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Pasadena seta March Ist for holding a primary election.
Santa Barbara newspaper matters get more and more tangled.
The Soldiers' Home waiting patiently for a better water supply.
Boot knot playing havoc with deciduous fruit trees in Pomona orchards.
Four prominent people injured in a runaway near Hueneme, Ventura
li. G. Collett of Santa Monica attempts suicide; bids received for laying
the outfall sewer.
A case set for trial in the San Bernardino superior court, in which the
amount involved is twenty-eight cents.
Today Riverside county begins to pay a five cent bounty on rabbit scalps.
Orange county prohibitionists meet today for organization.
PASADENA, Jan. 31.—(Regular Cor
respondence.) At the regular meeting
of the city council this afternoon, March
Ist was set as the day for the holding of
the primary election of delegates to the
city conventions.
The ordinance ordering down signs
which project over the sidewalk was
adopted with the amendment giving un
til March Ist for the removal of same.
Bonds nnd interest coupons were or
dered redeemed, leaving $1)6000 outstand
ing for sewer bonds.
S. Vickers was granted permission to
keep five cowb at his place on Boston
Bids for city offices were received and
Ex-Treasurer A. M. Clifford of Court
Crown of the Valley, No. 817, I. O. F.,
was the recipient Saturday evening of a
handsome eight day ( lock, presented by
members of the order as a token of
their esteem, the occasion being appro
priate, as Mr. Clifford has just resigned
his position, whieb he has held for the
past six years. The committee who
made the presentation was composed of
R. N. Maiden. Robert Pegg and A. F.
Mills. Learning of the action of the For
esters, the lire department, of which Mr.
Clifford is engineer, presented himself
and wife with a handsome wicker chair.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kimball and
daughters entertained friends Saturday
evening at their home on South Moline
avenue. Mr. apd Mrs. Kimball have re
cently arrived, from Marshalltown, lowa,
and will make Ihls city their home. The
evening was devoted to card playing,
music, recitations and the serving of re
freshments. Most of the guests were
former residents of Marshalltown.
Miss Laurena Hansen of San Pasqunl
street, who recently returned from the
cast, was given a surprise party Satur
day evening. The guests entertained
themselves with cards, music and danc
Mrs. C. D. Sargent of Holllston avenue
entertained the fortnightly meeting of
the Monday Afternoon club this after
noon. Mrs. H. M. Gabriel and Mrs. H. C.
Bennett read papers. These were f.TI
lowed by discussion and the serving of
The JerushaDow entertainment,which
achieved such a marked success last
Thursday evening, was repeated this
evening In the Universallst church un
der the direction of Miss Jessie Sabine,
who managed the former production.
The stockholders of the Pasadena
Lake Vineyard Land and Water com
pany met this afternoon and elected the
old board of directors as follows: C. M.
Parker, John Allin, F. D. Stevens, C. C.
Brown, W. J. Craig. James Clark, E. H.
Boyce. These gentlemen at their regu
lar monthly meeting for February elect
The Franklin school was today closed
for one week on account of reports of
scarlet fever. The rooms will be all
thoroughly dlsenfected. This precau
tion was not thought absolutely neces
sary, but was taken ln order to be on
the safe side. The report that Mr. and
Mrs. J. F. Gantzer's daughter had the
fever is declared to be incorrect by the
doctor who attended her.
The death of Gersham T. Breed, aged
88 years, occurred at two oclock this
morning at his home on Palmetto drive.
Mr. Breed was a native of Fayettevllle,
N. V., and was a brother of the late
Charles G. Breed whose death occurred
only a short time ago. He had lived
here three years and died of apoplexy.
The funeral will be held at the house
Thursday afternoon and the remains
will be sent to Milwaukee.
A telegram from Peter Stell announces
that he was on the Corona which sank a
short time ago on Its way to Alaska. Mr.
Stell lost his grub but more was ob
tained and he will proceed to the gold
Rev. C. T. Douglass of the First Bap
tist church announced yesterday that In
a few days he would tender his resigna
tion in order that he may accept the po
sition of general missionary of South
Carolina and Arizona.
