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Knock** Dawn an Unsuspecting Kan
With ft Heavy Cane on Spring;
•treat Without Warning
When the case of Henry Metcalfe,
charged with an assault with a deadly
weapon with Intent to kill F. J. Day on
March 14th, was called ln Department one
yesterday, the attorneys for the defense
asked tor a continuance on the ground that
a material witness ln the person of Chief
of Police Glass was absent from the city.
The defense said that It would prove by the
chief that the cane with which the as
sault was committed by Metcalfe was not
broken when It came Into his custody.
This, It was claimed, was very material
testimony, because the prosecution al
leged that the heavy orangewood stick
had been fractured by the force of the
blow Inflicted upon Mr. Day. Mr. Bacon,
aaaoclate counsel for the prosecution,
called attention to the fact that the sub
poena for Chief Glass was not Issued until
the 16th of this month, when tt was a well
known fact that Chief of Police Glass had
been gone for some time to be present at
the national convention of the chiefs of
police at Milwaukee. The cane was then
exhibited lo the court. It is slightly split,
but not broken. Judge Smith gave the de
fense half an hour to prepare an affidavit
reciting the facts upon which It relied to
secure a continuance. There was no ob-
Jeetlon on the part of the people, although
they observed that the defense should have
come fully prepared with Its affidavit, not-
withstanding that Mr. Day had come from
Council Bluff especially to give his tes
timony at the trial.
When the affidavit had been read, De
puty District Attorney McComas said that
the prosecution was willing to admit that
Chief Glass would testify as it was
claimed by the defendant, and that It
might go on record that the people so
stipulated. A jury was immediately Im
paneled after that.
J. W. Conger's testimony was to the ef
efTect that he and Mr. Day were walking
down Spring street on March 14th, and
when they- reached Eblnger's bakery some
one came up behind them, gave Day a push
and as he turned struck him ln the face
with a stick. Day fell to the sidewalk and
straightened out. Witness turned and
faced Metcalfe, who stood there with a
heavy cane in his hand, raised, as if pre
pared to strike again. Witness and another
gentleman carried the unconscious form of
Day through the bakery Into a back room,
and washed his face, which was all cov
ered with blood. He also assisted in plac
ing Mr. Day in the patrol wagon previous
to his removal to the receiving hospital.
There It was three-quarters of an hour
before Dr. George A. Cole arrived. The
witness said that the cane shown him
looked very much like the one with which
Motcalfc committed the assault, but he
could not swear that. It was the Identical
Thomas Goss, the brlckmaker, testified
that he had a conversation with the de
fendant on the morning preceding the as
sault, and that Metcalfe had told him
then that he- was looking for Day to hit him
on the nose.
Dr. Ralph Hasan, police surgeon, and
Dr. Cola, who attended the wounded man
at the receiving hospital, described the
character of his wounds. Day suffered
from concussion of the brain, severe shock
and there was a contused wound beneath
the nostrils at the junction of the upper
Hp and the nose. It was perhaps an Inch
and a half ln length, and It. was sewed up.
The pattent remained under medical treat
ment about ten days, of which a week was
passed In bed;
F. J. Day took the stand and described
Highest Honors—World's Pair.
Gold Medal, Midwinter Pair.
' APM 'iiape Crea«i of Tartar Powder.
how he had been injured, but he waa un
able to tell of his own knowledge by
whom he had been assaulted. The caae
will be continued today.
To Be Arrested for an Assault With a
Deadly Weapon
Assistant District Attorney William
yesterday Issued a complaint charging Po
lice Offlcer Jay J. Conley with an assault
with a deadly weapon. Colonel I. E. Mess
more, a man 77 years of age, is the com
plainant, and he alleges that the policeman
struck him two or three times viciously
with his baton ln front of the Herald of
fice on the 10th of this month, and that
from the effects of the clubbing received
he has become paralyzed. He also claims
that he was arrested without cause, and
that every contumely which could be
heaped upon him by the policeman was at
that time dealt out to him.
A number of witnesses have voluntarily
appeared at the district attorney's office
to testify to these fncts. The fracas was
reported ln this paper at the time of Us
occurrence. The complaint was taken be
fore Justice Sexton of University, who
Issued a warrant for Conley'a arrest.
Bids for fhe Tunnel and New Elevator
The franchise for an electric railroad
irom Los Angeles to Whittier hitherto ap
plied for by A. B. Patton, was granted yes
terday by the board of supervisors.
