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unknown ANS FOR unknown ON
— J
f —
• to Nominate lipwii Can-
Joint Central Imtnlt-
Steets This Af t*<xm
in committee s*cted to ar
apportlonment k the* union
>'~ consisting oflDiniocrutlc
J. H. Melville,/rank Reese,
I. M. Baker, Gdrgi Roberts,
Hills; PopullstfW S. Mont
.J. Spinks, Drit. Curran,
or and M. M. jttcttlynn; Sll
(dlcan, W. C. iPeichner, D.
. William Rorfmd, IJ. S. G.
L. M. Holt, hive been in ex
(sslon for severll dtys, settling
mary plan ol tie city cam
'l apportionment 'f offices,
pht the comml/tef formally or-
electing L.'M Holt chalr
| W. L. Montgomery secretary,
ding was entire!f harmonious,
Ie all the busimfcs transacted
i given out for Publication, the
report was agretU upon, which
.übmltted to the.jllnt meeting of
futive committee! of the Demo-
Popullst and Siller Republican
which is to bellld at the Silver
scan club room«|at 3 this after-
The report res* as follows:
executive comrallees of the city
il committees sflthe Democrat
,'pulist and Hllv rite-publican par
nnll, for the pui Ipses of this plan,
ie themselves ito a committee
h whole, and id ill have authority
te all steps requ red to be taken to
this plan Into tffeet. Said com
e of the whole hall equitably ap
pn the delegates to the convention
in contemplated among the par
hereto. '
Ie delegates she™assemble in the
* auditorium, bufleach party here
nall be allotted afortlon of the hall
•t by Itself. ff
eh party shall sfrarately organize
selecting a chalfnan, a secretary,
>mmlttee on crelpntlals. composed
■such number a;Bt shall see fit, a
mltteo on orele W>< business, to be
Iposed of three ■rsons, and a com
tee on platforng Ind resolutions, to
composed of thr'"persons,
ach party sha bills. > transact such
er business as ; lertalns to Its sep
t>rgnnlzatlon,fafter which a re
i shall l>e take! during which the
•.mlttees shall p fform their work,
he credentials rommlttee of each
'v shall work '§>parately. and each
f shall be thelludge of the right of
-lembers to a i tat.
Ie committee cl platform and reso-
O 1 uns and on order of business of each
Vty shall unite with the similar com
nltee from the other parties, anrl to-
Jh»r they shall perform the wcrk
■al to such committees.
Ifter recess the) credentials eommlt
aishall mnke Its report to its party;
//leafter the convention shall con-
IgJe as a whole, [and shall organize by
/LJ election of thlo usual officers,
lb the convention as a whole shall be
jflrie the reporljl of the committee oni
■"ordTr- of business;
indfl also t m% ort of the fusion com
mittee, op d by other authority.
Tajhe cor nn shall then, proceed to
.rarlry out,, LW convention of the whole,
the! order
line paiVto which any office shall
hayo beetß/ var ded shall have the sole
privilege Bplacing' In nomination per
sons for B"h office, but the persons
'thus norrßited shall be voted upon
Ipy the eilßc convention, and the per
-I*o* secunjla two-thirds majority shall
vde-KdaiiW the nominee.
Vfter nlMnominatlons are made, the
larllps sBl resolve themselves Into
Anventiors, and separately
noSlinateJhe' ticket ns an entirety;
| thty rtn Br~r~'r*i~it-'*r dhocee aniaud
' King comljlttfe, to consist of one SII-
I rer Repuncan, two Populists and two
Prom tlbe above it will be seen that
ie coming union convention ln this
ty will If a mass convention, and con
'quentlyl the men selected will be the '
i tolce ofls majority of the three parties
limposinK the union party,
lis Is especially urged that every com
|itteemr!n on the executive committees
I the union parties be present this aft
rrnoon, as npiiortionment of offices be
iveen the parties will be the order of
uslness after the adoption of the plan
f organization.
The date of holding the city conven
lon will be a vexed question. Upon 1
his subject the committeemen are di
ided. Certain candidates are urging
in early convention, while others are
avoring a late date. The latter prefer
ence stvins to be the strongest at pres- i
mt, as there ls a disposition evidenced •
>y thelmajority to make haste slowly in I
(electing a ticket. I
The V, M. 0. A. and Its Educational
1 Work
"Lesims at Night" ls tho title of the
folder Y nnoun(,ln X the eighth successive
BeasoHbf the educational classes of the
Younl '.Men's Christian association. As
usual'Jthe list is an attractive one for the
man fho has or can make time for even
ing work.
