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(Continued from Page Five)
Rev. A. Park°r and Mr. P. D. Young
are in Oakland attending the Presby
terian synod. Owing to the absence of
their pastor, regular aerYloa* in th,
Presbyterian church will be dispensed
with on Sunday.
Raisin packing is now in full blast
and the orange shipping season has not
yet closed. This wtvks' shipments in
clude: Raisins', 17,020 pounds; oranges,
11,40 pounds'; table grapes, 2000 pounds;
Walnuts, 1320 pounds; dried, fruit, 150
pounds; wine, 130 pounds; barley, 40,000
pounds: eggs. 44 cases.
Editor James Fullcrton of the News
apent the day in, Loa Angeles.
W. H. H. Clayton, secretary of 'the
Lincoln Monument league, reports the
enrollment of about seventy members.
L. L. Hiss re'tiirne*d from his'business
trip to Los Angele9 yesterday. Mr.
Bnows;- of that city is in Orange as his
Albert Clifton Hamilton of Oran.geand
Miss Ida Robertson will be married to
rhorfow evuiing. Mr. Hamilton has lived
lh. Orancer since his. boyhood and ls one
of our most enterprising andi popular
young business men. Miss Robertson,
also has many friends in this place,
Mr. P. B. Hall returned yesterday
from a visit to friends at Paaadtena.
Misses Northrop and McGu'.re, who
have since l Monday been visiting several
of the larger towns on the- kite-shaped
track, returned to Orange on Friday
FULLERTON, Oct. 23—(RegularCor
respondence.) The local W. C. T. U. will
give a social here next Wednesday for
the benefit of the Ransome home of Los
Forbes Sandilands and sister. Miss
Lillian, have returned from New York.
Miss Florence- Mast of Placentia is- vis
iting friends in Los- Angeles.
Mr. andi Mrs. E. W. Dean and Mrs. J.
W. Dean-VlslWdi the- sugar factory al
Alamitos Thursday.
Mrs P. Pfeninger spent the past week
In Los Angeles with her daughter, Miss
The Gold-en Belt Fruit company has
ele-cted the following oliieers 'and di
rectors: L. B. Benchley. presid-e-iU; W.
M. McFadden, vice-president; Alex.
Wright, secretary; directors, Messrs.
Benchley, McFadden, Hotsfordi, Crow
ther, Phelps,, Leffingwell, Tombes, E. K.
Rev. J. H. Storms of Los Angeles will
preach in the Baptist church here to
L. B. and. E. K. Benchley have shipped
•even carloads of walnuts east this se-a
Mrs. Isaac Barman of Los Angeles if
here visiting relatives.
The local association shipped two car
loads of walnuts east this week and
Wlii send, out five carloads on Monday.
W. B. Wil?hire has sold lots 22 and 23
In block 40 to Sarah E. Brown for $(150.
White l in San Francisco a few day?,
ago your correspondent was informed
by one of the-most prominet Republicans
in the stale that ex-Congressman Bow
ers would be appointed collector of th?
port at San Diego and that Mr. Shaw,
c-dltor of the Orange County Herald,
would get the Santa Ana postoflioe. The
»«ntifti>»n also stated, that the editor of
the Anahe-im Gazette would rot get the
appointment of postmaster at Anaheim
Fight dollars were stolen from the till
of the Fullerton hotel saloon last even
Miss Alma Steward of Oran.gethrope is
In San ta Ana visiting Mrs. V. L. Steward,
Z. B. We-st, district attorney, and-Mis?
Jessie Flook. court reporter, came up
from Santa Ana this morning to attend
the preliminary examination of Joseph
Lyohs in the justice's court.
Wm. We-stenfleld left on the evening
train to visit his parents at South Pasa
The preliminary examination of Jos.
Lyons was held In Justice Johnson's
court this afternoon. No evidence wa«
Introduced on the part of the defense,
and after the evidence- of the prosecu
tion the defendant was bound, over for
trial In the superior court. Attorney-
Head appeared for defendant andi the
district attorney represented the state.
Morris Smith, who was shot two days
ago by Joseph Lyons, was arretted here
this morning on the charge of rape
committed on Lyons' sister some months
ago. He is not yet able to appear in
court, but will be taken before a justice
on Monday and placed under bonds.
