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Blversldera enjoy their first concert in the park.
Work progressing rapidly on the W hlttier oil hills.
The big collier Florida unloading at Fort Los Angeles.
People from,all over the world summering at Coronado.
Bicycle thieves are too numerous to mention at Pomona.
Pasadena hopes to have an opera house near the business center.
Corona merchants prefer disincorporate to paying a license tax.
A Olendora resident bitten by a rattlesnake, but will probably recover.
Avalon citizens decide to observe Decoration day with much ceremony.
Old days recalled at Banning by twelve-mule team loads of freight for
the mines.
Santa Ana officers think they have a clue to the Fallbrook and Tustin
postoffice robbers.
On and after Sunday electric power will take the places of horses draw
ing Santa Barbara street cars.
PASADENA. May 27.—(Regular Corre
spondence.) The Idea of building an opera
house near the business center has been
once more revived, this time. It is to be
hoped, with more prospect of its realiza
tion. The last scheme fell flat, never get
ting any further than the elaborate plans
of the architect, but this one has been
started in a more business-like way, and
there Is some prospect of Its reaching the
' stage of actual construction, if no unfore
' seen circumstances arise to thwart the
plans of the promoters. Mr. S. D. Carey,
one of the directors of the Oratorio so
ciety, is Interesting himself in getting the
arrangements under way, and is said to be
backed by ample capital to carry out the
plane proposed, which contemplate a brick
building about 78x85 feet. The walls are to
extend to the height of two stories, though
the building Is to have no second floor,
being arranged to contain only the thea
ter and whatever side, rooms are needful,
the scenery loft to extend above the gen
eral level of the building in the rear, the
same as In the Lowe opera house. Some
unique features are proposed ln the loca
tion and surroundings of the building, ne
gotiations having been begun for acquir
ing the back of six lots which face on
Fair Oaks avenue and six which face on
Raymond avenue, between Green street
and Colorado street, thus making the lo
cation midway between Fair Oaks and
Raymond, the entrance to be on Green
street, and leaving sufficient room so that
the whole building can be surrounded by
a drive twenty-five feet In width. The plot
of ground proposed to be acquired will be
128x135 feet. The whole of the arrange
ments will be thoroughly modern and up
to date and the theater will have accommo
dations for 1500 people. The property as It
stands at present Is ln the hands of vari
ous owners but a number of them have
already signified their willingness to go
into the scheme, and It is thought there
will be no difficulty in getting the whole
of the ground desired for the purpose.
Much Interest Is felt ln militia circles over
the coming election of a major of the
Seventh regiment, to take the place of
Major C. H. Fernald of Santa Paula, re
signed. Capt. N. S. Bangham of Com
pany I of this city is one of the most
prominent candidates for the position, and
in all probability he will be elected. Capt.
Bangham Is an officer who is well known
throughout Southern California for his
efficiency and merit, and when it Is con
sidered that Pasadena has never been
honored by having a regimental offlceir
chosen from her militia, it would seem
to be about time that the militia men here
were recognized.
Capt. Bangham has also made a fine
record as major of the Americus club bat
talion, the chief marching organization of
Southern California, much ofihe efficiency
of that organization being due to his work.
The election is to take place on the 12th
of June, and the battalion Is composed of
the companies at Santa Paula, Ventura,
Santa Ana and San Diego.
The veterans will attend church In a
body on Sunday next. Decoration day. The
following call has been Issued:
"The members of Godfrey post will meet
at post room. Sabbath day. May 30th, at
10:30 a. m. sharp, for the purpose of attend
ing divine services at the Presbyterian
church. We Invite all old soldiers to join
with us, and this Invitation includes every
one of the ex-confederate veterans in and
around Pasadena. Heretofore a limited
few have faithfully joined with us, but
we want all. What we say concerning
Sabbath day services we want to apply
to Memorial day services as well. Let us
"esteem each other as comrades." If there
li a veteran of the gray buried ln our
cemetery we want to decorate his grave.
We shall expect you to be with us."
Wong Fu, the Chinaman who was ar
rested yesterday by Marshal Lacey for
offering to sell lottery tickets, was up be
fore Recorder Rosslter today, and was sen
tenced to pay a tine of $30 or spend as
many days In jail. He evidently thought
It cheaper to do the latter, and he Is now
serving out his sentence.
An order was promulgated from the
offices of the Pasadena and Los Angeles
electric road today by which tickets will
hereafter be sold in ten-ride quantities
for $1. or at the rate of 10 cents for the ride
between here and Los Angeles. There is
some prospect that this rato will be
ohanged yet, at least that is what some
knowing ones are saying, and this Is Inter
preted to mean that the Terminal Is likely
to electrize Its road and put down the fare.
If such a thing should be done the Ter
mlnal company would get a v.cry large
share of the business from the start.
Charles Calvin, who stopped Mr. Hall's
runaway horse, mentioned ln this morn
ing's Herald, while securing the animal
was bitten by a dog which was tied to a
tree on the premises, and had the flesh
of his leg quite badly lacerated. He had It
cauterized afterwards and thinks there
will be no serious effects, but it was not a
very appropriate reward for his services,
and he naturally doesn't feel pleased
over it.
