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Pugilistic affairs have been most in
teresting in local sports for several weeks
past, and there are more lights to come.
The (luck season is still behind, on account
of tbe absence of rain, and quail are scarce.
Cursing is well supported, and a big stake
has been arranged for this month. There
will be a bicvele race on the first of the
year, but tiie men Slave not started
training vet. Football circles seem to be
agitated .it present over the claim of the
high school team for tin: championship of
Southern California. From all accounts the
high school has no right to the title. Hie
horse show is being well boomed, and the
indications point to a very successful af
fair. Golf is at present experiencing a
calm, which always comes before activity.
The I.os Angeles Gun club held a shoot
yesterday. _ <
The snappy weather yesterday made th *
ban s frisky, and in cctosequence the com s
ing at Agricultural park was unusually into »
est ing. The program, which consisted of
a 32-dog stake, was carried out with st fch
promptness that the final was run off aim pat
an hour earlier Usui usual. Mountain
Relic, owned by C. B. Dryden, canted oil
lirst honor, with P. G. Btecklebont'a Pt, B.
&, B, a close second. At the request of.the
management the crackerjacks Queen Kelp
and Kitty Scott, who have divided first
honots between them for several vaeeks,
were not entered yesterday. Both dr Irs are
so far superior to the others cnterc i that
Pre.-idenl Black tut^gy.stc.l to Sue manage
ment of the Rivera kejnnil, the own tr, that
it might be well to give ethers a cl lance.
Entries for the Christmas day 1 fleet are
now being received. The manage nent has
been informed that a string of fifteen to
twenty dogs will be sent down from San
Prano-'ttfo about the- middle cf licxtlwcel.'
to enter the races Christmas.
ln the run-off Stella 11. won fr am Five of
Diamonds. The Ghost, beat Premier, Lillie
defeated Flying Jib, Torpedo Heat Uncle
Sam, Reliance beat Htizel Dell, Mountain
Belle won from New FL>me 11., Panr.ie was
beaten by Cicely, Fair Rosaline beat Blue
Bell, Lassie Hayes won from Revenge, Van '
Unfile defeated Alice, Sir Richard was
beittn by Bum, Enterprise won from Miss
Domestic, Lady Wallsoebeat Prfacess Den
mark, Master Jack won from Jem Valjean,
]J. 11. & )!. bi at Ormonde, Lady Agnes won
from Van Trallo.
First ties resulted as follows: Stella T!.
beat The Ghost. Lillie won fnttt Torpedo.
Reliance was beaten by Mountain Belle,
Cicely beat Fair Rosaline. Lassie Ifuycs
won from Van Biullc. Enterprise beat
Hum, Lady Wallace defeated Master Jack,
B. B. & H. beat Van Tralle.
In the second ties Stella B. boat Lillie,
Mountain Belle won ficm Cicclyj, Lassie
Hays defeated Enterprise, Lady Wallace
was beaten by B. B. & li.
Tho third ties resulted in the defeat ef
Stella B. by Mountain Belle ami a victory
for B. B. ii: B. over Lassie Hayes.
In the final Mountain Belle b(at B. B.
* B.
The winners are: Mountain Belle first.
B. li. & B. second, Lassie Hayes third, Stella
The Los Angeles cricket club played its
first match yesterday since its organisation,
when i lie old rivals of the Duar tea club were
met amid the oranges. Unhappily two of
Los Angeles' bet bowlers had engagements
at church or elsewhere and til" 1 visiting
team was lamentably weak in attack. Chief
ly owing to the determined stand of Messrs,
Wilkins and Gillmore, the citizents were de
feated by the ranchers. The full score was
as follows:
H. J. Hatcman. c. sub., Young 7
H, \V. Walker, 1. b. w. young l
J. Scott, h. w. h. Johnson 7
It. H. Chapman, b. Johnson .'hi
J. 11. Black, b. Young 1
H. L. Tottenham, b. Johnson 1
A. H. Squire, c. sub. b. Patterson 8
M. Foster, not out h
H. Sutton, b. Manning s
Total 62
Patterson, b. Walker n
Manning, b. Walker 12
Young, 0., Foster b. Chapman I
Wilkins, b. w Uk. i ze
Hooper, c. Chapman, h. Br.tcman 13
Gillmore, c. Scott, b. Foster 2G
Johnson, c. Bateman, b, Chapman 0
French, h. w. b. Chapman 0
Carter, not out q
Extras 10
To'.r.l u3
Los Angeles in the second innings
scored 58 for 7ti wickets—Fosti t !». Scott 10,
Walker (not out) 25, and Squire (not out) 1.1.
