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Will Cost Plenty of Time
and Money
May Challenge the Finding of a
Verdict of 3500 in the Chicken Suit
Another "Farkhursting" Ap
peal — Goddard Divorce.
New Suits Filed
There are three persons) at present
tn the county jail under arrest on the
charge of being: insane, and there is no
way open by which they may be com
mitted to the state asylum at High
lands, if they really are insane, or of
discharging them from custody. In
fact, there is practically a deadlock in
the several departments of the superior
courts so far as> the examination and
commitment of insane patints is con
This is the initial result of the new
lunacy law, passed by the last legis
lature, and which for ambiguity of ex
pression and meaning and foolish con
struction, will compare favorably with
any other bill passed during the ses
The state board provided for by the
new law has not yet furnished this coun
ty—whatever may have been done else
where —with the necessary blanks, and
so the machinery of the law cannot be
set in motion, and to make commit
ments under the old law is, of course,
Illegal. So, for the nonce, people may
become insane with impunity, and on
that specific charge they may rest as
sured they will not suffer commitment.
There are other reasons, however, why
it is not possible to examine and com
mit patients.
The new law provides, amor<r many
other things, that within sixty days
after the passage of the act the board of
supervisors of each county shall pro
vide at the receiving hospitals a suita
ble room or rooms for the detention,
board, care and treatment of the al
leged insane. These rooms and their
furnishings shall be subject to the ap
proval of the state lunacy commission.
The bill was approved March Hist, and
so before the end of the current month
this accommodation will have to be pro-
vided At present there is nothing of
the kind. A rerson may not be de
tained in this receiving department less
than one and not more than twenty
days. Certificates of lunacy must show
that it is the opinion of the medical ex
aminers that the alleged insane person
Is actually insane, and must be made
by two physicians, graduates of an in
corporated medical college, and who
have filed with the state commission
a certified copy of the certificate of a
superior judge, showing such qualifi
cations. The blanks necessary for mak
ing out the necessary certificates not
having come to hand, the judges of the
superior court met together and agreed
upon a form and drew up a list of phy
sicians capable of serving as medical
A Judge may, in his decision, require
other proofs in addition to the certificate
of the medical examiners that a person
is inpane, and upon the demand of any
relative or near friend, acting on be
half of the insane person, the judge shall
issue an order directing the hearing of
the application before him. But if the
person ordered to be committed, or any
friend, is dissatisfied with the final or
der of commitment, he may, within five
days from the making of the order by
the judge, take an appeal, as it were,
by demanding that his canity be tried
by a jury before the superior court of
the county. It i© to be presumed that,
save in violent cases, quite a large num
ber of the persons' charged with Insanity
will be sane enough to demand a jury
examination. In such case two-thirds
of the Jury may decide and return a
verdict. Before any such jury trial,
however, the person demanding it must
deposit, or give a bond, to be approved
by a superior judge, for the costs of the
jury trial, if the order of commitment
be sustained, unless, in the opinion of
the judge, the alleged insane is poor and
•uch a person to defined as "a person un
able to maintain himself and has no
one legally liable and able to maintain
After the certificate of the properly
appointed medical experts has been
challenged by the Judge and the deci
sion ot the Judge.- has been challenged
by the insane person himself, and a jury
—not of his peers but capable in every
way to serve upon the panel—has exa
mined into the Intracaoles of the dis
ease, of which thf-y must of necessity
be absolutely incapable of forming
anything approaching an accurate
opinion, and found the man or woman
to be actually insane, then the patient
will go to Highlands sure. But upon
being sent there the application, the
certificate of lunacy of the- medical exa
miners, the order directing a further
hearing if any such is made, a typewrit
ten statement of any and all testimony,
the decision of the judge and the order
of commitment must all be presented to
the superintendent of the asylum to
which the person has been committed.
That gentleman, if he is so disposed,
may tell all the gentlemen who have
been exercising their gray matter in
determining whether the person was in
sane or not to go thunder if, in his judg
ment, the person is not insane.
