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A Graceful Tribute
The following; clipping from the Nash
ville American under the heading "A
Dainty Belle is Hiss Emeleen Bate
Childs" will prove of interest to Mrs.
Ozro W. Childs' largo circle of friends:
"There is a belle gracing society at
present who enjoys tho distinction of not
only being the very prettiest of fair ones,
but the youngest. This winsome one is
Just E years old, and her name is Miss
Emeleen Bate Childs. She comes from
far-awaj' Los Angeles, Cal., and seldom
has a little lady created so much inter
est or admiration. Wherever she ap
pears, on the streets or in the drawing
room, adulation is hers. Emeleen is
tho blue-eyed, golden-haired little
daughter of Mrs. O. W. Childs, whom ev
ery one admired in Tennessee as Susanne
Bate, the youngest daughter of Senator
Bate. Mrs. Childs is the same charming
woman and with her constant little com
panion has been a most delightful acqui
sition to society. Mrs. Childs is a social
leader in her western home, which ex
tends her popularity now ail over the
country. Besides Emeleen's pretty
baby face, her frocks are the admiration
of the women. When she is calling she
ls attired in a white silk coat with a
very broad collar of ermine fur. From
under a Marie Antoinette poke bonnet
of white silk and ostrich plumes peeps
out the pretty face. She wears white
corduroy leggins and white kid gloves
and carries a very dear little muff of
ermine. Her shopping costume is equal
ly as attractive. The coat is golden
brown silk, with a broad collar of Honi
ton lace. The poke bonnet is of brown
velvet, trimmed in bows of blue ribbon.
Which match her eyes. With this she
wears a very handsome set of stone
martin furs, and a dress of white muil
nnd lace over blue silk."
Johnson Dancing Party
Mrs. Katherine Johnson entertained
With a delightful dancing party at her
residence on Orange street Friday even
ing. Mrs. Johnson assisted her daughter
ln receiving. The decorations, which
were very effective, were of smilax.
poinsettias, masses of scarlet geraniums
and pink carnations, with broad pink
eatin ribbons. In the spacious ball
room Lowinsky's orchestra furnished
delightful music, and elaborate refresh
ments were served. The guests were:
Mr. and Mrs. Ezra T. Stlmson, Mr. and
Mrs. W. T. Holliday, Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
AVest, Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Bundrem, Mr.
and Mrs. Fred Johnson, Mr. and Mrs.
Jack Jevne, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Braly.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard D. Sale, Mr. aiid
Mrs. Easton, Mr. and Mrs. Valentine,
Mr. and Mrs. Barker, Mr. and Mrs.
Workman, The Misses Genevieve Smith,
Sara Innes, May Cobleigh, Florence
Jones, Lila Fairchild, Helen Fairchlld,
Gertrude Johnson. Dorothy Wellborn,
Lillian Wellborn, Ada Patterson, Eliz
abeth Shanklanc], Eleanor Tuttle. Bessie
Bonsai], Sarah Goodrich, Charlotte
Miller, Birdie Chanslor, Luetic Daniels,
Lou Winder, May Weldon of San Fran
cisco, Onie Howell of Oakland, McQueen
of Montgomery, Ala.; Eleanor Pattee,
Annie Fay and Dahl of Chicago. Messrs.
Richard Dickinson, Robert Rowan, W.
H. Garland, Fred Flint, Walter Chans
lor, Carroll Allen, H. S. Williams, Chas.
Henderson, Horace Henderson, Warren
Carhart, Felix Notman, Fred Hender
son, Robert Carhart, Gay Lewis, Wol
ters, Barnwell, Dick, Easton, Slauson,
Bohun and Calvert.
Eucher Party
Mrs. J. Ross Clark entertained with a
euchre party Tuesday afternoon at hi r
residence on South Grand avenue, In
honor of Mrs. Frank E. Corbett of Butte,
Mont., and Miss Jane Bowman of
Brownsville, Pa. The first prize, a cut
glass powder box with silver cover, was
iwon by Miss Ida Works; the second, a
silver bonbon spoon, by Miss Goodrich,
and the consolation, a bisque figure, by
Mrs. A. 11. Braly. A luncheon, served
under the direction of Reynolds, fol
lowed the games. The decorations were
cf pink carnations, bows of satin rib
bon and garlands of smilax. Those pres
ent besides the guests of honor were
Mesdames A. 11. Busch, Mark ii. Lewis,
L. D. Sale, Arthur 11. Braly. Jack Jevne,
H. G. Bundrem, J. W. Jauch, W. B.
Barnes, E. R. Kellam, Paul Martin, Fred
A. Hines; Misses Botsford, Florence Si
lent, May Howell, McQueen, Nellie
Houghton, Lizzie Houghton, Onie How
ell of Oakland, Bessie Bonsall, Mildred
Glass, Jennie Glass, Maude Masac, Holt,
Katherine Johnson, Dahl, Belle Baker,
Flora Howes, Myrtle Brotherton, Helen
Kemper, Florence Jones, Helen Smith,
May Darling, Eliza. Bonsall. Sara Good
rich, Dorothy Wellborn, Lillian Well
born, Gertrude Johnson, Carrie Waddl
lovc, Lila Fairchild, Helen Fairchild,
Harriet Smith, Ivy Schroder. Susanne
Easton, Marie Mullen, Ida Works. Laura
Works, Charlotte Miller, Marie Lewis of
Eatavlu, N, V.; Tuttle, Eleanor Tuttle
and Gertrude Gooding.
