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Feminine Pythians Hold a Pub
lic Meeting
And the Ceremonies Are Followed by a
Throop Students Receive Their Prize
Banner—The Fire Thief Sentenced.
Social Notes—-General Brevities.
PASADENA, Jan. s.—Public Installa
tion ot officers was held last evening In
X. of P. hall by the degree of honor of
the woman's auxiliary to the Ancient
Order of United Workmen. The event
was highly successful and proved very
interesting to these outside the order
who were permitted to behold the secret
The ameers Installed were: Mrs. John
Allln, past chief of honor; Mrs. Lutie
Ryan, chief of honor; Mrs. E. Dickie,
lady of honor; Miss Maud Toms, chief
of Ceremonies; Miss Carrie Ransomc,
financier; Mrs. Hannah Sandeman,
treasurer; Mrs. Laura Porter, recorder;
Mrs. John Green, usher; Mr?. May E.
Shaw, Inside watch; Mr. Sam Porter,
outside watch.
Tiie preliminary initiation of the
officers was held behind closed doors,
but the Installation was witnessed by
many friends of the members. After the
Installation a feast of saladis, sandwich
es, cake, coffee, etc., was sei ved. There
were about eighty-four persons present,
that number of places being filled at the
big table. Mrs. John Allin, past chief
of honor, was presented during an inter
mission with a handsome badge, in rec
ognition of her services. After the ban
quet the lloor was cleared for dancing.
On Monday, January 11th, Miss Nealy
Stevens, who. leaves soon for the east,
will give a farewell reception in mine
private residence yet to be decided upon.
Mrs. Walter Wotkyns is managing the
affair and a number of Miss Stevens'
friends have brought persuasion to bear
upon her.
A number of the friends of Will Koeh
ler of Orange place surprised! him last
evening, the occasion being his 20th
birthday. The surprise was complete,
and the evening was spent in games and
in a social way. Refreshments were
Many young people are looking for
ward with Interest to the drama, The
Raising of the Wind, which will be given
at the home of B. F. Ball on the evening
of January 15th. One of the leading
parts; Will be taken by Mrs. Alice Free
man Vail.
.Misses Dora and Mary Allen enter
tained friends at their home on South
Pasadena avenue Saturday evening in
honor of their friends, the Misses Car
nielita and Angelita Tuoconiz of Grand
avenue, Los Angeles. The amusement
of the evening was furnished, by games,
music and refreshments, and the guests*
were Misses Carmelita ar.d Angelita
Trooonls, Bessie Burr.Lupe Lopez. Louie
Ogden, Anna Baker, Mary and Dura
Alien, Messrs. Floyd James, Will Magee,
Will Huff, Richard Halstead, Carleton
Bull, Duncan Reynolds, Ramon Lopez.
Mrs. J. H. Hearn was surprised yes
terday afternoon by a number of her
friends, who Were invited by her daugh
ter. Mrs. F. S. Hearn of First Btreet, the
occasion being in honor of Mrs. J. 11.
Hearn's 7:d birthday. The guests were
ilrs. Woodbury. Mrs. F. J. Woodbury.
Mrs. A. Huhbard, Mrs. F. Edson, .Mrs.
Delos Arnold. Mrs. M. Stone, Mrs. Ber.j.
Clarke, Mrs. M. Irving. Mrs. BenJ. Jar
vis, Miss Mary Medlll, Mrs. J. H. Hearn,
Mrs. .1. Oaks, Mrs, S. H. Porter. .Mrs. J.
E. Clarke.
The prize banner won by the Throop
Polytechnic in the Tournament of Roses
display was formally presented to the
school this morning. Roger Sterrltt of
the committee made the presentation
remarks and Professor Parker accepted
the banner In behalf of the institute.
