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A Riverside pioneer dies at Ban Bernardino.
A Santa Monica fisherman narrowly escapes drowning.
Etiwanda contributes to the cause of the striking miners.
Pasadena grows tired of the gentle cow within the city limits.
A Long Beachite held for trial on a charge of stealing a wagon.
Eagle Bock apricots finding their way into the Klondike region.
Pomona denies harboring mosquitoes as poisonous as rattlesnakes.
Capistrano walnut growers form an association for mutual benefit.
San Bernardino officials find some difficulties in solving the hobo ques
A Redondo lion photographer is awful glad and a little surprised to be
LONG BEACH. Sept. 7.—(Regular Cor
espondence.) The preliminary trial of John
Woodruff, held for stealing a wagon and
team from I. L. Fetterman in July, was
held this afternoon before Judge Moulton
In Ihe city hall. The case was conducted
by E. C. Denio for the prosecution and At
torney McKelvey of Santa Ana; C. W. Sex
ton of Los Angeles, court reporter. The
fust witness called and sworn was George
Fetterman. son and partner of the propri
etor of the livery stable. The witness de
scribed the circumstances of the hiring of
the team and wagon, the conversation held
and the clothes the prisoner wore. Sam
Fetterman, a younger son, was the second
Witness called and his testimony was es
sentially that of the first. The latter was
but 15 years old. but he was very positive
as to the facts and identity of the prisoner
who hired the team. No number of ques
tions nor cross questions of attorneys could
shake his testimony nor hinder him in the
statement of the circumstances. Joseph
P. Stroud was the third witness. He testi
fied to having seen the prisoner in tho
bowling alley on the evening of the 7th of
July. J. M. Brown, the fourth witness
called, testified to having been in the bowl
ing alley on the 7th of July and having a
conversation with the defendant. Mr.
Brown had known him a year in Anaheim,
had been at his father's house, where wit
ness had been engaged In taking care of
the cemetery. P. Varlo, the fifth witness,
keeps a teed yard and sells wagons In Los
Angeles. Two men called at his place of
business to sell a wagon, of whom the de
fendant was one. Ho described the trans
action that resulted in his giving them $5
and a horse and buggy for the wagon. The
men claimed to have bought the wagon In
Anaheim and the witness was very posi
tive as to the Identity of the men. whom
he recognized by peculiar formations of
nose and teeth, though he could not de
scribe the dress of either man. Charles
Minehart, a German, who buys and sells
horses in Los Angeles, testified to trading
with the defendant and another man for
the team and one set of harness. He was
positive as to the identity of the defend
ant and was quite humorous in his de
scription of the trade. Louis Eserlle, who
works for Minehart, gave essentially the
same testimony and corroborated that of
the former witness. He had known de
fendant six years In Los Angeles and at
Dodd & McGary's grading camp, and was
positive he was the man with whom the
trade was made. H. M. Wilson, deputy
sheriff of Long Beach, described the re
covery of the property and arrest of tho de
fendant. George Fetterman was recalled
and F. S. Fetterman testified to the value
of the property at the time It was token,
whereupon the trial adjourned. The jus
tice decided that the prisoner be held for
trial In the superio court.
Miss Dorothy Wheelock. who has been
the guest of relatives, Mr. nnd Mrs. C.
F. A. Johnson, several weeks, returned
to her home in Riverside today.
Bailey & Townscnd sold two lots yester
day on Second street, the property of the
Florence Crittenton home in Los Angeles.
Miss Nina Cuthbert was thrown from her
wheel yesterday afternoon by a stone In
the roatl and sprained her ankle severely,
but not seriously.
Mrs. H. O. Dow of San Diego spent yes
terday with Mrs. C. W. Campbell.
Misses Mabel McClure and Edna Lesser,
who were tho guests of Mrs. Butler of
Burnett, returned to their home In Los
Angeles today.
Miss Mary Colvez took a party of friends
to Terminal island yesterday afternoon In
honor of Miss Cora Holdredge of Los An
geles. The following young ladies and gen
tlemen composed the party: Misses Ethel
Harnett. Mattie Meyers. Alice Thatcher:
Messrs. Thomas Neece, Harry Thatcher
and Harold Davenes.
Mrs. Whltehorn of Los Angeles is vis
iting Mrs. R. W. Dawson of Alamltos.
Mr. Fielding and family, who have spent
the season at Alamltos beach, have re
turned to their home In St. Louis.
Mrs. Swall and daughter, Mrs. Sara
Shorten, of St. Louis are the guests of H.
E. Shaw and family.
AVALON, Sept. 7,-(Regular Corre
spondence.) A. C. Brode of Los Angeles
joined a party of mariners on the Fleet
wing yesterday. His great ambition was to
make a record as a jewfish expert, and
when the yacht reached the grounds he was
all anxiety to catch one of these immense
fish. When he felt a big tug on his line
he thought he had one sure, and In com
pany with Capt. McDonnell he jumped into
the boat In tow and endeavored to capture
the monster. It was a terrible disappoint
ment to himself and the captain when he
found that Instead of having a jewfish on
the end of his line he had caught a news
paper correspondent, and he Is still en
deavoring to figure out whether it is better
to kill a Jewfish or a newspaperman.