Monday Musical Club
The Monday Musical club and a num
ber of other friends were delightfully en
tertained by Mrs. W. F. Botsford Mon
day afternoon at her residence on An
geleno Heights. The rooms were deco
rated with carnations, ferns, violets and
hyacinths. The program included a trio
for 'cello, violin and piano, "Gypsy
Rondo," Haydn, by Mr. Modini-Wood,
Miss Mary Mulllne and Mrs. W. D. Lar
rabee; vocal solos, "Thy Beaming Byes,"
E. A. MacDowell, and "The Black Bird."
V. Harris, by Miss Jennie Winston; flute
Bolos, "Scherzo," David, "Visions,"
Terschak, by W. H. Mend: vocal solos,
"Protestations." Nevln, and "My Hear;
Is Thy Home," Abt, by Mr. Modini-
Wood; quartet for violin, flute, 'cello and
piano, "Serenade." Tit tl. Miss Muillns,
Mr. Mead, Mr. Modini-Wood and Mis.
Larrabee; vocal solos, "Waltz," Vanzo
nl, nnd "My Dream of You," Paul Rod
ney, by Mrs. Modini-Wood, with quartet
►ceompanimcnt; contralto solos, "When
Love Is Done," Lynes, and "My Little
U>ve," Hawley, Mrs. J. J. Schallert; pi
mo solo by Miss Blanche Rogers; BO
nrano solo, "To Be Sung On the Water,"
jnd "Sweet Repose," Schumann, by Mil
\nnic Shepard. Mrs. Botsford close
:ho program by playing the "Intermei
so" from "Cavalleria Rusticana.'accon
wanted by the Regina music box. Tf
ruests, in addition to the club member
,vere Mesdames Jaro yon Schmidt. E. 1
Jenny Kempton, E. T. Earl, Fre
V. Ilines, Ira O. Smith, Corbett of Moi
tana, J. Ross Clark, Schneider of l'asa
lena, Misses Florence Jones, Klokk
Catherine Johnson, Messrs. Modlnl
(VbOd, W. H, Mead. O. T. Johnson. Fre
lohnson, Stafford. Kirchner, Custer <
Chicago. Bryant, M. L. Wicks, ft. Mill-;
if Pasadena. J. li. Miller of Pasadeßl
[iockharti Knecht, Inaea, John Miller i
Beveridge Reception
Ex-Governor and Mrs. John L. Bever
dge entertained with a reception ThurS
lay afternoon at their residence in Hoi
ywood, in celebration of their foldei
redding. Mrs. Alice Raymond of Chi
■ago, the daughter of the host and host
•ss, and Mrs. McLean of Evanston, 111
t life-long friend, assisted in receiving
The rooms were decorated with a profit
don of California poppies, marguerites
,-ioiets and roses. An elaborate lunched
Vas served under the direction of Rey
udds, at the residence of Mrs. Wan
taker, opposite the Beveridge home
vhere the whole lower Hour was throw!
>pen and the rooms decorated with holly
Sx-Qovernor Beveridge was once i
nember of the State Legislature of Illi
tola, later a member of Congress am
ifterward Governor of that State. H;
vas also a General in the army. Abou
me hundred guests were present, amonf
horn being Mesdames C. E. Kregelo
B. Woodhead. J. M. C. Marble, O. H
'hurchill, Cornelius Cole, J. S. Cantine
S, P. Clark, Joy, Hagan, De Pauw
tloore, J. W. Porter, W. D. Larrabee, T
Hoag of Pasadena, Judkins of Lin
■oln Park, Nettleton, W. C. Dandy, Gre
tory, Sykes. Sigler, R. C. Westenberg
S. L. Hamilton, M. McKoon, Jackson
Schroder,George Crow,Goodnow; Misses
Uice Judson, Sykes. Beresford Joy, Jen
ile Hagan, Hawkins; Reverends J. D
J. S. Cantine, D. D.. S. L. Ham
lton. D. D.. W. C. Dandy. D. D„ Sigler.
t. C. Westenberg; Messrs. Philo Bev
iridge, M. McKoon, Jackson, Schrader,
Seorge Crow, Goodenow, Cornelius Cole,
Nettleton, Gregory, J. M. C. Marble, O.
I. Churchill, C. B. Woodhead, Moore,
. Wood Porter. W. D. Larrabee, T. C.
loag of Pasadena.