Harry E. Andrews has purchased the
local Times circulation of Dr. E. W.
Mrs. Ulrlch left for Palm Springs this
Earl Rogers was in the city today from
Los Angeles.
Mrs. C. C. Parlln left today for Port
land, Ore.
E. F. Hurlbut of South Orange Grove
avenue is confined to his home by ill
Miss Genevieve Church is confined to
her home by illness.
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Cravens have re
turned from Corona.
Judge and Mrs. H. H. Rose spent yes
terday at Redondo.
Mrs. Sarah Walker is visiting friends'
In Han ford.
Sam Pearson of San Bernardino was
a guest in the city yesterday.
SOLDIERS' HOME, Jan. 31—(Regular
Correspondence.) All the lawns at the
home are being dug up and the old grass
roots cleaned out, the purpose being to
reseod them In blue grass.
The scarcity of water having preclud
ed the irrigation of the lawns, they pre
sented a rather shabby appearance, but
that will he all changed in the near fu
ture, as a contract for a quantity of ten
inch pipe, sufficient to form a Junction
with that being laid by the West Los An
geles Water Supply company, which has
the contract for supplying the home with
an abundance of sweet and wholesome
water, has been opened. John M. Gar-'
diner of Los Angeles has put in the low
est bid offered.
Some distinguished visitors to the
home occasionally pay us a visit with
out their Identity being discovered. We
had one such last week, as disclosed by
his signature in the visitors' record book
—no less distinguished a personage than
"Esculapius." described as from Dublin,
Joseph C. Cramer, late of Company I,
139 th Pennsylvania infantry, has been
appointed sergeant of Company F, with
the home rank of captain. He assumes
his position on the Ist of February, re
lieving the present captain, Henry Marsh
on that date.
A ruling has been made by the home
authorities retaining the pensions of the
members of the home patients in the
hospital over the amount of $5, excepting
the same shall be required to be forward
ed to their family, it being considered
that that amount is amply sufficient to
meet all their necessary wants and ex
penses. Of course the amount is merely
temporarily retained while they are pa
tients in the hospital.
Residents of the home who belong to
the regular army and who enlisted sub
sequently to 1867, haye been notified that
they are not entitled to the benefits of
the N. H. D. V. S. and given their dis
There are several, though not a large
number of members of the home to
whom this rule will apply.
Died since my last, Jas. H. Woods, late
of Company C, Fourth New York artil
lery, aged 58, on the 29th Inst.
SANTA MONICA, Jan. 31.—(Regular
Correspondence.) The body of a man
named L. G. Collett, 52 years of age, was
found lying on the South Side bluff early
this morning. He had attempted sui
cide, tiring a bullet into his right temple
from a Winchester rifle, by means of a
stick. When his body was discovered
he was still alive, and was accordingly
moved uptown, but, as the city Is not
provided with any sort of a receiving
hospital, he was laid on the floor of the
city fire engine house, where he lingered
several hours. The deceased had lived
here about a month and had been suffer
ing from several complaints, and, having
lost his wife, grew despondent and end
ed his life. He was possessed of con
siderable means, so that financial trouble
was not a factor ln his despondency.
Among his effects were found letters ad
dressed to Mrs. E. E. Layton, Glenburn,
111., and to a man named MeFarland of
Munoie, 111. Coroner Campbell held un
Inquest at 2 oclock, the jury's verdict
being that deceased came to his death
from a gunshot wound inflicted by him
self with suicidal intent.
At the meeting of the board of trustees
this afternoon bills to the amount of
$668.85 were ordered paid. Some discus
sion was had as to the proper position in
the alleys for the lateral sewers. The
matter went over for further consider
Some of the saloon men are in con
siderable hot water. Another of their
number—Charles Fanetti—has been
cited to appear before the board next
Monday and show cause why his license
should not be revoked.
A communication was received from J.
C. Elliott of Los Angeles, stating that
he was now willing to put up the $1000
bond required of him by the trustees in
return for a pleasure wharf franchise.
