tevis gave an informal dance this
evening, which might be called an Im
propmtu one, as she did not invite her
guests until yesterday, but it was none
the less enjoyable because of hurried
preparation. As a number of the sum
mer visitors are soon to depart, Mrs.
Tevis arranged this evening's pleasure
as a happy way of saying "till we meet
again." The supper was served in a tent
on the lawn, and was a great credit to
Mrs. Tevis' chef, who had charge of the
affair and provided everything except
the terrapin, which was sent from San
Francisco, and the ices from Christo
Those present were: Mmes. Wilcox,
Longstreet, Miner, Drake, Chiids, Hicks,
Bradbury, Winston, Waring, Young, Al
vord, Kinney, Kennelly, Jones, Acker
Ryan, Hoy, Brooks, Owynne, Gorham,
Hamlnton, Misses Scott, Winston, Brad
bury, Brooks, Jones, Hamilton, Gorham,
Mattie Jones; Messrs. Roy Jones, Miner
Drake, Chiids, Hicks, Bradbury. Win-'
ston, Waring, Young, Alvord, Kinney,
Robert Jones, Acker, Hoy, Gwynne, Orr
Lester, and others.
At the Knights of Pythias encamp
ment today the usual daily exercises
consisting of dress parade and regi
mental and company drill, were wit
nessed by many Visitors. Some excel
lent photographic views of the Knights
on dress parade were taken, also one
of the officers in a group, and another or
the Bathpone sisters in line and dressed
in the uniform of the order. Tonight the
grand ball takes place at Eckert &
Hopfs pavilion.
The preliminary sets in the all-comers
singles were concluded at the tennis
tournament today. The feature of the
morning was the match between Picher
and Braly. The latter played cleverly
against a more experienced opponent,
who won by a score of 6-4. 7-5. Way de
feated Acker two straight sets. 6-1, 6-3.
Lester defeated Young two straight set i,
6-2, 6-3. Way defeated Lester after an
exciting contest, S-6, 8-6. Daggett de
feated T. Hendricks two straight sets,
614, 6-4. Daggett defeated Alexander
two straight sets. 6-3, C-3. Pichner de
feated Bettner, 6-3, 6-3.
The City Trustees Decide on the Tag Levy.
POMONA, Aug. £s.—The city trustees
have made public the tax levy for the
city of Pomona; as follows: General
fund, 48 cents; street fund, 30 cents; sew
er fund, 10 cents, park fund, 8 cents, li
brary fund 100 cents on each $100.
The Republicans will hold their first
rally of the campaign next Friday
evening, when D. E. McKinley of Santa
Rosa will be here.
Arthur Baynham is spending the pres
ent week with friends at Long Beach.
Miss Stella Hills, who has been visit
ing Los Angeles and Long Beach for the
past month, returns home this week.
Two hundred people are being em
ployed by the cannery this week can
ning the crop of peaches, while those
at the drying yards are busy handling
the prune crop. The crop, while not
large, is of very fine flavor and of extra
Harold Clark has gone to Santa Mon
ica to spend .his summer vacation.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Clark, who have
been spending the past two weeks at
Strawberry Valley, will return home to
The Bryan Silver club held its weekly
meeting in McComas' hall last night.
The membership still increases, there
now being over 200 members.
Amateur Dramatists Please the Populace In
"Under Two l-lags"
SAN PEDRO, Aug. 25.—Society
turned out en masse Tuesday and
Wednesday evenings last week to wit
ness the farewell appearance of the fa
vorite character and romantic actor,
Paul K. Stanton, in Under Two Flags
dramatized by Mitchell from Ouitla's
famous novel. Stanton again made a
decided hit in the part of Bertie Cecil
The support was made up of San Pe
dro local talent. Mr. Stanton left Mon
day for San Bernardino, where he in
tends opening a dramatic school, and
will open his season with a grand pro
duction of Under Two Flags in the near
To Cleanec the System
Effectually yet gently, when costive or
bilious, or when the blood is impure or
sluggish, to to permanently overcome
habitual constipation, to awaken the
kidneys a 1 liver to a healthy activity,
without irritating or weakening them,
to dispel headaches, colds or fevers, use
Syrup of Figs.
Call tel. 243 for ambulance. Kregelo
& Bresee, Sixth and Broadway.
■ i
My prices for wallpaper beat all the city.
A. A. Eckstrom, 324 Soutn Spring street.
I3cpt o Store.
-,„,n— And Broadway
Never before in the history of the City of Los Angeles have goods been
so slaughtered.
