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Mrs. H. F. M. Strongand the Misses Alice
Strong and Harriot Strong entertained at
cards Thursday afternoon at their residence
on South Alvarado street. The drawing
rooms were decorated with potted
plants, ferns, ropes of smilax and great
leathery masses of white and yellow chry
santhemums. Pink roses, while chrysan
themums and smilax were effectively used
in the dining rooms. Tho score cards were
decorated with exquisite sprays of violets,
forget-me-nots and pansies. done in water
color. The prizes were a solid silver bonbon
dish and spoon, a hand-painted bonbon dish
of Dresden china in dainty shell form and
a decorated cup and saucer of Dresden ware.
The guests were Mines. Arthur 11. Braly,
J. A. Jevne, Fred A. Hines, Clarence Hall,
Irving H. Blinn, Marl; It. Lewis, T. E. Kim
ball, G. Aubrey Davidson, B. F. Johnson,
W. G. Hutchinson, Loren D. Sale. C. ('.
Parker, Fml Johnson, 0. A. Viokrey, Mil
ton Hammond, Joseph ( all. \V. C. Lead, .1.
T. Griffith, R. L. 1 fori on, Ralph Carhart,
Charles E. Sloanc. William 11. West, Phil
lip Thompson. Morris X. Albee, 11. if. Sale,
Misses Gertrude Gooding, Katharine John
son, May Newton, Sarah Goodrich. Emma
Graves, Edith Kirkpatrick, Bitd Cnanslor,
Dorothy Wellborn, Lillian Wellborn, An
nie Fay, Bessie Bryan, Minnie Bryan, Anna
Hendricks, Ivy Sohoder, Certn Hatch, Ma
bel Hatch, Helen Kemper, Frances Maurice.
Kntherine Kemper, Gibbs, Christine Kurtz.
Etta Bicknell, Maude Newell, Edith Furrey,
Genevieve Smith, Harriet Smith, Albv Eas
ton. May Faston. Grace Albers, Ryan, i Hark,
Eleanor Tuttlc, Kate Landt and Elizabeth
Twelfth Anniversary
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey H. Cox of Xo. 1044
West Thirtieth street entertained Monday
evening in celebration of their twelfth wed
ding anniversary. The reception hall was
decorated with English ivy and smilax. and
potted palms, ferns and plants. The en
trances leading from the hall into the par
lor and dining room Were draped with lor ;
ropes of smilax, arranged in portierre effect.
The double parlors were ornamented with
smilax hung about the grill work ami lace
curtains, and tall vases of white, feathery
chrysanthemums were placed about the
rooms. The library was in smilax ami yellow
chrysanthemums. An Oriental smoking
room was arranged upstairs and the vails
were draped with tapestries, ami wide di
vans were well supplied with cushions. The
room was lighted with Japanese lanterns
shaded with green, red and blue. Adjoining
the smoking room was i he card room, which
was decorated with pink chrysanthemums
and smilax. An impromptu musical pro
gram entertained the guests during the
early part of the evening. Mrs. Abbie G.
Fletcher was heard in several vocal solos,
accompanied on the piano by Miss Staub;
Misses Perry and Lutterworth also sang.
Following supper the guests were enter
tained with cards nnd informal dancing.
Over 100 guests were invited, most of whom
were present.
For Mrs. Galpin
Mrs. Kate Tupper Galpin was the guest
of honor at a reception yesterday afternoon
at the home of Mrs. F. 0. Wymsn on Bon
nie Brae street. The rooms were decorated
with chrysanthemums and foliage, and tin
club color, lavender, was carried out in fra
grant masses of heliotrope. Mrs. Wym in waa
assisted in receiving and entertaining he*
guests by the members •! Mi.-. Galf n's
Shakespeare alumni: Mme-. C. S. Ward J
L. Murphey, Lottie D. Willard, 11. 11. F.
Voriel, Carlton Little. George Freeman,
Charles McClure. An impromptu program
was rendered, including a short talk by
Mrs. Addie Murphy Grigg; s.-.ng. Miss
Jacoby; recitation, Miss Turner; original
class poem, Mrs. McClure. Duringthe after
noon Mrs. tialpin was presented with a,
handsome set ol afternoon coffee spoons,
engraved with her initials and the name
"Shakespeare alumni. 1897-98." The spi nt
were in a handsome leather case, inside of
which was a broad lavender ribbon, with the
following quotation: "They have been at a,
great feast of language and stolen th,
scraps." Light refreshments were served
throughout the afternoon. There were
about seventy present.
Progressive Whist
Mrs. H. C. flooding nnd her daughter,
Miss Gertrude Gooding, entertained a num
ber of friends Wednesday afternoon with
progressive whist at their hospitable home
on South < Jrand avenue. Masses of pink and
white feathery chrysanthemums were used
in the reception hall and front | irlor. Ropes
of smilax were twined about the ohandehi I a
and over the mantel. The library was orna
mented with yellow chrysanthemums nnd
smilax, and in the dining room the decora
lions were scarlet carnations arid smilax.
The score cards were rough cream paper,
embossed with a miniature deck of cards
and finished with bow- ol Bcarlet ribbon.