'Ihe studies are divided Into business,
language, industrial and scientific nnd mu
sical branches. They Include arithmetic,
bookkeeping, penmanship, shorthand,
*I ,a h, oratory, artistic or free
ly han nec hanilca'l drawing, archl
| tectr, electricity, hygiene nnd
I flrstted; mining, vocal music,
■o ban, guitar and orchestral
fi - rmiHhe studies offered condl
■f tion„, zither, French, a band
|f anddub for advanced singers,
al Tbejieg are conditional upon
§i ther c | e „t number of entries.
II Anjers are Wm. H. Wagner
O an(l . who have been connect
£ Jy ed vtment since Its Inception,
II anil lane, Mrg L E Q ar(len .
Fl M au ibler, F. L. Fuller, J. P.
| IDuPh. Mead, who have been
llniitifio to four years in the
t b Aos»o, Among the new teach
lanr rS Pe * lra ' an experienced
£ pl lns,l Ul have charge of the
Ri'rtrP as ' t!c ' book-keeping, pen
-1 In Spanish. Warren
waif' '' erlcncecl teacher, will
Jlave, Moore of the firm of
iJi'-V" 11 " lnstruot ln archltec
reeulV 1 w ' p - Chambers will
Hi banjo, mandolin and
t, to spe> the newly appointed
|y dutJi Instructor In hygiene
§y, of, V- L - J - Stabler of the
W w ,'<rtruct the class In elec
■\ Chr
■ its department of associ
atlon work baa been a source of gratifica
Since the first class was organized ln tho
fall of 1891, there has been a steady growth
In the number of students and efficiency
of the work. Last year 274 men, ranging
ln age from 10 to 61 years, took ad
vantage of them. The number constitutes
a goodly-sized college, yet the committee
In charge hope for a larger number this
Professional and business men, skilled
mechanics and day laborers can each find
some study ln which to employ his sparo
moments upon. The fact that from sev
enty to a hundred different occupations
are represented among the students each
year shows that these opportunities are
The opening of classes this year will oc
cur on Thursday evening, October 6.
Lively Slugging Match at the Man
hattan Club
A good-sized crowd witnessed a light at
the Manhattan club lust night. In which
Ben Lewis of San Francisco and William
Kelly of San Bernardino were the stars.
They were to have gone 15 rounds for a de
cision, but Kelly wus no match for his col
ored opponent and threw up the spongo in
tho fifth round. Kelly has considerable
pluck, but he fought foully, and is, more
over, devoid of much knowledge of the
ring. He would rush Lewis repeatedly to
the ropes .and wrestle all over the ring
with him to prevent being knocked out.
"Kid" Parkc>r, svho acted as referee, had
probably the hardest task that has fallen
to his lot in a long time, since he had to pull
and tug at Kelly to compel him to release
his hold of Lewis. Once, In the third round,
Kelly became so angry that he kicked
Lewis on the calf of the leg, but no claim
was made, so the foul was allowed to pass
without the usual penalty. Lewis out
classed his opponent and had the better of
the fight throughout, hitting Kelly repeat
edly, but was considerably tired at the end,
on account of the rough-and-tumble tac
tics pursued by Kelly.
"Kid" Gallagher of this city and "Kid"
Harris of Ventura, a couple of kindergar
teners, furnished amusement for six
rounds. Charles Hill and Chris Schultz,
both of this city, were to have fought ten
rounds for a decision, to settle a personal
difficulty, but Hill threw up the sponge in
the third round on account of having dis
located his right thumb.
His Playmate, Machado, in the Coun
ty Jail, May Be Charged With
Con-ir.ier Campbell be 01 an inquest yes
terday afterrjoi in ar. San PecVro M there-'
matins of little Bdeiie Scihmldt, the bey who
ciied from tn* effects of a wound received
while t/laylrir with a DOJnpanHon', Richard'
Machado. Thi; Jury returned.! veirdlct that
tbe boy came to hifcj.-atlh from a gunshot
Wound inflicted by Richard Mach'aido. The
accidtent occurre'J 1 rwo weeks age ait San
ivdiro. The bey was shiot lirr UUa side of
tbe head, and was iin> a terrible condition
from tbe wour.tl.