E. yon Aberoron, Baron G. yon Schroeder
and Baron A. yon Schroeder of Hamburg,
Germany, have been staying at the Metro
pole for several days. They are making
a trip around the world, and leave today
for San Francisco. They are related to
Mr. yon Schroeder, who owns the ground on
which the hotel at San Rafael Is built,
which is run by Gen. Warfleld of the Cali
fornia hotel in San Francisco. Yesterday
they went out with Jim Gardner and cap
tured the largest jewfish \>n record He
weighed 470 pounds, and they had a great
time in catching him. Jim says that the
cry of "More line, more line," came near
driving him wild, but eventually they tired
him out, and It is safe to say that three
prouder Germans do not exist than the
heroes of this fishing story.
Tho dance at the Metropolc on Saturday
night was one of the greatest social suc
cesses of the season, notwithstanding the
comparatively few people on the island.
A. G. Biddle, who has been employed as
clerk in the Metropole, and lately has had
charge of the management, leaves this
morning for Los Angeles to arrange some
personal business matters, the issue of
which will direct his future movements.
i XV. S. Hargreaves, H. C. Hargreaves and
i H. P. Mills of Fallbrook are staying at the
( Grand View. Mr. W. S. Hargreaves, be
sides being an expert tennis and billiard
" i player, is an enthusiastic "snap shot"
" | fiend, and has secured some photographs
; that may astonish his lady friends at home.
; | J. L. Huiscamp and Mrs. Hulscamp ar
. rived on Sunday for a visit of two weeks
and are located In their cottage on Metro
" | pole avenue. Mr. Huiscamp has been llsh-
E lng in Lake Tahoe lately, but thinks Ava
l ion even more enjoyable than the north.
i Mrs. Cope and family returned to Los
1 Angeles on Sunday, leaving her husband
- here to endure as best he can single blessed
? ness for a few days.
? Mr. Griffith of Garvanza arrived last
" I night on a visit to C. C. Waters at his cosy
- > camp. "Saints' Rest " The saints are noted
1 j for their sanctity and Mr. Waters is the
S high priest. Among the saints who have
M enjoyed heaven on earth at this camp dur
-jlng the season are: Elmer Donnell, Mr.
'.Griffith, Roy Carter, Duke Wellington,
t j Rodin Scudder and Ralph Haskins.
» Mr. Pedgrift and daughter, Ada, of Los
"! Angeles are staying on Eddy terrace. Miss
1 ! Ada is a graceful and expert swimmer, and,
• in company with Mr. Shaw and his dog,
• ; makes daily excursions to the lighter. If
" j Mrs. Shaw will allow it, she contemplates
m a swim to Pebbly beach In the near future
*: under the same chaperonage.
J ! J. E. Cooksey. J. S. McAvoy, George Kin
[ j ney and Charles Gordon were out on a
'ihunt to Silver canyon yesterday. They
; ' killed a goat and brought two pretty kids
5 | home alive, besides getting a nice mess of
5 ; doves. They made a rock furnace and bar
-1 j becued the doves. They left Avalon on
" j foot, taking a pack mule along. The latter
J : they had to leave at the top of the trail,
c jthe descent being too difficult for him into
"; the canyon. They had a very pleasant trip
5 i and the kids are admired by all who have
3 I seen them.
r j
I SANTA MONICA, Sept. 7.—(Regular
[ Correspondence.) John Nelson, the fisher
; man, had a narrow escape from drowning
i this afternoon at 4:30 ocloek. He was re
, turning from his dally trip, accompanied by
the little son of Mrs. Burton, and when
I within about 400 feet of shore a huge
I "comber" struck the boat, raising it on end
and throwing the occupants into the water.
I Nelson had on a pair of rubber boots, which
t filled full of water, acting like a couple of
I "sinkers." They both managed to keep
above water, however, until H. Rowland
Lee and Burt Spooner swam to their rescue
I with a couple of life preservers.
A dance will be given at Eckert & Hopf's
pavilion on Thursday evening. This will be
the last one to be given during the engage
ment of Prof. Erbe's orchestra.
A party consisting of Mmes. Bancroft and
Vail and Messrs. Worth and Leigh Ban
croft. Leo Carrillo and W. C. Folsom left
this morning on the schooner yacht As
thore for a week's pleasure cruise. They
will visit Catalina, San Pedro and other
Mrs. F. M. Culp will give a dime tea at
her home on Seventh street on Thursday
afternoon for the benefit of the Fort Fisher
Relief Corps.
The "Romola" class meets tomorrow
afternoon at 510' Oregon avenue.
J. B. Treadvvell. superintendent of the
Keystone mine, Amador county, was the
guest of relatives here yesterday.
Mrs. G. E. Samo of Los Angeles has
rented Mrs. A. M. Lane's cottage on Ocean
avenue, opposite Hotel Arcadia, and will
probably remain all winter here.
Mrs. Max Barretto arrived home this
morning on the Santa Rosa after an ab
sence of two months In her old home in San
Francisco. She was accompanied by her
mother, Mrs. William Smith.
