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»ss Regan Regards Con
ductors Suspiciously
John Charters and D. Ellsworth Par
ties to a Mixed-Up Transaction.
Constable Sued by Brewers
Isabella Regan, a powerfully built
young woman, who gave her age as 26,
"Was committed to the Highland insane
asylum yesterday by Judge Smith. Miss
Regan is a native of Canada, but has
been in the United States for many
years. She is erratic only on one subject,
but as she has a bad temper when roused
and the strength of a giantess, that one
subject might lead to an inquest at any
time, and consequently Judge Smith
and Drs. Wills and Ainsworth thought It
best to send her to the asylum.
The woman was quite self-possessed
while being examined. She olalmed that
a conductor on a University car had in
sulted her on the 21st by saying. "There
goes a notorious thief." She then went
to tha power house at Seventh street and
Grand avenue to lodge a complaint and
punched a oonductor named Frank L.
Anderson in the face because she
thought that he had laughed at her. In
fact, she believed herself to be the vic
tim of a conspiracy of street car con
ductors In this city, and the only motive
she could ascribe for the persecution was
that she had once been accused of
stealing $100 worth of goods from some
olergyman there, although the charge
was groundless, and, she said Impres
sively: "Slander travels faster than
fire." She admitted having been arrest
ed in Oakland for insanity by a police
man and confined In the Stockton asy
lum. However, at that time she had with
her a brother who secured her release ln
three days' time. Unfortunately he has
since then gone to the Klondike.
Miss Regan pleaded not to be sent to
the asylum. Judge Smith told her how
much better It would be for her to have
the care, medloal attendance, good nurs
ing and quiet which would soon restore
her mentally.
"Why, my dear madam," said the
court, in his paternal way, "think of it.
You will have flowers ln the garden, mu
sic in the parlor and numerous other
things to make you comfortable. What
more would you want?"
"Oh, not much," said the demented
young woman, "not much. You just go
and enjoy the flowers and music your
self and let me stay free!"
Pasadena and Santa Monica Lines
Under One Management
Articles of Incorporation of the Los
Angeles-Pacific Railway company were
filed yesterday in the county clerk's
office. It is formed for the purpose of
consolidating the property and fran
chises of the two corporations known as
the Pasadena and Pacific Railway com
pany of Arizona and the Pasadena and
Pacific Railway company of California,
and to construct and operate electric
railway tracks from Los Angeles to
Santo Monica,with branch lines running
to Hollywood, Laurel canyon, South
Santa Monica, Santa Monica canyon
and Soldiers' Home, with an estimated
length for the whole system of 100 miles.
The board of directors is composed of
E. P. Clark, Wm. D. Larrabee, Warren
Gillelen, Milton E. Hammond, J. H.
Spires, R. F. Jones, A. I. Smith, T. C.
Paxton, J. M. Copes, M. H. Sherman, B.
N. Pratt, W.C. Durgin and John D. Pope.
The principal place of business is in this
The capital stock Is $1,000,000, divided
into 10,000 shares,and is fully subscribed,
Wm. M. Buffum, trustee, holding 9,935
Shares. Milton E. Hammond, treasurer
of the new company says that $100,000
Of the amount subscribed has been ac
tually paid to him by the subscribers.
New Suits
The Pacific States Savings, Loan and
Building company yesterday sued the
estate of Hose A. Smith, deceased, to
foreclose a mortgage for $669.
E. J. Rehfuss sued Mrs. Q. V. Taylor
to recover $312.50 on a contract.
Petitions for letters of administration
were filed: To the estate of Sarah J.
Rowley, value $300; to the estate of John
E. Meserve, value $560.
Emma L. Packard, executrix, sued A.
L. Woolsey to recover $887.67 on two
Pascual Marques sued C. M. de Mosla
and others to quiet title to a lot in block
82, Ord's survey.
A petition for letters of administration
to the estate of M. It. de Marquez, valued
at $1000, was filed.
Mixed Up Transaction
John Charters commenced a suit In the
township Justice court In October to re
cover from D. Ellsworth $52.30 as house
rent. It went by default for the full
amount and costs. Now Ellsworth has
applied to the superior court for a writ
enjoining Charters from enforcing the
Highest Honors—World's Fair,
Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair.
