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Ontario tramps steal turkeys and eat them.
Riverside orange pickers engage in a bloody fight with knives.
All the social and fraternal organizations of Pasadena elect officers.
Pomona trustees inflict a good big license on people doing business
TJ. S. Grant and others ask for a railroad franchise through the city of San
Ventura elects municipal officers; work progressing on the new sugar
Santa Monica dogs are mighty mean but they are not afflicted with hy
Santa Ana's sewer scheme advances to the point of advertising for bids
for sewer pipe.
San Bernardino horticultural commission making a good fight against
injurious insects.
PASADENA, Dec. 7.—(Regular Corre
spondence. ) The Maccabees had an
election of officers last night, with the
following persons elected: Commander,
J. H. Plant; lieutenant-commander, Jo.
Story, R. X., Frank E. Burnham; chap
lain, G. G. Benton; sergeant, L. H. Bu
channan; master-at-arms, W. L. Clark;
first master guard, Frank Toms; sec
ond master guard, John Ripley; senti
nel, C. E. De Long; picket, A. L. Petrie;
correspondent, W. S. Lacey; trustees,
one year, Heman Dyer; two years, W.
S. Lacey; three years, J. H. Plant. Of
ficers will be Installed early next month.
Deputy Supreme Commander Henry of
Michigan will be installing officer.
Crown of the Valley lodge, No. 4", De
gree of Honor, A. O. U. W„ elected offic
ers for the ensuing term last evening as
Chief of honor, Mrs. J. Dickey.
Past chief, Mrs. C. A. Ryan.
Lady of honor, Mrs. Dr. E. M. Lewis.
Chief of ceremonies, Mrs. Lathrop.
Recorder, Mrs. Porter.
Financier, Mrs. Burton Canfild,
Receiver, Mrs. J. C. Roth.
Usher, Miss Maud Thorns.
Inside watch, Mrs. J. Green.
Outside watch, Mrs. N. Dickey.
Trustee, Mrs. F. J. Nay.
The semi-annual election of officers of
the Christian Endeavor of First Pres
byterian church took place Sunday
evening. Those elected were:
President, Miss Lucy Wonner.
Vice president, C. C. Johnson.
Recording secretary, Miss Blanche
Corresponding secretary, Miss Kath
erine P Wlckens.
Treasurer, William M. Campbell.
Superintendent' of juniors, Miss Daisy
Assistant superintendent, Miss Grace
Chorister, C. E. Monfort.
Pianist, Miss K. P. Wickens.
A lively session of the directors of the
Lemon Growers' association was held
yesterday afternoon. President C. H.
Rhodes does net agree with the directors
on the matter of management. A reso
lution was unanimously adopted to the
effect that Mr. Rhodes be requested to
resign. Mr. Rhodes, as president, re
fused to put the motion. It was put,
however, and carried. Vice president
Jesse Knight was elected president, and
Mr. Armstrong vice president. Mr.
Rhodes declared his intention to con
test the action of the board unless they
buy his ten shares of stock. Other busi
ness transacted was the hearing and
approving of the financial report. The
report of the shipment of two carloads
of lemons to Chicago was also heard.
The board will join the orange growers
for a union warehouse.
A number of local and Los Angeles
expressmen have formed a comnin.
against tho electric express company.
Last night representatives of the nine
wagons running between here and Los
Angeles met at 30 South Raymond av
enue to discuss plans for meeting the
now competition. It was decided to in
corporate, and Attorney W. S. Wright
was chosen to draw up articles which the
incorporators signed today. The incor
porators are Hatch, S. F. Herr, John
Btllheimer, Gus Bartholomew, Ozro
Simpson, C. B. Shaw, V. L. Carroll, C.
A. Wlllard and Frank Brenner. The ex
pressmen have made an agreement with
the Terminal railway Whereby the com
pany will haul their goods. Solicitors
and teams will operate both here and in
Los Angeles.
At a meeting yesterday morning of the
Nineteenth Century club at the home of
Mrs. F. B, Wetherby, on South Madison
avenue, "American Art" was discussed.
Mrs. R. I. Rogers delivered an interest
ing paper illustrated with photographs.
Accounts of current events were read by
Mrs. W. E. Arthur and Mrs. H. L.
Lnomis "Ridley appeared before Justice
Merrlam this morning at ten oclock upon
the charge uf disturbing tbe peace of R.
