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Chronicled on rages 6, 7,12 and 19.
Crude oil advancing, owing to die
creasing production.
William Moat said to have one more
wife than Is allowable.
Stiver Republican state convention
will be held In l.os Angeles.
An arrest made on Catallna island
because of a shady mining deal.
Hiackmaller Hoffman fined $200,
with the alternative of 100 days in jail.
Letters, from two Los Angeles boys
who were at the fall of Santiago; a
Rough Rider and one of the Oregon's
City council appoints James C.
Kays to act as arbitrator on the water
question; an offer to the City Water
company which was refused, and the
reasons why.
Burbank—"The Gay Parisians."
Coursing, Agricultural park—lo:3o
a. m.
Church of the Unity, Rev. C. W.
Wendte. "Loyalty"—ll a. m.
Church of Christ, Rev. David Walk.
Shifting Scenes"—ll a. m.
Central Presbyterian church, Rev. J.
R. Jones, "Prayer and Providence"—
11 a. m.
Church of the Covenant, Rev. B.
E. Howard, "Municipal Ownership"—
11 a. m.
First Presbyterian church, Rev. A.
B. Pilchard. "Hearing Ears and See
ing Eyes "—ll a. m.
St. Vincent hall. Rev. W. P. D.
Bliss, "The Descent Into Hell, or the
Cost of Liberty"—3 p. m.
TEMPERATURE—Record of observations
Taken at Los Angeles, July 23. The
barometer Is reduced to sea level.
6a. m
30 01
Maximum temperature. 82.
Minimum temperature, 59.
Weather Conditions
The pressure is rising rapidly over the
North Pacific slope and the mountain re
gions from an approaching area of high
barometer, which Is now central In the
vicinity of Vancouver. Elsewhere the
pressure has fallen, accompanied by rain
In the t r pper Mississippi valley. Showers
have fallen in Washington and Oregon;
a thunder storm occurred during the night
at Salt I.ake City. No material change has
occurred In temperature; clear weather
prevails In California, except In the ex
treme northern and southern portions of
the coast, where It Is cloudy.
Southern California—Fair Sunday; fresh
west wind.
Drink Glen Rock water. Tel Main 26.
Call tel. main 243 for ambulance. 8.-esee
Brothers, Sixth and Broadway.
C. D. Howry, undertaker, Fifth and
Broadway. Lowest prices In the city.
Robert Sharp & Co., funeral directors, 751
and 753 South Spring street. Tel Main 102$.
Special: 9-Inch Wall Paper Borders, 15c
for 48 feet; 18-inch Borders, 35c. Walter,
527 South Spring, Tel. Green 983.
Watches cleaned, 75 cents; main springs,
60 cents; crystals, 10 cents. Fatton, 214
South Broadway.
Try the Nadeau cafe's 25c lunch; coolest
place In the city; service the best. Table
d'hote dinner, 60c.
Adams Bros., dentists, 239V4 South Spring
street. Plates from 14. Painless extracting,
CO cents. Filling a specially. Hours, Bto 5;
Bur .lay. 10 to 12.
A lecture on "Irrigation" will be given at
the assembly room of the chamber of com
merce on Monday at 2p. m. by George Max-'
well, editor of the Irrigation Age.
F. E. Fay has been appointed to repre
sent the Merchants and Manufacturers'
association for the auditing committee, to
expert the books and accounts of La Fiesta
de Los Angeles of 1898.
Hans Miller, an expressman, was fined
$5 or five days by Justice Owens for having
violated the hitching ordinance. Sentence
was supended, as Miller unintentionally
got over onto Main street.
Do you know that a framed picture makes
a most desirable wedding present? If you
are looking for anything In that line do not
fail to call at H. O. Llchtcnberger's art em
porium, 202 South Spring street.
Annie Andrada, a domestic In the fam
ily of M. M. Shields, was arrested yester
day on a charge of petty larceny. She
is accused of stealing about $50 worth of
wearing apparel belonging to Mrs. Shields.
