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Brought Into Play—Colored People
Demand Representation—The
Water Question
PASADENA, Aug. 3.—(Office of The Her
ald, 58 East Colorado street.) There was a
warm session of the Afro-American con
gress this evening tn G. A. It. hall. The
.afternoon and early part of the evening
proved uneventful, but finally, when poli
tics were brought Into play, the atmosphere
grew distinctly livelier.
This afternoon routine business was
transacted. At (1 p. m., there being but lit
tle to do, tlve minute talks were given,
among the speakers being Mr. Prince of
Pasadena, Rev. A. W. Hawkins. Rev. Til
man Brawn. Rev. Herlns, President Se
bree and Attorney Wycliff of Los Angeles.
Jt was nearly 10 oclock when T. J. Jean,
Pasadena's colored politician from the
West side, started the political ball rolling
by relating some of his own experiences
In politics and how he started a well known
colored politician on the way to success
years ago in Cleveland,
Mr. Jean said that this convention and
the oolored people of the state and county
In general should have a representative ln
the fall campaign. "We must demand it.
We must run him and If he goes down start
him again." Mr. Jean proposed Attorney
a. W. Wycllff (colored) of Los Angeles as
the candidate to be Indorsed and his name
was greeted with much applause.
Secretary T. B. Morton then rose and
stated that ln order to demonstrate the
feeling In this matter and Just to see if
all the applause was really from the heart,
he would move that this convention pledge
Itself before It adjourns to Indorse- a candi
date for the fall campaign. This called
forth a protest from a Los Angeles d. le
gate, who did not wanl to see such an Im
portant question put while Los Angeles
was so poorly represented with delegates
present. Nevertheless the motion was sec
onded and put andl almost unanimously
Another delegate broke In at this point to
protest against the applause which a
statement of Rev. Brown's had received, to
the effect that many colored men were
selling themselves and their votes. "We
should weep, not applaud," he concluded.
Secretary Morton nearly caused a riot
when he replied to the delegate who pro
tested against the motion. He referred to
ignorant protectants, stigmatizing one of
them as a monkey.
"I'd Just like to have that statement
about the monkey explained," said the dis
gruntled Los Angeles man. "I'm no mon
key, and I'd like to know who the monkey
The chair responded that inasmuch as
nc other person*claimed' the title there
was no monkey to be answered. Therefore
the point was not well taken and must be
Secretary Morton further made a motion,
ln spite of an unsecondod motion, that the
congress Indorse the straight Republican
ticket. Morton's motion was that the con
gress before it adjourned pledge Itself to
support no white man. or oonrrpany of white
men. This motion was also carried.
Attorney Wycllff would have spoken but
had to catchl a car. He intended saying
that he hoped there was no misunderstand
ing In regard to the Republican party as
regarded by the colored race. They rec
ognized It as the party which freed them,
but they did not propose to standi by It to
the extent of binding themselves to poral
Deal in Electricity
The Edison Electric company of Los An
geles has purchased the entire stock of the
Pasadena Electric Light company. About
October Ist this company will begin fur
nishing power to the Edison Electric com
pany atd the Los Angeles Railway company
In Los Angeles and the Pasadena Electric
Light and Power company and the Pasa
dena and Los Angeles Electric Railway
company. Tbe officers of the company are
George H. Barker, president; William R.
Btaats, secretary; John B. Miller, treas
urer; W. S. Wright, attorney; John 8. Cra
yens, H. H. Sinclair and J. H. Holmes, di
rectors. The new company proposes to
make many Improvements, Introduce water
power and reduce rates.
The Meter System
Since the lirst of August the Pasadena
Land and Water company has been col
lectlng from customers upon whose prem
ises water meters have been placed by way
of experiment. About 400 meters have been
thus put out and collected on, and the re
suit seems to be very satisfactory both for
the water company and for the consumer.
The meter charge, which has been fixed at
I ILK per 1000 gallons, and 8 cents for each
i additional 100 gallons, will remain ln force
and the company will now place meters
I everywhere.
The Water Question
I The committee on municipal ownership
lof water and the city council conferred this
afternoon. About all the business trans
! acted was that done by the water commit
! tee, which passed a resolution authorizing
| the'appointment of several sub-committees.
Progress has been made by the committee
j toward gaining an understanding of Just
1 how the water system is to be procured.
| the council has expressed itself in favor,
!but there is a feeling that the matter will
certainly be a hard one to accomplish.
