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It Ia Stated That Fumigated Fruit
Will Command the Highest
penses of the horticultural commisisoners
for the month of May were $IS2 for their
salaries; $251.75 for salaries ot inspectors,
one inspector including the past three
months, and $29 for miscellaneous, making
a total for the month of $495.75. There
have been an additional number of the
colonies of the parasite, vcdalla cardinal!*,
placed in orchards infested with the white
•cale, and a number of new localities dis
covered Infested with the yellow scale, or
aspidiotus cltrinus. which have been fuml
gated as soon as found. Several orchards
have been found infested with the aspid
iotus aurantli, or red scale, which will re
ceive Immediate attention. The lecanium
oleae is gaining ground eastward of On
tario and the fumigating will be resorted
to as soon as September arrives, or the
scrubbing process will have to be an ad
junct of the next season's orange packing
In that section. The great question asked
by buyers next fall will be. "Has your or
chard been fumigated?" and if the answer
Is in the alflrmative the price of the fruit
will be higher.
Alarm has been occasioned by the ap
pearance in small quantities of the iaphyg
nla flavamaculata, or olive worm. Reports
come in of good work of the Rhizobius
ventralls outside of the county on the
lecanium oleae on shade trees, but they
art not strongly vouched for.
The lecanium pruniosum, or frosted
scale, Is again making its appearance in
Borne sections of the country on decid
uous trees, and a few samples of the as
pidiotus camellias have been found on the
apple trees.
Canada now has an iron-clad law against
the introduction of deciduous nursery
stock and roses from California, and the
whole of the United States, Australia, Ja
pan and the Hawaiian Islands, on accoun'
of the San Jose scale.
Many orchardists are budding over their
orange and lemon trees to grape fruit, the
acreage thus changed this spring being be
tween 200 and 500 acres. There are 125 acres
of citrus trees being set out in East River
side in this county, and about 500 acres
more in small groves in various sections.
The latest returns from the schools of the
county are the Mill district, F. W. Nish,
teacher, $4.37; Bloonilngton, M C. Hodge,
teacher, $2.08; Terrace. Miss E. M. Hodg
kins, teacher, $1.73, making a total to date
of 1133.59. Many of the children have been
pussled in making their subscriptions by
the circulars of a monument to the Maine
that are beinug circulated. The children
think it all one, and the teachers here are
turning it al! over to the one contribution,
the battleship. Colton, Redlands and On
tario are putting forth great efforts to see
which will raise the largest sum.
The election of school trustees as far as
returns are in is as follows: Arrowhead, J.
B. McConnell; City Creek, George Covait
and AY. G. Spillsbury; Colton, J. B. Hanna;
Highland, D. R. Seeley; Lugonla, S. B.
Sessions; Mission, M. D. Eastern; Redlands
high school. Kirk H. Field; Rialto, J. B.
Tlbbot; San Salvador, Pablo Belarde; Yu
caipa, C. H. Ficke.
Out of over thirty men who enlisted to
Join Company X when the call came for
twenty-one men, only twelve passed the
medical examination. The examination
of Troop H is progressing today under the
personal supervision of Col. Johnstone
Jones and staff. An informal reception,
under the direction of Capt Truman Reeves,
will be given the colonel and staff this
evening at the Stewart. An attempt was
made to have the distinguished visitors here
on Saturday r.tght and give an elaborate
banquet, but they could not come until this
morning, so it took a more informal shape,
but wlil be a large one In numbers. There
are 124 names on the muster roll of Troop
H of the cavalry.
But Redondo Beach Got the Benefit of
the Weather
REDONDO, June j.—The hot weather
drove v large number to the beach yes
terday and today the trains were crowded
with visitors from the inland. The day
was mostly spent in diversions on the
beach. Picnickers and bathers disported
themselves on the sands while many gath
ered about, the plaza to listen to the Sev
enth regiment band.
Last evening was the event of the first
concert and hop of the season at the big
bote). Many visitors from Los Angelea
came down. The program, which was ex
ceptionally well rendered consisted of vo
cal selections by Mrs. Orr Haruiscn and
Mrs. J. G. Scarborough; cornet solos by-
Miss Matilee Loeb and piano selections by
Mrs. Calvert Wilson. The concert waa
In every way worthy of the hearty ap
plause elicited. Afterwards ull hands
tripped it merrily to the strains of the
hotel orchestra.
