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ConduoUd by GEO. A. DOBINBOX
Australian Trade Outlook—Alaskan
Bank—Recent Stock and
Bond Sales
LOS ANGELES, 0ct..27, 18<J8.
Rudolph Kleyboltc of the firm of Rudolph
Klcybolte & Co. predicts that the continued
development of the country's resources and
the expansion of foreign trade will prove
potent factors in controlling the interest
rnte on investment securities. Never in the
history of the country, Hays Mr. Kleybolte
in nn interview with the representative of
the New York Financier, hove such exor
bitant prices been paid for bonds. There
appears to be a scramble on the part of
bond houses to get possession of these se
curities, but I think the best policy is to
move cautiously. The demand is not con
fined to a few stateß or districts, but is gen
eral. Dayton (Ohio) bonds arc selling on a
1.40 per cent basis, a rate unprecedented.
Investors are awakening to tbe fact that
municipal bonds arc the safest kind of se
curities. For illustration, take a city with
an assessed valuation of, say, $1,000,000, on
which there is a debt of $100,000. A holder
of these securities realizes that he has a
good investment, for the reason that, with a
debt representing only one-tenth of the
total valuation, there can be no danger of
the municipality's going into insolvency. In
many other classes of investment securities
investors are not so confident of their hold
ings, and, besides, are not so amply protect
ed by the courts.
Do you think, wnß asked, that the United
States will ever reach the prevailing interest
ra(c basis of England?
All indications point that way. In fact, I
firmly believe that, we will be on the same
basis with England within the next five or
six years, If conditions continue as they
have done in the last few years, there is
nothing that can prevent it. The resources
of this country are Unlimited, It is in the
first stage, you might say, of its actual de
velopment. In the eyes of the world, it has
only recently been regarded as a nation des
tined to outclass Germany, England, France
and other European manufacturing coun
tries in commerce and industry. Our ex
ports of agricultural and manufactured prod
ucts are increasing at a wonderful rate, and
there is nothing that can check this expan
sion. The fiscal year 1898 was a record
breaker in point of exports, but if our for
eign trade continues to increase as it has
done during the last three months the fiscal
year 1899 will disclose an increase even larg
er than the preceding year. The develop
ment of new territory acquired by conquest
will also aid materially in expanding our
country's wealth. Our exports of cereals
arc bound to increase, it being well under
stood that European nations have about
reached the limit of their agricultural re
sources. We have millions of acres of unde
veloped land to depend Upon, nnd there is
no apprehension felt os to our being able to
supply this increased foreign demand. Only
within the last year or two have organiza
tions and individuals taken any definite
steps to invade the markets of foreign
lands. That their efforts have been success
ful is evident from the growth of our export
trade. All these facts combine to show that
the trade balance of the country will con
tinue to grow with each succeeding year,
and that the expansion of our wealth means
a lower interest rate.
It is possible that the opening of the coun
try's limitless resources, the increased for
eign demand for our products and the
growth of home consumption will divert the
attention of capitalists to other channels of
investment, but this is a problem that re
mains for the future to solve. It is doubt
ful if a 5 per cent interest rate will ever be
reached again, unless something unforeseen
Pullman Palace Dividend*
The Pullman Palace Car company has paid
stockholders 8 per cent per annum for sev
eral years, and in the meantime it has ac
cumulated a large surplus. It was stated
some time ago that a considerable propor
tion of this surplus would be capitalized and
given to shareholders in the form of a stock
dividend. This was done at the annual
meeting in Chicago on the 13th, When direc
tors were elected as follows: Marshall
Field, J. \V. Doane, Norman Williams, O.
Sprague and Robert T. Lincoln of Chicago,
11. C. Hurlbert of New York and H. R.
Reed of Boston. It was decided to increase
the capital stock from $36,000,000 to $54,
--000,000. The usual quarterly dividend of 2
per cent was declared payable on November
15th. R. T. Lincoln was elected chairman
of the executive committee, and A. S.
Wainheimer secretary. Company's gross for
one year, ending July 30th, was $10,674,868,
disbursements $8,280,085, leaving surplus $2,
--393,883. Total assets of the company are
$63,083,104. The additional' stock is to be
distributed to stockholders in the ratio of
one share for each two shares held by stock
holders of record November Ist.
Australian Trade Outlook
The relatively satisfactory revenue state
ments of the Australian colonies, as a whole,
have given rather a better tone to trade, al
though the actual volume of business has
not increased to ony extent, according to
a recently received Australian Trade Re
view. Some lines, however, which have for
some months been neglected have come into
notice, probably owing to the extension of
public works and the improvement in the
outlook for producing industries. While,
perhaps, the weather has n6t been all that
could be desired, cold north and northeast
winds drying up the surface, there have
been intermittent, good rains, and both sur
face and subsoil must have received plenty
of moisture for the time being. The rain
fall, as a whole, up to date, is certainly be
low the average of last years, but it seems
to be forgotten that the shrinkage occurred
earlier in the season, and therefore any loss
thereby is past. There has been enough for
the growing crops, which, as a whole, are
doing remarkably s*n% but many will be
late, as plowing has been continued since
the drought most energetically, and pretty
well every acre available has been placed
under crop. The harvest promises to be a
large one, but that forecast must always be
accepted with the reservation, the result of
experience, that the yield never can be sofe
ly estimated until the grain is in the bag.
The better tone and higher prices at the re
cent mictions in London, combined with
tile knowledge that the shrinkage in last
season's clip was not so grcut as had been
anticipated, has given rise to a better feel
ing in wool circles, while the relatively high
prices lor by-products of the squatting in
dustry have also been a factor iv bringing
about a return of confidence.
