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But the Yearly License Instead of
Fees Don't Go—City Hall
Notes and News
At the weekly meeting of the council
finance committee yesterday several
plumbers appeared to champion a petition
sent by them to the council and by that
body referred to the committee for recom
mendation. The petition, after asking that
tho council provide greater facilities for
transacting business in the office of plumb
ing Inspector, offered the suggestion that
the permit fee system be abolished and a j
yearly license be paid by each employing
plumber. After full discussion the com
mittee decided to report as lollows:
In the matter of the petition from Thomas
Haverty, calling attention to the inade
quate quarters of the plumbing inspector,
also requesting an additional plumbing In
spector and suggesting a yearly license in
liet' of the present permit system, we beg
to report that it would be highly desirable
to provide some relief for the present con
gested condition of the quarters now occu
pied by tile plumhing inspector, superin
tendent of buildings, boiler Inspector and
assistant, commissioners for opening |
streets and secretary of said commission.
We would, therefore, recommend that
quarters be provided outside of the city
hall building: for the commission for the
opening of streets; that the expense of said
quarters be charged tiro rata in each
street opening, proceeding as provided by
law. and that the city pay for such portion
of the occupancy to" said quarters as is
not provided by charges to the several
street opening processes.
We recommend that the request for a
yearly license system be denld. We would
also recommend that the present permit
system be thoroughly investigated with a
view of having charges thereunder bear
equitably upon the operators thereunder,
and with a view also of determining upon
the expediency of appointing an additional
plumhing inspector.
Routine demands were passed: The de
mand of G. J. Griffith for $30.70. for ex
penses in carrying out the transfer of the
park, was referred to the park commission
Auditor's Figures
The city auditor has filed bis report,
showing the amounts collected by the vari
ous city departments during the month of
February. The total collections amount
ed to $89,341.09. Of this aggregate $14,410.60
came in from licenses: $629.76 water sales;
$C7G.75 fines and penalties from city jus
tices; $131 from the boiler inspector; $151.95
from the building superintendent; $522.G7
from the street superintendent's depart
ment; $125 from the librarian.
During the month $20,575.17 In taxes was
Sanitary Recommendations
Health Officer Powers has addressed
a communication to the council calling at- j
tentlon to the unsanitary condition of the
Arroyo tie Los Reyes, between Beaudry
avenue and Ohio street. He asks that im
mediate action be taken toward having the
arroyo piped.as several cases of diphtheria
have been traced to the stagnant pool now
lying there. Dr. Powers also recommends
that sewers be constructed on First street
from Boylston lo Kern, and Ohio from
First to Second.
Oil Regulations
Oil Inspector Manlux Is getting out circu
lars addressed to the oil men and calling
attention to the order of the council
directing all pumping cables to come down
on or before March 30th. or to secure spe
cial permit for the maintenance of such
cables where they are stretched over the
streets. The circular also calls attention
to the fact that the cables must be placed
on structures approved by the oil inspec
Street Improvements
Property owners on Center street, be
tween Aliso and First streets, have peti
tioned that the street be graded, graveled,
Curbed and sidewalked under the bond pro
visions of the Vrooman act.
Chamber of Commerce
The Perfection Orange Blend company
has notified tile chamber of commerce that
it expects to make an extensive exhibit
at the Omaha exposition. It is now en
gaged In putting up material in artistic
glasses, also lien miniature glasses for free
distribution at Omaha. The chamber has
just received a lot of art glassware to be
used in preparing the exb.il.it for I.os An
geles county. Persons having line samples
of oranges, lemons and grape fruit for
putting up in glass will confer a favor by
Bending it to Secretary Wiggins.
New exhibits received yesterday were:
Flame Tokay grapes, Jessie Washburn,
city; navel oranges. E. T. Bryan,Glendale;
Spark's mammoth apricots, dried, 11. R.
Dodd, city.