A general meeting of the Los Angeles
Cricket club is called for tomorrow at 7.
p. in., in the office cf Messrs Scott and Mac
donald, third lloor of the Wilcox block. All
members and those intending to join are
earnestly requested to attend.
The I.os Angeles Gun c lub inaugurated a
shoot for a new medal yesterday on the
ground beyond Westlake park, There was
n fair-sized crowd present, luitt the entry
was not as large as had been expected, es
pecially when the medal cost 830. The
event was with live pigeons, twelve birds to
a man. The wind was very high and tfie
light poor, but the scores were very good.
Van Valkenburg, Smith and Matfleld tied
with eleven birds each out of a possible
twi Ivc. Hauerwaas, Bruncr and Alt xander
scored ten each out of twelve, and Freeman
and Singer nine each. Undi f the condition
01 eight matches shot, and each contestant
is allowed to take his live best scores and
make his average from these figures. The
man making the best average will receive
the medal for the championship, The next
ffhcot tor the medal occurs at the* club's
grounds on Xew Year's day.
In addition lo the individual handicap
for the medal, there was a match team shoot
between Van Valken'iurg and Bruncr ol
Los Angeles and., Smith and Alexander of
Riverside. The former scored 8a out of a
possible 100 and tl'je other team made 80,
Smith and Tabor composed the Riverside
team which won t,hc two men team race nt
the club's semi-r/nnunl tournament some
time ago, and it "sad been intended that the
same men were to shoot against the team
from the local (tun club. Owing to the ab
sence of Tabcjr, Alexander shot with the
Riverside team.
The Pho <nix Indians seem to play in hard
luck, for '/hey have not won a single game
during tl"/Sir Southern California trip. On
the 3d i-jfctant they met defeat at the hands
of the football men of the University of
Southe hi California. A like misfortune
befell them last Thursday at Santa Bar
bara. where the Athletic club eleven of that
city 'lent them, after a hard, close game, by
asc »re of sto 0. The Pasadena Athletic
club, repeated the trick on last Saturday
aft jrnobn at Pasadena, and won the game
ha adily to the tune of 16 to 0. Two or
tl xee members of the Pasadena elewn made
a tsorry exhibition of brutality, slogging ar.d
I mashing the Indians whenever an oppor
tunity presented itself. This style of play
ing was finally stopped by the umpire, ruling
Thomas, tiie most flagrant offender, off the
lield. Such work w ill do untold injury to
the sport and go a long way toward ren
dering football unpopular.
The ludian eleven is strong on mass plays
and the other formations that they have
learned by long ami steady practice, but
when a play with which they are not fa
miliar is tried against them they do not
catch on quickly, and to this fact their de
feats are almost wholly due. In every
game, fast formations, particularly those
covering fake plays, invariably deceived the
red men and resulted in long end runs by
their opponents. Wherever they have
played they have gained the respect and ad
miration of the spectators by their qniet,
gentlemanly demeanor, and the philosophic
cheerfulness with which they accept defeat.
The team has no more games arranged, and
unless some arc scheduled by tomorrow, the
Indians will take their departure for Phoe
nix on Tuesday.
Their schedule of games has been short
ened by tlie failure to secure a game with
either Pomona college or the high school.