Or.cc lodged inside the asylum, how
ever, it is made obligatory that verbatim
copies of the above documents shall be
forwarded by each superintendent to
the State Lunacy commission, and the
relative or guardian of the person to
whose care and custody any insane per
son may be committed, is also compelled
to file the papers named above in the
county clerk's office, and transmit a
certified copy to the State Commission,
while retaining a third copy for them
Before sending a poor person to the
state asylum It is made mandatory that
the officials are to see that he or she Is
in a state of bodily cleanliness and com
fortably clothed with useful clothing,
and of this the judge will take cogni
zance; and each female committed
must be accompanied by a female attend
ant, and, if necessary, by another per
It is likewise provided that no pa
tient shall be discharged from a state
.hospital without suitable clothing for
the season; and, If necessary, money not
exceeding $25 shall be provided to defray
the patients' expenses until he or she
can reach relatives or find employment.
This is a mere outline of the routine
prescribed by the new lunacy law for
the commitment of a patient. It will
necessitate a greatly increased expendi
ture in every direction, and the idea of
an insane patient being permitted to
challenge a commitment is quite origin-
El. The legal incongruities in the mod;
of carrying out the general plan are just
as ambiguous, and more so, indeed, than
the machinery provided.
A Defendant of Whom the Law Of
ficers Lost Track
One Henry Wood has been hibernating
in the county jail since about March 23d
to date, "forgetting the world and by the
world forgot." Yesterday morning a
good-natured attorney made a motion
in department one that Wood be dis
charged from custody, as no information
had been filed against him. and in so do
ing provoked an investigation.
It developed that a man named Henry-
Wood had been examined before Justice
Witherill at Redondo on the charge of
robbing an old soldier named John D.
Rowse. and had been held to answer in
the sum of $1000.
When the papers In the case were
searched out it appeared that the old
soldier, Rowse, went on a spree at Re
dondo with a little money and a plug of
tobacco in his pocket. When he awoke
next morning he found he was minus
the money and tobacco, but had a fine
head. A little later it was discovered
that the man Wood possessed both the
money and tobacco, and upon such a
showing Wood was arrested. At the pre
liminary examination very little light
was cast upon the robbery, albeit Wood
was held to answer.
Deputy District Attorney McComas
conducted the prosecution, and upon
questioning the old man Rowse, h?
"Do you know the defendant?"
"No, sir; I don't."
"You don't know whether you ever
e>aw him before in your life at all?"
"I could not swear that I did."
"What was the matter with you?"
"I was tight."
"Did you see any body on the face of
the mortal earth when you were tight?'"
"No, sir."
The prosecutor called Old Soldier
Rowse's attention to the fact that Henry-
Wood had been arrested for robbing him
of $25.
"All I know about it is." answered the
old soldier, "that the next day I was told
that this man was arrested with two
bills—a twenty-dollar bill and a five
dollar bill—that I got changed at Billy
A . keeper named Bowen was
called and he told how Old Soldier
Rowse visited his place, bought drinks
and got gold and silver exchanged for
paper money. The next morning the
defendant. Wood, strolled in and passed
a five-dollar bill over the counter The
liquor dispenser could not recognize the
bill, but it looked like the one given to
E. P. Maxey, chief of police at Rc
dondo, testified to having arrested Wood
and finding the money and plug of to
bacco upon his person. The prisoner
then stated that the old soldier had given
him the plug of tobacco. Rowse tried to
identify the plug but, as might be an
ticipated, was not eminently successful.
The defendant made no defense, and the
only evidence against Wood was of the
thinnest possible kind, amounting to
little better than a suspicion.
To Be Called in the Various Depart
ments Today
(2314) Jack Marshall, burglary; trial.
(2328) Mary Simpson, appeal; hearing.
(2329) Appeal; hearing.
(2330) F. H. Pope, appeal; hearing.
Henry W r ood, robbery; motion to dis
Nothing set.
Nothing set.