An Alaskan Bank
The first stutement of a national bank in
Alaska was given out in the office of tho
comptroller of currency on tbe 18th. The
bank was organized at Juneau last summer.
Hie loans and discounts amounted to $36,
--850; gold reserve, $16,215; capital stock, $50,
--000; national bank notes issued, $2350; indi
vidual deposits, $49,368.
Financial Notes
A bill reducing the legal rate of interest in
Oregon to 6 per cent per annum has been
passed by the state senate.
The last monthly statement of the Alaska-
Treadwell mine shows 19,589 tons of ore
worked and 390 tons sulphurites treated,
the latter yielding $19,963. Bullion product
for the month was $59,374. The expenses
were $21,500. The ore averaged $3.03 per ton.
The company also sent down $5,271 for ac
count of the Alaska-Juneau mine nnd $1,879
on account of custom work. Regular quar
terly dividend of 374 c per share, or $75,000,
will be paid on the 28th.
According to the San Francisco Bulletin,
the sale* at the stock and bond exchange for
the week ending on the 22d were as follows:
_ . ~ Range. Shrs.
Spring Valley Water 10140100% 328
Contra Costa Water 66 (8) 5
Hana Plantation 174(8> 16 2,635
Hawaiian Commercial... 42 "® 45% 6,430
Hutchinson Plantation... 814(3) 624 1,560
Oceanic Steamship C 0... 56*11® 61% 875
Oakland Oas 63%<3) 20
Pacific Oas Imp't 884® 5
Pacific Lighting 48 0 5
S. F. Gas & Electric 86%ifi> 86 265
S. F. Gaslight 34(H) 325
Market St. Ry 64 0 450
Giant Powder 494(H) 49% 435
Vlgorlt Powder 2%0 2% 150
Alaska Packers'Ass'n 102 (SlO3 190
Hank of California 240 0 43
L. P. & Am. Hank 131 0 50
Pacific Coast Borax 106 @ 26
Total shares 13,796
Previous week 11,468
Within two weeks Hawaian Commercial
has advanced from 33% to 45%, Hutchinson
Plantation from 58% to 624, and Oceanic
Steamship from 56% to 61%.
Bond sales for the week were $3000, Mar
ket Street Cable 6's at 128%, $8000 Market
Street Railway s's at 1144, $25,000 Northern
Railway of California s's at 103% to 104,
$6000 8. F. &. N. P. Ry. s's at 1094. $5000
Sierra Railway B'a at 105, $3000 S. P. Branch
zona Railway 6'« at 108, $3000 S. P. Branch
Railway C's at 115%, $10,000 S. V. Water
6's at 118, $15,000 S. V. Water 4's at 103%,
and $1600 U. S. 3's at 1054 to 105%.
Manook Consolidated Gold Placer Mining
company, San Francisco, $100,000; suscribed,
Painters' Supply company, San Francisco,
$20,000; subscribed, $1,000.
Harry Lee Martin <t Co., Los Angeles;
Harry Lee Martin, R. G. Van Cleve, R. G.
Curran, Philo Jones and L. R. Garratt; $50,
--000; subscribed, $11,200.
Mortgages, $1000 and Over
(Dally Statement.l
Juana Lopez de Lazzarevlch, form
erly Juana Lopez de Warren, known
as Ju&nlta L. Lazzarevlch, to Ul
rica Garme—Lots 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11,
and parts lot 8 and und. % Int. In
lot 4, blk X. Mt. Pleasant trft, 2
yrs, 11 per cent $1,250
Lydia Williams, James G. Williams
to John T. Holbrook—Lot 7, blk C,
Knob Hill trt, 3 yrs, 104 per cent 2,5<W
Thomas Copley to Miss Martha Ward
—Part lot 3, blk 48, O. S., 2 yrs, 9 per
cent 1,600
Lyman Stewart to Hanford L. Gor
don—Same as deed No. 4,1 and 2 yrs,
84 per cent, $1750, $1750 3,500
Ellen M. Clutterbuck and J. C. Clut
terbuck to McCarty Co.—Blk 6, Hol
lenbeck ranch, Installments, 84 per
cent 2,190
Aurella J. Corker to Provident Mut.
B. L. Ass'n—Lot 19, blk 4, Old Home
stead trt, 10 yrs, 7.2 per cent 1,500
Ella L. Leslie and Chas. C. L. Leslie
to Geo. D. Rowan—Lot 14 and part
13, Garland trt, 1 and 3 yrs, 8 per
cent. $500, $1000 1,500
O. C. L. Blnsfeld to Sherman J. Pow
ell—Part lot 28, Sierra Madre trt,
2 yre, 104 per cent 1,000
Laura Armstrong, Thomas J. Arm
strong to Frank Tuohey—Lot 7,Vic
toria trt, 3 yrs, 10 per cent 1,400
Herman Gaffke to Z. D. Mathuss—
Lot 2, resub. of lots 21 and 22, Tru
man trt, Installments, 104 per cent 1,700
Leland N. Kercheval to Louisa S.
Weyhrick—Lots 46 to 63, 66 to 75, 34
and 35, Kerchlval trt, 1 yr., 11 per
cent 1,600
Silas Clark Miller to B. H. Wlldle—
Part lot 20, Welnshenk trt, 1 yr, 10
per cent 1,000
E. W. Crawford to Richard Garvey—
Lot 4, Richard Garvey's Add. No.
2, to Garvey ranch; also, part Sec. 25,
1 S. 12; Installments, 10 per cent 2,400
Mabel E. Kline to German Am. Say.
