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Makes Charges Against
Her Mother
Mrs. O'Bryan Tells Her Side of the
Story—The Case Against Scott
It it doubtful whether pretty Kittle
Ransom will go to Whittler or not. The
girl is not quite 14 years of age, pretty
as a picture and apparently as bright
as a dollar. Yesterday she was brought
before Judge Allen in consequence of
being "incorrigible, of vicious conduct,
vagrancy and moral depravity," and
for a few moments the skittish Kittle
created quite a scene.
Judge Allen is not an unqualified ad
mirer of the Whittier reform school, and
before committing either boy or girl to
that institution likes to know that the
facts warrant such judicial action. Mrs.
Melissa Ransom, the mother of the girl,
testified to living on Waverly drive,
Pasadena, and then proceeded to tell
a story of her daughter's naughty go
ings-on. According to her account Kit
tie has wandered far from the paths of
rectitude and virtue. She Is altogether
too fond of what she considers a good
time, and so long as she gets it She cares
little how, when or where she gets it.
She stops out nights carousing with the
boys and, so her mother alleged, fre
quently remained away from home all
Truth to tell, the mother gave the
daughter a pretty bad character, but,
save in one particular, her statements
were not corroborated. Constable Sla
ter testified to having seen Kittie play
ing around with the boys at night, but
beyond that he had little or nothing to
Then Kitties own turn to speak came
and she made the most of it. Judge
Allen desired to know why she would
not remain at home and be a good girl
and she replied that she wasn't happy
there and that her mother was living
with a man other than her father and
was no very great shakes herself, any
way. Furthermore, she denied the
charges made by her mother, although
she confessed to remaining away from
home as much as she could.
There seemed something very repel
lant about a mother and daughter in
dulging in mutual recriminations, and
Assistant District Attorney Williams
waxed hot at the statements of Miss
"The idea," he exclaimed, "of a little
petit larcenist like her speaking In that
way of her mother!"
"The girl has as much right," Inter
polated the court, "to speak in that way
of her mother as her mother has to
make similar charges against her. We
want to get at the truth in the matter."
Thereupon the case was continued un
til this morning to permit the summon
ing of witnesses. If it is found that the
frolicsome Kitty has been really
naughty, then she will have to go to
Whittier irrespective of any lapses on
her mother's part, albeit these, if they
truly exist, may palliate the offenses of
the daughter.
A Verdict Returned for Plaintiff for
The suit of Thomas E. Cleland against
the South Side Irrigation company
ended yesterday in a victory for the
plaintiff. The jury was out about an
hour and returned into court with a ver
dict awarding $1720 to Cleland. Upon
Attorney Lowenthal demanding a poll,
it was found the jury stood ten to two.
A motion for a new trial will be heard
and In case of the motion being denied
it is quite probable the case will be ap
pealed to the supreme court, for there
are other interests besides those in this
case at stake. The similar case of A. E.
Thaxter vs. the Irrigation company is set
for hearing next week and the suit of E.
G. Lattin vs. the Irrigation company will
be heard later.
The defenses upon which the present
case has been fought and which most
probably will be common to all three
suits, are: (1) On account of the pub
lic sentiment existing in the district
where plaintiff resides against sewage
irrigation around the church and school.
(2) When the contract was first made
it was on the express understanding
that plaintiff should not be supplied af
ter there had been an expression of
opinion in the district against its use.
(3) Neighbors were objecting and
threatening injunction proceedings.
(4) The sewage is being used in such
way around the school as to be a nui
sance, and by reason of the bacteria in
it is a menace to health.
But the jury evidently did not take
much stock in the defense.
The Prosecuting Witness in the Etz
ler Case Fails to Appear
Charles Ktzler, the old-time associate
of "Kid" Thompson, and later the one
who betrayed him, was brought up In
department one yesterday to stand trial
on the charge of grand larceny in having
Etolen a horse and rig.
