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Los Angeles, March 18,1898.
"Flattery Is like false money; It Impov
erishes those who receive It."
The advance ln copper since the begin
ning ot the year has been very marked,
and at the present outlook the advance
' appears to be statistically sound. Tbe
strength of the market has come from
Burope, where consumption Is in excess of
arrivals, causing a material reduction of
the visible supply on hand. The advance
, In the price of copper ln New York has de
veloped since February Ist, when the price
of lake Ingots ln that city was 11 cents.
The liberal export call added to a fair local
consumption has forced the market fully
1 cent per pound higher, although large
contracts were made by the producing
companies when tbe market struck lift
Cents. Large sales of copper by leading
producers were reported last week, the
amount being placed at. several million
pounds. The stock of copper in this coun
try at the beginning of the year is not ac-'
eurately known, but the fact that produc
ing companies are now well sold up and
that many will not take bids for prompt or
future delivery would Intimate that these
stocks are not regarded as heavy. The
risumptlon of copper the world over
large, and It seems evident, says Brad
street's, that the present advance ls based
on something more than mere speculation.
-o o o
An English! syndicate ls said to have ob
tained an option on all the sardine pack
ing factories In Maine, at a figure repre
senting nearly 81,500,000.
© © ©
A letter written by Mr. Andrew Carnegie
to the Cleveland Iron Trade Bevlew, point
ing out the advantages possessed by New
York as a great shipbuilding center, bas
attracted considerable attention. Mr. Car
negie expresses himself as satisfied that
the United States can readily regain the
supremacy In shipbuilding that It had
when wooden ships were in vogue, and
gives tbe low price of steel in this country,
as compared with Europe, as a principal
reason for this belief. Cheap transporta
tion for shipbuilding material from tbe
Interior of this country and the advantages
which a shipyard at a great port like New
York would have ln the matter of obtain
ing repair work are additional reasons ad
vanced. He makes a suggestion that some
one of tbe successful lake building con
cerns might profitably consider the estab
lishment of a branch yard near New York,
and does not hesitate to say that the
branch would soon grow to exceed the
capacity of the original or parent works,
give a much higher return upon the capital
Invested and render its originator famous
© © ©
The flgureSJOf the foreign trade of Spain
for last year" says the Pall Mall Gasette,
show an Increase In both imports and ex
ports as compared with the two or three
preceding years, and In exports, at least,
1197 did remarkably well. The value of tbe
latter amounted to nearly 925,000,000 pese
tas (peseta—so,l93), as against 892,333,000 In
1896 697,333,000 ln 1893, 932,500,000 ln 1890, tbe
record year, and 791,200,000 ln 1887. Imports
reached a total ot 793.333,000 pesetas, which
compares with nearly 749,000,000 In the pre
vious year, 768,500,000 In 1895, 901,333,000 ln
1891 (which holds the record In this direc
tion), 897,760,000 In 1890 and 717,500,000 ln 1887.
These totals scarcely bear out the assump
tion that the general volume of trade ls
expanding, for the grand total of Imports
and exports for 1897 ls under that of the
three years 1889-91, Inclusive. But at least
there has been an Improvement ln the ten
years. It must be borne In mind, of course.
In appraising the present condition that
the insurrectionary troubles ln the PhTTIp-
? lines, and especially In Cuba, the ever
althful, have exercised an adverse influ
ence directly and Indirectly on the trade
of the mother country.
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Bottles are now being made of paper un
der a German patent. They are for use
particularly on shipboard, where heavy
weather works havoc among glass recep
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A Portland paper says: "The rapidly
Increasing commerce between the Colum
bia river and the Orient has called into
service three additional large steamers.
The first to arrive will be the Mount Tabor,
now en route from Japan to San Francisco,
with a cargo of sulphur, and after dis
charging this she will come to the Colum
bia for a cargo ot flour. About April 16,
the Mount Tabor will be followed by a
second steamship which will take a full
cargo from Portland. The third steamer
Is the Talfu, which is coming from Vladl
vostock to the Pacific Export Lumber com
pany. April will be a heavy month ln ship
ping circles. Negotiations are pending tor
several other steamers to head off the ton
nage now being lost to the Oregon ports for
the lack of a sufficient number of vessels."
© © ©
Commenting on the rumor that a Japan
ese loan of 160,000,000 yens will be raised in
the United States through ex-Mlnlster Dun,
the London Globe says It may be regarded
as certain that when the loan is definitely
decided upon it will be floated In Europe.
© © ©
An Interesting Interview with John A.
McCall, president of the New York Life
Insurance company, will be found in an
other column ot this issue.
Dividend Notes
The Western Union Telegraph company
has declared a quarterly dividend of IH
per cent., payable April 16.
The Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago A St
Louis Railway company has declared a
dividend of 1& per cent on Its preferred
stock, payable April 80.
The New York & Harlem Railroad com
pany has declared a quartely dividend of
I per cent., payable April 1
The P. Lorlllard company has declared
a quarterly dividend of 2 per cent, on Its
preferred stock, payable April 1.
The New York Central & Hudson River
Railroad company has declared a quarterly
dividend of 1 per cent, payable April 16.
The North American Oil company has de
clared a quarterly dividend of 2 per cent,
payable April t
The directors of the Manhatten Elevated
Railway company have declared the regu
lar quarterly dividend of 1 per cent, pay
able April 1.