Mrs. J. F. King is the guest of relatives in
Los Angeles.
Miss Christine Kurtz of Los Angeles Is
the guest of Mrs. John Mlllner of Ocean
Mr. and Mrs. D. M. McGarry have re
turned to Los Angeles.
Ex-Councilman Tom Strohm spent today
REDONDO. Sept. 7.—(Regular Corre
spondence.) Manager' Lemon of the Re
dondo Hot Salt Water Bath company, who,
by the way, is an expert amateur photo
grapher, endeavored last evening to get a
photograph of Black Prince, the largest of
Adgie's collection of lions, while in his
cage. Trainer Hall accompanied Mr. Semon
into the cage, but somehow the big Hon did
not take kindly to the Idea of being "took,"
and pushing the trainer aside made a
vicious effort to mutilate a portion of the
anatomy of the daring photographer. It is
needless to say that Manager Semon's exit
was more rapid than graceful, and that the
snap shots were dispensed with for the
time being.
W, W. Wldney of Los Angeles was in Re
dondo yesterday on a business trip.
Adgle and her trained lions left here to
day via steamer Santa Rosa for San Diego.
E. Jensen, one of Redondo's prominent
citizens, left here yesterday for a short
visit to San Francisco.
Joe Johnson of Los Angeles was In Re
dondo today looking after his yacht
The yacht Violet was out yesterday with
a large crowd of excursionists aboard.
W. A. Daly of Los Angeles was arraigned
before Justice Witherel today on a charge
of battery. He pleaded guilty, and was
fined (10.
Mrs. Florence Hesser and family of Los
Angeles are domiciled at the Fields' build
ing for a few weeks, the guest of Mr. yon
PASADENA, Sept. 7.—(Regular Corre
spondence.) At the meeting of the city
council this afternoon there were present
President llartwell and trustees Reynolds,
Washburn and City Attorney Arthur.
C. J. Willett, esq., was on hand to rep
resent the protestants In the East Side
sewer question, but that matter was post
poned three more weeks.
Resolutions for street work were adopted
for Miles street, Wichita, Eastern, Earl
ham. Santa Barbara and Eureka streets.
On motion of Tustee Reynolds, City Attor
ney Arthur was instructed to draft an or
dinance for the restriction of cattle keep
ing within the city. The council is not
aiming at the abolition of the family cow.
but it Is their sentiment Uiat cow owners
should not maintain more than two cows
upon any lot. vacant or otherwise, if
neighbors within 500 feet object.
Another phase of the sewer question in
troduced by Trustee Reynolds called forth
some sharp argument. Mr. Reynolds said
that at present a property owner who
wishes to connect with the sewer must pay
therefor 40 cents per front foot of his prop
erty. He advocated a uniform charge of
$20 for each connection, regardless of front
age, saying that Superintendent of Streets
Buchanan approved of this modification
of the ordinance. In support of his plan
Mr. Reynolds argued that It would be an
injustice to charge a man who owned say
800 feet frontage $320 for a connection,
when he owned a small house or a tent and
most of his land was acreage, while a man
with a mansion would pay $20 for a connec
tion on fifty feet frontage.
For the other side. Attorney Arthur said
the man with the tent might be smart
enough to let tenants on his 800 feet sub
connect his connection. As no agreement:
could be made the matter was dropped.!
Since the establishment of the system, aj
year and a half ago, only $200 revenue has
been brought In by sewer connections.
W. T. Grimes was granted permission to
erect a sign In front of his place of busi
ness at 18 West Colorado street, under the
supervision of the street superintendent.
Brown & Sutllff, who were refused per
mission to erect a corrugated tin shed be
tween their place of business on South Fair
Oaks avenue and the building north of
them, asked permission today to erect a
brick walled building In the same location.
Referred to the city attorney to learn
whether the proposed bilding is In accord
ance with the ordinance.
Superintendent of Streets Buchanan
called the attention of the board to the
need of a cement sidewalk on the west side
of Lincoln avenue in front of lots 13 and 14,
A. O. Bristol subdivision. A resolution of
intention was adopted.
The superintendent of streets reported
$10.75 collected for permits during the
month of August. Reports of the tax col
lector, clerk, assessor, poundmaster and
treasurer were also received, placed on
file and approved.
The report of the commissioners upon the
expense of grading East Colorado street
was received, placed on file and approved.
The well on the sewer farm Is giving out,
and, as an effort to pipe water from Al
hambra failed, the city clerk was in
structed to advertise for bids for a new
A resolution was passed requesting the
opinion of the city attorney as to whether
under fhe present law the city has the
right to Issue bonds payable In gold and to
report the necessary proceeding to present
the question of a sewer bond issue to the
F. R. Haskin. the Sierra Madre man
tried a few days ago upon the charge of
adultery with Ola Fisher of Los Angeles,
created a disturbance at his home yester
day evening. Haskin received some money
from his father and went In company with
a negro and Will Vosburg to a low resort
In Arcadia, near Baldwin's ranch, to get
drunk. Coming home about midnight, the
trio were overturned In a wash and their
buggy smashed. They staggered drunk
enly home and kept people awake all night
with their disturbances at the hotel. Has
kin would have beaten his father for re
monstrating with him but for outside In
terference. The old gentleman telephoned
to the marshal this morning and later came
down and swore out warrants, which Con
stable Slater took to Sierra Madre to serve.
