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j Chronicled en Paget 3, s 6, 8, 9 end 19.
Forecast: Fair; warm.
Entries for the race meets on Sun
day and Monday.
Preparations for the reception of
Hon. W. J. Bryan on.July sth.
Bogus detectives held for trial on
charges of robbery and extortion.
Tangled land interests in Riverside
to be straightened out by partition
Strong testimony in the Hastings
murder trial ordered stricken from the
- Board of supervisors authorise sur
veys to be made for the Pasadena
Burled treasure believed to be hid
den ln Elysian park; permission asked
to dig for it.
Local record of Dr. G. Hamilton
Griffin, who has now left New York
city between days.
Bold burglars walk Into a trap laid
for them and are caught while robbing
a real estate office.
Burbank—Love Finds a Way.
Board of public works meets—lo
Friday Morning: club meets—lo:ls
a. m.
Scotch entertainment, First Presby
terian church—B p. m.
Sunset club will discuss the East
ern Question—B p. m.
i Lecture by Eev. Patrick C. Yorke,
Los Angeles theater—B p. m.
Commencement concert, College of
Music University of Southern Cali
fornia—B p. m.
TEMPERATURE—Report of observations
taken at Los Angeles, May 27. The
ja barometer Is reduced to sea level.
5 a. m.
6 p, in.
> Maximum temperature, 71.
Minimum temperature.
Rainfall for season, 16.86.
".Indications for Southern California: Fair
Friday; continued warm weather; light
Westerly wind!.
Brtght's special delivery, removed to
404 South Broadway. Tel. main 49.
•Orr & Hlnes, undertakers, removed to
•47 South Broadway. Tel. Main 65.
! Call tel. Main 243 for ambulance, Kreg
ajo ft Bresee. Sixth and Broadway*
AH the city banks will be closed on
Monday next, It being a legal holiday.
Sharp & Co., funeral directors
independent), 536 South Spring street.
Telephone 1029.
Sanborn, Vail & Co., art engravers.
Copper plate work and dies a specialty
183 S. Spring st.
'For fishing tackle and ammunition go
to the Southern California Arms com
pany, 113 West First street.
Watches cleaned, 75 cents; main
springs, 50 cents; crystals, ID cents.
Patton, 214 South Broadway.
Copley Prints of the Boston Library
and the Library of Congress at San
born, Vail ft Co., 133 S. Spring street.
• Adams Bros., dentists, 293V4 South
Spring street. Painless Ailing and ex
tracting. Best sets of teeth from }6 to
HO. Hours, 8 to 5; Sundays, 10 to 12.
A new line of mouldings has been re
clved by Sanborn, Vail & Co., embrac
ing all the late Ideas In old Dutch, green
cak and bone ebony. 133 S. Spring st.
H. C. LiChtenberger'e art emporium,
located at 202 South Spring street, ln the
Wilcox building, 1» the best place to pur
chase frames, plcturesand art materials.
Remember this store when you desire
anything new and artistic.
Dr. Rebecca Lee Dorsey, Stlmson
block, first floor, rooms 133, 134, 13S.
Special attention given to obstetrical
cases and all diseases of women and
children. Electricity scientifically used.
Consultation hours, 1 to 5. Tel. 1227.
Good value at Coulter Dry Goods
company silk department, 24-inch Iron
frame silk grenadine, black or colors;
also 45-lnch black silk grenadine In plain
Iron frame and fancy figure. These goods
were sold at 85c, $1.00 and $1.25 per yard.
We offer them all at 66c per yard until
sold. Watch our windows for good
Nearing Completion
The Pasadena and Pacific Electric
Railway company expects to have Its
track on Mission street completed by the
middle Of June. At that time it will
have a grand opening, at which the city
officials and a large number of friends
are expected to participate. The first
train to be run over the new road will
carry these guests and the opening will
partake of the nature of a celebration.
Likewise the Audience
Possibly that Boston speaker who fell
in a faint Is to be congratulated that It
happened to,him, and not to his audi
ence.—Chicago Post.
Home to Lunch
we nave a nice, six-room cottage
within walking distance (Grand avenue
and Alpine) to sell on monthly pay
ments of $16. Street graded and sewered
and lot Is nicely Improved. This place
is worth $2000, but IS offered for $1700,
and on these easy terms, ae> the owner is
leaving the city and objects to tenting to
tenant. The place will rent for $18 a
month. Langworthy Company, 226 S.