Congress Notes
Tomorrow there will be a game of base
ball on the Lincoln avenue grounds be
tween a Pasadena nine and the Rakerslteld
nine which accompanies the congress.
The congress received a telegram this
evening from President McKlnley's secre
tary, thanking them for Its Invitation to
him to be present. The president appre
ciated the courtesy.
Troop D held a military ball In I. O. F.
hall. Two hundred ptmons attended and
there was a cake walk and general hot
Wm. Ross of 124 West Walnut street was
arrested this morning upon the charge of
assaulting his wife with a knife. Ross ap
peared before the recorder late tonight
and pleaded not guilty. His bail was fixed
at $500 which he could not furnish. He wfis
sent to Jail. Ross complains that his wife
will not. make ills children contribute to
hl« support and when he "thumps" them
she Intereteres and he !s thus constrained
to thump her.
E. C. Settley, traffic manager for Echo
mountain and Rubio canyon, come down
from Mount Lowe today and stated that
the fire lt> that m-ighborhe>od is only
smouldering over the territory formerly
burned over.
The committee having in charge the new
city charter attempted to hold a meeting
tonight but were unable to secure a
The British American will hold a meet
ing Saturday evening In K. of P. hall for
organizing a social club.
Ventura Variorum
VENTT'RA, Aug. 2—The all-absorbing
topic In Ventura for the past few days Is
the departure of the Seventh regjment next
week. Several In this county are leaving
this week to pay a farewell visit to their
friends and relatives.
Arthur Brunty, a member of Company G.
Blxth California volunteers, is at his home
at Satlcoy, having a leave of seven days'
absence, He will return on Saturday next,
to his regiment.
Miss Annie Dllworth of Pasadena Is visit
ing in Ventura, a guest of Miss Nellie
New by.
Dr. Annie Hopper is slowly recovering
from her recent illness.
Miss Inez Tarr and mother returned from
Los Angeles today, wher* they have been
spending the summer vacation. Miss Tarr
will have charge of the eighth grade depart
ment in the grammar school.
Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Hnrbough and party,
consisting of Mr. and Mrs. Grenell. Miss
Grace Fry and Ed Suitshaugh, arrived from
Kern City yesterday and will spend a month
camping on the seashore.
Miss May Kiler of Mound district is en
tertaining Miss Lena Mathewson oft Los
A large tank is being placed adjacent to
the wharf, into which salt water will be
pumped. The water will be used for sprink
ling the yards and driveways about the
wharf company's property.
Sheriff Cbarlebota will start In the morn
irg at the request of F. E. Jones, the drug
gist, to recover a valuable driving animal
that very mysteriously disappeared from its
stable early this morning.
Volunteers to Be Inspected
SAN FRANCISCO. Aug. 3 -MaJor Gen
eral Merriam will Inspect the volunteers of
the Seventh California regiment at their
farewell reception and drill ln the Me
chanics' pavilion on next Saturday even
ing. The affair promises to be a notable
S. A. Waldron Presents a Petition to
the Board of Equalization—Un
divided Profits Question
Ordinarily, meetings of the board of
equalization partake of a humdrum nature
and there Is little of Interest In the pro
ceedings. Applications of taxpayers for
reduction of assessments are not as a usiml
thing productive of much excitement, and
the councllmen are not ln any danger of
brain fag from their arduous duties. Yes
terday's meeting was, however, different
from the ordinary run, and the afternoon
session was about as lively a gathering as
has been held in the council chamber fines
the far-famed school scandal Investiga
For nearly two hours tht question ot
whether or not the First National bank
should be assessed for Its scheduled undl-
Vlded profits and surplus was argued pro
and con by attorneys on both sides and the
counc.llmen, with no appreciable result.
After the matter had once more been taken
under advisement and the members had
settled themselves comfortably to pass
the rest of the afternoon ln peace, a bomb
shell was thrown Into their midst by the
reading of a communication from S. A.
Waldron, formerly a deputy under City As
sessor Seaman, ln which he asked that the
board raise the assessments of twenty-tlv*
of the largest firms ln the city because, af
ter due examination, he had found that the
assessor's valuation* were altogether out
of proportion to the actuul value of stocks
The firms mentioned In Mr. Waldron's
I'st and the amount of Increase recommend-
Ed by him are: Crandall, Aylesworth Ar
Haskell, increase of $50,150 on stock; M.