The trip of the Indian' team has done much
to arouse local interest in football, and it
is to be sincerely wished that a similar ex
cursion can be arranged next season, and
on a schedule that will prove™"more suc
cessful and financially profitable to the
The University eleven has practically
'gone out of training, although a game will
'bp played against the Santa Barbara Ath
letic club in Santa Barbara on New Year's
i day. The only desire cf the college men is
to secure one more try at ihe high school
team. So confident are they of winning
j against'tu'latter eleven/that they will offer
|to play the high school either on December
: 17th or 24th. giving one-half of the gate re-
I ceipts to the high school regardless of the
outcome of the game, and the other half ol
the gate money t Igtf to t.he winning team,
Anent the question of the championship,
nn unsigned communication has been re
' ceived by the sporting editor, purporting
!to come from tho high school football team,
in which the championship oi Southern!
California is claimed and the statement
made that this claim i- disputed by the:
I.', s. C. people alone. Their claim is based
tin the f ict that on November 1!) the high
.school beat the university team by a score
of 0 to 0. The rest of the communication
is devoted to stating the grievances of the
high school team against tho V. 8. C. men,
and to making an attack upon them.
The (.'. S. C. team has never denied that
il was fairly and squarely beaten, and has
never claimed the championship, or dis
puted th*; high school claim, but has sim
ply asked for another gome on the grounds
that the members oi tho team think they
can win it.
The following letter, dated at S,m Ber
nardino, December S, speaks for its<li't
Sporting Editor I-. A. Herald:
Dear Sir—As manager of the high school
football team nf this city 1 would like to
i deny the statement of the i.os Angeles high
Behooi team published iv The Herald yes
terday iSuuuay), ciauiiuinj the cuauipioii
sliip ot (southern California, li. xvould oecm
thut the Los Aiigules eleven would do bet
ter to Win the high school championship
before chunining the championship of
gouthem California, The i?un BernarUlao
team defeated Leia Angeles last year, and
until that score is succeeded by unotiier we
must claim the championship. We arc per
fectly willing to play them whenever they
wish. As to other games, they have never
played with a team that we have met in a
match game. Wo did play Pomona college,
but only it practice game, aud with only a
part of our team.
If the Los Angeles high school team
wants to win a game from us wo arc willing
to give them a chance at any time. Yours
respectfully OPTE 1.. WARNER,
.Manager S. B. H. S. Athletic Club.
Chester A. Murphy, V.anford's crack
quarterback, will captain her 'varsity foot
hall team next season, lie was elected to
succeed Forrest S. Fisher, on Friday, with
out opposition. Captain .Murphy bails from
Salem, Ore., and for three years was captain
and quarterback of the eleven of the Willa
mette university, lie is a member of ihe
class of 1900, and has played on llie Stan
ford 'varsity eleven since his freshman
year. Murphy is noted for his brilliant
runs through a scattered field and for his
punting, at which ho is conceded to have
no superior on the coast. He is prominent
rot only in football, but in other branches
of athletics at Stanford, for he has won
Winner of the Red Ribbon ln Hackney Stallion Class, New York Horse Show
places on both the 'varsity baseball and
truck, teams. Kis election lias inspired con
fidence in Stanford's discouraged gladia
tor*, and aroused a determination to turn
the tables on next Thanksgiving.
The principal topic of interest last week
was the light bclween Jimmy Trimble and j
Billy Gallagher, in which Referee John
Brink awarded the decision to Gallagher. |
There has been considerable dissatisfaction j
over this ruling, as many claimed that the |
tight was too close lor any such hair-split
ting process as was necessary before Gal-j
lagher could be awarded the light, lie that |
I (to it may. the fight was certainly the best
the club lias given in years. Both men (
were in splendid condition, alert, strong
, and scientific, and while Gallagher did I
nearly all of the leading, he <li<l not have
anything like the beat of the iiglit, as a
decision would ordinarily convey. Trimble
was never nearly gone, though lie received
sonic hard blows, and iv tne mix Hps, villi
the exception of the- thirteenth and fif
teenth rounds, mid his own. The reason,
however, that the decision was given to
Gallagher wns because <if Trimble's failure
to do more leading. The latter is a remark
ably scienccd man on the defensive, and he
should learn, and none too soon, to leatl.
His tactics are too much on the defensive.