RIVERSIDE, Oct. 23 —(Regular Cor
responds c p.) The season of tax col
lecting Is at hand, and the county col
lector reports the receipts of his office at
about K3OOO a week. City taxes are be
ing received at about the same rate.
The removal of Captain Eaaon of Com
pany N. from this city to San Francisco
will necessitate the selecting of a suc
cessor The leading candidates for thr
position are Lieutenant Bedwell, Lieu
tenant Pann. and Sergeant Huse. There 1
are othe-rs, however, and a dark horse
may secure the prize.
A. cacl»t company wa» organized last
evening by the officers of Company M
Foys between the ages of 12 and 17 will
be taken Into the company, who, after
being given a military training, will be
admitted to Company M.
George A. Doyle of Ferris, who was
here today, reports that farmers) are a;
work plowing, and a very much larger
»n>a will be sown Ihls coming season
than ever before In the- history of the
Ferris valley.
The trial of Frank Mllner on the-
Charge of killing B. J. Dan-ah at Dan
ring last month, has been set for next
Word was received, here tofny that
O. A. Bmltb, proprietor or the Temescal
hotel at Corona, erfeS sudtV-n'.y this
morning. Mr. Smith was a pioneer set
tler of Corona, where he has made his
home ever since the colony was laid
out. He was an honored and respected,
cltiset-i of this county, andi at the time
of his death, and for so.me years past,
was a member of the Democratic county
central Committee. Mr. Smllh was in
this city a couple of days ago when he
appeared to be enjoying good, health.
The news of his sudden death was a
great shock to his many friends in. this
city. Particulars of the death have not
been received.
The music loving portion of this city
enjoyed a rare treat last evening at the
coraert given by local talent for the
bxneat of the Y. M. C. A. of this city
j N ™ Mal " Street '« Bi 8 Store j fc »«,* re( » I
k Value Giving Henry Klein & Co.'s Keep Customers IJ<
| m Star Clothing House o**i7ZZ7*. «. ©
| tHw «wmo—l 702-/04 Sou*/? ,Wa/n Srreef One Door /VorfVi Orpheum Theater ©
Did you follow the crowds yesterday? That tells the story. They all came our way and Saturday's Sales were Record Breakers. There- is not a person within fj|
* reaching distance of our .<=tores who can afford to miss this crowning chance to purchase Men's and Boys' Clothing, Shoes and Hats at less than first cost. (§P
& TFIG C3lrYl~f"l i O* Hni ICP No more exists. Their goods are now ours and will soon be yours, for at prices like
W ' wwrw I IUUdC we quote these goods will certainly move. We invite inspection and would advise (£5)
■j you to give us your patronage, as in our stores your dollar goes farthest. . . . . ......... jgj
| A Few Unparalleled Bargains g
m|——. 1 . —. .
I Clothing Gnrprlce Gents' Furnishing Goods | Shoes onrl>rlce
| af:°? B^ Sa ! in $10.00 rßs^^^- 25c l $2.65 ©
Th $15 00 Black, Blue and Tan Melton Overcoats, fl»o A A In tray".. 25C § $5 Men's P#tent Leather Shoes <t? OC
g at $8.00 U Gents' UnderwearA, 1 At @
J) 15.00 Mackintoshes, blue or black, O7E gray ribbed .' 61 2 C I ?5 Men's Calf Hand Sewed Shoes $2 95 i^i
< at V&'io 75c Gents' Underwear, natural gray, m„ 1 .« ''.' V->' V j%W
I $18 oo Satin Lined Black Clay Worsted Suits, * |ft ftft a? a7f£nM» All"«ari*'"a'tuVal soC $2.95 (©)
< at d)IU.UU $1.25 Gents Al-woo natura /: nt, _t, , ~ , i 1 . * » , _ W/
fe * ' OvC Thousands ot Shoes, all styles, ranging In price from f 2.50 JsJ.