Haskin was brought here, pleaded not
guilty before the recorder and was held In
$125 cash ball for disturbing the peace. He
was given over to Constable Slater's
charge, fed at the Saddle Rock this even
ing and taken Into Los Angeles to jail on
the 7:30 car. Haskin is now awaiting trial
In the superior court upon the charge of
adultery. The date for his trial upon the
last scrape will be set on Friday.
Mrs. N. H. Yore of East Colorado street,
corner Wilson avenue, entertained friends
with progressive whist last evening. The
house was prettily decorated and prizes
were won by Miss Spitzer and Mr. Ham
mel. Refreshments were served. The
guests were: Captain and Mrs. A. C.
Drake, Misses Kate Miles, Nettie Patten,
Davison, Spitzer, Messrs. M. E. Wood,
Jesse Yore, Fred Yore, Guy Hammel, Al
bert Mercer.
A petition w,as circulated among the
butchers today and all save one firm agreed
to close up on Admission day, September
The target for Company I's new shooting
range on the San Rafael hill is being
put up.
The Tone Weavers met last evening at
the home of Ellsha Eldrcd on North Ray
mond avenue last evening. A musical even
ing was enjoyed, Messrs. Dodworth. Baker
and Gronendyke contributing to the pleas
ure of the occasion.
At the time for the meeting of the board
of directors of the board of trade this
morning at 9:30 only Messrs. Steams,
Richardson and Hertel were present. This
being no quorum, the meeting was post
poned one week.
W. B. Frackelton and family returned to
day from Terminal island.
John Allln went to Whittler today.
Miss Machin has returned from Long
Rev. Haskett Smith is in Salinas on
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schilllngcr have e
turned fom Redondo.
John Kelso Is spending a few days at
Long Beach.
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Reynolds and family
have retuned from their outing.
Mrs. H. R. Lacey and daughter of North
Marengo avenue are staying at Alpine tav
ern for a few days.
W. H. Plnney, sr.. Is quite 111 at his home
on North Marengo avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kennan have re
turned fom their wedding trip and leave on
Saturday for their new home in Cleveland,
Nash Bros.' big special grocery sale opens
today. Groceries go at cost for two days.
EAGLE ROCK, Sept. 7.-(Regular Corre
spondence.) Mrs. P. W. Parker, A. O.
Parker. Miss Vera Parker and Mrs. A.
Orchard have returned from a sojourn at
Apricots are all sold ami brought 5 cents
per pound, many of them being sent to
Alaska. The early peaches are all dried
and are selling at 0 cents for the best.
Roy Hickson has been appointed tree in
spector for this district.
Mr. and Mrs. William White are making
arangements for a trip to Klondike in the
spring and many others have the fever.
The supervisors have won the lifelong
gratitude of this community by having the
chuckholes filled and otherwise improving
the roads until we can market our fruit
without fear of accidents. A hearty vote
of thanks Is also extended to the city coun
cil for repaying the street between Walnut
street bridge and the city limits.
The Eagle Rock school is keeping up
with other progressive communities and
will not commence until September 27th.
Misses Moore and Waters have been en
gaged for this term.
Miss Rix of the Los Angeles Church of
Practical Chistianity organized a church
held Sunday with a membership of forty.
Eagle Rockers are reading with great in
terest the proceedings of the meetings con
cerning the Los Angeles and Pasadena
boulevard. We still hope that the commit
tees and representatives of associations
will reach practical lines, then our sugges
tions concerning a satisfactory route will
receive earnest attention.
Ours is the only route that connects the
parks. Ours are the only people who are
unanimously In favor of it and who will
willingly donate the right of way and con
struct it free of charge for quite a distance.
There are no railroads to annoy, the
scenery is picturesque, the soil Is gooel for
road building, there Is good gravel near
the line all the way. there is no adobe, and
our valley winter and summer Is one that
most fittingly presents our climate anil the
products of Southern California.
POMONA. Sept. 7.—(Regular Correspon
dence.) If Ranchman D. P. Pierce is lying
at the point of death from the effects of
bites Inflicted by Pomona mosquitoes, as
was alleged in a sensational dispatch
printed in a Los Angeles morning paper,
the local physicians are not aware of the
deplorable fact. Drs. Johnson and Camp
bell, Whitfield and Davis, R. T. Burr, H. S.
Turner, T. Hardy Smith, F. DeWitt Crank
and V. A. Howeth were interviewed by
The Herald man and Inquiry made whether
any of their patients were suffering from
mosquito bites to any serious extent. Dr.
Burr gave it as his opinion that it would
indeed be a rare casu that any one, even a
child, should suffer seriously from a mos
quito bite as was reported; Dr. Crank Joc
ularly remarked that his practice didn't
extend as far down as San Gabriel, while
Dr. Smith was of the same opinion as Dr.