Ruskin Art Club
At the Ruskin Art club Wednesday
norning the subject of French painters
vas continued, special attention being
laid to those of the period between 170'
tnd ISOO A. D. The English school was
liso discussed. Mrs. G. W. Danikii
md Mrs. Augustus Hine discussed tht
ivorks of Antoine Watteau. painter o:
fashionable life (1654-1721); Claudt
loseph Vernet, the great marine paintei
if France (1714-1789); Jean Grcuze, do
nestic and rural life (1714*1806), and
•Vancois Boucher, embodiment of
French taste In the eighteenth century
1703-1770). Mrs. White, Miss Carrie
Davis and Mrs. W. H. Bradley gave
irief sketches of the French artists and
heir work. Taking up the English
ichool, Mrs. C. N. Flint sketched the life
if William Hogarth, its founder, and a
naster of satire (1597-1764); Mrs. R. W.
■'ridham followed with an interesting
alk on his pictures. Joshua Reynolds,
he first president of the Royal Academy
1725-1792), was discussed by Mrs. W. W.
Stilson; Richard Wilson, the first Eng
ish painter attempting landscape < 1713
--1752), by Mrs. D. C. Barber, and his
ivorks by Mrs. Ira O. Smith. The morn
ing closed with a brief review of Thomas
Gainsborough, the father of English
landscape U727-17SS), by Miss Elizabeth
Marble, and of his pictures by Miss
Annie Wethern.
New Current Topics Club
Wednesday afternoon at 3 oclock a
lumber of ladies met at 515 South Fre
nont avenue to organize a new Current
Topics club. After remarks by the
eader, Mrs. Kate Tupper Galpin, on the
general scope of the work contemplated,
:he club commented informally on the
eadlng questions of the day. The seal
ng question was thoroughly explained
and the imprisoned whalers discussed.
The Cuban question and the Hawaiian
annexation were also discussed by Mrs.
Geo. Itice, Mrs. Thorpe and others. After
treating on subjects near home, th.- club
look up European matters, among which
were the Dreyfus affair, led by Miss
\'ariel, and the Austro-Hungary trouble,
ivhlch was clearly explained by Miss
Burkhead. Mrs. Helen Campbell's arti
cle on "The Decline of Domesticity in
America" was ably reviewed by Miss
Victoria Ellis, other subjects Introduced
ivere the trans-Andes railroad and the
salaries of American ambassadors
ibroad. Among those present were:
Mmes. Geo. Rice, J. A. Osgood. Mlllicent
Farwell, Shickles, Jewel Pease, Irwin H.
Itice. Kate F. Thorpe, Jennie P. Horrell,
B. Johnson, D. M. Welsh, L. B.
Graham and Thomas GoSS, Misses Vlc
orla Ellis, Clara Fleming, Euijenia
rlobbs, Blrkhead, Nellie W. Hutchin
ion, Lora Variel and the Misses Pease.
Informal Entertainment
Mrs. Hoovers of 532 Crocker street en
tertained a few friends Wednesday
ivenlng. Games of various kinds were
njoy, .J and refreshments were served.
The decorations wore of smilax, carna
tions and violets. Those present were
Mr. and Mrs:. H. Krack, Mr. and Mrs.
). Larquler, Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Green,
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gassagne, Mr. and
Mis. J. 11. Judy, M{S. E. It. Hoover,
Mrs. Codrlck, Mrs. C. H. Lips, Mrs. E.
M. Hail, y, Miss Louisa Sepulveda, Selda
Sepulvcda, Rosa Pryor, Mamie Golden
bee, Bertha Brashear, Josephine Lar
rjui'-r, Alio.- Larquler, Eva Twist, Ethel
Green, Ethel Bailey, Frankie Wise,
Messrs. T. .1. Thompson. E. O. Covarru
bias, T. X. Codrick, John Reckweg,
James Larquler, Ed Hoover, George
Judy, Mr. and Mrs. L. N. Wise.
Hartwell Luncheon
Miss Jessie Hartwell entertained with
a luncheon Friday ;,t her residence on
West Seventeenth street, in honor of the
Wilson's Peak club.' The decorations
were wild blackberry vines, live oak
twigs, smilax, white roses and potted
plants. The place cards were of birch
bark, lettered with gold and tied with
green and white satin ribbons. The ta
ble was decorated with smilax. The
guests were Mr. and Mrs. Wm. McVey,
Mr. and Mrs. Albert N. Russell of Pasa
dena, the Misses Katherine Curry, Lulu
Black, Katherine Kirkpatrlck, Jessie
Hartwell, Messrs. R. Lewis Ashley and
John Bryant. In the evening Miss Hart
well entertained a few friends at cards.
The score cards bore quotations from
Shakespeare, and were tied with yellow
Birthday Card Party
J. J. Laventhal celebrated his twen
ty-first birthday at the residence of his
j parents on South Hope street Tuesday
I evening with a card party and supper.
The decorntions were of pale green crepe
ribbons, ropes of smilax. potted palms
and potted primroses covered with
white blossoms. A number nf handsome
gifts were received by the young host.
The guests were: Messrs. A. E. Elliott,
H. C. Wyrnnn, I. Klingstein, J. Himmel
stern, C. Vlereck. A. Kremer, L. Ja
coby, G. Goldsmith, M. Nordinger, I.