Capt. McDonald had a jolly party out
today for a cruise in the yacht Bonnie
Mr. and Mrs. Matlock of Los Angeles
have come down to spend a couple of
months at the beach.
Mrs. M. L. Carhart. Miss Helen Car
hart and Warren Carhart are among the
visitors from Lob Angeles temporarily
staying at the hotel.
A. F. Borden, who has charge of the Lo?
Angeles office of the Hotel Redondo, was
at the beach for the day.
Evan G. Evans of Chicago has taken up
his abode at the hotel.
Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Brundldge and Mr.
and Mrs. Albert Searl and son of the Los
Angeles Record spent Saturday afternoon
and Sunday at the hotel.
Mr. and Mrs W. Watson Lovett of Los
Angeles are sojourning at the hotel.
Mr. and Mrs. Archibald Douglas were
among last evening's arrivals at the hotel.
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Solano arrived at the
beach yesterday evening and are quartered
at the hotel.
Dr. John R. Haynes, Mr. and Mrs. Ly
man Stewart of Los Angeles. Wm. E. Lan
caster of San Diego and H. M. Curtis of
Boston are among the late arrivals at the
Redlands Remarks
REDLANDS, June 4.-Mtss Mattle
Slouthoun of Missouri and Frunk Fairish
of this city were married last evening.
Rev. E. J. Harper performing the cere
mony. The young couple went to Los An
geles today, where they will visit for a
short time before returning and beginning
Yesterday J. H. Fisher and family. Mrs.
Bowers and Mr. Robinson departed for
the summit of Mt. Jacinto for a week's
outing with the rnfUibers ot the United
States geological survey at work at this
The members ot the Baptist church gave
a social at the residence of H. Gregory on
Lugonla avenue last evening. .
The members of the Epworth league of
the M. E. Church South gave an ice cream
social at Mitchell's hall last evening.
J. B. Cryer, E. D. Herdman and W. F.
Majors went to Long Beach this afternocn
to remain over Sunday.
The Hotel Windsor will be reopened this
evening by J. T. Ritchey, under the new
name of Hotel Redlands. The interior of
the hotel has been remodeled and refur
They Have Recruited for the Proposed
Cavalry Troop
RIVERSIDE, June s.—Major C. O. Alkire
has as yet made no active canvass for
members ot the proposed cavalry troop.
The following are the names of those who
have thus far volunteered: C. O. Alkire,
Henry J. Marcher, John Peck, Carver
Peck, Mason Rogers, P. Mclntyre, A. A.
Aldrich, Fred Fontaine, D. H. Clayton, D
Heald, Joseph E. Lewis, M. C. Qruwell. F.
M. Heath, Price Hickey, S. B. Brinker
hoff, V. W. Stiles, M.D.; A. H. Chance, N.
Kunz, a. W. Cathey, C. M. Rich. Roy Hel
mer, Willis Castleman, W. O. Moore, Ro;
Marsh, John Slater, C. F. O'Kelley, D.
Cameron, S. D. Pelton.
Vice President H. E. Huntington of the
Southern Pacific and Chief Engineer Hood
were here yesterday, looking over the sub
stantia! improvements being made by their
company. The visit of the gentlemen is
taken to mean the early placing of im
proved service on the motor road, by re
placing the present out-of-date motor cars
and engines with modern equipment.
The matter of sending a carload of or
anges and lemons to the soldiers at San
Francisco now rests entirely on the decis
ion of the transportation companies.
The local tent of Maccabees has elected
the following officers: Past Commander.
Archie Sharpe; commander, H. C. Hibbard:
lieutenant commander. E. H. Gruwell; rec
ord keeper, D. G. Clayton; finance keeper.
E. I. Allen: chaplain, J. W. Carroll; physi
cian. M. May bee; sergeant, F. S. Corl; mas
ter-at-arms, R. H. Pulley; first master of
the guards, C. H. Bashaw; Second master
Cf the guards, L. C. Shrimp; lieutenant, F.
H. Stlbbens; picket, A. L. Merriam.
Tho shipment of oranges yesterday WHS
boxes, making a total of 1,197.cx1S boxes
for the season.