(23.986) Snitjervs. Chicago, Rock Island
and Pacific Railway company, dam
age suit; trial.
(27.022) Sundstrom vs. San Fernando
Valley Improvement company.
(23,66") Cunningham vs. LO9 Angeles
Railway company, damage suit;
(2T.TSI) Staats vs. Lemmert.
TOWNSHIP COl'RT—Justice Young:
Norden VS. Smith; motion.
Catchings vs. Stock; demurrer.
People vs. Tisdale, uttering threats;
trial, 10:30.
Day vs. Dodd; trial.
Giles vs. Brodersor,; demurrer.
Hickox vs. Comer; supplemental pro
A Jury Called Upon to Assess Their
The damage suit of the infant David
Cunningham against the Los Angeles
Railway company to recover $10,000 be
gan in Judge Shaw's department yester
The child is suing by its father, hi~.
guardian ad litem, and the parents are
colored people. The suit has been al
ready tried once, a verdict having been
returned by a jury in October, 1895, in
favor of the plaintiff for $3000. The case
was appealed and the supreme court
held the question of general competency
on the part of the motorman on the car
ought not to have been raised, and that
ordinary care- was all that could be de
manded from the employes, for the rea
son that the competency of the particu
lar servant had not been impugned in
Steinway Pianos sj
Everything in Music. 2
323 8, SPRING ST. Established 1875 §
the complaint. Certain of the lnatruc
Hons were also found to be objectiona
ble, and the case was remanded.
The grounds of the complaint are tha
on May 11th, 1895, the 18 months old chll
of the Cunninghams contrived to escap
the vigilance of Its mother and wandere
from the house at the corner of Stepl
enson avenue nnd Alameda street. 1
tried to cross East Second street, and
when In the act of crossing the track was
thrown down by one of the defendants
cars and severely Injured. The little on
lost three of Its toes and a portion of th
foot. For these Injuries $10,000 Is asked
as compensation.
The Keeper of a Bagnio as a Retail
Liquor Dealer
Another of the whilom "Parkhurst-
Ing" cases will soon be heard in de
partment one, on appeal from the court
of Justice Morrison.
Not a great while ago Ella Rorick
was a respectable woman and the mis
tress of a humble but comfortable home
as the wife of one of the employes of
one of the street railroad companies.
But she fell from grace, and she is now
appealing the judgment of the Justice's
court that she pay $50 fine for retail in;:
liquor without a license. The com
plaint against Mrs. Rorick was made
by J. W. Ball, and the defendant kspt
house at 419 Commercial street. The
offense complained of was committed
on November 27, 1896.
The Jury Returned a Verdict for
In the suit instituted by T. M. Clark
and his partner to recover from W. F.
Nordholt damages for breaking up their
poultry business, the Jury empaneled
in Judge Shaw's department to try the
case returned a verdict In favor of the
plaintiffs for $500. This Is the exact
amount at which the turkeys, geese,
chickens, and so on, were valued at
the time when the attachment was
levied on the place and the business
sold out.
• New Suits Filed
R. A. Williamson vs. John B. Lane, ac
administrator of the estate of Florence
C. Lane, deceased, et al.—A suit to re
cover $1325 on a note, $130 attorney's
fees, costs and order of sale against lot
51 of the Waverly tract.
Mrs. A. Steadman and Mrs. A. Stead
man, ac guardian of the persons and es
tates of Far.hie, Helen, Bessie and
Charles Steadman, minors, vs. W. W.
Thomas and C. A. Vlles —A suit to re
cover $1500 on a note executed by defend
ants and made payable at the Bank of
Ssvondido, with attorney's fees and
Ellen L. Quain va Charles A. Bell and
Georgie D. Bell et al. —A suit to recover
$700 on a note made to Percy R. Wilson
and assigned to plaintiff, $100 attorney's
fee, costs and ! order of sale against lots
8 and 21, block 3, of the Brooklyn tract.