* $18 00 Satin Lined Gray Worsted Suits, <tIA AA IS » ; "A' '1 VVil "J." 1" •" "iito $4; call early and select the best, at «pI.UO (©J
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I $7 - 50 I ESSr* fineNtfWYork mi,lsmJin - doubls ba£k < linsn 65c $1.15 ®)
£ $13 50 All-wool Black Clay Worsted Suits, «wp Eg Dosoms UUV ' *cv»y
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g 512.50 All-wool Plaids and Gray Suits, ftA goods ranging from 90c to $2 00 apiece to close at QdCI HOSierY, I ICS attCl SUSpenderS
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i. 2000 Gentlemen s Suits, ranging In price from $5 to $15, in (1 7c as any f.oo Hat in town 9MO sac fine silk Tocks, latest stylo lc r /S»v
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at «DO.UU steel, tans theie Hats «ell every day in the year from S2 fiO to It.OU: lined 7fc. 2000 pairs tine Suspenders Iflr (CSi
C with satin; a great bargain At.. . T. ,ut vtS'
5) (Qj
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i rftwll 1 °~ N ""' °' ©
>) 7 ©
Calvary Presbyterian church, where
the concert took place-, was crowded to
the doors with an audience which was
highly and artistically entertained.
Those who took part In the rendition
of the program Were: Prof. Alfred A.
Butler. Prof. H. Ar. Kennedy, Mrs. Mar
garet Gage, w. M. Mitoe, andi the Aeol
ean orchestra, headed by Harry Hawes.
The new packing house lh course of
erection at HighgroVe (East Riversidie).
and which Is being built for the South
ern Pacific company, ls Tast ne-aring
completion. A couple of hundred car
loads at least of high grade orangc-s will
be packed In this house this season, all
of which will be taken from trees now
grown on land that eight years ago wa3
a wild sage brush tract.
The local Od.d Fellow delegates to the
recent encampment at Los Angeles are
all home again, and- all speak in the
highest praise of tne excellent recep
tion and, consideration shown outside
delegates by both the Odd. Fellows and
citizens generally of Los Angeles. That
city is popular with the fraternity of
this city for grand lodge- meetings.
The team of 20 men,selected by Com
pany M to shoot a match against a like
number of men, of Company G, Sacra
mento did their shooting today, but the
scores made were not given out as the
Sacramento company dues not shoot un
til tomorrow.
The fourth of the series of crlbbage
games between teams' from the Rube
drj-ux and. Riverside clubs was played,
last evening, resulting in the following
score: Rubedoux 5576 points; Riverside
5860. This gives the former club a net
lead of 99 points. One more game will
decide the match.
• The present weather is fast coloring
■j the navel orange crop of this valley. In
j the last two weeks the fruit has col
; ! ored up wonderfully for this season of
! the year, and growers say that the
I fruit will be fully as early this season
! as last, whichwasan exceptionally early
1 1 one. Buyers are thick here now and all
1j of them are looking for holiday fruit.
'IPrices offered are about the same as
1 last year for this time of the season.,
';a fair average being $2.75 a bo*.
H. T. Kennedy, who owns a fine
orange grove on Victoria avenue, has
I completed a cement sld-ewalk aroundi
the grove, an. Improvement that is tare
j even In progressive Southern California.
D. F. Body, who has Just returned.
! from mines in which he is interested in
the Eagle, mining district, reports 101-s
,of life in that section. Prospectors are
I everywhere and some very promising
ftefjo have been made out there In. the
last few weeks. He reports the weath
er on the desert at the present tl'me the
beat noted Cor a year, and this has much
to do with the activity of the pros
RANDSBURG, Oct. 2L—(Special
Correspondence.) The Influx of people
during the past two weeks lsa remind-.r
of the "boom" days of last winter, and
consequently the hotels are often- filled
to overflowing. Some persons attribute
the increased travel to the prospective
railroad from Kramer to this district,
others to renewed confidence in the
future greatness of Randsburg and Jo
hannesburg as gold producers. Both
reasons are doubtless correct and mer
chants are preparing for an active win
ter season. The presence of many old
California miners to the ramp, a num
ber of whom are wealthy and all seek
lng Investments, Indicates that there will
> be active mining development here- for
' the next few months at least. No better
time could' be desired by purchasers
. than the present, owing to- the fact that
, a large number of claims located about
• one- year ago by persons of moderate
• means must be improved by assessment
work, at least,- before the close of the
! year or the- claims be The the
. ability oi many locators to perform, or
pay for, the- assessment work compels
- them to sell all or part of their claims;
hence men with a little capital can now
secure good Investments.