La Fiesta
While there Is not much for publication
about. Fiesta, work is going on steadily at
headquarters and in the special commit
tees. The committee on music is at work
on an elaborate and attractive program for
the grand concert. At Washington gardens
work is going on tin the floats. Frank
Wiggins of the decoration committee says
that the street decorations will be similar
to those of last year, except that more
electric lights will be used. A great deal of
last year's material is in good condition
and will be utilized in the decorations for
this Fi. sta.
The total amount of subscriptions up to
date is 113,652, Bids for supplying bands
Will close April Is!.
T. W. Stultz, a well-known business man
of San Diego, is in the city for a few days.
Howard A. Broughton, an attorney of
Pomona, is spending a few days in Los
Angeles with his bride.
Frank V. Hall and bride, of Pasadena,
are in the city. Mr. Hall is foreman of the
Daily News of the Crown City.
D. B. Robinson, president of the St. Louis
and San Francisco railway, who. with his
wife and a party of friends, has spent a
pleasant week in Los Angeles, leaves to
day lor St. Louis, his private ear being at
tached to the overland flyer of the Santa
Don Esciplon Canal, Colombian consul at
New Orleans, is in the city for a tew days.
He hits been on an extended visit to his
brother. A. Canal, who represents the re
public of Colombia in a similar capacity .'it
San Francisco, and is now en route to his
official post. Mi-, canal is accompanied
by Senor Enrique de la Vega, a member of
a large commission house al San Francisco,
who is on Ids way to the City of Mexico
to visit relatives. While here the gentle
men are being shown the attractions or
Los Angeles by B. V. Duque, cashier of the
Main-street Savings bunk.
S. A. Miller and ('. Smith rode their
wheels too fast on Main streeei and were
caught at it. Their Indiscretion cost them
$1 each, that being the amount of the lines
assessed against them.
Imported Lemons Free
Those interested In lemon culture can
obtain some of tho finest Imported vari
eties for seed, free of charge, at Woolla
cott's linuor store, North Spring street.
Attention! Stanton Post No. 5."., <;. A. R.
Will meet at Third and Broadway at 9
n. m., March bith. to attend the funeral
of our late comrade, Gen. W. S. Rosecrans.
GEO. COPELAND, Commander.
Highest Honors—World's Fair,
Oold Medal, Midwinter Pair.
A Pure fJrsnc Cream of Tartar Pcwdcr.
. 40 -" Tt 7
Insane Man on Whom the Seven Books
of Moses Are Resting, Hence
He Decided to Die
Henry Bowman, who rooms at "OS-o East
Fifth street, attempted to commit suicide
in his room Friday evening by taking a
small quantity of "Rough on Rats." He
told no one of what he had done, and when
he became violently ill it was supposed
that he had suffered a relapse, as he had
been sick before. A physician was sum
moned, but was unable to determine what
was the mutter. Bowman's Illness In
creased, but not to an alarming extent.
All Friday night he suffered great agony,
but so small had been the dose of poison
that at no time was be in Unnger of dying.
Late yesterday afternoon Bowman toid
the people in the house what he bad done.
They at once notified the police, and the
patrol wagon was summoned. Bowman
was sent to the receiving hospital. Dr.
Hagan, who attended him there, stated
that the quantity of poison he had taken
was not sufficient to kill him. but it had
made him a very sick man and his illness
would probably continue several days. The
man is evidently insane, probably from
the result of long illness, for when he was
asked why he had taken the poison he re
plied that the seven books of Muses had
been resting on him for days and that he
could not stand It any longer. He deter
mined to end bis life. and. having been in
formed that many people failed in at
tempts at suicide by taking too much poi
son, he took only what he could hold on
the point of his pocket knife. He was
made as comfortable as possible and will
be sent to the county hospital today.
Suicide Said to Be Epidemic
Dr. La Rue. the famous French author
ity on abnormal prenotnena, and a profes
sor in Laval university, has, after ex
haustive comparison of facts in Franco,
Belgium, England and the Vnited States,
come to the conclusion the inclination to
suicide is a mania, and is epidemic. There
seems to be strong corroboration of this in
our own country, wher? one suicide—par
ticularly among young females—follows
another. No learned authority has as yet
discovered with exactitude whether ma
laria is epidemic or endemic, but it has
been a matter of notoriety for nearly half
a century that the most reliable preven
tive and curative of the various forms of
malaria is Hostetter's Stomach Bitters.