Patrick Toomey, one of the laborers em
ployed ln repairing the electric roadbed,
near South Pasadena, was quite painfully
injured yesterday afternoon while at
work. Another workman raised his pick
and brought it down with full force upon
Toomoy's hip, causing severe suffering to
the Injured man. It Was entirely a matter
of accident, the trench In which they wen
digging being so narrow that there was
not room for a full awing of their Imple
Mrs. H. M. Gabriel of North Raymond
avenue had reason to think that " a new
coon had come to town" last evening
when ehe was surprised by the sudden
appearance of a number of dusky faces
at her windows, and the negro melodies
which floated ln through the windows
accentuated the suspicion that there were
a large number of the Africans. When.
In a few minutes later, the guests ap
proached nearer and disclosed themselves
to be her neighbors, who had come in to
help make merry) It didn't take long to
transform the burnt cork faces Into smil
ing white countenances, and the remainder
of the evening was spent In social amuse
ment and partaking of the refreshments
brought by the visitors. Among the party
were recognized Mr. and Mrs. H. W.
Hines, Mr. and Mrs. Lacey, Mr. and Mrs.
J. S. Glasscock, H. Newby. E. J. Pyle.
Mrs. E. E. Jones, Mesdames Bennett, Gor
don and others.
Dr. Eliza J. Beach very pleasantly en
tertained last evening at her home, at No.
srt Worcesten avenue, a few friends, among
whom were Miss Mary Robinson of Wells
boro. Pa., Mr. Frank Goodman of Chicago
and Dr. and Mrs. K. T. Janes of Pasadena
W. S. Wright, L. C. Torrance and Walter
Wotkyns returned yesterday evening from
the camping grounds of the Pasadena Bait
club, where they have been for the pasr
two weeks. They report a fine time and
good Ashing.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Hunter, who have
been guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Sams,
left this morning for their home in Ohio.
Mr. and Mrs. James Campbell, who have
been visiting friends ln Santa Ana for the
past two weeks, returned home yesterday.
J. E. Olmsted left yesterday, for Tulare
county on business. Mrs. Olmsted and
daughter. Helen, are visiting relatives ln
San Diego. .
Mr. and Mrs. John Hunter, who have
spent the winter in Pasadena, departed
today for their home In Tiffin, Ohio.
Attorney and Mrs. N. P. Conrey of Los
Angeles and son and Mr. Conrey's sister
Miss Conrey of Indiana, are at the Painter'
Mrs. Ellis and daughter, who have beeti
staying at Mrs. Donne's on Markham ave
nue, have returned to the Van Nuys. Los
Miss Christine Lindenberg. who hex
been a guest of Dr. Eliza J. Beach, No 50
Worcester avenue, for the past six weeks,
returned yesterday to her home in Red
F B ™' ay Correspond
ence.) T. B. Persinger of Glendora was
bitten by a rattlesnake yesterday morning
while working on a trail northeast f town
He put his hand down. Into a bunch of
brush to remove a stone and the snake
struck him on the hand, embedding both
Its fangs Into the flesh. With great pres
ence of mind, the victim took out his
pocket knife, slashed several gashes In his
hand over the wounded part, squeezed out
all the blood possible, and then killed the
rattler, took out its vitals and bound them
over the wound. A neighbor drove Mr
Persinger to town, and in thirty minutes
after he was bitten he was under the care
of two physicians, who have been watching
over him ever since. They llgated the
bitten arm and gave him medicines to
neutralize the poison. At noon today he
was resting comfortably, with no alarm
ing symptoms, and *he probabilities are
that the heroic measures adopted with the
knife removed enough of the poison to
allow his complete recovery. This is the
first Instance of one being bitten in this
entire region, though dozens of rattlers
are killed every summer in the mountains
The road overseer Is engaged today in
removing the surface stones from the main
streets of the town.
Azusa Is keeping up its building record,
the latest cottage to be built being that of
C. W- Dodsworth. The manager of the
San Gabriel Valley Oil company has Just
bought property and will build a resi
dence thereon at once.
The session of the Pomona Valley Medi
cal association Is being held today. The
doctors of this valley and a number from
other places are present and are having
an Interesting conference.
Fishing in the San Gabriel canyon this
season is the best that it has been for
years. Some large catches are reported
authentically. One trout. measuring
twenty-two inches, was captured near the
silver mines, and several fish from six
teen to eighteen inches each in. length have
been landed from the higher tributaries.
Bear canyon, about fifteen miles away,
seems to be the best locality for mountain
trout, one party of six having hooked over
a thousand in a week's fishing.
The San Bernardino power men have re
sumed surveying after a week's cessation,
caused by the absence of Surveyor Tinkle
at San Francisco. The party Is now camped
at the head of Bear canyon, and will have
completed the work by the Ist of July.