Tiie presentation was made by Roderick
Burnham, who acted as herald in the
Mrs. Lugo, the Mexican woman who
admitted the plundering and burnirg
of George Baker's house in the arroyo
last Saturday, appeared before the re
corder this morning and was sentenced
to sixty days in the county jail for petty
larceny. The charge of arson could
have been brought against her, but the
recorder wished to be as easy as he
could with the woman, owing to her
great poverty and the fact thai she hua
an infant child 1 to take care of. She was
allowed to take the child with her to
the jail.
James M. Pryse ot New York, one of
the best known Theosophlsts in the
noun.try, gave an informal talk to the
members of the Pasadena branch of the
TheOsophtcal society in America and
others interested In the movement this
evening al the board ot trad*- rooms.
Mr. Pryse is a deep student of the Bible,
particularly of (he Gospels, giving the
real occult meaning of the words and
teachings of Christ in such a clear way
as to throw a flood of lignt upon them.
Dr. Wyllis Kail, who has been rector
of All Saints Episcopal church of this
city for a number of years, has decided
to resign owing to a complication of
circumstances. Dr. Hall and his family
have many friendis in the cily and com
munity who will sincerely regret his
At a meeting of the directors of the
Tournament of Roses Association la=l
evening In the board of trade rooms It
was found 1 that the subscriptions which
have been paid in and promised will be
sufficient to discharge all indebtedness
Incurred by the fete.
On Friday evening, January Bth, Hu
manity, by Sutton Vane, under the
management of William A. Brad*,
comes to the opera house. Monday
evening. January 11th. will see The Dev
il's Auction at the same place.
Joe Bush has sold his interest in the
Saddle Rock restaurant to his partner
Mr. George, and will start a new res
taurant soon.
H. M. Dobbins is in San Diego on
Mrs. Graham, mother of Principal J,
D. Graham, is the guest of her son and
family for a few weeks from Canada.
J. W. Plimmer left yesterday for San
S. J. White has returned from a short
stay at his ranch at Chatsworth park.
Mrs. Charles Gardner is confined to
her home by illness.
Wesley Scott, who has been the guest
6f his cousins, the Mirses Fuller, on Ar
royo dlrlve, leaves on Monday for Berke
Archie Strong, Benjamin Pago and
George Baldwin return to Stanford on
Ediward M. Martin, who has been with
the Pasiadena Drug company for some
time, Ims accepted a slmifcr position
with h. J. Huff, the dlrugglst at the corner
of Colorado street and Raymond avenue.
F. A Falkenberg, head counsel for
the Woodmen of the World, is expected
In the city in a few days from Denver.
J. L. Cravens and family of St. Louis
are in the city to spend l the winter.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Chapln are enter
tain trjg Mr. and Mrs. Holmes of Antelope
Mr. and Mrs. Lucas Corbln of Redlands
are spending a few days with friends tn
the city.
Professor Reed of Belmont Is the guest
of Dr. Norman Bridge for a few days.
Mr. H. R. Lacey and Mr. Knapp went
to Whittler today.
Mlsa Pleas-ai.ts of Los Angeles Is a
guest of Miss Greenleaf of Grand ave
Mr. and Mrs. Steams of San Diego
have returned to their home after a
pleasant visit with Mr. and Mrs. W. S.
The Sailor Quartette Still Talking of
Their Rough Experience
LONG BEACH, Jan. s—The escape of
the two men and the two boys on board
the sail boat Nellie last Thursday seems
wonderful. The men had not been live
minutes on board the Nellie when they
realized that they could not get her
back to her moorings. There was no
one on board who hed any practical
experience in sailing. Mr. Talbot, the
owner of the yacht, was without his
coat, going aboard in his shirt sleeves,
and Frank Hodges, the youngest of the
boys, had been playing on the beach In
his bare feet and went aboard without
his shoes, and the other boy was not
burdened with any too much clothing.
