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Beard Does Not Agree as to the Man
ner of Handling Appointive
At their meeting of last night: the board
ef freeholders received their first Important
committee reports. They were from the
revenues and taxes committee, the fire de
partment committee and tbe judicial com
The flrst named committee made a report
ef considerable length, but stated that It
was not offered as final, but was Intended
bore as a basis for definite discussion of
the questions Involved. Much of the old
charter Is embodied, but a large number of
new sections are Introduced on lines sug
gested by an Inspection of other cities' char
ters. The one dollar limit of taxation is
maintained, and the duties of council, sit
ting as the board of equalization, are very
much the same, but an Important change
Is made In the duties of tha assessor, as
shown by the following quotation from the
"The assessment of property within the
city made by the county assessor
of Los Angeles county and the
state board of equalization shall be
the basis of taxation for the city,
ns provided for by section 3671 of the Polit
ical Code; provided that It shall be the duty
of the city council on or before the first
Monday of March In each year(to| request
In writing the county assessor of the county
of Los Angeles to furnish to the city of
Los Angeles a complete certified
copy of his assessment bcok, and
of all personal property and other
matters and information provided to
be furnished by him under the provisions
of section 3653 of the Political Code, and fur
ther provided that if any property in the
city shall not be assessed by the county as
sessor the city assessor shall assess and en
ter the same in the 'subsequent assess
ments' provided for ln the next section."
A provision for the Issuance of bonds for
public Improvements, buildings, etc., is
very much tho same as heretofore, but the
following proviso is adkled: "Nor shall any
such bonds be issued or sold during any one
year ln excess of the actual expenditure in
curred In that year."
Transfers from one fund to another in the
city treasury are prohibited excepting
from the general fund to meet deficiencies
. and of excesses.
The Judicial committee's report sets
forth the duties of the city attorney and the
city clerk, and suggests that the charter
shall make no provision for the city police
. court, the same being left to the state law.
The fire department committee submitted
the following as their Idea of the new char
ter's provisions for a city fire department:
"The Are department shall be under the
management of a board of fire commis
sioners, consisting of four members, who
shall be appointed by the mayor. No per
son shall be appointed a Are commissioner
who shall not have been an elector of the
City for at least five years next preceding
. his appointment.
"The board shall never be so constituted
as to consist of more than two members of
the same political party. The terms of
office of the commissioners shall be four
years, those first appointed shall so classi
fy themselves by lot that they shall re
spectively go out of office at the expiration
of one, two, three and 1 four years."
These reports will toe discussed at next
meeting. The remainder of the time last
evening was taken up by the argument of
the best plan for disposing of the appoint
ive offices, whatever they may hereafter
prove to be. The members cf the hoard
could not agree ami several motions met
with an Ignomlnous death. A plan to give
; the mayor exclusive appointive power, an
other to make his appointments subject to
council's approval, and' a third to have all
officers elected by the people were suggest
ed. Each had its advocates, but'the hoard
finally gave the matter up until next meet
ing and adjourned.
Judge Variel. Humphreys, Graff and
Garland were absent.
A Couple of Boys Have a Narrow Es
cape From Drowning
TERMINAL ISLAND, Aus. 2.—Two boys
Who were bathing at the Seventh street
float had a narrow escape from'drowning
this morning, and If It had not been for
the providential presence of Prof. Kahn,
the swimming teacher, both of the boys
would now, In all probability, have been
food for the fishes. One of the lads, who is
a good swimmer, was coming in from the
float, which Is about 100 yards from shore,
when his companion, who Is only a begin
ner, gave out and grabbed him, pinioning
! fcls arms so that he was helpless. Both
toys sank twice. Prof. Kahn's attention
was called to the drowning boys by an
other boy on shore. He Immediately went
to their rescue and brought them both safe
ly to shore. Beyond their fright the boys
are none the worse.
The tides have been unusually high the
past few days, and have washed out the
roadbed of the track where It crosses the
path of the old channel which used to con
nect the inner bay with the ocean, a year
.ago, before/ the breakwater between Dead
man's and Rattlesnake Islands was built.
The site of this old channel is Just east of
the wharf, and It may be necessary yet to
put In a rock bulkhead to protect the track
from the encroachment of the sea.
Mrs. Sale, of lalesales cottage, gave a
yachting parly yesterday.
The Catallna Yacht club will have a for
mal opening of the clubhouse Saturday.
Prof. Kahn will make a 80-foot high dive
next Sunday.
Miss Alice Graves left this morning fori
the Notre Dame Convent, San Jose.
A. White and family, of Los Angeles; Mr.
and Mrs. IPerce, of Pasadena: Dr. Norton,
Mrs. Artman, Mr. Henry Booth and family,
Mr. Mcßurney, Miss M. P. Dortlcos, Miss
Mercedes de Luna, Miss Irene Kelly, Miss
Marlon Oliver, Otto Kelly, Mr. and Mrs.