The more cars of Valencia late oranges
will wind up the crop for the Azusa
citrus association. The fruit will go out
next week and will bring fine prices.
A class of nine will graduate from the
Citrus union high school early in June.
The exercises will be held at Slauson's hall,
AVALON, May /27,-(Regular Corre
spondence.) Avalon will have a brilliant
celebration of the nation's birthday this
year. There will be illuminations and fire
works galore and a grand barbecue, as
well as jjacht races and launch races and
skiff races and tugs-of-war and swimming
and diving exhibitions, etc.. In addition to
a patriotic meeting at the pavilion. At a
men meeting of cttlxens last night, held ln
the Island villa, the finance committee re- 1
ported that J39S have already been, sub
scribed to the fund, and this Is only the
beginning, The details of the program
were left ln the hands of a committee
composed of Ed Stanton, A. A. Carraher,
R. M. Wenvcr, Dr. C. A. McDowell and J.
D. McLean, and as soon as they have de
cided on the order of the exercises the pro
gram will be advertised in. full in the daily
Mrs. McDonald and Miss Fanny McDon
ald have taken rooms at the Crescent for
the season. They are from Rodney, la.
Emerson brothers' arrived yesterday on,
their launch Santa Ana for the summer.
During the winter the launch has been ply
ing on the lake at Westlake park,
Mrs. and Miss McConnell and Prof, and
Mrs. C. F. Holder were the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Doran on their launch Narod
yesterday. On their way to Bong point
Miss McConnell caught a thirty-pound
yellowtail, Mr. Doran a twenty-flve
pounder, while Prof. Holder secured a
forty-four-pound seabass, a thirty-pound
albacore and a seventeen-pound yellowtail.
Two tuna were also hooked, but managed
to get awny.
E. E. Nichols and wife of Manitou. Col.,
and Mr. and Mrs. Page B. Otero of Santa
Fe, N. M., caught five barracuda from the
Fleetwlng yesterday.
A party of seven guests of the Pasadena
house, under the chaperonage of Mrs. B.
Brown, enjoyed a picnic excursion on the
Sunbeam yesterday.. In returning they
picked up three pedestrians who had been
cut off by the tide at Cherry canyon, and
thereby saved them a long climb over the
hills to Avalon.
Mrs. Neff and her husband and daughter,
staying at the Crescent, caught two yel
lowtail yesterday weighing twenty-four
and thirty pounds.
E. G. Holdem of Chicago, John Wilson of
Santa Barbara, E. C. Gates and wife of
Chicago and Mrs. and Miss Rhodes of
Asbury Park, N. J., are late arrivals in
Camp Swanfeldt.
Mrs. Will Mugrage has arrived to Join
her husband. They have a nice tent en
Clarissa avenue.
POMONA, May 27.—(Regular Corre
spondence.) Two more thefts of bicycles
fiom the public school buildings have been
Reported to the city marshal. A wheel be
longing to Ivan St. John has been found,
and a reward of 85 for the recovery of the
other has been offered.
The following program of exercises on
Memorial day has been decided upon by
Post Commander George W. Farrlngton:
1, Post and W. R. C. meet at hall at 8 a. m.;
2, call to order at 8:15; 3, prayer by Chap
lain E. Barnes; 4, mulsc by the W. R. C.
choir; 6, reading orders; 6, remarks by
Commander Capt. G. W. Farrlngton; 7.
form procession and move at 9 a.m.; 8, at
cemetery, form procession on Cemetery
avenue; 9, exercises at the grave; 10, music
by the choir; 11, prayer by the chaplain:
12, remarks by post commander: 13, dedi
cation remarks by Officer of the Day H. H.
Williams; 14. prayer by the chaplain; 16,
Post Adjutant Harry Mishler will recite
President Lincoln's address in 1863 at
Gettysburg; 16, recitation by Rush Mc-
Comas; 17, planting tree by ;
18, address by Miss Katie O'Conner; 19,
decorating graves; 20, flag salute; 21,
music by the choir; 22, salute the dead; 22,
J. D. Greenwade, for years a resident of
Spadra and Pomona, died this morning
near Los Angeles. The remains will be
brought to Spadra and the funeral held
at 4:30 tomorrow afternoon.
All children who Intend participating in
the exercises at the cemetery on Memorial
day are requested to meet at the Metho
dist church Monday morning at 8:30 oclock.
SANTA MONICA, May 27.—(Regular
lorrespondence.) The ladies of the East
RIVERSIDE, May 27.—(Regular Corre
spondence.) James H. Goodhue, who left
here several months ago for Honolulu, re
turned to the city yesterday on business.
Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Woelver of Beowawe,
Nev., who have been visiting friends in
this city for some time, left today lor
Fred Vallou of Los Angeles, who owns
seventy feet frotange on Seventh street,
adjoining the grounds on which the new
Southern Pacific depot will be built, was in
the city yesterday making arrangements
to begin the erection of a three-story $25,
--000 brick hotel on his lot.
Mr. H. W. Stuart of East Blame street
leaves tomorrow for an extended visit to
his old home in Massachusetts.