About dark they were convinced that
they could not get the Nellie back to her
moorings. So, filling a sack with rock,
which was on the boat, as ballast, they
threw it over as an anchor, the boat
being then, they said, about six miles
southeast from the wharf at Long
Beach. The rock found bottom at a
depth of thirty feet, the quartette get
ting Into theskirf and making a desper
ate but Ineffectual attempt to reach
Long Beach, the lights of which were
plainly visible. After several hours of
hard work the attempt to make Long
Beach was given up and the skiff headed
for Newport. Upon reaching Newport
the wind was so strong and the break
ers so rough, landing there was out of
the question, and their weary trip was
resumed down the coast, waiting for Un
wind and sea to abate and keeping a
sharp lookout for a place at which a
landing might be effected, (iuided by
Providence, they got into a little cove
about six miles below Newport after
dark, there being no possibility of their
seeing. It was the only place on the
coast for miles that It was at all pos
sible for them to land, so they were in
formed by the people at Newport, which
place they reached on Saturday. They
did not feel the cold so much, they said,
as they did hunger, but as the men re
peatedly fell down after landing, in
their walk toward Newport, there can
be no question but that the cold wind
which they had been subjected to for
almost two days had penetrated and
benumbed them. They had been given
up as lost and the news of their safety
seemed almost too good to he true, and
when the first dispatch which was re
ceived at about 7 a. m. on Saturday,
announcing their arrival at Newport,
was confirmed by one received two or
three hours later, the long, pent-up
agony of suspense found relief in the
most heartfelt expressions of Joy and
gratitude Richard Schoenbergor was
brought home by his brother, Robert,
who had driven over to Newport the
day before In hopes of hearing or learn
ing something about the Nellie, about
three hours before the other three, who
came in on the Southern Pacific, which
got here that night at <1:20. They were
all pretty well used up by their perilous
The motor yacht Ciemente, Capt.
Remington, which went in search of the
Nellie, had an exceedingly rough time of
it and suffered material damage, both
to her engine and sails, she having en
countered some very heavy, choppy
s»as at the distance from shore she was
prosecuting her search for the missing
boat. The Nellie has not been seen or
heard from since the night she was
Ex-Postmaster Van Duzen and wife of
Los Angeles were the gu ;sts of Mr. and
Mrs. W. P. L. on Sunday.
Miss Mabel Motrin of Rumsey, Yolo
county, a pupil in the Cumnock School of
Oratory. Los Angeles. spent the holidays
at this place with her aunt, Mrs. C. \V.
The Harlan-Sadler Wedding Solemnized
Yesterday—Personal Notes
SANTA MONICA. Jan. s.—One of the
prettiest house weddings possible was
the marriage of Miss Helen Harlan to
John W. Sadler, a young business man
of Eureka, Cal.. which was solemnized
this evening at Derby villa, the home
of the bridt's mother. Owing to the re
cent bereavement, the affair was very
quiet and informal, only the most inti
mate frinnds being present. But loving
friends had with quiet inslstance In
sisted upon making a few preparations,
and, especially in the decorations. Tin
double parlors were beautifully decor
ated. The bride and groom stood be
neath an umbrella of smilax and orang
blossoms, with ropes of smilax mak
ing a beautiful arch. The whole room
was a bower with smilax, bride roses
and marguerites. The Rev. Mr. Wisner
of the Presbyterian Church performed
the ceremony, the bride being a member I
of his church, also of the church choir.
Tin* bride received many beautiful pres
ents, nut tiie least being shares in a
working gold mine, the Golden (Sate
' mine in Colorado, from her brother. The
| following were the guests present: Rev.
and Mrs. Wisner, Mr. and Mrs. Barlnger
Burbank, Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Dexter,
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Clark. Mr. ami
Mrs. W. J. Clark, Mr. and Mrs. C. S,
Daks, Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Bunnell, Mr.
and Mrs. P. S. Allen, Mr. ar.d Mrs. J.
Walter Gray, Mmes. Cora de Force, T.
N. Wilkinson, Will Vawter, Don Moore,
M. Cleveland, Ladd, Witherow, J. It.
Harlan, Gazen, Misses Edna Bescli,
Lola Collins, Lizzie Collins, Mac Craine,
Richard Lacey returned from San
Francisco yesterday.
Miss Emma Yaw ter is ill, a victim o[
grip, with a severe fever.