Restored patients have not only set the
seal of their approbation upon it in malar
ial cases, hut commend it for rheumatism,
kidney and liver trouble, nervousness,
dyspepsia and constipation. It improves
both appetite and sleep, and Is a capital
mltigant of Infirmity In advancing years.
All prices of wall paper greatly reduced.
A. A. Eckstrom. 224 South Spring street.
Onr Rome Drew
Maler & Zobeleln's lager, fresh from their
brewery, on draught In all the principal
saloons; delivered promptly In bottles or
kegs. Office and brewery, 440 Aliso street;
telephone 91.
Hawley, King & Co.. cor. Fifth St. and
Broadway, agents genuine Columbus Bug
gy company buggies and Victor bicycles.
Largeßt variety Concord business wagons
and top delivery wagons. Hawley, King
& Co.
Everything on wheels. Hawley, King &
Co., corner Fifth street and Broadway.
Agents Victor. Keatlng.World and March
bicycles. Hawley. King & Co.
ROSECRANS—At the home of his son,
Major-General William Stark Rose
crans, U. S. A., a native of Ohio, aged
78 years.
The remains will lie in state at the city
hall from Tuesday morning at 10 oclock
until Wednesday morning, from where
they will be taken to the cathedral, corner
Second and Main streets, where solemn
requiem mass will In- celebrated, commenc
ing at 10 oclock a. m. Wednesday; thence
to Rosedale cemetery, where military
honor will be observed.
To the Publil —Realizing that the name,
fame and even the body of my father, the
late General Rosecrans, are in a Large
measure the property of the people, and
that the public will naturally desire to take
part In his obsequies, I have thought it
proper, in order that all arrangements may
be fittingly made, to place Mr. Fred A.
nines in charge of the ceremonies with full
Instructions to provide suitable place in
line for all organizations desirous to par
ticipate. CARL F. ROSECRANS.
in accordance with the above T would
request that all military and civic bodies
notify me not later than Monday afternoon,
March 11. 1898, of their intention to accom
pany the remains of the late General Rose
crans to their temporary resting place in
Rosedale cemetery. They will then be
assigned to positions and the bead of each
organization notified accordingly.
047 South Broadway.
Members of Stanton corps. NV>. in. are re
quested to attend the funeral of Mrs. M.
E. Birr at raid's undertaking parlors,
Chestnut and riownev avenue, tit 2 p. m.
The funeral of Louis .Mien will take place
from the family residence, 837 West Fif
teenth street. Monday at 2 p. m. Friends
are respectfully invited.
The funeral service for the lute Mrs. Geo.
N. Dewey will be held ut [1 oclock on Sun
day, ot 410 East Twenty-first street.
Phillips 8 Munton, 339 8. Spring St.