Conn & Co., Inerense of $2100 on stock;
Crane Co., $1000 on solvent credits; Craig,
Stuart & Co., $31,275 on stock; Newmark &
Co., $30,000 on stock; Haas, Haruch & Co.,
m.W on stock; Hayden, Lewis & Co., $12,-
SOO on stock; Newmark Bros.. $11,51*5 on
stock: Baker & Hamilton, $."000 on stock;
E, P. Boshyshell, $412,") on stock; John Wig
more * Sons, $740.5; Matthews, Arnott &
Co., $10,500; Studebaker Bros., $91)50 on
stock; Lloyd, Scovel Iron Co., $14,475 or.
Btock; Perclval Iron Co., $12,115 on stock;
J. W. Hellman. on stock, $14,355; Pacific
Crockery Co.. $10,100 on stock: George H.
Stoll, $4800; Title Insurance and Trust Co.,
$ril,O0fl; C. B. Booths & Co., $1892 on con
signed goods.
Waldron was on hand to explain why he
had tiled his communication and why he
had reoommended that the assessments be
raised. City Assessor Seaman, ably sec
onded by his chief deputy, Bert Lewis, was
«lso on deck and together they gave Mr.
Waldron a very uncomfortable half hour
In answering some pointed interrogations
as to his motive for action. Mr. Lewis
swore that he had on July sth notified Wal
dron that there was no longer any work
for him in the assessor's office and. had
then and there relieved him from further
duty. This Waldron flatly denied and as-
BertedJ that, so far as being discharged was
concerned, he was still a deputy assessor
He admitted, however, that he had done
no work in the office for several weeks. He
had no animosity towards Mr. Seaman and
had been prompted to make his communica
tion solely because as a citizen he thought
the firms named should not be allowed to
escape with a taxation rate of 25 cents or
less on the dollar of actual valuation, as
would be the case If present assessments
are allowed to stand. In reply to questions
Waldron admitted that within two weeks
lie had gone to various firms and, under
representations that he was a deputy city
assessor, had secured access to their books
and had taken account ot stocks carried
Irom which he had compiled his petition.
After he had made his opening statement
Waldron was closely catechised by Presi
dent Silver, who wanted to know why, if
he knew the assessments had been made too
iow he had not called the attention of his
chief to them. Waldron replied that he
had done so, and had been instructed by Mr.
Seaman to base his assessments at 50 cents
on the dollar of actual valuation. He had
done so and some of his assessments had
been lowered by Seaman even then. The
reason he had not before remarked upon all
of the list presented was that only lately
had he become acquainted with the facts ln
the case.
The reason he had for asking an Increase
on the Crandall, Aylesworth & Haskell
stock was because the insurance men had
given the tlrm 196,000 for goods destroyed
by the recent flre, while the Spring strei t
store carried a stock of $30,000 more. Wal
dron's assertions ln this regard had, how
ever, been discounted, for at the morning
session Mr. Seaman himself had told the
board that he considered that an advance
should be made on the linn's assessment.
As an instance of wild figuring. Waldron
said that he thought Haas, Baruch & Co
should be assessed at $400,000 because both
Mr. Newberry and Mr. Jevne, retail (tracers,
had acknowledged to cam lng $60,000 stocks,
and he was sure the Huhs. Baruch & Co.
stock was eight times as large, and at the
DO cent rate they should be assessed on a
valuation cf $200,000.
Deputy Lewis put Waldron through a se
vere course of questioning, bringing out the
fuct that when the assessments of Haas>,
Baruch & Co., M. A. Newmark * Co. and
Craig, Stewart & Co.. were made he wus
accompanied by Assessor Seaman, and only
after an exhaustive examination were the
amounts fixed. Waldron was reluctantly
compelled to admit that his late visits to
the business houses were made under false
pretenses. The conversation here assumed
a distinctly personal and hostile tone and
was interrupted by President Silver, who
"The board is not here, gentlemen, to list
en to personalities. Whnt we want are the
facts In the case. If It Is true that Mr.
Waldron misrepresented himself as a dep
uty assessor, then such a fact certainly de
tracts from the credibility of his asser-
tlnns. Hp has made his statement, and It
is tn nriler fur the assessor to he given an
opportunity to explain the matter, as, if
true, the reflection upon him Is serious."
