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As Much Blood In Evidence as if a
Small Battle Had Occurred.
Notes and Personals
Captain A. C. Jones, who was one of the
passengers on the Santa Fe train that was
wrecked on Tuesday at Wlnslow, states
that the affair was much more serious than
has as yet leaked out through the reports,
owing to the policy of the railway com
pany through General Manager Nevin ln
suppressing the details as far as possible.
Captain Jones says ttmt the sights after
the accident were horrible. There was us
much blood in evidence as if a battle had
occurred. The passengers were forced out
of the cars, many of them in their night
clothes, and were bedraggled ln the waters
of the Little Colorado river, intiu which
the cars were thrown, and were streaming
with blood. One old man was perfectly
covered with Dm streams from his wounds, i
and walked up and down shaking the drops
from his hands and arms. The railway
men refused to give any information to
the travelers, and though they were treat
ed all right .is far as could be done then, ■■
there was much mystery made of the at- 1
fair on the part of the employes. It ap
pears that the broken rail stuck up and
was wedged against the axle of the rear
' car. In which was Captain Jones. The car
turned over, taking four others, and over
three lengths of the track came with it.
Three of the dangerously wounded were
left at Winslow. and their condition when
the train left could not be learned.
Notes and Personals
The Seventh congressional district Re
publicans will bold their convention at
Newport on the I.lth Inst. The Santa Pc
has made a rate of one and one-third fares
from all points on Its line to Santa Anu for
the occasion. It has also made the s.anio
reduction during the holdings of the Unl
versallst stute convention at Long Beach
from the 20th to the 30th i)f the month, and
to the G. A. R. encampment at the same
place Sept. 6th to 16th.
As soon as the date of tho sailing of the
Seventh regiment for Manlln Is settled the
Southern Pacific will put on a special
train from this city for the benefit of those
who wish to say good-bye to the boys,
and will make a rate 'of one fare for the
round trip.
W. J. Burke, a conductor on tho Santa
Fe-Pacltlc, with headquarters at the
Needles, is spending his vacation at River
Superintendent Epes Randolph of the
Southern Pacific at Tucson is ln the city
for a short visit.
George L. Curtis, the Southern Pacific
agent at Salton, is visiting at Long Beach,
where his wife has been for some weeks
and where recently a son and heir arrived
for him.
At the inquest held onthe body iof the boy
Warrin Goodln, who was killed by a South
ern Pacific train at Alamitos last Sunday,
the coroner censured Engineer John Hurst
of the train for not having more closely
watched the track. Hurst Is said to have
killed' a man with his engine at the Ala
mitos yard a few months ago accidentally
by backing his engine down upon him.
Seven additional miles of the Valley rail
way are to be graded immediately from
Stockton towards Point Richmond, the
contract having been awarded by the di
rectors at their meeting held on Tuesday.
The company has so much money on hand
that It held back the last installment of
bonds that tho Hellman syndicate had
taken ln order to save a month's Interest
on them.
Proprietary and Documentary Denom-
inations Here
The internal revenue proprietary stamps,
so long expected, have arrived and are in
the following denominations: One-fourth
Cent, IVi. and Ri-cent. Total amount re
ceived. 1337,800. The H-cent documentary
stamps, abut which so many Inquiries have
been made by insurance agents, have also
Every Individual or firm engaged in the
manufacture of taxable artlc!. s i- required
by the regulations to make a sworn return
at the end of the month that all goods man
ufactured have bee n stamped. The penalty
for refusal or neglect to make such declara
tion is $100. For false returns, a line of $50J
or Imprisonment for six months, or both.
The sales of stamps for July In the Los
Angeles office is as follows; Proprietary
eighths. 1000; fours, 21.000: three-eighths.
52.000; five-eighths. 52.000; one cent, 12,000;
two-cent, 12.000; two and a half-cent, 4000:
four-cent, 1000; five-cent, 1000.,
Documentary—One-cent. 500.OOO; two-cent,
530.000; three-cent. 10.000; four-cent. 2000:
five-cent, 20,000; ten-cent. 10.000 t ;wenty-flve
cent, 13,000; fifty-cent. 12,000; one dollar, .3452;
ten dollar. 04. The approximate value of the
sales is $33,545.
They Were Sold at the Police Station
i Yesterday
George D. Bowers, the bunco man, has at
last secured his valises, which the police
were holding under an attachment. Some
months ago Bowers flew rather high in
this city, and became indebted to the Van
Nuys hotel for an extensive bill. He
shipped his valises containing clothes and
various personal effects to Leo Strauss,
•'owner," Sacramento, and departed for
that locality himself. The police secured
his valises before they hud been sent north
nnd have held them since. Bowers was.ar
rested and brought back to stand trial on
a charge of beating a hotel bill, hut upon
settling the indebtedness the; complaint
against him was dismissed.
Bowers then applied to Chief Glass for
his valises, but the chief refused to sur
render the articles. Routzahn & Gllkey,
the tailors, had attached them for J52.50,
balance on a Mil of $117 for clothes. Bow
ers said he had arranged to have that bill
settled, but the chief declined to let the
valises go unless he made affidavit that ho
was Leo Strauss. This Bowers declined to
do. Bowers evidently came to some under
standing with the tailors, however, for
yesterday the goods were sold to W. R.