The local camp of the Woodmen of tho
World held largely attended memorinl
services today.
Mrs. L. V. W. Brown received word yes
terday of the sudden death of her brother.
Alfred Hall, while he was en route for
home from this place. His death occurred
at Chicago.
A Pomona Man's Experience With a
Dried Beef Cutter
POMONA, June 4.—Ed. K. Pratt, clerk in
Poston Moles & Co.'s grocery store, cut a
thumb and two lingers badly this morning
while chipping dried beef on a machine.
State Senator S. N. Androus returned
home last evening from San Francisco. He
will leave again, however, in a few days
for the north.
The Pomona college baseball team plays
the final game with the Azusa Stars this
afternoon at Claremont.
To sum up the lecture, "The Patriot's
Duty," dlivered last evening by Frank K.
Coulter, the chairman of the State Prohi
bition party, this duty is to vote the Pro
hibition ticket straight.
The attendance last evening at the lec
ture delivered by Rev. A. J. Frost of San
Bernardino on the "Wonders of the \*o
iemlte" was not as large as the occasion
Mrs. Wheeler and Mrs. Darnell gave a
delightful supper at the Unitarian church
last evening.
Isabella Knowles, the young colored
girl who burglarized the home of Lloyd
Simmons here in February last, was tried
before Judge Smith in the Superior court
yesterday and the case continued over to
Pasadena Notes
PASADENA, June s.—(Office of The
Herald, 58 East Colorado stree:.) Som.
time ago the military authorities an
nounced that there was great need among
the troops for Manila of abdominal band
ages. A call was made for contributions
for the purchase of these. The W. R. C.
of this city took up the matter and ad
vanced $4>j for the purpose. The churches
took the matter up today and the pastors
announced the situation from their pul
pits. There will be a meeting at O. A. R.
hall tomorrow morning at 9 oclock and all
those interested In the welfare of the sol
diers are invited to attend. Subscriptions
may be left with President P. M. Green of
the First National bank.
Capt. Farnsworth of Troop M, First Cal
ifornia volunteer cavalry, has been in
formed by regimental orders that all save
one of the boys of Troops M and N who
were examined passed the examination.
One hundred and fourteen members of
those two troops were examined on the
evening of May 27th by Dr. Hill of tht mu
rine hospital, About forty others who
missed this examination were sent down
to Los Angeles for examination. Orders
have also been received instructing tht
captain to cancei any arrangements Which
he may have made for uniforms, as the
troops will probably be in the field be
fore the uniforms can be made. The troop
now await further orders and are confi
dent of eventually being sent to Manila.
Mr. Parger of First street fell in a fit
last evening in a shop on South Fair Oak?
avenue. In falling he cut his head badly
and had to be taken to his home on First
street, where he is recovering as fast as
could be expected.
The new station which the Terminal
company is building in Altadena Is to be
called Hart well being named for ex-
Mayor Calvin Hartwell.
Tie in a School Election
EL TORO, June s.—The Ladles' Sewing
society gave a very successful entertain
ment and sale of work last night, prior to
disbanding for the summer. The net re
sults were nearly $40, which amount will
be divided into throe parts, two to go to
the two Sunday-schools of El Toro, and
one Is retained by the society as a reserve
Rev. Mr. Burrows and wife, of Santa
Ana, were present. Mr. Burrows made a 1
very appropriate address. Ice cream and
cake were dispensed, and a pleasing musi
cal program was rendered by El Toro tal
ent. At the conclusion three rousing cheers
were heartily given for Miss Beatrice
Hoyle. the popular president of the society,
to whose untiring efforts Is largely due the
success attained.
! The electoin for school trustee resulted
!In a tie between Messrs. Sweezy and Rog
ers. How the tie will be broken Is a mat
ter of speculation. There Is. unfortunately,
i a division of sentiment on the school ques
tion and a great deal of bitterness between
' Constahle C. C. Willets had quite a chase i
al disaffected families' keeping their chil-'
iron out of school near the close of the
v rm.