Merchant Tailors — New Store—New Stock
Formerly of 114 Sooth Spring Street
it Coses of Spring Merchandise have arrived during the past ten days. An average ot 103 cases a day. Enough goods to comple'e y stock an ordinary store for w
: ft* *\J*J*-M a wllo i e year | t nas necessitated the enlargement of departments, and visitors tomorrow will be greeted with many changes and rearrangements. The Great Store has 1"
v# donned its Spring Attire and never locked better except at our Openings when greenery is used. Better goods are in demand and we have prepared a feast for the lovers of exquisite Jl
and expensive merchandise. The most elegant qualities in Los Angeles are here, but we haven't lost sight of the cheaper and medium grades. This advertisement will tell you wonder- 2t\
1 \ ful savings to be made by careful buying. We have prepared many money-saving bargains for this week. w
>«; ew Wash Goods x^i«r»r>r,M>r.M»r.«s«w^ie.«*^
•L — Black DreSS GOOdS f* Printed Lattice Striped Batiste, 30 inches A (SSI List W
W > , \ I r. » ■ r.. ,» . .. . W w ''de. "1 Ught blue and white, pink and », HaiadftOtne WIIKS Jl
\\ One big lot of New Spring Dress Goods. In Black ,->0- Inch Jacquards. mm _ If white lavender and white red and r\ . J* .„„ , . . ~ . .... .» . „,,_ , ... . Fm,
16-inch black Rough Effects, In handsome raised figures on rich black ISC %wh t* andween and X'r 5 2000 T » rdB 2* hc . avy H *J2 " m""." ."i" I ?„^ft!^>n lnblock ' pln M U,e ' CA„ \
\mm, grounds; quality that others would say was cheap at» yd; this week *uw 4 Sal■ u£e■mSSm at ' A *,™ c V rJW .S ot,d °T.V* Je, , 1,,b1 ?,. ,, 5? e '„°., r , *»'■;» • n <|. ll o l '»K» ><»'organdies, "Sllr
IK 50 new patterns just arrived in Fancy Black Reps': Black Poplins, Hlack Gran- J™" white gn.unds V 1 q y X * |fc
.if Ite Cloth, Fancy. Black Armures, Fancy Black Lords and Fancy (\f\ with choice eolarlnara designs In neat , l.'>oo yards of all Silk Kalllo In blues, browns, greens, etc., all silk and :o Inches me\ w*
I Black Broches; every yard well worth $1.25; marked XI, III) 4 spriivsbuds addlowers"both tie- a. if wide, very popular for waists and .• klrt lining*. Always sold at $1.00 yard. -VIC W
J« a < 5 signs and colors imitate the real XC 5 For this week at w +g
:F\ Black Poplin Reps. This fabric shows an extremely pretty and modest cord- f> French lawns: 12Vjc goods, nt 3 :ti piecesof lllnek Brocaded Satin, heavy quality, In small and large figures mm r%
\ed background, with dainty raised mohair figures In small and m I m * Short Lengths In Madras Cheviots- good wl and scroll patterns, soft eashmcro llnlsli to shake tho dust. A good $1 qual- /SC *
W medium designs; 16 new patterns, every one a weaver's master- J)l,',Q 3* washable colors; mill lengths, mostly in * lty, for this week at ■UV »
IJV $1-0 values; for t,,,s week at. * stripes and checks; if we cut these |A I moo yards of all Silk Fancy Plaids and Brocaded Strlpos, in beautiful combl. OP . W
J Black Merseretta Cloth. A new Black Goods similar to Perola Cloth, bright » irom the full pieces they would lIJC i nation of colors. Quality that cannot be duplicated at $1.15 a yard. For this Xsr *W
\j silky figures and Bayadere stripes raised upon fancy backgrounds, rt» | Qg" v cost you 16c: special at »f He ck at OUV r
ten kinds to pick from one of the swellest fabrics of 2 If-indsome Fleured Madras T.iu-iis an en- k „ , . . m
JL the season and well worth $2.25; for this week at ipi.UU v of patternl in this 1A jV •'■« Piecesof N.wjtyll.b silks In plaids andlehecks, Bayadere stripes, fancy a, aa Wf
rl r» f,„ , •.",, "i",' .ii 1 ',SIJ"„'"l"' 111/' 5 stri|ns, changeable brocades, etc ,in all the new shades of blues, grays, \kt I 111
J Colored Dress GOOdS m resented d ; "ff* vtlues. a at.". P :.. ~ UC * brown,, etc. Equality that .swell worth 5i.25 a yard. For this week 5 ., *««VW JJ
'X 20 pieces of new two-toned S. -.ges in mixtures of new blue and white brown Vassar Checks, the new and popular thin A _ ,'_ __ , , _ _ _ TT
and white, green and white, etc., and 20 pieces ol the new cord mm '\ stuff for shirt waists; comes in |f% JJ Special OrrSfißS Ci d
' , Novelt\ with dainty silk tigures. 4it Inches wide and tho regular £ fiC Jt plain aim o.oken cnecas only; ISc \£, X _ . . aVBI 111 a\
\m $1.00 values; for this week at r goods at » T DreSS bOOdS at WW £
' I A 20 pieces of elegant Silk and Wool Novelty Suitings In popular fl» | f\i\ 71 Lngllsh Lappets, black and tinted grounds. %, *V
i W weaves, fancy brocades, silk and wool plaids, 42 to46lnches wide. >l 1111 3 M inches wide, handsome new tig- | m g it's a fortunate opportunity. You can Judge better after a look, but we'll tell you ot y&
.It.? Qualities that Would be excellent values at $1.86; for this week at v S ores and colorings, the best 20c IqC X the kinds and what they're wonh. There are many exquisite beauties among tbem. v '«
ISP 20 pieces of ned two-toned Serges in mlxtaves in the new blues, greens, J. goods made; special at ■ If bought in the ordinary way, 6ou and 76c would nave to ba asked, but thenaroseven M.