Jose Lopez, Steve Lurkinl and Miguel
Ballestero, were fined $100 each by Justice
Owens yesterday for petty larceny. The
trio stole a (Juan'tltv of brass fixings from
a shed in the yard of E. K. Green on Buena
Vista street.
In your vacation trip and summer outings
don't forget that Sanborn, Vail & Co. car
ry complete sketching outfits. Full lines
of all art materials in water-color, oil,
pastel, crayon and pencil outfits. 133 South
Spring street.
Dr. Rebecca Lee Dorsey, Stimson block,
first floor, rooms 133, 134, 135. Special at
tention given to obstetrical cases, and all
diseases of women and children. Electricity
scientifically used. Consultation hours, 1
lo 5. Telephone 1227.
Tom McGregor, a dope fiend, was discov
ered lying In a hallway next to the Me
chanic's saloon on Edit First street yes
terday afternoon, and was sent to the re
ceiving hospital for treatment. He was
attended and then removed to the county
Columbia Circle No. 24, Ladles of the G.
A. R., will give a social at the residence of
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Davis, corner of
Thirty-seventh street and Rosedale ave
nue, Tuesday evening, July 26. Convey
ances will be at Traction and University
cars at 8 p. m.
The public library has compiled a refer
ence t>r reading list on municipal govern
ment, embracing subjects connected with
charters, reform movements, development
of cities, corruption and reform, employ
ment of labor, sanitary science, non-par
tisanship, municipal ownership, control of
franchises, water supply, etc. The list
contains nearly 300 references.
The People's party city central commit
tee will meet at room 45, Downey block, on
Monday evening, July 25th, to transact Im
portant business. By order of
Dr. Max Wassman, dentist, rooms 225 and
226 Potomac block, Broadway, between
Second and Third. Tel. Brown 1073,
Blumve & Jay, plumbing and gas fitting
138 South Broadway. Tel. Main 1035.
All prices of wall paper greatly reduced.
A. A. Eckstrom. 324 South Spring street
Optical work; accurate fitting. J. w.
F"ii»r. 315 North Main street.
Why the Officers Are After William
Moar—A Shady Mining Transac
tion Results in an Arrest
When the case against J. B. Hoffman,
argument' on motion for a new trial, was
called in Department one yesterday morn
ing the defendant's attorneys exhausted
every possible ground reached by their mo
tion, but It was overruled by Judge Smith.
A motion for arrest of sentence was
made and argued, but that also was over
ruled. The court then asked If defendant
could pay a fine, and his attorneys stated
that their client was a poor man, his crop?
for this season were a failure, and th? crly
hope of his raising money to pay a line was
by aid of his mother-in-law, who was will
ing, provided she had the means at hand.
Of this latter fact counsel was not certain.
Mr. Williams, representing the prosecu
tion, stated that to his mind, perhaps, the
prisoner was due some credit for having
exposed the possible fact tltat any house in
this city was selling diseased m?at, and that
he, himself, had been unable to touch meat
of any kind since the exposures made In
the. Hoffman trial. The court did not con
cur In the prosecution's opinion, and lloff
man was ordered to stand up for sentence,
and asked what. If anything, he had to say
for himself. He replied that he was a vet y
poor man. and had a wife and three chil
dren to support. To this the court replied
that he. should have thought of that before
he acted. His crime was a most dastardly
one, most dangerous to the peace of the
community, and evidently made from the
lowest motives of cupidity and pusillanim
ity. Judge Smith then sentenced Hoffman to
pay a tine of $200 or serve 100 days in the
county Jail. Motion for stay of execution
until 2 o'clock for filing of appeal and to
allow defendant a chance to raise the fine
was allowed.
The charge for which Hoffman was tried
and found guilty Is pretty thoroughly
known. On March 4th last he attempted to
extort money from Simon Maler, the whole
sale nnd retail butcher, on threats of arrest
of the latter for having sold diseased meat.