B. Scott, his brother-in-law. Scott
lives on Garfield avenue. Loomla has
been living with Scott's family until
Scott recently notified him that he must
pay his board. Thereupon there was a
scuffle and later Ridley threw stones at
Scott's house. The defendant showed
his weak mlndedneSS on the stand by
crying when he gave his testimony.
Judge Merriam heard the evidence and
put i ff his decision until tomorrow.
G. B. Doughty, a young man 28 years
of age, enni" to this city from Portland,
Ore., recently where ho was in the hos
pital. His legs are bent under him at
the km c so that he walks on his knees,
He came down here in hopes that the
climate would benefit him. He has been
"ired fo r by the Salvation army and
J. A. Jacobs and wants work. He can
wash dishes and do such kind of work.
Any person wishing to help him may
communicate with Mrs. A. F. Keyes ot
66 South Los Robles avenue.
Paul Austin and Ray Bemls celebrated
their birthdays jointly yesterday after
noon at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L.
Bemis on Winona avenue with games,
music and refreshments. Those present
were: Edith McClure, Alice Mitchell.
Lulu Pearson, Mildred Allen, Went
worth Allen, Howard Smith, Carl Pear
son, Gilbert Pearson.
Jesse Showalter entertained friends nt
cards yesterday evening at his home on
South Pasadena avenue. The rooms and
table were beautifully decorated and
l.cht refreshments were served. Those
present were: Misss Lillian Spitzer.
Lulu Bristol, Alice Bristol, Sadie Natt,
Sadie McMurtry, Messrs. W. Frost.
Frank Cody, Fred Patten, Biristol, Hen
ry Patten.
A good sized audience attended the
Nashville Students' entertainment in
the tabernacle this afternoon at 3 oclock
under the auspices of the High School
Glee club. The public schools closed at
3 oclock in order that the pupils might
E. Brewster was arrested today for
leaving his horse standing unhitched
and was fined $5 by Recorder Rossiter.
Thursday of this week is Founder's
day at Throop Polytechnic. The exer
cises will consist of music and papers
by the students. The program begins at
10 a. m. and the public is invited.
A burglar entered the home of A. B.
Gould on North Raymond avenue Sun
day night, but was frightened away by
members of the household waking up
before he had secured any booty.
H. K. Gregory of Los Angeles visited
Fasadena yesterday.
S. Tyler went to Riverside today on
C. H. Jordan of San Francisco, is visit
ing his family on North Marengo ave
Dr. Grey of South Pasadena avenue is
recovering from a long and serious ill
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Glasscock enter
tained at dinner last evening.
Miss Emma Knox of Concord court
left this morning for Tennessee.
Mrs. Corona left this morning for
Ashfork. Ariz.
Mrs. Deal is a guest of her brother,
J. W. Hugus.
POMONA, Dec. 7.—(Regular Corre
spondence.) The city trustees met this
afternoon. The quarterly license ordi
nance was passed, which fixes the li
cense for mercantile businesses at $30
per quarter; no less than a quarter al
lowed; and a license of $1.50 per day
upon all peddlers of merchandise.
The city marshal, after a strong fight
against importing outside or "foreign"
dog catchers by Mayor Patterson, was
finally empowered to secure either home
or outside men to enforce the dog tax
ordinance by taking up all canines run
ning loose without the necessary tag.
The street sprinkling contract was
transferred from A. I. Etewart to Eaches
& Storment, G. A. Steff er and Lon Flem
ing appearing as their bondsmen.
A new deed of the ton acres from Judge
P. C. Flower to the city for park
purposes, was presented by Mayor Pat
The ladles of the W. C. T. U. have ar
ranged to serve meals for the Sunday
school convention delegates and others
during their session in Pomona in the
Bartlett building on Second street.
The wife of Rector Searles M. Wren
of this palish, is expected home this
evening. She was called away some
days ago by the death of a brother at
Santa Ana.
C. H. Marshall, for many years in
business in Pomona, has removed to
Los Angeles.
SANTA MONICA, Dec. 7.—(Regular
Correspondence.) The county veteri
nary surgeon, Dr. Morrison, was down
from Los Angeles today looking into the
strange malady with which many of the
dogs of this city are affected. The doc
tor says the disease Is not anything ln
the nature of hydrophobia, but a disease
common among dogs and not particu
larly dangerous.
