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Chronicled on paaW ß , 0, 7 and. 10
Forecast: Fair; (light northerly
winds. •
The familiar hallucination of an in
sane woman. I
Mayor Snyder at viork on his an
nual message.
Electric roads consolidate to facil
itate business.
Mongolian pheasant are liberated
near Santa Monica.
Sports of today on arlous fields;
football, baseball and c ursing.
Eeeael held for the lanta Monies
robbery; more about Vo. ceman Webb.
Advancement of the Wilroads dur
ing the past si xmonthx-'"' tern tour
ists arrive.
Downey averue pr - Ted to
ths council without ! •■ 'latTon
by the board on public \is.
EVBNIS 01 il\Y
Los Angeles —''A I.!*- Whits
Bur bank—"Shadows ot| a Great
Coursing, Agriculture rvk~10:oK)
a. m.
Tournament of Roses, Ileo ; -
11 a. m.
Baseball, Los Angeles vs. San
Diego, Fiesta park—fi p. m.
Coursing, grounds Southen Cali
fornia Coursing association—l a. in.
TEMPERATURE—Report ct or* ,'atl'.n»
taken at Los Angeles, Dei .Tin
barometer Is reduced t se» l«
l vel I
7 \i
. irr
Maximum temperature. M
* ' Minimum temperature, 48.
Indications for Southern California l<Vir
Saturday; light northerly wind?.
Read the Trinidad Rubber ompaly's
notice on this page.
Goulet champagne. Woollac agrl i
184 North Spring street.
Call Tel. Main 848 for or. ul a :
Kregelo A Bresee. Sixth and B ...d« ,
Robert Sharp & Co., funeral tllrectofk
Til and 763 S. Spring st. Tel. Main lua
Great reductions in all department; -,
The Broadway Department Store's gre r\
sale Monday. '
, Watches cleaned, 75 cants; main
springs, 50 cents; crystals, 10 cenu.
Fatton, 214 South Broadway.
Great sale at The Broadway Dtpart
ment Store Monday at 8:30 a. m. Com
and save money on every purchase.
The Broadway Department Store is
\ closed today. Monday at 8:80 the great
sale commences. Prices all cut to
pieces. -
. Adams Bros., dentists, 239H South
Spring street. Plates from 14: Pan
less extracting, 60 cents. Filling a
specialty. Hours, 8 to 6; Sundays, 10
' to 11
Dr. Rebecca Lee Dorsey, Stimso i
block, first floor, rooms 133, 134, 13.'
Special attention given to obstetrical
cases and all diseases of women ann
i children. Electricity scientifically used.
Consultation hours, 1 to 5. Tel-1887.
During this week the balance of stock
retna...lng at 125 South Spring street,
consisting of pictures, frames, easels and
all kinds of holiday novelties will be
sold regardless of former prices. Here
Is an opportunity for rare bargains.
Fruit Exchange Movement
■\ Mr. A. R. Sprague, organiser of the
. < deciduous fruit exchange, is just back
from attending farmers' institutes at
Corona and Riverside. He reports that
they were both very successful, with
large audiences thoroughly Interested in
the work.
Each place heartily endorses the ex
change movement and will proceed at
once to organize local associations. The
movement is gathering headway and
gives promise of entire success. The
Monday afternoon session at the farm
ers' club convention will be devoted
wholly to this subject. The railroad
rates of one and one-third fare are not
dependent upon the number present.
B. Peres Braid, a wealthy English min
ing man ot Rial to, is in the city on busi
H. H. Shufeldt, a prominent .business
man of Chicago, is In town, with his
Col. M. Churchill, the well-known iron
founder of Pittsburg, Is in the city from
F. Frestas of Los Angeles was a guest
at the Grand Union hotel, New York,
Thursday last. 1
L George M. Blttle, the well-known cattle
owner of Helena, Mont., is in Los An
geles for the winter.
and Mrs. W. L. Standlsh and Miss
Ethel Standlsh of Pittsburg, Pa., are in
Los Angeles for tbe winter.
At the Van Nuys
i *» bln ' Mta » Sabln, San
Franolsoo; O. O. Peters. Boston; W. K.