Assessor Seaman rose nnd stated that th c
matter had come upon him as a surprise,
and he could not account for Waldron's
statements ln regard tn many of the assess
ments, as he had himself accompanied him
when accounts of stock were tak.n. This
had heen the case with the three large
wholesale grocery houses named, and he
felt thnt the firms had heen faithfully and
fully assessed. The amounts he had tlxed
were in all cases as large and in many in
stances larger that had been fixed by the
county assessor—ln fact, there had been a
very general complaint by business men of
the high valuation he had placed on their
A lengthy explanation as to the reason
for the assessment of the Title Insurance
find Trust company was given, wherein It
was plainly shown that Waldron's figures
were absurd. In fact, Mr. Seaman plainly
said that he considered that Waldron's
trouble was "wheels ln the head" and a
desire to make political capital for him
self |f possible.
It had become evident during the hearing
that there was little or no foundation for
Waldron's protest, and the cnuncllmen
were restive. Several motions to hie ths
matter had heen Ignored by the chair, who
wished the mntter fully ventilated, but
upon the completion of Assessor Spnman's
statement Waldron's communication was
pigeonholed hy a unanimous vote, and
peace reigned once more.
During the First National Bank argu
ment a warm discussion was precipitated
between Percy R. Wilson and Councilman
Hutchison on the question of the dlftnl
tlon and tnngihlllty of undivided profits, ir.
which Councilman Toll took a hand now
and then. Hutchison contended that If a
man started in business with $1,000, and al
the end of a y ear had a stock of goods
worth $2,000, although he had no cash In
sight, yet the difference between $1,000 and
the $2,000 stock represented undivided prof-
Its, wh:ch should be assessed. In contra
vention of this argument both Mr. Wilson
and Mr. Tnll contended that when the stock
(worth $2,000) had been assessed the undi
vided prortts had Been taken account of,
and to attempt to segregate and assess the
undivided profits was unfair.
The argument waxed warm, the assessor
and several of the councilmen attempting
to show that the bank had sought to escape
taxation on Its undivided profits by throw
ing them Into Its capital'stock, which is
under the laws of the United States, not as
sessable. Mr. Wilson cited the assessment
of the Farmers' and Merchants' Bank
which, he said, had not been assessed for
surplus or undivided profits, not enough on
solvent credits nor enough on cash on hand,
as shown by their statement of March 1
last. .
Mr. Wilson th«n explained that the fed
eral law required his bank to keep apart
a surplus of ZD per cent, of its capital, or
1 40,000; there was then left a balance of
$8,957 of undivided profits. Under a de
cision of Judge Sewell, of San Francisco,
this amount of $40,000 Is exempt from taxa
tion; but the bank's attorney claimed fur
ther that $8,967 undivided protlts were also
exempt, because the United States statutes
require a 16-per cent, reserve until $20,000 Is
aocumuuatel. Thus, there were no undi
vided profits liable to taxation, all the
other assessable funds of the bank being
already assessed In the form cf real estate,
etc. To assess these as Individual protlts
would be a double taxation, and manifestly
Deputy Assessor W. J. A. Smith ex
plained how and where the manner of as
sessing a national bank and a state hank
differed and was followed hy Dr. Graves
of the hank, who was closely questioned
,hy Assessor Seaman. As a result of the
whole argument the subject was taken un
der consideration, to be decided later.
Judge Hubbell appeared for the National
Hank of California, asking for a reduction
of $15,745 In the assessment for surplus and
undivided protlts. He said his hank knew
Just where its undivided profits were; they
had been invested In real estate which had
been once assessed' and h<=- demanded the re
duction on the grounds, of a double assess
ment. This matter was also taken under
advisement and the meeting adjourned.
Callmen Appointed and Permits to
Bore for Oil Granted
The (Ire commission.rs appointed J. P.
Hourke. C. L. Hagley and W. Ba'terdorff as
callmen at its session yesterday morning.
Tho reports of the various flre companies
showed two calls during the past week, as
follows: No. Ifd2 Kearney street, frame
dwelling of A. Lopez, a lamp explosion, loss
1800, July 30; 164 Mast Twenty-fifth street,
frame dwelling of 0. Mead, lamp explosion,
loss $10, August 1.