Bacon for $50 on behalf of the tailors, the ir
bill evidently having been settled by Bow
ers. The latter now has his valises with
out making an affidavit.
Walnut Growers' Committee Meets
but No Action Taken
The executive committees of the walnut
growers exchanges of Southern California
met in the assembly hall of the chamber"
of commerce yesterday morning for the
purpose of establishing a rate for this
year's crop. No action was taken, the
orchardlsts preferring to wait until the
nuts are nearer maturity.
Some discussion was held over tho ques-
I (ton of changing the grades, but It was
i finally decided to let them remain as they
] now stand. Tire meeting adjourned to
I convene Sept. Ist or at the call of the otta.tr*
I man.
William J. O'Brien's Sudden Death at
the S. P. Depot
POMONA. Aug. 4.—Wm. J. O'Brien, a
stranger, who arrived in this city from
Badlands this morning, died from a violent
hemorrhage whilst watting at tho South
ern Pacific depot to take the afternoon
train to Los Angeles. O'Brien was a trav
eling representative of a consumption rem
At the meeting of tho city trustees Tues
day afternoon the city printing and ad
vertising for the coming year was awarded
to the Pomona Times.
A. C. Abbott, who has been for live years
past a clerk In tho grocery' house of C A.
Padham, has been taken Into partnership.
Red Cross Notes
Mrs. D. G. Stephens and Mrs. K. S.
Pattee went to San Francisco yesterday,
the latter to represent the Los Angeles di
vision of tho Red Cross ot the public meet
ing to be held in thHt eitytat the Instigation
of Judge Sheldon. Mrs. Stephens will also j
ascertain the necessities of tho men of the
Seventh regiment, who are expecting to be
sent to Manila, and look into other matters
pertaining to Red Cross work.
The constitution of the Red Cross State
associatlou. by which all local societies
are supposed to be governed, is in the
hands of the printer, and copies will be
ready for distribution next week it head
A box was shipped to the state head
quarters yesterday containing 68 Manila
caps, 47 eiderdowns, 10 handkerchiefs, 26
bandages, 5 towels, 34 pillow cases, 65 Hold
cases. 33 housewives, SO Sheets and litera
ture from Mrs. M. T. Boyd.
New members: Mmee. D. Gotthelf, Roh
ert N. Bulla, Harriet C. Wadlelgh, J. L.
Carlllo, Clara M. Preston, Misses Emma
Cleland, Beth, Brinoamps, Morris W.
Pensions and Patents
WASHINGTON. Aug. 2.—California pen
sions have been granted as follows:
Original—Wii'.iam B. Wollman, Stockton.
InTtase—Daniel J. West of Martinez. |il
to $S.
Original widow—Ella Joslyn of San Jose,
Mexican war widow—Grace Aram of San
Jose. $S.
Luther M. Sprecher of San Bernardino,
Cn!.. has been admitted to practice as an at
torney for claimants before the interior de
California patents have been Issued as
Augusta B. Frlel of Los Angeles, dress or
garment form.
Conrad Graf of Banning, preserved fruit
Jacob L. Huestls of Stockton, vegetable
William Merkle of Oakland, bread-cutting
Parton J. Parker and F. G. Cross of San
Francisco, pipe-bending machine.
Terminal Trifles
TERMINAL ISLAND. Aug. 4.—Boating,
yachting, rishing and bathing comprise the
daily pastimes of the sunrmerers here.
The California tish canning establish
ment Is kept busy these days tilling orders.
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Sumner gave a
launch party to friends yesterday.
Miss Clara Bosbyshell entertained a
number of young ladles yesterday with a
Members of the Presbyterian church of
Boyle Heights are picnicking here today.
Miss Lou Winder. Mis* Hyrd Chanslor of
Los Angeles and Miss Edith Newell of
Oakland are guests of Mrs. Sales at Idle
sales cottage.
Miss Jessie York went to Catalina today
to remain a week.
Could Not Come to Court
Justice Owens continued the trial of
Mrs. M. R. Glovlnoe, charged with disturb
ing the peace, until the 19th Inst. .1. A.
Henderson claimed that she camped in the
house he had rented to her and had re
fused to leave. Deputy Constable Mugnemi.
who had been sent to Investigate why the
defendant was not in court, reported that
she had Informed him she could not move.
She had fallen down anil In proof of this
displayed a badly swollen limb to the
blushing officer, who bled him? If to the
nearest horse trough und bathed his
fevered brow.
Stole Salt
A complaint was sworn to by Mrs. J. W.
S. Perry charging Richard McKenna (col
ored), Philip Kold. Levi Palmer and Irwin
Ferry (white) with having committed bur
glary on the premises of the Crystal Rock
Salt and Mining company, on Santa Fe ave
nue, July Cist. She clnims that they stole
$2 worth of telephone slugs and 00 cents
worth of salt. The white boys say they
had nothing to do with the theft and place
the blame upon McKenna.