Maler was too shrewd for Hoffman, and at
the same time that the money, $500. was
paid over, the culprit was arrested for ex
*• ——
Fondness for Frequent Marriages Gets
William Moar in Trouble
A complaint was filed with the district at
torney yesterday charging one William
Moar with the crime of bigamy. The com
plaining! witness is Moar's first wtfe, who
alleges that he married her in St. Louis in
1890. Later he left her and came to Los
Angeles, where last May he married Mary
Louise Crippen under the name of William
Myers, and is now living with her on, Wash
ington street near the Rosedale cemetery.
The last marriage ceremony was performed
by a, Mormon minister, who was so dense
in his Ignorance as to forget to forward the
certificate to the office of the county clerk
for registration. The auspices under which
the marriage ceremony was performed
would indicate that Moar had embraced the
Mormon faith, and especially that part of
It pertaining to the possession of more than
one wife.
A warrant was issued from Justice
Young's court for his arrest and placed In
the hands of Deputy Constable Martin to
serve. Up to last evening he had not se
' cured his man, and rumor has it that the
bird has flown. The first wife has at least
had the satisfaction of depriving her re
creant spouse of the felicity of his second
marital venture.
C. W. Hines Arrested for Getting Cash
by False Pretenses
A complaint was Issued from the district
attorney's office some days ago charging
C. W. Hines with having obtained money
under false pretenses. The complaint was
sworn to by Mrs. Jessie M. Scott, who al
leged that Hines had buncoed her out of
$200 on a mining transaction. He had
claimed to have extensive properties In San
Bernardino county an.« to own valuable
Mining property, in which he persuaded
Mrs. Scott to take an Interest. The lady
became suspicious of the transaction, and
investigation brought out the fact that
Hines owned no property whatever. A
warrant was issued from the Justice's
court at Avalon, Catallna. where Hines
has been staying, and Deputy Constable
Cline captured his man. Hines is a man
of middle age. and is said to have been in
the habit of dyeing his whiskers to give
himself a youthful appearance. He will
have a chance to explain his actions be
fore the courts.
Minor Cases on Trial
In Department six yesterday a decree
of foreclosure by default was allowed In
the case of M. S. Lee vs. Addle B. Van
Sciever et al.
In the same court judgment by default
in foreclosure was allowed in the case of
Stubblefleld, Clayton et al. vs. Ira Hall.
An order was issued by Judge Allen al
lowing an injunction in the case of Hay
ward against Hayward.
Arguments were made In the matter of
Cross vs. Miller and the case submitted.
Judge Allen has admitted James \V. Ev
ans, Scotland, and J. D. McMahon, Can
ada, to citizenship.
The well-known case of Fawkes against
Fawkes bobbed up In Judge Allen's court
yesterday on a motion asking for an order
for execution on certain property In Kern
county. This was supplementary to an
execution already granted, and was issued.
In Department five, before Judge Shaw,
the case of Sanborn vs. the San Gabriel
Valley Land and Water company occupied
most of the day.
A divorce was granted to Mattlo H.
James from Alfred James by default. The
allegations were cruelty, desertion and
non-support. The wife was given cus
tody of her three children.
Judgment was rendered by default in
the case of J. R. Ruddy against W. L.
Riley et al., forclosura proceedings.
The citation filed In the supreme court In
the disbarment proceedings against H. L.
and Richard Dunnlgan, by Major Bell,
has been dismissed.
Collected Accounts
Joseph Melczer has sued Francis Steln
lke, as administratrix of the estate of
August Stelnlke. decensed, to recover for
moneys warranted him ns return for ac
counts collected from the estate. The
complaint recites that In 1896 the plaintiff
bought all the Interests of the defendant
In the estate of her husband, and among
the property was a list of accounts amount
ing to over $400, which was transferred to
him as collectible. Afterward ho discov
ered that they had been collected and the
defendant warranted him the return of
the amount, but has never made that war
ranty good. He paid $10,000 down for the
estate, real and personal, and gave ten
notes of $500 each, payable monthly, for
the balance of the purchase price, which
was $15,000. He paid all but the last note,
and asks the court to allow him to reserve
out of that the amount due him, with Inter
est since 189G, and $500 damages.