Lowens t em, M. Prager, M. Newmark,
G. Meyer, F. Slegel, J. Harrington, E.
Hookstratten, C. Brownstein, A. Gold
water, H. Newmark, A. Newman, E.
Schloss. J. Solomonson, E. Wolfsteln,
Lesser Green. M. S. Hellman, Leo Him
melstern, I. Laventhal, E. Laventhal.
Sunderland Luncheon
Mrs. J. Sunderland entertained with
luncheon yesterday at her residence on
South Flower street in honor id' he]
niece, Miss Belle Kingsbaker of Quin
cy, 111. The rooms were effectively dcc
i orated with potted plants, blgno
' nius and smilax. Besides the guest
!of honor there were present Mrs. T
Kingsbaker, Mrs. J. Leow. Mrs. M. Ja
cob}', Mrs. Steinhart: Misses Agnes
Kremer, Louise La Sard, Frances Gold
water, Theresa Brownstein, Frida Hell
man. Theresa Levy, Hortense Levy, Et
ta Jacoby, Leah Hellman. Camilla Hell
man. Rachel Cohn, Emma Newmark
Minnie Stern, Lena Klein, Adeli
Schwurtzchild, Rose Newmark, Adelc
Louis, Carrie Gans, Hannah Laventhal
Maud Hirsh, Estelle Meyer.
Miss Elwelda Irene Nicks and Mat
thew C. Meiklejohn were married Thurs
day afternoon at fOl Santee street, Rev
Dr. Cantine officiating. About thirtj
friends were present. The bride was
gowned in white silk, garnitured witl
bride roses, and the maid of honor, Mis:
Maude Maekay, in pearl gray and white
and carried white hyacinths. E. R
Caldwell assisted as best man. The
ceremony was followed by a luncheon
for which Slaten catered. The draw int
room was decorated with smilax ant
white hyacinths. A number of hand
some gifts were received. After a shor
trip. Mr. and Mrs. Meiklejohn will re
side at 901 Santee street, where they wll
receive on the first and third Thursday;
after February Ist.
Hancock Dinner
Mrs. Ida Hancock, gave an informal
dinner Tuesday evening at her resi
dence, corner of Burlington avenue and
Sixth street. The guests were Mr. and
Mrs. Victor Ponet. Mr. and Mrs. J.
Philip Erie, Miss Ponet; Messrs. Cor
bett and Allen Hancock. In the evening
Mr. Hancock entertained the Mandolin
club, of which he is a member, when
dancing and music were greatly enjoyed.
The membership of the club, as far as
| it is completed, includes Miss Annie Des
mond, first guitar: Miss Dollie Schilling,
second guitar: Miss Grace Schilling,
piano; Miss Lillie Kerckhoff, first man
dolin; John McGarry, second mandolin;
Allen Hancock, 'cello, and Italph Day,
first violin.
Enemeky Whist Club
The Misses Julia and Josle Baker en
tertained the Enemeky Whist club last
Saturday evening at the home of their
sisters.- 228 North Fremont avenue. The
club is a new organization, and is fast
gaining in membership. Those present
Saturday evening were Misses Grebe,
Haas and Harrington, Messrs. Devlin,
Duvall, Baitz and Shafer. In the ab
sence of one of the members, Mr. Led
better was substituted. This club will
hold its regular meetings on the second
and Fourth Fridays of the month. The
j ollicers for the present are: President,
j Miss Grebe; secretary, Miss Josie Baker;
treasurer, Mr. H. Shafer. At the con
clusion of the games refreshments were
served and regular business transacted.
Annual Reception
The Ladies' Benevolent society held
its annual reception Wednesday after
noon at the home of Mrs. N. Mueller, 700
Burlington avenue, and 200 guests were
present. Mrs. Mueller was assisted in
receiving by Mtnes. H. G. Bath, C. L.
Wills. H. Hellman, Elizabeth M. Day. O.
Broderick. M. Kramer, T. O. Wheeler,
Wm. Prldham, W. D. Gould, Josephine
Butler. The decorations were of pott-d
palms and ferns violets and other flow
ers. Lowtnsky's orchestra kindly do
nated its services, and furnished de
j llghtful music from a balcony in th"
I reception room. The punch room was
| presided over by Miss Mueller, assisted
;by Mrs. Ryder and the Misses San-
I born, Ivy Schroder and Maude Masac,
Engagement Reception
Mrs. J. I. Newmark of Grand avenue
entertained last Sunday afternoon and
evening in honor of the engagement of
her daughter. Miss Emma Newmark to
Max Goldschmidt, Mmes. M. A. New
mark. M. ii. Newmark, ii. Newmark, H.
H. Goldschmidt and John Kahn. assisted
in receiving.
Nearly two hundred guests gathered
to offer their congratulations. Arend's
I orchestra furnished music- and there was
j dancing In the evening. The decorations,
which were under the direction of Mrs.