Settled Out of Court
The complaint against George Potter,
ch.-rged by Horace Ewlng with attempting
to beat a board bill, was dismissed in Jus
t,ce Ovens' court yesterday, on motion of
the district attorney, as the friends of Pot
ter settled the case outside of cotirt by pay
ing the $13.r,5 which Kwing claimed Pott9r
was Indebted to him.
Fresh Air Excursion
The Terminal Railway company has
plnoeel a free train at the disposal of a
committee having In charge- a fresh air
excursion for the children of Los Angeles
to Terminal Island. The train will start
at 5:4.3 this morning from the First street
dopot. The numbpr will be limited to 300.
Fell Off the Car
George Gann of 942 Georgia Bell street
fell from an electric car shortly before mid
night last evening at the corner of Fourth
and Spring streets. He was partially
stunned and sustained some bruises. Dr.
Hagan attended him at the re ceiving hos
What virtue there is in
bare cleanliness!
Pears' soap does nothing
but cleanse, it has no medi
cal properties; but it brings
the color of health, and
health itself. Give it time.
Swell Function in Preparation for the
Coming Winter—San Franciscans
Will Participate
A novel nnd attructtve entertainment will
be held in Los Angeles during the coming
winter. Tho Horse Show association of
Southern California is rapidly completing
its plans for the tlrst annual exhibition. It
is proposed to make this exhibition a swell
function and to run It upon the same gen
eral lines as the famous horse show of New
York. Already many of the society peopi« In
this city have signed the subscription list
of boxes, which entitles the holders to from
four to six seats In tftch box for the entire
season of four days and two or more per
formances each day.
There will be exhibited all classes of
horses—'trotters, runners, driving horses,
ponies, trick horses, hookneys, cobs and
draught. Besides these special fea
| tures will be introduced. such as
a floral day. polo playing rough
riding, '.he tire drill, coach driving,
hurdle riding, etc. Cups and money prist s
to tho extent of several thousand dollars
will be offered by the association for the
best horses in each class, as well as for the
best equipages and performances of driving
I and riding.
Horses will be entered for competition
from all the adjacent cities and towns, at
well as from Santa Barbara, San Jose nnd
San Francisco. From the latter city many
line roaches and other equipages have al
ready been promised, it being the intention
to discontinue the horse show for this sea
son, at least, in San Francisco. This will
give an opportunity to the society people
and horse owners of that place to have h
change of scene and climate by coming to
Los Angeles to make exhibits, as well as to
display thell skill ut riding and driving.
M. S. Severance, the president of fh. as
sociation, and M. B, Wooster are the orig
inators of the idea of holding the meeting
in this city, and thus far th°y have met
with much BUCCcess and voluntary co-op
eration from the loading citizens.
Fiesta park will probably be selected as
the most desirable site for the exhibition.
Plans are now being drawn for th. I.ok-s
and seating arrangements. In the center
of the park will be the arena, of ellptical
shape and about 200 feet in length by 80
feet ln width, where equine sports may b
Indulged in. Surrounding this Is to bo ft
promenade which separates the boxes and
the arena. Bock of this will be the seats,
over which will be awnings and decora
tions. The offices of the association are to
be in the Byrne, building, whore all infor
mation as to boxes, seats, entry blanks, etc..
will be given.
An Ex-Police Officer and a Deputy
Constable Clash
3. O. Richardson, formerly a police offlcpr.
was arrested yesterday afternoon by De
puty Constable Mugnemi on a charge nf in
terfering with an officer. The trouble was
the outcome of an attempt of Mugnemi *o
replevin some furniture which Mrs. Rich
ardson had partially paid for.
Mrs. Richardson conducts a 'edging
house at 148 West Jefferson street, and pur
chased some furniture from the. Southern
California Furniture company. She stiii
owed ¥24.45. A suit was begun against her
In Justice Morrison's court yesterday and
a writ of replevin issued. Mugnemi went to
serve this document, in company with th.
driver for the furniture company. When
he reached the house Richardson met htm
and said that Mrs. Richardson was not at
home. The officer replied that he was
armed with a legal document and he had
the right to serve the paper. Richardson
demurred ami forced the officer out of th-v
house, claiming that, as Mrs. Richardson
was absent, the writ could not be served.
Mugr.eml then said he would place Richard
son under arrest for interfering with an
Richardson, according to the officer, re
sisted, and they had a tussle on the porch.
The driver took a hand, ln the fracas, and
Mrs. M.arch.ant. a daughter of Richardson,
attacked the driver and gave him a severe
thrashing and scratching. On the other
hand. Richardson claims he did not strug
gle hard and that Mrs. Marchant was
shoved aside by the driver and her arm
badly bruised. Richardson was taken to
the station and released during the evening
on ball. Deputy Constables Mugnemi and
Tom Quinn later returned to complete serv
ing the paper, but Mrs. Richardson paid
the jud-gment and costs, and thus part of
the trouble Is settled.
A. Ohmcyer Says He Would Not Be
A. Ohmeyer, dog trainer nr.ri fancier, was
nrr.sted last evening by Officer Sparks.
Julius yon Haeht, a tamale vendor and dog
fancier, swore to the complaint again?!