The increase in SUlphuret ores as the
mines attain considerable diepth Is re
garded- by impartial mining experts and
visiting mlniers as a very favorable in
dication of permanency, hence- the
"pinching out" theory is scouted by ail
practical mineralogists. In conversa
tion with a number of experienced min
ers who have been here several weeks
investigating miming properties the
writer learned that nearly all of them
have decided to invest money in the
district provided they can obtain suit
able mining properties at reasonable
prices. Building operations are still
active and likely to become more so
during the winter months. The chemi
cal Are engine recently purchased, at
Bodie, Cal., has arrived, and Is now
being painted.. It cost originally $2000,
but was purchased) for $250 and hauled
overland to Randsburg for $25. There
is an efficient volunteer fire department
here, and the boys are now well pre
pared for any emergency that may
The Hard Cash Miming and Milling
company has recently been Incorporated
With a capita! of $1,000,000, $200,000 of
which has been appropriated, for the
purchase of machinery and- othier appli
ances for the speedy development of the
five claims. A. T. Stewart, a capitalist
of Los Angeles, is president; Dr. B. O.
Webb of Los Angeles, vice-president,
arid Prof. I. N. Itiskeep of thie Los
Angeles Business college, secretary and
treasurer, who, with Jay E. Hunter, at
torney at law, and Nat Wilshire of Los
Angeles, are directors of the Incorpora
tion. This ls one of several valuable
i mining properties owned arid opeiated
Iby well-known Los Angeles m-en, A
| "clean- up" of forty tons of ore has Just
j been made on the "Hard Cash." milling
about $20 to the ton.
A. C. Harper, one of the owners of
the Yorkshire Lass group of three
claims, has been here for a week look
ing after the interests of this promising
property. He returned to Los Angeles
Thomas E. Hughes, the well-known
capitalist of Fresno, and. wife have been
he-re for a week looking up mining in
vestments and returned home today, i
Mr. Hughes ls one of the owners of the : j
I Minaret Madiera company minims prop- j '
ertles and ls favorably Impressed with
j the prospects of this camp. He will re- •,
turn within- thirty days to complete the
purchase of several claims. Mr. Page
Minor of Williams, Ariz., accompanied '
Mr. and Mrs. Hughes to Randsburg. !
He is interested in the Dyke, adjoining
tIM) Meteor, which was recently bonded '
(working bond.) for $35,000.
The Ree-dley group of six valuable ,
claims, situated Immediately west of ,
the Val Verde group and in the same .
mineral belt, or zone, was recently ;
purchased by J. Wilson, an experienced! j
miner from Humboldt county, Nevada,
and are being developed Into goodmlnlng |
property. ,
J. T. Gove, a mining capitalist of
Helena, Mopt., who has been hare for l
about a week seeking Investments, lefti 1
for the northern part of the county on
Wednesday but will return here in a
few days. He/ Is interested in the pro
jected establishment of a smelter in this
vicinity, the consummation of which ex
pends, however, upon the questioi:
whether sufficient lead, and other flux
ing ores can be obtained in this Mojave
desert mining districts, and which is
now being investigated.
Work on the Kramer & Johannesburg
railroad is progressing rapidly, ten miles
of grading having been completed to
date and two and one-half miles of track
laid. The 10-stamp mill will be in active
operation within a few weeks if the pres
ent rate of progress is kept up. Tlu-
Johannesburg Milling and Water com
pany is preparing to add another pump
ing plant in order to furnish a sufficient
supply of water for the mill and other
increasing demands.
J. C. Quinn, superintendent of the Val
Verde Mine and Milling company, re
ports that there is a gratifying increase
in the quality of ore recently taken out
of this group of mines. When the mill
la completed this property will take a
front rank among the large ore pro
ducers of the Rand district.
Mr. Montgomery of the Johannesburg
Mill company was here from Eos An
geles this week, looking after the inter
ests of hie company.
Messrs. Tratt and Curtis of the Johan
nesburg Milling and Water company are
providing for the inevitable demand for
lots In this beautifully situated town site
by digging trenches preparatory to lay
ing pipes on all the principal streets.
Many new buildings are in progress and
new business enterprises are being con
stantly established preparatory to the
completion of the railroad.
The Wood dry concentrator plant,
which cost about $20,000, is working ore
from the Alameda mines on that com
pany's ground, and with the exception of
slight imperfections in the crusher,
which will soon be remedied, the oper
ations of the concentrator are eminently
A new 5-stamp mill is now being
hauled from Mojave to the Wilson mines
in the Argus range, Inyo county, by
McSweeney & McLean. This property
was recently purchased by San Francis
co parties from W. C. Wilson, the Mojave
merchant. Many other free milling and
?ulphuret ore properties are now being
ictively developed In that district.
