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Camp life at the hot springs in Ventura county.
Hiverside still in doubt on the courthouse question.
Camp Dunton at Santa Monica is getting very lively.
Mountain fires raging in the canyons northeast of Pomona.
Chautauqua attendants arriving numerously at Long Beach.
A Santa Ana debtor uses a rock to resist collection of a debt.
Visitors to Avalon much pleased -with the amusement provided.
Two San Bernardino young men indulge in a very expensive jag.
A big foreclosure case decided in the Santa Barbara superior court.
A Santa Barbara woman sues the Bankers' Alliance Insurance Com
Pasadena councilmen permit stringing- of electric wires on Los Robles
SANTA MONICA, July 3!).—(Regular
Correspondence.) There were many ar
rivals yesttrday and today at Camp Dun
ton, both from Los Angeles and Pasadena,
and more are expected tomorrow. Among
yesterday's arrivals was Grand Chancellor
W. H. Grant of Woodland, who will be one
of the distinguished speakers on next Sat
urday, the Southern California knights'
picnic day.
Mrs. Emma Sheret and Mr. Nickeli of
Los Angeles were entertained yesterday
by Mrs. F. M. Nlckell of Bonnie Glint,
Seaside Row.
Miss Ella Ford of Los Angeles arrived
Saturday evening.
Dr. W. E. Pritchard and wife are occupy
ing a tent in Seaside Row, Los Angeles
At li oclock this morning the camp was
serenaded by a party probably returning
from a canyon revel. Those who were for
tunate enough not to hear it enioyed it
The regular routine of the day was fol
lowed, with Capt. Van Zand.t of San Diego
as officer of the day and Lieut. Stebbens
of Riverside as officer of the guard. The
guard mount in the morning was very
excellently done, and later the first battal
ion drill of the camp was given, proving
highly satisfactory to the officers. The
men have become very proficient in guard
mounting, but everyone in camp has been {
such a model of behavior that they have
not yet had a chance to display their mili
tary knowledge and agility. The commis
sary department is winning laurels from
all. as the meals served under Chef Fleisch
man's good-natured supervision are of ex
cellent quality and well-cooked.
George P. Healy of San Francisco and
Miss Minnie Montgomery of this' city will
be married next Friday morning, leaving
in the afternoon on the Santa Rosa for San
Francisco, where they will make their
future home.
Mrs. Val Killian and Miss Ida Lang of
Los Angeles are tenting at Ocean Park.
Mrs. Maynard organized the lecture class
in Romola and the Renaissance Monday
afternoon, with a good attendance. This
course is to comprise ten lectures on the
Italian Renaissance, with which the pen
of the novel Romola has to do. There will
also be discussion each week upon seven
chapters of the novel. Meetings will be
held at 3 p. m. Wednesdays at 510 Oregon
avenue. The following ladies have already
joined the class: Mesdames Dutton, Con
kle, Lindsey, Robinson, Dllle, Young, Taft,
Roy Jones, Saunders, Potter, Waters, Dr.
Lindsey, Misses Hamilton, Wilson, May
nard, Jones, Marian Jones.
Messrs. Dexter and' Marvin, owners of
the yacht Pearl, took out quite a number of
friends yesterday on a fishing expedition.
Sixty-four large fish were hooked as a re
sult of the afternoon's labors.
On Saturday F. Richinl, an Italian, about
61 years of age, of Los Angeles, was re
ported as missing. Sunday morning he was
found by some friends lying on the ground
near his cabin above the Malibu ranch, up
the coast. The man was delirious and in a
dying condition. Dr. Lindsey was called
but could not save him. The body was
brought to the undertaking parlors of A.
M. Guidinger, where an inquest and
autopsy were held this morning. The ver
dict of the jury was that death was caused
by fatty degeneration of the heart. De
ceased formerly kept a grocery business in
Los Angeles.
Mr. and Mrs. Katz of San Bernardino,
Mrs. C. F. Jordan of Las Cruces, N. M.,
Mr. and Mrs. Aneker of San Bernardino
are stopping at the Derby Villa.
Misses Cella Mooser, Jacobs, Edith
Jacobs and, E. Norton, Messrs. D. Norton,
Kurtz and Joseph formed a surf bathing
party at Arcadia bath house last even
Mr. and Mrs. D. Summerfleld arrived Sat
urday from Bakersfield! and have rented a
cottage on the beach for the summer.
Miss Bern Ice Tyler of Los Angeles is the
guest of Mrs. Folsom of Third street.
Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Taft are entertaining
Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Blcknell and son of
Humboldt, la. Mr. Blcknell Is a prominent
attorney of Humboldt and one of the
founders of that town.
Mrs. M. J. Nickols of San Francisco, Dr
Milla S. Lund and' Miss Webb of Los Ange
les and Mrs. Kipping of Ifanford are stop
ping at the Clayton.
Mrs. Val Killian and Miss Ida Lang of
Los Angeles are tenting at Ocean Prak.
They will remain a month.