Third Regiment Band of Twenty-our Pieces
Will open the season at Redondo beach
Sunday with a grand concert. Go down
and hear them. Santa Fe trains leave
La Grande station 8:37 a. m., 9:45 a. m„
11:03 a. m„ 1 p. m.,6:40 p. m., 6:15 p. m.
Round trip 50cents.
Santa Catelina Special Excursion
Saturday, Sunday and Decoration day.
Tickets good returning until Tuesday,
June, i, including trip to Seal Rocke
Sunday, $2.60. Office 222 S. Spring street.
All prices of waa paper greatly reduced
A. A. Bckstrom $34 South Spring street
' - y, , , . r
Believed to Be Hidden in
Elysian Park
And Refuse to Grant Permission to a
Search Party to Dig—Westlake
Park Boating Privilege
At the meeting of the park comlsslon
ers In the mayor's office yesterday
morning, only Messrs. Teed, Griffith and
Walters, with Secretary Mendenhall and
Superintendent Garey, were ln attend
On motion, Commissioner Griffith
took the chair, and the minutes of the
previous meeting were read, after which
the matter of the boating privilege for
Westlake park was called up, and on
motion of Commissioner Waters, the
lease and bond of Newell Brothers were
approved, and referred to the city coun
cil for confirmation.
Mrs. L. A. Dolloff appeared before the
board and asked that boxes be placed'ln
the various parks 'as receptacles for re
ligious literature, and on motion per
mission was granted for the placing of
such boxes for said books and papers.
Superintendent Garey reported, that
he had appointed John McMillan to take
charge of Fremcnt gate to Elys-lan
park, which appointment was con
On motion, the superintendent was
authorized to purchase a supply of
Dutch bulbs, as per list presented t?
the board, amounting to about $160, and
the secretary was instructed to make
out a requisition for the same.
A communication was read from G.
H. Loring requesting that he be grant
ed permission to dig for burled treasure
ln one of the canyons of Elysian park.
As this has been tried once or twice,
without success, the request was de
nied, and the board adjourned.
While Mr. Lorlng's proposition was
received with considerable levity by
the board, that gentleman could sec
nothing funny about It. He claim?
that he made the offer In good faith,
and while he has no positive assurance
that any treasure lies burled In Elysian
park, from what he has heard, he and
two or three companions are willing to
risk some time and money ln making
the search. The fact that two or three
other parties have tried this same thing
and failed did not have a discouraging
effect on Mr. Loring, and he assured
the commissioners that he had no con
nection with them. As the previous dig
gers had prosecuted their work
surreptitiously, and failed to All up the
shafts which they had sunk, the board
thought It would be better to stop any
further sinking of pitfalls for the un
wary on the city's lands.
This treasure story Is only one of a
number of traditions that have been
handed down during the past century.
This particular treasure. It Is presumed,
was burled by an old Mexican some
thing over fifty years ago, and Is said
to consist of gold coin and Jewelry to
the value of several thousand dollars.
As Elysian park at that time was con
sidered out of the earth, so far as civ
ilization was concerned, the old Don was
rot particular ln locating his land
marks, and die* before he had taken
the necessary steps to preserve his
wealth, leaving only a very vague and
Indefinite description, only saying that
something of value was buried, in one
of the canyons northwest of the city,
presumably ln that portion now known
a? Elysian park. Another story la to
the effect that large treasure was burled
ln the cemetery on Buena Vista street,
and several years ago an old shoemaker
came down from Ban Bernardino and
spent some time in digging ln that place.
Still another story Is to the effect that
shortly before the Workman & Temple
bank failure something over $20,000 In
gold coin was drawn out by a depositor
before the crash and "planted" some
where among the hills of what is now
Elysian park, said by some to be ln the
Chavez canyon. There Is also a story
that there Is a large treasure burled near
Long Beach, and some months ago a
party was organized in this city to hunt
for the same. A sort of stock company
was formed, and a number of working
men were induced to part with a few
dollars by a rharp schemer to pay the
expenses of the same. It is hardly likely
that there will be any further digging,
at least on city property.