Prices Are Cut Bnto Mincemeat
Following are a few of the Immense Bargains :
§ .50 Children's r.ongola Shoes, cut to % .09 SI OO White Honeycomb Quilts rut to 1.40
ISO Ladle.' Dongola shu'-a, cut to a m Wool Scotch-mixed ureaj uooda cnt to .19**
.50 carpet Sllppera, cut to it BammarNovelties, al 1 shades, cut w vni
•-> ttllt Edge She« Drawing, cirt to is .10 Taffeta Linings cut to . is
il' Kid 5h0.... •;! t -tv fcelhy." cut to ns All silk Veiling-, Immense variety, out t0..:..'.'..:.":"" M
ISO Red school House sho.s, cvi, to »s ,s<i bilk Mitts new shades, cut to in
AM \\. L. lto.i',l le.Mhoas, cut lv I.SII .10 Ladloa'Black and Tan Host-cut to aa
•-22 M« an » ?hpea out to LBO .« Ladiea'Hihbwl Halbrlggan Vesva cut to M
200 w. L. Dauglas. I.oys hhoex cut to V" .lv Children's Ribbed Vests cut to oji-
L 75 Mens Matin Calf Urea, aboe out to Tv ,09 Valenciennes Lace, cut to oi
125 gor» Heavy School Shoe cot to 45 .15 Lad!*.' Lace-edge.Handkerchief, cut to . M
.5) Men'a Cheviot Shirts cut to .lo Silt, Maohlne, all colors, out to M
,M Bilk Tec* Ties, jut to lo .25 Knitting Silk, nil colors, cut to.' "" ; t a
,50 Leather Sospendere, cut to .25 ja Ooraet claana out to 04
'J! S ,n, £S!?'U, 01 4. c S , J ™.«nt*o IS ,09 Agate notions, card, cut to " "oi
.25 Men's Slllt Embroidered Suspender, cut to in ,19 Side Combs, pair cut to ci
LOO Men's straw Hats cut t,, m .09 Ureas Braid s.all colors. euito.'"W.\\"«.'.'«°"r.«3
.'.5 Men'a Straw Hats cut to 01 .10 Curling Irons, pair, out ti m
*M Boys' SChOOI BUItS put . m .15 Men's Fast Black Sox cut. to ."05
14. oj Jien'a All-Wool 1 weed Pant, cut to 1.89 .25 Men's Silk Fonr-in-Uand cut to 05
4.90 Men's Bumm»r coats ami \ests cut to 4-1 .25 Earle ds Wilson's Collars cut to iJu
;.0,-, Toweling Crash cut to 02 .25 Feather Ouater, cut to aa
.15 W hUe Honeycomb lowels, cut to o7« 250 Coal Oil Moves, two burners, cut to . iiS
.10 (inting I-launela cut to 05JJ ..'.O Ar.lcles in Tinware cut tn ! ; ,
,12) i shaker Manuel cut to oi - 4 .50 Articles tn Oranliewaro cut to.. 15
.1* Agra-Linen Lawna cut to 05 .25 Articles on counter cvi 10 J...J.'."."!! ab
This Will Be the Greatest Bargain Sale
You ever attended. Don't fail to come early and secure some bargains.
=Sale Starts 9 a. m. Wednesday =
Broadway Department Store, * ih TJ££Z mtu .
Worn by Many People and Made In m
Great Variety of Forma.
Emblem scorfplns are mado In a variety
of forms for various trades and callings.
For example, there are two pins made
especially for druggists' wear—ouo a gold
mortar and pestle, tho other farmed of a
druggist's scales and mortar combined.
Theso aro also made up in the form of
watch charing, as are ninny other of these
spocial designs. There aro made for
butchers ono pin with a cleaver and an
other having a saw, cleaver and steel com
bined for a head. -A soarfpln mado for
printers Ims for its head a gold composing
stick. For telegraph operators there is a
pin with a ticker for a head. Thero is a
scarfpin mado with a head in the form of
a palette and brushes and with the dabs of
paint represented by tiny patches of enam
el for artists. For musicians there ls a
scarfpin In tho form of a lyre. For tinner*
there is a pin with a pair of tinner's shears
for a head; for saddlers, a pin with a head
in the form of a saddler's knife. There ia
a pin with a piano for a head for carpen
ters, a horse and rider for jockeys, a loco
motive pin for locomotive engineers, a lan
tern for trainmen and a ticket punch for
conductors. Inhere are pins, ono with a
hook and ladder for head, ono with a firr
engine and another with a fire hat ar.<l
trumpets mado for firemen, and thero are
various other special acarfplns.
Somo of these trade pins aro worn more
in the city and somo more in tho country,
but altogether their sale is decreasing,
while the sale of society pins is increasing
more and mere men preferring the society
to the trade pin.