Ohmeyer. According to the letter's state
ment, he has been training and running
dogs at tho Agricultural park coursing for
some months past. He has ln his kennel a
dog named Fleetfoot. Two weeks ago,
when the drawings for the roursinlg were
made, Fleeetfoot drew with The Ghost.
Yon Hncht owns Doneaster, and this dog
drew with San.a Ana Boy. Fleetfoot and
Doncaater were easily the best ln thc:r
events. Ohmeyer claims that Julius came
to him and suggested that, as Fleetfoot was
sure to defeat Doneaster in the second ties
and would be a hot favorite, it would be an
excellent idea for Ohmcyer to dope Fleeet
foot and allow Doneaster to win. The own
ers could back Doneaster and thus make
a wad of money. Ohmeyer refused to be
come a party to such a proceeding.
Later Yon Hacht. so Ohmeyer says, tried
to bribe a friend of his to dope Fleetfoot.
On Thursday of last week Ohmeyer
| brought charges against Yon Hacht before
the coursitig club. a,nd last Tuesday the
charges were considered. Subsequently
! both men were Intoxicated In the Orpheum
i Annex saloon. Ohmeyer says he saw Julius
and started for him. He does not remem
ber what he called him or said to him, as
he was drunk. Julius claims OhmeyeT
threatened to kill him.
Northern Wheelmen Touring Southern
California—Furman Training
W. McClintock of Elsinore is ln the
city for the purpose of participating In the
Santa Monica road race given by Dave
Burke next Sunday. McClintock is the
guest of F. Y. Pearne.
"Long Bill" Furman and "Joe" Stamps
started training yesterday (or the races at
Riverside September 9th. Furman hones
to secure a return match from Shoemaker
on that date.
Tho Orient sextet will be sent to River
side and vicinity soon. Manager Post has
received the rt»ar sprocket and is selecting
v team to ride the big wheel.
Capt. Shedd of the Acme wheelmen of
San Francisco nrrlved here several days
ago on a wheeling trip. Ho reports tho
roads to be In good condition. On Monday
h« rode to San Bernardino and will take ln
San IMogo before returning north. He ex
pects to make the trip back on a train.
A Missing Boy
Henry Herrlmnn. aged 16 years, sent
word to his father yesterday afternoon
that he was going to the beach to help a
fisherman haul his catch, to the city. The
boy failed to state to which beach he intend
ed going, and naturally his parents became
worried about him. Inquiry at the corner
of Second and Main streets disclosed that
young Herriman was thought to have
started ln the company of a man known
ns the "crazy fisherman." The boy wore a
blue suit, tan shoes and straw hat, is S feet
', Inches in height, and has black hair. His
father, at 2144 Wall street, fs anxious for
some traco of him.
News From Ponce
PONCE. Aug. 4. via St. Thomas, Aug. 4 —
Last night a scouting party under Major
Heed of the Sixteenth Pennsylvania was
fired upon by a Spanish outpost between
Junanua Diaz and Coamo, The fire was
returned, and it is believed that one Span
iard was wounded.
The transport Roumanian, which went
aground at Ouanlca, has been iloated and
the four batteries of artillery havo dis
embarked. No wonl has been received as
to the progress of disembarkation at Ar
Knocked Her Down
While crossing Central avenue, netfr
Thirty-ninth street, Tuesday evening, Mrs.
Wm. Mudden of 3"l Welcome street was
knocked down by a team which was racing
with another rig. She was rendered un
conscious for awhile, but revived after be
ing taker, to her home. The driver of the
r;g did not stop to investigate the extent
of the woman's injuries. Mrs. Maddens
husband was recently Injured by being
thrown iff an oil wagon.
Cervera's Visit
BALTIMORE, Md., Aug. 4.—Admiral
Cervera, accompanied by his son. Lieuten
ant Cervera. both of whom have- been pris
oners of war at the Naval academy, An
napolis, for several weeks, passed through
Baltimore today, en route for Fort Monroe,
Norfolk and Newport News. The admiral
received special permission from the navy
department to go to Fort Monroe to visit
Spanish officers who are under medical
treatment there. Ho may extend his visit
to New Xork.
Homely May Fox
May Fox, the Abimeda-street cyprlan,
was before Justice Owens yesterday on a
charge of disturbing the peace. May swore
at Officer Bob Stewart and abused him In a
shocking manner because she thought he
was waxing sarcastic at the expense of her
homely face. The court found her guilty
and fined her $.10 or 30 days. May produced
•he fine and was allowed to go and Bin some
Calaveras Democrats
SAN ANDREAS. Aug. 4.—The Democrat
ic county central committee of Calaveras
ecninty has appointed the following dele
gates to the state convention:
San Andreas. Ceorge C. Graves; Mokel
umne Hill, Thomas E. McSorley; Jenny
Llnd, Frank Brown; Murphya, George J.
Avery; Angels Camp. Thomas Fullen: at
large. W. K. Dean, P. H. Kean, A. W. Gar
rard, H. A. Messenger.