With a little mure aggression, he will win
fights wher he now is liable to he deprived
of the decision on account of being out
pointed. ,
Trimble is anxious for another match
with Gallagher, and a third go between
thorn will no doubt be arranged soon, as
Gallagher is not in tho position to tell the
other man to go ami gel a reputation. Billy
put up a good light and showed remark -
aijic luiuiuyuuit-ut oxer the ;orui he was ai
when bs ana i'riuiule met before. As YV (ck
Brown has challenged Gallagher, a match
between these men may be pulled oft soon.
me Brsi puglllHUo event oi the week oc
curs this evening at Turner hull, when a
benefit will be tendered to Bob Thompson,
the popular lightweight, who was defeated
by "Kid" Parker some weeks ago. Thomp
son has met all comers in his class while
In tail city, and won all but two c ontests,
both with l'arker, und us the last light with
Parker broke Bob in v financial wuy, his
friends will no doubt respond to his aid.
Interesting events have been arranged. The
principal exhibition of the evening will be
a six-round sparring match between Bob
Thompson and Billy Gallagher. S. Wick
lirown and GeoVge Green are to light four
rounds, and Bob Jones, who is matched to
meet Hank Griffin, will spar lour rounds
with "Kid" Trimble, a brother of Jimmy.
Harry Houston of Chino and Ben Lewis
of San Francisco will meet, in a four-round
go, and Billy De Coureey and "Kid" Cham
bers will also fight a similar number of
rounds. Nearly all of the men are among
the best in their various classes in this sec
tion, and some lively mix tips will be seen.
On Thursday night Manager Taylor of
the Manhattan club will pull off n fight be
tween Banks and "Kid" Manguorini. 105
--pound class. 'This pair met once before,
and a fierce fight was the result. Banks
had the best of the light during the lust
two rounds, nnd put his man out the neces
sary ten seconds, but by a mistake in the
count, on the part of the referee, Man- j
guerinr was given about three seconds more
than is allowed by the rules, to remain |
down. He was helped to his feet, and |
though groggy, still fought wildly. In a
mix-up, lie lauded a right swing on the jaw
of Banks and effectively put that young
ster to sleep for about twenty minutes.
The men are to have another go. and as
Ranks i.-. strong and seienced, and Man
gU'erini a savage fighter, as lively a bout
jas their first; meeting is expected. There
i will also be preliminaries.
I One week from toniijht the I.os Angeles
• Athletic club will have a liltccn-round go
between Hank Griffin and Bob Jones, col
; ored heavyweights. The men have never
met before. I. tiffin is built on similar lines
I to Bob Fitzsimfnons, the world's champion,
■ and is very quick for such a heavy man. He
is, moreover, a hard hitter. Bob Jones has
fought, some successful fights in this city,
and is regarded as a very good man in his
class. Some lively preliminaries will also
be given.
Challenges are flying thick and fast. Ben
Lewis wants to meet any 140-pound man
in the city. "Young Fitsaimmona" wants
to meet any man weighing 10' i pounds, give
or take two pounds. The fight is to be
pulled off before the club offering the l ost
inducements. Fitasimraons is quite a clever
"kid." and a fighl between him and Banks
would prove a "hummer." Fitssimmona
should be addressed in care of R. W, Hen
derson, at 31 Fast Second street.
Additional prizes and premiums are still
being received by the association for the
horse show, to be held in February, The
Coulter Dry Goods company of this city
lias made a generous donation in the
shape of a very handsome handvpainted fan,
valued at SIM, as a special prize to be of
fered in some event tin floral day. The
Broadway department store of this city
has been no less generous in offering as a
special prize a handsome gold stop-watch
of a like valuation.
The list of box holders is large at this
time, and there arc but few boxes still un
sold. An indication of the popularity of
the coming show is found in the fact that
a number of eastern tourists who have al
ready arrived in this city, have sent in sub
-eripl ions for private boxes for the coming
event. These gentlemen arc from the
parts oi the country where horse shows nre
all the rage, anil they know what a great
attraction a rightly conducted horse show
William Curlett, the consulting architect
of the horse show, is now working on the
i lanfi for the arena and stables. T hey Will
be finished next week, shortly after which
arrangements will be made for the letting
of contracts for the construction work.