1 j browns etc and Silk Warp Changeable Poplins- the most desl- «J» I mJL Embroidered and Figured Swiss In plaids w different lots combined in this one lot, which our New York buyers have picked up fM
. W rable fabric made to shake the dust; 46 Inches Wide; sold every- Sl. Lit a and figures, silk finished, fast colors, 2 from time to time at reduced prices. The savin? is yours. Not a yard of 50u goods in ftf
\ d where at $1.50: for this week at f V nobby styles, and quite the thing; <|A_ 4 Ixis Angeles to compare with them. r *
'\\w 26 handsome designs In Bilk and Wool Novelty Stilting in fancy weaves, fancy C a regular 30c cloth, aiUC $, plain MIXED COVERTS BLACK broc\des \w
■A !he'se S lin n es w^b To? tWSIS' $1.50 5 Fine imported Scotch Ginghams, in plain \ TWO-TONED POPLINS BLACK JACyUARD NOVELTIES
at V'WV A colors, handsome plaids and <*f *\ FANCY CHECKS AND PLAIDS BLACK BAYADERE STRIPES V
i X stripes, warranted to wash and £HC X NOVELTY CORDED WKAVBB FIGURED SICILIANS \j
J Sensational Selling of Jacket Special 5 facoxhe suitings scroll moveliies Jft
1 V Silk Dress Skirts At M » win s&* J— ■
F \ A large shipment of J(m\. ?"'Z,V\ , 1 "*T&3*s , f " dren's dresses; regular 40c and 45c AUC * _ "\
t Fine Silk Skirts has ft„PSLii{Stf * quality, at U C « >V
'V- lust arrived from our \' b ,gl l s> \ , St s^'1 S % A dm%jA X Vlf
JV New York Headquar- Og R Broadcloth Jack- * • ~y I, M MMHUnm-v t ■ OUUI MO / Mmkm \ X
ters. They are mil'h BMWm et. in all sizes, tan Vv_r % New Millinery J / m\\\\WSk \ IT
'\ j tinder price. We men- /fS36P Isk . , on , ly ' R Whatever may hnve been our record In for- X • ~ / m\\\\W/Mwm\ \ j
■71 Wde°2fgz-,g Bayadere «™" J mer years. It will be outdone this season. If C Men's Silver Gray Fedora Hats, 111 / \
\ silk itrSped ltk< cut S» ges. fly front. We J / \)| T the completed hats are samples of the fu- J round, square and taper CTOWnS I 1 S
W P 1 , p 4 ntl ,„ '»•'•>•-••,. «»-' one'wouid n c k are n to' /-A . / f n,ro " eatlons - Not »»» rea<1 >- >•<"«• but « and black Kinds iii all widths, I BsjEW&wL I w
X S'b'Sit 1 : U\ 7 eno , ush T a , Tbefor. regu i ar hats the f\n \ iff I X
T ,„,, „.,,,, „ , , , ~ than $17.50. Tins \V J I / ' mnl opening Is not far off, and then tne J 6,, . . ■IJL /J \ I f W/f I W
XL PA wet,, «l? )S town will falk. and the fashions for 1898 WOrid Over. Special JOi* \ Lfca / L
?| pr?eesf owe0we Ty.. 0 ."..^..?"!..50*5U Price' is will be settled. \ [ / /I
" Another Skirt leader is "a "fine silk and It MaterialS"FlOWOrS W . , , r- j j r-,._ \ A JuVIC .3
wool large plaid skirt, the latest orasa On«t Shirt w«l«t C If Stetson s $4.00 Fedoras and Der- iC
it... with fashionable folk, made and fin- wsaas a. naiai m Twice the former space In given over to ■J C - v - rv U*. s t ilk /"% <f\ Or ' Xf / yHk CP