The case of Mrs. Scotto against her
husband has come to a standstill. Scotto
I Is a Frenchman, who claims to have fal
len heir to an Immense estate in France,
some time ago, and who succeeded ln
borrowing several thousand dollars
toward proving his title to the property.
But nothing has been heard from France
for some time and in the meantime the
big Frenchman has been arrested and
brought to trial for disturbing the peace
of his wife with whom he has not been
on good terms since the news of the
fortune came. Mrs. Scotto wanted him
j put under bonds to keep the peace, but
now, It Is said, she Is trying to raise the
costs of the trial and have the case dis
missed. Should she be able to do so she
will swear to a complaint charging him
with assault with a deadly weapon and
the case will be taken to Los Angeles for
Mrs. M. A. Weber has sold her home
at 640 Third street and will shortly
leave for France.
The Good Templars will give a dime
social at the Witherow home on Ocean
avenue tomorrow evening.
The bazar held this afternoon at the
St. Augustine parish hall was a great
success ln every way.
CLEARWATER, Dec. 7.—(Regular
Correspondence.) The Masonic frater
nity had charge of the funeral services
of E. P. Atwnter, M. D., which were
conducted with dignity and impresslve
ness. A throng of friends followed the
remains to the grave.
L. Deal's funeral services were held
ln the church of the United Brethren
and some 500 or 600 hundred people at*
Evangelist J. R. Walker is holding
services In the church presided over by
Rev. H. P. Ingram. He is from the
Synodical Evangelistic society of the
Pacific coast. Services will continue this
Much grain Is being sowed, thus show
ing people's confidence in the rain to
The San Pedro harbor news is caus
ing a stir ln realty and many sales are
DOWNEY, Dec. 7.—(Regular Corre
spondence.) Road Overseer Rrookshlre
and a force of men are grading the road
leading to the New river bridge, south of
the railroad.
Rev. Kirkpatrick of the Cumberland
Presbyterian church is holding a series
of meetings in the town hall at Los Ala
The Christian Endeavor society will
give a ten-cent social on Friday even
ing In the hall over Renfro's drug store.
Henry Roemer has returned from a
trip to San Quentin, where he escorted
a prisoner.
Mrs. Wagstaff of Morencl, Ariz., is vis
iting her sister, Mrs. H. C. Roemer.
The Masons and A. O. U. W. have
elected officers for the ensuing year.
A cargo of lumber is being received
at the J. M. Griffith lumber yard.
ONTARIO, Dec. 7.—(Regular Corre
spondence.) Tramps raided Rothaer
mael's poultry yard yesterday afternoon
and captured a couple of gobblers, made
their way to the wind break, about a
mile east of town, slaughtered and
dressed the turkeys, placed their car
casses in a five gallon oil can, placed it
on the fire and were preparing a sumpt
ous supper. The turkeys were soon
missed and the hobos were trailed to
their camp. Constable Murphy was
notified and immediately proceeded to
the camp, captured the miscreants and
brought them, with the steaming can of
half-cooked turkeys, into the village.
A fire was started in the shadow of the
calaboose, the turkeys cooked and given
to the prisoners behind the bars. Mr.
Murphy proceeded to arrange for tak
ing the prisoners to the county jail in the
morning, but imagine his chagrin on his
appearance at the prison this morning,
to find nothing save the bare bones of
the turkeys. A section of the calaboose
had been removed, the prisoners had
escaped in the night and Ontario records
its first jail delivery.
Dr. R. H. Tremper Is confined to his
room with la grippe lind his son, R. H.
Tremper, Jr., is under the doctor's care
with intermittent fever.
Prof. Pierce, the artist, is whiling
away a few days among kindred spirits
in Los Angeles.
Charles A. Town of Duluth, Wiscon
sin, a congressman of great ability and
national prominence and chairman of
the National Silver Republican party,
has written a letter to T. J. Robinsin, a
prominent citizen and enthusiastic Sil
ver Republican of this place, from
which we are permitted to make the
following extract: "I anticipate great
pleasure from my visit to the Pacific
coast in February."
E. M. Murphy departed for Rands
burg to day on official business.
The real estate sales today aggregate
$6000. The property known as Mc-
Quigg's place was sold to Mr. Hanna
man, a new-comer, who will move into
the property tomorrow. Commissioner
Pease's home place and property in
North Ontario were also sold.
