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strong business wawon. 1 seats and move- (
able cover: cheap for cash. Apply 1011
Downey aye.. East Los Angeles. 24
NEWI.YN., liyrin- hldy, li
and prices; heaters, gasoline and gas
stoves, furniture, new and Beoond-nahd,
mattresses, springs and bedding; office
desks, folding beds, carpets and mattitiK;
one-hnlf saved by trading with us. Col<-
GAN'S, 310 S. Main st. 25-tf
wire netting for chickens, already made,
six feet high, witli polos: ran be moved
without any labor; for sale cheap. NEW
LYN, Twenty-ninth St., second house
from Vermont. 23
and all mv kitchen anrl laundry uten
sils, newlyn. Twenty-ninth st., sec
ond bouse from Vermont. 23
Jewelry, lowest prices; you won't miss It:
watches, diamonds, rings anrl holiday
goods. 400 S. Spring st. eod-12-14
chine, fine condition: wire cot nearly
new, cheap. 1003 S. Broadway, up
stairs. 23
cor. Twenty-second anrl Main st., L. A. 20
ties to suit at this office.
only system receiving first prize at ail
fairs where exhibited; patterns cut to or
der. 25 cents up. Room 110, Bryson
block. tt
«~~ .South em.,,
furmiture co.
pacific coast Va vinos ~sbcii'?rV;
(a corporation) Plaintiff, vs. Eliza School
craft Barnwell et a!., defendants.
No. 25,017.
Order of sale and decree of foreclosure
and sale.
Under and by virtue ot an ortl'er of sale
anrj decree ol foreclosure and sale is
sued! out of lh" superior court of t he conn; y
of l.os Angeles, stale of California, on tlie
3Lst day of October, 1896, in the above en
titled action, wherein tin- ahovi named
plaintiff, Pacific Consi Savings Society (a
corporation) anrl Joint P. Coin, cross-com
plainant, obtained a Judgment and decree
of foreclosure ami sale against Eliza
Schoolcraft Barnwell', alias Bessie S.
Barnwell, anil R. H. Barnwell, tin above
named defendants, on the 2Sih day of Oc
tober, 1800, for ilu respective sums of
»1834.99 anil JIM.W. gold coin of the United
States, Which said decree was on tin- 31s*
day of October. 1898. recorded in Judgment
book of said court. No. till, al page 03. 1 am
commanded, as commissioner, to sell all
those certain lands and premises situated,
lying and being in tlie county of l.os An
geles, Slate of California, and bounded
and particularly described as follows, to
wlt: Lot twenty-three (2;t> and the south
erly forty-live (-131 lei t of lot twenty-twq
(22l of the Kellogg tract in the county of
Los Angeles, state of California, as per
map recorded iv book 13, page 96, miscel
laneous records of said county: also the
southerly one hundred (HW)i feet of that
part of lot s'.vrn |7> in range six (ill of tlie
Alhambra tract in said county anil'state
as per mop recorded in book 3. page 2iHi of
said miscellaneous records, lying west of
lots twenty-two (22i ami twenty-three (23)
of said Kellogg traci. together with all
and singular, ihe tenements, herlrlata
ments and appurtenances' thereunto be
longing or in anywise appertaining.
Public notice Is hereby given that on
Tuesday, the 24th day of November. lS!)f>,
at 12 oclock in. of that day, in front of the
door of the court house of Los Angeles
county, state of California. Broadway en
trance. 1 will, in obedience to said tkeree,
sell at public auction tlie above described
property, or so much thereof as may be
necessary to satisfy said judgment, with
interest "and costs, etc.. to the highest
bidder for cash, gold cnin of tlie United
States. Dm.m! November 2d. 1896,
Commissioner appointed/ to sell said prop
erty by said di-rr. c.
LEWIS A. GROFF, Attorney tor Plain
tiff, 11-2-mon-4t
Executor's Sale
geles county state of California.
Estate of Lizzie Grueninger, deceased.
(No. 5237.)
Notice is hereby given that in pursuance
of an order of the superior courl of Los An
geles county, state of California, made on
the 20th day or September. ISOfi, in the mat
ter ol' the estate of Lizzie Grueninger. de
ceased. Ihe undersigned, executor of said'
estate, will sell at private sale, to the high
est and Inst bidder for cash, lawful money
of tin United States, and subject to con
firmation by said superior court, on Mon
day, the SDtli day of November, lSOti. all the
right, title, interest and estate of the said
Lizzie Grueninger. deceased, at the
time of her death, anrl all the right, title
and interest thai the said esiate has. by
operation of law or otherwise, acquired
other than or in adidition to that of the
said testator at the time of her death, in
and to all that certain lot. piece or parcel
of land situate, lying and'being in the city
of Los Angeles, county of Los Angeles,
state of California, and' bounded and par
ticularly described as follows, to-wit: The
westerly portion of lot nine (9) of the
Pesehke tract, as per map recorded In
book 31. page 45. miscellaneous records of
said county; said portion of said lot front
ing forty (40) feet on Macy street, and
bounded east by a line parallel with the
west line of said lot and extending from Its
north line to Its south line.
Terms and conditions of sale: Cash, law
ful money of the Unitetll States. Deed at
expr-r.se of purchaser.
Bids or offers may he made at any time
after the first publication of this notice and
before the making of the sale.
All bids or offers must he in writing nnd
left at the law office of C. N. Wilson, No.
32, Allen block. Los Angeles city. Los An
geles county. California, or delivered per
sonally tn the undersigned.
Dated November 20. 1800.
Executor of the esiate of Lizzie Gruenin
ger Deceased. 7t
Angeles, Cal., October 19, IS9C—To whom
it may concern: Notice is hereby given
that the Southern Pacific (branch line)
R. R. Co. has filed in this office a list of
lands situated in the townships described
below, and has applied for a patent for
said lands; that the list is open to the pub-
Uo for Inspection and a copy thereof by
descriptive subdivisions has been posted
in a convenient place in this office for the
inspection of all persons interested and
the public generally.