The prosecuting witness Is 'William
Price, who lives near Banning, Riverside
county, and he failed to show up yester
day and it appeared that he had succeed
ed in avoiding service. Judge Smith
was provoked at the situation and the
consequent delay and Increased expense
to the county, but there seemed no help
for it. Attorney Theodore Martin, on
behalf of the defendant, insisteil that
the trial proceed, but the court contin
ued the case until July 19. The de
fendant's attorney maintains that Price
Will not show up and that Etzler will
be discharged.
Scott, the Alleged Confederate of
Tupper, Fails to Appear
Testerday was the day set for the ex
amination of L. H. Scott, who was
charged with having been concerned in
the attempt to release "Kid" Thomp
son a short time ago, and who, after be-
Ing kept ln close confinement in the
county Jail, made a confession and then
was released on his own recognisance by
Justice Young.
Scott, however, didn't show up and
Jailor Kennedy explained to the court
that he had Inadvertently misinformed
the defendant as to the date of his ex
amination, but that he was sure he
would turn up all right. Justice Young
then continued the examination until
July 16 by consent of the district at
This disposition of the case will fit lr.
excellently well for the case of Col. Tup
per, supposed to have been the kingpin
ln the scheme to release "Kid" Thomp
son, is set for Saturday, July 17. With
Scott examined on the day previous—
and if be appears at all he will no: go
back on the written confession now in
the possession of the district attorney;
failing to appear the confession still re
mains—his testimony will serve to send
Tupper to the penitentiary with a
flourish. _ _
Master Wright Indicted and Ar
raigned to Plead Monday
The grand jury made a partial report
yesterday and returned an indictment
against James E. Wright, master of the
schooner Nereid from which, it will be
remembered, seven Chinamen were
landed a short time ago on the coast near
Capistrano. The seven Chinamen have
since been examined and deported; and
now this Indictment, which contains
seven separate accounts, has been,filed
Wright, who has 1 been detained at San
Diego, was brought up last week, and as
the bail, which was fixed at $2,000, is
not as yet forthcoming. Wright Is in
the county Jail here. He will be ar
raigned Monday.
Mrs. O'Bryan Gives Her Version of
the Santa Monica Affair
Mm Marguerite O'Bryan, of 917 South
! Main street, who caused the arrest of
Samuel Neath for alleged assault upon
her small son on a Santa Monica car.
put a different complexion upon the in
cident from that published In yester
day's Herald. Mrs. O'Bryan maintains
that she has a number of reputable wit
nesses' who will be called at the trial
next Wednesday who will wear that the
assault on her Charlie was entirely un
provoked; that Neath was intoxicated
and was finally put off the car by a
] couple of constables.
A Landholder Who Demands a Good
Remuneration I
The suit of the Pasadena & Los An
geles Electric Railway company against
Joyce came to trial in department four
yesterday before Judge Van Dyke.
The suit is one brought to condemn a
strip of land on Daly street, near the
county hospital, for right of way, and
for which the defendant wants $4800 as
compensation. The company has re
fused to pay any such amount, hence
the present proceedings. This morning
the Jury will visit the land, and In that
way get a better understanding of the
New Suits Filed
Ernst F. C. Klokke vs. Catherine
Tamouncet Escallier et als. —A suit to
recover $2750 on a note, $200 attorney's
fees and decree of sale against lots 18
and 20, block H, of the Aliso tract.
Albert Hertel vs. A. C. Moody et al.—
A suit to recover $100 on a note, costs and
decree of sale against lot 6, block 25, of
the Charles A'ictor Hall tract.
Mrs. E. O. Slawsor. vs. Louisa Naud—
A suit to recover $900 damages incurred
by reason of household goods sold by
defendant to defray costs of their stor
Anna E. Griffith vs. J. M. Griffith com
pany—A suit to recover $1030, being div
idends due on thirty shares of the capi
tal stock of the lumber company, held
by plaintiff. The dividend claimed was
one of $35 per share, declared in June
Los Angeles National bank vs. E. B.
