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Brutal murder of a woman by a
drink-crazed Italian ranch)hand.
Light vote polled in all city pre
cincts; few returns available last
Sad suicide of an elderly woman by
jumping from the Santa Monica
Los Angeles—"At Gay Coney
Board of fire commissioners meets
—10 a. m.
Board of police commissioners
meets—lo a. m.
TEMT'KR ATTjßHl—Record nf obsrrvaMnn*
taken at Los Angeles Nov. Bth. The
barometer is reduced to sea icvei.
£a. Dl
; )> in.
29 9(1
29 94
Maximum temperature, 74.
Minimum temperature, at.
For Southern California: Rain Wednes
day; severe frost tonight; fresh north
west winds.
Drink Glen Rock water. Tel. Main 26.
C. D. Howry, undertaker, Fifth and
Broadway. Lowest prices in the city.
Coll telephone Main 243 for ambulance.
Eresee Brothers, Sixth nnd Broadway.
Gilt wallpaper and border for 12-ft. room,
$1.50. Walter, 627 South Spring street.
Hubert Sharp & Co.. funeral directors, 751
tod 788 South Spring street. Tel. Main 1029.
B. P. Smith farewells for Africa from
Penfel hall, 22" South Main street, 2:30 p.
m. today.
Watches cleaned, 75 cents; mainsprings,
60 cents; crystals, 10 cents. Putton, 214
South Broadway.
Stoll i Thayer company have moved
their book nnd stationery store to Nos. 252
nnd 254 South Spring street, Stimson block.
Adams Bros., dentists, 239(4 South Spring
street. Kates from %i. Painless extract
ing, 50 cents. Filling a specialty. Hours,
8 to 5; Sundays, 10 to 12.
Do you know that a framed picture makes
n most desirable wedding present? If you
are looking for anything in that line do not
fail to call at H. C. Lichtenberger's art em
porium, 202 South Spring street.
Dr. Rebecca Lee Dorsey, Stimson block,
first floor, rooms 133, 134, 135. Special at
tention given to obstetrical cases and all
diseases of women and children. Electricity
scientifically used. Consultation hours, 1
to 5. Telephone 1227.
The Hilltops defeated the third team of
the Los Angeles Military academy in a
game of football yesterday afternoon. The
Hilltops, though a much lighter team, won
by a score of 15 to 0. The Hilltops are
ready to play any team averaging 120
Y. W. C. A.
Mrs. Grace E. Dntton yesterday morning
lectured before some seventy ladies upon the
subject, "A Dinner for Six for Fifty Cents."
She was accompanied by a number of youug
ladies from her cooking class at. Throop
Polytechnic, who assisted her in the prac
tical Illustrating of her subject. They
proved conclusively that an elaborate din
ner could be cooked for the large number
and at the small price named. The menu
included cream of pea soup, chicken casser
oles, lima beans, potato balls, lettuce salad,
pistachio junket and coffee. The recipe
for the junket is one junket tablet (Mrs.
Dutton's own concoction), one quart of
milk, two teaspoonfuls of sugar, and one
teaspoonful of flavoring and coloring tluid,
the latter being made of spinach. Next
Tuesday Mrs. Button will lecture on meats.
Merely a Hatter of Yesterday
Mr. Gladstone had Bueh a good memory
himself that he was inclined to he impatient
with those who had not. At a dinner in Lon
don a few years ago he was sketching, to the
delight of the company, a stirring scene in
the house of commons in the early 40's. Lord
Granville was a guest at the dinner, and was
in the commons at the time of the events
to which Gladstone referred. "Did you
take part in the division?" asked Mr. Glad
stone of Lord Granville. "I'm sure I don't
know," replied Lord Granville. "I can't re
member whether I did or not." "Not re
member," fairly shouted Gladstone, "why
it was only forty-eight years ago! " —Syracuse
Rigorous Swiss School Laws
I If a child in Switzerland does not attend
school on a particular day the parent gets
n notiocfruiu, the public authority that he is
fined ho many francs- the second day the
line is increased and by the third day the
amount has become a serious one. In case
of sickness the pupil is excused, but if there
is any suspicion of shamming a doctor is
sent. If the suspicion proves to be well
founded the parent is required to pay the
cost of the doctor's visit.