Miss Jessie Baker of Los Angeles Is the
. guest of Miss Grace Green.
Mi-, and Mrs. Puschel of Vlsalla came
down yesterday to remain some time, and
are guests at the Jackson. Mr. Puschel is
United States land agent of Visalla.
Miss, Delia Sweetser has returned from
San Francisco, where she went' as a Chris
tian Endeavor delegate.
Misses E. Norton, Cella Mooser, Jacobs,
E. Jacobs of Phoenix and Messrs. Kurtz.
Norton and Joseph formed a surf bathing
party at the Arcadia beach last evening.
Mr. and Mrs. D. Summerfleld' came down
from Bakersfield yesterday and rented a
cottage or. the beach for the summer.
PASADENA, July 19.—(Regular Corre
•pondence.) At the regular session of the
City council today there was barely a
Quorum present and little business trans
acted. The ordinance amending a previous
ordinance which prevented the Los Ange
les and Pasadena Electric road from put
ting up poles and wires on Los Robles ave
nue was passed, allowing the company to
string their wires on that street.
J. S. Cox appeared before the board to
ask that a certain alley, or ten feet of the
Late arrivals at Hotel Arcadia Include:
David Taylor, G. J. Hirschler and Mr.
Scharlach of San Francisco: Mrs. Harriet
Kemp, Allegheny City; N. W. Keed, New
York; Andrew Brown, Trafford H. Hute
son, Hoboken, N. J.; J. J. Taylor and wife,
El Paso, Tex.: Marion Wfpmore. Loa An
geles; J. W. Clark, San Francisco; J. W.
Cohen, San Francisco; F. L. Fouhls, M. D.,
Alton, 111.; William L. Davis, Colorado.
Mrs. White gave a pretty birthday party
In honor of her little daughter, Emma,
Saturday afternoon at her home on Third
LONG BEACH, July 19.—(Regular Corre
spondence.) The Chautauqua assembly Is
the topic of interest today on the streets.
The incoming trains are bringing crowds of
visitors and piles of baggage. At the taber
nacle Mr. and Mrs. Lowe, Misses Laverne
Lowe, Laura Bacon and W. M. Craig have
been busy all day decorating the room with
flowers, palms and the national colors. At
5 oclock there was a meeting of the heads
of departments at Chautauqua hall to dis
cuss matters of interest In connection with
the various lines of work.
J. W. Erwin. who is to lecture this even
ing, arrived from San Francisco at 6 oclock.
His subject will be "An Hour In Child
hood's Realm." illustrated with stereoptl
con views, reproductions of the world'B
greatest artists. A musical prelude under
the direction of Prof. Fillmore of Clare
mont will be given. Miss Jessie B. Mills
of Glendale will sing ballads in harmony
with the lecturer's subjects.'Nevins' "Lit
tle Boy Blue." "In Winter I Get Up at
Night," Sullivan's "Birds in the Night."
and a Zunl Indian lullaby. Miss Kate N.
Condlt, pianist and accompanist, will play
a piano solo, Nevins' "The Shepherd's
Tomorrow morning there will be a de
votional hour from S to 9 oclock, followed
by an hour of study In Old Testament
prophecy, led by Rev. C. P. Dorland, L. L.
B. At 10 oclock Dr. W. A. Wright, Ph. D.,
leads in study on the life of Christ. At
2:30 a musical preludie precedes, the address
of Dr. F. M. McFarland, Ph. D., of Stan
ford, university.
The event of the day, to which every
body is looking forward, 13 the concert to
be given by California's favorite, Ellen
Beach Yaw. Miss Yaw will give two con
certs during the assembly.
Prof. Fillmore, who has charge of the
assembly music, is domiciled at Bellevue
Miss Yaw and her sister, Anna, have
taken apartments at the Stafford house.
Miss Dell Mathews of Los Angeles Is the
guest of Prof, and Mrs. Wilier.
AVALON, July 19.-(Regular Correspon
dence.) The illuminations on Saturday
night on the arrival of the Hermosa were
much admired by visitors. The ball in the
new ballroom of the Metropole was a bril
liant success and the lloor of the pavilion
was crowded with dancers.
Just before the Hermosa left the wharf
yesterday afternoon Prof. Ramus, Ihe
noted high diver, ascended the mast and
climbed out on the main gaff which was
raised to its highest point, a distance of
probably fifty feet from the water. He
dived from It in the presence of a large
crowd and contributed a good deal of en
tertainment by his actions In the water,
appearing to be as much at home in it as
a seal.
On Saturday W. Alger and Horace Lowry
caught a yellowtail weighing twenty
pounds, and two rock bass in four hours
P. D. C. Ball caught on a 16-ounce rod.
16 yellowtail, S barracuda and 7 rock bass
with Harry Elms as boatman.
Yesterday Mrs. Louis Parrott. Miss Par
rott and Miss Daisy Parrott of San Fran
cisco, chartered the launch Sunbeam, and
during two hours and a half's fishing off
Seal Rock between Jewflsh Point and
Church Rock, the ladies were successful
in catching six yellowtail and forty-four
barracuda, being a phenomenal catch for
he length of time consumed.