Hut the trustees are now in doubt as to
whether they have a right to grant him
a franchise at the desired point; hence
the matter was referred to the city at
torney to report at the next meeting.
Bids were then opened for construc
tion of the outfall sewer, screen house,
protection wharf, etc. There were fgur
proposals, as follows: Darby, Layden
& Co., $14,763; J. M. Gardiner, $15,998.50;
Healey, Tlbbett & Co., $15,470; Thomp
son Bridge company, $15,000.
Carrilo moved that the bids be referred
to the committee of the whole, but before
action was taken on this matter Col.
Hotchkiss, representing a number of peo
ple who claim an Interest in part of the
land proposed to be deeded by Kinney
and Ryan to the city for sewer right of
way, entered a protest against the let
ting of any contract at this time, stat
ing that a suit ls now pending in which
the city is made defendant, and that
Kinney and Ryan have no valid title to
the land.
J. A .Stanwood, representing the San
ta Monica Wharf and Terminal Railway
company, and others, also entered a like
protest. The board then adjourned to
a private room, where It met as a com
mittee of the whole to consider the pro
tests and the bids received. The com
mittee signified its confidence in the ab
stract company which had passed favor
ably on the title of Kinney and Ryan,
and also took the bids for construction
of sewer and protection wharf under ad
visement, In order to investigate the
competency and reliability of some of
the bidders.
The sanitary committee was in
structed to ascertain the expense of pro
curing and maintaining a place suitable
for an emergency hospital.
Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Harris were pleas
antly surprised at tbeir home on Mich
igan avenue on Saturday evening by
about forty of their young friends, who
met by previous arrangement at the
home of Miss Florence Longley and then
proceeded ln a body to the residence of
the young man and his charming bride.
Games, music by the Mandolin club and
dancing were pleasant features of the
evening. Those present were: Mrs,
Will Waller, Misses Maud Nelson, Jes
sica Wilson, Mabel Wilson. Florence
Longley, Gertrude, Nettle and Pauline
Klaus, 8. Gibson, Minnie O'Brien, Mar
garet O'Brien, Maud Saunders, Bessie
Rose, Rose Lowman, Mabel Miller, Kate
Nisbet, Helen Bassett and Grace Elliott.
Messrs. Geo. Miles. Fred Bassett, Worth
Bancroft, Lee Bancroft, Will Coughran,
Fred Coughran, Hugh Miller, Arthur
Russell, Westley Russell, Walter Fol
som, E. J. Vawter, jr., A. V. Nelson, F.
E. Bundy, Dudley .Saunders, Fred
Percival, Rob Miller, N. S. Guzman and
Fred Bojorques.
The Knights of the Maccabees public
ly Installed officers tonight before a
crowded house. State Deputy W. J. C.
Henry of Pasadena officiated and was
assisted in the lloor work by the drill
corps of the Ladles of the Maccabees.
At the close of the ceremony the Ladies
executed their beautiful march, which
was followed by a fine literary and
musical program.
POMONA, Jan. 31.—(Regular Corre
spondence.) The city trustees have de
cided upon an ordinance preventing peo
ple from cutting down the street shade
The destructive work of root knot In
orchards continues. Ten acres of fifteen
year-old pear trees on the Dole & An
drous ranch on Fifth street, also the
Barker and Bresnahen pear orchards in
the same vicinity, are about dead with
it and will be eradicated soon. A bunch
as large as a cow's head grows at the
base of the trees and saps away their
R. F. House, one of the oldest settlers
in the Pomona valley, has been taken to
Highland and placed in Dr. Campbell's
charge as a private patient.
The Pomona Land and Water compa
ny has transferred to Charles F. Loop
property in the Rancho San Jose and In
the Loop & Meserve tract; considera
tion, $37,527.80.
CLEARWATER, Jan. 31.—(Regular
Correspondence.) Mr. Germain of Loa
Angeles has bought thirty acres of al
falfa land on the corner of Cerritos and
Central avenues and is having an ar
tesian well put down.
Bishop Hartley will continue religious
services ut the United Brethren church
this week.