Mr. and Mrs. V. H. Blrney of Chicago
and William Langdon Of San Francisco
are late arrivals at the Jackson.
Orange Growers Welcome Warmer
Weather —Railroad Schemes
SAN DIEGO, Jan. s.—Considerable
anxiety has been felt here among fruit
growers regarding the cold snap which
has prevailed for a week past Every
night prediction has been made of heavy
frosts, which in sonic localities has been
fulfilled. But diligent inquiry fails to
reveal any damage either to oranges or
the more tender lemons. The lowest
temperature in the city was 40 degrees,
ana white frost appeared in exposed
spots. At Chula Vista, the foremost
fruit section, the thermometer was 42.
At Lakesa, 3S; El Cajon, 35; Sweetwater.
43; Faaita, 35; Lakeside, 31. The weather
Is now warmer and all danger is appar
ently over.
Committees of the chamber of com
merce and Merchants and Manufactur
ers' asoclation have completed plans for
active canvassing of the city in the In
terest of the new railroad from Ra
mona to Foster, to connect with the Cuy
amaca railroad at the latter point. The
road will open up the rich Santa Maria
valley and Julian, apple section, placing i
them in direct commuulcathsi with San
Diego. The cosit of the road, which is
twenty miles in length, is estimated at
$200,000. A company is being formed
composed of wealthy land owners In the
valley and citizens, to grade the road,
at an estimated cost of $100,000, and ef
fort will then be made to sell stock or
bonds to complete the equipment of tbe
road. Thus far the people of this city
have received the proposition with en
couragement, as It will greatly benefit
the city.
The Corn Crop Showing a Good Average
Yield Per Acre.
INGLEWOOD, Jan. s.—Farmers are
busy sowing wheat and barley, and the
season has been alf.that could be desired
In the interests of husbandry.
Mr. D. Freeman has rented his ranch
and has in this way ceased to be a prac
tical farmer.
C. A. Ives and A. Forbes shelled their
corn a few days ago and it made fifty
bushels per acre, and that of Mr. Tim
mons about forty bushels.
Miss Conner, principal of the school,
Is ill, hence the vacation for the boys and
girls has been extended until the 11th
Since the escapade of the all-round
fakir and fraud, "Dr." Walker, so called,
this vicinity has been without a physi
cian. His sudden departure has occa
sioned no regrets, nor is the health of the
little burg suffering in consequence.
izo howtlUM* Utile one. suffer. To know that
a warm bath with OoiICFIU Soap, andli»Cle
-i.plio.tion of OOTtotnu (olsunem),tha gn£
£ a .SilS-il P " r ' n i- rcat " nd ->e<P, anrl point
to n sp. edy con. and not to uae them without a
moment', delay ia to fail In our duty
'"iSEV/- C ?" p .• r '2P ■ B»«l"a. rot ™* °- n -"
ITS-' How!-, o*n Bids tortured Babies,»maUad frea.
ft Manhood
f \ //XF**s The sense of physical strength sends
i a thrill of pleasure through the veins
/ of every human being possessed of
/ rar£ J?ift- Strength in manhood
/ / or womanhood means health, vigor;
A R*3k y e * thousands are aware of a deplor
/v\ f~\ *0 <aY? a^'e ' aC ' C f eeun £- E ver y ma n
r or woman who lacks vigor can regain
Vs£fj AiV\^M through the use of Dr. Sanden's
Electric Belt.
I A wor ' c °f ar * an d science, devoted
■Wr* Sv " w x t0 t i e stren S tn anc ' development of
1 P ure niall 'y an d womanly vigor,
I-/ \\<?A \ Called " Tnree Classes of Men >" will
ij \ TV \!v / i be maue d. closely sealed, free to every
0»a AVF fs\l i. man or woman who would study this
f - fsi vv) subject for their own advancement
* *vKS(k 5 In this work are embodied the plain*
"cotib aud pitch*." ' candid truths relating to the develop
ment and recovery of mental, phys
ical and vital forces in young, middle-aged and old men.