Sewers Recommended
The sewer committee of the city coun
cil yesterday filed a report ln the mat
ter of the petition from J. B. Brown et
al., asking for the construction of a
system of sewers In that portion of East
Los Angeles bounded on the north by
Baldwin street, on the south by Main
street, on the east by Thomas street
and 1 on the west by Griffin avenue, rec
ommending that the same be granted
and the city engineer instructed to pre
sent an ordinance of Intention ln compli
ance therewith.
President Silver Improving
President Sliver of the city council,
who has been confined to his house for
over a week past, was able to get out
for a short time yesterday morning and
vifsited' the city hall. Mr. Silver shows
the effects of the siege through which he
has passed, but hopes to be abUe to re
sume his duties- by the latter part of
this week or early next.
Public Works
As there was nothing requiring In
spection, the board of public works yes
terday omitted their regular weekly
tour about the city. The regular weekly
meeting of the board win be held this
morning, when something more will
probably be heard about the Central av
enue Improvement contract.
On the Sick List
Mayor Snyder waa unable to be at his
office yesterday. As soon as he Is able
his honor will probably take a short va
cation, going to the Elftlnore hot springs
City Assessor Seaman to mil on the
sick list.
The Thirty Complete
The committee of thirty of La Fiesta
was made complete again yesterday by
the election of the-following gentlemen.
R. J. Waters, W. D. Woolwlne, Gen. C.
F. A. Last, T. E. Gibbon, R. W. Prld
ham and C. S. Walton.
The fifteen hold-overs In the commit
tee of thirty, and the nine representa
tives, three each from the chamber of
commerce, board of trade and Mer
chants and Manufacturers' association,
together with these six new members,
complete the circuit for another year's
work. Le rol est mort, vlve le roi.
The Executive Committee Namod for
the Coming Celebration
Chairman Horace Anderson has ap
pointed the following named as- mem
bers of the executive committee of the
Fourth of July celebration: F. K. Rule,
William Mead, F. W. Wood. Robert A
Todd, Simon Maler, Judge Phillips, Mil
ton Carlson, E. H. Hutchison and C. C
The committee will meet Monday
night at 8 oclock at the Hotel Nadeau
for the purpose of organizing. All the
members of the committee are enthusi
astic and will exert every effort to make
this year's demonstration on the occa
sion of the anniversary of American In
dependence the most enthusiastic and
patriotic of any Fourth of July celebra
tion in the history of Southern Califor
List of Entries Complete—Outsiders
Who Will Try for the Honors.
The Inaugural race meet to be given
at Agricultural park Sunday afternoon
under the auspices ot the California As
sociated Cycling Clubs promises to be
one of the biggest and best ever seen in
Southern California. There will be four
events, outside of the five-mile team
race for the Herald trophy, the contest
ants who have entered being as follows:
Amateurs, one mile open—Fritz Lacy,
Clarence Coolman, Howard Squires, Jo
hannesburg; Ed L. De Remer, Fernan
do; Frank Anderson, Covina; R. I. Mus
sey, M. A. Casenave, Charles H. Pray,
C. W. Cleaver, Chicago! John Burr, Jr.,
Fernando; W. L. Garrison, Covina; M.
C. Dodwell, Australia; R. B. De Remer,
Ed Sallada, Charles Burr.
Five mile handicap—Charles H. Pray,
C. W. Cleaver, John Burr, Jr., Charles
Burr, Frank Anderson, Ed Sallada, M.
C. Dodwell, R. B. De Remet; W. L. Gar
rison, M. A. Car>?nave, F. G. Lacy, Clar
ence Coolman, Howard Squires, Ed L.
De Remer, R. I. Museey.
Professionals, one mile open—Dan
Whitman, Artie Bell, F. A. Holbrook,
Horace Slater, Ariaona; W. A. Burke,
W. J. Hut ton, Frank Cotey, Pasadena:
W. B. Vaughan, San Diego; William Al
drldge, Phoenix; Myron Hill, Pasadena;
W. H. Palmer, San Diego; Jack Spence.
Two mile Whitman,
Art Bell, F. A. Holbrook, Horace Slater,
William Burke, W. J. Hutton, Frank
Cotey, W. B. Vaughn, William Al
drldge, Myron Hill, W. H. Palmer, Jack
It Is proposed by the local men to
give the visitors a suitable welcome
and the East Side Cycling club has ta
ken this matter ln hand. In command
of the captain, Harry White, the mem
bers of the club will start from the
East Side club house at 10 oclock Sunday
morning and go as far as EI Monte.