Within the next sixty days following the
date of this notice protests or contests
against the claim of the company to any
tract or subdivision within' any section or
part of section described in the list, on the
sround5 round that the same Is more valuable
or mineral than agricultural purposes.will
bo received and noted for report to the
general land office at Washington. D.C.
All section 9, township, 5 S., range 4 W., S
B. M, area 640 acres.
All section 13, township 5 S., range 4 W..
S B. M.. area 640 acres.
E. 14 NW. M and NE. % section 17. town
ship 5 S., range 4 W., S. B. M., area 240
NW. W and E. V 4 section 23. township
5 S., range 4 W., S. B. M., area. 480 acres.
E. M NE. U. section 25. township 5 S.,
range 4 W., S, B. M., area 80 acres.
T. J. BOLTON, Register.
ENOCH KNIGHT, Receiver. Tv-lOt
Southern District of California:
Whereas, on the 10th day of November,
1896, George J. Denis, esq., United States
attorney for said district fpr and on behalf
of the United States of America, filed a libel
in the district court of the United States
for the southern district of California
against one case of silver and silver-mount
ed goods, etc.. in a cause of seizure on land
under tlie revenuw laws of the United
States. , ,
And whereas, by virtue of process in due
form of law to me directed, returnable
on the Bth day of December, 1896, 1 have
seized and taken the said one case of silver
and silver-mounted goods, etc., and have
them in my custody.
Notice Is hereby given that a district 1
court will be held In the United States
court room in the city of Los Angeles,
California on the eighth day of December.
1896, for Ihe trial of said premises, and
the owner or owners, anil all persons who
may have or claim any interest ase hereby
cited to be and appear at the time and place
aforesaid, to show cause, if any they have,
why a final decree should not pass as
U-s U. S. Marshal.
m LOS ANUELI .ft. .lanuiry 1. 1598.
lo the public: I was neriously aMlcreo
for about ten years with lung, Jiver onj
kidney troubles. Tongue couhi never ex
press the misery I endured during those
years, i was reduced in flesh until i was
a mere skeleton. My sight and hearing
were badly impaired: was constantly
troubled with constipation and piles, and
had a severe chronic cout, r h. In short, li|4
was a burden and death would have been
welcome. 1 was treated by vnrloui spec
lallvts without avail. I finally resolved to
give Dr. Wong Him. of No. W>d Upper Main
street, a trial. Of course, like many others,
I had no faith in a Chinese doctor, but it
took only a few doses of his life-givinu
herbs to knock alt the skeotieism out of
me. In just live weeks the doctor pronoun
ced me cured, and now I can truthfully say
that I was never healthier and never felt
better in my life. My Bight and hearing
are both fully restored: that obnoxious
cough, constipation and piles are entirely
cured, and I am rapidly gaining in flesh,
having gained forty pounds m two months.
I earnestly recommend ail sufferers and
ekeptics to give the doctor a trial and be
convinced of his superior skill as a phy
620 Bellevue avenue, Los An-yeies, Cal.
To the Public: T take pleasure In tes
tifying to my marvelous recovery under
the treatment of Dr. Wong Him of 639
Upper Main st., Los Angeles, from a num
ber of stuhborn ailments, among which
were chronic dyspepsia
and kindred stomach troubles, heart affec
tion and kidney disease. Hut what I con
sider this physican excelled in, so fnr as
my case is concerned, was in the restora
tion of mv eye service. Astigmatism,
coupled with other disorders, was my af
fliction in this respect, and. although a
number of well known skilled oculists in
some of the larger cities of this country
advised me I should always have to de
pend upon glasses, and receive but poor
service even then. Dr. Wong Him's rem
edies hnve enabled me to abandon totally
the use of any artificial help to sight, and
my eyes continue to give such service,
both for near work anil distant, ns is truly
wonderful. To the skill and remedies of
the physician named can alone be attrib
uted a revolution in my physical condition
throughout that puzzles those who knew
of the "incurable" character of my af
flict lons. Respectfully.
Pico Heights P. C. Cal.. Sept. 5. 1898.
Angeles, Cal., Sept. 2S. 189ti. To whom il
may concern; Notice is hereby given that
the Southern Pacilic Railroad company
(branch line) has filed In this office a list
of lands situated in the townships de
scribed below, and has applied for a pat
ent for said lands; that the list is open
to the public for inspection, and a copy
t hereof by descriptive subdivisions has
been posted In a convenient place In this
office for the inspection of all persons in
terested, and the public, generally.
Within the next sixty days following
the date of this notice protests or con
tests against the claim of 1 he company
to any tract or subdivision within any sec
lion, or part of section, describ
ed in the list, on the ground that
the same is more valuabde for mineral
than for agricultural purposes, will be re
ceived and noted for report to the gen
eral land office at Washington, D. C.
Township t> S., range L' E., S. B. M.. SV2
section 25 and part of S. % of section 3f>.
Township 7 S.. range 2 E., S. B. M„ SE.
U of SE. tt, section 20.
"Township S S.. range 2 E.. S. B. M., E. U
and part of W. Vfi section 7, all section 9,
all section 11.
Township S S.. range 3 E. S. B. M., all sec
tion 7. all section 9, all section 11.
Township Ti S.. range 1 W., S. B. M.. all
section 5, part of S. V<- section 9, W. ] A of
NE. hi section 17, and NW. U and E, \<,
•section 21.
T. J. BOLTON. Register.
Assessment Notice
Avenue Street Car company; principal
place of business Los Angeles City, Cali
Notice is hereby given that at. a meeting
of the directors of said company, held on
the 31st day of October. ISitti, an assessment
of ten dollars per share was levied upon
(he capital stock of the corporation, pay
able on or before the 10th day of Decem
ber, 1N96. to W. L. Graves, treasurer, at the
Merchants' National bank, corner First
and Spring streets, Los Angeles, California.
Any stock upon which this assessment
shall' remain unpaid on the 12th day of De
cember, 1896, will be delinquent and adver
tised for sale at public auction, and unless
payment is madn before, will be sold on
the 4th day of January, 1597. at the office
of the secretary at No. 134 S. Broadway,
Los Angeles, Cal., to pay the delinquent
assessment, together with the costs of ad
vertising and expense of sale.
