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How It Is Cared of Its Various Troublts by the Successful Treatment of the English
and German Expert Specialists in the Byrne Building
That Furnishes the Steam That
Runs the Machinery of Life
Of all the abused organs In the human
body our poor stomachs are entitled to most
Perhaps this nbuse Is due to the fact that
people are not properly instructed by tho
medical profession regarding the stomach
and Us natural functions. The object of
this short treatise Is to make a few practi
cal facts plain to the Interested public.
Ufa |a maintained by the daily Ingectlon
of food, and this food repairs, the great
wasto of tissues going on In all parts-of the
body. Ynu can't even wink your eye with
out using up a little tissue—wearing It out
—and even a thought costs you so much In
living tissue. Thus we see that the tissues
of the body are constantly being eaten up
by the processes of life. To renew and re
place these worn-out tissues is the special
work of tho stomach. Understanding die
Importance of the stomach In the mainten
ance of lire. It will be easier to realize the
need of good digestion.
The American Stomach
Is a big organ that usually reflects the hab
its of Its owner—for Americans are strange
people at the table. There Is a popular be
lief that the stomach digests everything
that IS swallowed, und this error has led
t> much Indiscretion regarding diet. If
people would try to understand the prin
ciples of digestion they would select food
that would not overwork the stomach. A
perfectly healthy person is not conscious
of a stomach, lor digestion goes on with
out effort or distress and hunger alone re
minds ttjtm of a stomach.
Select Your Food
Bread Is called the "staff of life." simply
because It contains all the materials essen
tial to life, and centuries ago It was the
principle food of thu pepole, and stom
ach troubles were not common In those
days. Today wo have a thousand varieties
of food and a hundre d varie ties of stomach
trouble*. Who will say we are not pro
gressive? There are few sufferers from
stomach troubles who would not be relieved
by going back to the simpler foods and se
lecting them according to the needs of tnelr
occupations. Highly spiced, fatty and hot
foods are potent factors In creating stom
ach trouble. Fooil that reeiulres cooking
should be thoroughly cooked and fruits
should be fully ripe. "The vegetarians have
taught us some wise lessons, if wo would
heed them
Starchy foods and fatty foods are not di
gested by the stomach, ami the first aid to
good digestion Is perfe>cl mastication; don't
bolt your food, cln-w it thoroughly and let
the saliva perform the first work of di
gest lon.
When disease has fastened upon youd
ctomach nothing; but the skill of a success
ful specialist will help you back to health.
Home* re-medics and patent medicines are
worthless in stomach troubles, for each
case must be examined and the cause de
tected before you can apply the remedies.
Today is Palm Sunday, and the com
ing work will be Holy week. As if in
anticipation, in society there has been
less than the usual activity, and nearly
nil who have entertained have also
maintained that it was "informal." The 1
card parties have for the most part
been club meetings, and the hostesses
have been Mesdames Frank W. King,
Arthur W. Dyke, N. B. Blackstone, L. W.
Stockwell and Misses Green and Cob
leigh. Miss Houghton entertained the
Daughters of the American Revolution
and the Tuesday Night club has held
Its last dance for the seuson.
Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Burnett, Mr. R. H.
Chudwiek and Count and Countess Yon
Schmidt have been umong the theater
parly givers. Those who have enter
tained with dinners have been Count
and Countess Yon Schmidt, Mr. and
Mrs. Fred T. Grltlith, G. Modini-Wood,
and J. C. Cunningham, Miss Mary Ban
ning and Dr. Paul Bresee; and the
luncheon hostesses were Mesdnmes E.
H. Owen. J. T. Conroy, Herman Baruch,
and G. M. North.
Modini-Wood Dinner
A very delightful dinner was that
given Thursday evening by Mr. and Mrs
Charles Modini-Wood in their home,
607 South Pearl street, as a farewell to
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Francis, who are
to leave for Europe Easter Monday. The
dining room decorations were of white
and pink. Dong stemmed roses were
massed on buffet and mantelpiece, and
the table was a masterpiece. Pendant
from the center chandelier to the four
corners of the table, and again inter
secting the sides midway were streamers
of pink satin ribbon gleaming through
the delicate tracery of maidenhair fern;
bows nnd loops of the ribbon and clus
ters of pink carnations held the stream
ers in place. In the center of the table,
under the chandelier, was a full-rigged
ship, made entirely of white and pink
sweet peati, fronds of fern and smilax,
with a pendent of pink ribbon bearing
the words, "Bon Voyage." Scattered
over the surface of the snowy damask
were beautiful pink carnations and
more ferns, and the exquisite place cards
were In the form of a horseshoe, made of
cream satin and decorated with flower
blossoms in oils, each with a different
design; the back of rough paper cor
responding in ti.it to the color of the
flower and tied with knots of baby rib
bon, also of the same shade.