: K 'shed the same as the silk. «; m t . / the showing. Every new shape has a plen- g.: '. •> V / lIX
1\ It would sell at jusl as >4 Sll No space for more than one (• , * X bIOCkS Vll i iJiS \ V
f much, but we say aPtaUV of our fifty styles. "Stanley" g tl ful showing. £ Tlr\\ \ a?tf
/ r.nnp r.FßnHnna Waists made of Standard Gingham, 7i There is a superb line of Straw mr\ 31 at 'Mr *■* l n
vl . V ~H otxiiuiio in plain colors, and the assortment »' Shapes In the proper colors AIIC »' *A
\f HSSHSSSMI b«S«@"3c I © /, Sensational Neckwear Sale J
V ~d"m V a summerv'i»o ff° I S«Hf , S "Stanley" ? at. .. . W l.. OUC 1 }SL l Monday morning we place on sale a line of 50c Neck- iy
ISr dressy cape, worth twice' XX -Sll should brine €1 00 2 Walking Hats in correct outline, mm 1 wear <rom Louis Auerhach, the foremost maker in UL
I the money we ask, only mark them '* VV < colors and trimming, lO£ %\ New York ' at one - ,hird the re Suhr price. Huffs, £
\f mmm at 91 V ir Tecks and Four-in-Hands, in the newest and best
Infant's Outfits Toilet Articles Sc I .i lkS t/ U w ach n n er ..^»«« to retail for le« |^
V MMt- for Baby 5 column of this page; they start at 5 -StrfW h) 50C^
A* nts for infants The Drug Department not only af- i| «»mnl« Psrasnla A ,«» . V*
JL w, r ufZ 1 - foras I f ,,dhood ' s —«»« C ssm- 2 Special Trousor Offer Hnnoct 3
M terlals are everything needful in the toilet line. X A ,„ rr ffiordS' us the opportSnfTy 8 Lo o k at lhc average $2 50 and $.100 \*4 lIOIICSI M
1 kJt be forni«h,.,i „.i,i.„ », ~ „ « „ .x >llb " Jit before and never will again, but IJI •SfTJ a 4. a& r» no
for prices Metal Puff Boxes 10c ), just for this week you caS buy the \1 poV At «>3.98 JL
H They range ' 2=c Eiderdown Powder Puffs 15c § Special Trimming fl C/s V '"test Scotch effects In V] ooH „ .„. v. . 21
from $6.88 to V/«« 400 Eiderdown Powder Putts 25c 4 . j. twi.'l All-Wool Cheviots 3)1.0" T \ Boys' Fine Navy Blue 1^
,Vf> $26.00, or even 50c Infant's Hair Brush 350 t So, ° |«#V Jat , V "TTT 88 n' Wl "l d^ P 1
r S ° ft S Monday Tuesday and longer, II the J Ml X
1j ness and excellence. 25c Tinted Celluloid Combs 15c I titles hold out. we will sell a large assort- *\ worth only if M, black with A n*. LJ U J nwiaKS' r.!2?. .^."o 1 ! S
/„/«,'5 OutUt No. I »C La Clgale Talcum Powder....tte j 4 -».te hair* ft* stripes, 11 Sols^'tfto'
~\ 4 Long Cambric Slips 25c Purest Spanish Castile Soap, ,15c S 15c. 5 " '«i"V*"'ail!"i;, a¥ W These aro goodhoneit r*»
2 Long Cambric Dresses, trimmed with 50c size Toilet Water all odors v,r *! They come In mohair and silk braids, }° vn *. Mcn . B 8trl «ly All-Wool W W "earing sni ts. which \
W Embroidery - t ..«e xoiiet water, all 0d0r5...3„c / , |6o * m , m and sero „ designs, and In J Cheviot Pants, equal to «] if, Ii W <'onld be sold at 10.0.