Hung With Fatal Effect
While Frederick Remington was in the
West he observed a well-executed portrait
In a dark room on the wall of a cabin and
teked whose picture it was. "That's my
ushand," said the woman of the house
parelessly. "Hut it is hung with fatal ef
fect," urged the artist, who remembered the
fute of his first picture in the academy. "So
Was my husband," snapped the woman, and
the artist discontinued his observations.—
Pittsburg Dispatch.
San Diego County Brimstone
Professor Charles Giles Pearce, who con
trols the recently discovered Pearce sulphur
mines in San Diego county, was in the city
resterduy negotiating the sale of the future
product. There are six claims in the body,
comprising 120 acres, nnd much of the output
Is pure brimstone. It is so rich that it will
take fire readily from a lighted match.
Skinflint of the Hardest Kind
I never saw a man carry economy to such
in extreme, said a Dreyfus partisan. "He
Is positively parsimonious."
' Y ?!i mean tnat member of ttie French
"•V- *l e is continually talking about
laving his honor.' —Washington Star
Poor Boston
Boston Man (awaking suddenly)—Wh-
Ivhat crash was that?
His Wife—Perhaps the kitchen towel fell
The kitchen towel?
Yes; that's all the crash we have in the
Bouse.—New York World.
The Los Angeles Pipe Organ company has
removed Its factory to Eighth and San Pc-
Iro streets.
Baker & Hamilton
Wagons and buggies at reduced prices.
Frank Valerga Shoots Mrs,
mento to Death
The Murderer Made His Escape but Was
Held the Husband of the Woman at Bay With His Gun While
His Wife Died in Agony Before His Eyes—A
In sheer wantonness, without the shadow
of an excuse, Pranchi Valerga, an Italian,
ruthlessly shot down Mrs. Beiiedetta Fru
mento yesterday afternoon iv the presence
of her husband, son und cousin, and then
barricaded himself iv the house and defied
the crowd of horrified people to take him.
Nobody, save tiie brutal assassin, had any
idea of such a crime lurking in the mind of
the man, and all of the party save Valerga
were in the yard attending to some chores
at the time the woman was shot. Valerga,
hidden in the shadow of a room, fired the
contents of one barrel of a shotgun into the
right side of the woman's face as she was
bending over, and inflicted a mortal wound.
All of the parties to the tragedy are Ital
ians. Valerga and Guiseppe Guise, a cousin
of the murdered woman, stopped at the
Pelanchoui ranch on Alameda street near
Twenty-fourth. This ranch they leased
from Frumento, wdio resided with his wife
and three sons at another ranch corner of
San Pedro and Washington streets. F'ru
mento had decided that he required the
ranch occupied by Valerga, and, accompa
nied by Mrs. Frumento and James, who is
about 18 years of age, he drove to the Ala
meda street place about noon yesterday.
The trio were well received by both men,
and Valerga was apparently on friendly
terms with all of them. They went into the
house, which is a one-story frame cuttage
with an addition in the rear for the kitchen,
with a window in both the north and south
sides, the door facing the east. Frumento,
his son and the other man went into the
yard to attend to unhitching the horse, and
during their absence the first indication of
the pending trouble was given by Valerga.
Mrs. Frumento had washed his clothes for
him, and in looking them over Valerga
claimed that there was a shirt missing.
"You steal one shirt from me," he cried.
Mrs. Frumento indignantly denied this,
and said that the shirt had been returned
to him with the balance of his wash. This
did not satisfy the man, however, for he
became more angry and called: "You steal
three shirts from me. I know you. You
give one of them to F.gidia Ragghianti (an
Italian hand on an adjoining ranch), for
I saw him wearing it fifty days ago. He
has not got money enough to buy the shirt
and you stole it and gave it to him."
Mrs. Frumento in turn became angry, and
she promptly informed her accuser that she
had not stolen anything belonging to him,
and she would not allow him to say she had.
Valerga continued to accuse the woman
and quarrel with her, and the conversation
became so loud as to attract the attention of
Augustino Frumento, the husband of the
woman. Augustino went into the kitchen
and just as he entered he saw Valerga shove
the woman with his right hand. Frumento
stepped up and told him he must not repeat
the act, but Valerga stepped back and put
his hand threateningly to his hip pocket,
and, drawing a revolver, replied that Fru
mento had better not molest him. Fru
mento grappled with the fellow, who is a
small-sized man, about five feet four inches
in height, and slightly smaller than Fru
mento, and took the revolver away from
him before any harm could be done by Va
lerga. The latter did not resent being dis
possessed of the weapon and struggled no
Bad Man's Terrible Work
In the desire to prevent any further trou
ble Frumento sent to the residence of Dep
uty Zarijero Rubio, who resides about 150
yards to the north, and requested him to
come to the ranch house. Kubio, who is
also said to be a deputy constable, respond
ed and was given the possession of the re
volver. Hotter would it have been if the
two rifles and a shotgun in the adjoining
room had also been turned over to the of
ficer. Still, Valerga made no remonstrance,
and appeared perfectly satisfied with the
removal of the pistol and shook hands with
all the tamily. lie apparently wanted to be
on good terms with them again. Valerga
also signified his willingness to vacate the
place about the 15th of the month, as Fru
mento had notified him that he desired
to take charge of the ranch on that date.