Catarrh of the Stomach
* This Is one of the most common affections
of the stomach and miiy he from an exten
sion downwards of catarrh of the throat,
or It may arise from catarrhal (terms car
ried In with the food. The symptoms are:
Nausea on arising In'the morning, some
times vomiting; belching of gas, water
brash; there fs a dlzziie ss. acoated tongue
audi constipation; sometimes a thi-lt slime
Is spat up: there is pain after eating, with
headache ami bloating, sour stomach, pal
pitation of the heart often occurs; some
times v sensation of weight on the stomach
Is felt and breathing M difficult.
These are the prominent symptoms of
stomneh disease due to catarrh, and If not
arrested la time the disease extends to the
bowels, liver, kidneys and rectum.
Stomach B'aat
Is another common trouble, especially In
women. This bloating comes on after
meals, and Is due to fermentation of the
food with formation of gas. Constipation
i» usually present and nervous disorders
quickly come on. The specialist of the
Kngllsh anu Herman Specialists never fails
to permanently cure this trouble.
Nervous Dyspepsia
This form of stomach trouble is met In
people of a highly nervous temperament.
The nervous debility extends to the stom
ach and Impairs the nerves of digestion.
People who suffer from this form of gastric
trouble have much pain over the stomach
and sometimes palpitation of the heart
occurs and Is very alarming. The great
Irritability of this class of sufferers Is due
entirely to this nervous turmoil constantly
going on In the stomach.
Bilious Indigestion
This condition is one tjf the most distress
ing of all stomach troubles. It Is caused by
a (low of bile Into the stomach owing to
some obstruction In the bile channels. Ca
tarrh of the bile ducts is one of the most
common causes of this complaint. The bile
on entering the stomach disturbs the di
gestive functions and upsets things gen
erally. This bile must be carried oft and
a brisk purgativo should be used at once.
The great value of purgatives In all stom
ach, liver and bowel troubles Is their power
to cleanse out the channels and give na
ture a chance to restore normal conditions.
Covers were laid for sixteen, and be
sides the host and hostess and the guests
of honor, there were present to enjoy
the delicious menu Mr. and Mrs. Wil
liam H. Perry, Mr. and Mrs. E. P. John
son, Judge and Mrs. Ersklne M. Ross,
Mr. and Mrs. I. N. Van Nuys, Mr. and
Mrs. William Pridham and Mr. and Mrs.
E. r. C. Klokke.
Thimble Club
Mrs. E.V. Smith entertained the Thim
ble club Thursday afternoon in her cosy
home, 644 South Pearl street with an
observation party. The obligations of
the game consist in writing from mem
ory the numerous articles placed to
gether on a large tray. The guest who
had the longest memory yesterday was
Miss Carrie Thompson of Indianapolis,
who was rewarded with a lace handker
chief. The second prize, a decorated
cup and saucer, was won by Mrs. S.
K. Lindley. and Mrs. J. R. Porter wan
consoled for her short memory by an
heirloom kept In the club for that pur
pose. The rooms were decorated with
large clusters of beautiful rosea and
calla lilies were banked in the back
drawing room. At the close of the game
refreshments were served. Those pres
ent were: Mmes. S. K. Lindley, J. R.
Newberry. J. J. Costello of Duluth, J.
H. Davisson, J. R. Porter, D. G. Peck,
Crombie, Whltmarsh, C. W. Whltmarsh,'
Taylor, N. B. Blackstone, Calvin Smith,
Charles Forrester, Charles Chase, Frank
Chase, Piatt, Horace Anderson, Ben
Ward and Miss Carrie Thompson.
Bonnie Brae Club
Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. King enter
tained the Bonnie Brae Card clubThurs- ,
day evening- In their charming home, 903
Westlake avenue, with progressive
euchre. At the conclusion of the game
refreshments were served, and the four
prizes which are the rule of the club
were awarded. The lady's prize, a wa
ter color head, was won by Mrs. John
Bushnell, and the gentlemen's, a match
box, by Mr. Sheldon Borden. The two
low hand prizes were a vinaigrette and a
huge stein, and were bestowed respec
tively upon Mrs. Charles Flint and Mr.
Fred Hynes. The guests who were
present in addition to the club members
were: Mr. and Mrs.- Sheldon Borden,
Jack Jevne, Arthur Braly, Dr. and Mrs.
Avery, Misses Walters, Borden and
Falrchild; Messrs. Suplee and Carhart;
Dr. Robinson and Dr. Bryant.