The first prize, an exquisitely bound vol
ume of Pointlace and Diamonds," by
George A. Baki r, jr., was captured by Mis-
Lizzie Lewis; Mrs. T. D. Hammond received
the second award, a slender cutglass Vene
tian vase, embossed in gold and carmine;
the consolation prize, a band-painted Em
pire fan, was awarded to Mis- Edith Kirk-
Satrivk. Mrs. Mary <;. Baboock and Miss
Lirkputrick assisted in receiving tin- guests.
Class Party
The Senior A Class of the State Normal
school gave a class party Sal urday evening it
the home of J;wo ot the teai hers, M -
Laughlin and Miss Helen Dium. on Si ul ,
Hill street. Tin- rooms wen- i! irated
with a profusion of smilax, papyrus
and white and gold chrysanthemums.
Among the guests were President and Mi-.
Edward T. Pierce, Mr. am! Mrs. C. C. Van
Liew, Mr. and .Mrs. Shepardson., Mm.-.
Laugiilin, W. D. Byram, A. Smith, C. Pres
ton, Edwards, Misses Mary Lewi-, Jennie
Hagen, Reese, nnd Dr. Schulz of the fac
ulty. Misses May Bosbyshell, Ada Ford,
Jessie Wilkinson. Adah- Mosseman, Martha
Dwen, Martha Davis. Addie Wallop, Can <
White, Mildred White, Dothea Enos, Ev
Chase, Jessie Stewart, Clara Carpenter,
Alice Jones, Julia Bolter, Julia Thorpe,
George Rodin, Lynn, Elmer Lawrence,
Charles Myer, Stewart LaughHn, Bert Fan
ning, Frang Dickinson. Ralph Chase, Ruess,
Robinson, Lawn me Lindsey and Forrest
0. TJ. I. S. Club
The O. IT. I. S. Club entertained a num
ber of gui--t= Friday .-veiling at the home
if Miss Gertrude McKenne on South
Srand avenue. The reception-hall, draw
ing rooms and dining room were decorated
With long ropes ~f smilax, caught in
tcstoons from the chandeliers to the cor
lers of the rooms. 1!.,5, - and chrysanthe
nums were used in prolusion amid the green
Iraperies, and the table was in the club
lolors, green and white. May Raymond ami
Mabel McKenzie presided at the puneh
wwl. The evening was spent with music
tnd dancing. The club members and guests
iresent were the Misses Nellie Burton,
Lillian Whittnm, Alice Arnold, Ethel Ryan,
Ella Hainea, Zelk Duffy, Fay Lewis, Maude
Swarth, Charlotte Young, Patty Davinon,
Edna Raymer, Gertrude McKentie, Dr.
Itim Smith, Messrs. Sanford French, Leslie
Farrell, Harry Winchester, Edgar Hiller.
Lloyd Brown, Charles Sens, William Bosley,
Cary Parsons, ,lolm Parsons. Charles Lock-
Wood and William Lockwood.
Birthday Entertainment
Miss Mamie Loomil celebrated her birth
day pleasantly Wednesday evening at her
home on East Washington street. Fes
toons ol smilax with masses of terns and
jars of chrysanthemums formed the deoo
rations in the parlors. In the dining room
the sideboard was banked with terns, roses,
and vases of carnal ions were arranged about
the room. Miss Lillian Ashman recited
several numbers. The music was furnished
by the Misses Harlow. Nellie Bossier and
Mr. Landrum. Mrs. Loomia was assisted
by Mrs. McDonald and Mrs. Door. Miss
Nellie Sessler played for the young folks to
inarch to supper. Mi-s Mamie was the re
cipient of many handsome presents. The
evening was spent in dancing, card playing
and numerous other games.
The Misses Stuart. Sessler, Bridge and
Ward assisted in receiving the guests.
Among those present were Misses Lillian
Ashman, Stella Stewart. Bessie Campbell,
Nellie Sessler, Mabel Bridge. Mabel Allen.
Laura Allen. Idu Barlow, Alice Harlow.
Alice McDonald, Grace Ward. Gertrude
Prichurd. Kate Lane. Donaldo McGee, Liz
zie and Kate Schroeder, Estra and Mac Cal
houn. Elsie Herzog, Bertins Wardwell, Ber
tha Mottaz and Emma Mottaz, Messrs. N.
Hertog, Jack Landrum, Tom Henry, C.
Pierson, F. Pierson, Fred Dee, Charlie Reed.
Din Reed, Max Bayha, Whitehead, Ped
grift, Eugene Hart, Alfred Machris, George
Machris, Frank Le Boy, Walter Willitts,
Jim Case, Jim Todd. Frank Bennett, Ona
Ha Iter. Edgar Door. Alfert Nair, Julius
Surprise Party
Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Allen arranged a de
lightful surprise party Wednesday evening
at their home on Crocker street, in honor of
Miss Maud Dezell's birthday, it was a
complete surprise. When Miss Dc7ell re
turned home after a brief absence, she found
the house full of young people, all in masks,
and the parlors and hall artistically decor
ated. Huge bowls and baskets, overflowing
with feathery chrysanthemums and potted
ferns, were arranged with excellent taste.
After all h id been recognized, the mask*
were remo\d and progressive whist was en
joyed until a late hour, when vocal mu-ic
and supper completed an enjoyable evening.