The directors of the Oregon Railway *
Navigation company have declared a
quarterly dividend of 1 per cent on the
preferred stock, payable April L
The directors of the Chicago & North
western railroad company have declared
the regular quarterly dividend of Mi per
Aprils?" the preferred stock, payable
i.£ he ». Am9r S la . n Sugar Refinery oompany
J? d . ltJ regular- quarterly dlvi
«£* r «. oent ' 2"* he common and Hi
April I Preferred, both payable
Australian Wheat Yield
available furnish a basts for a very fTi r
Idea concerning the results of the TharviiV
The official etaUsUc?orthe f
fa New South Wales havebeenpWlinSS*
and trustworthy private estimate.T ofT?.
position in Victoria have b*S roada
the mother colony tbe area reaped wie
•88,251 acres, which produced 8,748.1771bu5h
e15, an average of 10.4 bushels per " o?ea*
compared wltb 10.1 bushels last ies£ vie!
torla is supposed to have produced 7 437000
bushels from 1,680,000 acres, which alves an
average of 4.70 bushels per acre. w«h*s2
yet to hear the tale wrUoh the s*rinns?T*
AustraUaJiM ™3olT&ftg££
*.V, thM "! c " ,or PWPOsee of calcuOTon
vlll * 'our-bushelLbar
vest rrom about 1,008,000 acres. Queensland
!W p & tw i t0 P">vlde about l.oofooo bushel*
fJ, V J* te J" n Australia and Tasmania
bushels, while about 1,800,0*0 bushels will
need to be set aside for seed.
The Placenta Co-operative Mining and
Industrial Association, Los Angeles. Mem
bership fee, 1100. Directors— J. G. Evani
and Walter Hogan ot Los Angeles; A. C
Harmon and W. W. Ross of Placerita, and
C. B. Ford of Palms.
The Anderson Prune Dipper company
San Jose; 116,000, with 39100 subscribed.
Rsal Estate Transfers
FRIDAY, March 18, 1898.
W. J. Ounby and Ora H. Gunby to Addli
Johnson—Lot 12, Sharer & Lanterman'i
resub. of Dlmmlck trt.: 12000.
Ella H. Burnett and Grace Rita Burnett
heirs of H. D. Burnett, deceased, to Joseph
Simons and B. O. Simons—Part lots 5 and
6, bl. 68. H. 8.; 88000.
Albert Preston and Olive N. Preston ti
80. Cal. Say. Bk.-Lot 4, bl. C, Menlo Part
sub. No. 1; 11660.
Pacific Loan Co. to J. I. Joseph—Lot 49
bl. X.; lots 8, 9 and 10, bl. L, Knob Hill trt.;
,4000 ' SUMMARY
Desds X
Nominal g
Total 825.21E
Mortgages, 91000 and Over
B. W. Doss et al. to 8. J. Powell-
Part lot 1, bl. W, Mott trt., 18 mos.,
10 per cent 11,001
J. w. Wortmann et al. to J. Ellis—On
N line Colorado, Pasadena,s yrs., 10
per cent 1,621
it. Bridges to T. F. Croft—Lot 5, bl.
T, resub. Alamltos trt.; also bl. 6,
Long Beaoh. 1 yrs., 11 per cent I.SOC
A. L and E. Ryan to A. Curtln—Lots
IS and 16, bl. A, W. L. A., 3 yrs., 10
per cent 5,0 M
J. D. and 8. E. Ward to F. F. Muller
—Lot 23, Severance trt., 1 yrs., 9 per
cent 2,500
C. D. Barnett et al. to B. Garvey—
Part sec. 10.18,11,10 per cent S.OOC
A. C. Summers et al. to T. A. Bailey—
Lot 6, bl. H, Fort Hill trt., 5 yrs., 10M
per cent l.Ocx
Fourteen mortgages under 11000 8.081
Total" .128,511
Releases, $1000 and Over
N. Royal to C. A. Green, 495-208 8 1.50 C
Main St. Say. Bk. to E. M. Scott, 363
--87 I.OOC
Nine releases under $1000 2,371
Total $4,871
Conditions da Shown by Transactions
In Wall Street
NEW YOBK, March 18.—Today's stock
market fluctuated over quite a wide ex
treme, first upwards and then downward
and with a later recovery above the early
high point But it le noticeable that the
net changes were not very large. The ex
treme dullness was a feature. This and
the character ot the rumors which affected
the market Indicated the manipulation of
small professional traders, whose exist
ence depends upon a movement of prices,
whether up or down. The late rally was
tbe feature of the day and was significant
of ths nervous waiting attitude of the
speculative world. This really was founded
on rumors as to what could be taking place
at the secret meeting of the cabinet at
Washington. Compromise with Spain over
Cuba was the burden of this rumor accom
panied by the Information that Spain was
perfectly willing to grant everything on
the sole condition that her flag remains In
Cuba. The professional short sellers Has
tened to cover open contracts on the
strength of this report and another to the
effect that a distinguished officer high ln
rank ln the United States navy had ex
pressed the opinion that the Maine was
lestroyed by an Internal explosion due to
an accident. Business ln the flurry caused
by these rumors was more active than at
any time during the day, but was not on an
unusually large scale, especially consider
ing the wide movement of prices. Nelthei
was the rally held, the reaction touching
practically all stocks and amounting to a
substantial fraction in many cases. As for
the opening spurt, it was largely assisted
by the buoyancy ot the local traction
stocks based on the reported offer of tne
rapid transition to an elevated company.
The heaviness and dullness were without
the slightest Interruption after the open
ing spurt up to the recovery of the last
hour. The relapse in Spanish 4s on tne
London and Paris exchanges was not re
assuring. Notwithstanding yesterday's
night hardening ln the rates of exchange
and the distinctly higher tone ln today's
market, further'gold to the amount of 2900,
--900 was engaged for Import today.
Then bond market showed weakness In
tho early dealings and a firmer tendency at
the close. Total sales 11,300,000.
United States new 4s and the old 4s, cou
pon, were % lower and the old 4s .coupon,
were V 4 lower and the old 4s, regular, y,
lower bid.
Bradstreet's Report
NEW YORK, March 18.—Bradstreet's
review tomorrow will say:
The aggregate volume of the country
business continues sufficiently large to
Rlow favorable comparisons wltb past
periods alike In this and preceding years.