Bk—Lots 9 to 16, blk 81 tots 26, 30 and
82, blk 6, Geo. Dalton Sr. trt., in
stallments, 11 per cent 2,500
Eleven mortgages under $1000 5,500
Total .$30,940
Beleases, 81000 and Over
(Dally Statement.)
W. C. Brown to G. Roughton, 381-171 $2,000
L. L. Weybrlck to L. N. Kercheval,
327-242 1,500
McCarthy Co. to E. M. Clutterbuck .
et al., 484-316 2,375
Twelve releases under $1000 4,877
Total $10,652
Transfers, SIOOO and, Over
(Dally Statement.)
Wm. H. Rhodes, Chas. F. Dillman
and Stella D. Dillman to Milton D..
Painter and Alonzo J. Painter—Lot
21, Cunningham trt $8,250
Hanford L. Gordon to Lyman Stewart
—Part lot 1, blk 37, H. S 5,500
Horace C. Baldwin to Perry A. Stan
ley and A. N. Stanley—Lot 2 and JN.
4 lot 3, blk 16, Whittler 1.200
G. Roughton and Geo. Roughton to
W. C. Brown—Part tot 22, Ro. La
Canada 2,000
C. T. Thomas to Seth S.Williams—Lot
145 and part 144, W. U. Fisher's re
sub 1,200
San Jose Ranch Co. to John E. Daly,
trustee—Lots 26 to 30, sub. of part
Sees. 3 and 4, 1 S. 9, and of Sees. 33
and 34, 1 N. 9; also right of way
through lots 6 and 7, sub. of part
Sees. 33 and 34. 1 N, 9, and of part
Sees. 3 and 4, 1 S. 9; also part Sec.
8, 1 S. 9 2,095
Phoenix Dev. Co. to same—Part Sec.
3, 1 S. 9 1,400
S. M. Craddlok to Mrs. Emma For
dyce— Part lots 7, 8 and S, E. HL
Raymond's sub. of N. 4 lot 6, blk
C, San Pasqual trt 3,000
Geo. D. Rowan to Ella L. Lesflle—
Lot 14 and part lot 13, Garland trt.. 1,000
J. H. Bullard to Dwlght Whiting-
Part Seo. 24, 1 S. 13 3,788
Sarah F. Judson and Albert H. JudJ
son to Clara W: Bunker—Lot 8,
blk 37, Elec. Ry Hstd Ass'n trt 1,200
George W. Stlmson to Laura Arm
strong—Lot 7, Victoria trt 2,850
Z. D. Mathuss to Hermann Gaffke—
j Lot 2, resub. of lots 21 and 22. Tru
man tract —, 2,650
E. R. Davis to J. A. Rosensteel—Lot
18. Chadwlck's aub 1,000
Ell H. Longley to A C. Blumb—Part
Sec. 22, 7 N. 10 LOO 4
Richard Garvey to E. W. Crawford
—Lot 4, Richard Garvey's Add. No.
2 to trial known aa Garvey ranch,
•JIM pArt Seo. 25,18.12..3,800
Thirty transfers under $10C|). 12 of
which were nominal 5,957
Total $48,670
Conditions aa Shown by Tranaactions
on Wall Street
NEW YORK, Oct. 27.—The stock market
showeii a continuation of yesterday's
strength today and the speculative activity
broadened out considerably ln addition.
There was not quite such a congestion of
trading In Tobacco and Sugar, although
these stocks were leaders In point of activ
ity. They were traded ln nearly all day
at 'a level below yesterday's close, though
each stock advanced slightly above yes
terday's price for a brief Interval. Sugar
left off with a decline of 34 from tho high
est and a loss of 1% from yesterday. To
bacco was under pressure from the suppo
sition thst the recently Incorporated com
pany Is destined to be a powerful compet
itor, and denials of accessions to the Amer
ican company of outside plug tobacco com
panies. The stock was at one time off 2%,
but closed with a small net gain. In trite
Industrials tho hesitation on foreign ex
changes was without effect. There was a
large demand for quite a number of rail
road stocks, the grangers leading with
pretty much all the western and south
western roads showing a good tone. The
eiustern trunk lines continued to lag on ao
count of the admittedly bad rate situation
In that territory, which mollified the bene
fits of the exceptionally large tonnage
which Is being moved. St. Paul was the
leader In the railways, and the movement
of the stock was supposed to foreshadow
a gobd September statement, due tomor
row. The gross Increase of that period
In earnings is known to be well on towards
$500,000, and It Is surmised that the state
ment will Rhow a reduction ln the recen9
heavy rates of expenditures for Improve
ments, charged to operating expenses. The
September statement of the Union Pacific,
while showing a decrease, of over $44,000 ln
gross earnings, showed operating expenses
•o largely reduced as to leave an Increase
ln surplus earnings of $112,554. The de
layed movement of cotton now coming for
ward and the decrease of yellow fever fore
shadow good earnings for southern and
southwestern railroads.
The easier tone today of sterling ex
change was the direct result of the calmer
feeling ln Paris. There won a heavy de-i
mand for sterling exchange here yester
day for Paris account, which sprang from
th same cause as that which lifted ex-i
change on London ln Paris above the gold
(•xport point, namely, the pressure to trans
fer funds from Paris to London. It ls now
known also that the violent recovery ln
British consols was partly due to buying
for account of timid Paris capital, because
of domestic disquiet, and not altogether to
the relief of the Anglo-French tension over
There was a good absorption of railroad
bonds today and prices are generally high
er. Total sales, $3,480,000.
New fours, coupon, declined 4, do. reg
istered, 4, while the threes, registered, ad
vanced 4 in the bid price.