W. H. Mitchell has been stricken with
paralysis and It is the opinion of his
physician that he cannot recover.
Our mrechants are making great
preparations for an active holiday
lar Correspondence.) The work of the
horticultural commission this season
has been thoroughly done. The plan
is for the county to purchase the chem
icals for fumigating, furnish the tents,
of which the commission has 130, and the
other paraphernalia, have full control of
the business, and when an orchard is
fumigated the owner pays the men who
handled the plant and pays the commis
sion the value of the chemicals used at
cost to the county. There is no charge
for the use of the tents. The commis
sion collect ln every month, and so far
without loss or delay. In the report to
the board of supervisors presented to
day, they show that the cost for the past
month has been: Salary of commission
ers, SIM; salary of inspectors, $200.20;
cost of chemicals, $2067.24; other ex
penses, $132.46; making a total of
$2307.1)3. Of this there was paid back on
chemicals $2167.38. There were 300 acres
fumigated during the month, several
cars and considerable stock and several
orchards inspected. The amount of
chemicals purchased this season is
$52U5.12, divided as follows: For Septem
ber, $702.88; October, $708; November.
$1814.00; December, $2067.24. The receipts
from the use of the chemicals is as fol
lows: September, $660.33; October, $860.
--60; November, $2167.58, making a total
of $3688.51, and leaving a balance of
1 $1603.61, representing the chemicals now
on hand for use ln December.
Mrs. Martha Roberds died at the res
idence of her daughter, Mrs. J.C. Ralphs,
Saturday, leaving a family of eleven
children, seventy-one grandchildren and
forty-live great grandchildren, all of
whom, with but few exceptions still live
in this county. The deceased and her
husband came from Alabama to Califor
nia in 1848 and to this county In 1857, re
siding here and In Rlncon. Her hus
band died In 1880. Their children now
living are Mrs. Lodesky Prows, of Utah,
Mrs. Belle Williamson of Placervllle,
Mrs. Frances E. Van Leuven of Los
Angeles, W. B. Roberds of Corona, Mrs.
Catherine A. Van Leuven of San Ja
cinto, O. W. Roberds and Mrs. Lovlce
A. Ashcroft of Rincon, Mrs. A. B. Wise,
Mrs. J. C. Ralphs and R. T. Roberds
of this city. The deceased retired to
rest Saturday night as usual and was
found ln the morning apparently sleep
ing quietly, but It proved to be the sleep
of death. She was slightly over 80 years
of age at the time of her death.
It is evident that the Lytle Creek
Light and Power company means busi
ness, for a deed has just been filed from
J. N. Miller to the corporation for the
dam site at Miller's Narrows on Lytle
creek, and the right to erect a dam there
150 feet In height, ana also to take the
whole flow of the creek at that point,
both above and below the surface, to
gether with the right-of-way, material,
etc., for their canals and ditches. The
company already had a long tunnel well
under way, with work being done on It
going steadily forward.
A marriage license has been issued to
John Alexander Clark, aged 60, and LU
zle Amanda Nlckerson, aged 44, both na
tives of Maine and residents of Los An
The monthly meeting of the city board
of education Monday evening was most
harmonious, and it Is remarked that the
harmonious state pervades all the
schools—a decided change from former
years of late, when differences at head
quarters seemed to permeate the whole
school system. The salary of Janitor
William Godfrey of the Fourth street
school was raised from $25 to $30 per
month. The salary of the principal of
the same school. Miss Eulalia Allen, was
raised from $80 to $S5 per month on ac
count of adding to her duties the seventh
grade in addition to the eighth grade,
which are under her personal care in
addition to the general care of the en
tire school, one of the largest in the
city. It was ordered to take $100 from
the library fund for the purchase of sup
plementary reading books for the dif
ferent grades, which will be passed from
class to class and school to school for
use in addition to the regular readers.
The man who was robbed at the St.
Charles hotel Sunday morning has been
on a Jag ever since and had to be Jailed
Monday night. He has been "too full
for utterance" as to the particulars in
regard to the robbery, but a few days of
quietude may recall his scattered senses.
An interesting debate was held Mon
day evening at the Websters, on the
question of the annexation of Hawaii,
and some excellent arguments brought
out. The decision of the Judges wcs
unanimous against annexation.
