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Regular Weekly Meeting
of the Board
The Assessment Warrant for the Pav
ing of Main Street Issued.
City Hall Notes
At the meeting of the board of public
■works yesterday morning all the mem
bers were present. A large delegation
or citizens was also on hand to present
their side of the case in the matter of
establishing the grades of Pico, Four
teenth, Clanton, Peru and Paloma
streets and Stanford avenue. The en
tire morning was taken up with the
matter, which w as taken under advise
ment. Just before adjourning the peti
tion to re-establish the grade was rec
ommended to be granted. Councilman
Mathuss having gone home.
The following recommendations were
adopted for submission to the council
In the mnttcr of the petition from W.
H. Sutch, asking that the grade of Azusa
street be established, recommend that
the same be referred to the city engineer
to present ordinance of intention.
Recommend lhat the protest from J.
H. Hall et al. against the widening of
Darwin avenue between Griffln avenue
and Thomas street to a width of eighty
feet be filed.
In the matter of the petition from J.
Lougheed. asking permission to grade
by private contract Twenty-second
street from Union avenue to Hoover
street, using the natural soil of the
street, recommend the same be granted
and said petition be referred to the city
engineer to present the necessary ordi
nance therefor.
In thematter of the petition from A.H.
Cary et al., asking that Sixteenth street
between the easterly line of Hoover
6treet and a point 146 feet west of the
northwest corner of Bush and Sixteenth
streets be widened to a uniform width
corresponding to the remaining portion
of said street, recommend that the same
be referred to the city engineer to make
purvey and map and furnish same to
the city attorney, and that the city at
torney be instructed to present ordi
nance of intention therefor.
Recommend that the petition from C.
T. Howland et al., asking that the grade
of the west side of Hoover street from
Twenty-ninth to Thirtieth streets be
established, be referred to the city en
gineer for ordinance of intention there
In the matter of the petition from H.
Heids et al., asking that the grade of
North Figutroa street from Boston to
Temple streets be changed and estab
lished so as to conform to the present
Improvements, recommend the same be
referred to the city engineer for investi
gation and estimate of frontage in con
nection with petition No. 722.
Recorrynend that the protest from Ju
lia Baker et al., against the improve
ment of First street between Flower and
Pearl streets, be denied.
Recommend that the petition from F.
A. Hammond et al., asking that a ce
ment walk six feet wide be constructed
on the west side of South Hill street be
tween Fourtenth and Fifteenth streets,
be referred to the city engineer to pre
sent ordinance of intention therefor.
Recommend that the petition from J.
H. Blanchard et al., In reference to the
improvement of First street between
Flower and Figueroa streets, be filed.
Recommend that petition No. 545 (S)
be filed.
In the matter of the petition from A.
Kinney et al., asking that Adams street
between Congress street and Arlington
avenue be Improved under the bond act,
recommend the same be referred to the
city engineer for estimate of cost and if
the same exceeds the amount required
by law, then to present ordinance of in
In the matter of the petition-from Mrs.
Mary B. Boyd et al., asking that the
lines of Third street be defined between
Bunker Hill avenue and Hope street,
recommend the same be granted and the
city engineer instructed to make survey,
the expense, if any, to be paid by the
In the matter of the petition from H.
C. Pierce et al., asking that First street
between Beaudry avenue and. Toluca
street be improved under the bond-pro
visions of the Vrooman act, recommend
the same be referred to the city engineer
for estimate of cost, and if the same ex
ceeds the amount required by law then
to present the necessary ordinance of
Recommend that the- protest from H.
V>. Hellman against the opening of an
alley from Third to Fourth streets be
tween Spring and Main, streets be filed,
as the opening of said alky would not
affect the property of the petitioner.
In the matter of the petition from the
Cass & Smurr Stove company et al.,
asking that an- alley be opened ln the
block bounded by Third, Fourth, Spring
and Mum streets, recommend that the
same be granted and the city engineer
directed to make survey as per map pre
sented herewith, ar.d the city attorney
be instructed to prepare the necessary
ordinance accordingly.