Aside from a quieting demand at a few
leading eastern markets, where uncertain
ty as to the outcome of foreign complica
tions is advanced at a reason for unwilling
ness to embark In new business, the.situa
tlon Is one possessing nearly all of the fa
vorable features noted for some time past,
rhe best reports as to distribution in lead
ing lines come from the central west and
the northwest. Favorable weather has
improved distribution of dry goods, cloth
ing, millinery, building materials, agricul
tural Implements and near all products
Forming staple articles for consumption
tmong the prosperous farming community,
rhe movement of Iron and steel Is specially
large, but without effect on prices, which
ere generally very firmly held. Some slight
sdvances ln pig Iron, ln fact, have been a
Feature of the week at some markets.
Southern Iron manufacturers are active
md fruit and vegetable shipments promise
illke to be early and heavy. Distributive
trade ls reported Increasing at the north
west, navigation Is practically open on the
lakes and the first of April will witness
s general movement of craft. Other fa
vorable features of the country's general
trade situation are summed up ln liberal
shipments of leading cereals, unpreoe
lented totals of. exports at New York,
Fewer business failures and slightly larger
lank clearings. Prices have moved Irreg
ularly during the week. The question of
Srln t clot hs Is a very depressed one, prices
uring the past week reaching the lowest
luotatlon on record. While low grade cot
tons have been weak, the medium and finer
trades have, however, maintained prices,
is have also coffee, sugar, molasses, iron
tnd copper and raw wool. Wheat exports
ire smaller than last week, but consider
ably larger than In corresponding periods
>f preceding years, aggregating 3,625,684
bushels, against 4,4(4,000 bushels last week,
1,629,000 bushels last year and 1,692,000 bush
sis ln 1896.
Business failures In the United States this
week number 233, as against 247 last week,
Bl In the corresponding week of 1817 and
100 in 1896.
Business failures In the Dominion of
Canada number a against 21 last week and
M in the week of 1887: J
Dun's Review
NEW YOBK, Maroh. 18.— B. O. Dun A
Go's, review ot trade tomorrow Will say:
Neither peace nor war reports nave
changed the onward current of business:
Orders for more than* 116,600,000 gold from
Burope have blocked and drift towards
stringency In rates for money, and treas
ury receipts of 11.100,000 per day have kepi
m : cheek any question about currency,
while exports of products have continued
with a rate considerably Increased and tbe
demands for products of the great Indus
tries show steady expansion.
Prompt action by the senate and house
has removed all fear of embarrassment
through-cenfliotlng purposes at. Washing.
ES?v T h < government is making ready
Jfthout any waste of time, while franklj
everybody that It looks for a
Peaceful settlement and hopes that its pre
a, ? ol sS V*o-w true.
of the .Nation Is th* ex
*£*.?* Merchandise exports, more than M,.
ff'.JE'iJ". February with aa increase of
&*°&oO9 In miscellaneous products, »,
IB per cent larger than last year and lm- i
porta have gained but 8.7 per cent, although i
especially swelled by receipts of rubber, ;
sugar and hides. The outgo of cotton sur- -
passes all expectations; the price was I
stronger this week and the export demand i
apparently paid no attention to market i
fluctuations. Receipts from plantations
Wontlnue much better than at the corre- i
spending date from the largest crop here- I
tofore produced, so that guesses about the 1
future crop are now the main reliance of i
Wheat also moves In spite of all specul
ation. Atlantic exports, flour Included,
have been 1,824,569 bushels against 1,253.390
last year, and from Pacific ports 1.371,288
bushels against 268,505, last year, making
for three weeks from both coasts 10,659.125
bushels against 4,638,441 last year. The
price has varied with conflicting reports,
but higher for the week. I
Wool shows no change in quotations,
though eastern markets are extremely dull
and the Indifference of manufacturers has
made transactions only 2,082,800 pounds
against 10,891,900 for the corresponding
week last year and 8,088,200 for the corre
sponding week in 1892. The London market
ls rather high and holders In the Interior
are expecting a material advance In prices.
Little encouragement appears In the
market for cotton goods, with print cloths
a sixteenth lower than a week ago, and
standard grades undersold by many of less
note. The demand is large, but not large
enough. In woolen goods, on the contrary,
the material advance In prices has raised
the only obstacle to Increased transactions,
and somewhat frequent cancellations Indi
cate thut dealers have been disappointed
in their distribution. The small yielding
In wool may result ln a greater decline
If this tendency ln the manufacture con
Bessemer pig and grey forge are both
slightly stronger at Pittsburg, the proposed
combination of valley furnaces helping,
but pig Is not changed ln price eleswhere,
nor are finished products at any point ex
cepting wire nails, which are 8 cents per keg
weaker, and steel rails, which are said to
be sold at 317.50 at the east by some estab
Contracts have been made for 10.000 tons
with eastern works for domestic delivery,
12,000 tons for Australia, 8,000 tone with 7,000
tons bridge work for South Africa, and the
Illinois Steel company ls filled up with or
ders for the year. The Carnegie company
has sold 5,000 tons deck plates to ship
builders of England and several Chloago
orders for plates exceeding 1.000 tons each
are reported for agricultural Implements
and railroad manufactures and projectile
works. The wire combination having
failed to effect the broader arrangement
contemplated. Is seeking to complete con
trol of about 80 per cent of the wire output
of the country.
While actlvltly Is great In the central and
western regions there Is less demand at the
Failures for the week have been 208 ln
the United States against 216 last year and
2T in Canata against 50 last year.
Bank Clearings
NEW YORK, March 18.—Tbe following
table, compiled by Bradstreet, shows the
bank clearings at the following cities for
the week ended March 18, with tbe percent
age of Increase and decrease as compared
with the corresponding week last year:
Inc. Dec.
New York 787,077,218 44.9 ....
Boston 104,187,160 20.9 ....
Chicago 99,862,966 4.60 ....
Philadelphia 69,986,460 22.8 ....
St. LOUIS 28.504,500 16.8
Pittsburg 18,279,303 40.0 ....
Baltimore 16,819,156 18.0 ....
San Francisco 15.125,543 31.9 ....
Cincinnati 12,037.950 16.1
Kansas City 11,629,099 22.1 ....