Perres, Mr. F. Garbutt, wife and children,
Mrs. Rankin and family, Mr. McKenna,
Miss Lee Lindsay and Miss Anna De Walla
are guests at the Glenbourne cottage.
Walter Nordhoff has returned from Mex
Mrs. Fanny Graves, of Los Angeles, Is a
guest of her sister-in-law, Mrs. J. A.
Miss Bessie Ellis, of Los Angeles, Is the
guest of Mrs. Charles Walton.
Miss Nina Clarice Cuthbert and W. Cllf
ford Smith, of Longft Beach, and A. Rac
Condlt, of Claremont, were visitors at the
Maud today.
E. K. Benchley and family, of Fullerton.
are stopping at "The Dunes."
Mrs. C. A. Jeffries, of Los Angeles, is
camping on the Island.
He Is an American
STOCKTON, Cal., Aug. 2.—A suit has
been begun In Calaveras county by a Mex
ican named Barrios against Superintend
ent James Schmadeke of the Blair Con
solidated Mining Company for breach of
Barrios had a contract with the mine to
furnish 100 cords of wood. One day
Schmadeke, who had heard thnt a son of
Barrios had enlisted in the Spanish army
since the war between the United States
and Spain broke out, asked Barrios
whether It was true. The wood dealer
gave an evasive answer, to which the su
perintendent retorted: "Well, if I find out
that it Is true, you won't haul any more
wood to thts mine."
It seems that Schmadeke subsequently
learned it was a fact that a son of Barrios
had really enlisted ln the Spanish army,
and It Is said that Barrios was forthwith
Instructed to cease hauling wood. At any
rate, he discontinued the delivery of the
wood, and the filing of the complaint fol
Primaries Next Monday and the Con
vention Next Wednesday—The
Official Call
The executive committee of tho county
central Democratic committee met yester
day afternoon and called the county con
vention for the 10th Inst., at 10 a. m.
The primaries are to be held on Monday,
the Bth. Each precinct Is entitled to one
delegate, and additional omes for each thir
ty votes cast for Bryan electors.
Every voter must lake the test prescribed
by the state committee, that he is a Dem
ocrat and will support the party nominee?.
The only change in the usual procedure
is that each precinct committeeman Is made
the Judge of the election, v.nd the clerks and
Inspectors are appointed by the committee.
All of the details will be found In the of
ficial call published this morning in another
Inquiry Into the Passenger Rate War
of the Trunk Lines
CHICAGO, Aug. 2.—The question of
ticket scalpers and their relation with the
railroad compantes entered into the pro
ceedings of the Interstate Commerce Com
mission, which today continued Its Investi
gation Into the causes of the Canadian
Pacific rate war. After F. W. Whitney,
representing the Great Northern Railway,
had concluded his direct statement, he was
requested by Mr. McNlcolls, passenger
traffic manager of the Canadian Pacific, to
read a letter having reference to the reduc
tion of passenger rates from St. Paul to
Victoria, B. C. The letter was written in
1886 to the Canadian Pacific Railway Com
pany. The first paragraph was to the effect
that there had been no difficulty with th*
local scalpers on the subject of rates, but
concluded with the suggestion that the rates
to Victoria should be reduced and the mat
ter taken out of the hands of the scalpers.
Mr. Whitney, when asked to read the cor
respondence said he would be willing to da
so, providing McNlcoll would rile the letters
he had received on the subject.
During the discussion that ensued, Mr.
McNlcoll declined to give the required as
surances and eventually the Chairman
ruled that whenever Mr. Whitney based his'
statements on a letter he will be expected
to produce and file Ihe original correspon
dence. He added that the Canadian Pacific
when It presented Its case, would be ex
pected to do the same.
Mr. Whitney In the course of his state
ment, maintained that American lines had
been held up by the Canadian Pacific, and
as the price of peace had been obliged :o
Etlve up differentials. Speaking of the in
creased traffic brought about by the Klon
dike boom, Mr, Whitney declared that if
the Canadian Pacific had maintained the
tariff rates the American railroad com
panies would have sustained enormous
The speaker made a strong point of the
fart that the passenger rates throughout
the country had been completely demoral
ized as a reFult of the action of the Canad
ian Pacific Railway.
Mr. Whitney showed that the Canadian
Pacific had forced the companies to reduce
passenger fares from New York to St.
Paul and other Western points to 1 cent
a mile. He declared that such a cut meant
the loss of enormous sums to the compan
Will Go With Grant
CHICKAMAI'GA, Aug. 2— Major Gen
eral Breckenridge arrived from Washing
ten today and at 10 o'clock assumed com
mand of the army at Camp Thomas.