Jil WAS repor.'cd that the Machado boy
hiadi Iri'.'erjtlonallly caustd the dfath of his
companion, but be cilalmied that the had
warned young SchmMt not to handle tn.e
weapoin, for It was old amd might explode,
Macbadc bus been kept Ir.'Jat'l, pending the
condition of Schmidt, but new tha,: his
pjaymare- is' dead, he will pnobaWy be ex
amined cm' this charge of murder.
FERNANDO, Sept. 30.—Mrs. H. C. Allen
has returned to Fernando from the sea
J. T. Willson and J. O. Jenifer attended
the meeting of the Democratic county cen
tral committee Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. G. K. Porter and Miss Es
telle Porter returned to Fernando from
Santa Cruz Monday.
Mrs. P. Nlblack and Miss Nina Niblack
have gone to Los Angeles to reside.
A very Interesting and Instructive
"School of Methods" was held at Fernan
do Thursday, under the auspices of the
W. C. T. U. Mrs. Lucy Blanchard of Los
Angeles presided at the day session and
Mrs. Boas In fhe evening. Miss Mary A.
Fisher of Los Angeles read a paper on
"Alcoholic Medication." Miss G. T. Stlck
ney delivered an able address on "What of
the Night?" which was well received.
Miss Helen Lawrence ls home again,
after a visit ln Los Angeles.
Mr. Colgrove and Miss Colgrove of Glen
rlale have returned home, after a short
visit with Mr. and Mrs. Ingham.
Duck and Quail Season
The duck and quail seasons open today,
and the various preserves in this vicinity
will bo the scene of many reunions. The
flight of ducks to the south has been very
heavy for this time of year, but quail prom
ise to bo very light. The San Joaquin club
will have a house warming today and a
large crowd expects to enjoy the shooting
over the Cerrltos club preserves. This club
has the Ronton lake Included in Its pre
serves, and the hunters feel confident of
finding a big supply of ducks. The A\\:\
club, near Ballona, will not have much
shooting until after the rainy season or
the Irrigation will have begun. Nigger
slough Is completely dried up, so the pot
hunter will have to look elsewhere for his
C. S. Moroney of Mojave is> In town.
Senator A. T. Currier ls ln from Spadra.
H. S. Montgomery and family have ar
rived from Topeka, Kon.
Charles Whitlow, a cattle man of Flor
ence, Ariz., is in the city.
F. W. Richardson, editor of the Times-
Index, was down from San Bernardino yes
Among those who registered nt New
York hotels Thursday were W. H. Wren
of Los Angeles ot the Broadway Central;
Mrs. A. Llbby of Pasadena at the Wal
dorf; D. S. Merwin and wife, Pasaneda, at
the Park Avenue.
Miss Nellie G. Crawley, daughter of the
well-known J. M. Crawley, formerly gen
eral agent here for the Southern Pacific
company, has opened a studio on Broad
way. Miss Crawley has studied portrait
painting, particularly the art of Ivory min
iature painting, for several years ln Eu
rope, meeting with great success.
Lieut. George Ij. McKeeby of Steere's
battery and Sergeant August C. F. Dee of
the quartermaster's department, Seventh
regiment, are down from the Presidio on
a furlough. Lieut. McKeeby ls looking
just as plump and healthy an when he used
to buck the line for the high school foot
ball team, but Sergeant Dee ls Just con
valescent from a bad attack of typhoid
Nimrods Return From Oregon—New
Teacher for the Overcrowded High.
School—Hobos Arrested
; PASADENA, Sept. 30.—(Office of The
Herald, 10 West Colorado street.) There
was another accident on the electric line
this morning, and, like the last one, it
appears to have been caused by the deaf
ness of the victim, who, ln spite of the loud
and continuous ringing of the bell, ran his
team straight into a car with disastrous
elTec.t. Allen L. Waddell of 149 South Los
Robles avenue was driving out of his prem
ises early this morning with a load of hay,
to which ho had hitched three mules
abreast. A South Loop car was coming
down the avenue at a moderate rate of
speed, and the motorman, seeing that
Waddell was driving down the track, rang
the gong vigorously, but the old gentleman
took no notice. The track was slippery
from the drizzling rain that fell for a short
time this morning, and it was impossible
to stop the car in time to prevent striking
the mules and overturning the load. Mr.