Closing Stocka
NEW YORK, Oct. 27.—Following are
the closing prices of stocks on the New
York stock exchange today:
Atchison 12% Rock Island 1034
do pfd.... 38 StL&SF Wt
Baltimore & O. 44 do pfd. W%
Canada Pacific. 81% do 2d pfd 29%
Canada South.. 63 St L& S W 5%
Central Pacific. 25 do pfd 144
Ches & 0hi0... 21% St Paul 109%
Chi & A1t0n....158 do pfd 1«2
C B & Q 116% St P & Omaha... 81
Chi & E 111.... XV* do pfd 1.00
do pf*...l(*r4 StPM&M lbs
Chi G W 14% Southern Pacific. 224
Chi Ind &L.... 7 Southern Ry .... 84
do pfd.... 27 do pfd...... 344
Chi &NW 1314 Texa* & Paclllo. 134
do pfd....176 Union Pacific.... 32%
CCC &St L.. 394' do pfd 01
do pfd.... 85 UPD&G 5%
Del & Hudson.lo2 Wabash 4
DeIL&W 140 do pfd 254
Del & RioG.... 12% Wheel ALE.... 3
do pfd.... KSji do pfd 16%
Erie (neswO .... 12% Adams Ex 110
do Ist pfd.. 23->» American Ex ...134
Ft Wayne 170 United States Ex 41
Gt Nor pfd 187 Wells Fargo ITO
Hocking V 01... 3 Am Cotton 0U... 37%
Illinois Cen ....108% do pfd 87
Lake E & W.. 11 Am Spirits fl4
do pfd.... 63 do pfd 33
Lake 5h0re....1904 Am Tobacco ....128%
Louis & Niasth.. 66V* do pfd 125
Manhattan L.. 96% Con Gas 77?
Met St Ry 1694 Com Cable Co. ..175
Mich Central...lo64 Col F & 1r0n.... 204
Minn&StL.... 27t£ do pfd 80
do Ist pfd.. 904 Gen Electric .... 814
Mo Pacific 334 Hawaii Com Co. 45
Mobile & Ohio. 27 Illinois Steel .... 93
MK&T 104. Intnl Paper 504
do pfd.... 33$ do pfd 86
N J Central.... 88 La Clede Gas.... 48
N V Central... 114% Lead 334
NYC&stl,.. 11 do pfd 109
do Ist pfd.. 60 Minn Iron 126%
do 2d pfd... 30 Nat Linseed OH. 5%
Nor West 12 Pacific Mall S2%J
N Amer C 0.... 6 People's Gas ....1084
No Pacific 40% 'Pullman Palace.l 93
do pfd.... 76% Silver Cert 60%
Ontario & W.. 144 Standard R& T. 64
Ore R &Nay.. 53 Sugar 1134
Ore Short Line 27 do pf« 103%
Pac C Ist pfd.. 79 T C & Iron 27%
do 2d pfd... 59 US Leather 6%
Pittsburg 169 do pfd 64%.
Reading 16% US Rubber 42%
do Ist pfd.. 39 do pfd 1034
RGW 27 Western Union.. 97%
do pfd.... 65 Brooklyn R T.... 65%
Bond List
NEW YORK, Oct. 27.—Following are
the closing prices of bonds on the New
York stock market today:
U 8 Ss 105% NJC Ss 114
U S new 4s reg.1264 No Carolina 65..122
do coup 1274 do 4s 103
U S4s 110% No Pacific 15t5..117..
do c0up....111% do 3s 604
do 2d5...... 99 do 4s 100%
U Sss reg 111% N V C & St L 45.105
do 6s coup.ll3 Nor &W «s 123
Districtß 65a.... 118 Nor W Consols.. 143%
Ala Class A....108 do deb 6e....1204
do 8....108 ONavlsts 114
do C....100 do 4s 95%
do Currency.lo6 O S Ltne 6s tr. .128
Atchison 4s 944 do 5s t r 107
do adj 45.. 72% O Imp lsts, tr.... —
CanSo2ds 10954 do 5s tr....—
Cen Pac lsts... — Pacific 6s of 96..1024
Chi Term 45.... 90 Reading 4s .... 80%
C & Ohio 65....117 R G VV lsts 874
C H & D 445..104% St L & I M con 5s 98
D& R G lsts. .111 StL&SF gen 65.119%
do 4s 974 St P Con 160
East Term lsts.lo7 St P& C P Ist*. .1194
Erie Gen 45.... 69 do 6s 118
FW & D lsts tr 76% Bo Car non-fund. —
Gen Elec 65—109 So Railway 65... 984
GH&SA6S..IO2 SR&T6B 76
do 2ds—lo2 Term new set 3s. 94
H & T C 65....H15S Tex P L G -5t5..107
do Con 65..1104 do reg 2ds. 454
lowa C lsts 105 Union Pac 45.... 99%
KanPContr..— U P D & Gilsts.. 79
KPlst(DD)tr— Wabash let 55....M4
La new con 45.105 do 2ds 90
L & N Unl 4-,.. 90% W Shore 4s lit
Missouri 6s ....100 Va Centuries .... 78%
MKAT2ds... 64 do dfd 6
do 4a 00 wis Cen lsts.... 694
N V Cen lsts.. 117% ™
Silver Bullion
SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 27.—Bar silver,
6014 c; Mexican dlollars, [email protected]%c.
NEW YORK, Oct. 27.—Bar silver, 60% c;
Mexican dollars, 474 c
LONDON, Oct. 27.—Bar silver, 27 11-16 d.
Treasury Statement
WASHINGTON, Oct. 27.—Today's state
ment of the condition of the treasury
shows: Available cash balance, 2300,853,185:
gold reserve, $241,384,736.