The Fifth Illinois infantry, which was
heretofore twice ordered to the front and
as many times ordered back into camp,
received final orders from the war depart
ment this afternoon to proceed to New
port News, there to report to Brigadier
General Fred Grant for embarkation with
hlfl brigade to Porto Rico.
This command will leave Camp Thomas
before daybreak tomorrow morning.
It is a wonderful soap
that takes hold quick and
does no harm.
No harm! It leaves the
skin soft like a baby's; no
alkali in it, nothing but
soap. The harm is done by
alkali. Still more harm is
done by not washing. So,
bad soap is better than
What is bad soap? Im
perfectly made; the fat
and alkali not well bal
anced or not combined.
What is good soap?
All tent of •torn sell it, especially druggists,
ell sons of people use it. "■*—»,
The Republican County Convention
Opens Today and Promises to Be
Very Warm
SAN BERNARDINO, Aug. 2.—The war
Is on and is a merry one. What the result
will be is beyond the ken ot man. The Re
publican convention tomorrow, from pres
ent prospects, will prove a veritable bear
pit, and a grizzly bear therein at that. The
light par excellence will be on the assem
blyman, the tight against Goff, the present
Incumbent, being one of the most bitter
pArty tights ever seen In this section. Then
there is the district attorney prize, for
which the present official, with a strong
backing but weak ln unexpected spots, is
lined up against E. H. Jolllffe, of Ontario,
the pet of the west enders, not to mention
Judge Damron, who Is always a candidate,
and always an unsuccessful one for some
thing. The latter "cuts no ice" as a candi
date, but may develop an aptness as an en
tering wedge, for perhaps by splitting tin
contending factions he may quietly drop
into the political pot and simmer content
edly with other dark horses. Pitted
against Assemblyman Goff is James Hutch
ings, not selected for his strength but for
his availability and because at the last
election, two yeurs ago, he opened the cam
paign as a red-hot Democrat, and falling to
secure the sought-for plum, he woke up one
cool morning thoroughly converted from
the error of his ways and hurrahing with
the loudest of the floating political popu
lation for the gold bug nominees. Rut he
was too late to sectire a position, and is
now making amends, selecting as his little
plum a seat at Sacramento. The latest
trick wus. sprung at Cucamonga, which
tarnishes six delegates to the convention
'omorrow. At the primary the fight was
fierce, nnd it was announced that the suc
cuieful ticket bore ihe following weird de
vice: "Delegates are instructed to use all
honorable means to secure the nomination
cf James Hutchings as the Republican can
didate for the assembly, nnd not to cast a
vote for the present incumbent to succeed
himself." This, in fact, was simply writ
ten on two ballots, but the report was sent
rut that It was printed on every ballot of
the 53 successful ones, and in consequence
cf this clever little bit of byplay for outside
effect there Is much howling ln the Cuea
monga Republican camp and talk of Ignor
ing the primary delegate? and sending n
new lot. The Redlands delegates hold a
secret caucus tonight to put the keen edge
on their tomahawks and to lay plans for
handling the convention tomorrow in a
way best calculated to suit Redlands. They
are numerous and they are loud, andln the
present mixed-pickles condition of the Re
publican party there Is a chance for some
startling surprises to be sprung upon the
people before the day is over.
New Orange Combine
A new combine of orange growers was
made last night preliminary to the incorpo
ration of an association that will handle
Highland fruit from a certain section ar.d
make a name for an especial brand of or
anges, perfectly Independent of exchanges
and other packers. At the preliminary
meeting, at the residence of E. J. Yokam.
of Highland, there were present besides Mr
Yokam, A. S. Hawley, Robert Bos Worth.
M. B. Campbell, John Algeo, F. E. Flat
tery, J. H. Blooum, J. 1.. Bobb and Sc;h
Marshall. The association will be placed j
In legal form In a few days. A lot hae
been selected at the Highland depot, on
which a fine packing house will at once b"
erected, and the coming season will se?
from 150 to 200 cars of oranges go forward
from this organization. The territory se
leeted from which the oranges are to como
Is in the very choicest of the frostless belt.
No fruit will be taken from south of the
railroad, east of City creek or west of the
State Hospital. It is the intention to put or.
the market a brand of oranges which will
always be in demand at the very top notch
of the market price. A meeting will bf
held shortly for perfecting the organiza
tion, choosing directors, electing officer*,
etc., to put the association In working order
for the coming season.