New Orleans 10.388,286 16.4
Minneapolis 7,383,184 64.8
Detroit 6,933,810 7.5
Cleveland 6,499,647 15.4
Louisville 7,632,367 29.8
Providence (,001,600 16.8
Milwaukee 4,497,563' 20.5
St. Paul 3,958,028 24.0 ....
Buffalo 4.004,282 19.5
Omaha 6,615,596 3.6 ....
Indianapolis 4,690,935 43.2
Columbus, 0 3.516,200 .... 23.3
Savannah 2.686,481 43.2 ....
Denver 8.377,118 46.1
Hartford 2,338,347 6.8
Richmond 2,431,507
Memphis 2.030,105 .... 8.3
Washington 2,110,197 7.1
Peoria 1,796.079 26.3
Rochester 1,825752 26.1
New Haven 1,481,005 84.0
Worcester 1,602,472 10.0
Atlanta 1,565.986 10.4
Salt Lake City 1,439.397 43.1
Springfield. Mass.. 1,454,131 90.2 ....
Fort Worth 1,930,610 14.6 ....
Portland, Me 1,481,066 31.0
Portland, Ore 1,627,414 74.5
St. Joseph 1,896,579 54.6
Los Angeles 1,631,139 41.7
Norfolk 826,000 2.6 ....
Syracuse 1.161,047
Dcs Moines 1,091,636 15.3
Nashville 1,138,097 19.1
Wilmington, De 1.... 779,019 32.5 ....
Fall River 918.339 12.7
Scran ton 741.033 3.6
Grand Rapids 999,310 16.8
Augusta, Ga 704,161 .... 16.0
Lowell 680.126 24.7
Seattle "1,973,862 107.5
Tacoma 914,185 138.6
Spokane 872,614 650.1
Galveston 5,968,800 30.9 ....
Houston 5,149,710 3.5
Totals, U. 8 11.289,102,979 SM ~
Totals outside N.
Y. 1602,025,791 23.3 ....
Montreal 114,826,209 66.5 ....
Toronto 8,006,611 43.3 ....
Winnipeg 1,344,126 66.6
Totals 126.806,363 4L4 ~
London Market
NEW YORK, March 18.-The Evening
Post's London financial cablegram says:
The stock markets were idle and feature
less to day with a bullish inclination.
American opened dull, became better on
the ostentatious buying by a leading
American house; gave way later, on New
York selling and closed weak. The report
of the naval board of Inquiry on the Maine
disaster ls anxiously awaited. Spanish 4s
were %, lower. New York Is said here to
be speculating considerably in that stock.
The Chlsense loan prospectus Is out. The
details are as already cabled, but the only
Important point to note is that the loan ls
to be paid up as early as May 3d.
Silver Bullion
NEW YORK, March 18.-Bar silver, 56;
Mexican dollars, 45.
SAN FRANCISCO, Maroh 18.—Bar silver,
5i%; Mexican dollars, 4614046.
LONDON, March 18.—Bar silver, 25tfd.
Prices mad Prospects of ths Trade In
CHICAGO, March 18.—Wheat started
firm, July, Xc higher, at 85H@8Stt, and May
Xc higher, at 1.04*4. It was raining through
out the west, In Itself a depressing feature,
but freeslng weather was reported In tne
nortbwest and this caused a good deal of
apprehension that the frost line might ex
tend over the water-soaked winter wheat
fields. Possible damage from this source
did not at first result in a groat Increase In
the buying demand, but It stopped the sell
ing pressure and shorts anxious to cover
found it necessary to advance their bids
materially before securing the desired
wheat. In the first forty-five minutes trad
ing in July was advanced to 86%. Then rea
alfslng by scalpers caused a reaction to 85*»,
where tbe market hung for a abort time.
After that the market gradually became
stronger and trade broadened out consid
erably. Later advices from Liverpool
showed sharp advances both In oash and
the deferred futures.
California sent quite gloomy crop reports,
predictions belngma«e that the crop would
not exceed *.000,«0 bushels.. That this re
port was taken seriously ln California was
evidenced by the number of covering orders
both for May and July contracts buie.Deo
lally for the former" which^rttlagS
Dr. Lyon's
Tooth Powdor
Used by people of i*fiaement
tor ontiqwcwst at a •satory.
Rom that section. Private advices from
he northwest said that stores there were
learly exhausted. The seaboard advices
rere of a bullish character, an Improved
orelgn demand at better prices being re
lorted. The price of July reached 864 on
horts buying. Realising caused a react
ion to 86%, but near the end of the session
dvanced to 8640864. closing strong at
64. Quite a large trade was done In May.
California shorts were especially good buy
■rs. Lelter was a free seller but the mar-
Let was strong enough to absorb every
hlng offered and probably 500,000 bushels
vas disposed of by the Letter people at
iriccs around 1.064. May sold as high as
.06 and closed at 1.05%.
Corn was strong though not very active.
Hay closed 4c higher.
Oats were fairly active and stronger In
lympathy with other grains and unfavor
able weather. May closed 4c higher.
Provisions were very dull and on the
••hole weak, though trading was too small
o admit of material declines. At the close
ttay pork was 24 cents lower and May lard
md ribs unchanged.
Jail Board Dealings and Prices of
SAN FRANCISCO, March 18.-Wheat,
nactlve; December, 1.334; May, 1.42.
Barley, inactive, December, 98; May,
Corn, large yellow, 10501.074.
Flour—Family extras, 4.5504.65; bakers'
•xtras, 4.3004.40.
Wheat—Shipping wheat, 1.4001.414 for
So. 1, and 1.424 tor choice; milling, 1.460
Barley—Feed, good to choice, 1.07401.10;
lancy, 1.12401.16; brewing, nominal.
Oats—Poor to fair, 1.1501.174: good to
:holce, 1.200)1.26; fancy feed. 1.274; gray,
.1601.20; milling, L 2001.25; surprise, 1.2740
.86; black for seed, 1.3501.50; red. 1.2601.45.