W. R. Spence of Los Angeles has begun
suit against his wife, Ella R. Spence. of
this city to obtain judgment declaring
property owned by defendant here com
munity property. Curtfs Wllber of Los
Angeles Is attorney for plaintiff.
• The Hart-Church case terminated last
night in a verdict for plaintiff. The prac
tical result of the verdict Is to release the
Hart homestead from Mrs. Church's mort
gage and give the property to Mrs. Hart
free of encumbrance.
The initial concert of a series was given
in the city park last night by the Riverside
City band. A large crowd of people were
in attendance and manifested high appre
ciation. The music was excellent.
Wm. Irving, Jr., was run over l by a
heavy wagon this afternoon, receiving a
fracture of the shoulder.
Riverside camp, Woodmen of the World,
Installed officers last night. Following is
the new roster: Wm. Mclntyre, Con Com.:
E. W. Daniels, Lt. Adv.; M. R. Shaw, es
cort; S. H. Ralph, watchman; R. J. Welch,
sentry: T. K. Sebum, manager: F. G.
Havens, banker; J. J. Schnltker, clerk, and
S. R. Jumper and L. C. Russell, managers,
are hold-over officers. The Woodmen will
unveil a monument placed over the grave
of a departed brother June 6th,
The class of '9S of the high school enter
tained their school mates and visiting
friends ln a charming manner this morn
ing. The following program was rendered:
Piano duet—Misses Heap and Price.
Sonnet on Cuba (original)— Ray Newman.
Violin solo—Norman Dole.
Selections from "Sir Launfal"—Class of
Honeymoon march—Silver band.
Reading—Miss Hattle Hamilton.
Piano duet—Messrs. Newman and Mc-
"Marching Through Georgia"—Silver
Vocal solo—Miss Bonnie Rockhold.
Original poem—Miss Morrison.
"Good-Night, Laddes"—Silver band.
Each number was well given and the au
dience was not slow to recognize the fact.
The Silver band, however, although
practically of recent organization, com
mended Itself particularly to the assembly,
being called back repeatedly. It Is pleas
ing to note that musical ability Is being
encouraged In the city schools.
BANNING, May 27.—(Regular Corre
spondence,.) Messrs. McKlnney and Vandl
vort. two Ohio conductors, have been visit
ing Robert Mackey since the conductors'
ezourslon. They go from here to Eugene
Ore., and thence home to their work or
the Baltimore and Ohio.
Ante-railroad days were vividly recalled
Monday by the passing through town o:
Mr. Baird's twelve-mule bell team, bourn
for Dale City with an enormous load 01
freight. There Is evidently a boom ln that
em Star have In preparation an Oriental
fete which they expect to give about Jum
10th. An elaborate program will be given
and it will be a most original and enter
taining affair.
The party given last evening at the
Lawrence by Mrs. McDonald was highly
enjoyed by the large number of guests
piesent. The hostess served delicious
Mrs. Leslie Ownes of Visalia Is a guest
of Mrs. G. B. Dexter.
Mrs. Don Moore and Miss Mary Chapin
are visiting Miss Alice Ball ln Pasadena.
Ernest and Grant Lennox left this morn
ing for their home In St. Louis, after visit
ing their uncle, Hon. C. F. Joy.
> Mrs. Wlllard Webb entertained ten small
people Tuesday afternoon In honor of her
daughter Vera's birthday.
Mrs. D. D. Acker gave a high tea this
afternoon In honor of her guest, Baroness
Harden-Hlckey of Riverside.
Miss Effie Corson has arrived at her
home here after a visit of eighteen months'
duration to her sister, Mrs. Hutchinson, ln
Vancouver, B. C.
Mrs. A. J. Myers is visiting friends In
The collier Florida, from Comax, B. C,
laden with about fiOOO tons of coal, Is due at.
our wharf today. This is the largest vessel
that anchors here.
W. G. Ryan will build a handsome resi
dence on the south side and occupy It for
the family residence.
Dr. Burleigh and family of Los Angeles
are In their south side cottage for the
John T. Gaffey and family are at the
Arcadia for the season.
Miss Fanny Elliott of San Francisco
is a guest at the Casino.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Bundy returned last
evening from their wedding journey.
Barrett Eastman of Los Angeles has
taken the Ryan cottage on Fourth street
for the summer.
WHITTIER, May 27.—(Regular Corre
spondence.) The Ladles' Aid society met
today at the home of Mrs. A. L. Read.
Cadet Jackson yesterday went to the
top of the new flagpole at the state school,
which is 140 feet high, and put up the large
weather vane.
Teams have been busy for the past
week hauling machinery and material for
the Mutual Oil company.
Work is progressing rapidly on the
Whittier Oil company's wells.
William Holbrook and wife and Mrs.
Truman Berry left Tuesday to visit rela
tives ln Maine.
! The engines and lighting plant at the
l Whittier state school has undergone a
complete overhauling and is now ln good
running order.