John 1,. Cochran, William R. Penny and
William N. Riley, all of Chicago, enjoyed
% hunting trip with Jack Freeman as
<uld& yesterday. They went down Cape
Canyon where they came across a band of
line billy goats. They took luncheon in
Lhe neighborhood of Razor Back, returning
by way of Middle Ranch range, making a
ride of about thirty mitrs. Although un
successful in getting goats, the party was
delighted with their trip.
The music played by the band at the Sun
day evening concert was especially appre
ciated by the visitors, several encores being
given and the audience would hardly allow
the musicians to close the last number,
j selections from "Faust" being specially ad
Silar Carr and Thomas B. Rader. Jeffer
sonville. Ind.; F. C. Hartman and Mrs. F.
A. Hartman. La Dura. Mexico; Miss Anna
McKenna, Tucson, Ariz. t registered at the
Grand View yesterday.
same, which has never been used as an
alley and upon which the San Pedro com
pany has been paying taxes, be ordered
vacated. It is at the southwest corner of
Union street and Little avenue. An ordi
nance was passed vacating it.
Marshal Lacey applied for and was
'granted permission to allow Policemen
Goltman, Bristol and Plnkman vacations
of two weeks each, taking turns from July
18. W. S. Noseworthy was made special
officer during the vacations of the regular
City Clerk Dyer reported that the proper
affidavits of the posting and publishing of
notices in the proceedings for vacating and
closing up a portion of Colorado court and
Arroyo drive had been made.
Out of the twenty-seven Pasadena peo
ple who left for the east over the Santa Fe
route on Saturdny it was said that twenty
three had purchased scalpers' tickets. The
experience of some of them was not such
as to encourage others to go and do like
wise, for before the train had reached San
Bernardino many of the purchasers of
these tickets were Informed that they
would have to pay full fare or get oft. The
company had spotters on the train and
they looated the tickets. The train waited
over time at San Bernardino while the
luckless passengers telegraphed for money,
some of them at least, who hadn't prepared
for such an emergency. Most of the
passengers In this plight were ladles and
they had quite a time getting started again.
The scalpers refunded the money after
wards so that the purchasers of the tick
ets were not out anything, but they failed
(o go east for $21 instead of $25 as they had
figured on doing.
The excellence of Pasadena's public
schools has often been made a subject of
comment by our eastern visitors, and many
have said they were equal to any In the
country. The annual report of the board
of trustees will be out in a few days, and
meantime, as showing what it costs to
keep up the schools, the following figures
will be found interesting:
Balance on hand June 30, 1896 $28,800.13
Apportioned to state fund, June
30, 1597 22,131.50
Apportioned to county fund 15,740.10
Apportioned to library fund 100.00
Apportioned to special fund 11.11
Apportioned to high school fund.. 10,010.85
Received from entertainments .... 135.DS
Received from Tuition , 550.50
Outstanding orders to new account 10.10
Total $71,990.27
Teachers In high school $6,888.33
Teachers in grammar schools 30,876.92
Janitors 3,557.00
General expenses of graded schools 7,021.66
General expenses of high school.. 812.40
Balance for material and work on
Lincoln schoolhouse 5,529.22
Balance In county treasury to new
account .'. 17,304.74
Total $71,990.27
One of the liveliest fires Pasadena has
seen for many a day was that which broke
out tonight about nine oclock In the White
cash grocery on East Colorado street, on
the corner next to the Southern Pacific
depot. The Are department responded
promptly, but before the department had
arrived a large crowd of men and boys
were on hand and soon the street was
almost blocked with people and men were
carrying out goods from the store as fast
as possible. The fire had reached such an
advanced stage before anybody saw it that
it was at once apparent that the store and
contents could not be saved. Originating
in the oil room in the rear Us progress was
exceedingly rapid and the department did
well to save the adjoining buildings, the
first three of which being light frame
structures until the drug store of Dr. T. I.
Rigg Is reached which is of brick, and for
a time It looked very much as though ev
erything would have to go up to that
point, but by well directed streams of
water all were saved except the structure
where the fire originated. The origin of
the fire is a mystery, particularly in view
of the fact that Officer Freeman passed
the place only twenty minutes before the
alarm was turned in and at that time, ev
erything was all right. Of course starting
as it did in the oil room. Its progress would
naturally be rapid, but when the crowd
arrived at the scene, which is only a block
from the center of business where
men and boys were congregated, the place
was one mass of flames from one end to
the other, though the fire was principally
on the inside of the building and had not
yet burst through except in one or two
places. Mr. Burnham, the proprietor of
the store, was at lodge meeting. So was
Chief Turbett of the fire department, and
many other citizens, who lost no time in
getting out. The building with the meat
market of Henry Newby next door, be
SANTA ANA, July 19.—(Regular Corre
spondence.) J. M. Bagwell was arrested
last night on a warrant charging him with
assault with a deadly weapon. The war
rant was issued at the instance of an old
man named Dugan, who tells a rather
strange story of the circumstances which
led to the assault. He says Bagwell, with
whom he had been living for the past eight
months, was a persistent borrower and
owes him for six months' work. Last
night, he says, Bagwell followed him out
on West Fifth street, and, after being re
fused a loan, took a large rock from his
pocket and struck him on the head with
it. That Dugan was hit a terrific blow
with something the:?? is no doubt, for when
brought to town a. raping scalp wound'was
found on the back of his head. Bagwell
enters a sweeping contradiction of Dugan's
version of the affair. He claims that Dugan
owed, him money ,and that when asked to
liquidate the old man pelted him with
rocks. After dodg'ng several of the mis
siles he he gently slapped his assailant
over as an act of self-defense. Both men
*were somewhat under the influence of
liquor when the trouble occurred. Bagwell
is In jail awaiting trial under bonds of $500.