SAN JACINTO.Dee. 7.—(Regular Cor
respondence.) Will Tinker and family
have moved to Hemet, where they will
reside, as Mr. Tinker and Frank Fowler
have leased the Hemet News.
H. D. Branson, deputy supreme presi
dent of the order of the Fraternal
Drotherhood, of Los Angeles has been
in town several days, organizing a lodge
in this city.
Miss Adah Coleman of Los Angeles
and Miss Idale Edmlnston of Riverside
spent Thanksgiving with Miss Anna
Noble of this place.
Ed Wasson will go to San Francisco
in a few days, whence he will go to
Klondike in the spring.
Mrs. Emma Kerr, widow of J. P. Kerr,
with her attorney, was in Riverside on
legal business this week.
The grading on the extension of the
railroad from this place to Lake View is
nearing completion.
Chief Engineer Perris of the Santa Fe
system and Col. L. P. Hansen have been
in town on their way to Lake View to
lay out the new depot grounds.
On Tuesday evening Rev. B. Cory of
Riverside will deliver his very Interest
ing lecture, "Paradise Lost and Re
gained," at the M. E. church of this
The ladies of the Episcopal guild will
hold their annual sale ln the guild hall
on Dec. Bth, 9th and 10th.
Elmer Gruell of Riverside was in town
Monday from his mines in the mount
SANTA ANA, Dec. 7.—(Regular Cor
respondence.) The city trustees met
last night in regular session. The sew
erage ordinance was read for the second
time and passed by a unanimous vote
and ordered published. Bids for furnish
ing sewer pipe were received as follows:
John McFadden, $350; S. Hill & Son,
$337.95; R. J. Andrews, $363.70; J. S. Hay
wood & Co., $360.10. John McFadden
was awarded the contract. The resolu
tion to open Garnsey street from Sixth
to Hickey was passed, the regular
monthly bills were audited and the board
The supervisors held a regular month
ly meeting today. A petition was re
ceived from tax payers ln Fullerton and
Placentia asking the board to open up
a road from Yorba through Placentia to
Ranchita. The supervisors will make
an inspection of the proposed road
Thursday. Several indigents were
granted help from the county. Dennis
Grady, a consumptive living at New
port, asked for fare to Arizona in hopes
the climate would benefit him. The mat
ter was referred to Chairman Nickey
with power to act. Numerous regular
monthly bills were allowed and audited.
At a regular drill of Company L last
night W. A. Greenleaf was promoted to
the position of first sergeant to fill the
vacancy created by the election of
Dean Johnson as first lieutenant, and
Corporal Brock was advanced to the
rank of sergeant. Barney Johnson will
succeed Brock as corporal. Major C. D.
Ball, who was recently commissioned
surgeon of the Seventh regiment, was
present and received congratulations,
and consulted with Captain Finley In
reference to tbe organization of a sanl
tary corps. After the drill plana wero
discussed tor the anniversary celebra
tion on January s.
J. Marlon Brooks of Los Angeles came
down today and applied to Judge Bal
lard for a writ of habeas corpus In the
cases of William and Mollis Wright, who
are ln jail, convicted of various crimes.
The writ was denied.
The officers of the Eastern Star, Her
moea chapter lodge, were Installed last
night, after which a sumptuous banquet
was served. Following are the newly in
stalled officers: W. M., Miss Sallle Pea
body; W. P., Dr. M. A. Menges; A. M„
Mrs. M. L. Dryer; secretary, Mrs. M. A.
Whldden; treasurer, Mrs. Lucretla Col
by; conductress, Miss Cecelia Cotter; as
sociate conductress. Miss Mary Wood;
Adah, M. K. Blsby; Ruth, Miss Pauline
Relnhaus; Esther, Mrs. Lillian Bishop;
Martha, Mrs. Anna True, Electra, Mrs.
Maud E. Bowers; warder, Mrs. Mar
garet Lane; sentinel, Mrs. MinervaCon
nell; chaplain, Mrs. Alice Haywood,
marshal!, Mrs. Mary West; organist,
Mrs. Mary L. Babley.
The third lecture of the high school
series will be given Friday night In
Nelll's hall by Dr. George W. White,
president of the University of Southern
California. Subject, "Victor Hugo."
J. E. Meyers of Tustln left today for
Fort Madison, la.
James Cody, a vag, was today sen
tenced to fifteen days In jail for begging.