Burr. Dr. Smith explained, however, that
it might be possible for a mosquito which
had been feeding upon putrid matter to
poison the blood of the patient. Drs. Burr,
Johnson, Campbell and Dr. Howeth had
never heard of another such case.
The Pomona Fruit exchange elected the
following named board of directors at a
meeting held this morning: Franklin
Blades, J. B. French, J. T. Brady, J. D.
Cason, F. K. Adams, J. R. Moles, Mcl
Campbell, C. B. Messenger, S. W. Arbuth
not, M. M. Dewey and a Mr. Allen.
T. W. Haddock is building for Paine &
Lee a 64x80 foot hay barn on the southeast
come of First and Rebecca streets.
Mrs. B. F. Smith returned yesterday
from a two weeks' visit In Los Angeles.
Mr. Reed and wife, the former a son-in
law of James Allen, are visiting at Mr.
Allen's home on Parcells street.
Mr. and Ms. W. H. Patterson came home
today from Bear Valley, where they report
having had a most enjoyable time.
DOWNEY, Sept. 7.—(Regular Corre
spondence.) The funeral of Mrs. Elizabeth
Wilson took place on Sunday. The services
were held in the Christian church. The de
ceased had lived for many years in this
vicinity and was 87 years of nge at the time
of her death.
J. J. Tweedy and family are going to
Pasadena this week to place their children.
Miss Frankle and Master Jimmie, in the
high school at that place.
Miss Blanche Eaker and little sister,
Edith, of Benson, Ariz., have arrived on a
visit to their uncle, V. R. J. Chapman and
Samuel H. Neighbors has purchased the
Nagle property on Second street, which he
intends to improve at once.
William Moss, jr., and wife were down
from Rivera Sunday.
A mighty ruction is going on In the
"coon" quarters on Second street, the prin
cipal participants being Rev. Matthew
Brown and his son-in-law, Major Thomas
Jefferson Massey, both parties highly col
ored. The trouble seems to have started
over the ownership of a certain bedstead,
which was claimed by both Brown and
Massey. It will be remembered that Mas
sey married the daughter of the ministerial
Mr. Brown about two months ago. and in
ten days after the wedding Massey was
presented with a bouncing boy by his
blushing bride. The Rev. Brown has sworn
out warrants for the arrest of all parties
concerned, and swears that in case the law
fails to satisfy his demands he will pro
ceed to use his trusty razor in the most
approved fashion.
THE PALMS, Sept. 7.—(Regular Corre
spondence.) The Palms water works has
been leased for a term of years to Mr. Reid
of Verdugo, whi has moved his family here
and are occupying Mr. Case's property.
Rev, Dr. Hunsaker of Los Angeles filled
the United Brethren pulpit Sunday even
ing. He is a very able speaker and was
listened to by a large audience.
R. C. Harris, formerly of this place, but
now a resident of Los Angeles, Is In town
C. D. Jackson and two sons, Master War
ren and Raymond, are the guests of Mr.
Enos Bryant. Mr. Jackson holds a respon
sible position with Bishop & Co. of Los
Angeles, and is spending his vacation in
this way.
The farmers are busy hauling their grain
to the different warehouses, and report
their grain turning out better than they
expected. A. L. King reports having 14,000
sacks of barley and wheat this year.
SOLDIERS' HOME, Sept. 7.—(Regular
Correspondence.) Sunday services in the
assembly hall consisted of the celebration
of mass by Father P. Howe at S a. m..
service and preaching by the Rev. Dr. Beck
at 10 a. m., Sunday school Bible service at
2 p. m. and praise song service at 7 p. m.
The Christian Endeavor society of the
home wili hold a business meeting and elect
officers in the assembly hall at 2 p. m. to
The comrades and frleneis of Uncle Sam
post. No. 177. Q. A. R., of the home pro
pose to indulge and enjoy themselves by an
outing tomorrow.
Julius Peterman, late of Company D,
Third California infantry, was burled to
ALHAMBRA, Sept. 7.—(Regular Corre
spondence.) The large addition to the
will soon be finished. The school year will
begin September 13th.
Several fruit dryers are In full operation
and by far the greater part of the crop will
be dried. Only a small quantity has been
sold to the canneries.
The Masonic lodge conferred the second
degree on Mr. Creamer last Saturday even-
Thursday evening, September 9th. a gen
eral social will be given at the Methodist
C. Warner returned today from a success
ful prospecting and mining trip up the
San Gabriel.
RIVERSIDE. Sept. 7.—(Regular Corre
spondence.) The trial by Jury of George
Plattner, on the charge of burglary, took
place In the superior court today. He was
found guilty and time for sentence was set
for next Friday.