State va. City
A document was filed in the clerk's office
yesterday headed the people of the statu
of California and M. E. Starr, ex tel., plain
tiffs versus the city of Los Angeles and the
board of education of the city nf Las An
geles. The complaint is in regard to the
erection by the city of a certain school
house on the Macy street tract which oc
cupies an alleyway at the rear of Starr's
property by which he Is prevented from
using the alley to reach his premises. He
alleges that he Is not the only one incon
venienced a.nd damaged thereby, and asks
that the court require the removal of the
nuisance and award him costs of the suit.
The complaint Is signed by Attorney Gen
eral Fitzgerald for the state, and Ryan,
Adcock & Rymert for the plaintiff, Starr
Troublesome Placers
Some days ago an injunction was Issued
from Department six of the superior court
restraining the placer miners In the San
Gabriel canyon from using water for placer
mining purposes. The Injunction was Is
sued at the instance of the San Gabriel
Water company, and created quite a stir
among the miners in the canyon. The in
junction will be fought by them, as It Is
only temporary, and they have a chance to
argue it before the court. Some of the
Mexicans interested in the mines have
threatened to make a hot light against any
one's attempting to turn off their water,
while others, Americans, have submitted
quietly to the rulings of the court. Pros
pects promise considerable difficulty before
the matter Is settled.
With the Supervisors
The bonds of the Bassett school, district
were yesterday sold to the Oakland Bank
of Savings by order of the board of super
visors, their bid being the highest. The
amount of the bonds was $2500, and! the
hid $2771, a.nd accrued interest.
The bid of Lavanthal & Sons to furnish
the county with whisky was accepted as the
lowest made, and that of Stelr. & Sons for
furnishing wines was likewise accepted.
The bid of T. A. Elsen, architect, was ac
cepted for making specifications and esti
mates for an insane ward at the county
Got Their Deserts
Arthur W. Lee, who on April 13th, assist
ed by Bright Sykes, held up Harry Waters
In this city and relieved him of $5 and a
watch, was brought before Judge Smith
yesterday for trial. The prisoner decided
to change his plea from not guilty to guilty,
and was sentenced to four years In San
Quentln. The commitment was then Is
sued for Sykes, who was given a sentence of
five years several days ago, but held here
to testify In the Lee case.
Bound Over
Deputy District Attorney WUUs was at
Burbank yesterday to try the charge of
burglary against Frank Denis and James
<,'lifford In the justice court. The accused
entered the house of C. W- King at West
Glendale and stole a suit of clothes and
other articles. They were held to answer
to the superior court, with ball fixed at
$1000 each.
New Suits
The Newport Wharf and Lumber com
pany has tiled suit against W. P. Schlnsser
and G. A. Lane for Judgment for $669 for
material furnished.
Notice of appeal has been filed from the
justice court decision In the civil suit
of H. Bchwannlke against E. W. Grannls.
which was rendered In favor of plaintiff.
Caught Them
Constable Westerfield of Riverside coun
ty took two prisoners from the county jail
here yesterday, where he had loft them
temporarily, having made the capture in
this city. The name of one of the culprits
was F. Cunningham, and the other was
booked as John Doe. They are charged
with grand larceny.
Matters in Probate
Fannie Adeline Germain has filed a peti
tion for admission to probate of the will of
her deceased husband. Arthur.!. Germain.
The property is valued at $1400.
Petition for letters of administration
have been filed by Morton E. Keith on the
estate of his father, T. D. ICelth. deceased.
The Panama Line Makes Further Rate
The Panama Railway company Is fight
ing the clipper ship trade, and Incidentally
bringing down 'cross the continent rates
In consequence of the reduction of the win?
rate from seventy-five to forty-five cents,
the Southern Pacific has made the same cut,
and now the little railway. In connection
with the Pacific Mail Steamship compiny,
has made another reduction to thirty-six
cents, and the railway company has not
been heard from.