Tl c guests were: Mr. and ill's. .1. I. Hirsch
ler, Mrs. Lawson, Misses Ada Ingle. Kate
Parker. Mac Brown, Aura Ingle, Cora and
Grace Parker, May Davisson, NoraCorbin,
Messrs. K. R. Bradley, A. McDougal, .1.
Ellis, W. Bryant, A. L. Thurston, B.Hanni
man, Earl Dezeil, L. P. Bradley. C. (i.
Berg, Will Webster nnd 11. llnnniman.
Dixie Club
Mrs. W. 0. Adams and Miss Mattic Adams"
entertained the Dixir club Tuesday even
ing at their residence on Lakeview avenue.
I lie looms were gracefully decorated with
tali vases of chrysanthemums and an enjoy
able musical and literary program was ren
dered, those assisting being Rev. Hugh K.
Walker, M isses Anna Adams. Helen Shields,
Delia Dotter and {Catherine Martin and
Mr. John Martin. Among those present
were Rev. and Mrs. Walker. Mr. and Mrs.
Will A. Harris. Dr. and Mis. W. H. Weston.
Mr. and Mrs. 1!. D. s.river. Dr. nnd Mis.
J. M. White, Mm-s. W. C. Adams. E, \.
Terry. W. C. McAuley, Robert Hartwell,
Puttie Cline, David Roller: Misses Cornelia
Cline, Helen Shields, Fannie Bead. Jessie
Hartwell, Jennie Robinson, Grace Adams.
Delia Dotter, Anna Adams, Katharine
Adnm«: Judge Morton, Messrs. John Ri ad,
Joseph Read, Bernard Mills. John Martin.
Leslie Harris and Harry Wood.
Halloween Party
A merry crowd of young folks surprised
Mrs. C. D. Clark at her home. SlB Central
avenue, and it also being the birthday of
Mrs. < 'lark, the pleasure was two-fold. Old
time Hallowe'en games and music were en
joyed, after which refreshments were
-erved. The hostc«s will be ready on the
next occasion of the kind to take a snap
shot at the party, as a tine kodak was one of
the many valuable gift? received. The
guests were Dr. W. M. Green and daugh
ter, Mrs. K. Finn and daughter. Dr. L. C.
Parker. Hits C, Gillham, Miss D. Ambrose,
Miss B. Ambrose. Miss Lulu Join-. Miss
E. Briaebaum, Mm*. T. Hot;.,. Mrs. F. Ma
quis, .Mrs. J. N. MeKin. Mrs. C. Schimpf,
Miss Sally Northern--, w. B, Downing, G.
W. Van Auken, G. M. BaHantyne, A. B.
McCoy, Isidore Brinebaum, Mr. Brir.e
bautn. Everyone went after all toasts
For Miss Rice
Miss Tillie Ganahl gave a delightful card
party Thursday afternoon at her residence
on South Hope street in honor of her guest,
Miss Josephine Rice of Bellville, 111. The
drawing rooms ami .lining loom were grace
fully decorated with chrysanthemums,
roses and ferns and the game- were followed
with a luncheon. The guests, besides the
guest of honor, were the Misses Virginia
1 borne, Louise Canal.l and Julio Ganahl of
Highland Park, Georgia Buist, Anna White.
Georgia W Int.. Marcella Barrett, Rose Bar
rett, Mary Rowan, Emma Engelbracht,
Gertrude Ponet, May Voule, Alice Despars,
Loretta Spellraeyer, Elenore Niemeyer.
[Catherine Niemovi, Dora Hovel, Anna
Ra|.p and Martha Manlh.ii.lt.
Old Time Halloween
Miss Lorctto Spellmeyer, ssaisted by Miss
Alice Despars, gave a most enjoyable Hal
lowe'en party Mond.iy ev< ning. 'The ladies
received in old-time Costumes and enter
tained their guests with old-time games,
made progressive to suit modern taste".
Old-time sports, candle-blowing, marsh
.mallow contest, fortune telling were en
joyed. Th..",-present were the Misses Sav
age, Brent, Ganahl, Barrett, Reed, Sutton,
Durnerin, Barringer, Millard, Qualey, Sie
bi n. Thomas, McLoflerty an.! Despars, and
Messrs. Thomson, Le Sage, Holt, Barrel),
Reed. Siebert, Durnerin, Despars, Ganahl,
Pouch. Howard, Bohn, Kumbel, MeCor
mich, Conboy, Cut-van and Nicholson.
For Eastern Friends
Judge and Mrs. c. N. Sterry entertained
at dinner Thursday evening at their resi
dence on the Wilshire boulevard. Covers
.cere laid for twelve. The table
was decorated with ferns, smilax
and white chrysanthemums, arranged
as a mound in the center, and at
each place was a single, long-stemmed chry
santhemum. The guestf were Mr. and Mrs
J. .1. Byrne, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Ware
of Fort S.ntt, Kan.: Misses Perley, Nora
Sterry and Messrs. K. P. Ripley, Paul Mor
ton, W . (i. Nevin snd Godfrey Holterhoff, jr.