C. A. SUMNER, Secretary.
Office 134 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, Cal.
nov 10-17-24- dec 1-R .
los tm ram ot.
Los Angeles Depots; East end First street
and Downey avenue bridges
Leave Los Angeles ILeave Pasadena for
for Pasadena Los Angeles.
7:80 am 1 8:15 am
0:30 am 1 10:60 am
12:40 pm I 1:20 pm
3;20 pm 4:33 pm
5:20 pm 1 6:00 pm
Downey aye. leaving time 7 minutes later.
Leave"Los Angels IL've Altadena June.
for Altadena June. | for Los Angeles.
"9:30 am ........ f Vtjiia am
3:20 pm .. 1 4:15 pm
All trains start from B'irst street depot.
Leave Los Angeles I Leave Glendale for
for Glendale. ] Los Angeles.
- 7725 — am | '. 8:00 am
11:30 am 1 12:05 pm
5:05 pm .1 .............. 6:43 pm
Leave Los Angeles ILeave East San Pe
for Long Beach and I dro for Los An-
East San Pedro I geles.
TT am 1 7128 am
1:10 pm 1 11:15 am
6:05 pra .M. ..J j* l Pm
Between East San Pedro and Long Beach
10 minutes.
Steamer for Avalon connects with 9:00
a.m. train daily, except Saturdays and
Sundays; 1:10 pm Saturdays.
Trains, connecting at Altadena for all
points on Mount Lone railway, leave Los
Angeles daily at 9:30 a.m. and 3:20 p.m.
Fine pavilion and hotel. Grand scenery.
Telescope and searchlight.
Special rates to excursion and plcnio
Depots east end of First street and Dow
ney avenue bridges.
City ticket office. Greenwald's cigar
store, corner Second and Spring streets,
and Magnus ticket office. South Spring
General offices. First street depot.
S. B. HYNES. General Manager.
way Company.
Los Angeles depot: Corner of Grand ave
nue and Jefferson street
Leave Leave
Los Angeles Redondo for
for Redondo. Los Angeles.
♦8:10 a.m. _ ~ 'COO a.m.
9:30 a.m. Dally 8:00 a.m.
1:30 p.m. Dal y 11:00 a.m.
6:00 p.m. Daily 3:45p.m,
• 6:30 p.m. * 0:15 p.m.
♦Sunday only. ... „ .
Take Grand avenue electric cars or Main
street and Agrlcultiiral park cars.
L. J. PERRY. Superintendent.
In Effect November 3, IS9C.
Cars for Echo Mountain and Alpine Tav
ern leave Los Angeles via Pasadena and
Los Angeles Electric Railway as follows:
9:00 a.m. 10:40 a.m. 3:00 p.m.
Returning, arrive at Los Angeles:
Mag. am. 4:00 pm. 6:30 pm
Via Los Angeles Terminal Railway, leave
Los Angeles at:
9:30 a.m. 3:20 p.m.
Returning, arrive at:
11:1S a.m. 5:00 p.m.
|*L W. STIUSON. Pre.t, WSt FEBUCSOS, Vlcl>r..t W. E. McTAT. OMhlt*
Open an Account with the ■
Union Bank of Savings
Directors 2 23 South Spring Street
WM ' r E m.'Ser Los An zeles, Cal j
S. H. MOTT —=^^= == _
r. ii. f. variei. Five per cent interest paid on term deposits
Capital and Pro fits $270,000.00
.. „ „ ~ J. M. C. MARBLE O. li. CHURCHILL,
11. M. LUTZ Vice-President x . W. BTOWELL. E. F. C. KLOKKE,
A. HADLEY Casliier w. s. DE VAN. M.H.SHERMAN,
R. E ROGERS Assistant Cashier i A. HADLEY.
Capital Paid Up, $31)3,031 Surplus and Reserve, $375,93)
I W. HELLMAN, Preoluent; li. W. HKLLMAW, Vice-President; H. J. FLEISHMAN
Cashier; G. HEIMANN, Assistant Cash ier. Directors—W. 11. PERRY. O. W.
Special Collection Department.Correspondence Invited. Sate Deposit Boxes for Rent.
Northeast Corner Haiti and Second] Street}
r v* CAnrnnT PraaMant ' H. W. TTcllman. J. F. Sarturi. W. L. Graves
™™ „ ~,V;V;V:xt"I »■ J - Fleishman, c. A. Shaw. F. O. John-
MAURICE S. HELLMAN..Vice-1 resident „„„_ j, g, Bhankiand, J. A. Graves, M. L.
W. D. LONG YEAR Cttshier > Fleming, M. S. Hellman. W. D. Longyeai
Five per cent Interest paid on time, 3 per cent on ordinary deposits. Open Saturday
evenings fror,: 7 toS oclock, to receive deposits.
STATE loan AN'P TRUST COMPANY OF LOtJ ANOSILKB, north west corner Ssoonq, and Spring
streets. Capital paid op, 1600,000. Officers—H. -I. Woollaoott, president] J. F.Toweli, llrst vice
president; Warren cuieien. ■soona vice-president; J. w. A. orr, cashier; >i. ». Lewis, assistant rusliler.
Directors—Geo, 11. Bonebrake. P. at. Green, It, If. Howell, It. B\ Porter, J. F. Toweii. F. c. Howes, 11.
F. itrdi, Judge w. f*. Gardiner, .1. w. A Off, Warren olllelen, 11. .r. Wootiacott. commercial Depart
ment—Transacts a general banking business. Accounts solicited. Hay and sell exchange on nil parts
ortheworid. Special attention given collections, safe Deposit Department—safety deposit boxes for
rent. Certify to the Issuing of bonds, (at, Test Bearing Department—ft per oent Interest paid on term
deposits] 4 per cent interest paid on short debentures; :i per cent interest paid on ordinary deposits. For
the convenience of depositors and safety boxes the bank Is open Baturday evenings from 7 to s oclock.