A Klondike Caution
R. E. Norton, formerly one of the proprie
tors of the Daily Sun, came in from Alaska
Sunday night, and will start on his return
.journey the last of the week. He has some
promising claims on the Little Manook,
which are thirty feet under ground, the
work of digging being till done in the win
ter and the clean-up in the spring. Work
cannot be done during the summer. »s the
whole country Is a bog. From October to
February they never saw the sun, and In
June there were days when there was noth
ing but sun-no darkness. Mr. Norton's
advice to those thinking of going there Is
that to a man by nature strong the country
has no terrors. The hardships have been
greatly exaggerated. As to going there
without good capital, he says: "Those who
have assured Incomes at home hod better
remain there, unless they are so situated
that they can afford to take the chances of
failure. While it Is true that hundreds of
men have returned from the Klondike with
fortunes of greater or smaller magnitude,
it must always be remembered that they
are the ones who have gained publicity,
that they are the very few of the great
many; that the sWe which is not uncovered
to the public's oPnlon is the dark one, the
cne which contains the stories of disap
pointment, failure and ofttlmes tragedy.
A reasonable estimate would place the fail
ures at least at 90 per cent. Little is said
of those thousands who will return from
that country of Ice and hardships ruined
in heaflh and pockctbook, and hopeless for
the future."
Trevor Correy, of San Francisco, Is In
the city arguing that the south end of the
state must be content to have a promise of
the senatorship, and not be ambitious to
furnish a governor this year.
T. J. Kirk, of Fresno, is ambitious to fill
the chair of the state superintendent of
public instruction next term, and is here
to convince others to his way of thinking.
W. S. Hooper has been appointed to suc
ceed Thompson, of San Diego, as chairman
of the Republican congressional committee
of the Seventh district. This Is a promotion
from the post of secretary of the commit
A Bond Election Called for the 24th
Instant—Summer Studies
LONG BEACH, Aug. 2.—A meeting- was
called at the high school building Saturday
evening last for the purpose of discussing
the advisability of voting bonds for school
purposes. The opinion of those present fa
vored such action. More land Is needed for
grammar and primary school purposes, the.
space now in use being too restricted ln
scope, the children of the primary school
having no playground but the street. Tho
school trustees met Monday evening and
set Wednesday, the 24th Inst., as the date
of the election. The proposition calls for
$8,000, Ihe bonds to run twenty years and to
bear 0 per cent, interest.
Today the Chautauqua Summer School
class on civics discussed tne subject of ter
ritories and their relation to the federal
government, consisting of statehood and
the relation of the states to the union.
Prof. Root cited standard authorities to
show that the Idea of "State Sovereignty"
was untenable, since none of the states or
colonies ever exercised sovereign power
before entering the union.
In today's lesson on physical culture Mrs.
Rolfe said the worship of the waist line Is
not comprehensive nor Intelligent enough,
as It generally stops at size, where supple
ness Is far more Important and wltho it
which grace of body Is Impossible. Where
we have freedom of the waist muscles we
can use our bodies as nature Intended we
should. Exercises were given Illustrating
this point.
The art school classes, which continue
for the next two weeks, are being onrrled
through the regular course by which the
students have made excellent progress ln
a practical Insight Into the principles of
perspective, free hnnd drawing, light and
shade, color, etc., with special reference to
the equipments of the Illustration th*
teacher and the artist desiring to advance.
The normal clbbs Is attended entirely by
public school teachers, who are being taken
through the theory and practice of simple
perspective and free hand drawing. Both
these classes hove the advantages of lec
tures with blackboard demonstration. The
advance or outdoor sketohlng class meets
on the beach, each working In all mediums
—charcoal, water and oil colors and pastel.
Some line marine and shore sketches are ln
progress. On Thursday evening the class
will assemble on the bench to study the ef
fects of moonlight on the ocean, and hope
to obtain some good results. The excursion
Of the class was such a success on Saturday
last that a desire is expressed that another
excursion may be had before the end of the
W. F. Ball and family, of Los Angeles,
came down on Monday to remain a month.
D. J. McCarthy, Ed Tynan of Los An
geles, who was down on a visit, and ex-
Councilman D. M. McOarry left for a
week's outing on Wilson's Penk yesterday.
Mrs. R. D. Curtis, of this place, is visit
ing in Riverside.
Mr. and Mrs. S. K. Lindley and family,
of Los Angeles, are occupying the "No
zero" cottage, Magnolia avenue.
S. A. Kennedy, of Los Angeles, mndo a
business visit to Ihe beach yesterday.
Buying Gold
NEW YORK, Aug. 2.—Lazard Freres
have engaged 81.050,000 ln gold for Import
and the Bank of British North America
have engaged 1123,000 gold in London for
ww When Mrs. Mettle Har
ll/l rlson'i 4-day Hair Jto
-11/ HTT storer will bring back the
WW I I m/ natural color? Gray or
II I I W faded hair restored per
* ' mj manently without Incoa
•/ veaionce and with no
disagreeable after ef.
TV fects. Mot a dye; Is
II cleanly; leaves no sedl
fl ment, and does not make
I the hair sticky. Alldrug-
I I j\o gists sell It at $1.00.
Superfluous Hair
Removed permanently
#T by the Electric Needle as
|■ w mTm w y operated by me.