4 ' w,fe> »u«f*lo. N. V.; J.
w. Kline, Philadelphia; J. N. Zlegenfuss,
•as,iFranolseo; W. Williams. New Bruns-
SMwin i n 'i F -^ W - Matthewson, Ventura;
52ih?rf - w ra s b = ry ' H ' MhOlloray, Santa
»arbara; W. E. Pruett and family, Crlp
n C^ a ki l 'J L,btrt Bmlth ' New York;
°' u '' N « w York city; Mrs. Rlch
ara J. Haill, maid and children, Santa
r^p;',/. 0 Mlchel ' Chas. Camp.
oHr* MeOrecor, Hartford. Kas;
«w 1? i ' .°* Alamltps; W. T. Chrlatol
her, Colorado Springs; Jul'a O'Connor
•*vV o • Oeo ! a W » . M v Balrd ' Newcastle?
wyo., »co. a. Batehelor, Boston- H 8
XeUer, San o/c" fflllson il*:
Is Walking unknown
A pretty fair S-room two-story house
m Ruth avenue. This pmcZonM £
used by' two families. The price Is flTes*
and youWn buy tor a small cash nsj*
■sent and lis a month, it wuT*wt»r ,
■ ■ r"
I —
The Santa Monica Case
Threshed Over
, j !*•
Another Peculiar Transaction In
Which Webb Is Implicated.
Another Arrest May Result
1 The preliminary examination of As
i bury Feesell on a charge of grand lar
ceny was held yesterday before Justice
Guldlnger at Santa Monica and resulted
in the defendant being held over to the
superior court for trial. ..During, the
course of the hearing some very damag
■ ins evidence was brought out against
Deputy City Marshal Willard Webb,
I who is charged with having received a
bribe from Feezell.
The examination was set for 10 oclock,
1 but owing to the failure of the district
attorney to have a representative on
■ hand before 11:30 oclock the proceedings
were delayed an hour and a half. As
soon as the defendant was brought Into
court he was Joined by Attorney Morgan
and Policeman Webb and the three held
a private conversation In one corner of
i the room for some minutes.
! Deputy District Attorney Williams
j conducted the prosecution and Attorney
Morgan has been employed by Feezell
o look after the defense.
Louie Turner, a trusty at the county
i Jail, was the first witness called. He
'■■ stifled to having seen the note written
by Feesell to Emmett In which it.was
t'ti ted that Webb had received $100 and
hn i promised to get the complaints
aga Inst the two dismissed. The witness
that while In the same cell with
' -ell, after the tatter's arrest on the
new complaint filed by Emmett, Feezell
had ■said to him that he didn't see why
Enimett had done as he had after every
thii had been fixed up with Webb so
thui. l oth would get out of the scrape.
Att rney Morgan objected to the tes
tlmony on the ground that the evidence
j while olng to place Webb In a bad light
: did not show Feezell's guilt. The court
ruled mat the evidence was admissible,
ras the drcumstances under which the
\ statements were made indicated guilt on
V h par: of Feezell.
-I Will "'.fcFadden, also a trusty at the
.1 uunty jail, testified that Feezell had
it ild him that he had given Webb $100 to
-\>h i n. it of the scrape and that every
\ ~ i ' been all fixed when Emmett
I'd gone back on him. A letter written
, I the < nty Jail by Will Emmett to
\i Retell and which was found on Fee
persoa after his second arrest was
il ns an exhibit. It was Jhe answer
i'lttei L this letter which Webb is
.' Ofiirged wuh having Induced Emmett to
* *rr up, threatening him with his ln
j ffW.ce to I ep him in jail if he did not
cViily. The letter runs as follows:
, y A«bury Feesett: Sin Writemeanote
an! ill nha 'ent that stuff up to you and
JI SJ I' mi what happened to you before you
■ lefty ...tn il inlca. Just write on a oard
l an i\»y wha< you told Webb and the old i
. mm \ <f you vill tell John that you took .
j tho:V, a aim*', to give it bock, he won't
pushv.e asr .'hen It comes up for trial.