Inquiries arc now being received on nil
sides from intending local exhibitors as to
the classification of the various events and
the premiums to be offered. A large num
ber of entries have already been made from
Los Angeles, San Diego and other points
in the southern country, and with the guar
anteed exhibits of Mr. Hobart and others
from San Francisco, a full list of exhibits
is already assured.
It has ben definitely Bottled that a
match game of polo between the two fam
•us | 010 teams of Bitrlingame anil liivor
side will take place (luring or soon after Hie
horse show. The Riverside team will be
composed of Messrs. Bettncr, Waring,
Maud and Mackey, the first three of whom
arc vice-presidents of the Horse Show as
>ociation, The Burlingame team will prob
ably be made tip of Messrs. Hobart, the two
Tohina end Mr. Dunpfy. Those chilis have
already played several exciting matches,
and there will be a keen interest felt in this
coming game for supremacy. The game
will probably be played at Agricultural
Park in this city, a neutral ground, agree
ible to both teams. It is greatly to be do
sired that the polo game should take place
in this city, where it. will be more easily
viewed by a large concourse of people.
The f/upcrvisors of San Diego county re
cently suspended the ordinance restricting
the shipment of quail from that county and
immediately the pot hunters got to work to
earn a penny or two. Large shipments
were made to the local and San Francisco
It is reported! that the quail are very
scarce in the vicinity of Uakersfield. This
has caused considerable .apprehension
among those interested in the Pacific coast
lield trials, which occur at Bskersfield in
January. It is taid, though, thnt there is
no occasion for worry on Ihisscorc, for the
reason that the birds always desert that
locality ut the present time of the year and
go into the mountains, where they remain
until driven down into the valleys by the
snows. The indications point to a very suc
cessful event.
The northern gun clubs have been enjoy
ing some good duck hunting recently, as the
rains always aid this branch of sport. The
local clubs with about one exception, have,
; had nothing to interest them but some high
hopes have been built cv the heavy, dark
I clouds of the last few days.
Commissions Taken by Black & Co.
Oakland Pace Entries
Black & Co., 143 South Br eailwny, will re
ceive entries ami take commissions on the
Oakland races, held ander the auspices of
the California Jockey club.
Kntries Will be posted daily ar.d complete
service by wire. Following tiro the entries
for today:
First race, seven furlongs, purse—Racl
vnn, FeUclte, %: Los Medanos, 101; Cas
dale. 108; Ocorona, 110; Allyar. 113.
Second race, mile and an eighth, selling—
Daisy F., 90; Dr. Berneys, 96; Lady Hurst,
Myth, 96; Bed Glenn, l(tt! Bernardlllo, 104;
Lena, 107.
Third race, one mile, selling—Stan Dow
ers, Tenrlea. Cyril. Major Hooker. 100;
Henry C, Beau Monde. PongO, Paul Kru
ger, 103; Viking. Dutch Valet. El VenadO,
109: Cabrlllo, Yankee Doodle, 112.
Fourth race, mile and a sixteenth, purse
-Hush Penny, Topmast, 104; Da Goleta,
David, Tenny. 107.
Fifth race, six furlongs. selling-Majes
ty. Ockturuok, 98; Sweet William, 101; Step
about, 105: Prlnes Tyrant. 108; Liomo, Ye
men. Judge StonlYer, 110; Zamar 11.. 118;
Highland Ball, 11l-
Sixth race, one mile, selling—Leiter, Do
remits, Clm, Boardman. 100; Al I'afT. Defi
ant, 107; First Call, 110; Durwad, Una Col
orado. Q. B. Morris. 112.
Weather clear; track fast.
Claremont Crop
CLAREMONT, Dec. 10.—The orange
packing season has commenced vigorously
in the new packing house, which is >aiei to
be a model of convenience. This model
lv.use is built by a new organization, Hie
Claremont exchange, which take- iv about
sixty carloads of oranges, r.ot previously
marketed by the exchange.