Stanton Corps
The fortnightly Thimble party of the
Stanton W. R. C. met at the home of
Mrs. F. E. Austin, 2(06 West Seventh
! street, Thursday afternoon. After an in-.
I formal luncheon which was 1 presided
How StqmtcV Troubles Are Cured
By the and Merman Expert Specialists
The first step In the cure of diseases of the
stomach is to make a thorough examina
tion of the stomach and neighboring or
gans', to see that the trouble is not due to
tumors, growths or complications from
other organs. Your family physician may
overlook this important first step, but the
English and German Expert Specialists
never do. Their methods are thorough
from first to last.
The next step, having found that the
trouble Is all In the stomach, is to correct
all errors in-diet. This Is accomplished by
noting the action of the different foods.
Whether they sour or ferment or distress
the stomach. And also noting the condi
tion of the food as It leaves the rectum.
Food passing through undigested Indicates
serious stomach trouble.
The next step In the cure of stomach trou
ble is to bring the organ- and its digestive
power Into full action. Everything that
h nders the free action must be removed.
The catarrhal scum that lines its walls, the
little plugs of mucous and matter that stop
up the mouthß uf the glands which secrete
the gastric juice, must all be removed and
carried off, and the membrane must be
healed and cured of Its Inflamed character.
Here la where the skillful specialist comes
to your aid. He understands every feature
of this complicated organ, and he goes at
It like a master conscious of his power to
heal It. The remedies are now applied to
the naked walls of the stomach. Each lit
tle gastric follicle Is healed and toned up,
and the lining membrane of the stomach It
self Is healed and soothed back to Its na
tural condition. It's a new organ now,
ready for a meal, which it attacks with a
vim and relish that means nothing but per
fect digestion.
Stomach Trouble
Can be cured If you go to a specialist who
understands this wonderful organ and Its
Ills and ailments. Much has been left un
written here regarding this subject, but
> enough has been written to help sufferers
find a way of relief, and, after all, that's
what we are striving after—relief, content,
happiness, no matter whence it's source.
If your stomach troubles you come and
talk to the stomach specialist of the Eng
lish and German Expert Specialists. It
won't cost you a cent to advise with them.
over by Miss Austin, the thimbles were
donned and the needles were put In mo
tion In the fashioning of brownies, and
of bachelor buttons. In preparing l for
a bazar that the corps is to hold in the
fall. Those present Thursday were
Mesdannes Barnes, Moore, Jessup, Mc-
Candless, Rupp, Duncan, Banks, J. M.
Johnson, Hardwell, Thomas, Copeland,
Melchor, Young, Clapp of San Gabriel,
and Miss Miller, who did the noble work
in the hospitals during the rebellion,
and is still giving nobly of her Btrengtli
toward relieving the needy, as all the
earnest women in the Stanton corps are
Young Ladies' Club
The Young Ladies' Whist club was en
tertained Thursday afternoon In the
' charming home of Miss May Coblelgh,
525 West Twenty-first street. The dec
orations, which were most artistic, were
in the Fiesta colors—yellow acacia, scar
let carnations and graceful branches of
pepper made a brilliant effect in the
rooms. In the score cards the tri-color
was repeated by water-color sketches
of red roses and green leaves, and tied
with yellow ribbon. Progressive whist
was the game, and the one prize allowed
by the club, a handsome cut glass col
ogne bottle, was won by Miss Katherlne
Johnson. The guests were Mrs. S.
G. Wilson, Misses McGrlff, Wilbur of
Peoria, 111., and Miss May Newton of
South Pasadena. The members present
were: Misses Borden, Bonsall, Klokke,
Patterson, Truman, H. Falrchlld, Chan
cle Ferris, Goodrich, Henderson, Hutch
inson, Katharine Johnson, Sadie and
Gertrude Johnson, Babcock, the Misses
Wellborn and the Misses Groff.
Whist Party
Miss Agnes Green, of 706 West
Eighteenth street, entertained with a pro
gressive whist party Thursday evening.
The decorations of bunting and flowers
were in the Fiesta colors, and little Miss
Fay Springer gowned in scarlet crepe
served the punch. On the score cards
were water-color sketches of brownies
performing various antics. The prizes
were a decorated plate and silver mounted
whist counter; the consolation gifts a
drum and a horn, inscribed respectively
"can you beat this" and "try blowing."
At the conclusion of the game refresh
ments were served. Miss Oreen's guests
were Mr. and Mrs. Geeorge Simpson, F.
B. Rich, F. P. Springer, W. F. Ander-
Bon, Mrs. M. J. Lloyd, Misses Minnie
North, Grace Evans, May Williams;
Messrs. Harry Williams, Frank Colby,
George Driscoll and A. W. Gunn.