Call Board Dealings and Prices of
SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 27.—Wheat-
Easy; December, 1.2254; May, 1.24 W.
Barley—lnactive: December, 1.2414.
Corn—Large yellow, 1.02^(81.05.
Flour—Family extras, 4.1604.26; bakers'
extras, 3.9004.00.
Wheat—Shipping. 1.22% for No. 1 and
1.23% for choice; -milling. 1.2601.27%.
Barley—Feed. 1.2001.23%; brewing. 1.26
01.35 for new.
Oats—Poor to fair, M7%01.20; good to
choice, 1.22V4«/1.25; fancy feed, 1.27%01.30:
gray, 1.1501.17%; milling, 1.22%01.27%; sur
prise, 1.350,1.40; red, 1.4001.45; blaok, 1.60©
Millstu'fs—Middlings. 17.00021.00 per ton:
bran, [email protected]
Vegetables—Onions, 30046 c per cental:
green peas, 204 per sack; bay squash, 260
40c; string beans, 203 c; tomatoes, 40066 c.
iFjay—Wheat. 15.00® 18.60; wheat and oat,
alfalfa, 10.009U.60; barley, ILW
Poiatosi— Early Rose, 10040 c; River Bur
banks, 20076 c; Salinas Burbanks, 75c01.1t;
sweet, 76c#1.25.
Dry Beans—Pink, 1,6601.T6 per cental;
Lima. 8.2002.80: small white, 24E02.1t;
Urge white. 1.6601.70.
Fresh fruit—Peaones, hex, tgottu; straw
berries. 7.0009.00 per chest; nutmegs, 400
Bsc; cantaloupes, 75c©1.25 per crate; apples,
40066 c.
Citrus Fruits—Valencia oranges, 2.0002.50;
Mexican limes, repack, 4.5305700; common
California lemons, 1.5002.50; choice, 3.IXJ®
Eggs — Store, per dozen; fancy
ranch, 32038 c; eastern, 24026 c.
Butter—Fancy creamery, 23<<i,24c per lb.;
do. seconds, 20022 c; fancy dairy, nominal;
seconds, ISC'i2Uo; pickled, 21(2480.
Poultry—Turkey gobblers, 15?i16c per lb.;
old roosters, 4.2504.50 dozen; young roost
ers, 4.5005.00; small broilers, 3.5004.00; largo
broilers, 3.50M4.00; fryers. 4.005i4.50; hens,
4.0005.50; old ducks, 4.0uftf5.00; geese, 1.265)
1.60 pair; old pigeons, 1.25; young pigeons,
California Fruit Ealea
CHICAGO, Oct. 27.—Earl Fruit compa
ny's sales California fruit;
Grapes—Tokay, 1.0501.50; double crates,
2.400:1.05; Muscat, 1.00.
Porter Bros, company's sales:
Grapes—Cornlchon, 2.95 0 3.25 double
crates and 1.106X1,60 single crates; Tok.iy,
2.0502.75 double crates and slnßle
crates; Black Emperors, 1.1001.40 single
crates; Black Ferranas, 90c.
Pears—Winter Nellts, 2.00 box; Beurre
Oris, 1.70; Bartlett, 1.45.
NEW YORK, Oct. 27.—Porter Bros, com
pany's California fruit stales:
Grapes—Muscat, 1.0001.90 single crates;
Tokay, 66C01.70; Black Morocco, 96C01.65;
assorted, 1.1001.26; Cornlchon, 1.10; Empe
ror, 1.10.
lOarl Fruit company's sales:
Grapes—Tokay, 7OC02.OO; average, 98c;
double crates, 1.0503.80; average, 82.40; Cor
nlchon, 1.2001.40; average, 1.31; Muscat, 90c
01.80; average, 1.66.
Pears—Winter Nellls, 2.55; Easter Beurre,
Dried Fruit Prices
NEW YORK, Oct. 27.—California dried
fruits steady.
Evaporated Apples—Common, 708 c per
pound; prime wire tray, 7407% c; chofce,
7 : >4{(Bc; fancy, 84c.
Apricots—Royal, 11014 c; Moorpark. 130
l'eaches—Unpeeled, 84011 c; peeled, 1440
Kansas City Live Stock
KANSAS CITY, Mo., Oct. 27—Oattle—
Receipts, 9000; best steady; others 10 cents
lower; native steers, 4.00&5.30; cows and
heifers, 2.2504.25; stockers and feeders, 3.75
04.80; bulls, 2.2503.76.
Sheep — Receipts, |400; market firm;
lambs, 4.5006.30; muttons, 2.7604.25.
Local Quotations
BUTTER—Extra local 82-ounee squares,
574000 c; fancy creamery, northern, 32-os.
squares, 5544t57c; eastern tub, 22023 c.
CHEESE—Martin's New York Cheddars,
per lb., 13<814c; eastern full cream, per lb.;
13c; California half cream, per lb., 11c;
coast full crtam, per lb., 12c; California
Downey or Anchor, per lb., WAc; do. young
America, per lb., 144 c; db. 3-lb. hand, per
lb., laVic; dimestic Swiss, per lb., 20c.
EGGS—24&2Sc per dozen; eastern, 20©22 c.
POULTRY—Per dozen: Hens. 4.0005.00:
young roosters, 4.0005.Du; old roosters, 4.00
04.5 i); broilers, 2.5003.26; fryers, 3.5004.00;
ducks, 4.00(86.50; turkeys, alive, per pound,
14016(". geese, apiece, 76001.00.
POTATOES—Burbanks, [email protected]; Early
Rose, 96c<t|1.10; sweet, new, 1.0001,26.