The rain t.30 inches) has been all too
small, but has cleaned the dust from tress
and shrubs. The wind norm of the -Ith
nit.'did very little harm about here. The
oiange crop will be large and line.
The Claremont Pomological club has just
ordered a fine list of books which is to
serve as a circulating library.
Professor Cook reports the Tropico Farm
ere' institute held Monday, December 3th,
ore of the best ever held in the state. There
has been a slight change in thee December
institutes. They will occur as follows:
Elsinore, December '20 ar.d T.\ Hemet, in
stend of San Jacinto, Pccer.her '.'S and '.>!).
Annual Saloe ovorC.COO.OOO Botoa
such as Vflnd and Pain in tho Stomach,
Giddiness. Fulneaa after meals. Head
ache, Dizziness, Drowsiness. Flushings
of Hoat, Loss of Appetite, Costlveness,
lllotches on tho Skin. Cold Chills, Dis
turbed Sleep, Frightful Dreams and nil
Nervous aud Trembling Sensations,
IN TWENTY MINUTES, Every sufferer
will acknowledge them to bo
REECH.4M-S PIIXS, taken ns direct
ed, will quickly restore Females to com
plete health. They promptly remove
obstructions or irregularities of tho sys
tem and euro Mch Headache- For a
Weak Stomach
Impaired Digestion
Disordered Liver
Beecham's Pills are
Without a Rival
And have tbe
t>f any Patent Medicine In the World
-25c at all Drue Stores.
BKACTIKri. SKIN.-Ladies, if you desire
v transparent, clear and fresh complexion,
use Dr. Bourdon's French Atsenio com-
Llexlen wafers. In the direction far
which they are Intended their effjol i- simply
magical. possetslnff the wizard's touch oy
sure, jr developing a transparency nnd pelluola
clearness oi eoaipiexton, shapely contour of
form, brilliant eves, soft and smooth Skin,
where by nature the reverts exists Even the
co±r-estand most repulsive Skip marred by
freckles, pimples, blacitheads, florid redness
and other laeinl disfigurements, arc l.erms
r.eatlv removed and v deliciousl* clear and
reancd coot plexion assumed. Lidie*. you oan
bcbeiutiful.no matter what .our disfigure
ments miv l o You can make yourself as
handsome as tnv lartv in the land by the use
of It Bourdon's Francs Arsealo Complexion
Wafers Osed by men. the results are equally
favorable. Price per small box. We Large
b x. II HO: or spec a! order nf six large boxes,
Si 00. sent nottpsld ami under plain wraoper
on receipt of Ihe at>o\c nm .unt. TilE PAH
[SIAN DRUG CO., 181 Montgomery street,
San Prsnoisoo, est.
.. Druggist and Chemist..
222 North Mala Street lot Aajelsi
Anyone sending a sketch and awmu- ' -n ma?
nuinkly nscortmn our opinion irsejruether an
invention is profcenly patentable, commamca
lions strictly oonadentutl. Handbook on Patents
sent free.. Oldest Rgoney forSeeurlßStpatentfc
I'atontrj taken tbrouuh Mtmn ft Co. receive
ci.fi.ia/ notice, without charge. In the
Scientific Americast
A handsomely Illustrate'! weekly,' I-nrwost. cir-
Cttiatlon of anraelenttd.: Journal. Terms,SO a
year: f our monthe, ?L Bold byull newsdealers.
WIUNN&Co. 3e,Breadway New\ork
Brunch Office, 339 F St.. Washington. V. C.
do wo raw
tr sttrf OR- P6LIX LE BRUM'S
\C fSteel oP«nnjroyalTreatment
V J is*o original andonly IJBENCH,
J r Safe und raluiblo quro erLfhomsx-
J "-w-ket. Fries. £l<»; oca* "7 man.
F,«nuhi'> aoV" coJ,y by
TVolf & Chllson, cor. ScCoria and Eroad
way, Los Angeles, Cal.
and Moreno, December SO and 31. The
prospects for the Redlands institute, Jan
uary 2, 3 and i, are very patronizing.
The new science hall of Pomona college
is nearly completed. The dedicatory exer
cises will occur early in. January, 1890.