Merrill et al.—A suit to recover $3000 on
a note, attorney's fees, costs and de
cree of foreclosure against lots 27 and 2S
of Mills & Wick's subdivision. Raneho
Sausal. Redondo.
George P. Thresher vs. Cornelia J.
Kiehl et al.—A suit to recover $3000 or.
a note, attorney's fees, costs and decree
of sale against lots 1 and 2, block Q, of
the Sherman tract.
The estate of John A. Cllne, deceased—
The petition of George Thomas Cllne for
probate of will. The estate is valued at
The estate of W. H. Whittemore, de
ceased—The petition of N. W. Thompson,
for letters-of administration. The prop
erty ln respect to which letters are asked
consists only of household effects, valued
at about $100.
The estate of Esperanza C. de Lopez,
deceased—The petition of Jose O. Lopez
for letters of administration. The estate
consists of property valued at about
The estate of Almarian W. Decker, de
ceased—The petition of Kate M. Decker
for letters of administration. The estate
is valued at $300.
Court Notes
The grand jury adjourned yesterday
to July 20th.
The jury in department three was ex
cused by Judge York yesterday until
July 6th.
Michael Donohue, a native of Ireland,
was yesterday admitted to citizenship
by Judge Smith.
Tbe case of Heinrici et al. vs. Schooner
Laura Madsen was tried yesterday in
the district court and submitted on
The suit of Wood vs. Creditors, In de
partment five, Gregory Perkins, jr., was
yesterday appointed assignee with bond
lixed at $1200.
One I. J. Beales, who resides near
Clearwater, has wor. some notoriety by
reason of his cruelty to animals. Yester
day a complaint was drawn by the dis
trict attorney, upon which Justice Young
issued a warrant for Beaks' arrest. The
specific charge is that on June Bth he
beat a horse- so severely with a shovel
that it diud.
Cases to Be Called in the Several De
partments Today
(2866) C. C. Prentice, appeal: hearing.
(2868) John Cunningham, appeal; hearing.
(23C0) J. A. Hughes, appeal: hearing.
Nothing set.
(26,028) Putnam Co. vs. Harrison et al.
Nothing set.
Nothing set.
(17.786) Savings Bsnk of Southern Cali
fornia vs. McDonell et al.
Adams vs. Adams; citation.
(28.818) Wood vs. creditors; citation.
Patton vs. Abear; trial; 9:80.
Wooilacott va. Hoppe: trial: 1:80.
Schroder vs. Hoppe; 2:00:
Taggart vs. Wilkowski; supplemental
proceedings; 4:00.
Standard Collection and Mercantile com
pany vs. Burr: demurrer; 1:30.
King and Santa Barbara Counties
Getting in Line
Frank L. Dodge of Hanford Is endeav
oring to arrange with the Kings county
people to place a permanent exhibit of
the products of that sectton ln the Los
Angeles chamber of commerce. Mr.
Dodge says he has examined the display
made by the state board in San Fran
cisco, and that in the chamber hero, and
he does not hesitate to pronounce this
the better place to advertise; in fact,
he says It is the best place he knows
about for that purpose. As they claim
that the best peaches and grapes ln the
state are raised in that locality, and as
their raisins took premiums at the Mid
winter fair and that at Atlanta, the dis
play, if it is made, will not detract from
the general exhibit. The citizens of
Santa Barbara county are also grad
ually making up their minds to get In
line snd exhibit here.
Among the late donations" are a case
of Eureka lemons raised by Kellogg and
Mitchell and displayed by the San Diego
chamber of commerce; a very curious
double calia exhibited by Mrs. T. W.
King of this city; Royal apricots and
Blue Damson plums on the branch, by-
Prosper L. Suer; and fresh flowers for
decorating the chamber have been sent
in by Mrs. Lowe of Long Beach.