The setate of Donna M. Crawford,,
minor—The petition of Alfred Crawford,
father of the minor, that Mary I. Craw
ford, the mother, be appointed legal
guardian of the minor, who is 17 years
old. The setate consists of a one-half
contingent interest in a policy of life in
surance for $2500 on the life of petitioner.
The estate of J. Clay, deceased—The
petition of Mary F. Clay for letters ot
administration. The estate consists of
$75 in the Los Neitos Valley bank.
The Divorce Mill
A decree was yesterday granted to
William H. Goddard by Judge Shaw, di
vorcing him from Liilie F. Goddard. on
the ground of adu'tery. This was the
case wherein both parties were at a
dance on Broadway, and the complain
ant saw his wife leave the hall with a
man named Story. He followed, and
when he saw them enter a lodging house
called to his assistance a police officer
and then went to the room of the evas
ive couple.
Anna M Swan yesterday filed her
complaint in divorce against John
Court Notes
Upon motion and presentation of cer
tificate, Charles J. Ellis was yesterday
admitted to practice in the United States
circuit court.
The following appeals will bs heard
by Judge Smith today: F. H. Pope, sen
tenced by Justice Owens to 180 days for
petty larceny, and Mary Simpson, sen
tenced' by Justice Morrison to fifty days
for soliciting.
Two cases were on trial yesterday in
the United States circuit court, the
United States National bank of Port
land against L. B. Woodworth, and J. L.
Lord, on two promissory notes, one of
$3000, the other of $7900.
A Positive Indication of the City's
A fair idea of the extent of building oper
ations going on in. this city may be gained
at the Bartlett Music house, where a large
number of fancy upright pianos are stored
away in one corner of the sales room, se
curely covered with dust-proof rubber
covers. All these instruments were sold
to people who are building new residences
in various parts of tho city and who have
availed themselves of the opportunity dur
ing the firm's alteration sale to buy a fine
piano at a great saving in price, preferring
to have trhe pianos stored for a period of
all the way from four weeks to four
months, until their homes are completed to
receive them. Among the lot is one beau
tiful mahogany Stelnway upright, one
fancy Weber piano in mottled walnut case,
and no less than five handsome new scale
Kimball pianos, together with several me
dium grade instruments.
Lively Pico Heights
Just at present Pico Heights is under
going a species of boom which is most
encouraging. Building is lively and the
electric road is rapidly extending a dou
ble track line toward Santa Monica. Tho
Tooth Powder
Used by people of refinement for over a
quarter ol a century.
lave YOll Heard
...Of the...
Periodical htwiwn Co?
Tho Roy ml— White and Pure
as the Driven Snow.
Absolutely Pure
West Side Water company has nearly
completed Its pipe line, which will bring
an Immense supply of pure mountain
water. Plans are being drawn for sev
eral business blocks, streets are being
graded and a number of beautiful homes
have recently been erected. Real estate
agents report a lively demand for prop
Ol Deviled Crabs Asks a Question
The following correspondence be
tween Mr. McMenamin, the well known
producer of hermetically sealed sea
food, of Hampton, Va., and the Postum
Cereal company, may interest some, as
it touches a point upon which there have
been some queries.
"HAMPTON,Va. —Postum Cereal Co.,
Battle Creek, Mich: Gentlemen—Re
plying to your letter I beg to say that
' ycur health coffee has a flavor, so far as
i I can remember, of the best coffee, and
this coffee flavor was so pronounced that
x suspected that coffee was mixed with
the other grains. I served it to some
of my guests w it'nout telling them what
it was, and they pronounced it very
excellent coffee. One of them was a
coffee drinker who had to have It three
times a day. I would like to know if
there is any coffee in it. Very truly
yours. James McMenamin."
"BATTLE CREEK, Mich.—Mr.James
McMenamin, Hampton, Va.: Dear Siv
—We have your esteemed favor of the
28th, and in reply to your inquiry as
to the ingredients will say that we are
willing to stake every penny that we
can get together that Postum not only
does not contain coffee, but that it is
composed strictly and entirely of pure
cereals of the field, the greater portion
being the various parts of wheat. It
took us nearly a year of experimenting
to produce Postum, the health coffee.