Uiwiy Mrs. Neme Harrison
<o-« Geary St., San Francisco
From Los Angeles to Depart Arrive
(ilendale, f 47:55 am «9:10 am
Iroplcosnd 1611:83 am Qi2:35 pm
Verdugo Park ] «:*!l>m (6:55 pm
I ||J :05 am ||10:2 C am
Pasadena. < t 7:lsam »B:23ara
Garvanza and ltl2:l3pra t1:32 pm
Ostrich farm I [3:20 pm |6:35 pm
I'anadcna, Altaden* and I fs:soam Uo:2Baui
Mount Lowe | |3:45 pm |5:31 pin
146:15 am 47:48 am
t»:3>ou> f8:47 am
||10:3iam |il:i3«m
il :35 pm t; :12 pm
51:39 pra 47:SSpai
f5:40 pm US :10 pm
( (8:35 am SU :13 pm
Catalina Jeland < il:iSpni 95:12pm
( 14:30 pm ||U> :30 pm
i Dally. (Except Sunday
llsundar only. t a atutda.y only.
Boyle Heights, Downer avenue and Dal;
ktrcet car lines pats Terminal atatloni.
City ticket office, 230 Bouth Spring street
Pacific Coast Steamship Co.
The company's elegant
("gW— steamers SANTA ROSA
Hi. and POMONA leave RE
IPWKJItJBa DONDO at 11 a. m. and
BillW 2:30 p. m. for San Fran-
Cisco via Santa Barbara
and Port Harford Aug. 3,
7, 11, 15, 19, 33, 27, 31, Sept.
4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 , 28, Oct. 2, and every
fourth day thereafter. Leave PORT LOS
ANGELES at 6 a. m. and REDONDO at
10 a. m. for San Diego Aug. 1, 5, 9,13,17, 21,
25, 29, Sept. 2. 6, 10, 14, 18. 22, 26, 30), Oct, 4,
and every fourth day thereafter. Cars
connect via Redondo leave Santa Fe depot
at 9:55 a. m., or from Redondo Ry. depot at
9:30 a. m. Cars connect via Port Los An
geles leave 8. P. R. R. depot at 1:35 p. m.
for steamers north bound.
The steamers COOS BAY and HOMER
DRO for San Francisco via Ventura, Car
plnterla, Santa Barbara, Gavlota, Port
Harford, Cayucos, San Simeon, Monterey
and Santa Cruz at 6:30 p. m. Aug. 4, 8, 12,
16, 20, 24, 28. Sept. 1, 5 , 9,13.17, 21, 25 , 29, Oct. 3
and every fourth day thereafter. Cars
connect with steamers via San Pedro leave
5. P. R R. (Arcade depot) at 5:03 p. m.
and Terminal Ry. depot at 5:40 p. m.
For further Information obtain folder. The
company reserves right to change, without
previous notice, steamers, sailing dates and
hours of sailing. W. P ARRIS, Agt.,
124 W. Second St., Los Angeles.
Gen. Agts., 8. F.
way Company.
Los Angeles depot: Cor. Grand aye. and
Jefferson st,
Leave Leave
Los Angelee Redondo for
for Redondo. Los Angeles
1:00 a. m.. Bun. only fKM a. m., Bun. only
»:J0 a. m. dally IKMa. m„ daily
10:45 a. m.. Sun. only 0:10 a. m.. Bun. only
1:10 p. m. dally ll::0t a. m., dally
6:30 p. m. dally 4:15 p. m., dally
Ji M> p. ra.. Sun. only 1:45 p. m„ Bun. only
11:10 p. m„ Bat only <:*> p. m.. Bat only
Take Grand aye. electrto cars or Halt
•t aad Agricultural park ears.
k J. PJBRRT, Baperutendeak
Crowned With Success
Many fine upright pianos were sold yesterday, the second day of the Unprecedented Piano Sale. Never before in Los
Angeles have pianos of equal grade been offered at figures such as are asked for our stock. All prices plainly marked.
Steinways, Webers, Emersons, Ludwig & Co., Howards, Geo. Steck, Chickerfng and fifty more of equal merit, BOTH NEW
Special Bargains for Today
Ghickering Grand, Price MSO^^r^tt 1 " 111
J. BC. Fischer Upright $175.00- Ukenew
Mozart, New York - $130.00—Sff&sr Qnna%eaoß '
A. B. Chase Pianos, Emersons, Ludwigs, Howards and many others of equal value at one-half cost.
Piano for Rent Blanchard Piano Company—ffiAJg^
ASK FOR THE BLANCHARD PIANO CO. 20 new and second-hand organs, lowest prices, cash or installments
taken in all cases.