Capital stock , **9«'!S!i
Surplus and undivided profits over. 230.000
J. M. ELLIOTT, President.
W. G. KERCKHOFF. V.President.
FRANK A. GIBSON, Cashier. .
Q. B. SHAFFER. Asa't Cashier.
J. M. Elliott, J. D. Blcknell.
F. Q. Story. H. Jevne.
J. D Hooker. W. c. Patterson,
Wm. G. Kerckhoff.
No public funds or other preferred de
posits received by this bank.
erma'n-amerYcan SAVG'S BANK
Cor.Main and First sis..Los Angeles,Cal
Paid up capital S^-M
Surplus and undivided profits 3i.450.0S
Victor Ponet. President: L. W. Bllnn.
First Vice-President; C. N. Flint. Second
Vice-President; M. N. Avery, Cashier; P. F.
Schumaker. Assistant Cashier: Directors—
Dr. Joseph Kurtz, L. W. Blinn, Hugo Zuhcr,
C. N. Flint. H. W. Stoll, M. N. Avery. U.
Brode, Victor Ponet. I. A. Lothian,
Emanuel Eyraud. Interest allowed on de
posits. Money loaned on real estate.
230 N. Main St.
D. E. Plater, Pres. 11. W. Hellman, V. Pres.
W. M. Caswell, Cashier.
Directors—l. W. Hellman. J. E. Plater,
H. W. Hellman, 1. W. Hellman. Jr., W.
M. Caswell.
Interest paid on deposits. Money to loan
on first-class real I.
Leave lor Destination j Ar. from
Sun.&Wed.lf.Sunset Limited. (Twed.&Sat.
S:00 umi(...New Orleans..) 1:45 pm
Wed.& Sat.|(.Sunset Limited.)lSun.&vl cd.
8:15 pmK.San Francisco..)| 2:30 pm
2:06 pmiS. Fran.. Hac'm'to 7:30 urn
9:00 pm|& East, via Ogden 1:30 pm
9:00 pml...Portland. Ore... • :30 am
8:30 amlEl Paso and East 8:20 i>m
.... Pasadena .... '7:50 am
[ " 8:»5 am
■"ii'S::::: ::::: *4ig
•11:25 am| " .V? 6 . P m
•12:20 pm! " '*■%} I ,m
8:65 pml " 6:01 pm
5:20 pml " 8:20 pm
6:15 pml "
8:30 am!(... Riverside ...) 9:nS am
10:00 mi 11... Rertlanrts ...1 •12:46 pm
•2:25 pmK.San Bernardino.) 4:50 pm
4:25 pm( and Colton ) 8:20 pm
8:30 amlPomona & Ontario S:4; am
10:00 am .. " ' .. ~fi! s s a ™
•2:25 pml.. " ' .. *12:4"Pm
4-25 pml.. " •■ prr.
5:25 pm.. " " .., S : ?? pm
8:30 ami Chino 8:41 nm
4:30 pm " •12:45 pm
6:26 pml ... " s '- 2 " r> m
10:00 amlCov'lna.San Dimas 5:47 am
•2:25 pm and Lordsburg •18:46 pm
6-25 pm " •• nm
8:30 am) Puente. Spndra 9:55 am
4:26 pm ... and Lemon ... 8:20 am
9:00 am'Monrovla, Arcadia 8:80 am
•2:35 pm and Duarte *1:10 pm
6-15 pm .. " ••■ 4:40 l' m
8:00 am .. Santa Barbara.. 12:10 pm
4:00 pm .. " • |:J0 1™
9:10 am Santa Ana and 8:00 am
•2:35 am Anaheim *12:00 m
6:10 pm .. '• •• P™
9:55 am Whittier and Pul- 8:00 am
•2:35 pm ton Wells 1 '12:00 m
6:10 pm... - .-I 5 : :X pm
•9:10 ami Tustln I 9:00 am
6:10 pm| " , 1 ?. : 5.P m
9:10 ami.. Los Alamltos .. • I; ?JJ am
6:10 pm.. " •■ S#K5
9:00 ami... Long Beach ... 8:18 am
1:40 pmi.. " •• IRfO am
605 pml.. " •• OJ J° I" 11
9:00 ami.... San Pedro .... 8:13 am
1:40 pml.. •• I J:,'^ a ,™
5:05 pml.. " , •• 5.1.< pm
9:00 am.. Santa Monica ;-i,y"
••••10:00 am.. •■ ,§ ffl am
1-35 nm . •• 12:11 I™
;: :: ]-|SSB
9:66' am ..Soldiers 1 Home.. T2:'7 pm
nm " •■ 5:10 pm
900 am .Port Los Angeles. 12:17 pin
••••10:00 am .. " •• tUL'-XZ
1:35 pm.. ' "J KffiE2
110 om . -I 6:10 P m
•••1:40 pm ..Catallna Island..! '11:20 am
*3>:40 2m .'Chatsworth Park. '"'•iVli' pm
•8 20 am .... fit. Lowe .... '10:30 am
9:00 ami.. " ■■! 5:01 P™
Chatsworth Park—Leaves trom and ar
rives at River Station. San Fernando St..
C "'s'undays excepted. •• Saturdays and
Sundays excepted. •••Saturday only.
...'Sunda Si on fegiDE „ RA
All S. P. Co.'s trains stop at First st
(except the tour San Francisco trains) and
Commercial st. (except the 9:00 oclock San
Francisco evening train), in business cen
ter of the city, saving time ana street car
fares to passengers.
Trains for --.ea beach points leave River
station 20 minutes earlier than from Ar-
Ca TICKET'OFFICES-No. 229 S. Spring st
general office: Arcade depot, through and
local: River station, local: First St.. local:
Comerclal St.. local: Nand Junction, local
straw.—Ottlee of Chief Quartermaster.
Denver, Colo., November 2, 1896.—Sealed
proposals in triplicate will be received here
and at office of Quartermaster at each post
below named until 11 oclock a.m. 120 th mer
idian time, December 2,18%, and then open
ed for furnishing Forage and Straw, at
Fortß Grant. Huachuoa, sub-post of San
Carlos and Whipple Barracks, A. T.. Forts
Bayard and Wlngate. N. M.. Jorts Doug
la" and Dv Chesne. Utah, and Fort Logan.