Birthday Party
Mrs. J. A. Wilcut of 1026 Wall street
gave a party Thursday afternoon in
honor of her son Clifford's birthday.
Games were enjoyed, and a dainty
luncheon was served. Those present
were Mmes. Hattle Chittenden, Margar
et Patton, Nellie Antrim, Misses Grace
Anderson, Maud Slgler, Anita Vennum,
Elsie Ross, Ada Henry, Grace O'Nell.
Myrtle Wilcut, Maud Wilcut, Gertie
Wilcut, Masters Edgar Dorr, Jesse Stur
geon, Bartie Ashman, Willie Schulz,
Orle Stubs, Clifford Wilcut,
Dramatic Beading
The dramatic reading to be given by
Milts Mabel Tanner ar£ Miss Angela
Anderson next Wednesday night at
330% South Broadway promises to be a
society evant. Two trolley oar parties
nave been arranged, one from Santa
Monica and another from Pasadena.
The Only Thing for Sufferers
Is to Read These Symptoms Care
And mark each symptom that applies to
their case unu senu mem or bring mem to
the Lng.i.sti ana Herman Bxperi bpec.ai
-1818 una nave v true mut-uoßis ot tfttiir trou
bles. Then a cure i■•- . r anu speeuy.
"Have you a cough .'"
"Are you losing UsahT*
"Do you cougu at n.ght?"
"Have you puin In siue?"
"Do you taiwe coiu cas.iy?"
"Is jour appeuie var.aule?"
"Have you autchts'in siue?"
"Do you cougn Until you gag?"
"Do you raiae frothy ina.uriai?"
"Do you cough on guing lv ueU?"
"Do yuu cough in tin.- morning*?"
"A»e you low spinieu at times?"
"Do you spit up ye-,.uw matLer?"
"Is your cougn oiioi'i anu hacking?"
"Do you apu up iiuie cheeay lumps'?"
"Have you a uugust tor tatty loous?"
"Is mere a ncKniig boblnu the pa,ate?"
"Do you teel you are growing w t aaer?"
"Is there a burning patO in the uiruai?"
"Have you pain behiuu the breaotOoHe?"
"Do you euugu woroe nigiu anu munung?"
"Do >uu nave to »,t up vi night to get
b re a 111 1"
"Is your BKin paie anu ary?''
"Is >uur nan galling gray?"
"Hao me shin a waxy Iook?"
"Is die hair ary anu bnu.e?"
"Is the skin ury aim nuran?"
"Do the icgs leel too neavy?"
"Is mere nausea alter eaung?"
"Dv the joints pain anu ache .'"
"Are ittey co.il anu caminy."
"1.-* ihe urine uara ana cuudy?"
"Are the eyes uuu ana staring?"
"la ihere pain In sinau ot Duck?"
"Jju your nanus una leti swtli?"
"Have you pawn in top ot the head?"
"Haa Hie pei'apirauun abaaouor?"
"Is mere painiiess unuer the eyes?"
"Is mere a uau taaHe in the muuth?"
"la mere a ue-sire lo gel up at ingnt?"
"Are ihere uara rings arounu the eyes?"
"Do you see spots Uoanug before the
"Have you chilly feelings down the
"Do you see unpleasant things while
asieep '!"
"Do you gel guidy?"
"Is your minu uuit?"
"Are you caa.iy nazed?"
"Do you have htauache?"
"Are you easily exekeu?"
"Do your hanus tremble?" !.
"Does your heart tluiter?" _ |
"Are you casny Irritated?"
"Are you always anxious?" i
"Do your muscles twitch?" '..*
"Is your temper irritable?"
"Sutler from sleeplessness?" i
"Are you easily frighieiieu?"
"Does sleep not relresh you?"
"Do you forgei what you read?"
"Do you suiter with neuruigia?"
"Do you stari in your sleep?"
"Do you have horrible dreams?"
"is there a rush of blood 10 the head?"
"Do your legs and arms go to sleep?"
"Do you have a languid, tired feeling?"
"Do you see queer things In the dark?"
"Is the voice husky?"
"Do you spit up slime?"
"Do you ail over?"
"Do you snore at night?"
"Is your nose stopped up?"
"Does your nose discharge?"
"Does your nose bleed easily?"
"Is this worse toward night?"
"Does the nose itch and burn?"
"Is there pain In front of head?"
"Is there pain across the eyes?"
"Is there tickling in the throat?"
"Do you blow out scabs at night?"
"Is your sense of smell leaving?"
"Do you hawk to clear the throat?"
"Is the thoat dry In the morning?"