He will have his preliminary hearing at 2
otclock tomorrow.
Frank L. Anderson, secretary of the Sll
SANTA BARBARA. July 19.—(Regular
Correspondence.) Mrs. John W. Murray
of this city has. brought suit in the superior
court aginst the Bankers' Alliance Insur
ance company of California for the pay
ment of a $500il policy on the life of her hus
band. She also accuses the company of
malicious attempts to eoerceher Into sur
rendering the policy. The directors' are
accused of squandering the company's
funds, and a receiver is petitioned for.
A big judgment was rendered today in
the superior court In the case of the Com
mercial and Savings bank of San Jose vs.
Barney D. Murphy, P. W. Murphy, et al.,
a foreclosure of mortgage on the Cojo
Dona Josefa Ortega de Leyba died sud
denly al 12:15 Saturday morning at her
residence on Santa Barbara street. She
was the widow of Don Rafael Leyba, who
resided for many years at Nojoqul, and her
(Special Correspondence.) Witih the regt
of the world sweltering In the heat of the
past week, the temperature at this pleas
ant mountain resort has not gone higher
than the eighty mark, and refreshing
breezes serve to temper the heat and make
longed to George Frost. Newby's market
was slightly damaged. Burnham carried
$4000 Insurance on goods and fixtures, in
sured with Wood & Church.
A dance was given at the Parish hall, San
Gabriel, on Saturday evening which was
much enjoyed by all who attended. There
were quite a number present from Pasa
dena, among whom wore Mr. and Mrs. A.
S. Hoisted, Miss Shoemaker, Richard
Shoemaker, Lewellyn, Reynolds and
others. The hall was prettily decorated
with feathery bamboo stalks and bright
flowers. Refreshments of ices, coffee and
cake were served in an adjoining tent.
The members of the Columbia Hill Tennis
club met this evening at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. C. D. Daggett for a business and
social meeting.
The members of the Pasadena contin
gent at the Christian Endeavor conven
tion in San Francisco have now returned
home and are taking part in the meetings
Rev. H. T. Staats conducted the funeral
services at the funeral ot the late Mrs.
G. C. Davis, held from Adams' undertaking
parlors yesterday afternoon.
A special school tax was recently voted
by the residents of La Canyada district, j
The teachers chosen were E. L. French and
Mrs. Fay. the latter of this city.
Rev. Joslah Strong will meet the minis
ters of this city at 10:30 oclock Tuesday
morning in the Y. M. C. A. rooms to dis- j
cuss the formation, of an organization here
tn the interests of better government.
Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Test and son of North
Raymond avenue left today for Santa
Monica to attend the Knights of Pythias
Miss Catherine Shreb of Lincoln avenue
left yesterday for New York, from which
place she will sail for Europe to reside per
Mr. nnd Mrs. Frank G. Emery and chil
dren of Orange Grove avenue left today
to spend the remainder of the summer on
their ranch near Buena Park.
» . «.
POMONA, July 14.—(Regular Correspon
dence.) The time for the annual mountain
fires is here and from appearances today
to the north there is one raging In Lytle
Creek canyon or Its Immediate vicinity.
The probability is that it will not cease for
weeks to come.
Ramon Vejar Is making considerable ad
ditions to and otherwise greatly improving
the appearance of his dwelling in the sub
urbs of this city.
All the fruit drying yards look quiet and
lonely compared to their appearance for
the past two weeks. So many have been
let out on account of the small quantity ot
furuit on hand.
A lecture on "Christian Citizenship, or
Our Country for Christ" is announced for
next Thursday evening at 8 oclock In the
Presbyterian cfturch of this place by Rev.
Joslah Strong, D. D., of New York, to
which a cordial, general invitation is ex
The 60x120 hay shed at the corner of
Louisa and Second streets is now com
Miss Julia Pitts arrived In Pomona Sun
day from Sweet Water, 111., and Is the
guest of the family of her uncle, B. F
Whipp, at their lovely home on North
Gary avenue.