Hay—Wheat, 18.00022.60; wheat and oat,
3.00021.60; best barley, 17.00018.50; alfalfa,
,0.60011.60; clover, 12.00013.60; stock, 12.000
Ml'llstuffs-Middlings, 20.00022.50 per ton;
>ran, 16.00016.60.
Dry Beans—Pink, 2.4002.50; Lima, 2.100
1.15; small white, 1.6001.60; large white,
Potatoes—Early Rose, 65075 c per cental;
ittver Burbanks, 60066; River Reds, 50
10c; Oregon Burbanks, 60090 c; Merced
iweets, 76C01.00.
Vegetables—Onions, 2.000-2.50 per cental;
tothouse cucumbers, 6Oc0tOO; garlic, 340
10c; green peas, 3034 c; string beans, —per
b.; asparagus, 9010 c; tomatoes, 1.2501.50.
Citrus Fruits—Navel oranges, 1.2502.75
Mexican limes, repack, 6-0006.60; com
non California lemons, 5OC01.OO; choice,
Butter—Fancy creamery, 180184 c per lb.;
10. seconds, 164017 c; fancy dairy, 164 c; do.
■econds, 15016 c.
Poultry—Turkey gobblers, 9011 c per lb.;
•Id roosters, 3.6004.00 per dos; young roost
ers, 6.6007.60; small broilers, 3.6004.50;
arge broilers, 5.0006.50; fryers, 6.0006.60;
tens, 3.5004.00; old ducks, 4.0005.00; geese,
.5001.75 per pair; old pigeons, 1.25; young
>lgeons, 1.7502.25.
Eggs—Store, 114012 per doxen; fancy
•anch, 12013 c.
Dried Fruit Prices
NEW YORK, March 15.-Callf ornla dried
Apples, steady; other fruits quiet.
Evaporated apples, common, 508; prime
srtre tray, 84084; wood dried, prime, 840
14; choice, 8409; fancy, 94010.
Prunes, 3408.
Apricots, Royal, 5407; Moo? Park, 84OT0.
Peaches, unpeeled, 509; peeled, 12016.
Kansas City Live Stock
KANSAS CITY, March 18.-Cattle-Re
:eipts, 4000; market steady; Texas steers,
1.2504.70; Texas cows, 3.5004.20; native
iteers, 3.7506.40; native cows and heifers,
[email protected]: stockers and feeders, 3.000525;
lulls, 2.0004.65.
Sheep—Receipts, 2000; market Arm;
ambs, 2.4505.30; mattons, 3.0004.00.
OIL CITY Pa., March 18.—Credit balance,
7c; certificates, first sales, 6000 regular;
closed offered 77. Cash oil sold at 764. Total
tales, 42,000; shipments, 84,578; runs, 95,457.
Local Quotations
BUTTER—Extra local 82-ounoe squares,
lrm at 460474 c; fancy creamery, north
srn, 32-os. squares, 400424 c; dairy, 32-oz.,
174040 c; dairy, 28 ox., 324086 c; fancy tub,
per lb., 21022 c; process, 18019 c.
EGGS—Choice to fancy ranch, 10011 c.
CHEESE—Martin's New York Cheddars,
per lb., 14c: eastern, full cream, per lb.,
130134 c; California half cream, per lb.,—;
2oast full cream, per lb., 114 c; California,
Downey or Anchor, per lb., 124 c; do.Young
America, per lb., 134; do. 3-lb. hand, per 18..
L44c; domestic Swiss, lb., 15017 c; imported
Swiss, 22028; Edam, fancy, per doz., 8.60.
POULTRY—Per dozen: Hens, 4.0005.00;
roung roosters, 5.5006.60; old roosters, 4.00
34.50; broilers, 4.5005.00; fryers, 6.0006.00;
lucks, 6.0006.00; turkeys, alive, per lb.,
12014 c; dressed, 15016 c; geese, apiece, LOO
POTATOES— Per 100 lbs.: Common, 900
1.00; Early Rose, seed, 1.0001.10; Burbank,
.0001.30; sweet, 1.0001.26.
VEGETABLES—Beets, per 100 lbs., 76c;
cabbage, per 100 lbs., 66c; red cabbage, per
loz., 60075 c; carrots, per 100 lbs., 76c;
:hiles, dry, per string, 75086 c; Mexican,
ier lb., 10011 c; green, per lb., 26c; gar
lo, 607 c; onions, 2.5003.60; do. green, per
los., 40c; green peas, 304 c; turnips, 86c;
Hubbard squash, per 100 lbs., 86c; parsnips,
IOC01.OO; leeks, per dos., 20c; parsley, 36c;
radishes, 25c; cauliflower, 45060 c; spinach,
!0c: celery, 45060 c; tomatoes, per box, 1.26
GREEN FRUITS—Fancy apples, 1.260
LSO per box; choice, 75c©1.00; poorer
trades, 26075 c; bananas, per bunch, 1.50®
1.00, crates extra; pineapples, per dos., 6.00
3)6.00; Winter Nellls pears, box, 1.5001.75;
locoanuta, 9Oo01.OO; guavas, per box, 607 c.
CITRUS FRUlTis—Fancy navels, 1750
1.00; choice, 1.6001.75; fancy seedlings, 1.60.
Lemons: Cured, fancy, 1.5001.75; choice,
..00; green lemons, 75c. Grape fruit, per
jox, 5.0004.00.
RAISINS—Fancy clusters, 20-lb, boxes,
!.00; 4-crown LL dusters, 1.75; 8-crown LL,
>sr box, 1.35: 2-crown, loose, ln sacks, per
b., 4c; 8-crown, loose, ln sacks, per lb..
>405% c; 4-crown, per lb., 6406 c; Sultana
leedllngs, per lb., 7408 c; In boxes, 4c
DRESSED MEATS—AII per lb.: Beef,
So. 1. 7c; No. 2. 64c: hind quarters, No.