"Are you losing your sense of taste?"
"Do you sleep with your mouth open?"
"Does your nose stop up toward night?"
Part of our staff will be at
AZUSA—HoteI Azusa, Friday morning,
April 16th, until 11 oclock.
ONTARIO—HoteI Southern Pacific. Fri
day afternoon, April 16th, until 5 oclock.
POMONA—HoteI Keller, Saturday, April
Seven well known society young men
have consented to assist as ushers, and
the following prominent men and women
are patrons: Rev. and Mrs. Burt Estes
Howard, Rev. and Mrs. W. J. Chiches
ter, Mmes. H. M. Sale, D. D. Acker, Wm.
Nlles, Misses A. L. Murphy, A. E. Robin
son, Grace A Dennen, Clara R. Dennen;
Hon. M. P. Snyder, Hon. Abbot Kinney,
Dr. W. G. Cochran, Dr. W. L. Graves.
Mr. W. H. Holllday. The music will be
furnished by a string quartet, of which
Miss Edna Foy is the leader.
Phi Bho Sigma Banquet
Last Friday evening the Los Angeles
chapter of the Phi Rho Sigma held a
meeting at the Westminster hotel and In
itiated the following well known doctors:
Norman Bridge, F. K. Alnsworth, 1. B.
Hamilton, W. Flemmlng, W. Jarvls Bur
low, Van Dyke and Rogers. After the
initiation exercises an elaborate banquet
was served and the following toasts were
made: "Fraternities from a Doctor's
Standpoint," Dr. Bridge; "The Benefits
of Fraternity Life," Dr. Witherbee; "The
Benefits Derived from the Co-opera
tion of Fraternities," Mr. Smith; "The
Novitiates," Dr. Barlow; "Our School,"
Mr. Chichester; "Benefits Accruing from
the Association of Students with the
Profession," Dr. Flemmlng; "Frater
nities in General," Dr. Van Dyke. At the
conclusion of the toasts conversation
became general and was enjoyed until
a late hour. The table decorations were
elaborate and effective of ferns and red
carnations, and two large bows of red
and black ribbon displayed the frater
nity colors. Those present were Doc
tors Norman Bridge, Mllbank Johnson,
Fellows, Witherbee, Van Dyke, Hamil
ton, Barlow, Flemmlng, Messrs. Chiches
ter, Lothrop, Steen, Steams, Mayne.
Smith, Janss, Anton, Wheat, Stafford,
Hoyt, Carter, Vingard.
High Five Party
Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Newton entertain
ed delightfully last evening in the draw
lug rp-gms of the Hotel Catallna with
progre. dye high five. The decorations
—whlchv'were artistic and dainty—were
of smilax and roses. At the conclusion
of the game, refreshments were served,
and the pretty prizes awarded as fol
lows: Decorated after dinner coffee cup
and saucer, Mrs. F. A. Ross; traveling
cup and case, Dr. Haywards; consola
tion, miniature china teapot, Mrs. Cal
der; box of Fiesta matches, Mr. Vin
gard. Besides the host and hostess there
were present Dr. and Mrs. J. H. Ed
monds, Mmes. E. M. Calder of Santa
Monica; D. D. Ross, F. A. Ross, Misses
Dibble, Ogden, F. M. Toye, I. E. Merk
ley, M. F. MacLauren, Doctors Hayward,
Madison, Edwin Cooper, Van Dyke,
Messrs. Walter Folsom, Guy Stewart
Vir.gard and Durward De Van.
History Club
The History and Literature club met
as usual Wednesday morning at 615
Fremont street. Mrs. M. T. Maynard
opened the meeting with a reading from
| Carlyle's "Heroes and Hero Worship,"
upon which comments were made and
Interesting points discussed by the club
Anecdotes of the encyclopaedists and
philosophers of the period of the French
Revolution were related by Mmes. Han
by, Variel, North, Willard, Miss Beck
ham and Dr. Lund. Mrs. Maynard con
cluded the morning's work with an in
teresting talk on Voltaire. The next
| meeting will be held at tbe home of Mrs,
. Thomas Gosse, corner Buena Vista and
j Bernard streets, when the subjects will
I be "American Influence in Causing the
The people have learned to regard the advice
of a staff of skilful specialists as the best me
dical advice, they can have BOfferer* como
from all over California to obtain this advice.
Even doctors send members of their families
and advise tliclr own hopeless cases to consult
us. It Is popular mcdlcHl advice free ol cost
and It Is proving n blessing to thousands.