Recommend that the petition from the
Thomas Drug company et al., in reference
to the condition of the pavement of
Spring street, be filed, as the matter has
been acted upon.
In the matter of the grading of Fre
mont street from First to Second streets,
rccoinmc-nd that a 80-inch cement pipe
be laid on this street before this improve
ment Is made, and the city clerk be in
structed to advertise for bids to do said
dthnt the petition- from th-e
Pasadena & Pacific Railway company
for instructions In reference to placing
a certain line pele on Hill, street, youth
of Eighth, be filed, as the matter has
been mutually adjusted, and we recom
mend that the pole be placed at the curb
opposite the property line.
Recommend that petition No. 507 (M)
be filed.
In the matter of the petition: from H
J. Woollacott rt al., asking- that a
cement sidewalk be constructed on.
Ficket street between Fir.it street and
Brooklyn avenue, recommend the same
be referred to the cliy engineer to pre
sent The necessary ordinance of Inten
In the matter of the petition from H.
Nicolaus, asking that Oak street be
tween -Sixteenth and Eighteenth streets
be improved under the bond provision
of the Vrooman act, recommend the same
be referred to the city engineer for esti
mate ,>f cost, and if the same exceeds the
amoont required by law then to present
the necessary ordinance of Intention,
Recommend that the petition from the
Los Angeles Athletic club et al., asking
that the superintendent of streets be in
structed to leavea dry strip ln the center
of the street not less than four feet in
width be referred to the superintendent
of street sprinkling to have the streets
sprink'ed in such a manner as to cause
the least Inconvenience to the travelng
In the matter of the ordinance for the
opening of Hunter street, recommend
that the same be placed upon Its pas
In the matter of the petition for the
grading, graveling and sidewalklng of
Lucas avenue from Fifth to Sixth
streets, recommend that the same be re
ferred to the city engineer to present or
dinance of intention.
In the matter of the petition to estab
lish the grade on Sixth street from tilt
west line of Fremont avenue westward
!y to the point of Sixth
and Loomis streets, recommend that th?
fame be referred to the city engineer to
prcr-nt ordinance of intention.
In the matier of the petition that the
grade of Bonnie Brae street between
Fifth and Sixth streets be mode to con
form as far a.* practicable to paid street
as now graded, recommend that the
same be referred to the city engineer to
pre Rare an estimate of the frontage.
In the matter of the petltlbn for th?
widening of Jefferson street from the
west line of Vermont avenue to the west
city limits', recommend, that the same be
referred to the city engineer to make a
survey and furnish the property owners
with a description of the land to be
deeded to the city for the widening of
said street.
In t&e matter of the petition for the
improvement of West Thirty-second
street between the west line of Hoover
street and the east line or Orchard av
enue, recommend that the same be re
ferred to the city engineer to present or
dinance of intention for the Improve
ment under the bond act, the grade hav
ing already been established.
In the matter of the ordinance for the
resurfacing of Spring street, referred to
this board, recommend that the same be
placed on its passage.
In the matter of the petition for ths
resurfacing of Sixth street, recommend
that the same be referred to the city en
gineer to prepare special specifications
for the same.
In the matter of the communication
from the Merchants and Manufacturers'
association in reference to repairing
streets, recommend that the same be
In the matter of the petition from John
A. Philbin and others, the city engineer
having recommended and the petition
ers representing a majority of the front
age upon the streets asking to have the
grades re-established, we therefore rec
ommend that the city engineer be in
structed to change and establish the
grades on the street? as petitioned for.
The streets are Clan
ton, Stanford avenue, Peru and Paloma
Sewer Committee
The sewer committee of the council
yesterday filed the following report:
In the matter of the petition from John
Korbei, asking permission to lay sewer
at the rear of building situated at the
southwest corner of State and First
streets and continuing same down State
street to connect with the sewer on
First street. we respectfully recom
mend that the same be granted; the
work to be done under the supervision of
the superintendent of streets.