A Tempest in a Teapot Over Military
POMONA, June s.—The Ontario papers
make objection to the statements made in
me of the Pomona papers to the effe t
Jiat Ontario acted selfishly in refusing to
join In with the citizens of Pomona and sur
rounding towns in making up the purse
for an emergency fund for Company D. and
they state that Ontario made up a purse
and sent provisions to the boys from that
-ity, who turned the supplies over to the
tuartermaster. This is undoubtedly true,
but Pomona, too, sent provisions amounting
to considerable more than Ontario dreamed
of sending, and sent them direct to th.
whole company. There Is not now nnd
never was a kick on that ground; but what
ihe Pomona people thought was singular
was the fact that Ontario refused to sub
scribe cash toward the sick and emergency
fund—a fund that was sent to be used
as a whole, regardless of previous asso
intions. All the towns having represent
atives In the company, Ontario excepted,
joined willingly in this cash donation, not
withstanding they had previously sub
scribed and sent supplies.
Mrs. E. E. Armour, In her recent trip to
San Francisco, was thoughtful enough to
take her camera along, and having escaped
arrest as a Spanish spy, has returned with
about twenty-five fine views of Company
D, In camp at Camp Merritt, and so large
is the demand for the pictures that Mrs.
Armour soon realized that she would be
bankrupt If she attempted to supply her
acquaintances, nnd will turn the negatives
over to a regular photographer, to furnish
pictures at cost. Among the collection is
a very fine picture of Captain Matthews,
aud our citizens will now have an opportu
nity to see the kind of man who is to lead
their boys to Manila.
The Pomona market is now supplied with
cherries grown at North Ontario, and they
hold their own with the northern varieties.
The most successful cherry rancher stated
that when ho first undertook to raise cher
ries in Southern California he gave his or
chard efll the attention usually accorded
to ornnge groves in tho way of irrigation
and cultivation, but his crop was a failure.
He now leaves his trees to take care of
themselves and nature has rewarded him
with a bountiful crop..
A. I. Stewart was elected noble grand
and Frank Hanslor vice grand at the re
cent election of officers of Pomona lodge,
No. 246, I. O. O. F.
An Old, Man's Experience, and a Con
stable's Chase
COMPTON, June 5.—A committed has
been appointed and arrangements are being
made to hold an old-fashioned Fourth of
July celebration here. |
two factions lure, which resulted in sever
on Friday night after a dog trader whose
Aog4 had severely bitten an old man at
Green Meadow. It seems the trader had
camped for the night and turned his dogs
loose. When the old man passed by on
foot, the dogs, four or five o£ them, set
on him and bit his legs and tore one hand
badly. The owner came out, and instead
of driving the dogs off. he caught the man
to keep hum from hurting his dogs. The
man managed to get his pocket knife out
ar.d killed one of them. A warrant was
sworn out, and the constable had to follow
a trail by moonlight through Florence,
Downey and Clearwater till after daylight,
when the man and dogs were overtaken
and brought bad* to Tajuta, where the
trial will occur Monday.
At the annual school election, which wan
held on Friday, H. B. Rice was re-elected
for Compton schools. T. B. Robinson was
I elected high school trustee.
James Griffith has sold his ten-acre
home for $:!100 to Mr. Elliott, and with his
wife, started for North Dakota on Thurs
CLEARWATER, June 3.— J. A. Philbin
was elected school trustee for the lons
term. He Is efficient.
A platoon of heavy artillery is being
formed here.
To His Office on a Tandem
A wealthy West Side resident is taken to
his ofllce on La Salle street each morning
on a tandem, propelled by a liveried serv
ant. The employe sits in front and scorches
down the boulevard. The employer perches
behind, und, lazily keeping his feet on the
pedals, reads the morning newspaper. Ir.
the afternoon "the coachman" calls at the
office with the tandem, and the trip homi
Is made in the same way.
Occasionaly the wealthy man throws hi->
energy Into the pedals, aud the wheel
forges ahead witli a great burst of speed,
but as a rule he is too much engrossed with
his reading to do any work. Two years ago
this citizen drove to and from his ofllce in
a carriage. He would not change back for
a great deal.—Chicago Journal.
French Doctors Cut Off
One of the provisions of the French
code forbids a doctor to inherit property
left him by a deceased patient.
A single hair of a man's heard is as largo
as 10.01K) threads of a full grown spider's
C 0
morning than on going to bod? Do you
have melancholy speiis, poor memory, shy,
despondent, want-to-be-lei-alone.irritable?