Ye t y it to tie him-that you are only 17
j years! i, and il you do get olnched you
I can tnlif. Whlttier, school. '
t Wli A»e go op for trial you want to
i t«H 'h* thai 1 am innocent and that you I
to •'. tht money, or they will get me for
it too. If you tell them that you took It
If \ wii let me go, and I can go back and
*iten.-l tl jp
■"■Write la d curd and tell me what you
told Wei* or the i Id man concerning the
»< ■ "■■ j|l Uli ms who sent that stuff
up tn void and ell about it. When we go
to ': ,ul yii wan! to tell them the straight
of i. JolL won't prosecute you if you
dor tell I. truth of the matter. I will
ha\' to teaar to the truth and. prove It
on you anW-ay, and that will go harder i
With you: lut 1 tiiu't give you away If
you will i leVr me. If you don't I will fix
you plenty.! What in the hell did you
come back lir Friday nightt Write me
a car l and All me all about it Don't be
afraid to wrle mo a -tote and tell me all
about what An told r ebb. Louie Turner
and me are <s\ ,tng together. This fellow
Is O.IC. that Dam goli.g to send this note
by. Answer M and r nd It back by this
man, \ <.7ILL EMMETT.
Emmet sta •-• iin the afternoon
and gave pra<j'i tally the same account
of the affair as W has all along, but was
much hampered in siviftf his testimony
by a - severe hon-tencss.
Ex-Police man We i ■■ testimony, re
ferred to his connectk n with the case,
but nothing of importance was brought
Emmett's father testified that Feezell
had acknowledge' to him that he took
the money, and that FeeatH said that if
he would)send Spark* to l.im, he (Feezell)
would gtVc thr- money ba k.
Judge Morgan then moved for a dis
missal of the caw , on the grounds that
the evidence was not sufficient to show
that any robbery hud be. it committed.
Judge Guidlngi r, hovever held Feezell
to appear bi fo • tne 9UPi ., or court.
Slnoe the recent charges have been
made against Webb, infurmatloh of
other shady transactions in which he
hoe been Implicated hai' < on 9 to the sur
face. On the night of December 19th
Officer Frank Lee arrested an old sol
dier named Truman E. Bart a member
of Company n at theiSoidiers' home, for
intoxication. He wsvsj placed ia the little
Jail and See le'( a not*, for Webb, inform
ing him of t natnru of the offense.
When the deputy malshai id Hart in
Jail the follov-inn mdrning :ie told him
that he could l<- released if he would put 1
up |5 bail money.
Hart said yet terdayf "I dfn not have
the money, but I borrof ,-cd it fin Henry
Aiken, the cigar deals! on Uti' avenue, 1
and gave it to Webb inKike?, 3 w'esence. 1
He said ai Inoourt, '
but could let the*jAiy default, after
I had put up Th.it is the
last I heard of tjxWlsVr u> i. vester- .
day, when I -Mo., ?a. I .
taw Webb and.*-* <» It he wan going
M me. I '
don't know* "\*ZS9 '"leapt i j iHat."
After refoe stanFrd, y* ebb nev .„ „ ,
ns* nvts.4 from since shl luijU< . c We Ui*
ique last Monday, heavilj|. t there
Itaffordi isa Milwaukee boiloV What he- i
am is C. D» Ross. \ J
came of the moneys Perhaps Webb can
The Telephone Company Commencing
to Lay Its Cable
Small mobs of people gathered on the
corners and in the street yesterday af
ternoon while some men were busily en
gaged In lowering a long section of lead
pipe from a large reel into various holes
on Broadway and Spring street. Every
body wondered what it was, and they
"guessed" and they "reckoned" and they
bluffed and a few knew.
One of the latter turned with a large
scorn to two men—who were contem
plating the pipe disappearing into the
aperture, and incidentally discussing
whether or not It might be gas-pipe—and
said: "That is the new telephone cable;
It is to go underground after this and
the poles are to come down."
The men nodded their heads slowly
and tried to appear as if they understood
all about It, and one, who looked as if he
seldom enjoyed a lucid interval, re
marked: "Oh, yes, I see! They run it
down that hole and then round the city
through the sewers." Several bystand
ers fainted on the spot.