Henry W. Robinson, who died In San Ber
nardino last night, was a Riverside pio
neer. He drove the first stage Into River
side, having established a line upon a sub
sidy offered him by this colony, from Spadra
to San Bernardino and Riverside, making
two trips a week. At that time the found
ers of Riverside offered him the block of
land where the Glenwood hotel now stands,
of two and a half acres, bounded by Main,
Orange, Sixth and Seventh streets. Al
though this offer was a free gift of the land,
Mr. Robinson had so little faith in the place
that he refused the offer. About six months
later he would have taken it gladly, but
Capt. C. C. Miller, father of Frank A. Mai
ler, the present proprietor of the Glenwood,
had taken It and was putting up a hotel,
j Mr. Robinson found there were no more
lots of land to be given away, but he bought
the block adjoining, bounded by Main,
! Orange, Fifth and Sixth, for $70, and finally
t made many thousand per cent on It by
selling it off in building lots. Mr. Robinson
was one of the founders of the East River
side Irrigation district and for many years
its president, finally closing out there logo
to San Bernardino, locating on the fruit
ranch where he ended his days. Tho de
ceased was a member of Evergreen lodge.
No. 259, F. & A. M., of this city, and his
: remains will be brought here and funeral
j services held in All Saints' church at 3:45
|p. m. tomorrow. The esrvlces will be in
\ charge of Evergreen lodge, F. & A. M., and
! Rev. M. C. Dotten will preach the funeral
j sermon.
In Justice Mills' court today L. E. Lee
man, the Perrls druggist, was fined $50. with
the alternative of twenty-five days In jail,
for selling liquor illegally. Defendant's at
torney filed notice of appeal..
ORANGE, Sept. 7.—(Regular Corre
spondence.) Miss Susie Dean of Fullerton
was in Orange yesterday.
Dr. and Mrs. White of San Bernardino
were guests of Mrs. Charles Edelman on
Monday. They were very much pleased
with Orange.
The Richmond club has postponed its
monthly meeting until Saturday, the 11th
I M. T. Morgan and family and their guests,
j Mrs. Ham and three grandchildren, of San
] Bernardino and William Paramore and
j family and J. W. Lemon are spending the
| day at Newport.
j The W. C. T U. services In memory of
I Mrs. Joseph Beach are postponed until
! Thursday, September 16th, on account of
j the G. A. R. ,reunion at Santa Ana Septem
ber 9th.
Mrs. A. H. Bibber is expected home from
San Francisco this evening.
Miss Eva Crowell, who has been spend
ing a few days with Miss Dean of Fuller
ton, returned on Saturday.
Messrs. John Martz and Walter Aspen
drove to Riverside this morning. They will
return on Saturday.
Miss Rose Davis of Los Angeles is in
Orange looking after property interests.
A number of young folks spent Saturday
evening at the home of Mrs. B. Williams
and had a delightful time.
The stockholders of the Santiago Orange
Growers' association will hold their annual
meeting at Orange on Wednesday, Septem
ber Sth. at 2 p. m.
Miss Hensen and Miss Christens of Pla
centla spent Sunday with the Misses Hess.
SAN BERNARDINO, Sept. 7.—(Regular
Correspondence.) The hobo question is one
to call for considerable ingenuity in Its
handling the coming season. The consta- I
bles refuse to arrest one without a warrant, I
as they are not in need of any fees this year, I
being on a fixed salary, and the city police I
are looked to for relief from the tramps'
and hobos. The district attorney, F. B.
Daley, has given an unofficial opinion that
the city recorder can try hobos the same as
a Justice of the peace, and on conviction
send to the county Jail and collect a fee
for It from the county. This will furnish
an outlet for the disposal of the hobo and
the recorder can divvy with the police to
secure their aid in running In every one
that enters the city. The board of super
visors kicked at this view, but after listen
ing to explanations from the attorney ac
quiesced and stated they would only have
to board the prisoners, and they could work
them hard and get that amount back In
broken rock. So the hobo is fixed.
The Congregation Emanuel of the He
Cream Baking Powder
World's Fair Highest Award.
Official Fa^
Awarded Price Baking Powder Co.
This should settle the question of the World's Fair award
to Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder. It is a shallow subterfuge
] of a would-be competitor of this company to continue advertising
f as it has been doing, that "No baking powder received an award
[ over it at the World's Fair," when as a matter of fact, it was not
( even an exhibitor —as the following statement from the chief of
i awards proves.
, J. S. Browning, chief of awards, makes the following declar
{ ation: "Neither the records of this department nor the official
. catalogue show that the Royal Baking Powder was an exhibitor,
consequently it could not receive an award." Such duplicity
amounts to nothing more or less than deliberate fraud.
With all their claims no medal is shown.
Price Baking Powder Co.
The entries and prise lists for Thursdays
wheel events are published this afternoon,
and Indicate that the day will be a big one.
The business men have agreed to close
at noon on Thursday for the remainder of
the day. This will help Insure a big crowd
at the park. Bicycle riders are beginning
to arrive every day from all parts of the
surrounding country, and by the 9th River
side will be full of strangers who will come
to cheer on the riders from their respective
Mrs. J. A. Anderson and two children
have come from Kenworthy, in the San
Jacinto mountains, to Riverside to live.
Mrs. C. W. Newell and children of Sage
are on their way to New York, whence they
will sail for Germany for the purpose of
educating their children.
The youthful city of Corona proposes to
restrict liquor selling to regularly licensed
saloons. They have saloons over there with
very severe restrictions, but Ed. Penprase
thought he would dispense the ardent with
out the formality of a license. His arrest
followed us a matter of regular sequence,
and the fellow will be arraigned tomorrow.