A Missing Dollar
Joseph Mastachio swore to a complaint
yesterday charging John Doe, Chinese, with
petty larceny. Mastachio claims that the
Chinese was employed at the corner of
Sixteenth and San Pedro streets, and after
the heathen had left he found that a dollar
had been taken from his room. He thinks
:he Chinese took the money.
Italy's Little War
LONDON, Aug. 4.—The Rome corres
pondent nf the Standard says: Italy hav
ing notified the United States of her inten
tion to land a military force somewhere in
Colombia in default nf compliance with her
demands in connection with the Cerrutl
claim, the American government replied,
recognizing Italy's full right to do so and
expressing the hope of a peaceful solution.
San Diego to the Front
SAN DIEGO. Aug. 4.—The Red Cross
society of San Diego will s a nd a carload of
lemons to the soldiers who are suffering
with fever at Santiago. While th" fruit is
to be donated by the generous growers and
Shippers of this section, it will be trans
ported at the expense of Miss Helen Gould
of New York. The cur will leave next
Very Important News
BERLIN, Aug. 4.—Emperor William,
while visiting a picture exhibition today
to Inspect those Intended for the Gorman
embassy in Homo, expressed an intention
tc go to Rome next year to Inaugurate the
hanging of the canvasses.
The Soldier Vote
OAKLAND, Aug. 4.—Some of the soldiers
at camp flarrett being desirous of enrolling
themselves on the great register of Alame
da county. County Clerk Jordan ha? asked
Attorney General Fitzgerald for an opin
ion on the matter. There are nearly 1300
voter? at the camp, most of them being cit
izens of the state.
Teachers' Association
DUNSMUIR, Aug. 4.—The Northern Cal
ifornia Teachers' association, having com
pleted Its work, adjourned, to meet at Chtco
the llrst week In December. C. M. Hitter
of the Chlco state normal school was elect
ed president, to succeed G. H. Stout.
Third Ward Maguire Club
The Third ward Maguire club met at
their rooms In the Henne block last even
ing. The accommodation provided was not
large enough for the attendance and a
move was made to the adjoining hall. Sev
eral interesting speeches were made.
Nevills Still III.
SAN FRANCISCO. Aug. 4.—On account
of the dangerous illness of Captain NevlUs,
his examination before United State? Com
mlpstoner Heacock on a charge ut sending
obscene matter through the malls has been
postponed until August 19.
Death of R. W. Lemme
ST. HELENA. Aug. 4.—Rudolph W.
Lemme, a prominent vitioulturist of the
Nnpa valley, died at his home near here
last night of heart failure.
Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder for the feet.
It cures painful, swollen, smarting, ner
vous feet and Instantly takes the sting out
of corns and bunions. It's the greatest
comfort discovery of the age. Allen's Foot-
Ease makes tight or new shoes feel easy.
It Is a certain cure for sweating, callous
and hot, tired, aching feet. Try It today.
Sold by all druggists and shoe stores. By
mall for 23c In stamps. Trial package
FREE. Address, Allen 8. Olmsted, Leßoy,
N. Y.
I have had occasion to mention before (he
presence in this city of Capt. Yon Falk, a
Hussion of considerable ability, who de
votes what time he can from teaching to
literature, and with marked success. In
the August number of the Owl Is one of his
stories. The scone Is laid tn his native
province of Esthonla, a region which Is
probably less known than the central por
tion of Afrtcu, and he hus Imbued the tale
with the traditions, poetry and the spirit of
the people and region. It is written with 3
skill In language that is nothing less than
remarkable for a foreigner, not an error of
Judgment or construction being found. The
sketch Is an unpretentious bit of work, but
the way In which the characters are drawn
and the motif developed shows that the au
thor has exceptional talent. Justifying the
high opinion his friends have always had of
his artistic qualities.
o o o
"I never was but ln one railway acci
dent." said .lohnny Qalfey recently, when
some people were discussing the Wlnslow
wreck on the Santa Fe. "and that was
many years ago on the Sun Francisco train,
Just as we were coming into this city. Our
car left the track and those behind crashed
Into us, cutting off the rear of our car as if
It had been shorn with a razor. Col. Baker
was sitting in the smoking compartment,
with Std Laoy opposite to him. Sid was
nodding, with his head down, when :he
crash came, and he was suddenly fired as if
from a catapult, hi* head striking right Into
the colonel's stomach. Wow! Then there
was trouble. The colonel did not reallg*
what had occurred and h- wanted to make
the state ot California, at Its thirty-sec
ond session beginning on the Fourth day
of January. A. D. 1597, two-thirds of all
the members elected to each of the two
house of said legislature voting in favor
thereof, proposed the following described
amendments to the Constitution of the
state of California, to-wit:
Amendment Number One.
(Being Senate Constitutional Amendment
No. 41.)