ESTATE OP CALIFORNIA, approval of the county government act. of governor for any of the reasons above
WVWriTTTTVItI ni-PARTMKNT In submittig any such county government named, and neither the lieutenant governor
c aV-d a j,,u^w i IMK Mt any alternative article or proposition nor he president pro tempore of the senate
SAC RAMKNTO, Jul> 30, m». m D » presented fir the choice of the vot- shall succeed to the powers and duties of
wii*-t..™h top t fcisl ATURF OF ers. and may be voted on separately With- governor, then the powers and duties of
WHEREAS, THh lafiUlßliAlutui ur Qu( prejudice to others such office shall devolve upon the speaker
the state of California, at its thirty-sec- .. . . ,„_,..„.„_, in county gov- of the assembly, until the office of governor
ond session beginning on the Fourtf. day shall be filled at such general election,
of January, AD. 181)7 tWO-thiras 01 all , vsn b Mt sectlon , t0 provide for the
the members elected toeach ot the two m . lnner ,„ whlcn tne tlmeB at which, and Amendment Number Six
house of said legislature voting in lavor tfc t f the „ vera i township
thereof, proposed the following descr.b .1 and county officers, other than Judges nf (Being Assembly Constitutional Amend
amendments to the Constitution ot the (ne su „ el ., ( , r court snall bP e | ec ted or ap- ment Nr* 38.)
state of California, to-wlt. pointed: for their compensation; for the
number of such officers; for the consolida- A resolution to propose lo the people of
Amendment Number One. tlon or segregation of offices; for the num- the state of California an amendment to
ber of deputies that each officer shall have, section six, article nine, of the Constitution
(Being Senate Constitutional Amendment and for the compensation payable to each of the state of California, relating to gram
•m o 4i) ot such deputies; for the manner ln which ml ir schools by which it Is proposed to
the times ln which, and the terms for which amend said section to read as follows:
A resolution to propose to the people of \ he members of all boards of election shall section 6. The public school system shall
tbe .tite n? California an amendment to be elected or appointed; and for the con- 1m . h11 ,,, primary and grammar schools, and
«c*Uon Vhteen' of'urUcie Tev™ of the »« v^L'Sent'T^^c'h^boarr their su ; h f»« h schools, normal
Constitution, in relation to revenue and ??*£™ m schooU- and technical schools as may be cs
i-iv ition hv which It l< nronooed to amend c ' l 'iKs atmcnes, also, to p.isciioe im tabllshed by the legislature or by mun c pal
saw t se."t.o b n > to rlSk MoTs: S? t gf " r ™thonty but the entire rev-
Section 18. No county, city, town town- ths" ffiffl SchSol' tax" she" b°VXi
ship, board ot education or school d strict t|ons , whlch electors , political parties a £5v,u,| ve iy to the sui tort of"nrlmaryand
l^nf.Zefo y rfor c any an " organizations may participate In any fc'&gaU
tai i™ JiS? JLl* ' th?fcrnfmef Sna revenue Primary election. Include schools organized In a school dls-
S. g js.f/nHf fnr «th without the Whenever any county has, ln the manner trlct, or union of school districts, having
f ™ If ™ X ( he mlllfea ele and method herein pointed out, adopted any more than one thousand Inhabitants, la
th o ™,.? votinl It in Siaotlon to be county government act, and the same shall which a course of study shall be taught
tSSi l&e n„r ?o,P nor unless before "aye been approved by the legislature ne which will prepare pupils to enter the ag-
?L £V CirindJb ecS: "foresaid, the directions of sections four rlcultural, mining, or scientific department
Z* 1 £L Shin hi mfde tot"the 001- " nd " v 0 of ,hls ar,lrlc Providing for the of the University of California,
ness, provision sh.il be made IMI" ow 111 , lformltv of ~ sy?t em of county govern
ection of an annua taxl ■»«"'•"* J»Z ments throughout the stale, and likewise .„„„,„, w „ mV „
the interest on such Indebtednesi as tfalls pto \ lalng for the eleotlon and appointment Amendment Number Seven
?i«ti n | n f„«H s f„,T o ?vm£nt oithe Drin- of officers, and the regulation of their com- (Being Assembly Constitutional Amend
sink ng:funcfor the pay men! »{f. ln . pensatlon, shall not apply. Said county 8 ment No 34 )
clpa thereof on or before maturity, which act shall, as to any of the ment WO, M ) \
of wnwacuS'th. same prov now,™- matters hereinabove provided for and de- A resolution to propose to the people of
or tha-the Sty of San Fran- cl " re , u b »\ f uch . count -Y government act the Btate ot California an amendment S
cT.oomayataWtlme'p en-ct b ed S by J^he'%egrsl^ure or e«e D t f?v ff,?, tlo Vr, ?{ ar t llcle T r at ns ," l
with Intaraat thereon for materials fur- enacted n> me legislature, except ny tution, in relation to sess ons ot the egis a
nlshedhandwork done for"said city.and am f" r^ m f lea ? n rs h S e tl ', r , e ' X "V*. U ,V r ;! P ° Sed 10 U " >end
county during the forty-third and forty- SAh tne manner hereinabove set said section to read as follows:
fourth fiscal years ,out of the income and lurln - Section 2. The sessions of the legislature
revenue of any succeeding year or years; shall commence at twelve oclock meridian
provided that any and all claims for mak- Amendment Number Three on the first Monday after the first day of
ing, repairing, altering or for any work done Senate Conslitntlon.il Amendement January next succeeding the election of Its
upon or for any material furnished for, any toeing senate constitutional Amendement membe „ i and shall De Dle nnlal unless the
street, lane .alley, court, place or sidewalk, No. 44.) governor shall ln the Interim convene the
or for the construction of uny sewer or legislature by proclamation. The leglsla