In addition to the cut in wine, (he Panama
line has announced the following changes,
to go into effect immediately: Borax,
from 40 to 36 cents; canned Salmon, from 42 1 /*.
to 36 cents; rags, from 60 to 45 cents; rub
ber Junk, from 50 to 45 cents. These rates
are per hundredweight, and apply only
from San Francisco- to New York
According to Adolph Ramlsh, one of the
minor owners of the Randsburg ra'lway,
the line is doing an excellent business, and
Is making money rapidly.
The feeling of antagonism against Wells,
Fargo's Express company on account of its
evasion of paying its war rax stamps Is
growing, and while there is no organized
boycott of the company, there is a dtsposl
toln to do what money order and forward
ing business is possible through the
postoffice department, rather than give it
to a corporation which Is not willing to
bear Its proportion of the burden of the war.
Denver P. Dayton, the agent at Kramer
for the Santa Fe, is a candidate for the
nominations of auditor and recorder in San
Bernardino county.
Stolen or strayed, from Cudahy's ranch,
near Florence, about June 17:h, one sorrel
horse, 16 hands high, weight about 1075
pounds, left hind foot white, white stripe
in face, prominent saddle marks; was un
shod. Reward and no questions asked if
returned to Cudahy ranch or to Frank E.
Walsh, 226 East Adams street, Los Angeles.
Santa Fe Trains to Redondo
Leave La Grande station dally at 9:55 a.
m., 1:30 p. m., 5:35 p. m.; Sundays at 8:30 a.
m., 9:55 a. m., 1:30 p. m., 7 p. m.. Last train
Sundays leaves Redondo 8 p. m. Downey
avenue twelve minutes earlier; Central av
enue twelve minutes later.
Latest styles wall paper at A. A. Eck
strom's, 324 South Spring «tr«»»
What Secretary Strasburg Thinks of
the Situation—What the/Ml, Pro
ducers' Trustees Are Doing
The board of oil producers' trustees will
next Tuesday raise the price of crude oil
to $1.15 per barrel, the highest price which
has been reached for some time. There has
been a continuous advance during the past
two months from 60 cents to the current
price of $1 per barrel.
"It Is not so much the Increasing demand
for crude oil as the alarming decrease in
the production which will force the pro
ducers of this section to raise the price."
said Secretary Strasburg, when asked the
reason for the anticipated raise. "This
shrinkage amounted to 10,000 barrels In May
and each succeeding month shows an addi
tional decrease. To Illustrate: On May Ist
there were stored above ground in Los An
gles 330,000 barrels, and today, in spite of
the fact that the pumps have all been work
ing steadily, there Is left but 290,000 barrels.
Producers are not disconcerted, however.
For, so long as oil was plentiful competi
tion drove the price below the cost of pro
duction, and the anticipated advance will
enable them to retrieve their losses.
"Another salutary effect of the decrease
In output Is the fact that it encourages
prospecting In hitherto unworked localities.
This feature may be felt already. In fact
I am able to state positively that 'wlld
cattlng' operations are being commenced
on Boyle Heights. The strata which are
uncovered there correspond precisely to
those whioh prevail In this part of the city,
and the anti-cllnats which occur in several
places speak well for the future."
The oil producers' trustees are Ailing
their contracts, notably the Southern Pa
cific railroad tank, to which they have de
livered 13,000 barrels during the month.
They are also furnishing about 6500 barrels
per month to San Francisco parties. Their
sales for the month have kept pace with the
usual trend of business.
For the Arst half of the year 1898, ending
June 30, the oil producers' trustees received
240.064 barrels of oil. The net balance on
hand June 30, allowing for percentage of
water, was 96,425 barrels. After deducting
every Item of expense, connected with the
handling of the business, they have dis
bursed among members the sum of $74,706.