Tutt's Pills
Cure All
Liver Ills
Arrest disease by tbe timely use of
Tutt's Liver Pills, an old and favor
te remedy of increasing popularity.
Always cures
sour stomach, malaria, indigestion,
:orpid liver, constipation, and all
jilious diseases.
i:t Crystal Palace |
... IS NOW OPEN ... 1
; ImWitfl Im. 343-345 S. SprimSt 1
CnCC Treatment at th* to* Angela*
Ifrr ttiiponiary. Mo charge except
I HI L actual coat ot medicine vied.
ng college*. &mfc*"
r.ATAODH Dlmaaei of women and child-
L/rtirMHii ran, all Ohtonle end Nerrou*
Mseeaet, Oflee hour*-! to 1% Ito 6,7 to 8:
Sunday*, 18 to 1 Boom* 6 and 7,
We. »7» loath. Main Wieet
, 9c; hindquarters No. 2, 8c; ribs of beef.
04; veal, 708 c; mutton, 74c; lamb, 8c; pork
olns, B%c; legs of pork, 84c; pork spare
lbs, 8c; pork tenderloins, 16c.
LARD—Res pure leaf tierces, 64c; pure
eaf, 6c; Ivory tierces, 64c; cottolene,
lerces, 64c; Rex'olene, tierces, 5Hc; spe
:lal kettle rendered lard, 64c; Orange
>rand. 60s, C%c: 10s, 74c: 6s, 74c; Ss. 7%0.
CURED HEATS—Rex hams. 104 c; plc
llc hams, 6c: No. I, &%c: select mild cure,
ie; special fancy breakfast, 12c: special
>reakfast bacon, 114 c; Rex bacon, 104 c;
Rex boneless hams, sugar cured, 9c; Rex
roneless butts, —; summer sausage, 16c:
Rex dried beef insides, 154; Rex dried out-
Odes, —; smoked tongues, 60c; Diamond
jreakfast bacon, backs, per lb., 94c; bacon
jellies, 9V»c; light medium bacon, 94c;
nedlum bacon, 84c; dry salt clear bellies,
16-26 ay.. 84c; dry salt clears, 35040 avg.,
'4c; salt clear backs, 7c.
TALLOW—Per lb., 34044 c
LIVESTOCK-Per lb.: Beeves, 2403%;
hogs, 44044 c: lambs, per head, 2.0002.50
sheep, per cwt., 2.5003.76; calves, per lb.,
HIDES—Dry (as they run), 15c; do. kip,
12c; do. calf, 164 c; bulls, 7c; salt steer, 5®
3c; do. stags and bulls, 3c; cows, 44054 c;
sheep skins, 205 c.
DRIED FRUITS-Apples, sun dried,
sacks, per pound, 64©6 c; evaporated,
lancy, 809 c; apricots, fancy, 8c; choice, 70
P/*c; peaches, fancy, unpeeled, 6c; pears,
Cancy evaporated, 8010 c; plums, pitted,
;holce, 9®loc; prunes,choice, boxed,74©loc;
3k., 406 c; dates, 6064 c; silver prunes,
choice, sack, 74®$c; boxes, t01Oc; figs, Cal
ifornia white, per lb., 606 c; California
black, per lb., 6054 c: California fancy, per
b.. 74010 c; Imported Smyrna, 124<S>16c-
!.40: Lima, 2.0002.25; Lady Washington, 1.80
3)1.90; small white, 1.9002.00; green field
peas, 2.6002-76; black-eyed beans, 2.00; gar
trancos, 3.6008.75; lentils, imported, 7.000
1.00: lentils. California, 2.5004.00.
NUTS—Walnuts, Los Angeles, 406 c: me
alum soft, 807 c: soft shell, Los Nletos,
fancy, 8c; almonds, soft shell, 10011 c; pa
per shell. 11012 c; hard shell. 801Oo; pecans,
10012 c; filberts, 114012 c; Braslls, 11012 c:
plnons, 11012 c: peanuts, eastern, raw, M
97c; roasted, 8084 c; California, raw, 405 c;
roasted, 8407 c.
MILLSTUFFB—FIour, local mills. 4.80
per bbi.; Stockton brands, 6.00; 0reg0n.4.85;
eastern, [email protected]; shorts, ton, local, 24.00;
rolled barley, per 100 lbs., 1.20; cracked
:orn, per 100 lbs., 1.15; feed meal, per 100
lbs., 1.20; bran, per ton, 22.00; graham, per
100 lbs., 2.30.
HAT—Wheat, per ton, 16.00019.00: barley.
15.00018.00; oat, 16.00019.00; alfalfa, baled,
14.00016.00; loose. —; straw, 3.5004.00.
:omb, 10012 c per lb.; strained, 4400 c; bees
wax, 20026 c per lb.
GRAIN-Wheat, No. 1. 1.66; No. 2, L4O;
corn, small yellow, 1.10; large yellow, 1.05;
barley, common, 1.10.
One Died in a Hospital and the Parents
of the Other Mourned
The Islington child mystery Into which
the metropolitan asylum boar>d ls now
holding an inquiry is a real tragedy ln hum
ble life. Two mothers, unacquainted with
aach other, sent two little boys to the
fever hospital, at Haverstockhlll. Ons
mother after a while was told that her
boy had died and the other was requested to
fetch home her child, who had recovered.
The mother who went to the hospital on
the joyful errand was horrified to find that
the child offered to her was not hers. It
then turned out that owing to a most griev
ous and lamentable mistake the children
had been wrongly entered ln the hospi
tal books. The one who was reported con
valescent really belonged to the parents
who were mourning his loss, and who had
actually, as they supposed, followed him to
the grave The curious thing is that these
parents had actually seen their child, as
they supposed, dying In the hospital and
had never questioned his identity.—London
Tbe Belgian government Is contemplat
ing the establishment of an overhead sin
gle-rail between Brussels and Antwerp. It
is expected that a speed of abount ninety
miles ah bour will be obtained.