The Gossiping club was entertained
Saturday afternoon in the parlors of the
hotel by Mrs. William Smith.
The ladles of the Congregational church
will give an entertainment in the college
auditorium on Tuesday evening.
Contracts have Just been let for four
new cottages, and work will begin within
a few days.
Monday there were eleven applications
for houses to rent, partly due to the oil
fields, which are drlnging so many people
to Whittler.
DOWNEY, May 27.-(Regular Corre
spondence.) The Volunteers of America
have been holding meetings here this week
in the Presbyterian church.
Charles M. Benbrook of Los Angeles
spent several days here this week visitlmr
relatives. <
George M. Ptttman, formerly a resident
of this. place and for the past two year?
having resided tn Sacramento county, has
returned with his family to Downey.
Born—On Saturday last, to the wife of
Charles H. Smith, a daughter.
locality. A postoffice has been established
at Dole, with O. B. Goodwin as post
master, mall going via Amboy on the
Santa Fe.
Rev. U. E. Smith died at 1 oclock Tues
day morning of consumption. He was
much loved and will be greatly missed.
Harvest is well under way in the pass
and the hay and grain crops are fairly
A delightful social dance was enjoyed
by the people of Banning Tuesday night.
Mrs. Munson and her niece, Miss Mun
son. have been visiting the family of Rev
U. E. Smith.
CORONA, May 27.-(Regular Corre
spondence.) It transpires that the dls
incorporation movement grows mainly and
directly out of the disinclination of the
merchants to pay a business license tax,
though there are other things that cut a
figure. It is very doubtful that a sufficient
number of signatures can be obtained to
insure the calling of an election to vote on
Word has been received that the post
office department has cancelled a postoffice
named Corona, in Colorado, ln order that
the name of the postoffice at this place
may be changed from South Riverside to
Corona, to correspond with the name of
the town.
Corona will celebrate the Fourth of July
with all kinds ot sports and races.
John Schlelsman and wife have gone to
Los Angeles ln the hope that the change
will benefit Mrs. Schleisman's health.
Grave fears are entertained that Miss
Ollie Baer, who has been very ill with
la grippe, is going into consumption.
Lester James Coburn and Miss Ollie
Thompson will be fnarried tomorrow even
ing at the Baptist church.
RINCON. May 27.-(Regular Corre
j spondenco.) George E. Parker and family
I o.' Los Angeles have Just taken up their
residence among us, occupying the Reese
Mrs. Anne Bertrand of Washington. D.
C, and Mrs. Ella Taylor of Chino are visit
ing friends in Rincon.
G. W. Yount and Miss Craft have just
returned from a visit to Los Angeles.
Miss Jennie Andrews, who has been at
tending school at Fresno, is expected home
ln a few days. She will be accompanied
by her sister, Marie Andrews, first assist
ant principal of the Jacksonville, Ore.
high school.
F. M. Slaughter of this place, a Southern
California pioneer and prominent citizen
has been dangerously ill. He is some bet
ter now and hopes of his speedy recovery
are entertained.
* . » .
HE MET, May 27.-(Regular Correspond
ence.) The prospect of a drying plant be
ing operated in this valley this season
seems slim, and a Mr. Reeves Is among
us soliciting fruit to dry on shares. He
proposes to pick and dry the fruit for one
fifth of the product. We have about 1000
tons of green fruit maturing, and experts
estimate that it would take about $10,000
or $12,000 to buy the crop and dry it, an.l
that good money can be made at It. But
where is the money? There Is no better
fruit in the world than that grown In the
San Jacinto valley.
Mr. Neal and family, who came here
recently from Kansas, will remove to Los
Angeles this week.
Mr. Lawrence and family will remove
from Winchester to this place next week.
SANTA ANA, May 27.—(Regular Corre
spondence.) Officers here believe that the
robbery of the Fallbrook postoffice lasr
night and the Tustin postoffice robbery on
the night of April Ist were committed by
the same gang of operators. They are In
clined to this opinion by the striking simi
larity of methods employed by the rob
| bers In opening the safes, the combinations
ln each Instance having evidently been
removed in the same way and with a
similar If not identical tool. It is thought
that these circumstances furnish a clue,
which. If followed, will lead to the arrest
of the parties guilty of both jobs. Sheriff
Nichols is out of the city today, and pre
sumably he has joined the San Diego
officials in their hunt for the cracksmen.
Keller and Wheeler, the young men ar
rested for the Tustin robbery, were re
leased after their preliminary examina
tion, the evidence obtainable being Insuffi
cient to hold them. Their whereabouts at
present is not known.
Mayor Avos has evolved what appears
to be a feasible plan for the acquisition st
a city park, and he has proceeded to put
his scheme to a practical test. His Idea is
10 secure subscriptions amounting to $2500.
for which sum he proposes to purchase n
block In the Birch estate 250x430 feet in
dimensions. He headed the list with a
donation of $100, and was followed by Q. R
Smith, who offers to give $COO toward the
enterprise. The property suggested for the
park Is but three blocks from the post
office and in a very desirable part of
E. E. Mason left yesterday for San Fran
cisco, where he goes as a member of the
Los Angeles team to contest in the semi
annual tournament of the California In
animate Target association, which take?
place at Alameda Junction on May 30th
and 31st. Mr. Mason is one of the most
expert marksmen in the Santa Ana Gun
club, and he will doubtless prove a credit
able representative of that organization.