For the Orphans
Mrs. George Rice entertained a number
of young ladies Saturday afternoon at her
residence on Star street. The after
noon was spent in dressing sixty dolls,
which are to gladden the hearts of the little
maidens at the Los Angeles Orphans'
home at Christmas lime. A luncheon
was served. Among thott present were Mrs.
' William Eglehoff, Mrs. Irwin H. Rice,
Misses Elizabeth Shsnkland. Margaret
dames, Helen and Minnie North, Zclla Fay,
llrace Green and Myrtle Green of Alham
lira, Orilla Donnell, Annie Wet hern, Jennie
Wethers, Anna Wyman, Ilolstead of Al
hambra. Lulc Conger oi' l'asndcna, Edna
Bicknell, Fannie Whltlock, Kate Landt,
Clara Fleming and Myrtle Day.
During the afternoon Mrs. Abbie Briggs
Crane gave several readings.
Terminal Party
Mr. Woodford Davisson entertained a
number of his young friends with a dancing
party Friday evening at the residence ol
his parents, Dr. and Mrs. J. H. Davisson,
at No. 920 Westlake avenue. The guests
were all young people who had spent the
summer months at Terminal Island, and
the affair was in the nature of a pleasant re
union. Those present were the Misses
Daisy Cross, May Bosbyshell, tirace Lau
oersheimer, May Hitchcock, Lucy Mitchell,
F.lsie Orr, Helen Reynolds, Helen North,
May Davisson. Messrs. Frank Rule, Sam
uel Bonsall, George Lattberaheimer, Daniel
I.aubersheimer, Hamilton Fay, Harry
Wood. Edward Bosbyshell, William Kess
!er, Frederick Lambourne, William Lam
bourne, Maryx Reynolds, Qeorge Rey
nolds, Russell Taylor, Vaughn Tombin and
Woodford Davisson.
Women of the South
On Tuesday, November Ist, the wives
and daughters of members oi camp 77<),
(.'. C. veterans, met and organised an as
sociation of "The United Daughters of the
Confederacy," to be known as the Robert
E. Lee chapter of California. The officers
elected were Mi>. 11.11. Thorpe, president;
.Mrs. M. E. Elder, vice president; Mrs. C.
H, Cary, secretary; Mrs. M. J. Harrison,
treasurer. Forty-five names were enrolled,
and the rolls are open for the signatures nt
charter members till the loth oi November,
tin that date a meeting will be held at the
residence of Mrs. E. Q. Robinson, Hi'! South
Union avenue, at 2 p, m., to install officers
and complete organization. All southern
women elligible to membership are cordially
invited to be present.
Halloween Party
Monday night Mr. ami Mrs. A. C. Mott
gave a Hallowe'en party at their home.
No. 804 West Eighth street. The rooms
were artistically decorated with chrysan
themums, etc. Hallowe'en games were the
order of the evening and everyone bid a
jolly time. After light refreshments served
in the (lining room, the guests were enter
tained with music by Messrs. A. Copps. R.
T. Brain and Walt Witman. Those pres
ent were Mesdamei Whomes, R, T. Brain.
H. Sharp. J. Clark-Kin. Dr. R. W. Whomes,
Messrs. Charles Crandall. A. Copps. T. W.
Wilden. R. T. Brain. 11. Lipaev. W. C. Wit
man. 11. Cooley, Misses Amiie Mott, L. Kolb
of Denver, B. liifenbcrick, A. M. Jones,
Gertrude Schofleld.
The marriage of Miss Elizabeth Under
wood, daughter of Mrs. Catherine Under
wood, to Alfred J. Bayer took place Thurs
day at the old Plaza Church, Rev. Fatbei
O'Reilly officiating. Miss Anna Yaw as
sisted as maid of honor, and as best
man Leo Schroeder. After the ceremony
a wedding breakfast was served to the bri
dal party at the residence of the bride's
mother on Ann street. Long ropes of smi
lax, intertwined with pink satin ribbons,
were gracefully arranged in canopy effect
over vlie- table, and a profusion of La France
roses were used in decorating the dining
room and parlors. Mr. and Mrs. Bayer
left at once for a fortnight's visit at Coro
nado, and upon their return will be at home
to their friends at No. 125 Toluca street.
Dancing- Party
The Middle D class of the State Normal
school gave a social and dancing
party Friday evening at the Normal School
building. The halls and reception looms
were handsomely decorated with smilax,
ferns and chrysanthemums. In the laborat
ory, where an elaborate luncheon was
served by Hicks, graceful draperies of fish
net were hung from the walls and in the
meshes were caught long-stemmed roses and
t hysantbemums. The tables were decorated
with jars of chrysanthemums. Miss
Widney, in a gypsy-like booth, used her
wonderful magic in reading the fortunes of
the guests and the evening was pleasantly
spent in games and dancing. There Were
a large number of guests present.
Pastor's Reception
The First United Presbyterian church was
crowded Tuesday evening, the occasion br
ing a reception in honor of Rev. George
McCormick of Salinas. Smilax, papyrus ami
chrysanthemums were arranged about tin
altar and throughout the rooms. Mis- Mar
garet Nevin, assisted by Mrs. W. W. Logan,
Mrs. C. I. Peck, Mrs. 11. G. Dean and Ross
Dallas, had charge of the decorations. A
musical and literary program was rendered,
and the participants were Mrs. George C.