Here the Incoming wheelmen will be
met and escorted to the city, arriving
about noon. After lunch the crowd will
attend the races.
On Monday night members of the East
Side Cycling club will occupy loges at
the Orpheum, as It is likely that It will
be known as wheelmen's night.
Big Fields in Each Event—Some of
Those Who Will Compete
The entry list of the Los Angeles Ath
letic club field day and race meet, to be
held at Athletic park on Decoration day,
May 31, Is closed, and shows the largest
entry of any meet yet held in Southern
California. From the north is Squires
of Berkeley, who will ride In the ama
teur bicycle events; Wilson of Stanford
and Dickie of Berkeley in the running
races. Scott and Shoemaker of River
side will ride in the open events and
among the other principal riders will
appear DeLay, Cromwell brother.?,
Campbell, Brotherton, Block and others.
The mile open has fourteen entries,
while the two mile handicap looms up
with twenty-four, one of the largest
fields ever seen in any single event in
Southern California. The novice is
represented by twelve entries, and the
five-mile team race with three men each.
The two-mile professional will bring oul
Tompkins, Loucks, McLaughlin and
The running races are all well filled
and will make some of "the most excit
ing events of the day. One of the most
interesting will be the 220-yard dash for
the police championship. The con
testants in this race will be Officers
Rico, Bradley, Argueilo, Phillips, Ten
hausen and Matusktewlz.
Mayor Snyder will be on hand to
award the prizes to successful contest
The Fresno baseball team, which Is to
play in this city next Saturday and Sun
day, is negotiating with Redlands' for
a game on Decoration day. May 31. The
Fresno boye leave tonight for this city,
and will arrive or. tomorrow morning's
train. They expect to annihilate the
Los Angeles boye, and will surely make
a hard fight to retain -their so far clean
record. Manager Malony of the Los
Angeles team has his men at practice,
and does not Intend to be caught nap
ping. .
Sport at the Trap
The Crescent Gun club holds its first
semi-annual tournament Monday, May
.11, at blue rocks. There are $100 worth
cf prizes added money in all events of
fered. There are to be nine events,
from 10 to 25 birds to each man. The
American Shooting association rules
will govern all the events, and they will
be shot at known tracks and unknown
angles. The entrance fee Includes coat of
birds. There will be refreshments served
on the grounds, and a general good day's
sport la looked for.
0. Hamilton Griffin's New
York Trouble
His "Dry Sparkling Champagne"
Pake Which Was the Talk of the
Town—Other Schemes
An Associated Press dispatch from
New York yesterday announced thai
Dr. G. H. Griffe-n had disappeared aftei
swindling several persons out of consid
irable sums by means of bogus railroad
and mining enterprises. All of the ap
pearances Indicate that Dr. G. H. Grif
fen le the same as Dr. G. Hamilton
Griffin, formerly of Los Angeles, who
Will be remembered by the "pioneers of
1886" as one of the smoothest all-round
fakirs and confidence operators of the
boom period.
Griffin dropped Into Los Angeles from
somewhere, no one knows Just exactly
where, though he claimed to be a native
of England, and to have lived for some
years ln London. He was a fine looking
man, a good dresser and one of the
smoothest talkers that ever struck the
coast. Although from hip appearance
there war a conplde-rable admixture of
African blood in his veins, his wife-was a
handsome blonde, as was also her sifter,
who accompanied him. The doctor did
not lose any time, and at once blossomed
out as a real estate operator on a large
ecale. He organized a fitted
up handsome offices, and for a time-did
a land office business.
He did not last long in real estate, but
he was full of resources, and as a "side
line" organized the Dry Sparkling Cham
pagne company. A cheap barn was.'
erected down in the river bed, and glow
ing procpcctusas were issued, ln which
It was stated that there was a fortune
for the investors ln the enterprise, as
champagne equal to the best Imported
brands could be turned out for 10 centsa
bottle, including the label and bottle.