The Ruddock company has transferred a
sixty-foot strip through Its property wes*.
of Anaheim to the Southern Pacific com
pany, the consideration being $750. The
property Is already covered by the rail
way company's track on the Alamltos
F. O. Daniel has sold two acres of land
REDLANDS, May 27.—(Regular Corre
spondence.) One of the most notable social
events in the history of Redlands occurred
in a reception and garden party at the ele
gant home of A. G. Hubbard on Lugonia :
terrace last evening. Some five hundred '
Invitations had been Issued for the occa- J
sion and very few "regrets" were received.
The beautiful house and grounds were very
elaborately decorated and were ablaze with
electric lights, some exceedingly original
and tasty effects being produced by the
use of Japanese lanterns with the electric i
lights. The catering and service and the ,
orchestra in attendance were from Los
Angeles. After 10 o'clock dancing was en- i
Joyed by the younger people present in the
tennis court, which forms a portion of the '
grounds, and the reception took the form
of a garden party. Mr. and Mrs. Hubbard ,
were assisted in receiving by Mrs. Davis
of Cotton. Mrs. Gertrude S,,T!owers, Mrs. ,
E. C. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Haver and i
Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Sinclair: for the gar
den party, Mr. and Mrs. Willis Miller, Mr.
and Mrs. Kirke H. Field. Miss Hoppock.
Miss Olive Haver and Miss May Sterling
assisted the hostess as a reception com
mittee. There were many guests present
from out of town.
The coroner's Jury in the case of A. L.
Spotts, who died suddenly in the city Jail
yesterday morning .rendered a verdict of
death from heart failure, superinduced by
chronic alcoholism. The remains were
buried today in this city ln accordant
with Instructions received from relatives
in the east.
Decoration day will be observed in Red
lands by a special service at the Methodist
church on Sunday morning and a memorial
sermon by Rev. E. J. Inwood. The local
G. A. R. post will attend. Monday there
will be the customary ceremonies and
decorating of soldiers' graves in the ceme
tery. The public schools will observe the
day ns a holiday.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas T. England, who
have a winter home In Redlands, left today
SANTA BARBARA, May 27.—(Regular
Correspondence.) The transformation of
the mule car system Into a modern trolley
street line, which has been ln progress for
a year, is now approaching completion.
On and after Sunday next only electric
cars will be seen on the streets of Santa
The members of Star King post, G. A.
R., have prepared a neat program for the
observance of Decoration day. The exer
cises will take place at Plaza del Mar Mon
day afternoon.
The following pupils, comprising the
senior class of the Lompoc Union high
school, furnished the correct solution of a
geometrical proposition submitted to then;
by School Superintendent G. E. Thur
mond: Lettle Barker, Lillian Hendrfcks,
Nellie Hogan, Martha McGregor, Grace
Parish, Gertie Read, Harry Hopkins and
Harry Whltestein, while Susie Bradley
ar.d Hlla Saunders solved it by both tri
CORONADO, May 27.—(Regular Corre
spondence.) Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Hender
son of Vernon, B. C. are at the hotel.
Frank K. Rule and W. J. Cox were here
from Los Angeles on Tuesday, en route for
M. Atlee Burpee, the Philadelphia seeds-
man, was very complimentary to Coro
nado during his recent visit here.
Ellas Thomas, Jr., of Portland Is a guest
The engagement Is announced of Mis:;
Myra Noyes, daughter df Crosby S. Noyes.
editor of the Washington. D. C, Evening
Star, and Yates Sterling, jr., United States
nuvy. Miss Noyes wintered at Hotel del
Coronado with her mother, and here met
Mr. Sterling, who was stationed on the
Col. and Mrs. J. M. C. Marble of Los
Angeles have been visiting Gen. Churchill
and niece at Hotel del Coronado.
Chris Buckley, the well known San
Francisco politician, accompanied by Mrs
Buckley and sister, Miss Nellie Hurley of
ELY'S CREAK BALM Is • positive eon.
Apply into the nostrils. It is qnlckiy absorbed. «0
oants st Pniraist* or by b»U; temple* 10c by milt
SLY BROTHERS, M Warren St, New York City.
on Baker street, this city, to Harry Black
burn for $500.
At Its annual election last Tuesday the
Jefferson club of this city, a branch of the
Pa.ciftc Lyceum league, chose the follow
ing officers: President, G. H. Ames; vice
president, Lee Holt; corresponding secre
tary, E. Madden; recording secretary, B.
E. Nourse; treasurer. C. Insley; sergeant
at-arms, Terry Stevenson; club attorney,
Leo Brock.
Otto Young, who Is located at Albu
querque, has been visiting relatives and
friends here. He returned home yester
day evening.