"Who lacks in one function while vigorous in all others is not as nature
made him and must be renewed."
Weakness in the vital organs is unnatural in all men. It is due. to im
proper care of the functions endowed by nature with perfect vigor, and since
nature gives this strength, if it has been wasted she must be called upon to
renew it. Natural remedies must be used. Nothing bears a closer relation
to the elements of vital and nerve force than electricity. It is natural. It is
nature embodied in a portable, convenient and effective appliance when Dr.
Sanden's Electric Belt is used. If you lack in any respect the manly powers
you should possess, send or call at once for this scientific book, which will
spread before you the only true and permanent restoration of mental, phys
ical and vital manhood. It has thousands of testimonials, from every town
and hamlet in the country. Address
»04'» South Broslw.iy, earner SssanJ, ... Lis Angeles, Cal.
ofllce Hour*—B tor,; evenings, "t° Sundays, lOtoi.
c. m. wood. Lssjeo. h. a wiTATr. Usasrsc
The Finest Production ever seen in Los Angeles
C. B. Jefferson, Klaw & Erlanger's Wonderful Production
Pnlmnr r% • THB world's greatest spectacle,
r-ttilticr t~/~\ 11/ *-f »Z3 CT with the Big New York Company ol 100 Artist*
/"Viv'c MUM \JW Illtd Including Crank Deshon. tn* Mulle, Marls
vUA A Cflesto, iiia Broom and Sol Solomon.
TONIGHT AND Matinees This Afternoon
Remainder ot Week and Saturday
Matinee Today, "Bargain Matineeßeserved seats Sfto any part of tiie Theater. Prlc-s for all
other puriojjiiunce, *i.6j, Jl. T~>c, We, £>c. Telcpone, Main Til.
Matinee Today ....
VMfc Best Sho *' the C,ty for tbe
CLERMONT'S ANIMALS, introducing the PooiHc who Plays the Piano!
Three DUNBAR BISTERS; TRIX LA BELLE, Danseusn Contortion; Oalattl't MONKEY S
KAOI.Y STI'ART; CUBHMAN ami HOLCOMBE; HOMAI.iI brothers. Performance every
evening, Im-ludlng Sunday, Prices—lOo, SSo and 50.-. Bargain Matinees Wednesday. Saturday and
Sunday. AdUtW,3ooto any part of tlm house; children, any sen u\\ 'Phone 1417.
BUHBHNK THEHTBH A. Y. Pearson, Manager.
Popular with the Peoplo Always Parked to the Doors
The only Theater in Los Angeles heated by steam. TONIGHT and Remainder of Week
5 prices; A Production The Police Patrol
I gallery .......ocr-> THH HAYMARKET SQUARE
la——' Seats now on sale. Box office open 9:*) a. in. o B:W p. in. Telephone Main 15»
HHZKRD'S PRMILION Fifth and Olive Streets.
Opposite Central Park.
Only Matinee Tomorrow f and THURSDAY.. . JUtl. O 317(1 I
The Devil's Auction "Vt&SSP
..... Production.
Ail New Features &
All at Tlmi-ly Prices—lsc, 50c and Tic. Scan io.v on sale nt REEVES ,fc 00., C".7 So. Broadwiiy
GO Gigantic Birds, All Ages
. The most interesting sight in California. Boas, Capes and Tips manufacturefl
ifrom California feathers at producers' prices. Pasadena electric cars pass th.-gates.
Cor. Main and Jefferson Sts. Tel. vVest 40.
Wholesale andßstsll. All kinds of Flowers and Plants. Orjwa by s. YEUDO 4 00., trts Angeles
\/lENNH BUFFET 114 and 116 Court street
[ ree « re , nne 'l entertainments; classical music every eveniaj. Austrian-HunrarlM
Kitchen and fine cuisine all day. '* v l
Health and Happiness
ARE To 1!E lOfSn
AT . ...