An application from Frank Escalier for
permission to transfer his saloon license
at Laguna to J. C. Gratton was set for
bearing May 21st.
A saloon license was granted to Frank
P-andlllo In the Santa Monica canyon. Tin
protest to Its being granted emanating
from Fred H. Taft, a Santa Monica law
yer, was ignored because he Is not a resi
dent ln the precinct.
A bid of $1601 and accrued interest for tin
proposed lßsue of 1600 7 per cent bonds.
Liberty school district, of the Oakland
Bank of Savings, was accepted.
An ordinance granting C. B. Dodson and
E. G. Archibald the special privilege o'
erecting advertising arches over the pubii
roads and highways of the county for the
period of twenty-three months was passed
An ordinance granting E. Fleur a plpi
line franchise in the Rancho Los Robles
was also passed.
Fifteen bids for the tunnel and elevator
work at the courthouse were opened an'l
taken under advisement. While It Is not
yet possible to determine which Is the
lowest responsible bid, It is not expected
that the aggregate amount of any one bid
will exceed $23,000.
Second Trial of a Damage Case
The second trial of tbe damage suit
Mrs. Elizabeth B. Church against the Lo:
Angeles Railway compnny for $15,000, war
bertun before Judgre Allen and a Jury yes
terday in Department six. The case was
tried for the first time in the same court
on March 14th. but the Jury failed to agree.
The facts ln the case, as alleged by the
plaintiff, are that on August 30th of last
year Mrs. Church attempted to alight from
one of the electric cars, after It had stopper]
at her request, ln front of the postofflce.
near F and Pico streets. The car was put
ln motion before she had fairly reached the
ground and the consequence was that she
was thrown down so violently that her hip
bone was fractured and she was cut and
bruised. From the effects of the Injuries
received Mrs. Church claims to have be
come a cripple and invalid permanently.
Deciduous Fruit Exchange
The Southern California Deciduous Fruit
exchange was Incorporated yesterday for
the purpose of promoting the Interests of
fruit and food products of Southern Cali
fornia, more particularly by collecting an.l
disseminating Information and statistics
bearing upon their preparation and mar
keting, establishing uniformity in meth
ods of grading and packing, otc. The cap
ital stock is merely $100 divided ln 100
shares, of which eleven have been sub
scribed by the following: A. R. Sprague,
Los Angeles; J. B. Neff, Anaheim; R.
Dunn, Fillmore; F. A. Bliss, Duarte; Mor
ton Craig, San Gabriel; A. L. Scofleld, La
manda Park; M. O. Randall, Pasadena; W.
H. Schureman, North Pomona; J. M. Gun
nett, Burbank: J. A. Brown, Hemet; Chas.
E. Tebbetts, Pasadena, who are all di
rectors for the first year.
Chinese Case Dismissed
On motion of Deputy District Attorney
James, a felony charge of open and notori
ous cohabitation, sworn out against Llm
Gop and Suey Wuey Won on February Id
by Tin Won of 319 Apablasa street, was
dismissed yesterday by Township Justice
Young. The complainant Is the husband of
Suey Tuey Won. who eloped with Llm Gop
quite a while ago. They could not be found
within the county and as there was some
suspicion that the woman might be a slave
whose recovery was to be engineered by
means of the law, the charge was ordered
Probate Matters
A petition for letters of administration
to the estate of William P. Mann, de
ceased, valued at 125,000, was flled yester
day by the widow, Mrs. S. L. Mann. She
also applied for letters of guardianship for
her son, Frank E. Mann, an Incompetent,
who has an interest ln his father's estate.
Mrs. Delia Stone, formerly the wife of H.
Padderata, deceased, of Anaheim, has flled
a petition for letters of administration to
his estate, valued at $1200. She is the mother
of Henrietta Padderatz, deceased's minor
Letters of administration to the estate,
valued at $500, of Hubert D. Godfrey, de
ceased, of La Ballona, were also applied
Say the Will Is Genuine
The contest of the will of Mrs. Kate
Kern, which is alleged by her nephew and
three nieces to be a forgery, waa taken up
again yesterday before Judge Clark. John
McCrea, a teller at the Farmers and Mer
chants' bank, A. C. Golsh, an Insurance
agent, and Edward Week, also an Insur
ance man, all people who had had many
opportunities ot familiarizing themselves
with Mrs. Kern's handwriting, through
business transactions, testified to the gen
uineness of the will. Edward Lenz, who
had been business agent for the deceased,
testified likewise, as did also several other
parties who had seen her writing occa
Two Girls for Whittier
Gertrude Johnson and Stella Maud Mil
ler, two 15-year-old girls, who are Incor
rigible and beyond the control of their rel
atives, were yesterday committed to Whlt
tler by Judge Van Dyke. The Johnson
girl's father Is a widower who is unable
to look after her and sho has been leading
a very rapid life lately. The other. Mau l
Miller, has been up before Judge Van Dyke
before, and on the occasion of her last
appearance ln court promised with profuse
tears to lead a better life, but the promise
was in vain.