Waddell was thrown off the load, striking
on his back and bruising himself consider
ably, though he is not thought to be seri
ously hurt. One of the mules had to be
shot. The pole of the wagon ran a hole
through the side of the car and broke a
window, and when Motorman Webster and
Conductor Gllmore brought It downtown
It was rather a dilapidated affair. There
was but one passenger on the car at the
time tha accident occurred, a lady, and
she was not Injured In the least, though
somewhat frightened by the sudden stop.
Pasadena Brevities
Mayor George D. Panon and Will Davies
returned triumphant last night from their
Oregon hunting trip. They killed four
black bears and four deer and any quan
tity of small game. The Rough River
mountains, Ore., where they went, abound
In gamo of all sorts and furnished the
party with great sport.
Gardener Schluck complains that there
was a misstatement of facta ln this corre
spondence yesterday. Mr. Schluch says
that Justice rtossiter has not yet decided
his case, and claims that he had only been
paid one month's wages, having worked
eight days over that time.
The Primrose club held Its grand opening
ball at the Auditorium last night. Sehll
llnger's orchestra furnished excellent mv-
sic; colored waiters flitted about, answer
ing tho beck and call of guests and seeing
to their physical comfort, while the club
members, decked In their colors of pink and
white, made themselves a committee of
the whole to entertain their guests. Her
man Myer, the president, and Miss Delia
Clinch led the grand march.
The members of the Chautauqua literary
and scientific circles and their friends met
at the Y. M. C. A. rooms last night to ar
range the course of study for the winter.
Addresses upon the work were made by Dr.
Solon r.rlggs. Prof. A. 1.. Hamilton, Prof.
W. P. Hammond and Prof. A. H.
Collins. English literature and history
and "Walks and Talks ln the
Geological Field," by Prof. Wlnchell, will
be the subjects of study this winter. Vocal
and Instrumental selections closed the
Marengo circle, C. L, S. C, will meet ot
the home of Mrs. Johnston, 141 North Los
Robles, next Monday evening for the an
nual election of officers.
Tho W. C. T. IT. hcUd a meeting at the M.
E. church yesterday, at which Mrs. A.
Emmonson, with Mrs. Holt as alternate,
was electeel delegate to the woman's par
liament. A committee was appointed to
arrange for a reception to be tendered to
the honorary members of the Union at an
early dlate. October 28 will be observed as
a day of prayer for the national convention,
which Is to be held ln St. Paul early ln
Miss Bertha Webster was united in mar
riage to Mr. Charles H. Cole at the bride's
home on Lincoln avenue last night. Rev.
T. C. Douglass performed the ceremony
and Mrs. Ward Houck played the wedding
march. After the wedding a feast was
served, and many presents were given the
bride and groom. They will live at 325
Lincoln avenue.
A meeting will be held Friday evening
by tho Phllodonlan society to: arrange for
a dance to be held the last part of October.
The high school In this city became so
overcrowded that It was necessary for the
trustees to appoint on extra teacheir to fa
cilitate he work. Prof. Roy D. Ely. prin
cipal of the Grant school has been trans
ferred to the high school and Miss Kate
Chaffee was elected to 1111 the vacancy thus
created In the Grant scool.
Lisle Bye. a young Pasadenan who sailed
on a German ship bound for Europe last
February, has written home to his father
ln this city telling of his voyage and ar
rival at Antwerp, after a flve months' trip.
He sailed from Portland. Or., "around tho
Horn," and has many interesting details
of the trip to relate.
About one hundred and fifty friends of
Tbroop attended the reception that was
held last night in honor of the new mem
bers of the. faculty and the new students.
A short program was furnished, after
which thirty couples Indulged ln dancing.
A Chinaman by the name of Wong Tung
went on the rampage this morning ln
Chinatown and was arrested ln In conse
quence. The some celestial was arrested
and tried on a charge of lnsnnlty last year,
but was not committed.
Two alleged hobos were brought before
Justice Merrlamt this morning. One of
them pleaded guilty and was sentenced to
five days In jail, and the other will he tried
by a jury next Wednesday.
Miss Belle Gouffman died In Pasadena
yesterday. The remains will be cremated
tomorrow at 11 o'clock.
Mr. and Mrs. Lukens have returned from
their outing In Hear valley. They Intend
to build a big house in the valley next
Mrs. W. B. Joy of Long Beach is the guest
of M. D. Painter fora few days.
Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Daggett and Miss
Maud Daggett have returned from Redon
do Beach.
William C. Bray of Pasadena has been
admitted to practice ln the United States
Tomorrow the members at the Pasadena
Gun club open the season's hunting at
their grounds at Long Beach. The party
wdll Include H. M. Stoats, Joe Welsh, Alfred
Perrln, G. A. Gibbs,, 8., W. Hahn. V. L.