Messrs. Conklin & Baker are develop
r.g their claims in the Mojave mining
district. Increased activity is expected
:n this district when water ls piped from
Mojave to the vicinity of the mines. It
s reported that the Southern Pacific
:tallroad company will pipe water from
Vlojave for the accommodation of the
ibove district as soon as a larger pipe is
aid from Cameron creek to Mojave, a
llstanee of about eleven miles.
Mr, Rice of Butterbredt Springs has
>onded a group of mines in his district
or $20,000. for which a cash payment of
several thousand dollars made made, In
:onnection with a working bond. J. P.
lone has two good claims in the same
llstrlct, the sulphuret ores of which as
say all the way from $6 to $150 per ton.
J. W. Rice, the well-known Mojave
relghter, is operating a special fast
relght line from Mojave to Randsburg
md intermediate polntsfor the Southern
3 aciftc railroad with from eight to eix
een-horse teams.
W. K. Miller's stage line to Randsburg
» taxed to its utmost capacity on ac
count of the heavy travel.
Chas. A. Koehn, Kane Springs, is work
ng considerable ore from the Rands
>urg stringer district, including the
Winnie mine, which ls his own property
and a valuable claim.
There ls great need of a good, white
labor restaurant in Mojave, conducted
by white men, and it ought to be a pay
ing Investment, judging from the fact
that three Chinese restaurants seem to
be doing good business here.
There is an apparently well-founded
rumor in Mojave that the Southern Pa
cific Railroad company is about to com
mence work on their projected railroad
from this point to the foot of Rand moun
tain, where it has surveyed a town site
Our merchants are doing a fine busi
ness these days.
A young winter came to us Friday and
Saturday of last week. Suppose we will
now have our Indian summer.
In Tehachnpi district potatoes are
nearly all dug and have an abundant
Crop. The quality is fine-.
No plowing done this fall to speak of,
as the ground is too dry.
Attorney J. W. Jameson has moved
to Los Angeles, and Justice of the Peace
C. A. Lee has moved into the office that
Jameson vacated.
Dame Rumor has it that a printing
outfit will soon be here, giving evidence
that Tehachapi will have a newspaper.
To says the least, she needs it bad.
The Pine Tree mine Is being run day
and night, giving employment to forty
Most of the farmers are quite well
along with their hauling grain into our
town. Of late cars are scarce to procure
and shipments very slow, box cars being
at a premium.
The Catholic society will give an en
tertainment for the benefit of the church
on the 25th of November. A good time,
as usual.
Rev. C. Chase preached a very able and
interesting sermon to a large congrega
tion last Sunday In theM. E. church.
The, blacksmith shop of Victor Molle
has been sold to Louis Vldaillet and the
new firm is now In pohisesaion of the
Spent the Day at Santa Monica and
Left Last Night
The rain waited just long enough to
let the Odd Fellows enjoy their barbe
cue at Santa Monica and get their god
lace and plumed chapeaux Into their
trunks and on the train.
Tents were struck at Camp Colfax
yesterday afternoon., the bugler sou.:
lng his farewell notes at 3:30, and the
cantons from Sacramento, San Fran
cisco and Rldigely, with all grand nlli
cers and. visiting members, departed for
their northern, homes on the night
Hendricks Luncheon
Miss Mamie Hendricks of Soto street
gave a luncheon Wedreffday. for which
the guests were the Misses Ethyl Gray,
Helen Smith, Rose Loeb, Leila Jacoby,
Edith Good.fe-llow. Mamie Graves. The
resa Smith, Belle Harden, Caryl Sippy.
Edith Day, Mary Chapman. Anna Chap
j man, Marie Sherwood, Bessie Chapman
i and Myrtle Martzman. The table was
effectively decorated with pink rows and
white chrysanthemums. The luncheon,
was followed by music andi dancing.
Bonsall Dinner
! Major and Mrs. W. H. Bonsall grave a
delightful dinner last Wednesday even
ing at their residence on South Grand
I avenue 1 In honor of the fiftieth anniver
sary of the wedding of Mrs. Bor.sall's
parents. Mr. and Mrs. Albert McFar
land. The other guesta were: Mr. and
Mrs. Dan McFarland, Dr. and Mrs.