Bancroft, wn-e of violets, Roman hya
cinths, ferns and poinsettias. Starlet
satin ribbons, ropes of smilax and brake
ferns were effectively arranged.
Bumiller Luncheon
Mrs. A. L. Kennedy of Honolulu vas
the gu"st of honor at a luncheon given
by Miss Bumiller Thursday at her home
on South Olive street. The decorations
were violets, hyacinths and maidenhair,
and the place cards were daintily deco
rated with sprays of flowers done in
water colors. Besides the guest of honor
there were present: Mines. Bumiller-
Hickey, J. F. Bumiller, the .Misses Lam
prey and Murray of St. Paul, Conger,
Spence, Eleanor Pattee and Edna Blck
Behrendt. Dinner
Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Behrendt enter
tained with a dinner Wednesday ;>t
their residence on South (Jrund avenue
in honor of Miss Emma Newmark and
Mr. Max Goldschmidt. The decoration:;
were of ferns, broad pink satin ribbons
and lighted pink candles in silver car.de-
Inbra. The place cards were decorated
with dainty faces done In water color.
The guests were: Mr. and Mrs. M. A.
Newmark, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Qold
schmidt, Mr. and Mrs. John Kahn, Mr.
and Mrs. H. M. Newmark, Mrs. J. P.
Newmark, Dr. Leo Newmark, Dr. Phil
lip Newmark, Hugo Goldschmidt, Albert
Cohn, Phlneas Newmark and Sam New
Saturday Whist Club
Mrs. P. K. Rule of West Washlngto:
ttreet entertained the Saturday After
noon Whtst club yesterday. The decora
tlons were of carnations. The first prise
a cut-glass vase, was won by Mrs. Row
ley; the second, a Doulton cup and sau
cer. by Mrs. Salisbury. There were pres
?nt: Mines. George Montgomery, O. F
Posey, Fannie Schumacher, W. S
Hook, Howard D. Sale, Viradner W
Lee, John W. Off, J. S. Salisbury, Chas
Off, J. S. Brlggs, C. E. Stoner, Willlan
Wincup, W. J. Hunsaker. O. A. Vlckrey
E. S. Rowley, Nathan W. Stowell, J. Ii
Butler, Braly and the guest of the after
noon, Mrs. E. P. Clark.
Bostonian Musical Club
The Bostonian Musical club at its las
meeting studied the German composer
and their works. The program include
a duet, "Lift Thine Eyes," from Men
delssohn's Elijah; selection. Miss Worn"
"Love's Dilemma." (Bohm), Mr. Pear
son: "Mlt Deinen Blauen Augen." (Las
sen). Miss Cogswell: "Busslied." Beeth
oven), Sirs. Washburn; "Spring Time,
(Becker), Mr. Porter; aria from De
Fieischutz. (Yon Weber). Miss Saral
Cogswell; violin solo. "Spring Song.'
(Mendelssohn). Miss Cogswell: sonati
Pathetlque, (Beethoven), Orchestra B
M. club . The subject for the nex
meeting will be Wagner.
Music and Cards
Miss Mamie Mendenhall of Eas
Twenty-ninth street, entertained a par
ty of friends delightfully Thursday. Mv
sic and cards were greatly enjoyed. MIS!
Mendenhall contributed greatly to th<
musical program wieh her violin am
piano solos. Some of the guests, wh<
are admirable singers, lent a charm t<
the evening by their voices. Refresh
ments were served. Among those pres
ent were Misses Myrtle Sheppard, Stella
Healy. Fannie Reed, Maude Curtis
Martha Arnold, Messrs. Hope Brown
Walter Taylor, Joseph Reed, Roy Bros
seau, Garrett, John P. Reed, jr.
Anderson Dinner
Judge and Mrs. J. A. Anderson enter
tained with a delightful dinner lapl
Saturday evening at their residence or
Beacon and Eleventh streets, in honot
of their daughter. Miss Rie Anderson
The guests were: Misses Irene Steph
ens, Hack, Lou Winder. Bessie Alex
ander, Ethel Mulllns; Messrs. Sam Has
klns, Clay Gooding, John Alexander.
Vance Anderson, Albert Stephens and|
DeLos McGee. The decorations were
California violets, Roman hyacinths and
maidenhair. The place cards were light
green and gold, and were tied with a
knot of green satin ribbon.
L'Amitie Whist Club
Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Holtslander en
tertained the members of L'Amitie
Whist club Tuesday evening at their res
idence on South Main street. The prizes
were won by Miss Buckley and Mrs.
Hazen, and the consolations by Mr.
Martin and Mrs. Payley. The guests
were: Mr. and Mrs. Payley, Mr. and
| Mrs. J. C. Chapman, Mrs. W. P. Miller,
. Mrs. L. M. Miller, Misses Blanch Dacy,
Lulu Buckley, Charlotte Dacy, Georgia
J Miller and Delia Buckley. Messrs. I. E.
j Thalman, R. C. Lee, I. T. Martin. A. L.
j Park. R. L. Hazen, Fred Ferguson, Max
! Miller and L. S. Allen.