(STATE OF CALIFORNIA, approval of tho county government ant. of governor for any of the reasons above
EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENT In H 'ihmlttlg any such county government named, and neither the lieutenant governor
aiflßimnJmi t»i« M ima net any alternative article or proposition nor the president pro tempore nf the senate
BAI KAJitN tv, juty dv, ism. ma y he presented ( or the choice of the vot- shall succeed to the powers and duties of
wiiudcio TUI , iivwriTi'tiP nw crs ' ar "l m ".v he voted on separately with- governor, then the powers and duties of
WHBBBAB, int. LiauißUAiUKa out prejudice to others. such ntTlce shall devolve upon the speaker
the state of California at Itsh rty-sec- n h,, fes competent in al , colln ty gov- of the assembly, until the office of governor
ond session beginning:on the Fourth day ernment ~c ts {ramed Ululer the authority »hall be filled at such general election,
of January, A D. 1897, given by this section, to provide for the
the members elected to each ot the two munn( , r , whicl th Ume J at wnlch anQ Amendment Number Six
house of said legislature voting mi favor the terms (Q * wn ' lcb lhe , evera , township T ■ wumDer Blx
thereof, Proposed the ano county officers, other than Judges of (Being Assembly Constitutional Amend
amendments to the constitution ot tne t he superior court, shall bs elected or a*- ment Na 88.)
state of California, to-wlt. pointed; for their compensation: for the '
number of such officers: for the consollda- A resolution to propose to the people of
Amendment Number One. tlon or segregation of offices; for the num- the state of California an amendment to
her of deputies that each officer shall have, section six, article nine, of the Constitution
(Being Senate Constitutional Amendment and for the compensation payable to each of the state Of California relating to gram-
No 41.) of such deputies; for the manner In which mar schools by which It is proposed to
the times in which, ond the terms for which amend said section to read as follows:
A resolution to propose to the people of ft. 1, X™ d* or for"*" con- , S , c V on 7 The public school system shall
the state of California an amendment to J e lt "i!?i* a r '** a ion com Densatfon and Include prlmwy and grammar ichooli, aW
section eighteen of article eleven of the •1. ,'J n "; r ' f I T and of "'!' h lltth ."ohools, evening schools, normal
Constitution, in relation to revenue aud b' ~.,„„ " ' ,„' prescribe the """P, 0 !' and technical schools as may be eS
taxatlon. by which it IS proposed to amend %£ZJ™,fZ*o*J by which' allelecuons ttSW
sa d sect on to read as follows: h , , ~ , ionduoted• arid may district authority, but the entire rev-
Section is. No county, city, town town ft a th | lt^ p oe u h r a mlne 8 ?he UsUand school' nx '''half
ship, board of education or school district } lon . u . )on wmc h electors political parth-6 , , V . Bcnooi laiL '.'' l ;"' ? e J l'PL |e< J
l! n f^ n ' ttl stt'snal,
£££3 n r a w?th r o e „ V t B X *" P eouuty has, ,„ the manner o«of d^t?,cMv?„V
assent of two-thfrSS of the qual lied elec- and method herein pointed out adopted any more than one thousand inhabitants. In
tor. thereof voting at an Wee tlon to be county government act, and the same shall which a course of study shall be taught
,eid fS? that mVrffiss nor unless before. bave D ?S n approved by the legislature as wh ich will prepare pupils to enter the ag
rat the lime ' Kring S itid" btrf: atoresald, the directions of sections, four rlcultural. mining, or scientific department
2... nrnv io,n sh»ll be m-icie tor the col- a nri , " ye , ot article providing for the 0 f the University of California,
ness, provision shal t)e mailt lot me j.ui , lllifnrmltv o£ a <yst e m of county govern
lection of an annua, tux suftlclent to . „ , .
the interest on such Indebtedness as falls vU)(((obr b the elPctlon and ap pr,| n tment Amendment Number Seven
fV?W " f om \? r *- a .?. d ,\ he r f« uiat , lon st '.^'"S 1 ?" Assembly Constitutional Amend
sink ng iuno tor ins iM>iiieiii oi "j K. pensatlon, shal not apply. Sa d county ment v >
clpal thereof on or before mat'UrttftWf.Jj* government act shall, as to any of the ment No. 34.)