In the matter of the petition from
George Banas, asking that all proceed
ings for the construction of a sewer in
alley running from Seventh to Eighth
streets between Park View street and
Carondelet street be abandoned becausc
of error ln the assessment district, we
respectfully recommend that same be
granted and that all proceedings b;
abandoned, and that the certified Check
deposited by George Banas for entering
upon the contract be returned.
In the matter of the bids for sewering
Valencia and other streets, we recom
mend that the bid of C. L. Powell at
64 9-10 cents per lineal foot for the sew
er complete be accepted the neces
sary resolution of aw ard adopted.
Supply Committee's Report
The supply commitlee of the council
yesterday filed the following report:
In the malter of the communication
from the board of Are commissioners,
asking that bids be requested for fui
nishing the fire department with 400 toii9
of lirst c lass bound hay, oat or barley, ot
the season of 1897, the same to be deliv
ered at such time and in such
quantity as the board or its representa
tive may direct, we respectfully recom
mend that the city clerk be Instructed to
advertise for bids in accordance with
the recommendation of the board.
Herewith your committee beg to sub
mit for the consideration of your hon
orable body two requisitions, one dated
October 19th, one September 12th, 1896,
signed by D. C. Morrison and M. T.
Owens, each for an amount of $140., cov
ering cost of linoleum for court room
iloor of departments one and two, we
find upon investigation requisitions
were duly O K'd by the supply commit
tee of the former council, but have never
been approved by the mayor or counci-;
hence it becomes necessary to pass upon
the same at thi9 time.
Acquired Jurisdiction
The city clerk yesterday filed his re
port to the city council that the time for
protest had expired and the council haj
acquired jurisdiction to pass final ordi
nances ordering the following work:
The curbing and sidewalking of Park
View street from Ninth to Eleventh
Streets; the sidewalking of Eleventh
street from Union to Burlington av
enues; the Sewering of Park View street
ar.d the southerly prolongation thereof
from a point 140 feet south of tjpe south
line of Ninth street to the point of Inter
action of the center lien of the western
intercepting sewer with the prolonga
tion southerly of the center line of Park
View street.
Main Street Assessment
Street Superintendent Drain yester
day issued the assessment warrant for
the paving of Main street, amounting
to $183,469.06. The following is attached
to the warrant:
The foregoing work was performed
under the supervision of and waa ac
cepted by the Los Angeles city council.
Said work was not under my control or
supervision at any time, and was not ac
cepted by me. I hereby disclaim all re
sponsibility for paid work and I sign and
deliver this assessment warrant upon
the order of and the authority of the raid
council. JOHN H. DRAIN,
Street Superintendent.'
Building Permits
The following permits were Issued by
the building superintendent yesterday:
Homer Laughlln, Broadway between
Third and Fourth streets, six-story,
fireproof, steel frame, concrete floors,
sides and front brick and terra cotta,
Alfred Solano, southeast corner Twen
ty-third and Flgueroa, two story brick,
cement, tile roof, $16,000.
E.A. Miller, northeast corner of Twen
ty-third ar.d Thompson, two story
frame, $5000.
George H. Malem, north side of Fifth
street near Spring, two story brick
stores, $1800.
Mrs. E. Rlssman, Fifth street between
Spring and Broadway, tfiovlng frame
cottage, $200. "
Frank Matthews, Ruth avenue near
Seventh street, frame cottage. $700. .
Los Angeles Soap company, Turner
street, frame stable, $200.
Ed R. Smith, No. 420 Towne avenue,
move and repair building, $250.
Bight of Way Abandoned
The zanja committee yesterday re
ported in the matter of the petition from
C. Thomson et al. asking that an ordi
nance be passed abandoning the right
of way for a znnja over certain property
belonging to her, situated on the south
side of First street between Los Angeles
ar.d Main streets, recommending that
the same be granted and the city attor
ney be directed to present ordinance as
prayed for.
Back at His Office
City Attorney Dunn, who has been
confined to his house for several days
past with rheumatism, was again at his
office yesterday.