While the underground cable is not
gflng to "run through the sewers," it
will be placed in the conduit as faaTas
It reaches here from the east, and as
soon as is practicable the poles will be
removed and everything will be under
ground. This lead tubing holds 204 wires,
each wholly protected with paper insu
lation; and being Insulated and twissvd
there will be none of the difficulty that
is so frequently experienced when the
wires run parallel from the poles as they
do now—that of being obliged to hear
what other people are saying who ore
talking over separate wires but are nev
ertheless audible.
Will Take the Chamber of Commerce
Directors to Pasadena
Sixteen of the directors of the chamber
of commerce are to attend the tourna
ment of roses at Pasadena today in fine
style. A big English tallyho with heavy
red wheels, belonging to the Tallyho
stables, has been completely covered
with red holly, trimmed with smllax.
On each side of the coach are the letters
C. of C. in smllax on a ground of holly.
The coach will be drawn by six white
horses, whose harness will be wrapped
in red. Four men worked all day yester
day on the decorations, and the directors
will come back this afternoon with a
banner, without doubt.
Exhibits for the farmers institute are
fast arriving. Firu ranch, Plru City,
sends a display of Washington Navel
oranges, grape fruit, pomquots and
olives on the branch. A. O. Holmes sends
in Bellflower, Winesap, Winter Pear
main and Stone's Eureka apples. Glen
dale will make a display of citrus fruit*,
olives, strawberries and raspberries. Ca
huenga will also display winter vegeta
bles, peas, beans, tomatoes, pineapples,
etc. The chamb'" of commerce of Or
ange county will add to its display or
anges, lemons, nuts, apples, grain and
Gave a Musical Entertainment and
Ball Last Night
Masonic hall was well filled last even
ing when the Scottish Thistle club gave
a musical and literary entertainment
and ball. Grosser's orchestra was in
attendance and furnished the opening
selection on the program and the music
for dancing.
Chieftain. Frank G. Flnlayson, 'in all
the glory'of the Scotch regalia, made a
short address, in which he explained why
the last day of the year belongs especial
ly to Scotchmen, and then he made a
graceful host and introduced the other
contributors to too evening's entertain
Mr. Wren was not able to appear and
Mr. Porter sang in his place, and his
choice was "Annie Laurie." Miss Jennie
Winston, Mrs. Wyatt, the Misses Gra
ham and Mr. Clarke all sang, Messrs.
Thomson and Mac Donald played the
bagpipes and Master Willie Cllne danced
the fling. The evening was enjoyable
and a success in every way.
Won't Prevent Work at the Govern-
ment Plant
WASHINGTON, Dec. 81.—It Is as
certained at the Navy Department that
a of the Patent Office experts
recently submitted in the matter of the
patents for Harveylzed armor plate may
result in the withholding of payment of
further royalties on plate furnished by
large steel companies. The question sub
mitted by Secretary Long to the Patent
Office was whether the employment of
a temperature above' that of cast iron
is an essential feature of the Harvey
patents, and the experts reached the
conclusion that such heat was an essen
tial feature of the device. The Navy
Department armor plate experts are of
the opinion that the highest temperature
is not essential to the obtaining of the
most hardened plates. The use of tem
peratures not quite so h(gh as that cov
ered by the Harvey process is not re
garded as an Infringement of the Har
vey patents.
Realized on the Old First Presbyterian
Church in the New
The Rev. Burt Estes Howard, when
asked last evening what probable effect
the supreme court's decision would have
on the First Presbyterian church, stated
that he was not prepared to say; that
he had heard nothing of it Until Judge
McKinley telephone! him of the decision
and that he had seen none of the trustees
of the church since.
When asked what use had been mado
of the money that had been paid for the
old church property, Mr. Howard stated
that all of it, and more, had gone fhto
the church property on Flgu roa street,
except a small amount which had been
used to settle an old indebtedness out
standing against the old church.
• » »
Salvation Army Wins
The voting contest at the Owl drug
store, to determine which ot the charit
able institutions of the city should re
ceive the $100 offered by that company,
resulted In a victory for the Salvation
army. The votes were counted by rep
resentatives ol) The Herald, Express and
Times. The plurality of th* Salvation
army was 63. After the award the army
band serenaded the company.