She Must Answer for an Assault to
Commit Murder
The quartette of Belgians who were
arrested on Ollso street Thursday after
noon while engaging In a lively scrap
ping match, appeared in Justice Owens'
court for trial yesterday morning. They
were all charged with disturbing th"
peace, but the cases against three of
them were dismissed. Jennie Mitchell,
the female who cut one of the men, was
then charged with assault to commit
murder. Her examination was held and
she was bound over for trial in the su
perior court. Bail was fixed at $3,000.
One Case Is Dismissed by the Frose-
cution for Lack of Evidence
Yesterday morning the complaint
against Yuey Wing, charged with sell
ing lottery tickets, was dismissed on
motion of Deputy District Attorney Joe
Chambers. There was pome hitch in the
evidence and it was not thought that a
conviction could be secured. The pris
oner was accordingly released. The
question raised by the defense regard
ing the serving of a venire was resumed.
Justice Morrison took the matter under
Marriage Licenses
The following licenses Issued yes
terday from the office of the county
Henry A. Brown, a native of Ohio
aged 33 years, and a resident of Prescott.
Ariz., and Mina Charest, a native of
California, aged 23 years, and a resi
dent of Los Angeles.
Henry N. Beecher. a native cf Con
necticut, aged 30 years, and Mabel E.
Frary, a native of Illinois, aged 24 years,
both residents of Los Angeles.
Robert Lee Mead, a native of Ken
tucky, aged 24 years, and Deno Schatte.
a native of Missouri, aged 20 years, both
residents of Los Angeles.
Jeffersonian Club
The Jeffersontan club will meet on
Monday evening to arrange for the re
ception of Governor Budd, Congressman
Maguire ar.d other party notables who
will be here In about ten days' time for
the purpose of taking part ln the recep
tion to Mr. Bryan.
Improvement Company's Meeting
The Northwest Los Angeles Improve
ment association met Thursday evening
and transacted routine business of an
unimportant nature. At the next meet
ing an election of officers for the ensu
ing six months will take place.
Conducted an Opium Joint
Justice Owens fined Sung Lung $20
yesterday morning for conducting an
opium joint.. The Chinaman will ap
real the case. Henry Clark, an eastern
tourist, was also fined $20 for visiting th;.'
joint, which he paid. The arrests were
made a few days ago by Officer Phillips.
The Salvation Army
There will be a special meting at the
Salvation Army hail, 327M> South Spring
street, on Saturday evening, June 26th,
to finish with ice cream and cake. Ad
mission free. On Sunday evening Cap
tain Stedman and Lieutenant Hansen
will hold their farewell meeting.
Sheriff M. Greenleaf of Yuma Is reg
istered at the Hollenbeck.
Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Schnabel are over
from Avalon for a few days.
J. T. Morgan, traveling passenger
agent of the Anchor Steamship Line, is
in the city.
Edgar Johnson, editor of the Fuller
ton Tribune, is at the Ramona, accom
panied by his wife.
Charles H. Peck, jr., of Peck Bros.,
large real estate dealers of St. Louis, ia
a guest at the Hollenbeck.
Dr. Robert Anderson of Honolulu, one
of the most prominent dentists of the
islands, is at the Van Nuys.
Mrs. Herman Epinger and Miss Ep
inger, well known society people from
San Francisco, are guests at the Van
Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Redpath of Bos
ton are again at the Hollenbeck, after
a delightful visit of two weeks at Santa
D. Lewis, a well known rancher of
Ventura county, who has been In the
city for several days' past, left for home
yesterday afternoon.
Rev. W. R. Notman and family of
Boulder, Colo., are among the arrivals
at the Hollenbecek. They have just re
turned from a visit to the crater of Ki
lauea, Hawaii, and leave for their Colo
rado home within a few day©.
Mr. Fielding Stilson of Angeleno
Heights, who has been prostrated with
an attack of appendicitis and who has
been under the treatment of Dr. John
Haynas at the Brainard hospital on
Sixth street, is reported out of danger
and rapidly convalescing.