The party sat down to dinner and shortly
after 2 oclock separated to attend to some
Frumento and his son started over toward
the windmill house. Guise followed them,
anil Mrs. Frumento went to the south side
of the house, picked up a hoe, and started
to grub some weeds. Valerga remained in
the house. What passed in his mind will
probably never be known. He might have
thought himself wronged by the supposed
loss of his garments, or perhaps, as he
claimed later to Gfficer Rico, he was smart
ing because the woman had whipped him
when they had their quarrel in the dining
room. Or there might have been some other
reason, at present unknown, which incited
him to commit his terrible deed. In any
event, the vilest part of his nature prevailed,
and he determined to take the life of the
unsuspecting woman. Valerga was fully
cognizant of what he was about to do, for
while he had taken some liquor during the
day, he was not then intoxicated, and only
until he had been in the custody of the of Ii
cers did the idea of assuming intoxication
suggest itself.
The woman moved over toward the kitch
en, and just as she was about ten feet from
the open window, unconscious that the as
sassin was lurking, weapon in hand, to take
her life, she stooped, picked up a pair of
old shoes, and then rose to put them out of
her way. As she regained her upright po
sition, the report of a gun was heard.
Frumento was thirty feet from the woman
and walking over toward the windmill.
Jimmy stood about fifteen feet to the right
of his mother and Guise was within ten feet
of her, but partially screened by the foliage
of a tree. With a slight groan the woman
toppled backward, and the three men in
astonishment saw her fall on the ground
and begin to writhe, with the blood pouring
from a horrible Wound in the right side of
her face. The murderer had fired a charge
of No. 5 shot at the woman. Nearly all of
the pellets had taken effect, in her eye, fore
head, and entered the brain, tearing away
almost the entire right side of the face.
Simultaneously the men looked at the
kitchen window and there, facing them, with
the smoking gun pointing threatlngly, stood
Valerga, the murderer. Father and son
started forward to the aid of the dying
woman, but the murderer, cruel to the last,
shouted: "You keep back. Don't come
here or I will kill you."
Frumento and his boy sprang back and
retreated behind the windmill house for
safety, Guise having also sought refuge.
For a short while, perhaps not more than
live minutes, but it seemed an age to Fru
mento and bis boy, the pair were forced to
stand helpless and see the woman writhe
and groan in agony, frightened by the
evidence of murder, cowed by the sight of
the still smoking gun in the hands of the
murderer. Finally somebody went to give
the alarm. Jimmy, the boy, ran down (o
the cement works of the Alpine company
half v mile away, and telephoned to his
sister that their mother had been hilled, and
some one else went across the road to the
ranch of Frank Izatti. The latter and one
of his men, B. Cademartori, hurried to the
scene of the murder, and when they arrived
the woman was still on the ground, but the
murderer had moved away from the window
and was in another part of the house, ready
to resist any attempt to arrest or mob him.
Cademartori went to the north side of the
house anil there encountered the murderer.
Izatti and Frumento had in the meantime
gone to the aid of the woman anil given her
some water.
For a few minutes Valerga refused to per
mit Cademartori to approach. Finally the
latter succeeded in gaining the murderer's
Confidence and walked to the door, where
Valerga stood with the rifle in hand, .lust
before the arrival of aid, a second shot had
been heard from the house and it had at first
been thought that the murderer had taken
his life, but this second report was from a
ride and must have been accidental. Val
erga, no doubt, with the intention of resist
ing any attempts of the crowd to lynch him,
discarded the shotgun find took up a 44
--caliber Winchester, as it had more cart
ridges in the nmguzine. {The weapon was an
old model and in an attempt to throw a
cartridge into the barrel Valerga must have
discharged it by mistake, the bullet going
through the roof. Cademartori walked close
up to the murderer and suddenly grabbed
hold of the rifle and struggled to wrest the
weapon from him. At this criticul moment
Izatti appeared and he too caught hold of
the barrel. It looked as if the pair would
succeed in getting the gun away from Val
eriri, hut the murderer cunningly reached
his hand back to his hip pocket and threat
ened to shoot them with a revolver if they
did not desist. Both released their holds
and retreated to the other side of the house.