It is an easy matter to make a weak
sort of drink from browned rye, wheat
or malt, but to produce a liquid from
the cereals that has the color, taste and
nourishing properties of our present
product, taxed our best energies and
that of one of the most expert analyti
cal chemists in America.
"We felt a desire to demonstrate the
principle that a man's drink at meals
should be made from grains, without
any sort of adulteration or chemical
preparation, aside frc-m simple cooking.
It may be further explained that in
order to produce Postum the cereals
are cooked in different ways and the
tinal mixing of the proper proportions
is what gives us the desired result.
"There is no possible argument that
can be brought forward that will raise
the question for a moment regarding
the fixed fact of the healthful, nourish
ing and fattening properties of the cere
als furnished by the All-Wise Creator
for man's natural use. We thank you
for your kind letter. Yours respectful
ly, Postum Cereal company, Lim."
There is but one genuine original Pos
tum Cereal coffee, with a multitude of
imitations offered "just as good."
Stimulant to muscular and intellectual
activity; relieves mental exhaustion. Bro
Our Home Brew
Maler & Zobelein's lager, fresh from their
brewery, on draught In all the principal
saloons; delivered promptly In bottles or
kegs. Office and brewery, 440 Allso street;
telephone SL
Anheuser Bar and Cafe,
243 South Spring street, Los Angeles, Cal.
Telephone No. 935 main. Entrance to cafe
through natatorium on Broadway, ad-
Joining city hall.
For Mirrors or Beveled Plate Olass
Go to H. Raphael & Co., who are the man
ufacturers of them, and you will make a
large saving. No. 43S and 440 South Spring.
Laws for ninintr Stockholders
The mining laws as revised by the pres
ent legislature, per copy, 10 cents. N. A.
Wolcott & Co., 128 South Broadway.
Hawley, King & Co.,cor. sth st. and Bwy.,
agents genuine Columbus Buggy company
buggies and Victor bicycles.
Largest variety Concord business wag
ons and top delivery wagons. Hawley.
King & Co.
A. Krug's Berlin Homeopathic pharma
cy, corner of Seventh and Wall streets.
Everything on wheels. Hawley, King &
Co., cor. Fifth street and Broadway.
Agents Victor, Keating, World and
March bicycles. Hawley, King & Co.
Joe Arnold, agent for celebrated Mexican
cigar, 358 S. Spring st. Tel. main 986.
BLISS—At 232 East Fourth street, Mrs. L.
A. Bliss, a native of Newark, N. J.
GORDON—In this city, May 6, 1897, of
diphtheria. Lucille, the dearly beloved
child of William and Margaret Gordon,
aged 8 years and 6 months.
"Tie Broadway Undertakers"
Office Telephone Main 613.
Residence Telephone White 111.
runara.l Director.
623 8. SPRING ST., Los Angeles, Cal.
Special attention paid to embalming
na shipping bodies.
) <
The Creditor's Sale of the
Tyler Shoe Co.'s Stock
At 137 South Spring St,
Will Open Wednesday Morning
We'd just like to have you take these items and ti~r*~~~ 1 /jl^
match them side by side with what other stores are iusjul J
offering as special bargains—that's all. We would \^
not invite the test if we felt at all squeamish about 'm*f SSS J
their being equaled.