Hill, Miss Am, h t Ritzius.G.,!. Hill, George
Neea and George Valentine. Mrs. J. C.
Kevin bad charge of the refreshments. There
were a numlx i i i prominent ministers pres
ent, who attended the church synod at San
A. 0. TJ W Dance
The members of University lodge, Ancient
Order of United Workmen, gay c a pleasant
dance last Thursday evening in Howard's
hall, mi Wesley avenue. University place.
The hall was decorated in an artistic man
ner and the floor nnisic was good. A prize
waltz furnished considerable amusement to
the spectators, the prizes, two large cakes,
going, the first, to Miss (lussic Melius and
Fred Harrows, the second to Miss Geraldine
Davies and Frank Oswald. William Behra,
Sidney Golden, 11. Kill and P. Bolin made
an efficient floor committee. About sixty
persons were present. A light supper was
served about the middle of the program.
Halloween Surprise
Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Chapin of No. 1263
West Thirtieth street were tendered a sur
prise party Monday evening. The surprise
part tailed, but the guests bad an enjoyable
time. The parlors were decorated with
carnations, chrysanthemums and roses.
J ho guests -pent the evening bobbing for
apples, blowing i undies and other games.
Appropriate refreshments were served.
Those present were Dr. und Mrs. W. F.
Morris, Dr. and Mrs. W. L. Wade. Mr. and
Mis. B, F. Nance, Mr. and Mrs. T. J.Jones,
Mr. and Mrs. W. 11. Griffin, Mr. and Mrs.
Ed Shafer, Mr. and Mrs. Kimball, Mr. and
Mi-. ,|. 'j'. Nance.
At Dinner
Miss Nettleton entertained nt dinner
Thursday evening. The artistic decorations
were of carnations and asparagus ferns, ar
ranged in vase-, from which lighted candles
[leeped, throwing a soft and mellow light,
about the room. Covers were laid tor
twelve, .-fid name cards of thin gla-s were
Placed at every corner. Dinner over. Miss
Nettleton's hospitality extended still further
to her giic-ts in the form of a theater party,
ifter which all present drove to the home of
Miss Murine Howard, where a midnight col
lation was served.
Stanton Corps Benefit
"Sixes and Sevens," a comedietta in two
acts, will be presented at Music hall on
Thursday evening, November 10th, lor the
benefit of Stanton Woman's Relief Corps.
I'll, play was written by Mrs. Bird Thomas,
a member of the corps, and will be present
id under her direction. A rainbow march
by fourteen young ladies and a musical
program will supplement the play. A social
dance will be given at the close of the enter
House Party
Mr. nnd Mrs. ]!. T. Sinclair gave a delight
ful house party from Saturday until Mon
day nt their summer residence al Redondo.
Tin' party included Mr. and Mrs. More
house, Mrs. Elisabeth Uayward, Misses
Thomas, Qrace Thomas, Alice Thomas,
Lockwood, Pitspatriok, Helen ICingjley,
Winifred Thomas, JJessie Hayuard, Josie
Davennort, Edna Sinclair; Messrs. Frank
Haywbrd, Harry Haywnrd, Clarence
Thomas, Bert Thomas and Augustus Lock
Club Luncheon
Mrs. Mary W. Longstrect was the hostess
Monday afternoon of a luncheon given at
the California club, complimentary to Miss
Morgan of San Francisco. The table was
ornamented with tall vases of white chrys
anthemums and the room was decorated
with sjuilax. The guests included Mrs.
Winston, Mrs. Miner, Mrs. Drake. Misses
Ruth Childs. Hot tense Childs and Jones of
Santa Monica.
For Miss Foster
Mrs. George H. Freeman of 1725 Maple
avenue entertained informally at luncheon
Saturday afternoon in honor of Miss (ier
trudc Foster, formerly of Los Angeles, but
at present with the Nance <I'Xeil company.
The table was ornamented with La Frame
roses and maidenhair ferns. The guests in
cluded Mrs. c S. Ward, Mrs. Kate Tapper,
Galpin, Mrs. Sheldon.
Needlework Guild
The ingathering of garments for the Los
Angeles branch of the Needlework guild has
been postponed from November Bth to No
vember Kith. Members arc expected to
respond liberally, ns there is unusual need
of clothing this year.
Here and There
Judge Shaw and family have returned
from Santa Monica.
Mis* Helen Layton is visiting friends in
Riverside ami Redlands.
Mrs. Joseph Weil of Sin Francisco is ths
guest of her sister Mrs. Max Harris.
Miss lone Hangh of Santa Paula is spend
ing a few weeks with friends in the city.
Mrs. ('. E. Kregelo will leave Wednesday
to spend the winter m Indianapolis, Tnd.
The Misses Graham of South Flower street
have issued invitations tor an "at home"
Miss Ethel Langford has returned from
Ventura where she has been spending sev
eral weeks.
Mrs. 1.. Arrow, a prominent society wo
man of San Francisco, is spending a few days
in the city.
Mr. and -Mrs. Gressett have gone to Santa
Monica to occupy their summer cottage for
a few days.
Mrs. A. L. Anderson has removed her vo
cal studio to the old Kramer hall on West
Fifth street.