By the League for Batter City Govern
ment Last Night
The board ef directors ln the League
for Better City Government let no grass
grow under their feet at the meeting last
night. They elected officers, named
committees and planned vigorous meas
ures of reform, one of which was, Inci
dentally, the framing of a new city char
ter. The officers elected were as follows:
President, Ferd K. Rule; first vice
president, Rob"t McGarvin; second vice
president, Harry Chandler; .treasurer,
Frank A. Gibson; secretary, C. S. Wal
The personnel of the finance commit
tee Is H. J. Fleishman, S. A. Butler, Al
fred Stern, T. S. Wadsworth and W. L.
Valentine. That of the membership
committee: First ward, W. A. Wills":
Second ward, D. K. Edwards; Third
ward', Geo. W. Burton; Eourth ward, W r .
G. Wedemeyer; Fifth ward, J. F. Sar
tori; Sixth ward, L. J. Christopher; Sev
enth ward, D.M. McGarry; Eighth ward.
Walter Rose; Ninth ward, Samuel
M. H. Newmark was elected a director
from the Fourth ward, vice H.W. O'Mel
veny, resigned. Secondo Guastt was
elected a director from the Seventh
ward, vice H. C. Lichtenberger, re
The time for payment of semi-annual
dues waa extended to July 17th.
The chairman wa9 Instructed to ap
point a committee of five to be known ac
the "Municipal Reform Committee," to
take cognizance of all matters pertain
ing to municipal reform.
A bulletin will shortly be Issued to the
league members petting forth the new
work to be begun by the league. And
last, but by r.o means least. It was de
cided to begin work as soon as possible
on framing a new city charter.
To Claim the Benefit i( True
A gentleman stated that he had a gen
tle running off at the bowels shortly af
ter leaving off coffee and starting in the
use of Postum Cereal.
The makers would not object to claim
ing so desirable a feature for Postum,
if the claim could be sustained, for there
is nothing will do an old coffee drinker
so much good as a free action of that
But, unfortunately, Postum cannot be
depended upon to produce this result,
as it is composed only of grains, and ha?
no effect except as a very nourishing
liquid food.
The fact Is that coffee tends to congest
the liver and prevent it? free working.
Therefore, If a coffee drinker will quit
the use of It, frequently the congestion
will be relieved and the accumulation of
bile will pass off and clean out the bow
els. Then continue the use of Postum
and keep well. It is a pure food drink
and Is nourishing and fattening. A
package can be had postpaid for2s cents
of the Postum Cereal Co., Llm., Battl?
Creek, Mich.
Wily grocers sometimes work ln
cheap imitations' of Postum Cereal cof
fee if the customer will stand It.
Concert Program at Redondo Beach
March, "Chicago Tribune".. .Chambers
Waltz, "Don't Be Cross" Zeller
Selection, "Beggar Student"..Mlllocker
"Trixie Gavotte" Brooke
"Dragoons' Call" Eilenberg
Song for Cornet Selected
March. "Lodoeska" Hall
"Golden Summer Days Scottishe,"
Plantation Melodies Conterno
Edinburgh Waltz on Scotch Airs,
March, "Gallant Knights Leipziger
Music and Dancing at San Pedro
In the new pavilion. Sunday, all day, and
free to ail. Best of boating, yachting. Ash
ing and bathing. Southern Pacific trains
leave Arcade depot, 8:15, 9:00, 10:05 a. m.,
1:40 p. m. Returning, last train leaves San
Pedro, 6:40 p. m. Only direct line to San
Pedro. Oniy line to the outer harbor. Round
trip, 50 cents.
Spanish Equestrian Tournament
At Redondo Beach, Sunday, by teams
from Santa Monica, Downey, Ballona
and Redondo. Grand band concert dur
ing the day. Santa Fe trains go at 8:37
a. m.. 9:45 a. m, 11:03 a. m., 1:00 p. m.,
5:40 p. m ,6:15 p. m. Round trip, 50
Santa Monica Sunday Trains
Queen of the beaches. Attractions of all
kinds. Bathing, boating, fishing, driving.