A resolution to propose to the people of
the state of California an amendment to
section eighteen of article eleven of the
Constitution, ln relation to revenue alio
taxation, by which it is proposed to amend
said section to read as follows:
Section 18. No county, city, town, town
ship, board of education or school district
shall incur any indebtedness or liability In
any manner or for any purpose exceed
ing in any year the income and revenue
provided for It for such year, without the
assent of two-thirds of the qualified elec
tors thereof, voting at an election to be
held for that purpose, nor unless before,
or at the time, of Incurring such Indebted
ness, provision shall be marie for the col
lection of an annual tax sufficient to pay
the interest on such indebtedness as It falls
due. and also provision to constitute a
sinking fund for the payment of the prin
cipal thereof on or before maturity, which
shall not exceed forty years from tho time
of contracting the same; provided, howev
er, that the city and county of San Fran
cisco may at any time pay the unpaid claims
with Interest thereon for materials fur
nished to and work done for said city and
conntv during the forty-third and forty
fourth fiscal years .out of the income and
revenue of any succeeding year or years;
provided that any and all claims for mak
ing, repairing, altering or for any work done
upon or for any material furnished for, any
street, lane .alley, court, place or sidewalk,
or for the construction of any sewer or
sewers In said city and county are hereby
excepted from the provisions ot this sec
tion; and in determining any claim per
mitted to be paid by this section, no stat
ute of limitations shall apply in any man
ner; and provided further, that the city of
Vallejo, in Solano county, may pay its ex
isting indebtedness incurred in the con
struction of its water works, whenever two
thirds of the electors thereof, voting at an
election held for that purposi . shall so de
cide Any Indebtedness or liability incurred
contrary to this provision, with the excep
tion hereinbefore recited, shall be void.
Amendment Number Two.
(Being Senate Constitutional Amendment
No. 10.)
A resolution proposing to the people of
the state of California an amendment to the
Constitution of the state, by adding a new
section, to be known and designated a.« sec
tion seven and one-half, article eleven
thereof, providing for the framing by the
Inhabitants of counties, of local county
government acts for their own government.
The said proposed new section to read as
Suction 7»4. The inhabitants of any
county may frame a county government
act for their own government, relating to
the mutters herlnafter specified, and con
sistent with and subject to the Constitution
and laws nf this state, by causing a board
of fifteen freeholders, who have been, for
at least five years, qualified electors of
such county, to be elected by the qualified
electors,of such county, at any general or
special election, whose duty it shall be
within ninety days after such election, to
prepare and propose a county government
act for such county, which shall be signed
In duplicate by the members of such board,
or a majority of them, and returned, one
copy thereof to the board of supervisors
or other legislative body of such county,
and the other copy to be sent to the re
corder of deeds of the county. Such
proposed county government act shall
then be published In two papers of general
circulation ln such county, or If there be
not two such papers, then In one only, for
at least twenty days, and within not less
than thirty days such publication it
shail be submitted to the qualified electors
of such county, at a general or special elec
tion, and If a majority of such qualified
electors voting thereon shall ratify the
same, it shall thereafter be submitted to
the legislature for Its rejection or appro
val, as a whole, without power of altera
tion or amendment, and if approved by a
majority of the members elected to each
house. It shall be the county government
act of such county, and shall in such case
become the organic law thereof and super
sede any existing county government act
and all' amendments thereof, and all spe
cial laws inconsistent with such county
government act.
A copy of such county government act
certified by the president of the board of
supervisors or oth: r legislative body of
such county, and authenticated by the seal
of such county, setting forth the submission
of such county government act to the elec
tors and its ratification by them, shall be
made in duplicate and deposited, one In
the office of the secretary of state, the
other, after being recorded in the office
of the recorder of deeds ln the county
among the archives of the county.
All courts shall take judicial notice there
of. The county government act so ratified
may be amended at intervals of not less
than two years, by proposals therefor
submitted by the legislative authority of
the county, to the qualified electors thereof
at a general or special election held at least
forty days after the publication of such
proposals for twenty days ln a newspaper
!of general circulation in such county, and
ratitled by at least three-fifths of the qual
ified electors voting thereon, and approved
In submitting any such county government
Witness my hand and the Great Seal of the State of California the day and
year herein first above written.
Attest: j Governor.
Secretary of State.
It a personal matter with Sid right away,
while Laoy was so knocked out that he
could not intelligibly explain for some
time that the act was not of his own voli
tion. 1 huve been In some pretty lively
conventions and primaries, but I never since
have felt quite so sorry that I was not ln
some other place as on that occasion."
o o o
Manager Fred Truett of the Associated
Press has returned from San Frunelsoo,
looking a little pale, but rejuvenated by
his rest und the quiet time he had there.
Ho was taken out for a drive to the park
while there by Eugene Bert and some other
friends, .and was shown all the new sights.
As he did not want to let them realize that
he was Jay from being out of town for so
long, he paid little attention to the objects
pointed out to him, merely remnrklng as
they passed: "Oh, yes; that all right. I
read all about that In the papers some time
ago." This was done with the loyal Idea
of Impressing the people up there thnt
nothing of any consequence happened any
where that the I,os Angeles folks failed to
lonrn of. Finally the carriage passed the
lodge in tho park. "Say, Fred," said nert.
"there's the new lodge. It wns built to
take the place of the one that was burred,
down last winter." "Of course," replied
Truett. "I remember reading about that
fire a: the time It happened." There was a
derisive roar from his companions nnd they
did not pay for a thing the rest of the day.