Mrs. Geo. M. Henderson, 304 Grove St., Pasadena, Is Cured of Stomach, Liver, Kid.
ney and Nervous Diseases by the English and German Expert Specialists
"You csn't say too much," said Mrs. Henderson o( 304 Grose street, who is now at fatalina,
''concerning my wonderful recovery. It seemed as thoutfh 1 didn't have a sound in my
body when I consulted tho Kngllsh and German Expert Specialists. I was completely run down
and medicines and doctors did mo no good till I went to theso graud specialists. Today lam
able to do all my work and feel sure that my old troubles are gone for good. I can conscien
tiously recommend these specialists to all suffering women."
MKS. GEO. M. HE.N'DEKSOK, 304 Grove streot, Pasadena.
English™ germ expert miosis
Incorporated for 1250,000 .
l*lasters of Chronic Diseases
Rooms 408 to 422 Byrne Bldg., Third and Broadway, Los Angeles, Cal.
SS'ltm^C*." 1 * 5 ' 1 " ConsultatlOß Free
I French Revolution"; "French Aid In the
I American Revolution"; "Benjamin
| Franklin in France"; "Lafayette in
America and France Until 1789," and
Miss Maud Urwin and Mr. A. J.
Bowles were married Thursday at noon
In ftie parloro of the O'Neil block, San
Fernando street, Rev. Father O'Reilly
officiating. Owing to the illness of the
bride's sister, the wedding was private,
but the parlors were decorated with
flowers and ferns. Miss Emily Urwln,
the bride's youngeert sister, was her
maid, and Mr. S. C. Bowles was the
I groom's best man. The bride was charm
ingly gowned in nlle green silk. Mr. and
Mrs. Bowles left In the afternoon for
a prolonged trip through the east, and
after July 10th they will be at home,
1438% San Fernando street.
Lucille Beading
Miss Frances C. Fultpn announces a
recital at Normal hall Thursday, April
15, at 3 p. m., when she will present her
own dramatization of Owen Meredith's
"Lucille" In four parts. Part first
treats of the "Forgotten Past" and the
"Re-awakening"; part second, the
"Temptation," and the "Sacrifice"; part
third, the "Meeting at Ems" and the
'Rescue/ and part fourth, the "Atone
ment." There will be three musical
numbers between the parts, and Miss
Fulton has flattering press notices and
recommendations, which speak of her
accomplishment In the highest terms.
Eucher Club
The "Better Late Than Never" Euche:
club was charmingly entertained Friday
evening by Miss Hyland at her home or
South Flower street. At the conclusion
of the game refreshments were served
and the two first prizes and two conso
lation prizes were awarded as follows:
Miss Mollie Tittle, D. M. Tittle, Miss
Minnie Tittle and M. Grien. The guests
were: Mmes. Hyland and Driscoll, Miss
es Mollie and Minnie Tittle, Alice Prior
Emma Robinson, Mary Fowler, Lillie
Miller, Messrs. D. M. Tittle, Oscar Ber
ger, C. T. Shafer, M. F. Lee, G. W. Drts
coll and Greet.
Alpine Tavern Concert
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Newkirk, Mr. and
Mrs. T. E. Rowan, Jr., Messrs. Reve
France, J. B. Teale and Mlas Anna B
Douglas gave a concert at Alpine tav
ern, on Mount Lowe, last Thursday af
ternoon. Later In the afternoon the par
ty enjoyed the hospitality of Col. anc
Mrs. Green of Altadena, and in the even
ing Col. Green and daughter, Mrs
Banks, Mrs. Bliss, Mrs. H. G. Brown
Mrs. C. H. Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Stewan
spent the evening at Echo Mount hote
on Invitation of Mr. Brown, where c
very enjoyable concert was rendered.
Tally-Ho Party
Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Burnett gave a
delightful tally-ho party yesterday. The
drive through the San Gabriel valley
was thoroughly enjoyed by host and
hostess, as well as the guests, who were:
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Carlos Jones, Shel
den Borden, Godfrey Holterhoff, Jr.. Mrs.
Margaret Hobbes, Misses Borden,, Well
born and Klokke; Messrs C. Holterhoff
W. A. Clark, Jr., and Carhart.
Delightful Dinner
Miss Carrie WaddHove gave a delight
ful dinner Friday evening In the hos
pitable apartments of her aunt, Mrs
' Plater, In the Baker block. The guesti
We are not alarmists when we say that neg
lect to seek help for chronic troubles ill time,
has filled millions of graves. A little catarrh
has led to consumption and death. A littlu
kidney trouble has gone on to Ilright's diseaso
and death. When If taken in time these early
troubles could have been easily cured and val
liable lives restored to health.
"Can't Say Too fAw^h"
of honor were Mr. and Mrs. John T.