A Pure Qrape Cream of Tartar Powder.
Judgment, on the ground that Ellsworth
did not answer the suit in the justice's
court, because Charters had promised
to dismiss It on condition that the tenant
should turn over to the landlord a shed
built by the former and also give him
$30 as soon as convenient. Ellsworth
says he turned over the shed, but falls
to mention whether he has found it con
venient yet to pay the $30.
Brewers Sue a Constable
Maler & Zobelein, the brewers, have
commenced an action against Constable
Yonkin of the township court to recover
$1500 and costs. They allege that the de
fendant took possession of the saloon
situated at 634 South Spring street,
belonging to them, in the month of Oc
tober, and thereby caused them damage
in the sum prayed for.
Pined for Selling Liquors
Mrs. P. Elsenbaum was fined $16 yes
terday by Township Justice Young,
which she paid. She pleaded guilty a
couple of days ago to having sold liquor
without a license at San Gabriel.
Court Notes
W. R. Andrews of San Diego was yes
terday admitted to practice in the circuit
court, on motion of Judge J. D. Works.
Justice Morrison Handles the Usual
Crowd of Petty Offenders
Justice Morrison yesterday disposed
of the following cases: Ah Sam, charged
with keeping a lottery joint, was dis
charged, since no complaint had been
filed. Ah Lay and Ah Sing were fined
$20 or twenty days ln Jail for selling the
festive lottery ticket. Jerry Collins, Dan
McCue, Catarino Soto, and Archie Mc
carty, everyday drunks, received the
usual $3 or three days, and A. Klrten,
whose Jag was embellished with trim
mings, was mulcted to the tune of five
days, sentence being suspended, how
ever, on account of previous good be
havior. J. Bowers, James Gordon, Har
ry Hastings and J. Wright, gentlemen of
leisure, without visible means of sub
sistence, otherwise known as "vags,"
each received fifteen days In Jail; Wm.
Downey and Henry Bradley, with the
same penchant for doing nothing, but in
a more aggravated form, received twen
ty days; and James Anderson, who was
merely ln unfortunate circumstances,
and had no place to lay his head, was let
off with ten days. Billy Pertins and W.
H. Schwerlnger, each possessed of un
governable tempers, were charged $5
and $10 each, respectively, for disturb
ing the peace of the good people of the
state of California, and John Trainer,
who was arrested with an unquenchable
thirst, jumped his ball of $5, which was
forfeited to swell the coffers of the city.
Frank Eastman, against whom were
placed two charges, one of battery and
the other of assault to kill, will remain
in suspense on the first charge until Jan
uary 5, the latter charge having been
dismissed. The case of Arthur Dow, de
scribed as having disturbed the peace,
was continued until January 5.
Fred G. Hughes of Tucson Going Back
There in a Sheriff's Custody
Sheriff R. N. Leatherwood of Tucson
was a guest at the Hollenbeck yester
day, having in his charge Fred G.
Hughes, late clerk of the board of su
pervisors of Pima county, who abscond
ed a couple of months ago with $3000, the
funds of the Pioneer society of Arizona,
of which he was the treasurer.
Hughes first went to Sonora, but the
governor of Arizona would not sign ex
tradition papers and Hughes, although
he expressed his willingness to return to
Tucson, escaped from Sonora and made
his way to Randsburg, Kern county.
Here he was arrested by a constable to
whom he admitted his identity and con
veyed to Bakersfleld, where Sheriff
Leatherwood found him. It Is claimed
that since Hughes departed from Ari
zona a number of defalcations, aggre
gating $5000, have been discovered in his
books in the supervisor's office. As
Leatherwood and Hughes are old friends
the sheriff did not think It proper to sub
ject his ex-colleague to the Indignity of
a day in the city jail.
Marriage Licenses
James P. Tyler, 37, Switzerland, and
Cora M. Gates, 22, New York, residents
of this city.
Charles H. Coffman, 28, California, and
Jennie B. Matney, 21, Kansas, residents
of Azusa.