He Is now out on $500 bonds. Wilfred M.
Peck has been engaged by the city to prose
cute all Illegal liquor sellers in our neigh
boring municipality
H. A. C. McPhail of Santa Barbara visited
this, county last week, and while here he
purchased an Interest in the Little Pearl
and Anna Capper mines in the Tauqultz
district. He also purchased the whole of
the Kantuck mine. It is understood that he
will commence development work on some
of them at once.
Justice Mills decided today that James
Boyd was entitled to the value of his colt,
which was killed by a Southern California
railway train, and accordingly awarded
him $100 damages. The testimony showed
that the railroad did not pay for buliding
the fence along the line of the road, and
has not paid for maintaining the same.
Neither did the railroad people pay for
right of way damages. The case will prob-
I ably be appealed.
Lewis Shrewsbury and Chester Frederick '
went to the San Juan Hot Springs on Satur- j
day to stay for about a week.
Mrs. J. W. Brown and daughter, Miss
Tena, and Ed. M. Fullerton returned from
a two weeks' outing at Long Beach on
Sunday evening.
CAPISTRANO, Sept. 7.—(Regular Corre
spondence.) Charles Gray has arrived from
lowa to work for his uncle, Joseph Gray.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Mendelson leave Friday
for San Diego and Coronado. Mr. Mendel
son returns Monday, but his wife will re
main four or Aye weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Thomas and Misses
Carrie and Jessie Hoffman leave this week
on a visit to relatives In Colton.
The railroad company's corps of painters
came to town last week and proceeeded to
paint portions of our city a deep, dull red.
Our schools open next Monday. A largo
enrollment is expected.
M. A. Forster has disposed of property
Inherited from the Pico estate and situated
in Los Angeles county. Consideration, 80,
Our walnut growers, realizing the bene
fits to be derived from co-operation, met
last Saturday and formed an association.
Judge J. E. Bacon was elected president
and R. B. Cook secretary. The association
represents nearly the entire output of the
valley, which is estimated at fifteen car
loads. The nuts are beginning to drop and
the quality Is unexcelled. One fact that
attests the superiority of the Capistrano
nut is the scramble made by buyers to se
cure the crop. Nearly every day for a week
past there has been a buyer In town.
brew church elected their officers Sunday
as follows: C. Cohn. president: L. Ancker.
vice-president: M. D. Katz. secretary: J.
S. Jonas, treasurer: R. Amker, guardian;
J. L. Jonas, L. Migel and Marcus Levy
trustees. The society is flourishing and
propose to secure an excellent speaker for
the coming new year's festivities, holding
services from Sunday evening, September
26th, to Tuesday noon, September 28th. The
Ladles' Hebrew Benevoleht society will
commence the Sunday school again shortly.
H. W. Robinson, formely of Riverside, a
native of England, aged 67, died Monday
evening and will be buried by Evergreen
lodge 212, F. and A. M., of Riverside, on
Wednesday afternoon. About seven weeks
ago the deceased fell into a well in the
dark, breaking an arm and several ribs and
dislocating his shoulder. He was nearly
well of these bruises when during the hot
weather recently his nurse gave htm a
cold bath. Pneumonia set in and death
closed the scene. Mr. Robinson drove the
first stage Into Riverside, running from
Spadra to San Bernardino and Riverside
and back twice a week, receiving a subsidy !
from Riverside colony. He was u»Md •
free girt of the lot In Riverside where tk*
Glenwood hotel now stands, but thoughts*
little of the place he refused the gift. Ms
months later he purchased the adjoining
block for $70 and cut It up Into lots and
sold them at a good advance. He was th*
founder and president for many years of
the East Riverside Irrigation district, and
recently came to Ban Bernardino to lira.
The outlook for oranges from Redlands
and Highland is for nearly 50 pc cent larger
crop than last year with a prospect of ship*
ping commencing in November for the hoi
iday trade.
George A. Dalton of Washington, D. C,
aged 52, and Roslna 1 busman of England,
aged 37,_ both residents of Los Angeles,
secured "a marriage license Tuesday and
were marled by Rev. E. O. Mclntier of th*
First M. E. church.
The following schools commenced Mon
day: Brooke, Greenleaf, La Loma, San
Salvador, Valley, The balance of the coun
try districts will commence September
20th and 27th, The city schools commence
the former date.
Articles of incorporation were filed on
Tuesday for the A. P. Hotaling Company,
whose place of business will be at San
Francisco, with a capital of $1,000,000, of
which $12,500 is subscribed. The member*
of the company are A. P. Hotaling,
vina J.. A. P., jr.. Richard M. and Frederick
C. Hotaiing. The purpose of the incorpora
tion Is to deal in real estate, mines, water,
hotels, etc., covering about every branch
of the agricultural, horticultural, mining,
real estate and commercial business.