Another Benefit to Be Given Friday
The Red Cross Is to have another benefit.
A company of young people under the di
rection of Mrs. Pittoek will present the
farce "A Box of Monkeys" at St. Paul's
guild hall Friday evening, July 2!). Tickets
may be obtained at Red Cross headquar
ters, Bradhury block. The characters will
be represented by Misses Alice Gwynne,
Harriet Severance, Asllnoni Elder, Ralph
Pittoek. Zaldee Maxwell, accompanist.
New members: Mmes. Thomas C. Knapp,
A. W. Faithful, B. Throp, J. E. Spangler,
H. A. Morton, Albert J. Bradley, J. W.
Hopkins. S. P. Creasinger, Misses Idolla
Weed, Romalne L> Polndexter, Helen B,
Nevln, Messrs. Robert W. Polndexter, Rob
ert W. Polndexter, Jr.; C. M. Blanford.
Donations, Robert W. Polndexter, $5.
A settlement was Anally made last even
ing by the Burbank theater management
and the Red Cross of the funds accruing
from the Modjeska entertainment. Tho
total receipts were $1194, expenses to be
divided, $310.70; balance. $R92.30; amount
donated the Red Cross, $446.15.
A large shipment of Aeld pillows, sheets
and housewives were sent In from San
Fernando last evening, for shipment to
headquarters at San Francisco.
Los Angeles Gets a Good Share of
Medals for the awards taken at the expo
sition at Hamburg, Germany, are being
struck off, and as usual California carried
away the grand prize over all others for
Its horticultural display. The chamber of
commerce has been notified that three med
als, gold, silver and bronze, have been
awarded to F. Edward Gray, of Los An
geles, for a fine floral exhibit,
The exposition at Guatemala was not
tinaneiaaly successful, and the medals there
will he supplemented by certificates. Los
Angeles carrted off six awards: Hill & Son.
for olives and olive oil; Cudahy Packing
company, for canned meats: Bishop & Co..
canned goods; Sunset Wine company,
wines; chamber of commerce, two for best
general display. C. P. Clark of San Franc
cisco was In charge of the California state
exhibit at Guatemala. It Is confidently
expected that the Los Angeles county ex
hibit will carry off the whole supply of
medals at the Trans-Mississippi know
Omaha. Six cases of fruit, including
peaches, lemons, plums and prunes, were
sent to Omaha yesterday.
Music at the Churches
•phe.music at the First M. E. Church to
day will be as follows, William James
Chick director: Organ, "The Lost Chord"
(Sullivan, arr. by Reginald Rarrett), Mr.
\V. W. Ellis; anthem, "Te Dcum In V"
(Kotzschnear). Mrs. Chick, Mr. Chick and
chorus choir; offertory trio. "Hear Our
Prayer" (AbhotU. Mrs. Chick, Mrs. Ben
der and Mr. Chirk; Postlude. "Trlumphale
March" (G. Merkel). Eve; organ, "Song
Without Words" (J. Lemmons), Mr. Ellis;
anthem, "The Lord Is Exalted" (West),
chorus choir; offertory anthem, "Call to
Remembrance" (Novello), Mrs. Chick and
chorus choir; Postlude, "Processional
March," A. W. Bach.
At the Immanuel Presbyterian church the
following program will be given this morn
ing: "Sing Allelulla Forth," in Buck's
"Gloria Patrl;" response, "Bow Down Thine
Ear," Shelley; offertory solo, "Hear Us, O
Father," Mr. Revel France, with 'cello ob
llgato by Mr. Russell Ballard. Gerard Bar
ton, the well known organist of Santa Bar
bara, will play two organ numbers at the
morning service.
At Unity church the music will be:
organ prelude, "Chorus of Angels." Scot
son Clark; "My Soul Longeth," Marston;
festival. "Te Deum," Dudley Buck; offer
tory. "He Was Despised" (Handel), Mrs.