Mutual Benefit Association
The Mutual Benefit association of Santa
Monica has llled articles of incorporation.
The purpose of this association Is renting
out hall buildings. The admission fee to
membership is $2. The directors of this
co-operative concern are H. B. Williams,
A. B. and M. J. Irwin. M. E. Stout and J.
P. Aseltine, all of Santa Monica.
Court Notes
Edmund Archibald, a native of Great
Britain, was naturalized yesterday by
Judge Smith.
Judge Smith has Issued an order direct
ing Shorthand Reporter McAllister to
transcribe the testimony ln the case of
Cardwell and Harris, sentenced to eight
years each ln San Quentin. The defend
ants will appeal.
Olive Street Has a Flag Raising.
"American Boy" Contributions
The Olive street Hchool was the scene of
an enthusiastic flag raising yesterday af
i trnoon.
Prof. A. YV. Plummer, principal, opened
the exercises of the day with a talk on
patriotism, telling the children that the
Stars and Stripes stand for freedom and
the best existing government, and that
:hey should always be inspired with pa-
Lriotlsm at sight of the nag of their coun
try. The school children then sang
"America,*' after which the flag was raised
and saluted amid hearty cheers.
Hon. Frank F. Davis delivered the ad
.lress of the occasion, dwelling upon the
Importance of patriotism In the young ana
ffoeakfng of the advantages which are the
Mrthright of the American citizen.
Other features of the program were brief
talks by School Director Bartlett and Col.
Glaze, the singing of the "Red, White and
31ue" by tbe school children and a solo.
"The Star Spangled Banner," by Super
intendent Foshay.
Spurgeon Riley, county superintendent
)C schools, reports that about $500 has thus
far been paid Into the "American Boy"
battleship fund by the schools of the coun
ty. This represents only about one- third
of the schools, as at least two-thirds, in
cluding some of the largest, have not ye!
been heard from. The county board of ed
ucation is preparing certificates similar to
those provided by the city superintendent.
one of which will be given to each child
contributing, no matter how small the
sum given. Each certificate wiil he orna
mented with a picture of the battleship
Maine, and one of the Stars and Stripes.
Mr. Riley states that the protest against
.he name "American Boy" is very general
among the school girls of the county.
The managers of the Stimson-Lafayette
Industrial school have decided to continue
Ihe school throughout the summer, With
no vacation. A unlnue plan for the kinder
garten department has been devised. It Is
nroposed to rent a lot near the school, cov
ering It with sand, provide 'the chil
dren with tubs of water and, having es*v>
ilehed a seaside without a sea. to carry on
lie kindergarten work in tbe'open air; the
luplls being taught to Illustrate stories
>f history by pictures drawn In the sand.
The attendance at the Caroline M. Sev
erance kindergarten on Alpine street Is
reported light for the past month, owlnrr to
a prevalence of diphtheria and typhoiil
fever in the neighborhood.
Justice Morrison Transacted Consider
able Business Yesterday-
Elder Clark, Joe Massey, Willie Longo,
John Gall and Walter Tllden, boys who
have been sleeping about the Times office
for some time past, were before Justice
Morrison yesterday on charges of va
grancy. Their cases were set for this af
ternoon and pending tho trials they were
released on their own recognizance. The
youngsters climbed on the top of the Times
building for the purpose of firing off the
big cannon in anticipation of Sampson's
victory over Cervera's fleet ln the West
Indian waters, but failed to And the instru
Ed Brown paid SI fine yesterday in Just
ice Morrison's court for having violated
the bicycle ordinance.