It was the same old lodge; there had never
been any fire, and Fred lost hi? reputation
at one fell swoop. To hear this story as It
should be told, ask f.ouls Vetter to recite it.
First Spanish Transport
BT. PIERRE, Martinique, Aug. 4.— The
Spanish hospHal ship Alicante snilrcl for
Santiago this morning tinder a lafe con
duct Higiud by Consul Part. Sht will con
approval of the county government act.
In submittig any such county government
act any alternative article or proposition
may be presented for the choice of the vot
ers, and may be voted on separately with
out prejudice to others.
It shall be competent in all county gov
ernment acts framed under the authority
given by this section, to provide for the
manner In which, the times at which, and
the terms for which the several township
and county officers, other than Judges of
the superior court, shall be elected or ap
pointed; for their compensation; for the
number of such officers; for the consolida
tion or segregation of offices; for the num
ber of deputies that each officer shall have,
ami for the compensation payable to each
of such deputies; for the manner in which
the times In which, and the terms for which
tlu- members of all boards of election shall
be elected or appointed; and for the con
stitution, regulation, compensation and
government of such boards, and of thoir
c. rks and attaches: also, to prescribe the
manner and method by which all elections
by the people shall be conducted; and may
ln addition determine the tests and condi
tions upon which electors, political parties
and organizations may participate In any
primary election.
Whenever any county has. In the manner
and me tliod herein pointed out, adopted any
county government act, and the same shall
have boon approved by the legislature as
aforesaid, the directions of sections four
and live of this artlele providing for the
uniformity of i system of county govern
ments throughout the state, and likewise
providing for the election and appointment
of off icers, and the regulation of their com
pensation, shall not apply. Said county
government act shall, as to any of file
matters hereinabove provided for and de
clared by such county government act,
not be subject to any law or amendment
enacted by the legislature, except by
amendment llrst submitted to the electors
and ratilied In the manner hereinabove set
Amendment Number Three
(Being Senate Constitutional Amendement
No. 44.)
A resolution proposing to the people of
the state of California an amendment to
the Constitution of the state, by adding a
new section, to be known and designated as
section five and one-half, article six, there
by providing fnr the organization of a
court, to be known as the court of claims.
The saltl proposed new section to read as
Section 514. The court of claims shall
consist of any three judges of the superior
court, who may be requested by the gov
ernor to hold court at the regular terms
thereof. Tile court of claims shall have ex
clusive Jurisdiction t., hear and determine
all claims of every kind and character
against the state, under such laws as may
bp passed by the leglslature, and its Judg
ment thereon shall be final. The terms of
the court of claims shall bs held as follows:
In the city of Los Angeles commencing on
the second Monday of March;
In the city and county of San Francisco,
commencing on the second Monday in July,
In the city of Sacramento, commencing
on the second Monday of November of each
The Judges holding such term of court
shall receive no extra compensation there
for, but shall receive their actual expenses,
to he paid out of the general fund of the
state treasury. The legislature shall enact
all laws necessary to organize such court,
to provide the procedure thereof and to
carry out the provisions of this section.
Amendment Number Four.
(Being Assembly Constitutional Amend
ment No. 27.)
A resolution to propose to tho people of
the state of California an amenriemnt to
the Constitution of the state, amending ar
ticle eleven, by adding a new section there
to, to be known as section number rive and
one-half, relating to consolidated city and
county governments. The said proposed
new section to read as follow?:
Section 3H- The provisions of section
four and live of this article shall not, nor
shall any legislation passed pursuant there
to apply to any consolidated city and
county government, now existing or here
after formed, which shall havo become, or
shall become organized under section seven
or srecure a charter under section eight oi
this article.
Amendment Number Five.
(Being Senate Constitutional Amendement
No. 36.)
A resolution to propose to the people of
the state of California an amendment of
section Bfteen and section sixteen of article
live of the Constitution of the state of Cali
fornia, by which it Is proposed to amend
stilil sections to read as follows:
Section 13. A lieutenant governor shall
be elected at the same time and place and
in the same manner as the governor, and
his term of office and his qualifications
shall be the same. He shall be president
of the senate, but shall only have a cast
ing vote therein.
Section 10. In case of the Impeachment
of the governor, or his removal from office
death, inability to discharge the powers'
and duties of his office, resignation, or ab
sence from the state, the powers and duties
of the office shall devolve upon the lieuten
ant governor for the residue of the term
or until the disability shall cease. Ami
should the lieutenant governor be im
p-ached, displaced, resign, die, or become
Incapable of performing the duties of his
office, or be übsent fr.om the state, the,
president pro tempore of the senate shall
act as governor until the vacancy in the
office of governor shall be filled at the next
general election when members of the leg
islature shall be chosen, or until such dis
ability of the lieutenant governor shall
cease. In case of a vacancy in the office
vey some of the Spanish prisoners back to
Fair Ground Attached
SAN JOSE, Aug. 4.—The fair grounds
and Improvoments. the property of the
Santa Clnra Valley Agricultural society,
were today attached by W. C. Andrews,
under a suit brought to recover $7818, on
three promissory notes.