Mrs. Phil Meisen is building a new
RIVERSIDE, Jan. 31—(Regular Cor
respondence.) One of the deeds filed for
record today recalls the failure of the
Riverside Banking company some years
ago. The deed conveys to the Riverside
Water company the twenty-seven acres
known as the Rubldoux hotel site. It is
thought that the transfer means that the
company is given the tract of land as a
part payment for the forty odd thousand
dollars belonging to the company which
was on deposit in the bank when it closed
its doors.
Fifty-three prisoners were locked up
In the county jail in the month of Janu
Deputy United States Marshal Pou
rade was here today searching for a
man who Is wanted by the authorities of
the postofHee department to answer to
the charge of using canceled postage
The cold weather and shortness of feed
on the hills about the city, where the
herds of sheep have been pastured the
past winter has left its mark, for the
hill sides are well spotted with dead
sheep, which literally starved to death.
The loss from this cause is less at the
present time, for there Is a scant supply
of young grass.
Dr. J. Montgomery and family of
Ardock, N. D., have arrived here to lo
cate. Mr. Montgomery has decided to
spend the remainder of ifle days among
the orange groves of Southern Califor
The city authorities have decided to
cut down the force of men employed in
the electric light department of the city.
Three men will be laid off today and a
saving of nearly $200 a month in salaries
Will be effected thereby.
Owing to the fact that a lack of sys
tem has caused confusion In the clerk's
office, County Clerk Conde has issued an
order to the effect that all bills to come
before the regular meeting of the super
visors must be filed with the clerk of the
board at least three days before the
meeting. In no case will there be any
deviation from this rule.
Tomorrow the county ordinance giving
a bounty of five cents a scalp for rabbit
scalps will go Into effect. The passage
of this ordinance was brought about by
farmers who have suffered greatly the
past winter through the raids of the
long eared pests. The ordinance pro
vides that the seller of the scalps must
make affidavit that the scalps he offers
for sale were taken in the county and
also after the first day of February.
A most enjoyable social was held at
the residence of Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Cun
diff on Saturday evening. This social
was given by the Order of Eastern Star.
Next Friday evening Riverside court,
Independent Foresters, will entertain its
members and friends with a musical.
J. C. Hardman has let the contract for
the erection of a ten-room residence, to
cost »3. r )00.
Bishop Montgomery of Los Angeles
addressed a large audience In the Cath
olic church here yesterday. The occa
sion of his visit here was the celebration
of the feast of the patron saint of the
church. Saint Francis de Sales.
Word was received here today from
Salton that Oscar Johnson, a miner, had
been found dead in his cabin in the
Chuckwalla mountains. The report in
dicates that Johnson met with foul play.
The coroner will go out to Investigate.
Johnson Is a Swede who has acquaint
ances ln this city. He recently sold a
claim for 1600 and it Is thought that he
may have been foully dealt with. John
son's mine is located forty miles from
Salton and in a part of the county almost
SAN BERNARDINO, Jan. 31.—(Regu
lar Correspondence.) In a case sent up
on appeal from the justice court of Red
lands, ln which J. H. Dinwoodle is plain
tiff and M. Royal defendant, the sum in
dispute is 2S cents, and on calling the
case this morning the defense moved to
strike from the calendar, as It was trif
ling with the court to bring such a suit,
hut Judge Oster differed with him and
set it for hearing February 12. in De
partment one. Attorney Prescott says
that it will take at least two whole days
of the court to try the case.
There was a wedding at the Stewart
hotel this morning. In which Frederick
E. Reed, who registered from Los An
geles, was the groom, and Elizabeth J.
Andrews from Worcester, Mass., was
the bride. The groom and his three chil -
dren arrived from New York Saturday
night on the limited, the bride having
preceded them and stopped with friends
at Pomona, joining the party here this
morning, when the ceremony was per
formed and the bridal party took the
train tonight for Los Angeles, their fu
ture home.
Divine Healer Shrader went to relieve
the afllicted at Redlands this morning.