Installation of Officers and Annual
Reports Yesterday
Yesterday was the day for the read
ing of annual reports and the installa
tion of officers at the Friday Morning
club, and the hall was crowded as usual.
The secretary's report showed that there
are 313 active members ln the club and
eleven honorary members. Seven hun
dred and fifty guests have been enter
tained by the club during the year, of
which 150 were from Los Angeles. A
summary of the year's program wa9
given and the names of the noted speak
ers who have addressed the club were
read. After the treasurer's report was
read and accepted Mrs. Margaret Col
lier Graham, the retiring president, pre
sented the new officers of the club with
a very graceful little address, and Mrs.
J. F. Sartori, the president, spoke for
the other incoming officers with a few
apt and pertinent remarks.
The little informally formal exchange
of pleasantries Was followed by a gen
eral social chat which occupied the re
mainder of the morning, and fruitade
was dispensed with prodigal liberality.
At 1 oclock the outgoing board enter
tained the honorary members and the
incoming officers with a handsome
luncheon at the California club. The
table decorations were of blue larkspur
and at each place was a cluster of white
carnations. Those were:
Mmes. C. M. Severance, J. A. Os
good, Margaret Collier Graham, J. F.
Sartori, Charlotte A. Wills. C. D. Wll
lard, F. A. Gibson. S. Hubbard, F. W.
Wood, B. C. Whitney, Harriet Wad
leigh, J. A. Walls, Streckewald. Qeorgc
North. Robert N. Bulla, R. W. Polndex
ter, Sarah Longstreet, R. W. Prldham,
MISS J-er.nie Collier and Miss M. F. Wilis.
The officers and board for the enduing
year are: President, Mrs. J. F. Sartori;
first vice-president, Mrs. S. S. Salis
bury; s?cond vice-president, Mrs. If. C.
Whitney; secretary, Mrs. J. A. Walls;
treasurer, Mrs. R. W. Pridham; board of
directors, Mines. J. A. Osgood, C. D.
Wlllard, F. W. Wood, G. Streckewald.
G. North, R. N. Bulla, R. W r . Polndexter
and Sarah Longstret.
They Are Arrested by an Officer and
Locked Up
Willie Blackman. Sumner Pace, Wil
lie Powers and Charlie Jordan were ar
rested yesterday by Officer Lennon and
taken to the police station where they
were booked on suspicion. Two of th
boys have a bad reputation for taking
things which do not belong to them, and
have been in jail before. Yesterday they
were found with some brass fixturesand
ether trinkets for the possession of
which they could not account.
A Missing Man
British Vice-consul Mortimer has re
ceived an Inquiry for Oscar AVilliam
Shields. When last heard from, three
yers ago, he was at Los Angeles and at
Catallna island. Any one who knows
his whereabouts is requested to com
municate with the vice-consul.
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Burcham of Rands
burg are domiciled, at the Hollenbeck.
Mr. Burcham is one of the owners of
the celebrated Rand group of mines,
and is here to confer with his associates,
Messrs. F. M. and E. D. Mooers, who
have been in the city for the past week.
You Get Interested M
A(f / in your work when you clean with Gold * M I
Dust Broilers, boilers, pots and pans, Jtmll
di) skillets, kettles, buckets, and cans become /Mjl
Jnppt clean at a touch, soot is quickly removed, wju
F#iM| grease dislodged when you use Geld Dust iisY
j gold oust I
ffivfi) is indispensable for cleaning kitchen titen-
WW sils, paint and woodwork. Gets the dirt off.
Ir/A Nothing in it to grit Sold everywhere.
lljkSk\ Made only by Wg
\y St. Louis, Chicago, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, San Franclaco. dfcpp^jjf
Recovering From the Effects of Hla
Wound He Again Handles His
Deadly Peta
Leroy George, the rattlesnake charm
er who was bitten the other day and
came near dytng, still has the utmost
confidence ln his pets. Yesterday morn
ing he surprised the attendants at the
county hospital by getting up from his
bed and announcing his intention of
going over to see his snake* He could
not be dissuaded and said that he was
going to demonstrate to the world that
he had not lost his power over the rep
He dressed himself and started oft
with his injured arm In a sling. On ar
riving at Eastlake, he went to his man
ager and had a short talk with him.