Of emblem pins in general far more thai
ever before aro now sold. They aro worn
by tho members of various military, benev
olent, veteran, trade and social organiza
tions, by college societies and by graduat
ing classes from schools, and they aro pro
duced in a very great variety of design.—
Now York Sun.
Salntlnc tho Flag;.
Coffee ls now served out, and for 15
minutes the sailors sit and sip it before be
ginning the morning work of scrubbing
decks and cleaning ship. This work
should be finished by five minutes to 8,
when tho bugle sounds the first call for [
colors, upon which the quartermaster
bends on. the flag to the halyards of tho
flagstaff at the stern, and a signal boy does
the samo with the "jack" at the bow, and
both stand ready to hoist them at 8 o'clock.
A little period of waiting follows, and then
8 o'clock is reported by an orderly to the
officer of the dock, who sends the orderly
to report It to the captain. Presently the
orderly returns and reports:
"The captairasnys, 'Make it,' sir."
Thereupon the officer of the deck orders: j
"Sound off!"
Then ring out the clear, majestic notes
of the saluto to the flag, whilo all men
about the deck face it as it soars with dig
nity aloft and floats out to the morning
breeze, officers and men touching their
caps in reverential salute as it comos to
rest and the music dies away In long, full
notes.—Lieutenant John M. Ellicctt iv St,
The Decline of tho "Dot."
Among the many changes which have
taken place within tho last ten years in
the manners and customs of tho French
nono is moro striking than the gradual de
cay of tho institution known as the dot. ;
From statistics recently published it ap- I
pears that the dowries now given by
French parents on the marriage cf their
children are becoming more slender.
French parents arc beginning to adopt our
system of giving children away in mar
riage freely without haggling over fluau
cial considerations.—Westminster Gazette.
All prices of wallpaper greatly reduced.
A. A. Eckstrom, 324 South Spring street.
Wall paper 3c. 32S S. Spring.
Better Coffee
Than you have been getting; can be had of
H. Jevne
208 and 210 South Spring Street
Fresh roasted every day.
MEN-Weakness and Dis- M ATI IDC C DEntOV WOMEN—Lady Physician
| Department. RfllUnLO IILIVILUI iI&Zt&T W " kne "
We make this offer fr a short ti me.
Office Hours: 9a.mto 8 p. ra. Btttid*y. 10 to ti.
The Leading Newspaper ot Is the Great Family Paper
Southern California. oi tho Pacidc coast.
Who patronize The Herald find that it pays them to tell the story of tho
bargains to its thousands of readers.
A or Ter
nary Byphms perbaanently cured in 16 to
36 days. You can be treated at Home for
tho same price under same gnarauty. II
you prefer to come hcrit we wIH contract
to payrallrcaO fare and hotel bills, and no
charge. If we fail to euro. If you have taken nier»
en ry, iodide potash v una still have acnt<s ....J
pains, MacousVat'.'hes in mouth, More Throat,
Pimples, Copper Colored Spots, Ulcers on
any part of tho body, H air or Eve brows falling
out, It is this Syphilitic BLOOI* POISON that
trre guarantee to cure. Wo solicit, the most ebsti
nate *>a.ses nnd ehallentre tho worM for v
oase be cannot cure, u'liis di«eaee has nlvrnvi
Mffledth« skill of the most cniinontphysl
:!:»ns. 9500,000 capital behind our uncr-ndr
.tonal guaranty. Absoliitejproofsscntseitlecl on
ipplication. i\ddr«f»p < O(>K KKMEOV CO N
Banning Company,
222 5. Spring St., Los Angelea,
Dealers la
Imported (JOAL Pon> estlc
S. F. Wellington Coal $10 per ton
Serpentine and Soapstone
Agents for Santa Catalina Island; also
for W. T- Co.'s excursion steamers, tugs,
yachts and launches.
Tejoeihonc .16
▲ IjoUUng B. P. Grounds. Tel. lik.
Directory of
HOTEL ARCADIA agiaX 11 "'*
HOTEL HOLLENBECK %?Z° J.™*** 00 "*
IiOTEL BRUNSWICK American-European piana,
HOTEL HOLYROOD Cochrane, proprietor.
mnfjluril MAIN AND NTNTIt ST., IUVEj>
IVJHILL side. E. J. Davis, Prop.
HOTEL CARLTON Jl^« rco " 3 * At "
UfITCI rHoru
UUICL UltCnOitll Koiirlh ti»l O sis.. San Dl
AND ri,ANINO 5111.1,
136 Commercial street. I*** * c*»x.


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