His success here, from a physical point
of view, was not phenomenal.
Ray Woodward, for many years the
mail carrier between the postoffice and
depots, died Sunday. His residence was
burned at the recent fire and he was
taken down immediately afterwards,
due largely to over exertion at that time.
SANTA ANA, Jan. 31—(Regular Cor
respondence.) C. M. Holmes, superin
tendent of the Gas and Electric Light
company of this city, struck G. H. Cal
mer, an employe, over the head today
with a piece of gas pipe, fracturing his
skull in several places. Calmer, who
had been working for Holmes for sever
al months, handed in his resignation to
day, which was accepted. After receiv
ing the money due him Calmer became
very abusive to Holmes. The latter or
dered him out of his office several times,
and finally sent for an officer, which
angered Calmer more and he called
Holmes a vile name. At this Holmes
picked up a piece of pipe lying near
and struck him several times. No ar
rests were made.
J. Marlon Brooks, attorney for ''Mys
terious" Bill and Mollie Wright, was In
town today with an order from the su
preme court for a writ of habeas cor
pus to issue ln the eases of the state vs.
the Wrights, ordering them to be taken
before Judge Van Dyke in Los Angeles
A marriage license was Issued today
to Charles E. Paeholke, aged 24, of Santa
Ana, and Martha E. Krause, aged 23, of
Douglas Perkins, a brother of Senator
Perkins, was In Santa Ana Saturday,
accompanied by W. C. Patterson of
Los Angeles.
Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Hazen of Monrovia,
Cal., and L. W. Hazen of Sioux Falls,
S. U., are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
Huntington of this city.
The Prohibitionists of Orange county
will meet ln Spurgeon's hall tomorrow
afternoon for the purpose of organizing.
SANTA BARBARA. Jan. 31.—(Regu
lar Correspondence.) Affairs at the In
dependent office become more compli
cated every hour. Ever since the at
tachment by La Vies last week there has
been an uncertainty as to how much
longer the paper would run under its
present management. Today another
attachment was levied, this time by Clio
P. Lloyd, former business manager of
the paper, who sues for $205, which he
claims Is due him. Saturday night Mr.
Donohoe, lessee ot the Independent, was
served with an execution for $815, judg
ment and costs In the recent breach of
promise suit against him by Sarah Ann
Paul. The sheriff filed on a horse that
formerly belonged to Donohoe, and it
was understood that he would later file
on the lease of the Independent and any
other old thing he could find. Hence
Lloyd's desire to protect his interests
by getting in first on the lease.
The attachment was released later,
but Mr. Donohoe reached the conclusion
that he was running a newspaper under
difficulties and discharged his force,
shutting down the plant. What will be
done with the Independent is a ques
tion. It is expected that La Vies will
get control, but how or when is uncer
HUENEME, Jan. 31.—(Special to The
Herald.) As Robert Oxnard, W. Baur.
Maj. Drifflll and L. Jones were coming
to town yesterday evening, their team
ran away, becoming frightened at an
exploding firecracker. Baur jumped out,
breaking his leg. Oxnard was thrown
out, severely bruising his face and head.
DrlfHll and Jones were slightly bruised
and the buggy was wrecked. f
Among the Angelenos at San Francis
co hotels Saturday were R. W. Colson,
J. M. Day, Mrs. C. B. Zwank, Mrs. L. G.
Bonflls and C. R. Stewart.
All prices of wall paper greatly reduced.
A. A. Eckstrom, 324 South Spring street.
City Fathers Transact a Big
Day's Business
Grade Crossing on the S. P. Complained
of—Bill Posters Have Their Li
cense Raised—Busy Session
A long and busy session of the city
council was held yesterday, the mem
bers being in their seats from 10 In the
morning until 9 at night with but short
intermissions. A large amount of rou
tine work was disposed of besides a
number of important matters.
Chief In interest was the? report o:
the water supply committee defining tho
position of the majority of the council
on the water question and reviewing
the work already done toward securing
municipal ownership and control of the
plant. The report Will be found In, full
in another column.