Euloglo Fortlllo, who was charged with
stealing a horse, was arraigned before
Justice Morrison yesterday on a charge
of grand larceny. His examination was set
for the 21st. Portillo says he Is from Col
Ed Kerney was tried in Justice Mor
rison's court yesterday and found guilty
of having defrauded Mrs. Irwin, his land
lady, out of $10.05. Kerney evidently tried
to defraud the woman, as he represented to
her that he would settle his bill several
days later on his pay day, when as a mat
ter of fact, he had received his wages sev
eral days previous to his promise. He will
be sentenced this afternoon.
V. Gage pleaded guilty Tuesday to hav
ing committed battery upon his wife, with
drew his former plea yesterday after en
gaging Hugh J. Crawford, the well-known
barrister, to defend him, and demanded a
trial. The case was set for the 21st.
Puritas Is a double distilled, aerated, de
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Chamber of Commerce Appeals to the
Navy Department for Harbor
At the meeting of the board of directors
of the chamber of commerce yesterday
afternoon another memorial to the mili
tary powers that be was presented and
adopted calling attention to the unprotect
ed condition of the seacoast of Los An
geles county, and asking that one
of the old monitors now at the
Mare Island navy yard be put Into shape
and turned over to the naval reserve of this
city to protect San Pedro harbor. The re
port was submitted by a special commit
tee consisting of W. O. Patterson, H,
Hawgood ad J. D. Hooker, and was as fol
"The city of Los Angeles, Its nighbor
ing inland and seaboard towns, the homes
of peaceful people nnel the accumulated
products of their patient Industry and com
mercial enterprise, lie exposed, without
adequate protection against attack by
sea. There Is here no eilseiplined force,
equipped to confront a landing, except the
state national guard, wenkened by the de
parture of Its best trained men fn patriotic
response to a call for volunteers. The bril
liant achlvements of the navy at Manila
have removed apprehensions of an inva
sion of this coast In force, but the danger
of a sudden descent of a retaliatory or Tabl
ing expedition remains. Remote us this
danger may be, it is none the less real and
should be recognized and met.
"The withdrawal of troops to occupy the
Philippine Islands and the need of all the
regular army ln zones of certain conflict,
combine to render it doubtful if the war de
partment could respond to our desire for an
assignment of regular troops, but the es
tablishment here of a rendezvous for vol
unteers and a camp of instruction, where
the raw material freely presenting Itself,
could be converted by skilled army officer?
into trained soldiers, presents Itself as a
possibly feasible method of ln part meet
ing our needs.
"We commend the very pertinent sug
gestion conveyed ln a letter from Frank
Van Vleck, lieutenant commanding the
L»os An.(re]ps nnval company. His sugges
tion, which has the merit of ample pre
cedent in the New England statf-3, is thai
the monitor Comanche of the old navy,
for some time used as a trnlnlng ship for
the San Francplco naval reserve and now
lying out of commission at Maro Island,
be manned by the local naval company,
like her sister ships, the Jason and Nahant
In the east, and stationed on our immediate
"This vessel is of 1575 tons, fully armored,
eleven Inches on turret and six inches on
belt; carries two fifteen-inch guns, which
are capable of great execution to any or
dinary cruiser, and for our purpose Is for
tunately shallow draught, drawing eleven
feet six Inches of water, hence can enter
San Pedro harbor at any stage of water.
Her engines are. of course, slow—six knots
—but as she will not be used for the chase,
speed is of no account. She can give a
good account of herself and would be proof
against any machine guns and would be a
deadly foe for all privateers and light
cruisers. It would appear that such/ pro
vision would give ample protection for
the present and afford the means of train
ing men for tho future.
"Your committee recommends that
copies of this report be forwarded to Gen
era! M?rrlam and Admiral Miller, com
manding the forces on this const, asking
that they bestow thPlr earnest considera
tion upon the matter, and forward, with
such recommendations as they may deem
best, to their respective departments ln
The report was adopted.
The special committee regarding rrlicf
for farmers am! beet raisers reported In an
encouraging vein, and stated as relief be
came necessary proper provisions could
probably be made.
All members of the chamber who Intend
going to Bakersfleld on the excursion to
participate ln the celebration of the com
pletion of the Valley road, are requested
to notify the secretary as soon as possi
ble. Arrangements have been made with
the Southern Pacific Railroad company for
a reduced fare, amounting to $11.60 for the
round trip, including sleeping car, provided
at least fifteen members go. The excursion
will leave here at 10:20 on tho evening of
May 26th and to return here at 7:30 a. m.,
May 28th.