The Fontana company of hypnotists
gave a very good entertainment last
night at the Grand. They are billed for
the entire week.
S. Carder Smith of Los Angeles is the
guest of his brother James T. Smith of
Santa Ana.
Frank Honeywell, editor and proprie
tor of the Commoner of Wichita, Kan.,
accompanied by his wife, visited Santa
Ana today.
Harry Grosky and John Sullivan, two
Insane hoboes, were taken to Highlands
today by Officers Mlsbaugh and Ulm.
ORANGE, Dec. 7.—(Regular Corre
spondence.) Miss Kate Parker of Los
Angeles Is expected at Orange the lat
ter part of this week to take her old
position as bookkeeper at Parker's
packing house.
The ladies of the Episcopal guild of
Orange are making arrangements to
have a sale of useful and ornamental
articles. It will be held next Tuesday,
the 14th instant. Refreshments will also
be served.
Mr. Gildmacher, one of the leading
young business men of Santa Ana, was
in Orange today.
Mr. H. A. Millar and family of Alpine,
South Dakota, are expected at Orange
next week. A carload of household ef
fects arrived today and were in charge
of George Millar. The family, who are
old friends of Dr. Ryer of Orange, will
take possession of the Ralrden range In
West Orange.
RIVERSIDE. Dec. 7.—(Regular Cor
respondence.) This city was the scene
of a bloody encounter late last night
which very nearly cost one man his life.
Two orange pickers named E. E. Pear
son and Moore became Involved ln a
quarrel over a game of pool and agreed
to repair to the outskirts of the city
to fight it out. Another man, a chum
of the men, named Ed Sylvester, went
along. As the men were about to fight
he essayed the role of peacemaker, and,
as usual, received two serious stabs for
his pains. When the men were about to
fight Moore discovered a knife In the
hands of Pearson, and at once started
to run, telling the crowd to look out for
him. It was at this juncture that Syl
vester attempted to stop the fight and
Pearson stabbed him once In the back,
the knife blade entering between the
shoulder blades and ranging up towards
the neck, a distance of eight inches, and
again in the left arm, cutting the flesh
and muscles to the bone. Pearson, who
wielded the knife, made his escape in
the darkness. Sylvester was taken to the
receiving hospital, where his wounds
were dressed. He Is In a precarious
condition today, but the physician thinks
he will recover.
The second trial of J. F. MUner, the
man who Is charged with killing S. J.
Darrah, at Snow Creek last September,
was called in the superior court this
morning, and the whole day was con
sumed in trying to get a jury. The
publicity given the case since the first
trial has made It hard to get Jurymen.
The prosecution is being conducted by
District Attorney Gill and Col. Bledsoe,
and Milner is being defended by J. G.
North and Hon. Tom Fitch. The trial
of the case is expected to consume a week
or more.
Jim Marchant, a prominent mining
man of the Cahuilla mining district, is
in the city, having arrived today. Mar
chant brought clown with him a quantity
of fine ore which he has taken out of a
new ledge, which he has Just located.
He reports the weather cold ln the dis
trict, but prospecting active.
Canton Riverside, I. O. O. F., is ar
ranging a social reception for its friends
among the Odd Fellows. The event will
take place on the evening of Dec. 20th.
Sim Dew of this city has been ap
pointed local agent of the Standard Oil
company for this city and San Bernar
dino, to take the place recently vacated
by A. H. Starke of San Bernardino.
Arrangements for the poultry show,
which is billed to begin Thursday morn
ing, are about all completed, and the
books of the secretary show that about
400 prize birds will be on exhibition.
Sunnyside lodge, K. of P., has elected
the following officers: P. L. Lord, C. C.;
S. D. Pelton, V. C; Fred Worsley, pre
late; C. R. Stibbins, K. of R. and S.; G.
H. Bfown, M. of F.; E. E. Miller, M. of
E.; Steve Noland, M. at A.; Ray Jessup,
I. G.; J. C. Little, O. G.; A. S. White,
trustee, and Dr. V. W. Stiles, M. of W.
The Southern Pacific company has be
gun the work of grading for the new
line for the motor road north of First
Btreet. The Grant Brothers are doing
the work, and a large force of teams
and men are making the dirt fly. Patrons
of the company are anxious to see the
new line completed, as they are prom
ised a better and more modern service
when It Is. The same old cars and en
gines which were first put on the motor
line are still used and they are ancient
and uncomfortable.