Just how much the doctor got out of this
scheme is not known, as the stock was
disposed of ln blocks of large face value
for a comparatively modest amount of
ready coin. When everything was In
readir.es'S the doctor advertised a ban
quet at the Nadeau hotel, when the new
wine was to be introduced. A barrel of
the cheapest white wine was bought on
credit and s;nt to one of theexida factor
ies, where it was heavily charged with
gas. An elaborate lunch was prepared,
ar.d many prominent citizens were- In
vited to the feast. It was a memorable
event, and great accounts appeared in
the daily papers, but no more champagne
was made.
After a numbsr of more or less nar
row eecapenfrom taking up his residence
behind the bar?. Dr. Griffin suddenly
left Los Angele-s, saying that he was
disgusted with the place. When next
heard from the doctor was In trouble
over a fake coal mine and blackmail
scheme in British Columbia, in which he
tried to swindle several members of the
government. The British authorities
were not as tolerant of the doctor's
idiosyncrasies as were those of Cali
fornia, and the upshot of the matter was
that he was tried, convicted and sent to
the penitentiary for three of four years.
On his release he announced that he
intended to devote himself to legitimate
business claiming, however, that he
had been a persecuted man.
He then went to Chicago, and It was
only a short time until he was at his old
tricks. He escaped Jail, with his usual
luck, and nothing has since been heard
of him ln California until the story of
his late-st swindle was received by tel
egraph. The fact that Griffin stands at
the head of his-business as a confidence
man is shown from the fact that he has,
SO far as known, never gone under an
alias, and yet with his crooked career,
which any one could have aecertalned at
the expense of a 3-cent postage stamp,
he has never failed to land big game in
every city In which he has operated.
Notes and Personal Mention From
Mrs. M. Anderson and son left yester
day for Aberdeen, Miss., where they will
make their future home.
George. Probart and family moved to
Santa Barbara yesterday.
W. H. Streeter and family have
changed their residence from 245 South
Hayes street to a neat cottage on Ar
royo Seco avenue.
Prof. J. P. and Mrs. Spalding, who
have- been visiting relatives and friends
in Los Angeles for several weeks, as
well as looking after business interests
ln various parts of the state, left yes--
terday morning for their home in Kan
sas City, Mo.
The Ladles' Aid and Missionary so
cletties of the Presbyterian church
gave a tea yesterday afternoon in the
church parlors, at which there was a
good attendance. Light refreshments
were served during the afternoon, and
a general social time enjoyed by all.
Memorial services will be held this
evening at Irvine chapel, on Lacy street.
The Ladles' Missionary society of the
Presbyterian church, which meets this
afternoon, will be conducted by Mrs. .1.
L. Stuart. Miss Knox and Mrs. L. L.
Mcßurney, who have spent much time
as teachers among the Mormons of
Utah, will also be present. In the even
ing there will be an entertainment
given by the ladies, at which "Scenes
of Childhood .will be presented by stere
There was a large attendance at the
entertainment and social given by the
St. John Bechman's society at the Sa
cred Heart hall Wednesday evening. A
very entertaining program was giver.
The society Is composed of young men
of the church, who are entitled to much
credit for the great favor with which
their entertainments are received.
Boyle Heights
Mrs. Jennie L. Richardson gave a
most delightful lunch party on Wednes
day In honor of Mrs. Dr. C. H. Carlyle,
who leaves on the Ist pros., for Kansas
City, Mo. The decorations were a pleas
ing feature of ■ the occasion, as well as
being most unique in design. The din- J
Over the River
Hotel del Coronado
...Summer Season...
Society Center
Rates, $17,50 per week up
Coronad© Mineral Water
Purest on Earth-
Used Throughout the Hotel
Order thin water over Tel. Main 7-16, or of
CORONADO AGENCY. 200 South Spring st.
Tel. Main 567.
Safest water for constsnt use.