Albert T. Gomer, 23, California, and
Margaret C. Bencher, 23, Pennsylvania,
residents of this city.
Lester L. Cline, 30, Arkansas, resident
of Redondo, and Willie A. Banks, 23,
California, a resident of Calabasas.
George J. Larsen* 32, Norway, a resi
dent of Lamanda Park, and Tillie Olsen,
21, Norway, a resident of lowa.
John Turk, 27, Connecticut, and Lillian
E. Fleming, 24, Indiana, residents of
John Cabos, 20, Texas, and Daisy B.
Cheesebrough, 16, California, residents
of this city.
Rudolph Schutte, 31, and Anna Vogel,
19, natives of Switzerland and residents
of this city.
Joseph R. Ritch, 35, Alabama, and
Elizabeth F. Metzger, 22, Illinois, resi
dents of this city.
C. E. Brooks, 44, Indiana, and Mabel
N. Todd, 28, lowa, residents of Pasa
Arthur M. Jones, 38, England, and
Flora A. Shaw, 18, California, residents
of Toluca.
Sigma Chis Entertain
The Sigma Chis of Alpha Upsilon
chapter, situated at the University of
Southern California, tendered a very
pleasant informal party to their lady
friends on Thursday evening at South
Gate hall, Thirtieth and Main streets.
After an hour at progressive whist, in
which Miss Frazier and Mr. Garrett won
the prizes, the evening was spent In
dancing. Those present were Mmes.
Van Clove and Bradley, Misses Cook,
M. Martin, Hawley, Hitt, N. Martin,
Phelps, Frazier, Arnold, Beale, Creas
inger, Messrs. H. Martin, Thomson,
Scott, Christy, Jones, Garrett, Lloyd, A.
O. Martin, Tebbetts, Hiller, Moulton,
Myers, Bradley, Van Cleve.
The Supervisors
The board of supervisors yesterday
rescinded its action in awarding the
contract for groceries for the county
farm during 1898 to M. E. Frankel.
Contractor Frank Hannon was grant
ed a week's extension to finish the grad
ing of the Wilmington and San Pedro
The contract and bond of George L.
Bannister to keep court house. clocks
clean and in running order for $75 yearly
was approved.
Ike Royal is the highest grade baking powSer
known. Actual tests shew it «oe« one
third farther Urns say other brsotf.
Absolutely Pure
soyim. -AKwa nowoin oa,, mm teSßj
They Will Be Liberated at Santa
Monica—Protected by Law
Until Harch, 1899
W. R. Steams, a representative of the
state board of fish commissioners, ar
rived here yesterday with two coops of
Mongolian pheasants which are to be
liberated in this part of the state. Each
of the coops contained five pairs of
birds. One of them is for this county
while the other was sent to San Diego.
A third coop was left at Fresno by Mr.
Steams on his way south, and the birds
It contains will be liberated there.
The pheasants were secured by the
fish commission from Oregon and a large
number of them are to be distributed
throughout the state. Those sent to Los
Angeles county are to be liberated near
Santa Monica, but they cannot be hunt
ed at once. The law of the state pro
tects them until March, 1899, by which
time it is expected that they will have
increased in numbers so that they may
be hunted without danger of extermina
The pheasant Is distinctly a prairie
bird and Is seldom found in or about tim
ber. They like the tall grasses, ferns,
stubble fields and low bushes and are
great favorites with the sportsmen. The
plumage of the cock almost rivals that
of the pea-fowl in beauty. His prevail
ing colors are gold and bronze with
touches of black. He has a clear white
ring about the neck. The head and up
per part of the neck is of a bluish green
or changeable shade similar to that of
the mallard duck.
The penalty for shooting these pheas
ants before the protection which the law
now provides for them is removed, Is
very severe. If the sportsmen of the
county will combine and prosecute all
persons who may violate this law by the
spring of 1899 there will be almost as
many pheasants in this county as there
are now quail.