sewers in said city and county are hereby A resolution proposing to the people of ture shall then remain In session for twen
excepted from the provisions of this sec- the state of California an amendment to ty-Bve days, after which It must adjourn to
tlon; and In determining any claim per- the Constitution of the state, by adding a some date not less than thirty nor more
mitted to be paid by this section, no stat- new section, to be known and designated as than sixty days from the time of adjourn
tite of limitations shall apply in any man- section five and one-half, article six, there- ment. If the two houses fall to agree upon
ncr; and provided further, that the city of by providing for the organization of a a time at which they will resume their ses-
Vallejo, In Solano county, may pay its ex- court, to be known as the court of claims, slon, the governor shall, by proclamation,
IsHng indebtedness Incurred ln the con- The said proposed new section to read us tlx a date for Buch reconvening, which shall
structlon of Its water works, whenever two- follows: be within the limits above prescribed. Upon
thirds of the electors thereof, voting at an Section s',i The court of claims shall reassembling the legislature shall complete
election held for that purpose, shall so de- consist of any three Judges of the superior its session. No .pay shall be allowed to
.-id* Any Indebtedness or liability incurred CO urt, who may be requested by the gov- members for a longer period than seventy
contrary to this provision, with the excep- ernor to hold court at the regular terms BYe days, and no bills shall be Introduced
tion hereinbefore recited, shall be void. thereof. The court of claims shall have ex- In either house except at the first twenty
elusive Jurisdiction to hear and determine Aye days of the session, without the con-
AmsnHmnnt Niimher Two a " claims of every kind and character sent of three-fourths of the members
Amendment mumoer xwo. aga | nst , he state, under such laws as may thereof.
(Being Senate Constitutional Amendment be pass, dby the legislature, and Its Judg- NOW, THEREFORE, Pursuant to the
No. 10.) ment thereon shall be final. The terms of provisions of the Constitution, and an act
the court of claims shall bo held as follows: 0 ( the legislature of the state of California,
A resolution proposing to the people of In the city of Los Angeles commencing on entitled "An act to provide for the submis
the state of California an amendment to the the second Monday of March; slon of proposed amendments to the Con
..'onstitution of the state, by adding a new In the city and county of San Francisco, stltution of the state of Ca..forn(a, to the
section to be known and designated as sec- commencing on the second Monday In July, qualified electors for their approval, ' ap
ilon seven and one-half, article eleven and proved March 7, A. D. I*B3, the above dc
thereof, providing for the framing by the In the city of Sacramento, commencing scribed proposed amendments are hereby
inhabitants of counties, of local county on the second Monday of November of each published and advertised to be voted upon,
government acts for their own government, year. by ballot, by the qualified electors of the
The said proposed new section to read as The Judges holding such term of court state, at the election to be held throughout
follows: shall receive no extra compensation there- this state on
Section 7Ms- The inhabitants of any for, but shall receive their actual exbehses,
county may frame a county government to be paid out of the general fund of the Tuesday Novembers A T> 1888
act for their own government, relating to state treasury. The legislature shall enact Auesaay. «oVemDer U, A. U. XHW.
the matters herlnafttr specified, and con- all laws necessary to organize such court,
sl«tent with and subject to the Constitution to provide the procedure thereof and to The said proposed amendments are to be
and laws of this state, by causing a board carry out the provisions of this section. separately voted upon in manner and form
of fifteen freeholders, who have been, for as follows: '
at least five years, qualified electors of Amendment Number Four. Eat h ballot used at such election must
such county, to be elected by the qualified ,„ , . . , ,„ ... , . , contain written or printed thereon the fol
electors of such county, at any general or (Being Assembly Constitutional Amend- lowing words, whereupon the voter may
special election, whose duty tt shall be mentNo. 27.) express his choice as provided by law:
within ninety days after such election, to , Amendment Number One, being Sen-J
nrenire and propose a county government A resolution to propose to the people of ate Constitutional Amendment No.|
act for such county WWch shall be rimed the slate . of , Ca "i or , nla a " amenSemnt to 41, (exempting certain claims against
Irf duplicate by the members l of such board the Constitution of the state, amending ar- the city and county of San Francisco Yes
or a majority of them, and returned, one t'r-'e eleven, by adding a new section there- and the existing Indebtedness of the
COP? thereof to the board of supervisors to, to be known as section number five and city of Vallejo for the construction
o? other legislative body of such county, one-half, relating to consolidated city and of Its water works from the provis-
and the other copy to be sent to the re- county governments. The said proposed ions of the Constitution requiring
corller of deeds of the county. Such new section to read as follows: such claims to be paid from the In
proposed county government act shall Section 5H- The provisions of section route and revenues of the year in Ne
then be published in two papers of general four and live of this article shall not, nor which they were Incurred.)