Then he walked over to the cage con
taining the wriggling, writhing maw
of reptiles and without the least hesita
tion thrust his hand into the bunch and
seized three or four s-nakes In his fin
gers. He clutched them around the
body and dangled them around care
lessly. They were pei«*ctly harmless
Not even a warning rattle was heard.
After he had toyed with the reptiles
for some minutes, George turned ex
ultirtgly to those who were watching
him and said: "See, I have not lost my
power over them. I can still handle my
pets and they will r.ot harm me."
Then he continued, "I have never been
the least bit afraid since that snake bit
me that I had lost my power, and I de
cided to come over and prove It today.
It was all my own fault the other day
that I was bitten and It will not happen
"Do I know which snake felt me?"
"No, I do not and I do not care to know.
But I would not harm it if I did. Prob
ably I had it in my hands awhile ago."
George was very happy over the re
sult of his visit and returned to the hos
pital In a cheerful mood. The swelling
in his arm has gone down considerably
and the pain is not nearly so severe as>
It was. At present everything points
to a speedy recovery. He has an
nounced his intention to go back to his
snakes as soon as he Is well enough.
While walking through the park on
his way back to ,the hospital he espied
a largo king snake which was gliding
through the grass and attempted to cap ■
ture it to add to his collection. He man
aged to get hold of the reptile, but hav
ing the use of only one hand could not
hold it and it wriggled away. At this
George was greatly disappointed, but re
turned to the hospital confident of his
reptilian power and anxious to again
return to his slimy pets.
At Ninth and Grand View After
July Ist
A free hospital will be oprr.ed July Ist
at the corner of Ninth and Grand View
avenue. The need for such an institu
tion has been felt In this city for a lor.g
time; a hospital where those can go who
are in need of medical or surgical attend
ance and hospital care, but who are ab
solutely without mean? to pay for it.
Los Angeles is a great natural sanita
rium and many strangers come to< seek
health and swell the number of the sick
far beyond the number thai the popula
tion would r.aturaiiy afford. Many of
these people are destitute of means, and
have no friends who can help them.
Many who need surgical attendance car.
'not afford to pay fr r tbe necessary hos
pital attendance. To this end and to
meet this need the benevolent people
have planned to open a hospital and
have met the cordial co-operation of
physicians, merchants and people cf all
After some delay Incident to finding
a suitable location the Ist of July has
been determined upon as opening day.
Dr. P. F. Bicknell, surgeon, with four
other physicians, representing both
schools of medicines, will form the con
sulting board for three months, but any
reputable physician may enter a needy
patient and treat him there subject to
the rules governing the admission of pa
tients. The majority of beds will be free,
but some patients who are unable to pay
full hospital rates elsewhere may be re
ceived at half-rates there.
The . public Is Invited to Inspect the
building ar.d arrangements on opening
day, and still further contributions of
money and supplies are Invited.
The following are the officers: Presi
dent, Rev. J. H. Garnett; secretary, Mrs.
J. M. Johnston; treasurer, J. H. Lapham;
matron, Mrs. E. S. Pierce. On the board
of directors besides the above are: Mrs.
It. M, Widney, Mrs. J. B. Brown, Rev
K. R. Bennett, Rev. A. W. Rider, S. C,
Annable and Peter Stone.
Hon. Jerry Mlllay and wife of Phoenix
arrived from the Territory this morn
ing. They will visit Bakersflc-ld\ and
Warner's Ranch and then return to Los
Angeles for the summer.
| The World |
I For Nothing.., |
|| SOTttfoeni @a\Bi]lT(D)iriTOna ||
|||| And its relation to the entire Pacific Coast. j j|prj
vSjie Showing the location of the places recently brought into prominence by the
?iS§? Turko-Grecian war.
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H| ©unto aimdl Sipaujini 8
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|gj|P • The Httle Island Republic which is knocking for admission into Uncle Sam's $sj&
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