Ward andj Jose Blick.
♦ ■ m
All members of the county central com
mittee of the Silver Republican party are
requested to meet at the Silver Republican
club, 312 West Second street, at 10 a. tn.,
Monday, October 3, 1898. R. H. Hewitt,
(chairman; W. E. Sansome, secretary.
Enforcement of Dead Ordinances Will
Now Be Demanded of the
SAN BERNARDINO, Sept. 30.—Thero
are times when the authorities ot ail cities
have spasms ot conscience over the non
enforcement of the ordinances made to
govern the citizens, and Just now the city
trustees have a severe case in regard to
the bicyclo ordinances and demand their
enforcement. One fixes tho rate of speed
within the city limits at six miles per hour,
while another makes It imperative that
every wheel shall carry a bell, to be rung
on certain occasions, which must be loud
enough to be heard 100 feet away above the
din of tho street. The orders have been
issued to enforce these rules tomorrow and
to arrest all who break over their require
ments, If the police should have the nerve
to make, arrests according to orders, and
the city recorder should enforce the fines
laid down, the result would materially as
sist in paying off the back debts of the city
and put it on a good financial footing. But
they won't.
A Slick Kid
A youth of some ID or 10 summers, who
belongs to the genus hobo, in making his
way in from the desert, stopped at a house
In Oro Grande and went through it in reg
ular Burglar Bill style, and when the wo
man discovered him he held her up with a
revolver while he took her jewelry and
whatever else he could find, nnd pursued
his journey down this way. When here he
was found begging and was run in, two re
volvers being found on him, but no plun
der. He was placed in jail, awaiting news
from Oro Grande. Just about dusk last
night Marshal Reeves went to the Jail to
release a squaw whose time was out, and
left the door open a moment while he
stepped Inside to find her. This was the
kid's opportunity, and he slipped out and
has not been seen since.
High School Gridiron
The boys of the high school have fur
nished the champion football team of their
class In former years, and are hard at
work to prepare tho same for this season.
Last night they held the first practice
game, and will devote at least three days
ln the week to work preparing for the com
ing fray, which promises to occupy more of
their time thai their studies. A challenge
was received t st evening from the Santa
Barbara high lichool for a game, and the
schools at Redlands, Los Angeles, River
side, Pasadena and Santa Ana are ex
pected to Jump in for a line-up with them.
What worries the boys is the fact that the
war revenue of tlO per game must be paid
If the charge an admission fee, and it re
quires a small fee to pay the expenses of
the visiting team.
The Lcs Angeles presbytery closed last
night with a sermon by Rev. Arnold to a
large congregation. The main events of the
day were a service at the Santa Fe shops
at noon, the report of Rev. J. H. Stewart,
as Presbyterian evangelist, and his reap
pointment, with the promise of better re
muneration, and the vote to ask the synod
to Join with the presbytery in a request to
the foreign board to continue the Chlneso
mission work on this coast until the mat
ter can be brought before the next general
Three hunters, Ben Tibbot, T. J: Starke
and Will Boren, went away on a hunt back
of Old Baldy a week ago, and have re
turned with a 700-pound grizzly bear, that
measures 7 feet 7 Inches from tip to tip.
The boar required nine bullets ln its car
cass before it yielded, the last coup being
given as it was very- close to them, stand
ing up straight, exposing the throat, when
Tibbot planted a 45 Winchester ball through
the neck, breaking the backbone and fin
ishing the fight. .
The city ls to have another letter carrier,
who goes to work tomorrow morning, and
people on his route are warned to number
their houses or they will not be served
with their man.
The funeral of the late Mrs. C. L. Mars
ton, who died on the overland near Albu
querque, took place at the residence of her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Wees, this
afternoon. The remains will be taken to
Applcton, Wis., for burial.
A Concise Statement of Its News
FULLERTON, Sept. 30.—Union temper
ance services will be held at the M. E.
church here Sunday- evening by Rev. J. H.
Cooper ot Santa Ana.
T. J. House, Santa Fe agent at the little
station of Norham, reports that his depot
has done over $3000 in freight and passen
ger business during the past nine months.
The Democrats, Populists and Silver Re
publicans will organize a club here tomor
row night, October 1 1. Chairman W. 11.