1\ 1 Long Nainsook Dress, with fancy R«»K« *>«-«S_a__ * black, colored and tinsel novelties. You'd J\ $3.00 custom work. A 1.40 dV 9 VJ We mark them lor tbls |T
f embroidered yoke BaOy OamageS jj do well to select from this lot. gat V "• ffk » nly a ' <^
2 Long Flannel Skirts By shipping Buggies by the carload \* - V J
;A 4 mnnel Band? nntoB Blanket " we save $1.25 freight on each one. T I Men's fl A Great Hosiery
r W :; Wool Knit Vests By buying by the carload we get an Jf / X /A Purchase X
4_Honey-Comb Bibs £. «o extra discount. These savings are t A\\ MS J SIIOOS AA Not so great in size as In saving. An W
IX 22 pieces for «PU.OO both yours, ns they allow us to sell Jl *Z ' (ff J* 1411*1.-,.* fl importer who carries only fine goods IW
J 1 . ', J^lm'luL^"* from * 2 - 00 t0 $3.00 under the usual W ' IT- seta » at JfltnOUr II fIT came to us with two cases of small lots;
Infant s Outfit No 2 ■ We mention on. T I Elegant f « 11 hfi accepted our offer and now the '„
\*m 4 Long Cambric Night Slips, em- P"ces. we mention one special: r I „, 8 • a Profit chance to secure the plums has arrived. JL
/I broidered edge flee. Body < arriage. with swell 5 I * GiOVCS 3 Fresh, clean goods of excellent quality. If
r \ 2 Long Cambric Day Blips, embroidered l rf ;nt»pholstere,l with art tw-ill and HT _ r t - * . I\§l \ assorted into lots llko this: A
t. . edge slllt Plush roll; the parasol ls of good " We go to the best maker in \ One of the best eastern I VGH ' Jj»
TP* 2 Long Nainsook Dresses, fancy em- sateen, with one ruffle; patent foot tS France and buy his best cloves the I a 71 Shoemakers took our 1 1 Ladles' 86c quality of Real Maco JCp *P
IX broidered yoke I,ra , kf '- "teel wheels, warranted X Mazlno TI, M -nL>,iirl 7 ? order In December for Black Hosiery, nt |W
7 1 Fine Nainsook Dress, fancy embroid- ?" ri "K s an <l extra well q,mm jf Mazlno - They come direct from him to us, B „ the shoes he needed Vr| I adies' 50c ouallt vof Tombed Ma 111 f
j-J ered yoke braced; a usual $8.50 3)0.7.5 C an<l WP save vo " two proilts-the Import- 2to make to keep his \. J La(l J, 0 ,, s '•' n ''\ ia '''L. „V 33iC lj
la 2 Flannelette Bath Robes, trimmed buggy, at ■U* er s and Jobber's. 71 force busy until orders N»ia/ co, ver> fine gauge, at rs
P\ With Valenciennes Lace L The same Qualities are sold In avarv nn,», 1 for spring goods came in. No profit Ladies' 75c quality of Fine Cotton and r*L
\ 3 Long Flannel Skirts Nursery Chairs 4 7 ~J a„l.7i . . o- . ° Eto him at the prices we name, nor French Lisle Hosiery, in fancy sn- \
W 3 Long Flannel Pinning Blanket! „ U ,? A 7 I * 4 „ , 2 I ' os An S elps -'tore at $1.85 and $2.00. This C any loss-just actual cost of pro- patterns, either black or c010r5.....fW X
X 3 Wool Knit Bands Children s Rattan Nursery Chairs, 1/ is a fact. We can prove it. P duction. The first of the shoes ar- , „ „ . M % m
2 Hand-made Knit Bootees w-.th table, the kind we have always J 2-cla«p real French Kid 1-row a. S rived last week. They are made of thlltlrey «tJronoli Cot.l»roy and IF