Miss Helen Layton of No. 1277 West
Adams street, is visiting friends at Redlands
and Riverside.
Senator and Mrs. J. I. Jones of Santa
Monica have gone to Washington, D. C, to
spend the winter.
Miss Josephine Rice of Belleville, 111., is
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. 0. Ganahl on
South Hope street.
Mrs. F. M. Myers nnd family of No. 032
South Flower strict have moved to San
Francisco to reside.
Miss Anna Virginia Metcalf, who has been
the guest of Mrs. W. ]). Larrabcc. has re
turned to San Diego.
Mrs. F. Marmont and daughter Florence
of Denver are located at No. 124 Fast Fourth
street for the winter.
Mrs. S. J. Lynch of Santa Cruz, Cal., and
her daughter, Mrs. W. E. Craig, are visit
ing friends in Ventura.
Mr. and Mrs. 11. M. N( wmark and Miss
Rose Newmark left Tuesday for an extended
visit in San Francisco.
The summer class of 'i>o of the high school
will give a Thanksgiving spread on the
Wednesday preceding the holiday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Scholl entertained a
few friends on Wednesday evening at their
residence on East Sixteenth street.
The summer class of '00 of the High
School will give a Thanksgiving spread on
the Wednesday preceding the holiday.
Mr. and Mrs, K. K. Foster of No. 412 West
Thirty-first street have as their guests Mr.
and Mrs. J. Applewhite of the Glenn ram. h.
Mrs. E. X. Steinman is at home to her
friends on the first and second Thursdays ot
each month at No. TM'j South Hope street.
Messrs. Hartnoll and Cole have returned
to Los Angeles, after a four months' trip to
Europe and the principal cities of the east.
Mr. and Mis. John Scholl of No. 415
Bast Sixteenth street entertained friends
Monday evening with cards nnd dancing.
Mrs. M. F. Hnxeltine entertains the Bart
lett-Logan Hannonial society November 10
at her resilience at No. 2521 Michigan ave
Mrs. T. E. Albright and little sons, Elli
att and Horace, are guests of Mrs. Albright's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. .1. E. Fiske, at Yer
Mr. and Mrs. James Montgomery of Bon
nie Brae street have returned from a visit
with friends in New York, Philadelphia and
Mis. J. W. Hintnn of West Seventh street
entertained informally at luncheon Wednes
day, complimentary to Mrs. OscarO'Besrof
St. Louis.
Mrs. I". <'. De Pauw entertained nt lunch
eon Saturday at her residence on West
Twenty-seventh street in honor of Mrs. 0.
L°. Kregelo.
Chapter C of the P. E. O. Sorority gatve
a Halloween party at the residence of Mr.
and Mrs. Laird -I. Stabler on West Thir
tieth street.
ills. Annie liancroft has returned from
her visit to San Francisco and is settled in
her studio in the Stowell block, South
Spring street.
The ladies of the Second Presbyterian
church will give, a New England dinner
from 12 to 8 o'clock Tuesday n<\ No. .12(1
Downey avenue.
Dr. and Mrs. E. V. Van Norman, for
merly of San Diego, have taken the Krcgclo
residence at No. 048 West Twenty-eighth
street for the winter.
The Woman's Press club will meet Mon
day afternoon at 2:.10 in Caledonia hall, 110
South Spring street. A full attendance Of
the members is desired.
Mrs. John I). Ilieknell, Mrs. Horace (2.
Cates and Miss Edna Bicknell have issued
invitations for a large reception Friday af
ternoon, November IS.
Miss Irene Stephens will entertain at din
ner Thursday evening, November 10, at her
home. No. ixi South Hill, complimentary
to Miss Emma Graves.
Mrs. Abe Jacoby entertained a number
of friends at whist Thursday afternoon at
the Van Nuya Hotel. Very handsome dee
or.itions were arranged.
Mr. ami Mrs. Ralph X. Smith, nee Makes
lee of Omaha, have returned from their
bridal trip and are at home to their friends
nt No. 1144 South Figueroa street.
Invitations have been issued for the mar
riage of Miss Mayme L. Drydeh and Roy
Stevens, Thursday evening, November 10,
at 8 o'clock at St. .lohns Church.
Invitations have been issued for the mar
riage of Miss Mayme 1.. Dryden and Roy
Stevens. Thursday evening, November It),
at 8 o'clock, at Si. John's church.
The Theta I'si Fraternity of tho Southern
California I'niversity gave a Halloween
party Monday evening at the home of Carl
\\ illiams oi, West Thirty-third street.
The young people of Ashurv M. E. Church
were entertained with Halloween games
Monday evening at the residence of Mr. and
Mrs. William Pollard on North Qriffln aye
Frank 1,, llnebner has issued invitations
to a complimentary concert to be given by
twenty-four of his vocal pupils at Fitzger
aid Recital Hall, Friday evening, Novem
ber 11.
Mrs. R. 11. F. Varicl will entertain the
Galpin Shakespeare Alumni club Wednes
day afternoon at her residence on Michigan
avenue. The play to be studied is "The
Tempi st."
The regular monthly meeting of the board
of managers of the Lark Ellen News an<7
Working Hoys' home will take place next
Wednesday, and will !><• the first meeting
of the new board.