Ray Insley of Washington, D. C, and
Reld Insley of the navy yards, Mare Is
land, were in Pomona Sunday the guests
of their cousin, Miss May Cordner, Third
and Parcells streets.
D. W. Chase and wife of Cincinnati, 0.,
have been visiting friends in this city.
Will R. Greenwood of the Beacon is in
Riverside today.
F. K. Adams and family are off today for
Santa Monica where they will spend their
summer outing.
W. L. Goodwin is in Pomona this week
with his father's family.
W. L. Duggan, who has been In Pomona
for the past few weeks, will be off In a
few days.
Gus Caldwell left this afternoon for a
short stay on Catalina Island,
Dr. and Mrs. I. N. Hughey have returned
home from Rivera.
A. Osgoodby, one of the term trial Jurors
from this place, will return to Los Angeles
ver Republican club, was seriously Injured
in a runaway accident this afternoon.
While driving across the Southern Pacific
track, near the old depot, his horse became
frightened and ran away. At the Newport
lumber yard the wagon was upset and Mr.
Anderson was thrown against a pile of
lumber. It is thought he suffered concus
sion of the brain.
Dave Morris, alias Herbert Barlow,
charged with robbery, was examined be
fore Judge Huntington today and held to
answer under ball of $1000. Morris is the
man arrested for robbing the residence of
H. K. Snow at Tustin last Wednesday
A man giving the name of William Cody
was found' on the Main-street bridge today
In a drunken sleep with, his head resting
on a rail of the street car track. He was
arrested, on a charge of drunkenness.
Ed Parker expects to leave with his
family tomorrow for a two weeks' outing
in Santiago canyon.
J. T. Nourse of this city has gone to Red
lands to remain several months.
The steamer Alcatraz and the schooners
Campbell, Lena Sweasey and Lottie Car
son are discharging lumber at Newport.
H. F. Stone is a camper at San Juan Hot
City Clerk Tedford has returned from
San Juan Springs.
Miss Grace Conaway of San Bernardino
arrived this evening on a visit with friends.
age was 79 years and four months. The
excellent qualities of this lady endeared
her to the entire Spanish community. She
was a devout member of the Catholic
church and her sudden demise Is keenly
felt by all her relatives and acquaintances.
Mrs. Leby retired at the usual hour Fri
day night and was taken sick at 11 p. m.:
she rose and sat in a chair in an adjoining
room, in which position she expired soon
The funeral took place from the Catholic
church at two oclock this afternoon. The
delay was caused at. the request of Rev.
Father Juan CabaKeria of San Bernardino,
and Rev. Father Ramon Ferrer of Los
Angeles, who desired to attend. Both
clergymen were formerly assistant pastors
of the parochial church in this city.
The second -meeting of the classes in
elocution and physical culture will be held
tomorrow evening at the Christian church
on the corner of De la Vina and De la
Guerra streets.
life worth living. Situated In a deep moun
tain canyon, twenty miles from nowhere—
or, rather, Ventura—the summer visitor
"finds himself at once in the wilderness,
and yet at the same time In touch with
civilization, for here are the electric light,
daily malls, etc., while still the deer roam,
the steep hills and are frequently seen
even from the hotel piazza, and the moun
tain quail scuttle through the underbrush
at the sound Of approaching footsteps.
The deer season opened, on the 15th and
several have, already been brought Into
camp. But little hunting has yet been
done, the majority of the male Inhabitants
of the camp seeming to prefer a comfort
able hammock by the babbling brook or a
unlet game of whist to working off super
fluous flesh climbing hills from 1000 to 3000
feet high and dodging rattlesnakes in order
to get a shot at a deer. But to those who go
after them the deer are sure to be seen, and
sometimes potted. Fishing in the stream
Is about played out, the hog with a desired
reputation for a big catch having got in
his work and cleaned out nearly all the
But besides the attractions for the sports
man, the springs offer an ideal place for
enjoying the dolce far nlente. Every day
is like the other, a bath in the delightfully
soft hot sulphur, a snooze in a hammock
rocking in the wind under a shady tree,
a short dance In the pavilion at night and
the tired pleasure seeker goes- to bed and
his dreams are soothed by the noise of the
brook talking to itself as it hurries down
toward the sea. The Herald arrives every
evening, and proves a most welcome and
popular visitor.
Among those who are at present stopping
at the camp are: Jacob Adloff and wife,
SAN BERNARDINO. July 19.—(Regular I
Correspondence.) Sam W. Barnes of the i
! Pony stables had hla fine hay pacer Larry i
I killed last night. Yesterday evening Jim
I Wilson, a Santa Fe employe and a com- i
I panlon, hired the horse to go to the springs, j
I They had both been drinking and at the ■
' springs had some trouble. When about 300
j yards this side of the springs one of them
wanted to go back and whip a fellow, while*
the other wanted to come to the city. Each
grabbed a line and commenced pulling,
j The horse was thrown over, as was the
'< buggy. The horse's head struck on a
sharp stone, mashing in the skull and
causing death. Wilson was hurt by the
fall. The men agree to pay for the horse,
which was valued at $300.