Councilman Hutchison, not to be
Councilman riutcnison, nui 10 o<?
squelched, came forward with a resolu
tion that the city attorney be Instructed
to notify the City Water company to
place no further improvements on its
plant between this time and the expira
tion of the contract. The resolution
failed of a second, Councilman Grlder
being absent, and after a few words of
advice from Messrs. Nlckell and Toll the
subject was dropped.
The City Water company presented its
formal yearly report, giving a state
ment of receipts and expenditures. The
West Side Water company sent in a
communication offering to sell water to
the city for fire purposes at $50 per hy
drant per annum.
Wants the Water Company Prohibited
From Making 1 Improvements
Shortly after the reading of the report
of the water committee on the steps
which had been taken to secure mu
nicipal ownership and control of the wa
ter plant, Councilman Hutchison, who
had been sitting lonesome and discon
solate, his coadjutor. Mr. Grlder, being
absent, rose and offered a little resolu
tion of his own in the following words:
Resolved, That the city attorney be and
is hereby directed to draw up in legal form
a notification to the Los Angeles City
Water company that further Improve
ments placed upon its system between
this time and the 22d of July, 1898, heyond
what are absolutely necessary for the
maintenance of the said system until the
expiration of the lease of said company
would not accord with the plans for the
water system for the municipality, as out
lined by the city engineer.
Resolved. That the city clerk be and is
hereby directed to forward this notice to
the Los Angeles City Water company at
A dead silence followed the reading of
the resolution, and no second was heard.
Mr. Toll wanted to know the object of
the motion, to which Hutchison replied
that the purpose was to prevept the
company from making additions to the
old plant which the city would not want.
Mr. Nickell wanted to know who was
to tell the water company what exten
sions were or were not wanted. "We
have difficulty as It Is ln getting the
company to put in enough extensions
now," said he. "The great trouble Is to
get enough to meet requirements."
Hutchison thought that the council
could designate just what work It want
ed done. Mr. Toll rather sarcastically
asked whether or not it was Hutchison's
idea that if at any time a pipe burst
there must be a special meeting of the
council to authorize the company to re
pair the damage. He did not want
Hutchison to go home with the idea that
the council would not take up any meas
ure of real importance.
"The water company owners are
shrewd men and I submit to you that
while there is an element in the city
eager to depreciate the value nf the
plant the company will not make any
additions when they know that they may
not get back its value. To pass a mo
tion like this is an intimation that the
officers of the water company are mere
ly dummies. Everything not germane
to the issue should be avoided. The
gentleman should not be aggrieved If
the resolution should not pass."
President Silver called attention to the
fact that no second had been received to
the resolution and the discussion came
to an end.
Refunding Bonds Not Delivered on
Time—Bill Posters Satisfied
The finance committee reported, rec
ommending, in the matter of the peti
tion of the E. W. Campbell Advertising
company, regarding the non-enforce
ment of the present ordinance regulat
ing the height and location of sign
boards throughout the city, pertaining to
which subject there has also been filed
a communication from the Merchants'
Ad. Sign company, asking that changes
be made in the existing ordinance, as a
disposition of these communications,
that the city attorney be instructed to
present an amendment to the existing
ordinance providing that the license for
the occupation of bill posting throughout
the city be increased from the present
rate of $25 to $300 per annum, and that
In all other particulars the ordinance
remains as now in force. Adopted.
J. S. Sartori ol the firm of Hellman &
Sartorl, who negotiated the placing of
the $270,000 funding bonds in June of last
year, appeared before this committee at
its last meeting and represented that,
owing to the inability of the city to de
liver the refunding bonds within a rea
sonable time their clients in New York
city, Rollins & Sons, had suffered loss in
not being able to fulfill contracts made
by them. Letters from Rollins & Sons
and also from their clients were present
ed to this committee, from which it was
shown that a clear loss, amounting to
$450, would be borne by Rollins & Sons,
owing to the inability of the city to de
liver the bonds. It appearing to the
committee that it would be Just and
equitable to allow a rebate of this
amount from the interest to be paid by
Rollins & Sons at the time of receiving
the funding bonds from the city, it was
recommended that the city clerk be In
structed to present a demand upon the
treasury in favor of Hellman ft Sartori
for the amount of $450, drawn upon the
refunding bond fund. Adopted.