Grant's Brigade
NEWPORT NEWS, Va., Aug. 4.—A part
of General Grant's brigade is on the way
to Porto Rico. Tho transport Hudson sailed
at daylight this morning with the Third
battalion nnd half of the Second battalion
of the Fourth Kentucky regiment.
No one knows better than the millionaire
father why his daughter's lordly husband
Is called "his highness."
Tutt's Pills
Cure All
Liver Ills,
Arrest disease by the timely use ol
Tutt's Liver Pills, an eld and favor*
ite remedy of increasing popularity,
Always cures
sour stomach, malaria, indigestion,
torpid liver, constipation, and all
bilious diseases.
nf governor for any of the reasons above
named, and neither the lieutenant governor
nor the president pro tempore of the senate
shall succeed to the powers and duties of
governor, then the powers and duties of
luch nfflre shall devolve upon the speaker
if the assembly, until the office of governor
shall bS tilled at such general election.
Amendment Number Six
(Being Assembly Constitutional Amend
ment No. 38.)
A resolution to propose to the people of
the state of California an amendment to
section six, article nine, of the Constitution
of the state of California, relating to gram
mar schools by which It is proposed to
amend said section to read as follows:
Section t>. The public school system sha.li
Include primary and grammar schools, and
such high schools, evening schools, normal
schools and technical schools as may be es
tablished by the legislature or by municipal
or district authority, but the entire rev
enue derived from the state school fund,
and the state s:hooI tax, shall be applied
exclusively to the support of primary and
grammar schools. Grammar schools shall
include schools organized in a school dis
trict, or union of school districts, having
more than one thousand Inhabitants, In
which a course of study shall be taught
which will prepare pupils to enter the ag
ricultural, mining, or scientific department
Df the University of California.
Amendment Number Seven
(Being Assembly Constitutional Amend
ment No. 34.)
A resolution to propose to the people of
the state of California an amendment to
section two of article four of the Consti
tution, ln relation to sessions of the legisla
ture, by which it is proposed to amend
said section to read as follows:
Section 2. The sessions of thj legislature
shall commence at twelve oclock meridian
on the llrst Monday after the tirst day cf
January next succeeding the election of its
members, and shall be biennial unless the
governor shall ln the interim convene the
legislature by proclamation. The legisla
ture shall then remain in session for twen
ty-live days, after which it must adjourn to
some date not less than thirty nor more
than sixty days from the time of adjourn
ment. If the two houses fail to agree upon
j time at which they will resume their ses
sion, the governor shall, by proclamation,
lix a date for such reconvening, which shall
be within the limits above prescribed. Upon
reassembling the legislature shall complete
Its session. No pay shall be allowed to
members for a longer period than seventy
live days, and no bills shall be introduced
in either house except at the first twenty
live days of the session, without the con
sent of three-fourths of the members
NOW, THEREFORE, Pursuant to the
provisions of the Constitution, and an act
nf the legislature of the state of California,
entitled "An act to provide for the submis
sion of proposed amendments to the Con
stitution of the state of California, to the
qualified electors for their approval," ap
proved March 7, A. D. ISB3, the above de
scribed proposed amendments are hereby
published and advertised to be voted upon,
\>v ballot, by the qualified electors of th»
state, al the election to be held throughout
this state on
Tuesday, November 8, A. D. 1898.
The said proposed amendments are to b»
separately voted upon in manner and form
is follows:
Each ballot used at such election must
contain written or printed thereon the fol
lowing words, whereupon the voter may
express his choice as provided by law:
Amendment Number One, being Sen
ate Constitutional Amendment No.
41, (exempting certain claims against
the city and county of San Francisco
and the existing Indebtedness of the
city of Vallejo for the construction
of Its water works from the provls-<
ions of the Constitution requiring
such claims to be paid from the in
come and revenues of the year In No
which they were Incurred.)
For the amendment?
Amendment Number Two, being, Sen
ate Constitutional Amendment No. yei
10 (providing for framing local countyJ _
government acts, by inhabitants oft No
counties for th»ir government.)
For the amendment?
Amendment NumberThree,being Sen- '
ate Constitutional Amendment No. 44
(providing for the creation of a court
of claims to determine claims Yes
agalnFt the state, and to conrlst of 1 —
three superior Judges designated by No
the governor, to serve without extra
For the amendment?
Amendment Number Four, being As- (
semblv Constitutional Amendment
No. 37 (Exempting consolidated clt
les and counties, organized or to beJ Yes
organized, or holding i charter un.] —
der the Constitution, from certain No
legislation In relatlos to counties.)
For the amendment ? I
Amendment Number Five, being As-f
iembly Constitutional Amendment
No 30 (relating to office of governor,/
providing for succession thereto in "«
certairTeases and removing dtsabtl- ~
Uv of lieutenant governor from hold- I N »
ing other office during term.)
For the amendmint. I
Amendment Num.icr Six being As-f
17-mblv Constit.tional Amendment Yes
No 3S (relating to and defining gram-./
mar schools.) No
Seven, being As
eSml IV Constitutional Amendment
No ' 4 (providlis for adjournment of Yes
leSslature for not less than thirty/ —
nor more then sixty days during No

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