Colo during the tiscal year ending June
30 1897 Proposals for quantities less than
tlie whole required, or for delivery at points
other than those named, will be entertain
er! The right Is reserved to reject any or
all proposals or any part thereof. Inform
ation furnished on application here or at
offices of respective post qttartermasters.
Fnvelones to be marked "Proposals for
Forage and Straw." E. B. ATWOOD. Ma
(Tbtef O Ml Nov. 3-4-5-0-30 Dec. 1
United States Depository.
Capital $300,009
Surplus 45,000
Total !$545,000
F. O. HOWES Cashier
E. W. COE Asslstnnt Cashier
George 11. Bonebrake, Warren Glllelen,
P. M. Green. Charles A. Marriner, W. C
LJrown, A. W. Francisco, E. P. Johnson, M.
T. Allen. F. C. Howes.
This hank has no deposits of either ths
county or city treasurer, and therefore no
preferred creditors.
CAPITAL PAID '.N 520.600
223 S. Spring St., LOS ANGELES, CAL.
orricsns and ciarcTosr
M. W. Stimson Wm. Ferguson W. E. Mr-Van.
Frp,t. Tif-ii rict Clue,
C. G. Harrison S. li. Nott It. M. Bsher
A. E. Pomeroy S. A. Butler
Junction of Main, Spring and Temple sts.
(Temple Block), Los Angeles.
Capital paid up JIOO.OOI
Officers and directors: T. L. Duque,
President: 1. N. Van Nuys, Vice-President;
J. V. Wachtel, Cashier; H. W. Hellman,
Kaspare Kohn. H. W. O'Melveny. J. B.
Lankershim. O. T. Johnson, Abe Haas, W
G. Kerckhoff.
Money loaned on real estate.
Five per cent Interest paid on term deposits
Southern Cali
jrfjPSx fornia Railway
Trains leave and Jtrrive
Trains via Pasadena
arrive at Downey-ave.
station 7 mm. earliei
westbound and leave 7
•BJbWHH? W mln. later eastbounnd.
To Denver. Kansas Cit y.Chioago.St. Louis.
Leaves Monday and Thursday, S p.m.
Arrives Tuesday and Saturday, li p.m.
To Denver, Kansas City, Cnlcago, St. Louis
Leaves dally 10:16 am. Arrives dally 1.20 pm
Lv *9:0O a.m., 2:00 p.m. Ar 12:01 p.m., 7:00
Leave Tuesday ami Saturday 0:10 p.m.
P-Lv 7:30 a.m.. 10:16 a.m., 4:00 p.m., '5:30
O-Lv 0:00 a.m., *5;00 p.m.
P-Ar *B:SS a.m., 9:03 a.m., 1:20 p.m., 6:26
O-Ar 12:01 p.m., *7:00 p.m.
P-Lv 7:80 a.m., '10:15 a.m., 4:00 p.m.
O-Lv 0:00 a.m., *5:00 p.m.
P-Ar 9:66 a.m., 1:20 p.m., 0:25 p.m.
P-Lv 7:30 a.m., 10:15 a.m., 4:00 p.m.
O-Lv 9:00 a.m.
P-Ar 9:35 a.m., 1:20 p.m.. 0:25 p.m.
O-Ar 12:01 p.m., *7:00 p.m.
Lv 7: 3" a.m.. 10:15 a.m., *12:05 p.m., 4:00
p.m.. "5:30 P.m.
Ar *5:55 a.m., 0:35 a.m., 1:20 p.m., *4:35 p.m.,
0:25 p.m.
Lv 9:iio a.m.. 2:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m.
Ar 8:50 a.m., 12:01 p.m., ••5:00 p.m., 7:00
Lv 10 a.m.. 4:46 p.m. Ar 8:29 a.m.. 3:55 p.m.
Lv 10 a.m.. 4:45 p.m. Ar 8:55 a.m., 3:55 p.m.
Lv-P '10:15 a.m. O *9;tio a.m.
Ar-P 1:20 p.m. O '12:01 p.m.
Lv-P *10:15 a.m. o *9:00 a.m.
i Ar-P "1:2» p.m. O »12.01 p.m.
Lv *2:00 p.m. I Lv *9:00 a.m.
Ar '7:00 p.m. 'Ar '7:00 p.m.
— P-Via Pasadena: O-Vta Orange: 'dally
except Sunday; '•Sunday only; all other
trains daily.
TICKET OFFICE. 200 South Spring at.
Steamers leave Redondo and Port Los
Angeles for San Francisco:
Nov. Dee
Santa Rosa. 2:20 p.m...l 9 17 25 |3 11 19 27
Corona, 2:2 a p...m .... 13 21 29 1 7 15 23 31
Leave San l'edro ami East San Pedro tor
San Francisco, via Ventura, Carpinterla,
Santa Barbara. Gaviota, Port Harford (San
Luis Obispo), Cayucos, San Simeon, Mon
terey and Santa Cruz:
Nov. Dec.
Coos Bay. 6:30 p.m 2 10 IS 26 I 4 12 20 29
Eureka, 6:30 p.m.........0 14 22 30 ISI6 24
Leave Port Los Angeles at 6 a.m. and
Bedondo at 11 a.m. lor San Diego. Stmr.
Corona will also call at Newport (Santa
Ana) - Nov. Deo.
Corona . !" £» 27 I 5 *& '£ »
Santa Rosa 7 18 23 I 1 9 17 25
The company reserves right to change
steamers or sailing daya. _ 4
Cars connect with steamers via San Pe
dro leave S. P. R- R. (Arcade depot) at 6:05
d m and Terminal Ry. depot at 5 p.m.
Cars connect via Redondo leave Santa Fe
depot at 9:30 a.m., or from Redondo Ry.
depot at 9:05 a.m.
Cars connect via Port Los Angeles leave
S P R- R- depot at 1:35 p.m. for steamers
Agent, 124 W. Second St.,
PERKINS & CO., Gen. Agtt..