If you ao feel so, you suffer from Nervous
Debility. If you are treated now you can
be cured. If you wail you may wall a lit
tle too long. Many who wait become nerv
ous wrecks. Don't you wait. Th» sure,
■peedy cure is the Great
Call or write for
Circilars aid Testimonials
Di nnn Dmcnv First, secondary .ter.
BLOOD POISON tlary forms of blood
Ri nnn Pnicnw disorders are manl-
BLOOD TOISON tested by copper-col.
Ri nnn Pnisnv ored s P° ts . itching
BLIJUD rUIMJN Bkin irritated, dry,
Rl OOD POISON parched throat, ulcers
ni.uuu rurauiN , n the mouth ra in ng
BLOOD POISON balr Act prompt. Get
dluuu ruiaur, oure(l . The ao-da.
Blood Poison cure (a what y°«
30-Day Cure Circulars
Hudson Medical Institute
Stockton, Market and Ellis Streets,
San Francisco. Calif.
Some Dangers to Be Encountered in
the Philippines—Assistance De
sired at Headquarters
The Red Cross society is settling down
to business in its new rooms in the Brad
bury block. Saturday the indies were busy
cutting and making abdominal bands,
sleeping caps und housewives. The war
board, thu Friday Morning club members
and about 100 other people have heen sup
plied with pattcnrs and instructions how to
make the articles.
Sewing machines were busy and bands
and caps are beginning to pile up in en
couraging numbers. Anyone desiring pat
terns and Instructions can he accommodat
ed by calling at headquarters. The serv
ices of Mrs. H. E. Taylor have been secured
to keep the rooms open from S a. m. to tt
p. m. iyid longer if necessary.
The society Is rapidly increasing in num
bers und It is hoped the Red Cross badges
I will arrive soon. The members will ap
preciate the assistance of ail ladies who
desire to help in sewing on articles that
will in alt probability soon be needed, us
the men are liable to be ordered tiff at any
Among the members Who joined Satur
day and contributions received were the
Mmes. J. S. Slauson, L. L. Ilersey, F. H.
Pattee, P. H. Blades, Bronson, 11. O.
Bath, S. C. Hubbell. Joseph F. Surtorl. J.
S. Vosburg. YV. M. Bailey, M. K. McC.au
ran, G. H. Speers, Miss Harriet Severance,
Dr. F. K. Ainswonh Joined also.
The following donations have also been
made: Mrs. Cameron E. Thorn, $5; I'ni
verstty M. E. church. $5; John F. Francis,
$20; Ville de Paris, Coulter Dry Goods
company and Mrs. C. W. R. Ford, flannel;
Stoll & Thayer, books; C. C. Parker, sta
tionery; use of store room in Bradbury
block, Mrs. Bradbury; use of typewriter,
C. G. Wlckson company; use of two ma
chines. New Home Machine company;
Tufts-Lyons company, donation; \Y. 11.
Allen, dozen chairs; Niles Pease, dozen
chairs; Telephone company.free telephone;
R. 11. Reavis Hack Company, free use of
carriage. Lang-Biroley company nre do
ing all printing for the society free of
charge. R. 11. Haines, manager of the
Postal telegraph, has sent a message al
lowing the society the free use uf the com
pany's lines within the state.
Inquiries have come in from a number
of surrounding towns, concerning the
manner of organizing and methods of
work. Patterns and instructions uave
been sent out and when the work Is better
in hand. It Is probable that Southern Cali
fornia Will be a 'network of Red Cross
societies to aid the soldier boys, If neces
sary, while the war lasts.
The question Is frequently asked at head
quarters: "Why do the soldiers need ab
domlnal bands and sleeping caps?" From
a gentleman recently returned to Los
Angeles, who spent some time In the
Philippine Islands, The Herald Is informed,
that in addition to the climate being a
tropical one, with Its attendant dampness
and intense heat at certain seasons of the
193 Smith Main The Oldest Dispensary on the coast—established twentr-Ure
liJ OUUIII lYiUlil CHSIAI -~_„ in ah private diseases of men
CATARRH A SPECIALTY. We cure tbe worst cases in two or three months Special surgeon
from Kan Francisco l-Uspensar;- in constant attendance Examination with microscope, in
cluding analyst*, FKEE TO EVi- KYUObY ihe poor tteared free from 10 to 12. Fridays out
long experience enables us to treat the worst cases of secret or private diseases with ABi •
LUTE iKKiALM'Y OF SUCCESS. So mutter what your trouble is. c nis aud tain with u«t
you will not regtei it Cure guarsnteed ior Wasting Drams, Undeveloped Organs aad Loal
pAKiiii.-.,.-. iimu BAJMIi vx XiUia CAL.