It ls computed that all the houses in
London and New York could be built out
of the lava thrown out by Vesuvius slnct
the first recorded eruption. In 70.
Sole Ageaoy
Bartlett's Music Houm
X vary thing in Mule
883 8. Spring St. —tabltshsd UP*
Tnrefi Beantirul Women
I The Mljk* Bell, of No. T» Tilth Avenue. Mew ,
1 York, now offer the public generally the '
Complexion Tonlo which they have so long
nied mooeafully In personal treatment
Complexion Telle
' haf almcet Immediate effect in clearing and
brightening the skin. It is note coimeHe. aa
, it does not cover up the blemlabet aa powden
• and pastes do, hot it a celerlesi liquid that
when applied to the skin, does not show.
It cleanses the pores of the skin of all poison
: ous and foreign fillings and dissolves entirely
freckles, pimples, blackheads, moth patches,
excessive olllneas or redness in the tain. Its
, use ls so simple that a child can follow direc-
I tfcms and get the best result. The Misses
Bell have placed tbe price ol their wonderful
Complexion Tonlo at H.OO per bottle, which
: is sufficient to clear the ordinary skin.
oHCßomeooan roumoTHum
It the effect Is not exactly as claimed, so that
you take no risk in sending for it
The price, 11.00, places it within the reach
of au. It will absolutely clear a poor com
plexion and beautify a good one. This gen
erous offer should be accepted by all.
ladles can address The Misses Bell on all
matters of tbe complexion and hygiene in tbe
: strictest confidence, and satisfactory advice
will be given promptly without charge. An
interesting pamphlet will be sent upon re-
A^dreas^( P communlcatloßi and Mad all
orders to The Ul—m Belt, or
lte.TSnWhAves«». asw Vers,
tTo whom It may esaetiai
This Is to certify that
Dr. Wang Rim oared mt
ef lives sad kidney tro*
Me* I waa greatly eon
acned'wmuch that niad
Him, he telt my pals* sal
•aid my trouble* wm
caused by la f ripp..whlob
I had several year* aga
He knew men about say
tystsss than I thought
anyone oould know. I
too* ita sasdleue a* 41
-testsdsadam new wall
I hey* gained eight pouatedurlag the la*t month;
•at setter, aleep bettor and feel .better In every way
than for ysan. I aaa ohetrfuUy rooommsad 0a
Wong Hba to inoatek. Youraurmlr,
m Wm* Ann St, Peltoe OAoer £. A. OUyt
BA W«a SUM, Ml & Hope at
IjOU Aag*l*s, January 30, ISM.
To the Public-Having suffered a long Urn* with
a tumor, stomach trouble* and a bad cough, I doc
tored wltb several doctors bet toond no rehef. I
thaadsoldsdto try DrTWonc Him of Ml 8. Hop* at
after feeling sty* pul** beTdesstTbsd my ease, and
months' doctoring wiib bun 1 am new
*r eased. Me smsle st ipiseHsa was per
4, tad I her* cwtuy the abeve sad teases-
/J% Qet Cured.
05P vBNj & The remarkably low price of Dr. Janss'
\_________W m 7 treatment brought hundreds of suffer-
ers to his offices every week since tho
great reduction was made. People in
wa^s °* are advantsge
of such a rare opportunity and all are
Dr. JANSS highly pleased with the results.
rhe prices quoted are for one month, and barelr cover tbe cost of medicines.
asthma... ........61 to Ecsema - - IH Men Diseases.... 1100 to 10».
Bladder Diseases .. I7S Enlarged Joints 100 Nervous Debility.... ..tl Mi
Blood Diseases IH Female Diseases It 7» Neuralgia.....™..... IUI
Sons Diseases -„ 100 Goitre (Bit Neck) 100 Ovarian Diseases SCO
might's Di5ea5e............. l M Gravel. 160 Firth Reduced IW
Bronchitis 126 Hare Hearing ._ 160 Opium Habit _.IM
dancer 850 Heart Disease....: 800 Paralysis. 20H
Constipation ™- 100 Hemorrhoids or Piles... 860 Prostatic Diseases....... lw 1
Consumption.....™. 4AO Hernia or Rapture ...200 Rheumatism ■ _1 so
Diseased Joints 160 Indigestion l«5 Scrofula—™ t.,,,... jig
Deafness 150 Insomnia (Sleeplessness) 800 skin Diseases _.™_ 1 M
Diabetes..™ .....™... 150 Kidney Diseases..™ ™ 150 Spermatorrhea IOW
□ropsy „ 160 La Grippe 100 Tapeworm ..™ 110,
Dyspepsia 1« Liquor Habit ...2 50 Tobacco Habit.......1M
Epilepsy or Fits 800 Llrer Diseases _ 1(0 Varicocele™.'. ....„ 160
Dr. Janss Personally Guarantees
l'bat there will be no other expense or cost to the patient. This proposition, which is tbe
most liberal ever made by any reputable physician, means a great deal to suffering
Humanity. It gives hundreds of oeople who are ln moderate circumstances au oppor
tunity to procure tbe best medical aid at a price which Is not beyond their reach. It
means that those wbo are in affluent circumstances can be cured Without being over
:harged, simply because they can afford it It means that there will be less suffering la
southern California than there ass been In the past, and consequently a greater amount?
»f happiness.
Why Not Be Well and Strong?
Come and be cured. Dr. Janss will relieve your psln and suffering. Be has bad many
fears' experience la caring all manner of ebroalc diseases of both men and women, and
low oners you bis services absolutely free of charge.
Dr. Janss' Credentials.
Dr. Janss Is a graduate of tbe college of Physicians and Surgeons and of the Bellevu*.
Hospital Medical College of New Tork.Member of tbe Medical Society of Berlin, Professor!
if Si George's Medical College, President of tbe English and German Expert Specialists,;
and author of several standard medical works. Dr. Janss pursued his speclsl medical
•ducstlon abroad, and was a pupil of tbe immortal Koch.