San Francisco.
j Brotherhood of Firemen
Demands Recognition
Grand Master Sargent to Visit
the Coast
The Labor Council Indorses More of
the Candidates
Quite a Lively Meeting and Much interest
The Annual Balls Given by Different
Unions—City Labor Items—Mis
cellaneous Trade News and
News Notes.
The Brotherhood of Locomotive Fire
men on this coast is attempting to re
vive its union. During the great railroad
strike In the summer of 1594 most of the
members joined the A. R. U.; the union
went to pieces, and the employes are
now scattered all over the country. The
firemen now employed by the Southern
Pacilic. are a new class of men. They
have joined the brotherhood and desire
recognition on the part of the Southern
Pacific management, the same as the
engineers and other brotherhoods. Mere
ly this and nothing more. The question
of wages cuts no figure.
Grand Master Sargent of the Fire
men's Brotherhood visited this state a
few weeks ago for the purpose of Induc
ing the company to come to some agree
ment. Mr. Sargent was called bock
east, but has not given up the contest,
and will return again in January and at
tempt to settle matters.
The Examiner of Saturday morning
says that the men want an agreement
with the company for two reasons. One
is that if other classes of employes are
recognized by the company, there is no
reason for discriminating against them.
In the next place, any just grievances
they may have ns employes will be more
readily listened to by the officials if, by
an agreement, they have the right to
send a formal committee to the general
officers. Again, a definite agreement
with the company will settle, once and
for all, vexatious and troublesome ques
tions of seniority in service and as to
what men are entitled' to the best runs,
certain trains and certain hours.
The other brotherhoods on the South
ern Pacific are keeping their hands off
for the present. It is understood that
they want to see the firemen better or
ganized than they are before requesting
the company to recognize them. All em
ployes of the company are taking a live
ly interest in the outcome of the affair,
The Labor Congress held its regular
meeting yesterday afternoon in Council
of Labor hall. Cyren K. Flsk presided
and Arthur Vinette acted as secretary.
A communication from James E. Frici<,
giving the names of his employes for the
past eight years, was received and filed.
Communications were read from
Messrs. W. E. Dunn and J. R. Rush,
candidates for city attorney, and on mo
tion, J. It. Rush was indorsed by unani
mous vote.
For the office of city engineer the con
gress indorsed C. S. Compton.
In the matter of councilmen the Labor
Congress acted as follows:
First ward—No indorsement, but
recommendation of both candidates
Second ward—lndorsement of James
N. Craig.
Third ward—Endorsement of N P
Fourth ward—Action was postponed
for one week.
Fifth ward—Endorsement of C. H
Sixth ward—Action postponed.
Seventh ward—Action postponed.
Eighth ward—Endorsement of E L
The following resolutions were then
Whereas, The Labor congress believes
that the recent attack on M. P. Snyder
came from a candidate whom this body
refused to endorse, and who was de
feated in the recent election, and that
the attacks made to defeat the unani'
mous choice of organized labor for
mayor; and,
Whereas, We believe the sworn affida
vit In Sunday's Herald entirely dis
proves anything that would have even a
tendency to detract from M. P. Snyder's
honor or integrity; therefore, be it,
Resolved, That we heartily again rec
ommend to the suffrage of the people
and especially to organized labor, M. P.
Snyder for our next mayor.
The session was more than usual!"
prolonged, and the conclusions formed
only after careful and unbiased inquiry
into the fitness of candidates.
The congress will meet again nex'
Sunday to finish its work.
The Council of Labor met in regular
session last Wednesday evening.
B. O. Hanby was admitted and called
the attention of the council to the advis
ability of forming a glee club, composed
of members of the different unions. He
proposed to give instructions for the pe
riod of three months at a nominal price,
and at the end of that time a concert will
be given. By this means a permanent
glee club could be formed for entertain
ments given by tho different unions.
The council gave the gentleman the re
quisite credentials to visit the unions to
present the matter before them.
A communication was read from the
International Woodworkers' union with
reference to the organization of a union
in this city, and asking the co-operation
of the Council of Labor.
A circular letter was also received
from the A. F. of L. in regard to the Mil
waukee Street Railway union. Ten dol
lars was voted this union.
The United Brewers' association has
changed Its label and has so notified the
council. The circular was placed on file.
The organizing committer reported
that the boilermakers had organized »
The treasurer of the labor day commit
tee reported the receipts and expendi
tures attending the celebration. To
close up the final accounts a special
meeting was called for next Tuesday
J. R. Walker's resignation as vice
president of the council was accepted,
and the thanks of the council was ten
dered him for the interest he had taken
in its welfare.
The discussion of trade matters per
taining to the patronage of home made
articles and assisting the different un
ions in advancing their interest by ad
ding to their membership, assumed a
wide range and will prove beneficial.
The discussion was quite interesting
and will be long remembered by those
who participated.
After the transaction of minor busl-
J ness the council adjourned at a late
I hour.
At the meeting of local lodge No. 80
, A. R. 1., last evening, the following res
olutions of respect were adopted on
the death of Secretary Lewis L. Dodge: )
Whereas, In the course of events over !
j which no human puWei has sway. It ha;.
• been our misfortune to lose from our
j midst through death our worthy brother
and secretary. Lewis L. Dodge; and,
| Whereas, Considering the many good
i qualities of our brother, who for a lonsr
! time was to the American Railway
i union like a safe and reliable pilot pull
ing us along an up grade on a dangerous
track through many adversities, we
keenly appreciate the extent of our loss
and mourn his departure for that great
highway through the vast unknown'
therefore, he It
Resolved. That American Railway
union No. SO of the city of Los Angele->
hereby expresses deep sorrow over the
death of Bro. Dodge anil attests to his |
qualities of fidelity, benevolence, manli
ness and true loyalty to the principles of
our order, and his strong earnestness in
the work of reform; and,
Resolved. That a copy of these resolu
tions and a letter of condolence be sent
to his father. Herbert H. Dodge, who
mourns the loss of a dear son.