A negro by the name of Greenfield was
arrested this morning on a warrant sworn
to by T. S. Campbell, who resides on E
street, between Tenth and Base line. Camp
bell says that a little boy by the name of
Button was playing with his boys in front
of his home when Greenfield passed. Mr.
RIVERSIDE, July 19.—(Regular Corre
spondence.) Rev. G. A. Cleaveland, pastor
of the First Baptist church, preached last
night on "Forty-Room Saloons In a Pro
hibition Town." He had a large congrega
tion and the sermon is the talk of the town
today. He reviewed the recent municipal
legislation with reference to the liquor
business in Riverside, showing that the
effect of the last amendment to the pro
hibition ordinance was to remove the re
B. F. Allen Is Very Pleased With the
B. F. Allen, chairman of the citrus
tariff delegation sent by the California
orange growers' citrus tariff commis
sion, reached Los Angeles yesterday
morning from Washington. Mr. Allen,
when seen yesterday noon, expressed
himself as much elated over the success
of the committee in getting the 1-cent
a pound rate placed on citrus fruits.
He says he left Washington with the full
assurance from parties on the Inside
that the 1 cent rate as reported on by the
senate would not be changed by either
the conference or the house, which as
surance was confirmed by yesterday's
Mr. Allen Is a citrus grower at Covina,
but he came originally from lowa. He
ia well acquainted with all the western
representativesand he claims that it was
through lowa's influence that the 1 cent
schedule was carried. He stated that the
citrus tariff committee or delegation at
Washington was supported better than
any other representation there and the
moral support in the way of documents,
etc., by the local committee here and the
chamber of commerce was a backing
that nobody could beat.
The manner in which the work was
carried on frightened the Italians and
other foreigners until they gave up the
fight, saying they could not resist the
pressure o/ such financial and documen
tary backing—which goes to prove that
a Judicious and adroit bluff has Its uses,
for there was considerably less than
$7000 spent on the whole transaction and
that was used in defraying ths actual
expenses of the delegates and not for
buying favors. The only delegates now
on the ground at Washington are
Messrs. Snow and McLachlan, who will
stay there until President McKinley has
affixed his signature to the bill.
Mr. Allen has recently been appointed
by the president commissioner of for
estry in California, with full authority
to check all kinds of devastation, such
as fires, etc., in the forests on. the re
serves, and to hunt out and prosecute
the offenders to the full limit of the law.
Mr. Allen will be found at his desk in
the land department office on New High
street after this date.
Fong Dip Sam Examined for Mur
dering Leung Seung
The preliminary examination of Fong
Dip Sam, for the murder of Leung
Seung, who was shot on North Los An
geles street one night several weeks ago.
was called yesterday morning before
Justice Owens, but the case was contin
ued until today.. Fong is charged with
being an accessory of Ng Look in the
killing. Look and Seung were rival
merchants and considerable enmity ex
isted between them. On the night of
the shooting Look had threatened to kill
Seung, and half an hour later was seen,
together with Fong Dip Sam, running
up the street Just after the firing of two
shots had been heard. Leung was found
lying on the pavement in a pool of blood,
The following day Fong was arrested
at the Natick house, where he had taken
refuge in a Chinese cook's room. The
other Chinaman could not be found, and
his present whereabouts are unknown,
although it is supposed by the officers
that he is somewhere In hiding in China
town. The wounded cele.-'lial lingered
along for two weekrand then.died. Fong
was charged with murdering him and
is now having his examination.
East Siders Agitating the Establish
ment of a Market
The possibility of having a market on
the East Side is now receiving some at
tention by citizens Interested in the im
provement and growth of this part of
the l city. The grounds near the police
station on Pasadena avenue, and owned
by the city, have been proposed as a de
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Don't Give Up Until Yon Havo Seen Tnem IFL'
Rooms 410 to 422 Byrne building. Los An-
geles.Cal. Office hours: 9to 4 daily, 7 to 8 n Jg/'
evenings, and 9 to 11 a.m. Sundays. \
Andrew Fuhrbetrg, wife and daughter, W.
B. Forsyth, Los Angeles; I. L. and F. H.
Forsyth, Orange; Henry Glass, Charles
Gollmer, wife and son. Dr. J. C. Solomon
and wife, Joseph Maier, wife and son,
Simon Maier and wife, Louis Schwartz,
wife and sons and Miss Louise West, all
of Los Angeles, besides parties from Bards
dale, Carplnterla, Ventura, Saticoy, Santa
Paula and surrounding towns, numbering
in all over 100 people.
I and Mrs. Campbell were away. The But
ton boy called Greenfield a "nigger" and
I started to run, followed by the Campbell
boys. Greenfield gave pursuit, following
i the boys Into the Campbells' house and
badly beating two of the Campbell boys.
i covering them with bruises. The case will
ibe tried August 9 before Recorder Farls.
! W. H. Bryan, city editor of the Redland
' Facts, was in the city today on business
and pleasure bent.