I Griffith. Very dainty and lovely were the
table decorations of pink carnations
and maidenhair fern, and on each of the
place cards was an artis'tic spray of pink
wild roses done in water colors. Be
sides the guests of honor, there were
■present Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Plater, Misses
Suzanne Easton and Ysldora Scott,
Messrs. Barnwell and Dickenson and
Dr. Bryant.
High Five Party-
Mr. G. B. Tledrich, western traveling
passenger agent for the Pennsylvania
lines, entertained some of the visiting
railroad men with a delightful high Ave
party Friday evening at the Hotel Cata
lina. The game was played in the draw
ing rooms of the hotel, and at its con
clusion refreshments were served.
Among those present were Mr. and Mrs.
Newton, Mr. and Mrs. Drury, Mmes.
Myers, Holgate and True.
Thimble Club
Mr. and Mrs. N. B. Blackstone enter
tained the members of the Thimble club
and their husbands In their home, 115(1
West Twenty-eighth street, Friday
evening. The hall and dining room were
decorated with wild mustard, the re-
I ceptlon room with bridal \freath and the
I library with carnations. High Five was
i the game played, and at its conclusion
, refreshments were served.
Here and There
Mrs. N. C. Martin of 423 College street,
entertained a few friends last Tuesday
Messrs. Edward M. Hanna and Harry
Wiillams leave Los Angeles- today for
| Randsburg.
j Mrs. Robert Verch has returned to Los
i Angeles after a prolonged eastern visit and
! Is at 1147 Flgueroa street.
| The boys and.girls of the Younger Set
gave a very enjoyable dance last evening
at Wood's hall, South Pearl street.
! A dance will be given at Wood's hall Fri
day evening, April 30th, by the Younger
, Set, In return for the Leap Year dance.
] Miss Ida Menefee of Covlna, and Mr.Phll.
S. Thompson of this city, will be married
Wednesday morning, April 14th. at Covina.
i Mrs. Victoria Harrell and her son havo i
returned from an absence of several weeks
and are In their home, 623 South* Pearl
Mrs. Mila Tupp'er Maynard gave one of
her interesting lectures on Browning at the
Cumnock school of oratory last Thursday
afternoon. .
Dr. and Mrs. Weston of Verdugo are en
tertaining Mrs. Weston's mother, Mrs. H.
P. Farwood, and her sister, Mrs. Marie
Fisher Clarke of New York.
Next Wednesday evening Mr. James B.
Scott will read a paper on "French
Comedy" before the drawing room section
of the Ebell to which gentlemen will be
The Ancient Order of Hibernians an*
nounce their annual ball to
be given Easter Monday evenln'g, April
19th, at new Turnverein hall 321 South
Spring street.
The University Ethical club will meet
I Monday evening, April 12th, at the resi
| dence of Mrs. M. Burton Williamson. West
l Jefferson street. A paper will be read, fol
lowed by discussion.
The Ebell win hold Its regular monthly
social tomorrow afternoon at 1057 South,
Flower street. A paper on the "Pictorial
Arts of Japan; Their Origin," pre
sented by Mrs. Eliza A. Otis.
The ladies of the W. R. C. and G. A. R.
circle will give a reception to the boys of
'61 and '65 at McDonald hall, 127 North
Main street, Thursday evening. April 13th.
All soldiers and their families are cor
| dially Invited.
' A whist club has been organized by some
I of the "younger set" to meet fortnightly
I In the morning. There are sixteen mem
bers and the first games will be played
Wednesday, the 14th, at the home of Miss
Genevieve Smith.
Arrangements for, the big charity whist
party are coming on apace. The date Is '
To Nature's Faratae—The Business
Man Fails an Easy Prey to
Premature Decay
Nature is not treacherous; she never strikes
without lirst warning th" victim and giving
liiin time for protection.
fflat Owe D©!?-B.r Uirjtii You
Business men as well as nil other men should
look to their health, and, liiiding something
wrong, should seek advice before it is too late.
The drain that muv be going on and the waste
that may be constant iv tbe urine are tho in
sidious sappers of your vitality. This drain
exhausts you, renders you irritable, nervous,
sleepless and unfit for successful business. You
are not conscious of this waste iv tho urine
and you think you are breaking down from
overwork. It's tills waste of vital fluid that is
undermining your health, and you should
leave no stone unturned until this trouble is
' arrested. The specialist for men of the English
and Herman Expert Specialists treats only
diseases of men, ami bus cured hundreds of
cases that other doctors ami specialists had
failed to cure. Impaired or lost manhood, all
private discuses, blood taints, syphillis, vari
cocele, rupture, stricture, gleet, piles.
It costs vnu nothing to talk with this spec
ialist, and'it won't cost you a cent if ho can't
cure you.