L. G. Le Sage; postlude, march from
"Alda," Shelley. Rev. C. W. Wcndte will
preach at 11 a. m. Subject: "Loyalty."
At Christ Church the music this morn
ing will be: Processional hymn, "On
ward, Christian Soldiers." Sullivan; "Ve
nite." Dr. Crotch; "Te Deum I.audamus,"
Mietzke; "Jubilate Deo," Martens; "Gloria
Hbl," Dyke; offertory, "Festival Anthem,"
Faure; solo, Mrs. May McLaughlin. The
choir at present consists of: Soprano.
Mrs. May McLaughlin; alto, Miss Maud
Goodell; tenor, J. C. McClure; bass, R.
11l "When Worn Out"
Mariani Wine
Vol W MARIANI WINE has written endorsements
iillMK \Ww From more than 8000 American Physicians
WjtP MARIANI WINE Is Specially Indicated for
t $ V ill Nervous Affections, Throat and Lung Diseases, Dyspepsia, Anaemia,
\fy ~* Bl Weakness from whatever causes, Profound Depression or Exhaustion, La
\\ v^sk^^^9 m %nT Grippe, General Debility, Malaria,
\\ yif- " for Those Who Arc Run Down
john philip solisa writes: overworked Men, Delicate Women, Sickly Children
When worn out, I find
nothing SO helpful as a Seld by AH Drusoliti. Beware of Imitations and Substitutions
glass of Yin Mariani. To Special Offer— To all who write mentioning the N. Y. Sun, we send a book
brain-workers and those containing portraits and endorsements of Emperors, Empress, Princes,
who expend a great deal of Cardinals, Archbishops and other distinguished personages.
nerve force, it is invalu- MARIANI 8 CO., 58 W. ISth St.. New York
JOHN PHILIP SOUSA Par ' s ' < * t Boulevard Haussmann. London, 83 Mortimer St. Montreal, 28-30 Hospital St.
From the Surgeon-In-Chief Marching of English Soldiers Terrors of La Grippe
of the French Army : (Reprinted from the London Sketch.) (From the Chicago Medical Era.)
■ General Sir Evelyn wood ttys«-'««- "Many patients recover very slowly.
gardlng the infantry marching, it was the * \ , J *
j During long, tedious marches, our sol- best seen during my command at Aldershot, the lassitude and weakness calls tor
diers and officers found instant relief from or since I was first stationed there twenty- something in the nature of a tonic,
fatigue and hardships when using the mar- e [£ ht years ago. Many officers availed , f ... . satisfied
„..,.„,. •, * , „,„,, themselves of the tonic and reconstituent * nu lur luls puip u *e lam saowwa
velous tonic Via M'rlanii it prevented properties of the we ii- k nown Mariani that I have found a preparation that
fevers and sickness in the marshy and un- Wlno the most certain as we n as the most Thp „ lin¥l „ i r ,f> r i n V i„
healthy territory.-H. LIBERMANN, M. D., palatable method of inducing resistance to *n swers tn « purpose. 1 rerer to vm
Surgeon-in-Chief French Army. fatigue." Marlanl.
fSjF* Backstrand Is Strong.
Strong words do not make strong bargains, but strong bar-
Alp Jains £ ains may make strong words. Backstrand speaks strongly
]W ; Yf because his bargains are invincible. No other shoe man is
(CP j situated just as Backstrand is. He took this stock and ran
V Vm in debt $5000. If he don't pay it off the goblins will get him
iSfe Backstrand sells cheap in order to draw a crowd and sell a
lot. Can't you see the point? Men's $2.50 Victor Shoes at
11l hi Ladies' Shoes Misses' Oxfords Children's Shoes Men's Shoes
111 l II Eine Black Vict Kid, welt Spring heel, sties 12 to 2,
lull! soli®, patent leather tip, fine quality black Vld Tan Russia Calf and Tan.