There was a slight frost last night, the
mercury reaching 30 degrees.
Fernando Notes
FERNANDO, Dec. 10.—At a meeting of
the Unit grower* of Fernando and Pacnima
on Thursday afternoon Judge Widuey's
proposition "for the puroh««e| of his water
system was presented. They rejected the
judge's terms, hut voted to make him an
otter of ijW.oOO for his entire pipe system
and water plants.
Mrs. Boyle Workman has returned to Los
Angeles, after a two weeks' visit with her
mother, Mrs. It. M. Widjiey.
Mrs. I, L, Spencer and Miss Lucile Spen
cer are the guest* of Dr. and Mrs. H, C,
Al'cn. , J ,
The Rebekah lodge gave a well attended
entertainment on Thursday evening at their
lodge rooms.
The following couples- have announced
their intention of uniting in wedlock this
month: Dan Hoover to Mis- Daisy Smith.
Rett Rose to Miss Haley Oeaap, Harvey
De Reiner to Miss .Margaret Judy, and T.
C. Clemens to Miss Scaraell
Hon. G. K. Porter starts for San Fran
cisco today.
Mrs. P. Niblaek has returned to Fer
nando to live alter a residence of sever*
months in Lot Angeles.
Mrs. M. E. Griawold spent Friday in Los
Mi-s Minnie Murray cf the Mis.-ion. vtlk
is visiting relative! in Los Angeles.
Miss Hardy and F. T. Edmiston of Fer
nando « cut to Los Angeles Saturday to at
tend the wedding of P. G< Cll men- and Miss
Scarnall, which takes place Monday.
Members of the Pasadena high school are
rehearsing for an entertainment to be
given the last of this month.
An interesting program was given at
the teachers' meeting Saturday afternoon.
The following teachers took part in the ex
ercises: Mr. Ingraham and Mrs. J. T. An
derson cf the Morningside district, Mr.
Wright of New Hall, Mica Julia Ronan of
Shrewd buyer, one who wanfs to make hfs
| money go as far as possible, does not spend
I Time running from store to store pricing the
1 : <| article desired, but consults an advertising
i Ot recognized value, like The Herald, know
tj ing that all live merchants patronize it >
Capital paid up $500,000.00
Surplus and reserve $925,000.00
I. W. HELLMAN, President; 11. W. HELLMAN Vlee-Pies.; H. J. FLEIS»i
VAN Cn.hler' Q HEIMAN. Assistant Cashier. Directors—li. W. PEHRI, O. W.
Sneclat Collection Department. Correspondence Invited. °"r Safety Deposit Da.
nsrtment otters to the public sates for rent ln its new File and Burglar-Proof Vault,
which Is the strongest, best guarded and best lighted lo the city.
1 At Los Angeles.
Capital and Profits, $270,000.00
_ Tr _ p _ DIRECTORS
• _ m ,„ TOII OmC Pres'dent S. 0. HUBBELL, T. E. NEWLIN. O. H.
S. C. HUBBELL pres.aent cnitnrHll.l. T M C MARBLE. O. T.
O. H. CHURCHILL Vice President CHURCmLL. & #Js£bURN W. S. D»
I. ROGERS Assistant Cashier A. HADLEY.
United States Depository
C 4PCAL J500.000.00 SURPLUS *50,000.0&
TOTAL - $360,000*0
VV C PATTERSON-.'"." President W. D. WOOLWINE CaahlS*
WAHREN GILLELEN. ..Vice President E. W. Coe and R. W. Kenney, Ass't Cash ra
w c Patterson, Warren Gilielcn. P. M. Oreen. E. P. Johnson, Wm. M. Van
nvUc W C Brown. L. C. -McKccby. V. P. Flint.
Tlits batik has r.o deposits of either the county or city treasurer, and therefore
ro preferred creditors. .
Corner Main and Second Streets
H.W. Hellman, J. F. Sartorl.W. L Graves,
T F BARTORI President H. J. Fleishman, C. A. Shaw, F. O. John*
•QAtiIHCE 4 HELLMAN, Vice President son, J. H. Shankland. J. A. Graves, M. U
W D LONGYF.AR Cashier Fleming, M. S. Hellman. W. D. Longyear.