Ross Waffle Is suffering from a severe
attack of rheumatism. His condition las : .
night was very serious, and he Is reported
no better today.
Company L has purchased a billiard
table, which has been placed ln Its club
rooms over the armory.
Robert MeFadden left this afternoon on
a business trip to San Francisco. He may
also visit several Puget sound cities be
fore returning.
The steam schooner Caspar is discharg
ing lumber at Newport pier, and th?
steamship Santa Rosa will call there to
night, bound north. Another vessel, sup
posed to be the bark Skagit, from Puget
sound ports, has been sighted, and will
probably reach the wharf tonight.
Editor Baker of the Standard, who ha"
been taking a two weeks' rest at San
Juan Hot Springs, came home last night.
As all members of the board of trustees
have expressed themselves as favorable
to the anti-expectoration ordinance now
pending, It Is probable that the measure
will he passed at the board's first meet
ing In June. In the meantime the promiscu
ous spitter, who Is wont to regard the
universe as one vast cuspldore. Is revis
ing his personal habits and cultivating
the practice of chewing outdoors and going
in the house to spit.
The funeral of T. M. Young, who died
Tuesday, out west of this city, took place
at noon from the undertaking parlors of
9. W. Smith & Son. The remains were fol
lowed to the cemetery by a large number
or relatives and friends of the family. Mr.
Young was 71 years of age and the father
in-law of Frank Clapp of this place.
A pleasant Informal party was given
by Mrs. A. J. Padgham last evening at
her home, on East Second street. About
twenty-five guests were present, and tlit
evenlng was spent In dancing.
for Philadelphia by way of San Fran
cisco, where they will Join their daughter
and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Lau
dell. Jr. Mr. England is one of the heaviest
leather merchants In the Quaker City.
Mrs. F. G Ferand and daughter, wife
and daughter of the seereetary of the
Redlands Electric Light and Power com
pany, left today for the east, where they
will spend the summer.
SAN BERNARDINO, May 27.—(Regular
Correspondence.) Next Tuesday will de
cide whether the Hotel Stewart will con
tinue to run. The Hotel association held a
lengthy meeting last night and gave the
matter conslderabfe attention. Mr. E. E.
Thompson, the present lessee, submitted
two propositions to the association—one to
-ontinue the lease on a different basis and
the other to sell the furniture to the asso
ciation. Mr. Thompson says he cannot
.cohduct the hotel under the present lease
without a great loss to himself. If he can
not get a reasonable proposition from the
association, he will quit the hotel on next
It will be Impossible for the Fresno ball
team to get a game wtth the Wielands next
Monday, as this team plays the Riverside
boys on Sunday and Monday, unless two
games could be arranged for Monday.
J. Ed Keplinger, formerly editor and
proprietor of the Kaliedoscope of this city,
Is lying seriously ill at his home on Sec
ond street, between G and H.
T. M. Parsons, the well-known engineer,
is seriously 111 at his home on Sixth street.
A handsome new residence Is being
erected on E street, between Eighth and
The Grand Central hotel has had its
name changed back to the Southern hotel.
The Times-Index luniors and the High
School ball teams meet Saturday at Ath
letic park and a good game is promised.
Supreme Chancellor Peter Colegrove, K.
of P., paid the local lodge a visit today and
was royally entertained.
gonometry and geometry. Principal J. S.
Denton Is the professor of mathematics in
the Lompoc high school, and the superin
tendent highly compliments the excellent
work of the class and the ability of tho
teacher. The problem is a difficult one
and several mathematicians in this city
gave it up. The Lompoc class received no
assistance from the professor or from out
side persons, yet all brought correot solu
tions to the recitation room the day after
the problem had been assigned to them.
For the benefit of our readers we herewith
give the proposition in full:
"Two poles, 90 and 120 feet high re
spectively, stand on level ground 15 feet
apart. Ropes are stretched from the top
of each to the foot of the other. Compute
the distance from the point of crossing
of the ropes to the ground."
Mr. Thurmond gave the problem to Mrs
Jennie Cavanah, a sister of County Clerk
H. H. Doyle, who furnished an arith
metical solution, which is much more diffi.
Boston, and Master Buckley, was at Coro
nado the past week.
Rev. Father R. F. Byrne of the Roman
Catholic church. Coronado, has gone to
Colorado for the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Hudson of Massachu
setts and Mr. and Mrs. H. Staples Potter
of Boston are among the tourists now at
the hotel.
Mrs. B. Bertelson of Coronado will sum
mer in Denmark.
The purchasing committee of the Coro
nado Beach library are adding a large
number of books to their collection.