McFadden of the county central commit
tee has Issued instructions to the cotinty
central committeemen to organize clubs
in every voting precinct Saturday even
ing, October S.
The A. O. U. W. lodge will give an in
vitation dance here Thanksgiving eve, ar.d
a masquerade ball New Year's eve.
The quail season in th!s county opens to
morrow and continues five days.
Ten new subscribers were added to The
Herald one day this week, and the paper
continues to grow ln popularity ln Fuller
George Croner and family of Los Angeles
will remove to Fullerton In a few days.
The annual meeting of the stockholders
of the Placentla Orange Growers' associa
tion will be held In McDermont's hall to
morrow at 2 p. m.
Congressman Castle will speak here on
the evening of October 14.
Thomas R. Jennings Is now holding 500
barrels of oil 1 daily from the Santa Fo
oil wells to the tanks on the railroad.
Peter Holcomh anel Rev. Swain have re
turned from the M. E. Conference at Santa
Barbara. The latter will have* charge of
the Fullerton church another year.
The I. O. F. court will hold an open meet
ing one week from Tuesday evening.
The Anaheim Silver club now has nearly
seventy-five members and continues to In
George 1 >ster, the first recorder of Or
ange county, is now a Methodist preacher,
and the late conference sent him to San
ger, Fresno county.
Walnut picking has begun anel both pack
ing houses will open tomorrow for hand
ling the Reason's crop. The Oelden Belt
Fruit company will send out about thirty
five carloads, end the Placentla Wolnut
Growers' association will ahlp about sixty
Mr. Oilman anj family, who spent tho
summer season here at their Placentla i
& Co.
Fall and Winter- —«■*
Prices That Defy
8. Spring St.
Opposite the Nadean
San Francisco and Sacramento..
ranch, returned to their home ln Mendo
cino county this week.
The many grain farmers in this section
aro already looking for all the available
acreage of land to sow the coming season.
The Presbyterians of Fullerton will erect
a new church here in the near future.
The supplement to the great register will
give Fullerton 417 voters. This will give
this voting precinct an increase of 119
voters over the election of 1896. Fuller
ton voting precinct will show a heavier
gain ln voters than any precinct ln Orange
Attorney Head, the fusion nominee for
■ district attorney, spent the past week
looking over the political field of the coun
ty, and reports that everything Is favorable
for his election.
There will be a heavy Increase of voters
at La Habra at the coming election.
Mr. and Mrs. as. W. Dean, after having
spent several days at the Omaha fair, have
pond to lowa to visit relatives.
F. D. Reed, secretary of the Formers'
Mutual Fire Insurance company, reports
that this new organization now has 139
members and has insured property to tha
amount of $188,034.
District Attorney West has notified all
Orange county saloon keepers who are sell
ing liquor without a license that they will
be prosecuted Immediately unless they
comply with the requirements of the new
county ordinance.
Mrs. W. M. McFadden of Placentla has
been elected delegate from the Eastern
Star of Anaheim to represent that order
at the grand lodge, which meets ln San
Francisco about October 16.
J. Ralph Carhort of Burbank and, Miss
Helen Benchley of this place were married
en Wednesday.
Two carloads of oranges were shipped
from Fullerton this week, making the totr: I
shipments to date 407 carloads.
Frank Gardiner will begin the erection
of a residence at Placentla in a few days.
G. H. Lots ls building a« large walnut
house here for H. G. Wilshire of Los An
Charles C. Chapman, a prominent citizen
of Los Angeles and owner of ona of tr«
finest orange groves ln Fullerton. Informs
The Herald correspondent that during the
past season Fttllerton's oranges have been,
at the head of the eastern market, both as
to quality and high prices, and not a single
Instance has prices been equaled by fruit
shipped from any-other part of California.
Billy Hale has shipped fourteen cnrlonels
of peaches from! the Botsford ranch this
season to the Southern California Canning
company nt Losl Angeles and has twelve
tons to send out yet.
The complaint against M. S. Korrablum.
charging him with having violated the
fire ordinance, was dismissed ln Justice
Morrison's court yesterday because the
defendant had obtnlned the necessary per
mit. Knrnblum had erected a holler on
East Washington street. Intending to op
erate steam dye works there and for a
time the permit was denied, but he finally
settled the difficulty and escaped prosecu
Home! '
i *Be it ever so humble L
There's no place like home." .
Home is true. It is the
natural relation between
man and woman; mother
and child; father and son.
Schilling s Best tea is
also true and natural *

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