Capital paid up §500,000.00
Surplus and reserve $875,000.00
I. W. HELLMAN, President; H. W. HELLMAN. Vice-Pres.; H.J. FLEISH
MAN, Cashier; G. HEIMANN, Assistant Cashier. Directors—W. H. PERRY, O. VV
Special Collection Department. Correspondence Invited. Our Safety Deposit De
partment offers to ihe public safes for rent In its new Fire and Burglar-Proof Vault,
which la the strongest, best guarded and best lighted ln this city.
At Los Angeles
Capital and Pro,fits, (270,000.00
O. ft CHURCHILL, First Vlce-Preslden'lO. T. JOHNSON, JOS. D. RADFORD
O. T. JOHNSON....Second Vice-President W. 8. DE VAN. CHAS. MONROE.
JOS. D. RADFORD Asslßtant CasfiieriFßKD O. JOHNS' 'V JOHN' E. MARBLE
R. I. ROGERS.. ...Assistant Gashlcr 1 A. HADLEY.
United States Depositary
CAPITAL $500,000.00 SURPLUS J50.000.00
Total $550,000.00
F. C. HOWES Cashier E. W COE Assistant Cashier
Geo. H. Bonebrake, Warren Glllelen, P. M. Green, E. P. Johnson, Wm. M. Van
Dyke, W. C. Brown, L. C. McKceby, F. C. Howes.
This bank has no deposits of either the county or city treasurer, and therefore no
preferred creditors. _
Corner Main and Second Streets
„.„.,.,,„, _ H.W. Hellman, J. F. Sartorl.W. L. Graves
ii F;,f v R f;;;;w\;Vx,\;; - K res '? ent «• J - Fleishman, C. A. Shaw, F. O. John
MAURICE S. HELLMAN,Vice-President son. J. H. Shankland, J. A. Graves, M. L
W. D. J.U..UI EAR Cashier Fleming, M. S. Hellman, W D. Longyeal
i»" om iiui-.i (»n tenu una ordinary uepoetts
Honey loaned on Urst-elass real e.ustc
CAPITAL STOCK $400,000 Surplus and undivided profits over $250,0J*
J. M. ELLIOTT President W. G. KERCKHOFF Vice-President
FRANK A. GIBSON Cashier \V. T. S. HAMMOND...Assistant Casbiel
J. M. Elliott, J. D. Bicknell, F. <J. Story, 11. Jevne, J. D. Hooker, W. C. Patterson
Wm. G. Kerckhoff.
No public fluids or other preferred deposits received at this bank.
Capital paid up $100,000
Junction of Main and Spring and Temple sts. (Temple Block), Los Angeles.
OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS—T. L Duque, President; I. N. Van Nuys Vice.
President; B. V. Du'iue, Cashier; H. W. Hellman, Kaspare Kohn. H. W. O'Melveny
J. B. Lankerahtm, O. T. Johnson, Abe Haas, W. G. Kerckhoff.
Money loaned on_rea_ L est______ Interest paid on term and ordinary deposits.
*" 230 North Main Street
J. E. Plater, President; H. W. Hellman. Vice-President: W. M. Caswell. Cashier
Directors—l. W. Hellman, J. E. Plater, H. W. Hellman. I. W. Hellman. Ir., w
M. Caswell.
Interest paid on deposits. Money to loan on first class real estate.
Paid up Capital and Profits, $145,400
COR. MAIN AND FIRST STS. Victor Ponet, President: L. W. Bllnn and C. N
Flint, Vice-Presidents: M. N. Avery, Cashier; p. F. Schumacher, Assistant Cashier
Interest pild on deposits. Money loaned un real estate.
152 North Spring- St. Interest Paid on Deposits
j DIRECTORS—J. H. Brnly, J. M Elliott, H. Jevne, Frank A. Gibson, Simon Malet
W. D. Woolwlne, W. C. Patterson. Safe Deposit Boxes for Rent
212 1-2 South Spring Street New York and Chicago Markets
Direct Wires. Reference:
Quickest Service. National Bank of California.