? Steinway Pianos >■ <
i Everything in Music. <
J 123 S, SPRING ST. Established IS7 „ 5
>oc<)<><><x>o<)<>o<)<xx)oooooooo o <
» ©
o o
0- o
O Recognizing the fact that work ©
O on the Park boulevard is drawing o
O to a close, and desiring to ©
o o
o o
o ©
O To obtain other employment, The O
O Herald makes the following offer; o
o o
o o
O And continuing until next Sunday ©
O morning, we will publish for any ©
© man bringing credentials from the ©
O relief committee, showing that he is O
O working or has worked faithfully o
O on the boulevard, O
© ©
© ©
© ©
© — ©
© ©
© Each advertisement Is limited to ©
© four lines, and It may be published ©
© for the entire time or any part of ©
© tho period named. ©
© Advertisements and credentials ©
© should be brought to The Herald ©
© business office, 222 W. Third st. ©
© ©
© ©
Notice of Sale of Real Estate
Probate No. 1242.
County of Los Angeles, State of Cali
In the matter of the estate of Apollonla
Huber, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that ln pursuance
of an order of the Superior court of the
County of Los Angeles, State of Califor
nia, made on the 4th day of May, A. D. 1597,
in the matter of the estate of Apollonla
Huber, deceased, the undersigned, the ex
ecutors of said estate, will sell at private
sale to the highest bidder for cash in law
ful money of the United States of Amer
ica, and subject to confirmation by said
Superior court, on or after the Ist day of
June, 1897, all the right, title, interest and
estate of the said Apollonla Huber at the
time ot her death, and all the right, title
and interest that the said estate has, by
operation of law or otherwise, acquired
since her death, in and to the following
real property, to-wit:
All that certain lot, piece or parcel of
land, situated and being in the City of
Los Angeles, County of Los Angeles, State
of California, described as follows:: The
south twenty-seven (27) feet of lot two (2)
and all of lot three (3) in Nichol's addition
to West Los Angeles, in the said City of
Los Angeles, County of Los Angeles, State
of California.
Bids or offers will be received by the un
dersigned, James C. Kays and John
Kenealy. the executors of the last will and'
testament of said deceased, at the office of
said James C. Kays.at N0.406 South Broad
way, ln the said City of Los Angeles, State
of California, the same being the place for
the transaction of the business of said
All bids or offers must be In writing, and
may be left at the place above designated,
or delivered to the undersigned executors
personally, or may be filed ln the office
of the. clerk of the said Superior court of
the County of Los Angeles. State of Cali
fornia, in the court room of department
two of said Superior court, at the county
court house ln the said city of Los Angeles,
at any time after the first publication of
this notice and before making the sale. All
acts of sale at the expense of purchaser.
Terms and conditions of sale: Cash, law
ful money of the United States of America;
ten per cent of the purchase money to be
paid to the undersigned on day of sale:
balance on confirmation ot sale by said
As executors of the estate of Apollonla
Huber, deceased.
Dated May 14th. 1897. 14-18-21-25-28-81
Notice ot Sale of Bond's
the board of directors of the Modesto Ir
rigation district, duly given and made on
the 4th day of May, 1597, notice Is hereby
given that said board of directors will sell
to the highest and best bidder the bonds of
said irrigation district to the amount of
two hundred thousand dollars (8200,000),
bearing interest at the rate of 6 per cent
per annum, payable semi-annually on the
first day of January and July of each year,
on the presentation of the Interest coupon
at the office of the treasurer of said dis
Said bonds are Issued by the board of di
rectors of Modesto Irrigation district, ln
accordance with and by authority of an act
of the legislature of the State of California,
entitled, "An act to provide for the organi
zation and government of irrigation dis
tricts and to provide for the acquisition of
water and other propecty, and for the dis
tribution of water thereby for irrigation
puposes." Approved March 7, 1887.
Said bonds will be sold for cash and for
not less than 90 per centum of the face
value thereof.
Sealed proposals and bids for the pur
chase of said bonds will be received by
the said board of directors at their office
in the City of Modesto. County of Stanis
laus, State of California, and may be ad
dressed or left with C. S. Abbott, the sec
retary of said board, at Modesto, Cal., at
any time after the date of this notice and
until 2:30 p. m, of the first day of June,
1897, at which'time and place the said
sale will be made.
Said bonds will be each of the denomina
tion of $500.00, and will be negotiable in
form and will conform in all respects to
the requirements of said act.
The board of directors reserve the right
to reject any and all bids.
Bids must be sealed and addressed to the
secretary of said board, and endorsed.
"Proposals for Modesto Irrigation district
Done by order of the board of directors
of Modesto Irrigation district. May 4,1807.
W, W. CARTER, President.
C. S. ABBOTT. Secretary. 59
To Our Subscribers:
We beg leave to Inform you that
we have moved from 205 New High
St. to 105 E. First St., room 22 in
the German American Savings
Bank. Respectfully,
0 The Creditor's Sale of the O
Tyler Shoe Co.'s Stock
At 187 South Spring St,
0 Will Open Wednesday Morning Q
New Yrt Millinery
... 344 l , S. Spring St.
Guarantees latest styles and
lowest prices. Madame Carina
lave.Ywi Heard
...01 the...
Periodical Fremtom Co?
Baker Iron Works
950 to 900 Buena Vista Street,
Adjoining S. P. Grounds. Tel. 124

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