F. C. Wheeler of Pasadena, state or
ganizer of the carpenters' union, has
Just returned from a trip to San Diego,
succeeding in organizing a union.
This union will endeavor to inaugurate
the eight-hour day in the spring.
State Labor Commisisoner Fitzgerald i
has been elected ex-offlclo member of all |
committees of San Francisco unions.
The plumbers' union will give a mas
querade ball on December 19. Saturday
evening before Christmas, at Turnve
reln hall.
The bakers' union met Saturday even
ing at council of labor hall. There was
a. good attendance. Since the last meet
ing a new shop was started .employing
union men. Quite a number of journey
men bakers have left the city.
The clerks held a good meeting on
Tuesday last, initiated one and received
four applications. This association will
give their annual ball on November 20
at Illinois hall.
The council of labor voted $10 to the
street railway employes union for Mil
waukee at the last meeting.
The compositors' is the oldest trade
union in America.
The Washington Lumber trust have
thrown 1260 men out of work.
The American Federation of Labor
meets next month In Cincinnati.
Cigar-makers' committee has issued
847,797 union labels during the past six
There are now over 325 local unions in
the International Typographical Union
of North America.
New Central Labor Union of New
York is discussing ways and means to
partially restrict immigration.
A man in Kansas City stole a 2000
--pound boiler. He seemed surprised
when an Officer came around to arrest
him. ,
George P. Ide & Co.. of Troy, N. V ,
celebrated the triumph of Hanna and
protection by reducing wages 18 per
cent on their cotton factory.
But one person for every .1.500,000 car
ried by the railroads of Denmark has
been killed during the past twenty-five
years. The government owns the rail
roads and takes care of them.
Following is a sample of many tele
grams now' finding their way into print.
It is dated Elgin, Illinois: "The Illi
nois Iron and Bolt company, at Oarpen
terville, ill., has cut the wages of its
employes from 25 to 40 per cent. At
Dundee many workmen have also had
their wages reduced. The workmen
claim they have been deceived."
, _
Citizens Hope to Secure Occidental Col
lege—General Notes,
GARVANZA, Nov, 22.—At a meeting
of citizens called last Tuesday by H. C.
Mcßurney of the school board to con
sider the removal of Occidental college
to this neighborhood, President Parkhill
told of the good work already done, of
the promise of seven and a half acres
opposite to the beautiful home of Judge
Matthew Allen on Pasadena avenue i[
$10,000 could be raised ar.d an additional
prospect of $50,000 from the Presbytery
of California. Rev. A. A. Dinmore of
Alhambra called for subscriptions and
a liberal list was started, which is still
being circulated.
Prof. James G. Clark's entertainment
billed for last Thursday evening was
postponed one week on account of rain.
The literary club Friday evening at
the home of Mrs. McCracken was well
attended in spite of wet weather. Prof.
Garwood, secretary of the club, said
he had spread' The Herald's accurate
account of the preceding meeting upon
the permanent record of the club. Upon
motion it was voted unanimously to
keep the paper posted upon the club's
President Ingham discussed the pro
logue of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales
and read selections from it. Mrs. Mc-
Cracken then explained the scheme of
the first great English poem: Thirty
pilgrims to the tomb of Thomas a'
Becket, at Canterbury, stopping at a
wayside inn, were each to tell one story
going and one returning, but only
twenty-five of the sixty intended were
ever written. Vice-President Gilbert
read extracts from "Piers Plowman."
and Mr. Thomas Fellows described Mal
vern Hills, near his boyhood's home,
upon which was laid the scene of Piers
Plowman's vision by William Lang
land. Miss E. F. Thornton told the
story of The Knight's Tale. Mrs. Fel
lows compared Chaucer's Canterbury
Tales with Longfellow's Tales of a
Wayside Inn and invited the club to
hold its next meeting at her house.
Mrs. W. S. Balrd began a scholarly
synopsis of German history during tho
fourteenth and half of the fifteenth cen
tury with the reign of Albert of Aus
tria, and his attempt to seize Switzer
"The twenty-seven year reign of Sigis
mund in the first half of the fifteenth
century was signalized by the burning
of John Huss for his attacks upon the
church, the Hussite war in consequence,
the successful revolt of Bohemia and the
adoption of the double-headed eagle as
a national standard. It symbolized
Germany and the Roman empire united
and is retained now by Austria alone,
in 1837 the Hapsburgers regained the
throne of Germany and retained it In
their family until the breaking up of the
empire, three hundred years later."
Mrs. E. C. Owens gave a biographical
sketch of Bocacclo, his birth, education
and work in Florence in the fourteenth
century: "It was not in his themes
but in his handling of them that Bocac
clo was original. His style was not
classical, mediaeval nor modern. Its
originality lay in the fact that it satis
fied an age which was classical though
not mediaeval nor modern. That which
seems to us rococo and affected seemed
to those of that time brilliant and
learned. The best soclety*of that time
discussed themes now hardly tolerated
in a barrack. Bocacclo was the most
brilliant story writer the world has ever
seen; the Decameron was his best work,
he translated Homer, wrote a life of
Dante and his dictionaries of mythol
ogy, biography and geography were
monuments of self-sacrificing and un
remitting toll in the early dawn of mod
era culture. He knew no royal roada m
learning; he was making then faroth
ei 8. He was intimately connected with
Petrarch, the friend of Chaucer."
The next meeting- will diacuaa Thomas
a' Kempls, the popes and the fatnotM
women of the fourteenth century. MISO
' C. E. Thornton will tell of Scandinavia,
Mr. H. C. McUurney of the origin «r
playing cards and Misses Uracie Aboot
and Mary Ingham will sing some eld
I English ballads—Barbara Allen, Lord
Lrovetl, etc.
Others present were Mrs. Mcßurney,
Prof. W. L. Judson, Mrs. Covey, Mia*
Judson, Miss Abbot. Mr. Ingham, httaa
M. Jones. Mrs. W. S. Balrd, Mr. Abbot.
Two of the club's members, Mrs. Co
vey and Mrs. McCracken, attended as
young ladies the same educational Insti
tution In Lausanne, Switzerland, And
have met again here after years of sepa
The Kpvvorth league social given by
Misses Maude and Claudine Weaver was
largely attended and much enjoyed bjr
all present .