I Fifty Cents I
0 For fifty cents we will seli 9
6 you a splendid line of o
9 French Balbriggan Under- 5
o wear in all the popular 9
6 shades, plain or ribbed. 0
9 You will find them better £
0 than you expect. We <">
6 probably sell as much X
X men's underwear as any 9
§ three hat or clothing stores g
6 in town. That's the rea- o
x son we are able to quote 5
P such low prices on high- 9
6 grade goads 6
1 SHverwood |
6 Furnishing Goods 9
x Only - —5
\ 124 South Spring St. \
ing room was in sweet peas, the parlor
in La France roses and the hall in
palms. Miss Florence rendered some
most pleasing music, and a carriage
party drive brought to a close a most
delightful afternoon,
Mr. H. P. Dllworth and sisters, who
have resided here for the past six years,
left yesterday for Redlands.
The many friends of Mrs. Frank E.
Lopez will be'pleased to learn that she
is recovering from her serious illneßS.
Mr. and Mrs. George L. Fieldnlg left
yesterday for the east.
The concert given at Korbel hall lasa
evening was a decided success, both as
to numbers and talent, and also finan
Miss Eva MeClure- leaves today for
a flying visit to San Francisco.
Miss Amelia Slater of Alhambra is a
guest at Sunny Slope cottage.
Harlie Harmon Is home again from
his position on the Santa Fe railroad.
He will resume his legal studies.
Mrs. G- W. MeClure has just received
a letter from her son, Dr. J. F. McClum,
from Zacatecas, Mexico, in which hs
says that they are having the first rain
that has fallen there for seven year?.
For two days previous the entire coun
try had been without drinking water!
Mrs. Dr. H. N. Wales of this place
who has just lost her husband by
diphtheria in Durahgo, Mexico, will re
turn In a month.
A sewer Is being put in on Pennsyl
vania avenue, extending from St. Louis
street to Baily street.
Mrs. Ernest Allen has Just left for
an extended visit to her old home in
Newcastle, Canada. Her husband, Dr.
Allen, expects to join her shortly.
George Cummlngs Is putting up a
handsome new building on the corner
of Lopez and Michigan avenues.
Mrs. Hollenbeck's seven new build
ings are nearlng completion.
Dr. and Mrs. Ermle) with Mr. and
Mrs. McKoon, will leave on Wednesday
next to visit OJal valley Santa Barbara,
and Matlllja springs. They will travel
in carriages.
Marriage Licenses
The following licensee issued yester
day from the office of the county clerk:
Wlilliam Lloyd Faulkner, a native of
Canada, aged 40 years, and a resident
of Pomona, and Anna Sayles, a native
of Indiana, aged 41 years, and a resi
dent of Chicago, Ills.
David W. Kilmer, a native of New-
York, aged' 35 years, and Susie A. Ford,
a native of Illinois, aged 28 years, both
residents of Los Angeles,
Thomas W. Moore, a native of Mis
souri, aged 29 years, and May Barada,
also a native of Missouri, aged 27 years,
both residents of Los Angeles.
A. C. Snavely, a native of Virginia,
aged 29 years, and a resident of Whit
tier, and Flora Parker, a native of Illi
nois, aged 23 years, and' a resident of
Los Angeles.
Charles W. Benjamin, a native of
Ohio, aged 21 years, and Rose Furrer, a
native of Germany, aged 18 years, both
residents of Los Angeles.
Star and Crescent
This afternoon memorial exercises
will be held at the high school, under
the auspices of the Star and Crescent
literary society. The exercises will be
held in the auditorium at l:4o'p. m. An
interesting program of music and reci
tation is promised. Parents, alumni and
members of the board ot education are
cordially invited to attend.
The use of tea in the
United States has fallen off
one-half in twenty years,
because Americans get the
worst tea in the world.
People who can get Schil
ling's Bestto drink use more
tea than they used to.
Your grocer has it or can
get it
* ScMlllnr & Company f T i
Sao Praaclsco V 830
Xo* rfngoles Uheater g. $ Ma".g.a
ytfaiineo Uomorrow and Uomorrow Tfight
f7\ . , GORGEOUS g* %**%+, Gw i JOE TAWTHORNK
WiCe S V»W»?/ir/a7/> 1 *> "then,
Intact Direct from its famous run of 17(1 nights at Hamerstelns Olympla Theater, New York.
Positively the most magnificent array of scenery and costumes evcrseenon any stage In America.
DON'T FAIL TO SEE IT Beats now on sale. Price-, 2"), SO, 75,11.00.