Charles Briggs, the well-known miner,
who was here yesterday, Is authority
for the statement that work will soon
be resumed on the big mine near El
sinore owned by P .Martin.
About 65,000 boxes of oranges have
been shipped from here this season to
date. This is about 180 carloads. The
work still goes on and the shipments are
about twelve cars a day now. Tha fruit
is pretty well 'colored and the navel
I variety Is fretting somewhat sweet.
VENTURA, Dec. 7.—(Regular Corre
spondence.) At the municipal election
held on Monday, the sth Inet., the follow
ing officers were elected; Town marshal,
J. M. Kaiser; town clerk, J. F. Newby;
town trustees, A. Badgley, J. 8. Collins,
W. L. Lewis, Selwyn L. Shaw, R. C.
Sudden; library trustees, N. Blackstock.
P. W. Kauffman. E. Shtlllngsburg. J. B.
Wagner, J. A. Walker. The vote for re
organisation was carried by a majority
of the votes cast, but in the opinion of
some prominent attorneys nothing has
been accomplished, as It will require a
majority of the entire vote of the munic
ipality Instead of simply a majority of
the votes cast. It Is also asserted that
the election for reorganisation Is void,
Inasmuch as a special election for this
purpose should have been called Instead
of making It a part of the regular town
election, as was the case. In any event,
the outcome of the matter Is In doubt,
and will probably be carried to the
courts for final disposition.
Considerable Influence was brought
Into play In the interest of certain can
didates, and more especially was this
noticeable In Precinct No. 8, the hotbed
of the Spanish element, which by long
custom has become manifestly suscepti
ble to the insidious artlfloes of the
"push." and this class was herded to the
polls and voted by the mechanical
process to which it has become accus
Town Clerk Newby, at the expiration
of the term to which he has Just been
elected, will have served the corporation
twenty-two consecutive years, and the
large majority given him Monday only
attests the record he haß made as a pro
ficient and accommodating officer.
The grand Jury for 1897 was sworn ln
Tuesday morning, and consists of the
following citizens: E. S. Thacher. fore
man: W. B. Dudley, W. H. Granger. J.
Maulhardt, Thomas Gould, W. A. Bone
stel, G. W. Goode, Joseph Roth, E. B.
Williams, Jr., Thomas Bell, H. M. Wal
ker, W. E. Goodyear, J. F. Hubbard, S.
Meyrstein. Charles I. Thacker, W. H.
Layne, J. B. Kelsey, G. G. Crane, W. H.
A. Thompson.
The regular monthly session of the
board of supervisors is now ln progress.
It Is rumored that a stormy meeting will
be had sometime during the week, as
petitions for and against the building
of the proposed Santa Clara river bridge
for which a special tax was levied and
paid, will be presented, and the matter
of allowing the claims of the Ventura
Souvenir Democrat and the Southwest
ern Callfornlan for advertising copies
will again come up for discussion.
Work on the Colonla beet sugar fac
tory is progressing as rapidly as possi
ble. Mr. Leonhardt, the foundation
contractor, has several teams nt work
hauling gravel and rock, and will put
several more on this week. Work on
the foundation will be begun as soon as
the plans and alterations arrive front
New York, which will-only he a matter
of a few days. Great difficulty is being
experienced ln procuring the necessary
right of way from Montalvo to the fac
tory site for the proposed railroad, and
It will be necessary to condemn at least
four pieces of property falling In the
line of this road. Papers for these suits
Messrs. Toland & Andrews, attorneys
for the Oxnards, are having prepared by
the attorneys for the Southern Pacific,
as soon as these are drawn up suits will
be commenced immediately. In the
meantime it Is very probable that a tem
porary track will be laid in front of
these particular strips of lands so that
work on the factory buildings will not
be unnecessarily retarded by reason of
a lack of railway facilities to the fac
A petition addressed to Superintendent
Curtis of the Southern Pacific Railroad
company, asking for the reinstatement
of Thomas Galvln as section boss at
this point, was circulated and quite ex
tensively signed by our business men.
Mr. Galvln has been stationed at Ven
tura for the past ten years, and It is
claimed that his removal was owing to
influences brought to bear upon the road
master of this division by the A. P. A.
Thomas Oalvin has a clean record for
honesty, sobriety and strict attention to
duty, and If his religious sentiments were
the cause of his discharge from the em
ploy of the railroad it Is to be hoped that
this gross injustice to him will be re
paired as soon as the facts become
known to those in authority.