Miss Lansinjg late of the Fraw
loy company, ln Los Angeles.
Oeerge B. Comtek of Dublin, Ireland,
la la ta»«uy en sTinp.
fickleness/of the Los Angeles public In
the support of the drama is by this time
a well-established fact, but one thing
: can always be reckoned upon with cer
tainty, which is, that a nonsense show
Of Hoytlan manufacture will Invariably
draw a large attendance. This was the
case last night, when "A Milk-White
Flag" was presented to one of the biggest
houses of the season.
The piece has been seen here before,
but, except In the case of some of the
costumes, It shows no signs of wear. The
specialties, which keep such affairs alive,
were all well done and some of them were
The satire upon the home soldiery, with
its love of uniforms, titles and decora
tions, parade and brass bands, is Just as
, clever as ever, and even the Imputation
of cowardice, which Is carried through
the three acts and finds Its climax in the
presentation of the white flag to the
regiment, Is tolerated good-naturedly by
the audience, and always has been
laughed at, although it is a pretty deep
The element of Incongruity is recog
nized as the chief moving cause of
laughter; therefore, In treating of death,
corpses, coffins, undertakers and burials,
all.in a comic way, the Hoyt play is a
huge success. The audience laughed to
its heart's content last night, and, really,
when once reconciled to the peculiarly
ghastly nature of the topic chosen, it
was easy to laugh at jokes upon "stiffs"
on Ice, and even to cackle at the con
cluding joke on the militia, that, as their
supposed corpse had turned out to be
alive, they should celebrate the discov
ery by a "grand resurrection ball."
Lansing Rowan, as the widow, looked
charmingly and gave all the importance
to her part that it demanded. Mary
Marble, as the juvenile daughter of the
widow, did some capital baby specialties
and likewise some of the dude music hall
songs. She is a clever little actress and
full of life. Her acts in the show keep it
The men In the company are all up to
a fair average, and some of them are
much better. Altogether, it is a well
balanced company for the purpose In
tended and makes a few hours go very
pleasantly. The girls are numerous,
shapely, and inclined, whenever the
principals will let them, to take a part
in the proceedings with right good will.
The piece will be repeated at the mat
inee today and again at night.
Louis James on Sunday night in
♦ -f ♦
the Sam T. Shaw company changed Its
bill to "Shadows of a Great City." The
change' was not all that could be de
sired. The action of the melodrama was
slow, and the players failed to arouse
the sympathies of their audience to any
great extent through five long acts. The
scenes in the piece are laid tn and about
New York, and include, among others,
a pawnbroker's shop and the prison on
Blackwell's island.
Sam T. Shaw made a manly sailor, but
did not make the decided hit In this part
that he did earlier in the week. Al. H.
Hallett made a good Jew, and W. H. de
Vaul made a sufficiently "tough" part
out of the sneak thief. If H. W. Gilbert
would strive for clearer articulation, a
better idea of his conception of his part
might be gained. Birdie de Vaul made a
pretty and effective Helen Standi** and
won the sympathy of her auditors In her
defense of her lover. As Biddy Roman,
Nellie Maine Shaw made the hit of the
evening. She is the spark that keeps alive
the fire of the piece. The balance of the
cast was conscientiously filled. "Shad
ows of a Great City" will be repeated to
night and tomorrow, with the usual
All the Mines Show Largely Increased
WASHINGTON, Dec. 31.—The Direc
tor of the Mint, from information now
at hand, says that there is substantial
evidence that the world's product for the
calendar year of 1897 will approximate,
if not exceed, $240,000,000, an increase of
nearly 20 per cent over 1896.
The gold product of the United States
for 1896 was $53,100,000; for 1897 it will ap
promimate $61,500,000, an increase of
The production of Africa for 1896 was
$44,400,000, returns received up to Dec.
Ist, 1897, indicate that the gold product
of that country for the year 1897 will be
$58,000,000, an increase of $13,600,000.
Australasia, for 1896, $45,200,000; for
1897, the indications are that it will not
be less than $51,000,000, ah increase of
Mexico, for 1896, $8,330,000; for 1897
estimated at $10,000,000, an Increase of
The Dominion of Canada, for 1896, $2,
--800,000; estimated for 1897, $7,500,000, an
Increase of $4,700,000.