of "contrLunl ths SameproWdeo, Sowev- mutters hereinabove provided for and de- A reso lutlon to propose to the people of
er tha the city aS Mufity of Bap Fran- ola'ed £ v «;ch couffty «ovjrnm«nt act. the state of California an amendment to
Cisco may at anyrtlme pay the unpaid claims „ t0 A?/.,! 8 ,?. 0 * * me ™ l , mo i nt section two of article four of the Constl
wtthT?terest 'hereon lor materials fur- ,t xc T," y tution, in relation to sessions of the legisla-
Sshed to ano work done for said city and SS? n *gSa &J&.&VL t .ll tu "'' b - v vvhicn "ls Proposed to amend
county during the forty-third and forty- ? l n r d .| 1 ratinell ,n the manner hereinabove set Bald section to read as follows:
fourth fiscal years .out of the income and Section 2. The sessions of the legislature
revenue of any succeeding year or years; «„„j„„* wr v. mu_ _ shall commence at twelve oclock meridian
provided that any and all claims for mak- Amendment Number Three on tne llr9t Monday after the first day of
ing, repairing, altering or for any work done Senate Constitutional Amendement January next succeeding the election of its
upon or for any material furnished for, any U'eing senate Institutional Amenaement n , emberSi and 3 h a ll be biennial unless the
street, lane .alley, court, place or sidewalk. No. 44.) governor shall In the Interim convene the
or for the construction of any sewer or legislature by proclamation. The legisla
sewers In Bald city and county are hereby A resolution proposing to the people of ture shall-then remain in session for twen
excepted from the provisions of this sec- the state of California an amendment to ty-live days, after which It must adjourn to
tlon; and In determining any claim per- the Constitution of the state, by adding a some date not less than thirty nor more
mltted to be paid by this section, no slat- new section, to he known and designated as than sixty days from the time of adjourn
ute of limitations shall apply in any man- section live and one-half, article six, there- ment. If the two houses fall to agree upon
ncr- and provided further, that th> city of by providing for the organization of a a time at which they will resume their ses-
Valleio In Solann county, may pay its ex- court, to be known as the court of claims, slon, the governor shall, by proclamation,
i=ting indebtedness Incurred In the eon- The said proposed new section to read as tlx a date for such reconvening, which shall
structlon ot its water works, whenever two- follows: be within the limits above prescribed. Upon
thirds of the electors thereof, voting at an Section r>'4. The court of claims shall reassembling the legislature shall complete
election held for that purpose, shall so de- consist of any three Judges of the superior Us session. No pay shall be allowed to
tide Any Indebtedness or liability incurred court, who may be requested by the gov- members for a longer period than seventy
contrary to this provision, with the excep- ernor to hold court at the regular terms live days, and no blils shall be introduced
tlon hereinbefore recited, shall be void. thereof. The court of claims shall have ex- In either house except at the first twenty
elusive Jurisdiction to hear and determine Aye tluys of the session, without the con
■ mmtaAnl Numher Two ' v " claims of every kind and character sent of three-fourths of the members
Amendment JMUmDer xwo. against the state, under such laws as may thereof.
(Being Senate Constitutional Amendment be passed by the legislature, and its Judg- NOW, THEREFORE, Pursuant to the
No. 10.) m, ' nt thereon shall be final. The terms of provisions of the Constitution, and an act
the court of claims shall be heid as follows: of , he legislature of the state of California,
A resolution nroiHi«lng to the people of In the city of Los Angeles commencing on entitled "An act to provide for the submis
the state of California an amendment to the tnf second Monday of March; slon of proposed amendments to the Con-
Constitution of the stale, by adding a new In the city and county or San Francisco. Btltutlon of the state of Ca,.fornia. to the
■entton to be known and designatedas sec- commencing on the second Monday in July, qualified electors for their approval, ap
tlon seven and one-half, article eleven and proved March 7. A. L>. 1883, the above de
thereof providing for the framing by the In the city of Sacramento, commencing scribed proposed amendments are hereby
Inhabitants of counties, of local county on the second Monday of November of each published and advertised to be voted upon,
government acts for their own government, year. by ballot, by the qualified electors of the
The said proposed new section to read as The Judges holding such term of court State, at the election to be held throughout
follows- shall receive no extra compensation thore- tb' B state on
Section 7H. The inhabitants of any for, but shall receive their actual expenses, ,
county may frame a county government t? b «K'*"» u * ff.VfSL *22?,, 0 ' ,h "; Tuesday, November 8, A. D. 1898.