The four Chinese laborers whose de
sire it Is to visit their native land and
return to the United States were today,
with their witnesses, before Chinese In
spector J. D. Putnam and Notary Eastln
and made the necessary oath concerning
their respective possession of $1000 or Its
equivalent In property or debts due from
solvent creditors. They were subjected
to a very searching examination, and
if any loopholes shall be found of which
advantage con be taken It will not be
resultant of the lack of vlgtl on the part
of Inspector Putnam, who is a careful
and painstaking officer. It is unlikely
that they will experience any trouble ln
carrying out their wishes, as the report
of the inspector was favorable. It is
stated that several more will soon make
application to be permitted to visit the
land of their birth and return to the
United States, in conformity with the
treaty between China and the United
States, which was ratified on December
7, 1594.
SAN DIEGO, Dec. 7.—(Regular Cor
respondence.) At the meeting of the
city council last night U. S. Grant, jr.;
and others, representing a special com
mittee of the chamber of commerce,
made application for a railroad franchise
through the city. The petitioners state
that If the franchise Is granted they will
commence construction on the road not
later than January 1,1899, and complete
the work, so far as the city is interested,
In one year. It Is given out this morn
ing that the committee has been in com
munication with parties relative to the
building of a railroad from here to the
Colorado river, and have received such
encouragement as to Justify them ln
asking for a franchise through the city.
At the regular monthly meeting of the
board of education last night the super
intendent's report showed that the at
tendance during the month of November
was 3116 in all schools ln the city, and
the financial report showed that the
school expenses for this year were 124,
--487, as against 127,621 last year.
Battery D, Third regiment of heavy
artillery, U. S. A, arrived Saturday night
on the steamer Santa Rosa, in command
of Captain C. Humphreys. The men re
-— — < ; '
rellsf from oos to two <to«j, and «lmo«t Invariably
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Prescriptions carefully compounded a*>
er nlgbc
mained on the ateamer all night, and]
yesterday were taken to their new quar
leavlng last night Company H, In corn
tors at the barracks. By the steamer
mand of Captain Parker, took Its de
parture for San Francisco, and from
: there will go to Angel island.
The Garrettson Investment company,
has tiled articles of incorporation, with si
capital stock of $150,000, and la sub
scribed by members of the family.
The regular monthly count of the mon
ey on hand with the county treasurer
was made this morning, when $234,437.8(
was accounted for, or 2 cents more than
required by the auditor's books.
Vincent Llucla, who had been a resN
dent of this county for the past 29 years,
died yesterday at his home at Old Town,
and was buried this afternoon ln tha
Catholic cemetery.
The estate of the late H. W. Gould has
been'appralsed at $68,824.35, of which $64,4
000 consists ln real estate ln this city.
U. S. Grant, jr., yesterday purchased)
a choice residence site ln this City, BXhf
100 feet, for $6000.
George Cwetta, aged 20, whose parents
reside at Oceanslde, was sent to tha
county hospital yesterday to recoves
from an attack of mental aberration.
SANTA BARBARA, Dec. 7.—(Regulafj
Correspondence.) R. A. Lang, general
secretary of the T. M. C. A., has re
signed, and at a meeting of the board,
of directors last night the resignation
was accepted. No successor has yet
been selected.
The T. M. C. A. has leased the trolley
line for December 21st and will put In'
young lady condctors. The receipts will
be for the benefit of the asosclatyon.
! An Impossible Task
aas> «i _ Tin... <Im*»4> eVAIf W SI SI—I
Mrs. Brown—Why don't you keeja
your husband from scorching;?
Mrs. Black —I can't. He Is dead.
Entries for Next Sunday's Coursing
Matches Now Open
Entries for next Sunday's coursing
matches at Agricultural park are now
open and will be received by the secre
tary at No. 143 South Broadway until
Thursday evening, when the drawing _
takes place. Entrance fee, 21.50, with
liberal purse added. Entrance fee must
accompany the nomination. Entries
open to all. Address all communica
tions to the secretary, 143 South Broad
way. All information furnished on re
quest. No dogs allowed on the ground
except those entered ln the racet. Free)
admission to park for owner and handles
of each dog. Tickets furnished by sea*
rotary at time entries are filed.

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