Now that J. V. Suman has got his mill
lit position he will at once commence tho
erection of a big addition. The new build
ing will be a two-story frame 35x80 feet
and will be adjoining the eastern portion
of the main building. At present a number
of men and teams are busy filling in about
the building. Mr. Soman expects to get
j things in running order within sixty days.
The supervisors made several more
I raises today, notably Mr. Hubbard of Red
lands was raised $40,000.
Byron Waters is in the city for a few
The gate receipts for the_ Cobb-San
Diego game Sunday were $185.
strlctions with regard to the time of serv
ing liquors with meals.
The decision of the court house matter
was again postponed today until August
11th. No new propositions of Importance
were submitted, but the price at which the
owners proposed tB lease the Arlington
block was reduced materially,
i At the meeting of the supervisors today
the office of health officer was declared
A party of 145 Endeavorers arrived in the
city on the 3:23 motor this afternoon. They
will remain long enough to see all the
sights of the city."
slrable location on which to establish a
The Christian church people are about
to improve the grounds about the church
by having cement walks laid around the
Mrs. Flood, whose husband committed
suicide a few months ago, gave birth
to a little son Friday, but the child is
not expected to live.
Mrs. Herman Bigelow of Kansas has
been the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Ebin
Nell of Pasadena avenue.
Mrs. Marsh of Long Beach will spend
some time in East Los Angeles this l sum
mer. Mrs. Marsh resided on this side
for several years prior to her removal
to Long Beach.
Mrs. Addie Cook returned from Long
Beach yesterday, where she has been
atterfding the camp meeting.
Mr. Chapman and family of Vallejo
street, and Mrs. Hand, Mrs. Chapman's
mother, leave this week for Craftonville,
Riverside county, where they expect to
make their future home.
Mrs. Healy and Miss Hagar are spend
ing a few days at Long Beach.
Mr. and Mrs. Schwam of Pasadena
avenue are rejoicing at the arrival of an
addition to [he family.
Miss Pearl Boswell is in Riverside, vis
iting friends.
Restful Nights, Days Free From Torture
Await the rheumatic sufferer who resorts
to Hostetter's Stomach Bitters. That this
benignant cordial and depurent is a far
more reliable remedy than colchlcum and
other poisons used to expel the rheumatic
virus from the blood, Is a fact that ex
perience has satisfactorily demonstrated.
It also enjoys the advantage of being—un
like them—perfectly safe. With many
persons a certain predisposition to rheu
matism exists, which renders them liable
to its attacks after exposure in wet weath
er, to currents of air, changes of tempera
ture, or to cold when the body Is hot. Such
persons should take a wine glass or two
of the Bitters as soon as possible after in
curring risk from the above causes, as this
superb protective effectually nullifies the
hurtlul influence. For the functional de
rangements which accompany rheumatism,
such as colic, spasms in the stomach,
palpitation of the heart, Imperfect diges
tion, etc., the Bitters is also a most useful
remedy. It is only necessary in obstinate
cases to use it with persistency.
The Herald's premium atlas (given
[away with a year's subscription to
the daily edition) contains a fine map
of Alaska and the Yukon country in
Northwest territory. Seekers after in
formation about the new gold fields
will find it a useful document to con
sult. The atlas is furnished in sep
arate parts, and with a subscription
for three months the subscriber may
select any two of the parts he wishes.
Or, with a subscription to the Weekly
Herald ($1) the subscriber is entitled
to one of the parts. He may take that
containing the map of Alaska if he
Highest Honors—World's Fair,
Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair.
A Pare Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.
los angeles Terminal, railway. |"i
July 4, 1897. M
Leave Arrive j
Loa Angeles Los Angeles J
•6:60 a. m. *7:55 a. m. 9
••7:25 a. m. "SiSO a. m. '.]
7:55 a. m. 9:41 a. m. 9
9:05 a. m. 10:60 a. ra.
11:50 a. m. 1:15 p. m.
3:30 p. in. 4:45 p. m.
4:55 p. m. 6:25 p. ra. %
6:30 p.m. 7:30 p. m. J
•7:30 p. m. '8:30 p. m. 1
9:05 a. m. 10:50 a. m.
4:55 p. m. 6:25 p. m. |
The only line from Los Angeles making
connection with Mt. Lowe Railway with- j
out change of cars.
••6:40 a. m. ••7:60 a. m.
•9:45 a. m. •11:00 a. m.
1:30 p. m. 2:45 p. m.
6:15 p. m. 6:30 p. m. i
"6:00 a, m. *»7:50 a. m.
•8:00 a. m. 8:50 a. m.
••8:35 a. m. 11:45 a. m. 1
9:45 a. m.
1.22 p. m. 4:50 p. m. j
5:15 p. m. 6:25 p. m. |
!4:50 p. m. !!7:30 p. m. -3
•••6:00 a.m. ,
•8:00 a. m. ," , • i.