VEGETABLES-Beets, per 100 lbs., 80c;
cabbage, per 100 lbs., 1.0001.25; carrots, per
100 ibs, 85c; chiles, dry, string, [email protected]; Mex
ican, per lb., 60c; green, per lb., 6c; gar
lic, s©6c; onions, 9OC01.OO; do. green, per
doz., 20c; green peas, 607 c; turnips, 1.00;
parsnips, 95c.01.00; cucumbers, 50060 c.
RAISINS —Fancy clusters, 10-lb. boxes,
200; 4-crown L. L. clusters, 1.50; 3-crown
L.L., per box, 1.25; 2-crown, loose, In sacks,
per lb., 4c; 3-crown, loose In sacks, per lb.,
435 c; 4-crown, per pound, 44c.
DRESSED MEATS—AII per lb.: Beef.
No. 1, 7c; No. 2, 64c; hind quarters, No. 1,
9c; hind quarters, No. 2, 84c; ribs of beef,
10c; veal. 7074 c; mutton, 8c; lamb, 84c;
pork loins, 94c; legs of pork, 84c; pork
spare ribs, 4c; pork tenderloins, 15c.
LIVESTOCK—Per lb. Beeves, 2404 c;
hogs, 44c; lambs, per head, 2.001(2.25; sheep,
per cv t., 2.5003.75; calves, per lb., 2403 c.
comb, 10012 c; beeswax. 20025 c per pound.
3.75; Lima, 3.5003.75; Lady Washington, 2.00
02.15: small white, 2.5002.60; green field
peas, 2.7503.00; black-eyed beans, 3.00; gar
vancos, 4.0004.50; lentils, imported, 7.000
8.00; lentils, California, 3.5004.00.
LARD—Rex pure leaf, tierces, 74c; spe
cial kettle rendered lard, 74c.
CURED MEATS—Best hams, 94010 c;
No. 2, B%c; picnic hams, 64c select mild
cure, 11c; fancy breakfast bacon, U4c; dried
beef, 14c: smoked tongues, 60c; dry salt
clear bellies, 16-20 ay., 84014 c; dry salt
clears, 36-40 ay., 74c; salt clear backs, 64c.
TALLOW—Per lb.: 2403 c.
NUTS—Walnuts, Los Angeles, B©B4c; pa
per shells, 16018 c; hardshell, 10012 c; pecans,
8012 c; filberts, 110114 c; Brasils, 11012 c;
plnons, [email protected]: peanuts, eastern, raw, 649
7c; roasted, 8409 c; California, raw, 405 c;
roasted. 64©7 c.
CITRUS FRUlTS—Valenclas, 2.0002.25
per box; fancy seedlings, 1.0001.60; lemons,
cured, 3.00(63.50; green lemons, 1.7502.00.
DRIED FRUITS-Apples, sun dried,
sacks, per lb.. 5406 c; evaporated fancy,
869 c; apricots, new, 11c; choice, 6©Be;
peaches, fancy, unpeeled, 708 c; pears, fan
cy evaporated, 8010 c; plums, pitted, choice,
9010 c; prunes, choice, boxed, 609 c: sacked,
406 c; dates, 7408 c; silver prunes, choice,
sack, 7408 c: boxes, 9010 c; figs, California
whit*, per lb.. [email protected]; California black, per
lb., 5054 c; California fancy, per lb., 10012 c;
Imported Smyrna, 124015 c.
HAY—Wheat, per ton, 19.00020.00; barley,
19.00020.00; oat, 17.00020.00; alfalfa, baled,
12.(0013.00; loose, 12.00.
GRAlN—Wheat. No. 1, 1.60; No. 2, ;
corn, small yellow, 1.25; large yellow, LIS;
barlejr common, 1.30.
MILLST UFFS—Flour, local mills, 4.20
per bbl.; Stockton brands, 4.35; Orsgon, 4.20;
eastern, 5.00<g«.50; shorts, ton, local. 22.00
rolled barlsy, per 100 lbs., 1.30; cracked com,
per 100 lbs., 1.15; feed meal, per 100 lbs., 1.20;
bran, per ton, 20.00; graham, per 100 lbs.,
HIDES—Dry (as they ran), 144 c; do. kip,
12c; do. calf, 15c; bulls. 7c; salt steers,
44054 c; sheepskins. 607 c.
Petty Quarrels of Santa Monicans
Aired in Court
SANTA MONICA, Oct. 20—Miss Zora
Davis, daughter of Mrs. Lillian Marie Bur
ton, swore out a warrant against F. E.
Clarke yesterday afternoon for disturbing
the peace of her mother. Defendant was
yesterday given two days iv which to plead,
with bail fixed at $50.
In the case of the People vs. Towner, be
fore Judge Wells yesterday, the defendant
pleaded not guilty, and waived trial by
jury. The case was set for trial November
sth at 10:30 a. m. The complaining witness
is Mrs. Belle Willey, a neighbor of defend
ant, who had the latter arrested on a
charge of disturbing the peace.
Mrs. Eliza S. Moblcy appeared against A.
M. Thayer in Justice Wells court yesterday
with a charge of assault alleged to have been
committed on her 3-year-old son. Defend
ant pleaded guilty and was fined $5.
James Gray & Son have purchased the
Monarch grocery and will move the stock
into their building.
R. S. Day, who has been living at cottage
N. 92, South beach, for some time, died at
noon today, aged 60 years, of cancer. The
remains will be shipped to Los Angeles,
where they will be cremated.
The ladies of Unitey circle will give a
social, followed by dancing, at the Casino
on Saturday evening.