Oaturday //fatmee JJaryain Telephone Main 70.
»l Los Angeles' Society Vaudeville Theater
Crowds too bic/ to bo Accomodated
Hundreds turned away again last night.
▼ -w— —— Pleurette and Four Flour de Lis, the bewttchlngty
entrancing danseuse and her novelty dancers, 'ihe
Andersons, Famous Fiat Foot Ruck Dancers. Plantation Singers and Cake Walkers.
Ed Latellc. the Eminent Musicul Artist; the ttldgleys, Marietta and Mlllav, and Herr lirais.
Last nights of Adglcand her group of Trained Lions. Prices never changing; evening, reserved
scats, L' r )c, 60c; gallery, 10c. Regular matinees, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Phone Main 1447.
Giurbanh Uheater Maln Str:et - between Fifth and Sl*t& Sts
W A. Y. PEARSON, Manager . .M , .
gSStf* Jfatie &utnaml\£*^ y Xove finds a Way
Seats now ou sale. Evening Prices—loc, 25c, 50e. Matinee Prices—loc and 25c. Tel. Main 1270.
Next Week—ERMA, THE ELF.
- . '
9i. i <7> /. I» w - BUCKLEY. General Manager.
Jl'OSta . Grand Avenue and Pico Street
and°?. "Snoot tho Curves" area* safe \ * Gioctrio J&yhtod Uobogyan
Society endorses tt. Merry-go-round—Horses all lighted. Cloak room, covered Pa
vilion, Uniformed attendants. Free admission at all times except on dates adver
tised for a show. Entertainment* Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, at 3 p.m.
Admission fee those days—Adults, is cents. Children, lo cents.
Latter get two rides free on toboggan or Merry-Go-Round. Balloon Ascension. Parachute
Drop. Aerial Acts. Quartette Singing, Races for Boys, etc. Every Wednesday, Saturday and
Bunday nights free Concert. Punch und Judy Act. Telephone West 9. 1200 covered seats
Qstrich Sarm — South tPasadena.
Tips, Boas, Collars, Fans, Etc At Producer's Price*.
OJ/enna SSuffet 114 AND 118 COURT BTKEET
" PAUL KERKOW, Proprietor
Free, Refined Entertoinments. Classical Music Every Evening. Austrian-Hungarian
Kitchen and Fine Cuisine All Day.
O/a £rV//V>r O I* B. WINSTON,
<- /t tCiet 654 South Broadway
Don't pay $7"; or fBO for a wheel when you can get a Cleveland for $100. Get the best
| Back JMamonis. All Kinds by the §
$; and..Wellington Ivv-/"' LLeg Ton or Our Lot |
9 Wood of all varieties constantly on hand. Olve us a trial. 9
X Tel. Mom 1599. CLARK BROS., Corner Seventh St. and Santa Fe Track g
A Magic Island—Santa Qtalina SS ara
CAMPING GROUND WITH WAITER FREE, to holders ot Wilmington Transportation Co.'a rouM
trie tlckctr only HOTEL MEI'HOPOLE always open, remodeled and Improved: large addition mm*
. omnletert of elegant rooms with private baths; a grand bail-room, parlors, etc. Southern Pacific sad
Terminal trains!lWv4 Los Amnios at « nnd. SISO a. m , respectively, dally, except Snndaya, and on
Sundays ot 8:110 o. m, to connect at San Pedro with boat for Avaien. Full information and pamph
lets troni BANNING COMPANY, M South spring SU. Los. Angeles, Cat.
This Is to certify that I 'have had ij
teeth extracted by Dr. Schiffman's method
and did not experience any pain. It is un
questionably the best work I evsr had
done. C. W. BLANCHAhD,
With L. A, Ice and Storage Co.
December l, 1896.
On account of some unfortuna'j expe
riences I had in the extraction of iay teeth
I became a great coward in this respect.
Today Dr. Schiffman extracted one of my
very refractory teeth without causing me
one particle of pain. D. K. TRASK,
Attorney, Fulton Block.
I can-testify that the extraction of a
tooth by Dr. Schiffman'slmethod need not
be dreaded by any one. He surely does it
without pain. REV. S. L. WHITE,
Pastor Boyle Heights Holiness Church.