!5:35 a. m. . L ,
••1:22 p.m. "* —UM a. m. I
14:50 p. m. *7:30 p. m. I
•Sundays only.
••Sundays excepted.
•••Saturday and Sunday excepted.
ISaturday only.
and Sunday only.
Direct connections with steamer Her- ' n
mosa, going and returning dally. The beat
fishing on the coast. Boyle Heights earl I
pass Terminal station.
W. J. COX.
General Passenger Agent.
The Company's elegant steamers Santa
Rosa and Corona leave Redondo at 11 a.
m. and Port Los Angeles at 2:30 p. m. for
San Francisco via Santa Barbara and Port
Harford, July 3, 7, 11, 15, 19, 23. 27, 81.
August 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, September L
5, 9, 13. 17. 21, 25, 29. Leave Port Los Ange- i
les at 6a. m. and Redondo at 11 a. m. for I
San Diego July 1, 5, 9, 13, 17, 21, 26, 2».
August 2. 6, 10, 14, 18, 22, 26. 30, September 3,
7, 11, 15, 19, 23, 27. The Corona calls also at
Newport. Cars connect via Redondo leave
Santa Fe depot at 9:45 a. m. or from Re- I
dondo Ry. depot at 9:30 a. m.
Cars connect via Port Los Angeles leave
5. P. R. R. depot at 1:35 p. m. for steamers
north bound.
The steamers Eureka and Coos Bay leave
San Pedro and East San Pedro for San
Francisco via Ventura. Carpenterla, San
ta Barbara. Gavlota, Port Harford, Cay
ucos, San Simeon, Monterey and Santa
Cruz at 6:30 p. m. July 4, 8. 12, 16, 20, 24, 28. i
August 1, 5, 9, 13. 17, 21, 25, 29, September 2. I
6, 10, 14, 18, 22, 26, 30. Cars connect with
steamers via San Pedro leave S. P. R. R. 1
(Arcade depot) at 5:03 p. m. and Terminal i
Ry depot at 6:10 p. m. The Company re
serves right to change, without previous
notice, steamers, sailing dates and hours
of sailing.
W. Parris, Agt., 124 W. Second St., Loa
Agts., S. F.
way Company.
Los Angeles depot: Corner of Grand a»»
-nue and Jefferson street.
Leave Leave
Los Angeles Redondo for .
for Redondo. Los Angeles.
8:10 a.m. Sun. only 7:00 a.m. Sun. onlf
9:30 a.m. dally 8:00 a.m. dally
10:45 r..m. Sun. only 9:30 a.m. Sun. only
1:30 p.m. dally 11:00 a.m. dally
5:30 p.m. dally 4:15 p.m. dally
7:00 p.m. Sun. only 5:45 p.m. Sun. only
Take Grand avenue electric cars or Main
street and Agricultural Park cars.
L. J. PERRY, Superintendent. ,
——— ■
Votice for Publication for Tims for
Proving Will, Etc.
California, County of Los Angeles, ss.
In the matter of the estate of Louisa
Fisher, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that Tuesday, the
27th day of July. 3897, at 10 o'clock a. m.
of said day. at the court room of this court,
Department Two thereof. In the City of
Los Angeles. County of Los Angeles, State
of California, has been appointed as the
time and place for hearing the application
of George A. Fisher and Wilson F. Holden,
praying that a document now on tile in this
court, purporting to be the last will and
testament of the said deceased, be ad
mitted to probate, that letters testa
mentary be issued thereon to said peti
tioners, at which time and place all per
sons interested therein may appear and
contest the same.
Dated July 13th, 1897.
County Clerk.
By C. W. BLAKE, Deputy.
E. J. Ensign, Esq., attorney for petition-
Stockholders'' Meeting
meeting of the stockholders of the Main
street and Agricultural Park Railroad
Company will be held at the offices of the
company in the Roger's block, No. 217 New
High street, rooms 17 and 15, In the City of
Los Angeles, California, on Monday, the
2i',th day of July A. D. 1897. for the purpos.
of electing a board of directors for the en
suing year.
The polls will be open at 12:00 m. and
close at 3:00 o'clock p. m.
26 Secretary.
Val Verde Mining Stock
Is Valuable
Will Be More So
For particulars and prospectus, apply
Wilcox Building, Los Angeles.
Allen's Press Clipping Bireau
105 East First Street, Los Angeles, Ca
Furnish advance reports on all contrae
work, such as sewers, reservoirs, irrigation aud
pumping plants anti public buildings. Per
gonal clippings irom all papers in the United
Magganetta Gold Mining Co.,
South Broadway.
Send for prospectus.
Only 10,000 shares Treasury stock remains
at 3 cents per share. No more will be offer
ed until mine ia further developed. Call
and see report from foreman.
New York Specialists
/Turn All Chronic, Nervous and Spe- M
vurc C i a i diseasea of both MEN and
WOMEN. Our fees are the lowest
Consultation FREE. How* 9to 13.. ,1
1 to 5, 7 to 8. Sunday*, 10 to 3. >£
23QX South Main. J

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