Consultation and Advice Free.
Dr. Janss makes no charge for consultation or advice. If yon hare an ailment, weak
ness or a symptom, yon should get tbe opinion of a physician, an expert whose standing la
the highest, and who has bad long years ot experience. Such a physician Is Dr. Janss.>
You Can Be Cured at Home.
Dr. Janss pays special attention to the caring of patients wbo live outside of Los
Angelea If you cannot visit the city, write tor question list sad free advice.
DR. P. JANSS, 218 s nKX* o,,n4l3
OFFICE BOTJBS—«to 11 dally: erealms 7 to 8; Sundays 0 to v.
Dr. Talcott 6 Co.
Strictly Reliable—Bttabllabed Tea Yean "
Oa the Paelflo Coast Treating Diseases of S fIJB
We potlttvtly guarantee to cure Varicocele, Pile* V __________ Jfl
and Rupture in on* w**k- AnjrMorm of Weakness In fa. g\ J____W
<lx week*. Blood Taint*. Stricture and Acute and aA gVSBBBT
Chronic Discharge* a specialty. To *how our good faith J ■
for a dollar ■ V
We mean this emphatically and '• tor everybody. jfk W_V
We occupy the entire Well* Fargo buildlni with the W_W JBk
uoal completely equipped offlc* and hotplial we*t of _WMm__
Ntw York fer"(h* accommodation of out ol town pa- AWot A,V\ *WMV IJm9MMS
uenu atad otbsr* wUhlng to remain In ih»olty durfug ___ \ mkV ■^■flßgeV
ir«*tm*ni. Correipondtnc* eh**rlully answered gl»- Kgfiflj IBM XF J
Ink full Information. *M} *M * #S
Cor. 34 k Main Sts.. Los Angeles, Cal. *a SJJ
OTIB WELLS FARGO O*iso^^^^^s*s»
Capital paid up 8500,000.00
Surplus and reserve $875,000.00
I. W. HELLMAN, President; H. W. HELLMAN. Vice-Free.: H. J. FLEISH
MAN, Cashier; O. HBIMANN, Assistant Cashier. Directors—W. H. PERRY, O. W.
Special Collection Department. Correspondence Invited. Our Safety Deposit De
partment offers to the public safes for rent ln its new Fire and Burglar-Proof Vault,
which ls the strongest, nest guarded and best lighted ln this city.
At Los Angelea
Capital and Fro fits, 1270,000.00
8. H. CHURCHILL, First Vice-President O. T. JOHNSON, JOS. D. RADFORD,
. T. JOHNSON....Second Vice-President W. S. DE VAN, CHAS. MONROE,
R. I. ROGERS Assistant Cashier A. HADLEY.
United States Depository
CAPITAL 8600,000.00 SURPLUS 850,000.00
Total 1560,000.00
GEO. H. BONBBRAKB President WARREN GILLELEN.... Vice-President
F. C. HOWES Cashier E. W. COS Assistant Cashier
Geo. H. Bonebrake, Warren Glllelen, P. M. Green, Chas. A. Marrlner, B. P.
Johnson, Wm. M. Van Dyke, W. C. Brown, L. C. McKeeby, F. C. Howes.
This bank has no deposits of either the county or city treasurer, and therefore no
preferred creditors.
Corner Main and Second Streets
— . H.W. Hellman, J.F.Sartorl.W.L. Graven,
J. F. BARTORI President H. J. Fleishman, C. A Shaw, F. O. John-
MAURICE S. HELLMAN.Vice-Presldent son, J. H. Shankland, J. A Graves, M. L.
W. D. LONGYRAR Cashier Fleming. M. S. Hellman, W. D. Longyear.
Interest paid oa term and ordinary deposits
Mover loaned oa flrst-class real estate
CAPITAL STOCK 8400,000 Surplus and undivided profits over 1260,000
J M. ELLIOTT President W. G. KERCKHOFF Vice-President
FRANK A GIBSON Cashier W. T. S. HAMMOND...Assistant Cashier
r aa« =. DIRECTORS
J. M. Elliott, J. D. Blcknell, F. Q. Story, H. Jevne, J. D. Hooker, W. C. Patterson,
Wm. G. Kerckhoff.
■ffo public funds or other preferred deposits received at this bank.
Capital paid up 8100,000
Junction of Main and Spring and Temple sts. (Temple Block), Loa Angelea.
OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS—T. L. Duque, President; I. N. Van Nuys, Vice-
President; B. V. Duque, Cashier; H. W. Hellman, Kaspare Kohn, H. W. O'Melveny.
J B Lankershlin, O. T. Johnson, Abe Haas, W. G. Kerckhoff.
' Money loaned on real estate. Inferos t paid on term and ordinary deposits.
230 North Main Street
J. B. Plater, President; H. W. Hellman, Vice-President; W. M. Caswell, Cashier.
Directors—l. W. Hellman, J. B. Plater, H. W. Hellman, LW. Hellman, jr., W.
M Caswell
Interest paid on deposits. Money to loan on first class real potato.
v Paid up Capital and Profits, 8145,400
COR. MAIN AND FIRBT BTB. Vletor Ponet, President; L. W. Blinn and C. It.
Flint, Vice-Presidents; M. N. Avery. Cashier; P. F. Schumacher, Assistant Cashier.
Interest paid on deposits. Money loaned on real estate.
IBS North Spring- St. Interest Paid on Deposits
DIRECTORS—J. H. Braly, J. M. Elliott, H. Jevne, Frank A. Gibson, Simon Malar,
W. D. Woolwlne, W. C. Patterson. Safe Deposit Boxes for Rent
alB 1-2 South Spring Street New York and Chicago Markets
Direct Wires. Reference:
Quickest Service. National Bank ot California.
Telephone Main 141 Los Angeles National Bank. .
Daily report mailed upon application. F. P. BURCH A CO.
Glass & Long Blank Book Manufacturers
„ 211-21. NEW WQn fLJeflf AaUnfctf JassULfct

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