India's product for 1897 is esimated at
$7,500,000, an increase of $1,400,000 over
Russia's gold product for 1896 was $21,
--550,000; for 1897, estimates to approxi
mate $25,000,000, an Increase of $3,600,
The Indications for the United States ,
are that Colorado will lead in the pro
duction of gold for 1897, as it is estimated
that the product will be not less than
$20,000,000. California will follow with a
product of probably $19,000,000. With
the exception of the South Appalachian
range, It is" bellevecTthat there will be an
increase in every producing State and
Territory of the gold product over that
of 1896.
Won't Use Patronage to Buy Official
BALTIMORE, Deo. 31.—Governor
Lowndes has withdrawn from the Sen
atorial contest. He says: "This decision
I have reached after considering the
circumstances surrounding my nomina
tion by the Republican party for the
office I now hold and the circumstances
under which I was elected. I shall not
conceal the fact that I have an ambi
tion to represent my State in the Senate
of the United states and I have so pub
licly expressed myself. But I wish it
distinctly understood that it was never
my intention, as has been insinuated,
to use my office as Governor of the State
la the manner which has been attributed
to me. I believe that if I desired to use
the patronage of my office to make myself
tbe Senator from Maryland, it could be
dosua I think those who know me feel
Happy New Year...
To you. We have made provision
for your happiness the eatlre year.
Call Monday and get one of our nice
Diary Calendars Free.
Closed Today . . ,
I Strictly Reliable f
Consult us. Fit and comfort assured. W
At Half Price ■ ■ ■
A Splendid Variety of
Pflpkfjp's 246 s * BroaiiwaY
Near Public Library
The largest, aiosl varied and most complete
stock of Books west of Chicago.
Head Offices, Los Angeles, Cel.
... Estates In Mexico
Capital stock, »1 00,000 Shares, f 100 Eaoh
THE ATTENTION of investors is directed to
the proposed work of this corporation in
the production of the India Kubber of
commerce. Its books are now open to tbe
public for subscriptions to ttock. Among the
resident stockholders and incorporators may
be mentioned the names of A. Haas, R. w.
0 Molveny, Wm. H. Allen. Jr., J. F. sartorl, M.
i*i Newmark, Mauilce 8. Hellman, O. F. Brant,
Wm J Brodrick, Albert c. Jones, J. C. Harvey
and others. The company solicits an Investi
gation of Its purposes* bet evinx it will demon
strate a profitable return to investors.
Apply to J. C. Harvey for prospectus and
detailed Information, Room 16, Title Insurance
and Trust Co. Bldg.. cor. Franklin and New
High streets, Los Angeles, Cal.
®SX9 <B®»®®®®®^
(ft St 000 will be paid to anyone who can <§
» prove that any substitutes lor malt or (•)
(ft hops are used In the manufacture of <S
V . . PRIMA DEER . . ©
n Best and Purest Beverage on Earth. S
B Drink San Dlego'a famous beers, <£
1 Prima and Pilsener $
2 Made by the San Diego Brewing Co gj
* For sale in Los Angeles ia ft)
® kegs or bottles at A
I Zens & Wacb, 407 Turner St. 1
that rather than gratify my desire to
be Senato" from Maryland by the pros
titution o*. the office I hold for my per
sonal advancement, I would resign It
tomorrow and never again enter public
Governor Lowndes was asked. what
his ideas were regarding the Senatorial
situation and what would be the effect
of his withdrawal. He said: "Judge
McComas has a strong following. He
has eminent qualifications for repre
senting Maryland in the Senate."
Currency Discussion
NEW YORK, Dec. 31.—A complimen
tary dinner was given last night at the
Metropolitan Hotel by J. Poster Pea
body of this city to the members of the
Indianapolis Monetary Commission.
This commission was appointed by the
convention of business men at Indian
apolis to investigate the financial sys
tem of the country and to prepare a
scheme of reform to be submitted to Con
gress. It is said that the plan of Secre
tary Gage was discussed and in the main
approved. L. A. Garrett of California
was among the guests.