Of the English and German
Expert Specialists
Private Entrance—Room 412 Byrne Building,
Third ami Broadway, Los Angeles, Cal.
Office lhiurs-!i to 4 daily; 7 to 8 evenings and
9 to 11 Sundays.
Call or write for my Greatest Book for Men.
I . .
We Cure
Asthma, Bronchitis, Catarrh, Neuralgia,
Heart Disease, Dyspepsia, Kye Disease,
Skin Disease, Rheumatism, Malaria, Ner
vous Diseases, Kidney Diseases, Bladder
Diseases, Insomnia, Hysteria, Dysentery,
Paralysis. Rickets, Scrofula, Consumption,
Liver Disease, Diseases of the Bowels,
Ovarian Diseases, Sciatica, Tumors and
I Abnormal Gro-rtths, Deformities, Spinal
Disease, Variedcele, Rupture, Stricture
and all Chronic Diseases.
April 27th. the place Turnverein hall. The
first am) invitations have beer, exhausted,
200 more are ordered and everything seems
to point to a financial as well as a social
The Assistance league met yesterday
afternoon at the residence of Miss Van
Dyke, 321 South Olive street, when- regular
league business was transacted. The meet
ing next Saturday will be with Mrs. Fred
erick T. Grlfflth, 904 West Twenty-eighth,
Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Jones of 1619 Maple
street entertained about fifteen of their
friends last Wednesday evening with
shadow pantomines especially prepared
for the occasion, comic representations for
the most part, of leading events of the day.
Refreshments were served.
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey W'llhams gave a
dinner at their home on South Hill street
last Wednesday evening. The table deco
rations were violets and maiden hair ferns.
Those present were Mr. and Mrs. B. F.
Vreeland, Frank Smith, Frank Irving, J.
H. Wilson and Mr. E. M. Hanna.
Mrs. G. R. Coblelgh of 626 West Twenty
first street, entertained with a luncheon
Thursday. The guests of honor were Mrs.
Hodges, Mrs. Wilbur and Miss Wilbur of
Peoria. 111. Mrs. Coblelgh's other guests
were Mrs. Richards of Salt Lake. Mrs. Mc-
Nutt and Miss McNutt of Terre Haute,
Ind., and Miss May Coblelgh.
The regular monthly meeting of the
Academy of Sciences will be held at 330'fc
South Broadway Tuesday evening. April
13th. Two papers will be read, "The Per
ception of Color," by Dr. A. L. Macieish,
and "The Scientific Importance of the
Folk Music of Our American Aborigines,"
by Prof. T. C. Fillmore of Pomona College.
The Ilniversallsts gave a California tea
at the home of Mrs. Bury, 92S San tee street,
last Friday evening. The menu was con
fined to products of California and was
much enjoyed. Wild flowers in profusion,
were the decorationa. In- the evening Miss
Hope Jordan sang the state song. "Hall
California." and the Rev. J. W. Harrison
read extracts from his book, "The Ameri
can Italy." .1
Wedding Invitations and Calling Cards En.
The Webb-Peckham Co., 233 South
The Modern Atlas of the Entira
Music Trade
The firm of Stelnway & Sons have done
more during thii long period of trade de
pression to hold up the spirits of the mutlo
trade than any half dozen houses put to
gether. They have set an example that
others might emulate with exceeding
profit to themselves. It has not only been
line upon line and precept upon precept
with them, but they havo practiced what
they preached-. In all the dark hours of
the many months that distressed the trade
of the nation, the house of Stelnway A
Sons never once lost courage. They never
once exhibited any signs of fear. They
never onco weakened' in the matter of
prices, nor did they once ever so much as
, think of sacrificing tlio dignity or the
• quality of their product. In this way they
| Inspired hope and bravery Into the bosom*
- of many a weaker manufacturer. The
house of Stelnway never forgot that they
i make a piano that commands the admlra«
j tlon of the civilized world. And what has
| been the result? Every American piano*
l maker has a greater admiration, for the
■ Stelnway piano than he ever had before.
• Every American planomtiker has a greater
respect for the house of Stelnway & i
than before. Each ono realizes that I ,
did a vast deal for the trade; tha,t
kept up Its morale and that perhap if
Stelnway & Sons had for a time bee
victims of the panicky feeling a gen al
demoralization of tho music trade,
ally of the piano industry, would have 1
the outcome. It Is a great thing for a hi -
to be generally recognised as the bul»
of the trade, and Stelnway ft Sons n us
feel that they have been repaid for
wise course that they pursued during V ese
years of trade disturbance.—Chicago Iu
dlcator, April «, 18K.

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