Interest paid ou term null ordinary <lcuo>»lt«
aloncy loaned on ttrst-clnes real estate
r.«i,»i i-nck $',00,000 Surplus and undivided profits over 5260.00S
V m ELLIOTT President W. G. KERCKHOFF Vice President
reANK A GIBSON Cannier W. T. S. HAMMOND—Assistant Cashier
DIRECTORS-J. M. Ell'ott. J. D. Bicknell, F. Q. Story. H. Jevne. J. D. Hocker,
J. C. Drake, Wm. O. Kerckhoff.
No public funds or other preferred depos Us received at this pan*.
Capital paid up $100,000
Tnnrtlon of Main. Spring and Temple streets (Temple block), Los AvrgeTe*.
OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS—T. L. Duquo. President; tN. Van Nuys, Vie*
President; B. V. Duquf, Caßhier; H. W. Hellman, Kaspare Kohn, 11. W. O'Melveoy,
J B. Lonkershlrr, O. T. Johnson, Aba Hoas, W. O. Kerckhoff.
Money loaned on r./l estate. Ia teres t p aid on term and ordinary deposits.
U 230 North Main Street
J E Plater, President; H. W. Hellman, Vice President; W. M. Caswell, Cashier.
Directors—t W. Hellman, J. E. Plater. H. W. Hellman, I W. Hellmsn, Jr., W. M.
Caf lnterest paid on deposits. Money to loan on flrft class rea'. estate.
Paid Up Capital and Profits $150,000.
COR MAIN AND FIRST STS. Victor Ponet, President: L. W. Bllnn and C. N.
Flint, Vice Presidents; M. N. Avery, Cashier; P. F. Schumacher, Assistant Cashier.
Interest paid on deposits. Money loaned on real estate.
° 15a North Spring St Interest Paid on Deposits
DIRECTORS—J. H. Braly, J. M. Elliott, VL Jevne, Frank A. Gibson, Simon Maier, W.
D. Woolwlne, W. C. Patterson. Safe Deposit Boxes for Rent.
212 1-2 South Spring Street New York and Chicago Markets
Direct Wires. References:
Quickest Service. National Bank of California.
Teleohcne Main 912. Los Angeles National Bank.
Dally report mailed upon application. F. P. BURCH, Cashier.
C I AM «v Bookbinders and .J .
yiaSS & LOng Blank Book Manufacturers
213*215 NEW HlOtl ST. Los An £ e»f» taps* f
the San Fernando district and Mrs. Thomp
son of the Pacoima district.
Miss Marie Maclay, the iivc-yeur-old
duughter of Mr. and Mrs. K. Holmes Ma
clay, was the recipient of a dumber of beau
tiful presents at a dclightfufbirthday purtj;
Saturday afternoon.
Chino Cullings
CHINO, Dee. 10.—About 100 men nre>
employed at the sugar factory cleaning up
and thoroughly overhauling the machinery.
Victor Gustsfeoo will dart a cheese lae
tory on his pluce weft ol town. He will
put in a first-class etieoe-mnking plant, and
will start with not Uvs than 1000 pounds-of
milk a day. Butter will ulso be a product)
of this factory later on.
J. W. Kvans, of Easton, Eidridsje & Co.,
With hi" wife, left yesterday for Scotland
to visit Mr. Kvans parents. They expect
to remain abroad two months.
Mrs. V. W. Blake of l'rescott. Ariz., i*
vi>iting Mr. and Mrs. 0. S. Hutchin,son.
Tom Green of the Catalina stage line ia
in town for a few days.
•Dr. Beckingtale read a paper before tha
Southern California Medical association at
its meeting iv Los Angeles on Wednesday.
Pitt's PiHs
Cure AH
Liver Ills
Arrest disease by the timely use ol
TenTs Liver Pills, an old and favor
ite .remedy of increasing popularity.
Always cures
sour stomach, malaria, indigestion,
torpid liver, constipation, and all
bilious diseases.

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