Miss Anna Fuller, who gave the grand
concert at the Los Angeles theater a
| short time ago. is visiting her brother,
E. P. Fuller of Andrletta street. Miss
Mamie Rogers has Just returned from
ian extended trip to Old Mexico.
The new residence on Mountain ave
nue for Mr. William M. Miller Is nearly
A newly organized literary society of
the grammar school believes In the sixth
amendment. Last Friday It debated
whether Washington or Lincoln had
done the more for this country. Milton
Roblson and Miss Blanche Donnell
championed the father of our country,
while Miss Gertrude Stetson and Earl
Chaffe upheld the great emancipator.
Miss .Mary Wldney is president, Miss
Ethel Good, vicepresldent, and Miss
Blanche Donnell. secretary.
An unusual number of local bicyclers
I has appeared upon our streets the past
I week.
The Terminal railroad has cut the rate
nf fare to Los Angeles and Pasadena
to 5 c:ents.
Mr. C. M. Jay. chairman of the Bryan
c lub, has the gold fever and Is preparing
to leave for Randsburg soon.
Invitations are out for a reception and
entertainment to be given by Prof. Gar
wood. Miss May Colgan. Mrs. Ingham
and Miss Thornton Tuesday evening at
the school hall.
Wyllys Abbot will address the Politi
cal Economy club on the Norwegian
system and Governor Tillman's South
Carolina plan next Saturday evening at
the hall. Dr. Finis E. Yoakum, Prof.
Garwood. Rev. Mr. Leonardson and
other Prohibitionists will answer. The
Good Templars and the Loyal legion will
Important Street Car Line Extension.
Hearne Libel Case.
SAN DIEGO, Nov. 21.—The Citizens'
Traction company, whiclugucceeded to
the properties of the Saa hg burl fflfle
company, has decided to tg at New
line for several miles. Th te h>
will be made from the pavlll
overlooking the Mission valli
valley to the old mission. HU follow
the old olive trees that wen and be
by the mission fathers will 1-Ues for
llshed picnic and pleasure groun thea ,
In the libel case of J. C. He* " "
the San Francisco Chronicle, irt * ov "
a verdict of $10,000 was awardefjem
llme ago, an execution for the ar.nks
was issued Wedneseday and forws,ag
to San Francisco, ordering the sh
there to levy on the presses and p.
of the Chronicle Immediately. 9*
threatened action was forestalled bj*
notice of appeal to the supreme court. \
Francosco Amador and Frank Co.
Bert, cook and washer ot the junk Pen
kin, who escaped from Hlppollte bay
when the arrests were made in the Gar
rett geld brick robbery, have turned up
safe at La Plaz. about 600 miles down the
Lower California coast.
J. 11. Revington has been found guilty
of assault with a deadly weapon, and
sentence will be passed next Wednes
Hon. Turn Fitch is tiuite ill from rheu
matism and gout, and Is confined to his
i ma at Hotel del Coronado.
Deputy Sheriff Jennings went north
yesterday, taking with him Isidoreßen
krla, win, was sentenced to two years In
San Qucnten for assault with a deadly
A party has been organized here to
go on a whaling expedition. The inten
tion is to capture these monsters of the
deep and bring them here for exhibition.
Amusements Provided for Thanksgiving
Day—Coming Polo Games
RIVERSIDE, Nov. 22.—A line silver
/up is displayed in one of the Jewelry es
tablishment windows, which 1h to be shot
for on Thanksgiving by military com
panies from San Bernardino, Redlands
and Riverside. The contest is to take
place on Company M's ground in this
The Riverside wheelmen arc arrang
ing for a road race on Thanksgiving
morning over the Magnolia avenue
course. , .
J.H.Schain nf Coyote pass has raised a
fteavy crop of corn on his San Jacinto
mountain ranch, at an elevation of 4000
feet. The corn is being hauled to his
Coyote pass ranch, where he proposes
feeding it to hogs.
A marriage license was granted yes
terday to John R. Gist, aged 26, and
Edna 1. Russell, aged 20, both residents
of Riverside.
The grand jury has taken a recess un
til Dec. 10th.
The newly elected officers of the Riv
erside Polo club are: President, D.
Duychinck; vice president, C. E. Maud;
secretary-treasurer. P. F. White; cap
tain. Robert L. Bettner; executive com
mittee. H. C. Maud, H. Thompson and
T. S. McConnochie. Some interesting
sport Is promised for this winter. The
Burlingame, Colorado Springs, team is
expected to visit Riverside during the
season. There has been added two cro
quet grounds, tennis court, nine hole
golf links and a five-eighth mile track.
Fire Department Called Out—The Sil
ver Men Organizing.
L. Alexander, representing Palmer *
Rey, was in the city today.
The fire department was called out
this morning at 4:25 by an alarm from
box 25. The fire was a tenement house
on 1 street, between Sixth and Seventh.
It was unoccupied.
The pioneers are holding an important
session this afternoon.
Early next week Tom Worden and
twenty or twenty-five miners leave for
the Gold Mountain mine in Holcomb val
ley district o na five or seven months'
"t)ii Monday night the Bryan dub will
disband and the bimetallic club will be
Burglars entered the book store of
Lucius Allen this morning arid got away
with a couple of hundred dollars' worth
of goods, such as goI3 pens, lockets and
some money. An entrance was made
through the rear door by chopping out a
panel. Two suspects have been placed
under arrest.
The jury in the case of Lou Vaughn,
who was on trial for assaulting a China
man, brought in a verdict of not guilty.
The perjury case of Dot Abbott has
been continued, owing to the faot that
Annie Abbott, who is an Important wit
ness, cannot be present.
John Kinnucan and Jun Kenney left
for a five weeks' trip ti the mine* today.
Te Cure a Cold la Oaa Day
Take Laxative Bromo Qulnlns Tablets.
All druggists refund the money If tt
falls to-cure. 28c.

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