111/ If lace or button, sises 2H. Kldskln, patent leather Black Vlcl Kid, patent Or* black Vld Kid, worth
f j£HLL $ 1.50 Br& $1.00 a-- 95c S" $2.95
■ /// $3; only now .to. now
104 North Spring St.
Skilling. Theodore Martens, organist and
choir master.
Field Recital
Miss Annie F. Adams gave a Eugene
Field recital at Immanuel church on Mon
day evening, assisted by the following pu
pils: Edith and Mabel Mathis, Charles and
Edwnnl Clay, Leila Dozier, Marguerite
Plato, Clair Faulkner, Kathleen Martin,
Ella Wood, Calvin McAuley, Lilli* Arons
and Ethel Olcott.
Miss Grace Adams, acoompanied by Mrs.
Ellen Dunster Gilson, contributed a so
prano solo, and Misses Mattie and Grace
Adams a mandolin and guitar duet.
A largo audience enjoyed the numbers,
which were all well rendered.
Fell in the Street
As Mrs. Grade of the Stanton hotel, cor
ner of Fourth and Hill streets, was cross
ing Second street and Broadway yesterday
about 5 o'clock, she stepped in front of
the horse and buggy driven by F. L. Rog
ers, a cement contractor. Mrs. Grade
tried to jump out of the way, but slipped
and fell heavily to the ground. She was
curried Into the drug store of Wolf &
Chileon, and later removed to her home.
Her Injuries consisted of a few bruises.
SR.*. Bronchitis
P Catarrh
"I could not attend to
business for Bronchitis
nnd Catarrh. Fire jugs
o( Microbe Killer cured
me two yeara ago." —J.
T. Frauds, Oakland, Cal
Drugs and poison fail.
M K. nerer falls. Freight
paid to points without
agent Call or write.
Radam's /0\ Th f
Microoei 8 .„ pl . ) Certfllll
KlllCr Remedy
212 South Spring St.. litis Angeles, Cal.
Serious 1-Cesultn, eauieil by imperfect
fitted tiiasrcs can be avoided by securing
our work. Guaranteed absolutely correct.
0 tyftjOlt/i 245 Spins
(C% Specialists
tfSl The only legally registered physicians
fs~ ' I in Southern California treating every
■6%' v* I form of weakness and
Men Only
j *-' ur l ' lrst ' P rac t' ce J nd experience enable us
t0 make sma " f ees an£ ' quick cures.
jtilS&sikX. Our guarantee to cure means something, for
jY"*** We Never Ask * or Money
£r lnt " Cure Ss Effected
II wmß I I We mean this, emphatically, and it 1b lor
II?*?- : Vrvt / / everybody. Varicocele. Piles and Rupturj
\\ Kfli\ I I 7m cured in one week. Weakness, Premature.
V i ®s\ aw V / ness and diseases which have become chronia
V x\ ftY / / fw and Com P lloate d a specialty.
\ Wll / DR.TALCOTT & CO.
TjR / Cor. Third and Main Streets
» Over Weill-Fargo.
I Can Positively
I l Be Cured by the
liiiMfl Medicated Antiseptic
monk Dry Ajr ,nhalation Treatment
rUlliliß Over two hundred thousand persons alone in
11 H I ill ' the United States die annually irom Pulmonary
11 I I UH Tuberculosis, and everybody knows, and the
V arjwf I I II highest medical authorities" declare, that no
|I MB t case of consumption was ever cured by mcdi-
I Ml - cines administered through the stomach.
HI By the use of our new combined Inhaler and
11 HI " Spirometer, with our antiseptic remedies, the
l i §|flvJ| disease is cured. Free daily treatments at oflice.
• • Consultation and Advice Free . .
/ Call or write for pamphlet and testimonials
jrJSpa Antiseptic Cure Co-
349 S. Hill St., Los Angeles
Perry, Mott * 6o.'s
Lumber Yard
216 Commercial Street, Lot Alleles, Cal.
Baker Iron Works
960 to 960 Buena Vista Street,
Adjoining a P. Grounds. Tel 124,

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