Marriage licenses were issued Tuesday to
Oeorge A. Underhill of lowa, aged 21, and
Nellie O. Folks, a native of California,
ageil 16, both being residents of San Ber»
nardino; also to Robert B. Parker of Utah,
aged 86, and Saniantha Lockwood of Mis
souri, aged *7, both residents of San Ber«
The horticultural commission report to
the board of supervisors that they founl
seventeen lemon orchards Infected with
the oleander scale and commenced fumi
gating. Many trees affected with the brown
scale were sprayed. Orchards infected
with white scale were supplied with tho)
Vedalia. The grape vine disease is reported
more prevalent than for many years. Prep
aratlons are about ready for putting to use
the 120 tents for fumigating, commencing
at Ontario, where there is the most need
of them. The expenses for the past month
were: Salaries for inspectors, $260.75; for
commissioners, $189: new material for
plant, $534.93: repairs on the old, $199.29;
chemicals, $702.88; miscellaneous expense,
$25.80. The chemicals will be paid back by
the orchardists. The expense to the latter
per week Is as follows: Using four ounces
of cyanide to the tree, 300 trees to the set
of men and tents in a night, four sets at
work using 300 pounds of cyanide on 1200
trees to one night, or 1800 pounds for 2700 '
trees In a week, at 30*4 cents per pound or
$549; sulphuric acid, 3600 pounds at 3 cents,
$108; wages of eighteen men to handle the
tents for a week, $240. making a total of
$897 per week, or $3588 per month. Thl»
will fumigate 36,800 trees In a month.
Edwin Willct has commenced suit
against R. H. Brown and the Kansas Real
Estate Investment company to recover on
a note for $2700 given May 12. 1890. and due
in 1900, with interest since 1896, and $200 at
torney's fee.
J. Marchant sues Charles Hidden and
wife on two notes of $1000 each with inter
est at 10 per cent, given May 13,1893.
ETIWANDA. Sept. 7.—(Regular Corre
sponrience.) Ed. W. Layton has the plana
drawn for a new residence and intends to
start building soon.
i M. R. Kuehne of Ontario was up on a
business trip last week, and was welcomed
by the Ettwanda Social club.
Sut Perdew has his five-room cott_go
nearly finished and will live more comfort-
I ably hereafter.
j Bert Safford. son of G. S. Safford of Los
! Angeles, came up on Saturday to stay a
week or ten days on the Wood & Safford
ranch and hunt.
The Jack rabbit drive last Saturday was a
great success. Seven or eight hundred rab
bits were killed and as many more got
away, which are to be taken in next Satur
A subscription list for the benefit of the
| starving miners has been presented to the
! citizens of this burgh, and quite a sum has
, been donated.
I Several citizens have the Klondike fever,
j but they are very likely to take a small
! dose of prosperity and stay at home until
j they can scrape up enough money to buy
; a ticket and provisions,
j Charles Miner and his sister, Mrs. Taylor,
i of San Dlmas. came up today to look after
! their raisin crop.
I Flees From the Voice of His Bead
PARKERSBtTRG, W. Va„ Sept. 7.—
J. C. Carroll, claiming to be a practicing
physician of Los Angeles, occupies a
room at a hotel here under peculiar cir
cumstances. He says he is traveling for
his health, ostensibly, but really to get
away from the ghost and voice of his
second wife which haunt him continual
ly. His first wife died many years ago,
leaving him four children, all of whom
died suddenly. The doctor married a
second time, taking a young and beau
tiful woman, as his bride. She died in
his arms on January 1, 1896, and the next
day he claims to have heard her calling
to him every hour of the day. She con
tinued to call him until last spring,
when he locked up his house and came
East. Last week he sent to California
for money and received it at Wheeling,
but was robbed, he claims, of $275 in
money and $200 In notes. He was left
penniless", but has sent to California for
more money.
(No such physician is given In the city
directory, nor has the Health Depart'
ment any record of such a man.)
Causes the Death of an Express Mes
MERCED, Sept. 7. —J. C. Sullivan, the
Wells-Fargo shotgun messenger on the
Merced-Coulterville stage, accidentally
j shot and killed himself at Baxter Sta
, tion, between here and> Coulterville.
Sullivan has for some months been mak
ing two round trips a week on the stage
to protect the Wells-Fargo treasure
from stage robbers. Yesterday, on the
way up, the stage stopped at Baxter and
Sullivan got out to get figs from a tree.
He placed his gun against the trunk
and began shaking the bough within
reach. The gun fell, with the barrel
pointing toward Sullivan, andi was dis
charged, tearing all flesh from the calf
of one leg and shattering the bones of
the other. Sullivan was taken to Coul
terville, that being the nearest point
where medical assistance could be
found. The wounds were dressed, but
early this morning he died. He leave*
a widow and two children.
Cooper's Crimes
SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 7.—Chief of
Police Lees has received further infor
mation regarding the Chicago record of
"Sir" Harry Westwood Cooper. He se
cured from Mrs. Murphy, his landlady
there, $1400, taking her check In ex
change for worthless drafts on the Bank
of New South Wales. Her attorneys,
Dunn & Byron, learning of this warned
her that Cooper wasa swindler, they hav
ing had some experience with him. In
stead of heeding their warning, eh*
turned their letters of warning over t*

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