Invitations have been issued by Mm. John
I). Bicknell, Mrs. Horace O. Cntes and Miss
Edna Bicknell for a large reception to be.
given at their home on West Seventh street,
Friday, November 18.
J. Wood Porter has just published a
Vnlse Funtastique, with harmony by Car
lyle Petarallea, the composition being dedi
cated to Anna Spnhr Henry, the twelve-year
old violinist and pianist.
Among the many anticipated social events
of the season is a large reception, followed
by a cotillion, to be given by Mines. Edward
D. Silent, Otheman Stevens and Sumner P.
Hunt, Tuesday evening, November 15.
Miss M. Iluherty and J. L. Cray were
married Thursday evening in the Nadeau,
only a few friends being present. The bride
is the daughter of Mrs. V. W. Miller of Bo
rate, Cal., where Mr. and Mrs. Gray will
Miss Frances Thompson of West Thirtieth
street entertained the members of the Alpha
Phi Sorority Monday evening. The two new
candidates, Misses Mabel Yerxn and Eva
Stanley, were initiated into the mysteries of
the order.
Miss Isabella Underwood of Chicago is the
guest of her aunt, Mrs.CharlesHinchcliffe
of Figucroa Street. Miss I'ndcrwood is the
possessor of a very beautiful contralto
Voice, which will be beard today at St. Vin
cent's church.
A pleasant noon-musical was given Satur
day at the Young Woman's Christian Asso
ciation, Miss Adele Stoneman ami Miss
Jessie Goodwin contributed vocal solos and
also sang a duet. Miss Addie Meek added
several concert solos.
The Ruakin Art club announce a series
of Saturday lectures for November on the
life and times of Egyptians, Greeks, Ro
mans, in the light of modern discovery, by
Dr. J. C. Fletcher, profusely illustrated
with the stereopticon.
The marriage of Miss Pearl Lockwood
of San Diego and S. ti. Topliff of this city
took place Saturday at the bride's resi
dence iv San Diego. After a short bridal
trip Mr. und Mrs. Topliff will be at home
to their friends at No. 148 North Avenue
Eighteen iv this city.
Mrs. Mary I*. Harris and little son, ac
companied by her mother, Mrs. and Miss
UpthegratT, will leave Tuesday next for
their former home in Texas. Mrs. Harris
has been recording secretary of the Wo
man's Press club nnd is a talented writer
of southern dialect short stories.
ills. W. M. Garnett entertained at lunch
eon Tuesday at her residence on East Thir
ty sixth street in honor of Miss Elizabeth
Easton of Santa Ana. The other guests
were Mines. C. C. Fife, P. 1!. Spears, 11. ]!.
Kccler, Charles Long of San Diego, .1. W.
Montague. Mist Edith Spears and Miss Ad
elaide Thomas of Santa Ana.
11l the line of millinery the stores this
season offer a bewildering variety of ma
terial, styles and shapes, t hose quiet styles
for the conservative ami quiet in taste, and
picture hats, with dancing plumes and
wings for the up-to-date young woman, and
the newer toques for the ultra fashionable.
The Boston store shows an attractive line of
millinery this season that exceeds in variety
and elegance any previous stock. By a
special arrangement made early this season
with a number of eastern importers, this
house is daily receiving the latest and most
exclusive Paris hats as soon us they arrive
iv New York. In some very pretty effects,
black and while, large velvet hats with
,st itching and tucks, are in great demand.
It would be impossible for any lady with
the most fastidious taste not to.be able to
find in this department just what she may
wish in color, design or price.
The new blue velvet hats as shown by this
house are in all the new effects. A favorite
is made in the short back sailor designs of
mirrored velvet, stitched with white, soft
crown and loop, of velvet, faced with silk
aud trimmed with guinea wings: price, Sit).
From Madame Virot, 12, Rue de la I'aix.
Paris, a very stylish toque, made of black
chenille braid interwoven with jet, rolling
oil' the face with purple-corded ribbon, ar
ranged in puffs, with three pearl pins, v'th
a high effect in pointed wings and soft
feathers, very stylish with any Costume;
price, $15.
From Caroline Reboux, 2,1 Rue de la
I'aix, Paris, an elegant dark bottle-green
toque, large guinea and stork breasts form
ing the front, with a velvet rosette of tur
quoise velvet; next the face and over tin
top of the breasts is a satin rosette of black
and white, with four emerald and rhine
stone pins: price. $25.
From Felix, modes and robes, 15, Fau
bourg St. Honorc, Paris, a royal blue car
riage hat, made with three brims, each
covered with mirrored velvet edged with
jet; from the side front rises two large
plumes with soft chiffon at the base, two
steel mid jet pins coming out of the ohilfon.
Import cost. |40.
Among the many dainty designs in dress
trimmings shown at the Ville de Paris are
fancy embroidered siik mull, in cream,
black and fancy colors in novel patterns,
bullion cloth, cream and gold mixed, tucked
and corded taffeta silk, gauffree chiffon,
ruchings in all widths and colors, fancy
chiffons nnd liberty silks, with the new
chenille effect. In the trimming depart
ment is shown an entire new line of che
nille appliques, in rich and pretty colorings
and designs, dainty patterns in jewel, cut
steel, silk embroideries nnd braids in nar
row, medium and wide designs. Buttons
in crystal, steel and jet and fancy enamel
and jewel buckles are shown in many new
and unique patterns.