The Lebanon Fire
NASHVILLE, Term., Dec. 81.—A Are.
originating in the bakery of Price &
Wilson In Lebanon, thirty miles from
Nashville, at midnight, destroyed eight
of tbe principal business houses In the
town. The losses agregate $75,000; fully
"I was not expected to live with kidney dis.
ease. Microbe Killer certainly cured me. It
Is almost miraculous."—H. C. DYER, 227 W.
Canton St,, Boston, Mass.
John Eesver, Stockholm, N. V., and A
Coggshall. New London, 0., osn also tell of
kidney cures. And there are hundreds of
Drugs and poison fail.
Microbe Killer never fails.
Complete proofs ancf sample
free. Bottle $Ij gallon $3.
Transportation paid to points without an Agent
Call on or address I. H. Blaqgs, Sole Agent
2155. Broadway, Los Angeles, Cal.
Ely's Cream Balm B^JIJrJI
contains no cocaine, • y -4irs^BßM
morcury nor any other "^sfssß
It It quickly Absorbed. ■ U
Gives Relief at once. |
P«s»gct M **Crt| f| lh HE A Is
Allays laflanunaOou. VWIaW * nsaftU
Reals and IVoteato .;tta MenUyeae. Restorsstae
Ansa* of Taste as* sawD. Fall Use Me. j Trial
J Grand
I Wind-up
i Of Our Great . . .
| Retiring j
j: Business I j
| Sale I
I o 1 ■ "—o I
I By Order of the Trustees
!| Everything Must be 1
1 Closed Out Immediately, I
Either in Bulk or at Retail J
o —o I
| MONDAY; January 3, at 12 o'clock j
| Store Closed in the meantime while over
| hauling our stock and marking down prices
I to figures that will represent the most
I gigantic reductions ever known anywhere.
I Those of Our Patrons Having
j Book Accounts arc urgently requested j |
if to call at once and settle their balances.
~ I
Store to Let and I
Fixtures for Sale |j
Auction . .
RHOADES & REED will sell the
FURNITURE at Residence, 318
West 15th, THURSDAY, Janu
ary 6th, 1898, at 10 a.m.
One Upright Flano, oak case, with stool; Piano
Lamp, Oak Book Case, Center Tables, Oak
Chiffonier, with mirror; French Mirror, on
bird's eye maple easel; Brle-a-Brac, Hall Rack,
Oak Sideboard, Extension Tablea and Dining
Chain; other Pining Room and Kitchen Fur
niture, Oak and Cherry Bedroom Suites, Mat
tresses and Bedding, Singer Sewing Machine,
Point Lace and Silk Curtains and Portieres.
Ben 0. Rhoades,
Office-857 S. Spring
Rhoades & Reed Will Sell
at Their Salesrooms . .
L 5K 5 s 5 , 9 Wednesday, Jan. 5
10 a.nv a Complete Line
Household Furniture
Somprlsing Bed Room Suits, Mattresses, Bed
inn, Chairs, Rookera, Stands, Dining Room
and Kitchen Furniture, Carpets, Rugs, Cur
tains, etc., several cigar and show case...
BEN O. RHOADES, Auctioneer.
Baker iron Works
We to MO Buena Vista Street,
Adjoining AP. Orounda. Tat 124
I yolrleyes ;
Z Are Cared For When Fitted Here Z
X *************** *
X Delany's Crystal Lenses, no better Z
f made at any price; d> f A A t
X a pair.. «?I>UU 2
X Solid Gold Frames; t»| 50 Z
• Nickel JCn Z
• Frames LoQ e>
I I guarantee my lenses three years and X
J give your eyes a thorough examination *
X free.
% J. P. Delany |
:Graduate New York Op thalmlo *
College, . *
X*-«-*o** »♦♦♦♦♦♦« •»♦)♦)»*)♦•»-^
Druggist and Ch«ml»t
222 N. Main Street, Los Angeles
Prescriptions carefully compounded day of
night. '
The Gem
S»l S. Spring •fc^^^"'
Will give with each 15-cent BraaJt
f ast a Morning Herald free, Weisjo*.
Tbe Bott Mml ¥§* trip* $ft^%

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