act for their own government, relating to Btate treasury. The legislature shall enact " '
the matters herlnafter specified, and con- all laws necessary to organize such court,
Bistent with and subject to the Constituten to provide the procedure thereof and to The said proposed amendments are to be
and laws of this state, by causing a board carry out the provisions of this section. separately voted upon ln manner and form
of fifteen freeholders, who have been, for as follows: ■ .
at east live years, qualified electors of Amendment Number Four. Bach ballot. used at such election must
such county. to be elected by the qualified ,„ . _ . . . - ... " , , contain written or printed thereon the fol
eleotors of such county, at any general or (Bein « Assembly Constitutional Amend- lowing words, whereupon the voter may
special Section, whose duty it shatt be I ment No. 27.) express his choice as provided by law:
~M.h n nlnatv dava aft-r such election to Amendment Number One, being Sen
" ? " n '" d 'Propose a country government A resolution to propose to the people of ate Constitutional Amendment No. I
VVi v \■ f«.S h county which shall be "lgn "d the state of California an amendemnt to 41, (exempting certain claims against
frr»u Jicate by « c members of iueh b fard the Constitution of the state, amending ar- the city and county of San Francisco Yes
.%2 a o?lJv of them and returned one tlcle eleven, hy adding a new section there- and the existing Indebtedness of the
coov thereof to the board of supervisors t0 - '0 be known as section number flye and city of Vallejo lor the construction j
22 P X»hf» iVvlalative body of sue n county one-half, relating to consolidated city and of ts water works from the provls--i
and 'the' other copy to be sen" to the r£ county governments. The said proposed ions of the Constitution requiring
cor lt4 of "leeds of the county. Such new section tv read as follows: such claims to be paid from the ln
uroDo«ed county government act shall Section 5V4- The provisions of section come and revenues of the year in No
then be published In two papers of general four and five of this article shall not, no"r which they were Incurred.)
circulation tn such county, or if there be shall any legislation passed pursuant there- For the amendment?
not two such papers, then In one only, ror to apply to any consolidated city and Amendment Number Two, being, Sen- (
at least twenty days, and within not less county government, now existing or here- a te Constitutional Amendment No. v -«
than thirty da'vs after such publication it afler formed, which shall have become, or 10 (providing for framing local county I*"
shail be submitted to the quallfl-d electors shall become organized under section seven, government acts, by Inhabitants of IkT
of such county, at a general or special elec- or secure a charter under section eight of counties for their government.) BO
tlon and If a majority of such qualified this article. p or the amendment? [
electors voting thereon shall ratify the „ , __. AmendmentNumberThree,being Sen- '
same. It shall thereafter be submitted to Amendment Number Five. ate Constitutional Amendment W 44
the legislature for IU rejection of appro- (B , Sen ate Constitutional Amendement (providing for the creation of a court
val. as a whole, without power ot altera- ■ N .... o( c i a ims. to determine claims Yea
tion or amendment, and if approved by a against the state, and to consist of J
, act °j s Vn? .eo'ttoyflftem and SeSfon" sliff.n WtoU S? m ! n ns a a m °";Len,'
become th«i ojrganlo law tnereoi ana super of Cons ti, u tion of the state of Call- For l , he amendment? I
aede any « £tlng co gntN forn| a. by which it Is proposed to amend Amendment Number Four, being As-f
cfkl faUT4».«°h' sU » A KSanf governor shall
•Tcopy'ot such county government act. l!!
certlSeS* by the president of the board of m the same mMMr a. the governor and from'certam n7
srssssfr,^d 9^ r h.Xa\Tb% b th. y .e o . sg g ? n to com >
mVv h o.eTh a c , r e e.n , : Ut ,ha " haVe * being as
?or and " "hem, shall be Section 16. In case of the impeachment V^tSSlL^^
made in duplicate and deposited, one in of the governor, or his removal from office, No - < re l atln S to office of governor,-!
the office of the secretary of state, the death, Inability to discharge the powers providing for succession thereto ln
nther after being recorded In the office and duties of Ills office, resignation, or ah- certain cases and removing disabll-' —
nf the recorder of deeds in the county, sence from the state, the powers and duties Ity of lieutenant governor from hold-I "°
nmnni the'archives of the county. of the office shall devolve upon the lleuten- in ß othf>r off T e d "V n S term.) }
All courts take Judicial notice there- ant governor for the residue of the term. For the amendment? [
of The county government act so ratified or until the disability shall cease. And Amendment Number Six, being As- f
may he amended at Intervals of not less should the lieutenant governor be im- sembly Constitutional Amendment Yes
than two years, by proposals therefor, peached, displaced, resign, die. or become No. 38 (relating to unddeflninggram-<—
submitted by the legislative authority of incapable of performing the dutl-es of his mar schools.) ] ifo
the county to the qualified electors thereof, office, or be absent fr,om the state, the For the amendment?