Men's fine Tan Vici Kid and Russia Calf Handsewed
Lace Shoes, cottage, coin and (Jjjfo fp /f?\ rW>
bulldog toes. oI&SnJ Men ' 9 fme Ca,f La « Shoes, hand- (ntf\(R\ [P IB
Greatest on Earth for a \iJ)\!JJ sewed welts and new cottage toes; rOm^arT^rin
Men's Chocolats Tan Vici Kid Lace and Congress none better for $4. These go now for
Shoes with new round toes; (Stuff)) (TftlS Men's Full Stock Calf Lace and Con- (mfo cfl ffrtfP
every pair full J3.50 value. Kress Shoes with new coin, cottage and SS |LUi sfft
And Here Only French toes; supreme $2.50 values for U °
Men's fine Black Vici Kid Hand welt Lace Shoe for Men's French Patent Leather Handsewed Lace Shoes
dress wear, (Oiu/fl ffnlfft also Congress, all style toes rtuu/iTI fffi \E
new coin toes, and Jj7 values. y^^rn
And Supreme Values at v^ l =tj JO PP Now for Only /£, 9 r2/
Men's French Calf HanJsewed Lace Shoes made on Men's Russia Tan Calf Lace Shoes, handwelt and
the new London toes; m. rp new coin toes; (aii\(rt\ ffvifrn
fetes£&» W«W #3.00
Tic Greater People's Store,
A. Hamburger & Sons.
/25 to /45 North Spring Street
| Special |
56 ... FOR ... ||
I Today Oily |
8g A Millinery item that will Og
gp create a sensation. 25
§g Japanese og
|| Braid Tirtais ||
$Ii Black, <| Ip p
II Na?y and I X 5
|| Browi ||
Regular price, 35c $P
I ffand rate I
I Miliary Co., 11
gg 241-243 South Broadway og
65 Double Store 9X
The Waverley Bicycle for 1897 »s !
I j the acme of bicycle construction. 1
' New and expensive principles of j
] construction involved make the 1
II cost of building enormous. Hence j
\ the price is $100. !
The only bicycle
with true bearings
1 Last year the Waverley was as |
\ good as any wheel in the market— ,
1 better than most. Because new 1
1 machinery was not needed for its ]
j continued construction, tho price ,
1 of the improved 1896 model has >
1 been reduced to $60—a saving of [
] $25 to you. Catalogue Free. \
\ Indiana Bicycle Go., Indianapolis, lad. \
U / The Latest Styles in
J 1 / all colors of
|/|\ Fame
1 j Cheviot
*$J\X Suitings
Blade to Order, from {17.00 Up
Fine Clay Worsted, from 120.00 Up
Stylish Trou.erings, from 54.00 to 18.00
At Joe Polheta's
The Largest Direct Importer of Woolens and
Tailoring Establishment on the
Pacific Coast.
143 S. Spring St. • Los Angeles, Cal.
Dr. Yokiam
Specialist i.) the treatment of the mind
and nervous system. "X Ray" used
in the diagnosis of all diseases. 230-31
3radbury Block. Office hours, 10 a.
m. to 3 p.m.; 5 to 7 p. m.
C. F. Heinizeman
Druggist and Chemist
222 N. Main St., Los Angeles
Prescriptions carefully compounded day or
1 Teeth Extracted or Filled 1
I Without Pain i
£ Without Gas, Chloroform, Cocaine or anything else tbat 1* dan- „ \A
!S, serous. From one to thirty-two teeth extracted at one sitting fN»V) 5>
3f without any bad aiter-efteots. Safest and best method tor elderly IWJ 3>
people and patsons in delicate health, and for children. I >»
$ /In fir Zftr An Extraction. A reduction l»
» \JUiy «W»V W hen several are extracted. %
£ Flexible; Rubber D*r>t&l Flutes §
« Our Maw Prncess Of Flexible Dental Plates is as yet bnt n ffifl J
<VS "C" rrwtc * s Uttle known by the public, and less un- //i&O 1
;v! dcrstood by dentists in general. It has many advantages over l~\Yl I \ iv
the ordinary rubber plate, even gold plates, being lightor and (I l«
■» thinner. This plate being flexible, no thicker than heavy fjM \\ ,J
J writing pap*!, fits oloser to the mouth, will last longer, and Is /~ZaJ rr? ft- \ t
■% tougher than auv other rubber. Onre tried, no other plate /SU M\k \ \ .<•