Selected by the City Council Last
It was past nine orlock when the eve
ning session was called to order with
President Silver In the chair. Theprln-I
clpal business to have been brought up 1
before the council, according to a
previously arranged program, was for
mal indorsement of the names selected
by the Democratic, Republican and
Populist parties for primary officers at
the next election. This number on the
list was speedily disposed of, as the
"consideration" of the availability and
political acumen of those namad had
previously been disposed of.
But the councilmen present did not
bend readily to the Idea of leaving th«jr
firesides for so comparatively insignifi
cant a duty as that laid out by President
Silver. Therefore, the resignation of
It. J. Waters, park commissioner, was
called up for consideration. The posi
tion being declared vacant, nominations
were called for. E. H. banning and A.
C. Jones were placed In nomination.
Upon roll call it was found that Jones
received the largest number of votes,
the tally standing sto Ashman, Hutch
ison and Nickell voting for Lanning.
Southern Pacific Tracks on Alhambra
Avenue Complained of
A protest from Alfred Moore and five
other property owners on Workman
street neur Alhambra avenue was read.
The petitioners stated that Workman
street was originally laid out and graded
some twelve years ago. The Southern
Pacific tracks were laid on Alhambra
avenue and cross the street. Some time
after the grading of the street the rail
road company raised its tracks ten
inches, and again in 18%, when a double
track was laid, the tracks were both
raised about three feet, making a total
raise of nearly four feet, leaving the
street in a dangerous condition and tne
crossing practically Impassable.
The council is asked to order the grade
of the street changed and established to
conform to the tracks of the railway
company, or that the company be com
pelled to lower Its tracks, in either case
the Southern Pacific to pay all expense
of the change. Without discussion the
petition was referred to the board of
public works.
Receipts and Expenditures for a Year
and a Big Name List
In compliance With the state law, the
City Water company submitted a detail
ed statement, giving the name of every
water rate payer, his residence and the
amount paid by each during the year:
also showing the revenue of the compa
ny from all sources and an itemized
statement of expenditures. The cus
tomary reservation as to the company's
waiving any of its rights under the con
tract with the city and denial of the right
of the city to fix water rates is inserted,
the statement being rendered "for the
purpose of placing before your honora
ble body information as to the facts of
the business of this company that the
undersigned deem reasonable that the
city should know, In view of the rights
of the city under said contract." Then
follows a recapitulation, showing that
the receipts of the company have been
$424,590.6. and the expenditures
90. The full list of names fills a large
book of 500 pages.
Bids far City Printing
Bids for'publlshlng the city advertis
ments for one year from February 17th
were opened and read.
The bids were as follows: Herald, 42
cents per inch first insertion, 33 1-3 cents
per Inch each subsequent insertion;
Journal, 27 cents per inch each Insertion;
Express, 35 cents per inch for first in
sertion; 30 cents per inch each subse
quent insertion; Record, 22 cents per
inch for first insertion, 19 cents per inch
for the next fourteen Insertions, and 14
cents per inch for all insertions after the
The rates paid under the last year's
contract were 1" cents per inch for each
and all insertions.
City Attorney's Report
City Attorney Dunn reported as fol
"As Instructed by you, I have pre
pared and herewith present an ordinance
granting the Southern California Rail
way company a franchise for the con
struction of a spur track across Third
street.'" Adopted.
"In the matter of the protest of C. B.
Huber against the improvement of
Broadway, between Seventh and Main
streets, I would report that I have ex
amined the authority for signing the
said protest, and that I am of the opin
ion that said protest ls sufficient and a
bar to further proceedings." Adopted.
For a Railway Franchise
An application was filed for a street
railway franchise by the same parties
who last week asked for the privilege of
a right of waV for a road to be used for
grading purposes only. The franchise
applied for extends from Seventh and
Hoover streets west to First street, over
the same route as that asked for in the
petition for special privilege. The pro
moters of the petition state that the
cars are to be operated by electricity.