J 3 Wool Knit Vests <J.| A mm ? " ld Jl.oO; Monday only n£ . jf jS,,"" blck wh»e rZ CI CA X tan willow calf as soft and as plla- Piccadilly Ribbed Ulack Hose. 2'lC ft
w | - $10.55 Tt W "' S "" thCm "5C C -?ery iroper shade, a 2>1.0U 5We as calfskin can be made, yet a t W
\f 25 pieces for V 'Vil/U at y .11 oau<, j| slrnng and durable. They have Children's 50c Ribbed Black Hose Ml- TL
——n^^—.< . 1 hand-sewed welt soles, and the lat- in three weights, at OO3L rff
\ Druas «n»rlal Blhhnna 2 Matting Special m «"t round toes, are lined with strong
Special KIDOOnS ♦* .„!"„„, ~" r_ & oanvas ami have flip new style strap _„ _ . _ _ _ W
VDo you know that we flUpresortptlons? One lot of Faille. Grenadine and ground ?u" f% b !i ck ' Tl , ,ey are «s«> l " S6 Decorated V?Q AO X
I),, you know that evetf drug we use Gros Grain Ribbons. sto 6 <%m v> qV e co f rev r«il, strong W n?ost 4.50 shoes and some d« IAA Z „ . . T»i "\ \Mim
/is the best and purest to be had? Do inches wide, worth 65c; SSC TSt weave. iZ ported 1 ' f £? n " hoeSi we mark them J3.()(| Tea SetS at *P<Mm
you know that our druggists are thor- special at V a yard; in order to give our mat- /SC V 2f
ting, a good season's start, w. say..***' Thl. week we will sell 56-p.ece Tea f|
\ and Department Store prices? Sets of Decorated Austrian and Ger- tkA
f/ $1.00 bottles of Hood's, Ayer's f.-i r * %mf %mT a 9 '9M MmT Vs<V %*f W Jmtmmt ■fsssr IMbssj. wassar tsar Itr man China, which have been selling at X
#or Joys at MC yaf WW A MMWM W TWM Am* m\C k\M mfm\M / » 6 ' oo anJ f
A Hook, 24* Pages, invaluable to invalids.
003 South Olivo St. 1-os Angeles, Cal.
. "
hi. Foo Dr. l.cc Wing
Diagno-is and Kxaniination Free
Allen's Press Clipping Bureau
2!43 West Second Street
Los Angeles, Cal.
Furnish advance reports on all contract work,
such as sewers, reservoirs, irrigation and pump
ing plants and public buildings Fersonalollp-
Dings irom all papers in the United States.
Auction Sale
J. W. Reed & Co., Auctioneers, will sell Mr.
Bird and Curio Store
nt 516 S. Broadway
At 10 o'clock a. m„ MONDAY, March 14
One ease Mounted Birds, value $500; a
$1000 Singing and Talking Parrot, live
llirds, stuffed Birds, Gold Fish, Birds'
Eyes, Artificial Leaves and Taxidermists'
Tools, Aquaria. Shells. Curios, Bird Cages,
Fish Globes, Florists' Wlrejvork, Chenille,
Letters, Wheat Sheaves, Sphagnum Moss,
California Souvenirs, Music Box, one
Ladies' and one Gent's Rambler Wheel, U
pright Folding Bed and other furniture. Roll
Top Desk, Trunks, etc.. together with all
fixtures, shelves, counters, showcases, par
titions, etc., also all the plants and nursery
stock. Mr. Strickland has fully decided to
retire from business and will positively
close out the entire stock without limit or
BEN. O. RHOADES, Auctioneer,
Office, 557 South Spring St.
jm Diseased or Weak
€S» Consult
Ife Dr. White
Private Dispensary
|Sk 138 N.Main St.
" Established IHBII
Mew York specialists
We are pre-Emlnent in Diseases of
Men Only SETT"'
23014 S. Msjn St., Los Angeles.

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