! Telephone Main 912. Los Angeles National Bank.
Dally report mnded "_____"__ -it 1 "in V P. BI7RCH »CO
Glass & Long
Blank Book Manufacturers
I 213-215 NEW HIQH ST. Los Angel** CXI ' *~
year, the water is atrociously bad. Every
war vessel that leaves San Francisco for
Manila carries an apparatus for boiling
■drinking water.
But It Is not In the water and climate
alone in which dlscuse lurks for the Euro
pean nnd American. The fruits, which are
mainly pine apples, bananas, mangoes and
some other varieties, are beautiful and at
tractive ia appearance, but the so ds und
rinds are poisonous and more destructh*
than bullets to health and life. The na
tives never eat it without removing the
seeds and rinds and cooking it, but the
temptation to foreigners in the dealy heat
is great, and he succumbs to the attractive
appearance at the risk of the consequent
(serious bowel affections.. Like all the
Spanish colonies. Manila is two hundred
years behind the age, and there arc no san
itary precautions or regulations. The |
greatest danger will be for those going I
into the interior away from the coast.
"Soldiers," suys the gentleman, "can- I
not be too careful in guarding against the
native wines, and the safest ar.d best drink
is the juice of the California lime in boiled
water. Flannel abdominal bands nre ab- j
solutely necessary to health and comfort.
General Merritt has said that no soldier
can embark for the Philippines until he is
provided with three of these health pre
"Like other places In the tropics the
islands abound in bugs lr. assorted sizes
and varieties, and It Is to keep Insects from
creeping into the ears at night thut sleeping
caps are essential. Residents of the islands
m:ike these of certain kinds of India silk,
but those for the soldiers are made mainly
of linen crash. The hands must bo made of
gruy flannel and each article after the
regulation patterns, designed by the sur
geon general of the army, or they will be
rejected when they reach army headquar
ter* at San Francisco."
So much duck has been required for army
tents and for uniforms for the soldiers who
are to be sent to Cuba thut trousers dl thut
material will probably not be worn tills
season by young men who stay at home.
Annual Sales ovarii,ooo,ooo Boxes
such as Wind anil Pain in tho Stomach,
Giddiness, Fulness after nieulH, Head
ache, Dizziness, Drowsiness, Flushings
ot Heat, Loss of Appetite. Costivcuess.
Blotches on tho Skin, Cold Chills, Dis
turbed Sleep. Frightful Dreams and all
Nervous and Trembling Sensations.
IN TWENTY MINUTES. F.vory sufferer
will acknuwlodgo them to bo
■BBCIIAHM PILLS, taken as direct
ed, will quickly restore Females to com
plete health. They promptly remove
obstructions or irregularities of tho sys
tem ami euro hick Headache. For a
Weak Stomach
Impaired Digestion
Disordered Liver
Beecham's Pills are
Without a Rival
And have the
or any Patent Medicine In the World.
25c. at all Drug Stores.
Taking a Sunday Off
THE total of yesterday's vote was but 1571, Wells
leading with 400. Yesterday made the twenty
first day since the first votes were received in the con
p— ~~~>~~~~~~ test. The total has
*]>«< reached 78,313, and the
I [\ present week will no
/ I 1 \\J \ doubt increase the vote
/ ,4 \t§ \ to 100,000.
jj J **" y jj-d j The vote for the sev
\ "C"T I I eral contestants between
\ iW I / the dates of May 28 and
j\ ■ m fA i / June 11 promises to be
j \. \ I'" i ""~ r < c ' ar S es t v °f e ever
1 — polled in any contest ot
i 1 the past. The premium
of 1000 votes to the high man, votes to the second
man and a pair of fine shoes from the Queen Shoe Store
to the wife of the third '<
highest man is the s —
the cause, and promises j S&A I
to make a great change j f \
in the standing of the / \jj
candidates. Every con- j [ )t 1 \
ductor, motorman or j I /
other employe of the j \ ff\ I /!j
electric or cable sys- > |f\\ / i
terns shou I d d 0 all \ ii y / jj
in their power to aid |
"their man" in pulling ' J
off one of these prizes. Following are the total votes
received up to ? p. m. yesterday.