Williams and His Wife Break Loose
and Raise a Row
H. J. Williams is engaged In the groc
ery business on the corner of East First
and Dacotah street, but has a great
weakness for looking) on the wine when
it is red. To add to the pity of the thing
his wife takes after her wayward hus
band and the combination Is a strong
one, to say the least.
When these fits of gaiety strike the
Williams family business and its at
tendant worries can go to Halifax. For
some weeks past the two have been on
a protracted "tear," and in consequence
their more peace abiding neighbors have
had little or no sleep. They complained
to Officer Flfleld of the disturbance ln
the midst of their order loving commun
ity and that worthy proceeded to abate
the nuisance. He swore to a warrant
charging John Doe and Jane Doe Wil
liams with maliciously disturbing the
peace of their neighborhood, and as a
result yanked them into the police sta
tion about half-past five yesterday af
ternoon, and that Is why the grocery
store of H. J. Williams & Co. will be
closed on New Year.
Causes Excitement in the Neighbor
hood of the East Side Reservoir
James Buckley is a young man whose
motto is evidently something about
cleanliness being next to Godliness. With
an excess of zeal, however, he decided
that the zanja connected with the res
ervoir at the junction of Downey ave
nue and Mission road would be a good
location to take a bath. Either he over
looked the fact, however, or else he de
liberately didn't care, that a path around
his impromptu bathroom is frequently
used by the female residents of that
community in passing from their own to
their neighbors' houses. The vigilant
Sergeant McKeag, however, noticed tho
alarmed appearance of a number of
passing women and proceeded to investi
gate. He finally found the midwinter
bather in an entirely nude condition
splashing the crystal waters over his
dusty frame with evident relish. And
now James will bathe at the city's ex
An Exciting Fire at a New Year's
A telephone alarm at 8 oclock last night
called out the fire department to the
residence of C. J. Lee at 555 North Bonnie
Brae street. The blaze originated from
the decorations on a Christmas tree,
which fired some surrounding drapery
and communicated the llames to the
woodwork. The loss is estimated at
about $150. The blaze was extinguished
with the aid of the chemical engine.
Walter Tilton, Aged 15, Is Well
Known to the Police
Despite his innocent demeanor, Walter
Tilton, aged iitteen, is a mighty hard
case. Although a mere boy, he has al
ready served one term of 90 days for
petty larceny, and one of 30 days for
being drunk. Last night he was gath
ered in by the ever watchful Bob Stew
art, the negro policeman, with a nominal
I Happy.. |
! New Year LJ= jj
J z>- And Many Returns*—^; — \
i J I
V We wish our thousands of patrons and friends a prosperous year, abundant arveits and
a flourishing business. We open the new year with wonderful bargain givlii. Tomor- k
row's papers will have the news. J *J
*■ S
r The Annual White Fair / . £
The Stupendous Overcoat Values /
Jt The Clearance of Woman's Wrapk 2
j The Reduction Shoe Sale / 3
The Embroidery Sensation
The Dress Fabric Marvel j
£ The Boys' Suit Offering I X
\f Thousands of New Year's bargains have been prepared, but not one tf them aside from
|f the seven prominent sales can get even a mention in tomorrow's paper- w
J We will start the year at a record breaking pace. Redoubled Inergy and Honest f
V Dealing yoked side by side. Particulars tomorrow. A
'Till then, au rev»'r. v-
charge of begging against his name. It
Is somewhat doubtful, however, if a com
plaint will be filed against him since the
complaining party, a lady, refused to
give her name. Officer Stewart was
notified a day or so ago that the boy had
been begging In the neighborhood of
Sixth and Main streets, and a number of
small articles had disappeared from
some of the residences in that section
at which the boy had called almost regu
larly. The arrest was made merely as
a gentle reminder, and Walter will ln
all likelihood be turned loose this morn
Gives an Obstinate Wagon a Good
Send Off
A large two-horse van belonging to the
O: K. Transfer company was the source
of some annoyance to a motormon on a
University car yesterday afternoon, on
South Spring street, the driver refusing,
according to the story told by the pas
sengers on the car, to move oft the
tracks. After blocking the way fornbout
half a block, the motorman pressed the
button and things began to fly. At
Fourth and Spring streets one of the
horses slipped and fell, the car mean
while pursuing its devastating career.