A. Hamburger & Sons are showing some
exceptionally new effects in plaided dress
stuffs at $1 a yard. The grounds arc in
matelaSM weaves, mostly in block effects,
shot with silk. The colors are mostly mili
tary blues, purpleS and hunters' green
combined with black. They arc French
goods and no more are to be had this sea
son. Venetian suitings for tailor dresses at
$1.50 a yard also have a liberal showing.
Army blue is the most popular color, but
castor brown is a close second. It will un
doubtedly be the prevailing color next sea
son and is already in great demand east.
The material is fifty-four inches wide, and
four nnd a half yards is a good dress pat
London suitings in reversible checks arc
next to Venetian cloth in popularity for
tailor dresses. These come in all shades of
brown, national blue, gray and greens.
They are fifty-four inches wide and (1.50 a
yard. There is a most remarkable showing
of the npw fancy hosiery for women at the
People's store. Dame Fashion wears ex
tremely novel stockings this season, and
her devotees are not slow in following this
pretty precedent. Prices range from . r >A
cents to $2 a pair.
I Pooc
7 Facial beauty depend* upon well
■ nourished tissues and a healthy skin.
J Impoverished skin means: fading
■ beauty, lack of color, plumpness, and
f regular lines. Lola Montez Creme Is a
■ face food that supplies nourishment to
f the tissues, brings color to the checks,
■ eradicates wrinkles, aud prevents the
' loss of facial beauty. Absolutely
■ harmless. 75c a jar, lasts three months.
I Superfluous Hair
f Permanently removed by the Electric
i Needle as operated by me.
f Mrs. Nettle Harrison
I 40-42 Geary St. San Francisco
Boston SL Store.
339 South SHromdway, jCee jfnye/e*
Jacket Department
English, French and New York Designs
Early in the season we placed orders for an extensive line of Jackets for the Novembar
trade. They came promptly on time and are now on sale. This purchase
comprises the widest rang! of colors, textures and designs
that have been shown this season.
Prices $5.00 to $50,00
Black Boucle Jackets, box front, strap Tan Kersey Jackets, round corners, bq£
seams, plaid linings, front, strap seams, red satin lined,
$3.00 $13.50
Blue Beaver Jackets, Franklin front, trim- Brown Beaver Jackets, red satin lined, new
ineJ with black satin and cord, dip front, 6 large pearl buttons,
$6.50 $13.50
Navy Blue and Black Melton Jackets, box New Blue Kersey Jackets, strap seams, liuci
iront, strap seams, rhadame lined, all through with red satin,
$10.00 $15.00
Tan Kersey Jackets, cerise satin lined, 6 large pearl buttons, cap sleeve
Blue Kersey Jackets, cutaway fly front, Light Tan Kersey Jackets, velvet collar
satin lined, velvet collar satin lined, strap seams
$25.00 $30.00
Black English Kersey Jackets, round corners Green Kersey Jackets, tight fitting, edged
' front, black satin lining with mink lur, braid trimmings
$25.00 $40.00
Tan Kersey Jackets, cutaway front, brocade Black French Velours, half fitting, reefer
silk lined, 27-inch lengths collar, marten trimmed, silk lined
$27.50 $50.00
Agents for Butterick Patterns and Publications
I Walking Hats |
*5 We have the only stock of Walking 3£
ag Hats in Los Angeles. Strong words, 5;
. those, but measured by the stocks of
f5 claim other cities you'll find our statement 2*
3g correct —more —you'll find our prices as jb
3J low as you would find on Broadway in g£
;=» New York. 2»
i» Tarn O'Shanter Walking Hats —a new «c
■5 and novel idea —covered with fancy
55 something mohair net and trimmed with fishnet 2E
q5 New drawn taught over a rolling mohair 5^
j5 brim, black taffeta ribbon and wings g»>
=5 and a bandeau. These come in difler- SE
3j ent color crowns. gg
S Beauty S
lln Brass |
There is beauty in brass as well as marble. Our gj£>
recent shipment of Brass Bedsteads introduces to
tms Clt y some 01 tne most beautiful work yet
done in brass. We claim that there is nothing: to
equal this stock in Southern California for variety
of design and number of sizes. You will find
nothing cheap and flimsy about these bedsteads.
They are built to last untold generations. We
need not speak of prices—you know that we ask QjS?
just what the goods are worth every time. Our
*S business is maintained upon a system of fair and >jT
moderate profits. Examine and price these goods
this week.
*| Our Vernis Martin j The Blankets S
Room is a splendid spectacle j Have been going fast this last ST
-2S of blue and gold. If you en- | week. We are closing them fSB
JSJ joy strong, beautiful effects in I out, and if you want to save k^^,
Furniture, a visit to this room j a little money this is your
will repay you. i chance; fine cotton and wool.
T/ie B/fc S/ore Sparkles with Interesting Things This Week
4S =_== J
Niles Pease §F
« Furniture Co. g
4S S**
439=441-443 South Spring St.

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