December 10, 1896.
Treats successfully all female diseases, In
cluding fibroid tumors, suppressed and
painful menstruation, from any cause.
CIALTY. Twenty-tlve years' experience.
DR. SOMERS cures catarrh, bronchitis
and other pulmonary troubles for 13 a
month, medicine'lncluded. Call and Inves
tigate his facilities for treating the above
disease. 315 Currier block. 312 W. Third tt.,
between Spring and Broadway.
Dr. Yokimirin
Specialist in the treatment of the mind
and nervous system. "X Ray" used
In the diagnosis of all diseases. 230-31
3radbury Block. Office hours, 10 a.
m. to 3 p.m.; s to 7 p. m.
212 West Third Street
Oldest Largest nnd Beit. Experienced teache
modern methods, thorough courses of at udy, day
night. Call ut the Colleges oilice, or write for do
lustra ted catalogue giving full information
S Diseased Men
"See Dr. White
about it. ,v
r f2s Noflh Main . ,
Here eleven years. * LOW PEES
Suits *veJ&te $10.00
Trousers to J*\e*aure, $3.50
A. J. Jonas SB SgEjgg T *" or
- 125 South,. Spring Street.
Pianos Reduced.....
Our Special Sale is still in full swing.
You can Save Money now.
Southern California Music Co.,
216-218 West Third St. Bradbury Bldg.
186 Commercial Street, Los Angeles, Cat
Cor. Market and Montgomery eti.,
San Francisco.
European Plan.
HOTEL GREEN—J. H. Holmes, manager,
HOTEL ARCADIA—Santa Monica, 8.
Rheinhart proprietor.
ond streets, Los Angeles.
HOTEL RAMON A—Spring and Third
streets, Los Angeles.
ABBOTSFORD INN—Corner Eighth and
Hope streets, Los Angeles.
HOTEL PORTLAND—444 South Spring
street, Los Angeles,
ican and European plan.
HOTEL HOLYROOD—Riverside, Cal.—fi.
Cochrane, proprietor.
THE ROWELL—Main and Ninth streets,
Riverside; E. J. Davis, proprietor.
HOTEL CARLTON—I3 to 27 East Colo
rado street, Pasadena.
llna Island.'
prietor; Fourth and C sts., San Diego.
ner Sixth and Pearl sts.; F. A. Urban,
831 South. Hope St Los Angeles,
graduate of the Royal
College of Physicians, mmi .
located at Canton, China.
Also Honorary Member Mt
of Faculty otsaid luKti- _ V ■
tute. Dr. Wong Him Br *y. I
belongs to a family ot W M -
physicians, be being the l -JaY gm \JF
sixth in the line of /14*3 K> T
descent. M n M
Hundreds af people can O /_ //
personally recommend | . _•«* »Ir
him. Herbs exclusively \ /
used. \ jf
Cured or Stomach and
Kidney trouldes by Pr.
Wong Him 8 Hope
St. Los Angeles, Calif. m%vr
.J? t , 1 ? 8 ?, v , bllc- :Ir «' ve »me great pleasure to say
that Pr Wong Him's treatment In my case has
been most successful. For yearj I have been
troubled with the kidney and stomach troubles.
I tried various remedies from other physicians,
but received no permanent help. Dr. Wong Him's
treatment has removed all tendency of these troub
les and aeems to be permanent In Its results, t like
Dr. Wong Him'l Ideas ot Herb treatment, clean
ing and renovating tbe system before building It
up again, lam certainly pleased to «ay that lie
has done a great deal of good to me and that I
have found htm to be a well educated man, un
assuming and kind, commanding the respect of
all good people. Very respectfully,
Los Angeles, Cat., April 80. 1897. (120 Beltavua Aye
$ 10.50 Pe»r ToiJ
Delivered to any part of tho city. Be certain
of getting the genuine article, unmixed with
inferior products. It lasts longer and safe*
*■ Banning Co., 222 S. Spring St
Office Tel, Main 36. Yard TeL Mala 10U
Full Set Best Teeth^>
Jk%t±. Equal to any 110 plate
. in the city, only li. .
Teeth extracted. etk»
BHrIW lutely without pain,
Mm IB 80 cent*. Crown and .

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