Jauch. Mr. and Mrs. Charles McFarlar.d.
the Misses Louise McFarland. Sallie
McFarland. Bessie Bonsall and Elisa
Bonsall. The rooms and the table were
decorated with La France roses, chrys
anthemums and smilax.
The San Gabriel Electric company, now
developing tho water powers in the San
Gabriel river, will be In position to supply
arc and incandescent lights and power for
all purposes February 1, 1898, at prices
lower than can be made by companies
using steam. They would, therefore, re
spectfuly request that users of light and
power make no contracts extending be
yond February 1. 1898. Consumers will find
it to their interest to wait. San Gabriel 1
Electric Company.
The bicycle sensation of the year—the
Columbia Chalnless—is attracting crowds
to Stephens & Hickok's, 433 South Uroad

Our Home Brew
Mater & Zobeiein's lager, fresh from then
brewery, on draught In all the prlnclpa
Faloons; delivered promptly In bottles or
kegs. Office and brewery. 440 Allso stree:;
telephone 91.
Hawley. King & Co.,cor.sth St. and Bvry.,
agents genuine Columbus Buggy company
buggies and Victor bicycles.
Largest variety Corcord business wag
ons and top delivery wagons. Hawley
King & Co.
Agents Victor, Keating, Wcrld and
March bicycles. Hawley, King & Co.
Everything on wheels. Hawley. King
& Co., cor. Fifth street and Broadway.
ARDITO —In this city, October 23rd.
Dolores Lopez de Ardlto, beloved
mother of Isabelle Ardlto, a native of
Mexico, aged 60 years.
Funeral from her late residence, 1529 San
Pedro street, Monday, October 25th, at 2
p. m.
PBRHAM—In Los Angeles. Friday, Octo
ber 22. 1597, Charles S. Perham, a native
of Maine, aged 63 years.
SUMWALT—October 22, 1597. Alice Hilton
Sumwalt, wife of Edward T. Sumwalt.
Chicago, St. Paul and Indianapolis papers
please copy.
- The funeral of Brother C. S. Per-
ham, hit? a member of den. Warren
lodge, Boston, Mass., will be con
ducted by Hollenbeck lodge No. 319,
F. & A. M., this (Sunday) afternoon.
Members of that lodge, funeral committees
of other lodges and visiting brethren will
meet at their hall at 1 p. m. sharp for the
purpose of attending the funeral of our
late brother. By order of Masonic Board
of Relief.
C. W. BLAKE, Secy.
W 2*S 128 HOrn * m E ""- 188t
! Diseas - 501 ICN only.
iIS&PTr E!"°. d » Kidneys, Veins.
jA^ttk Weaknesses, Poisonous DSk-
charges. Pert low. Quick
'VjPS™' Cures. Cell or write V
Wilde & Strong's subdivision
Frank Sabichi Tract
Cor Seventh and San Pedro 8t«. Only
ten minutes' walk from business.
Streets in perfect order.
WILDE ft STRONG, 228 W. Fount
Painless Extraction - 50c
NO- 1 ■—Ailliwlvo Hints.,
No, 3.— Gold nd Porcelain Grown* -
No 4 -AnUMpllo Method or Ctmninai
Taeth A now Bnub mod with each ftr
Absolutely Painless Filling
Dr. C.Stevens
107 N. Spring St.
Sciiumaker Block Rooms 1&-19
Open Sundays from 9 to 12 a. xn.
irk 'k- &it e k'^^
Before you do your fall ,3,
eL purchasing read
. L the ads in jl
<$> The Herald. X
>4» They will save
you time and money. dL
Allen's Press Clipping Bureau
105 East First Street, Los Angeles, Cal.
Furnish advance reports on alt contract
work, such as sewers, reservoirs, Irrigation ana
pumping plants and public buildings. Per
sonal cuppings ironi all papers in the United
A constitutional treatment alone will Ct'Bß
you—Change of climate only temporarily re
lieves, aud inhalai ions, snuffs'and expectorants
only nllevlates the symptoms—never touches
tuecau-e. 1 will cure every case that will at
tend faithfully to treatment for from one to four
Dr. Minnie Wells
316 W. 17th, cor. Grand Aye.
Is skilled in the use of electricity and other
local trt-atment which give immediate results
Hours—lo to a, 7to 8
Baker i ron Works
9M> to too Buena Vista Street,
Adjoining ».¥. grounds, mut^^^^

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