Officer Redfern's timely arrival, how
ever, soon put a stop to what looked like
a one-sided fight, and the indignant mo
torman reluctantly turned off the juice.
Henry Stevens Gives de Gang de
Henry Stevens was formerly a 15-day
man on the chain gang, but once again
breathes the air of freedom. Instead of
waiting, however, for the tedious process
of the law to effect his release, he shook
the dust of the East Side dump from his
shoes and departed from his evil asso
ciates on Thursday afternoon. He has
not yet been rearrested.
Y. M. C. A. Lyceum
At the last regular meeting of the Y.
M. C. A. debating lyceum held Monday
evening, the following officers were
elected: President, Theo. L. Syvertson;
vice president, Robt. W. Watson; sec
retary, Lorln A. Swan; treasurer, Wm.
H. Gubser; critic, Abner B. Strubel;
club attorney, Herbert W. Smith; club
reporter, G. Edwin Alderson; sergeant
at-arms, Wm. Porter; chairman pro
gram committee, Geo. J. Oden.
The lyceum accepted a challenge from
the high school lyceum for a Joint de
bate to take place in the near future.
A Light Sentence
Dennis Field, the individual ln the
possession of a monstrous Jag,'who made
things lively for Detective Hawley and
Deputy Constable Tom Qulnn Thurs
day night in a North Main street drug
store, was sentenced to pay a fine of $20
or spend twenty days ln Jail yesterday
morning by Justice Morrison. The sen
tence is eyed askance by the police, as
they had considerable trouble with
Field, who was excessively violent, over -
turning a number of bottles ln his strug
gles and otherwise creating a disturb
Browne's New Lamp Heater
Warms up quick; odorless and cheap.
Headquarters, 123 E. Fourth.
Latest styles wall paper at A. A. Eck
strom's, 324 South Spring street.
Library Attendants Present Miss
Ross With a Handsome Ring
Miss Nellie Ross, who has for the nast
eight years been a faithful and compe
tent attendant ln the public library, will
go to Pasadena Monday where she will
act as assistant librarian until April,
when she will assume charge there. As
a testimonial of their regard and a part
ing token, the other attendants in the
library presented Miss Ross with a
handsome ring, an opal surrounded with
diamonds. Mrs. Wadlelgh made a vary
graceful and apt little presentation
speech yesterday afternoon, Just after 5
oclock, when the whole library force
gathered in the board room for that pur
pose. Miss Ross takes with her to her
new home cordial good wishes from a
large number of friends.
Neat Compliment to the Jonathans
Colonel F. D. Black has extended the
courtesies of Agricultural park to the
members of the Jonathan club for the
great New Year's coursing meet, and
there will probably be a large turnout.
Members of the club can secure their
tickets at No. 143 South Broadway.
Ready for Electrical Work
William Lundberg, who has been 111 at
home for three weeks past, is able to
resume his business again and will be
pleased to have his friends and patrons
call on him as before at his place of
business, 449 South Broadway.
Tournament of Roses at Pasadena
Saturday, January Ist; procession forms
at 10:30 a. m. Santa Fe trains leave La
Grande station 7:35 a. m., 9:00 a. m., 9:50
a. m., 10:00 a. m. Returning, trains leave
Pasadena at 2:00 p. m., 5:50 p. m. Round
trip, 25 cents.
* . *■
Baggage Notice
Brlght's Special Delivery checks baggage
to all points. One trunk, 35c; round trip,
50c. 401 S. Broadway, chamber commerce
"Brown's Bronchial Troches" are of
great service ln subduing Hoarseness and
Coughs. Sold only in boxes. Avoid imi
Wall paper, late styles, low prices, at
A. A. Eckstrom's. 324 South Spring street.
Onr Home Brew
Maler & Zobeleln's lager, fresh from their
brewery, on draught ln all the principal
saloons; delivered promptly In bottles or
kegs. Office and brewery, 440 Allso street;
telephone 91.
Hawley, King & Co., cor. Fifth st and
Broadway, agents genuine Columbus Bug
gy company buggies and Victor bicycles.