Ebell Music Section
The musical section of the Ebell held
its fortnightly meeting Monday at S
o'clock in the club rooms. Miss M. C.
1 Pearson, the curator, spoke briefly of
Mile. Chaminade. Miss Wlsewell and
Miss Kiley spoke further of the life and
I works of Chaminade. Miss E. K. Par
: sons presented a sketch of the life of
Handel. Miss Parsons referred briefly
to his works. Miss Ethel Graham and
Miss Jennie Graham varied the pro
gram with a vocal duet. Miss Grace
Dennen gave an Interesting talk on
"Handel's Messiah and Its Influence
Upon Society."
Winter Card Club
Miss Sara Innes entertained the Win
ter Card Club Thursday afternoon at
her home on Carroll avenue. The guests'
prize, a cut-glass powder box with
i jeweled top, was won by Miss Onie
j Howell of Oakland. The guests besides
the club members were: Mmes. D. Saie,
Carl Kurtz, W. F. Botsford, A. L. Che
ney of Alaska, the Misses Helen Klokke,
Botsford, Dahl of Chicago, Alyce Kee
nan. Bertha Crouch, Genevieve Smith,
Bird Chanslor, Flora Howes, Irene Ste
phens, Charlotte Miller. Eshman, Cora
Eshman and Jessie Hall.
Informal Dinner
Miss Irene Stephens entertained in
formally with a dinner Tuesday evening
at her home on South Hill street. The
table decorations were of pink carna
tions, smilax, ferns and bows of pink
satin ribbon. The guests were the Misses
Florence Jones, Myrtle Brotherton, Lou
Winder, Hie Anderson, Mary Hack and
.Mary Stephens; Messrs. Cloud, Vunce,
Anderson, Charles Wright. Sam Has
kins, Harry Van Dyke, Clay Gooding,
tiichard Stephens, De Los McGee, Rob
ert Dupuy and Albert Stephens.
Four Leaf Clover Club
Mr. anil Mrs. C). T. Hodgman enter
tained the Four-leaf Clover Whist club
Thursday evening at their residence
on Gates street. The guests were Mrs.
Mann, Miss Kline and Mr. Kline. The
■ members present were Mrs. Hans, Mr.
and Mrs. Grassmee; Misses Betsworth,
Paul of Kansas City. Heath, Woods;
Messrs. Baker, Smith, Blair, Manton,
McGowan and Hesse. The first prizes
were won by Miss Woods and Mr. Baker
and the consolation prizes by Mrs.
Grassmee and Mr. Kline.
Outing at Mount Lowe
Mrs. C. N. Sterry entertained several
friends with a delightful outing at Mt.
Lowe Tuesday, in honor of Mrs. Edward
Borton of Emporia, Kas. The other
guests were Mmes. Gilbert E. Overton,
A. G. Wells, (i. W. Nevin, E. P. Clark,
J. W. Trueworthy, C. W. Sanders, Ben
i Goodrich, W. C. Read, Miss Coleman,
i and Miss Kuth Sterry. The party was
conveyed in a special car to and from
Altadena. Luncheon was served at the
Echo Mountain house, and later a trip
was made to Alpine tavern.
Ebell Literature Section
The literature section of the Ebell met
at t o'clock on Monday afternoon at the
; club house. The curator, Mrs. G. D.
, Buddy, presided and Introduced the sub
ject of Russian literature. Mrs. J. B.
' Millard presented a bright paper on the
I "Life and Writings of Tolstoi." This
section ol me rjueji uuw numunD
m m.,<-rs mid is always wen attenaeu
The next two meetings will be devotee
to the study of Ibsen. Mrs. J. B. Millars
has been appointed secretary of the sec
Delightful Tallyho Drive
Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Pierce, president
and preceptress of the state normal
school, gave a tally-ho party yesterday
to the members of the winter graduat
ing class. The class Is small, and as the
more elaborate graduating exercises are
no longer held In midwinter, special fes
tivities of some other kind are arranged.
Besides the host and hostess and their
daughter, Miss Vora, eleven others en-
Joyed the drive, as follows: Profs. Hut
ton, Van Liew and Shepardson, and
Graduates Mr. Gastrlck and Misses
Shoup, Fortson, Clarke, String Meld,
Bates. Cook and White. The party drove
out through the valley of the Los An
geles river and thence up the Eagle
Rock valley and into the Arroyo Seco,
where an al-fresco luncheon wns served.
The return drive was made through
Pasadena, the San Gabriel valley and by
way of the old mission.
Norton Luncheon
Mrs. John H. Norton entertained with
j a luncheon yesterday at her residence
on West Twenty-eighth street. The
decorations were of Roman hyacinths,
asparagus fern, green satin ribbon, cy
clamen, smilax and white roses. The
place cards were circular In shape and
decorated with miniature heads done In
i water colors by Mrs. Annie Bancroft,
j The prize for a progressive word contest
was a dainty water-color portrait of a
! lady, framed In a round gold frame, and
the consolation was a tiny portrait of
a baby similarly framed. The former
was won by Mrs. Fred C. Howes, the
latter by Mrs. Workman. Mrs. Norton's
guests were: Mmes. T. D. Stimson, J. P.