Reading Lists on the Cuban Question
in the Reference Room
The Los Angeles public library will be
represented at the Transmlsslsslppl expo
sition at Omaha. A full set of interior
views have been sent with a handsomely
made book showing ln detail every busi
ness form In connection with the circula
tion of books and the finances. A similar
form book is being made to send to the
conference of librarians which meets ln
June at Chautauqua Lake, New York.
Miss Beckley of the reference department
has aranged four reading lists for the con
venience of the patrons, on the Cuban ques
tion. These lists contain miscellaneous ar
ticles on Cuba, Spain and the United
States; travels, history, productions and
commerce of Cuba; relations of, the United
States with Cuba past and present, com
piled chiefly from public documents; the
present crisis and government of Cuba and
miscellaneous articles on the Carlists, the
Philippines and Puerto Rico.
A Lively Runaway
An exciting runaway occurred yesterday
on Central avenue, but fortunately no one
was Injured. A horse attached to the de
livery wagon of the Southern California
Hardware company took fright on Cen
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tral avenue near the power house and ran
north to Third street, then turned west
and ran to Main street and then doubled
south. A number of vehicles and bicycle
riders were on the street at the time, but
by some peculiar chance the runaway did
not strike any of them. At the corner of
Seventh street It collided with a delivery
wagon of the Acme laundry and broke the
latter wagon. The runaway horse was
stopped at that point.
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RHODES—In Los Angeles, Cal., May 16,
1896, Mrs. Lydia S. Rhodes, aged 721
The funeral services will be held at her
late residence, No. 517 West Twenty-third j
street, this (Thursday-) afternoon at 3
oclock. The friends of the family are in
vited to attend. Interment at St. Paul,
HOLTON—At family residence. No. 227
South Bunker Hill avenue, May 17,1898,
at C oclock p. m., Elsy C, only and
beloved daughter of George M. Holton,
aged 17 years.
Funeral from residence Thursday, May
19, at 2 oclock p. m. Interment, Evergreen
cemetery. Friends Invited.
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praise. It is absolutely harmless to tho most delicate skin. The marvel- iZ
ova improvement after a few applications will surprise and delight you, Tw*
for the skin will become as Nature intended it should be—smooth, clear rfi
and white—free from every impurity or blemish. .It cannot fail, for its W
action 13 such that it draws the impurities out of the skin and docs not Oft
cover up. This if the only thorough and permanent way. j_T
The Misses Bell are the Pioneers in tho art of treating the complexion \r
at your homes by means of Complexion Tonic. No massaging, facesteam- (M,
ing or operations are necessary; simply the application of Complexion YT
Tonic, winch is absolutely invisible, as it is not a cosmetic to cover up, but Qm
a cure, most effective in its results. No discomforts arc felt by its use, and JZ
a cure is obtained without the slightest annoyance.
•fi v n!* °^ f i° OFFER.—The price of the Complexion Tonic is $1 per 0%
T bottle, which places it within the reach of all. Every reader of this, who IS"
m I purchases a bottle, will receive, free, a bar of our Lamb's Wool Oil Soap. 9m
m% I I nla ta ■ n • lee,, B generous offer. Remit only by P. O. Money Order,
*W» Express or Registered Letter. Complexion Tonic is sent securely packed I**
riß, in plain wrapper, free from observation, to any part of the world on dgm
J receipt of price. Safe delivery guaranteed. TJj
1 1 i _. Laaies c an address The Misses Bell on all matters of complexion and T§'
yjA hygiene in the strictest confidence, and satisfactory advice will be given rtaV
"W promptly without charge. An interesting pamphlet will be sent upon ty
tU receipt of stamp. Address all communications and all orders to C§»
<| i THE MISSES BELL, or (j#>
# THE BELL TOILET CO., 78 Fifth Avenue, New York #
123 South Main Street
a CA T A ORRH0 RRH A SPECIALTY. We cure the wontceae* in two or three month, Snanlal ■nrn>a>
on Ban Franeilco Wspen.ar: in con.tant attendance Examination with
Odlng analyiU, PRKB to EViRYBOPY. The poor treated free from 10i tou Fr'daV. P 'oS
~T£ t a t i}iK&?.? r JW CCKII6 - Mo matter what your trouble i*. c -rae and talk with nil
vT&lri; C«»etßarantaed ter Waiting' Drain., UndevelopedlOrgaai end Leal

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