Mrs. L. A. Smith will close the Anchorage,
which she has conducted during the past
year and a half, tomorrow, removing to Los
Angeles, where she will reside in the G.
Wiley Wei slresidence at 1019 South Hill
. Mrs. W. A. Edmunds has returned from a
visit of several weeks in Portland, Me.
Messrs. H. C. Goodwin and Harry Stet
son of San Francisco are late arrivals at
California Limited Santa Fe Route
Beginning November 7th, will leave Los
Angeles 1:20 p. m. Mondays, Wednesdays,
Saturdays. The fastest regular train ever
run across the continent. Arrives Kansas
City 8:00 p. m. (84 hours); arrives Chicago
8:16 a. m. (65 hours); arrives New York 130
p. m. (93 hours).
Original Tally- bo Stables
107-109 North Broadway, has changed its
telephone number te M. 14*, under new
management. Hack stand Hellenbeck ho
tel. Tel. M. I*3, H. LEITHBAD, Prop.
The book and stationery store of Stall 4k
Theater Co. has been removed to No. 2U-2M
South Spstas ataest, Stiaasoa Hook. |
Talks to the Old Boys of Their Duty to
Themselves and the Home—Brad
ley Dishonorably Discharged
SOLDIERS' HOME, Oct. 26.-The gov
ernor took formal charge this morning, as
suming the duties of his office. He was met
at headquarters by the home band and en
informal spontaneous uud immense gather
ing of the members of the home. lie was
received with the greatest enthusiasm, the
boys giving cheer alter cheer for his happy
recovery and resumption of his charge. Alter
the cheering had subsided the governor
thanked those present lor their voluntary
attendance aud spoke of the blot on the
escutcheon of those who so worthily wore
I the blue by the act of one who bad been so
[ lost to all sense of manhood as to come be
-1 hind and shoot his commander in the baok.
fie declared that the man had no personal
t grievance. He did not even know him and
[did not even know that he bad ever seen
him, The governor spoke of the ties of coin
[ radeship, which he stated were and should
be aa tender as those of a wife, and also irom
I the bottom of his heart thanked the sUU
[ ful surgical assistance that enabled him to
i stand as he did today. It had been a triumph
jof modern surgery. He called upon all good
j members to assist in making this a model
; home, and stated that if any one had or
j thought lie had a grievance to lay it before
him and it would be remedied. If the com-
I plainants were not satisfied with his adjudi
! cation, he would appoint a committee to ln-
I quire into the same. All should pledge
J themselves that discord from this time forth
should cease from the home. After the gov
ernor had again thanked those present, the
gathering broke up with renewed cheers for
j the governor.
it is announced by order of Major Up
ham. temporary governor, with the approval
of General Franklin, chairman of the board
lof managers, that Albert G. Bradley ceases
to be a member of the home, being dis
honorably discharged for a murderous as
sault upon and the wounding of Governor
Andrew J, Smith.
The members of the home have not as yet
had the benefit of publicly bearing any of
the candidates at the ensuing election, with
i the exception of an impromptu address from
i Mr. Harlow, who at that time announced hia
1 intention of addressing us later on the issues
lof the campaign. However, it is the inten
tion of the union party to hold a meeting at
the home on Monday, Nov. Ist, and the Re
pupblicans will close the campaign, as far as
the home is concerned, on the following
j Monday, the day before election.
Santa Barbara Brevities
SANTA BARBARA, Oct. 2b —The ladies
of the Catholic Parochial church are this
week giving the annual fair as a benefit to
the orphans of the St. Vincent school for
girls. Armory hall is beautifully decorated
and large crowds of persons are daily in at
The third production o£ Miss Maud M.
Taylor's musical drama, "The Fairies'
Trial," drew a large audience Tuesday even
ing. The St. Cecilia club, which put on the
play, will clear about $200.
Edward Rainey's campaign sheet, the
Buzz Saw, made its first appearance here
Isaac Upham of Pasadena has returned
to Santa Barbara after an absence of over
five years.
Mrs. I). W. Shelhamer and family and two
of the children of Severit H. Mesick leave
soon for Honolulu.
At Auction
Livery Stock
160 East Colorado St., Pasadena
10 A. M. SHARP
Friday, October 28
Livery and Family Horses, Including ele
gant matched teams, 4 or 8-ln-hand, double
and single, fancy drivers and family sur
rey horses, 5-year-old pacer, fast, sire Re
dondo, dam Adrian Wilkes; 2 white hearse
teams. One 14-passenger Tally-ho, white
and very handsome. Twenty-seven ve
hicles—l Cunningham hack, 2 3-seat Gates
surreys, 2 fine extension top full leather
Columbus carriages, 1 Columbus surrey,
1 handsome trap, 10 top buggies, 3 phae
tons, 4 road wagons. Twenty Sets Harness
—12 sets single harness, 8 sets double har
ness. Robes, blankets, saddles, whips,
iron safe, desk and office fixtures.
Retiring from business and everything
will absolutely sell without limit or re
T. L. HOAG, Prop.
RHOADES & REED, Auctioneers.
Office, 438-440 South Spring St.
Money to Lend
ment on mortgage of Real Estate (City and
Country) at exceptionally low rates of in
terest for a fixed term or redeemable by In
Special Terms quoted for Loans on Lite
Policies, Interest under Wills and second
and third mortgages.
All persons deeJring assistance to pur
chase farms, orchards, hotel*, businesses,
eitc, should apply to us. Furnflure loan?
granted, promissory notes' discounted and
all financial business transacted.