Chandler, J. A. Fairchild. C. E. Kregelo.
| L.C. Goodwin, F. C. Howes. Boyle Work
, man, T. J. Fleming. J. S. Van Doren and
McCormlck of Seattle.
Christian Endeavor Social
The C. E. social of the Park Congre
gational church gave an entertainment
; Friday evening, to aid in lifting the In
debtedness attendant upon the recent
building of Sunday-school rooms, etc.
An enjoyable informal program was
presented, which consisted of an old
fashioned spelling bee. in which 48
guests participated, and Mrs. Will Fow
ler was the successful contestant; music
by Miss J. Williams, who played a vol
untary; a vocal solo by Rev. Hendry,
who sang ' Flee as a Bird;" and the "Son
of the Desert," contributed by Mr. Hor
ace Ferris. An essay, which was much
enjoyed, was entitled "Reminiscences of
School Days in Pike County, M 0.," by
Mrs. F. B. Barnes.
Brown Social Club
A social club, to be known as the
Browns, was organized Friday evening
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James
Brown. C. W. Brown was elected pres
ident and Miss Carrie Brown secretary.
The constitution restricts the member
ship to the name of Brown or relatives
of the same. The charter members in
clude ten families. The meetings will
be held once a month at the homes of
the different members, the object being
to cultivate a friendly relationship
among the Browns. So far, the follow
ing families are represented: T. W.
Brown, sr., James Brown, T. W. Brow n,
jr., C. W. Brown, M. W. Brown, C. W,
Case, E. Newcomb, L. Hachman, Clar
ence Newcomb, Frank Snow.
Kerckhoff Luncheon
Mrs. W. G. Kerckhoff of South Main
street entertained with luncheon Tues
day. The table was decorated with Cali
fornia violets, Roman hyacinths and
maidenhair ferns. The place cards were
decorated with fancy heads done in
water colors, and were finished with
bows of green satin ribbon. The guests
were the Misses Anna Fay, Irene Ste
phens, Hack, Sara Innes, Ada Patterson,
Annie Wethren, Christine Kurtz, Wel
don of San Bernardino and Schilling.
Brake Dinner
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Drake entertained
with a dinner Thursday evening at their
new residence on Hoover street. The
guests were Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Francis,
Major and Mrs. Ben C. Truman, Mr.
and Mrs. Randolph Miner, Miss Truman
and W. M. Garland. The table decora
tions, which were original in design and
most effective, were of maidenhair fern,
Roman hyacinths and delicate pink rib
bons, and the room was lighted by pink
shaded candles in silver candelabra.
Pandora Whist Club
Miss Nora Corbin of Easton street en
tertained the Pandora Whist club at its
regular fortnightly meeting Wednesday
evening. The house was decorated with
ropes and strands of smilax effectively
arranged. At the conclusion of the
games refreshments were served. Be
sides the regular club members the
guests were: Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Chap
man, Mrs. Corbin. Mrs, Brown, Misses
Mac Davidson, Florence Corbin, Inez
Chapman, Messrs. Corbin and Baily.
Young Men's Social Club
The Young Men's Social club gave Its
first dance Tuesday evening at Kramer's
hall, which was largely attended and
was most enjoyable. Credit is due the
excellent committees which had the af
fair in charge. General committee—M.
W. Lehman, chairman; Gus Goldsmith
and A. Goldberg, Floor committee—X.
Roth, S. Goldsmith, A. Walter, A. Gold
berg and L. Levy. Reception committee
—C. Viereck, J. Reich, S. B. Kurtz, A.
Bleroty, B. Lubin, T. Herzog.
Bailhache Luncheon
Mrs. John Bailhache entertained in
formally Wednesday at her residence on
Monmouth avenue in honor of her
mother, Mrs. W. H. Bailhache of Sun
Diego. The table was decorated with
pansies and smilax. Dainty clusters of
pansles were fastened to the place cards
with bows of narrow green ribbon. The
guests were : Mrs. Wellborn, Mrs.
Williams, Mrs. Pattee, Mrs. Daniel, Mrs.
Head, Mrs. Works, Mrs. Hunsacker and
Mrs. Goodrich.
Haynes Dinner
Dr. John Haynes entertained with a
dinner Wednesday evening at his home
on South Flgueroa street, in honor of
Rev. W. P. D. Bliss. Speeches were
made by Mr. Bliss, Rev. Gray, J. If. T.
Van Rensselaer and others. Others
present were Rev. E. W. Meaney, J. L.
Boyle, Wm. George, C. W. Johnson, Ar
thur Letts, Wm. C. Lllley, F. H. Merrlss,
L. G. Marto, A. W. Payne, F. W. Wheeler,
J. C. Whittington and Dr. Edgar Palmer.
Miss Angela Baric and J. M. Schneider,
president of the J. W. Robinson com
pany, were married Monday noon at the
residence of the mother, Mrs. Refugio
B. Baric, on Maple avenue, the Rev,
"Th* Best im th* Cheapest"
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Colored Dress Goods
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See Our South Window Display
Father Meyer officiating. Mr. and Mrs.