circulation ln such county, or If there be shall uny legislation passed pursuant there- For the amendment?
not two such papers, then in one on .v, lor to apply to any consolidated city and Amendment Number Two, being, Sen-f
at least twenty days, and within not less counts' government, now existing or here- ate Constitutional Amendment No. v „
than thirty days after such publication it after formed, which shall have become, or lO(nrovldlngforframing local county xm *
shall be submitted to the qualified electors shall become organized under section seven, government acts, by inhabitants of IZT
of such county, at a general or special elec- or secure a charter under section eight of counties for their government.)
tlon, and If a majority of twh qualified this article. For the amendment?
,!S»H Amendment Number Five. 1
vet. o°f r aTrT (Being Senate Constitutional Amendement (providing for the, er.aj.on of a.court
tlon or amendment, and If approved by a No - *>■> against the statel and to cons St™f. ■
ESSfft sLn be^ b eo r un^Tove , A resolution to propose to the people of by
Set of" such coulny and "ban m snSficafe the state of Cal/orn'ta an amendment of the governor to serve without extra
become the organic law thereof and super- section fifteen and section sixteen of article S. omp £ n9a I!""x m „,,
"etleanv existing county government act. Aye of the Constitution of the state of Call- For the amendment? I
and ail amendments thereof, nnd all spe- fornia, by which it is proposed to amend Amendment Number Four, being As-f
cial laws Inconsistent with such county said sections to read as fofiows: sembly Constitutional Amendment
government act. Section 15. A lieutenant governor shall No. 37 (Exempting consolidated clt
" A cow of such county government act, be elected at the same tlme"and pTace and &»«»»« STrVoiding 6 ? rt\rter°ub 22
certifies by the president of the board of In the same manner as the governor, and 8 r 0 ? an i z / d ro 0 n^f ,,° v from cert aftN nT
supervisors or other legislative body of his term of office and his qualifications to "orntie. >
such county, and authenticated by the seal shall be the same. He shall he president 6 amendment' coun tles.)
of such county, setting forth the submission p» the senate but shall only have a cast- For * **mendment • I
of such county government act to the elec- 'ng vote therein. Amendment Number F ve.bebig As
tors and Its ratification by them, shall be Section 10. In case of the Impeachment e J- m] s?, SSPiViTi °Sfi.^FJSSSXS}
made In duplicate and deposited, one in of the governor, or his removal from office No. 36 (relating to office of governor, i
the office of the secretary of state, the death. Inability to discharge the powers providing for succession thereto Inl *—
other, after being recorded In the office and duties of his office, resignation, or ab- certain cases and removing dlsabil- n~
of the recorder of deeds ln the county, sence from the state, the powers and duties Uy of lieutenant governor from hold
among the archives of the county. of the office shall devolve upon the Ileuten- ln ß other office during term.)
All courts shall take Judicial notice there- ant governor for the residue of the term, Per the amendment?
of. The county government act so ratllled or until the disability shall cease. And Amendment Number Six, being As
may be amended at Intervals of not less should the lieutenant governor be lm- sembly Constitutional Amendment Yes
than two years, by proposuls therefor, peached, displaced, resign, die, or become No. 38 (relating to and defining granw —.
submitted by the legislative authority of incapable of performing the duties of his mar schools.) No
the county, to the qualified electors thereof, office, or be absent fi;om the state, tfte For the amendment?
at a general or special election held at least president pro tempore of the senate shall Amendment Number Seven, being As- '
forty days after the publication of such act as governor until the vacancy In the sembly Constitutional Amendment
proposals for twenty days in a newspaper office of governor shall be filled at the next No. 34 (providing for adjournment of Yes
of general circulation In such county, and general election when members of the leg- legislature for not less than thirty/ —-
ratified by at least three-fifths of the qual- islature shall be chosen, or until such dls- nor more than sixty days during Ne
Ified electors voting thereon, and approved ability of the lieutenant governor shall each session.)
In submitting any such county government I cease. In case of a vacancy ln the office For the amendment?
Witness my hand and the Great Seal ot tbe State ot California, the day and
year herein first above written. 1
Attest: Governor.
Secretary ot State.
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