If your bank refuses you an overdraft or
creditors are preset n\g. call or write to above
131 Montgomery St., SAN FRANCISCO.
■HB 25 par cent Less than Other
Inflnl Tailors Charge, Go to
iUn an wool suits to tfia tf or
II Order Irom 4>lZ )33
1 II Psststrsm .. . $4«»s|o
143 S. Spring St.,
1110 sad il» Umm St. . Ssn Francises.
Lumber Yard S l^
3M Coaswarclal Street, Lm Aafeiea, UL
Headquarters ef the Doctors That Cure—An Institution Which
Gains in Popularity and Patronage as the Years Roll On
Incorporated Under the Laws of California for $250,000
\ FIVE \ \ TWENTY- \ \ BEST \
\ CHRONIC \ \ Home Cures, \\ No Charge for \
\ DISEASES, \ \ Symptom Blanks \ \ Consultation \
\ CONSUMPTION, \ \ Free. Correspond-X \ and Advice. \
\ DEFORMITIES \ \ ence Solicited. \ \ Free Book. \
English and German Expert Specialists
818 South Broadway, Loo Angeles
First Door North of City Hall
OFFICE HOURS—9 to 12, 1 to 4 daily; Sundays, 9to 11; Evenings, 7to 8.
Capital paid up $500,000.00
Surplus and reserve $025,000.00
I. W. HELLMAN, President; H. W. HELLMAN, Vlco-Pres.; H. J. FLEISH
MAN, Cashier; G. HEIMAN. Assistant Cashier. Directors—H. W. PERRY, O. W.
Special Collection Department. Correspondence invited. Our Safety Deposit De
partment offers to the public sates for rent ln its new Fire and Burglar-Proof Vault,
which is the strongest, best guarded and best lighted ln the city.
At Los Angeles.
Capital and Fro fits, $270,000.00
6 C HUBBELL President S. C. HUBBELL, T. E. NEWLIN, O. H.
O H. rauRCHILLVice President CHURCHILL. J. M. C. MARBLE. O. T.
O. H. CHURCHILL vice rres oeni JOHNSON, J. E. FISHBURN, W. S. DH
R, L ROGERS Assistant Cashier A. HADLEY.
United States Depository
CAPITAL 1500,000.00 SURPLUS $50,000.«O
TOTAL $550,000.00
WARREN GILLELEN Vice President E. W. COE Assistant Cashier
Geo, H. Bonebrake, Warren GUlelen, P. M. Green, E. P. Johnson, Wm. M. Tan
Dyke, W. C. Brown, L. C. McKeeby, F. P. Flint.
This bank has no deposits of either the county or city tressurer, and therefore
no preferred creditors.
Corner Main and Second Streets
H.W. Hellman, J. F. Sartorl.W. L. Qravee,
J F. SARTORI President H. J. Fleishman, C. A. Shaw, F. O. John-
MAURICE S. HELLMAN, Vice President son, J. H. Shankland, J. A Graves, M. Ik
W. D. LONGYEAR Cashier Fleming, M. S. Hellman, W. D. Longyear.
Interest paid on terns and ordinary deposits
Money loaned on llrst-clnss restl estate
Capital Stock 5400,000 Surplus and undivided profits over 5260,001
J M ELLIOTT President W. G. KERCKHOFF Vice President
FRANK A GIBSON Cashier W. T. S. HAMMOND....Assistant Cashier
DIRECTORS—J. M. Elliott, J. D. Blcknell, F. Q. Story, H. Jevne. J. D. Hooker,
W. C. Patterson, Wm. G. Kerckhoff.
No public funds or other preferred depos Its received at this bank.
Capital paid up $100,000
Junction of Main, Spring and Temple streets (Temple block), Los Angeles.
OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS—T. L. Duque, President; I. N. Vsn Nuys, Vice
President; B. V. Duque, Cashier; H. W. Hellman, Kaspare Kohn, H. W. O'Melveny,
J. B. Lankershlm, O. T. Johnson. Abe Haas, W. G. Kerckhoff.
Money loaned on i.sl estate. Interest paid on term and ordinary teposlts.
152 North Spring St. Interest Paid on Deposits
DIRECTORS—J. H. Braly, J. M. Elliott, H. Jevne, Frank A. Gibson, Simon Maler, W.
D. Woolwlne, W. C. Patterson. Safe Deposit Boxes for Rent.
Paid Up Capital and Profits $150,000.
COR. MAIN AND FIRST STS. Victor Ponet, President; L. W. Bllnn and C. N.
Flint, Vice Presidents; M. N. Avery, Cashier; P. F. Schumacher, Assistant Cashier.
Interest paid on deposits. Money loaned on real estate.
212 1-2 South Spring Street New York and Chicago Markets
Direct Wires. References:
Quickest Service. National Bank of California.
Telephone Main 542. Los Ange'es National Bank.
Daily report mailed upon application. F. P. BURCH. Cashier.
230 North Main Street
J B. Plater, President; H. W. Hellman, Vice President; W. M. Caswell, Cashier.
Directors—l. W. Hellman. J. E. Plater. H. W. Hellman, I. W. Hellman, Jr., W. M.
Interest paid on deposits. Money to lo an on first class real estate.
c. i Bookbinders and . . .
UIaSS CC LOlig Blank Book Manufacturers
213-215 NEW HIOH ST. Los Angcfru *
New York Specialists
The only physicians in the city that are grad
uates of first-class medical colleges
and have diplomas legally regis*
tered who treat diseases of men only,
enres guaranteed. 25 yrs. experience.
230 X S. Mala St.. Lea Xa fl elea
"Tk« World* *••»"
Aim my Wnitiblt
Mas* lax Qaatitr *» ••mmttmrntM,"

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