Schneider are spending a week in Santa
Rarbara, and will be at home on Thurs
days, after March Ist, at 1313 Maple ave
Farewell Theater Party
Mr. J. A. Watt entertained a party at
the I.os Angeles theater Saturday even
ing of last week at a farewell. Mr. Watt
and three friends leave for Klondike in
a few days. Those present were Mr.
and Mrs. E. D. Gibson, Mr. W. B. Kim
ball, Miss Etta L. Renfro and Miss May
Morgan. They all wish Mr. Watt good
Normal Seniors Entertained
Prof, and Mrs. Shepardson of the state
normal school entertained the senior
class Friday evening. There were pres
ent Misses Shoup, Bates, Cook, Clark,
Strlngfieid, White, Messrs. Gastrich,
Davis and Linn and several teachers of
the school. The evening was spent In
games and other amusements.
Here and There
Mr. and Mrs. Heidt have removed to
Redlands. %
Mrs. R. H. Chubb ls visiting friends
at Redlands.
Mrs. G. H. Bixby is visiting friends in
San Francisco.
Miss Bessie Armer of San Francisco
is visiting friends.
Mrs. James Fleming is visiting friends
in San Bernardino.
Miss Elizabeth Easton is visiting
friends at Riverside.
J. A. Fairchild has gone to San Fran
cisco for a short visit.
Mr. and Mrs. L. Goodhue are s|>endlns
the month in Pomona.
Miss Mattle McCoy of Westminster
has removed to this city.
Mrs. Corbett of Montana Is the guest
of Mrs. Jennie Kempton.
J. Philip Erie has returned from a
three months' eastern trip.
Miss M. G. Boydcn has gono to Red
lands to spend the winter.
Mr. and Mrs. W, W. Deval of Oakland
are visiting friends in the city.
C. T. Ingersoll is a guest of his sister,
Mrs. C. E. Parker of Santa Ana.
Mr. and Mrs. Z. Decker have removed
with their family to Pasadena.
There was an Informul dance Wed
nesday evening at Kramer's hall.
Dr. H. F. Heath is a guest of Rev.
and Mrs. H. T. Huff of San Jacinto.
The Echo Musical club will meet with
Miss Winder next Friday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. David Collins have gone
to Elslnore to remain a week or two.
Miss Ida Highland is visiting at the
home of Mrs. J. J. Davis at Santa Mon
Mrs. James Paul of Ontario has been
spending the week with Mrs. C. E. Kreg
The Tuesday Evening club will give
a dance Tuesday evening at Turnverein
Mrs. C. W. Humphreys ls a guest at
the home of Mrs. Frank Chilton of Santa
Mrs. R. W. Vincent has gone to Chi
cago and New York for an extended
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Crosley of Red
lands are visiting friends ln Los An
Miss Edith Fuller returned Saturday
from an extended visit with relatives in
Mrs. W. B. Davis and daughter, MiBS
Rosalind Davis, are the guests of friends
at Redlands.
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Wilson of Chippe
wa Falls, Wis., are the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. D. Sale.
Miss Onie Howell of Oakland is the
guest of Mrs. F. W. Flint on South
Flower street.
The Bartlett-Logan W. R. C. gave a
literary and musical evening at Elks'
hall last night.
Dr. and Mrs. Tolhurst of 1210 West
Adams street, entertained with a dinner
Tuesday evening.
A club for the study of Shakespeara
has been formed in East Los Angeles by
Mrs. C. P. Dorland.
Miss Etta Jacoby has returned from
a visit of three months In San Fran
cisco and Oakland.
Mrs. J. H. Norton of West Twenty
eighth street will entertain Thursday
with a Lotto party.
Miss Maude Manley returned Tues
day from a week's visit at the home of
friends at Santa Ana.
The Misses Hellman will give a danc
ing party nt Concordia hall on Wednes
day evening, Jan. 26.
Miss Stella Hunter left Friday for
San Francisco, where she will spend the
winter with relatives.
Mrs. C. G. Bartlett and Mrs. E. Bart
lett of Ventura are guests at the horns
of Mrs. A. G. Bartlett.
Miss Anna Knox, who has been visit
ing relatives at Sa-tlcoy for the last two
months, has returned.
Mrs. M. A. Yarnell has returned to
her home at Santa Ana after a pleasant
visit with friends here.
Mrs. Cave J. Couts has returned to her
home In San Diego after a pleasant visit
with friends in this city.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Blerley returned
this week from an extended visit with
relatives in Wabash, Ind.
Mrs. Frank Alexander has Just re
turned from a visit of several weeks
with relatives at San Jacinto.
Senor E. de Urquiza has received of
ficial notice of his appointment as Span
ish vice consul at Los Angeles.
Mrs. Dorla Jones, who has been visit
ing Mrs. H. W. Simpson in New York
during the last year, has returned and,
j Stops j
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