The men were all afraid to again try to
overpower Valerga, for he had ail the ad
vantage of them, but it was decided to try
to outwit him by a ruse.
"Say, Frank," called Cademartori, "come
on out and get a drink."
This seemed to please the murderer, for
he appeared in a few minutes and walked up
to Cademartori. The latter and several
others told Valerga that he ought to hide
himself in the chicken house, in order to
escape (he officers when they came for him.
The men wanted to get him away from the
weapons which he had* fortunately left in
side of the house. Valerga acted iipon this
second suggestion and hurried into the re
treat. He did not remain there long, for in
the meanwhile the police station had been
notified of the attempted murder and Officer
Tom Rico had been sent with all possible
speed to the scene of the shooting. He had
been warned that the man had barricaded
himself in the house and would shoot any
body who ventured within range. Rico did
not let a little thing like this interfere with
him, for he promptly went to the side of the
house and crouching close to the wall moved
along until he reached the east corner.
There had been no trace of tho murderer
up till then but the officer expected to en
counter him at any moment. Just as Rico
looked around the corner of the house he
saw that somebody was in t he chicken house,
for whoever it was opened the door once or
twice, looked out, and then would draw
back and suddenly close the door. "He's in
there," cried someone to Rico, and then the
officer knew that it had been the murderer
Who had opened and closed the door. Rico
drew his revolver and started at once for the
place, intending to take chances with the
man in a gun fight, but fortunately Valerga
was unarmed and when he saw the blue
uniform and brass buttons of the officer he
stepped out and surrendered without a
struggle. Rico handcuffed the man.
The woman was removed from the house
and laid on a small cot. The patrol wagon
had been started after the officer and ar
rived id a short while with a number of de
tectives aboard. The injured woman was
hurriedly taken to the wagon and the mur
derer placed on a seat between several of
tha officer* and the return to the station
began. Valerga had been in the custody
of the officers fully ten minutes before the
idea of his being drunk suggested itself,
but when it did he proceeded to make the
most of his time during the rest of the
ride, by swaying about and acting as if be
was intoxicated. The woman was still alive
at the station and was taken into the receiv
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• WATCH . . yWIVW .
• Elgin or Walthnm Movement c
ing hospital and medical aid was summoned.
Her injuries were of such a terrible and
fatal nature that practically nothing could
be done for her aud she expired at 7:30
oclock last night. The murderer would
make no statement about the crime. When
he came out of the chicken house nnd Offi
cer Itico inquired why he had shot the
woman, Valerga replied that she had
whipped him in the house and he wanted to
■ take revenge. •
The deceased was the mother of seven
children, three of whom lived with the
family on the ranch. A fourth is Mrs. Vito
ria Peluffe, who conducts a grocery store at
705 New High street, and a fifth child is
Guiseppe, who is a,'clerk at the store. The
other children are absent from this country.
Of the murderer little is known. He had
been befriended by his victim and her hus
band and had been indebted to them for
many kindnesses. It is said that he has a
wife living in Italy. The body of the mur
dered woman was removed to the undertak
ing rooms of Bresee Bros., where an inquest
will be held cither this afternoon or tomor
It was reported shortly after the killing
of Mrs. Frumento that a second murder
had occurred at the corner of New High
and Ord streets. This was first thought to
have been the result of some election row.
It appeared after investigation that this
second report was incorrect, as no killing
had taken place at that point. The way
the report started was because Mrs. Peluffe,
a daughter of the murdered woman, resides
at 705 New High street, a few doors north
of Ord street, and she was informed by
telephone by her brother of the crime. The
news soon circulated in the vicinity, and
rumor distorted the report into the story
of a murder in that section.
Had the Lockjaw
George Clements, a dope fiend, was found
on Los Angeles street in a bad condition
yesterday by Deputy Constable Mugnemi.
Clements had been deprived of his favorite
drug for some days past. He had not tasted
any food for some length of time and had
the lockjaw. He was attended at the re
ceiving hospital and relieved, after which
he waa sent to the county hospital.
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