Votes Received up to 5 p. m. June 5
G. B. Lindersmith, L. A. Rallway.lo,s3B J. W. Benjamin. L. A. Railway.. 316
Con Mclnerny, Santa Monica 11ne.10,477 G. C. Baccl, Main-st. line 217
Thomas Bobbins, Traction 1ine..10,393 C. D. Clark, L. A. Railway 205
G. H. Cornell, L. A. Railway.... 5.202 S. W. King, L. A. Railway IST
C. F. Wells, L. A. Railway G.S6O F. S. Barron, Pasadena line 175
J. T. Brown, L. A. Railway.... 6,271 J. w. Litton, L. A. Railway 175
,T. F. Burkhardt, Cable line 5,003 Wm. Richards, L. A. Railway.... 153
W. A. Brown, Pasadena line 3 220 F Mahal!f Traction line 150
W. Morrison, L. A. Railway 2,130 a .„.,,,,„ „.„„„,,..., u„„ is/i
Hal Hamner L. A. Railway 1,350 IM' ±* n "' I , n,ctl l on nc^
E. W. Yonkin, L. A. Railway.... 1.302 Pollard, Traction line lc.o
A. E. Kane, L. A. Railway 1,113 «• »• Ballsy, L. A. Railway 150
J. C. Coleman. Main-st. line 1,079 W. W. Strong, Maln-st. line 125
C. L. Colby, Pasadena line 1,007 G. W. Aiken, L. A. Railway 110
T. M. BayliSS, L. A. Railway.... 1,050 11. C. Freeman. Traction line.... 100
C. F. Lewis, Traction line 975 D. C. Garrett, Traction lino 100
11. If. Warren. L. R. Railway.... 917 H. Bittleson, Traction line 100
li. R. Godin, Traction line 925 c. W. Bpeer, Cable line 100
J. M. Hallum, L. A. Railway.... 712 W. O. Lambertson, L. A. Railway 100
C. N. Ireland, L. A. Railway 575 F. R. Fuller, L. A. Railway 100
D. C. Owens, Main-st. line 525 R. L. Hazen, L. A. Railway 100
I. A. Grove, Santa Monica line.. 400 S. Banks, L. A. Railway 100
G. W. Shchi, Santa Monica line.. 400 L. G. Dolbrlnk, L. A. Railway.... 100
Who Wl!l Get It?
All Motormen and Conductors of the Electric system of Los Angeles,
Pasadena and Santa Monica are eligible in the Grand Presentation
Proposition of The Daily Herald for new subscribers, consisting of A
Contest closes July 30, 1898. »
|_ 14 '* of Solla Go]S ' 14 karats flue, hunt-
BlSfl S 1j l n 8 case, handsomely engraved, fine quali
lj[ J nyweights: movement adjusted to heat,
Watch V 120-122 NORTH SPRING ST.
The Proposition
Additional Offer
Each subscriber to The Daily Herald who pays one month in advance wil
receive FREE, one set of eight COLORED HALF-TONE VIEWS Ol
NAVY for each month paid ln advance. For one year's subscription, paid it:
advance, one bound volume of 160 pages of views of UNITED STATES NA
VY, CUBA AND HAWAII: pr:cc. S?.r.o.
Open to All Contestants
To give all candidates, either high or low, an inducement to secure all
votes possible,, The Herald Publishing company will give to the contestant
who receives the greatest number of votes from May 23th to June 11th, in
clusive, 1000 copies of Daily Herald containing the voting ballot. Remember
this is not for the high man, but the one who receives the greatest number
of votes within the dates mentioned.
For the Second Man
To the contestant following the second highest number of votes within
the above dates The Herald Publishing company will present 500 copies of
Dally Herald containing voting ballot.
For the Third Man's Wife
The Queen Shoe Store will present the wife of the contestant getting
the third largest number of votes within above specified dates, the choice of
any pair of shoes in the store.
Dally Herald Subscription Proposition for Gold Watch. July 30, 1898,
for Conductors anil Motormen of Kleotrle Car Systems of Los Angeles,
Pasadena and Santa Monica.
Copyright, 1898, Herald Publishing Co., Los Angeles, Cat Montgomery Bros., Jewels**

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