Sunday trains leave Southern Pacific Ar
cade depot, 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 a. m., 1:00,
1:35 p. m. Returning, last train leaves Santa
Monica, 8:00 p. m. Fast time, no dust;
seats for everybody. Round trip, 50 cents.
Terminal Trains
Offer the best faeilitiesi to Long
Beach, Terminal Island and San Pedro,
and make closest connections with Her
mosa for Catallna. Trains leave First
street station 8, 9:43 a. m., 1:22, 5:15 p. m.
dally and 11 a. m. Sundays. Take Boyle
Heights cars.
Fourth of July Excursion Rates
July 3, 4 and 5 the Santa Fe will sell
excursion tickets between all stations at
a rate of one and one-third fare, tickets
good returning until July 6.
Long Beach Sunday Trains
Leave Southern Pacific Arcade depot, 8:15,
9:00, 10:05 a. m., 1:40 p. m.; returning, last
train leaves Long Beach, 6:10 p. m. Round
trip, 50 cents.
San Francisco Round Trip $18
On Southern Pacific. Tickets sold July 6th
to 9th; going limit. July 10th; return limit,
July 26th. Stop-overs ln both directions
within limit.
Santa Barbara $3 Excursion
On Southern Pacific, July 2d and 3d. Tick
ets good returning thirty days. Stop-over
at Ventura.
All prices of wan paper greatly reduced
A. A. Eckstrom. 231 South Spring street.
The Abbott Case
The case of Amos Abbott, tbe dope
fiend arrested a few days ago by Deputy
Constable Brakeshuler, who charged
him with stealing a bottle of medicine
from his pocket, was disposed of yester
©iTo Ly(D)im os^0s^
Tooth Powder
Used by people ol refinement for over a
quarter of a century.
B«r«tnUkiitlwa»»4 aw*.
waiiesian aa< delicto**.
Absolutely Puro
■ j i>|U*l
tlay and Justice Morrison sentenced the
fellow to five days in Jail for petit lar
ceny. When arrested a charge of grand
larceny was placed against Abbott, af
he had taken the stuff from Brakes
huler's pocket. This charge was with
drawn and he was allowed to plead
guilty to a charge of petty larceny.
San Diego Excursion July 2d and 3d
Round trip from Los Angeles, $3.00;
tickets good returning within 30 days.
Trains leave Los Angeles at 9 a. m. ar.d
2p. m. Parlor cars on all trains.
Catalina Island Short Line
Is the Southern Pacific. Week day trains
leave Arcade depot. 1:40 p. m. Sunday
trains, 8:15 a. m. Round trip, $2.75 and 12.50.
Old Charter and Kentucky Taylor
whiskies. Wright & Taylor, distillers,
Louisville, Ky.
Latest style of waa paper at A. A. Eck-
Itrom 6 , 324 South SDrlnu Btreet.
New Laws for Mine Locators aud Stockholder*
Price 15 cents. N. A. Wolcott & Co., prin
ters and publishers, 128 S. Broadway, Los
Angeles, and all booksellers. The new
blanks conforming to the laws are now
Our Home Brew
Maler & Zobelein's lager, fresh from their
brewery, on draught In all the principal
saloons; delivered promptly In bottles or
kegs. Office and brewery, 440 Allso street;
telephone 91.
Hawley, King & Co.,cor. sth St. and Bwy..
agents genuine Columbus Buggy company
buggies and Victor bicycles.
Largest variety Concord business wag
ons and top delivery wagons. Hawley
King & Co.
Agents Victor, Keating, World anil
March bicycles. Hawley, King & Co.
Everything on wheels. Hawley, King £.•
Co., cor. Fifth street and Broadway.