at a general or special cieetinn held at least president pro tempore of the senate shall Amendment Number Seven, being As-f
forty days after the publication of such act as governor until the vacancy In the sembly Constitutional Amendment
proposals for twenty days In a newspaper office of governor shall be filled at the next Nn. 34 (providing for adjournment of Ye»
of general circulation In such county, and general election when members of the leg- legislature for not less than thlrty< —
ratified by at least three-fifths nf the qual- islature shall be chosen, or until such dis- nnr mnre than sixty days during No
Ifled electors voting thereon, and approved ability of the lieutenant governor shall each session.)
In submitting any such county government cease. In case of a vacancy In the office For the amendment?
Witness my hand and the Great Seal of the State of California, tbe day and
year herein first above written.
Attest: Governor.
Secretary of State*
A communication from H. C. Wltmer
asked that action on the protest of Wltmer
Pros. * Co., against the application of M.
L. McCrary to bore for oil ln block 26, Canal
and Reservoir lands, be laid over for a
y/eek, as he would be out of the city on
Wednesday. The matter was accordingly
laid over. Chief Moore ln his report on
the application stated that it compiled with
the ordinance, but made no reoommenda-
On a favorable report from the chief per
mission was granted to F. L. Fallls to bore
in block E of the Hays tract, anil to S. K.
Mellen to bore ln block 7, De Soto tract.
On motion of Commissioner Wells the
chief was ordered to furnish the board a
complete list of the changes and promo
tions in the department since civil service
rules went Into effect.
Bids for supplying hoy nnd bedding for
the fire horses were received and opened.
Barley hoy was quoted at »19 to $20 per ton;
straw at $10 to $12 per ton.
They Protest
A protest has been filed against the a»
--• pssmnit district for the opening of Short
street from Hewitt street to Alameda by
residents, who aver that In the financial
condition of many of them the opening will
work a great hardship.
Arrangements for the Golf Tourna
ment—Shipping and Personal
REDONDO, Aug. 3.—ln the goir tourna
ment to be held on the links here next Fri
day and Saturday the handicapping will be
done by one member from each contesting
club. Entries have been received from Red
lands, Riverside. Pasadena, Santa Monica.
Los Angeles and Redondo. First, second
and third prizes will be given in the handi
cap events and ln tho championship event
the Redondo tournament cups and prises
will be awarded. The club will raise Its new
flag on the grounds Friday morning. Near
the sixth green an awning Is being stretched
and seats will be provided, as this Is the
most advantageous place to witness th»
play. Refreshments will also be served
Ladles' play commences on Friday at 11
a. m. Gentlemen will commence play on
Friday afternoon. The championship events
are to be played Friday afternoon for the
ladles, while this event for the gentlemen
will tnke place on Saturday afternoon.
Last evening a surprise party was given
to Mr. F. H. Meyers, the genial captain of
the local military company, at his resi
dence. It was In honor of Mr. Meyers'
thirty-seventh birthday. Those present
were: Judas Willis, S. T. Barclay, J. Lind
say, F. Fisher, W. Henry and George
Henry. These gentlemen, assisted by the
Blue Ribbon Banjo club, had a merry time
way lntm the small hours of the night.
The schooner Abble, Captain Hansen,
sailed for Gray's harbor this morning.
The steamship Santa Rosa, bound north,
took from this port this morning seventy
live tons of freight and twenty-four passen
A tug party has been formed from tho
hotel guests and cottagers for a trip to San
ta Monica and return late this afternoon.
Rialto Gossip
RIALTO, Aug. 3.—Mr. and Mrs. W. McD.
Henderson left this morning fo;- San Fran
cisco to visit Company X, Seventh Califor
W. P. Martin and faml'y have returned
from Kansas to make their home here Mr.
Martin was the first president of theßlalto
fruit exchange.
Edwin Slade came down from the moun
tains and reports about 500 people summer
ing In Little Bear valley.
J. W. McCracken will leav* tomorrow for
Leavenworth, Knnsas.

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