'/> will be desirable. Brought to the notloe of the public through ft jf /E \ \ I A
t Dr. Sohiflman only. /$ V I %
$ One Hold rMllloj In Bvery rvexlplc Rubber \ \'
« Plat* Fr*« of Cbarf a • %,
3< Lady attendant to wait or ,'Ladies and Children. «V X
| Largest Dental Practice In Southern California |
W This la to certify that I have had 13 teeth extracted by Dr. Bohlffman's method »
M and did not experience any pain. It 13 unquestionably the best work 1 ever had dono. &
<« December 1.1896. C. W. BLAXCHARD, with L. A. Ice and i-'tDroge Co. »
<j» On account of some unfortunate experiences I had in the extraction of my teeth Jj
58 I became a great coward in this respect. Today Dr. Schlffman extracted one "of my »
,A very refractory teeth without causing me one particle of pain. f>
I very reir«.«»j- » j X JRAS j; Attorney Fu|ton „ loct 5S
% I can testily that the extraction of a tooth by Dr. Bohlffman's method need not «
» be dreaded by any one. He surely does It without pain. REV. 8. L. WHITE, X
St December M, 189«. Pastor Boyle Heights Holiness Church. »
1 Schiffmai Method Dental Co 9 I
t Roorps 22 to 26, 107 ti. sprli>2 St. II
uiAni 1 1 r ATTt ~
lfw) No IMITATION Liquors .it U 1
TtVUL. lmw ftU
Pure Wines and Lienors. 124-123 North Spring Street
Dr.lalcott&Co. /^~^\
Blsases of Men Only B
We have the largest practice on this WiPja
coast, our fees are low, and WE NEVER j KfJjA
EFFECTED. We have a hospital con- 1 A imWNm
nection where we cure 1 nHfln SimVfW
Varicocele, Piles and Rupture (diW^
In one week. Accommodations for ont of totm I sjujfl 1
patients and others who wish to remain during
treatment. Every couse of weakness, unnatural ll<sWf//iM//,MKWuvI
losses and discharges, blood taints and results of liallliUUT'V%V'Ul!JliM>WflxV
badly treated Uonorrhoea a specialty. We treat dls-
eases of men and absolutely nothing else. We tin- V
derstand this class of cases and never waste our Jf I \v(imWOß Wtwmr *V
own or onr patienta" time when we aro not sure ol I J K«W
curing, for we do not expect a dollar until he is VN. Jlk wv^lf^
cured. Any information cm the nature «_id treat- f%%?/) BaA N. '//W \/fflk \»
ment of diseases cheerfully given either la /
Corner Main and Third Streets '
2 Heed the %
Beware of Superststioin: : : .X
<sfo Avoid all unreasonableness, and cling to the everlasting truths. j
Remember that Dr. Wong, of 713 S. Main, is a permanent fixture In X
Los Angeles, and as sound and solid as the foundation upon H?'
which rests the Nation's finances, viz: Gold and Silver, which
f cannot be separated, or overthrown. If you will consult your a
own interests, hasten to the doctor and get advice, which will be NT
better than Gold or Silver to you. Dr. Wong is the great eman- <«> |
cipator of disease. Telephone 89s Black.
When Others Fall Consuit JJgfflg & QO-'S WOIM BiSpeDSaTy
1 "V 128 SOUTH MAIN STRBET. Tho Oldest Dispensary on toS
f Coast—established 25 years. In all Prtvato Diseases of Ilea
/ (7,/t _\ C CATARRH a specialty. We cure the worst cases In two or three
V# 4~&i\m?'\ ) months. Special surgooa from !*an Kran.-m-.. Dispentary tn oao,
Vkfk f / atant attendance. Examination with microscope, lucludins-aaal-
BJVW 1/ viis FREE TO EVERYBODY. Tho poor treated fre» Irom 10 to
t \ isvkdav*. Our long experlenes enables us to treat tho worst
. s*> oamot soorat or.private diseases with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY
/ / <T WOF SUCCESS. No matter what your ttonble is. coma and tal«

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