Largest variety Concord business wagons
and top delivery wagons. Hawley, King
A Co.
Agents Victor, Keating,World and March
bicycles. Hawley, King & Co.
Everything on wheels. Hawley, King &
Co.. corner Fifth street and Broadway.
GARRETT—In this city, December 31,1887,
at his late residence, 1238 West Seventh
street, John Garrett, a native of Eng
land, aged 66 years.
Notice of funeral later. New York Her
ald please copy.
Oa (be PacMla CwlTw*! Dlsiasn at I flB
men Mir hrS
We seemvery aruaraatse to ctu Varicocele. Pnesand t D JtSgß
Wuptur. hi ooa **ek. Any far ef Weakens *> sU ta mWlmmWk. WMIM
•«»■ U10.,J Taints, atrteaara 4 Vut» and Chraalc ItV jQEkr
Dischargee a ituJaHs. To mmm gsod nrfth WHM lrTsT
We will not ask for a dollar tig
until we ore you.
We mean t*> aajpoatieslly >d Is tor evtrysedy. JFC WK
We occupy ma entire Wtlla ; arr» bejldlsf; wHk *M VRTIB EOT Ilk i
awit i.Kpletely aeulooed o«k»»l kosansf of New BT JtV
York far tha eceOfuuxxUuoe g»« »« r>m paileots and sf£*3 k \X 7 .jfl eTOw-4
others wtshtor ta isauk hi tbslty ihrrlsf trsaymtot, saVA X latS tVYtVI
cb*f-rtslt>«rir»»r*d. flvrtg furl 'ffiSffi TOj N. -2fX\
Cor. 3d & Main Sts-Los Angetes.Cal. ' >
, >■
when other.Fail comui D r , 8 Co.'s World Dispensary
123 SOUTH MAIN STREKT. The oldest Dispensary on th*
/ —Coa«t—established 25 years. In all private diseases of mam
[ (jaffs *vA C ATA RRH a specialty. We cure the worst casea in two or three
\fl * months. Special surgeon Irom San Francisco Dispensary ln oou-
V ftT'K " \\ l stent attendance. Examination with microscope, including en-
I'flkV A \ 1 oij sis, FREE TO EVERYBODY. The poor treated free from 10 to
.sJyk- \J, x *z&Z. 12 Fridays. Our long experience enables us to treat the worst
/ "LiS /f* i \»*\». cases ol secret or private diseases with ABSOLUTS CERTAINTY
/ n arm* 1 OF SUCCESS No matter what your trouble Is, come and talk
\f,fl It « iPWi m. with us: you will not regret it. Cure guaranteed tor Wasting
<L!&j!jL£ Dr>,n '' UndB "'°^ or ' tn ''^
"Where Summr Holds Full Sway"
... Santa Catalina Island ....
Three and one-half hare from Los Angeles, Cal. A summer and winter resort without a conn,
teroart on the Americn eontlnent. Urandest mountain stage road ln the west, Famous ash
ing and hunting grands Wild goats, quail and doves In thousands. Ulass bottom boat,
Open-Ith.yaar. Eoond-tripservlo.dally
except Sunday, leavir So. Pacific and Terminal depots. Aweiea, tor San Pedro » a.ru. anfj
»H6 a.m. respecUyelj BANNING CO.. Agents, 228 C Bprlng St. Los Angeles. UaL
1 The Herild I
(Publishing Co. 1
I Pui~ I
| Will pc one 50 lb. |
i sack o Orange Brand |
[Flour o each person I
who ays one year's 1
subscrption to The §
Herad in advance. j|
V jfft li 1 Main Street.
p tf!vate Disease*
Twenty Years
New York Specialists
DUe.se. of Meil Oilly
Garland Stoves and Ranges
"The World's Best"
Michigan Stoves and Ranges
Always Dependable
Next In Quality to "QailaiicJ?"
Great —
[ Lamp Sale...
Crystal Palace - - IUJVt^
Perry, Mott & Co.'a
Lumber Yard . *
316 Commercial Street.. Let Asgele*. Ui

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