Joe Arnold, agent for celebrated Mexican
cigar. 358 S. Spring st. Tel. main 986.
PITTMAN—Charles E. Pittman. beloved
husband of Louisa C. Pittman and
father of Pearl Pittman, son-in-law of
Mr. and Mrs. D. Schieck. youngest son
of Mrs. A. A. Pittman, brother of F. R.
Pittman and Mrs. Lizzie Pittman Ser
ge nt. aged 42 years 8 months 23 days.
Funeral Sunday, at 2 p. m.. from Odd
Fellows' hall. 108»,fc North Spring street. In
terment at Rosedale. Friends invited.
JENKINS—In this city on Friday after
noon, Mamie. Jenkins, wife of Charles
S. Jenkins, aged 30 years.
CHAUVIN—In this city, June 25, 1597,
Augustus C. beloved husband of Mrs.
Elizabeth Chauvin and father of Mrs.
W. G. Hutchison, a native of St. Louis,
Mo., aged 72 years 10 months.
Funeral from late residence. 1132 South
Flgueroa street, Sunday, June 27th, at 2:30
p. m.
Interment at Rosedale cemetery.
\ %
% "The Broadway Undertakers" &
? Office Telophone Main 618. 0
? Residence Telephono White 111. 9
? Pun«»l Director. ?
X 62» 8. SPRING ST., Los Angeles, CaL ?
X Special attention paid to embalming X
i nd shipping bodies. x
I HcitS. • • i
si For Today jg
X '. — — —■ 55»
Sr Yesterday we said we were 3:
EE going to give the grandest 3
Er Hat values ever offered in 3
town here, today. Here they 3
BE are. They tell their own 3
E worth: 3
g White Sennet 3
B Braid Sailors 3
IX Finished with white band and
EC leather sweatband; kinds that
EC can't be bought wholesale for
EC less than 65c, and our IF.
EC price today LoL :C3 j
E a
Ec " ==== "— 3
E Untrimmed iS*
sc Leghorns 3
EST Ladies' Untrimmed Leghorns, --3
EC ln black and'whlte, just arrived; ;3
EC we can't afford to sell them long :3
SS; at this price, but today 1C„
SC they'll be Ot)C --3
IS 3
I Lud Zobel & Co. 1
ET =3
EC The Wonder 23
g~ nillinery 3
g 219 S. Spring St. 3
No. 141 S. Spring St.
Bryson Block. .
Special for Today
A-1 Soft and Stiff Hats everywhere sold for
#2.50, today for $1.50
A-1 Straw Hats 50c, 75c, $\ and $1.50 \
Golf Shirts $i $1.2? and $1.50
Summer Underwear, per suit
50c, $i, $1.50 #2 and up
Neckwear 25 and 50 Cents
Our mountain values and hill prices cannot
escape notice. _
141 S. Spring St.
| iiiSfeiMode of Cooking... |
I THne ©as sj
H Cooking Stove 5$
L>t and Extinguished
Heat Reduced toa I
Nicety &s
All Other Stoves Are Now Old Fashioned ™?.^. m .. [|
1 Los Angeles LightSng Company j|
457 South Broadway $g
Wnm i ArnTTt
Using poor wine? Why—There's Woollacott's f A
Fine Wine and Liquors 3Sg|g§ygl|g 26 Sorth B P r "* Bt - .
Strictly Reliable
I W Dtofalcott^Co
I Wm Tht onl / Specialists in Southern •
1 jSf California treating every form of
j Twt Diseases of en ° nl y -• •
I Varicocele, Piles and Rupture cured
\ itjfj m_ jmw v one An y orm 01 weakness
rLtfffislHttß«i cured in six weeks. Discharges and
Ml Blood Taints a specialty.
fll Wm To show our good faith WE NEVER
iß<ar J We mean this emphatically, and it Is for
jj&fk W Jkw&b*. everybody. Correspondence, giving full in
fti >v '''/W Lof formation, cheerfully answered.