Hotel del
Dry Marine Climate all Winter
Warm, Sunny Days
Warmer Nights than found else
Ocean-front Rooms
For further information call on or address
200 S. Spring Ht., Lot Angeles, Cal.
H. F. NOrtCROSS, Aitent.
HOTEL GREEN-—J. H. Holmes, mana
ger, Pasadena,
lina Island.
HOTEL ARCADIA—Santa Monica, S.
Rheinheart, proprietor.
ond streets, Los Angeles.
HOTEL RAMONA—Spring and Third
streets, Los Angeles.
ABBOTSFORD INN—Corner Eighth and
Hope streets, Los Angeles.
HOTEL PORTLAND—I 44 South Spring
street, Los Angeles.
Ican and European plans.
Cochrane, proprietor.
THR ROWELL—Main and Ninth streets,
Riverside, E. J. Davis, proprietor.
HOTEL CARLTON-13 to 27 East Colo
rado street, Pasadena.
HOTEL AVALON—AvaIon, Santa Cats-
Una Island
prietor. Fourth and C sts., San Diego.
I p&wtfcj t
N. Spriox, Nmt Temple N. "iprlo.. Ne«r Tempi* N. Sprlnj, Near Temple
l Our Annual t
t Clearance Sale... t
£ Bargains with no limitation to either Reductions A
£ or Quantities.
Today and Tomorrow the effects of the j>
Will be strongly visible in the following lines of *P
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$ \ #
<> w I Outing Flannels, Ribbons, Shopping £
2 jji j Bags, Feather Boas, Ladies 9 and Child' 5
$ j ren's Hosiery and Underwear, Men's 1
j Hosiery, Underwear and Neckwear. .. . v
j ————————^—————^——_«»_
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ax*/ sftched back*, fornur price ji.oo: s ale flr and durable, In a large line of colorings, former *9
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# Ribbons, Shopping
f Bags and Feather Boas Men's Hosiery, Under- $
J Ribbon Department wear and Neckwear 5
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$P colors except black and white. s\ _ Men's Heavy Seamless Sox, with double heels
a Nos. 5 and 7 3c per yard OiC and toes, in brown mixed shades, former price gm
W No. 9 Bjic per yard 10c a pair; Sale price 4 pairs for 25c
& Nos.'?6 and'22 \fc per vafd O 1,-, Men's extra quality, medium weight full fin- W
i Former prices 10c, i s c, 20c and 30c O}C ' sh ", S ? x '~ n bl^ s ' tans - and !" ixed " lors - 49
\§w on «« jhi d « - c. »' double heels and toss, former price i2j-ac per lr
I i ZK\n 2 8 gross Fancy Medallion Buttons 50,6 - , s , , » , for c
«W iIUC and 70 lines. 111 a large variety of shades and F ' X ' y W
<er ws>r handsome designs; former prices $1.25 and Men's heavy quality, Camel's Hair Under-
If* Sale Price 50c aVtjC wear . silk baund and ribbed bottoms, former
>l price 50c; Sale price 25c per garment gk
# Shonoilie- BaC5 ir„ M «n's natural gray Underwear, 60 per cent
a '"'W'S 4i)C WOOl, silk bolind ' psarl buttons anJ fln -
Jk IT s dozen bla:k Boston Shopping Bags, sateen- ished, former price 65c; "\
V ZdC lined, plain and with outside pockets; former Sale price 45c per garment W
\—\ pr i ces 35C a nd 40;; Sale Price 25c each a m Boys' Calico and Cheviot Waists in a large 49
■ W luC v ariety of light, medium and dark patterns,
# Feather Boas formerprice 25c; Sale prlce,,ce * eh ?
1 A af" Men's Silk and Satin Neckwear, in a large Mm
i 7; black real Ostrich Feather Boas, from 36 to 54 lajC variety of new and stylish effects, Teck and
a* Inches long, will be offered during the sale at a reduc- 4-in-hand shapes, our regular 25c and 35c Mm
tion of 50 per cent. quality; Sale price 15c each

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