A protest was also read against the
grant of the franchise signed by M. Lev
ering et al. Both matters were referred
to the board of public works.
Another Water Offer
The West Side Water company put in
an offer to furnish water for fire pur
poses for hydrants, to be lo
cated by the council, for $50 per
hydrant per year, the hydrants to
be supplied, placed and maintained at
the expense of the city. Accompanying
the communication was a statement of
the rates paid by various municipalities
for fire service, ranging from $50 per
hydrant to $165. The letter was addressed
to Mr. Blanchard of the water supply
committee, but was not considered by
the council as a whole.
Routine Matters
The protest of John McManus and
others against the improving of Qulerola
street from Chavez street to Alhambra
avenue was sustained with the proviso
that the protestants pay the cogits en
tailed In the preliminary proceedings.
Mr. Ashman moved that the city en
gineer and health officer be directed to
investigate and report to the council
the best and cheapest method of venti
lating the main sewers in districts where
the health of the residents is in jeopardy
They Heal the Afflicted—The English
and German Expert Specialists
Established -c years. Incorporated under tho
laws hi California lor I^Bo.ooo,
Every member of the staff is an expert phy
sician -a physician having many years' site
cesviul experience.
Among tbedlreases they euro are the follow
ing: Kidney Diseases, madder Diseases, In
somnia, Hysteria. Paralysis, Kiekets, Scrofula,
Consumption Liver Diseases, Diseases of How
els, Ovarian Diseases, Sciatica, Tumors, De
formities, spinal Diseases, Rupture, Asthma,
Bronchitis, catarrh, Neuralgia, Heart Disease,
Dyspepsia. Eye and Kar Diseases, skin Diseases,
Rheumatism, all Female Diseases, Nervous
Diseases, La Grippe, I'nvatu Diseases, Lost
Manhood, etc.
Private book and symptom blanks for men
and women free at onlee or by mall.
Prices and terms within the reach of all. Cor
respondence solicited; all letters confidential.
The English and German
Expert Specialists
218 South Broadway, r.o* Angeles
by reason of the lack of such necessary
ventilation. Adopted.
Proposals to improve Castelar street
between Alpine and College streets;
Little Rock avenue from Tennessee to
Alameda street; Fifth street from
Bixel street to Lucas avenue, and Ninth
street from Central avenue to the river
were received, opened and referred ts
the board of public works.
The request of the board of education
that an ordinance be passed prohibiting
the boring of oil wells within 500 feet of
any school house, was referred to tha
board of public works.
Nettleton & Kellerman petitioned for
permission to stretch a cable for pump
ing an oil well across Bernard street,
near Yale street. Mr. Baker moved that
the request be granted but on a protest
from Mr. Nickel], seconded by Mr, Todd,
that such permission could not be grant
ed by the council, as the ordinance pro
hibits such cables, the matter was re
ferred to the board of public works.
Mr. Mathuss moved that the city en
gineer be instructed to prepare and pre
sent an ordinance to sidewalk and curb
the west side of Olive street between
First and Second streets. Adopted.
City Attorney's Opinion on the Oil and
Water Questions
In response to a request from the
board of education for advice as to how
best the board could prevent the boring
and operation of oil wells In the vicinity
of the Alpine street school, City Attorney
Dunn yesterday sent the following to
Secretary Johnson:
"In the matter of the boring and op
eration of oil wells near the Alpine street
school, I would advise that you com
municate with the healthrtiepartment
and request them to examine into the
conditions existing and report at the
earliest opportunity. I will then be
pleased to take such steps as may be
possible ln the matter."
Some time ago the board of education
referred to the city attorney the bill of
the West Side Water company for fur
nishing water to schools In that part of
the city. Mr, Dunn reported to the
board yesterclay that the bill must be
paid If the amount is regular and cor
Latest styles wall paper at A. A. Eck
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AT 10 A. M.
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Range, Jewel das Range, Cooking Uten
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