3p| Corner Main and Third Sts.
Private Entrance on Third St.
$10.50 P>r Ton
Delivered to any part of the city. Be certain
of getting the genuine article, unmixed with
Inferior products, it lasts longer aud savei
money. ,
BANNING CO., 222 S. Spring St
Office Tel. Main So. Yard TuL Main toil
Bronchitis and
Asthma ....
Positively Cured by In-
halation. Consultation
Free—Dr. Glass does not
rely on climate for a cure.
Testimonials on file.
212 South Broadway.
Val Verde Mining Stock
Is Valuable
Will Be More So
Por particulars and prospectus, apply
Wilcox Building, Los Angeles.
New York Specialists
Cttrem All Chronic, Nervous and Spe
vlire C ia) diseases of both MEN and
WOMEN. Our fees are the lowest
Consultation FREE. Hours 9to 12,
1 to 5, 7 to 8. Sundays, 10 to 2.
230% South Main.
Diseases of MEN only.
Blood. Skin, Kidneys, Veins,
weaknesses. Poisonous Dis
charges. Feee low. Quick
Cares. Call or write
Dr. Yokiam
Specialist in the treatment of the mind
and nervous system. "X Ray" used
in the diagnosis of all diseases. 230-31
Bradbury Block. Office hours, 10 a.
m. to 3 p.m.; 5 to 7 p. m.
Notice ot Foreclosure Sale
Dalton Wheeler, R. Scott Wheeler and
Emma C. Wheeler, defendants.
Sheriff's sale. No. 27,976. Order of sale and
decre of foreclosure and sale.
Under and by virtue of an order of sale
and decree of foreclosure and sale, issued
out of the Superior Court of the County
of Los Angeles, of v the State of California,
on the 10th day *>f June, A. D. 1897, In the
above entitled action, wherein W. J. Brod
rick, the above named plaintiff, obtained
a judgment and decree of foreclosure and
sale against Dalton Wheeler et al., de
fendants, on the 9th day of June. A. D.
1R97, for the sum of forty-one hundred
eighty three dollars and thirty cents,
lawful money of the United States, which
said decree wns on the 10th day of June,
A. D. 1597, recorded ln judgment book 73
of said court at page 4, I am commanded
to sell all that certain lot, piece or parcel of
land situate, lying and being in the said
County of Los Angeles, State of Califor
nia, and bounded and described as follows:
Lot number twenty-three (23) of the Kin
ney tract, as per map of said tract, recorded
In book five, page 508. of miscellaneous rec
ords of the County of Los Angeles.
Together with all and singular the tene
ments, hereditaments and appurtenances
thereunto belonging or ln any wise apper
Public notice Is hereby given that on
Tuesday, the 6th day of July. A. D. 1897, at
12 o'clock m. of that da!y, ln front •of the
Court House door of the County of Los
Angeles, Broadway entrance, I will, In
obedience to said order of sale and decree
ot foreclosure and sale, sell the above de
scribed property, or so much thereof as
may be necessary to satisfy said Judg
ment, with Interest and casta, etc., to.the
highest and best bidder, for. cash, lawful
money of the United States.
Dated this 10th day of f^% RR
Sheriff of Los Angeles County.
By C. W. FLEMING. Deputy Sheriff.
White & Monroe. Attorneys for Plaintiff.
•> Bie «* is a non-poisonone
remedy for Gonorrhoea,
niwt. 8 p.. rmn it, r i hues,
Whites, unnatural dl—
MWaw Ooermnleed V charges, or any iunammo.
■SKY wto itritum. don. Irritation or ulcera-
eonMgioa. tlon of in v conn niem
sfetTHtEvsNaOHElllOillCO. b " n "v N ° o - Mt " B eai»t.
ViL°'"'""' ° sflß *° . '
„ a . sent in plain wrapper,
■ Ciroaiar sent cv roaMCLfr

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